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No. 2350
(January 1st 2015 Issue)

 Create a massive wave of struggle against fascism!

Strengthen the working class unity to overthrow the Abe government!

 "Stop the construction of the new base in Henoko!" (Okinawa, September 20th, 2014)
Thousands of workers, students and residents raised their voices on the Henoko beach and at the sea

Takuma Ueda

Chairman of the National Committee of the Japan Revolutionary Communist League
1. Block the move towards the restoration of 'militarist Japan'!
2. The revolutionary left leading the class struggle in Japan
3. Build a united battle front against fascism!
4. Build up a powerful proletarian vanguard party!

The turbulent domestic/world situation and the tasks of the JRCL

Lead the 2015 class struggle in Japan forward!

I. The Abe government's full-scale launch of an epoch-making offensive for the restoration of 'militarist Japan'
A. The ruling LDP's 'victory': obtained by demagogy and media manipulation
B. Fraudulent propaganda of 'wage increase'

- Stop another consumption tax hike! No more burdens imposed on the masses!
C. Abe's offensive of building Japan into a 'state capable of waging war' in alliance with the US
II. A new phase in the rivalry between the US and China/Russia: the danger of another world war breaking out
A. A dramatic change in the power relationship between the US and China: what was disclosed in the APEC meeting
- Xi Jinping's show-off of the 'new relationship between two big powers' and Obama's claim that China should 'share responsibility as a big power'
- The spread of nuclear armaments race to space and cyberspace
- China shaken by workers', peasants' and Uighurs' revolts
B. The fall of unipolar domination by US imperialism and the rise of China: a quarter century after the collapse of the USSR
C. What lies at the root of the tragedy of Ukraine?
D. The fallacy in the rebellion of the 'Islamic State'

III. Shatter the reactionary all-out offensive of the third Abe government!
No to the building and strengthening of the NSC-led authoritarian, militarist ruling system!
IV. Build up a strong vanguard party and promote struggles to overthrow the Abe government!

A New Year's cartoon

The neo-Stalinist party and state of China having started to crumble from within

I. The full-scale start for the creation of a China-led economic bloc
II. The establishment of the Xi Jinping regime: Xi's victory against the Jiang Zemin faction in the intraparty power struggle
III. The strengthening of the CPC's autocratic rule in the name of the 'rule of law in socialism': the fourth plenary session of the 18th Central Committee of the CPC

New Year's resolutions

The Okinawa Prefectural Committee
The Hokkaido Regional Committee
The Kyushu Regional Committee
The Prefectural/Municipal Workers Committee
The Postal Workers Committee
The Electric Industrial Workers Committee
The Heavy Industrial Workers Committee
The Chemical Industrial Workers Committee


Struggles in 2014

Fight against the constitutionalization of Japan's 'exercise of the right to collective self-defence'!
[top left]

No to the constitutionalization of the 'exercise of the right to collective self-defence'! Stop the Cabinet decision! Zengakuren stood in the forefront. 60000 protesters rallied (In front of the Prime Minister's Office, September 1st)
[top right]
"Down with the Abe government!" Zengakuren fought together with 40000 people in front of the Prime Minister's Office (June 30th)
[2nd left]
Zengakuren and the Antiwar Youth Committee marched upon the Diet, the Prime Minister's Office and the US Embassy under the banner: 'Against the US-Japan Security Alliance'
(October 19th)
[2nd right] 
November 11th protest action: Protesters raised their voices in front of the Diet "No to the revision of the constitution! Down with the Abe government!"
[3rd centre]
"Down with the Abe government!" Zengakuren staged an emergency protest in Tokyo
(December 1st)

Block the the new US base construction in Henoko!
[3rd right]
Militant students in the van of canoes fought despite the suppression by coast guared officers. This struggle frustrated the drilling survey for the construction
(November 21st)
[4th right]
 (August 18th)
[4th centre]
Protesters blocked lorries bringing in materials
(At the main gate of Camp Schwab, August 6th)
[bottom right]
Workers, students and residents fought day after day in front of the main gate of Camp Schwab
(August 16th)

Stop the restart of nuclear plants! No to Japan's nuclear development!
[3rd left]
Condemn the Kagoshima prefectural governor for approving the restart of a nuclear plant!
(In front of the Kagoshima Prefectural Office, November 7th)
[4th left]
The 'Sayonara to the Nuke' rally: Militant students fought together with 16000 workers and citizens, who rallied despite the JCP leadership's attempt to split the struggle
(Tokyo, November 23rd)
[bottom centre] 
Militant students raised their fists with anger toward the Osprey flying overhead
(Camp Fuji, July 15th)
[bottom left]
Workers, students and citizens burning with anger marched against the construction of a new US base
(Kyotango, September 28th )


No. 2349
(December 22nd 2014 Issue)

JRCL public political meeting
December 7th
Militant workers and students declared their resolves to overthrow the Abe government

Advance the anti-Stalinist communist movement!
Participants raised their fists, burning with a fighting spirit
The International in unison,
renewing their resolution

- Smash an all-out offensive of the Abe government by means of the general election! -
The keynote report
- 'Remove all the US bases! Smash the US-Japan military alliance!' -
The JRCL Okinawa Prefectural Committee
- Ardent resolves -
an education worker and the chairman of Zengakuren

Condemn the governor for approving additional construction works!
Burning with anger, protesters occupied floors of the Prefectural Office,
(pic 1) Workers, students and residents occupied the venue of the 'farewell celemony' for the governor leaving this post, and condemned his approval On the ground floor of the Prefectural Office, December 9th
(pic 2) Protesters yelled with anger against the 'approval of additional construction works' In front of the Prefectural Office, December 8th
(pic 3) Workers, students and residents were firing questions to the secretary, who tried to explain away the governor's escape In front of the governor's room, December 8th

Voices rose to a roar against the obstruction of the enforcement of the state secrecy law
. December 6th
Workers, students and citizens rallied in protest,
Tokyo (pic 4)
"Down with the Abe government!" Demonstrators marched
Nagoya (pic 5)

"Stop the military exercise!" Students of Kagoshima University staged a protest action November 29th Kumamono
Militant students of Kagoshima University carried out a protest action
in front of the gate of the Oyanohara drill ground
against prevent the Japan-US joint military exercise 'Forest Light' with Ospreys mobilized (pic 6)

Students of Kagoshima University held the campus festival.
November 13th -17th

The Obama administration hell-bent on building up military encirclement against China
- Strengthening a system for joint military operations between US, Japanese and Australian forces
- Joint military exercises are being carried out in succession
- Joint development of new-type submarines is agreed
- A countermove against Xi Jinping's attempts to build China into a marine power

- Measures to strengthen the US-South Korea military alliance
The strengthening of military cooperation with 'partner states'

The Abe government is scheming to newly set up a Defense Equipment Agency

Japan Post:

Denounce the union leadership for compromising with the management on the 'year-end and new year work plan'!
- The JP management victimizes workers for thoroughgoing cost reduction
- The union leadership pledges full cooperation to the management
- Fight resolutely by denouncing the leadership's distortion of struggles!


'2 percent plus'?! Even less than the rate of price hikes!:
ultra-law wage demands by the Rengo
[Japanese Trade Union Confederation] leadership for the 2015 spring labour offensive
[Japan Business Federation] worries about the failure of Abenomics

Rengo's '2014 Peace Action in Nemuro': September 14-15, Hokkaido
Labour aristocrats shouted for the 'return of the Northern Territories from Russia', backing the Abe government

Chukaku-ha remnants used as tools of state power for destroying antiwar struggles

A list of main articles published in Kaihoh in 2014


No. 2348
(December 15th 2014 Issue)

"Down with the Abe government!" Action in Tokyo, Zengakuren
December, 1st

No to the setting up of new Guidelines for US-Japan Defence Cooperation!
Stop the construction of the new US-Marine base in Henoko!
Militant students marched upon the Prime Minister's Official Residence

Zengakuren were marching under the banner: "Down with the neo-fascist Abe government!" December 1st

- A counterattack against the Ave government imposing 'war and poverty'
- Overcome the parliamentarianist distortion by the JCP leadership! The Chairman emphasized
- Advance towards the overthrow of the Abe government! Build up a united front against fascism!
- Condemn the JCP leadership who immerse themselves in 'proposing better policies for economic recovery'

"Stop the Okinawa Prefectural Governor from approving additional construction works for a base at Henoko!"

Angry workers and students surrounded the Okinawa Prefectural Office
(pic 1,2) 2200 people besieged the Prefectural Office. Militant students were calling out, "Remove all the US bases in Japan! Smash the US-Japan military alliance!" December 4th
(pic 3) 'Condemn the Governor for approving additional construction works!'
Workers and students occupied the floor of the governor's room. December 8th

"The goal is the full integration of Japan Maritime Self Defence Force Troops into US carrier-led assault forces", said a US military officer
What was done in the Japan-US joint field training exercise 'Keen Sword'

Prevent the resumption of the drilling survey off Henoko!"
Workers, students and residents staged a protest action in front of the building of the Okinawa Bureau of the Ministry of Defence Kadena, November 25th (pic 4)

"Down with the neo-fascist Abe government!" Students of Zengakuren Hokkaido raised angry voices in front of the prefectural LDP office Sapporo, December 1st (pic 5)

"Down with the Abe government now!" An emergency rally held at Kanazawa University November 27th (pic 6)

Students of Kokugakuin University held the 132nd campus festival
November 1-3rd (pic 7)

Abe's ambition for the 'resuscitation of education' to revive 'militarist Japan'
1. Taking advantage of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games to inspire Japanese nationalism
2. Emphasizing elitist education for raising 'global leaders' capable of acting for the Japanese state's interests in every sphere in the world
3. Making patriotic education permeate all school children and pursuing 'cultural strategy for Japan to go beyond national borders'

The number of on-the-job accidents is increasing on construction sites in Okinawa

The Abe government has launched an audacious deregulation in the field of agriculture:
the case of a 'special state strategic zone' in Yabu city, Hyogo Prefecture

Economically disadvantaged pensioners are getting reduced to poverty ever more severely
Stop the Abe government sacrificing social security under the pretext of postponing a consumption tax hike!

Denounce Hokkaido Electric Power Co. for raising electricity rates again!

A book report
on the first volume of Fifty Years of the Revolutionary Marxist Faction of the JRCL
I'm determined to make anti-Stalinism my springboard


- 'Japanese militarists' past war that Abe beautifies lacked a leader who assumed strategic responsibility [like Hitler], so I said he is a neo-Nazi'
(A senile JCP bigwig Fuwa)
- The Abe government is conducting SDF military exercises in succession in the name of disaster drills, mobilizing US Ospreys and all
- Murkiness of the 'empire': racial discrimination and poverty are not 'changed' at all
- The People's Liberation Army is constructing gigantic communications monitoring facilities all over the country to vie with the US


No. 2347
(December 8th 2014 Issue)

Rally the forces of workers and people for the overthrow of the Abe government!
Denounce the degenerate leaderships for reducing mass struggles into an election campaign!

"Down with the neo-fascist Abe government!" An emergency protest was held by Zengakuren on December 1st (details will be on the next issue)

-Abe's method of survival: demagogic manipulations of opinion and the authoritative exercise of power
-Deceptions used by the neo-fascist Abe to force workers into war and poverty
-Smash the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance and the ambition to restore 'militarist Japan'
-Denounce the bottomless degeneration of the established leaderships of opposition movement! Advance towards the overthrow of the Abe government!
-Overcome the parliamentarianist distortion by the JCP leaders !

Workers, students and people raised their fists against the construction of the new US base in Henoko
(In front of the Prime Minister's Official Residence, November 22nd)
(pics left) Angry people raised their fists "Stop the construction of the new US base in Henoko!"

Students of Aichi University held the 68th campus festival.
November 11-13th

A declaration of a full-scale establishment of the US-Japan military alliance as an offensive and defensive alliance against China
the interim report on the review of the Guidelines for US-Japan Defence Cooperation
No to the setting up of a joint war manual for the US and Japanese militaries!
-⅁@ the drastic strengthening of the US-Japan security alliance as a 'global alliance'
-"Common strategic objectives" to be decided anew
-The Obama government's demands on Japan and the Abe government's intention to build an 'equal alliance'

-⅁B Systems are to be built up for jointly waging wars
-The strengthening of capabilities for cyber and space war, and the joint development of military weapons
-The participation of the Japanese army in the US-led multinational forces
-The establishment of the joint military headquarters of the US and Japanese governments

-⅁u A scheme to create an Asia-Pacific version of NATO

No to the Abe government's scheme to commandeer workers of civil ferryboat companies as the Self-Defence Force Reservists!

The Abe government is desperate to resume the operation of the extremely dangerous fast-breeder reactor Monju
Let us fight against the nuclear development! Take part in a national rally to be held on December 6th near the site in Tsuruga!
- One third of the cameras for monitoring the leakage of sodium have been found out of order
- The government is scheming to maintain the reactor Monju under the pretext of 'researches on the reduction of toxicity' of radioactive waste
-- The Monju plant's 'structural reform' has been surprisingly haphazard
- 'Follow the example of private power companies' maintenance systems!' Pressure for a structural reform will raise still more possibilities of nuclear accidents

What's going on in elementary and junior high schools in Hokkaido

'Saturday classes' are spreading at an increasing tempo, with ever more overtime work forced on education workers

The number of bus accidents is increasing due to drivers' sudden death
Low wages and long working hours: drivers are working under extremely bad conditions

The 3rd tripartite consultation between the government, labour and management

Abe choreographed a likely 'government-led wage increase' for the forthcoming general election

A contribution
What I felt on my second visit to the disaster-stricken areas after three and a half years from the Great East Japan Earthquake

The Shika nuclear power plant
A disaster training exercise was carried out ostentatiously, only to fail
Crush the attempt to pave the way for the restart of the nuclear plant!


- The government is intent on increasing 'reserve members' of the SDF
-Mexican workers, students and people are seething with anger: the police, in cahoots with the Mafia, slaughtered student protesters by the order of the mayor
- However hard we may work, we can't get through poverty: the truth about Abenomics


No. 2346
(December 1st 2014 Issue)

Block the reclamation work in Henoko!
No to the formulation of new US-Japan defense cooperation guidelines!

Fight resolutely to overthrow the Abe government with the all-out efforts of workers and students!

Workers and students smashed the construction of pier

- US and Japanese rulers are hell-bent on the new US base construction in Henoko
- The Abe government, driven into a corner, resorted to Diet dissolution and a general election
- Joint military exercises are repeatedly carried out to prepare for war against China
- The established opposition movement is driven into a campaign led by local government heads
- Overcome the JCP-led campaign begging the government to remove US bases without opposing the US-Japan military alliance!

Battles on land and sea uplifted in Henoko:
November 19th - 22nd
Workers, students and residents' actions crushed the government attempt to reset floats and construct a pier!
Nov. 19th:
People seethed with indignation at the furtive, midnight carrying in of construction materials
Nov. 20th: Protesters vehemently denounced the police for injuring an old woman who underwent the Okinawa war
(pic 1) Protesters fought; an old woman held fast to a lorry to halt it (at the main gate of Camp Schwab)
Nov. 21st: Demonstrators put up sit-in struggles on the main road
(pic 2) Protesters blocked lorries (at the main gate)
(pic 3) The canoe flotilla closed in on the cost guard's floating pier (in Oura Bay)
Nov. 22nd: Angry protesters victoriously shattered the drilling survey in Oura Bay, driving the defense authorities to remove the floating pier
(pic 4) 'Definitely no to the new US base construction!' Indignant protesters blocked the main gate

'No to the US-Japan joint manoeuvres in preparation for war against China!'

Workers, students and citizens held a protest rally in front of an SDF base:
November 7th, Komatsu, Ishikawa Prefecture (pic 5)

A joint military exercise was first mounted between the US, Japan and the Philippines in the South China Sea

Stop the resumption of the Sendai nuclear power plant operation!

Overcome the JCP leadership's campaign for an 'alternative energy policy'!
- The administrative authorities of Kagoshima Pref. stifled the anxiety and criticisms from residents and scientists
- The Abe government is desperate to restart and export nuclear plants
- Block the restart of the Sendai nuclear plant, the first case after the Fukushima disaster!

Anger flared up at the green light of the prefectural governor for the restart of the Sendai nuclear plant: November 7th, Kagoshima Prefecture
Kagoshima Univ. students firmly fought in an urgent protest together with workers and people from all over the country
(pic 6)


Learning from Kuroda's criticisms of 'Gorbyism' to eradicate Stalinism


The leadership of Rengo issued the statement that showed a reluctance to approve Abe's postponement of the consumption tax increase; at heart, they are favourable to a tax increase

Rengo and the DPJ concluded a policy agreement for the forthcoming general election in total disregard of workers, in the name of the 'sound development of the economy'

Fight for a victorious autumn labour offensive!
2,000 workers assembled in a Rengo rally in Kanazawa:
November 7th, Ishikawa Prefecture (pic 7)

Abolish the Temporary Staffing Services Law!
The Abe government and monopoly capitalists scheme to force 'lifetime temp status' on temp workers

Publication of Early Writings of Kan'ichi Kuroda in 7 volumes is completed

For the learning of the young Kuroda's pursuit of praxiology (theory of praxis) and the theory of human beings

The committee on the compilation of Kuroda's writings
Volume 5, Notes on the Theory of Technics and Historical Materialism: the last volume distributed of the series of Early Writings of Kan'ichi Kuroda
- Notes on the theory of technics, April 1950
Notes on the theory of technics and historical materialism, October 1950 - November 1951
-- Production as the starting point
-- The structure of the social process of production
On the question of 'the theory of technics and historical materialism', December 1954
Early Writings of Kan'ichi Kuroda, 7 volumes, completed!
- Vol. 7: the 'turning point in the philosophy' of the young Kuroda
Vols. 3, 4 and 5: pursuit of materialist subjectivity
Vols. 1, 2 and 6: pursuit of the theory of human beings and logic


- 'I dissolved the Diet to dodge the nation's increasing disaffection with the government'
(Shinzo Abe's fictitious monologue)
- 'Abenomics has plunged us into dire poverty!' 'The economy's virtuous cycle is a shameless lie!'
(the 'voice of the nation' at a supermarket)
- The referendum on the separation of Catalonia from Spain
- Preparations for cyber war on the pretext of the Tokyo Olympic Games


No. 2345
(November 24th 2014 Issue)

Overthrow the Abe government with an all-out offensive of workers and students!
Crush the attempt to cover up the failure of ‘Abenomics’ by Diet dissolution and a general election!
Zengakuren takes an urgent action on December 1st
Let us march on the PM’s Official Residence!

Overcome the JCP’s parliamentarianist distortion of mass struggles!

- APEC meeting showed the rivalry intensified between the US-Japan and China
China was hell-bent on taking the initiative to set up FTAAP
‘Cooperation between the two major powers’ was choreographed
- Workers and all the toiling masses! Rise up to topple the Abe government!


“No to the revision of the Constitution! Down with the Abe government!”
7000 workers, students and people surrounded the Diet;
November 11th
-Militant workers and students fought the action of surrounding the Diet in its forefront, burning with their resolves to overthrow the Abe government.
(pic above R)
-Protesters broke down ‘walls’ of iron fences put up by the police to block the cross walk, and joined together!
(pic above L)
-Many trade union members all over the country rallied under their union flags
(pic 1)

“Stop the construction of the new US base in Henoko!”
Workers, students and people marched.
November 9th, Osaka (pic 2)

Stop the US-Japan joint military exercise at the Oyanohara drill ground:
Kumamoto Prefecture
-Osprays are to be mobilized for a military exercise for the first time in the Kyusyu Region
-A series of US-Japan joint military exercise are planned according a war program against China
-A scheme to accelelate the US and Japanese army integration is connected with the ongoing review of the US-Japan defence corporation guidelines
-Overcome the JCP-led movement against the military exercise without opposition to the US-Japan Security Alliance!

The Japan Post management forces extremely intensified labour with long working hours on workers
while leaving the unprecedented staff shortage

Fight against the offensive by denouncing the union leadership’s treacherous agreement with the management!

No to lower wages! Stop the intensified control of civil service workers!

The Prefectural/Municipal Workers Committee

The Abe government urged for middle-aged and elderly workers’ wage cuts
The 2nd tripartite consultation between government, labour and management


Business leader Sakakibara demands corporation tax cuts on the pretext of deceptive ‘wage raise’

The lame duck Obama administration

What the US midterm election revealed:
- The Obama-led Democrats’ crushing defeat
- People’s anger boiling up due to the widening disparity between rich and poor
- Republicans’ attack on Obama for being ‘weak-kneed’ and the plunge of the US into the quagmire of war on IS
- Money-ridden election campaigns ($4 billion lavished) and a mass estrangement from politics
- US politics turns right further while the stalemate continues

A study note

On the capitalistic particularity of publishing industry
(continued from the last issue)


- US spacecraft accidents happened one after the other ­­­ space war between the US and China
- Angry anti-American protests rise in the Philippines against the rebuilt military alliance with the US
- A US-led irresponsible treaty on nuclear damages (CSC) was ratified in the Japanese lower house, to facilitate makers’ nuclear plant export to developing countries
- The spread of Ebola hemorrhagic fever: African people are victims of monopoly capitalists and their governments


No. 2344
(November 17th 2014 Issue)

Dec. 7th: The JRCL public political meeting
Create a theoretical and organizational base for promoting
the struggle to overthrow the neo-fascist Abe government!

- The ultra-reactionary Abe government is frantic to enforce poverty on toiling masses and prepare for an active engagement in war
- The government's schemes to build up an autocratic decision-making system under the PM-led National Security Council
- The confrontation between the US/Japan and China/Russia develops into a new phase, leading the world to another war
- Win a further step forward by learning the theoretical «origin» of the anti-Stalinist communist movement!

Protesters fought against the demolition work of asbestos-plastered barracks! No preparation of a workspace at Camp Schwab for the new base construction!
Workers, students and residents blocked a gate of Camp Schwab, driving back the Okinawa government officers, October 29th
(pic 1)

Students of the Kagoshima University held an anti-war rally at the campus

The workers’and students’united actions October 19th
Hokkaido: Militant workers and students raised their fists against the US-Japan Security Alliance in front of the US consulate: Sapporo, October 19th
Protesters held a solidarity rally, burning with a fighting spirit
(pic 2, 3)

"Down with the Abe Cabinet!" Militant workers and students lifted up their voices: Fukuoka, October 19th
Demonstrators were marching along the main street of Fukuoka City, shouting "Stop the new US base in Henoko!"
(pic 4)
Protesters strengthened their determination at the rally before the march
(pic 5)

To fundamentally overcome the tragedy of Ukrainian civil war

Now is the time for a complete break from Stalinism
- Messages from comrades in the middle of the Ukrainian upheaval
- A message bringing into the forefront 'Anti-Fascism'
(Russian Communist Workers Party)
- Agonizing over the rise of nationalisms
(a Ukrainian communist)
- Emphasizing a need to overcome the 'Stalinist distortion' but with vague ideas
(Russian Party of Communists)

A desperate and dirty gamble to get through a failure in the 'Abenomics'

The Bank of Japan carries out an additional monetary relaxation policy, victimizing the foiling masses

- A 'surprise' announcement directed by both the Bank of Japan and GPIF
(Government Pension Investment Fund)
- A dirty scheme to impose a consumption tax re-increase
- A greedily designed 'depreciation of the yen and high stock prices' and a worsening 'casino-like economy'


The government to establish an integrated system of elementary and junior high schools with the aim of strengthening a merit-first education

Stop the restart of the Sendai nuclear plant!
Condemn the Kagoshima prefectural governor and the prefectural assembly for approving the restart!
- The lesson from the Fukushima nuclear disaster was ignored
- Stop the restart and export of nuclear plants connected with Japan's military reinforcement!

A study note

On the capitalistic particularity of the publishing industry


- Ex-JCP chairman's nonsensial speech on the historical view of the Second WW: the problem was that war-time Japanese leaders 'failed to have honest prospects compared to Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin and Hitler' (!?)
- Xi of China gave the new Afghan President a lot of welcome gifts with an ulterior motive
- With the accomplishment of a project for the Yangtze, the fear is growing that the river water will dry up, following the Aral Sea


No. 2343
(November 10th 2014 Issue)

No to the Government's scheme to strengthen 'patriotic' education
by introducing 'moral' education to the school curriculum!
Shatter the Abe government's push to place Japan on a war footing!

- The Education Ministry council report enhances ultra-nationalist education
- Strong pressure is to be put on education workers
- Denounce the official union leadership for yielding to the government offensive of introducing moral education! Create a big surge in the struggle against Abe's education policy!

Many people blocked the demolition work of a building padded with asbestos at Camp Schwab. October 29th (details will be on the next issue)

“Stop the restart the Sendai and Takahama nuclear plants!” Workers, students and people rallied in a protest action Osaka October 26th
Demonstrators raised their fists in anger toward the electric power company’s head office (pic 1)

A rally against the deployment of the Osprey in Saga
Fukuoka October 21st
Workers rose in a rally, confirming their decision to block the deployment
(pic 2)

The workers’and students’united actions October 19th
Okinawa: Block the US base construction!
Demonstrators were marching upon the Okinawa prefectural office of the LDP (pic 3)
Protesters strengthened their determination to overthrow the Abe government at the rally. Naha City
(pic 4)

Nagoya: Against new guidelines for US-Japan defence cooperation!
“Smash the US-Japan Security Alliance!” Demonstrators were marching along the main street of Nagoya, raising their voices
(pic 5)
Protesters yelled: “Down with the Abe government!”
(pic 6)


[all Japan Teachers and Staffs Union] education research conference
Militant workers led discussions in opposition to the union leadership's distorted arguments
about 'building up school traditions for participation and cooperation'
- Discussions were held animatedly over struggles against the Abe government's step to reorganize the education system
- Militant workers led discussions for antiwar/peace education
- Voices were raised against the leadership's stance on the government-led change in the local board of education system
- The leadership's advice to give 'better' moral education classes came under fire from participants
- Issues on nuclear power: union members in Fukushima are confused by the mistaken leadership of Zenkyo


Smash the postal management's plan to reorganize customer service at the windows and the sales department!

- The management's 'medium-term business plan' seeks to promote the Japan Post group to a 'first-rate company'
- The postal union leadership, together with the management, urges workers to devote their efforts to improving productivity

Fight against chemical industry monopoly capitalists who work for the Abe government's scheme to build Japan into a military power!

Greedy demands of major enterprises for corporate tax cuts

[Democratic Party of Japan] decides to jointly propose a bill with an ultra-nationalist party for 'improving' temps' working conditions, in fact for enabling capitalists to pay them lower wages and dismiss them at any time

The launch of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)

Xi Jinping-led China challenges the US-led international financial order
-20 countries agreed to join despite attempted obstruction by the US and Japan
- Xi decided to establish a BRICS bank with the approval of Putin
- Beijing bureaucrats are formulating a 'land and sea Silk Road economic belts' plan


- 'Remember, Russia is a nuclear power' Putin is going to revise Russia's 'military doctrine'
- A seismologist roars anger, criticizing Kyusu Electric Power Co. and Nuclear Regulation Authority for advertising another myth that nuclear power is safe
- Fictitious talks of Abe with Goebbels from hell
- Why is it that Islamic State attracts so many youths from all over the world?


No. 2342
(November 3rd 2014 Issue)

A battle against the US-Japan Security Alliance Tokyo, October 19th
Fight against a full-scale establishment of the US-Japan military alliance
as an offensive and defensive alliance against China

Zengakuren and the Anti-war Youth Committee besieged the Diet Building, the Prime Minister’s Official Residence and the American Embassy by a militant demonstration

“Down with the Abe government!” Demonstrators yelled in front of the Diet Building (L) and the Prime Minister’s Official Residence(R)

- Down with the Abe government imposing war and poverty on workers and people! Militant workers and students yelled in unison
- A solidarity rally was held with a burning fighting spirit
- Fight against the reinforcement of the US-Japan new military alliance on a new phase! A speech of solidarity from the JRCL
- A revolutionary significance of the October 19th rally
-Down with the Abe government ambitious to restore militarist Japan

“Down with the Abe government!” Yells reverberated through the streets of Osaka
The workers’ and students’ united action of the Kansai region, October 19th
 Militant workers and students raised voices in front of the Osaka prefectural office of the LDP (pic 1)
 Demonstrators were marching upon the LDP office (pic 2)

Block the installation of an X-band radar in the construction site of a new US base
An emergency protest was held at Kyotango City on October 10th
 Militant students rose in protest together with workers and residents in the front of the gate to the construction site for a new US base (pic 3)

In Sasebo: The Abe government is rapidly strengthening the SDF Sasebo base
as the major strongpoint for a newly organized Japanese Marine Corps

The US and Japanese rulers are trying to progress their military unification in space
With the aim of destroying the satellite-killing capability of China

Rebuild the labour movement of publishing workers against the storm of neo-fascism!
Criticism on the union movement policy of the Japan Federation of Publishing Workers' Union for 2015
- The policy with no preparation for fighting against wage cuts and dismissals
- The policy states 'Save the freedom of publication', but it lacks ?the struggle against the fascism?
- The anti-working class nature seen in the policy for a 'rebirth of the industry'
- The slogan emphasized in vain: 'Strengthen the union organization!'

The management strategy of NTT:Promote the struggle against a new wave of dismissals!

Sales quotes imposed, overworks without payment, long working hours...
The realities of working students mercilessly exploited by capitalists

Dreadful 'part-time' jobs: Students continue to work without break and some are obliged to stay overnights in their shops or cars

Rengo: 'Adjustments for price rises after the consumption tax increase should not be included in wage demands'
A deceitful demand of 'a 2% increase in the basic wage' raised by the Rengo aristocrats

The government and the Japan Business Federation bulldozes an actual removal of regulations on working hours

Britain: 'No cuts in wages!' A hundred of thousand of workers with indignation arise against the Cameron government
Don't let the TUC leadership liquidate the struggle!
- Burning indignation: 3 hundred thousand dismissals of civil service workers and wage cuts by 20%
- The leadership of TUC approves of the austerity
- Overcome the weakness of the left!


UN Climate Summit 2014:
The confrontation among the governments of the US, Europe and China over the issue of countermeasures against global warming

- Abe allegedly aims at 'A Society where Women Shine' with three fascists women members of the cabinet: this is 'A Society where Fascists Shine'
- Townhall meetings in Kyushu: Although 90%of attendants are against the restart of the Sendai nuclear plant, the pro-restart Mayer says that the plan is well understood by the residents


No. 2341
(October 27th 2014 Issue)

No consumption tax increase! Stop revisions of labour laws!
Down with the Abe government, a regime imposing «war and poverty» upon workers and toiling masses!

Oct. 19th Workers' and students' United Action: Militant workers and students rallied in 6 cities including Tokyo (details will be on the next issue)

- The government is in a rush to re-increase the consumption tax
- The government attacks with a corporation tax reduction and the revision of labour laws
- Don't let the labour aristocrats of Rengo accept a re-increase of consumption tax and encourage the policy of Abenomics !
- Fawning over the 'conservatives', the leadership of JCP is busy raising alternatives for 'a virtuous circle of the Japanese economy'
- Down with the Abe government enforcing poverty on workers and depriving them of any rights!

"Stop the construction of the new US base in Henoko!"
Oct. 9th: 4000 workers, students and residents surrounded the Okinawa prefectural government building.
- "Smash the US-Japan Security Alliance! Remove US bases!" Militant students fought it out.
- Enthusiastic applause was given to militant students of the canoe flotilla
Angry people raised their fists against Japanese and the US governments and against the Okinawa prefectual authorities (pic 1)
Militant students of the Ryukyu Univ. and Okinawa International Univ.
fought in the forefront of the protest action
(pic 2)

A mass rally 'against the exercise of the right to collective self-defence':

called by the Japan Federation of Bar Association
(Oct. 8th, Tokyo)
Militant students were marching together with lawyers, workers and citizens along the Ginza Street (pic 3)

A national rally against the restart of the Sendai nuclear plant: Sep.28th, Kagoshima
(pic 4)
Many trade union members and people from all over the country rallied, crossing over differences of affiliation to trade union centres
(pic 5) Students of Kagoshima Univ. called on the participants: "Down with the Abe government".
(pic 6) The demonstrators were marching along the main street at of Kagoshima City.

'Sayonara to the Nuke' rally was held in Hokkaido (Oct. 4th, Sapporo)
(pic 7) Militant students called on the participants despite the heavy rain: "No to the nuclear development!"

No to the rationalization of postal services, a nation-wide 'restructuring of postal and distribution net-work'!

The Postal Workers Committee
- Oppose the centralization and mechanization in collection and delivery of postal matter!
- No to dismissals, reshuffles and wage cuts! Fight against the intensification of labour!
- Overcoming the leadership hell-bent on labour-management consultations and assisting the executives, let us promote the struggle against the rationalization!

The Japanese Electrical, Electronic and Information Unions:

The chairman promises the monopoly capitalists that the amount demanded for higher wage will be restrained
- The leadership has been assisting the monopoly capitalists dismiss workers, and now makes no attempt to hide its crimes before the workers
- An inexcusable bluster against workers: 'It's no use demanding wage rises to offset the effect of tax increases and a price hike'
- A review of the 2014 spring labour offensive addressed by the leadership is full of deception

Latter-stage Elderly Healthcare System:

The Abe government schemes to increase the low-income elderly people's expenses and suppress their benefits

The government's budget cuts in care payments mean, for care workers, low wages and intensification of labour: Fight against a consumption tax re-increase! Stop the cuts in social services!

Under the 'labour shortage', the number of applications has increased but only for temp workers

Crush the government's scheme to revise the social security system!
- The reactionary nature of the newly established law for 'promoting a comprehensive insurance for health and nursing care in a district'
- The elderly and invalids are thrown into an untold misery

Rim of the Pacific Exercise (RIMPAC) 2014:

Denounce the participation of Japanese troops in a US-led assault landing exercise together with Australians and Indonesians!

- The country's worst volcanic disaster in the postwar period: The Abe and LDP governments are the ones to be accused of abdicating the needed countermeasures
- As the government declared the restart of the nuclear plant, electric power companies, one after another, started to announce decisions to stop buying renewable energies...
- Stop the restart of the nuclear plants!
- The Abe government, a notorious encourager for 'hate speech', announced a plan to control it: it is in fact a scheme to control anti-government speeches


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