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58th International Antiwar Assembly (2020)
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 Stop a nuclear Korean war!
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Denounce Israel's savage aggression against Gaza (2009)
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Oppose the G8 Summit! (2008)
45th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan (2007)
Iraqi people, band together and advance towards the final victory!
JRCL statement on the 4th anniversary of the Iraq war (2007)
44th International Antiwar Assembly (2006)
43rd International Antiwar Assembly (2005)
Denounce the London Bombings Plotted by the Bush Empire!
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JRCL International Appeal
Denounce the massacre in Fallujah by the US occupation forces! Nov. 16th 2004
42nd International Antiwar Assembly (2004)
including the Overseas Appeal for the Assembly and the messages of solidarity from foreign friends
Okinawa: Protests against the US helicopter crash (2004)
Fight now for an explosive worldwide struggle against the Iraq War!
Chairman of the JRCL
Denounce the March 2nd Massacres of Shiite Muslims Plotted by the Bush Administration! (2004)
JRCL statements on the Iraqi war
JRCL: a year on from the Afghan War
Zengakuren: against the UN resolution on Iraq
41st International Antiwar Assembly (2003)
-Overseas Appeal: Stop Bush's War!
-Messages from foreign friends
US imperialism .
The Beginning of the End
JRCL Documents on Afghanistan
The 40th International Antiwar Assembly (2002)
Militant workers and students protest against the Kyushu-Okinawa G8 Summit (July 2000)
"Agitation to Denounce the NATO Bombing"
Others on Yugoslavia (1999)
HOME (Japanese)
International Antiwar Assemblies uplifted
August 2nd, Tokyo and six other cities across Japan

Overseas Appeal for the 58th International Antiwar Assembly
Create an antiwar struggle to
break through the crisis of war erupting
amid the US-China cold war!

The Executive Committee for the 58th International Antiwar Assembly
We call on all comrades, as well as all workers, students and intellectuals who are striving across the world to oppose wars, tyrannies and poverty.

Today, we are placed in the middle of a world-historical upheaval where one era ends and another begins.

After its first outbreak in Wuhan, China, the new coronavirus swept across the world in no time, riding on the free movement of 'people, goods and money' across borders, on a tide of the so-called global economy. Those who were frightened at this pandemic were state rulers and capitalists, who had been intoxicated with a global expansion of the capitalist economy. In a flurry, rulers closed borders and locked down cities, while capitalists stopped production. Then, with inexcusable cruelty, they sacked and abandoned workers to save their profits.

The world economy has frozen up instantly. What has become tangible amid this 'pandemic depression' is a cruel class division in a classic, 19th century form, together with impoverishment. This means that a death convulsion of late capitalism has started. In the words of Karl Marx, late capitalism is producing its gravediggers every day.

This is not all. Amid the ongoing pandemic, today's world has turned all at once to the 'US-China cold war', which may cause a fire of war at any moment. Its active element is China, the neo-Stalinist state that shamelessly displays the anti-Marxist flag of 'market socialism'. 'The COVID-19 pandemic has brought an end to the American century' is an undisguised expression that appeared in a Chinese official newspaper. The Xi Jinping government of China, witnessing American imperialism writhing in agonies from the rampant coronavirus infection, started to accelerate its political and military offensives, as much as to say 'The time has come', towards the achievement of 'China's dream' to become the ruler of the world in place of US imperialism by the middle of the century. 'The 21st century's Tiananmen repression' against the Hong Kong people, or the strangling of 'one country, two systems', is the signal gunfire that shows this ambition of the Chinese bureaucracy. With this as an impetus, the real possibility of the outbreak of a Third World War is increasing.

We call on workers and people all over the world. War begets poverty, and poverty begets war. Now is the time for the world working class to unite and develop an antiwar struggle to break through the danger of the outbreak of war created amid the US-China cold war, simultaneously with a politico-economic struggle to beat up the government and the ruling class who are dumping all their troubles on the working class amid the pandemic depression.

We are holding the 58th International Antiwar Assemblies on August 2nd in Tokyo and six other cities in Japan. We call on people across the world who are suffering from wars and poverty. With one heart and mind, let us launch a struggle aimed to change the 'dark 21st century' into a brilliant proletarian century! '

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Zengkuren and Antiwar Youths marching on the
Prime Minister's Office and the US embassy,
Tokyo, June 14th, 2020.