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Updated: May 25th, 2020

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 57th International Antiwar Assembly (2019)
56th International Antiwar Assembly (2018)
On the 100th aniversary of the Russian Revolution (2017)
55th International Antiwar Assembly (2017)
 Stop a nuclear Korean war!
 54th International Antiwar Assembly (2016)
53rd International Antiwar Assembly (2015)
 52nd International Antiwar Assembly (2014)
51st International Antiwar Assembly (2013)
50th International Antiwar Assembly (2012)  
49th International Antiwar Assembly (2011)
48th International Antiwar Assembly (2010)
47th International Antiwar Assembly (2009)
Denounce Israel's savage aggression against Gaza (2009)
46th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan (2008)
Oppose the G8 Summit! (2008)
45th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan (2007)
Iraqi people, band together and advance towards the final victory!
JRCL statement on the 4th anniversary of the Iraq war (2007)
44th International Antiwar Assembly (2006)
43rd International Antiwar Assembly (2005)
Denounce the London Bombings Plotted by the Bush Empire!
(Translation modified)
JRCL International Appeal
Denounce the massacre in Fallujah by the US occupation forces! Nov. 16th 2004
42nd International Antiwar Assembly (2004)
including the Overseas Appeal for the Assembly and the messages of solidarity from foreign friends
Okinawa: Protests against the US helicopter crash (2004)
Fight now for an explosive worldwide struggle against the Iraq War!
Chairman of the JRCL
Denounce the March 2nd Massacres of Shiite Muslims Plotted by the Bush Administration! (2004)
JRCL statements on the Iraqi war
JRCL: a year on from the Afghan War
Zengakuren: against the UN resolution on Iraq
41st International Antiwar Assembly (2003)
-Overseas Appeal: Stop Bush's War!
-Messages from foreign friends
US imperialism .
The Beginning of the End
JRCL Documents on Afghanistan
The 40th International Antiwar Assembly (2002)
Militant workers and students protest against the Kyushu-Okinawa G8 Summit (July 2000)
"Agitation to Denounce the NATO Bombing"
Others on Yugoslavia (1999)
HOME (Japanese)

No to the authoritarian declaration of
'a state of emergency'!

No to the rejection of livelihood compensation of the toiling masses!

Condemn the Abe government for abandoning the poverty-stricken masses!

Fight back against the imposition of
sacrifices on the toiling masses
amid the pandemic depression!

Don't let the rulers sacrifice the toiling masses amid the 'pandemic depression'!
(1) No to dismissals, unilateral rejection of the renewal of employment contracts and wage cuts! No to all the offensives launched by monopoly capitalists for their own survival! Denounce the Abe government intent on giving aid to monopoly capitalists!
(2) Don't allow the Abe government to tighten the authoritarian, military ruling system by taking advantage of 'countermeasures against the coronavirus'!
(3) Oppose the Shinzo Abe-led neo-fascist government!
Denounce the rulers of the world each stirring up state egoism and chauvinistic nationalism!
Workers of the world, unite and bring down the rulers who are plunging workers into abysmal hardships!

See slogans for a fightback

Stop the destroyer Takanami
setting sail for the Middle East!

Zengakuren marched on the MSDF headquarters
in Yokosuka,
February 2nd

Militants fought firmly,
denouncing the JCP leadership's abandonment of struggles