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59th International Antiwar Assembly (2021)
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On the 100th aniversary of the Russian Revolution (2017)
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 Stop a nuclear Korean war!
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Denounce Israel's savage aggression against Gaza (2009)
46th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan (2008)
Oppose the G8 Summit! (2008)
45th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan (2007)
Iraqi people, band together and advance towards the final victory!
JRCL statement on the 4th anniversary of the Iraq war (2007)
44th International Antiwar Assembly (2006)
43rd International Antiwar Assembly (2005)
Denounce the London Bombings Plotted by the Bush Empire!
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JRCL International Appeal
Denounce the massacre in Fallujah by the US occupation forces! Nov. 16th 2004
42nd International Antiwar Assembly (2004)
including the Overseas Appeal for the Assembly and the messages of solidarity from foreign friends
Okinawa: Protests against the US helicopter crash (2004)
Fight now for an explosive worldwide struggle against the Iraq War!
Chairman of the JRCL
Denounce the March 2nd Massacres of Shiite Muslims Plotted by the Bush Administration! (2004)
JRCL statements on the Iraqi war
JRCL: a year on from the Afghan War
Zengakuren: against the UN resolution on Iraq
41st International Antiwar Assembly (2003)
-Overseas Appeal: Stop Bush's War!
-Messages from foreign friends
US imperialism .
The Beginning of the End
JRCL Documents on Afghanistan
The 40th International Antiwar Assembly (2002)
Militant workers and students protest against the Kyushu-Okinawa G8 Summit (July 2000)
"Agitation to Denounce the NATO Bombing"
Others on Yugoslavia (1999)
HOME (Japanese)
Overseas Appeal for the 59th
International Antiwar Assembly in Japan

 Rise up in antiwar struggle to break through
the crisis of war breaking out
amid the US-China cold war!

We call on all workers, students and intellectuals who are striving across the world to oppose the war policies of governments, the tyrannies of state rulers and their imposition of poverty.

Today, a year and months after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world is in world-historic turbulence. When hit by the pandemic, state rulers and capitalists cut off the 'free movement of people, goods, money and services' and stopped production. With new virus variants, such as an Indian strain, appearing one after another, borders are continually closed while cities are locked down in many regions of the world. Capitalists have been mercilessly throwing workers onto the streets to seek their own survival. The 'pandemic depression', far more devastating than the Great Depression in 1929, laid bare a classical class division and poverty like those in the 19th century, when Karl Marx lived and fought.

This is not all. Amid the pandemic, a cataclysmic change has occurred in the structure of today's world. That is, the 'US-China cold war' has intensified at a stroke. Because of the global-scale clash between the US and China-Russia, the danger of war is impending in East Asia, the Middle East and elsewhere. Once ignited, the fire of war would be a prelude to a Third World War.

Workers and people all over the world! Now is the time to unite and create a revolutionary antiwar struggle to break through the intensifying crisis of war amid the US-China cold war. Let us rise up resolutely to defeat our governments and state rulers who are placing us under unbearable poverty and tyrannical rule!
In the middle of the historic turbulence, we are holding the 59th International Antiwar Assemblies on August 1st in Tokyo and six other cities in Japan. We call on all workers and people to create antiwar struggles internationally together with us, revolutionary Left in Japan. Let us embark on a fight to overturn this dark 21st century and carve out a brilliant proletarian century!

An intensifying clash between the US-Japan and China with focus on Taiwan

The Middle East: the danger of a military clash mounting between Israel and Iran

Topple the state rulers who are imposing poverty and tyranny on us amid the pandemic!

Denounce the Japanese government for pushing forward to hold the Olympics!
Down with the Suga government rushing to revise the Constitution and strengthen the US-Japan military alliance!

Three decades after the collapse of the USSR - Proletarians all over the world, rise up in fight to overturn the dark century!

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