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No. 1750 (New Year Issue)


Smash the brutalities of Yankee imperialism
boasting a 'new empire'!

March forward
against the storm of chauvinistic nationalism!

1. US imperialism as 'the sole super power' and its military wild run
- A crazy aggression against Iraq
- The rest of the powers: yielding to the cowboy imperialism
2. The collapse of the myth of a Pax Americana
- The 'new empire': a daydream
- Full of resentment against Yankee imperialism
- Islamic resistances against the 'new crusade
- The last moments of the 'American capitalism'
3. The chauvinistic propaganda of Japanese nationalism
- Jingoist hawks rushing
- Infusion of chauvinistic nationalism taking advantage of the 'Japanese abductees'
4. Advance the revolutionary antiwar struggle!
- Overcome the bottomless degeneration of the class struggle in Japan!
- 40 years on from the JRCL-RMF foundation: advance further on the basis of our history and lessons
Fight together in the forefront of the historic struggle against the aggressive war on Iraq!
1500 rallied in a JRCL public political meeting in Tokyo, 14 Dec.
- Keynote speech from comrade Akabane: Advance the revolutionary antiwar struggle
- Zengakuren Chairman Iida expressing the resolution to fight against Japan's Aegis destroyer leaving for the war
- An education worker: through tenacious discussions with other members of the trade union
- A touching message from a fighting Korean worker in Japan

16 Dec. Yokosuka: intense fights against the Aegis destroyer leaving for the war
- Zengakuren boats closing in on the Kirishima
- An angry demonstration on the SDF headquarters
(Photo right)

- A rightist provocation smashed!
- Denounce the JCP leadership joining in the anti-terrorism chorus!
8 Dec. Antiwar demonstration in Okinawa
- Militant workers and students marched through the downtown
- Surging angers against the attempted raping incident by a US soldier

[6-7] A revolutionary caricature

Last Supper in the House of War

A fictitious talk Marx in the Jihad-Raging World
- From the paradise to New York
- Jihad: an abortive flower
- Afghanistan deserted
- Burka, and feminism
- Palestine: desperation and hope
(To be continued)
Poem Before the 'dark sea' between Korea and Japan
Resolutions for New Year (1)
- JRCL Okinawa Regional Committee
- JRCL Kansai Regional Committee
- JRCL Hokkaido Regional Committee
- JRCL Postal Workers' Committee
- JRCL Electric Industrial Workers' Committee
- JRCL Prefectural / Municipal Workers' Committee
- JRCL Metal Industrial Workers' Committee
- Tokyo Antiwar Workers' Conference
[12] Photos
2002: Antiwar fires

No. 1749 (December 23th Issue)

Stop the Yankee imperialist aggression against Iraq!
Overcome the failed official movement
for 'a peaceful solution under the UN'!

- Saddam Hussein's last defiance and Warmonger Bush's rampage
- The Koizumi government rushing to its participation in the war of aggression against Iraq
- World-wide upsurge of antiwar struggle and its stagnancy in Japan
- Denounce the JCP for praising the UN Resolution 1441!
'No to the patriotic education!' Calls shaking the Central Council for Education's public hearing in Tokyo, 30 Nov.
- Students' appeals received warmest responses from workers and other citizens in the hearing.
A trade union based prefectural rally against the military attack against Iraq and the emergency bills, 23 Nov., Nagoya
- Fighting workers and students inspired the participants.
Kobe University: The school authority gave up a joint research program with the military
[3] Kaleidoscope 2003
- The Empress' speech with a quotation from an anarchist poem drawing a right-wing criticism: but a new type of the royalty
- Senior ladies' remarks on the kidnapping issue: commonsense, now having scarcity value
- He's 'Hitler', 'moron', and could be 'behind bars': accurate remarks for which to be sacked
- Mandela's remarks: 'For me, a hero of America is he (not Bush)'.
The annual police report: a reactionary scheme uncovered for a drastic intensification of the coercive order
- SAT, a special task force
- For a Japanese version of the CIA
- Building a Big Brother system
- No to repressions by today's version of the 'state police'
Power struggles in Israeli leaders under the military crushes in Palestine
- A dove's victory in the Labour Party
- Sharon's victory in the Zionist party
- The Arafat leadership shaking
Tokyo prefectural workers' unions: the 19 Nov. strike betrayed by the leadership
- Militant workers struggling
Niigata prefectural workers unions strike
- Fight back against the wage cut plan!
SDPJ-led 'No to attack on Iraq rally', 15 Nov.
- Angers from below against leaders dependent on the UN resolution
Topics Cooperation between managers, unions, and the government for 'job security'? Rengo's pledge of allegiance before the heads of the government and the business
A series of 'guerrilla' incidents on US and SDF military bases: state conspiracies with self-styled radicals as a cover
- Wipe out the group of spies!
Titles of main articles in Kaiho from No 1700 to No 1750


No. 1748 (December 16th Issue)

Stop the Aegis destroyer Kirishima leaving for the war!
In solidarity with fighting people over the world
Stop the war of aggression against Iraq!

- The Bush administration desperate to form a 'multinational forces'
- For Japan's debut as a 'state that can wage war': reactionary offensives conducted by the Koizumi government
- Denounce the JCP for yielding to the chauvinistic nationalist agitation!
16 Dec.: Zengakuren to fight to stop the Kirishima at Yokosuka base!
No to the Emergency Bills! Stop the war against Iraq!: a protest rally sponsored by transportation-related trade unions, 1 Dec.
- 25000 people rallied, militant workers and students struggling in the forefront.
- In spite of oppressions from the central leadership of Rengo
No to the police-military joint security drill!
- Zengakuren Hokkaido protested against the prefectural police head office
[3] Kaleidoscope 2002
- The axis of morons: when a moron becomes a warmonger.
- A 'ubiquitous computer network': an illusionary messiah of the declining country
- "We restrain ourselves from criticizing the government over its policies towards North Korea': a JCP leader on TV.
- A 'VeriChip' planted in a human body: trends to a high-technically controlled society
- 'What am I studying for, Mom?': kids in Japan
Presidential Election in Brazil: a victory of the working class?
- Lula's victory
- On the Brazilian Labour Party
- Degenerate Trotskyists: fallacies against the working class
Japanese auto-making monopolies in China
- Toyota, Honda and Nissan: drastically expanded investments in the Chinese market
- The rapidly growing car market in China and the reorganization of Chinese enterprises
- The mega competition intensifying, sacrifices shifting onto workers
No to the new rule for punishment! Oppose the intensified control on teachers!
JRCL Okinawa Regional Committee of Education Workers
- 'Offensive languages against superiors' to be punished
- The deceptive propaganda about 'ethically degenerated teachers'
- The official leadership obsessed with their 'vision of the JTU as a partner of the education ministry'
Denounce the central leadership of the Democratic Party of Japan for joining in the chorus of chauvinistic Japanese nationalism!
- An MP from the Democratic Party crying for controlling a North-related federation of Korean people in Japan
- Following Bush's criticism of Koizumi's diplomacy towards North Korea, more reactionary policies are proposed by the DP.
Rescue workers killed and injured in a double accident in JR East
- Don't shift the responsibility to workers!
Letters from readers


No. 1747 (December 9th Issue)

14 Dec. JRCL Public Political Meeting
Stop US / UK imperialist aggression against Iraq!

- UN Inspection Commission, guides for a US military action
- A 'Yankee Hitler' rushing towards a crazy war of aggression
- The Koizumi government pledging its support and participation in the war on Iraq
- Criticize the JCP leadership for supporting the UN inspection! Fight for an international antiwar struggle!
(Photo below:students at a transportation-related unions' sponsored rally with 25000 people.)

25000 people rallied, 1 Dec.
called by transport-related trade unions against the Emergency Law
Don't invade Iraq! Students' banners inspiring

No to joint military drills!
- 5000 workers from trade unions in Kyushu region rallied near the site, 9 Nov.
- Zengakuren Kyushu waged a series of protests, 9 to 11 Nov.
(Photo below Left: Workers and students against the drills, Right: 5000 workers and students in an protest rally.)
Kobe University: struggles advanced against a joint academic-military research program on emergencies
- At last! 'The planned seminar in an SDF base to be cancelled', announced the school authorities.

[3] Kaleidoscope 2002
- Wolfovitz vision for a democratized Middle East: a new imperialism theory
- CPC: Changes of generations and changes in ideology
- Mysterious 'guerrillas' against military bases in Japan
Students' Walk-out in the US
- Don't invade Iraq! Demonstrations and sit-ins nation-wide.
Chukakuha remnants: 'antiwar struggle'?
Internal conflicts over the Juki-net (national online system of resident registers)
- Revolts by the LDP Etoh-Kamei faction
- A growing sense of caution about leaks of the data to the US: internal strife over foreign and defence policies of the Japanese government
Hokkaido Prefectural Office Workers' Union: a resolution adopted in its Convention against the military attack on Iraq
- JRCL propaganda permeating.
Topics Rengo's tactics for next spring offensives: full of deceptions
Differences in the field and methods between the analysis of the contemporary politico-economic situation as an economic analysis and the analysis of real situation
Reading Kuroda's "On philosophy, humans and literature"
- Introspection and formation of the self
In the form of a traditional Japanese poem:Echelon


No. 1746 (December 2nd Issue)

Fight against the propaganda of
Japanese nationalism!

Denounce the SDPJ / JCP leadership
for joining in the 'anti-Korean, anti-terrorism' chorus!

Stop US / UK aggression against Iraq!
Stop Japan's participation in the war!

- The Koizumi government stirring up chauvinistic nationalism on the basis of the 'hexagonal iron pyramid'
- Official left wings' submission to the disseminated arguments about 'North Korea's threat' and 'eradication of terrorism'
- The JCP central leadership covering up the failure in its UN dependence
Join in the 1 Dec rally against the Emergency Bills
sponsored by the transport-related trade unions!

- Fighting workers and students, come together in spite of the oppression by the official leadership!
14 Dec JRCL public political meeting in Tokyo
- Organize a mass struggle against the aggressive war on Iraq inspite of the stormy propaganda of chauvinistic nationalism!
Waseda Univ. authorities backed a rightist-led symposium on the 'kidnapping issue'
- Militant students sounded an alarm against the chauvinistic campaign taking advantage of the abductees.
No to the planned reorganization of national universities into independent administrative corporations!
- Militant students from national universities fought in a protest rally together with workers in related trade unions.
[3] Kaleidoscope 2002
- Hans Blix: a coverer on Chernoby and now a trigger in Iraq.
- al-Jazeera: the voice of the Arabs
- The revealed police crime: a mysterious death of a detainee at a police office fabricated as a suicide
A letter: From visitors' gallery at a law suit against the national network of resident registers
Annual Report on National Defence: ambition for a full participation in the 'war on terrorism'
- Emphasis on 'responses to terrorism'
- A growing ambition for a full participation in the war
- Tricks to justify a war of aggression with the name of 'war on terrorism'
More cunning and more reactionary: revisions to the Emergency Bills in support of Japan's participation in the Iraqi invasion
- What kinds of 'revisions'?
- For what?
- 'Use of force' introduced in laws; security mobilization of the SDF against 'terrorism' newly codified
Stop the new personnel and wage system based on 'ability and performance'!
- JRCL Postal Workers' Committee
Smash the offensive for lower wages!
- JRCL Okinawa Regional Committee of Municipal Workers
Reading an article in Kaihoh No. 1607 : Use the right cerebral hemisphere!
- Rich imaginations
- Springboards towards thinking
- Volitions, interests and attitudes
Topics A deceptive Monthly Economic Report by Koizumi and Kakenaka
Learning from a part of Topos and Praxis (by K. Kuroda)


No. 1745 (November 15th Issue)

Denounce the new UN resolution!
Stop Imperialist US / UK aggression against Iraq!

Transcend official opposition movements clinging to the illusion of the UN!

- Saddam's last choice
- US / UK imperialism completing their preparation for war
- Denounce the JCP leadership covering up the failure in its policy of the UN dependence
- For an international antiwar struggle to break the brutalities of the war-crazy imperialism
5000 workers rallied against the military attack on Iraq (24 Oct., Osaka)
- Zengakuren students demonstrated with ranks of trade unions
Zengakuren Tokai protested against the US Consulate (9 Nov., Nagoya)
- Denounced the UN resolution.
UN Security Council's new resolution that has authorized a military attack on Iraq
[3] Kaleidoscope 2002
- 'This is the way we have been cheated': on the law of war propaganda.
- A mass playacting for North-phobia: true faces of those commentators crying for familihood
- The second Afghanistan of Chechnya: in spite of being wrapped in pig's skinc
- A string of lies by Putin: against the 'disobedient people' (or Chechens)
- A Washington Post article on the anthrax scare: why now?
The Koizumi government propagandizing chauvinistic nationalism
'Counter kidnappings' and 'starving out': a harder line towards North Korea
- A policy change: pressed by the Bush government
- An independent diplomacy: for rebuilding the Japanese imperialist prestige
- Oppositions between the US and China / Russia over the Korean Peninsula
- Break the chauvinistic nationalism!
Stop the enactment of the Personal Information 'Non-Protection' Laws!
- The Koizumi government rushing towards the enactment through a 'partial revision'
- Transcend the distorted opposition demanding 'protection of privacy'
No sacking! No cut in the seasonal bonus! For a militant upsurge of year-end struggles in private sectors!
- No cut in the seasonal bonus!
- The major restructuring: killing workers
- Labour aristocrats ordering to cooperate for higher competitiveness
- Break the stagnation in labour movement in Japan!
Smash the 10% cut in basic pay planned by the postal agency!
- The national leadership of Zentei [Postal Workers' Union] joining in the chorus for 'Change to an ability- and performance- based pay'
- Denounce the leaders accepting the '-1.9% a month'
Denounce the leadership of Hokkaido Teachers' Union giving in the offensive from the prefectural board of education! Fight back from workplaces!
- An all-out offensive to deprive workers of their gains: in the name of 'a strict application of laws'
- An intensified control of workers by the headmaster
- The HTU leadership strengthening their line of 'joint consultation'
- Denounce the betrayal! Fight back!
Topics Drastic changes to worse in labour codes: legalization of easy dismissals, long-time / irregular labour, etc.
Efforts to immanently transcend a thought
- On an article in The Communist No. 201

In the form of a traditional Japanese poem: Yankee's barbarity


No. 1744 (November 18th Issue)

Denounce the UN resolution for a military attack on Iraq!
Stop US / UK aggression on Iraq
under the pretext of the new resolution!

- The UN Security Council resolution to approve US's 'use of force against Iraq'
- French, Russian and Chinese power holders submitted to Bush's hard line
- The Bush government bent on strengthening its war readiness
- The Koizumi Government propagandizing chauvinistic Japanese nationalism for its war participation
- Break the stagnation of opposition movements! For the revolutionary antiwar struggles!
Zengakuren protest against the UN resolution (9 Nov.)
- Militant students waged their protests in front of the US and Russian Embassies in Tokyo.
150 students In front of the US Embassy in Tokyo. At the Russian Embassy.
Statement of the Japanese Zengakuren (9 Nov.)
- We denounce the UN resolution on Iraq. Click to see the full text.
No to the joint security drill of the SDF and police!
- Zengakuren Hokkaido staged their actions in front of an SDF gate in Sapporo, 25 Oct.
[3] Kaleidoscope 2002
- 'Hellfire' from the 'Predator': lethal weapons for one-sided killing.
- 'Petty nationalism' spreading among the Japanese youth: from the World Cup to the sympathy to those abductees.
- In a KGB way: Who are 'rogues'?
- Repair it after an accident: a new standard of security for nuclear facilities.
- Judged as the false accusation: voices from the former 'boys', 17 years on.
Warmonger's new strategy for military domination over the world: the Bush doctrine obsessed with the fetishism of military might
- Declaration of a pre-emptive attack on an 'enemy of America'
- 'A new threat': extraordinary sense of crisis and hatred
- A solo domination with the overwhelming nuclear military might
- Bush's 'aggressive nationalism'
[6] Labour Front
A local peace rally in Kanazawa
- Voices against an attack on Iraq, 31 Oct.
Anti-disaster drills led by the Self-Defence Force in Sapporo
- Residents including high-school students mobilized.
'No jobs as you hope for'
- Increasing difficulties for young job seekers.
These are examples of 'volunteer activities for communities' recommended by the bourgeoisie
- Clean toilets in your companies, cut the grass, separate the collected empty cans c
Topics The planned revision of job security system
Reading Crimes by Security Police Seen in Uchigeba [Violence between Factions]
- Remember precious wills of comrades! Fight against the storms of conspiratorial attacks!
JRCL-RMF appeals to Korean brothers / sisters in Japan
Let us fight against storms of anti-Korean chauvinism taking advantage of the 'kidnapping issue'!


No. 1743 (November 11th Issue)

Stop US / UK aggression against Iraq!
Advance an international antiwar struggle!
Now is the time to transcend the official peace movement
under the illusion of 'a UN-based solution'!

- The Bush government steamrolling for 'a new resolution' of the Security Council'
- Intensified oppositions between state powers over a military invasion of Iraq
possible holders intensifying
- Pressure from the Bush government and Japan's dash for its participation in the war
- For a radical breakthrough of the present crisis of the opposition movement in Japan! Advance the revolutionary antiwar movement!
Denounce the War Resolution of the UN!
Zengakuren protested in front of the US Embassy (9 Nov.)

Click to see media reports. 1 2
October 21st rally in Okinawa: voices against a US invasion against Iraq raised at the trade union-based mass rally
- Never let leaders distort this upsurge into an election campaign! Okinawa Kengakuren inspired the participants together with militant workers. (Below left).
A student action in Kagoshima, 22 Oct.
- From the campus to the streets, Kagoshima Univ. students called on the public to stop Japan's participation in the war and the Emergency Laws. (Below right).
'No to the joint research with the military!'
- Kobe Univ. students denounce the school authorities. (18 Oct.)
[3] Kaleidoscope 2002
- An 'anti-war' Senate from Minnesota killed in a mysterious accident
- Another 'September 11th': and a politician awarded a Nobel Peace Prize
- Trotskyists in Brazil: all for Lula
- Scandals over nuclear power plants and 'counter-leaks' about CIA involvements
- With 'anti-terrorism' as a pretext: a dangerous attempt to build a JCIA
Denounce the Putin government for its bloody repression on Chechen fighters!
Zengakuren protest against the Russian Embassy.
Click to see a media report: 1
- A massacre: chemical weapons used.
- For the single demand: 'Pull out the Russian forces from Chechnya!'
- Stand up against the Chechen invasion!
[5] Zentei [Postal Workers' Union]
Degradation to a labour movement for the national postal service and the state: the anti-working class nature of the central leadership's policy for 'a new postal labour movement'
- Zentei leaders helping enactment of the Emergency Laws
- Bankruptcy in their attempts over a possible privatization of the postal service
- Full cooperation in the stormy restructuring going the postal service
- Stop degradation of Zentei to a movement for the business and the state!
No revision to the Fundamental Law of Education! No to the planned system to check 'ability-less teachers'!
- Denounce the JTU leadership for its submissive response.
Stop the introduction of the 'ability check' system!
- From A to D: teachers to be graded
Topics The JCP-led labour centre planning a new fund for 'strengthening the organization': 'The problem is to get the personnel, materiel, and money', acknowledging its bankruptcy before the start.
On our creation of the theory of tactics for organizing mass (labour) movement
Images of Antonio Negri's Empire


No. 1742 (November 4th Issue)

Stop US / UK Aggression on Iraq!
Explode the revolutionary antiwar struggle,
breaking the stagnant opposition movement in Japan!

- Bargaining over a UN's new resolution among the US / UK, Germany- France and Russia-China
- Disagreements within the US ruling class and a drastic intensification of power struggles
- Expand the antiwar flames all over the world!
Emergency protests of Zengakuren in front of the Russian Embassy, 27 Oct.
- Denounce the Putin administration for its ruthless massacre of the Chechen rebels! (Photo below)
Antiwar Demonstrations, 20 Oct.
- Hokkaido: Young workers and students marched on the regional LDP office in Sapporo.
- Kansai: The US Consulate in Osaka shaken by angry voices of workers and students.
No to the Emergency Legislation in support of aggressive wars!
- Militant students staged protests together with traffic-related trade unions, in front of the Diet Building, 23 Oct.
Zengakuren's Statement of Protest, 27 Oct.
- We condemn the massacre of Chechen rebels who rose for withdrawal of the Russian forces! Denounce the Putin government for its military invasion against Chechnya!
Kaleidoscope 2002
- October-surprises: mysterious incidents every time before a major election in the US.
- Warmongers' mongering: arms contractors.
- 57 years on: a controversial photo of the Showa Emperor.
[4] UN Conference for the Global Environment in Johannesburg
American imperialism against the solution of global issues of the environment and poverty: surging voices of resentment against the US
- The powerless 'Action Programme' and the emasculated 'Political Declaration'
- The tripartite oppositions: The US, Europe, and developing countries
- The splits of the world: to intensify
Tricky measures for sacking: at an electric company
- A training of seniors for making them give up
- Surveillance and control over workers
- Extend the solidarity of workers!
Smash the scrap-and-build! No to the mass sacking!
- A major restructuring in Hokkaido Prefecture
Topics Matsushita (Panasonic) to abandon its long-standing system of wages typical of Japanese companies
A fake 'guerrilla': a big lie
- A new book by the converted Bundist leader revealing the police conspiracy (Continued from the previous issue)
On what is called the 'investigation of the abductions by North Korea'


No. 1741 (October 28th Issue)

Antiwar Anger against Warmongers
20 Oct. 1300 students and workers demonstrate in Tokyo
Stop US aggression against Iraq! Stop Japan's participation in the war!

Upper left:
In front of the Prime Minister's House
Upper right:
At the front gate of the US Embassy
The leading column of the demonstration

A starting rally held before the big banner:
Freeze warmonger Bush's blood before a great explosion of international antiwar struggles!
Antiwar actions held in other cities also.
Messages of solidarity to the 20 Oct. demo from foreign friends

- Revolutionary Marxists in Britain
- LOI (CI)-DO of Argentina and GOI(CI) of Chile
- The Marxist Platform
- Union Pacifiste de France
Greetings to the 20 Oct. action from the JRCL-RMF
- Fight antiwar struggles despite the massive propaganda of chauvinistic nationalism
'Denounce the cover-ups of fatal damages on nuclear facilities!' Militant students inspired a rally against nuclear accidents, 10 Oct.
[3] Kaleidoscope 2002
- The truth behind the reported move to the reconciliation between the two Kurds groups: anti-American sentiments smouldering
- Bush and Carter: 'two roads' to the Pax Americana
- A mysterious blast in Bali
[4-5] JCP
Fallacies in the JCP-type 'complement diplomacy by a nongovernment party' backed by the state authority of China

1. JCP bureaucrats dancing in the palm of the Beijing bureaucrats
- What is called 'agreements' in opposition to the military attack on Iraq
- Buttering up the Chinese 'socialism'
- True backgrounds of the bondage
2. A farcical and criminal nature of the 'complement diplomacy by a nongovernment party'
(1) "A flag of 'anti-US imperialism' is not needed"?
- Approval of the degenerate diplomacy of China to the US
- 'Comprehensive ban on nuclear weapons' with no accusation of China as a main nuclear holder
(2) 'Peace Strategy' and 'Economic Strategy' for the 'national interests'
- Degradation to a cheer band for the Koizumi diplomacy
- Encouraging Japanese monopoly capitalists to invade China
JCP-led municipal workers' union: leaders ordering the ranks to work for promoting their localities
- Orders for 'a proposal-based movement'
- Less emphasis on the opposition to the Emergency Laws
- Abandonment of fight-backs due to the mono-emphasis on the 'cooperation'
- Incorporation in the neo-fascist ruling order
Topics The principle of self-responsibility underling the enacted 'Law for Health Promotion'
A fake 'guerrilla': a big lie
- A new book by the converted Bundist leader revealing the police conspiracy
North Korea under Kim Jong Il: agonized with its economic catastrophe
- A chronic food crisis
- A fatal crisis in industrial production
- Confusions increased by the 'economic reform'


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