JRCL Weekly :Kaihoh/Liberation (No. 1621-30)
* English edition is not available. Japanese only.
No. 1630 July 31st

6 August
A new arms race between the US and China-Russia, Strengthening of the US-Japan Security Alliance, a Scheme to Revise the Constitution...
Create a revolutionary antiwar struggle
to radically break through the dark current!
- Inclination to intensify the 'new cold war' between the US and China-Russia
- American imperialism: in a desperate rush for NMD / TMD
- Russia and China: their 'disarmament offensive' and counter military build-ups.
- The Mori administration: its loss of authority and breakthroughs
- Advance antiwar struggles to transcend the miserable situation of the official peace movements.
69th National Convention of the Zengakuren
[All-Japan Federation of Students' Self-Governing Associations] 14-15 July
- Filled with the resolution to promote antiwar struggles to break the new arms race.
- Smash the Kyushu-Okinawa Summit! Active discussions developed
- New Executive Committee leading the revolutionary student movement for the coming century
Chairman: Iida Shinichi (Waseda Univ., First Faculty of Literature)
Vice Chairman: Sumiyoshi Sei (Waseda Univ., Faculty of Commerce)
Vice Chairwoman: Nakamura Tomomi (Kokugakuin Univ., Faculty of Law)

Smash the Kyushu-Okinawa Summit!
Zengakuren and Antiwar Youth Committee fought against the Ministers' Meetings
- 8 July Marched to the very spot of the Financial Ministers' Meeting in Fukuoka
- 7 July demonstrated through central Fukuoka
- 12 July protested against the Foreign Ministers' Meeting in Miyazaki
[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
- Former Premier Nakasone lectures Mori for the 'qualities requisite for a leader': the point is how to show off before TV cameras
- Near future of JCP Daily: an Italian road to ... bankruptcy.
- A concealed mechanism behind the abandoned 'bailout plan'.
- Where's reform? A report for reforming the police system submitted by the advisory committee for police reform
[4-5] Criminal nature of the report 'Okinawa Initiative'
Propaganda for the illusion 'coexistence and co-prosperity with US military bases'
1. A wormed-up version of the 'Okinawa Initiative' by three professors of Ryukyu University
- The debut of the trio and its Political background
- An attempt to sweep away the 'anti-base sentiments'
2. Show-off of a '21st century image of Okinawa'
- Okinawa's 'role as an area that contributes to security'
- Negation of the 'local sentiments' in the name of a 'universal language'
3. Ugly decorations for stressing 'coexistence with military bases'
- A positive acceptance of 'Okinawa as a base' in the name of 'security'
- With the help of the 'stakeholder' theory.
- Complementation to the scheme to build today's version of the Great East-Asian Co-prosperity Sphere: an fantastic theorization of 'Okinawa as a soft power'; a secret intention underlying the vision of 'Okinawa as a bridge to Asia'
In opposition to the weathering of the 'anti-Security Treaty' cause, strengthen the fighting front of antiwar, anti-Security Treaty struggles
President of the pro-corporate JR Union calls on the National Railway Workers Union to disband it and join the Union: revealing the secret agreement with central leaders of the NRWU.

Smash the plan to introduce a 'new merit rating system' by the Education Ministry and Osaka Prefectural Committee of Education!
Fight to break it in opposition to the official movement to demand a 'fair assessment'!
Kansai Regional Committee of Educational Workers

1. The government schemes to strengthen the selection and control of educational workers
- First in Tokyo, followed by Osaka
- An 'ability development' type of merit rating with 'ability' and 'morale' as criteria
- For encouraging teachers to carry out ultra-nationalist and performance-first education.
- Extreme intensification of labour and offensives to destroy teachers' union organizations
2. Win a militant upsurge against the introduction of a 'new merit rating system'
- The leadership of the Osaka Prefectural Teachers' Union: yielding to the Ministry for 'fair and just assessments'
- The leadership of the JCP-led teachers' union: criminally emphasizing the need for 'dialogue with parents'
- Fight against the offensive under the banner 'No neofascist reorganization of education!'
Denounce the invocation of the Social Organization Control Act in the name of 'anti-cultist measures'
- The police made its first application as manipulating the AUM sect.
- It is a law for police coercion in place of the current Anti-Subversive Activities Act
- SDPJ and JCP have yielded to the deceptive name 'anti-AUM' measures
- Denounce the invocation of the Social Organization Control Act! No to the attempt to build a military state!
Reading the latest issue of The Communist
Introduction of the latest issue of The Communist: No. 188


No. 1629 July 10th
Smash The Okinawa Summit! Stop Revising The Constitution!
Rise Up For Overthrowing the Mori Administration Shaken By Its Internal Strife!
- Mori's second tripartite government launching ultra-reactionary offensives
- Intensifying strife with the LDP and trends to a renewed regrouping of the political circle

Zengakuren fought to block the SDF landing drill in Hokkaido in solidarity with workers
- 3 July early in the morning: resolute fights at the spot of landing
- 2 July: at a rally sponsored by the Peace Movement Forum led by Rengo.
- 'Missile Impossible'?
- A Prime Minister disregarded even by the pro-government press
- 'Dead men tell no tales': a mysterious heart attack to the driver related to a bribe scandal.
Endless bourgeois degeneration of JCP's idea of 'social welfare'
1. JCP's 'social security promotion' policy subjected to 'stable development of Japanese economy'
2. Yielding to neoliberalism
3. Illusion to Keynesianism
4. Results of conversion to revised capitalism
- A direction by a labour aristocrat in the CGS Federation is 'Organize part-time workers!', although accepting casualization of regular workers.
- A mass restructuring offensive in a delivery service company
- A Regular Convention of Osaka Teachers Union
The Kobe Case three years on: a revealed trauma of that justice

A letter on Kuroda's Praxis and Topos from jail.
Reading the latest issue of The Communist
[8] History of Our Revolutionary Antiwar Struggles No. 32
April-June 1972: antiwar speed-down struggles by Doro [National Railway Locomotive Workers Union]
Militant struggles at the point of production to stop transporting US military jet fuel
- A precious struggle against the Okinawa's return with nuclear bases in labour front distorted by JSP / JCP
- Three waves of struggle to stop the military oil cargo
- Bitter struggles that enabled the historic struggle
- Militancy of the trade union organization trained through the struggle against Marusei [higher productivity compaign]


No. 1628 July 17th

Smash the Kyushu-Okinawa Summit!
The official leaders are affected with the worst illusion of the 'trends of peace'. Denounce them for neglecting the struggle!
18 June in Osaka: antiwar anti-Security Treaty demonstration of workers and students
Chukaku-ha bureaucrats surprised at the RCL report on their former editor in chief.

[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
Blair's absence at the Third Road conference

The schemed dirty 'political settlement' of the '1047 dismisses' issue the tasks of the railway workers movement.
JRCL Transportation Workers Committee

The extraordinary convention of the National Railway Workers Union
Battles but premeditated
- The NRU leadership has completely yielded to the government.
Children are also mobilized to the official campaign for welcoming the Okinawa Summit
The general meeting of stockholders of the Central Japan Railway Co. held under an unusual security order.
- On the eve of the meeting a sabotage on train operation occurred: Never allow them to take a conspiracy for frame-up!
Smash the Kyushu-Okinawa Summit (continued from p.1.)


No. 1627 July 10th

Break the Offensives by Mori's New Cabinet!
Smash the Kyushu-Okinawa Summit! Block the Constitutional Revision!
Build a Fighting Front!

- The General Election: Neither side won.
- Mori's new cabinet and tense strife over the new LDP order.
- SDP 'survives' as transforming into a 'party of civil society'; JCP shakes in defeat.
- Win a radical break of the crisis of class struggle in Japan!
Join the 69th National Congress of the Zengakuren!
- Smash the Summit! Block the revision of the Constitution!
- Build a fighting front for antiwar, anti-Security Treaty, anti-neofascist reaction struggles!
18 June: workers and students fought in Nagoya.
- Demonstrated through the city.
- Protested in front of the Prefectural office of the LDP.
3 June: students' meeting in Osaka against revising the Constitution and building a US military heliport.
- Listened to the speech by a student from Okinawa against the Summit.
[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
- Renaming: 'Rogue states' like Coke?
- A 'civilized politics'?
- An editorial of NY Times: provocation is included in American tactics?
- Ishihara's happiness comes when people meet unhappiness.
The Korean Summit and Confrontation over the Peninsula between the US-Japan and China-Russia
A. Highlighted 'peace' and 'reunification'
- 'Welcoming' China and Russia; irritated US and Japan.
B. Opposition between 'estranging' tactics and 'peaceful counter-revolution'
- Kim Jong Il: for breaking the international isolation
- Kim Dae Jung: for developing 'sunshine' policies
C. The ambiguous declaration of 'independent reunification'
Surging struggles against US military bases in South Korea
- Waves against 'military drills'
- Demonstration with pictures of 'Kims' hugging'
The Democratic Party's growing does not satisfies the supporter, President of the Rengo Washio.
The head of electronic workers unions utters: It's OK if working in double harness earns 1.2 times.
Block the nationalistic and competitiveness-based reorganization of education!
Stop revising the Fundamental Law of Education!
Struggle in opposition to the JTU leadership demanding a 'public consultative body'

- The Mori administration ordered schools to pay a silent tribute and raise a national flag draped in black on the funeral day of Obuchi
- Ability-based education is being promoted in elementary and high schools.
- JTU leadership helps the government in reorganization of education.
[7] Learning from history: military mobilization for security and oppression on the people
Tokyo Governor Ishihara's 'sangokujin' remarks and the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923 (continued)
2. The mass murder led by the Ten'no state power taking advantage of the earthquake
- Agitation for mass hysteria by means of demagoguery of 'Koreans' turmoil'
- The bloody Kameido Insident and the anarchist Osugi's murder by a police officer
- Uncovered hatred of the rulers against the surging labour movement
3. True faces of the murders supporting the war of aggression.
- Shoriki Matsutaro: took over a newspaper company, Yomiuri Shinbun.
- Amakasu Masahiko: an engineer of conspiracies in China.

Reading Kuroda's Praxis and Topos
- Wanting this to be my philosophy.

Overseas Appeal for the 38th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan on 6 August


No. 1626 July 3rd

18 June Workers and Students Marched Against the Constitutional Revision.

They rallied in opposition to the official SDPJ / JCP leadership immersed in the general election campaign.

Unpardonable deeds by US Forces in Okinawa!
- US Marines carried out their live fire exercises in civilian sugar cane fields.
- Depleted uranium shells have been stored in Kadena Base: US officials reluctantly acknowledged part of them.

2 July Fight at the site of war exercise!
No to the massive mobilization of SDF troops in Hokkaido!
Stop the amphibious assaulting drill!
Marxist Student League (Revolutionary Marxist faction) Hokkaido Regional Committee
- A light carrier and a LCAC landing craft are to be mobilized for a presupposed thrust into enemy land.
- Struggle against it in opposition to the official leadership abandoning the fight!

19 May: a meeting at Nagoya University against the planned reactionary reorganization of education.

[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
- Putin's acrobatic treatment of the Russian media: like KGB.
- Surging opposition in South Korea against US bases.
- A dramatic transformation? But who knows if he is truly that Kim?
- There are a country that abandons the waste, and another that takes it.

[4] The Third Meeting of the 9th National People's Congress of China
Fleeing forward under the banner of 'strategy of mass development of the western area': the full bloom of 'decoloured socialism'
Attempts to consolidate the domestic rule taken by the Jiang - Zhu leadership faced with internal and external troubles.
Policies of 'strategic adjustment' in preparation to join the WTO
- Propaganda of the 'strategy of mass development of the western area'
- Enforcement of 'strict official discipline' with the 'anti-corruption' campaign.
- Stressing 'friendship' with developing countries.
A pragmatic liquidation of the 'negative legacy' from Deng Xiaoping
- Making the nation prey to the neo-colonialist invasion of imperialism
- A rush toward 'decoloured socialism'

[5] Learning from history: military mobilization for security and oppression on the people
Tokyo Governor Ishihara's 'sangokujin' remarks and the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923
1. Ishihara's national Chauvinist agitation
- Propaganda to agitate antagonist sentiments against other Asian nations
- Concealed aims in the planned anti-disaster mobilization of SDF troops?
- Yomiuri Shinbun backing the remarks
2. The mass murder led by the Ten'no state power taking advantage of the earthquake
- Agitation for mass hysteria by means of demagoguery of 'Koreans' turmoil'
- The bloody Kameido Insident and the anarchist Osugi's murder by a police officer
Rengo leadership is anti-LDP just during the election campaign; JCP-led NTUC leadership is always immersed in elections.
Monopoly capitalists press courts to scrap the official 'four condition for dismissal': babbling 'freer hand for sacking leads to more jobs'

Nursing-care insurance two months on:
real situation of social welfare is deteriorating day after day.
- Suicides by aged people, accidents from senile dementia: realities.
- 'It is economically needed to desert persons who are difficult to be cured': change in the idea itself of 'welfare'.
- Self-reliance and mutual aid instead of 'public aid': Rengo leadership's attitude against the working class

Advance struggles against new systems of wages and advancement introduced by West Japan Railway Co.!
Denounce the leadership of the pro-corporate trade union as an assistant to the company! Fight in opposition to the yielding by the leadership of the JR West Workers Union!
- Oppression of wages and introduction of a thoroughly performance-based management of employees
- 'It gives us a good motivation to work''!?: Denounce the pro-corporate leaders praising the new system.

Reading 'My Quest for A New Human Being' included in Selections of Early Writings by Kan'ichi Kuroda: A shock I felt from the work.

[8] History of Our Revolutionary Antiwar Struggles No 31
September-November 1973: Struggles to smash the plan to make Yokosuka City a mother port of the US aircraft carrier Midway
1. 4-5 October: Zengakuren initiated the struggle in Yokosuka
2. 10 October- 25 November: tens of thousands of young workers marched through the city: youth divisions of trade unions affiliated to the Sohyo [General Council of Trade Unions of Japan] rallied on a nation-wide scale
3. Struggles were carried out transcending the JCP-led movement for 'protecting lives of residents' and aiming at annihilating the Security Treaty


No. 1625 June 26th
Stop the ruling tripartite coalition scheming the Constitutional revision!
No to the emergency legislation!
Fight it by overcoming the JCP immersed in the general election campaign! Denounce this would-be ruling party!

- The 'North-South Agreement' pulls the trigger of great turbulence in East Asia
- Fretted Japanese rulers escalate reactionary offensives
- The central JCP leadership indulged in shameless adulation to 'conservative voters'

[2] Zengakuren
Zengakuren Hokkaido Prefectural Federation struggled to block US Marine's live fire exercises
- 4 June: protested at the gate of the Field
- 18 May: in solidarity with militant workers
- 30 May: struggled to block the unloading of weapons
The conspiratorial armed attack on Kokugakuin Univ. students four years on:
Remember the Kanagawa Prefectural Police as an accomplice in the murder!
18 May: a meeting at Hokkaido University against the plan to reorganize national universities into independent administrative institutions

[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
- North backs South's claim against fake kimchi made in Japan: hotter than the pickles for Japanese rulers.
- From a witch to a girl: Albright a year after the 'victory'
- A communist party that will mobilize the SDF troops and participate in royal ceremonies?!: defensive attitude of JCP before the negative campaign
- At a meeting of old Bund boys, who are now working for the dirty connection: was attended by a Chukakuha leader.

[4] On a report by Enomoto Tsuneo (Chairman of the All Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Union) included in Challenge for the 21st Century: Rengo's New Strategy.
'Municipal workers' movement for a decentralized-type of society': a fallacious idea (continued)
2. 'Decentralized society': dreamy 'civic autonomy' and its illusions
- Beautification of 'decentralization'
- Complement to the neofascist ruling order
3. Helping reduction in wages and personnel with the slogan: 'Reform yourself'
- 'A professional administrative officer' and its class nature
4. Degeneration of the Municipal Workers Union into an Industrial Patriotic Movement
- Yielding to neo-liberalist ideas
- Beautification of Blair-type of 'administrative assessment'
- Bourgeois degeneration of the Union.
Never allow the central leaders of the Electrical Electronic & Information Union to funeralize the spring offensive
1. The central leadership struggled to destroy the spring offensive
2. They just praise themselves for the agreed 'higher retirement age'
3. Expose the deceptive 'offensive for jobs'
4. They admitted the lower wages and the 'performance-based' system
5. Break the industrial patriotic movement!
Revive the tradition of the labour movement of Doro-type [Motive Power Union-type]!
The 16th National Convention of the General Federation of Railway Workers Unions established the new leadership

Break the crisis of labour movement in Japan!
Build workers' struggles from workplaces!
- Stormy offensives of neofascist reaction
- The Federation's call for a united front to block the Constitutional revision.
- Let us strengthen the revolutionary nuclei in the JR labour front!

Monopoly capitalists talk about the 'end of the part played by the Federation of Employers' Associations'
- Triumphantly saying 'now we have a stable relationship between employees and the employer'
'Jobless workers can return to pastoral lives': a stupid recommendation by the Rengo leadership in the 'measures for job creation' they proposed.

Cheaper charges for NTT line connection: a focus of the economic bargaining between the US and Japan
- With the G8 Summit ahead
- Clinton's demand for an immediate reduction by 41%
- NTT's counterproposal of a gradual 22.5% reduction
- A rapid change: the monopoly bourgeoisie as a whole moving to change NTT's legal status

[8] History of Our Revolutionary Antiwar Struggles No. 30
28 October 1972: The Youth Conference of the Sohyo [General Council of Trade Unions of Japan] against the disposition of SDF troops to returned Okinawa

Tens of thousand young workers and students rallied in to stop the disposition from SDF Kita-Kumamoto base.
1. 'No disposition! Smash the police suppression!' Route 3 was occupied by the mass sit-in
- Zengakuren fighters rush into the SDF headquarters
- Young workers launch sit-in protests against the police coercions on Zengakuren students.
- A massive rally in solidarity with workers in Okinawa
2. Anti-Security waves organized in the labour front in opposition to JSP and JCP 's abandonment of the struggle
3. Showing the organized power of young workers aiming for a leftward turning of labour movement
- Militant workers smashed the oppressive opposition by the cadre led by JCP and intra-JSP factions.


No. 1624 June 19th

18 June Surround the Diet Building!
No revision of the Constitution! Smash G8 meetings in Kyushu and Okinawa!
Build an antiwar struggle to break the impending crisis of warfare
in Asia between US-Japan and China-Russia!
- Chinese and Russian rulers strengthening their supports to North Korea
- US-Japanese rulers in a fret consolidating their systems for war operation
- Internal power strife intensifying among politicians for 'post-Mori'
- Fight out in opposition to SDPJ and JCP immersed in their election campaign!
(The antiwar rallies are to be held on June 18th in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, called by local organizations of Zengakuren and Anti-War Youth Committee)

[2] Zengakuren
30 May: Zengakuren Okinawa Prefectural Federation struggled to stop US troops departing for the drill in Hokkaido
- Fought to stop the first dispatch of troops with mobilization of local civilian busses and an aircraft
- Picketed to block military vehicles from Camp Foster
19 May: regional meetings held in solidarity with the central rally against the plan to reorganize national universities into independent administrative institutions
- 'Kansai Student Meeting' at Nara Women's University: also denounced Mori's 'land of gods' remarks
- 'Meeting of Student Solidarity' at Kagoshima University: resolved to block revision of the Fundamental Law of Education
[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
- Mori does it again: criticizes the JCP as not defending the 'kokutai', the controversial term commonly used before to refer to a national polity centring on the Emperor.
- The American financial vulture takes the whole Japanese taxpayers as guarantees for bad loans.
- The lame duck at the Russian Duma.
- Anti-Stalker Bill approved unanimously: JCP also tricked by a serious pretence of the police with the aim to strengthen its authority.
[4] On a report by Enomoto Tsuneo (Chairman of the All Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Union) included in Challenge for the 21st Century: Rengo's New Strategy
'Municipal workers' movement for a decentralized-type of society': a fallacious idea
1. What is meant by 'challenge for the 21st century'?
- Presentation of the idea 'Municipal workers' movement for a decentralized-type of society'
- 'Municipal reform' formulated as an official line of the trade union
2. 'Decentralized society': dreamy 'civic autonomy' and its illusions
- Beautification of 'decentralization'
Smash forcible redeployments in the name of 'exchange of personnel'
Opposition to the massive rationalization in the national postal service!
No to the destructive offensive against trade union organizations!
JRCL Hokkaido Regional Postal Workers Committee
Denounce the central and regional leadership of the Postal Workers' Union driving workers for a postal version of the industrial patriotic movement!
Forcible redeployments thrusting workers down into Hell
- Successive suicides, karoshi (deaths from overwork), illnesses, and retirements
- Intensifying offensives to destroy the trade union
Oppose the central and regional leadership of the Postal Workers' Union forcing the ranks to accept the 'exchange of personnel', namely redeployments
Never allow the leaders to indulged themselves in policy proposals for a 'new national postal corporation'
Smash the scheme to put a legal regulation on journalism under the pretext to avoid 'damages from wrong media reports'! Fight against it in opposition to trade union leaders helping the 'self-regulation' proposed by the publishers' association!
- LDP and the Ministry of Justice moving to introduce the censorship
- The Japan Newspaper Publishers & Editors Association planning to introduce 'self-regulation' and revise the current 'Ethical Programme of Newspaper'
- The JCP-influenced leadership of the Japan Federation of Press Workers' Unions helping the association's plan of 'self-regulation'
- Empty cries for 'struggles based on journalists' conscience'
The 'emergent measures for 350-thousand jobs' announced by the Government: to desert aged workers while driving the youth to information technology and nursing care
From a reader of K. Kuroda's Topos Vol. 1 (published by Kobushi Shobo)
- I found myself going on reading touched by the author's heart
The conspiratorial Mitaka Incident in 1949 and crimes of the JCP
The party yielded to the frame-up and could do nothing before the offensive by the Democratisation League to purge the 'reds' from the National Railway Workers' Union
What is the Mitaka Incident?
- An unmanned electric train drove, derailed and killed 6 people and 10 NRWU members were arrested later as criminals; however, policemen had fled away in advance from the police box to be crushed.
The occupation power and the Yoshida Government engineered the conspiracy with the aim to purge the JCP-led members from the NRWU.
- The Democratisation League seized the head of the NRWU by taking advantage of the Incident.
The central leadership of the JCP, with no intuition into the conspiracy, just took a defensive attitude to protect the party organization
- The party bureaucrats victimized innocent Mr Takeuchi, the only non-party member of the ten, by persuading him to make the fake confession that he did it alone without an accomplice.
- The JCP was dreaming of a 'peaceful revolution under the occupation'.
Series: Expose crimes and internal strife of the police authorities conclusion
Rushes towards reorganization and consolidation of the oppressive security order
What is going on behind the successive exposures of 'police scandals'?
- Deceptive nature of the 'Police Reform Conference'
- The exposures designed to expel the so-called 'security and public safety connection' inside the police world
- Changes in the style of oppression against the left wing
- The planned reorganization of the police to consolidate the oppressive military ruling order

What I thought after reading "On 'situations surrounding Japan'" included in K. Kuroda's Political Judgement and Cognition


No. 1623 June 12th

Join antiwar, anti-Security Treaty actions on 18 June!
Block revision of the Constitution! Smash the G8 Summit in Okinawa!
Fight together by overcoming official opposition movements led by SPDJ and JCP immersed in the general election campaign!
- The Japanese government's 'Asian diplomacy' for the G8 summit
- China and Russia in desperate efforts for an international anti-American network
- Rushes to build a US-Japan joint war order for aggression
- LDP bosses stake a breakthrough of the crisis of their government on the general election
- Build a fighting front for 'anti-war' and 'block neofascist reactions'!
- JCP's criminal statement for 'honest arguments over the Constitution'
- Join actions on 18 June!
(June 18th actions are to be held in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, called by local organizations of Zengakuren and Anti-War Youth Committee)

[2] Zengakuren
14 May in Okinawa: Zengakuren struggled in the forefront of the Okinawa People's Rally with 6000 participants, raising the banner 'Smash the Security Treaty! No to the G8 Summit in Okinawa!'

- Erupted indignations against official leaders engulfed by the pro-Summit fever
16 May in Hokuriku: local students fought to block the nuke fuel together with workers of trade unions Stop operation of Shika nuclear plant! No new plants at Suzu!
[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
- 'Asia 2025' and 'Joint Vision 2020': near-future fantasies by military nuts, and a monstrous delusion produced from imperialist obsession for the world dominance.
- "The radars have nothing to do with NMD; they're just for monitoring 'space wastes'" (?)
- Japanese scholars talked for developing 'kanji culture'
- Another target for Japan bashing: the unskilled fabrication of GDP statistics by the Government
Criminal nature with the Chukakuha's call for 'decisive battle over the Okinawa Summit': tools of the state for oppressing Ampo - Okinawa struggles
1. A stereotypical call for a 'decisive battle' decorated with a new look.
- A vicious response to the 'Jubilee 2000'
- Desperate efforts by the dying sect
2. Awkward remakes with their theory of an 'aggressive war against Korean and China'
3. Assistance to American and Japanese rulers in smothering Ampo-Okinawa struggles
- Distortion of the struggle into 'opposition to discriminations against Okinawa' with no relation to 'anti-Security Treaty'
- Its dissolution into a 'defend the post-war democracy' movement
- What they call 'revolutionary rebirth of international class struggle' tells their nature as the state tools
Matsushita Electric Workers Union agreed to a 'double-tracked labour contract', which leads to an intensified division of workers.
Unemployment rates in Hokkaido hit the record high 6.5%: 1000 dismissals since the Mt. Usu's eruption.
Renault in Belgium with 3000 workers sacked: a model of Carlos Ghosn's 'Nissan restructuring plan'.
JCL-led May Day Rally in Osaka
- Replaced the offensive with election campaigns
Introduction of 'rights of parents to choice of a school for their children' at Shinagawa-ku in Tokyo: a new system based on neo-liberalism.
- A sudden introduction of the 'school choice system'
- The slogan 'specialized schools' based on 'competitivity'
Ultra-reactionary writer Nishio held lectures across Hokkaido: neo-fascists driving their campaign for 'rewriting schoolbooks'
I write about my first articipation in a demonstration: on April 29th
[8] History of our revolutionary antiwar struggles No. 28
The 3-month-old fight at Sagamihara in August-November 1972: JRCL led people's struggles to block M48 tanks carried out of the US military base.
1. JRCL led battles at Sagamihara and Yokohama
a) Fought at the front gate of the supply and maintenance base through night
- Struggled by denouncing the betrayal of the JSP leadership
b) Successive blows against US Forces carrying out tanks
- 20 October: Zengakuren fighters rushed in the base
- 8 November: Zengakuren blocked the tank at Yokohama port
2. A new horizon cut open for the anti-Vietnam War struggle

This issue includes extra 2 pages for contributions from the readers
What I have learned from Kuroda's Anthropology: for assimilating the logic of collaborated labour.
Learning from Kuroda's criticism of the tendency to 'immerse in labour movement' (Anti-Stalinist Movement in Japan, Vol. 1, 'Mass Movement and Party Building': How Comrade Kuroda deepened his criticism of the 'Third national Conference' line
Reading the chronology 'Steps of the Revolutionary Communist Movement' appended to Kuroda's Political Judgement and Cognition


No. 1622 June 5th
No Revision of the Constitution! Build a Broad Fighting Front!
Smash schemes to strengthen the neo-fascist ruling order!
Overcome the official 'defend the Constitution' movement degenerate and rotten!
- The Mori Administration draws its sword for the constitutional revision.
- Intensified offensives aimed at trade unions struggling against the today's version of the Industrial Patriotic Movement.
- Overcome the rotten official leadership! Advance struggles against schemes for the Constitutional revision and military build-ups!

[2] Zengakuren
19 May: nation-wide protests against the plan to turn national universities into independent administrative institutions (in Tokyo, Hokuriku, Tokai, Kansai, Kyushu and Okinawa regions).

- 'No revision of the Fundamental Law of Education!' Students surrounded the headquarters of the Education Ministry.
- Also protested against Mori's 'land of the gods' remarks at the gate of the Diet building. (Photo)

14 May: Zengakuren welcoming meeting for freshers in Tokyo, rallying fresh forces for struggles.
- 'Let us fight to break war preparations!', Mr. Iida, Chairman of the Zengakuren.
- 'Leap to be the Subject who changes the world today!', Comrade Asakura for the JRCL greeted the participants.
30 April: students in Hokkaido marched through the central of Sapporo against war preparations and held a meeting to welcome freshers at University of Hokkaido.

29 April: students in Tokai region held the 'Kick the Mori cabinet' meeting at Aichi University.
[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
- The Pied Piper of Hameln of today, graduate of the Juilliard School of Music, is now out of form...leading American investors to a panic?
- He who hates Chen harms his dogs? A pop singer of Taiwan, most popular in Beijing, has disappeared from the Media in the mainland.
- The 'Land of the Gods' remarks, a concealed record of prostitution, meeting with a boss of gangsters...what next with Mori?

Join antiwar, anti-Security Treaty actions on 18 June!
Block revision of the Constitution! Smash the G7 Summit in Okinawa!
The official leadership of SPDJ and JCP has immersed themselves in the general election. Fight together by overcoming their parliamentarianist distortion!
JRCL Central Students Organizing Committee
I. An impeding crisis of warfare in Asia under the 'New Cold War.
1) Confrontations between the US and China-Russia intensifying over East Asia as a focus.
- China and Russia: strengthening the effective 'anti-American' alliance.
- US imperialism: struggling for containment against China and Russia.
2) Japanese imperialism rushing for war preparations and revision of the Constitution.
- Building of a joint war-operating order between the US and Japan.
- Rushes for building a national mobilization order of today.
- Intensified coercions and control against opposition movements.
3) The official opposition movement led by the SPDJ and JCP with the 'Anti-Security Treaty' cause put on the shelf.
II. Block revision of the Constitution! Smash the G7 Summit in Okinawa! Rise in struggles!
1) JCP's criminal proposal for 'proper arguments over the Constitution'
- 'A peaceful trend in Asia', a fallacious illusion.
- Distortion of struggles into a campaign to demand a 'change of diplomatic policies'.
- A bourgeois transformation of the 'Defend the Constitution' cause.
2) Build a fighting front for 'anti-war' and against neofascist reactions!
May Day Ralles in Aichi Prefecture
- 'May Day Festival' of Rengo Aichi held on not the day but 29 April: 'You're killing May Day!' Workers expressed their anger against the leaders holding the 'popular music show'.
- JRCL also propagandized in the JCL-led rally.
May Day Rally of Rengo Fukuoka
- The leadership pulled down even the 'anti-restructuring' slogan.
- Workers struggled against the Industrial Patriotic festival.
May Day Rally of Rengo Ishikawa
- Supportive responses expanded to JRCL propaganda against the Security Treaty.
- Denounced the leadership immersed in the election campaign.
Schemes for reactionary revision of the Fundamental Law of Education in the name of 'patriotism' and 'individualization'
Stop the Mori Administration aiming for a reactionary reorganization of education!
- Mori's ultra-reactionary administration rushing to 'education reform'.
- A 'National Conference on Education Reform' set up with the aim of revision of the Fundamental law of Education.
- Greater 'national pride' and 'different aptitudes' instead of 'respects for individuals' stressed by conservatives in their 'draft for revising the Fundamental Law'.
- Reorganization of education based on the strategy for 'military big power' and 'technology-based nation'.
- Bourgeois efforts to cope with the devastated schools and declined achievements of the youth.
- Reorganized labour market and monopoly bourgeois desire to national education.
Watch for conspiratorial sabotages to railway operation and frame-ups against labour movement under the new JR managerial order headed by Kasai and Otsuka!
A 'blackmail' sent to JR Tokai implies a sabotage against bullet-train operation.
- The same signature was found as in the letter that stated the responsibility for the sabotage in 1993.
- In the midst of successive sabotages attempted nation-wide.
At Tabata in Tokyo on 3 May: sabotage was attempted amid the tense alert; the police helped a 'criminal' to flee
- Police had asked JR East to keep its guards away the site.


No. 1621 May 29th

Fight to Advance Revolutionary Antiwar Struggles!
Root out the New Nuclear Arms Race
Intensifying between the US and China-Russia!
Fight it by overcoming the official opposition movement led by the JCP immersed in election campaigns with 'supplementary diplomacy' as its feature.
- The Conference to review the NPT reveals the collapse of the NPT order.
- Putin's two-face policy aimed for a 'powerful Russia'.
- Clinton's manipulations to cut the anti-American network.
- Never let Japanese imperialism to build a today's version of the Greater East-Asian Co-prosperity Sphere!

Zengakuren protests against Mori's 'divine land' remarks in front of the Prime Minister's Official Residence
Prime Minister Mori said 'We make the public realize that Japan is a divine nation centring on the Emperor (or, a land of the gods with the Emperor as its core)' on 15 May.

No to US Force's gun-firing drill in Hokkaido! Stop it at Nemuro port and Yausubetsu Field!
Japan Marxist Student League - Hokkaido Regional Committee

1. Gun-firing drills escalated
- Opposition movements in crisis and struggles by revolutionary students.
2. Never let official leaders to distort the fight into an election campaign!
3. Rise up in opposition to strengthening the Security alliance and the Constitutional revision!

No Revision of the Constitution! Stop War Preparations! Students from Kansai region marched through the centre of Osaka (22 Apr.)

Zengakuren Kansai struggled to give militancy to the official regional rally against military bases in Okinawa (26 Apr.)

[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
- 'Educational reforms' start with a destructive remake of Japanese? The conductor is such a Minister of Education that dared to give a strange grammatical explanation to justify the 'divine land' remark.
- Bizarre chorus by gods of Japan and God of Russia: the Russian patriarch stresses the need of patriotism in Japan.
- An activists' room set on the fire by a time devise. No mention is needed. A police conspiracy engineered to hound petty bourgeois sects into in-flights.
- JCP votes for the anti-stalking bill; and moves to give up stalking the Democratic Party?
- Another scandal of Japanese police: the Chief Officer of a local police conducted an unreasonable raid on a local snack bar that had rejected his sexual demands.
Build Revolutionary Forces Deep in the Labour Front for Overturning Rengo's Industrial 'Patriotic' Movement!
1. Spring offensive 2000 and its miserable results
- Historic worst agreements for 'lower wages'.
- Abandonment of the 'unified standard for demands' meaning self-negation of the 'Rengo-type spring offensive'.
- Smothering of the offensives by trade unions in small and middle size companies.
- Deceptiveness with the 'agreement to secure a higher retirement age'.
2. Positive involvement in wage reduction and massive sacking.
- 'Job security first': a tricky signboard.
- Cooperation with the Federation of Employers' Associations in the 'flexible work-sharing'.
3. Causes for the betrayal: right-wing revision of its line, 'consultation-based relationship between employees and the employer'.
- Introduction of the 'stake-holder approach'.
- Negation of the class unity of the working class and its real destruction.
4. Build a solid fortress for a radical break of the industrial 'patriotic' movement.
May Day Rally of Rengo Osaka
- Supportive responses expanding for JRCL's propaganda against the Constitutional revision.
- 'You helped the restructuring!' Indignant booing repeated against labour aristocrats.

May Day in Hokkaido
- Workers in Rengo Mayday questioned leaders with anger, "Are you going to immerse trade unions in election campaigns!'
- JRCL propaganda was carried also at the JCP-led rally.

'Employers and employees have shared the sense of crisis.' President of the Federation of Employers' Associations boasted of the record low wage hike.
Reporting a staff meeting at a junior high school: tightened control on school management
- The principal says, 'the staff meeting is not for decision; it's just the vehicle of my decision'.
- A drastic change in 'managerial policies of the school'
- Now is the time to fight back from our work places.
The leadership of the National Railway Workers' Union: degradation to a wing of the new 'Democratization League'.
Condemn their concealed deal with ruling politicians over 'settlement of the problem of dismissed 1047'.
- The essential nature of the 'settlement' planned on the basis of the ILO counsel: a reward for their degradation to the new 'Democratization League'.
- Charge the NRWU leadership with their conversion into the state's tools for destroying militant trade unions!
Reading Selected Early Writings by Kan'ichi Kuroda
- 'Humanism' throbbing deep at the bottom of his existential decision.

The 'Interim Project' of Nippon Telephone & Telegram: Where's its Aim?
Never let them go on restructuring offensives with the slogan 'Change the company into an information-distributing enterprise'!
1. Plans to change NTT into a 'global-wide information-distributing enterprise'
- 21, 000 job cuts planned through downsizing.
- Wage systems transformed into 'performance- and merit-based pay'.
2. Business competition intensifying among companies along with the multimedia-based development of communication.
- Successive new entries in 'area service'.
- 'Horizontal and vertical alignments' progressing on a global scale.
- Decrease in revenue from wired phones causing structural changes in the company's balance.
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