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No. 1770 (May 26th Issue)

The Diet with no opposition
Stop the enactment of the military emergency laws!
Denounce the historic crime of the Democratic Party as new conservatives! Fight it out in opposition to the submission by the SDPJ and JCP!
- Today's 'Imperial Assistance Association' revealing its true nature!
- American imperialism intent on expanding the aggressive war in the name of 'democratization of the Middle East'
- The JCP central leadership joining in the chorus of chauvinistic nationalism
- Stop the military emergency bills!
Stop the emergency bills! Militant students protesting in front of the Diet Building, 14-15 May.
- Together with workers in the transport-related trade unions
Stop the bills for reorganization of national universities into independent agencies!

A 'doomsday cult' becoming a focus of the news
- Rather the press is more abnormal.
Power-transmission wires cut
- A shadow of the Empire

Regional May-Day rallies
- Osaka, Fukuoka, Okinawa, Kanazawa
- Positive responses to JRCL leaflets
The JCP central leadership mired in a crisis of the party
1. The complete bankruptcy of its UN dependent line
- Begging Koizumi to support 'resumption of the UN inspection'
- Busy concealing the bankruptcy: a shameless self-protection of the partocrats
2. Denounce the JCP bureaucrats patching up failures in their basic line
- Revolts from below pressed by our struggles
- Results of the failed tactics 'cooperation with the conservative voters'
- Now is the time to blow off the JCP central
Denounce the Democratic Party as a bugler for the Emergency Laws
- The DPJ playing a leading role for enactment of the war laws
- Degradation to supporters for war
Stop revisions to labour codes!
- Revisions to codify the 'freedom of sacking'
- Rengo central leadership weak-kneeled
Leaders in the JCP-led trade unions rebelling against the central leadership of the party
- What is revealed in a printed talk
Topics Leaders in the Postal Workers' Union proposing 'a trade union reform responding to the new postal agency'
The Postal Workers' Union: oppositions appearing one after another at a central committee meeting, against the Iraqi war and the redeployment of the personnel

An approach of the Y-aspect (aspect of organizing mass movement in the building of the party)
(Continued from the previous issue)
- Creation of the organizational identity and strengthening of its quality
- The objective domain of a theory and a theoretical approach
- The "theory of organizing praxis for mass movement and the creation of forms of vanguard organization" and the "theory of building the vanguard party"
Review Bowling for Columbine by Michael Moore
- An epitom of neo-fascistic American society


No. 1769 (May 19th Issue)

Stop the enactment of the Emergency Laws! Denounce the Rengo leadership and the SDPJ / JCP for their submission! Fight for a revolutionary advance of antiwar struggle!

No to the militarist US Empire's occupation of Iraq! Stop dispatch of SDF troops to Iraq!

- Muslim people in Iraq fighting back
- The vision of 'Iraqi interim government' aground
- Stop the Emergency Laws!
- Denounce the Democratic Party as a supporter for Japan's military aggrandizement!
- Fight in opposition to chauvinistic 'anti-North Korea' nationalism!

Antiwar, anti-military base struggles in Okinawa
- 5000 workers and students surrounding the Asian biggest US Kadena Air Base (20 Apr.) (upper pic.)
- Protests against US warplanes landing at a civilian airport on a southern island (26 Apr.) (lower pic.).

- 3 May, Tokyo: 'Stop the Emergency Laws!' Militant students fighting at a pro-Constitution rally.
- 6 May, Tokyo: Protests against the Personal Information (Non-)Protection Law around the Diet Building.
- 7 May, Tokyo: Militant students marching together with university employees' unions against the bills for reorganization of national universities into independent agencies.

[3] Kaleidoscope 2003
- After a retired general of ill repute comes a civil administrator: from the same neo-con clan.
- Bashing on a Japanese journalist for his responsibility in the Amman airport explosion: concealing tragedies from cluster bombs that he has reported, and tried to bring
- 'The beginning of the end': a nightmare haunting Bush
- Prisoners in Guantanamo: despite their physical detention
Indomitable anti-American struggles by Shi'ite people in Iraq
- American rulers afraid of the potential power of Shi'ites
- Shi'ite currents fighting against the US imperialist occupation
- Pride of Chirac as today's Gaulle
- Midnight chats among leaders of the JCP over a party's statement-to-be
[6] May Day rallies
- Rengo: 'Stop helping restructuring and lower wages!' Angers seething against leaders
- Zenroren: Repulsions against JCP chair Shii stressing the 'resumption of UN inspections'
- Zenrokyo: 'Denounce the Iraqi aggression!' Militant workers struggling from workplaces
Topics Forcible merges of municipalities
An approach of the Y-aspect (aspect of organizing mass movement in the building of the party)
- The objective domain of a theory and a theoretical approach
- "Theory of organizing praxis for mass movement and the creation of forms of vanguard organization" and 'theory of building the vanguard party"
[8] Reading
- K. Kuroda's Life and His Work
- The Hungary Incident and Me
- Peace and Revolution in the Contemporary World


No. 1768 (May 12th Issue)

Stop the militarist US Empire
expanding its aggression / colonization
over the Middle East!

Stop the enactment of the Emergency Laws
and the Iraqi-related Laws

- American imperialism declaring a pre-emptive attack on 'enemies of freedom'
- The Koizumi government bent on enacting the Emergency Laws through bringing the Democratic Party around
- Fight it by transcending the SDPJ / JCP yielding to the 'North threat' propaganda!
27 April militant workers and students marching on the US embassy and the Prime Minister's Residence: angers against the US conquest / control of Iraq
- 'Down with the Koizumi government intent on enacting the Emergency Laws!'
- Militant struggles in opposition to the degeneration of the official leadership
(Pic. right)

[2] Oppose the US control of Iraq! Stop the Emergency Laws!
- 29 Apr. Okinawa Student March: voices of youths sounding Naha City
- 27 Apr. Antiwar Walk in Kanazawa: local students demonstrating in high spirits
- 27 Apr. an antiwar demo in Sapporo: students from the Hokkaido region marching through the capital city
- 24 Apr. Kagoshima Appealing Demo: local students marching against the US conquest of Iraq!
For the annual 15 May antiwar / anti-Security Treaty struggle in Okinawa
Oppose imperialist America's conquest / control of Iraq! Stop the enactment of the Emergency Laws! Stop preparations for a new US Marine base!
Marxist Student League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction) Okinawa Regional Committee
- American imperialism intent on expanding its war of aggression over the Middle East
- The Koizumi government rushing to the enactment of the Emergency Laws
- Okinawa-stationed troops of the US Force ready for war against North Korea
- Fight by overcoming the SDPJ / JCP submission to chauvinistic nationalism against North Korea!
Stop the legislation against the 'crime of conspiracy' for police oppression!
- Only a discussion to be punished
- In the name of 'prevention of international organized crimes': aiming to destroy dissenting organizations
- 24 hour surveillance called 'investigation'
The worst product of UN-dependency: a JCP's fallacious 'alternative' for 'Iraqi reconstruction assistance'
- Within the framework of 'reconstruction assistance'
- Without anger nor hatred
- Concealing the bankruptcy in its basic policies dependent on the UN
- Acquittal for the US / UK aggressors
- 'Rules for peace'? Only rules for war!
- Deception in taking the concept of 'new colonialism'
The historic betrayal by the Sweeney leadership in the AFL-CIO
- An about-face to 'support' for the aggressive war on Iraq
- The historic first 'objection' to a war expressed by the AFL-CIO
- What is meant by the 'need to continue the UN inspection'
- Surging struggles from below by the US working class
- Fight in solidarity with US workers struggling in spite of the betrayal!
Notebooks Learning lessons from struggles in the labour front: On activities against the corrupt cadre in trade union movement (continued from the previous issue)
- Overcoming the inclination toward 'labour movement as a fraction'
- The historic struggle against the 'unification of the labour front'
- Discussions over the 'left-wing advancement of trade union movement'
[7] Kaleidoscope 2003
- Old Kissinger's words of arrogance: Split the NATO and the UN!
- Kurds: behind their smiles for the US
- Progressive Asahi criticized by right-wing Sankei: in the same framework for the 'Iraqi democratization'
- The JCP loss of municipal elections: no reflection on the policies of its own
Studying the pamphlet On the Alienation of Proletarians (continued from the previous issue)
- Proletarian humanism and workers' way of life
- What I have thought over on the basis of the study
At the Ground Zero in New York
- I saw those young Muslim militants


No. 1767 (May 5th Issue)

Smash the imperialist US military occupation / control over Iraq!
Stop the enactment of Emergency Laws!

The truth of the 'Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance': the scheme to colonize Iraq
- A fortress for the 'Middle East democratization'
- Genocide under the cover of 'liberation'
- Destruction of the culture, plunder of the oil resources
[2] Antiwar nationwide
- 19 Apr., Tokyo: a World Peace Now demonstration, with 10000 workers and citizens
- 10 Apr., Sasebo: local trade unions and students in a scram to stop an SDF destroyer leaving for the Indian Sea
- 6-12 Apr., Osaka: students Antiwar Walk against the US occupation of Iraq
- 22-24 Apr., Tokyo: rallies against the Emergency Bills, in front of the Diet Building, sponsored by the transport-related trade unions
Afghanistan today
- The US control failing, depending only on aerial bombings
Fictitious confidential talks: Why the Emergency Laws?
- Agitate the 'threat from North Korea', and you can silence opposition parties.
- With the Emergency Laws, to 'a nation that can wage war'.
Putin complaining about
- Can miss the 'oil', 'honour', and c 'the Presidency'
Spreading like wildfire
- My impressions from joining in the 23 March antiwar demonstration
The militarist emperor's crime of the century: a war of genocide upon the people in the name of 'Iraqi democratization'
- A military attack to sweep out the anti-American nation
- An outright colonialist rule
- A trigger for a fifth Middle East War, or a Third World War, to open
The Iraqi invasion bringing an impasse to America's 'war economy'
- The failed expectation: the victory would be a booster
- America's economy in multifarious difficulties
Imperialist America's ambition
- To plunder and monopolize Iraqi oil
Notebooks Learning lessons from struggles in the labour front: On activities against the corrupt cadre in trade union movement
- Theorization on the stage of The Theory of Organization
- The start of the investigation of our organizing praxis on the level of the reality-theory
(to continue)
A letter from a reader
- Indignant for the stormy propaganda against North Korea
Studying the pamphlet On the Alienation of Proletarians
- To make Marx's humanism my own (to continue)
Reading K. Kuroda's Life and His Works


No. 1766 (April 28th Issue)

Smash the US imperialist military occupation and control over Iraq!
- No to colonization of Iraq and the Middle East in the name of 'democratization'!

No dispatch of SDF troops in the name of 'reconstruction assistance'!
Stop the enactment of Iraq-related laws! Stop the Emergency Laws!
Down with the Koizumi government supporting the military occupation!

Fight it by transcending the SDPJ / JCP leadership who ask 'a UN-led reconstruction'!
Advance international antiwar struggles in solidarity with peoples in Iraq and the Islamic world!

Neo-conservatives scheming for colonial rule over Iraq and the Middle East

- They call this 'Iraqi Liberation'!
- An outright colonialism
- Destruction of the Islamic culture
- Crazy fetishism of military power
[2] No to the aggression! Nationwide
- 16 and 18 Apr: students fighting in front of the Diet Building together with workers in transport-related trade unions (pic. left)
- 12-13 Apr: Waseda students protesting against the US embassy
- 24 Mar, Kagoshima: local university students voicing in the street
- 12 Mar, Sapporo: 2000 workers at a Rengo Hokkaido-sponsored rally for the spring labour offensive, with leaders pressed from below to raise antiwar slogans, encouraged by the JRCL propaganda
- 12 Mar, Asahikawa, Hokkaido: 500 workers at a local trade union-based demonstration against the war (pic. right)
- 8 Mar, Obihiro, Hokkaido: 1000 workers at a local Rengo rally, inspired by JRCL leaflets
Iraqi antiwar struggle for me in Okinawa
- I myself being attacked
[3] Kaleidoscope 2003
- 'Comical Ali' the winner: have exposed US lies one after another.
- SARS: came after Anthrax
- 'There is nothing wasteful in a human body': an organ broker.
- The land of death: the tragedy of depleted uranium again.
- A lie after lie: the revised 'JCP History'
The RMA forces won in the 'asymmetrical war'?
- Revolution in Military Affairs and a 'clean and smart war': a lie.
- Tae asymmetrical war between a lion and a dying cat
'This war is not for oil': remarks from an 'oil specialist'
- Defending for the US
World Trade Organization: another UN
- America's demands driving the new round into a standstill
Stop the enactment of the Private Information (Non)Protection Law!
No to control over the public opinion in the name of 'private information protection'!
No to surveillance and control over trade unions and civic groups!
- Full surveillance and control over those who treat 'private information'
- Linked with the nation-wide ID system of residents
- Criticize the betrayal by opposition parties!
CCTV cameras in the streets connected to police offices
- Every time you take a train, it's montored and recorded.
Denounce the Zentei [postal workers' union] leadership for betraying the spring offensive 2003!
- Wage raise demands abandoned
- Full acceptance of the government's 'reform' plan
- No to sacking! No to the revised working hour system!
The Koizumi government pressing municipalities to merge
- Refusing to lead to deprivation of authorities
Topics Leaders in the Rengo civic division appeal to the government for 'joint consultation': basic rights of labour no matter
Steel monopolies rushing into China under the flag of 'co-prosperity'
- Following auto-making monopolies
- Why are they expanding their investments in China
- Beyond reorganization to price hikes
- No burdens to workers!
No to Joint drills for domestic security between Ground SDF troops and police!
- A simulation in Hokkaido
- In response to America's 'war on terrorism'
- Denounce official left leaders for their no opposition
Review: Morisawa Noriko I wanted to see Palestine
- A teacher, who tripped to Palestine after the September 11 attack
- Palestinians, people who welcomed Jewish refugees
- Palestinian hospitality for strangers
- Watching their eyes made her ask herself


No. 1765 (April 21st Issue)

Denounce the US-UK military occupation of Iraq!
Arouse a storm of international antiwar struggles
in solidarity with Iraqi people waging indomitable fights!

JRCL Statement
Denounce the US-UK military occupation of Iraq! (April 12th)

Stop enactment of the Emergency Laws!
No to the dispatch of SDF troops in the name of 'Iraqi reconstruction'
- The Koizumi government intent to pass the emergency-related bills within the month
- Denounce the official leadership turned supporters for the military build-up!

Column 'The Saddam Statue Toppled': produced by Rumsfeld, televised by FOX, US soldiers staring with extras as 'a crowd of 50 some Iraqis', 150 foreign reporters supporting
No to US-UK barbarities! Nationwide
- 10 Apr. Tokyo: students protesting in front of the US embassy together with trade unions.
- 5 Apr. Tokyo: the 'World Peace Now' march with 18000 participants.
- 30 Mar. Okinawa: 1000 rallied in front of the Headquarters of US stationed forces
- 25-27 Mar. Osaka: Local students 'Antiwar Walk'
- 20-21 Mar. Sapporo: Zengakuren Hokkaido protesting in succession
- 20 Mar. Kyushu: Protests in front of the US consulate in Fukuoka
[4-5] 27 Apr. Antiwar United Action
Smash US aggression / military occupation of Iraq!
Stop the dispatch of SDF troops in the name of 'Iraqi reconstruction'! Stop the enactment of the Emergency Laws!
JRCL Central Students' Orgburo
1. Today's Crusade trampling down Iraq
- Aggressors' shouts of triumph
- The Bush administration intending a military control of Iraq and its neo-colonization
- People in Iraq and the Middle East fighting against the aggression by the new crusade
- Over the 'post-war reconstruction': oppositions between the US and France, Germany with Russia
2. The Koizumi administration rushing to the dispatch of SDF troops and the enactment of the Emergency Laws
3. Smash the barbarities of the aggressors in solidarity with people in Iraq!
- Fight it by overcoming the UN-dependent movement led by the JCP!
- Break the chauvinistic Japanese nationalism! Explode antiwar struggles!
Postal Workers' Union: the 'Male-Female Cooperative Participation Program' advocated by the central leadership
- Just a program for hard work on female workers
- What is called 'male's responsibilities in his family'
- Supporting the planned revision of labour codes
- Recommending workers to be hard working persons
- For class unity of male / female workers
No to negative revisions to the labour codes!
- The major revision planned to the labour codes
[7] Kaleidoscope 2003
- Again in a cowboy manner: Shoot to silence the noisy journalism!
- April Fool!: a Japanese spy satellite with the Stars and Stripes
- A Yankee way of thinking: a US NGO trying to bring the Yokohama-habituated seal away to the Arctic.
On 'Military Neo-Colonialism' (continued from the previous issue)
- Downfall of the authority of the 'Emperor'
- Its ideology


No. 1764 (April 14th Issue)

Impeach the US-UK military invasion of Baghdad!
Explode international antiwar struggles!
In solidarity with people in Iraq and the Middle East!

- The army of aggression massacring the people
- American imperialism aiming for military occupation of Iraqi, colonization
- Oppositions over the post-war reconstruction: the US v.s. France, Germany and Russia
- Fight it out by overcoming the UN-dependent distortion in the JCP-led peace movement!

[2-3] No to US-UK barbarities! Angry waves of antiwar demonstrations
- 23 Mar, Osaka: 8000 workers, students and citizens marching. (pic. left)

- 23 Mar, Okinawa: helmeted workers and students marching on the US Kadena Air Base.

- 23 Mar, Osaka: local students united in the 'Antiwar Walk' through the city's main street.

- 20-21 Mar, Okinawa: 29-hour fights against US bases for the Iraqi invasion. (pic left).

- 20-21 Mar, Hokkaido: Students in Obihiro City in emergency protests, together with local trade unions.

- 20 Mar, Nagoya: Local students fighting in successive protests.

- 20 Mar, Kanazawa: 'No to the lie of Iraqi liberation!' Local students waging an emergency protest.

- 15 Mar, Fukuoka: Kyushu students fighting in a regional united action

- 8 Mar, Kagoshima: JRCL propaganda for 8000 workers at a prefectural Rengo rally.

[4-5] The war of genocide
- Comparing the 2003 war with the 1991 Gulf War.
- The super 'Empire' plotting for a full control of Iraqi oil.
- Richard Perle expelled: the dark side of the neo-conservatives
- Iraqi people arming themselves against the US-UK invaders
- Kick out the aggressors! The Arab spirit burning up.
- The checkpoint shooting: no 'mistake' but one by IT-dependent soldiers driven by 'shock and awe'.

Federation of Textile, Garment, Chemical, Mercantile, and Allied Industry Workers' Unions: Fight the spring offensive in opposition to an industrial 'patriotic' movement by the leadership!
- The major restructuring offensive by textile monopolies.
- Leaders' tactics for the 'offensive' against workers interests
- Fight against the betrayal by the 'patriotic' trade unions
[7] No to negative revisions to the labour codes!
Escalated offensives after the 1998 revision
- What are happening in the metal industry.
The major revision planned to the labour codes
- Its aims.
On 'Military Neo-Colonialism'
- A complicated slogan.
- What this definition is given to.
- Historical backgrounds.
(To continue)


No. 1763 (April 7th Issue)

"Enjoy 'Iraqi Freedom'!"

Fists of Anger to the Anglo-American Invaders!

In Solidarity with Iraqi People
Fighting a Resolute Anti-American Struggles!

- Bush's tactics for 'quick victory' failed
- Stop the crazy war of genocide!
- Explode an international united action against the war!

[2-3] No to the war of genocide! Nationwide
- Tokyo: 800 students and youth marched through the downtown of Shibuya, 23 Mar. (Photo left).
- Osaka: Workers and students demonstrated around the US Consulate, 21 Mar.; antiwar protests in succession after the start of bombings, 18-20 Mar.
- A Rengo Osaka rally for peace: 'Inspect the US!', militant booing raised against labour aristocrats, 7 Mar.
- Okinawa: 5500 workers, students and citizens protested against US military attacks from Okinawa, 'Inspect Okinawa bases not Iraq!, 15 Mar.; an on-the-spot protests against the largest US base, 8 Mar. (Photo right).
- Hokkaido: local university students protested at the US Consulate in Sapporo, 8 Mar.

No 'just war'!: Bush's lies

[4-5] Speeches at the JRCL-RMF Meeting on 16 Mar
Asakura Fumio For creating a renewed style of party's activities: struggles for founding the RMF
Kawanaka Kenzo I create a strong organization of the workers party in my workplace!
Mori Shigeru "Don't produce again a Bund-like organization!": My resolution on the eve of the RMF founding
Yonei Shigeru We as the young generation build the anti-Stalinist organization day by day!
Chemical workers: For a militant upsurge of the antiwar / spring offensive in spite of the oppression from the leadership!
- Chemical monopoly capitalists imposing major restructurings
- Fight it out for a militant upsurge of the spring offensive 2003! Impeach the betrayal!
Topics One of five university graduates jobless: Youth's unemployment rate doubles the senior's
Printing workers: Let us fight for an antiwar / spring offensive in spite of its abandonment by the leadership!
- Organize struggles against the Iraqi invasion and the emergency legislation for war!
Rengo Aichi rally on 2 Mar.
- Even words for 'peace' erased!
- JRCL propagandized
[8] Kaleidoscope 2003
- No 'liberation corps': a grave miscalculation.
- A lie after lie: so-called 'front report'
- A merchant of death of a new type: connected with state officers
- Foil The Base!: against the Echelon
- Evacuation business: The Bunker, Inc.


No. 1762 (March 31st Issue)



Statement of the
Japan Revolutionary Communist League -
Revolutionary Marxist Faction [JRCL-RMF]

full text

Anger exploded against the start of war!
- 12 hour-long protests by the Zengakuren against the US Embassy in Tokyo
- Beat the warmongers! 1000 workers, students and citizens rallied around the Embassy
[2] Beat the warmongers!

For the international day of workshop solidarity against the war, 21 Mar. : 6000 workers, students and citizens rallied at Hibiya Park in response to the call by the transport-related 20 trade unions

- 'Let trade unions stand in the forefront!' Burning spirits filling the park
- Let us fight in spite of official leaders' attempts to divide and oppress the workers' struggle

Antiwar flames from within the Rengo
4000 workers at a Rengo-sponsored 'rally for peace', 18 Mar.
- Against Sasamori's deception: asking the UN for a mandate for use of force
15 Mar. rally at Hibiya Park
- 'No dependence on the UN!' Condemnations to a guest speaker from the JCP
23 Feb. a joint military drill in Hokkaido
- 1000 workers and students rallied at the nearest town
Zengakuren delegates to the Washington demonstration, 15 Mar.
- Advancing antiwar struggle together US workers and people
- 'Let us overcome the USA nationalism!' Discussions for advancing struggles.
Burning struggles against the war by European / American workers
- In spite of the historic betrayal by the TUC and the AFL-CIO


Hew out a new stage of the organizational building of our party!
Chairman of the JRCL National Committee Ueda Takuma:
on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Revolutionary Marxist Faction founding

2100 rallied at the JRCL-RMF public political meeting in high spirits
- Let the ruling classes of the world tremble at Revolutionary Marxism!
- With high spirits of anti-Stalinism, stop the Iraqi invasion!
- 'Learn traditions and lessons for 40 years'
- 'The organization is not ready-made but to be created day by day'
- Block the warmongers' wild run!
Let us organize the spring offensive in the metal industry!
- Fight it out in spite of the central leadership immersed in a 'tripartite consultation' for 'economic boosting'
Topics 'Rengo opposes the use of force with no UN resolution' (Chairman Sasamori): anything more than lip service?
Organize the antiwar / spring offensive from below in the munitions industrial monopolies!
- Denounce the labour aristocrats expecting for special procurement for the war!
[8] Kaleidoscope 2003
- Who is really scheming to use bio-chemical weapons?: smells of a plot.
- 'Internationalism'??: silly reports on the Trotskyist root of the neo-conservatists.
- 'Freedom fries'???: hate everything French.


No. 1761 (March 24th Issue)

21 Mar. International Day of Workplace Solidarity Against War
To a mass rally called by the 20 transport-related trade unions
Under the banner of proletarian internationalism!

- Stop the desperate warmongers' administration from launching a military attack on Iraq!
- Antiwar waves of the international working class
- Rally to the Hibiya Park for 21 Mar.!

Antiwar flames: Washington-Tokyo, 15 March.
- A bright red flag of the Zengakuren unfurling in front of the White House (Upper photo)
- 800 workers and students marching on the US Embassy and the Prime Minister's Residence (Lower photo)
Antiwar strikes throughout Europe, 14 Mar.
- Millions of workers rising in a walkout.
- Industrial actions prepared in Britain.
'No War!' Voices resounding in Tokyo, 8 Mar.
- 40000 workers, students and people rallied.
- Angers spreading against warmonger Bush.
3000 people marching in Osaka against the war, 1 Mar.
- A trade union-based mass rally held.
The first joint security drill by police and Self-Defence Force
- Zengakuren protesting in Fukui and Osaka.
A festival of the bourgeois ideological contamination: the 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China
- The weak-kneed diplomacy abandoning the Iraqi people
- A 'generation change' to the Jian-controlled trio
- The 'representative' of the working class and peasantry, and private entrepreneurs as well
- Increase by four: an imitation of Den
- China as 'the world's factory' and its dark side
A capitalists' response to the spring offensive 2003: Denounce the IMF-JC leadership in the metal trade unions for betrayal!
- 'A regular pay raise maintained': A trick!
- Fight on a militant spring offensive!
JCP-affiliated leaders in the NTT: Denounce them for distorting the anti-restructuring struggle into a lawsuit!
- An attempt to conceal the defeat in their 'struggle'
Topics 'A regular pay raise maintained' just in an appearance: to start a bargaining for a new system with no raise just on the next day!
The annual report from the Japan Federation of Employers' Associations 2
- Anti-deflationary policies listed in vain
In an annual research meeting for education by the JCP-led teachers' union
- Impressive responses from conscientious workers to the campaign against Chauvinistic nationalism against North Korea
[7] Kaleidoscope 2003
- Lambs revolting: the wolf fated to fall.
- Who is the No 1 in 'unreasonable vetoes'
- Weak-kneed: the 'white cat' shrinking before the 'paper tiger'.
- An antiwar inspector
- The Echelon tapping UN Security Council members


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