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No. 2280
(August 5th 2013 Issue)

Rally to the International Antiwar Assembly!
Stop the additional deployment of Ospreys in the US Futenma Base!
Shatter neo-fascist Abe's scheme to build Japan into a military power!
No to the reactionary revision of the Constitution!
Fight against the US and China/Russia's competition in strengthening nuclear capabilities!

- The Abe-led LDP government launching a full-scale neo-fascist offensive! Fight back!
- Rivalry between the US/-Japan and China: the increasing danger of war in East Asia
- Degeneration of the JCP: immersed in elaborating more reformist alternatives
- Spread the revolutionary antiwar movement all over the world!

[pic 1] Students in the Kansai region protest the landing of Ospreys at US Iwakuni base, Yamaguchi Prefecture (July 28th)

Denounce the military junta for the mass murder of Egyptian people!

The 83rd regular national convention of Zengakuren
: July 16th - 18th, Tokyo
Smash the Abe government's offensive of 'war and impoverishment'!

Zengakuren Hokkaido rise up against the SDF's landing exercise in Hamataiki: July 8th
[pic 2] Students, together withworkers, raising angry fist at approaching LCACs

'No to the revision of the Constitution! No to the strengthening of Ampo! No to Abenomics!'
Campus demonstration staged in Kobe University: June 27th

Rise in resolute fight to stop the additional deployment of Ospreys in the Futenma Base!

The Okinawa Prefectural Committee
- No to the reinforcement of the US Marine Osprey deployment!
- US military bases in Okinawa being strengthened as forward bases against China
- Overcome the JCP-led anti-base movement without 'anti-ampo'
- Fight against Ampo and against the constitutional revision! Spread the flames of struggle from Okinawa to the whole country!

Stop the government and electric power companies restarting nuclear power plants!

Deceptions in the 'new regulatory standards for nuclear plants' decided by the Nuclear Regulation Authority
(Part 1)
A. Loophole-ridden 'standards' for the resumption of nuclear reactors
B. Pressure from the Abe government and electric companies, plus 'instructions' from the US Nuclear Regulation Commission
C. Disregard for the 're-examination' of the basic design of reactors


'A corporate tax cut for our business! Heavier tax on the toiling masses!': monopoly capitalists raise voices in their 'summer forum'

Tokyo Metropolitan education board prohibits the use of 'anti-patriotic' school textbooks

An outright lie of Toyota: 'Profits from the depreciation of yen will be shared with subcontractors'!

Denounce the Japan Postal Union leadership for accepting the 'new personnel and pay system'!


- 'Go ahead and die quickly, elders, if you don't have money!': Abe's vision of 'healthy, long-lived society'
- The top brass of TEPCO - real culprit who instructed the suspension of pouring sea water in the Fukushima meltdown: now acting as an agent for Abe in nuclear plant exports
- The LDP's 'landslide victory'? Dissatisfaction spreading among the mass


No. 2279
(July 29th 2013 Issue)

Build a battlefront against fascism!
Shatter the government's attack of 'war and poverty'!
Fight against the Abe government wielding a power
using the 'victory in the election' as leverage!

- The LDP victory brought through the propaganda that trumpeted a fabricated 'good effects' of 'Abenomics'
- The confrontation between the US/Japan and China for seizing hegemony over the Asia-Pacific region
- Rulers of the US, Japan and China in fear of a world-wide financial crisis
- Overthrow the neo-fascist Abe government!

'Down with the Abe government!' Voices raised all over the country

Kansai: Fighting workers and students in Kansai march on the LDP Osaka office (Osaka, June 30th)
- 'Shatter the government measures of Abenomics!', chants in the demonstration resound in the central city of Osaka
(pic 1)
- Demonstrators raise their fists in front of the LDP Osaka office and chant slogans with burning indignation
(pic 2)
Kyushu: Fighting students in Kagoshima univ. rise in a protest action, raising a call: Stop the revision of 'war-renouncing' Japanese Constitution! (Kagoshima, July 2nd)
- The students march through the local city with their banners lifted aloft
(pic 3)

The Abe government rushing headlong towards a neo-fascistic educational reform

- 'Patriot education' planned in a bid to bring up children as 'Japanese subjects who devote themselves to the nation'
- A meritocratic measures of education in the name of 'bringing on global brains'
- A reform of the school textbook screening system schemed to authorize the central government to make national textbooks
- A heavy-handed reform for establishing a authoritative control system on schools
- A teacher training and employment system for producing teachers faithful to the state
- Severe attacks on teachers' unions by the government, branding them as 'obstacles'

Japanese camera-making corporations fearing its downfall following the electric industry

The number of temporary workers in Japan has reached critical mass: over 20 million

A complete fabrication of Abenomics: Denounce dismissals and cuts in social security measures!

The Abe government forces the Fukushima evacuees to return to their hometowns, where still mark high rates of radioactive contamination

The Abe government enforces the abolition of BSE tests for all of the imported cattle, in response to US request

A note of my impressions:
What I have found out through labouring in my first job

My study note:
Learning Kuroda's 'Road to Historical Materialism' (in his book Marx's Theory of Alienation and the Materialist Conception of History)

[3] Kaleidoscope
- A 'salesman' Obama in Africa propagandizes his roots with the aim of neo-colonialist invasion, in competition with China
- A bureaucrat of the Reconstruction Board heaps abuse on residents: 'You protesters against the nuclear policy are all damn silly left!'
- The introduction of a new system for 'full-time employment under restricted conditions' in order to create 'heavens' for capitalists
- Declining US imperialists spreading a global surveillance network for securing their survival


No. 2278
(July 22nd 2013 Issue)

Stop the ultra-reactionary revision of the Constitution! Crush Abenomics!
Overthrow the neo-fascist Abe government
with the power of workers and students!

- The government bent on propagandizing a bogus 'economic recovery'
- A rush towards constitutional revision to restore 'militarist Japan'
- Expose the degeneration of the JCP leadership abandoning opposition to Ampo and monopoly capital


'Definitely no to the deployment of more Ospreys!'
Workers, students and residents march on the US military headquarters in Ishinda, opposing the additional deployment of MV-22 Osprey
(July 5th, Okinawa) [pics 1&2]

'Don't allow the Osprey flight training!'
1,000 workers, residents and militant students in Kansai rise up to condemn Osaka Mayor Hashimoto's remark about inviting Osprey flight training
(June 24th, Osaka)

'No to constitutional revision!' 1,000 protesters' voices resound in the city
Kanazawa Univ. students join together with union members, peace activists and citizens to oppose neo-fascist Abe's constitutional revision
(June 25th, Kanazawa) [pic 3]

June 30th workers and students' united actions
Naha, Okinawa: Zengakuren and Antiwar Youths' demonstration heading towards the LDP local headquarters office [pic 4]
Sapporo, Hokkaido: workers and Zengakuren calling for the overthrow of the neo-fascist Abe government [pic 5]
Kanazawa, Ishikawa Pref.: Kanazawa Univ. and Aichi Univ. students protesting against constitutional revision and Abenomics [pic 6]

No to the drastic wage cuts of public sector workers!
Stop the ultra-reactionary constitutional revision!
Build a gigantic anti-fascist battle front!

Fight resolutely by surmounting the public sector union leaderships' attempts to reduce anti-constitutional revision struggles to vote-gathering activities!
The Prefectural/Municipal Workers Committee
I. Denounce public workers' wage cuts! No to Abenomics driving toiling people into destitution!
II. Advance by overcoming the degeneration and distortion of struggles by the union leaderships!
III. Shatter the Abe government's reactionary offensives! Build an anti-fascist united front of workers!

The true colours of Abe's 'growth strategy'

The LDP's move towards a more reactionary screening system of school textbooks

The Abe government's deceitful policy for a 'big rise in minimum wages'

Stop Rengo's adoption of a policy to endorse 'discussion on constitutional amendment' in the forthcoming convention!

Spread struggles from the labour front against constitutional revision and for the overthrow of the Abe government!
- The leadership driven into a corner by growing protests from below
-- Alteration of the draft's wording solely for self-protection
-- Objection against constitutional revision raised successively from within trade unions
- Right-wing labour aristocrats pressing for Rengo's turn to the endorsement of constitutional revision
- Fortify the forces to fight against the neo-fascist revision of the Constitution!

- TEPCO chief's mutterings: 'Money first, safety next! That's obvious!'
- A missile brat Kim Jong Un's next is the construction of a ski resort: despite North Korean people's abject misery
- The revival of the 'labour hero' award in Russia: Putin's artful manoeuvre to escape toiling people's growing criticism?
- Once wearing it around the neck, workers are placed under constant surveillance: an 'ultimate business tool' devised by HITACHI to plunge workers into utmost cyber-alienation


No. 2277
(July 15th 2013 Issue)

Rally to the 51st International Antiwar Assembly!
Stir up the flame of struggles against the revision of war-renouncing Japanese Constitution!
Promote the antiwar/anti-Ampo struggle!
Rally our forces and overthrow the Abe government!

- Denounce the military-led coup in Egypt to topple down the Mursi government
- A confrontation between the US/Japan and China intensifies in East Asia
- The reactionary Abe government rushing headlong towards the restoration of a «Militaristic Japan»
- Stop the revision of the war-renouncing Japanese Constitution! Promote the antiwar/anti-Ampo struggle! Stir up the flame of the struggles all over the world!


Denounce the Abe's representation at the 'ceremony' for the war dead in Okinawa! (Okinawa, June 21st and 23rd)
- Fighting students in Okinawa raise their fists against Abe just arriving at Peace Memorial Park, with the indignation against the Abe government which is scheming to lead Japan to a military 'strong country' that is capable of waging wars along with the US, (the city of Itoman, Okinawa June 23rd)
[pic 1]
. 'Down with the Abe government! Remove the Ospreys!': Fighting students take to the streets and hold a protest campaign to stop the revision of the war-renouncing Japanese Constitution (the city of Naha, June 23rd)
[pic 2]
- Fighting students take up their position at the front of the Abe's LDP office in Okinawa, chanting slogans of 'Stop the construction of the new US base in Henoko!' 'Remove the Ospreys! No to an additional deployment of the Osprey!'

'Down with the Abe government!'
Zengakuren students and Antiwar Youth Committee rise in a 'Students-Workers United Action' in Tokai, marching throughout the city of Nagoya (June 23rd)
[pic 3]

The struggle of oil workers of the Las Heras in Argentine:

'Don't let the rotten politicians and greedy capitalists oppress fighting workers!'
The FLTI calls on the world to fight in solidarity with the Las Heras workers, 'A touch on one of us is an attack on all of us'
A flyer written in Japanese arrives

The JCP's fallacious theory about a 'united front'

Overthrow the Abe government rushing headlong towards the revision of war-renouncing Constitution!
Be ready for action!

Rally in the 83rd Zengakuren Regular National Congress
Central Students' Orgburo
1. Zengakuren takes the lead in the struggle to stop the revision of war-renouncing Constitution and the struggle of antiwar/anti-Ampo
A. 'Down with the neo-fascist Abe government!': Zengakuren raises to action with the workers of Antiwar Youth Committee
B. An upsurge of the struggles led by Zengakuren
C. Zengakuren militantly promotes struggles to stop the re-opening and exportation of the nuclear plants
D. Zengakuren to shatter the neo-fascist offensives scheming to destroy students' self organizing association
2. Issues to be discussed at the Convention: Let us draw lessons from this year's spring struggles
A. A discussion to deepen the analysis of the present world situation
B. A discussion to deepen our criticism of the JCP's popular movement policy known as a 'policy of peaceful security'
C. Lessons concerning the clarification of our struggle =organizing tactics

Public-service workers dispatched to the disaster-stricken area were sent to their death by the Abe-led deceitful 'reconstruction' measures

'Peace Action of Rengo in Okinawa' (June 23rd, 24th)
Oppose the Rengo labour aristocrats scheming to endorse the revision of the Constitution!

Topics: The 80th convention of the Federation of Private Railway Workers Union
Denounce the labour aristocrats scheming to liquidate the next spring labour offensive into an 'occasion for labour-management consultation'!

The military administration of Myanmar dressed in 'democratization' makes plans to stay in power

Stop the re-opening of the nuclear plants! No to the development of a nuclear fuel cycle!

The government and electric companies scheme to re-open plutonium thermal-reactors in succession

- The Pak government of South Korea exchanges an 'anti-Japanese' handshake with the Xi government of China
- China: The Xi-style 'Rectification Campaign' devised for averting workers' indignation


No. 2276
(July 8th 2013 Issue)

Down with Abe's neo-fascist government!
Workers and students rise up
Against the revision of the Constitution!
Against Abenomics!

June 30th, Tokyo
Zengakuren and Antiwar Youths march on the Diet Building and the PM's Official Residence
(pic right)
- The militant demonstration sweeps across the central area of the metropolis
- 'Launch a counterattack against the Abe government!' Angry voices raised against the government in the solidarity rally prior to the demonstration
- Advance towards the overthrow of the Abe government!
Zengakuren directing angry protest against the PM's Official Residence
(pic above)


Stop the neo-fascist revision of the Constitution!' 'No to the participation in the TPP!'
The street resounds with Hokkaido Univ. students' protesting chorus (June 20th, Sapporo, Hokkaido)
An angry demonstration against the Abe government's imposition of 'war and poverty' on workers and the toiling masses

International news in brief
People rise up in massive demonstrations in Brazil


Denounce the Abe government and the LDP glorifying the war of aggression conducted by the Japanese military against Asian countries!

(1) A sheer deception devised to conceal the facts about 'comfort women', an indelible crime of Japanese militarism
(2) LDP official Takaichi's absurdities: 'Japan fought the war to survive and defend itself'
(3) Degeneration of the JCP leadership: an anti-proletarian argument by the yardstick of the 'basic framework of post-war international politics'

Shatter the government attempt to introduce nationalistic moral education in the school curriculum!

Denounce the open recommendation to restart nuclear reactors by the labour aristocrats of the JEIU [Japanese Electrical, Electronic and Information Unions]!

Major restructuring measures enforced by Panasonic


The campaign pledges of the Abe-led LDP: a paradise for monopoly capitalists and a hell for the toiling masses

Stop victimization of workers! No to the imposition of 'cost reduction' measures by monopoly capitalists!

Falling prey to hedge funds: a dirty trick of Abenomics coming to light

Tanka poems: After participating in the 'Sayonara to the Nuke' rally

Overseas Appeal for the 51st International Antiwar Assembly in Japan

Let us fight against the competition for strengthening nuclear capabilities between the US and China/Russia!
Build up international solidarity against <war and poverty>!
(The full text will appear soon.)

[3] Kaleidoscope
- A bitter blow to new business bosses, supporters of Abenomics!: the rise of Abe's hangers-on in the business community
- Never let the dark history repeat itself!: 80 years after the slaughter of Takiji Kobayashi, a distinguished writer of proletarian literature in Japan
- Abe's plan to use new GPS-related technologies to push Japan forward towards 'poverty and war'

Tanka poems: Composed in response to a war resister poet


No. 2275
(July 1st 2013 Issue)

Shatter the ambition to revise the Constitution!
Overthrow the neo-fascist Abe government!

The JRCL calls on workers and toiling people in Japan before the House of Councillors election
- Stop the constitutional revision schemed by the Abe government to restore 'militarist Japan'!
- Expose the true colours of Abenomics that throws workers and the toiling masses into dire poverty!
- Crush Abe's plot to gain at least two thirds of the seats for constitutional revision!

Denounce the crash of a US Air Force fighter F-15!

Ryukyu Univ. and Okinawa Int'l Univ. students rise up in an emergency protest against the US warplane crash in a military training
(May 29th, Kadena, Okinawa)
(pic 1) Angry students protesting with rallied workers and residents

The campus resounds with a call against constitutional revision
(pic 2)
Fighting Kagoshima Univ. students holding a vigorous demonstration against the Abe government's reactionary offensives (June 12th, Kagoshima)

Smash the major restructuring offensive in postal services!

No to the mass-scale dismissal of workers!
Oppose the introduction of a new personnel-wage system!
Fight resolutely against the ultra-reactionary offensives of the Abe government!
- A total reshuffle of the postal management
- Full cooperation pledged by the JPU [Japan Postal Union] leadership to the new management in rebuilding the business
- Forge the trade union organization by fighting militantly against the restructuring offensive!

It's a downright fraud!
The 'increase in a per capita GNI by 1,500, 000 yen' is NOT an increase of income!

Denounce Abe's fabrication in the 'growth strategy'!

Definitely no to the Abe government's pressure on an Okinawa municipality to adopt ultra-nationalist school textbooks!

1,127 workers killed in the collapse of a sewing factory building

Expose the deception of the Rengo leadership in its policy 'against the bad revision of employment rules'

No to the founding of a Japanese version of the NSA! Stop the enactment of a 'confidentiality maintenance law'!

The basis of Kuroda's pioneering work for developing the theory of building the party organization

My determination renewed at the Feb. 10th JRCL Political Meeting

[7] Kaleidoscope
- 'The Fukushima nuclear disaster has not caused any deaths' (!) : an unpardonable utterance of Sanae Takaichi, LDP Chairwoman of the Policy Research Council
- A reproach on Abe by 'Japan handler' Richard Armitage that was not reported
- The irrefutably premeditated murderer of a Tiananmen worker activist who disclosed the torture: the truth disclosed a year after his death and 24 years after the incident


No. 2274
(June 24th 2013 Issue)

Stop the constitutional revision schemed to restore emilitarist Japanf!
No to the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance!
Shatter Abenomics!
Overthrow the neo-fascist Abe government!

Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction)

Down with the neo-fascist Abe government!

Rally to the June 30th workers and studentsf united action!

Create an explosive upsurge in the struggle against constitutional revision and the antiwar, anti-Ampo struggle!
Central Studentsf Orgburo
I. A Clash between the US and China over hegemony in the Asia-Pacific region
II. The neo-fascist Abe governmentfs reactionary offensives with the House of Councillors election drawing near
III. Official opposition movements immersed in election campaigns and Zengakurenfs endeavour to surpass them
IV. Fight by overcoming the JCP-led eprotect the Constitutionf movement that lacks eanti-Ampof!
V. Topple the Abe government with the power of workers and students!

eStop the revision of the Constitution! Shatter Abenomics!f

Zengakuren determinedly fights in front of the Diet building
(pic 1) Zengakuren raising angry fists against the Abe government (June 13th)

600 students carry a resolution against the constitutional revision
June 6th, the all-campus meeting of Aichi University students
(pic 2) eLet us unite and fight!f Students clenching their fists to reaffirm the resolution they adopted (June 6th, Aichi University)


Oppose the legislation depriving poverty-stricken people of their livelihood protection in the name of eself-support and self-helpf!

The Hokkaido education boardfs impermissible cry for improvement in childrenfs eacademic performancef in disregard of families living in poverty

A frequent occurrence of tour bus accidents: Expose the criminal nature of the Abe governmentfs deregulation policies!

New employees obliged to attend SDF experience training courses by the mayor affiliated to the neo-fascist Japan Restoration Party:
the case of Kashiwara City, Osaka prefecture

A rash of childrenfs thyroid cancer reported in Fukushima: Denounce the criminal concealment of the facts about radiation exposure!

-One reconstruction budget abuse case exposed after another: Deliver a hard blow to the Abe government abandoning disaster victims!
- Because itfs haunted or because itfs wiretapped?: a likely story about Shinzo Abefs dislike of living in the PMfs Official Residence
- eBravo, gMonsieur Paradoxh Francois Holland, for your successive treacheries towards workers!f
(a fictitious letter from Marine Le Pen)


No. 2273
(June 17th 2013 Issue)

Rally to the June 30th workers and students' united action!
Create a great wave of struggles against the constitutional revision and Abenomics!

- The US-China summit meeting: rivalry for hegemony over Asia and the Pacific region
- The Abe government launches an all-out attack of reactionary constitutional revision and forcing poverty on the toiling masses
- Abenomics verging on failure, revealing its nature against the working class
- Denounce the Rengo [Japanese Trade Union Confederation] leadership for moving to admit the revision of the Constitution! Create an upsurge of struggle against the constitutional revision!

'No to the restart of nuclear reactors!' 'Stop nuclear plant exports!
Dissenting voices of 60,000 workers, students and citizens besiege the Diet building (June 2nd, Shiba park, Tokyo)

[pic 1] Workers, students and citizens in the 'Sayonara to the Nuke' rally
[pic 2] No to nuclear plant exports in the name of Abenomics!' Slogans raised by fighting students draw protesters' attention
[pic 3] Militant students striving at the forefront of the march to the Diet building and the METI office
[pic 4] 'No to the nuclear development!' Zengakuren amid the struggle to besiege the Diet building

'No to the resumption of the Sendai nuclear plant!'

2,100 protesters surround the prefectural government building (June 2nd, Kagoshima, Kyushu)
[pic 5] 'Stop the nuclear development! No to the reactionary revision of the constitution!' Kagoshima Univ. students staging a resolute demonstration

Local government workers rise in protest against big wage cuts (May 22nd, Fukuoka, Kyushu)

Smash another offensive of restructuring launched by the Tokyo Transport Bureau!

Shatter avalanching attacks of big wage cuts delivered on local government workers!

No to the bad revision of the livelihood protection system!
A report on a welfare office workers' meeting held by Jichiro
[All Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Union]

The Rengo leadership deceitfully appeals to its ranks to support the DPJ in the upcoming House of Councillors election

a plan to partly transfer its production from Kyushu to the US

Central Japan Railway Co.: management rushes towards the construction of a 'maglev bullet train' line in disregard for safety measures


- Violent fluctuations of a 'different dimension' in stock prices plunge the Abe government into a fluster
- Japanese neo-fascists' desire for nuclear armaments
- A Fukushima-based Buddhist monk-cum-writer's silly claim: 'Debase the radiation standards to let children come back to Fukushima!'
- A revolt of migrant workers in Stockholm against the background of growing social disparities and police surveillance


No. 2272
(June 10th 2013 Issue)

No to the restart of nuclear plants!
Stop nuclear plant exports!
Carry forward the struggle against nuclear development!

- The Abe government rushes towards the restart of the Tomari, Takahama, Ikata and Sendai nuclear plants
- A scheme to emasculate the 'new nuclear regulatory standard'
- Hell-bent on exporting nuclear plants to the Middle East, India and Eastern Europe
- Nuclear development promoted for imperialist Japan's 'economic recovery' and its rise to a military power
- No to another policy of abandoning disaster victims by means of an unpardonable UN report!
- Advance the struggle against the restart of nuclear plants! Promote it by uniting it with antiwar, anti-Ampo struggles, the struggle against constitutional revision and the struggle to crush 'Abenomics'!

(pic above) Voices of objection against the restart of nuclear plants resounding through the 'June 2nd Sayonara to the Nuke' rally (June 2nd, Shiba Park, Tokyo)
(pic right)
Militant students marching on the head office of TEPCO and the Diet Building (June 2nd, Tokyo)

An epoch-making victory achieved in the struggle against the reactionary plot to destroy the students' self-governing association of the Okinawa International University

A 'libel' suit against the university authorities
Okinawa Kengakuren
- A crushing blow to the organized plot of the university authorities to destroy the students' self-governing association
- The university authorities besieged by the boiling anger spread over the Okinawa Prefecture
- A bridgehead established for further progress in the nation-wide struggles against the state attempt to destroy the revolutionary student movement
- Shatter the reactionary offensives of the neo-fascist Abe government!

Civil War in Syria

Friction intensified between the US and Russia with an international conference in Geneva near at hand
- Hezbollah's participation to support the Assad government and the growing influences of al-Qaida-linked Islamist armed forces
- Rivalry and deception of the US and Russian governments against each other
- 'Antigovernment' forces splitting in confusion

The Park-led South Korean government in a dilemma

The Abe government strategy for 'economic growth': more burdens on the toiling masses

The Abe government encourages private companies in the running of day nurseries

Greece: impermissible attacks on immigrant workers repeated
'Denounce the assault on workers by far-right, fascist forces!' (the statement of ANTARSYA)

A conveniently revised interpretation of the party history from the viewpoint of the 'great restoration of the Chinese nation'

The deceptive nature of Hu Jin-tao's address on the 90th anniversary of the CPC

The task of circulating the weekly Kaihoh: my pride and joy

[3] Kaleidoscope
- A small solid-fuel rocket 'Epsilon' readied for launch by JAXA: to raise Japan's capability for a missile attack
- A growing uneasiness of a US-dependent Japanese conservative: as Obama seems to approach China while bypassing Japan
- A poet's rock-bottom resistance to Japanese militarism: Carve his pain indelibly into our minds and rise up in antiwar struggle!


No. 2271
(June 3rd 2013 Issue)

Smash the neo-fascist plot to completely revise the Constitution by first amending Article 96 that facilitates revision!
Shatter an all-out offensive of the Abe government intent on building Japan into a military power!

- The neo-fascist government's measures to get out of difficulty
- 'Abenomics' shows signs of failure while anger boils up among people
- The Obama administration hell-bent on patching up discord in the triangular military alliance between the US, Japan and South Korea
- Xi Jinping-led China's offensive against the US and Japan with the policy of 'increasing national prosperity and military strength'
- Fight by overcoming the JCP-led movement to 'protect the Constitution'!

'Remove all the US bases! No to the US-Japan military alliance!'

Angry voices resound in the upsurge of Okinawa People's Peace March & Rally
The Rally high-spirited despite the pouring rain
(pic 1) 'Crush the military alliance! Stop the constitutional revision!'
Workers and students gather from all over the country (May 19th in Ginowan Park, Okinawa)
(pic 2) Peace March staged alongside a US military base (May 19th, Chatan)
(pic 3) Zengakuren fighting for a militant upsurge of the Peace March (May 19th, Ginowan)

Zengakuren Students hold an angry demonstration on the Futenma Base
(pic 4) Zengakuren voicing protest in front of the US military headquarters (May 20th, Kita-nakagusuku)

Militant students of Hokkaido stage a demonstration against the government-organized 'Sovereignty Restoration Day' ceremony (April 28th, Sapporo, Hokkaido)

Kagoshima Univ. students hold a meeting against constitutional revision and the new US military base construction in solidarity with the fighting people of Okinawa (April 25th, Kagoshima, Kyushu)

A 'national cooperation' to 'get rid of the deflationary recession':
a fallacious policy of the leadership of Zenroren
[National Confederation of Trade Unions]
Desperate to conceal their crime of praising 'Abenomics'
I. Confusion and internal conflict disclosed in Zenroren's 2013 Spring Labour Offensive due to fallacious JCP directions
II. Falsehood in their alternative for 'sustainable economic growth'
A. The anti-proletarian nature of their praise of 'Abenomics'
B. Criticism of 'Abenomics' similar to those of 'anti-reflationary' bourgeois economists
- Proposal of prescriptions for a 'full-scale economic recovery'
- A superficial 'analysis' of the factors and grounds of the 'deflationary recession'
C. 'For the sake of economic recovery': a criminal change in the reason for demanding higher wages

Denounce the city authorities' control over how welfare benefits are spent!

Reactionary municipal regulations for the welfare payment system:
the case of Ono City, Hyogo prefecture

'No to the austerity measures! Jobs for youths!'
Workers go on fighting in Europe


Abe's 'growth strategy': most generous towards monopoly capitalists while merciless to the toiling masses

The Abe government strengthens state control of education on the pretext of 'preventing physical punishment'

'The teaching of English in elementary school needs reinforcement for the benefit of "global business"': reactionary recommendations made by the educational council


- The LDP and the government's desperate plot to 'regulate' the rigorous Nuclear Regulation Authority in order to restart suspended nuclear power plants
- Expose the crime of the government and TEPCO concealing the radiation exposure of nuclear plant workers in Fukushima!
- Dynast Xi Jinping's grief


* Weekly Kaihoh is edited only in Japanese.
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2002 No. 1701-1710 No. 1711-1720 No. 1721-1730 No. 1731-1740 No. 1741-1749
2001 No. 1651-1660 No. 1661-1670 No. 1671-1680 No. 1681-1690 No. 1691-1700
2000 No. 1600-1610 No. 1611-1620 No. 1621-1630 No. 1631-1640 No. 1641-1650
1999 - No. 1563-1570 No. 1571-1580 No. 1581-1599

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