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No. 1860
(March 21st Issue)

Break the current of the Constitutional revision!
Build a massive front to stop the revision
in combination with struggles
against the Iraq war and the military alliance!

- Friction intensifying between Russia and the US for influence over the Middle East and Eastern Europe
- Keen rivalry between China and the US over Taiwan and North Korea
- The Koizumi government obedient to the Bush administration: strengthens the military alliance and revise the Constitution obediently
- A drastic formation of a reactionary current for the Constitutional revision
- Expose the criminal nature of the JCP setting up a new slogan: 'Coexistence between the Self-Defence Forces and the Constitution'

Stop the US-Japan joint drills in Hokkaido!
- Zengakuren demonstrates on SDF Chitose Base (28 Feb)

Against the third SDF contingent to Iraq
- Militant workers and students struggling to stop the troops from leaving its Moriyama Base in Nagoya (20 Feb)

Stop remodelling the dangerous nuclear reactor!
- Students from the Hokuriku region protest the authority trying to revamp the controversial Monju high-speed breeder for resuming its operation (1 Mar)

Stop the remodelling to resume the operation of Monju, the high-speed breeding nuclear reactor!
- Ambition for building 'a nuclear fuel cycle'
- A reckless move of the Koizumi government for a 'practical use of the high-speed breeder'
- Fight to stop the remodelling in opposition to the distortion of protests into a campaign for 'demanding an energy-related policy change'

Reorganization of US military bases in Okinawa
- Stop the plan to turn Okinawa a sally base for aggression against the Middle East and Asia!

Central JCP bureaucrats dreaming of 'cooperation with conservative sections in defence of the Constitution'
1. Sectarianism made bare like the notorious 'social fascist' theory
- Attempts to divide joint actions to stop the Constitutional revision
- Central JCP bureaucrats driven by a fear of advancing struggles by the revolutionary leftwing
2. 'Cooperation' with conservative voters who support the Security Alliance and the Self-Defence Forces
- Supporting a 'peaceful use' in abroad of the SDF troops
- Flattering a 'progressive' section of the monopoly bourgeoisie
- Trying to wriggle out of the decline in the party's strength
3. Anti-working class nature of a revised-capitalist version of its 'united front' theory

Letters from Ukraine
- The end of a farce for the presidential elections: humiliation of a 'banana republic'
- Pull the troops out of Iraq, immediately!: angry voices cast against Yushchenko at an anti-NATO rally

'Individual contract workers' harshly exploited
- No rights, low wages

Confusions in postal workplaces
- Introduction of 'a unit quantity' producing unreasonable, wasteful and uneven work

Topics Indignation of an economic critic: 'The ongoing polarization in income and a four-way differentiation in the form of employment is devastating the nation'

From workers' remarks at the Feb 11th Workers Meeting
- Postal workers: In opposition to oppressions by the central JPU leadership
- Prefectural/Municipal workers: Break the hellish system of 'electronized medical records'
A report from a participant in the two meetings against the forced respect for the rising-sun flag and the reign-of-the-Emperor anthem

Poems: a masquerade


No. 1859
(March 14th Issue)

Smash the offensive to revise the Constitution
by the Koizumi Government
responding to the brutalities of
the Bush administration

- Bush's visit to Europe: revealing disagreements with Germany and France
- The US government trying to wriggle out of the Iraqi quagmire
- Offensives to revise the Constitution for Japan's participation in 'war on terrorism'
- Denounce the JCP central leadership proposing for 'coexistence between the Constitution and the SDF forces'!

Smash the March 2nd decision by the school administration of the Faculty of Social Science in Waseda University 'to abrogate' the authorization of the Student's Self-Governing Association!
Marxist Students' League - Waseda University Branch
- Fight back against the outrage under the pretext of 'violations against the rules'!
- The Waseda Univ. authorities attempting to terminate students' organizations according to the policy of the Koizumi government
- Smash the attempts to repress the Association, as raising the banner, 'Stop the Cnstotutional revision!'

Stop the US Force planning to change a civilian airport on Shimojishima Island into a fortress for sorties!
- Workers and residents on the island rise against the plan
- US military bases in Okinawa, and throughout Japan, reorganized and strengthened for the 'war on terrorism'

[3] Kaleidoscope 2005
- The 'Charm Offensive' (?) : 'The brutal nature would not be concealed with chalk'
- In that Florida: a method for rigged elections, which could never have been revealedc
- A clan in Laotian mountains: the tragedy 'settled' 30 years after the end of the war
- Victims for China's economic 'miracle': compensations cost cheaper than safety measures

Smash the offensive to revise the Constitution!
1. Plans to codify Japan's 'maintenance of war capacities' and 'exercise of the right to collective defence'
- 'Procedural Bills for the Constitutional revision' submitted to the Diet
- Drafts for the revision to negate the war-renouncing Article 9
2. The Koizumi government attempting an intensified participation in the US 'war on terrorism'
3. Build a stronger battlefront 'to stop the Constitutional revision'!
- Okada's Democratic Party supporting the Constitutional revision
- The Sasamori leadership of Rengo waving the flag of the revision
- The Jichiro [municipal/prefectural workers' unions] leadership: for a 'Constitutional revision to stop interpretational revisions'
- The JTU leadership declaring its participation in 'constitutional discussions from a pro-Constitutional standpoint'
- The criminal nature of the JCP leadership: starting to call for 'coexistence between the Constitution and the SDF'
- Smash sectarian divisions in the battlefront by the JCP bureaucrats!

Rengo's annual report: declaration for 'a labour movement serving the state, industries and companies'
- What is meant by 'fair society where humans can become happy'
- Deceptive 'challenge to market's almighty'
- Assisting the policies of the monopoly capitalists and their government
- Overthrowing the Rengo labour aristocrats ordering for the Constitutional revision!

JTU Central Committee Meeting
- Stop the JTU changing to the Constitutional-revisionist course under the guise of its 'participation in Constitutional discussions'!

Osaka prefectural board of education
- Fight back against the prefectural board's offensive for forced respect for the flag and anthem!

Workers' action against Toyota's brutalities
- JRCL propaganda for the action to overcome the distortion by the leadership

Topics 'The Constitutional-revisionist camp being cornered'?: nonchalant remarks from JCP-affiliate leaders in teachers' unions

JTU National Research Conference for Education

Militant workers struggling to rebuild the conference: Denouncing the JTU leadership surrendering the offensives for neo-fascistic reorganization of education
- Leaders in Rengo and the JTU oppressing voices against revisions of the Constitution and the Fundamental Law of Education
- Denounce the attempts to change the conference into a complement to the education ministry's administration!
- Criticisms against the leadership regarding the ministry as 'partner' of the JTU
- Resolutions to build struggles against forced respect and punishment for 'the flag and the anthem'
- 'Education workers killed day by day!': Angers against the leadership neglecting the accusations
- Efforts to produce creative discussions at each session
- Against the leadership accepting the ministry's policy for a 'teaching method according to differences in achievement between students' and a national examination of students' abilities

From addresses at the Feb 11th Workers' Meeting
- Information industry: Produce a fight-back against worse changes to the pension system and the labour conditions!
- Workers at minor sized private companies: fight against cuts in wages and sackings imposed with the introduction of competitive bidding in municipal budgets
- Social welfare workers: Stop worse changes in the nursing care insurance system!


No. 1858
(March 7th Issue)

Overthrow the Koizumi Government
rushing for the Constitutional revision!

Fight back against forced respect with reprimand for
the rising-sun flag and the the-reign-of-His-Majesty anthem
at school ceremonies!

- Ultra-nationalist Ishihara's Tokyo government taking a oppressive stance for graduation ceremonies
- Education policies to raise young Japanese supporting 'a country that can wage war'
- The Japan Teachers Union leadership surrender to the offensive for the flag and the anthem, and the Constitutional revision
- Build a broad battle front against the war, against the military alliance, against the Constitutional revision!
- The JCP leadership starting to argue for 'coexistence between the Constitution and the Self-Defence Forces'

Stop the US Army First Command moving to Zama Base!
- 2600 workers, students and citizens siege the US base in Kanagawa (Feb 19th) (Pics in the right)

Indiscriminate seizure by police judged 'illegal'
- A peace activist wins the suit in Kagoshima (Dec. 22nd)

SDF troops in Iraq
- Introducing the former Imperial Army's method of operation in China

Stop the higher tuitions planned the education ministry and the authorities of national university!
Stop the intensified expropriation from students and parents!
- Reorganization of universities and higher tuitions: planned based on neoliberalism
- Fight back by the JCP-led movement demanding 'budget rearrangement'!
- Fight under the banner 'against the neo-fascistic reorganization of education'!

Stop the constitutional revision! Fight back against restructurings!
Fight for a militant upsurge of the 2005 spring labour offensive!
(The second keynote report for the Feb 11th Workers Meeting)
1. Raise the banner: against the Iraq War! Against the Constitutional Revision!
2. Smash the major offensive from the government and monopoly capitalist assisted by today's industrial patriotic movement!
3. Advance with precious lessons of struggles as our weapons!

The Bushu Dynasty
(Political verses)

Japan Federation of Employers Associations' annual report on labour
Declaration of intensified offensives for lower wages and restructurings in the name of the 'strengthening of human resources'
1. Ordering 'aggressive restructuring'
2. Vicious contents of the 'strengthening of human resources'
3. 'Autonomous relations of employers and employees' turning workplaces darker

New Year's postal service: Grand failure of the 'JPS system'
- Fight back against the intensification of labour!

Topics Planned revisions to the Nursing Care Insurance Law: 'Lower degrees' excluded, 'hotel costs' expropriated

The Kobe Case: Expose the false report on the rectification of the boy

Reading a book: Police Crimes under the Guise of Factional Strife


No. 1857
(February 28th Issue)

Against the Iraq War!
Against the US-Japan military alliance!

Fight to stop the Constitutional revision!
Denounce the central JCP leadership voicing for 'a peaceful use of SDF troops'

- Iraqi resistance flaring up against US imperialism
- The Bush administration committing another plots
- Schemes for revising the war-renouncing Constitution of Japan
- Official peace movement assisting the Constitutional revision
- Fight to stop the Constitutional revision! Stop the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance!

Stop the US aegis-equipped warship visiting a local port!
- Zengakuren Hokkaido rise in a struggle together with trade unions at Otaru Port (5 Feb)
Zengakuren Tokai protest the second batch in the fifth dispatch of SDF troops to Iraq
- In front of the GSDF Moriyama base (12 Feb)
8000 workers at a Rengo regional rally against US Force's firing drills in Kyushu
- JRCL propagandize against the Iraq War (30 Jan)

Chukakuha remnants given another supports from the state today

Fight for an explosive struggle against the imposition of the Hinomaru-flag and the Kimigayo-anthem! Stop the revision of the Constitution!
JRCL Education Workers Committee
1. Another offensive by Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara ordering respect for the bloodstained flag and anthem
- Coercion by means of official orders and schemes to destroy the education workers' movement
- Neo-fascistic reorganization of education at school
- Storms of neo-fascistic 'education reform'
2. Offensives by the Koizumi government to revise the Constitution of Japan and the Fundamental Law of Education
- The JTU leadership engulfed in dirty currents for the Constitutional revision
- Revisions of the Fundamental Law of Education: total negation of the 'democratic education in postwar Japan'
3. Rise in an all-out counteroffensive by overcoming the official leaders' abandonment of the struggle!
- Fight to organize struggles against forced respect for the flag and anthem at graduation and entrance ceremonies!
- Fight it on the basis of struggle to strengthen trade union organizations!
- Raise nation-wide waves of protests of workers, citizens and intellectuals against coercive respect for Hinomaru and Kimigayo!
- Produce a united action to stop the Constitutional revision! Denounce the JTU leadership joining in 'discussion over the Constitutional revision'!
- Denounce sectarian attempts by the central JCP leadership to divide the workers' struggle!

Fight back against the education ministry and the Ishikawa prefectural board of education!
- Stop the introduction of an assessment system of teachers and the attempt for a considerable cuts in wages!

The JPU tactics for the 2005 spring labour offensive: postal labour aristocrats accompanying LDP politicians the Japan Post authorities against postal privatization
- Staking the future on anti-Koizumi politicians in the ruling party
- Repairing the failed 'action plan'
- Fight by overcoming the official 'save the postal service' movement!
Topics Nissan labour aristocrats: ordering workers to increase their 'performance-based points of individual competency'

[7] Kaleidoscope 2005
- 'A slave to the white'
- Dark smoke of a plot in Beirut: another warmongering for an 'exit' from the quagmire
- Cherokees' outcry of today: against the 'expansion of freedom' and 'ownership society'

The Kobe Case: Expose the false report on the rectification of the boy


No. 1856
(February 21st Issue)

1300 workers at the Feb 11th Meeting
Resolved against the War,
united for the spring labour offensive

"Let us show our workers' spirit!"

- Lessons reported from struggles to stop sackings and to form trade unions (Keynote Report 1)
- Organize a great fight back against the ultra-nationalist coercion of the rising-sun flag and the reign-of-the-Emperor anthem upon schools! (Keynote Report 2) (See page 4)
- Fight from the labour front to stop the planned revision of the Constitution! (Special Report)
- Firm resolves from industries and the warmest greetings from Zengakuren Chairman

Feb 5th: Zengakuren and antiwar workers in Nagoya carry out a 9.5-hour protest against a new SDF batch to Iraq
- Closing in on the busses with the troops of the fifth batch from a local SDF base
- A militant demonstration at the main gate of the base
- Overcoming the degenerate JCP-led peace movement
(Pic. right

Zengakuren Hokkaido march on the regional LDP office (Jan 23rd)
- Resolved to stop the fifth SDF dispatch

Kagoshima University students hold a campus rally against the War
- Calling on students to fight against the Iraq War

[3] Kaleidoscope 2005
- What is called Al-Zarqawi: 'a tool of America for the occupation'
- Debates over the 'sexual Sadism' of the Kobe Boy: again, in turn, to prove his innocence
- A Gorbachev in China away: 40% merits and 60% demerits?
- The JCP Chairman positive on the SDF Tsunami relief: 'For dispatch abroad of the SDF, the war-renouncing Constitution must be defended'????
- On organized crimes, terrorists and labor unions: the American-way of busting followed by Japanese police

Organize a great fight back against the planned revision of the Constitution and the coercion of the rising-sun flag and the reign-of-the-Emperor anthem upon schools!
1. Against stormy offensives: the planned revision of the Constitution and the neo-fascistic 'education reform'
- Offensives escalated by neo-fascist Tokyo Governor Ishihara and the Metropolitan Board of Education for imposing the Hihomaru flag and the Kimigayo anthem on schools
- Ishihara-led 'education reform' and its essence
- Rushes to the revision of the Constitution and the Fundamental Law of Education
- Criminalities of the JTU central obedient to the Rengo leadership
2. Strengthen the struggle against the coercion of Hinomaru and Kimigayo by overcoming its abandonment by the official leadership!
- Draw lessons from our struggles!
- Organize a great fight back with trade unions as its subjective forces!

Report from a workplace: introduction of dispatched workers increased with the revisions of the Worker Dispatching Law
- Regular workers suffering from doubly, triply intensified labour
NEETs increasing : worrying monopoly capitalist and the government
- Consequence of the major restructuring and selective education


Hokkaido Prefectural Office Workers' Union Annual Convention
- Explosive voices of anger against the leadership accepting a prefectural government version of restructuring
A new system of parcel post
- Cries from small contractors of delivery
Topics Employers' federation's 'proposal for education reform': Competition and patriotism!

From readers
- An article in The Communist, No. 214
- K. Kuroda: 'Logic of Human Existence in Crisis'
From readers
- S. Sakata, Usurpation of the Revolution

Poems: people and the earthquake


No. 1855
(February 14th Issue)

Denounce the Bush administration
for the continued military occupation
in solidarity with fighting Iraqi people!

- Sistani's coalition winning a landslide and waves of resistance surging more against the US occupation
- Bush's second administration attempting to evade its isolation and to prepare another interference into the Middle East
- The Koizumi government following Bush to the hell
- Rise in a fight aiming to overthrow the Koizumi government! Expose the degeneration of the central JCP leadership!
Stop the fifth dispatch!
- Militant students and workers in Nagoya struggled for 9 hours on February 5th against a departing ceremony of the SDF contingent (Pic up in the right)

January 23rd: against the Iraq War nationwide
- Osaka, Okinawa, etc.
No to the SDF dispatch to Iraq!
- Kanazawa University students protest against a ceremony at the local SDF base for the dispatch (30 Jan) (Pic lower in the right)

[3] Kaleidoscope 2005
- A Sermon on the Mount by the stupid emperor: the 'day of fire'
- China as a '900-pound gorilla in the global tent' eating oil and iron
- A war that they cannot end in Chechnya: desperation deepening while not dispirited for the poisonous cup of tea
- One-sided ways of meal: spreading among kids

The Japanese military integrated into the US forces for the 'war on terrorism'
- The new National Defence Program Outline: a military strategy of the Japanese government subjugated to the US strategy of pre-emptive attack
- 'A joint transformation' of the US and Japanese forces
- Plans to enable Japanese troops to wage the 'war on terrorism'
- US-Japan joint scrambles over seas surrounding Japan
- US-Japan joint use of military bases and their strengthening

Stop planned changes to the NTT corporate pension system! Denounce the leadership in the workers' union oppressing fights back!
- Terrible ways to impose the 'agreement'
- Considerable cuts in benefits through the introduction of a 'cash balance' system
- Backgrounds and intentions
- Denounce the leadership speaking for the managerial

Denounce the mass sacking in the irregular personnel for the reorganization of national hospitals into independent agencies! Denounce the betrayal by JCP-led medical workers' unions!
- 3500 sacked effectively
- The JCP-led centre of medical workers' unions accepting the dismissals
- The criminal nature of their line for 'a medical labour movement in defence of the national medical service'
Topics A workers dispatching company cultivating vegetables in the middle of Tokyo: and leaders of trade unions helping changes of job to agriculture

Repeated industrial accidents in Idemitsu Kosan Co.
- Build workers' power against the major restructuring!
Tokyo Governor Ishihara for the rising-sun flag

A poetical critique of Kumano Sumihiko: a disciple who killed Hiromatsu Wataru as father


No. 1854
(February 7th Issue)

Stop the fifth dispatch of Japanese troops!
Pull the Japanese military
out of the Iraqi battlefield!

- Japan's dispatch supporting the Bush administration mired in the bankruptcy of the occupation
- Fight now! Overcome distortions of the opposition movement by the JCP central leadership!

January 23rd, Tokyo: Workers and students march on the Diet and the US embassy
- Against the Iraq war and the revision of the Constitution
(Top and middle pics in the right)

Workers Meeting of Anger to be held on Feb 11th
- Oppose the Anglo-American occupation of Iraq! No to lower wages and sacking! Fight the 2005 spring labour offensive! Denounce the official leaderships in Rengo and Zenroren oppressing workers' fights!

Stop the fifth SDF dispatch to Iraq!
- Workers and students march on the SDF Moriyama base in Nagoya, from which the contingent is to be sent. (Jan. 15th)
- Local students stage their protests against a ceremony for the dispatch (Jan. 28)

Osaka University of Economics: Students have smashed the authority's attempts to repress the events of the students' association for newcomers
- 200 students take an action against the authority
(Pic in the right)

[3] Kaleidoscope 2005
- HUMINT: an intelligent unit under the control of Rumsfeld revealed two years after its formation
- Chaplin's message in his Modern Times: to workers today
- A state interference into the public media: Denounce the self-justification by NHK in cahoots with reactionary politicians!
- Japanese soldiers in WWII described as 'innocent scapegoats'

Jichiro [Prefectural/Municipal Workers Union]: the central leadership starting to shout for 'revision of Article 9 of the Constitution'
- 'Revisions to prevent interpretational revisions': Sophistical
- To discard Article 9, to authorize SDF, to specify the right to self-defence, and to actively support the use of force by the Japanese military in other countries
-The fifth column of the national employers' federation and the Liberal Democratic Party: denounce the historic betrayal by the leadership!
54th JTU National Meeting for Education Research: Smash the neo-fascistic reform in education
JRCL Education Workers' Committee
- Fight back against the forcible order and punishment for the Hinomaru flag and the Reign-of-the-Emperor anthem!
- No revision to the Fundamental Law of Education! No revision of the Constitution!
- Denounce the central leadership advocating 'partnership with the educational ministry'!

Struggles in my workplace: Retirement of a colleague prevented and a special treatment gained
- Against a structural reorganization of the company and changes in working hours
- A sudden proposal for nullifying a flexitime system
- A colleague troubled into an application for retirement
- Organizing pressures from below on the leadership
- Backed by discussions for self-reflection with comrades
- On the basis of organizational struggles by the organization for labour movement
Terrible confusions brought about in the season's postal service: overtime and over-intensified labour without a day off imposed on workers
- Massive delays of delivery and a rushe of claims
- Reasons for the confusions
Concealed deaths of taxi drivers from overwork
- A miserable death from overwork
- The labour standards office building a barrier
- Extremely intensified labour spoiling mind and body

Fight back against the attempt for lower wages by the Okinawa prefectural authority and the ministry!
- Denounce the local papers developing a vicious campaign against 'high wages based on a consultation between the government and labour'!
An official driver shacked by a local government
- Irregular workers increasing in local governments
Topics Lower wages and no insurance with no announcement: the worker dispatching business following the wily American style

Study notebooks by comrades


No. 1853
(January 31st Issue)

Workers Meeting for Offensive Feb 11th
Oppose the occupation of Iraq!
Stop the revision of the Constitution and the Fundamental Law of Education!

Fight now for an upsurge
in the 2005 spring labour offensive!

Denounce the official leadership accepting restructurings and lower wages!

- Advance struggles against the Iraq war, revision of the Constitution and the Fundamental Law of Education!
- Fight back against sackings, transfers and changes in the form of employment!
- No to 'reforms of the civil service'! Stop the postal privatisation!
- Fight for a militant strengthening of trade unions!
Stop investigative borings for a new Marine base!
- Okinawa students fight every day at the site (20-21 Dec)
No resumption of operation of the high-speed nuclear breeder!
- 900 workers, students and residents rally in Tsuruga (4-5 Dec)
Students from the Tokai region march on the local LDP office (9 Dec)
1500 workers at a trade union based rally in Fukuoka against the continued dispatch of Japanese troops (11 Dec)
Smash the attempt by the Waseda University authority to repress a student association!
- The school authority cornered by protests: scheming a new offensive
- Intending to repress the student association fighting against the Iraq war and the Constitutional revision
- Surging protests: and degenerate responses from JCP-led activists
- Smash the attempts to annul the official status of the student association!
Tsunami and grieves of mangroves
- Before displaying 'relief activities'c
China: a wild run towards a 'superpower of the 21st century'
I. Hu Jintao's version of the 'the many besieging the sole' strategy
A. Active diplomacy for forming a 'third pole'
B. Attempts to overcome the Japan- and the US-dependent structure of trading
- Schemes to build a China-led Asian economic zone
- Cooperation with Russia, France and Germany
II. A dreamy building of a 'well-conditioned society'
1. Hu's China: out of the influence of Jiang Zemin
2. Plans to quadruple the GDP qualified as 'human-centred'
3. Foreign policies to produce a 'peaceful international environment'
4. Stresses on 'administrative abilities of the Party to be built!'
III. Growing contradictions under the 'capitalist development'
- Widening differentials and marked stratification
- A serious shortage of oil energy
- A food shortage and the emergence of the 'three agricultural problems'
- A Chinese version of financial instability as its Achilles' heel
Flaring struggles of Iraqi people against US imperialism:
Disagreements and conflicts over the parliamentary elections
1. The death agony of the Bush Empire
2. Battles in Fallujah turned a signal gun for an all-out counter offensive
3. Frictions between political forces over the parliamentary elections
- Sistani's tactics staking the Islamic future on the direct elections
- Overcome sectarian conflicts and form a powerful united front against US imperialism to break the occupation!
3500 education workers rallying against the obligation of the Hinomaru and the Kimigayo (3 Dec, Tokyo)
- In spite of the Tokyo authority's order to oppress the rally
- Boos resounding against shameful social democratic leaders
Voices against the troop dispatch resounding a Rengo rally (17 Dec, Tokyo)
- Angers against President Sasamori as forerunner of the Constitutional revision
Resolves for the New Year
(Continued from the previous issue)
- Heavy Industrial Workers Committee
- Small and Medium-Sized Company Workers Committee
- East Kanagawa Regional Workers' Conference
Topics 'The Labour Standards Act is a relic of the days of the Factory Legislation'?: The employers association's annual report shouting for a 'drastic change in the labour codes'


No. 1852
(January 24th Issue)

Fight for building the 2005 spring labour offensive
under the banner:
Fight against the Iraq War! Block the constitutional revision!
Fight back against restructurings!

JRCL Central Workers' Orgburo

I. The Bush Empire mired in the bankruptcy in its occupation of Iraq
A. An all-out armed counteroffensive by Iraqi Muslims to smash the parliamentary elections
- The Koizumi administration falling into the bottomless pit together with the Bush administration
B. The three Japanese forces deployed abroad under the cover of 'tsunami relief'
- SDF troops dispatched in response to the deployment of the US forces
- Bankruptcy in forming another 'Coalition of the Willing'
II. The Japanese labour movement in crisis under the major restructuring offensive and the industrial patriotic movement
A. Responses 'from below' to the rulers' scheme to revise the Constitution
B. Full acceptance of restructurings and wage cuts
- Submission to the capitalists' 'cancellation of the annual pay raise'
C. Degeneration of the official leaderships in trade unions and revolutionary workers' struggle against their oppressions
III. Hew out a militant upsurge of the 2005 spring labour offensive in spite of the 'industrial patriotic' movement led by the labour aristocrats in Rengo!
A. The 'Rengo' leadership positively responding to capitalist measures for restructurings
- Assisting the plan to revise the labour codes and the offensives for the Constitutional revision
- Their 'guidelines for the 2005 spring offensive'
(1) Positive cooperation in the capitalist offensives to scrap the system of the annual pay raise and to introduce / expand the performance-based pay
(2) Responses to the offensives to sack workers, to change the forms of employment and to revise the labour codes
(3) Further degeneration as the today's industrial patriotic associations
- The leadership in the JCP-led Zenroren [National Confederation of Trade Unions] pleading with monopoly capitalists to 'fulfil their responsibilities towards a better capitalism'
B. Fight for a militant revival of the Japanese labour movement!

Denounce the police 'drill for arresting robbers' unusually carried out in front of the JRCL national office!


Stir up the flames of struggle to break through
the 'labour movement serving companies, industries and the state'!

Lessons from our organizing praxis
for labour movement and building organizations of workers

JRCL Central Workers' Orgburo

( Continued from the previous issue)
II. For overcoming our faults in building revolutionary workers' organizations
- Overcome the shortsightedness! Unleash our spirit to break through the difficulties!
- For overcoming the inclination towards 'labour movement as fractions'
- For qualitatively strengthening our revolutionary workers' organizations
Nation wide protests against the extension of the dispatch period of the Japanese military
- Sapporo (12 Dec), Okinawa (10 Dec), Osaka (10 Dec)
Zengakuren protests against the industrial ministry for the resumed operation in a nuclear reprocessing facilities' (21 Dec)
Fight back against the 'flexiblization of working hours' in special post offices!
- Hard tasks imposed upon workers in the name of 'efficiency and the best deployment'
- Extremely complex and busy work at windows
- Introduction of a new computerized system and reduction in the personnel
- Fight back! Denounce the central JPU leadership!
A previous decision taken back by the Okinawa prefectural board of education: for surging protests from education workers
- Mounted angers against the decision, 'Sick leave is not to be filled up'
- Extreme physical and mental fatigue of education workers

Interview with the Zangakuren Chairman and the Secretary
- 'We the antiwar Zengakuren fight to break the darkness of the 21st century.'

Resolves for the New Year (No. 3)
- Chugoku Regional Committee
- Media Workers Committee
- Social Service Workers Committee
- Tokyo District Antiwar Workers Council


No. 1851
(January 17th Issue)

Fight for a revolutionary upsurge
in the struggle against the Iraq War!

Denounce the massacre in fallujah by the US forces!
Pull Japanese troops out of Iraq!

JRCL Central Students' Orgburo

Rally in the united actions of workers and students for Jan. 23rd!
I. Mired situation in Iraq and the global crisis of warfare
(A) All-out counteroffensives by Iraqi Muslims: the parliamentary elections doomed to fail
(B) 'Tsunami diplomacy' and the turbulent world of today
(C) Crisis of the opposition movement under neo-fascist reactions
II. Fight for an explosive struggle against the Iraq War and the US-Japan military alliance to smash the atrocities of the Bush empire!
(A) Crimes of the JCP central leadership dreaming of 'the Iraqi people's sovereign independent nation building'
(B) Create a militant stream to fight against the Iraq War and the US-Japan military alliance, and to stop the revision of the Constitution!
Stop GSDF units departing for the Iraqi battlefield from Nagoya!
Rise in a reginal united action on Jan. 15th!
Marxist Students' League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction) Tokai Regional Committee
- Extension of the dispatch period forcibly decided by the Koizumi government
- The loss of the appearance of 'humanitarian reconstruction assistance'
- Strengthening of the Japanese military subordinate to the US strategy of pre-emptive strike
- Fight to stop the dispatch! Overcome the distortion of the struggle by the JCP central leadership!

Stir up the flames of struggle to break through the 'labour movement serving companies, industries and the state'!
Lessons from our organizing praxis for labour movement and building organizations of workers

JRCL Central Workers' Orgburo

I. In opposition to the degeneration of the Rengo labour aristocrats and of the JCP-affiliated trade union leaders
(A) Our organizing of mass struggles against the Iraq War, carried out by breaking through oppressions from the official leaderships of labour movement
- Exposing the Rengo leaders' 'proposal of the Constitutional revision' for dispatching troops to Iraq
- Urging the JCP rank-and-file to revolt against the central leadership
(B) Development of mass struggles to stop the revisions of the Constitution and the Fundamental Law of Education
- The integrated nature of the three struggles: Struggle against the Iraq War, that to stop the Constitutional revision and that against the revision of the Fundamental Law of Education
- Our struggles to breathe new life into the workplaces of education about to be suffocated
(C) Fights back against offensives for restructuring, in opposition to the official leaders degraded to the tools of capitalists
- Creation of imaginative and original struggles, with our spirit of 'breaking through the difficulties'
- Our strenuous challenge to remake trade unions that have been degraded to 'industrial patriotic associations'
(To continue)
Resolves for the New Year
(Continued from the previous issue)
- Hokkaido Regional Committee
- Hokuriku Regional Committee
- Kyushu Regional Committee
- Prefectural / Municipal Workers Committee
- Electric Workers Committee
- Traffic and Transport Workers Committee
- Metal Industrial Workers Committee
(To continue)
Miseries of the Putin-led Great Russian chauvinism
(Continued from the previous issue)
3. The basic weakness of the FSB-based authoritative system
- The growing crisis of the dismantlement of the Russian Federation
- Impossibility to grow out of the economic catastrophe and the dependent on foreign capital


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