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No. 1900 - New Year Issue 2006

Build a revolutionary bridgehead
to overturn the century of darkness!

Stop the strengthening of US military bases!
(Zengakurn marching on the US Naval Air Facility Atsugi, Dec. 10th)

Build a revolutionary bridgehead to overturn the century of darkness!
The 50th anniversary of the Hungarian revolution - The 50th anniversary of the rise of the anti-Stalinist communist movement in Japan
Organize a stronger front to breakthrough the fury of neofascism!
See part of the text
I. A great advance of the revolutionary leftwing
(1) A revolutionary horizon opened by our struggles
(2) Establishment of an impregnable position as the one vanguard party and its causes
II. A drastic change in the structure of our world
(1) A crisis of warfare in Asia intensified under the new confrontation between US imperialism and China
(2) Conversion of the contemporary world into a 'new trilateral structure'
III. Intensification in the neofascistic ultra reactionary offensives under the Koizumi-led autocratic rule
IV. Open a new century of revolution!
(1) Build a strong bridgehead to smash the ferocious offensives of neofascism!
(2) Fortify our ideological bridgehead of revolutionary Marxism to break though the darkness hanging over the 21st century!

Now is the time to show the real power of revolutionary Marxism!
Chairman of the JRCL National Committee Ueda Takuma
Advance further our anti-Stalinist revolutionary communist movement!
1. Build an ideological and organizational bridgehead to break through the darkness of the 21st century!
2. Ruinous Russia and its revealed miseries
3. Crises of the contemporary China rushing to be a 'superpower'
4. Smash the reign of darkness under the Bush Empire and the autocratic rule by its poodle, Koizumi Jun'ichiro

New Year's Cartoon Another Jurassic Park: Struggles Among Rare AnimalsSee
Satiric Songs

JCP leaders desperate to gloss over their failed political line of revised capitalism
For a revolutionary disorganization of the Japanese Stalinist party under an 'autocracy' by senile Fuwa Tetsuzo
See part of the text
I. The Japanese Communist Party verging on a crisis of the organization amid the stormy offensives under the Koizumi government
II. So-called 'an alternative reform to correct the abnormalities of the LDP politics' and its fallacy
(1) Distinctive features seen in the agenda of the party's 24th congress
(2) Culmination in its conversion to revised capitalism
- Incompetence revealed before the ferocious offensives of neofascism
- The final abandonment of 'opposition to the US-Japan military alliance'
- The doctrine of 'structural changes of the world' stressed to beautify the diplomacy of the Chinese governemnt
- Surrender to the neoliberalist ideology
- Worship of the 'Chinese socialism'
III. Overcome the strategic line of revised capitalism!
- All members of the JCP, awake to the anti-revolutionary nature of your programmatic line led by Fuwa Tetsuzo!

Resolves for 2006
- Hokkaido Regional Committee
- Okinawa Prefectural Committee
- Hokuriku Regional Committee
- Postal Workers Committee
- Prefectural/Municipal Workers Committee
- Education Workers Committee
- Telecommunication Workers Committee
- Heavy-Industrial Workers Committee
(To continue.)

Photo Special: Struggles in 2005


New Year's Cartoon Another Jurassic Park: Struggles Among Rare Animals


Build a revolutionary bridgehead to overturn the century of darkness! (From its lead)

At the beginning of 2006, 50 years after the Hungarian revolution, we must be resolute to win a great leap of our anti-Stalinist communist movement in Japan.

Now the Bush dynastic government in the militarist empire of America as the world's sole superpower is tumbling about in 'the two quagmires', i.e. the mired war in Iraq and the social and economic mires left by the hurricane -- after it plunged the whole world into the fires and darkness of warfare.

G. W. Bush, a Hitler in the 21st century, is on the verge of a precipice. His administration is therefore desperately beginning the so-called global transformation of its military forces and a strategic realignment with its allies in order to carry out aggressions named 'war on terror' and to prevent China from growing to be its 'rival'. Pledging his allegiance to this administration, and fully accepting its requests, 'little Hitler' Koizumi has started a full career to form a renewed military alliance between the US and Japanese states. Based on the establishment of an autocratic rule under the prime minister, he is also rushing for revising the Constitution of Japan in accordance with the military transformation of US imperialist forces, that is, for producing a 'Bush-imposed Constitution'.

Against these attempts by the US and Japanese imperialist powers, counteroffensives are being launched in Asia by China, which is bent on forming an international front to encircle US imperialism, and its virtual allies, South Korea and Russia. Between the two sides, political, military and economic conflicts are intensifying. Therefore, a crisis of warfare is aggravating with the Taiwan issue as an ignition point.

Amid this tense situation, we must struggle to advance our revolutionary antiwar struggle and expand it internationally aiming to overturn the 21st-century world covered with darkness and war fires.

50 years ago, the founder of our movement, Kan'ichi Kuroda, assimilated the bloody outcry from the Hungarian working masses, who were trampled down under tanks sent by the Kremlin bureaucracy, as 'a break point in the 20th-century communist movement'; he, and nobody else in the world, started his struggle to thoroughly reveal that Stalinism, though it claims to be orthodox Marxism, is falsified Marxism. Here was the rise of our world's foremost anti-Stalinist movement. Our revolutionary leftwing, since then, has been confronting with the historic crimes of Stalinists and, through these confrontations, strengthening our ranks.

There is no thought other than Revolutionary Marxism that can win a radical overturn of the 21st century of darkness; and the only forces that can realize this overturn are those of the revolutionary leftwing armed with Revolutionary Marxism. Encouraged with this awareness, assurance and joy, we must struggle in unity to win another great advance in our revolutionary movement. This must be our resolve for the New Year.


JCP leaders desperate to gloss over their failed political line of revised capitalism (From its lead)

At the very moment when the Koizumi government is rushing towards a historic reactionary revision of the Constitution after he declared, together with the Bush administration as his master, a renewed military alliance with US imperialism, there is a shameless scum who stated 'preventing some terrorism-praising forces led by the JRCL from disrupting the campaign to protect the Constitution' is 'the party's independent and positive mission'. The scum that gives such a hysteric scream to the draft agenda for the party's 24th Congress is the JCP leadership led by Fuwa Tetsuzo and Shii Kadzuo. This is none other than the last scream of them verging on the death. We have thus far carried out our ideological struggles to expose the criminal nature, and its fallacious strategic grounds, of the JCP line for mass movement 'to protect the Constitution' without opposition to the US-Japan military alliance. This scream is the very proof that our ideological struggle has truly struck this converted Stalinist bureaucracy to the heart.

We have also correctly revealed that the political nature of their foreign policies, praised as 'alternative diplomacy' by Chairman Fuwa, lies in the party's conversion into the tools of the Chinese government.

Encouraged by these struggles of ours, rank-and-file members of the JCP are starting to revolt against the central leadership. Due to its successive defeats in the national elections also, the organizational energy of the party is remarkably declining. Fearing this aggravating crisis of the party, the central JCP leadership is desperate to drive the membership to be devoted to a 'great campaign for strengthening the party's forces'. ...

Now is the time to carry out resolute ideological and organizational struggles for a revolutionary disorganization of the JCP in and outsides its organizations, and that everywhere. Let us strengthen our struggle to organize defiant JCP members into the battlefronts of our anti-Stalinist communist movement!


No. 1899
(December 26th Issue)

Break through the crisis of war
intensified under the new confrontation
between the US and China!

Close the US Naval Air Facility Atsugi
Calls against roaring warplanes from USS Kitty Hawk
At the main gate of the US Army Camp Zama
- The East Asian Summit as a focus: conflicts between China and the US-Japan alliance
- China rushing to form an Asian economic sphere and strengthen the anti-US encircling net
- A renewed military alliance between the US and Japan being built and strengthened in preparation of a war against China
- Denounce the JCP central leadership turned a diplomatic tool of China! Advance struggles against the Constitutional revision, the Iraq war and the US-Japan military alliance!

Smash the renewed US-Japan military alliance!
- Zengakuren protesting, close to Zama and Atsugi US bases (Dec. 10th)
(Pics. left)

Students' festivals: against oppression intensified by school authorities
- Kokugakuin University

Italian TV: that journalist who was nearly killed in Baghdad by the US military had been tracking down the white phosphorus disaster in Fallujah as a US war crime

[3] Kaleidoscope 2005
- The city deserted: Responsibility for damages onto sufferers, together with expense for reconstruction
- Cuts in social welfare for the industrial reconstruction (for Halliburton)
- The reason why the Narita Airport construction scandal was exposed: together with concealed facts behind the so-called 'leftist guerrilla attacks' on the airport facilities

The Maehara-led DPJ leadership and its proposal for the Constitutional revision close to the LDP draft: disagreements over the security and foreign policies shaking the party
- The 'Constitutional Proposals' as a total negation of Article 9
- 'Ideals of the Constitution to be held on': a trick
- 'Exercise of the rights to collective defence' to be constitutionalized under the pretext of the UN Charters
- Denounce the Maehara leadership revealing its nature, assistance to war!

Smash the Koizumi-led worst 'reform' of civil service in localities!
- Mass cuts in jobs attempted under the pretext of 'small government'
- Sacrifices imposed on public workers
- Desperate measures to cover Japanese capitalism from its mortal crisis

Fight to advance the annual wage struggle of public workers!
JRCL Kyushu Prefectural/Municipal Workers' Committee
- Stop the massive cuts in wages and the introduction of an assessment-based wage raise system!

JR West Co.: New ATS systems mistakenly set up
- Denounce the Ide-Nannya management neglecting safety as ever!

Topics The former President of Rengo: 'Rengo is a Re-NGO; its mission is volunteer activities at local communities'

A national mobilization system being built up
- Realities in Okinawa

National Police Agency's 'Outlines for Advancing International Cooperation'
- Measures 'to support' Bush's 'war on terror' as its subsidiary

Articles published in Kaihoh in 2005


No. 1898
(December 19th Issue)

JRCL Meeting held on Dec. 4th
Smash the new US-Japan military alliance!
1600 workers and students resolved for a leap

- Chairman Ueda: With a fighting spirit to open up a new world history!
- Keynote reporter: build an ideological, organizational bridgehead to overthrow break through the darkness hanging over the 21st century world!
- Special reporter: For a de-construction of Rengo under the worst right-wing Takagi leadership!
- Fresh resolves from the labour and students fronts

Don't start a pluthermal operation at Genkai nuclear plant!
- Sophistries by the government and Kyushu Electric Power Co.
- The danger of a disaster aggravated by using a plutonium-mixed fuel
- Overcome the official opposition movement requesting the government 'to change its energy policy'!

Students' festivals: against oppression intensified by school authorities
- Kagoshima University
- Aichi University

Denounce the Tokyo prefectural authorities for wage cuts and the introduction of an assessment-based system of wage raise!
- Denounce the leadership for calling off a strike!

The asbestos damages
- US military bases, the most dangerous source of pollution in Okinawa

Series the Koizumi autocracy: No to war and the reign of terror
The 'main target in the structural reform': destruction of trade unions: Danger for Japanese labour movement to be 'eradicated'
The tricky brand of a 'benefit group-centred democracy' as a neo-fascistic negation of trade unions
- Intensified offensives against public workers' unions
- A 'Labour Contract Bill' for demolishing the base of trade unions' existence
- Appearance of the neo-fascistic nature of neo-liberalism

Postal privatization
- The JPU leadership crying before the minister for 'observing the supplementary resolution'!
- Denounce the Komoda leadership asking the JP President 'to produce a stronger company'!

The government-led training of young teachers: crude realities in my prefecture
- Brainwashing and forced submission

Topics 'The on-going Classification is for your style of life and for the good will of your own': a series of sophistry by Koizumi followers

Don't reduce the state budget for compulsory education!
- Disagreements and compromises over the reduction
- The Central Council for Education report to intensify a state control on education
- Denounce distortion of the struggle by JTU and NTU leaders!

The LDP draft of a 'New Constitution of Japan': a declaration for Japan's leap into 'a country that can wage war'
- Impatience with China rushing to be a 'superpower'
- Total rejection of the current Constitution as the standards for 'postwar democracy'
- In stead of what they call 'a Constitution imposed by Douglas MacArthur', a Bush-imposed Constitution being prepared
- Stop the reactionary trends of the Constitutional revision!


No. 1897
(December 12th Issue)

Smash the Koizumi-led 'structural reform'!
Denounce the central Democratic Party leadership
and the Takagi leadership of Rengo
assisting the government
in crushing down public workers' unions!

- The little Hitler rushing for the 'structural (worst) reform'!
- Reforms in civil service and a stormy offensive to demolish public workers' unions
- A full acceptance of demands from the Bush Empire
- The DP leadership and the central leadership of Rengo complementing the Koizumi-led 'structural reform'
- Fight on in spite of oppressions by the Takagi leadership!

Fight to stop the government resuming operation of the high-speed breeder reactor Monju!
- Haphazard patch-ups
- The Koizumi government raising again the worn-out banner for 'formation of a nuclear fuel cycle'
- Ambition to be a 'plutonium owning big power'
- Stop the government developing a nuclear fuel cycle!

- Kanazawa university students: protests against the first counter-terror drill on the spot of the Mihama nuclear plant (Nov. 27th)
- Okinawa workers and students against the Bush-Koizumi meeting: Voices of strong angers (Nov. 16th)
- Okinawa people's rally against US military bases: militant students encouraging workers against the 'interim report' for a renewed US-Japan military alliance (Oct. 25th, 30th)

[3] Kaleidoscope 2005
- Medical services in Yankeedom: No money, no life
- 'Illegal emigrants': angers of workers and peasants in Mexico
- Buildings like a pudding: The construction candal
- En extraordinary corrigendum for the national defence report: A trick for annulling the promise
- The JCP Chairman: A book full of nonsensical boasts with unfavourable facts glossed over

Denounce the Takagi-led leadership of Rengo trying its thorough transformation into an Industrial Patriotic Association!
Open out a road to a militant rebirth of Japanese labour movement!
(Continued from the previous issue)
3. The Takagi leadership openly assisting the Constitutional revision and the structural reform
(1) Active commitments in a campaign to assist the ruling class in preparing the Constitutional revision
- Rengo's 'July 14th View' showing its 'support to plans for revising the Constitution'
- Positive to conscription: the position supportive to the Constitutional revision upheld by the Takagi-led UI Zensen
[Japanese Federation of Textile, garment, Chemical, Mercantile, and Allied Industry Workers' Unions']
(2) Cooperation in the government's offensive for a massive reduction in the civil service and destruction of public workers' unions
- Condemnation against public workers in the name of 'financial democracy'
- A fundamental surrender to the 'reform' based on neo-liberalism
(3) Self-destruction of the trade union organizations
- Now is the time to carry out a de-construction of Rengo!

Fight to stop the worst 'reform' in the nursing care insurance system!
A new system deserting the aged and unfortunate

- Less benefit, more premium
- Burdens imposed upon families and the 'abandonment' of nursing care
- Facility owners carrying out restructurings in the name of a 'crisis of demolishment'
- Cruel introduction of the principle 'the stronger preying upon the weaker'

Honda Motor Co. cruelly exploiting Indian workers: Low level of wages, intensification of, destruction of trade unions c
- An Indian subsidiary violently crushing the workers' protests
- 1000 sackings and a lockout for punishment of trade unions
- Japanese monopoly capitalists bent on invading India
- The Japanese employers prohibiting an 'easy acceptance of demands from trade unions'

Topics Introduction of extra-insurance medical treatments to benefit private insurance companies: Again, to fulfil a promise with the US government

Reconstruct the struggle against the offensive to divide and privatise the national postal service!
- Workers sacked, the unfortunate deserted
- The JPU leadership approaching to the government in the name of a 'realistic response'
- Smash the Koizumi-led 'structural reform' with the all might of the working class!

The Japan Post imposing cruel quota upon workers
- Sales of New Year cards: From 4000 to 10000 per worker
- Postal workers ordered to sell 700 postal parcels

The 'Modern Times' in the 21st century
- Realities at my workplace in the electric industry


No. 1896
(December 5th Issue)

Join the Dec. 4th JRCL Political Meeting!
Create a revolutionary antiwar struggle
to break through the darkness
hanging over the 21st century world!

- A crisis of war intensifying amid a new development of the US-China confrontation
- Clashes for the initiative in the East Asian Summit
- The US-Japan alliance challenged by a common front between China, Russia and the ROK
- Degeneration of the official opposition movement and the blazing flame of our revolutionary antiwar struggle
- Denounce the JCP claiming for 'operation of the Security Treaty according to its original objective'
- Advance the struggles against the war, that against the military alliance and that against the Constitutional revision in a unified manner!

An aggressive JRCL propaganda at a JCP-led 'national rally'
- Thoroughly criticizing the party's tactics 'for protecting the Constitution'
- Storms of booing to the party's head, Shii Kadzuo
- 'He's going senile,' JCP members confessing
- More Bombardments to the central JCP bureaucrats trying self-protective tricks

'Stop Bush's visit to Japan!' Fists of anger to the US consulate (Nov. 15th, Sapporo)
Protests against a joint map exercise between the SDF, police and the prefecture for security mobilization (Nov. 2nd, Sapporo)
'Antiwar Walk in Waseda' (Nov. 10th)

[3] Kaleidoscope 2005
- Avian flu: reasons why the war craze stresses the need to take measures against it

- A report by an Italian TV a year on: white phosphorus munitions
- No flower of aubergine in Azerbaijan: With no licence from Bush

Denounce the Takagi-led leadership of Rengo trying its thorough transformation into an Industrial Patriotic Association!
Open out a road to a militant rebirth of Japanese labour movement!
1. The Rengo leadership surrendering to pressures under the Koizumi autocracy
- Unable to cope with offensives launched to destroy trade unions
2. Cracks and oppositions over the survival of Rengo
- Takagi's installation as president and criticisms expanded against it
- Voices growing 'against the Constitutional revision' and 'for withdrawing Rengo's pro-revisionist view'
- Disagreements intensifying over the course for 'expanding the organization'
- A positive response to the Koizumi-led 'reform in civil service'
3. The Takagi leadership openly assisting the Constitutional revision and the structural reform
(1) Active commitments in a campaign to assist the ruling class in preparing the Constitutional revision
- Rengo's 'July 14th View' showing its 'support to plans for revising the Constitution'
- Positive to conscription: the position supportive to the Constitutional revision upheld by the Takagi-led UI Zensen
[Japanese Federation of Textile, garment, Chemical, Mercantile, and Allied Industry Workers' Unions']
(Continued to next issue)

Hokkaido Prefectural Office Workers' Union Regular Convention
- 'No to the Constitutional revision! Fight back against restructuring!' Criticisms intensified against social democratic leaders

Downfall of GM

- A mass restructuring to impose more burdens upon workers

Topics Negative revisions to the working hours reduction law: 'The yearly target of 1800 hours' discarded in the name of 'freedom for employers and employees to decide working hours'

Oppose the formation of a national mobilization system in the name of 'protection of the nation!
- Realities in a map exercise carried out in Hokkaido

2500 members of trade unions rallying
- An annual event of Rengo's Ishikawa prefectural organization held in spite of the tried boycott by social democratic leaders

Study notes


No. 1895
(November 28th Issue)

November 16th
Smash the US-Japan summit!
Zengakuren marches on the Kyoto guesthouse
against a strengthening of
the US-Japan military alliance

- Calls against the military alliance sounding in Kyoto
- Advance the struggle against the war and the military alliance, and against the Constitutional revision

The US-Japan summit in Kyoto marking the completion of Japan's 'subjugation' to the US
- A 'joint preparation' towards the coming East Asian Summit

Students demonstrate in downtown Tokyo against Bush's visit to Japan (Nov. 15th, Tokyo)
3200 workers, students and citizens surround the US Atsugi Naval Air Facility against the planned deployment of a US Army headquarters (Nov. 13th)
Kanazawa University students protest against a US-Japan joint military drill
(Nov. 4th, SDF Komatsu base)
3000 workers at an antiwar rally called by a trade union-based peace organization in Osaka
(Oct. 24th)

Osaka University of Economics: a counteroffensive against the school authorities derecongnizing the students' self-governing association
- Voices of anger welling up

Stop the planned 'counter-terror' exercise around the Mihama nuclear plant!
Marxist Students League - Kanazawa University Branch
- The first actual exercise in the name of 'protection of the nation'
- A military exercise 'for wiping out terrorists'
- Denounce official opposition leaders engulfed by the propaganda 'against terrors'

Series the Koizumi autocracy: No to war and the reign of terror
Deprivation of workers' rights in the name of 'deregulation'
A neo-fascistic destruction of the 'protective' legislation for workers
- An all-out negative revision of the labour codes
- Cruel burdens imposed on workers for supporting monopoly capitalists
- Complete negation of the Keynesian social labour policies

Denounce the JPU leadership for accepting the postal privatisation and the major restructuring!
JRCL Postal Workers Committee
- Absolutely no to the division and privatisation of the public postal service!
- Denounce the leadership actively cooperating with the authorities in the name of 'realistic response'!
- For a class-based strengthening of the unity and the power of struggle of the postal workers' union!

Topics The nominated president of a private postal corporation is a purely neo-liberalist: the nomination for fulfilling a promise with Bush

Osaka mayoral elections: Denounce the anti-trade union propaganda aimed for mass reduction of the personnel!
- The mayor's resigning and running: what's in-depth
- 7000 job cuts and the deserting of public workers unions

Oppose the Hokkaido prefectural authorities planning the introduction of an appraisal-based wage system and massive cuts in wages!
- Minus 1.15 million yen per year in average!
- Denounce the betrayal by the Hokkaido Teachers Union leadership!

Study notes


No. 1894
(November 21st Issue)

Stir up the flame of struggle
against the Koizumi-led 'structural reform'!
Denounce the Rengo leadership
supporting from below the 'reform'!
Smash the neo-fascistic reactionary offensive!

- The 'structural reform' deserting the unfortunate
- Contradictions within the political elite over the 'trinity reform' concerning local governments and tax raise
- Official oppositions yielding to the stormy offensive
- Denounce the Rengo leadership for supporting the Democratic Party of Japan, positive responders to the 'reform'!
- The JCP dreaming of 'cooperation with the residents including conservative voters'
- No dismantlement of public services! No desertion of social welfare! No tax increase!

October 23rd regional antiwar demonstrations
- Osaka, Sapporo and Nagoya, in solidarity with the Tokyo demonstration

Kagoshima University
- 300 students rallying against restrictions on their annual cultural festival (October 11th)

Oppose an actual strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance!
JRCL Okinawa Prefectural Committee
- The 'Interim Report' outlining a strengthened US-Japan military alliance by redefining it as a defensive and offensive alliance
- US military bases in Okinawa strengthened under the pretext of 'reducing the burdens'
- Redeployments of SDF troops into US bases, a joint use of military facilities
- Fight by overcoming the official movement to demand a 'reduction of bases' without opposition to the military alliance!
- Denounce the JCP leadership encouraging an illusion for the prefectural Governor!

Restoration of the doctrine of 'the direction of development of the world history':
The JCP chairman and his last words to be
1. A bailout of the party from its crisis, attempted under a halo from China
2. Tricks for restoring the doctrine
3. An illusive vision of 'the direction of development'

- Delusion of China as a nation 'aiming to be socialism'
- Idealization of a 'mixed economy'
- Illusion to the 'Chavez revolution'
- Fallacious arguments on a 'non-capitalist development'

Stop the Tokyo prefectural authorities introducing a performance-based system of salary increase!
Fight the autumn struggle for wages by fighting back against the negative campaign on the civil service!
JRCL Prefectural/Municipal Workers' Committee
- No to a drastic negative revision in the salary and personnel system!
- Fight back against the mass reduction in the personnel!
- Against the Constitutional revision! Fight against the Iraq War and the US-Japan military alliance!
- Denounce the official leadership assisting the Koizumi-led 'structural reform'!
- Fight for a militant strengthening of trade unions to break the reactionary offensive under the Koizumi autocracy!

No revision of the Constitution!
- 150 young workers from the prefecture rallying in Kanazawa (October 24th)

Topics Spring Offensive 2006: Betrayal being prepared by the Takagi-led leadership of Rengo

Kaleidoscope 2005
- Disagreements within the ruling parties: the inauguration of the autocracy as the beginning of its collapse
- Fires flaming at the 'backyard': a naked emperor at a regional summit
- The latest affairs in Africa: a 'neo-colonialism characteristic of the 21st century China'

Study notes on Kuroda's works


No. 1893
(November 14th Issue)

Smash the Nov. 16th US-Japan summit!
Oppose a strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance
based on the 'interim report'!

- Formulation of plans for a war against China based on the 'common strategic objectives'
- The Koizumi government hurried to help building new US military bases
- Confrontation between the US-Japan and China-Russia for the hegemony in the 21st century world
- Formation of an encirclement led by China and Russia against US imperialism
- Counter-charges by the militarist empire of the 'world's sole superpower'
- The Koizumi government preparing to enact a National Referendum Law at next Diet session
- Fight against the war and the US military alliance! Fight against revision of the Constitution of Japan!

Zengakuren Kyushu
- Protests against the 8th dispatch of Japanese troops to Iraq from the GSDF Kumamoto Base (Oct. 22nd)

- Militant workers and students marching through Naha City against a new US base (Oct. 23rd)

Osaka University of Economics:
Smash the destructive offensive against the students' self-governing association by the school authorities in cahoots with police!
- Voices of anger against the outrages by the school authorities
- A destructive offensive based on the trinity of police, school authorities and planted agents in the students
- A drastic reorganization of the University under the autocracy of the criminal speculator, Chief Director Matsutani
- No to reactionary reorganizations of the University! Fight back in solidarity of students nationwide!

Yokohama National University:
Fight back against the destructive offensive against the students' self-governing association at the Faculty of Economics!
- A campus demonstration for protest (Oct. 25th)

Series the Koizumi autocracy: No to war and the reign of terror
Tremendous increases in taxes with badly negative revisions in social welfare systems to desert the unfortunates
- The unprecedented increases in taxes: merciful for the rich, merciless for the toiling masses
- The pension scheme: more insurance, less relief
- The medical service: expropriating the aged people
- Realities caused by the 'introduction of private forces' to workplaces of nursing care labour
Selectionist ways of Social Darwinism

Nov. 17th strike at the Hokkaido Prefectural Office:
Fight back against the Governor's plan for massive sackings and cuts in wages!

- Cut in wages by over a million yen a year, and 6000 cuts in job for ten years
- Fight back by overcoming the official movement for 'sustainable finance and prefectural reform'

The annual governmental report on leisure:
The nation's leisure time drastically disappearing

- Consequences of 'structural reforms'

Topics The government's 'strategy for reforming the management of localities': pressures on local governments for restructurings

[7] Kaleidoscope 2005
- 'The victory is in my hands': Shockwaves from the booklet on the Trial
- Paris burning: a dark side of the 'free and democratic nation'
- The WMD-gate scandal: 'The scooter had a flat.'
- Remarks from a dismembered JCP leader
- Benjamin Fulford and the self-claiming granddaughter of the Meiji Emperor: a Koizumi-bashing backed by the Eastern Establishment in the US

Reading Yoshikawa Fumio's book
- Living together and struggling together


No. 1892
(November 7th Issue)

Stop Bush's Visit to Japan!
Oppose a strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance!
Rise in fights against the US-Japan summit talk
on Nov. 15th - 16th!

Join demonstrations on Nov. 15th in Tokyo and 16th in Kyoto!

October 23rd struggle in Tokyo
- A militant demonstration on the Diet Building, Prime Minister's Official Residence and the US embassy!
- Massive calls against the Constitutional revision at a rally
- Advance based on the bridgehead strengthened by the October 23rd struggle!
(Pics left)

Zengakuren Hokkaido
- A rally against the Aegis-equipped US warship entering a civilian port (Oct. 12th)
- Protests against a joint security drill by the prefectural police and the ground SDF (Oct. 20th)

Kanazawa University
- A campus demo against 'Little Hitler Koizumi' (Oct. 21st)

Smash the stormy destructive offensive against students' self-governing associations!
Japan Marxist Students' League
1. Offensives launched nationwide to destroy students' self-governing associations
- Osaka University of Economics: The school authorities in cahoots with police violently attempting to destroy the students' associations
- A complete refusal of the existence itself of students' associations, and a thorough control over students' circles
2. School authorities pressed by the education ministry and police
- Destructive offensives on students' self-governing associations in collusion with police
- Offensives to tighten the control over students' activities under the leadership of the Koizumi government
3. Smash the destructive offensive with the all might of students! Stop the Constitutional revision!

Series the Koizumi autocracy: No to war and the reign of terror
Koizumi's 'structural reform' to dismantle public sectors
Worst damages from 'privatizations' on the lives of the toiling masses
- Postal privatisation: An 'unpatriotic policy' to sell out the funds of postal savings and insurances to US monopolies
- Civil service: Mass sackings under the name of 'reform' with 800 thousand job cuts
- The so-called 'trinity reform' of localities: Shifting the mass deficits of the central government onto localities, driving their major restructurings
- Financial reform: for benefiting Japanese and US mega banks
- Japan Highway Public Corp.: A fake 'privatisation' guaranteed by governmental bonds
- 'Reform' based on neo-liberalism aiming to produce a dog-eat-dog society

'Toyota Production System' as limitless pressure for intensified labour: From my 'Kaizen' [improvement] diary
- An outrageous pressure paralyzing my sensibility
- Absurdly handled by Kaizen leaders
- My objection negatively used for Kaizen
- 'Work hard to keep robots operating well!'
- A colleague of mine suffering from backache, another compelled to resign from worst conditions of labour

Topics DPJ leader Maehara competing with Koizumi over wage cuts of the civil service

Kaleidoscope 2005
- Rumsfeld's visits to Asian nations: vocal offensives against criticisms
- Bloodsuckers inhabiting a building at Roppongi in Tokyo
- Not 'to coexist' but 'to exist peacefully': Rice's interruption in the six party talk

Stop the resumption of operation of the nuclear facilities at Rokkasho Village!

Reading Kuroda's books


No. 1891
(October 31st Issue)

Stop Warmonger Bush's Visit to Japan!
Oppose the real strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance
by redefining it as
an offensive and defensive alliance against China!
No revision of the Constitution!

- Lame duck Bush and his wrecking administration
- Reckless rush of the Japanese government to be 'a country that can wage wars'
- The US and Japanese governments bent on incorporating Japanese SDF forces into the US force
- The leadership of official oppositions joining in the Constitutional revision and war support
- Advance struggles against the war, the US-Japan military alliance and the Constitutional revision

Protests against Koizumi's visit to the Yasukuni Shrine deifying war criminals
- Zengakuren in front of the Prime Minister's official residence (October 18th)

Remove US military bases! (October 21st)
- A trade union-based antiwar rally in Tokyo: Supported from below by militant workers
- Militant heckling against a 'guest' from the Democratic Party of Japan

(Pic left)

[3] Kaleidoscope 2005
- A platform for exposing imperialist crimes: Bush asking for trouble
- The American ID theory against Darwinism
- 'Against the shrine visit damaging national interests': The JCP as a cheering party for the Toyota President
- Bombings on Bali: a good timing, why?

Series the Koizumi autocracy: No to war and the reign of terror
The Japanese neo-fascist ruling order strengthened drastically: Even the 'fig leave' of the bourgeois dictatorship stripped off
- An autocratic system under the prime minister emerging for the first time in the postwar history of Japan
- Koizumi's absolute dominance of the Liberal Democratic party as a result of the full support from the Bush Empire
- A top-down administrative system from Prime Minister drastically strengthened
- The final destruction of the remains of the 'division of the three powers'
- The consolidated 'hexagonal iron pyramid' of the political, industrial, administrative, labour, media and academic establishments
- Intensified systems for totally surveying and controlling the people
- 'To be a strong country': an ideology for the national unification
On our definition 'the Japanese neo-fascist ruling order', and fascism

Denounce the Osaka prefectural board of education for introducing a new ranking system of teachers!
JRCL Kansai Education Workers' Committee
- 'Chief Teacher' and 'Leading Teacher'
- The leadership of the Osaka TU praising the ranks of middle managers as 'leaders of teachers'
- No to the intensification of the personnel management for statistic and ability-first reorganization of education!

Topics The ministerial draft for reforms in the medical system: Aged people should pay more or die sooner!

The postal reform and labour

- Denounce the postal restructuring according to the 'Action Plan' with 12,000 sackings!
- No rationalization accompanying the relocation of Tokyo International Post Office!

Learning from Kuroda's Study on Stalin-Type Materialism
- How Kuroda criticizes Stalin's theory of 'the means of production with no class nature'

* Weekly Kaihoh is edited in Japanese, no English edition available.
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