JRCL Weekly :Kaihoh/Liberation@iNO.1570-1563j

* English edition is not available. Japanese only.
No. 1570May 24

Smash the War of Aggression in Yugoslavia by the NATO States!
Arouse a Tidal Wave of Anti-War struggles to Root out the "New East-West Cold War"!

- A drastic change in the Yugoslavian affairs with the shock wave of the bombing of the Chinese Embassy.
- Russian and Chinese rulers: inclined towards a "harder stance".
- The intended "unintended consequence" against the Chinese Embassy.
- Russian and China: shaken by intensifying intramural power struggles.
- US imperialism: frantic expansion of the aggressive war in Yugoslavia.
- Break the building of US-Japan bilateral systems for war.
Versified agitation against the bombings.
[3] Kaleidoscope of 1999
- The 'outdated map'?: three shots from different directions hit straight at the Embassy.
- This is an "OBUTIMIST" way.
- Yeltsin boosted with 'Adrenaline', events that make him furious.
- 'School rampages have been caused by lack of emergency laws', said a constitutional revisionist.
- The green man painted red with ink bombs.
Chukaku-ha sect: Grand bankruptcy in the unfitted attempt to organize 'labour movement' only with political trickery.
Growing anti-Central sentiments among JCP ranks: encouraged by JRCL's criticism against betrayals.
- JRCL in May Day Rallies: massive propaganda in all the rallies (Rengo [JCTU], JCP-led Zenroren [NCTU], and minor Zenrokyo [NTUC]).
- A letter from a trade unionist of the Zenroren: I was surprised at and became indignant with Chairman Fuwa for his acceptance 'war for self-defense'.
- Labour census by the Tokyo Prefectural Office: a casual worker given three times less amount of wages".
- - After reading Mystery of the Kobe Incident (published by Kaihoh-sha): How has the author approached the real writer of the "letter of challenge" (continued).
[8] History of Our Revolutionary Anti-War Struggles No. 11
Investigation of tactics for struggles against Vietnam War: the outset of the investigation of our <theory of tactics for organizing mass movement including organizing tactics>
- The Zengakuren was the only one in Japan that organized militant and mass-based struggles against the Vietnam War. How did we clarify the tactics that ensured the struggles? In the initial phase, we were inclined towards 'chats over the Vietnamese revolutions'. How this deviation was overcome through internal theoretical discussions and how did this fruited into the exploration of 'reality-theories of organizing praxis'.

No. 1569 May 17

Smash the Building of US-Japan Bilateral War-Operating Systems!
Block the Defence Cooperation Guideline Related Bills!
Denounce the NATO's Aggression in Yugoslavia!
- Zengakuren local marched against passage of the Defence Guideline Related Bills (25 April, Sapporo); with a report of the welcome meeting for freshmen in the district. - Official oppositions in Okinawa Prefecture sponsored a rally against the Defence Bills: speakers heckled with cries against their silence on Self-Defence Force's firing at 'suspicious boats' and the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia'.
- Won a quick release of the comrade from police: the press conference interested the media over unjustifiable reasons and procedures of the arrest.
[3] Kaleidoscope of 1999
- NATO justified successive 'wrong shots': 'any war would be accompanied by mistakes.'
- A puppet cannot move without an operator: rumors surround the hospitalization of Takeshita, ex-Prime Minister and Obuchi's master.
- Doug Bandow's article to Japan Times against Clinton's 'warmongering': the ex-assistant to Reagan who is talking like a dove today can turn a hawk tomorrow, who knows.
- Zhong-nanhai in Beijing, the leadership compound, surrounded by a 'cult' like AUM: strings pulled from America?
- A 'third man' disappeared from Columbine High School: did the two 'gunmen' really killed themselves?
Euro Sphere at a deadlock: exposed illusion of a 'strong Europe' (continued)
- intensifying collisions among EU states.
Russia: shaken by NATO's aggression in Yugoslavia.
- A setback in Yeltsin's attempt for 'pacification' and power struggles intensifying within the ruling strata.
Primakov swept away the compradorians: what is meant by the expulsion of Berezovsky
- "Trade unions should be transformed into groups that save themselves from a crisis" (Secretary-General of Rengo [JCTU]): meaning their engagement in a casual worker dispatching business in stead of fights against capitalist victimization of workers.
- May Day in Tokyo: the JRCL encouraged workers against leaders' attempt for official 'festivalization'.
- Unemployment rate hit historic high, even officially 4.8 % (3.39 million people): denounce the government justifying it with the arrogant comments, "Here is a result of the efforts for structural reforms"!
- After reading Mystery of the Kobe Incident (published by Kaihoh-sha): How has the author approached the real writer of the "letter of challenge".
- What I felt through reading the book: Fingers coming together, Kobushi Shobo edited collection of letters from Russian readers of Kuroda's Gorbachev's Dreams.
[8] History of Our Revolutionary Anti-War Struggles No. 10
In 1965: creation of anti-war struggles against US aggression in Vietnam.
- In 7 February 1965, the US government launched the bombardment of North Vietnam at last, which led to an all-out escalation in the Vietnam War. Official left parties, JSP and JCP, however, were disoriented by the intensified confrontations between USSR and China; they were so confused as to hardly form even a 'one-day union'. Transcending such a miserable situation of peace movement in Japan, Zengakuren created anti-war struggles against the Vietnam War and resolutely led the major barricading strikes in Waseda University.


No. 1568 May 10

[1] 29 April Demonstration in Tokyo
Workers and students marching to the Diet building and Prime Minister's Office. Block the US Japan Defence Guideline-Related Bills! Denounce the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia!

- 26-27 April: Zengakuren Students denouncing the forcible passage of the Lower House of the Defence Guideline Related Bills.
- Resignation of the Indian cabinet: intensifying confrontations in South Asia between Russo-China and the US.
[3] Kaleidoscope of 1999
- Anti-war brothers?: past and present of Bill, Tony, and Gerhard.
- Asahi Shimbun news paper: entangled in the whirlpool of political strife in police and prosecutor world.
- Green plus Red equals Brown: Joschka Fischer's about-turn?
- JCP and JPDJ shaking hands: JCP Chair 's misunderstanding about the true partner of SPDJ.
- A letter from Mrs. Milosevic to UK Foreign Minister Cock with contempt.
[4-5] Euro Sphere at a deadlock: exposed illusion of a 'strong Europe'.
- An illusory 'strong Europe'.
- Intensifying struggles with the US (and Japan) for global market sharing, over re-division of the world market.
- The SDPJ-led national rally against the Guideline Bills: filled with workers' anger at leaders' repeated betrayals.
- A hospital: authorities' offensives for 'out-sourcing'.
- A strange rally for 'safer sea transportation order' cosponsored by companies and trade unions with guests from Liberal-Democratic, Democratic, Social-Democratic, and Communist Parties: not for workers.
- Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Hino, Isuzu: Auto-making monopolies dashing to a major 'restructuring'.
- Education Ministry towards reactionary reorganization of local educational administrations: 'deregulated' management of schools; more strongly authorized principals; workers to teach in both junior, junior-high, and high schools.
- JRCL overseas appeal: Stop the fascistic NATO bombing of Yugoslavia! Denounce Milosevic's 'ethnic cleansing' policy!
- After reading Fingers coming together, Kobushi Shobo edited collection of letters from Russian readers of Kuroda's Gorbachev's Dreams.


No. 1567 May 3

[1] Stop Building the US-Japan Bilateral Combat-Readiness Order!
Denounce the Forcible Passage of the Defence Guideline-Related Bills! Smash the Clinton-Obuchi Talk in Washington! Stop NATO Bombing Yugoslavia! Let Us Fight out in Opposition to SDPJ and JCP's Abandonment of the Struggle!
- NATO Force: in frantic dash to an intensified bombardment.
- Anglo-American imperialist powers: war-mongering over the world.
- Desperate attempt for rollback by Russia and China.
- Obuchi-Ozawa coalition: entering war preparation against North Korea meaning that against China and Russia.
- Denounce the degenerate JCP supporting the 'use of the right of self-defence'.
April 24 Tokyo Student March against the defence guideline Bills and NATO bombing, initiated by Chairpersons of the Student Self-Governing Associations of Waseda, Kokugakuin, Tsudajuku, Yokohama National Universities: rallying in Waseda campus, marching through Tokyo central, and to the Diet Building.
[3] Kaleidoscope of 1999
- Bill Clinton on the Littleton massacre, 'we must teach kids to express their anger, or to resolve conflicts, not with weapons but words': ... and not to follow the Uncle's way?
- Plagues raging over Mahathir's Malaysia: too strange to understand them as accidental.
- A self-styled international information magazine's special titled "China is a powder magazine in Asia; Taiwan is Japan's life line.": ultra-nationalist propaganda, but, in fact, a simple quotation from a Pentagon paper.
- Too early: a news agency reported on the recent firing on Japan Sea before the event.
Denounce the JCP Central Supporting a 'War for Self-Defense '!
- nonchalance to the warmongering started in reality.
- only babbling about 'peaceful settlement based on the Charter of the United Nations'.
- nonsensical claim for strengthening the Maritime Security Agency to response to 'invaders'.
- Today of European Social Democrats is a tomorrow of the JCP!
Rengo [JCTU] paper for trade unions in minor enterprise : proposing their 'survival' through wage cuts and restructuring.
- Anti-worker nature of the 'Policy Forum of the Postal Union': let us fight by overcoming the leadership's campaign for a better national postal service.
- Never allow the planned amendment of the Employment Security Law!
Paper for the spring offensive from the Municipal Workers Union leadership: distortion into a movement for 'a healthy finance and a better administration of municipalities'.
[8] History of Our Revolutionary Anti-War Struggles No. 9
Autumn in 1965: the final stage of struggles against the Japan-R.O.K. Treaty.
- The struggle against the ratification was the final stage of struggles against the Japan-R.O.K. Treaty. In this phase, Zengakuren intervened the 'Anti-War Youth Committee' initiated by the then Socialist Party and the Sohyo leadership. How did they make a revolutionary intervention and in what way did they struggle through it? And what lesson we learned through internal debates over the struggle tactics we clarified for this mass movement against the Treaty?


No. 1566 April 26

April 29 Surround the Diet Building!
Block the Defence Guideline Related Bills!
Denounce the Aggression of Yugoslavia by NATO States!
Fight it out by Overcoming the Official Peace Movement Yielding to the 'North-Korean Menace' Propaganda!
- American imperialism: a frantic rush to indiscriminate bombardments against Yugoslavia.
- Obuchi-Ozawa Coalition: dashing to build a bilateral military system between US and Japan for war of aggression.
- SDPJ and JCP: enmeshed into a new version of the Imperial Rule Assistance Association.
- Fight back with burning anti-war struggles against war provocations by the Japanese and American rulers!
- Zengakuren students in Tokyo: propaganda to protest the NATO air-raids and the Defence Guideline Bills (March 28)
- This time again far from the seat: a Chukaku-ha 'candidate' in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election defeated five times.
[3] Kaleidoscope of 1999
- A concealed face of Shintaro Ishihara, elected Tokyo Governor: backed by the anti-American mind section of the Japanese rulers represented by Nakasone.
- For whom the bell tolls: voluntary army to Yugoslavia from Russia and that to Albania from the US, under the same slogan, 'Smash nazis!'
- Condors swarming over Tokyo: American companies purchasing real estates at dog-cheap prices.
- Tokyo Chief High Public Prosecutor resigned from a sex scandal.
- Depleted uranium bullets used again: this time in Yugoslavia, repeating the tragedy of the Gulf.
Fake radical sect Chukaku-ha, tools of the state power: Nonsensical babbles to the drastic intensification of the new East-West Cold War.
Leaders of JCP-led municipal workers unions accepted wage-cuts and reduction of personnel under the pretext of 'priority to municipal residents', dissolving the spring offensive into local elections.
- 'May Day will not be needed in the twenty-first century': a planned decision by the Rengo [JCTU] leadership.
- Smash the wage cuts by the Aichi Prefectural authorities!
- Education workers in Hiroshima: struggling on in spite of the betrayal by the Teachers Union central.
Smash the Planned 5000 Sacks of Postal Workers by the Ministry! (continued)
Let Us Fight Back! Denounce the Leadership distorting fight-back into a movement to save the national postal service!
Started 'time appointed delivery service': causing intensified labour and overtime.
[8] History of Our Revolutionary Anti-War Struggles No. 7
Struggles against the Japan-R.O.K. Talks in 1963-65
- Just after the foundation of the 'Revolutionary Marxist faction', we focussed our energy on the struggle against the Japan-R.O.K. Talk. Zengakuren led the struggle in its forefront. Revolutionary characteristic of the guideline for this struggle and its organizational strength were supported by the internal theoretical discussion within the J.R.C.L. and the Marxist Student League. What made the impetus of this discussion and how it was advanced?


No. 1565 April 19

[1] Shunto [spring labour offensive]
Denounce the Wage 'Cut' Agreements by the Labour Aristocrats!
Let Us Fight Out 1999 Shunto Offensive!
Do Not Allow the Rengo [JCTU] Central to Drop the Curtain!
- Labour Aristocrats Gave Full Collaboration to Cut and Reduction of Wages.
- The Rengo Central Deformed the Shunto into an Industrial Patriotic 'National Salvation' Movement.
- Denounce the Aristocratic Leadership Justifying Their Betrayal!
- Expose the Anti-Working Class Nature of the 'National Salvation' Movement!
- Organize Anti-War Struggles from the Labour Front!
Osaka Nagoya Fukuoka

- Zengakuren local students protests the NATO air-raids against Yugoslavia in front of US consulates: Osaka (March 25), Nagoya (March 25), Fukuoka (March 29).
- "JCP will combat with North Korea in the event of aggression" (Vice Chairman Ueda's speech in Okinawa): yielding to an imperialist ideological offensive of 'North Korea as a menace to the nation'.
[3] Kaleidoscope of 1999
- Chinese Premier Zhu likened an armed 'unification' of China to the American Civil War?!
- Like 'a condo with no toilet': Taketani Mitsuo's figuration of nuclear plants is still valid to the reorganized Donen [Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corp.]
M. Taketani, scientist: See K. Kuroda's Gorbachev's Nightmare (Kaihoh-sha, 1992), Essential Terms of Revolutionary Marxism (Kobushi Shobo, 1998), etc.
- JCP Daily Akahata on Hinomaru / Kimigayo issue: Voice of Education Ministry!
- "Militia for Human Security": a ridiculous babble by a petty bourgeois leftist in response to the world turbulence.
[4-5] Kobe Murder Case
Newly Published 'Memorandums' by the Boy's Parents: A Paradoxical Proof of the Concealed State Crime.
- A 'Policy Forum' in Nagoya organized by the Postal Workers Union leadership shamelessly saying, 'The Minister is our representative': spreading positive responses to our leaflets against restructuring of the postal service.
- What is behind the recent medical accident: ultra-intensified work imposed on medical workers.
- Rengo Local meeting in Fukuoka: booing against the leadership degrading the shunto meeting into an election campaign.
Smash the Planned 5000 Sacks of Postal Workers by the Ministry!
Let Us Fight Back! Denounce the Leadership Yielding All-Around!
- Ministry's plan titled 'utilization of non-permanent personnel'.
- Victimization of workers by propagandizing the need 'to reduce the deficits in national postal service'.
- The leadership accepted the Plan of sacking on the excuse of the "favorable agreement with the Ministry to setting up a 'panel-like meeting' for future prospect".
What I Thought After Reading the Article, 'Logos and Pathos in Creating a Party Organization', Published in the Communist No. 161.


No. 1564April. 12.
Denounce NATO Air Raids on Yugoslavia!
Block Legislation of the US-Japan Defense Cooperation Guideline Related Laws! Smash Building of a War-Ready Order under Today's Version of the Imperial Rule Assistance Association!
The 109th Meeting of Zengakuren Central Committee: Ready to Fight.
Reports of Mass Protests against NATO Air Raids: from Sapporo and Okinawa (March 25th).
[3] Kaleidoscope of 1999
- What was the real 'target' of the 'warning shots': concealed scenarios of the latest sea battle have come out one after another.
- 'Confucius said it's a great pleasure to welcome a friend from afar but you've lost a friend today' said a furious Jiang Zemin at Swiss protests, forgetting the continued passage 'A true gentleman would not be furious even when the other party would not understand him'.
- Although supposed to be 'Stealth': a myth of high tech has been shot down.
Call for April 29 Struggle Surrounding the Diet Building: In Spite of the Degeneration of the SDPJ and the JCP Enmeshed into Today's Version of the Imperial Rule Assistant Association, Launch a Radical Fight to Break the 'New Cold War between East and West'! / JRCL Central Student Organizing Committee
- JCP-led teachers unions: a criminal deed in mass protests against legislation of the national flag and the anthem.
- Raging storms of 'restructuring'.
- Report from Nagoya: denounced the JCP central in the mass rally of the JCP-led trade unions.
- From Kanazawa: mass propaganda for a militant spring labour offensive in opposition to the degenerate leaders.
Hinomaru and Kimigayo: Never allow legislation as the national flag and the nation anthem! / JRCL Education Workers Committee
Denounce the wage freeze by the Osaka Prefectural Authorities!
[8] History of Our Revolutionary Anti-War Struggles No. 7
Internal controversy and split over the issue of the Cuban Crisis in 1962: the League's paper carried the slogan 'US, Hands Off Cuba!' Against the majority of the bureaucrats in the Politburo with no sense of guilty at this surprising deviation, comrade Kuroda and young members of the League waged an organized ideological struggle.


No. 1563April. 5 .

Denounce US and Japanese Rulers Firing Wars!
Denounce the Military Attack by the Maritime Self-Defense Force under the Pretext of "Response to the Menace of North Korea"!
Never Allow the NATO Air Strikes to Yugoslavia Led by the US!
- For the first time in post-war history Japanese troops fired shots against foreign vessels in the name of 'Maritime Defense Operation': a War!
- Meant a 'practical drill' by the US and Japanese powers for exercise of the 'US-Japan Defense Cooperation Guideline Related Laws'.
- American imperialist power launched a war of aggression against Yugoslavia.
- Respond with anti-war, anti-Security Treaty struggles! Denounce the degenerate official leadership of SDPJ and JCP joining the today's version of Imperial Rule Assistance Association !
Zengakuren Students Waged Protests in Front of US Embassy in Tokyo on March 26: to Denounce the NATO Air Strikes against Yugoslavia.
Surging Waves of Protest against the Planned Legalization of 'Hinomaru' [rising sun] as the National Flag and 'Kimigayo' [imperial reign] as the National Anthem: Reports from Meetings of Teachers Unions.
[3] Kaleidoscope of 1999
- Prime Minister Obuchi visited South Korea, 'welcomed' by the students' fights to protest the US-Japan Defense Cooperation Guidelines and to demand compensation for the past colonial rule.
- 'I love Japan': a catch copy attached to JCP Chair Fuwa's new book, titled 'New Japanese Communist Manifesto'.
- JCP documents: confesses 'the need to struggle against sexual looseness [within the party]', proving the miserable reality of cadre education.
- 'Police sabotaged investigations into the shoot against its own Chief Kunimatsu': a newly released reportage four years from the event.
- Mystery of the Kobe event: a Japanese professor demonstrates arbitrariness with the American FBI's 'profiling method'.
Never Allow the Japanese State Preparing War under the Pretext of 'Respose to the Menace of North Korea'!
Stop Building a New US Military Port in Okinawa! Create a Militant Struggle Overcoming the Official Opposition Movement led by SDPJ and JCP with No Sense of Crisis! For Complete Removal of US Military Bases and Abrogation of the US-Japan Security Treaty!
[6] Labour Front
- Nissan sold to Renault at '600 billion yen': to victimize workers by 'restructuring'.
- A Rengo [JCTU] local meeting for the spring offensive: waves of accumulated anger against the labour aristocrats.
- A branch of metal unions: street cleaning together with the bosses, calling it 'volunteer activity for social contribution'.
- Teachers union: against forcible introduction in schools in Tokyo of Hinomaru and Kimigayo.
- Subcontract factories in electric industry: sharp decrease in received orders and intensified labour.
Subcontract Enterprises in Metal Industry: Desperate Efforts to Attain 'ISO9000' Standard and Victimization of Workers
Electric Workers Union Leaders' Policy 'A New Japanese-Type System of Employment': Shameless Call for Expanded Introduction of Flexible Labour Time and Casual Labour
[8] History of Our Revolutionary Anti-War Struggles No. 6
Internal Disputes over the Struggles against US and USSR Nuclear Testing: How We Overcame Shimizu's Maximalist Line of 'Anti-War = Anti-Imperialism'
- 'Rush into the Gensuikin Conference [against A- and H-bombs] under the banner of anti-imperialism', 'Win soldiers over to the revolutionary side' ... Why and how was such a 'ultra-leftist' deviation produced in clarifying tactics for revolutionary anti-war struggle? What lessons should we learn from the internal disputes in the early 1960s to over come this deviation? Vivid witness by comrades who waged the disputes.