JRCL Weekly : Kaihoh / Liberation

No. 1661-1670

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No. 1670 May 28th
Block Koizumi's war preparations and the Constitutional revision!
No to the U.S. 'missile defence' plan!
No to China's and Russia's counter military build-ups!
Join a Diet surrounding struggle on 17 March!
Bush's scheme for a mass military build-up and the intensified danger of war
- A Sino-American 'crash' over the Taiwan problem
- America's new 'defence strategy' focusing on building a 'missile shield'
- Attempts of the Bush administration to wedge between China and Russia
- The ultra-reactionary Koizumi administration for the emergency legislation and the Constitutional revision
Now is the time to create a powerful wave against the Security Treaty and the Constitutional revision!
Zengakuren's welcoming meeting for freshmen 12 May in Tokyo
- Chairman Iida exposed the reactionary nature of Koizumi's 'millennium revolution'
- A guest from the JRCL called on the audience 'to grow into the subjective force who can revolutionise the world'.
- Fresh students expressed their resolution impressively
A welcoming meeting in Hokkaido 29 April
- Regenerate ourselves as the subject of social revolution! Attended by many freshers
[3] Kaleidoscope 2001
- Koizumi debating, remarking and playing like a TV celebrity: for mobilizing the masses
- The U.S. voted off U.N. commissions: Isn't it a 'victory of democracy'?
- For preventing the information from transferring to yellow Japs: Another scientist named Okamoto fell victim
- The Broken Windows Theory imported from New York: to jail before a crime!
Block the reorganization of national universities as independent public corporations! Fight back by transcending the JCP-led campaign for demanding 'more budget for higher education'!
2. JCP's policy 'against scraping national universities': its illusion and criminal nature
- 'Destruction of the public education'? A fallacious analysis
- 'Development of the public education'? A vain counterproposal
- JCP demands for 'more subsidiary' within the framework of the 'financial reconstruction'
- The bourgeois public education is beautified
- The party is introducing its line 'co-operation with conservative voters'.
3. Create a powerful force to smash the 'neo-fascist reorganization of education'
[6] Militant workers in May Day rallies struggle to break the silence
May Day rally by Rengo Osaka: 'An assistant to restructuring! Stop posing for workers!'
Angry voices were raised against Rengo President Washio.
'Tokyo May Day' by the Prefectural Workers Unions: Militant workers denounce corrupt leaders immersed in the coming election
- 'We defend the tradition of May Day' They said only in name.
Zenrokyo May Day in Tokyo: degenerate leaders all in depression with no resolution against the Koizumi administration
Job cuts by 20 % with 100-thousand-yen wage cuts: Smash the harsh offensive for restructuring against postal workers!
- The ministry is imposing cuts in price upon its affiliated private transportation firms
- A major transportation firm special to postal service revealed its restructuring plan
- Leaders in the Postal Workers' Union are just obedient dogs to the inhumane capital.
Criticize the leadership in the Federation of Press Workers' Unions as for praising the Asahi Shinbun Workers' Union accepting an ability-based pay!
- A strike plan was voted down by the Federation's conference for the first time since 1968
Cruel Story of NTT series No. 4
- Workers for the information desk are monitored and checked by the bosses
- 'No overtime work' is imposed according to the 'agreement' though it's impossible': workers feel indescribable anger against the labour aristocrats.
Criticize the Toyota labour aristocrats for replacing the spring offensive with the joint consultation for the 'corporation's development'
- Denounce the leadership accepting the lowest wages!
- They are giving the full co-operation to the cost-cutting plan 'CCC21'
- They are trying to mobilize the trade union as a 'stake holder' for promoting the corporation.
- Helping the neo-fascist ruling order from below.
Reading Kuroda's Topos and Praxis
- Something felt from the bottom of my heart


No. 1669 May 21st

Smash the scheme to build a system for war
through a rhapsodic heat of the 'Koizumi Reform'!

Fight back by transcending the SDPJ and JCP
distorting the fight into a campaign for the coming election!

- The Koizumi administration has launched ultra-reactionary offensives under the slogan of 'a Millennium Revolution'
- In upset opposition parties are just adjusting their own ranks for the House of Councilors election
- Denounce the JCP currying favour with 'enlightened' bourgeois
labour arry labour
Waves nation-wide to block the constitutional revision
29 April, Hokkaido: students marched, warning against the new administration, initiated by student self-governing associations in national universities in the region
21 April, Kansai: 'No strengthening the Ampo [Security Treaty]!' Students from various districts including Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nara, etc. paraded the centre of Osaka, handing their letter of protest to the regional LDP office
22 April, Tokai: 'No firing wars!' Students from universities in the region marched through the downtown of Nagoya.
Damages suit against the police: Denounce the reactionary ruling for justifying the police arresting a wrong person for repressing antiwar activities!
- The wrongly-arrested student and his lawyers have thoroughly revealed their deception on the 'legal check-up'.
- The Kobe District Court swallowed the story framed by the prefectural police.
Students from Kagoshima Univ. inspired the people against local nuclear facilities, at a SDPJ-led 'festival to say no more nuke plants' (22 April).
[3] Militant workers in MAY DAY
The central rally of Rengo May Day on 28 April: militant workers denounced the labour aristocrats currying favour with Koizumi
- The JRCL carried through a massive propaganda in spite of disturbances by the aristocrats. (Photo left)
- Angry voices against Rengo President Washio accepting the restructuring
- Boos and hoots against reactionary Koizumi appearing on the stage
The central May Day rally of the JCP-led Zenroren: militant workers inspired a fighting spirit
- The JRCL propaganda received a lot of supportive responses
- Let us fight back by transcending the stagnant cadre!
Smash a reactionary reorganization of the current civil service system!
1. The 'Framework on Reform of Government Service' unveiled on 27 March with the catch phrase 'the second phase of administrative reform'
- To organize 'staffs for a state strategy' in charge of planing state policies
- To 'streamline' the administrative structure, meaning a mass reduction in personnel
- To introduce new personnel and wage systems that emphasize 'ability and performance'
2. A 'Reform' for breaking through the internal and external difficulties of the sate
3. Never allow leaders in Rengo and Jichiro [Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Union] to assist the reactionary reform!
- Jichiro leaders replace the fight back with demands for 'forming a joint consultation system'
- The leaders order the ranks 'to be good co-ordinators in communities'.
Block the reorganization of national universities as independent public corporations!
Fight back by transcending the JCP-led campaign for demanding 'more budget for higher education'!
1. A neo-liberalist reorganization of the managerial form of national universities
- Introduction of 'competitivity' in the field of education in the name of 'deregulation'
- A positive response to monopoly-capitalists' demands for education
- National Universities' Association accepted the reorganization
- Competition intensified among universities and destructive offensives against autonomous activities of students
- Official opposition movements in degeneration and struggles of Zengakuren (Continued)
What to be learned from the bloody railway accident that killed two linemen in the JR Ebeotsu Station
Liaison Committee of Workers from Smaller Enterprises in Hokkaido - Investigation Commission of the Ebeotsu Accident
1. After doing nothing for two months JR Hokkaido for the first time conducted 'a search for bodies and an on-the-spot inspection' on 10 April
2. A tragic accident: the 'efficiency measures' of JR Hokkaido Co. caused the victim
- Three linemen were attacked by an express train in the station
- Before they reached there, a direction they received from a commanding staff was just 'to go to the spot'.
- The JR Hokkaido Co. restarted its train operation before searching their bodies
3. An official report by the JR company shifted all responsibilities on to the related workers
4. What trade union leaders must do
- Ranks are resigned, saying 'lunches and accidents are up to ourselves'
- Leaders of the JR Hokkaido Workers' Union have abandoned supports to victims and their families
60 thousand transfers and 30% wage cuts: Smash the mass restructuring in NTTs!
- Fight back! Never allow the leadership of the NTT Workers' Union to swear a full co-operate ion to firms!
A question about an article that criticized the present line of the JTU leadership (Liberation No. 1667)
Having read Kuroda's Topos and Praxis Vol. 1, 'The Topos of Life and Death'

Series: on that man who led Russia to ruin, No. 1


No. 1668 May 14th

Down with the Koizumi administration! The 29 April rally fires a signal
'Smash the Security Treaty! Stop revising the Constitution!': The banner raised high
1000 militant students and workers demonstrate to the Diet Bldg. and the Prime Ministers House as beating the disturbance by rightists

- 'The SDPJ and the JCP have chickened out before Koizumi's new administration. Denounce them and fight militantly!' The Zengakuren Chair Iida called on the rally.
- A speech of solidarity by the JRCL-RMF 'Smash ultra-reactionary offensives by the Koizumi administration!'
- Block the neo-fascist reaction! Confirm the significance of the struggle and go forward!
Beat off the rightist disturbance! Calls voiced in unity before the demo.
Militant workers and students inspire 5000 people at the official 'Constitution Day Rally' (3 May)
- 'Let us fight back against Koizumi's scheme to revise the Constitution!' The JRCL developed a mass propaganda
- 'Where's the anti-Security Treaty cause gone!' Before criticisms from workers and students JCP Chair Shii balked in his speech.
- Participants marched through as protesting against the disturbance by rightists
The religious = ethnic war spread to Macedonia
- 'Cross-border offensives' by Albanian forces
- Desperate moves of EU rulers
- Russia's scheme for a military support to the Macedonian government
[3] Kaleidoscope 2001
- Farms and factories in China managed for greedy Japanese capital
- An honorable dismissal with pension for that captain
- Strangely modified sheep with auto-insecticidal skin
Electrical Electronic & Information Union: the central leadership has funeralized the spring offensive under the banner 'Reform the spring offensive'.
- The final abandonment of the unified demand for wage raise
- Full cooperation in introduction of 'performance-based pay' and mass restructuring
- The offensive reduced to a demand for 'building a social safety net'
- Leaders of JCP-led unions approaching to the labour aristocrats
- The central leadership leading the industrial 'patriotic' movement: Expose their nature against the workers!
Leaders of the Metropolitan transportation workers' union: paving the road to 'privatization of the government-run traffic network' / Denounce them as yielding to Tokyo Governor Ishihara!
1. Self-justification of their bankrupt movement for 'defending the public transportation'
2. Their attempts to tighten the bureaucratic control and turn to be another division of personnel management
3. Their submission to Ishihara's neo-liberalism
4. Their rush to today's version of industrial patriotic movement
The history textbook compiled by the Japanese Society for History Textbook Reform: beautifies the war of aggression, revives the mythology on the divine origin of the nation...
Condemn the education ministry for its authorization of the ultra-nationalist textbook!
- 'The Great East-Asian War liberated Asian nations'?
- 'An unbroken line of Emperors' praised.
A JTU meeting on the education reform (24 April): impermissible speeches of corrupt cadres
A meeting on the education reform sponsored by the JCP-led teachers' union (19 April): leaders have abandoned the struggle against the six education-related bills.
Topics The 'reemployment boosting' bills passed: laws for sacking!
The Cruel Stories of NTT Series No. 3
- Workers for information desks: anger growing against the intensified labour
- Tragicomedy over IT-related inquiries
No to neo-fascistic of the postwar system of civil service!
- Transcend the leadership's reduction of the struggle to demands for 'a democratic reform'! Fight back against reorganization of the civil service system
- A fundamental, reactionary reorganization it from workplaces!
The Shizuoka District Court orders JR Tokai Co. to compensate a victim of an tragic accident in a station
- The managerial neglect of safety measures


No. 1667 May 7th
Build a battle front to overthrow the ultra-reactionary Koizumi administration!
Never allow them to perpetrate a fascistic manipulation of the masses!
Smash offensives for revising the Constitution and war preparations!
- Koizumi formed his LDP headquarters and cabinet with the largest Hashimoto faction // expelled.
- Koizumi is rushing for ultra-reactionary offensives by producing his 'nation-wide popularity'.
- Friction and opposition is intensifying over Koizumi's way for 'breaking the impasse'.
- The SDPJ and the JCP have no sense of crisis! Denounce them and fight for overthrowing the Koizumi administration!
21 April 'Students' March' in Tokyo:
'Stop revising the Constitution!': Young voices surround the Diet building

- 'Never allow them to break our antiwar-campaigning Students' Self-governing Association!': a meeting was held in the Kokugakuin University.
- Students from various universities around the metropolitan area were demonstrating with vigorous chants.
Never let the state power start a coercion aimed for death in jail!
- They left cerebral-infarcted antiwar activist H. in jail for 30 hours with no treatment!
- Never allow them to commit a present-day torture!
25 March Russo-Japanese talk: Putin had 'dead duck' Mori well in hand
- The Russian ruler was fishing for economic aids with a lure of the 'return of two islands'
- Putin carried through a policy for wedging between Japan and the U.S. in the name of a 'new relationship between Japan and Russia'.
The JTU leadership contesting with neo-fascists for a 'education reform' plan
Never allow them to yield to neo-liberalism! No turn rightward of the union's 'coordinates'!

1. The JTU leadership submitted to and is contesting with the final report of National Commission on Educational Reform
2. They affirm a 'risky society' based on the economic globalization
- 'Distribution' of risks of the 'market economy'.
- 'Symbiosis' based on 'competitions' according to rules
3. Abandonment of the idea of the Fundamental Law of Education
- Negation of the 'equal educational opportunities'
- Submission to nationalism
4. The national education defined as a 'safety network'
5. A right-ward revision to the bankrupted vision that defined the teachers' union as a 'partner' of the education ministry.
- The JTU leadership have been spurned by their crush.
- Their theory of 'school governance' shows their submission to neo-fascists.
- They are scheming to change the JTU into a 'research body of teachers as specialists'
Smash the offensive to destroy teachers' unions by means of a neo-fascist 'Educational Forum Osaka'! Fight back by denouncing official leaderships submitting to it!
JRCL Kansai-Regional Education Workers' Committee
- The Osaka prefectural board of education has started to cry out: 'Obey the service regulations!'
- The 'Educational Forum Osaka' is aimed for launching a neo-fascist teachers' union.
- Block the 6 education-related bills!
- Strengthen the class unity of workers by fighting back against the trade-union-busting offensive!
Working along with the danger of fatal accidents: how militant postal workers struggled to improve working conditions for out-door service in Hokkaido, overcoming the labour-aristocrats' abandonment of the struggle.
- On icy roads with a temperature minus 30°C . . . a lot of traffic accidents have happened on the job.
- The postal authorities have shifted the responsibilities for the accidents on to workers
- Militant workers have been struggling to improve working conditions by denouncing the labour aristocrats who are fully cooperative with the authorities.
Expose the criminal nature of their demand for 'establishing a democratic civil service system'! Denounce the leadership of the JCP-led public workers' union!
- JCP-affiliated cadre have been engulfed by the 'reform of government service'.
- They criticize it just by referring to Articles of the Constitution
- Having no critical awareness of the strengthening neo-fascist ruling order.
- They are accepting the mass reduction of the personnel under the pretext 'for a democratic and efficient system of the civil service'
Nippon Steel Corp. busy in forming a 'global strategic alliance': Never let them victimize metal workers!
- A storm of international reorganization
- It faces a impeding crisis as having lost the bargaining power.
- Its superiority is shaking.
- No to any victimization of workers!
GPS [Global Positioning System] introduced by taxi companies in Okinawa
- They are watching taxi drivers through 24 hours.
- Just a 5-munite break is given a penalty.
Topics The ministry of education is driving their offensive to 'remove inadequate teachers'.
Denounce the railway accident that killed a linesman!
Never allow the leadership of the pro-corporate workers' union to submit to the managerial! Fight back by overcoming the corrupt leaders who are replacing the fight with demand for 'improving working conditions'!
- JR West Co.'s 'thoroughly efficient operation' has caused the fatal accident.
- Denounce the accident! Demand increase in the personnel! Fight against the new wage / promotion system!
Never allow the JR West Co. to desert workers in its tourist division! Leaders of the pro-corporate union in JR West are screaming out as a repulsion expanding among the rank-and-file.
Education Reform: Is the 'community service' a saviour?
- Like putting the cart before the horse.
- While keeping kids away from plays in the street and field.


No. 1666 April 30th

Join and Surround the Diet on 29 April!
Smash ultra-reactionary offensives
of the Koizumi administration for their survival!

- The end of the largest LDP faction's domination and the infestation of neo-statists
- Taking a hard line with China and promoting a mass restructuring
- Fight back! Denounce the SDPJ/JCP dependent on the '4-party joint oppositions'!
Authorities of Kokugakuin Univ. punish leading students as an ex-SDF official moving for provocation - Fight back against the offensive to destroy the students' self-governing association and the union of students' circles!
- The authorities defend a rightist student consciously working to disrupt students' associations
- The Kanagawa prefectural police schemes a repression against the revolutionary student movement
- Explode a fight-back to block the neo-fascist reaction!
US Force's tilt-rotor aircraft Osprey to be deployed in Okinawa: fatal defects revealed
- 30 soldiers killed in trial flights
[3] Kaleidoscope 2001
- The Japanese government issues a visa to former Taiwanese President Lee in a 'humanitarian' consideration of his need for 'heart check-up'
- Tokyo Governor Ishihara praises former Prime Minister Nakasone: for boasting of himself
- SDPJ Chair Doi treated big at a conference of the Socialist International: just used for Euro-socialists' interests in North Korea
- Japanese media getting silent about officials' embezzlement of secret government funds: they also sponged them.
Labour aristocrats in the JAM federation taking a 'defence of the business' stand thorough and thorough - Fight it out! Never let them sell out the spring offensive!
1. Accepting the restructuring under the pretext of 'difficulties' in small and medium sized firms
2. The JAM leadership ordering cooperation with capitalists
_ 'Talks over the business performance' meant by 'the spring offensive'
_ 'Minimum demands' pushed forward, those for wage hike abandoned
_ Accepting 'sacks for survival of the firm'
_ Demanding 'fair rules' for sacking
Negation of the post-war education according to the idea of the 'honarable national polity' and emphasis on 'gifted talents': Neofascist nature of the final report of the National Conference of Educational Reform (Continued from the previous issue)
3. Undisguised neo-fascist ideology
- A Nazi-like idea of eugenics underlying
- Impregnation of Japanese nationalism
A Rengo rally of small and medium-sized trade unions for the spring offensive (30 March)
_ Angry voices against General Secretary Sasamori imposing low-level settlements
_ Supportive responses to the JRCL propaganda
An encouragement for postal workers: Militant workers stage a mass propaganda at a Postal Workers Union's 'policy forum' in Sapporo 7 March
The Cruel Stories of NTT Series No. 2
- Despite being inexperienced, senior engineers mobilized for sales
- Urged for sales, picked on, and driven to resignation
Topics Rengo central effectively abandons May Day: decides to shift rallies from 1 May to 28 April
A letter: Reading JR East Workers' Union President Matsuzaki Akira's Challenges from Workplaces
- Impressed with humanism underlying
17 February, a bolt of the brakes of a shinkansen bullet train tripped off
- Denounce the JR West Co. denying the responsibility! Fight a struggle for driving safety!
7 March, Power lines of the San'yo shinkansen short-circuited
- Never allow the managerial shift the responsibility on to workers
A letter: On an expression in an article in Kaihoh related to education
Kohchi Satoshi: decadence in thought
- Unworthy to call a 'anti-Stalinist biographer'
- What is hidden behind the abuse 'Kuroda's worship to Japan'
- To make Marxism indigenous to Japan
- Farewell to Kohchi!


No. 1665 April 23th

Join the 29 April Antiwar Anti-Security Treaty Demonstration!
sponsored by Zengakuren and Antiwar Youth Committee
Denounce the air collision incident between American and Chinese military aircrafts!
Condemn successive accidents and soldiers' crimes of the U.S. Force!
No legislation of emergency laws!
Fight the struggle by transcending its distortion by SDPJ / JCP into a vote-collecting campaign!

- East Asia turned a new 'power keg of the world'
- Political, military conflicts intensified between the U.S.-Japan and China-Russia
- U.S. military bases in Japan (Okinawa) strengthened as the forefront against China and Russia
- Never allow the official opposition to distort the struggle into a campaign for 'less Marines' without the 'anti-Security Treaty ' slogan!
Workers and people in Okinawa rally against successive crimes by U.S. soldiers (17 March)
(Photo left) 'Condemn American soldiers' crimes! Denounce the U.S. sub ramming to sink the Ehime-maru!' The Prefectural Zengakuren struggles in the rally in opposition to the official leadership demanding just 'reduction in number' of marines without the 'anti-Security Treaty' principle.
Militant students fight against introduction of the MOX fuel in a nuclear power station
24 March, in Kashiwazaki, together with local workers and residents against the toxic plutonium-uranium mixed oxide fuel for dangerous 'pluthermal' use.

For the coming mayorial election of Nagoya City JCP's shameful attempt to put forward a 'conservative independent' candidate bankrupted: the party's prefectural chair sacked
- A former LDP-member supported by the JCP
- The 'united candidate' project bankrupted as a secret agreement rejected
- The party's local head sacked by the central for a scapegoat
- A victory of our militant workers' struggles from below to oppose the 'conservative independent candidate'
[3] Kaleidoscope 2001
- Disputed history textbook approved
- Joschka Fischer on trial: should better be tried for not the past but the present
- Kangaroo for beef
- Methods for a false accusation again
- Reemployment system of retired police officers introduced for 'training their juniors': what are the corrupted officers to 'teach'?
LDP presidential election in disarray
Power struggles intensified amidst the danger of war
- Sino-American conflicts over the midair collision between their military aircraft
- The presidential race for the head of 'a powerful government
- Smash neofascist reactions!
Negation of the post-war education based on the idea of the 'honarable national polity' and emphasis on 'gifted talents': Neofascist nature of the final report of the National Conference of Educational Reform
1. Proposal for revising the Fundamental Law of Education: represents neo-etatist ideas
- Stresses on 'family, country, and the state'
2. 'Concrete measures' for a statistic and 'talent'-based education
- Imposition of today's version of the sprit of 'self-annihilation for the sake of the country'
- Clear distinction between education for the elite and the 'non-gifted'
- Remodelling of teachers in the name of 'making a new school'
Smash restructuring offensives in the national postal service towards its reorganization into an independent agency! Fight back by transcending the Zentei [Postal Workers' Union] Leadership indulged in proposal of alternative policies!
(Photo: JRCL's anti-restructuring propaganda at a Zentei rally)
- Suicides, overwork to death, traffic accidents ... postal workplaces in a hell
- Massive sackings in the name of 'renewal of postal service'
- The Zentei leadership sacrificing rank-and-file members for 'saving the national postal service'
- Never allow the leadership to distort the struggle! Fight back from workplaces!
The Cruel Stories of NTT Series No. 1
- Working 24 hours: every day for 'My Line' sales
Topics Granting government employees the right to strike in return for removing their job protection for restructuring: a negative reform in the national civil service system prepared
Create a mass struggle against the six education-related bills! Stop introduction of mandatory 'community service'! No introduction of a system for removing teachers!
- The government scheming to pass bills in a month for revising the four laws related to 'educational reform'
- Introduction of mandatory 'community service': for instilling today's version of 'selfless spirit for the state'
- Further emphasis on gifted talents
- A system for 'removing inappropriate teachers' introduced for a tightened management
- Surprising definitions of an 'inappropriate teacher'
- Fight back by transcending the JTU leadership yielding to the education minister!
Review The poverty of philosophy seen in Kohchi Satoshi
The leadership of Kokuro [National Railway Workers Union] in agony
Break with the corrupted leaders who have made a choice to be incorporated into the pro-corporate union!
- The new Kokuro leadership deserting dismissed ex-National Railway workers
- Joining the offensive for destroying the JR labour movement under a general headquarters
- Causes of the failure of Kokuro leadership


No. 1664 April 16th

For 29 April United Actions of Workers and Students
sponsored by Zengakuren and Antiwar Youth Committee

JRCL Central Students' Orgburo

Denounce the air collision incident between a U.S. spy plane and a Chinese fighter jet!
No to attempts to build a U.S.-Japan joint operation system for war of aggression!
No legislation of emergency laws!
Block the offensive for neofascist reaction!
Fight back by transcending the official opposition movements
led by the SPDJ and JCP immersed in their vote-collecting campaign!

I. Increasing danger of warf under a 'new cold war' between the U.S. and China-Russia
1. Sino-American confrontation intensifying over the air collision incident
- China and Russia desperately to build an anti-American network
- The Bush administration taking a hard line against China and Russia
2. Imperialist Japan's scheme to form a 'powerful government' for war preparations
- An all-out offensive for the emergency legislation and the Constitutional revision
- The SPDJ and the JCP immersed in vote-collecting campaigns for the coming House of Councillors election
II. Develop a mass struggle in opposition to the SDPJ / JCP replacing it with election campaigns!
1. The JCP's lapse into the 'defence of the fatherland' stand through the abandonment of the anti-Security Treaty cause
- Even the propaganda for 'better security / foreign policies' retreated
- The 'anti-Security Treaty' cause put on the shelf completely
- Joining the 'patriotic' chorus of nationalism
2. Build a broader battlefront for struggles against wars, against the Security treaty, and against the Constitutional revision!
No the 'reform in government service' for tightening the neofascist ruling order!
Fight back in spite of the oppression by leaders of the Jichiro [All Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Union] and the JCP-led 'Jichiroren'!
1. The government's scheme to 'overhaul the civil service' for breaking through their impasse
- Authorities of ministers to expand and strengthen
- Sweeping cuts in job intended
- An 'ability and performance'-based assessment to be further introduced in personnel management
- The official leadership helping the 'reform' from below
2. Never allow the official leadership to replace counteroffensives of workers with 'promotion of a democratic reform'
- Calling for a 'sweeping reform': leaders of Jichiro help the government
- Proposing a 'democratic reform': cadres of Jichiroren complement the plan
Never allow the Rengo leadership to assist the policies for medium and small companies pursued by the government and the ruling class!
1. Reorganization of medium and small-size enterprises by the monopolies and realignment of trade unions affiliated with Rengo
2. Imposition of 'self-sacrifice' for 'securing foundations for management': the 'boosting manifesto by trade unions in medium and small companies'
3. Trade unions to be incorporated in the ruling order: criminal nature of Rengo's line of 'labour movement of a participation-type'
The education ministry to conduct a 'research of education service in Hokkaido'
- The aim is to deprive the workers of their gained rights
- Never let the HTU leaders yield to the authorities!
'Never call an ambulance!' 'Give up applying for compensation for industrial injury, or you'll be sacked.' Construction firms cover up accidents
- Injuries increased with restructurings
- Pay for treatment imposed on workers
Questions concerning the article for the NTT spring offensive (Liberation No. 1660)
With notes on the unmediated process of production of capital and the exploitation
Having read Kuroda's Praxis and Topos, vol. 1
- Questioning myself and with a renewed resolution
Topics Rengo labour aristocrats' 'sumarization of the spring offensive': like a leader of a defeated force shifts the responsibility to the ranks.
Criticism: Kohchi Satoshi's Critical Review of the Young Kuroda
- A negative way to be taken in a critical review? (Continued)


No. 1663 April 9th

Smash offensives to accelerate the mass restructurings
on the pretext of 'promoting bad loan disposal'!

Denounce the JCP helping victimization of workers
in the name of 'cooperation with conservative sections'!

The Mori Administration rushing for 'structural reforms in the economy' including 'disposal of bad loans'
- An international pledge pressed by Bush
- Restructurings to be accelerated by 'direct amortizations' of bad loans
Measures for breakthrough pressed by the impeding economic crisis
- Screams in fear of 'Japan's ruin'
- Trials and errors for a 'powerful administration'
Fight in opposition to the official leadership helping from below the 'economic reforms'
- Workers and people under the accelerated mass restructuring
- The Criminal nature of the SDPJ / JCP immersed in the '4-party coalition'
Condemn the spy plane incident between the U.S. and China!
Oppose imperialist America selling an Aegis-equipped destroyer to Taiwan!
Stop the NMD / TMD development! Oppose a new arms race between the U.S. and China-Russia!

Students against the nuclear fuel cargo.
Zengakuren [All-Japan Federation of Students' Self-governing Associations] holds the 113rd Central Committee Meeting (22-23 March)
- Smash the Security Treaty! Down with Mori's dead duck cabinet! A bridgehead built for spring student offensive
[3] Kaleidoscope 2001
- LDP Secretary General Koga recommended dissident Kato for Prime Minister?
- The ping-pong diplomacy again?: Henry A. Kissinger in Beijing
- The world worst 'rogue state' have globalized everything including its soldiers' crimes.
Widening disagreements within the U.S.-Japan alliance and the death agony of the Japanese imperialist economy
What will be brought about by ignorant Mori's 'pledge' to the U.S.?
1. A two-hour-long 'tug-of-war' between the 'empty suits' and the 'shark's brain'
2. Strong claims raised by the Bush administration on the pretext of 'considering the alliance'
- A sudden shift from the previous disregard for mori-bund Mori
- Precaution against Japan's 'independence'
- Pressure for 'quicker disposal of bad loans'
3. Further victimization of workers and toiling masses brought about by Mori's 'international pledge' for 'disposal of bad loans within six months'
- Mori's thoughtless illusion for his 'honorable retirement'
- Bush's demands for 'power sharing' and Mori's responses
- Imperatives for 'disposal of bad loans' and its pressure
Russia restarts its arms exports to Iran
Conflicts intensified over the share of the Caspian oil between the U.S. and Russia
[6] Labour Front
All drivers faced with sacking by a bus company in Hokkaido: Never allow the mass restructuring to be forced in the name of 'deregulation'!
Harsh restructurings after the disastrous spate in Tokai region: facilities' damages cause closures, leading to redeployments and sackings.
Military base workers exposed to lethal electromagnetic waves in Okinawa
- The U.S. military authorities and the government covered up the accident and self-justified
Topics Rengo Chair Washio asked the government to 'work to increase jobs for avoiding a panic-like situation', while helping mass sackings.
Criticism: Kohchi Satoshi's Critical Review of the Young Kuroda
- A negative way to be taken in a critical review?
A JR Tokai shinkansen train travelled without piloting for five minutes: the driver left his seat to look for his missing cap
- It is against company rules to work without a cap on: vicious management of the personnel
- Under CEO Kasai's order: CCTV cameras installed in driver's stations for surveillance against workers affiliated with trade unions other than a pro-corporate union
Cadres in JR Hokkaido Workers' Union must listen to members transferred to subcontracts' workplaces


No. 1662 April 2nd

Down with the dead-duck Mori Cabinet!
Zengakuren demonstrates to the Diet 23 March

Voices resound throughout the central of the Capital (photo left): No the Security Treaty! No revision of the Constitution!
Militant students denounce the JCP for their dependence on the 'opposition coalition' led by ultra-nationalist Ichiro Ozawa
Calls issued: Smash reactionary offensives!
Zengakuren stages protests against Mori's visit to the U.S.
In front of the Prime Minister's Official Residence on 18 March (photo right)
Stop resuming operations at Monju reactor!
Never allow Japanese imperialist rulers to continue the failed development of a nuclear fuel recycling system!
- The Atomic Energy Commission announces a plan to restart operations of the fast-breeder nuclear reactor 'in three years'
- A forcible breakthrough of their impasse in nuclear energy/weapon development
- Block the planned resumption in danger of a grave accident!
Militant workers struggle in local Rengo rallies for the spring offensive
Osaka, 4 March: Angry voices levelled against the Rengo President, 'You count 1 % a wage hike!'
Kanazawa, 13 March: 'Smash mass restructurings!' Full of energy for the offensive
[3] Kaleidoscope 2001
- Memory of Mori Blues performed by the Mori Mori-bu(a)nd
- No Quiet on the West European Front: globalization of foot-and-mouth and mad-cow diseases
- A pilgrimage to the holly place with Deng's statue
- CCTV cameras and facial recognition systems increased on the streets
Break the all-out reorganization of education to inspire loyalty to the state and stress a personal talent!
1. The final report of the National Commission on Educational Reform: stressing the need to inspire today's version of the 'self-annihilation for the country' spirit (Photo: kids in training to kill 'Anglo-American devils', 1943)
- Proposal for revision of the Fundamental Law of Education
- Obligation of volunteer service activities for 'breeding children to be Japanese'
- Stresses on 'encouragement of leaders' and 'gifted talents'
- Neo-liberalist reforms of teachers' minds and school systems
2. Penetration of capitalists' demands for education based on their idea of Japan as a 'strong military power' and a 'technological giant'
3. Neofascistic class nature of the final report
- Falsehood in statism that makes the state its supreme value
- Appearance of the fetishism of personal talents based on genetic determinism
4. Smash bills for 'education reform'! Stop revision of the Fundamental Law of Education!
- Obligation of volunteer service activities
- Prior enforcement of special measures for the precocious including early college entrance
- Schemes for revising the Fundamental Law of education
Leaders in the Mie Prefectural Teachers' Union submit to the administrative order for 'return of salaries'
- The Prefectural board of education requests a 'talk' of the union
- Submission to the Ministry and the educational board who aim to deprive the gains for trade union activities
[6] Labour Front
The annual National Teachers' Meeting for Education Research sponsored by the Japan Teachers' Union: militant workers struggle throughout the sessions in opposition to a scheme to scrap the 'education for peace'
- The JTU leaders scheme to castrate the education research movement.
- Intensive criticisms levelled at what they call 'another type of peace education'.
- Angry voices exploded against the scheme to distort the movement into today's version of the Patriotic Education Campaign.
- "Never allow the Meeting to be reorganized as a complement to the governmental training course!'
The cadres of the JCP-led General Federation of Automobile Transport Workers Unions distort the spring offensive under the slogan 'from criticism to alternatives'
- Giving full cooperation to the management 'for a friendly taxi'
- Introducing the JCP line of 'labour participation in the management'
Topics Fujitsu Ltd. 'reviews' (?) the merit-based pay system: intending a further tightened personnel control.
Denounce the centre of Japan Federation of Publishing Workers' Unions for their 'defence of the company (industry)' stand!
1. The JCP cadres push forward demands for 'minimum wage plans'
2. Submitting to the capitalist offensive for lower wages and sackings under the 'depression'
- No idea before the 'grave depression'
- Abandonment of the industrially unified demands for wage raise
- Fallacious demands for 'minimum wage plans'
- Acceptance of the offensive of mass restructurings
- Lack of critical mind to neo-fascist reactions
- Distortion of the labour movement for JCP's vote-collecting campaign
3. Fight the spring offensive 2001 based on the unified power of publishing workers!
Sophistries by Kasai, JR Tokai CEO: the railway company 'remains with the residents'
- It's you yourself who dodged responsibilities for accidents by putting them on your workers, who closed passengers in carriages for profitability amid the heavy rain, and who ..., is it not?
Extra pages for theoretical study
The Communist Party of the Russian Federation and Richard Kosolapov
1. Foundation of the CPRF and R. Kosolapov
2. Kosolapov's defeat and degeneration
On Service Labour
1. What is 'service labour'?
2. Theoretical levels in analysing service labour


No. 1661 March 26th

Denounce labour aristocrats in the IMF-JC
for destruction of the spring labour offensive!

Unite for winning the offensive 2001!

Down with the 'Mori-bund' Mori Cabinet!

- The 'collapse of a lined-up spring offensive' shown off by the labour and management in the metal industry.
- The stock market crash: an impeding catastrophe of the Japanese economy
- The survived Mori-bund Cabinet wrecking Japan
- Throw over the Mori Cabinet with all the workers' force!
The Rengo central rally for the offensive on 2 Mar.
Militant workers struggle for winning in the spring offensive 2001
- Labour aristocrats heckled for their repressing wage hikes and helping restructurings
- IMF-JC leaders justify their submission to the capitalists' zero-wage-raise offensive
- JRCL's mass propaganda denounces the leadership for funeralizing the offensive
The JCP-led Zenrokyo central rally on 2 Mar.
Militant workers denounce the cadres for shameless approach to the Rengo leadership.
- Supportive responses to JRCL leaflets.
- Voices of objection erupted against the Chair who promoted the 'four-party joint opposition'
Students from Mori's constituency stage protests on 27 Feb.
- Shouting, 'Down with the Mori Cabinet for military build-ups!' in front of the LDP Ishikawa Prefectural office
[3] Kaleidoscope 2001
- The 'possibility of a coup' referred to by a conservative journal: difficulties mounted under the 'Mori-bund' cabinet
- President of the Japan Federation of Employers' Association Okuda flatters the JCP Chair.
- Scandal in France: the reason why the man appeared again.
- A scandal in Kanagawa police again.
[4] Tokyo Governor Ishihara Shintaro
A demagogue who makes a chauvinistic agitation for anti-American nationalism and contempt for the rest of Asians
1. Right-wing journalism in chorus for 'Prime Minister Ishihara'
- 'Rejection of the US-made Constitution' stressed for a 'true independence'
- A flag-bearer for the neo-fascist reactions
2. Fanatic agitation for chauvinism
- Emphasis on 'threats of China and North Korea' and hatred towards 'white nations'
- Ambition for Japan's debut as an 'independent military power'
- Japan as 'Asian leader'
3. Neofascist nature of Ishihara's demagoguery
a) Self-exposure of the fascistic idea of 'the eugenic nation'
- 'Anti-communist' demagogy
- Inferiority complex to 'white nations' and contempt for the rest of Asians as its reverse
b) Today's revival of militarism in the name of 'independence'
- Resurrection of the military for waging a war of aggression
- Ambition for a top-down system under the prime minister in the name of 'crisis control'
4. Agitation for today's version of the ultra-nationalist idea: the whole world under one roof
Ishihara branded 'a demagogue' by President of the Japan Federation of Employers' Association Okuda
[6] Labour Front
Smash the offensive for mass restructuring called 'renewal of the postal service'!
- Suicides, overwork to death, accidents, scandals ... workplaces in a hell
- Victimizing workers in the name of 'growing out of a red-ink structure'
- Denounce the leadership of the Postal Workers' Union, an obedient dog to the Ministry
- Fight back by transcending the official 'movement for developing the postal service'!
Report: the founding conference of the 'Education Forum in Osaka' 11 Feb
- A new teachers' union being prepared by neo-fascists
Topics 'This can just help firms reduce the personnel; but, I do it practically', said the first president of the Rengo-run employment agency
[7] Metal industry
In the name of 'adjustment': Labour aristocrats help the managerial repress wages
1. JAM's policy for the spring offensive: centring in 'individualized minimum demands'
2. Central leaders exposing their nature against workers
3. Fight it out by bombarding leaders from below!
Condemn the train derailment at JR Wakkanai Station!
Rotten cadres in the JR Hokkaido Workers' Union do nothing about successive railway accidents. Fight back in opposition to them!
The cadres have completely abandoned workers' struggle for driving safety.
Review Kohchi Satoshi's Critical Biography of the Young Kuroda
Kohchi's poor interpretation of 'technics'
- 'Criticism' of the young Kuroda on the basis of The Communist's special issue for "Taketani's Theory of Technics"
- Taketani's concept of the 'objective Gesetzlichkeit'
- What Kohchi calls the dual meaning of 'conscious'
- Misery of 'my' view
- What is invisible does not exist (?)

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