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No. 1840 (October 18th Issue)

24 Oct. Antiwar Actions
Don't make Japan
the US hub base for the 'war on terrorism'!

Denounce the Rengo leadership,
advocators of the Constitutional revision!

- The international donors conference for Iraq held in Tokyo: an attempt to support the puppet government of the US
- Complete bankruptcy in the US occupation
- Death agony of the Bush administration
- Global 'transformation' of the US forces for the 'war on terrorism'
- Attempts to strengthen SDF forces as the Japanese military for war of aggression
- Against the war! Against the US-Japan military alliance! Against revision of the Constitution! Advance the antiwar struggle!
Antiwar actions on 24 October in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya
Remove Futenma Air Station! Stop the building of a new US Marine base!
- 3500 people at a rally in Okinawa, militant students in the forefront (2 Oct.)
Denounce the US helicopter crash!
- Okinawa Kengakuren and Antiwar Youth demonstrating on Futenma Base (23 Sept.)
'Lift the ban on Japan's arms export!': the recent report from Koizumi's advisory committee
- Intending to boost the plan of US-Japan joint development of missile defence systems
[3] Kaleidoscope 2004
- Irregular heartbeats of Blair
- One after another Iraqi cities become no-go zones
- A 'black-box strategy' of the Japanese high-tech industry: showing its decline
- 'Capability of intelligence gathering': of the 51st state of the US
Okada-led Democratic Party of Japan: proposing revisions of the Constitution under the pretext of 'respect for the UN Charter'
- With UN resolutions, 'Japan's use of force' unlimited
- Showing its inclination to 'independence from the US'
- Attempts to refer to 'the UN Charter' for justifying revisions of the Constitution
- In the name of 'anti-bureaucracy', proposing a top-down-system headed by a Prime Minister
- Denounce the Democratic Party and Rengo leadership, advocators of the Constitutional revision
Collapse of the 'weekly 35-working-hour system' in Germany
- German monopoly capitalists imposing longer working hours
- Imperialist inroads into Middle and East European countries
- A complete surrender of the GI Metal leadership
- Defeat in its struggle for shorter working hours
- Schroeder's SDP government driving forward deregulations
[5] Labour Front
Jichiro's 75th Regular Convention: The leadership starting to discard the war-renouncing Article 9 under the pretext of the need 'to discuss the Constitution'
- Rengo president Sasamori publicly proposing a 'revision of Article 9'
- Angry voices against the historic worst Counsel from the Personnel Authority
- Leaders' proposal supporting the introduction of new personnel and wage systems based on ability and performance
- Fight against the 'municipal restructuring'! Denounce the leadership supportive for it!
Stop revision of the Fundamental Law of Education! 2000 education workers and other people rallying at a national meeting despite the abandonment of struggle by the JTU leadership
- Angers against the pointless keynote report
- Three guest speakers calling on the audience to fight back, from their senses of crisis
- Vigorous calls against the revision, during a demonstration
Topics Rapid increase of NEETs: reported by the labour ministry only stressing measures for capitalists
Thinking over the significance of the 'dialectic between the organizing of mass movement and the building of vanguard organizations'
- How this logic was constructed
- What I thought reading Kuroda's "1960 struggles against the Security Treaty and students' participation in politics'
- After reading again his Humanism and Marxism
Reading K. Kuroda's Life and His Works


No. 1839 (October 11th Issue)

24 Oct. United Antiwar Actions of Workers and Students!
Stir up the flame of struggles
against the Iraq war,
the US-Japan military alliance and
the Constitutional revision!

JRCL Central Students' Orgburo

Oppose the continued US occupation of Iraq!
Pull out Japanese troops, accomplices in the occupation!
Don't make Japan the hub base for the 'war on terrorism'!
Stop revisions of the Constitution!
I. Muslim people's struggles surging against US imperialism and the death agony of the militarist empire of America as the 'sole superpower' in the world
- Elections in January 2005: no prospect
- The failed ambition to monopolize the Iraqi oil
- Planned 'transformations' of the US Forces for the 'war on terrorism'
II. Franco-German imperialism, Russia and China in rivalry with the sole domination by US imperialism
III. The reshuffled Koizumi Cabinet rushing to strengthen the US-Japan military alliance
- Collapse of the official peace movement and the struggle by the revolutionary leftwing
IV. Against the Iraq war! Against the US-Japan military alliance! Stop the revision of the Constitution! Build a powerful struggle!
1. Expose the UN-dependent distortion of antiwar struggles by the central JCP leadership!
- 'A process towards the recovery of the Iraqi sovereignty': a delusion
- The JCP alternative of 'UN-based assistance for the Iraqi people in building its nation'
2 Fight now aiming to overthrow the reactionary Koizumi government! Advance the struggle against the Iraq war and the military alliance! Stop revisions of the Constitution!
[3] Kaleidoscope 2004
- The same ghost-writer for W. Bush and Allawi
- 56 % of the kids ignorant of the heliocentric theory
- Japan vs. US: a war over the IC tip market
- Zimbabwe: an artificially bordered country on a map
- Is that a horror novel? Why I became a terrorist?
Japanese economy: in a critical situation with the rising oil prices and the bank failures
1. An uneven 'recovery': aggravated differences
2. Japanese monopolies seeking for their recoveries dependent on growing demands from China and exports to the US
3. Forcible major restructurings for breakthrough
- Cell production systems
- Manufacturing of high-tech products returning to home
- Reorganization and selections of banks
4. Simultaneous recessions impending to the US, Japan and China
2004 Counsel of the National Personnel Authority proposing the worst revision in the wage system for the civil service
- No basic raise, cuts in special allowance for northern districts
- Considerable cuts in the basic pay under the pretext of 'appropriate distribution among districts'
- Introduction of the 'performance-based' wages
- Fight it back by denouncing the Jichiro leadership supporting the revision
Topics 'Fab-less' manufacturing: tragedies caused by the out-sourcing
Devastated medical service and intensified labour in the name of 'managerial efficiency'
- Like scenes of The Modern Times
- Spread of MDCTs
- Excessive checkups for patients: declined technicality of doctors
- Intensified competitions among medical-related capitals
- Reorganized forms of management of public hospitals
- Organize a fight-back from workplaces!
Nurses to be killed together with patients
- Public hospitals starting to seek for profitability
Reading Kuroda's books
- "The Resolute Will to Revolutionization", included in Selected Early Writings of Kan'ichi Kuroda
The recent flood in Fukui prefecture: Why did the left bank of the river collapsed?
- Hardships of the sufferers
- Local authorities shifting the causes to the natural factors


No. 1838 (October 4th Issue)

Fight to overthrow the Koizumi government!
Oppose the continued US occupation of Iraq!
Oppose Japan's participation in the occupation!
Stop the strengthening of US military bases in Japan!
Stop Japan's military build-up!

- Koizumi's scheme to get Japan's permanent seat on the UN Security Council
- The bankrupted military occupation and the international isolation: the Bush administration in a dead impasse
- US forces reorganized and strengthened for the 'war on terrorism'
- Fight to overcome the confused official opposition movement!
Zengakuren: 74th Regular National Convention (17-18 July)
- Prepared to fight against the Iraq war and the Constitutional revision
- New Chairman and other leaders elected
Denounce the Tokyo prefectural board of education issuing an official order for the Rising-Sun flag and the Emperor's-Reign anthem!
- A new order to forcibly guide the students for 'standing up and singing in unison'
- A punitive training on all teachers at 98 high schools where their students did not stand up for singing
- Fight back! Denounce the social-democratic leadership abandoning the fight!
[3] Kaleidoscope 2004
- A pre-emptive defence strategy before criticism: even a 'desire' for WMD can justify US invasion
- 100 years after the Russo-Japanese war: a Japanese socialist who called on Russian comrades to fight together against the war
- A rare strike by 'mere baseball players' in Japan: Now, it's mere workers' turn!
- A brave and a fool at the Yankee Stadium: a player from 'an Okinawa in the Caribbean' and the Japanese prime minister
Chukaku-ha remnants: 'revolution of the party'?
Okada-led Democratic Party of Japan: raising its banner of 'revision of the Constitution'
- Openly justifying Japan's use of force 'as a sovereign right of the nation'
- In response to the employers' federation moving to revision
- Internal strife between Okada and Ozawa
- Denounce the Sasamori leadership of Rengo supporting the Democratic Party!
[6] Labour Front
Leaders of the Japan Post Workers Union fully accepting the worst revision in the 'communication rules'
- The revision for a 'speedy' completion of restructuring measures
- 'Joint consultation systems' from the top to the bottom
- Fight for the rebirth of postal workers' movement!
Harsh burdens shifted onto on workers: amid the 'Osaka taxi war'
- Suicides, deaths from overwork, traffic accidents ...
- More cars and cheaper rates: an overheated competition
Topics Rapid increase of suicides from depression: belated review of the standards of compensation for industrial accidents
[7] Jichiroren [JCP-led Municipal Workers' Unions]
Jichiroren regular national convention: central leaders distorting workers' struggles against restructurings, the Iraq war and the Constitutional revision
- 'Stop the Constitutional revision!' An order from above with no opposition to the Iraq war or the military alliance
- 'Build a steady workplace organization!' Empty cries
JRCL leaflet for the convention Create waves against Iraq war, revision of the Constitution and restructurings! Fight from workplaces in spite of oppression by JCP-affiliate leaders!
Poem: Oh, Chechnya!
Book Review: The Imperial Army's war experienced by a private to be a writer


No. 1837 (September 27th Issue)

Advance struggles against the Iraq War
in solidarity with fighting Muslim people!

30000 people at a rally in Ginowan,
600 OIU students with the red flags
of their self-governing association
No Futenma Air Station!
The huge banners of OIU students encouraging the rally
Denounce the Putin government murdering people in North Ossetia!
Stop the bloody repression on the Chechen struggle for independence!
- Exposed limitations of the coercive FSB regime
- Flames of Islamic revolts burning all over the world
- Drastic changes in the international dynamics and the unstableness in the Bush emperor
- The poodle government in crisis
[2] Okinawa
30000 people protesting the US helicopter crash: 600 OIU students fighting in the forefront (12 Sept.)
- A mass rally of protest was held at the OIU ground by a sponsoring committee formed of Ginowan City, OIU etc. Fighting students from local universities stood in the forefront in solidarity with militant workers after developing campaigns of their self-governing associations.
- Stop now US military drills for the Iraqi invasion! The OIU Students' Self-Governing Association holding a student rally prior to the City-sponsored rally
Stop the building of the new Marine base at Henoko!
- Protests against the preparatory boring (9 Sept.)
[3] Kaleidoscope 2004
- After the female celebrities, a popular comic hero: a comical trick to popularise the unpopular Japanese troops in Samawah
- A Korean writer's new novel: for a never erasable emotion of the nation
- Who attempted to poison a Russian writer describing the 'unstoppable' Chechen war?
- 'China's low degree in civilization'? Ultra-nationalists feigning to be victims
A cyber alienation spoiling children: a juvenile murder at an elementary school in the Kyushu region
1. Causes for the incident
- Exchanges of words on the net, leading to a 'murderous intent'
- Rivalries for exams, and hardships of life
2. Structural deformities of the today's education in Japan reflected on the incident
- The 'virtual reality' confounded with the actual reality
- Isolated kids with no 'playing'
- Escalation in the talent / ability first education
- Difficulties in livelihoods under Koizumi-led 'structural reforms' and a crisis in home education
'Teach the preciousness of life!', the education ministry agitating
- An arbitrary justification for revising the Fundamental Law of Education
- Accusations from below by a struggling education worker
Fight back against the intensification of the repressive security order under the pretext of 'counter-terror measures'!
Police bureaucracy attempting to build a Japanese CIA
- 'Outlines of Counter-Terror Measures' announced by the National Police Agency
- Intensification of the surveillance system of the nation for its control under the pretext of 'prevention of terrors'
- Reorganization and strengthening of the police system
- Overthrow of the Koizumi government producing 'a nation that can wage war'!
Now at a hospital for the aged people: severe labour imposed on nursing care workers
- Hospital wards reorganized for higher profitability
- Wards redefined as 'special treatment wards' with no increase in the personnel
- Meal, evacuation, bath c too busy to care all
- A nurse redeployed for 'punishment'
- Let us break through the difficult status quo!
Topics 'A market-based examination' introduced in the tender system by the Koizumi government: a copy of the Anglo-American method of privatisation
'Nothing can be done after death!' Angers emerging against the headquarters of the JCP-led National Teachers Union
- The central leadership depressed by the party's defeat in the latest elections
- Abandonment of the struggle against the punishment on teachers against the national flag and anthem
- Right-wing 'reforms' of the union's national research meeting for education
- The central leadership with no sense of crisis to Japan's participation in the multinational forces in Iraq
No to the planned end / cut in the special allowance for civil servants in cold districts!
- By max 100-thousand yens per household
- Fight it out in spite of the betrayal by the central leadership!
[8] Review
Uzumebi: compiled interviews with Ouchi Tsutomu, with no contents or visions
- Poor interviewers unable to make critical questions
- No investigation into Ouchi's study on state monopoly capitalism
- A devastated 'school'
- What to be taken over


No. 1836 (September 20th Issue)

Smash the postal privatization, four-way split!
Fight back against the major restructuring
forced in the name of 'structural reform'!

- A finish in the 'structural reform' led by Koizumi and Takenaka
- Power struggles in the LDP intensified over the privatisation of the national postal service
- Attempts to dismantle the postal savings and the Kampo life insurance: pressed by American financial scavengers and the national Federation of Bankers Associations
- Rengo and JPU labour aristocrats: full cooperation in the restructuring
- Fight it back! Overcome the all-out surrender by the official leadership!
Denounce the Putin government committing a massacre in North Ossetia!
- No to repression onto Muslim struggles for independent Chechnya
Fight back against Tokyo Governor's decision to adopt the ultra-nationalist school textbook!
- Fight against the imposition of the rising-sun flag and the reign-of-the-emperor anthem!
Exposures of secret police funds: what is going behind the scene
- An attempt to reorganization of Japan's police according to the US intention
Kaleidoscope 2004
- A 'stupid white' man but with the rising rate of approval
- Hell in Beslan
- A new Japanese novel titled 'Case Officer': stressing Humint for the CIA
Leaders in the Municipal/Prefectural Workers Union praising the emergency-related laws
- 'Localities to lead responses to an emergency'??
The four-way division and privatization of the national postal system: A finish in the Koizumi-led 'structural reform'
1. The planned division and privatisation to victimize postal workers
- Koizumi, how many workers do you kill!
2. Contents of the 'basic policy'
3. Internal power struggle intensified within the government and the ruling class
- A simple imitation of US neo-liberalism
- Realization of the economic interests of Japanese financial monopolies
- Disagreements and power struggles
4. Smash the 80000 sackings planned before the privatisation! Fight back against the major rationalization offensive!
Education in today's Britain is that in tomorrow's Japan
- Schools without teachers, non-Shakespeare English, 'bankruptcies' of PFI schools...
Hellish workplaces in the social insurance service
- The performance-based principle
The forefinger is equivalent to the second or the third finger?
- Compensation standards for industrial accidents revised to worse by the labour ministry
Aichi Prefecture: Japan's No.1 in the number of deaths from industrial accidents
Topics A death from overwork only 50 days after the employment: the publication industry under a storm of rationalization
Schools in Osaka: fewer teachers than their quota
- No teachers to fill a vacancy
- Difficulties in the transition to a 'special assistant education'
- Fight back against the decrease in the quota of regular teachers! No to the intensification of labour! Smash the prefecture's policy 'to curtail the personnel expenses'! Fight it back by overcoming the campaign 'to demand more state budget' led by the leadership!
Reading books
Torture in the name of 'atonement': deceptions seen in a book on 'the Kobe juvenile killer'
After reading the article, "What I have thought of as working and learning"


No. 1835 (September 13th Issue)

Oppose the drastic strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance!

Pull out the Japanese troops from Iraq!
Stop the Constitutional revision!
- The Putin government shaken by Chechen uprisings

- The US forces in Japan reorganized for carrying out the 'war on terrorism'
- The government and the ruling class crying for lifting the ban on arms export and revising the Constitution
- Deceptive JCP bureaucrats giving no reference to the Allawi government

Zengakuren struggle to stop the US nuclear carrier Stennis (21 Aug)
- Protests on the water and in the street
- Together with 1500 workers rallying at a local trade-union rally
(Pic left lower)

Okinawa: Denounce the US helicopter crush!
- 2200 people at a protest rally near the US base (21 Aug)
(Pics above and upper in the left)

To the 74th regular convention of Zengakuren!
- Let us build up a fighting line against the Iraq war and the Constitutional revision!

Kaleidoscope 2004
- The truth behind the stomach-ache of an Iraqi Muslim leader: the Japanese government taking too much for granted
- Oil-rich Equatorial Guinea: another Gulf
- 'Counter-terror measures': eventually, a domestic passport system

A school is the epitome of today's Japanese society: Now is the time for education and municipal workers to rise up in unity
1. Life-hazard of kids seen in schools
- Kids who cannot 'play' and parents who have no inter-humanity
- Difficulties in relating to kids, and to parents
2. Japanese society reflected on kids' growing up
- Kids and their tragic realities
- Realities of parents worried about bringing up children in isolation
3. 'Education reform' proposed by Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara: Destruction of 'juvenile education'
- 'Tokyo Revolution in the mind' driving kids and moms into impasse
- What is caused to kids by separations by the degree of progress and the worsened rules for teachers' redeployments
- Characteristic responses by Ishihara approaching the juvenile issues as those of security
- Reduction in the personnel for public juvenile halls and clubs
oclubs -related issues Responses charaCharaTo Approaching
Fight back against the Tokyo Governor's decision to adopt the ultra-nationalist textbook for history
- Publicly praising the war of aggression
[6] Labour front
Denounce the leadership of Jichiro [Municipal/Prefectural Workers' Unions] starting to desert war-renouncing Article 9
- Denouncing the leaders moving towards the Constitutional revision
- Fight back against the planned mobilization of workers for building a national mobilization system!
- No to negative revisions to the civil service system!
- Fight back against sackings, redeployments and intensified labour!
- Fight back by overcoming the Jichiro-version of the employer-employee consultation line
Fight back against redeployments, dismissals and intensified labour imposed on medical workers!
Fight it by denouncing Jichiro leaders ordering the ranks to 'work hard in competition with private hospitals'!
- Drastic changes in the managerial form of public hospitals
- Intensification of labour
- Hell of electronic medical records
- The reason why the leadership fails to propose any tactics for fight back
Support Mitsubishi Motor workers in adversity!
- 'Employment troubles to ease': Toyota's deception
- Workers forced into 'retirement from personal reasons'
- Labour aristocrats helping the restructuring
Reading Kuroda's books
- "Participation in Students' Movement", included in Selected Early Writings by Kanichi Kuroda Vol. 1
- Anthropology


No. 1834 (September 6th Issue)

Against the Iraq war!
Against the US-Japan military alliance!
Against revision of the Constitution!

Fight in solidarity with Iraq people rising up
to break the US occupation and to overthrow the puppet government!

A Zengakuren boat struggling to stop the US carrier Stennis
entring Sasebo port in Kyushu (21 Aug)

- Setback in the US operation to wipe out the Mahdi Army
- The Bush driven into a corner
- Strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance and the intensified attempt to revise the Constitution
- Build a battlefront to stop the Constitutional revision, as stressing the position against the war and the US-Japan military alliance!
Stop the Stennis!
- Zengakuren struggle to stop the US nuclear carrier entering Sasebo port, together with local trade unions (21 Aug)
Nationwide student protests against the US helicopter accident in Okinawa and the massacre in Najaf!
- Tokyo (13 Aug), Nagoya, Osaka and Kagoshima (14 Aug)
See the JRCL statement on the accident
General meeting of students in Kokugakuin University (10 July)
- Elected a militant leadership again!
- Decided a course against the Iraq war and oppressions on students' activities
[3] Kaleidoscope 2004
- Scavengers again from America and their accomplices
- From subcontractors to subcontractors: an American chain of subcontract beyond oceans
- The truth of the nuclear fallouts on pacific islands: revealed fifty years after
- Victimization by the occupation forces: doubts emerging over the Iraqi guerrilla attack on two Japanese journalists
Stop Tokyo ward administrations planning to introduce a new personnel system based on job classes and ranks! Fight back against intensified control and lower wages!
- Introduction of a job-and-rank based system under the guise of 'personnel employment system'
- A drastic intensification of labour management
- A sharp cut in wages of workers
- Redeployment and multiplied duties
- Fight back in opposition to the leadership! In solidarity with workers in dust collecting divisions!

What I thought of hearing the news of the nuclear accident in Mihama Nuclear Power Plant
- Immediately
- The meaning
[6] Labour front
Fight back against the major restructuring offensive by the Hokkaido prefectural authority!
- 50% reduction in personnel planned
- Outsourcing
- 'Plans for financial reconstruction' based on neo-liberalist ideas
- Fight back in opposition to the leadership's initiative for 'reform and financial stability'
Fight back against closures and reduction in personnel in Okinawa prefectural hospitals!
Topics Bargaining over the cut in the state share for the compulsory education: the weak-kneeled leadership of the JTU
Why I fight on: in spite of the restructuring offensive
- Alone at a 'restructure room' all day
Reading Kuroda's book
- 'Participation in student movement', included in Selected Early Writings by Kan'ichi Kuroda

42nd International Antiwar Assembly

[7] Regional meetings
(Continued from the previous issue)

Kansai meeting in Osaka
- The significance of the solidarity with the Muslim people highlighted (Pic top in the left)

Tokai meeting in Nagoya
- The basics confirmed for autumn struggles to stop the dispatch of Japanese troops from an SDF base (Pic middle)

Kyushu meeting in Fukuoka
- Workers and students united against the war and the Constitutional revision (Pic bottom)

[5] Messages of solidarity
(Continued from the previous issue)

- Workers Revolutionary Party (EEK) (Greece)

- Northstar Compass (Canada)
- New Communist Party (Britain)
- Movement for a Socialist Future (Britain)
- International League of People's Struggle - USA

(To continue)

No. 1833 (August 30th Issue)

Stop the Najaf massacre
by the US occupation force!

Stop the revision
of the Constitution!

- The puppet government of US imperialism driven into a corner
- The planned reorganization of US Forces for the 'war on terrorism'
- Currents towards a 'Constitutional revision in 2007'
- Fight in solidarity with Iraqi people struggling indomitably!


Denounce the US helicopter crash on the OIU campus!

No cover-up! Students struggling to stop
US vehicles taking out the wreckage (16 Aug)
Right after the accident: OIU students rallying
at the campus (13 Aug)

A trade union based rally of protest near the US Base (16 Aug)
Remove Futenma Base! Stop the building of a new US Marine base!
Fight now for an explosive struggle against the Iraq war and the US-Japan military alliance!
JRCL Okinawa Prefectural Committee
- Defective, outdated helicopters used in drills for the 'war on terrorism'
- Stop the strengthening of US bases in Okinawa and nationwide as bases for sorties!
See the full text

Danger of death threatening students and workers in Okinawa International University with its neighbours
- Depleted uranium munitions possibly loaded on the copter
- The US military sealing off the site including the campus and its neighbourhoods
Report: the first six days of protest
- Explosive angers from workers, students and residents: the Okinawa Kengakuren in the forefront
- An emergency rally of protest at the very site, face to face with armed US troops (13 August)
- 800 people rallying at the nearest gate of Futenma Base (16 August)(Pic left)
- Students struggling to prevent the US force from taking out the wrecked copter for cover-up
Students' protests expanding nationwide against the US helicopter accident
Denounce the accident at the No. 3 reactor at Kepco Mihama Nuclear Power Plant!
Criminal operation of overage facilities with no inspection for safety for reducing the costs
- The historic worst accident on nuclear plants in Japan
- A forcible operation in disregard for safety
- Protest against KEPCO and the government!
Protests continued against KEPCO and the government
- Osaka (9 Aug), Kanazawa (10 Aug)
The central JCP bureaucrats threatened with a life-and-death crisis
Complete bankruptcy in its line for 'cooperation with conservative voters'
1. Causes for the historic defeat in the latest election
- Manoeuvres to prevent defections
- Lost of the energy of the party
2. The criminal nature of the party's tactics 'to stop the Constitutional revision'
- Separation from the issues of Iraq and the Security Treaty
- Changed contents of its position 'against the Security Treaty'
3. A complete bankruptcy in the party's strategy for revised capitalism
Concealed strife between Japan and the US over the domestic production of weapons
- What underlies the 'Mitsubishi bashing'
- Struggles over the development of Boeing's new aircraft
- Japan's munitions industry launching its own development of aircrafts
- Drives for 'independence from America'
[6] Labour Front
Workers at US military bases in Japan forced severe labour: under a state of preparedness for war
- Female workers breaking down successively
- Angers exploded against the US military authority
The school personnel reduced in Osaka prefecture
- Confusion caused by the SSC
Topics 'Festa in a post office' sponsored by the JPU leadership, ordering the members to work hard 'to avoid a privatization'

42nd International Antiwar Assembly on August 1st

[7] Regional meetings

Okinawa Meeting in Ginowan
- 'No to the strengthening of US forces in Japan!' Keynote report by the chairman of the Okinawa Kengakuren (Pic left top)
Hokkaido Meeting in Sapporo
- Great significance of the struggles against the dispatch of SDF troops to Iraq (Pic left middle)
Hokuriku Meeting in Kanazawa
- Raise the flag of solidarity with fighting Iraqi people! (Pic left bottom)

(To continue)

[8] Messages of solidarity from abroad

- Communist Party of the All Union (Bolshevik) (Russia)
- Regional Party of Communists (Russia)
- Peasant Movement of the Philippines (KMP)
- Former Chairman of the War Resisters League David McReynolds (US)
- News and Letters Committee (US)
- Workers International League (US)

(To continue)


No. 1832 (August 16th Issue)

The International Antiwar Assembly uplifted nationwide
Central and regional meetings held in seven cities, August 1st

The Central meeting:
1400 workers and students resolved to unite fighting forces
against the war and the constitutional revision

- Keynote report highlights the revolutionary nature of our struggles waged in solidarity with fighting Iraqi people
- 15 massages of solidarity from abroad
- 'Your fight is our fight': participants from Revolutionary Marxists in Britain
- A storm of applause to a militant worker from the Tokyo High-school Teachers' Union
- 'We have shattered the attempt to destroy a students' association in Waseda University!': Zengakuren Chairman

Zengakuren calling in the streets for the Antiwar Assembly (30-31 July)
- Discussions developed with workers, students and citizens

Denounce the accident at the No. 3 reactor at Kepco Mihama Nuclear Power Plant!
Stop the continued operation of overage nuclear plants!
- Shortened terms for regular inspection and extended 'limits for operation': neglected safety in nuclear plant operation causing the accident
Fight back against the intensification of the repressive security order in the name of 'safe and relieved towns'
- Hokkaido police attempting to build a 'neighbourhood security net': mobilizing private companies and 'volunteers'
- Fight back against the attempt to repress antiwar struggles under the pretext of 'anti-terrorist measures'
A 'progressive intellectual' playing the fool at a talk in the magazine
- Praising a neo-liberalist spokesman for the CIA, Benjamin Fulford (Forbes' Tokyo bureau chief)
[3] Kaleidoscope 2004
- Chinese booing against a Japanese football team: Far away from the tradition of the historic national war against Japanese militarism
- Profitability first: Today's agriculture in Japan
- Mines in cities: mountains of wastes turned into treasures
- Intensifying oppositions with the LDP over the nuclear recycling
The third oil crisis impending: Bankruptcy in Yankee imperialism's strategy for monopolizing world oil resources
I. Entering an age of high-price oil
- The Yukos shock
- A behind-the-scenes collaboration between Russia and the OPEC
II. Congested factors for the soaring oil price
- Bankruptcy in the US occupation of Iraq and the mired situations in the Middle East
- Oil supply and demand tightened worldwide
- Heated speculations in oil resources
III. An impending crisis of world's simultaneous recessions
1. The US economy suffering a simultaneous aggravation of inflation and recession
- Fears for inflation and declination in personal consumption
- Intensifying contradictions under the economic recovery
- High price of oil, low price of dollar and rising rates of interest
2. Developments to simultaneous recessions in the US, China and Japan
- A crisis of Japan as a 'nation with poor resources'
- An impending crisis of China's 'bubble bursting'
[6] Labour Front
No to the compulsion of the rising-sun flag and the reign-of -the-emperor anthem!
A militant tactics decided at a regular conference of Tokyo High-School Teachers' Union in opposition to the leadership
- 'Denounce the Chairman!': A storm of criticism
- Motions passed successively against the course of the headquarters
Protests against the 'punitive training' of teachers rejecting the Rising Sun and the Reign of the Emperor (2 August, Tokyo)
- In opposition to abandonment and oppression of protests by the leadership
School lessons in August!
- An irrational order by Osaka Prefectural Board of Education 'to secure enough days of lesson'
Topics A new type of school introduced in a Ward in Tokyo: 'It can be an opportunity to change teachers' characteristics'
Smash the major rationalization with 80000 sackings of postal workers
1. Successive deaths and suicides from overwork
2. The Agency's plan for major restructuring
- Reorganization of the nationwide network of postal service: rationalization in its collection and delivery systems
- A major rationalization in its indoor work
3. Denounce the leadership actively and fully cooperating with the authority
Speeches and messages to the 42nd International Antiwar Assembly
- Speeches from Revolutionary Marxists in Britain
- Messages of solidarity from the Liberation Front of Polynesia, Ukrainian intellectual Vladimir Pronin and the Tumeni regional committee of the Russian Communist Labour Party-Russian Communist Party
(To continue)


Announcement: There will be no issue of Kaiho next week. Next issue will appear in the week after next.

No. 1831 (August 9th Issue)

Build a greater battlefront
against the Iraq war and the Constitutional revision!
Pull out Japanese troops,
accomplices in the US occupation!

The International Antiwar Assembly
(The central meeting in Tokyo, 1 Aug.)(A report to appear next week)

- Muslim people's struggles, which broke the inauguration of a National Conference
- Bush-Chaney likely to lose to Kerry-Edwards
- France and Germany, as the rival axis, and the rise of BRICs
- The JCP bureaucrats dependent on the 'cooperation against the Constitutional revision as a single point of agreement'
Zengakuren Hokkaido fighting against the live fire drill by US Marines
- Hand in hand with 3000 workers at a Rengo-sponsored rally (25 July)
(Pic. Left)
- Pickets and demonstrations against the landing of munitions and troops (22 July)

Fight back against arrests of 3 demonstrators in theJuly 4th Peace Parade!
- Intentional police provocation: even upon a 'common people's non-violent action'
- The state power scheming to terminate people's movement against the war and the Constitutional revision

[3] Kaleidoscope 2004
- Today's King George III
- Japanese politicians: various ways of taking their responsibilities
- Japanese merchants of death: 'international cooperation with technologies from private sectors'?
- 'Humanitarian aids' to Sudan: for oil
- 'Terminacars': robot cars for war
Neo-fascist reorganization of the national education: what to be brought about by the Tokyo Governor's 'education reform' (Continued from the previous issue)
VI. The abyss of the neo-liberalist reform
2 Prefectural / municipal schools turned education business corporations
3. Dehumanization of education workers
- Extreme intensification of labour
- Computer-related alienation of education labour
- Destruction of an organized working body of educators
- Qualitative deterioration of the labour power in education
[6] Labour Front
Again in Toyota: a worker killed at Tsutsumi Factory in Aichi Prefecture
- In a moment under a pressing machine with several thousand tons of weight: a dangerous one-man duty imposed upon a maintenance worker
- Successive accidents behind the 'trillion-yen profit'
Increasing NEETs (Not in Employment, Education or Training)
- 400 thousand youths of NEET: Five times increased for six years
- Results from restructurings and negative changes in the form of employment
Topics Increased burdens with decreased benefits, So what: Ministry's annual report to justify the 'pension reform'
Increasing installations of CCTV systems, and the planned introduction of a 'human tracking system'
Fight back against the state surveillance of people's activities using a biological recognition technology
1. Official start of a plan to build a 'human tracking system'
2. Practical applications of biological recognition and networking technologies
3. Rapid strengthening of electronic surveillance systems
4. No to the intensification of the surveillance / control system of the whole nation!
Reading books
- Tamagawa Nobuaki: Crimes of Security Police Seen in 'Internal Violence'
- Kuroda: Anthropology


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