No. 1599 December 20th

The JRCL public political meeting on December 5th.
'Let us open up another century of revolution!' Participants confirmed their basis of struggles.
- The first report titled 'The East European collapse 10 years on and the Chinese revolution 50 years on - Break through the illusion of 'market-economic transformation' and burn up the flame of anti-Stalinism in East Europe and China!'
- The second report calling for a resolute break with the negative history of the 10-year-old Rengo [JTUC].
- Inspiring speeches from labour and student fronts.

2500 people rallied in Tokyo (4 Dec) in protest of the nuclear criticality accident at Tokaimura: Zengakuren called for struggles to stop nuclear development, together with militant workers. (Photo right.)

Militant students led the mass rally in Tokyo against the new heliport in Okinawa (30 Nov).
Zengakuren Kansai local inspired a trade-union-based peace rally in Osaka with 8000 participants together with militant workers (28 Oct).
A SDPJ-led rally against pluthermal operation planned at Genkai atomic plant: local students encouraged 1600 participants together with militant workers (20 Nov).

No to the Social Group Controlling Bills! Students from universities in the Metropolitan area marched against the reactionary legislation after holding an opening rally in Waseda Univ. (2 Dec).
An angry protest against scandal-filled Kanagawa Police: students from universities located in the Prefecture (Yokohama National, Kokugakuin, Senshu, and Wako Univs.) marched through the town and visited the head office, also condemning police coercion upon student accosiations.
A fact revealed: Waseda University grassed on Jian Zemin lecture applicants (1400 students) to police before militant students were arrested for 'disrupting' the speech. Among newspapers that took the sensational crime Asahi Shimbun struggled to cover up a similar corruption of their own related to their report on the Kobe case.
Win a class-based revival of Japanese labour movement by breaking through the 'Industrial Patriotic' movement led by the Rengo leadership!
I. Fight a struggle to break the 'negative history' under the ten-year old Rengo.
A. Labour aristocrats in Rengo engineering a bourgeois degeneration of trade unions.
(1) Attempts to incorporate trade unions into corporate systems by defining workers as 'stake holders'.
(2) A 'welfare society centring around labour' - yielding to neo-liberalism.
(3) A 'safety net' supplementary to the 'efficiency' of market?
(4) Negation of 'protest' and 'demand', and proposal of 'participant-type' labour movement.
(5) Assistance to the strengthening of the Security Alliance and the building of today's version of the Greater East-Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere.
B. The 'negative history' of 10 years after the start of Rengo.
- The end of Japanese labour movement.
- Trade unions 'co-operating wars'.
- 'Labour movement as ruling party' - 'development' into the 'tripartite consultation' line among 'the government, employers and employees'.
- Degradation into an 'Industrial Patriotic' movement.
II. Break through the crisis of Japanese labour movement!
- Break the adverse tides for funeralizing the spring offensive! Win a massive explosion of spring offensives for 2000!
- Organize struggles against nuclear development from work places!
- Let us advance anti-war, anti-Security Treaty movement and struggles against Constitutional revisions!
- For creating a genuine workers party through breaking Stalinist and social-democratic parties, let us fight it out!
District offices in Tokyo moving to reduce the personnel: smash the plans by the unity of workers!
- Frantic efforts of the authorities to maintain their financial foundations for the 'basic municipalities'.
- Attempts to victimize the works.
- Fight it by overcoming leaders of the district trade unions call for 'helping reforms in municipalities'!
Labour aristocrats in opposition to the planned alteration in pension systems: what are the contents of the opposition?


Lessons from national railway workers struggles in 1963 against the reorganization of locomotive bases - the strike on December 13th, which opened anti-rationalization struggles.
Concrete blocks falling on rails from constructed facilities: never allow JR companies and the government to self-justify and shift the responsibilities!
- Train windows were also broken or shattered in succession.
The grave depression with no way-out: Japanese imperialism in agony (2)
(continued from No. 1698).
III. Multiplying pressure from corporate reorganizations and massive restructurings
- Banks struggling to survive the crisis by mega mergers.
- Manufacturing monopolies staking their fates on the second waves of restructuring.
IV. Revealed limitations of government's policies in treasury and finance.
- The 'economic revival package' stereotyped.
- Unprecedented crisis in the treasury going on.
- Revealed limitations of the 'zero interest-rate' policy.
- A bourgeois scheme to build today's version of 'Great East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere' in difficulties.


No. 1598 December 13th

Strengthen the line of battle for revolutionary antiwar struggles to break the intensifying 'new cold war between the East and the West'!
No to strengthening the US-Japan Security alliance!
Denounce the Russian forces invading Chechnya!

- Throughout Asia and Middle East, oppositions are intensifying between the US (plus Europe and Japan) and China-Russia.
- Chinese and Russian rulers moving to break the 'sole hegemony by the American imperialism'.
- The Clinton administration making desperate warmongering and 'wedging apart China and Russia'.
- The Obuchi government rushing to build a today's Great Eastern Co-prosperity Sphere.
- Rise in antiwar and anti-Security Treaty struggles by overcoming the collapse of official peace movement.
Stop the Social Group Controlling Bills! Militant students picketed and demonstrated against the reactionary legislation (2-3 Dec).
At the 'symposium for the residents to think over the nuclear criticality accident' sponsored by Rengo-affiliated trade unions: militant students carried out a massive propaganda for 2000 participants (27 Nov.).
No to the US-Japan military drill! Zengakuren Hokkaido demonstrated and joined the rally sponsored by trade unions together with militant workers (7 Nov).
Never allow the US battle ship to enter the local civil port! Students in Kagoshima protested at the very pier (28 Oct).

[3] Kaleidoscope of 1999
He who is born a fool is never cured: Gorby proved it in a interview recently publicised.
Never Say Anything: the revealed 'NSA-KEY' built in coding programs for Microsoft Windows.
Queer episodes from East Europe: A man named Attila robbing foreign banks is celebrated as a nation's hero, etc.

[4] Illusion of Japan as a 'high tech-based country'
The failed launch of the H2 rocket, the nuclear criticality accident, concrete blocks falling on the JR Shinkansen line .... What is implied by the successive accidents?
I. Collapse of the myth of Japan as a 'technological giant'.
II. Revealed limitations of the monopoly capitalist technological development
A. Dilemmas accompanying the participation in 'satellite business'.
- Overconfidence in the 'technical achievements'.
- Contradictions between cost-cutting and technical improvement.
- Surging orientation towards 'independence in rivalry with the US' and intensifying conflicts with US interests.
B. Total failure in the plan to establish a 'nuclear fuel cycle'.
C. Successive falling of concrete blocks on railway lines hit the JR companies.
- Results from cutting corners.
- Serious deterioration of concrete and the possibility of more dangerous accident.
- More profit, less 'safety measures'.
III. Deterioration / Collapse of technological foundations.

Smash wage-cuts by the Tokyo Prefectural authorities!
Denounce the betrayal by the leaders of the Tokyo Prefectural Workers Unions in the name of 'administrative reforms together with the Governor'!
- They cancelled the strike on November 17th.
Condemn the railway accident in Hokkaido! A cargo train crashed against the 2-ton concrete block from the wall of a tunnel and derailed.
Never allow the JR Hokkaido authorities to evade their responsibilities!
- The JR Hokkaido company had been covered up the previous successive falling of concrete blocks.
- The railway company and the government (Ministry of Transport) neglect the investigation.
- The Rebunhama tunnel is not exceptional.

The Nanking Massacre 62 years on: never allow neo-fascists to secularize the war of aggression!
The grave depression with no way-out: Japanese imperialism in agony (1)
I. Simultaneous rises in yen and stocks.
- Impeding bankruptcy of the American 'bubble economy'.
II. Realities of the 'moderate recovery'.
- Uneven 'recovery'.
- Unsustainable causes of the 'recovery'.


No. 1597 December 6th

Stop building a new US military heliport!
Smash every reactionary offensive
Advance for overthrowing Obuchi-Ozawa's
dutchrolling coalition government!

- The Obuchi administration rushing to a strengthened military alliance and a reactionary domestic rule.
- The LDP-LP-Komeito coalition straying amidst intensifying power struggles: with cracks so far widened not to be repaired.
- External and internal dilemmas weighting the imperialist state of Japan.
- Make surging waves of anti-war anti-Security Treaty struggles!

(Photo: antiwar demonstration, 24 Oct.)

Stop sending SDF troops to West Timor! Zengakuren waged protests at the Defence Agency (22 Nov) and Komaki Air Base (24 Nov). (Photo left.)

Condemn the SDF jet crash! Students protested at the Iruma base within the day (22 Nov).
1500 workers rallied against a new nuclear reactor in Hokkaido; Zengakuren students carried out militant propaganda against the leaders' line for 'development of alternative energy' (26 Oct).
Rapidly intensifying coercive public security systems in Hokuriku area on the Japan Sea coast: Stop mobilization drills by the SDF and police on the pretext of 'Northern threats'!

[3] Kaleidoscope of 1999
The name of the Indian Prime Minister? So what! G. Bush in the parental glory.
Brits told to take domestic brands on Beaujolais Nouveau's day.

DNA found to be injured by the radiation: despite the government's statement of safety.
Titled "Why do we think communism is not sustainable": from a stunning talk published in a journal by a petty bourgeois sect calling itself Communist League.
Elegy by the Chukakuha wishing to join labour movement.


Reactionary 'Draft of a Revised Constitution' by a neo-fascist: discussing the Ichiro Ozawa's negation of bourgeois democracy.
I. Proposal of the Draft for the constitutional revision on the pretext to save 'Japan in an impasse'.
II. Irritations over the internal and external dilemmas with the state of Japan.
III. A neo-fascistic negation of the basic ideas of the Constitution.
a. Fabrication of the 'four principles of the Constitution'
b. Abandoning the Article 9 (renunciation of war) in the name of 'international cooperation'.
- Explicit codification of the 'right to self-defence' to justify a war of aggression.
- Scheming the dispatch abroad of Japanese troops on the pretext to keep 'international peace'.
c. A neo-statistic rejection of the system of the separation of the three powers.
- Tricks to emasculate the bourgeois parliamentary system.
- Uncovered enforcement of the bourgeois dictatorship.
d. Argument for 'restricting individual rights' in the name of 'public welfare'.
- Conversion of the idea of 'public welfare' into 'national security'.
e. Deceptive interpretation of the current 'symbolic' Tenno [Emperor] system: 'Tenno as the head of the state'.
Never allow the Osaka Prefectural authorities to cut wages! Let us fight the autumn offensive by denouncing the yielding leadership of the Prefectural Workers Unions!
An arrogant statement by the Governor of Gifu Prefecture: Return your Japanese nationality if you do not respect the national flag and anthem!
The 50th anniversary symposium of the High-School Teachers' Union in Hokkaido: angers and criticism erupting from the ranks against the shameful speech by an invited JCP MP, 'Let us make a nation-wide discussion to create a national flag and song for 21st century Japan!'
Condolence to a shameless dropout.
Latest issue: The Communist No. 184.


No. 1596 November 29th

To the JRCL Public Political Meeting for 5 Dec.!
The Rengo [JTUC] 10 years on: Give a militant rebirth to the labour movement in Japan! Cut the negative history! (Reported by OSE Kenzo.)
10 years after the East European collapse and 50 years the Chinese Revolution: Let flames of anti-Stalinism burn in East Europe and China by breaking through the illusion of 'market economy'! (Reported by FUKABORI Hisaaki.)
Heavy concrete tunnel slabs fell down on Shinkansen [bullet train] line in succession: Denounce the authorities of the JR West Co. evading their responsibility!
- Anger-filled JR West Workers Union waged a 72-hour strike for 'thorough safety measures'
An Air Self-Defence Force jet crashed near ordinary houses, cutting electricity to 800,000 homes in Tokyo: Zengakuren students visited the base to protest. (Details in next issue.)
Stop the Social Group Controlling Bills! Never allow the government to tighten its coercion in the name of 'anti-AUM cult measures'!
- Condemn the JCP simply proposing 'alternative measures against the AUM'!

Denounce the betrayal by the leadership of the Tokyo Prefectural Workers Unions! They met Governor Ishihara to allow him to cut wages by '4 %' and cancelled the strike.
US-Japan joint military drill at Aibano field in Shiga Prefecture: local Zengakuren students waged their protests (25-27 Oct.).
(Photo: students picketting at a gate of the SDF base)

14 Oct. united action in Nagoya: demonstration to LDP Prefectural office and Chubu Electricity Co. against the Security Treaty and the nuclear accident.

A rally in Okinawa against the planned new heliport on 23 Oct. with 12,000 participants: militant workers and students struggles to change the mood led by the JCP and SDPJ.

The Chinese revolution 50 years on and the Tiananmen incident 10 years on: 'Funeral directors of the revolution' affected with poisonous flowers of 'market economy'.
JCP central bureaucrats indulged in demanding 'reforms' in the administration for nuclear development. Let us fight it by overcoming their movement to demand 'safety measures'!

[6] Smash the massive restructuring in auto industry!
'Le Cost Killer' Carlos Ghosn's restructuring plan for
'Nissan revival'

- The 'plan for Nissan revival'.
- Closing 5 factories, cutting their workforce by 25,000, imposing extraordinarily intensified labour.
- Sentenced the 'Nissan Group' to a deconstructive reform.
- Fight back by denouncing the yielding leadership of the Nissan Workers Unions!
(Photo: Nissan assembly plant in the western suburbs of Tokyo planned to be closed.)
Auto-parts making capital under the intensifying international competition: faced with selection and reorganization.
- Started intervention in the Japanese market by US and EU makers.
- Auto-parts making capital suffering the unprecedented crisis.
- A grand reorganization for survival: dismantling keiretsu [affiliated companies] with Nissan-Matsuda, intensified keiretsu with Toyota.
- Labour aristocrats accepting the offensive.
[8] History of Our Revolutionary Anti-War Struggles No. 25
From the struggle to stop Prime Minister Sato's visit to the US to 'struggles to advance in the defeat'
- 5-day battles from 13 to 17 in November 1969: Zangakuren and 2000 young railway workers rose in demonstration in Haneda airport.
- Fighting back against the massive sacking of workers for military base service and the inauguration of the Okinawa return preparing commission.


No. 1595 November 22

Zengakuren students demonstrated against the ceremonies for the 10th anniversary of the Emperor's enthronement on 12 Nov.

-Fighting it by denouncing JCP's abandonment of the mass struggle.

Workers and students in Hokkaido staged an anti-war demonstration on 24 Oct.
Zengakuren waged a struggle against a US-Japan joint military drill: together with militant workers fighting in the trade union sponsored rally with 800 participants (Kansai, 17 Oct)(Photo left).
Students in Kanazawa marched against the emergency legislation and the constitutional revision on 21 Oct.
Fight back against the successive reactionary arrests and raids!
- Wrongful attacks by the state power based on fake 'suspicions'.
- Repressive attacks in hatred of the advancement of our League.

Kaleidoscope of 1999
Stupid 'debates' between factions of the split radical sect revealed their 'revolutionary army' consists of spies from the state power.
The truth ten years after: the former Hungarian Prime Minister revealed the secret story behind the collapse of the Wall schemed by Gorbachev.
'Ostalgia'?!: reflecting another 'wall' in people's mind.
Why did the SDPJ suddenly cancel the parliamentary coalition with another group? In opposition to disappearance of its name, 'social democratic'? However, is the existence of the party itself going to the disappearance?
Scandals of Kanagawa Prefectural Police revealed in succession: What next? It's focusing on a true 'target', which also committed bloody conspiracies in the past.

[4] JCP's ultra right-wing patch-ups at its line for 'labour movement'
Stressing the necessity of 'cooperation' between employers, employees and residents in communities for 'breaking through crises of middle- and small-size enterprises'. A delusion!
I. A fantastic transition from 'devil's cycle' to 'angel's cycle'?
- No insight into the diseased state monopoly capitalism.
- Illusive beliefs in the 'conscience' of the monopoly bourgeoisie.
II. Serving campaigns for higher productivity in the name of 'reconstruction of the foundations for manufacturing'
- Praise for 'lean production'
- Moralistic appeal for observance of 'social rules'
III. Conversion of labour movement from a 'demanding-and-accusing' type to that to 'realize proposals in cooperation'
A. Proposal of rosy policies for 'vitalizing middle- and small-size enterprises'
B. 'Regulation on arbitrariness of big enterprises' without 'anti-monopoly'.
- ultra right-wing revision of its line for 'democratic regulation on big enterprises'.
- Anti-proletarian 'counterproposals'.
C. Introduction of the idea of 'cooperation with conservative strata' into the line for labour movement
- Recommendation of 'harmonious relationship between employers and employee'.
- Proposal of a JCP version of today's Industrial Patriotic Movement.
Rengo [JTUC] meeting for next spring labour offensive: labour aristocrats in metal industry scheming for 'withering away' of the spring offensive.
Flexible working hours system to give workers 'a sense of fulfilment'? A tricky statement by Rengo leaders.
Fukuoka Prefectural Workers Union: angers have erupted from below against leaders' acceptance of 3% wage cut.
Ishikawa Prefectural Police asked postal offices to mobilize postal workers for regularly serving part of police function.
Toyota's new wage system intensifying 'ability and results' first

[8] History of Our Revolutionary Anti-War Struggles No. 24

August in 1969: struggles to smash the passport control between Okinawa and the mainland


No. 1594 November 15th

Stop further expropriation from the masses with the nursing-care insurance system to be started! Oppose a neofascist reorganization of social welfare systems by the Obuchi Administration!
- Obuchi decided the start with major differences within the coalition unsolved.
- The insurance system 'with a premium and no care'.
- Fight it by transcending the JCP-led movement to demand 'a true nursing-care insurance'!
Students from universities in Tokyo area paraded through the central against the nuclear development (30 Oct): calling 'Denounce the criticality accident! Stop the pluthermal plan!' in front of the head office of the Science and Technology Ministry (Photo left).

Anti-war demonstration in Osaka (24 Oct): hoisting the banner against the Security Treaty!

The 29th Congress of the Okinawa Prefectural Federation of Student Self-Governing Associations (26 Sep): decided its line against a new helicopter base and a military port for US forces.
Secretly changed exhibits at the Okinawa Peace Museum: Denounce the Okinawa Governor having directed the alteration!
- 'Anti-Japanese, no': with the G8 Summit near at hand, Governor Inamine directed a 'review of the history'.
- They erased all the 'negative histories' of Okinawa before, during and after the war.
- Propagandized opinions for 'coexistence and co-prosperity' with US military bases.
- Surging waves of anger against the governor. Stop building a new military helicopter base! Smash the neo-fascist reaction! (Photo: one of the altered exhibit, where a gun was removed from the Japanese soldier threatening the residents.)
Decisively failed Japan's nuclear development
- The criticality accident at the JCO factory is by no means a particularly individual problem with JCO. The possibility of another grave accident is now highly growing at every section for the development of atomic energy plants and nuclear technology by the Japanese government and monopoly bourgeoisie sticking to their ambition to establish a 'nuclear fuel cycle'.
I. The JCO accident occurred with necessity.
- Is it 'just a mishandling'?
- Its Management with the first priority to productivity and profitability is the immediate cause of the accident.
II. The technological development for a 'nuclear fuel cycle' has bankrupted entirely.
A. The accident has fully revealed technological limitations of the nuclear development.
- Contradictions had been shifted to the burden of private JCO company.
- What caused the missing of 'safety controlling' technology?
B. The fundamental limitations of monopoly-capitalist 'safety measures'.
- 'The nuclear plant is safe': the myth.
- The possibility of grave accidents is growing high as nuclear reactors are being worn out.
C. Stop adherence to the dangerous development of a 'nuclear fuel cycle'!
Smash the wage-cuts and reduction of personnel planned by the Tokyo Prefectural administration! Wage a strike of anger! (Photo left.)
- Ishihara Governor's plan to victimize the public employees and residents for its financial reconstruction.
- Fight back by transcending the official movement by the leadership of the Prefectural Workers Unions to demand a 'resident-first reconstruction'!
Labour aristocrats proposed a Rengo-version of public employment security office: say job security would also be done on 'self-reliance'!
Nagoya City administration plans a massive reduction of garbage collecting workers by launching a 'public recycling corporation', also by expanded introduction of private companies: the JCP-led leadership of the City Workers Unions effectively accepted the proposal.
Intensifying ideological disagreements and confusion within the leadership of the JCP-led teachers' unions: over its line of 'education for general learning' and 'cooperation with parents'.
- Deceptive solution of disagreements over how to cope with the Ministry-introduced 'general learning time for pupils' by stressing its 'having two sides': barren controversy within the deviation to 'education praxis first'.
- Priority to either the official PTA organization or own 'cooperation with parents'.
- Introducing the Party's policy of 'cooperation with the conservative strata' into the line of labour movement.
[8] History of Our Revolutionary Anti-War Struggles No. 23
From April 28th to October 21st in 1969
- Following the spring offensive in 1968, which raised the curtain of '1970 Ampo [Security Treaty] = Okinawa struggle', its climax came in the next year. The Japanese working class underwent several great struggles culminating on April 28th and Oct. 21st, the historic defeat in class struggle in the nodal November when the rulers of Japan and the US announced their joint statement (for the bourgeois solution of the problem over the return of administrative right of Okinawa), and our assiduous struggle for 'progressing under the defeat'. Amidst of these struggles the JRCL and militant workers and students led the fights by transcending the parliamentarianist touched lefts (JCP and JSP) and petty-bourgeois infantile radicals and syndicalists; in this way the JRCL beacon the road of the class struggle.
- April 28th: 10000 students rose throughout Japan against the Security Treaty under the slogan of 'Smash the return of Okinawa together with nuclear bases!'
- May 31st: In spite of the massive repression Zengakuren fought to stop the Foreign Minister's flight to the US.
- Oct. 21st: well-organized 3000 students carried out a street fighting in Shinjuku district.


No. 1593 November 8th

Report: Rally on October 24

Workers and Students Rallied to Fight Back against Schemes for a Strengthened Military Alliance and Constitutional Revision.
- 'Never allow Deputy Minister Nishimura's remarks for Japan's nuclear armament!' 'Stop sending SDF troops to Timor!' Militant calls at the front gate of the Defense Agency.
- Demonstrators resolved to break the neo-fascist reaction.
- Fight it by transcending the SDPJ- and JCP-led 'Defend the Constitution' movement!

- Okinawa: calls of protest from the gallery resounded through the Prefectural Assembly hall when a resolution was made to give a new territory for US military bases (15 Oct.)
- Waseda Univ.: An emergent meeting against the nuclear criticality accident (6 Oct.)
Short Verses:
Thinking of after effects of the accident

[3] Kaleidoscope of 1999
Obuchi's odd remarks on Y2K
No Gun Ri massacre: 'revealed' American atrocities to residents during the Korean War, the same thing being repeated today.
Silent Spring: genetically modified foods spreading.
Revealed former Prime Minister Sato's involvement in the mysterious death of the President of the National Railways amid the mass strikes.
Miserable excuse by Chukakuha for 'expelling' some cadres.
Fight against the celebration for the tenth anniversary of Emperor Akihito's enthronement!
- A massive staging of the 'Celebration' to impress on the people the 'Tenno as head of the state'.
- Aimed for building a national mobilization order to break through the impasse.
- Official oppositions engulfed by the massive propaganda of the Tenno ideology.
- Never allow the JCP to reduce the task down to 'opposition to acts to impose the celebration'!
Let us organize protests against the nuclear accident from workplaces!
Denounce the Rengo [JTUC] leaders still supporting development of nuclear plants with belief in the collapsed 'myth of security'!
- The Obuchi administration: covering up the massive exposure to the radiation and shifting responsibilities onto the private company JCO and concerned workers.
- The leadership of the Prefectural and Municipal Workers Unions: only talking about 'strengthened safety systems for possible disasters' with their 'non-nuclear' policies ambiguous.
- Rengo leaders stated, 'the affiliated union must also take responsibility for the accident'. Never allow them to accuse the concerned workers to defend their pro-nuclear plant policies!
Pro-managerial labour aristocrats in electric industry criticized Rengo leaders by taking latter's just posturing remark, 'we would have to stand against an employer with no sense of social responsibility even if criticized for being less harmonious'. Only a farce!
The National Personnel Authority took its annual recommendation: a historic first advice to wage cuts.
Okinawa Governor: altered descriptions of materials in the Prefectural Peace Museum with no announcement. Deleted a sentence referring to murders of residents by the former Japanese military, etc.
Osaka local board of education announced its plan to reorganize the high-school systems: to close 'middle-ranking schools', etc. JCP-influenced union leaders are organizing a distorted opposition campaign in cooperation with parent organizations in consideration of more votes to the Party.
For overcoming a left-wing trade-unionist tendency.

[8] History of Our Revolutionary Anti-War Struggles No. 22
The General Strike in US-occupied Okinawa on Feb. 4th 1969.
Ten Zengakuren fighters occupied the US Embassy in Tokyo for supporting the strike against the military bases. And how did workers and students in Okinawa wage a general strike?
- Burning anger of the people in Okinawa against the crash of a B52 bomber amidst the Vietnam War.
- Bitter struggles were initiated by militant education workers towards a historic fight in spite of the oppression by the official leadership of the local trade unions. A general strike was declared.
- What caused the B52 accident?
- Bluffed by the US and Japanese Governments, the official leaders started the betrayal.
- 'Never call off the strike!' Workers struggled not to allow the betrayal.
- Explosive anger of workers and students against the cancellation of the strike. Teachers unions took tactical furloughs; other militant trade unions waged point-limited strikes. 2500 students from major three universities occupied the concerned 19th gate of the US Kadena base face to face with military guards armed with guns. 50000 people gathered in a rallied in
- The betrayed general strike and its lessons.


No. 1592 November 1st

Smash the Reactionary Offensives by the Second Obuchi-Ozawa Coalition Government for Surviving the Impasse!
Stop Strengthening the Security Alliance! Break Schemes for a Constitutional Revision!
Fight it by Transcending the SDPJ- and JCP-led Campaigns to Demand a General Election!

(Workers and students in the Oct. 24 rally.)

- The coalition government has shown its inability to cope with the political and economic difficulties now erupting in succession.
- Intensified divergences and oppositions within the Coalition over breakthrough measures for the ongoing critical situation.
- Storms of reactionary offensives under the emergence of the today's version of the Imperial Assistance Association!
- Advance anti-war, anti-Security Treaty struggles! Oppose Japan's development of atomic power plants and nuclear military technologies!
(At the gate of the Defense Agency on Oct. 24.)

A televized 'word battle': liberal conservative Kato vs. neo-statist Ozawa..

Witnesses given to a students' researching commission by Tokaimura residents: showing manipulated information and cover-ups.
'They said "No need to leave".' (a resident nearby). / 'They visited here to measure the radioactivity but gave no report with figures.' (a kindergartener). / 'They said, "Come to save an employee in an epileptic fit. And I went to the very site with no special gear.' (an ambulance man).

[3] Kaleidoscope of 1999
- Elegies by Polish presidents: 'There're many difficulties because nobody has ever experienced a transition from communism to capitalism.' (L. Walesa); "If they call an idea that never allow too much difference socialism, I am a socialist." (W. Jaruzelski)
- 'It's safe and no harm to your health': incredible remark by self-claiming radioactive-safety specialists.
- JCP's comments on successive scandals with the Kanagawa police organization to recommend reforms of its career-led system: Non-careers will give applause to such a Party that forgets the near past when the party found its International Division Chief tapped by them.
- 'You have spies', 'No. Spies are you': a final battle between the split factions of the former infantile radicals, tools of the state.
- A miserable situation of the Japanese Mandelists, who were expelled from the Mandelist FI.

Abusive to The State and Revolution: Never allow Fuwa's unprecedented insults on Lenin! Give crossfire of anger to the JCP Chair!
I. Complete rejection of The State and Revolution dedicated to the bourgeoisie.
- Mean political motivations by the renegade.
II. Deceptive condemnations given to Lenin in the name of Marx.
- Far stretched interpretations of Civil War in France.
- 'Reforms' of 'the existing organizations of the state'.
- Arbitrary quotations from Engels.
- A functionalist grasp of the state.
III. An idle flower of their revised-capitalist conversion.

Never allow betrayal by the leaders of the JCP-led Municipal Workers Union
- Openly acknowledged their surrender to the official 'red-note' propaganda.
- 'Let us make administrative reforms substantial' they said, cajoled by the authorities.

Assessment of teachers also by five grades: a merit rating system is to be introduced by the local board of education in Tokyo.
Condemn the intensifying bureaucratic control in the Postal Workers Union for its reorganization into a new union - worse revisions of the agreement by the leadership.
- Introduced 'for development of the postal service' in place of 'rights of members of the union'.
- Destruction of trade-union democracy on the pretext to 'overcome the obstacles'.
- Smash the postal version of the Industrial Patriotic Association!
The local board of education in Osaka directed high-schools to submit the minutes of a staff meeting on the flag and the anthem
The nation's severest cuts in wages in Aichi prefectural administration: JCP-influenced union leaders surrender to the 'red-note' propaganda.
Chukakuha on the verge of its extinction.

[8] History of Our Revolutionary Anti-War Struggles No. 21
February 3rd in 1969: ten Zengakuren fighters broke into and occupied the US Embassy for supporting the general strike in Okinawa against the US military bases.
And how did workers and students in Okinawa struggle to wage a general strike on Feb. 4th?

- Burning anger of the people in Okinawa against the crash of a B52 bomber amidst the Vietnam War.
- Bitter struggles by education workers leading the historic fight: to take the initiative in spite of the official leadership.
- What caused the accident (Continued.)


No. 1591 October 25th
To the Workers / Students United Actions on 24 Oct!
Sponsored by: Zengakuren and the Anti-War Youth Committee
24 October, 1:00 p.m., in Tokyo, Sapporo, Nagoya, and Osaka.

- Smash the scheme to build a US-Japan bilateral combat order for aggressive wars!
- Oppose lifting the freeze on SDF participation in main activities of UN Peacekeeping forces!
- Fight it by overcoming a 'Defend the Constitution' movement led by the SDPJ and JCP!
- Denounce the nuclear accident at Tokaimura!

Protests against the nuclear accident
In Sapporo: protesting actions and an immediate representation to the local electric company.(Above)
In Kagoshima: propaganda activities at the central after visiting the electric company for protest. (Below)

Kokugakuin University in Tokyo: The annual student assembly elected a militant executive committee of the Students' Self-Governing Association through hot discussions.

[3] Kaleidoscope of 1999
'The heart throbs at the left' (Lafontaine): Doesn't yours stop?
Revenges by the intra-party opponents to the revenge by Obuchi
Figures blacked: Tokaimura authorities gave workers at a neighboring company a official report of their radiation checks with key figures blacked out. For cover-up! (See below)
Again by the Kanagawa Prefectural Police! Police left an injured man on the street and made a fake report.
Say 'class struggles in a transition period' to capitalism! Tightened control by the Stalinist bureaucracy in China leaving their 'reform and open' policies unquestioned.

(Part of the health check report given to residents with figures paited out. From weekly Friday.)

'A political line for labour movement' by ruinous Chukakuha with miserable tricks

Labour aristocrats in electric industry raise a banner 'labour movement to serve public interests'
- 'A fundamental conversion' declared at the annual convention of the Electrical Electronic & Information Workers' Unions
- A complete rejection to the conventional labour movement and trade unions.
- Replacing the spring offensives with a 'safety net'.
A global reorganization of auto-making industry
Auto-making monopolies competing over a global reorganization.
Domestic auto-makers rushing to a second wave of restructuring.
- Nissan: a desperate attempt for survival under a tie-up with Renault.
- Toyota: reorganization of the affiliate companies and producing systems.
Denounce the labour aristocrats pledging royalty to the companies! Smash offensives for restructuring!
Our organizer spirit and subjectivization of praxiological materialism - my summarization of Kuroda's 'Road to Praxiological materialism' (3)
The article is included in Praxiology (published by Kobushi Shobo, 1998)
1. Why does Kuroda discuss 'self-regeneration of ourselves' in the first place?
2. What does Kuroda mean by 'the subjective structure ... whereby one consciously unifies in oneself the self as a member of the student self-governing association and the self as a revolutionary activist'?
3. The kernel of the dialectic of cognition.
4. Grounds for falling in subjectivism.
5. For overcoming functionalism.

Short verses

A Document of the Criticality Accident

Right: workers preparing argon gass to end the critical situation by pressing and draining out the first cooling water round the liquid uranium tank.


No. 1590 October 18th

Denounce the nuclear criticality accident at Tokaimura!
Never let the government cover up the reality! Stop evasions!
- The government attempts to foist its responsibility on workers and the private company.
- Manipulated information led workers and residents to massive exposure to the radiation.
- The tripartite coalition frantic to take measures not against the accident but for cover-ups.
- Attempted interventions by the US to control Japan's development of atomic power.
Denounce the JCP as helping the safety measures by the government!
- Official leaders indulged in a campaign requesting the government to take safety measures.
- Fight back against the nuclear development by Japanese imperialism! No to the development of atomic power plants or of nuclear military technology!

Stop MOX fuel carried in!
On October 1st at Takahama nuclear plant. Zengakuren waged a picketing and a demonstration in solidarity with workers and residents against the shipment of plutonium-uranium mixed fuel from Britain for starting so-called pluthermal operation.

Short verses

Corruption of the power
- Indecent winds from the police world.
- Alas! Nightmarish Tokaimura.

(Right: Workers building a shield against radiation at the site with no protecting gears.)
[3] Kaleidoscope of 1999

Putin on the Chechen invasion: 'It's not a civil war but a fight against international terrorism.' A copy of the 'rival'?
A 2000-yen bill for the Y2K: only Obuchi dancing with self-satisfaction.
The 50th anniversary of the People's Republic of China: 'Socialism's fine!' About what do they say it?
The JCP Chairman's trip around Southeast Asia: like a private diplomat for Obuchi.

[4-5] Denounce the criticality accident at Tokaimura!
The nuclear development by Japanese imperialism has gone bankrupt and revealed its criminal nature against the people. Stop it now!
I. The 'declaration of the safety' full of falsification.
- Frantic efforts to cover up the contamination and damages.
- The government / Science and Technology Agency with no practical knowledge or sense of responsibility.
II. Self-exposure of the fundamental failure in the nuclear development.
III. The Obuchi administration attempting to patch up the bankrupted scheme for a 'nuclear fuel cycle'.
IV. Fight it by overcoming JCP- and SDPJ-led movements requesting 'safety measures'!
- The criminal nature with JCP-type demands for 'safety measures'.
'New work rules for the 21st century' proposed by the Rengo [JTUC] leadership: 'For evading restructuring', really?
A municipal authority in Hokkaido has for the first time taken the last measure whereby to dismiss its employees by reason of the 'position ceasing to exist': with the help of trade union leaders accepting the offensive.
Muroran City authorities help the placation activity by the US Force to win over residents at the port call by a battle ship: mobilizing its employees with no objection from leaders of the trade union.
Denounce the betrayal of the spring labour offensive in 1999 by NTT labour aristocrats! For a military revival of the labour movement in telecommunication industry!
The labour aristocrats rushing towards the funeral of 'spring offensive' in the name of a 'whole-year struggle'.
A. The 1999 spring offensive betrayed
- Acceptance of wage cuts.
- Full cooperation with NTT capital.
- Shameless justification: the 'possibly best conclusion'.
B. 'Higher wages to vitalize Japan' - today's version of the Industrial Patriotic movement for 'national salvation'.
- Demands for 'higher wages for boosting economy'.
- Deformation of the spring offensive into a 'spring talk'.
- Cooperation with the managerial in division / reorganization of NTT.
C. Never let them coffin the spring offensive!
Our organizer spirit and subjectivization of praxiological materialism - my summarization of Kuroda's 'Road to Praxiological materialism' (2)
The article is included in Praxiology (published by Kobushi Shobo, 1998)
1. Why does Kuroda discuss 'self-regeneration of ourselves' in the first place?
2. What does Kuroda mean by 'the subjective structure ... whereby one consciously unifies in oneself the self as a member of the student self-governing association and the self as a revolutionary activist'?
3. The kernel of the dialectic of cognition.
4. Grounds for falling in subjectivism. (continued)


No. 1589 October 11th

Denounce the criticality accident at Tokaimura!
No to the Japanese imperialist nuclear development!

A terrible nuclear accident has occurred. On September 30th, at 10:35 a.m., the first domestic accident reaching the critical-mass to sustain a chain reaction happened at a private uranium-processing plant (JCO at Tokaimura). Three workers are still hovering between life and death due to massive radiation estimated from 3 to 17 sievert; over 50 people including fire-fighters were also exposed to the radiation. The entire region (at least 10-kilometer radius of the plant) has been contaminated.
It must not be allowed that the Obuchi administration, indulged in reshuffling the cabinet, started to take its first measure belatedly 10 hours from the occurrence. Worse, the government lifted its evacuation order while covering up the radio-active contamination. They are treating the residents like marmots for experiments. It's truly crimimal.
Workers and students! Denounce the criticality accident! Never allow cover-ups of realities by the government including the Science and Technology Agency! No to the Japanese imperialist development of atomic energy plants and nuclear power! Rise up in a militant struggle!

Zengakuren denounced the nuclear accident in front of the head office of the Science and Technology Agency (Oct 1st)
(Photo above and right).

Militant students demonstrated through the centre of Tokyo against the scheme of emergency legislation and constitutional revision (Sep 25th).
Accuse the domestic worst nuclear accident! Never allow cover-ups of the disastrous contamination and damages!
- A 'critical-mass' to sustain a nuclear chain reaction emerged in the middle of an ordinary residential area.
- Damages are more disastrous than the tragic event at the Daigo Fukuryumaru, a tuna fishing boat, in 1954 caused by the US H-bomb testing.
- What caused the terrible accident?
- Stop the government developing the 'nuclear fuel cycle'!

No to the US subcritical nuclear test! Zengakuren protested at the US Embassy (Oct 1st).

Stop the 'pluthermal' project! Fight against it by overcoming the SDPJ- and JCP-led campaign for 'safety measures'!
- The government and electric power companies are in a frantic dash to the start of 'pluthermal operation' (aimed at utilization of plutonium at existing reactors for producing electricity).
- The ruling class aims to hold Japan's capability of developing atomic energy plants and nuclear weapons of its own.
- Fight against it by overcoming the SPDJ-led campaign for an 'alternative policy to nuclear energy' and JCP's demands for 'safety measures'!

Students waged protests against arrivals of the cargo ship carrying controversial MOX (mixed oxide fuel, or mixed plutonium-uranium fuel) at Fukushima nuke plant (22 and 27 Sep) and Takahama plant (1 Oct). (Photo above, 22 Sep at Fukushima)

(Left, a british cargo ship Pacific Pintail at a harbor of the Takahama plant on 1 Oct; right, students against the nuclear shipment at Fukushima on 27 Sep)

Intensifying tripartite rivalry among the US, China and Japan to hold economic hegemony over East Asia: what underlay the APEC meeting in Aukland.
Multinational forces initiated by the US and Australia gained control of East Timor
- The Indonesian government was forced to receive the so-called multinational forces.
- The US and Australian governments steamrollered to make an 'international intervention'.
- Concealed intentions of the ASEAN states and Japanese imperialism that made a negative response to the 'Anglo-Saxon' allies.

National Convention of the Postal Workers Union: Labour aristocrat schemes to transform the Union into a pro-managerial organization to initiate and fulfil business projects.

[7] Kaleidoscope of 1999
- What is called 'new capitalism' by worshipers in market almighty (bourgeois daily Nikkei Shimbun).
- True causes of 'violations against social evolution' (meant by the JCP centre sexual looseness in the party): Who have 'love affair' with bourgeois oppositions even by loosening the minimum programme?
- Yoshinori Kobayashi, a comic maker, exposed internal disputes in the nationalist group (so-called revisionists) that holds him as its signboard. Leaving the 'wholeness' away and sticking to the 'individuality'...
- 'Don't speak Japanese but English'-a trend in business world: a professor expects an 'English-like new Japanese' for the 21st century.
- Who is the real target? Scandals in Kanagawa Prefectural Police have been exposed successively and deliberately with the background of the internal strife within the police bureaucracy.


Our 'organizer spirit' and subjectivization of praxiological materialism - my summarization of Kuroda's 'Road to Praxiological Materialism' (1)
The article is included in Praxiology (published by Kobushi Shobo, 1998)
1. Why does Kuroda discuss 'self-regeneration of ourselves' in the first place?
2. What does Kuroda mean by 'the subjective structure ... whereby one consciously unifies in oneself the self as a member of the student self-governing association and the self as a revolutionary activist'?


No. 1588 October 4th

For United Actions of Workers and Students on Oct 24
Smash the scheme to build a US-Japan bilateral combat order for aggression!

No to the emergency legislation! Stop revising the Constitution!

(Photo left: Zengakuren students protested in front of the head office of the Defence Agency on Sep. 25.)

Zengakuren protested the port call by the Blue Ridge, flagship of the US 7th Fleet, at Muroran City in Hokkaido (Sep. 9). The battleship entered the civilian port along with the Maritime SDF vessel Shirane on the occasion of the US military shooting drill in Hokkaido. After the protest at the port, they joined a rally sponsored by local trade unions together with militant workers.
End to the miserable Chukaku faction!
A dream of survival by changing into a tiny parliamentarian group: bound for bankruptcy.

The 38th national convention of the IMF-JC (metal workers unions) adopted the proposal for 'job security' symbolized by 'For decent lives of jobless people': justification of the leaders' cooperation with capitalist plans for restructuring.
Reorganization plan of IMF-JC unions rejected by the convention: the beginning of its disbandment.
A storm of restructuring torturing workers in Daiei supermarkets.

[7] Kaleidoscope of 1999
Demoralized troops in the ruinous country: but ranks just follow the top.
A new species of vulture attacks the corporate Japan: and who offers tastily preapared LTBT as a sacrifice to Ripplewood from the US after the 4 trillion-yen bailout.
Kremlingate scandals: they have learned only modus operandi of 'casino capitalism'.
On Kakehashi Akihide's interpretation of Marx's Economic-Philosophical Manuscripts (3)
A. Characteristics seen in Kakehashi's methodological examination of the Manuscripts.
B. Lack of consideration concerning Marx's descending analytical process.
(No. 1586)
C. Kakehashi's fallacy of regarding the second determination of the alienated labour as 'the subjective principle'.
D. Explaining the change of tachiba [standpoint] in correspondence with the unfolded contents of cognition.
(No. 1587)
E. Results of his ontological interpretation without understanding the stereo-structural unfolding in the Manuscripts. (End)


No. 1587 September 27th

Build a Broader Front to Stop Revising the Constitution!
Smash reactionary offensives by the Obuchi Administration to build today's version of the Great East-Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere!
- Obuchi's attempt to embrace ASEAN states in competition with the US.
- Japan's economy bound for another recession due to the soaring yen.
- The beginning of a grand reorganization of the political circle: the Constitutional revision as a focus.
- Fight it aiming to overthrow the Obuchi Administration, advocator of the Constitutional revision!

Students' protests against the shooting drill by US forces in Hokkaido (September 2-8) in solidarity with militant workers, who struggled to revolutionize the rally sponsored by the Rengo [JTUC] Hokkaido Local with 4000 participants (Sep. 5)
(Photo left.)

Zengakuren students in Kanazawa protested against building a new nuclear plant: also fought in solidarity with militant workers struggling in the local SDPJ-led rally with 800 participants (Aug. 28).

The 110th meeting of the Zengakuren Central Committee (Sep. 8-9) (Photo right).
Chukaku-ha: an infantile radical sect and a tool of the state power:

The 'third leaflet' against current Chukaku 'leaders'
by the former 'politburo' member expelled by them.
Announced integration of DKB, Fuji, IJB and its fate: a challenge to a consolation match in the age of international bank war.
I. A 'losers' alliance' with the world's largest assets.
II. A trigger for a grand reorganization of the financial and industrial monopolies.
III. To break through the financial impasse: a hopeless attempt.
A. Falling competitivity with the US and EU.
B. Delay in rebuilding the social infrastructure.
C. Trends towards an attempt to build today's version of the 'Greater East-Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere'.
Smash forcible redeployments! Smash massive dismissals! No to the rationalization of the postal service! JRCL Postal Workers Committee

Toyota Group Trade Unions in Niigata: 48-hour strike!

Militant workers in the Tokyo Prefectural Workers Unions: struggling in a mass rally with over 4000 workers against the plan of wage cuts and dismissals (Sep. 13)


Short verses:
Ideological Devastation in the End of the Century (continued)
B. Not a 'sacred' but 'a just war'
-- Concerning the Anglo-American justification of the Balkan War and others.

After reading Selected Early Writings by Kuroda Kan'ichi

After reading Fingers coming together - letters from Russian readers: Kuroda's indignation attracting the hearts of people in Russia.

On Kakehashi Akihide's interpretation of Marx's Economic-Philosophical Manuscripts (2)
A. Characteristics seen in Kakehashi's methodological examination of the Manuscripts.
B. Lack of consideration concerning Marx's descending analytical process.
(No. 1586)
C. Kakehashi's fallacy of regarding the second determination of the alienated labour as 'the subjective principle'.
D. Explaining the change of tachiba [standpoint] in correspondence with the unfolded contents of cognition.


No. 1586 September 20th

[1] Zengakuren Demonstration Surrounding the Diet Building
on Sep. 25

Stop building a US-Japan bilateral war-operating system!
Fight it by overcoming the 'defend the Constitution' movement led by SPDJ and JCP!
- Obuchi administration: accelerated preparation for war in common with the US.
- A massive propaganda for revising the Constitution launched by conservative politicians.
- Smash the emergency legislation! Smash the constitutional revision!
Korea and Taiwan: with a mounting crisis of warfare.
August 1st antiwar meeting in Nagoya: the keynote report to make clear the significance and lessons of the latest struggles against the Balkan war.
Messages: Nuclear Register (Tucson, USA), Northwest Veterans for Peace (Portland, USA), Garverbille Veterans (USA).

Stop building a US military helicopter base!: Zengakuren in the forefront of people's struggles in Nago (a city in Okinawa where G8 summit talks for 2000 is to be held).

[3] Kaleidoscope of 1999

- 'Because there is no rest target in the zone': Anglo-American forces started air strikes against Iraq out of the so-called 'no flight zone'.
- Really a 'organized crime': scandals with the Kanagawa Prefectural Police and its failed attempts to gloss over them.
- 'Socialist modernism': What's 'modern'? An empty puff by Jospin in rivalry with Blair and Schroder.
- Why did only Asahi Shimbun write nothing about the key witness in the poisonous curry trial?: it is to expose the police fabrication to allege the criminality of the defendants. CIA behind the scene.
- A hell in ruinous Russia: men's life expectancy 58 years, decrease in population 2 million for 7 years.

'People-first reform of Japan': a criminal delusion
JCP bureaucrats playing with rubbish of modified capitalism
I. 'A perspective of the 21st century'?
II. When seeing the present state of economic and other affairs with the 'peace-affected' brain...
- 'Conflicts between two world orders': 'for war and oppression by America' and 'for peace by the UN'?
- No sense to the ongoing neo-fascist reaction.
- Aggravated depression is a 'composite mistake'?
III. 'Building a broaden front to defend the Constitution': a daydream.
A. To gloss over the failed attempt for a 'joint opposition'.
B. Ideological decolouration of its 'anti-imperialism, anti-monopoly' cause.
- Not only 'Against the Security Treaty' but also 'Against the Guidelines for war' have been thrown away.
- 'Anti-monopoly' means 'For a normal capitalism' ???
C. 'People's first': rosy symbol.
D. Illusion for a 'democratic state'.
E. Unprincipled 'dialog and cooperation' with 'conservative people'.
IV. A ruined conversion to modified capitalism.
- Ishihara, Governor of the Tokyo Prefecture, ordered cuts in wages and reduction of personnel by 5000 workers.
- Hino Mortors introducecd a 'work sharing' system with the help of trade union leaders: with wage cuts by 40 to 60 thousand yen for each worker.
- JCP-led teachers unions cancelled the planned speech by their former chairman: because of internal disagreements over controversial policies for cooperation with parent associations.
- National Convention of the Postal Workers Union: JRCL leaflets circulated among the members to inspire their discussions against the leaders' cooperative line with the Postal Ministry. (Photo)
- War preparation going at medical workplaces: survey of the number of beds, the directory of doctors, drill in the SDF base, etc. according to the Guideline-related laws.
Stormy retionalization in food industry: with the impetus of introduced HACCP [Harzard Analysis and Critical Control Point] systems.

Short verses:
Ideological Devastation in the End of the Century
A. Human Rights and the Public
Concerning Jurgen Habermas on the NATO bombing, association with wartime Japan, and others (continued)

On Kakehashi Akihide's interpretation of Marx's Economic-Philosophical Manuscripts
A. Characteristics seen in Kakehashi's methodological examination of the Manuscripts.
B. Lack of consideration concerning Marx's descending analytical process.


No. 1585 September 13th

The 6th Congress of the Rengo [JTUC] (Oct. 14-15)
Denounce the central leadership rushing a 'Industrial Patriotic' movement in the chorus of the 'Constitutional Revision'!
- 'Interim report for reviewing the political line': active responses to the emergency legislation and the constitutional revision.
- 'Draft idea for a new line': a 'Industrial Patriotic' movement with 'participation' as a symbol.

August 1st antiwar meeting in Okinawa:
local workers and students rallied against a new military port and a new helicopter base.

(Left; anti-heli base demo, Aug. 13th)

Waseda University: waves against disauthorization of student cultural circles.

[3] Kaleidoscope of 1999
- Merge of the three banks: the bigger, the better? No. Really a losers' union initiated by the government in fear of bankruptcy.
- Naoto Kan, Chair of the Democratic Party, best before ...
- Strange 'kidnapping' of a female student: by Aum? No. Her father and some journalists referred to another perpetrator.
- LDP Kajiyama's remarks on the annual commemoration day: my motto has been 'After my death, in Yasukuni Shrine' together with the former military men.

The special second report at the August 1st Antiwar Assembly
I. The last breath of the infantile radicals as a tool of the state.
II. Lessons of struggles against the Yugoslavian war.

A. The beginning of another tragedy in Yugoslavia
B. Deaths of the European Left and the Fourth International
- Jurgen Harbermas is dead.
C. Revolutionary meaning of our struggle against the Yugoslavian war
Messages: Socialismo Rivoluzionario (Italy), Union Paficiste (France), The Workers Party of Belgium.

Jobless rate 4.9 % (3,190,000) in June: monopoly capital force workers into resignation by a 'prison in a room', sexual harassment etc.

Annual Convention of the Japan Confederation of Shipbuilding & Engineering Workers' Unions: under the flag of the 'rising sun'. Reflecting the interests of the business, war merchants.

According to the central decision, the flag was raised.

A local campaign to impose the Rising-sun flag and the Kimigayo anthem in Hokkaido: launched by school principals, official parent associations, agricultural and fishery corporations, commercial associations, Rotary Club, etc.

Who said it first!: a JCP MP heckled at a trade union meeting in Nagoya with the booing from below that denounced the JCP chair's notorious remarks to call for a 'broad discussion' for legislating the national symbols.

'Inadequate teachers' to be expelled: Control on teachers being intensified in Hokkaido.

Japanese Electrical Electronic & Information Union: the central leadership's frantic efforts for 'burial of the Shunto [spring labour offensive]'

Electrical Union leaders made full cooperation to big cuts in bonus.

[8] History of Our Revolutionary Anti-War Struggles No. 19

October in 1968: militant fights to stop the US military freight trains full of fuel.
In the summer of the year a train full of military jet fuel for US Force exploded at Shinjuku station in Tokyo. This accident let people know US Force's dangerous activities in the country for the war in Vietnam and the Government's cooperation with it.
- Zengakuren stopped the train on the rails at Shinjuku station. 7500 workers demonstrated to the station. (Oct. 8th)
- 5000 students broke the wall of riot police. Social-democratic leaders tried to oppress fights of the 30000 workers who participated in the unions' rally. (Oct. 21st)


No. 1584 September 6th

Stop Emergency Legislation and Reactionary Revision of the Constitution!
Build a fighting front to break the major offensive launched under the new 'Imperial Assistance Association'!

[2] Local Zengakuren Students waged a resolute demonstration against the first entry of the US destroyer into Maizuru port, and joined and inspired the rally sponsored by transportation workers' unions with 300 participants.

Rally to the 110th Central Committee of the Zengakuren Federation!

[3] Kaleidoscope of 1999
- 'Struggles' by JTU [Japan Teachers Union] leaders besides the Diet building: they made ridiculous efforts to reportl any picket or rally against the Flag-Anthem Bill (be it organized by local chapters or effectively sponsored by themselves) not as JTU-sponsored but volunteer or sponsored by affiliated bodies in order to keep 'good partnership with the Education Ministry'.
- Another story about the reported stray US missiles to Bulgaria: Exposure of defects with US weapon? No. Advertizement by war marchants for improved new-types.
- Self-confessed 'Germany's compensation today for the Balkans': With the troops? With the expel of Serb residents? Just like its past. And the expanded Mark.
- The name of the editor has disappeared from the weekly of the Chukaku-ha group: he was the only desciple of the expelled former editor in chief.

[4] How misery of Euro-Trotskyists to defend the imperialist aggression in Yugoslavia! (Continued)
III. Dogmatism to the 'right of nations to self-determination'
- Vulgar revisions of Lenin's theory of nations.
- No awareness of the defects with Tito's policy for national reconciliation.
On Lenin's theory of 'national self-determination': How are we to learn the praxical essence of his approach and inherit it critically?

[5] Criticism of a JCP-patronized theorist on education
Uncovered rejection of their conventional theory on 'post-war peace education'
- 'Peace as a method'?
- Submission to the 'criticism' by rightist critics.
- 'Overcoming selfishness leads to peace'?
- 'Dignity of individuality' elevated as a principle
- Negation of the 'right of the people to education'

- 'Comprehensive Decentralization Laws' legislated: to launch mass dismissals of prefectural and municipal workers.
- 4 members of the JCP-led teachers union in Osaka were punished by the local education office: a national rightist campaign for 'reviving education' pressed the local government, but the leadership of the union did nothing.
- Postal labour with a new sorting machine: Video Cording System exhausts the workers.
- A rally of the Fukuoka Prefectural Workers Union: the leadership accepted the wage cuts!

[7] August 1st local anti-war meetings (continued)
Kyushu meeting in Fukuoka
- Hokkaido meeting: in a militant atmosphere after the actions against the SDF military drill in the region.
- Kyushu meeting: with presentation of video-recorded latest fights against the triangular military drill between US, Japan, ROK forces.
Messages: Socialist Workers Party of Britain; Communist Workers Party of Russia (further continued).

[8] History of Our Revolutionary Anti-War Struggles No. 18
February-April in 1968: the great struggle against the US Field Hospital at Oji in Tokyo
US Force in Japan suddenly notified its decision to move its Field Hospital from a country town into its Oji Camp in a residential area in Tokyo amid of the Vietnam War. The JRCL supported struggles of the Antiwar Youth Committee and led the Zengakuren to launch the fight against the Hospital. On March 8th, in its last stage, we organized a strongly militant fight to stop opening the Hospital, which was based on all the achievements of the struggles and the success in supporting struggles for railway workers unions' strike against rationalization on March 2nd.
- After breaking through the wall of riot police, part of Zengakuren students occupied the front gate of the US base; others dashed into the basis with the Z-flag unfurling.
- Advanced workers in railway, postal, and other industries won a protest rally at the gate of the base in spite of the oppression from above by the union leaders.
- This highly united resolute struggle also highlighted the weakness of infantile radicals calling for 'armed uprising' only by word.


No. 1583August 30th

[1] Zengakuren students in front of the Diet building days and nights against the reactionary legislation
Zengakuren students waged a resolute struggle against the legislation of bloodstained Hinomaru [rising sun] flag and Kimigayo [reign of the emperor] anthem as the national symbols and the repressive 'anti-organized crime' bills including authorization of police wiretapping. They continued picketing in front of the Diet building together with education and other workers days and nights under the flaming sun and sometimes in spite of downpour.
The surging mass movement against the reactionary bills had to be defeated with their passages of the parliament on Aug. 9th and 12th. The cause of this defeat lies in the misleading by the official SDPJ and JCP leaderships. Particularly what the JCP did to the flag-anthem bill was only a counterproposal for 'making a national consensus', and they condemned the anti-organized crime bills only for 'civic privacy'. The JCP was busy forming an 'joint opposition' with the bourgeois Democratic Party, and neglected to organize a mass counterattack at the crucial moment.
Zengakuren students denounced the distortion of the struggle by the SDPJ and JCP and fought to overcome the official mass movement led by them. Through this efforts Zengakuren built a bridgehead to form a broad front to fight against neo-fascist reaction.

[2] Local actions in response to the protests before the Diet building
- Osaka (Aug. 9th to 12th), Sapporo (Aug. 9th), Fukuoka (Aug. 3rd), Okinawa (July 29th), Kagoshima (Aug. 12th), and Sasebo (Aug. 1st).
[3] August 1st local anti-war meetings
- Osaka meeting: amid of surging actions against the SDF military drill in the Osaka Bay.
- Kanazawa meeting: adopted the resolution against the entry of the Tomahawk-installed US vessel into a local port, full of young workers and students.
Messages: Liberation Front of Polynesia (French Polynesia); Movimiento Socialista de los Trabajadores (Argentina) (continued).
[4] How misery of Euro-Trotskyists to defend the imperialist aggression in Yugoslavia!
I. Boosters to the 'Human Rights Crusade'
- Subordinates to the 'aggressing social-democrats'
- Stereotypical and simple criteria to equate ultra-nationalist Milosevic with Hitler.
II. Demagogic analogy
- How we should comprehend what has been called 'ethnic cleansing'.
- An incurable supremacism of western civilization: a cult. (To be continued.)
[5] No to the SDF mobilization for 'public security'!
With a deceptive justification: 'provision against a terrorist attack on nuclear plants by North Korea'.
[6] Education workers' picket against the Flag-Anthem bill
The central leadership of JTU [Japan Teachers Union], who had neglected the struggle against the bill, made a 'mobilization order' belatedly on Aug. 9th, the final round. But this 'mobilization' was not to the picket that had been waged by students and rank-and-file workers but to a 'summarizing' meeting to be held after the expected passage of the bill, and that asking local chapters to dispatch only 'two deputies' for each. Militant JTU members, well aware of the leaders' reactionary intention, pressed, from below, the local and central leaders 'to carry out the order in reality', 'to dispatch more protesters', 'to dictate a nation-wide struggle', etc. Thus they struggled to organize many rank-and-file members in the picketing in front of the Diet building on Aug. 9th in spite of the oppression by the leaders.
Around 9:00 a.m. JTU members began to rally, from 23 chapters, the number of protesters being 800. Here mutual exchange among chapters were organized centring around Hokkaido, Tokyo, and Kanagawa chapters They denounced central JTU leaders who appeared only with the intention to depress the fight.
At the JTU-sponsored meeting for 'summarization', a leader was heckled with booing from packed participants because he shamelessly said, 'Our MPs, thank you for your protests', 'Now, next stage is important.' The reason for the betrayal by the JTU leadership in this struggle is that they have advocated 'a good partnership with the Education Ministry'
[7] Postal Workers
No to the massive rationalization in the postal service!
Smash the reduction and forcible redeployments!
Successive suicides of postal workers
[8] History of Our Revolutionary Anti-War Struggles No. 18
January in 1968: the struggle in Sasebo against the entry of the Enterprise, nuke-installed US submarine.
- Local Zengakuren students marched to the US military base with packed scrum against riot police.
- A crucial step towards Japan's nuclear armament.
- JCP in Sasebo: only for 'expelling Trotskyists'.
- Petty-bourgeois radicals: with the dream of 'armed uprising' but bankrupted..
- How we won a splendid strengthening of Zengakuren ranks.

No. 1582 August 16th

[1] 37th
International Antiwar Assembly on August 1st

1300 people rallied at the central meeting in Tokyo. Local meetings were held in six main cities. All gathered with firm resolution to expand the revolutionary antiwar struggle over the world and to block the ongoing offensives towards a strengthened neofascist ruling system. The executive committee presented fraternal messages from other countries.

200 Students from universities
around the country waging
a long-run picket in front of the
Diet building to protest the
Flag-Anthem Bill and the Wire
tapping Bill.
[2] Stop the Flag-Anthem Bill and the Wiretapping Bill!

JRCL led nation-wide waves against the reactionary bills:
joint actions of students in Tokyo [July 29th etc.], Zengakuren's protest in Osaka [July 22nd],
militant workers and students in the forefront of the trade union rally with 270 participants in Kanazawa [July 16th], etc.

Militant workers and students changed the depressing mood of the Rengo [JTUC]-sponsored rally against the wiretapping bill through breaking the leaders' oppression including bureaucratic ban on fighting banners and headbands (August 3rd).
Students in the rally with a big banner.
(August 3rd).

[3] Kaleidoscope of 1999
- A fictitious 'Auschwitz' in Kosovo: despite the previous 'anti-holocaust' propaganda, where has it gone?
- Germ-modified beans invading traditional Japanese foods: Tofu, Natto, soy sauce, etc.
- 'The US was defeated in a 'war against the Serb mind': stupid comments by A. Toffler recommending a more sophisticated propaganda.
- Extinction of the weekly of a petty bourgeois radical sect split into two.
- A shameless lack of docta ignorantia seen in Kenzaburo Oe, the Nobel awarded writer who accepted the police conclusion that the Kobe killer's letter was written by the arrested fourteen-year old boy.
The Bukuro Chukaku sect threatened by the ex-editor-in-chief's leaflet, which revealed its 'internal affairs' effectively showing its corruption as a tools of the state power.
Kosovo under the occupation, Serbia after the bombing: how are people suffering? [Continued]
The JCP effectively accepts the planned reform of national pension systems.

July 28th rally sponsored by the Pro-Constitution Forum (officially, but effectively by JTU, Japan Teachers Union) with participation of 2000 teachers: militant education workers made a surging wave against the legalization of the Flag and Anthem by breaking the oppression from the JTU leadership. The JTU Chairman was heckled with the booing from rank-and-files angry about the bureaucratic oppression according to his line called 'a good partnership with the Education Ministry'. The rally was concluded with a voluntarily initiated unanimous calls against the bills.

Postal workers: Stop the 'streamlining' of labour organizations by the Ministry!

[7] The Pakistani-Indian war over Kashmir
American imperialism aims to break the strategic triangle among China, Russia, and India.

[8] From the readers
After reading Kuroda's For the Creation of the Organization of a Vanguard Party: Filled with the pathos towards revolutionizing praxis.

Short verses: a vortex of war.


No. 1581August 9th

[1] Smash the Legislation of Reactionary Laws!
Smash the Flag-Anthem Bill and the Wiretapping Bill! Oppose the Obuchi government building the US-Japan bilateral war-operating systems! Oppose China's counter military build-ups!

JTU [Japan Teachers Union] members picketing against the Flag-Anthem Bill in front of the Diet building.

[2] Anti-war demonstrations
Workers and students rose against the SDF military drill on Osaka Bay (July 15th-17th):
Zengakuren students on a boat broke the marine police blockade, waging their protests on the water. Militant workers changed the mood of the trade union rally with 2000 participants led by social-democratic leadership. JRCL propaganda inspired the workers.

[Zengakuren students against the departure of the drill at the central pier of Osaka Port.]

[3] Kaleidoscope of 1999
- 'I would be gentle if you were not a dictator': a karaoke song by the male clone of M. Albright at the ASEAN summit in Singapore.
- Manipulated high approval rate in polls for Obuchi, so-called vacuum minister.
- The concealed trick with the Rambouillet Agreement: The article of Annex B was reported as late as six weeks after the bombing started.
- Historic high rate of unemployment in June: officially 4.9 %, approaching to 3.5 million.
The second wave of cruel restructuring: plunging workers into a hell (continued).
Kosovo under the occupation, Serbia after the bombing: how are people suffering?
The JCP-led national centre of trade unions planned to abandon the symbolic demand for high wages: but postponed its decision because of the lower echelon's disagreement.
Militant workers of the JTU [Japan Teachers Union] in Hokkaido led the local rally in the leftward direction: over 400 members rallied in Sapporo against the Flag-Anthem Bill (July 22nd).
Part of a concrete wall of a tunnel for bullet express trains broken: the railway company shifted the blame to the construction company.
Fukuoka Prefecture announced cuts in wages for public service workers: 3 % a month!
Denounce the Hyogo Police authority for its mistaken arrest of a Zengakuren student!
A miserable counter-statement by a Bukuro = Chukaku bureaucrat against the leaflet published by the dropped-out ex-editor-in chief.
[8] History of Our Revolutionary Anti-War Struggles No. 17
November 12th in 1967: the second Haneda on-the-spot struggle to stop Prime Minister Sato's departure for talks in Washington.
- Washington and Tokyo aimed at Okinawa's return to Japan and the strengthening of the military alliance.
- JCP- and SDPJ-led movement to demand 'Okinawa's return'.
- 1200 students of the Zengakuren waged a struggle against the police while accusing the petty bourgeois radicals of infantile armed-uprising supremacism.
- 3500 young workers rallied and 2000 picked on the street in spite of the oppression from the social-democratic leadership.