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No. 1880
(August 8th Issue)

Against the Iraq War!
Against revision of the Constitution!
Fight in opposition
to the current assisting the revision!

- Over the resumed 6-party talk: confrontation between the US-Japan alliance and China, Russia and South / North Koreas
- Formation of a 'coalition of the developing' led by China, embracing Russia: counteroffensive against the US
- The Bush empire in death agony intensifying its machination 'to contain China (and Russia)'
- The JCP central leadership degraded to a servant of the Chinese bureaucracy: Let us fight by overcoming its 'movement for the defence of the Constitution' which does not amount to such in reality!

Denounce 'another conspiracy for covering up a conspiracy' plotted by the Anglo-American rulers!
- Terrors on the July 21st: a farce!
- Fascistic intensification in the repressive security order
- The Bush Empire shaken
- Fight back in solidarity with the Muslim people!

[3] Kaleidoscope 2005
- 60 years on: against the US planned development of 'nuclear weapons which cause less international indignation', raise a 'biggest international indignation'!
- French is not an international language (?): the intellectual level of Rightist Tokyo governor Ishihara

Jaafari's Iraqi government demanding 'a timetable for the withdrawal of US forces':
the epoch-making nature of his visit to Iran

- The power holders boastful of the 'reconciliation'
- An anti-American corridor from Iran through Iraq to Syria
- Shadows of China and Russia

The 'collective security bill' drafted by the Democratic Party of Japan
- A proposal to form 'an international peace corps' for dispatch abroad of Japanese troops
- Ozawa Ichiro's arguments for war of aggression in the name of 'international contribution'
- Denounce the Okada-Ozawa leadership of the DPJ rushing to assist troop dispatch!

Smash the 'Rengo's view' crying for revision of the Constitution!
- Rengo's view to nullify war-renouncing Article 9
- Obedience to the monopoly capitalists
- The finishing touch to produce a labour movement assisting the Constitutional revision
- Build a joint struggle 'against Constitutional revision'!

The miserable end of the 'party to protect the Constitution'
'Constitutional discussion' theory presented by the Social Democratic Party of Japan in the name of 'sorting the points in dispute'
- The SDPJ engulfed by the major current towards the Constitutional revision'
- Deceptions seen in former SDPJ head Doi Takako's arguments for 'protecting Article 9'

A year on from the reorganization into an independent agency: extremely busy workplaces in national universities
- Reduction in the teaching staff and increased overtime work with no pay
- Competition between universities for their survival
- Managerial organizations strengthened under the top-down system

Oppose changes for worse in the social welfare system!
- Cruel dissertation of applicants for public assistance

Topics Private railway companies out-sourcing the train drivers: another Amagasaki disaster inevitable

Stop the planned cuts in wages and introduction of an assessment-based increase system in the name of 'review in the wage structure'!
- Major cuts in wages of civil service
- Fight back against the shift of responsibility for the state budget onto the workers!
- Fight by overcoming the leadership of trade unions of civil service!
- Denounce the JTU and Jichiro leadership waving the flag of the Constitutional revision!

Human beings endangered


No. 1879
(August 1st Issue)

Denounce the Rengo central's decision
for revision of the Constitution!

Fight to reverse the Japanese labour movement
avalanching into assistance in revising the Constitution!

JRCL Central Workers' Orgburo

- 'Outlines for the Constitutional Revision' drafted by the ruling LDP
- Democratic Party of Japan seeking for 'drafting revisions jointly' with the ruling parties
- Smash the campaign for assisting the revision led by the Rengo central leadership!

Central and regional meetings of the 43rd International Antiwar Assembly
will be held on August 7th (Sunday)
in Tokyo, Sapporo (Hokkaido region), Kanazawa (Hokuriku region), Nagoya (Tokai region), Osaka (Kansai region), Fukuoka (Kyushu region) and Ginowan (Okinawa region).

Stop the enactment of the collusive crime law!
- Reactionary nature of the bills to punish 'collusive crime'

Kagoshima University
- Supportive responses to a student demonstration in the street

[3] Kaleidoscope 2005
- Police announcements changing incessantly: a dark thread seen between London and Baghdad
- Koizumi's rhetoric of madness: 'Hate (war) crimes but not criminals (shrined in Yasukuni)'
- JCP Chairman Fuwa awkwardly praising Chaves

Damages from asbestos
- '100,000 people can get cancer for 40 years', reported

JTU 93rd National Convention: declaration of the conversion to a 'Educational Patriotic Association'
Denounce the central leadership deteriorating the JTU as a subsidiary of the education ministry!
- Pressing teachers 'to respond to the national flag and anthem according to the guidelines of the government'
- Rejecting voices from the rank-and-files 'to defend the pro-Constitutional cause'
- Denounce part of prefectural leaders, accomplices of the central leadership!

We Appeal, on the last day of the JTU Convention
JRCL Education Workers Committee
- Vote against the guideline from the central leadership declaring for 'teaching the significance of the national flag and anthem'!

Denounce the Jichiro leadership waving the flag of a 'Basic Law of Peace' to revise war-renouncing Article 9 of the Constitution!
JRCL Prefectural / Municipal Workers Committee
- Oppose the proposed enactment of a 'Basic Law of Peace'!
- Stop the decision by overcoming the total surrender of the opposition leaders!
- Denounce the leadership of the civil service unions accepting the major cuts in wages!
- Don't tolerate the attempt to shift the burdens of the state financial crisis upon to the civil workers and the people!

Capitals in the electric industry rapidly expanding their munitions production
- Arms exports for building missile defence systems
- Realities of their production of weapons
- Machines upgraded for the missile defence system
- Denounce the labour aristocrats supporting the munitions production!

JPU 60th national Convention: Denounce the central leadership accepting the major postal restructuring and imposing support for the Constitutional revision!
- 'How many workers you killed!' Booing unleashed to the president of Japan Post invited to the Convention by the leadership
- Voices against the leaders' proposal
- Fight together for a militant revival of the JPU labour movement!

National convention of the private railway workers unions
- JRCL propaganda to denounce the leadership surrendering to the Rengo central

Topics There will be no nurses in Japan!: Fight back against extremely intensified, long time labour and imposed overtime work with no pay!

On 'debate training' in trade unions
- What is 'debate'?
- Fake technique that can destroy personality and subjectivity
- Destructive functions to trade union organizations
- Techniques to produce persons who can give any kind of 'position'
- Resulting in functional paralysis and weakening of trade unions

Workers in military bases exploited relentlessly under the major reorganization of the US Forces
- Strengthening of US military bases in Japan
- IT-based technicalization and intensified control of the personnel
- Denounce the betrayal by the leadership of military base workers unions
Book Review Russia as a czarist democracy: Putin's era
- A trap for a political scientist emphasizing 'a popular viewpoint'
- Neither 'czarism' nor just a 'democracy'

'I WANT YOU': a revival of the conscription system
- 'The world's strongest' US Army wriggling in a quagmire


No. 1878
(July 25th Issue)

Rally at the 43rd International Antiwar Assembly!
Against the Iraq War, against the US-Japan military alliance,
against revision of the Constitution,

fight for the revolutionary antiwar struggle
to break through the 'century of war and darkness'!

Stop the LCAC drill! (July 7th)
No to Rice's visit! (July 11th)

- The Bush-plotted London blasts to wriggle out of the quagmire
- The militarist empire of the 'world's superpower' isolated from the rest of the world
- Patch-up for the totally bankrupted occupation of Iraq
- China and Russia tying up under the banner of 'against monopolism'
- Advance to overthrow the Koizumi-led neo-fascist government!

Central and regional meetings of the 43rd International Antiwar Assembly
will be held on August 7th (Sunday)
in Tokyo, Sapporo (Hokkaido region), Kanazawa (Hokuriku region), Nagoya (Tokai region), Osaka (Kansai region), Fukuoka (Kyushu region) and Ginowan (Okinawa region).

Stop the SDF military drill!
- Closing in on a landing craft, Zangakuren Hokkaido struggle together with 1000 workers from regional trade unions (June 7th, Hamataiki)(Pic. upper)

Oppose Rice's visit to Tokyo!
- Zengakuren protest against the US embassy (July 11th) (Pic. Lower)

For the the 75th Regular Convention of Zengakuren
-- Build a readiness for struggle against the Iraq War, the military alliance, and the Constitutional revision!

Stop the 7th dispatch of SDF troops to Iraq from the Fukuoka base!
- Rise in struggle to stop the batch leaving the base!

Denounce the JR West Co. authorities evading its responsibility for the disastrous accident!:
Its 'Plans for Improved Safety' full of deceptions
1. An indulgence for resuming operations
- 'To lower speed limits': A sheer lie
- Effective leading officer Ide, take your responsibility!
2. Self-justification with no reflection on the cause of the accident
- The 'company's climate' necessitating accidents
- An irresponsible system with nothing for 'crisis control'
- 'Profit first' Managerial policies disregarding safety
- A terrific railway schedule with ultra-density, ultra-high speed
- 'Day training' thrusting workers down to a hell
- Revive a militant tradition of the driving safety struggle!

Vote down the leaders' proposal for accepting a system 'to lower the wages'!
JRCL Telecommunication Workers Committee
- No introduction of the 'wage-lowering system' as a full expansion of the performance pay!
- Struggle against the Constitutional revision from our workplaces!

Topics Revised laws for nursing care insurance: Nursing service for 1.6 million people to end

For actively carrying out our organizational praxis
- Reading an article included in The Communist No. 209

Monthly Bungei-Shunju on the JR West accident
- Speaking for the managerial
Poems: Yasukuni Shrine

Kuroda and cherry blossoms


No. 1877
(July 18th Issue)

Denounce the London explosions
plotted by the Bush Empire!

- A conspiracy machinated to reinforce the 'war on terrorism'
- A threat directed against Tony Blair distancing himself from the Bush Empire
- The death agony of the Bush Empire
See the full text

Denounce the Postal Privatization Bill passed through the House of Representatives!
- Stop the passage through the House of Councilors!

August 7th The 43rd International Antiwar Assembly
Central meeting: Tokyo
Regional meetings: Hokkaido, Hokuriku, Tokai, Kansai, Kyushu and Okinaw

Break through the dark current for the Constitutional revision!
Down with the Koizumi-led neo-fascist government flung into a political crisis!

- Corrupt officials of trade unions in Rengo joining an assistant campaign for the Constitutional revision
- Denounce the JTU leadership involved in the new 'Five Agreements' with the education ministry!
- In the coming JTU convention, vote against a supportive agenda for the Constitutional revision!

June 19th: Workers and students from the Hokkaido region march through Sapporo
June 25th: Okinawa Students March: fists against the US Futenma Air Station

General Federation of Private Railway and Bus Workers' Unions:
Denounce the leadership surrendering to the assistant forces for the Constitutional revision!

JRCL Private Railway Workers Committee
- Denounce the leadership surrendering to Rengo President Sasamori!
- Expose the anti-working class nature of the leaders' proposal for a 'Basic Law of Peace'!
- Fight back against long-time labour and intensified control of personnel driving workers to fatal accidents!
- Denounce corrupt leaders cooperative for the intensification of labour!
- Don't distort workers' struggle into proposals for 'better traffic policies'!

High-speed nuclear breeder Monju: Denounce the reactionary decision by the Supreme Court!
- Stop the planned resumption of operation!

[4-5] Stop local governments introducing ultra-nationalist textbooks in schools!
Praise for aggressive wars and assistance for revision of the Constitution
1. History textbook: in the name of 'survival and self-defence', praising militarist Japan's wars of aggression
- An about-face of the rightist compilers from an 'anti-American' position to 'pro-American' obedience
- Stretched interpretations of history according to the Emperor-centred conception of history
- Justification for the wars of aggression
- A view of history from the standpoint of the rulers
2. Civics textbook: the three principles of the Constitution rejected
- Leading to a supportive position for revision of Article 9
- Rejection of 'the people's sovereignty and respect for human rights'

Denounce the leadership of the NTT Workers' Union helping the introduction of 'lower wage' system!
- - Positive acceptance of the intensification in the 'performance pay' system
- Demands for 'more thorough control of the personnel'
- Absolutization of the 'middle-term strategy for management' of the NTT capital

Topics Leaders' agenda for the coming JTU Convention: jointly elaborated with the education ministry!

[7] Kaleidoscope 2005
- A triumph in Teheran and an elegy of the US: going back to the origin
- A 'friendly purchase'?: A Chinese major buying an American major
- Inside the Communist Party of China: a faction behind the anti-Japanese commotions

Poems: Yasukuni Shrine


No. 1876
(July 11th Issue)

Stir up flames of antiwar struggle
to break through the dark clouds of
new confrontation between the US and China
hanging over East Asia!

- The US with Japan vs. China with South and North Korea: Confrontation focussing on the six-party talk
- South Korean President Roh launching a 'diplomatic war' on Japan
- Conflicts intensifying over an 'East Asian Summit'
- Putin's Russia ting with China as the leader of developing countries
- Smash the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance!

June 19th: Workers and students from the Kansai region march on the prefectural LDP office (Osaka)

Aichi University Students' Self-Governing Association: A resolution against the Constitutional revision voted for at an all-students' convention (June 9th) (Pic right)

Russia, China and India opposing the hegemony of the US
- The first meeting of foreign ministers declaring a 'strategic partnership'
- Building up a 'triangle'

JRCL Education Workers Committee appeals to the JTU National Convention!
Stop the JTU degraded to an 'Educational Patriotic' movement praising the Constitutional revision and 'patriotic education'!
- JTU leaders' 'new five agreements' with the education ministry: a declaration of unity with the ministry!
- Stop approval of new agreements!
- Stop the JTU turning supportive for the Constitutional revision!
- Down with the JTU leadership degraded to a subsidiary to the education ministry

[4-5] JRCL Central Workers' Orgburo
Denounce the JR West Co. authorities causing the Amagasaki disaster!
Rise up in a struggle to overthrow the Ide-led managerial regime by reviving the glorious tradition of struggles against the higher productivity campaign!
Disband the patronized union incorporated into the managerial regime!

1. Forcible resumption of the operation: to cause another accident
- The resumed operation amidst the voices of denunciation
- An overcrowded, high-speed train schedule unchanged
- The patronized union repeating its crime
- Self-justification to defend the Ide regime
2. The disastrous accident caused necessarily
- Crimes of the authorities
- Police, fire office, and JR West Co revealing a lack in readiness for 'crisis control'
3. JR West Co.'s managerial and personnel policies giving priority for profit over safety
- The company's 'climate' under the Ide regime
- Thorough reduction in personnel and intensification of labour based on the 'efficiency first' policy
- Younger drivers raised in a shortcut without necessary technical training
- Curtailed investments for 'safety facilities'
- Competing with private railways: madness for a 'speed first' policy
- Punitive control over the personnel and workers' unions with the patronized union as the tool

The redundancy pay system for the civil service
- Stop its planned change for the worse!

Stop the planned outsourcing of the indoor work!
- JRCL propaganda to a national convention of the Japan Post Workers Union

Topics A recent meeting of Rengo Central Committee: President Sasamori pressing affiliate unions to express a supportive position for the Constitutional revision

[7] Kaleidoscope 2005
- A televised interview with the JCP Chairman: supporting Japan's bid for a permanent seat in the UNSC
- The Gogh murder case in the Netherlands: who produced a 'clash of civilization'?
- Self-confession of the deep throat: prior to another scandal?
- 60 years on from the Okinawa battle: residents killed by Japanese troops

Overseas Appeal for the 43rd International Antiwar Assembly in Japan


No. 1875
(July 4th Issue)

Antiwar Demonstration in Tokyo, June 19th
Workers and students march
to stop the Constitutional revision
On the Diet Building, US embassy
Breaking through the assistant current for the revision

- Beating off rightist attacks
- 'Down with the Koizumi government!'
- Advance by overcoming the official opposition movement degenerated all the more

June 12th in Nagoya
- Workers and students march on the prefectural LDP headquarters, to stop the Constitutional revision
(Pic. right)

Blair's Labour Party on the decline
- General elections and Labour's decline
- 'Respect'
- Social democratic parties in Europe: successive divisions

[3] Kaleidoscope 2005
- Postal Reform and South Korea: weighting on Koizumi
- Taiwanese fishers protesting the Japanese government: a territorial dispute on East China Sea
- China's Web censorship: like the US 'Patriot Act'
- 'Pack it in ice and bring here': Head-hunting in Afghanistan

Koizumi's 'Trinity Reform' imposing heavy burdens on the toiling masses
- Cuts in subsidies, transferred competence for taxation and reformed allocation of tax revenue to localities
- Forcible decisions: after repressing 'resistance' from the localities and lobby-backed MPs
- Reform in tax and financial system for becoming 'a country that can wage war'

Stop authorization of 'camouflaged contract'!
Introduction of workers dispatch business anticipating the US-type professional employer organization
- 'Camouflaged contracts' and their wicked, tricky ways
- Introduction of contract-based dispatch business
- A new form of irregular employment freed from restrictions by the Workers Dispatch Law
- The US-type PEO likely to be introduced

Denounce the leadership of the Japan Post Workers' Union fully supporting the authority's plan
- Praising the so-called P2, i.e. 80,000 job cuts
- Approving the major cuts in personnel for 'expanded reproduction'
- Degenerating into a movement for 'national interests'

Topics Canon planning an 'unmanned factory'

Reading an article
- Sakata Seiichi 'Revolutionary Russia: Glorious and Tragic', included in How Was the Revolution Usurped? (Akane Books)

Reading Kuroda's Books
- Anthropology


No. 1874
(June 27th Issue)

Break through the current for the Constitutional revision!
Denounce the Sasamori leadership of Rengo
advocating constitutionalization
of dispatch abroad of SDF troops!

Stop Jichiro and JTU leaders
pressing their national Conventions
to decide supportive lines for the Constitutional revision!

- Revision of the Constitution pressed by the Bush Empire
- Strengthening of the Japanese neo-fascist regime
- The democratic Party of Japan and Sasamori's Rengo leadership!
- Central JTU leaders turning supportive for the Constitutional revision, following the Jichiro central leadership.
- The criminal nature in demanding a 'Basic Law of Peace'
- Transcend the collapsed official 'pro-Constitutional' movement!

Pic. June 19th, Tokyo: Workers and students march against the Constitutional revision and the US-Japan military alliance, in solidarity with antiwar demostrations in other regions.

National elections in Lebanon
- Bush's scheme failed to dismantle the Hesbollah

'No to the US military drill for urban battle!' (31 May, Okinawa) (Pic. below right)

[3] Kaleidoscope 2005
- Japan's permanent seat in the UNSC: Rivals bashing, the master throwing cold water
- A 'naked aggressive war' and a 'better' one: JCP chairman's view of history
- Hot autumn in La Paz: Domino-like collapses of pro-US governments
- Which is a 'threat'?: In a defence conference in Singapore

'Common Strategic Objectives': A plan for a US-Japan joint war of aggression
- A scheme to establish 'another new defence guideline'
- Senses of crisis for the rise of the big dragon, China
- The Japanese military combined with the forces of the Bush Emperor

Self-confession of the failure in the 'Japan Post System': Interveners from Toyota Co to quit
- The Toyota trio disgusting the bosses of post offices

Screams heard from workers
- A national questionnaire survey on work: the system of 'life-long employment and seniority wage' overwhelmingly supported

Unpaid overtime work for 5 hours a day
- temporary employment agencies exploiting workers

Topics Leaders in the basic industrial unions proposing for capitalists

Composing poems for indignations against official leaders
- The railway accident produced by JR West managers and leaders in their patronized union
- Angers for the JTU leadership oppressing voices from the rank-and-files
- The pro-Constitutional and peace symbols of the JTU about to be killed
- Educational workers rising nationwide

Book Review
- Andrey Kurkov: Death and the Penguin


No. 1873
(June 20th Issue)

Stop Revision of the Constitution! Down with the Koizumi government!
Organize waves of fight back
from the labour front!

- The Koizumi government propagandising anti-Chinese chauvinism
- Dependence on the Bush Empire for breaking through a crisis of the government
- Denounce official leaders of trade unions engulfed by the revisionist current
- Build a stronger mass wave to stop the Constitutional revision

Denounce the intensification of the repressive security order under the pretext of 'guard for Aichi Expo'!
- Every one of the visitors to be surveyed and checked
- The opening event under a martial order
- 'Anti-terrorist measures' modelled after the US

The defeat of the Japanese government by France
- Over the race for an International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor

[3] Kaleidoscope 2005
- Tokyo's Hitler compelled to sack his Himmler.
- Armitage on Japan: for renewal of the binding collar on the power-holders
- The OAS meeting in Florida: rejecting a US motion
- And a counter-punch: An 'international conference against terrorism' in Havana

The Derailment

The 'white-colour exemption'
- Unlimited long-time labour onto workers

Miserable situations at insurance-related divisions in Japan Post
- One in three of the employees leaves the workplace

Topics A draft proposal of the government for reforming the wage structure of the civil service

Stop the NTT managerial changing its 'personnel and wage system' for worse!
- The 'performance-based' payment fully expanded
- A major cut in the 'total personnel expenses' for 'building the managerial foundations'
- Denounce the leadership of the NTT workers union assisting the major change for worse in the form of wage payment!

Reading Books


No. 1872
(June 13th Issue)

June 19 United Actions of Workers and Students
Stop Revision of the Constitution!
Fight against the Iraq War and
the US-Japan Military Alliance!

JRCL Central Students' Orgburo

May 27th: Flags of trade unions on the stage
2400 protesters rallying in spite of the central JCP leaders
emptying their seats to obstruct the joint action
I. Brutalities of the Yankee Empire, and the reactionary offensives for the Constitutional revision and the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance
(A) The US occupation forces perpetrating plots and genocide of the Iraqi people
(B) Clashes between the US and China over East Asia
- Hard-line policies developed by the US and Japan against China and North Korea
- Counter actions by China and South Korea against the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance
- Conflicts for the oil resources between the US and China - Russia
(C) The Koizumi government dashing for revising the Constitution and strengthening the military alliance
- The official opposition movement engulfed by the tide of the Constitutional revision
II. Overcome the JCP-led 'pro-Constitutional' movement with no 'pro-Constitutional' cause!
(A) Give more blows to the central JCP leadership patching up its controversial position of 'coexistence of the Constitution with the Self-Defence Forces'
- Exclusionist attacks against the revolutionary leftwing
- Degeneration in the ideas itself of 'pro-Constitution' and 'against the military alliance'
- Analyses affected with the illusion for peace
- 'Reform of the military alliance within the framework of the alliance'?
(B) Stop revision of the Constitution! Fight in combination with struggles against the Iraq War and the US-Japan military alliance!
- Advance for overthrowing the ultra-reactionary Koizumi government!
Antiwar demonstrations
- Tokyo (June 19th), Sapporo (June 19th), Osaka (June 19th) and Nagoya (June 12th)

2400 Workers, students, citizens against the Constitutional revision (May 27th, Tokyo)
- 'Let us fight beyond the different national centres of labour!': called by a representative for the 20 transport-related unions
- Give a fatal blow to the JCP central leadership, slaves to bureaucratic self-protection!
(See pics in the right)

Kanazawa University students
- March through the streets against the Constitutional revision (April 29th)

The accusers win a lawsuit to stop the Juki net [national online network of resident registries]
- A historic victory!
- Now is the time to fight for smashing the national surveillance system!

Constitutional revisions drafted for war of aggression: the reactionary nature of the LDP draft
I. A new constitution imposed by Bush
- An active response to Bush's war
II. A scheme to remake Japan into 'a country that can wage war'
A. Exercise of the right of the state to collective defence made constitutional in the name of 'natural rights'
- 'Pacifism to be taken over': a trick
B. Forced submission to the 'public order'
- A neo-fascistic negation of 'basic rights'
- A state-supremacism in the name of the 'public'
- Forced 'efforts for self-reliance' based on neoliberalism
C. A top-down system from Prime Minister planned to strengthen
D. Inculcation of Japanese nationalism of today

Denounce the JTU leadership deciding to support the Constitutional revision!
- Stop adoption of a 'Basic Law for Peace' as a course for the Constitutional revision at the coming convention!

Fight back against the Jichiro leadership dashing for the Constitutional revision!
- Denounce 13 prefectural centres surrendering to orders from the national leadership!

Topics The JTU central leadership: abandoning opposition to ultra-nationalist history textbooks, sensitive to the education ministry

[7] Kaleidoscope 2005
- The intellect of Muslims and the stupidity of Yankees: plus, a fictitious secret talk between Rumsfeld and Saddam
- Nakasone: recommending Koizumi to be opportunist
- War games: Technical innovation (!) of human mind
- Crowded facilities for children: consequences of the 'reform'

- On a poor critique of the late historian Amino Yoshihioko's work (Continued)


No. 1871
(June 6th Issue)

Denounce the genocide of Iraqi people
by the US occupation forces!

Stop revision of the Constitution of Japan!

Fight against the Iraq War!

- The US Forces perpetrating the genocide and conspiracies
- The Shiite-centred government started according to Grand Ayatollah Sistani's tactics
- Confrontation between the US-Japan and China (with South Korea) for the hegemony over East Asia
- The Koizumi government rushing to the Constitutional revision and the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance
- Denounce the central JCP leadership, the fifth column in the bourgeois parties

Pic. left: Stop the Constitutional revision! No mobilization for war! A mass antiwar rally based on trade unions in Tokyo (May 27th)

'Remove US bases!' Voices resounding in Okinawa
- 24000 workers and students besieging US Force's Futenma Air Station (May 15th)
- 'Against the US-Japan military alliance! Stop the Constitutional revision!' The March for Peace carried throughout the Island (May 14th-15th)
(Pics above)

JRCL propaganda to the Osaka Meeting on the Constitution Day
- JCP members surrendering to the criticism

Zengakuren files a damage suit against the state for the rightist attack on May 3rd
- 'We call the Metropolitan Police Department and Governor Ishihara to account': voiced at a press conference
- A student driving the sound car reports with anger

Stop the historic betrayal by the central Jichiro leadership for revising Article 9 of the Constitution of Japan!
JRCL Prefectural/Municipal Workers' Committee
- No to the 'Basic Law for Peace' agenda proposed to justify a dispatch abroad of troops!
- Stop the procedural legislation for the Constitutional revision including the National Referendum Law!
- Denounce Rengo President Sasamori representing the Japan employers' association!

[4-5] Criticism of the JCP Central Committee meeting
JCP partocrats desperate to patch up the bankrupted theory of 'coexistence of the Constitution with the Self-Defence Forces'
- Knocked down by the ideological bombardments from the JRCL
- A patching up through stressing the 'party's dual role'
- The current JCP line of 'cooperation with the conservative layers' for currying favour with monopoly capitalists

The JR Amagasaki accident: The JR West Co. authorities neglecting the principles for safety
- Constructing a terribly dangerous curve
- Abandoning safety measures for the curve
- Setting a congested railroad schedule
- Paralyzing drivers' senses of safety
- Introducing many shaky light cars

Crafty control of workers in private bus companies
- 'Daily trainings' like JR West Co.

Topics A grave accident at a crossing of Tobu Railway Co.: Don't shift the responsibility onto workers! Denounce the trade union leadership helping the managerial

- On a poor critique of the late historian Amino Yoshihioko's work


* Weekly Kaihoh is edited in Japanese, no English edition available.
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