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No. 2050
(January 1st 2009 Issue)

Build a bridgehead for struggle
to carry out a radical change
of the world in a great turbulence!

Now is the time to win a contemporary renaissance of Marxism
against the rottenness of the 21st-century world!

Zengakuren fighting against the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS George Washington
to be deployed in Yokosuka port, Sept. 25th

I. Intensification of the 'tripartite' conflicts over the world in the middle of 'the new confrontation between the US and China-Russia'
(A) The final collapse of the US dominance over the world as 'the sole superpower'
(B) The total bankruptcy of neo-liberalism
(C) Japanese imperialism victimizing the working class to wriggle out of the abyss
II. Now is the time for a contemporary renaissance of Marxism!
A. Fallacies of the JCP's 'neo-Keynesianist' alternative
B. Make a revolutionary bridgehead for eradicating the warfare over the world and the impoverishment of peoples!

The foolish dream of 'sound finance': the worst degeneration of the converted Stalinists
I. Pragmatic changes in the theory of 'finance separated from the real economy'
II. Fallacies due to its dependence on bourgeois economics
III. The JCP theory of a 'sound finance': trusting capitalism to realize its dream


Putin's Russia fearing the signs of failure in its ambition to be a superpower
I. Difficulties in achieving its ambition of being a superpower
II. Measures to cope with its economic crisis in the middle of the global financial turmoil with the world simultaneous depression
III. Russia's offensives against the US unipolar dominance over the world

Resolves for the New Year (1)
- The Kansai Regional Committee
- The Hokkaido Regional Committee
- The Kyushu Regional Committee
- The Postal Workers' Committee
- The Electric Workers' Committee
- The Prefectural/Municipal Workers' Committee
- The Traffic and Transport Workers' Committee

Photo Special Struggles of the year

'Smash the hypocritical G-8 Summit!'
Militant students struggling
to expose the criminal nature of the G-8 meeting
in the forefront of the 'Peace Walk'
(Sapporo, July 5th)
5000 workers, students and citizens
at a rally of protest
(Sapporo, July 5th)
Militant students
fighting at the forefront

Resolutely promoting mass struggles

against wars and
politico-economic offensives

An antiwar demonstration through the snow
(near the Chitose Base, Hokkaido, Feb. yard)
'Stop the gasoline tax hike!
Abolish the new medical system for senior citizens!'
Fists of anger against the Fukuda government
(in front of the Diet Building, Apr. 30th)
Okinawa Kengakuren students
in the forefront of the annual Peace March
(in front of a US military base, May 18th)
Protest against
the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan
entering Sasebo Port
(July 28th)
'Denounce Russia's aggression
against Georgia!'
Zengakuren in protest
(Tokyo, Aug. 21st.)
'Fight to stop the deployment of missile defences!'
(Yokosuka, Sept. 25th)
'Down with Aso's shaky government!'
Militant workers and students marching on the Diet
(Tokyo, Oct. 26th)
'Fight to stop Japan's development
of nuclear plants and weapons!'
(in front of the fast-breeder reactor Monju,
Tsuruga, Dec. 6th)


No. 2049
(December 22nd 2008 Issue)

Dec. 7th
The JRCL Public Political Meeting

'Let us fight with all our might!' - Militant workers and students renewed resolves
to win a greater advance of the anti-Stalinist communist movement

- 'Achieve a present-day revival of Marxism against the rottenness of the contemporary world!' - The keynote speech
- Build a revolutionary bridgehead for struggles to eradicate wars and people's impoverishment!
- 'Fight against their offensive to victimize working people for their survival of the economic crisis!' - Worker comrades expressed their resolutions
- The Zengakuren chairman exposed the worst degeneration of the converted Stalinists
- Unanimously confirming the present duties of the anti-Stalinist communist movement amid the great turbulence of the world

(1) In front of the Diet
(2) Kadena, Okinawa
(3) Komatsu, Ishikawa
(4) Against the Monju reactor
Student front: lessons from our organizing praxes for antiwar struggles and politico-economic struggles in 2008
The Japan Marxist Student League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction) Central Secretariat
- Militant promotion of mass struggles for antiwar and politico-economic issues
- A great advance of the revolutionary student movement achieved through struggles against destructive offensives on students' self-governing associations
- Theoretical lessons from the antiwar struggles and the politico-economic struggles

Stop the legislation to prolong the overseas anti-terror mission of MSDF troops! Oppose the bill to spend taxpayer money for bailing out financial institutions!

- Zengakuren students protested in front of the Diet Building (Dec. 12th) (Pic.1)

Struggles against US-Japan bilateral military exercises
- Kadena, Okinawa (Dec. 1st)(Pic.2)
- Komatsu, Ishiawa (Dec. 1st)(Pic.3)

A defiant attack by armed Islamist forces against Obama's US administration-to-be
Shock waves from the November 11th guerrilla attacks in Mumbai: the first strike to beat Obama to the punch
- NATO forces in Afghanistan cornered into an impasse
- The Pakistani government and military showing its inability to control Islamist forces
- The flame of Islam burning at the centre of the vortex of the global conflicts between three poles

Fight against the planned change in the nursing care insurance system!

'Oppose massive dismissals of non-regular workers!': 2000 workers at a rally in Tokyo (Dec. 4th)

Topics The leadership of the NTT Workers Union: abandoning its demands for raising the wage base

Postal service: the annual busy time to come
- Fight against the forced long duration of labour!

Fight to stop the planned resumption of operation at the dangerous fast-breeder reactor Monju!
- Workers, students and residents at a rally of protest (Tsuruga, Dec. 6th)(Pic.4)

Main articles in this year


No. 2048
(December 15th 2008 Issue)

Smash massive dismissals and tax increases!
Denounce labour aristocrats in Rengo
collaborating with capitalists in sacking temporary workers!

- Monopoly capitalists bent on massive dismissals of temporary workers
- The Aso government: no measures to do with the depression
- An impasse due to vassalage to US imperialism
- Labour aristocrats in Rengo dreaming of a DPJ-led government
- Smash the offensives for dismissals and lower wages!
Okinawa (Nov. 18th)
Shiga (Nov. 22nd)

Oppose the deceptive amendment of the Worker Dispatching Law! Fight to scrap the Law!
- A fake 'amendment' for the purpose of maintaining the form of temporary employment
- Denounce the leadership of Rengo helping the amendment!

Oppose a tightened control of teachers through the introduction of the new position of 'leading teacher'!

Oppose the Hokkaido Prefectural Board of Education planning to introduce 'a new position and a new rank'!

NTT West Japan: Fight back against the worsened condition of labour for temporary workers!

Denounce the leaders in public workers' unions in Hokkaido calling off the November 18th strike!

Topics Rengo's decision to demand a raise in the wage base for the first time in 8 years: its deceptive nature

Struggles against US-Japan bilateral military exercises
- Workers and students marching on the US White Beach, Okinawa (Nov. 18th)
- A battle to stop an 'anti-terror' exercise at the GSDF Aibano Base, Shiga (Nov. 22nd)
(Photos in the right)

A 'civic movement-oriented' piece among fragmented Chukakuha remnants

Reading Kozo Uno's posthumous works: 30 years after his death

My struggle at a new workplace

- 'ALBA' (new dawn) of the 'backyard'
- Russia's counterattacks: but with many troubles
- A Japanese doctor of Russian literature awarded a Pushkin prize


No. 2047
(December 8th 2008 Issue)

Down with Aso's futureless government!
Advance an antiwar struggle to break through the crisis
causing a US-Russia clash and a new world war!

- Intensification of a newly-emerged struggle between the three blocs
- A fierce challenge by Muslim militants to Obama's next presidency
- The Aso-led Japanese government revealing its incompetence for tackling with the grave crisis
- Denounce the JCP bureaucrats dreaming of a 'sound capitalism'!

Poverty, famine and environmental destruction: groans from the sub-Saharan Africa

- Another destruction of the environment in the name of the Clean Development Mechanism
- War for natural resources escalated between the three blocs
- Greedy expropriation intensified amid the tripartite struggle

War-justifying remarks by the Air Self-Defense Force chief, Toshio Tamogami

- A demagogic view of history: seeing the Marco Polo Bridge Incident and Pearl Harbor as 'Comintern's conspiracies'
- Patronized by an influential construction company's chief
- Smash the rampancy of neo-fascist outrages!

A dam construction project in Kumamoto Prefecture stopped

Labour aristocrats in the Federation of Electric Power Related Industry Workers' Unions calling for the 'promotion of nuclear power generation'

Angers growing against degenerate leaders trying to end the struggle: a rally of the Fukuoka Prefectural Workers Union for its season's wage struggle (Nov. 14th)

Oppose the Hokkaido prefectural authority planning massive job cuts!

Topics 14,000 workers in 12 companies: Fight back against Japanese auto monopolies planning mass sackings!

Dogmatic defenders of 'nations' rights to self-determination' and their fallacy

- Self-styled Fourth Internationalists making irrelevant comments on the Russia-Georgia war

[8] Kaleidoscope
- The Detroit Three: the erstwhile 'spine', today's burden
- Mao to internationalize: the Chinese yuan
- Castles on the oil


No. 2046
(December 1st 2008 Issue)

Join in the December 7th JRCL public political meeting!
Fortify a revolutionary bridgehead
for breaking through the crisis of war and the economic catastrophe
the present-day world!

- The end of the US dominance over the world as the 'sole superpower'
- The illusion of the 'American dream'
- Japanese imperialism in crisis suffering from the Dutch roll of Aso's government
- Rise in a struggle in solidarity with workers and people all over the world groaning under poverty and war

The Japanese economy at an impasse
(continued from the previous issue)
(I) The Aso government victimizing workers and people for surviving the financial breakdown and the economic depression
(II) The Japanese economy revealing the vulnerability of its fundamentals
- The explosion of contradictions of the 'Americanized' financial market in Japan
- The revealed vulnerability of its politico-economic structure dependent on exports to the US
(Hereafter in the next issue)
(III) Japanese imperialism desperate to survive the tripartite struggle of the world

The central leadership of Rengo proposing 'a better way out of the national crisis'

Successive refusals by Tokyo prefectural hospitals to treat expectant mothers

Protests against US-Japan joint military exercises
- Okinawa: workers and students denounce a port call by the US nuclear-powered submarine Ohio (November 12th) (Pic right)

- Kagoshima: fists of anger against US military aircraft flying to the local SDF base (November 7th)

A major bilateral exercise of US and Japanese forces according to a plan of military operation against China and Russia

An SM-3 missile fired from a Japanese MSDF ship fail to intercept a target in a test for missile shield

Fight in solidarity with Keihin Hotel workers! Denounce the manager closing the business and sacking the employees!

A JCP-led 'rally for medical and nursing care service': angers growing against its distortion for the party's election campaign (Oct. 19th)

Topics The deceptive 'final report' from the government's advisory for the social security system

A grave industrial accident at Nippon Steel Co. Yawata Works

- Excessive attempts for cost reduction without measures for safety

[8] Kaleidoscope
- The Chinese economy hit by shock waves from the US depression
- Prague's autumn: 'Ne' to the radar and to Russia
- Piracy: the son of the war on terror
- Rich and poor, unite as a people!: Obama's speech from within a grass shield


No. 2045
(November 24th 2008 Issue)

Break through the crisis of global warfare and
the impoverishment of the toiling masses
caused by a newly-started struggle between three poles!

- The beginning of a financial, economic war between three poles: the US-Japan, emerging economies led by China-Russia, and the EU centring around France and Germany
- The breakdown of the USD system and the global move towards the formation of new economic blocs
- The collapse of the unipolar US dominance over the world and the impending crisis of a new world war
- Down with the Aso government desperate to prolong its life!

The Japanese economy at an impasse
- The Aso government victimizing workers and people for surviving the financial breakdown and the economic depression
- The Japanese economy revealing its vulnerable fundamentals

'Stop the continuation of the MSDF anti-terror mission!'

- Students in Okinawa demonstrate on the prefectural LDP office (Oct. 26th) (Pic. right)

Missile defences
- FPS radars: 'the eyes of the MD system'
- 'A spy satellite that can escape from missiles' and 'a upgraded communication satellite'

Exposure: Kanagawa prefectural police detectives shadowing a militant worker
Smash reactionary repressions on the revolutionary left!

(Pic 1) Two detectives (X in a striped shirt and Y) trying to pick up a taxi for their tail
(Pic 2) Detective X before changing his shirt
(Pic 3) Detective X changing his shirt, unaware of being shot

Oppose the attempt to strengthen the state surveillance system of the people in the name of 'measures against organized crimes'!

Fight back against sackings, wage cuts and other offensives on workers in an attempt to reduce postal subcontractors for delivery service!

Hokkaido prefectural authority introduces temporary workers extensively

Topics Leaders in the Toyota Workers' Union demand lower pay for the coming spring offensive

A fallacious 'UN-centred order of peace'
For a criticism of the leadership in the Peace Forum

- The Detroit Three in a crisis
- Amid the growing anti-American sentiments: Brzezinski's choice
- Japan's seat in the UN Security Council
- Recovery from the earthquake in China: again according to the market economy


No. 2044
(November 17th 2008 Issue)

Down with the Aso government,
a vassal of US imperialism!

Fukuoka: protest at a gate of the base
Kagoshima University
Fight to stop the legislation to continue the MSDF 'anti-terror' mission!

No deployment of missile defences!
Oppose the US and Japanese governments strengthening the quasi-war footing against China and Russia!

- The result of the US Presidential election: an explosion of people's anger against Bush's government
- Intensification of the tripartite opposition amid the 'new confrontation between the US and China-Russia'!
- Aso's shaky government continuing its servility to US imperialism
- Advance antiwar, anti-military alliance struggles and politico-economic struggles!

Okinawa: a US Cessna crash on a residential area
- Protests by the Okinawa Peace Movement Centre (Oct. 27th)

Osaka: antiwar voices of students (Oct. 19th)

Oct. 26th demonstrations

- Sapporo: Workers and students marching on the LDP Hokkaido headquarters

- Fukuoka: Workers and students raising their fists of anger against the ASDF Kasuga base

A campus rally at Kagoshima University (Oct. 23rd)

Chukakuha remnants: fragmented

Rengo's 'Basic Project' for the 2009 spring labour offensive: its criminal nature

Industrial accidents increasing rapidly in Fukuoka prefecture

'Nominal managerial posts': another notification by the labour ministry

Topics Unpaid overtime work: the record-breaking high amount paid for 'correction' according to the ministry's guidance, only the tip of the iceberg

The Hokkaido prefectural board of education: nullifying the agreement with the teachers' union about overtime work

Okinawa: intensification of an 'ability-first' education

Hokkaido: education workers at private schools suffering from temporary employment and low wages

[8] Kaleidoscope
- The ruble as an international currency: Putin's challenge
- A scandal of an IMF director
- Gaddafi's visit to Moscow
- An Azerbaijan-Armenia meeting in Moscow


No. 2043
(November 10th 2008 Issue)

The Oct. 26th demonstration in Tokyo
A militant struggle for the overthrow of the Aso government
Stop the legislation to continue the MSDF 'anti-terror' mission on the Indian Ocean!
Oppose the deployment of missile defences!
Zengakuren and the Antiwar Youth
marching on the Diet and the Prime Minister's Official Residence!

- 'Smash the US-Japan military alliance!' A militant demonstration carried out
- 'Fight against the government and the monopoly capitalists victimizing workers and people for surviving the financial crisis!
- The militant struggle by workers and students breaking through the crisis of the class struggle in Japan
- Advance antiwar, anti-military alliance struggles and politico-economic struggles! Down with the Aso government through a big upsurge of the struggles!
(See the upper two pictures on the right)

The 2008 recommendation by National Personnel Authority: Imposing effective cuts in wages on public workers

Deceptions in Aso's 'boosting measures for regular employment'

Oppose the introduction of 'the next system for registered post' victimizing postal workers!

TOSS [Teacher's Organization of Skill Sharing], a supplementary tool for education ministry's 'moral education'

'Down with the Aso government!' The Oct. 26th demonstration in Osaka

- Protests in front of the prefectural LDP office
(See the bottom on the right)

The Fukuoka rally for the International Day against War' (Oct. 21st)

Kanazawa University: a campus march against war (Oct. 17th)

Chukakuha remnants (after their latest splits) revealing their inability to make any response to the Georgian crisis

The flood-stricken Tokai region: damage caused by ex-Prime Minister Koizumi's 'structural reform'

Denounce the Osaka governor disclosing the scores of the national achievement tests!

Naha City (Okinawa) contracting with private companies for school lunches

Topics Dissatisfaction growing among teachers about the periodic renewal system newly introduced for teaching certificates

The reactionary nature of Governor Hashimoto's 'reform of the Osaka Prefectural Office'

A 'plan for reviving the medical service' proposed by the JCP-led medical workers' union

[8] Kaleidoscope
- Putin's Judo methods
- Paul Krugman awarded by the Nobel committee: why?
- Inharmonious society in China
- The floating command on the sea


No. 2042
(November 3rd 2008 Issue)

Don't let Aso stay in office!
Fight to stop the legislation to continue the 'anti-terror' mission of
MSDF troops on the Indian Ocean!

No to the planned injection of state funds into financial institutions
in the name of 'economic stimulation'!

Down with the Aso government! Nationwide demonstrations
by Workers and students (Oct. 26th, Tokyo)
- The servile government obediently supporting the US occupation of Afghanistan
- The government and the monopoly bourgeoisie imposing miseries upon workers and people in a bid to survive the economic turbulence
- Fight back by denouncing the official leadership immersed in vote collecting campaigns!

The world economy on the eve of an international financial panic

(1) A vicious spiral of the international financial bankruptcy and the slump
- The globally simultaneous crashes in stock markets and the aggravation of the financial turmoil
- The failure of the G7 agreements
(2) The total bankruptcy of 'casino capitalism'
- The meltdown of the US financial system
- The disastrous failure of the financial alchemy invented by Yankee imperialists
- Casino capitalism revealing its limitations
(3) The end of the US dollar system and the formation of new economic blocs amid struggles between the three poles

The US presidential election amid the financial bankruptcy and the collapse of the unipolar dominance over the world: a real farce

(1) A scream of the declining empire
- A severe earthquake blowing up the election campaign
- Political debates surrounded by shouts of anger
- Growing streams of anti-American sentiments
(2) Illusions about restoration of the unipolar dominance over the world
- 'Change' without a leading idea
- Delusion of the revival of the militarist empire
(3) Bush's negative legacy: irrevocable

'No to the legislation to continue the 'anti-terror' mission of MSDF troops on the Indian Ocean!'
- Zengakuren fought against it (Oct. 21st, beside the Diet Building) (Pic. right)

'Down with the Aso government!'
- A united action of workers and students in the Tokai region (Oct. 19th) (Pic. right lower)

NTT Workers' Union Chairman Kato: appealing power holders for 'a decision' to hike the consumption tax

Overtime work for 112 hours a month: extremely intensified labour forced upon taxi drivers

'Overcome your one-sided view centred on regular workers!'
- The JCP-led Zenroren leadership blaming leaders of member unions

Topics 'the breakdown of the national health insurance system' depriving the poor of medical services

[8] Kaleidoscope 2008
- The most aggressive US submarine calling at Yokosuka Port
- Bails and parachutes
- Japanese recipients of the Nobel Prize: Taketani's tri-stadial methodology supporting their scientific studies
- A JCP-version of the New Deal


No. 2041
(October 27th 2008 Issue)

Down with Aso's shaky government!
Oct. 26th rallies nationwide

Advance antiwar struggles and politico-economic struggles,
smashing the Industrial Patriotic movement
led by labour aristocrats in Rengo!

- The globally simultaneous crashes in stock markets and the imminence of an international financial panic
- Clashes between the US and Russia over the issues of Georgia and the deployment of missile defences
- Desperate attempts by the Aso government servile to American rulers
- Let us fight back by denouncing the official leadership immersed in the election campaign!

The world economy on the eve of an international financial panic

(1) A vicious spiral of the international financial bankruptcy and the slump
(2) Grand bankruptcy of 'casino capitalism'

'Overweight is unpatriotic'?

- The 'metabolic syndrome examination' imposed on working people for the supreme purpose of curtailing the medical budgets

Denounce the Tokyo Prefectural personnel commission recommending a reorganization of managerial posts!

- Smash the offensive of the Tokyo Prefectural authority and the prefectural board of education to introduce a new managerial post and to reduce the wages of teachers!

Labour aristocrats in the IMF-JC and UI Zensen 'opposing' to each other over demands for the 2009 spring labour offensive

From a working place of nursing care: We won a noon recess by our power of unity!

Topics The Japanese economy plunging into a slump

Series Fight against today's pauperization!
Series No. 11 Crimes of labour aristocrats in Rengo, accomplices in the coercion of poverty

[3] Kaleidoscope
- A tragedy of the ice land
- Angers growing against the new health insurance system for senior citizens
- Brinksmanship by means of the condition of his own health
- Severer punishments for 'breach of confidence': servile to US imperialism


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