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No. 1740 (October 21st issue)

20 Oct. Demonstration
Stop the impending US attack on Iraq!
Smash the Emergency Bills! Stop Japan's participation in the war!
In solidarity with the working people all over the world
Burn flames of revolutionary antiwar struggle!

- The war-crazy Bush administration rushing to a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Iraq
- The Koizumi government preparing to join in the war through the mass propaganda of chauvinistic nationalism
- Stop Anglo-American imperialism invading Iraq! Stop Japan's participation in the war!
Zengakuren protests against the Congress' war resolutions.
- In front of the US Embassy, 12 Oct.
The split-ridden Democratic Party of Japan in decline: confusions over the leadership
- The elected Hatoyama-Nakano leadership to support the Emergency Bills
- Rises of the younger right wing, and manoeuvres by the group from the former DSP
- Denounce the DPJ purifying itself as an assistant to wars!
[3] Kaleidoscope 2002
- Financial Minister Takenaka on the edge of a precipice: supports come only from Washington.
- A French tanker exploded in Yemen: too good timing.
- For Hussein, the Japanese model?: a US stupidity.
- New Defence Agency Chief Ishiba: nuts for the military with no experience of war.
[4] JRCL Central Students' Orgburo
Fight the October 20th Demonstration! Stop Anglo-American imperialism invading Iraq! Stop Japan joining in the war! Fight by transcending the official peace movement based on the illusion of the UN!
1. The US / UK aggression against Iraq impending and the international upsurge of opposition movements
- 'A new UN resolution' persistently insisted
- US imperialism rushing to a pre-emptive attack on Iraq
- Russia and China: a 'pragmatic' diplomacy
- The Koizumi government bent on enacting the Emergency Laws and war participation
- The international upsurge of opposition movements and the official Japanese peace movement in decline
2. Fight by transcending the JCP-led movement demanding a policy change to 'peace diplomacy'
- Expand our antiwar flames over the world!
Create a mass movement against the nation-wide network of resident registers [Juki Net] from municipal workplaces!
- No to the Big Brother system for controlling the people!
- The leadership of the municipal workers' unions trying to limit the opposition to demands 'for better condition'
Fight back against the wage-cut plan of the Kushu Postal Bureau!
- More intensified control of the personnel aimed
Topics 'Next spring offensive to be limit to the job issue': Rengo chair Sasamori declares the abandonment of wage struggle
Anti-US Arab nationalism surging up
- Explosion of 'anti-US, anti-Zionist' angers
- Pan-Arabism of power holders in Arab countries
- Hamas and its Islamic Arab nationalism
From readers of The Beginning of the End


No. 1739 (October 14th issue)

Stop Anglo-American Imperialism
Launching an Aggressive War on Iraq!
One Year after the Start of Bombings in Afghanistan:
JRCL Appeals to the World!

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Don't Attack Iraq! Zengakuren to demonstarte on 20 Oct.
- In Tokyo, Hokkaido , Kansai.
Stop US Force live firing drills! Zengakuren Hokkaido march on the targeted zone, 16 Sept.
- Protests waged in front of the gate.
Denounce the cover-ups of damages on nuclear facilities!
- Zengakuren students wage protests at the site, 30 Sept.
[3] Kaleidoscope 2002
- The Gold Dinar of Malaysia: recommended to be the Islamic common currency.
- The statetue of Dzierzynski to come back: Russian nationalism.
- SDF special squads for 'anti-terrorism operation': who is targeted?
- A Mitsubishi-built luxurious passenger boat burned in a mysterious fire: following the successive troubles on war planes.
[4] Postal Workers' Union (Zentei) National Convention
Denounce the labour aristocrats in Zentei for imposing 'devotion to the state and the service'!
- Full cooperation in the major restructuring in the postal service
- An active promotion of the industrial patriotic movement under the war-time order
- Dashes to a merge with a pro-ministerial union
Zentei Hokkaido Regional Convention decides against the Emergency Laws.
- No to the Laws! Delegates spoke one after another.
- Pressed from below, the leadership had to propose a resolution.
JR West to scrap company-owned houses for employees and built commercial-based condos
- A symbol of the plunder of workers' gains
- Denounce the rotten leaders of the pro-business trade union for helping the management!
The first dismissal of a teacher for a 'lack of aptitude': Sapporo City Board of Education
- Voices of protest erupted against the reactionary offensive
The achievement-based classification of pupils: the 'horse course' for 'the able', the 'tortoise course' for the other
- The selection of the elite
Topics The Mental Health Report: For selection.
Responding the questions about the translation of Stalinist Socialism
What I found at a quiet mountain during my hiking
- Low-flying drills of SDF fighter bombers every afternoon like a shave
From readers of The Beginning of the End


No. 1738
(October 7th issue)

Denounce the scandalous bargaining over the abductees
between rulers of Japan and North Korea!
Break the chauvinistic propaganda!
Denounce the SDPJ / JCP leadership for supporting the Koizumi's 'peace diplomacy'

- The JRCL denounces the state crime by the Stalinist state!
- Rulers of Japan and North Korea: for their survivals of crises
- The tragedy continue to arise from the new Cold War
20 Oct. United Actions against War
- Stop US pre-emptive nuclear strikes! Stop Japan from joining the war!
No to the Emergency Bills! Denounce Israel's military control of Palestine

Protests against SDF war vessels leaving for the Indian Ocean
- Zengakuren Kansai demonstrated in Kure, 17 Sept.
600 workers rallied against SDF war vessels entering the civilian port of Osaka, 20 Sept.
- JRCL propaganda inspired the participants.
What JCP delegates did not care in China
- Partocrats praising China's 'remarkable development'
[3]Kaleidoscope 2002
- Hate a terrorist, and the state will punish his family: Israel's double standard.
- Two Russian leaders: would-be de Gaulle.
- So the US is hated.
- A fictitious talk between Kim Jong Il and his father: 'What you're bowing for before Japanese imperialists!'
- Ubiquitous-computing society: a ubiquitous surveillance by the state.
[4] JCP line of labour movement
Degeneration into a 'labour movement' that accepts the mass restructuringorldCom and the US stock plunge
3. Fallacious theory on the 'course of development of labour movement'
- Acceptance of restructuring in the name of 'limited struggle'
- Tricks in the 'two windows' theory of the party's approaches to workers
- Following Rengo in the name of 'a new course of development'
- Mutation into 'a party loved by capitalists'
Think over not why the US is hated but how to be loved!
On an article by a Harvard's professor
- Like an infant: how he was shocked by the incident
- A 'pattern-based' way of thinking
- Inhuman nature of 'behavioural science'
- Give up the fucking Yankee values!
Smash the introduction of the 'assessment and training system for teachers' by Osaka Prefecture! Fight back in spite of oppressions by trade union leaders!
- Leaders in the teacher's union trying to cover up the news.
- The aim is to encourage a nationalist and talent-based way of education
- Never allow leaders to cooperate with the prefectural authorities
Subsidiaries of electric monopolies imposing 'voluntary retirements'
- Denounce the labour aristocrats helping the sackings
Topics Rengo central leadership abandons unified demands for higher wages
A notebook: with what impetus and how the JRCL theory of tactics for organizing labour movement was created (Continued)
2. To the theorization of the 'triple transcendence'
- The structure of the 'transcendence in theory'
- On the 'transcendence in organization'
- At last
Why? Secret JCP information made by police appeared in Chukakuha's paper.

- Drop-outs used for destroying labour movement
Listening to Bruce Springsteen's The Rising
- Voices of poor Americans heard
- The soul of a terrorist
- Some fine day

Letters from readers


No. 1737 (September 30th issue)

Stop US pre-emptive attacks on Iraq!
In solidarity with fighting people over the world,
create mass waves of antiwar struggles!

- US imperialism: rushing towards a military aggression without UN resolutions
- 'Peace offensives' engineered by Russia and China against the 'sole super power'
- The Kim Jong Il government resorting to its last trick: the first summit between North Korea and Japan
- The Koizumi government dependent on a 'dialogue-based' line adopted by moderates within the US administration
- Stop Bush! Stop bloodthirsty warmongers!
Report: No to live firing drills in Hokkaido by US Marines from Okinawa!
- 3000 workers demonstrated through the local town; Zengakuren Hokkaido inspired the rally called by Rengo and farmers' organizations, 8 Sept.
- Zengakuren students protested against the arrival of Marines, 9 Sept.
- Zengakuren students struggled for 7 hours at a local port to stop discharges of the shrapnel, 10 Sept.
Kim Jong Il's last trick for survival
- Economic devastation in North Korea
- A price for the trick
[3] Kaleidoscope 2002
- N. Korea's crime and Japanese tragedies: N. Korean tragedies and Japan's crime
- A white Taliban and the others: the reason for anti-American sentiments
- PNAC: neo-conservatives for new imperialism
- As in the cases of the US: corporate scandals in Japan
[4] JCP line of labour movement
Degeneration into a 'labour movement' that accepts the mass restructuring
1. What is meant by 'a new labour movement' in the age of mass restructuring
- JCP on 'a course of development' in struggles against restructuring
- 'Changes in the style of activities' imposed on trade union leaders and activists
2. Babbles on 'changes in workplaces' or 'new signs'
(a) An arbitrary and idealistic 'perception of the present situation'
- 'Changes in consciousness of workers'?
- A 'future vision' with no reflection on the defeat of labour movement in Japan
- Full admiration for Rengo
(b) What is called 'two sore spots' with the major restructuring
- Positive interpretation of the failures of 'performance-based pay' systems
- A bankruptcy in JCP analysis of 'rationalization'
Yokohama City government: carrying out drills against 'terrorist attacks' in the name of 'anti-disaster drills', 1 Sept.
- SDF troops mobilized
- In compliance with Koizumi's intention
Learning an article on epistemology in The Communist
- What I think over the issue: 'I' and actual I myself
Topics JCP-led national labour centre: disagreements and dissatisfactions exploded in the 20th regular convention
A notebook: with what impetus and how the JRCL theory of tactics for organizing labour movement was created
1. The origin of the formation of the theory for organizing labour movement
(a) Deviations in clarifying tactics for antiwar struggle against the Vietnam War
- 'Indulgence in debates over a Vietnam revolution' in clarifying tactics for antiwar struggle
- On the 'effective realization of tactical tasks'
(b) The theoretical establishment of the 'three transcendings' through internal discussions over the anti-rationalization struggle in Japan National Railways
- Internal discussions over the tactics for the 20 Sept. struggle against rationalization in 1965
- A leftist deviation in discussions over the 'calling off'
Letters from readers


No. 1736 (September 23rd issue)

No to Koizumi's visit to Washington!
Zengakuren demonstration, 9 Sept.
Stop US pre-emptive nuclear attack on Iraq!
Stop Japan's participation in the war!
Smash the Bush-Koizumi talk!

- Militant students demonstrated to the airport, criticizing the official leadership for abandoning the fight.
Zengakuren Central Committee Meeting on 10 Sept.
- Stop US nuclear attack on Iraq! Smash the Emergency Bills! Ranks strengthened for the revolutionary antiwar struggle (photo right)
Okinawa: US military bases rapidly strengthened as the fortress for the 'war on terrorism'
- Crimes and accidents: one after another
- A frontline for Iraqi invasion
- Full cooperation by the Koizumi administration for strengthening US bases
[3] Kaleidoscope 2002
- Operation Champion Strike: Which is struck?
- Bereaved families critical of the 'retaliation': behind the enthusiasm
- The bloody wedding party: a historic crime never erasable.
- AIDS infection in China: through drugs and blood selling.
Argentina in a revolutionary turbulence: the working people fighting on despite the bloody repressions
1. Economic catastrophe: ever deepening
2. The worst example of the bankruptcy of 'neo-liberalism'
3. The toiling masses and their burning struggles
4. What's an obstacle to progress?
Communique: LOI (CI)-Democracia Obrera (July 2nd 2002)
- Santillan and Kostei fighting in the forefront of the working class and killed (Full text)
[5] No to the Big Brother system!
What is called the e-government project: examples in X City in Ishikawa prefecture
- 'Computerization of administrative works'
- For workers: dismissals and techno-stresses
Fight back against the Tokyo government's plan for outsourcing in jobs for the public transportation!
- Preparation for privatization
- Trade union leaders oppressing the fight
Smash the privatization of the five prefecture-run hospitals!
- Fukuoka Prefecture to desert the hospitals under the pretext of 'red notes'
Topics 'No activity permitted for trade unions in working hours', ordered Tokyo Governor Ishihara.
JR Kyushu Shinkansen to start: conventional lines to be abandoned in the name of 'managerial separation'
Aleksandre Podchtchekoldine in my memory
- An excellent specialist in Trotsky's life, and Russian translator of Kuroda's writings


No. 1735 (September 16th issue)

Sept. 11 Jihad Attacks - A Year On
In solidarity with fighting Islamic people
Burn the flames of antiwar struggles throughout the world!

Voices surging against military attacks on Iraq
- The sole imperialist super power: isolation and a military breakthrough
- The Koizumi government rushing to Japan's participation in war on Iraq and the enactment of the Emergency Laws
- In solidarity with fighting people over the world, advance antiwar struggles!
Zengakuren protests against Tokyo Electric Power Co. and the industrial ministry, 4 Sept.
- Denounce the cover-up of damages at nuclear plants! Denounce the nuclear radiation accidents!
Again! A US warplane crashing in Okinawa
- Okinawa Kengakuren protested against the US military, 22 Aug.
Kokugakuin Univ.: All-Student Meeting decided a resolution against the Emergency Bills.
- 400 students voted for the militant executive committee.
Zengakuren won a suit over the demonstration against the 2000 disaster drills in Tokyo
- 'Repression on the use of a park for the rally is unconstitutional', ruled out.
[3] Kaleidoscope 2002
- The truth against the official statement on the 'extermination' of Al-kaeda and Taliban militias
- Bin Laden and Hakmatyar: appeals for anti-American jihad
- What is behind the 'leaks' of Tokyo Electric Power Co. scandals
- 'The current standard for nuclear safety is unrealistic' (the President of Tokyo Electric Power Co.): an evildoer's reason?
The fall of the 'stock-based' American capitalism
1. Avoidance of an 'August 14 crisis'
- An unheard-of order to produce a 'written oath' for a statement of accounts
- Reciprocal restraints before threats of leaks
- Managerial failures in major 50 companies
- Oppositions over the 'stock option'
- The today's alchemy, or 'cowboy capitalism'
2. Accounts of US corporations: full of falsification
3. The beginning of the end of the 'USD ruling system'
- A Yankee-type aufheben of the 'separation between ownership and management'
- A rapture of the 'stock bubble' economy
NTT Workers' Union: Denounce the leadership for demanding a 'more comprehensive' Emergency Bills! Never allow them to mobilize workers for war of aggression!
- Voicing the need of the Bills
- Supporting Japan's participation in the 'war on terrorism'
- Covering up the nature of the Bills for war of aggression
- Accepting the obligatory co-operation of NTT company in war and war mobilization of workers
- Denounce the leadership for joining the chorus for the 'national defence'
Topics Tokyo government announced the outsourcing plan in traffic service: oppose trade union leaders oppressing fight-backs!
A series of mysterious incidents in military-related industries
- Family members killed at the fired house: the President of Mabuchi Motor Co.
- Successive cuttings at wiring of warplanes: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
- The massive leak of SDF confidential data
- US intelligence behind the scene
Surveillance cameras installed in the streets in Okinawa
- Never allow the government to do the 'big brother' against the people!
Letters from readers


No. 1734 (September 9th issue)

Stop US nuclear attacks on Iraq!
Oppose imperialist America's limited wars on terrorism!
Smash the Emergency Bills!
Advance the revolutionary antiwar struggle
based on the international solidarity of the working people!

- American imperialism in isolation for its planed attack on Iraq
- EU members breaking away for their regionalism
- Internal strife intensifying in the US ruling class
- 'Disagreements' over the way of carrying through USA nationalism
- Stop the wild run of warmongers with the might of the working class!
Stop Koizumi's visit to the US! Smash the Bush-Koizumi talk for war!
- Zengakuren to march to the Haneda Airport, 9 September.
[2] For the Zengakuren 115th Central Committee Meeting, 9-10 September
No to the aggression against Iraq! Stop the Emergency Bills!
Win another upsurge of the revolutionary antiwar struggle!
- The Bush administration is rushing towards an aggression against Iraq for breaking through its crisis
- Zengakuren struggle with brilliancy
- Establish tactics for autumn struggles and strengthen the ranks!
Never let US forces build a new Marine base! Oppose the reorganization and strengthening of US military bases on Okinawa! Denounce successive US military accidents! Stop US aggression on Iraq!
Marxist Student League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction) Okinawa Regional Committee
- US forces in readiness for war on Iraq
- The US and Japanese governments planning to build a new military base
- US bases on Okinawa being strengthened as a corner stone for 'war on terrorism'
- Fight out by transcending the official 'Reduce the Bases' movement!
Denounce Tokyo Electric Power Co. and the Government for covering up damages at nuclear plants!
- Stop the dangerous operation of nuclear plants immediately! No to the pluthermal operation! No to a new reprocessing factory in Rokkasho Village!
Chukakuha remnants in dispersion
[5] National ID System
Kumamoto Prefectural Police accessing resident registers freely
- Resident registers freely searched by police officers
- The national ID network for watching the whole nation: smash the Big Brother system!
Kanazawa University students protest against the operation of the ID system
Consolidations of localities spurred
- Stop mass dismissals of municipal workers!
Mad Cow Disease
- Intensified labour imposed on workers for screening tests: an exhausted veterinary worker killed himself
[7] Kaleidoscope 2002
- The Chechen sea of people: Russian troops killed by mines 10 meter off their base
- The target changed in the Philippines from Islamic to communist guerrillas: the 'second stage of the war on terrorism'?
- The Smart Dust: for the Big Brother
- Chukakuha remnants issued a statement on their responsibility for the recent 'bombing guerrilla fight on the airport' two weeks after the incident: a state conspiracy and its tools
Letter from readers


No. 1733 (September 2nd issue)

Stop the armed rush of the 'sole super power' imperialism!
Stop nuclear attacks on Iraq! Stop the Emergency Bills!
Advance the revolutionary antiwar struggle!

Stop the nuclear carrier! Calls against the US warship!
The false 'prosperity' falling down
- erialist America's isolation over the planned attack on Iraq
- Diplomatic offensives by China and Russia: and the 'anti-US' waves surging on
- The Koizumi government rushing to preparations for Japan's participation in war
- Overcome the rotten official peace movements! For the revolutionary antiwar struggle burning!
[2-3] International Antiwar Assembly - Regional Meetings on August 4th (2)
Kansai regional meeting in Osaka
- A bridgehead built for struggles against the aggression against Ira (Photo at the top in the right)
Hokkaido regional meeting in Sapporo
- Resolution renewed for struggles against the Emergency Bills (Photo the second from the top)
Okinawa meeting in Ginowan
- Antiwar struggles burning on the US military cornerstone (Photo the third)
Hokuriku meeting in Kanazawa
- Exposing the end of the sole US domination over the world (Photo at the bottom)
Denounce the US aircraft carrier Lincoln leaving for the Arabian Sea!
- 'Never let them kill people in Afghanistan and Iraq!', Zengakuren protested together with local trade unions.
(Photos above)
Stop the anti-disaster drill for September 1st!
- Smash an attempt to build a domestic war readiness!
[4] Postal Workers' Union
The 56th National Convention: The labour aristocrats pledged their 'allegiance to the state and business' through the oppression of oppositions
- Degeneration to 'a new postal labour movement' that can support a wartime system
- Voices erupted against the Emergency Bills despite the bureaucratic oppression
- Criticisms levelled against the national leadership for co-operation with the ministry in restructuring offensives
- Strong feelings of discontent surging at the bureaucratic control of speech
- The postal labour aristocrats starting on a merger with the ministry-kept union
The national leadership supportive to the Emergency Bills
- 'If it means a return to the pre-war period, we oppose it'?
- No difference with Bush or Koizumi in hared for terrorism
- Build a battle front from below despite leaders' oppression!
Stop the civil service reform for strengthening the neofascist ruling system!
- The Koizumi government planning a reactionary reform of the current civil service system
- Stormy restructuring in local administrations
The Hokkaido Teachers' Union Regular Convention: militant discussions developed over the Emergency Bills and the Fundamental Law of Education
- Never allow the anti-Emergency Bill struggle distorted to that for 'a better bill'!
- The leadership weakening its position against the 'obligatory involvement in community service'
- Leaders' self-justification of their betrayal, 'Fight at each of your workplaces', exposed to mass protests from below
- No revision of the Constitution! Stop the revision of the Fundamental Law of Education!
[7] Kaleidoscope 2000
- 'Cargo containers of death': souls could never be sealed.
- A beneficial rain for social democrats: after Stalinism the deluge.
- Yomiuri and Asahi on the anniversary of the end of the Pacific War.
- Who engineered the successive accidents in the Defence Agency?
Messages from abroad to the 40th International Antiwar Assembly


No. 1732
(August 26th issue

Stop the US Nuclear Carrier Lincoln!
Zengakuren fought in Sasebo
together with local trade unions 16-17 Aug.

A Zengakuren boat fighting to stop Lincoln's port call
for sail to the Arabian Sea

Students at the gate of a US marine base Trade unions rallied against the USS

[2] International Antiwar Assembly - Regional Meetings on August 4th (1)
The Tokai regional meeting in Nagoya
- Resolved to advance antiwar struggles, denouncing the JCP central leadership for the 'defence of the fatherland' position. (Photo left).
The Kyushu regional meeting in Fukuoka
- 'Advance antiwar struggles! Stop the national ID system!', filled with fighting spirit burning. (Photo right).
From a JCP-led rally against the Emergency Bills, 18 July
- Militant workers and students inspired the participants, criticising JCP leaders distorting the opposition into an election campaign.
[3] Kaleidoscope 2002
- A second Vietnam: 100 US soldiers missing.
- 'One Nation under God': How does 'Marx in SOHO' respond to it?
- A computer game for curing computer addiction
- Lenin in a recent Russian commercial.
- The arrested prosecutor: 'Arrest the Chief Prosecutor, not me!'
The programme for a new party led by Tokyo Gov. Ishihara Shintaro: a copy of Hitler's Nazis
A Day Ishihara Saves Japan, published by that ultra-nationalist school textbook publisher
1. Koizumi as 'horizontal champion' to be replaced by Ishihara as 'vertical hero'?
- The last words to Koizumi
- A road to a 'dictatorial government'
- 'The sate, the state, the state c'
2. A genuine fascist way of overcoming the Koizumi government
- Their 'assessment' of 'Koizumi's first year'
- A Japan that can say No to c not the US
- The ideological crest for genuine fascists
- A Hitler-like 'authorisation' by means of the 'LDP politics'?
Smash the first 'lower wages' recommendation by the National Personnel Authority!
- Lower by 150,000 yen a year!
No to a major restructuring offensive through introduction of the 'new delivery system'!
The experimental introduction two months on: miseries in postal workplaces
- One failure after another in the introduction
- The major restructuring plan according to the 'Postal Service Revival Vision'
- Denounce corrupt leaders for imposing obedience to the new system!
From a JCP-led study meeting against the Emergency Bill
- JCP ranks shocked by militant workers and students' fights
Topics 'Education for Peace' on the verge of crisis: materials of nuclear blast experience halved (Hiroshima), that ultra-nationalist textbook introduced (Ehime)
From a reader of K. Kuroda's Life and His Works
From readers of an article in The Communist
Messages from abroad to the 40th International Antiwar Assembly


No. 1731
(August 12th issue

The 40th International Antiwar Assembly
makes a revolutionary appeal to the world
In solidarity with the indomitable Muslim people,
stop the US from expanding its 'war on terrorism'!

- The keynote report to the central meeting highlights the actual beginning of the end of the 'sole superpower' and calls for an international upsurge of antiwar struggles.
- Warmest messages from foreign friends
- Resolutions expressed by workers and students
- A municipal worker warns the participants of the danger of the nationwide computed ID system
Stop the US nuclear carrier Lincoln from visiting Sasebo!
- Fight at the port of Sasebo! 16-17 Aug.
No to the nationwide resident register network!
- Denounce the government for launching the big brother system!
(Part of student protests) 1, 2, 3
Stop SDF war vessels from leaving for the Indian Ocean!
- Zengakuren Kyushu at the port of Sasebo and Zengakuren Kansai at the port of Kure struggled in protest, 24 July.
No to a US Aegis destroyer visiting a civilian port!
- Zengakuren Hokkaido stood in protest at the port of Otaru, together with local trade unions, 27 June.
SDF Parachuting drills in Hokkaido
- Zengakuren Hokkaido waged their protest at the very site, 19 July.
Zengakuren held its regular national Convention,
17-19 July, in Tokyo.

- Confirmed the significance and lessons of the spring struggle against the Emergency Bills.
- Confident in the revolutionary student movement.
- Mr. IIDA Shinichi from Waseda University re-elected as Chairman.
(Photo right)
Joint research on emergencies between universities and the SDF
- Kobe University students accused the school authorities, 12 July.
The Kashmir War between India and Pakistan
- The latent crisis of a nuclear warfare.
The beginning of the actual end of the dollar-standard system: the revealed limitation of 'American capitalism' and the critical situation in the world economy
1. US stock and dollar markets nose-diving.
- The ostentatious 'prosperity' has been revealed.
- Factors for the current instability of USD.
2. The collapse of the unilateral centralization in the US of international funds
- Instability in the international circulation of funds and capital
- Eruptions of contradiction in the 'debt economy'
3. The final collapse of the dollar standard system
- Rebellions against Bush's unilateralism
- Downfall of the US economy
Democratic Party of Japan's proposal for a 'more effective emergency legislation' stressing the 'eradication of terrorism'
1. The DPJ leadership and its reluctant agreement to the scrap of the government's bills
2. Priority to 'countermeasures against terrorism'
3. Caricatures of 'independence from the US'
A plenary meeting of the Hokkaido Prefectural Office Workers Union Central Committee on 20 Jun: a militant energy shaking the leadership
- Speeches against the Emergency Bills.
- Criticisms levelled against the leadership for 'a democratic reform in the civil service'
Topics The Central Council for Education recommends 'voluntary activities'
[8] Kaleidoscope 2002
- Another Vietnam war: returned 'robots for killing' are choking their wives to deaths.
- Following after the US example: members of SDF special troops are hanging.
- Posing 'a little different from Le Pen and Haider': ultranationalist Ishihara weakening his anti-American stance.
- Jobless Chinese workers flooding to the world.
- A right-wing anchor woman raises her objection to the nationwide ID system: against the Microsoft imperialism.

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