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No. 2020
(May 26th 2008 Issue)

Down with the brain-dead Fukuda government!
Advance a politico-economic struggle
against the intensified expropriation of the toiling masses,
against the curtailment of social security!

- The central government and the ruling LDP preparing to increase the consumption tax rate
- Power strife escalated within the political elite over the post of the next prime minister
- Intensified expropriation of the toiling masses to build 'a nation that can engage in war'
- Fight by overcoming the central Rengo leadership and the JCP leadership dependent on the DPJ!

No to a new US marine base!
- Okinawa People's Rally
(May 18th) : militant workers and students struggling in the forefront (Pic.)

Series Japan on a quasi-war footing
No. 1 Stop the deployment of missile defence systems!

- The deployment of MD systems progressing
- A dangerous attempt 'to disable', to destroy, the nuclear forces of China and Russia
- The planned deployment of USS George Washington, a control tower on the sea for MD systems

'Down with the Fukuda government!' Demonstrations nationwide

- Protests in front of the prefectural LDP office (April 27th, Okinawa)
- Kanazawa University students struggling (April 25th, 29th)
- An antiwar rally at the Kagoshima University (April 25th)

Osaka District Court reject a suit for libel against Kenzaburo Oe reporting the notorious military order in wartime Okinawa: a blow to ultra-nationalists

Taxi driving workers: spoiling their lives for labour

Leaders in the Peace Forum: forcing the rank and file to support the Ozawa-led DPJ

Topics Deceptive remarks by the Rengo Chairman at the G8 Labour Summit

The Amagasaki railway disaster three years on
- Denounce the JR West managers dodging their responsibility!

Learning from Kuroda's Bush's War

- An elaborate plan: a diarchy in Russia? No.
- Another Kosovo: an US-engineered tumult in Bolivia
- The United States: a poor land
- Carbon trades by hedge funds


No. 2019
(May 19th 2008 Issue)

Denounce the continuation of
the road-related tax surcharge for another 10 years!
Overthrow the Fukuda government
imposing war and poverty on the toiling masses!

- Mutual deception in the name of a 'strategic mutually beneficial relationship': a summit talk between Fukuda and Hu Jingtao
- The dramatic collapse of the US domination of the world as the sole superpower
- Chinese and Russian rulers taking the offensive against the lame-ducked Bush administration
- Down with the Fukuda government intensifying the mass expropriation and deploying MD systems!

Overcome the crisis!: The 2008 spring labour offensive forced into defeat
Build the working class front to radically break through the 'war and impoverishment'!

(1) All-out collaboration with the monopoly capitalist measures to survive the crisis
- Surrender to the attack of suppressing the wages
- Submission to the monopoly capitalist measures for management and labour
- Deserting workers in minor enterprises and in temporary contracts
- Betrayal to the joint struggle for higher rates of overtime allowance
(2) Devotion to today's Industrial Patriotic movement
- Positive responses to the government's attack of deserting the social welfare, of intensifying the mass expropriation
- A tacit agreement, or support, for the offensives to build a ruling system for 'a nation that can engage in war'
(3) Rengo's agenda 'to correct the widening gaps': its nature against the working class
- Rationales for 'a positive turn in the distribution rate of labour': surrender to the monopoly capitalists
- Deceptive demands for 'better treatments of the casual workers'
- Complete disregard for the root cause of the 'gap-widening society'
- The line and ideology for today's Industrial Patriotic Association
Build a battlefront to overcome the defeat!

Wage struggles surging up in various countries

May Day rallies: 'Down with the Fukuda government!' Militant workers struggling
- The central rally of Rengo (April 26th)
- The Zenrokyo rally (May 1st)
- The central rally of Zenroren (May 1st)
- The Fukuoka prefectural rally of Rengo (April 26th)

Hokkaido students staging an antiwar march (April 26th, Sapporo)
(Pic. right)

An Osaka peace and rights movement centre rally against a US aegis destroyer calling at a civilian port (April 11th)

Revised rates of medical treatment fee

Topics Japan Post Bank: competing in a personal loan market

Shifting burdens to the toiling masses: Smash the reactionary measures 'to rebuild the prefectural finance' by the new Osaka governor!

Tokyo governor's plan to move a wholesale market place forcibly

[8] Kaleidoscope
- 'A warm spring'?: Hu's visit to Japan
- A Japanese electric company threatened with a takeover: and a state intervention for nuclear development
- A torch relay on Chomolungma


No. 2018
(March 12th 2008 Issue)

Down with the Fukuda government!
Militant workers and students struggling, April 29th-30th
Denounce the override vote for the tax bill!
Oppose the deployment of missile defence systems!

Starting the demonstration (April 29th)

- Zengakuren and the Antiwar Youth Committee: marching on the Diet and the Prime Minister's Office (April 29th) (Pics. above and below left)
- Zengakuren struggling to stop the override vote to reinstate the extra levy on gasoline tax (April 30th, Diet Building)
(Pic below right)
- Denouncing the official leadership dependent on the Ozawa-led DPJ
- Overthrow the Fukuda government intensifying the mass expropriation and deploying the MD systems!

Break through the crisis of the 2008 spring offensive in defeat!
Build the working class front to fight for a radical breakthrough of the 'war and the impoverishment'!

- The all-out cooperation with the monopoly capitalists desperate to survive the crisis
- Devotion to today's Industrial Patriotic movement
(To continue)

'Down with the Fukuda government!': Kansai Antiwar Student March (April 26th, Osaka)
(Pic right upper)

A campus protest in the Nagoya University (April 25th)
(Pic right lower)

Nagoya University students protesting the SDF deployment to Iraq (April 19th, Komaki Base)

Fight for a militant upsurge of the May 15th peace march and Okinawa People's Rally!
Okinawa Prefectural Committee
Stop the construction of a new US Marine base at Henoko!
Oppose the deployment of MD systems!
Withdraw the education ministry's decision to erase the notorious wartime order for mass suicides from history textbook!
Fight against the curtailment of social welfare and the intensified expropriation!
Down with the Fukuda government!

'Old people must not consult more than one doctor': the newly introduced system

Migrant workers with 'trainee' status groaning under oppression and harsh exploitation

Hokkaido prefectural board of education's 'plan for school improvement'

Topics Deregulation for introducing nursing workers from Indonesia

The 'working poor' increased in municipal service

Growing angers against the 'Health Insurance System of Later Term Elderly People Medical Treatment': a mass rally in Tokyo (March 23rd)

- Afghanistan: The end of the last puppet
- 'Green revolution' again?
- TICAD: Japan's diplomacy to Africa, for catching up China
- 'Home-grown terrorists' in Japan?


No. 2017
(May 5th 2008 Issue)

Denounce the overriding vote by the House of Representatives
to reinstate the extra levy on gasoline tax!

Down with the Fukuda government
bent on

intensified expropriation of the masses and

expansive deployment of missile defence systems!

Workers and students marching on the Diet (April 29th)

- The Fukuda government mired in a crisis
- The lame-ducked Bush administration shaken by the collapse of its world domination as the sole superpower
- The Chinese and Russian rulers launching an offensive to demolish the unilateral domination by US imperialism
- Fight by denouncing the leadership of the official opposition movement dependent on the DPJ!

The European Union on the Germano-French axis ambitious to form a 'third pole': distresses and friction under the new confrontation between the US and China/Russia
- Attempts to establish the Euro sphere
- Measures for survival under the new confrontation between the US and China/Russia
- Political friction and social contradictions intensified by the integration

Smash the strengthening of repressive security order in the name of the 'guard of the G8 Summit'

Fallacious arguments by a ultra-nationalist group to erase the notorious military order to force mass suicides in wartime Okinawa

Fight the spring offensive in the chemical industry in opposition to today's Industrial Patriotic movement!

Oppose the national achievement test and the publication of the rating!

- The Indian tiger winning the British Jaguar
- A JCP 'mission' to Europe: to meet 'better' capitalists
- Japanese Official Development Assistance: deregulated for big business
- A fuss over Chinese food: Who has been spoiling Japanese food?


No. 2016
(April 28th 2008 Issue)

Rise in the April 29th struggle!
Stop reinstatement of the extra levy on gasoline tax!
Down with the lame-duck Fukuda government!

- The Bush Empire wriggling out of the crisis of the collapse of its world domination as the 'sole superpower'
- The Fukuda government desperate to deploy the missile defence systems and to enact a permanent law for the oversea dispatch of Japanese troops
- Attempts to intensify the expropriation of the toiling masses
- Denounce the official leadership of opposition movement depending on the DPJ!

The Lee Myung Bak-led new government doomed to failure
Crisis of the 'export-dependent' ROK under the global depression

- A 'CEO-type president' with no 'principle' appearing on the stage
- A structural crisis of the ROK economy
- Mounting political, military difficulties
- Create a struggle to break through the degeneration of the official leadership in the opposition movement
No to the 'anti-terror' exercise of Japanese troops
at a US base! (March 17th)
Stop the US military drill! (March 17th, Kadena Base)
Don't resume the operation of the dangerous reactor!
(March 26th, Shika Nuclear Plant, Ishikawa Prefecture)

Angers against military exercises in Okinawa

- Students from the Ryukyu University and the Okinawa International University in solidarity with workers

Don't resume the operation of the dangerous reactor No.2!

- Students from the Kanazawa University protesting
at the Ishika nuclear plant (Photo)

The latest intensification of surveillance

- Metropolitan Police Department introducing a human tracking system linked with CCTV cameras

The new teaching guideline decided by the education ministry: emphasizing the 'patriot education'

Reorganization of high schools in Ishikawa Prefecture

Topics The reactionary nature of the latest report by the Central Education Council

Denounce the worst change in the public welfare system for the disabled persons under the new law to support their 'self-reliance'

What I was taught by Comrade Kuroda
- How we should wrestle with Marx's political economy

- Protests against soaring rice prices
- Strikes in Germany
- 'Reassessments' for giving the green light to dangerous nuclear plants on active faults
- Obligatory fat control: No way!


No. 2015
(April 21st 2008 Issue)

April 29th
United Action of Workers and Students

March on the Diet!

Down with the reactionary Fukuda government!
Stop resumption of the 'provisional rate' of gasoline taxes!
- The Fukuda government, lame-ducked
- The new 'Health Insurance System of Later Term Elderly People Medical Treatment' for persons 75 years of age or older: to dump them 'on mountain tops to die'
- Fight by overcoming the official leadership dependent on the Ozawa-led Democratic Party!
- Smash attacks by the Fukuda government to cut down social security, to intensify the expropriation of the toiling masses!

Down with the ultra-reactionary Fukuda government!
Oppose the deployment of missile defence systems! No to the attempt to revive the provisional extra levy on gasoline taxes!
Rise in the April 29th struggle to besiege the Diet!
Central Students' Orgburo

(Continued from the previous issue)
(1) A 'cold war-like hot war' and economic confrontation intensified between the US and China/Russia
(2) Ultra-reactionary attacks by the lame-ducked Fukuda government to wriggle out of the crisis
(3) Degeneration of the JCP: abandoning their 'opposition' to the US-Japan Security Treaty and monopoly capital
- A deceptive campaign 'against military bases' without opposition to the deployment of missile defence systems
- 'Proposals for a better government budget' : parliamentarianist alternatives betraying the working people
- The JCP 'agenda for the global warming' and its reactionary nature
(4) Overthrow the Fukuda government by surging struggles against war and the military alliance together with struggles against the politico-economic attacks!
- Stop the deployment of MD systems! No to the permanent war-footing against China and Russia! -- For a great upsurge in anti-war, anti-military alliance struggle
- No expropriation of the toiling masses by the government or the monopoly bourgeoisie! -- Advance the politico-economic struggle!
- Rise in a struggle against the G8 Toyako Summit in July!

Zengakuren Kyushu struggling against the planned deployment of PAC-3 missiles to a local SDF base: a Fukuoka Prefectural Peace Forum rally (March 23rd)

A mass rally called by the Osaka Peace and Human Rights Centre (March 19th)

An anti-war rally of the Ishikawa Prefectural Peace Movement Centre (March 18th)

Students of the Osaka University of Economics winning the suit
- Compensation ordered to the school authority by the Osaka District Court (March 24th)

Denounce the reactionary rule by the Supreme Court for the Juki-net, nation-wide system of resident registries!

Automatic gates: to intensify the immigration control

An example of exaggerated advertisement for the Juki-net system

Denounce the central leadership betraying the NTT workers in the spring offensive!

Oppose the government-run national achievement test!

Topics The Prince Hotel administration justifying itself for barring a JTU meeting from its convention hall

Publication industry: Fight back against the capitalist offensive for lower wages and restructuring under the pretext of 'recession'!

The Health Insurance System of Later Term Elderly People Medical Treatment
- Oppose the new system that cuts pensions, cuts medical care and cuts lives

Closures and privatizations planned for hospitals run by localities to desert localities and the unfortunates
(Continued from the previous issue)


No. 2014
(April 14th 2008 Issue)

Down with the ultra-reactionary
Fukuda government!

Oppose the deployment of missile defence systems!
No to the plan to revive the provisional extra levy on gasoline taxes!

Rise in the April 29th struggle on the Diet!

Central Students' Orgburo

Denounce the punishment on teachers by the Tokyo Prefectural Board of Education!
- Punished for their disobeying an order to stand and face the Rising-Sun flag during the singing of the Reign-of-the-Emperor anthem

Zenkyo: the 25th National Convention

700 casual workers turned full-time: statistically, but how in reality?

Fight it out by denouncing the central leadership of the UI Zensen union betraying the spring offensive!

- Denounce the weal-kneed deal at the lowest rate!
- Break the Industrial Patriotic movement from below!

Steel making monopoly capitalists desperate to tighten their control on workers

Yubari City: burdens imposed on the toiling masses

Reactionary nature of the law 'to solidify the finance of localities'

Nagoya: JRCL propaganda at a JCP-led Airoren rally

Kanazawa: a Peace Movement Centre rally of young and female workers

Topics Low-rate replies from capitalists in minor enterprises: justified by a Rengo leader

Closures and privatizations planned for hospitals run by localities

The revised rates for medical care: a fallacious remark by the leadership of JCP-led medical workers unions

- Czech: Claus in crisis
- Rating service monopolies: easy pickings
- The new Prime Minister in Australia: Passing Japan
- A nuclear plant rush: globally planting the seeds of nuclear disaster


No. 2013
(April 7th 2008 Issue)

Denounce the Fukuda government
charging the loss from the economic crisis to the toiling masses!

- The declining US economy causing a global depression
- The European and emerging economies faced with slumps
- Chinese and Russian governments scheming to destroy the USD system
- The Fukuda government incompetent to handle the quadruplicate difficulties of the Japanese economy
- Confusion over the gasoline tax and a new Governor of the Bank of Japan
- Advance the fight aiming to overthrow the Fukuda government forcing war and impoverishment!


March 23rd rally in Okinawa: 11000 people burning with anger

- Remove the US bases! Smash the US-Japan military alliance!
- Militant workers and students taking the lead
(See pictures)

Smash the today's Industrial Patriotic Movement led by labour aristocrats!
- Fight it out for a militant upsurge of the spring offensive in the heavy industry!

'Right to labour contracts' as bait for intensified control on public workers

Denounce the Japan Post managerial board offering the lowest rate!

Extremely intensified labour in postal offices after the privatization

Rengo Ishikawa rally for the spring offensive: angers towards labour aristocrats

Topics The IMF-JC Chairman justifying their acceptance of the miserable rate

Zengakuren: the 124th meeting of the central committee

Aichi University: A mass rally against the school authority planning to move the campus

'An Islamic revolution' in illusion
About the analysis of the situation in Iraq by a conscientious intellectual
- Her impatience at the situation in Iraq assuming the aspect of civil war
- Rejection of any modernist approach from the height of the Western civilization
- A one-sided analysis of the occupation policy by the Bush Empire
- An idealistic analysis on which her dream of 'revolution' is projected

[8] Kaleidoscope
- Today's Lincoln?
- Watch for police officers in plain clothes!
- 'A guerrilla attack' on the Narita Airport: plotted for intensified security


No. 2012
(March 31st 2008 Issue)

A uniform and big wage raise to all workers!
Fight for a militant upsurge of the spring labour offensive
by denouncing the IMF-JC agreement to the miserable rate!

- A globally simultaneous depression spreading from the US economy
- Japanese imperialism suffering from serious confusion in economy and politics
- Labour aristocrats surrendering to the capitalists attempting to control the wages under the pretext of 'deteriorating circumstances'
- No to price rises! No to intensified expropriation of the toiling masses! Oppose the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance!

Okinawa People's Rally, March 23rd
'We denounce the US Force crimes!'

Denounce the armed repression on the Tibetan people by the Chinese government!

Rallies for the spring offensive in Osaka
- Rengo Osaka (March 7th)
- Osaka Zenroren (March 2nd)

For a militant upsurge of the spring labour offensive in the metal and machine making industry

Denounce labour aristocrats in the JAM federation replacing the offensive with 'efforts to make circumstances for minor companies to raise wages'!
- The central leadership miserably asking capitalists 'to invest in workers'
- Sharing the 'sense of crisis' with capitalists in minor size enterprises
- 'Wage improvement' for 'contributing to the business'
- Cooperation for higher productivity in the name of 'balance of work and life'
- 'Policy-related demands' dependent on the labour and industrial ministries
- 'We lead the wage market': deception
- For a uniform and big wage raise! Oppose the fixation and expansion of temporary employment!

Denounce the major private railway companies replying 'no raise'
Denounce the central leadership accepting the expansion of the merit-based payment under the pretext 'to gain an improvement in wages'!
- The central leadership disguising the acceptance as an 'effective improvement'
- Workers in minor railways, bus and taxi workers, let us fight on for a uniform and big raise!

the 57th JTU national meeting for education research: militant workers struggling in opposition to the central leadership distorting the teachers' movement

Smash the attack of massive reprimands on the Hokkaido Teachers' Union!
- The HTU strike on Jan. 30th: militant education workers striving to overcome the distortion by the leadership of the regional public workers federation
- Fight back against the destructive attack on the HTU!

Toiling masses in cold regions suffering from ballooning oil prices

Topics The Zenroren Chairman thoroughly servile to Rengo leaders

Monopolies in the electric industry: desperate to reorganize their business for survival

Denounce the JCP bureaucrats keeping silence on the deployment of missile defence systems!

Russian missiles of new types

'Bases outside the bases' in Okinawa

[8] Kaleidoscope
- A complicated proposal from the Japanese government for the global warming: refused by the rest of the world
- The anti-American trio in Latin America
- The Clean Development Mechanism: clean?
- Complaints from wild lives about the global warming
- Nominal managerial posts: terrible working conditions in McDonald's


No. 2011
(March 24th 2008 Issue)

Denounce the agreement of the lowest raise
by major capitalists and corporate union leaders!

Break through the crisis of the spring labour offensive
led by IMFJC-affiliated labour aristocrats!

- IMFJC-affiliated labour aristocrats showing loyalty to the monopoly capitalist class
- Fake 'improvement in wages'
- Rengo's poor agenda for 'better treatments of part-time workers': just in response to the capitalist measures for labour management
- Silence about the rising prices and taxes, and approval for the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance
- Fight it out by denouncing the all-out surrender by the official leadership of labour movement!

For a militant upsurge of the spring offensive in the electric industry!
Fight in opposition to the distortion of the offensive into one 'for improving general labour conditions'

Workers in Japan Post Bank: forced the hardest office works

Fight it out in opposition to the betrayal by the leadership of the Automobile Workers' Unions

Komatsu Ltd.: forcing workers harsh labour under the guise of 'temporary transfer from a subsidiary'

Canon and Toyota: increasing the number of temporary workers

Iwamizawa City to introduce a 'Kids Watch System': in fact, for intensifying the state surveillance system of the people

Topics The Rengo leader in charge of a joint struggle to win a higher rate of overtime pay: abandoning the demand before receiving an offer from capitalists

Stop the deployment of new war planes!
- Workers and students from the Tokai region rise in successive protest near the ASDF Gifu and Komaki bases (Feb. 29th) (Pic.)

Angers against Toyota labour aristocrats as watchdogs for capitalists
The Rengo rally for the spring offensive in Aichi Prefecture (March 2nd, Nagoya)

Denounce the education ministry erasing the descriptions on the wartime military order to force Okinawa people into mass suicides! Withdraw the decision by the Textbook Authorization Council!
Denounce the assault on the 14 year old girl by the US Marine!

Fight it out aiming to remove the US military bases and to repeal the US-Japan security treaty!

JRCL Okinawa Prefectural Committee
- Deceptive changes in wording attempted for conciliation by the government
- The US and Japanese government desperate to construct a new US Marine base in Okinawa
- The prefectural LDP attempting to disband the mass organization for the textbook demand: a crisis of the opposition movement
- Fight by overcoming the official movement for 'requesting the government to inherit the historical fact'!
- Fight under the banner against the patriot education, against war and the military alliance!

- The Japanese economy: a 'Galapagos in Asia'
- JCP measures for the global warming
- Shinginko Tokyo bank in fiasco: The man who is responsible
- G8 Summit in Hokkaido: Intensified security in Tokyo


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