Weekly Kaihoh / Liberation
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No. 1680 - August 6th

LDP's biggest win: Never let arrogant Koizumi intensify neo-fascist offensives!
Stop Koizumi's official visit to Yasukuni Shrine!

- What underlies the LDP's sweeping victory and the SDPJ / JCP's miserable defeat
- Pent-up discontents of the working people and their neo-fascistic organization
- All oppositions including the official 'lefts' have turned complements to the 'Koizumi reform'.
- Now is the time for us to create a powerful current to smash war preparations and intensification of the neo-fascist ruling order!
19 July Tokyo: No to the MD system! Impeach the rape incident by U.S. servicemen! Zengakuren waged protests against the U.S. Embassy for a long hour. (Photo left)

12 July Hokkaido: The students' association of the Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine met and criticized the City's board of education over the nationalist school textbooks.

9 July Zengakuren's protests against the SDF mobilization exercise Hokkaido: just at spots in Komaki and Obihiro.

14 July the Tokachi Port in Hokkaido: local students protested against an SDF vessel calling at the port.

The 70th National Convention of the Zengakuren 17-18 July
Smash the Security Treaty! Stop the Constitutional revision! The ranks are prepared for the fights.
- New Executive Committee elected. (Photo left)

Alarm the people against the 'Koizumi reform'!
Militant students are struggling at 'town meetings' sponsored by the Cabinet.
- 7 July in Kashihara in Nara Prefecture.
- 7 July in Nagoya.
- 8 July in Tsu in Mie Prefecture.
At the Nara meeting: The defence minister staggered by the impetuous charge of a student from Nara Women's University.
- Propaganda for the 'education reform' heckled by the booing.
- The student accused the minister of the SDF firing at a rehabilitation centre.

A hell of mass restructuring under the spiralling deflation
Attempts for 'boosting the Japanese economy' through accelerated restructuring: a daydream
I. Unprecedented mass restructuring escalated further
- Collapse of the Matsushita-style management
- NTT's most and worst restructuring with 100,000 workers victimized
- A shock wave of the Ghosn restructuring in Nissan
II. De-construction of the 'Japanese economic system'
1. Characteristics of the mass restructuring at the present stage
- Specialization into a core business and acceleration of outsourcing
- Destruction of the Japanese customs of employment
2. Intensified contradictions caused by the mass restructuring
- Aggravated economic difficulties
- Deteriorated bases for production and accumulation of capital
3. What is to be cased by the 'structural reform without sanctuary'
Organize a struggle from all branches for reconstructing the JR Workers' Union!
Topics: Ishihara-led Tokyo prefectural office plans to reorganize prefecture-run hospitals for 'managerial efficiency'
This is the case of the SDF firing incident in Hokkaido
Two F-4 jet fighters 'targeted' the rehabilitation centre!
Astounding realities of the aerial drill uncovered through our research

1. Sheer lies in the SDF statement
2. What the bullet marks show: two fighters came down and fired.
3. The drill was carried out for pin-point strike by a well-trained squadron
The Koizumi government busy in building a U.S.-Japan joint war operation system
The LDP's biggest win: Never let arrogant Koizumi intensify neo-fascist offensives!
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No. 1679 - July 30th

Join the 39th International Antiwar Assembly!

No to Bush's project for MD!
Never allow the Japanese government's cooperation!
Create an international antiwar struggle!
Eradicate the new Cold War!

- Intensifying conflicts among G8 in the Genoa meeting
- Struggles over the MD project between the U.S. and China-Russia
- Fight it out by transcending the official 'pro-Constitution' campaign with no anti-Security Treaty slogan
(Photo: Zengakuren at the US Embassy in Tokyo against MD systems and the raping incident in Okinawa.)
Reuters 19 July Zengakuren at the U.S. Embassy
Reuters 19 July Zengakuren at the U.S. Embassy

Kokugakuin University Students' Self-Governing Association
- The All-Student Assembly adopted a resolution to oppose the destructive offensive against the student autonomy 14 July
- Elected a fresh executive committee.
- The MD test: Is it a hit?
- JCP Chair Fuwa's unsuitable praise for Lenin: but after revising the ideas.
- Tokyo-Seoul fishery disputes: added to 'textbook' and 'Yasukuni Shrine'.
- 'Police Reform' one year on: what is not reported and to be cautious of.
The U.S. economy: critical status revealed as its slow-down going on
Impeding catastrophe of the 'dollar ruling system'
1. America's slowdown and the world economy
- From the bubble bursting to a recession
- Trends to a world-wide simultaneous depression
2. Erupted contradictions rooted in the deformity of the politico-economic structure of the U.S.
- Bankruptcy of the stock-dependent economy
- Aggravated deformity of the politico-economic structure
3. The Bush administration desperate to break through the crisis
Against 'Rengo's Vision for the 21st Century'
- 'A family-friendly way of work'(?) for justifying production of 'casual' workers with lower wages
Rengo Okinawa's 'Peace Okinawa Rally' 22 June
- 'We never commemorate together with Koizumi!' Calls erupted against the leadership who directed the ranks to join a government-sponsored commemoration ceremony.
Rengo's rally of public workers 14 June
- Leaders depending on the minister's remarks.
Topics Labour aristocrats in electric industry openly accept lower wages.
Reveal deceptions in the ultra-nationalist textbook
Under the banner of 'learning history' they beautify the wartime spirit
- Aggressive wars reinterpreted as 'liberation of Asia'
- The Nanking Massacre as 'victims in the battle'
- 'Know what people think in wartime', but no reference to their doubt or criticism.
- Nationalism and the emperor-centred view of history
Ukraine in turbulence No. 2
The Kuchma administration rapidly approaching to Putin's Russian government
- Anti-government movements in upsurge based on an unprincipled coalition between 'reformists' and 'nationalists'
Overseas Appeal for the 39th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan


No. 1678 - July 23th

Join the 39th International Antiwar Assembly!
Now is the time to create a powerful current against the current SOFA and the Security Treaty!
Impeach the raping incident by U.S. servicemen!
Impeach the ASDF jet fighter firing at the rehabilitation centre!
Oppose attempts to build a U.S.-Japan joint war operation system!

- Perpetual occurrences of American servicemen's crimes and Japanese SDF's 'accidents' under the war readiness
- The Koizumi government pushing forward war preparation in co-operation with the Bush administration.
- Labour aristocrats in Rengo helping war preparations and the degeneration of the SDPJ / JCP
- Never allow them destroy militant trade unions! Win an upsurge of anti-war, anti-Security Treaty struggles!

Overseas Appeal for the Assembly

There's no way but removal of the bases!'
6-7 July Okinawa
People's angers exploded against the dreadful crime by American airmen.
Okinawa Kengakuren fighting in the forefront
Okinawa International University Students' Self-Governing Association handed the all-student meeting's resolution of protest to the U.S. Consul General.

Reports by journalism
Reuters 19 July Zengakuren at the U.S. Embassy
Reuters 19 July Zengakuren at the U.S. Embassy
Reuters 19 July Zengakuren at the U.S. Embassy
AP 19 July Zengakuren at the U.S. Embassy
AP 19 July Zengakuren at the U.S. Embassy
AP 7 July Women's rally in the town
AP 6 July A female student in a demo
AP 6 July Students with a placard
AP 5 July A student raising his fists
AP 4 July Protests at the Base's gate
AP 4 July A student raising his fists
AP 4 July Students in a demo
BBC 4 July
Washington Post 7 July
3 July in Hokkaido: Zengakuren struggled to block SDF military exercises. (Above right)
24 June in Nagoya: militant workers and students demonstrated against the Koizumi-Bush talk. (Above left)
28 June in Komaki: Zengakuren Tokai staged their protest against the firing incident at the local SDF base.
- Obscurantist policies 'without sanctuary': promotion films of the parliamentary parties for the coming election.
- Jospin: 'I'm not shamed of that intellectual, political journey.'??
- After us the desert or sea: over the Kyoto Protocol.
The JCP: dread of a ruinous defeat in the coming House of Councillors' election
Denounce the Fuwa / Shii leadership for their covering up the strategic bankruptcy!
1. Tricky self-justifications for their latest defeat in the Tokyo Prefectural Assembly's election
2. Makeshift repairs of the strategic bankruptcy
- An empty emphasis on 'struggles against the Koizumi administration'
- A pragmatic revision in the 'coalition of oppositions'
3. Increased repulsion against the central, dispersion of the organization, and decline in its energy
[6] The 55th National Convention of Zentei [Japan Postal Workers' Union]
The Convention decided a full co-operation in a major restructuring plan named 'vision for the rebirth of the postal service'
Denounce the central leadership swearing loyalty to the postal bureaucracy!
- Labour aristocrats desperately showed off the 'rebirth vision'.
- Breaking the bureaucratic control, disagreements were expressed by delegations one after another.
- The central leadership oppressed the 'oppositions' by intimidation and disregards
- Let us struggle for a militant organization of the coming provisional meeting of the Central Committee!
'No restructuring in the postal service!'
- JRCL propagandized at the Cenvention.
Labour aristocrats in Rengo: Driving workers into desperation
What is called 'New Work Rules' and its deception
- The 'basic direction' of the central leadership of Rengo
- 'Codification of the four principles for dismissal', in fact, the acceptance of dimissal
- Outcries for 'equal treatment' in response to 'diversification in forms of employment'
- Denounce the labour aristocrats speaking for the will of monopoly capitalists!
Ukraine in turbulence No. 1
The Kuchma administration rapidly approaching to Putin's Russian government
Debut of the new cabinet led by oligarch-backed 'conservatives'
On Kuroda's Preface to his Topos and Praxis

A quiz about prefaces to our must books


No. 1677 - July 14th

Impeach crimes by U.S. servicemen!
Advance struggles against the Security Treaty!
Oppose the strengthening of U.S. bases on Okinawa
as the forefront against China!

Fight it out transcending the SPDJ / JCP-led movement demanding
'review of the SOFA' with no opposition to the Security Treaty!

4 July: militant students
of the OkinawaKengakuren
3 July: workers of the Okinawa peace
movement centre and students
- A sexual assault by U.S. soldiers repeated under the intensified readiness for war
- Remove the U.S. bases! Fight it out aiming for repealing the Security Treaty!
- Okinawa Kengakuren [prefectural federation of students' self-governing associations] protested against the Kadena Air Base 3-4 July (photo left above) (See related stories in the English home)
Anger exploded in the face of a landing craft closing in on
With a tremendous roar like a real battle field
- Against an SDF landing drill in Hokkaido on 2 July (photo below)
- Zengakuren waged protests at the site of drills
in solidarity with workers of the Hokkaido Peace Movement Forum.

- Fought out in opposition to the official leadership of peace movement distorting the struggle.

Report on the ASDF jet fighter's firing incident
- It fired not '5.5 km before the rehabilitation centre' but at point-blank range.
- Reveal the flat lie in the ASDF 'research report'!
Zengakuren Kansai protested 26 June against the firing incident
2-day struggles in Okinawa 23-24 June
- The annual antiwar demonstration on 24 June against the Security Treaty
- 'Never allow Koizumi join the prefectural memorial ceremony for war victims!' Kengakuren demonstrated to the airport on 23 June.
Kagoshima Univ. students protested against the Cabinet's 'town meeting' in their city.
Aichi University at Toyohashi: An antiwar resolution was adopted by the all-student meeting with 900 participants on 7 June.
Join the 70th national convention of Zengakuren!
- Japanese and U.S. rulers rushing for strengthening the security alliance.
- Win a great advance of the revolutionary student movement!
Smash Koizumi's reactionary offensives in the name of 'international pledges with the U.S.'
1. 'An enduring alliance' between Japan and the U.S. reaffirmed by Koizumi and Bush
- Attempts to build a U.S.-Japan joint war operation system pushed forward into a new phase
- Structural reforms in the economy and the settlement of bad loans pledged by Koizumi
2. Power struggles intensifying towards after days of the election
- Break neofascist reactions!
[6] Over the central struggle of teachers' unions against the three 'education reform' bills
The education ministry and the Democratic Party together with the leadership of the Teachers' Union scrummed to passed the bills!! Never permit the historic betrayal by the JTU leadership! Now is the time to strengthen our forces for fight!
- 28 June After confirming the bills having passed the committee, the leadership dropped out of the scene.
- 29 June LDP members gave applause to DP's supportive speech; the bill passed the House of Councillors!
- The historic betrayal that marked JTU's degeneration as an 'educational patriotic association'
- Fight out transcending the guidance by the JTU leadership that has turned a faithful servant to the education ministry!
Topics: a new-type plan for job reduction adopted by Oji Paper Co. Ltd.: transfers to subsidiaries to be classified as personnel changes
My witness report from the gallery of the House of Councillors' education committee
- Felt a boiling anger against a SDPJ member currying favour with the education minister
- Found JTU leaders having dropped out of the sight of trade union members
Responses by leaders of medical workers' unions to medical accidents
Denounce their anti-working class guidance!
- They are shifting causes of accidents to skills and qualities of concerned workers.
- Imposing acceptance of intensified labour upon workers in the name of 'mind reform'.
After having studied Anti-Stalinist Movement in Japan Vol. 2
For learning lessons from Doro's driving safety struggles over Bukuro bureaucrats' two-staged tactics
- Doro's struggle for driving safety and its revolutionary meaning
- A notorious two-staged tactics proposed by Bukuro bureaucrats
- What I have learned


No. 1676 - July 9th

Stop Koizumi from visiting to the U.S.!

29 June Zengakuren demonstrate to the Haneda Airport

- 'Smash the Security Treaty!' Calls resounded.
- Accused the SDPJ / JCP of abandoning protests
- Smash the scheme to build a U.S.-Japan joint war-operation system!

Sit-ins surrounding the Diet Bldg. against the three education reform bills 26-29 June

- Militant students staged protests in solidarity with education workers in spite of the historic betrayal by the JTU leadership
- 'Never permit the Democratic Party and the SDPJ having helped the passage if the bills!'

(related stories in p. 8)
Impeach the ASDF jet fighter's shots at a rehabilitation centre!
Zengakuren Hokkaido took an action of protest right after the incident 25 June.
- They were carrying out a firing drill targetting the civilian facility!
- Militant students staged a protest at the gate of the concerned SDF base in Chitose.(Photo below left)
- Held a urgent meeting of protest at the site of the firing.
- Okinawa Kengakuren protested against the ASDF Naha base (from which the concerned F-4 fighter came to the range) within the day.
- Zengakuren Tokyo denounced the Defence Agency at its headquarters (27 June).
An antiwar demonstration in Osaka 17 June
- Waves against war preparations.
- Zengakuren Kansai and the Antiwar Youth demonstrated, smashing rightists' provocation.
- 'Smash a Bush-Koizumi meeting!' called for at a rally. (Photo below right)
[3] Kaleidoscpe 2001
- A new review on the Japanese literature taught by that ultra-nationalist textbook: 'The famous poem of her is not intended to be antiwar', 'He was a genuine nationalist', and so on and on.
- The fascist to govern Italy: Berlusconi's hidden connection with a leader of the Socialist Party.
- What is going on behind the 'battle' between Makiko Tanaka and 'conservative' LDP leaders.
- Chukakuha's 'challenge' to a seat in the Metropolitan Assembly and its historic worst record.
The Japanese economy agonized in a deflationary mud
The 'structural reform' fated bankrupt (Continued)
4. Deconstruction of the 'Japanese economic system'.
a) Functional paralysis in the Japanese financial system
b) Sweeping reorganization of corporate groups and their affiliates
c) An illusion of a 'dancing decade'.
A higher retirement age in an electric firm: sweating senior skilled workers.
- With wages 125,000 yen a month from the age of 60.
- Reform of pension systems to worse and the abolition of retirement allowance.
Workplace after the introduction of IT instruments in a engineering division of a electrical facilities firm
- What changes have brought to our labour.
- What this means for us.
Over the controversial remarks by a JTU leader
The Society's (ultra-nationalist) textbooks in not so bad', 'JTU do not organize a boycott.'
At the regular convention of the Fukuoka Prefectural Teachers' Union

- Surging denunciation from bellow, and self-justifications and excuses by leaders.

At a rally held the Hokkaido Teachers' Union
- The leadership organize no campaign for excluding the ultra-nationalist textbooks.
Municipalities in Hokkaido intensify offensives
- cuts in wages including fuel allowance, reduction in personnel, etc.

- The leadership has abandoned fights back under the pretext of 'financial crisis'.
Topics 'Jichiro do not take a stand againt the civil service reform': the Prefectural and Minucipal Workers' Union leader said publicly.
A mass rally held by Rengo's public workers' division in Tokyo 14 June
Labour aristocrats help the 'civil service reform'
Raging billow against the central leadership's abandonment of fights back
- JRCL inspired fighting workers.
- Leaders reduced the rally taking the rainy weather as excuse.
- Militant workers were struggling in opposition to the labour aristocrats who depended on 'consultation' with the government.
A flex time system introduced in a general work for civil service for the first time in a city in Fukui prefecture
- The introduction was announced suddenly.
- The mayor plans to cut allowances for overtime work
- Financial crisis and its burdens shifted onto municipal workers
- Trade union leaders proposing 'co-operation in rebuilding the finance'
Shatter the three education reform bills!
Report: the 112th regular convention of the Hokkaido Teachers' Union that built a bridgehead for a central struggle 12-13 June
- 'Take an action in Tokyo against the three bills!' Voices surging from below.
- Militant deputies pressed the leadership.
- Criticism also labelled against leaders organizing no campaign for excluding the nationalist textbooks.
Chronology: a historic betrayal by the JTU leadership that helped the three education reform bill


No. 1675 - July 2nd

17 June Zengakuren and Antiwar Youth demonstrate against the Security Treaty and the Constitutional revision

Fight back against Koizumi's ultra-reactionary offensives!

Denounce the SDPJ / JCP immersed in the election campaign!

An SDF fighter jet fires into
a civilian rehabilitation centre in Hokkaido!

Denounce the shots during a firing drill!

17 June, in Sapporo: militant workers and students demonstrated to the LDP Hokkaido office
- Voicing high, 'No SDF manoeuvres in Hokkaido!'
- Transcending the JCP-led 'pro-Constitution' movement without anti-Security Treaty.(Photo left)
14 June, Kagoshima: Kagoshima University students marched through the city.
- No the Constitutional revision! No the three 'education reform' bills!
- A banner raised against Cabinet's 'Town Meeting' planned in Kagoshima. (Photo right)
The Tokyo District Court sentenced the security police to a compensation for their violence against an arrested activist during investigation
- Police violence behind locked doors decided as 'illegal'.
- Fight back more against the cruel repression by the security police!
[3] Kaleidoscope 2001
- Fact is stranger than fiction: Who was behind a parody of Macbeth in Nepal?
- Devastation is overrunning restoration and protection: the decreasing green in China.
- Mistakes in national universities' entrance exam exposed in succession and the planned investigation by the Ministry: pretension for bashing.
- Democratic Party's leader Hatoyama born with a silver spoon in his mouth: a spoony man.
- An ex-Major General of the GSDF released a new book on his experience in the Intelligence School: What is written bespeaks what is not written.
The Japanese economy agonized in a deflationary mud
The 'structural reform' fated bankrupt
1. Oppositions and confusions over the 'structural reform'
2. The globally simultaneous recession and intensifying economic struggles
a) America's slowdown and intensified offensives against Japan
b) A trade war beginning between Japan and China
3. A plunge into the worst deflation
a) Downward pressures
b) A deflationary spiral
Dismissal of 'inadequate teachers' has begun in Kita-Kyushu
- The aim is to remake teachers more obedient to the government
- Let us fight against the neo-fascist reform of education!
Rengo's public service workers' rally in Hokkaido 18 May
- 'Never allow negative reform of the civil service system!' Angry voices filled the rally against corrupt leaders submitting to the government.
- JRCL leaflets inspired a militant mood.
Rightists / fascists are campaigning for introducing the ultra-nationalist school textbooks
- Their lecture meeting in Osaka 10 June
- Under the guise of 'ordinary citizen' or 'residents'.
Topics Koizumi's order for 'bad loan solution'
- Sucking without notice, cuts in retirement allowance, etc. freely.
Never allow a mass restructuring offensive with the name of 'rebirth of postal service!
2. Victimization of workers in the name of 'break with the structural deficit'
3. Fight back from workplaces transcending Zentei leaders' movement for 'salvation of the postal service'
Internal oppositions within the triangle of 'politicians - bureaucracies - business world' over a revised NTT Law (continued)
- The unprecedented rivalry among telecommunication monopolies
- Centrifugal force working among NTT companies
Leaders in JR West Workers' Union must imagine worries of workers in the tourist division faced with forced transfer!
- The belated statement
- With no denunciation against the company
Shatter the destructive offensive against the JR Hokkaido Workers' Union and the Japan Freight Railway Workers' Union - Hokkaido!
- Leaders of a pro-corporate union sold out a JR worker to police.
- Changes in labour policies of the company.
- Leaders of the JR Workers Federation have abandoned the spirit of resistance.

No. 1674 - June 25th

Stop Koizumi's visit to the U.S.!
Join the 29 June struggle at Haneda!

The SDPJ and JCP are all immersed in the vote collecting campaign.
Let us struggle by criticising their abandonment of the fight-back!

- Koizumi and Bush are intending to settle troubles over the 'Tanaka remarks'
- China and Russia have reconfirmed again the continuation of the ABM Treaty.
- The Bush administration is rushing for building its missile defence systems.
- The Koizumi administration is hurried for constitutionalization of Japan's exercise of the right of collective defence together with the emergency legislation.
- Let us fight transcending the official 'pro-Constitution' campaign that have shelved the 'anti-Security Treaty' cause!
Antiwar Demonstration in Tokyo (17 June) Peace March in Okinawa (19 May)
Okiwana 17-20 May: antiwar, anti-American bases
- Prefectural-wide students' actions (20 May): Smash Koizumi's reactionary offensives!
- Annual Peace March (17-19 May): militant workers and students inspired participants in spite of corrupt SDPJ leaders.(Photo above right)
Shatter the reactionary reorganization of education!
- 14 June: 'No the education reform-related bills!' Zengakuren in front of the Diet bldg on14 June (Above left).
- 9 June: A mass meeting against the History Textbook Reform Society's textbooks in Tokyo.
- 11 June: the Ministry of Education building chained around by workers and students together with Korean and Chinese people to protest against the ministry's approval of ultra-nationalist-authored textbook (Below).
- 12 June: No national universities reorganization into independent administrative agents! Militant students staged protests together with workers in the JCP-led University Employees Unions close to a meeting of the National University Association (Above right).
Block SDF mobilization exercises in Hokkaido! 2 July: Fight at Hamataiki, the site of landing drill!
Marxist Student League - Hokkaido Regional Committee
- A mass drill is planned to build a real war-operation system.
- Transcend the official leaders immersed in vote-collecting promotions! Create a powerful current against the Security Treaty!
A public hearing on the Constitution held in Kobe by the Diet's research panel on 4 June:
- No revision of the Constitution! Smash the hearing! Zengakuren Kansai held a demonstration to the place of the hearing. (Photo right)

A report on the hearing
- Most commentators were revisionist: Questions and booing are coming out against the 'extremely biased selection'.
- 'The planned revision of Article 9 is for war of aggression', a Kobe University student bravely criticised the revisionist view.
No introduction of a defined-contribution pension system!
1. Change of the corporate pension system from a 'defined-benefit' to a 'defined-contribution' type
2. The 'Japanese 401(k) program' shifts more burdens onto the working people.
- Claims of monopoly capitalists for reduction of the burden
- Never allow a neo-fascist reorganization of the pension system!
Never allow a mass offensive for restructuring with the name of 'rebirth of postal!
1. The plan will put plunge postal workers in a hell of restructuring.
- Massive 16000 job cuts.
- IT investments and price dumping
- A sweeping reorganization of the current 'next-day delivery' system
- So-called review of the 'general managerial cost' (Continued)
The leadership of Zentei [Postal Workers' Union] fully accepted the initial two programs for 'rebirth of postal service'. Denounce their betrayal!
- Accepted additional job cuts.
- Organize a fight-back against the mass restructuring!
A major restructuring in buss companies in Okinawa
- The managerial and labour in four companies agreed to 'integration' of their bus-operating divisions.
- Triggered by the 17 billion public aid
- Fight back against mass sacking and wage cuts from workplaces!
Rengo's demands for higher wages: just 10 yen per hour for part-timers
- Only requesting a 'fair rule' for part-time labour
Topics: Koizumi's unofficial panel for privatizing the postal service starts.
- Labour aristocrats in Zentei desperate to defend their line of change into 'a public corporation
Denounce! The three education reform-related bills have passed the House of Representatives!
- Central leaders in the Japan Teachers' Union put forth the Democratic Party-initiated amendments as 'gains'.
Denounce JTU official Fujikawa's remarks!
- 'The textbook by the History Textbook Reform Society is no bad.' 'JTU organize no campaign of exclusion'
Internal oppositions within the triangle of 'politicians - bureaucracies - business world' over a revised NTT Law
- LDP politicians pressure to amend the ministry's original draft
- The ministry's draft to 'dismantle the NTT group'
- NTT companies resisting a 'complete separation'
The man who led Russia to the ruin
- The Balkan syndrome
- Chernobyl
- Let's study hard!


No. 1673 - June 18th

Join the 17 June Demonstration! Surround the Diet building!
The Koizumi administration is scheming war preparations
and the Constitutional revision under the new 'Cold War'.
Never let them go!
Now is the time to fight back
transcending the official 'pro-Constitution' movement with no anti-Ampo slogan!

- The Bush administration is escalating its demands for Japan's greater military role.
- Through manipulations of the public opinion, the Koizumi administration is rushing for war preparation.
- Create a militant tide of 'anti-Ampo and no Constitutional revision'!

Antiwar rallies
Tokyo: 17 June; Zengakuren, Antiwar Youth Committee
Hokkaido: 17 June, Sapporo; Zengakuren Hokkaido, Antiwar Youth Committee
Kansai: 17 June, Osaka; Zengakuren Kansai, Antiwar Youth Committee
Okinawa: 24 June, Naha; Okinawa Kengakuren, Prefectural Antiwar Workers Committee
Tokai: 24 June, Nagoya; Zengakuren Tokai, Nagoya District Antiwar Youth Committee

SDPJ's 'Peace Vision': fantastic
- Doi is deceptively negating predecessor Murayama's acceptance of the Ampo and the SDF.
- It's just a 'security policy' dependent on Realpolitik between great powers.
Zengakuren stood against the Koizumi administration
- Kanazawa University students demonstrated the city against the emergency legislation (27 April).
- Kagoshima University students propagandized to alert the local residents to the dangerous 'popularity' of Koizumi (18 May).
[3] Kaleidoscope 2001
- The Society for History Textbook Reform on TV: one for Sophistic Debate Textbook?
- The Lena's flood: a human man error by the Putin administration
- A village that can say NO to MOX fuel used at a local nuclear plant: and hysteric responses from ultra-nationalists.
- The best selling Who Moved My Cheese? : Who has eaten up our produced cheese?
[4-5] Economic and Fiscal Policy Council and its final draft
Koizumi's 'structural reform': a quasi-revolution
'Pains' imposed on the working people
1. A caricature drawn by the Americanized neoliberalist civilian minister
- 'Programs for reform'
- Just a warmed-up version of ex-Prime Minister Hisimoto's version of 'structural reform'
2. Trials and errors for 'rebirth of the Japanese economy'
- Repulsion and resistance erupted
- Financial bankrupt and worse depression inevitable
3. The revealed nature of neoliberalism against the people
- A fascistic agitation for a 'competitive society'
- Falsehood with the 'small government'
- A neo-fascist reorganization of 'public sectors'
Rengo Osaka rally (26 May): JRCL propagandized against the restructuring and the Constitutional revision.
- Military workers denounced the labour aristocrats for their immersion in the DP's election campaign.
What's behind Uehara's removal from the head of the DP Okinawa?
- The former trade-union leader and betrayer's political life was effectively ended long before by militant workers and people centring around the JRCL.
A meeting of the 'Civil Society for Education Reform in Osaka' (13 May)
- A fanatic praise for the rising-sun flag filled the room.
- Leaders showed their hostility to our party revealing their fascist nature.
The Society for History Textbook Reform held a symposium in Osaka (28 April)
- Praising the emperor system and the war of aggression.
- President Nishio over the moon about the government's approval of their textbook.
- Never allow them to organize a movement to use the textbook in schools!
Stop introduction of a national ID numbering system based on the revised residents registration act! (Continued from the previous issue)
3. Stop starting a 'national registration system'!
- The official leadership is just proposing 'protection of privacy' against it.
- An opposition that makes 'civic freedom' the principle falls into a trap.
- Create a broad-based fight-back on the workers' and students' fronts!
After reading the letter: about criticism of the JTU leadership
- About the 'co-ordinate'.
Denounce Land and Transportation Minister Ohgi's statement in a parliamentary session calling for more repressive measures against the JRCL-RMF!
- Conservative MP Nishimura 'questioned' with demagogy: 'Successive sabotages against JR train operation and the vandalism that broke down a pylon was committed by the JRCL-RMF and the General Federation of JR Workers' Unions.'
- Ohgi repeated the demagogy and added: 'A leaflet by the JR East Workers' Union - Tokyo Chapter is a profanity against parliamentary sessions'.
- The JRCL-RMF send an official letter of protest to the Minister.
The Kobe Incident four years on: the retired principal of the junior high school issued a book on the incident The Principal Witnessed! What Underlies the Sakakibara Incident
The former principal is closing in on the incident.
- 'Asahi Shinbun news paper was consciously misleading the public'.
- 'Masmedia is obedient to police.'
- 'He was no capable of writing that letter of challenge.'
- A journalist released another book with the ad 'He is innocent. This is a historic conspiracy!'
- Now is the time to raise waves to expose the truth!


No. 1672 - June 11th

Shatter the 'civil service reform'!
Denounce the Rengo leadership
complementing the neo-fascistic 'reform of civil service system'!

- The Koizumi cabinet schemes to finish building a top-down administrative system under the Prime Minister!
- On the 'reform' they stake their breakthrough of internal / external difficulties
- Under the banner of a 'democratic reform' the official trade union leadership helps the government's offensive.
- Fight back in an accurate orientation against neo-fascist reactions!
May Day in Nagoya: the JRCL propaganda inspired rallies
- The 'Aichi Prefectural Rengo Festival' (29 Apr): militant workers denounced the labour aristocrats indulged in a 'popular song show'.
- A May Day rally by the JCP-led Aichi prefectural labour federation: the JRCL criticized leaders dispirited by their defeat in the Nagoya mayoral election.
Rengo May Day rallies in Ishikawa Prefecture: the JRCL extensively propagandized.
- Calls were made to block the Constitutional revision.
'People's Rally for 'reducing US Marines' in Okinawa (25 Apr) (Photo left)
- The Prefectural Zengakuren struggled in the forefront under the militant banner: Remove the US bases!
- In opposition to official leaders deforming the struggle into demands for 'reduction in number of Marines'.
- Many supportive responses came out to JRCL leaflets.
Kanazawa Univ. students protested against a reactionary speech by a bureaucrat of the education ministry (2 May) (Photo right).
We denounce Tokyo Detention Centre! They have committed a murderous medical act against Ms. S unconvicted.
- The Centre brought serious disorders to her liver functions.
- Anti-tubercular drugs were administered according to precarious diagnoses.
- They have made no examination of the identified lump on her neck leaving its possibility of malignant tumour.
- Under the guise of 'medical treatments', tortures / physical experiments have been done on her body
- Murderous acts are being carried out as an example to those fighting to expose state conspiracies.
- Fight to shatter today's version of tortures!
Still a 'Guard of Right'?
- A Tokyo High Court judge was taking prostitutes while giving reactionary decisions.
[4-5] Criticizing Arakawa Akira, Okinawan intellectual
The 'anti-return' ideologue: his outcry and failure
Limitations with his counterposing of 'Okinawa's identity' against the 'Okinawa initiative'
1. Arakawa Akira roars out.
2. The bullets do not reach the target.
3. His 'anti-state, no (Japanese) patriotic' thought fails.
a) A mistaken view on the modern and contemporary history of Okinawa
- His reasoning implicitly premises the vulgar Okinawanist view.
- The scheme of 'Japan (Japanese nation) vs. Okinawa (Okiawan people)' goes bankrupt
b) 'Okinawa's ethnicity' is stressed going beyond history and classes
- His trials and errors for 'establishing the identity as Okinawans'
- His 'thought of resistance' has fatal defects.
To Conclude
Stop introduction of a national ID numbering system based on the revised residents registration act! (Continued from the previous issue)
2. The rulers are rushing to tighten their 'crisis controlling' system.
- A negative reorganization of the residents registration system is being carried out under the pretext of 'decentralization'.
- What is the 'e-government'?
Cruel stories of NTT No. 5
- A continuous shortage of personnel unable makes it hardly to take an annual paid holiday.
- Workers cannot have even a five-minute break.
Denounce the IMF-JC labour aristocrats! They speak for the monopoly capitalists.
- Acceptance of wage cuts and sacking: miserable results of the JC spring labour offensive.
- The end of the JC 'joint offensive' marked by the spring offensive 2001
- Oppositions and divergence among labour aristocrats over 'reform of the spring offensive'
- Fight it out! Never permit their betrayal!
NEC to move to the internal 'company system'
- The reorganization is being promoted with the co-operation of the trade union.
Studying Trotsky's Transitional Programme
- In relation to our internal controversy over the logic of 'transcending, enhancing and aiming for'.
- Historic significance in his proposing the 'transitional programme'
- A substance-theoretical approach to be clarified.
- How we have tried to transcend Trotsky's limitations


No. 1671 - June 4th

Smash the neo-fascist reorganization of education!
The Society for History Textbook Reform authored textbook is
based on beautification of wars and the monarchist view of history

Never overlook the government's 'authorization' of the ultra-nationalist textbook!

The Koizumi administration is rushing for the education reform related bills and a reactionary revision of the Fundamental Law of Education
Expose the ultra-reactionary nature of the 'Society' made textbook!
- No different from the prewar moral textbook
- Agitation for revising the war-renouncing Article 9 of the Constitution
- A 'public'-first democracy stressed
The official leadership has been swallowed up in the tide of 'Education Reform': Fight back by transcending them!

Denounce the US-UK allied forces bombing Iraq!
Denounce the Israeli forces bombing Palestine!
Zengakuren protested against the U.S. and Israeli Embassies in Tokyo (20 May).

At the American Embassy In front of the Israeli Embassy
Militant workers and students struggle in the SDPJ / JCP led pro-Constitution rallies: 3 May in Kyushu
- 'Stop posing as pro-Constitution advocating a practical use of the SDF!' Angry voices were raised in the JCP-led rally
- Militant workers criticized SPDJ secretary Fuchigami
- Kagoshima Univ. students inspired a militant mood with a local meeting.
[3] Kaleidoscope 2001
- Koizumi's catch copy 'Endure pain for reform!' is the revival of the wartime slogan: We want nothing before beating the enemy!
- The Financial Minister: Senile? Delusion? No. It's a perfect performance.
- Democratic leader Hatoyama-shaped mascot dolls to sell: for competing with the Koizumi boom.
- Daughters of the Japanese Red Army returned: conscious overestimation by police.
- 'A strategic mistake of the Japanese police was underestimation of the JRCL-RMF'(?), said a TV reporter in his new book.
No war preparations! No revision of the Constitution! Down with the Koizumi administration! Raise a tidal wave of struggle! Join workers' and students' united actions on 17 June! Fight it transcending the official 'pro-Constitution' campaign with no anti-Security Treaty cause!
JRCL Central Students' Orgburo
I. Stormy offensives for war preparations and the Constitutional revision under the Intensifying 'new cold war'
(1) All-out intensification of cold-war-like conflicts between the U.S. and China-Russia
- A missile defence project set out by the Bush administration
- Attempts to rebuild relationships with American allies and demands for 'power sharing' with Japan
(2) The Koizumi administration: rushing for the emergency legislation and constitutionalization of the 'right to engage in collective defence'
(3) Opposition parties swallowed in the 'Koizumi fever': showing impotence
II. Advance anti-war anti-Security Treaty struggles! Block neo-fascist reactions! Fight by transcending SDPJ's and JCP's parliamentarianist distortions!
(1) Criminal nature with the JCP policy of 'a broadest unity to block the Constitutional revision'
- Peace-touched brain with no guard before the neo-fascist reaction
- Shelving the 'anti-Security Treaty, anti-SDF' cause
(2) Build a broader battle front to block neo-fascist reactions!
Stop introduction of a national ID number system based on the revised residents registration act!
1. The major revision aimed at a state control of all resident information
- An ID number to be attached to everyone of the people with the name of 'a resident card code'
- Centralization in the sate of all municipal-registered information
- Carrying the ID-card to be obligatory
Rengo Mayday in Hokkaido
'What are you praising for Koizumi's debut for!' Stormy denunciations to Democratic Chair Hatoyama Yukio
- JRCL carried out mass propaganda at Rengo and JCP-led rallies.
100,000 job cuts and 30 % wage cut!
Smash the NTT offensive for a major restructuring!
Denounce the labour aristocrats as obedient dogs to the managerial!
1. An unprecedented mass restructuring
- Retirement at the 50-year-old and regional-based wages to be imposed
2. Victimization of workers for survival of NTT company
3. Denounce the Tsuda leadership of the NTT Workers' Union as unfurling the banner of the mass restructuring!
The man who led Russia to ruin (2)
Putin busy reaping the negative harvest of the past
- Figures still haunting Kremlin
- Whither Putin's Russia?
Reading Kuroda's Topos and Praxis
- It rejoice me touching the 'birth place of Kuroda's philosophy of topos'.

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