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No. 1920
(May 29th Issue)

Break through the crisis of warfare
intensified under the confrontation
between the US and China-Russia!

- A heated 'cold war' intensified between the US and China-Russia
- Iran's challenge backed by China and Russia
- The Bush Empire bent on a global rebuilding of military alliances
- An attempt to link the US-Japan military alliance with the NATO
- US and Japanese rulers rushing to build a new military alliance
- The Koizumi government desperate for revising the Constitution and the Fundamental Law of Education

Burning struggles in Okinawa against the military alliance: Students struggling for a militant upsurge of the 'peace march' and the 'Okinawa people's rally'
- 'Remove Kadena Base!' 'Smash the military alliance!' Called by workers and students in front of the gate of the base (May 14th)
(Pic top)

- 'No Marine base at Henoko!' Calls against the military alliance at the rally (May 14th)
(Pic middle)

No home port for a US nuclear aircraft carrier in Yokosuka!
- Zengakuren students demonstrating on the US Naval base and the MSDF headquarters in Yokosuka (May 14th)
(Pic bottom)

Stop revision of the Fundamental Law of Education!
Denounce the JTU leadership accepting the DPJ alternative stressing a patriot education!
JRCL Education Workers Committee

Ahmadinejad challenging US imperialism as 'the Big Satan'

Toyota capital bent on destroying trade unions in its factories abroad
- Toyota India busting trade unions rising in strikes
- Competition with Suzuki holding a 50-percent market share
- The Indian government supporting foreign capitals
- Toyota managers pressing local governments for repressing trade unions and tightening labour management
- Framing second or third unions: Toyota Philippines
- Massive sackings of trade unionists: a factory in France
- Complete prohibition of employees from forming unions: Toyota US
- Its corporate union in Japan to be modelled
- Fight back against Toyota's union busting with the workers' unity!
- Expose deceptions of the 'myth of Toyota'!

Fight against the planned restructuring for reorganization of the NTT group!

May Day: Militant workers struggling
Hokkaido: Voices surging against the 'structural reform'
Fukuoka: 'Stop the Constitutional revision!'

From a study meeting on Kuroda's 'Breaking with Parliamentarianism'

Topics Stop the enactment of the 'medical reform' related law!

Smash the planned reorganization of the collecting/delivering centres for a 'privatized postal service'!

Kaleidoscope 2006
- 'Dignity' of the author of the 'Dignity of the Nation'
- Patriotism included in 'ordinary morals' by the JCP
- War propaganda


No. 1919
(May 22nd Issue)

Smash the ultra-reactionary offensives
launched by the Koizumi government!
Break the scheme to revise
he Constitution and the Fundamental Law of Education!

Denounce the official opposition leaders
surrendering and supporting the offensives

- A new US-Japan military alliance being built for the US to revive its domination as the world's sole superpower
- Neo-fascistic reactionary offensives launched for Japan emerging as 'a state that can wage war'
- Power strife intensified for a post-Koizumi government
- Denounce the JTU leadership supporting the Democratic Party's ultra-reactionary draft for revising the Fundamental Law of Education!

A Constitution Day event: militant workers and students struggling on the forefront of 4000 participants (May 3rd)

Kansai students demonstrating on the US general consulate in Osaka (Apr. 29th)

Zengakuren Kansai protesting against the LDP prefectural offices (Apr. 28th)
Antiwar voices through Kagoshima City (Apr. 27th)

Stop the US nuclear carrier visiting Sasebo Port!
Marxist Students League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction) Kyushu Regional Committee
- Protest together in Sasebo on May 25-27

Kaleidoscope 2006
- Bulgarians, Georgians and Estonians: not the Sumo tournament but pro-American governments in the 'democratic choice'
- The iron curtain again: a heating 'cold war' between the wolf and the dragon plus that 'snake'
- Horiemon released after jail: who's next

Japan's development of home-made arms and the hidden struggle between the US and Japan
- The Bush Empire planning to change Japan into a 'protectorate'
- Friction over Koizumi's decision to suspend a plan for Japanese-made combat planes
- Japanese monopolies scheming to produce home-made arms

Contaminated with poisonous wastes!
- Grounds of US military bases planned to return to Japan

JR West Co: Disregard of safety not changed after the disaster

May Day
Rengo Osaka's May Day rally: booing against President Takagi
Rengo Ishikawa's May Day rally: full of fighting spirits against revision of the Constitution and the Fundamental Law of Education

Topics Japan Post authorities releasing its plan for reorganizing its system for collection and delivery


Struggles against the US and USSR nuclear tests: learning from the pioneering struggle by my seniors

Study Notes: questions about the definition of 'service commodity'

Poems: Listening here and now to voices left by students fallen in the war


No. 1918
(May 15th Issue)

April 30th Zengakuren marches
against the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance,
against revision of the Constitution
Smash offensives to 'transform' US forces in Japan
based on the 'two-plus-two' report!

- 'Fight against the unification of the US and Japanese forces!' stressed by the Zengakuren chairman in his keynote speech
- Fists of anger to the US embassy and the Diet
- Advance to smash the planned US-Japan summit and a 'new joint security statement'!
- Expose the criminal nature of the JCP central leadership for abandoning their opposition to the military alliance!

(Pics left top and middle)

Fight against the building of a new US-Japan military alliance!
For a militant upsurge of May 12-14th struggles against military bases and the military alliance
JRCL Okinawa Prefectural Bureau

- Subjugation to the US new security strategy shown clearly in the two-plus-two (SCC) report
- Advance by transcending the official movement to demand 'reduction of bases' with no opposition to the military alliance!

Workers and students protesting in front of the prefectural office
(Pic left bottom)

The repression at the Osaka University of Economics: the first session of the trial
- The decisive fact revealed

Oppose the planned relocation of a US F15 fighter jet training site!
(April 22nd, Chitose, Hokkaido)

The Kyrgyz government
- An ultimatum for removing a US military base

The Chukakuha remnants and the deception of 'a workers' party building'

Hokkaido prefectural police
- Strengthening the security order on the basis of its reorganization directly led by National Police Agency Chief Uruma

May Day: Militant workers struggling
Rengo: sharp hecklings against President Takagi
Zenroren: supportive responses to our appeal against the US-Japan military alliance
Zenrokyo: Voices against revisions of the Constitution and the Fundamental Law of Education

JRCL calls to a May Day rally of JCP-led trade unions in Nagoya

Regional differences in wages
- Rapidly expanding

Reports from hellish postal workplaces
- The 'Two Nets' system expanded

Topics Preparations accelerated for the revision of the Fundamental Law of Education: The JTU leadership, however, only demanding 'a careful deliberation'

Kaleidoscope 2006
- The anti-American trio
- After the battle: the French employers' federation calculating positively
- A super contaminating power: stinking, dirty rivers in China
- A new way in recruiting SDF officers like part-time job


No. 1917
(May 8th Issue)

Build an antiwar struggle
for breaking through the crisis of warfare
under the new US-China confrontation!
Oppose the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance
as an offensive and defensive alliance against China!
Fight under the banner
against the US-Japan military alliance!

- The US-China summit showing the intensification of a cold-war-like hot war
- The Bush Empire struggling to recover its world domination as the sole superpower in the world
- Chinese and Russian rulers building an anti-American international encirclement
- The poodle government obeying pressures from the Bush Empire
- Strengthen the battlefront against the US-Japan military alliance!

Stop the revision of the Fundamental Law of Education!

Struggles surging against the monarchy in Nepal

[3] Kaleidoscope 2006
- The JCP chief pushed around by the influential ex-chief: revelations by an expelled leader of the party
- A cold handshake: Hu in Washington
- 3 trillion yen for the US Forces transformation: a poodle covering the master's expense
- Splits in the ultra-nationalist producers of school textbooks: pro-American poodles expelling the anti-American founder

Trials and errors towards the reconstruction of the Japanese financial system
- About the LiveDoor scandal

The Defense Facilities Administration Agency and the bid-rigging scandal
- What's in depth behind the revelation

The health ministry suddenly changing the medical fee system: rehabilitation period reduced within 6 months

Reports from hellish postal workplaces
- No to the forced decision of assignments of workers

Topics The Tokyo prefectural board of education to prohibit school staff meetings from taking a show of hands: a neo-fascistic way of school administration


Electric monopoly Sharp Co.: a wage raise 'only for 35-year-old employees'

A JCP scholar completely denying the danger of depleted uranium munitions

My struggle at the Jichiro national convention


No. 1916
(May 1st Issue)

Fight for a militant upsurge of May Day!
No revision of the Constitution!
No strengthening of US military bases!
Advance the working class struggle to smash them!

- The US-Japan military alliance strengthened under a new confrontation between the US and China
- Lame duck Koizumi's measures for breakthrough
- Fight for a militant strengthening of trade unions in spite of reactionary oppressions

Okinawa: protests to stop the building of a new US Marine base
- 500 workers, students and residents at an emergency rally against the latest agreement for the construction (April 11th, Nago)
(Pic. left)

- A trade union-based demonstration through Nago city (April 5th)

Denounce an aegis-equipped US war-vessel entering Osaka port! (April 3rd)

An injunction issued to stop the operation of the Shika nuclear power plant reactor No. 2
- The March 24th decision by Kanazawa District Court upsetting Hokuriku Electric Power Co. and the cenral government

20 years on from Chernobyl
- Don't cover up the catastrophe of the century!

Rengo's spring offensive 2006 turned a ceremony for holding down the wages:
The Japanese labour movement ruined under the leadership of labour aristocrats surrendering the pressures
- Consultations between the labour and the employers for holding down the wages
- Deserting workers in casual contracts
- What they call 'a new way of offensive'
- For 'de-construction' of Rengo!

Smash the introduction of a 'regional pay' system planned by the Japan Post authorities!

Reports from hellish postal workplaces
- Fight back against the expanded introduction of a special nightshift!
- Main post offices scrapped: imposing difficulties on workers and residents

Topics 'Wage improvements to put a brake on expanded gaps': a fake objection by Rengo aristocrats to the 'gapped society'


Deceptions with the tactics for the spring offensive proposed by the leadership in the JAM [Japan Association of Metal, Machinery and Manufacturing Workers]
- Denounce the lowest rate settlement by labour aristocrats in major unions!

[8] Kaleidoscope 2006
- The corrupted media tycoon and his falling
- Chinese 'new left' economists encouraged 'against the right, for the left': only against the overemphasis on efficiency and for more 'safety nets'
- The spectre of 'conspiracy theories' reported in the US national security strategy: the war crazy defeated in the 'battle of ideas'
- A Turkish Rambo against the Yankee Empire: a record hit


No. 1915
(April 24th Issue)

For surging struggles
against military bases and
the military alliance!

Overcome the bankrupted 'whole town movement to oppose a US base' led by the JCP!
- US and Japanese rulers planning to build a gigantic military base at Henoko
- A new military alliance for 'containing China'
- The Koizumi government rushing to revise the Constitution and the Fundamental Law of Education
- Expand and strengthen the battlefront against the US-Japan military alliance!

A new US Marine base at Henoko
- Denounce the 'V-shaped runways' agreement between the central and Nago city governments'!

No relocation of a US Force military training site to Komatsu!
- 500 people demonstrate near the site. (Apr. 2)

No revision of the Fundamental Law of Education!
Overcome the official movement led by the JTU leadership to demand a 'parliamentary researching committee'!
JRCL Education Workers' Committee
- Stresses on 'patriotism' included in the revisions drafted by the ruling coalition
- Intensification of a patriotic and ability-oriented education
- The so-called 'campaign for studying and vitalize the Fundamental Law of Education': helpless

Social Democratic Party of Japan 10th National Convention: rehabilitation as 'a 'pro-Constitutional and gap-correcting party'
- The Doi-Fukushima leadership shaken to resound by militant workers' struggle
- Abandonment of its decade-long view of the SDF as 'constitutional'
- A challenge against Koizumi's 'structural reform' from the standpoint of 'correcting gaps'
- An attempt to 'regroup the former SP forces'

Denounce the UI Zensen leadership supporting the Constitutional revision, cooperating with restructurings

Increased quota and intensified labour through a full introduction of a cell production method
- From a workplace at a minor firm producing electric parts

A spring labour offensive in Toyota
- Performed on the basis of a collusive relationship between a corporate union and the managers

The highest '1000-yen raise' in Fujitsu
- Deceptive

Topics Aged people pressed to get out of hospitals

[7] Kaleidoscope 2006
- Pandas not allowed crossing the strait
- 'Thousands' of tactical mistakes
- JCP-patronized scholars with no consistency about China: From 'a development dictatorship' to 'a normal country'
- 'Special Operation Forces' for the transformed US military: Human power

Book Review


No. 1914
(April 17th Issue)

Strengthen the battle front
against the US-Japan military alliance!
Build forces to overthrow the Koizumi government
shaken in the power struggle within the ruling class!

- The Bush Empire pressing the Koizumi government for the transformation of the US Forces in Japan
- Heated power strife for a post-Koizumi leadership
- Koizumi's and Abe's breakthrough measures dependent on haloes from the Bush Empire
- Oppose the building of a new US-Japan military alliance!

Denounce a massive reprimands of teachers by the Ishihara-led Tokyo prefectural authorities!
- Fight back against offensives for the coercive respect for the Rising-Sun flag and the Reign-of-the-Empire anthem!

Stop the relocation of a US military training site for F15 jet fighters!
- 1600 workers and students rallying near an SDF base in Kyushu (March 18th)

No plu-thermal operation in Saga!
- 1200 workers and citizens encircling the prefectural office (March 19th)

[3] Kaleidoscope 2006
- Iran's military drill: the Holy Messenger
- A kidnapping in Milan committed by the CIA: hitting the pro-US Italian prime minister
- Angers of Hispanics: a hell over the Rio Grande
- Win-win?: Results from China's purchases in South America
- Lifted bans planned on space operations: 'Within a self-defensive limit'

Approaching monopoly capitalists with the slogan of 'another Japan'
Anti-working class nature of the tactics for the spring offensive 2006 proposed by the JCP-led Zenroren central
- Hoping some 'criticisms of Koizumi' from the mainstream of the monopoly capitalists
- A lowest 'wage demand' in consideration of a possible 'cooperation with Rengo'
- Beautification of monopoly capital in the name of 'Company's social responsibility'
- Surrendering to the 'civil servants bashing'
- Denounce the degeneration of the JCP-affiliate leadership of Zenroren! Win a militant rebirth of the Japanese labour movement!

A prefectural JCP leader ordering: Don't say 'Against the US-Japan military alliance'!
- At a meeting to review a mass rally against US military bases in Okinawa

Our struggles to lead discussions against the neo-fascistic reorganization of education: an annual JTU meeting for education research
- Chairman Morikoshi saying nothing about the Constitution or the Fundamental Law of Education
- Criticisms erupting against the leadership helping the intensification of coercive 'crisis control systems' in the name of 'safety for children'
- Denunciations against leaders' acceptance of the planned 'national ability test'
- Angers for the planned introduction of work performance appraisal systems

No revision to the Fundamental Law of Education
- 4000 workers at a national rally (March 31st)

Topics Workers at publishing companies for school textbooks and their extremely intensified labour
Reading poems in Kaihoh

A massive illegal dumping of poisonous wastes designated as 'recycled products'
- Collaboration between a major chemical company and the Mie prefectural authorities

Secrets of bird flu spreading
- Self-revelation by a US military laboratory


No. 1913
(April 10th Issue)

April 30th Antiwar Demonstrations
Fight against revision of the Constitution!
Oppose the formation of a new US-Japan military alliance!
Build a battlefront to stop the strengthening of US military bases
under the banner against the US-Japan military alliance!

JRCL Central Students' Orgburo

I. A mounting crisis towards the outbreak of a war under the intensified confrontation between the US and China
(A) The Bush Empire desperate 'to prevent China and Russia from becoming the rivals'
- Conflicts with Beijing and Moscow over Iran's nuclear development
- Impatience with an anti-American front jointly formed in the Middle East
- Attempts to rebuild the offensive and defensive alliances against China
(B) Collusion between China and Russia scheming to break through the US domination of the world as the 'sole superpower'
- China, Russia and the ROK forming a new 'northern triangular alliance'
- Attempts to extend and strengthen an international encirclement against US imperialism with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization as its base
- A diastrophic change of the 21st century world
II. The Koizumi government running on the road to the complete subjugation to the Bush Empire
III. Accelerated degeneration of the official peace movement and the revolutionary leftwing struggling to break it through
IV. Fight against the Constitutional revision and the building of a new US-Japan military alliance!
(A) Overcome the JCP-led peace movement abandoning its opposition to the US-Japan military alliance
(B) Fight for a major upsurge in the struggle against the Constitutional revision, the Iraq war and a strengthened US-Japan military alliance!

'Fight to stop the building of a new US Marine base in Okinawa!'
- Militant workers and students marching through the prefectural capital (March 19th)

'Pull the Japanese troops out of Iraq!'
- 300 workers at a rally called by the Ishikawa peace movement centre (March 20th)

Workers in Hokkaido struggling to win the spring offensive
- A Rengo-sponsored meeting in Sapporo (March 10th)

Hu Jintao's China challenging the US domination of the oil resources
(1) Gaining the oil resources in connection with the formation of an international encirclement against US imperialism
- Bringing over Iran in collusion with Russia
- Building bases for gaining oil from the Middle East and the Caspian Sea
- Strengthening economic ties with anti-American governments in Central and South America
- Scattering aids to Sudan and Nigeria
- Promoting joint developments of natural resources in the name of a 'win-win' relationship
(2) The shortage of oil as Achilles heel of the Chinese economy and attempts to sustain it
- Frictions intensified with US imperialism

Water disappearing from the Amazon
- The global environment in disorder
- Disasters caused by capitalists 'developments'
- Conflicting interests of power holders over measures for the global warming
- A threat of water war in the 21st century

Criticisms levelled at the leadership weak-kneaded in the struggle against the revision of the Fundamental Law of Education: The 23rd convention of the JCP-led Zenkyo [All Japan Teachers and Stuff Union]
- 'Alterations' made before the proposal of the agenda in response to disagreements from the ranks
- No supportive responses to the leaders' proposal for reforms in the compulsory education'
- Win a militant rebirth of the trade union movement of teachers

Cruel realities at a postal office
- Intensified labour for a new system of delivery

Topics A consultative meeting over the basic rights of labour between the government and the Rengo leadership: a ceremony for massive job cuts in the civil service

Kaleidoscope 2006
- The World Classis Baseball and the Yankee way of umpiring: the same as in beef export
- Last November in the Western Iraqi city of Haditha: the tip of the iceberg
- Japan-Visit: surveillance pressed by the US government

The Workplace Relations Amendment Act 2005 as the Australian version of a labour contract law: for the destruction of trade unions
- The 'Work Choice' plunging workers into a state of no rights
- Neo-liberalist policies developed on the basis of the US-Australian alliance
- Australian workers' struggle in a crisis

'The Long War': the new 'National Security Strategy' of US imperialism and a confession of the bankruptcy in its strategy of pre-emptive attack
- Islamic radicalism defined as 'a new totalitarianism'


No. 1912
(April 3rd Issue)

Stop the enactment of
an Administrative Reform Promotion Law!
Denounce the Takagi leadership of Rengo supporting
the mass reduction of the public personnel!

No new US Marine base! (Okinawa, March 19)
See details in next issue
Zengakuren Central Committee (March 14-15th)

- Breakthrough measures of the Koizumi government pressed by the Bush Empire
- Massive cuts in job and wages of the public workers
- Alternatives of the official oppositions premised on the framework of 'a solution of the financial deficit'
- Leaders in public workers' unions surrendering to the public worker bashing campaign
- Break through the reactionary offensive! Win a militant strengthening of trade unions!

The 120th meeting of the Zengakuren Central Committee (March 14-15th)
- Full preparations made for the coming struggles

The third anniversary of the Iraq war
- Trade unions and civil societies rallying in Tokyo (March 18th)

Stop the US-Japan joint military drill!
- Trade unions and students rallying near the site (Feb. 19th, Aibano)

Fight for a militant advancement of the spring labour offensive in minor railways and taxis!
- Denounce the major railway companies offering lowest hikes!
- Denounce the central leadership of private railway workers unions trapped in the position of 'defending the company'!
- Denounce leaders in major unions cooperative in restructuring measures!

The landslide victory of Hamas and a new phase in the Palestinian liberation struggle:
The total bankruptcy in the Bush-led offensive for 'democratizing the Middle East'

(1) Advancement towards the establishment of an 'independent Palestinian state'
- An anti-American diplomatic offensive of Hamas banded with Iran and Russia
- A political tug of Hamas with Fatah over a 'coalition government'
(2) Waves of struggle against US imperialism and Zionism
- Revolts against the betrayal by the Abbas leadership
- The building of a united front for advancing the liberation struggle
(3) The Bush Empire suffering from the final failure in its dominance over the Middle East

$7.5 billion from the Japanese taxpayers for 'transformation' of US military bases

American GIs suffering PTSD: disposable robots for murder

Planned introduction of the '2 net' system' in Japan Post:
Fight against a sweeping reorganization of the collection/delivery sections!

- A complete separation between a 'face-to-face delivery' and a 'box delivery'
- Mass reduction of the regular personnel
- A simple adoption of the Toyota system
- Denounce the betrayal of the central and regional JPU leaderships!

Topics Denounce the lowest hike settlement in the electric industry! Expose tricks in the 'stealing' higher raise of Fujitsu!

Militant workers struggling at regional Rengo rallies for the spring offensive
- Osaka (March 3rd), Nagoya (March 5th) and Kanazawa (March 9th)

[8] Kaleidoscope 2006
- A tyrant and ducklings in Belarus: No colour on the white
- Winny scandals: Who has engineered leaks of the classified information?
- The Presidential election in Costa Rica: Anti-US sentiments in San Jo-se


No. 1911
(March 27th Issue)

Denounce metal labour aristocrats
surrendering to the lowest pay offer!
Win a militant uplift
in the spring labour offensive 2006
against the betrayal by the Rengo leadership!

Zama in Kanagawa
Kanoya in Kagoshima
Chitose in Hokkaido

- Japan Council of Metalworkers' Unions: lowest and zero hikes but instant settlements!
- Workers in minor unions and under casual contracts struggling in hardships
- Advance the offensive in private railways and minor unions!
- Build up forces to smash the Koizumi-led 'structural reform' intensifying the mass expropriation!
- Fight against the Constitutional revision! Oppose the building of a new US-Japan military alliance!

No to the strengthening of military bases!
Oppose the building of a new US-Japan military alliance!
Nationwide Protests

- 2600 people rallying near in US Army Camp Zama (March 12th): encouraged by the Kanagawa Student Network
- 8000 people in Kagoshima against the planned relocation of the US K-130 midair refuelling aircraft unit (Feb. 26th): Kagoshima University students in the forefront
- 700 workers and students in Hokkaido against the planned relocation of a training site for US F15 jet fighters (March 4th)

[3] Kaleidoscope 2006
- Putin's Complaints: Invite an international nuclear reprocessing, or dumping, centre to Russia!
- French youth to be made disposable: contradictions exploding in 'a capitalist economy of a non-American type'
- Traumas affecting soldiers from the dependent country: 'With Americans, I'll be killed!'
- Miserable workers of Amazon.com

A crisis facing the Japanese economy under an intensified confrontation between the US and China
(2) Deteriorating fundamentals for production and technology
(Continued from the previous issue)
<ii> A crisis caused by restructurings
- Corporate regroupings for recovering from the depression
- Delay and limitation in technological upgrading
(3) Aggravated deformation and decline in the politico-economic structure
- Reorganization of the industrial structure
- A structural change in the labour market and the declining quality of labour power
- A 'lower-class society' emerging

Fight against a scrapping plan of collecting and delivering centres to overtask postal workers!
- A nationwide reorganization of the 'postal network'
- A major restructuring in the name of the 'strengthening of the managerial foundation'
- Denounce the JPU leadership fully supportive to the administration in the name of 'measures for a stronger company'

Oppose the intensified surveillance of pupils by local boards of education and police!
- Notification obliged for the slightest 'fear of misconduct'
- The JTU leadership ordering teachers to be cooperative with police

Postal job integration: to double the run for delivery
- The JPU leadership pledging cooperation

Topics Denounce the leadership of the Metalworkers' Unions accepting the offer for rejecting a uniform hike'! Win a big raise for workers in minor companies and under casual contracts!

Denounce the leadership of the NTT Workers' Union serving capitalists for wage restraint!
- Denounce the surrender to the effectively lower wage offer!
- Demands for a basic hike abandoned for six consecutive years
- The central leadership helping the administration increasing casual employments

Reading books


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