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No. 1940
(October 23rd Issue)

Oct. 22nd Antiwar demonstrations
against the war and the military alliance
Denounce the DPRK nuclear test!
Stop the perpetualization of the US-Japan joint war readiness!
Overcome the official peace movement
degraded to a 'sanction' supporting movement!

- Clashes over the UN resolution for 'sanction' and the impending crisis of warfare
- The military Bonapartist power led by Kim Joung Il desperately taking the policy of 'martial brinkmanship'
- The Japanese neo-con government led by Sinzo Abe attempting to strengthen and perpetualize the war readiness against the DPRK
- In solidarity with the DPRK and ROK people anxious for unification of the North and South Koreas, fight against the war and the US-Japan military alliance!

Zengakuren protests nationwide

Denounce the DPRK nuclear testing! No to the punitive sanction by the US and Japanese governments!
Denounce the JCP central leadership supporting the anti-DPRK sanctions!
- A protest rally at Waseda University (Oct. 10th)
(Pic top)

PAC3 missiles stopped! (Oct. 8th-11th, Okinawa)
- Workers and students organized in the Okinawa Peace Movement Centre courageously fought to stop the US imperialist power from deploying its sophisticated interceptor missiles into its air base at Kadena. The historic fight at a US military port blocked the unloading of the missiles for 48 hours before violent police suppression. (Pics in the middle, bottom)

Sept. 1st Anti-disaster drills
- Drills for military mobilization under the cover of 'preparation for disaster'


US military bases in Japan and realities of their 'transformation' No. 2
- Sasebo: a key base for an aggressive war against China and North Korea

Denounce the JPU leadership preparing 'an organizational unification' with a pro-corporate union!

Deserting the unfortunate: curtailment in the livelihood protection and its realities

An annual education research meeting by the JCP-led teachers' unions
- Angers boiling against the central leadership and its patronised academicians

Topics UI Zensen leaders attempting to expand their anti-communist labour movement

Memorial Tributes to Comrade Kan'ichi Kuroda
Listen to comrade Kuroda criticizing and encouraging within us each!

Poems of mourning and resolve

Kaleidoscope 2006
- Counterattacks by the white bear: rejuvenated by profits from oil and allied with the panda
- The rising-run in flames in Iran
- Musharaff: Good-by George
- Troubles left by Koizumi: Yankee vultures flocking in the Japanese consumer credit business


No. 1939
(October 16th Issue)

Denounce the DPRK nuclear testing
based on a 'policy of martial brinkmanship'!

Fight to stop the US and Japanese governments
carrying out punitive sanctions!

Stop revisions of the Fundamental Law of Education
and the Constitution of Japan!
Denounce the official leadership
depending on a 'joint struggle of opposition parties'!

- Rush to a neo-fascistic reorganization of education
- The official leadership lured by the Ozawa-led DPJ wearing a liberal guise
- Overcome distortions of struggle by the JTU leadership!
-Build a battlefront to smash ultra-reactionary offensives by the Abe government!

Antiwar shouts through a busy street in Tokyo
- Zengakuren marches against the Abe-led Japanese neo-con government (Sept. 30th)

Zengakuren: 121st meeting of the Central Committee (Sept. 21st-22nd)

An oil-stockpiling base in Tomakomai, Hokkaido
- An 'anti-terror drill' conducted by the state in parallel with anti-disaster drill

A national mobilization system prepared by local governments


Kuroda's posthumous poems

Memorial Tributes to Comrade Kan'ichi Kuroda
With the resolve for my own leap, I devote myself to the building of our organization

Monopoly capitalist justifying their employments of false 'subcontracted workers'

Topics Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.: forcing early retirements on regular employees and covering them with fake 'subcontracted workers'

Local government-run hospitals: the Jichiro leadership accepting changes in their managerial forms

Ryuyu Bus Co. in Okinawa purchased by Daiichi Kotsu Co.: burdens upon workers

Kaleidoscope 2006
- Midterm elections: self-complaints by the 'devil'
- Vietnam: 30 years on from the 'liberation'
- Japan's high-speed nuclear breeder: a reactor for demonstration budgeted though those for modelling are far from safety
- A 'spy paradise'?


No. 1938
(October 9th Issue)

Oct. 22nd United actions of workers and students
Stop ultra-reactionary offensives by
the Abe-led Japanese neo-con government
preparing revisions of the Constitution and
the Fundamental Law of Education!
Breaking through the warfare
under the new confrontation between the US and China,
advance struggles against the war and
the US-Japan military alliance!

JRCL Central Students' Orgburo
- The Japanese neo-con government blindly obedient to the Bush empire
- Intensification of the 'cold-war-like hot war' between the US-Japan and China-Russia
- Crisis of the official opposition movement under the neo-fascist reaction and struggles of the revolutionary Left
- Break through the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance and the neo-fascistic reactionary offensives!


Toyota shaken with the collapse of its myth, 'qualitative excellence'

Monopolies in the electric industry specializing in 'highly value-added production' for their survival

Jichiro 78th National Convention:
Denounce the leadership pledging a full cooperation in the worst reorganization of the civil service!

Topics Labour aristocrats in UI Zensen supporting revisions of the Constitution and the Fundamental Law of Education

Memorial Tributes to Comrade Kan'ichi Kuroda
I pledge comrade Kuroda: In response to the JRCL Chairman and Polito-Orgburo's statement

For the rest of my life, I will fight for advancing our vanguard organization!

On the occasion of publishing The Communist No. 225
- More efforts for creative development of our anti-Stalinist theories!

Kaleidoscope 2006
- The devil's nightmare: Chavez addressing the UN, 'Over and above the wars and the bombs, one can see that a new era is dawning.'
- Resignation of Takenaka Heizo, the former US-obedient economic minister


No. 1937
(October 2nd Issue)

Stop ultra-reactionary offensives
by the Japanese neo-con government!
Build a battlefront
to smash revisions of the Constitution and
the Fundamental Law of Education prepared by
Abe Shinzo's new government!

- A staggering administration started amid the heated power struggles within the ruling class
- Neo-fascism covered with the deceptive slogan, 'A Beautiful Nation'
- Fight by overcoming the official opposition movement manoeuvred by the Ozawa-led Democratic Party!


September 21st Tokyo District Court judgement: Education workers win a suit
Fight to advance mass struggles against the forced respect for the Rising-Sun flag and the Reign-of-the-Emperor anthem!
- 'To force the flag and the anthem on teachers violates the Constitution', the court rules

Chukaku-ha remnants: beak up of their regional groups in Kansai and Kyushu

International control of nuclear fuel: Irritations of Japanese government and monopoly capital excluded from the 'partnership'

Kaleidoscope 2006
- The right-wing newspaper reporting little about the Tokyo Court judgement about the flag and the anthem
- Tragedy of the Long River Bridge in China: 2000 suicides and a planned safety net
- From Krystian Zimerman's piano concert: 'for brave opponents to the war'

Vietnam following after the Chinese-style state capitalism: Results of the 20-year-old 'Doimoi'
- The Manh-Dung regime established
- Ties strengthened with Hu Jingtao's China
- Politico-economic contradictions erupting
- Transition to a state-capitalist transformation

Toyota subsidiaries brutally exploiting Vietnamese workers

A national convention of the JCP-led public workers unions
- Denounce the leadership mobilizing workers under the slogan 'for jobs and for safety/relief of residents'!

Workers in postal insurance offices ordered to resolve 'inappropriate contracts'

Contradictions between the US and Japan over the whaling issue
- What underlies the clash between different dietary cultures
(Continued from the previous issue)

Massive deaths of whales caused by US Navy's sonar


No. 1936
(September 25th Issue)

Oct. 15th
To the memory of Comrade Kan'ichi Kuroda
On the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian revolution
JRCL Public Political Meeting

By inheriting Kuroda's thought/theories on revolution,
Win a great leap forward
in the Revolutionary Marxist movement!

- Change the 21st century of darkness into a 'second century of revolution'! -- Missions of our party
- Kuroda's thought/theories on revolution, which have lead our party into a true vanguard party
- Create a class-based battlefront to break through the crisis under the new confrontation between the US and China!

Join the meeting! Oct. 15th, 11:30 a.m., Hibiya Public Hall


Stop the planned foundation of a 'Japanese CIA' at the dictation from the Bush Emperor!

'Transformation of the intelligence community' planned by the US government

[3] Kaleidoscope 2006
- 'Nuclear-Free-Stans': Free for Russian nuclear weapons?
- Who produced 'US al-Qaeda' before showing up its jailing?
- The JCP chairman and his congratulatory telegram for the royal baby
- The Siberian Taiga disappearing: After us the deluge
- The Pluto controversy: anti-American sentiments

Fight to smash the building of a US-Japan joint operational system for war against China!
US military bases in Japan and realities of their 'transformation'
- Yokosuka: Deployments of a nuclear aircraft carrier and an Aegis-equipped destroyer with a missile defence system
- Zama: Strengthened as a front command for war against China and the 'war on terror'

Fight against the introduction of a new hierarchy of positions and revisions of the wage system planned by the Tokyo metropolitan board of education!

Stir up the flame of struggle from 'a jobless employees' room' by burning our Marxist spirit!

Topics Abe Shinzo's 'education reform': a mimic of Thatcher's

Memorial Tributes to Comrade Kan'ichi Kuroda
Learning from Comrade Kuroda, I devote myself to the building of our vanguard organizations

Contradictions between the US and Japan over the whaling issue
- What underlies the clash between different dietary cultures


No. 1935
(September 18th Issue)

Fight to smash the major neofascist reaction!
Denounce the Rengo labour aristocrats
producing illusions about Ozawa's Democratic Party!

- Shinzo Abe, a neo-fascist Prime Minister-to-be, emphasizing a Constitutional revision and a raise in the rate of consumption tax
- Major splits within the Japanese ruling class under the new confrontation between the US and China
- A road to a double suicide with the Bush Empire in death throes
- Smash the major reactionary offensives with all the might of workers and students!


Rally at the 121st meeting of the Zengakuren Central Committee!

- Build a militant posture to break through the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance and the neo-fascistic reactions!

Zengakuren Hokkaido: fighting to stop a driving drill of SDF tanks on a public road (August 31st)

Okinawa: protests against mistaken shots of flare bombs by the US air force (August 28th)

The frame-up at Osaka University of Economics: the six militant students got back
Marxist Students League (Kansai Regional Committee)
- Our fight back to reveal the reactionary nature of the university administration's order
- The revealed frame-up engineered by Osaka police and the university administration
- Fight back further against offensives aimed for destroying the student's organization!

A national mobilization system being built up under the pretext of 'protection of the nation'

A challenge against neo-liberalism
What is Hugo Chavez's 'Bolivarist revolution'?
- A flag bearer of the international joint front against US imperialism
- A rebellion against neo-colonialist rule: its necessity and limitations

General Federation of Private Railway and Bus Workers' Unions: the 73rd national convention
- 'Now is the time to rise in actions to stop the Constitutional revision!'

Topics 'A serious want of doctors', in fact, an uneven distribution of doctors

[7] Kaleidoscope 2006
- Unexploded bombs scattered in Lebanon
- Abductions, imprisonments, tortures...
- 'Not a military but patriot song'?
- Parroting the ready-made: an 'education reform' by a prime minister-to-be
- Who employed a 'rightist' gangster for setting fire to his political opponent?

[8] Memorial tributes to Comrade Kan'ichi Kuroda
Let us build a stronger organization on the basis of our self-revolutionalization!

The Kan'ichi Kuroda bibliography


No. 1934
(September 11th Issue)

September 30th - Zengakuren rally!
Fight against
the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance and
the revision of the Constitution / Fundamental Law of Education!

- The Bush Empire suffering from the shaking of its unilateral domination of the world
- Shinzo Abe: a blind follower to US imperialism, inheriting Koizumi's basic policies
- Intensified oppositions and strife within the ruling class over defence / foreign policies and 'structural reform'
- Denounce the central JCP leadership for abandoning the banner against the US-Japan military alliance!


Zengakuren protest against the 'anti-disaster drill'
(Sept. 1st)

Two years on from the US military helicopter crash
- Okinawa people's rally in front of the US Air Station (August 13th)

The All-Students Assembly at Kokugakuin University (July 15th)

[3] Kaleidoscope 2006
- Olmert shifting his responsibility onto the military
- Another kind of poodle
- August 15th in South Korea
- 'Recompense the bereaved with life!'

[4-5] Memorial tributes to Comrade Kan'ichi Kuroda
I revolutionalize myself for carrying out the will

Let us keep the thought and soul of Comrade Kuroda alive in ourselves!

Reading his 'What I was in 1956'

Vice-Chairman of the JPU postal workers' union turned an executive in charge of labour at a Japan Post subsidiary

Labour ministry: a budget cut planned with job support in cold regions

Topics 'Public workers unions are the strongest obstacle to reform' (an LDP leader)

44th International Antiwar Assembly
- Messages of solidarity from foreign friends (No. 3)

Usable strategic missiles
Internal exposure to radiation, terrible

The revealed scandal with the President of the Bank of Japan
(Continued from the previous issue)

Revealed damping illegally conducted by Japan Post officers


No. 1933
(September 4th Issue)

Stop an outbreak of war
under the new confrontation between the US and China!
No revision of the Constitution
or the Fundamental Law of Education!
Break through the stormy neo-fascistic reactions
under the new US-Japan military alliance!

- A ceasefire in Lebanon: Hezbollah's victory and Israel's defeat
- Iran's formation of an anti-American joint front backed by China and Russia
- The isolated Bush Empire and another warmongering
- US obedient policies of Shinzo Abe, expected next Prime Minister, and power struggles intensified within the ruling class

44th International Antiwar Assembly: Hokkaido regional meeting

Denounce Koizumi's visit to Yasukuni Shrine!
- Sapporo and Nagoya

Zengakuren Tokai protests against Israeli aggression against Lebanon (August 15th)

Make a great leap towards becoming revolutionary communists now!
In response to Comrade Kuroda's will, build a stronger student organization!
JRCL Central Students' Orgburo

In pursuance of Comrade Kuroda's will,
push forward on the road of the contemporary revolution as human revolution!
JRCL Central Workers' Orgburo

Mass-circulation magazine Shukan Gendai used as gossipmonger:
Smash the engineering of conspiratorial railway sabotage and a frame-up!

Denounce the deployment of US Force's PAC3 missiles in Okinawa!

Topics Tokyo prefectural 'program for administrative/financial reform'

The revealed scandal with the President of the Bank of Japan

44th International Antiwar Assembly
- Messages of solidarity from foreign friends (No. 2)


No. 1932
(August 28th Issue)

Memorial tribute to Comrade Kan'ichi Kuroda
National Committee of the Japan Revolutionary Communist League
Chairman Takuma Ueda
the Polito-Orgburo

Strive to build a stronger vanguard party
in pursuance of his high will!

Let us make Comrade Kuroda's revolutionary spirit ours!
Fumio Asakura

Assimilate the 'philosophy of revolutionizing praxis' now!
Shigeo Maehara

Strive for today's succession to the reality-theory of organizing praxis!
Takeo Saijo

44th International Antiwar Assembly: Regional meetings
- Okinawa, Osaka, Nagoya, Kanazawa and Kyushu

Denounce Koizumi's visit to Yasukuni Shrine on August 15th!

44th International Antiwar Assembly
- Messages of solidarity from foreign friends (No. 1)


No. 1931
(August 14th Issue)

August 6th International Antiwar Assembly

The central meeting in Tokyo
Break through the strengthening of the US-Japan 'war alliance'!
1200 workers, students and other participants
resolve to advance the struggle

- Build subjective forces to break through the clouds of warfare hanging over the Middle East and East Asia! (Keynote report)
- The root cause of the crisis of war
- What makes the kernel of our thought
- International solidarity strengthened: messages from 15 organizations in 12 countries
- Resolves expressed by a public worker and the Zengakuren chairman
- Fight to advance our revolutionary antiwar struggle!

Zengakuren national convention (July 26-28th)
- Full of motivation

No US military's aerial training!
- Kanazawa university students protest against a local SDF base planned for a straining site

[3] Kaleidoscope 2006
- Childish fascism
- Evil weapons used again
- Karzai: an unhappy puppet
- The Caribbean knight and his quixotic 'strategy'

Denounce the dangerous accident of the Fifth Reactor at the Hamaoka nuclear plant!

Fight against the planned participation by US forces in Tokyo prefectural disaster drills!

Japanese steel-making monopolies struggling through the high waves from a global regrouping
- Shock waves from Mittal's purchase of Arcelor
- Breakthrough measures of Japanese steel monopolies
- More sacrifices imposed on workers

Toyota: cover-ups of defective cars exposed


Japan Post forced to postpone the planned introduction of the '2-net system'

Minor companies in the machine making industry: sacrifices upon workers from the increasing prices of materials

Topics Working places for publication and the increasing number of Karoshi (deaths from overwork)


The central leadership of the electric workers' union: praising the new system of re-employment with wage cuts and screenings

NTT: mortal accidents occurring in succession upon workers in sub-contractors

Post-Koizumi LDP politicians dependent on the influence of their fathers (No. 4)
- Aso Taro, a grandson of Yoshida Shigeru: the US-dependent and chauvinist DNA

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