Weekly Kaihoh / Liberation
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No. 1720 (May 27th Issue)

Block the Emergency Bills for a War of Aggression!
Smash the bills for the state to declare the use of force!

- 'The use of force is only natural' said Koizumi
- Rush to a strengthened joint operation between Japan and the US
- Prime Minister enabled to seize the prerogative of the supreme command and emergency powers
- Stop Japan joining in the war of aggression against Iraq!
- Denounce the JCP leadership accepting 'a war for defence'!

(Photo left: students at a mass rally against the Bill in Tokyo)

3 May Constitution Day: 4000 people gathered against the Emergency Bills
- JRCL denounced SDPJ / JCP leaders with no sense of crisis
- Resolutions expressed by trade unions and civic groups
- 'The Bills are undemocratic with no grant to conscientious objectors'?: booing occurred against the JCP Chairman
- 'For a broad front of opposition' called by students
Protests against a public hearing in Okinawa by the Diet panel for the Constitutional revision, 22 April
- 'I am absolutely against the revision and the emergency legislation,' voiced a militant student from a local university.
- Workers and students staged protests.
No to the Multinational submarine drills!
- Zengakuren Kyushu struggled to stop MSDF warships leaving their base on 25 Apr.
[3] Kaleidoscope 2002
- 'You (Bush) could not find anything to describe these great sacrifices except to say they are terrorist, criminal actions': anti-US storms.
- Desertification in China: man eats grasslands.
- Recycling of nuclear wastes and hidden ambitions.
- Milosevic in the court: Bush's plan failed.
The Warmonger bent on expanding its 'war on terrorism' over the Middle East (2)
3. Global expansion of the 'war on terrorism'
- Preparation of war against Iraq
- Political and military intimidation against Iran and North Korea
- Warmongerings in Middle East, Asia and Latin America
- Schemes for a sole domination of the world
Bombs in letter boxes
- A plot for showing the 'threat of terrorism'
JTU leaders' alternative to the planned revision of the Fundamental Law of Education: just a complement to the education ministry's plan
1. The 'idea' of the Fundamental Law will 'live and work': who make it 'live and work'?
2. Emphasizing the 'will and pride in bearing democratic towns and the country': criminal
May-day rallies nation-wide
- JRCL propagandized
Topics Central Federation of Private Railway and Bus Workers' Unions decided its plan for unification with other federations: submission to labour aristocrats
Series The Reichstag Fire (2)
- Eyewitnesses disappearing one after another
Ship building and machine making capital: rush to a drastic expansion of munitions production
- Munitions production expanded through military build-ups
- The September 11's shock
- Restructuring in the ship building and machine industry under the structural crisis
ZERO among the best selling titles: part of the intelligence strategy of the Bush administration for reorganizing the violence apparatuses of the Japanese state
- Scorns poured upon Japan's security police
- Schemes by the Bush administration
From a reader of K. Kuroda's Life and His Works


No. 1719
(May 20th Issue)

Stop the Law for a War of Aggression!
Smash Koizumi's scheme for Japan's full participation in the 'war on terrorism'!

- The Koizumi government desperate for legislation of the emergency-related bills
- Rushes to a war of aggression in the form of participation in the 'war on terrorism'
- Expose the criminal nature of the JCP: praising a 'defensive war'
Against the Emergency Legislation: struggles nation wide
- 28 Apr, Hokkaido: students demonstrated in Sapporo, denouncing the Israeli invasion in Palestine.
- 26 Apr, Kanazawa: 'Smash the emergency bills!' Local students demonstrated on the prefectural LDP office.
- 19 Apr, Osaka: the JRCL inspired workers in a trade union-based rally against the emergency legislation.
Okinawa: a series of dangerous US military accidents
- 26 Apr, Workers and students rallied near a US air base.
- 18 Apr, Okinawa Kengakuren protested against a US helicopter accident.
No to the planned reorganization of national universities into independent agencies!
- 19 Apr: militant students protested together with members of university related trade unions.
[3] Kaleidoscope 2002
- SDF uniformed personnel secretly asked the US to request Tokyo to send an Aegis destroyer to the Indian Sea: but civilians are more dangerous.
- Only 50 yens for three soccer balls: child labour.
- The bloody shooting accidents against Asahi Shinbun newspaper: the 15-year stature of limitation has run out
- That ultra-nationalist cartoonist starts a journal: fascism and narcissism.
[4] Denounce JCP leaders' criminal response accepting a 'defensive war'
The JCP central leadership overlooks the Japanese state power scheming a war of aggression
1. Dissatisfactions and repulsion from the rank and file
2. Insensitive to the fact the government has invented the concept of 'military attack situation'
- 'The emergency law moves the SDF'?
- 'The state of Japan does not make aggression'?
- Degraded to the 'defence of the fatherland' position
3. 'Anti-Security Treaty' completely abandoned
- And, why the JCP does not oppose 'the US's war'
- Let us make a clear break with the central JCP leadership!
The Warmonger bent on expanding its 'war on terrorism' over the Middle East (1)
1. The Bush administration desperate to continue the war to 'terminate the terrorists'
- Operations to 'eradicate al-Qaeda' extended to Pakistan
- Backing Israel in its military invasion against Palestine
2. Explosions of repulsion against the 'double standard' of American imperialism
(To be continued)
[6] May-day rallies
Rengo's central rally: angry responses to President Sasamori's remarks effectively to help the emergency legislation
- JRCL propaganda greatly welcomed
- Rengo leaders trying to justify their leading in the defeated spring offensive
Zenroren's central rally: JCP-affiliated leaders with no sense of crisis
- Voices against the emergency legislation from the rank-and-file
- JRCL leaflets attracting workers
Topics new pension system: reduction in corporate burdens and their shift to employees
Series The Reichstag Fire (1): Was Lubbe the culprit?
- Fires from over 20 parts of the building all at once
- The 'arsonist' with the 'certificate for his communist membership'
- Mysterious deaths of concerned people
Tsukurukai, ultra-nationalist textbook compilers, splitting over the September 11th and America's 'war on terrorism': into 'America's dogs' and 'anti-American conservatives'
- Comical 'anti-Americanism' / Inferiority complex to bin Laden
- Conclusion of their anti- globalism
From a reader of K. Kuroda's Life and His Works
- I make myself be on Rhodus
From a reader of an article in The Communist 197
- A shock


No. 1718 (May 13th Issue)

April 28th Demonstration in Tokyo
against the emergency legislation

and Antiwar Youth march on the Diet
in solidarity with the Palestinian people

- Despite the police repression
- A representative from the JRCL-RMF gives a speech: critical of the JCP central who have degraded to a 'defence of the fatherland' position.
- All our might for smashing the Bills for war!
Stop them from using local civilian ports for 'war on terrorism'!
- 14 Apr.; Zengakuren Kansai protested against the flagship of the US 7th Fleet entering the port of Osaka (Photo right)
- 15 Apr., Osaka; 600 workers and students rallied against the flagship.
- 12 Apr., Kagoshima; Students from a local university protested against a US aegis-equipped warship entering a civilian port.
Hokkaido: 2000 workers rallied against the emergency legislation, Sapporo, 16 Apr.
- Participants inspired by JRCL leaflets
'Stop Sharon!' Students from Kansai region took an antiwar march, 20 Apr., Osaka.
- Protests in front of the US Consulate and the prefectural LDP office.
[3] Kaleidoscope 2002
- Tora Bora: Cover-ups unravelling, politicians infighting.
- An 'Armageddon' for the 'Millennium'?: Bush Jr. faithful to Christian fundamentalism
- A spy returned from North Korea: what's behind his 'confessions' about the Japanese intelligence
- The head of the Osaka High Prosecutors' Office's public security department arrested: for covering up what he was uncovering.
The JCP critique of the emergency legislation: from the position supporting a 'self-defensive war'
1. With 'defence of Japan' as the absolute criterion
2. Babbles on the 'legislation for US's interfering war in Asia'
3. Degradation to the 'defence of the fatherland' position.
- Advocates for 'practical use of the SDF'.
Okinawa: Smash 'The 30th Anniversary Ceremony of Okinawa's Return'
JRCL Okinawa Regional Committee
1. Military facilities strengthened as bases for 'war on terrorism'
2. Contradictions erupting under the system of the US-Japan Security Alliance
3. Policies to Okinawa for Japan's debut as 'a state that can wage real wars'
4. Smash the Ceremony!
Supermarket Daiei: shifting burdens of the managerial failure onto workers
- The 'plan for reconstruction' causing concerns, dissatisfactions, and angers
- The 'bailout': just putting off the bankruptcy
- A major restructuring plan: sweeping changes in forms and systems of employment to worse
Nursing-care labour in 'treatment-type beds' and its realities
- Feeding care might cause deaths of clients
- Increased rehabilitation causing intensified labour
Topics A proposal for medical reform drafted by leaders of trade unions: more insurance premium to workers!
Tsukurukai, ultra-nationalist textbook compilers, splitting over the September 11th and America's 'war on terrorism': into 'America's dogs' and 'anti-American conservatives'
- Reasons for the expulsion of two 'anti-American' supporters
- Hysterical condemnation against the two by the Chairman, who was in fact fascinated with TV pictures on that day: subjugation to the US is the best for 'national interests'? (To be continued to next issue)
[8] Letters from readers of K. Kuroda's Life and His Works
What the author calls 'a flaw' in his What is Revolutionary Marxism?
- Which parts are revised in K. Kuroda's Life and Works and for what?
- Theoretical development
A fountain of philosophical thinking


No. 1717 (May 6th Issue)

Stop the Emergency Legislation!
Denounce Israel's massacres of Palestinian people!
Advance an international struggle
to stop the expansion of imperialist America's 'war on terrorism'!

- Koizumi's government rushing to enact the three bills within the current session of the Diet
- Schemes for Japan's full participation in the imperialist America's 'war on terrorism'
- The Bush administration irritated at its isolation: moves to aggression on Iraq
- Confrontations intensifying between China and the US
- Break distortions of the struggle by the SDPJ and the JCP! Fight to stop the Emergency Legislation!
Apr 28th demonstration in Tokyo: militant workers and students demonstrate on the Diet
(Photo left: approaching to the Diet Building. Right: a column of the demonstration.)
(Related articles to be published in next issue.)
Apr 19th Rally to Stop the Emergency Legislation in Tokyo
(Photo right)
- Traffic and transportation related trade unions call for 'a wide-ranging joint action' against the bills

- A speaker from the JCP isolated from the ranks
Nation-wide protests against the emergency-related bills submitted to the Diet
- Apr 16th, Hokkaido: protests in Sapporo
- Apr 16th, Kansai: protests by students from Osaka, Kobe and Nara.
- Apr 17th, Kyushu: appeals in the street by Kagoshima Univ students .
- Apr 16th, Hokuriku: Kanazawa Univ. students protest against the prefectural LDP office.
Protests against Sharon's massacres in Palestine
- Apr 11th, Tokyo
- Apr 15th, Fukuoka.
[3] Kaleidoscope 2002
- The Jewish question of today: unallowable but a historical tragedy
- Le Pen's surprise: No to fascism!
- The case to which the wire-tapping law was applied for the first time: a show instructed by the US intelligence
- A police trick revealed in a traffic accident case in Yokohama: the court-ordered autopsy not carried out, the victim's viscera changed secretly.
- Outcries of Palestinian youths
A leaflet published by the leadership of the JTU [Japan Teachers' Union]: surrender to state-nationalism and neo-liberalism
- 'A public as linkage of individuals' contraposed to 'the given public': fallacious logic
- Recommendation of 'citizens' volunteer activities for communities' and its class meeting
Under the intensification of global competition: breakthroughs of Japanese steel monopolies
- A safeguard exercised by the Bush administration
- International regrouping accelerated in the steel business
- Measures for restructuring attempted against workers
The 'group system' and the 'flatting' in supervision planned to be introduced by the Hokkaido prefectural office
- 'More slimmed, efficient' administrative structures schemed by Governor Hori
- Prior to the central government's plan of reform in the prefectural civil service
- Denounce leaders of the prefectural workers' union demanding a 'reform based on the unity between the administration and workers'!
The recent report from the Central Council for Education
- 'Inappropriate teachers' to be divested of their licences
- Training for forty days imposed ten years after employment
Topics Tokyo prefectural board of education: planning a 'rebuilding of the school managerial system' for more intense control
Hysterical agitation for compulsory activities 'to serve communities': fascistic remarks on education by Sono Ayako (writer and the President of the Japan Foundation)
(Continued from the previous issue.)
- Rephrasing the state as 'comrades, friends, acquaintances'

- 'Every education starts with compulsion and duty'??
Tanabe Tsunenobu's remarks: to disgrace Umemoto Katsumi's philosophy
(Continued from the previous issue.)
3. Umemoto's 'philosophy of transition': the present meaning for me
- Learning Kuroda's 'topos of life and death'
- How we must assimilate Umemoto's anguish


No. 1716 (April 29th Issue)

Stop the Emergency Legislation!
Smash offensives to build a national mobilization system
for more participation in the 'war on terrorism'!

- The three bills: today's version of the wartime law for National Mobilization!

- Contribution to war to be forced on the people
- Those against the compulsory co-operation to be arrested and punished
- The supreme power to be given to the Prime Minister
- Koizumi is rushing to the enactment within the current Diet session.
- Stop the emergency legislation! No to the US 'war on terrorism'! Fight together!

Join in the 28 April Demonstration on the Diet!
- Stop US aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq!
- Denounce the Israeli invasion on Palestine!
- Stop Japan joining in the war! No emergency legislation!
Cosponsored by the Zengakuren and the Antiwar Youth Committee
Regional demos also to be held in Hokkaido, Hokuriku, and Okinawa.
Hand in hand: workers and students surrounded the Diet Building 16 Apr.
Photo above: workers (upper), students (lower).
- Workers from traffic and transportation related trade unions rallied against the Bills
- Mlitant students in solidarity
Koizumi's visit to Waseda University 15 Apr
- No visit! Calls expanding over the campus
- No war! You're Hitler! Koizumi heckled
(Photo right: students in picket at the university's gate)

A noise damage suit against the SDF Komatsu base 6 Mar
- Local Kanazawa Univ. students help the complainants
A regional rally against a bill to limit media access to government officials
- In Okinawa, under a wartime order
[3] Kaleidoscope 2002
- Lying on a bed of thorns: S. P. Huntington's lecture in Tokyo welcomed by criticisms and booing.
- The presidency for just two days: the failed coup against Chavez
- A big discovery by Japanese amateur astronomers: a secret satellite for the Echelon
- African-American stars with Academy Awards
- Anti-airport conflicts: no longer useful to the state power
Great-Russianist nationalism named 'internationalism': falsification in Zyuganov's 'anti-globalism'
1. Hypocritical accusation of Putin
2. 'Inter-nationalism' (between nations) without the working class
3. 'The state of the Russian nation' made transhistorical
4. Fallacies with 'a Russian road based on a Russian spirit'
- Nostalgia for the 'good, old Russia' under the Tsarist power
- Slanders against Lenin and the proletarian revolution
Labour aristocrats' proposal for 'work-sharing': acceptance of dismissals and lower wages
- Proposal by leaders in the Electrical, Electronic & Information Union
- Justification of sacking and lower wages under the pretext of 'emergency'
- Lead-off in destruction of the Japanese customs of employment
Topics Covering up of the embezzlement scandal by leaders Cin Jichiro [Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Union]
Business for outplacement service: help for sacking
- Boom in proportion to the major restructuring wave since 1998
- 'To recycle' workers like junks
A trade-union-based Peace Forum's rally against the emergency legislation 16 Apr
- Active responses to the JRCL propaganda
- In opposition to social-democratic leaders yielding to the 'antiterrorism' campaign
A JCP-led rally 'against the emergency legislation' 22 Mar
- The party's representative mentioned nothing about the war: showing the central leadership's lacking in the sense of crisis
Hysterical agitation for compulsory activities 'to serve communities': fascistic remarks on education by Sono Ayako (writer and the President of the Japan Foundation)
- Injection of the spirit of 'selfless devotion for the state' with the aim of conscription
- An attempt to change selfish youths to be robot-like beings
(To be continued)
Why does the ultra-nationalist textbook exclude the topic of comfort women?
- Characterization of the topic as that of prostitution in general for justifying their erasure
- 'It's inappropriate for education': a far-fetched argument
- Acquittals to the state crime
- Stop reactionarization of education!
Tanabe Tsunenobu's remarks: to disgrace Umemoto Katsumi's philosophy
- You say nonsense!
- Stop disgracing Umemoto's philosophy!
(To be continues)


No. 1715 (April 22nd Issue)

April 28th Demonstration on the Diet!
Stop American imperialism extending its 'war on terrorism'! Denounce the Israeli massacres of Palestinian people! Stop Japan joining in the war! No emergency legislation! For an international upsurge of antiwar struggles!
JRCL Central Students' Orgburo

Impending crisis of a Fifth Middle East War
1. Zionist Sharon desperate to smother the Palestinian struggle for liberation
2. Imperialist America bent on expanding its 'war on terrorism' and a mass military build-up
3. Koizumi's government of Japan rushing to its war participation and emergency legislation
4. A deepening crisis of the official pro-Constitution, peace movements
Overcome the official peace movement joining in the 'anti-terrorism' chorus! Win a great upsurge of international antiwar struggle!
1. The central leadership of the JCP and its degeneration into the 'defence of the fatherland' position
- Slanders against the Palestinian people
- JCP tactics for opposition to the emergency legislation with no opposition to 'war on terrorism'
2. Rise in struggle in solidarity with fighting Palestinian and Arab people!
Stop MSDF ships entering the civilian port of Osaka!
- Zengakuren Kansai demonstrated together with dock and other workers in Osaka against military use of the port, 24-25 Mar.
Chukaku-ha remnants falling apart
A Rengo-sponsored demonstration in Tokyo on 10 April
- 'Who is responsible for wage cuts!' Angry voices exploded against leaders taking a pose of the offensive
- Rengo Chairman Sasamori covering up his betrayal to the spring offensive
A JTU rally for the 55th anniversary of the Fundamental Law of Education
- An opportunity prepared to find agreements with 'revisionists': voices against revision oppressed
- The JTU leadership giving a helping hand to the revision of the Law
Rengo Chairman Sasamori's lecture in Sapporo
- Recommending 'a self-saving type of labour movement'
- Scheming to control casual and unorganized workers
Leaders in the Chemical Workers' League: rushing to an industrial patriotic movement under the slogan 'the second reform of the spring offensive'
- Chemical monopolies carrying out major restructurings for breaking through their 'managerial difficulties'
- Labour aristocrats and other leaders fully cooperative with capitalists in restructuring
- Leaders in the Chemical Workers' League bent on destroying the spring offensive
- No restructuring! No lower wages! Fight a militant spring offensive!
Topics The tripartite agreement on work sharing: declaration of wage cuts and destruction of the Japanese customs of employment
- Complete submission of the Rengo leadership to the Nikkeiren [Federation of Employers' Associations]
A letter from a reader of K. Kuroda's Life and His Works
Letter from readers of an article in The Communist No. 197


No. 1714 (April 15th Issue)

Denounce the Israeli invasion of Palestine!
Rise in a struggle to stop US aggression in the Middle East
in solidarity with fighting Palestinian and Arab people!

- 'War with no declaration of war' by the Sharon government
- A military breakthrough of the crisis of the state of Israel
- Setbacks in the 'war on terrorism' irritating the jingoist hawk
- Stop expansion of the 'war on terrorism'! Stop emergency legislation! Win an upsurge of international antiwar struggles!
Zengakuren protests on the Israeli Embassy in Tokyo
Militant students staged their protests in the morning of 8 Apr. to express their angers against Sharon's invasion and massacres in Palestine. They also made a protest in front of the US Embassy against the Bush administration supporting Sharon and expanding the 'war on terrorism'.
The Diet Building surrounded by voices against the emergency legislation
- Students and workers in the '20 Unions' in solidarity, 3 Apr.
A Rengo rally in Tokyo, 29 Mar.
- Angers against the labour aristocrats who cooperated with capitalist for lower wages
- JRCL propagandized.
[3] Kaleidoscope 2002
- Behind successive leaks of scandals of Japanese lawmakers c
- Rumsfeld remarks on 'self-martyrdom for rewards': jingoists are mammonist.
- Milosevic's 'resistance' in jail
[4-5] Degenerate leaders in the Zenroren [JCP-led National Confederation of Trade Unions]
Abandonment of wage struggles with demands for 'rules for work' as a smokescreen
Denounce the leadership yielding to the capitalist offensive for restructuring and lower wages!
1. The Zenroren report for the spring offensive to put forward the 'rules for work'
2. Incompetent for responding to the present situation in turbulence
- Confusions over the September 11th and the Afghan war
- 'A new sign starting'? Just an arbitral characterization of the situation
3. Degradation to a complement to the labour aristocrats in Rengo
- The final abandonment of 'demands for higher wages'
- Just demanding for a 'bill to regulate dismissals' within the framework of accepting dismissals
- Never allow them the spring offensive to distort in the name of 'an offensive for the whole people'
Topics Watch out for railway-related state conspiracies!
- An oil heater put on railways, needles in buns found at kiosks
- Over 300 cases of sabotage on train operation in the territory of JR East
Stop Sapporo City authorities from privatizing (and scraping) the municipal bus system
- A mass restructuring under the pretext of a 'managerial crisis'
- Desertion of the municipal bus service: backed by the government's program for 'deregulation'
- Fight in opposition to leaders yielding to the plan!
Osaka City plan for mass restructuring
- Stop redeployments and sackings!
[7] An aspect of of the spring offensive of trade unions in small and medium sized enterprises
Japanese monopoly capital groping for its way-out in mass restructurings and markets in China
- Monopoly capitalist in manufacturing industries: bent on major restructuring
- Desertion of small and medium sized enterprises in the name of 'cost cutting'
- Revision of related laws for helping restructurings
- The Chinese government helping the survival of imperialism in agony
Now we have a fruit of struggles by JR workers and us, but this is just the beginning of the struggle
Hokkaido network of workers in small and medium sized enterprises - the researching unit for the Ebeotsu Station Accident
- A letter from a JR worker
- A letter from a relative of the victim
- For more fights of JR workers
Letters from readers of The Beginning of the End


No. 1713 (April 8th Issue)

Organize Struggles against the Emergency Legislation
from Labour Front!

Denounce labour aristocrats in Rengo supportive to the war!
- The Koizumi government preparing bills for emergency legislation
- Scheme for drastic strengthening of the joint war operation system between the US and Japan
- Denounce the Rengo leadership helping the emergency legislation!
to rushing to
Denounce Israeli forces invading Ramallah! Denounce the occupation of the Palestinian headquarters!

'Denounce Israel's invasion!' 'Denounce Bush helping Sharon's barbarities!'

Zengakuren waged an urgent protest in front of the Israeli Embassy in Tokyo, 30 Mar. (Photo left)

Stop Japanese troops leaving for East Timor!
- Zengakuren Hokkaido demonstrated at the ASDF Chitose Base, 22 Mar.
A Rengo Hokkaido rally for the spring offensive
- JRCL propagandized against the leaders' settlement with zero pay scale hike, 14 Mar.
No to the plan to reorganize national universities into independent agencies!
- The education ministry was surrounded by students and trade union members in solidarity, 22 Mar.
An extraordinary national convention of the Zengakuren [All-Japan Federation of Students' Self-Governing Associations] 21-22 Mar in Tokyo
- Stop expanding the 'war on terrorism'! No to emergency legislation!: the student front strengthened for struggles
- A new leadership elected.
[3] Kaleidoscope 2002
- Chukakuha remnants: viva 'liquidationism'.
- Viva private enterprises!: even the architect of reform ashamed.
- Retired Nakasone comes back?
- A farce over the revision of the Fundamental Law of Education
Rengo leaders' policy for trade unions in small and medium sized enterprises: 'Co-operation in restructuring' imposed upon workers under the pretext of 'managerial improvement'
1. Full co-operation in restructuring in the name of 'job security'
2. Crying for 'building a managerial strategy for international competitiveness'
3. Demanding just a 'maintenance of the wage curve', meaning the acceptance of lower wages
4. Imposing higher productivity on workers under the slogan 'Narrow the differentials!'
5. Never allow trade unions to be enmeshed in corporate organizations!
'Proposal for the postal service in the 21st century' presented by the leadership of Zentei [Postal Workers' Union]: Active acceptance of extreme intensification of labour in the name of 'defence of the postal service'
1. Characteristics of the 'Proposal'
2. A 'defence the service' campaign
- Proposing a strategy for competitiveness?
- Depending on the law of 'a postal association'
- Contents of their 'alternative to the current law'
- Today's version of the line for 'participation in the management'
- A 'defence the service' position purified
Let us fight it out for spring offensive in minor enterprises! Denounce the settlement of the offensive at 'lower wages' in major corporations!
- Let us fight in spite of capitalists' intimidation!
- Denounce the 'lower-wage settlement' performed by labour and capital of major corporations!
- Oppose a labour movement given the name of 'stake holders' and serving monopoly capitalists!
- Fight it out against the adverse current!
- No Emergency Legislation! No revision of the Constitution!
Ship building and machine making industry plunged into cuts in production
- Struck by the September 11th Incident
- Never allow them to victimize workers!
For a militant spring offensive in Publishing Workers' Unions! Fight it by transcending the leadership of the Federation weak-kneed before the major restructuring and lower wages!
- Storms of closures, restructuring, and lower wages
- Break the crisis of labour movement in the publishing industry!
Letters from readers of K. Kuroda's Life and His Works
- It reminds me of a passage of Marx's Contribution to the Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right
- Kuroda's critique striking the 'Japanese thinker' to the heart
A letter from a reader of the Kaihoh
- Reading an article on Islam fundamentalism


No. 1712 (April 1st Issue)

No Participation in the War! No Emergency Legislation!

Fight by overcoming the official peace movement led by the SDPJ / JCP supportive to the 'war on terrorism'!
- The Koizumi government rushing towards Japanfs participation in war against Iraq
- American imperialism bent on expanding the ewar on terrorismf and building its military strength
- Build a broad front against expansion of the war and emergency legislation!
Stop SDF troops leaving for East Timor!
- Zengakuren Hokkaido struggled to stop the amphibious assault ship Osumi departing from the port of Muroran, 15 Mar.
JRCL inspired participants to oppose emergency legislation
- Supportive responses to JRCL leaflets from workers and citizens at a rally sponsored by the Peace Forum, 14 Mar, Tokyo.
Rengo Ishikawa rally for spring offensive
- The JRCL propagandized against the betrayal by labour aristocrats, 12 Mar., Kanazawa.
A year after the Ebeotsu Station Accident: No more victims!
Struggle for safety at workplaces in JR!
- Gains from lessons of the blood
- Establish ea culture for safetyf based on railway workers!
- Build a stronger unity for safer workplaces in JR!
Organizations for Intelligence and conspiracy reorganized in the US and Japan under the initiative of the Bush administration
II. Schemes for expanding the ewar on terrorismf

(1) Irritations at the less competent CIA
- US intelligence organizations outwitted by al-Qaeda
- Reorganization of the CIA and other US intelligence organizations
(2) Imperialist Americafs military strategy re-examined
- Priority to military measures
- Competence for intelligence war to be strengthened for easymmetrical warf
(3) eBurdens in information gatheringf demanded for the US-Japan joint operation of war
(4) Smash schemes for another conspiracy!
Truth of the eAnaconda Operationf
- The worst defeat in the 5-month old war
Spring offensive at small and medium-sized enterprises: Denounce labour aristocrats in the JAM fully cooperative with capitalists crying for ebreaking difficulties of the companyf!
1. JAM leaders have proposed a ework-sharingf on the pretext for esecuring jobsf
2. They cry for ebreaking difficulties of the enterprisef together with managements
3. And pledge to cooperate in managementsf plan for ebreakthroughf and offering more measures
4. Win a militant upsurge of this spring offensive!
For a militant upsurge of Spring Offensive 2002 in JMIU [medical workersf unions led by the JCP] Never allow leaders to reduce the offensive into a campaign for better medical policies!
- Wage struggles abandoned
- Joint consultations made a supreme end in the name of ean equal relationship between employers and employeesf
- Reduction of the offensive to emedical issuesf and ehe peoplefs strike on 12 Aprilf
- Let us organize antiwar movements in workplaces!
Topics eHolidays in autumn can help economic boostingf said Koizumi, exposing his economic ignorance.
Letters from participants in the 3 Feb. Workersf Meeting of Anger
The ultra-nationalist-compiled school textbook full of deceptions and falsification
- A well-known documentary on working womenfs conditions erased
Letters from readers of K. Kurodafs Life and His Workers


No. 1711 (March 25th Issue)

Smash the offensive for lower wages!
Denounce Rengo labour aristocrats
for helping the aggressive war and the major restructuring!

- The spring offensive in metal industry degraded to a ceremony for 'no pay-scale hikes'
- 'Lower wages' and the 'freeze of regularly scheduled raises' added by monopoly capitalists
- In the name of 'work sharing': wage cuts and deteriorated forms of employment
- Labour aristocrats in Rengo, the enemy of the workers
Antiwar and for the Spring Offensive
- A prefectural Rengo rally in Nagoya, 3 March: The JRCL encouraged 10,000 workers for a militant upsurge of the spring offensive.
- A Rengo rally in Osaka, 1 March: JRCL denounced labour aristocrats accepting lower wages.
- A rally in Tokyo for spring offensive by the JMIU (JCP-led metal workers' union), 24 Feb.: spirits of workers were burning but discouraged by leaders.
Antiwar movement in Kyushu
- 27 Feb., Kagoshima: local students protested against a US mine-sweeper entering a civilian port.
- 3 Feb., Beppu: JRCL inspired participants in an SDPJ-affiliated national meeting against military bases in spite of degenerate leaders.
[3] Kaleidoscope 2002
- JCP Chair Fuwa: 'a reformed capitalism for managing the planet' ???
- Anti-American sentiments growing in South Korea: beyond the irritation against the biased Olympic games.
- The Anaconda writhing: crocodile tears from Bush evading the criticism.
- That is why US Military sources leaked a photo of the 'suspicious boat'.
- A ultra-nationalist sacked after expressing his anti-American sympathy with the September 11th.
Organizations for Intelligence and conspiracy reorganized in the US and Japan under the initiative of the Bush administration
1. A 'confession' left by the head of an informal group in the SDF
- The state conspiracy revealed by the very perpetrator, K. Yamamoto
- Intentions in his confession
- The confessor liquidated (To be continued)
General Federation of Private Railway and Bus Workers' Unions: Denounce the leadership proposing again the once rejected plan for 'industrial unification'!
- Deceptions with their 'interim review'
- Never allow trade unions to be for 'serving communities' and 'civic movements'
- Put an end to the shameful betrayal by the leadership!
Japanese Electrical Electronic & Information Union: Spring Offensive in the hell of lower wages and restructuring - Fight it out in opposition to the leadership promoting the industrial patriotic movement!
- Electric monopoly capitalists trying to climb out of the crisis by victimizing workers
- The leadership helping lower wages and massive cuts in job
Topics Electric, automaking, heavy-machinery managements propose historic lower wages: following the no pay-scale hike in the metal industry
Japan Council of Metal Workers' Unions: 'Guidelines for the offensive' formulated by the leadership to support monopoly capitalists' plans for surviving the crisis
- Full supports for Koizumi's 'structural reform'
- Acceptance of the major restructuring in the name of 'job security'
- Acceptance of lower wages on the pretext to 'stop a deflationary spiral'
- Imposing more burdens upon workers in the name of 'social consensus'
NTT Workers Union: Fight against deteriorated labour conditions with the major restructuring involving 110,000-workers!
- Imposed 'retirement at the age of 50'
- Tricks with 'measures to alleviate rapid changes'
- Denounce the leadership for accepting more deterioration in labour conditions!
No to the neo-fascist teachers' union in Osaka!
- 'Osaka Education League' started on the day of Pearl Harbor
- Fight back against the neofascist scheme!


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