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No. 2515
(April 23rd 2018 Issue)

Denounce the air strikes on Syria
by the US, UK and French imperialists!

No to the massacres of Syrian people by the al-Assad regime!
We denounce the Abe government for giving countenance to the air attacks on Syria!

Now is the time to topple down the Abe government!
Don't allow the cover-up of the Moritomo and Kake school scandals!
Fight firmly under the banner of 'anti-fascism'!

'Bring down the Abe government!'
Voices resounded through the areas around the Diet Building;
militant students fought in the van of 50,000 protesters
, April 14th, Tokyo

- Shatter neo-fascist Abe's desperate attempts to prolong the life of his government'!
- No to Trump-Abe summit talks! Crush the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!
- Create a huge upsurge of the struggle against war, against constitutional revision!

: Action in Okinawa, April 2nd
'Stop the new US base construction in Henoko!'

Workers, students and residents gathered from all over Okinawa
'Down with the Abe government!' Protesters raised angry fists

Militant students staged strong protests
in front of the LDP local office in Naha

Sapporo: An emergency action in Sapporo, March 29th
'Topple the Abe government!'
Voices reverberated through the centre of the city
'Stop the revision of the Constitution! Down with the Abe government imposing "war and poverty" on workers and people!' A chorus of protests echoed through city streets

Raising placards, militant students fought with workers

Osaka: 'Down with Abe!' Action in Osaka, April 6th
'No to the constitutional revision! No to fascism!'

Kobe Univ. students strived to create a militant upsurge of the rally
Students marched with workers and citizens bearing the slogan, 'Anti-fascism!'


Collusion of the Saudi Arabian monarchic rulers with the Trump administration:
a scheme to set up an anti-Iranian network and grow out of the oil-dependent economy

Denounce the NTT union leadership for accepting ultra-low compromise figures of pay increases!

Degenerate leaders are disseminating the 'need to invest in human resources' to drive workers into 'productivity improvement'

Impeach the agreement on extremely low wage hike figures!

Don't allow the leadership to bring the struggle to a close in the private railway / bus workers' spring labour offensive!

- Monopoly capitalists ruthlessly suppressed wage increases
- Accuse the union leaders for brazenly justifying the compromise figures as 'effective wage hikes'!
- Smash the intensification of labour in the name of a 'work style reform'!

Deception in the measures to
'improve the conditions of education workers with extremely excessive work'
proposed by the Ishikawa Prefectural education board


The spring labour offensive of UA Zensen
[Japanese Federation of Textile, Chemical, Food, Commercial, Service and General Workers' Unions]:
Labour aristocrats call ultra-low compromise figures agreed upon 'excellent results';
they urge workers to strive for 'productivity improvement'

To make Kuroda's revolutionary spirit my own

-- My resolve to discipline myself to be a revolutionary Marxist

[Tokyo Electric Power Co.] conceals the danger of radiation damage caused by 'caesium ball',
radioactive dust that has been scattered in the air right after the Fukushima nuclear disaster

Don't allow the cover-up of the increasing number of childhood thyroid cancer cases in Fukushima!
The central and local government are scheming to cut back the health surveys of Fukushima Prefecture residents


No. 2514
(April 16th 2018 Issue)

Stop the revision of the Constitution!
Stave off a nuclear Korean war!
No to the planned US-Japan summit meeting!
Bring down the Abe government!
Don't allow the deployment of Ospreys in the US Yokota base in Tokyo!
Fight firmly, overcoming the JCP-led peace movement
that has abandoned opposition to the US-Japan military alliance!!

Central Students' Orgburo
I. The Abe government is desperate to participate in a nuclear Korean war and revise the Constitution
II. The confrontation between the US and China-Russia is heating up all over the world

A. The danger of war is growing in the Korean Peninsula
B. Military and economic competitions between the US vs. China and Russia are intensifying
III. The revolutionary left in Japan is fighting to overcome the degeneration of opposition movements
IV. Rise in a struggle against the constitutional revision, against a nuclear Korean war!

- Stop the constitutional revision! Fight against the US-Japan military alliance, against fascism!
- No to the coming US-Japan summit talks! Stop a nuclear Korean war! Shatter the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!

The reconstruction of a US powder magazine has also been started in Henoko

Stop the deployment of 'nukes usable on the battlefield'!

Outcries for the overthrow of the Abe government echoed across the country

March 24th
Workers, students and citizens held a big rally against Abe's move towards war
Kobe Univ. and Nara Women's Univ. students fought in the forefront of the demo

Nagoya, March 19th
Protesters denounced Abe's transparent attempt to hush up the Moritomo school scandal
Aichi Univ. and Nagoya Univ. students marched holding up a big banner:
'Topple the Abe government! Don't allow Abe's cover-up!'

They fought spiritedly in spite of a soaking rain

Fukuoka, March 18th
People gathered to protest against the Abe government's falsification of official documents
Many protesters voiced in succession the need to overthrow the government
and stop the constitutional revision


Fight out for a militant upsurge of chemical industry workers' 2018 spring labour offensive!

Don't allow the distortion of struggles by the degenerate leadership of JEC
[Japanese Federation of Energy and Chemistry Workers' Unions]!
1. Chemical monopoly capitalists are shifting all burdens to workers to survive
2. Denounce the labour aristocrats for supporting capitalists' offensives!

Poverty-stricken workers and people are groaning under local authorities' unduly harsh collection of taxes and premiums

Crush the Abe government's reduction of social security expenses!


Auto monopoly capitalists are using a loophole in the revised Employment Contract Law to continue exploiting fixed-term workers

The leadership of JAM
[Japanese Association of Metal, Machinery, and Manufacturing Workers] coerces its union members to cooperate in raising productivity
A criticism of JAM's action plan for the 2018 spring labour offensive
A. Capitalists are victimizing workers to survive the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution'
B. Expose the criminal nature of the slogan, 'Labour offensive aimed to create funds for wages'!

The Abe government is covertly preparing for the revision of the Broadcast Law,
aiming to nurture broadcasting stations that will simply support him

The JCP bureaucrats are extolling Trump's 'consent' to the proposal of US-North Korean summit talks


No. 2513
(April 9th 2018 Issue)

Xi Jinping-led China is bent on
catching up with and overtaking the US!

- The Xi-Kim summit meeting made a show of their close alliance against Trump
- Presidential term limits were removed under the constitutional amendment approved in China's 13th National People's Congress
-- A departure from the 'Deng Xiaoping Constitution'
-- Unashamed glorification of Sinocentric nationalism
- Expose the anti-proletarian nature of Xi Jinping who poses as a 'great leader of the Chinese people'!

Overthrow the Abe government
----attempting desperately to hush up the Moritomo ultra-right school scandal!
- Crush Abe's plot to bring the scandal to a close by merely using a sworn testimony in the Diet as subterfuge!
- A trend to hinder PM Abe from being elected for a third term is growing stronger in the LDP
- Abe is driven into a tight corner by Trump's 'raw deal'

Anger over the Moritomo school scandal is flaring up across the country

People of Kagoshima Prefecture held an emergency rally, March 19th
'Down with the Abe government!' Kagoshima Univ. students marched in the van of protesters
Workers and students gathered in front of the city hall undaunted by a rain

People's anger flared up at the falsification of official documents, March 19th
Expose Abe's involvement!' Protesters' rage exploded at the cover-up of the scandal

'Topple the Abe government!' Protest voices resounded through the street,
March 19th,
'Denounce the forgery of documents!' Protesters fought resolutely despite a heavy rain

The JRCL propaganda unit made an ardent appeal to overturn the Abe government in the high street ,
March 17th (pic5)


Postal Union workers' 2018 spring labour offensive
We denounce the labour aristocrats for agreeing
---on the management's reply of a zero wage increase
---for three consecutive years!
No to the union leaders' acceptance of major revision in the allowance and holiday systems!
Don't give approval to the leadership's agreement in the coming National Convention!
- The management flatly turned down workers' demands for wage increase;
----the union leadership positively accepted this
- The management proposed major revision in the allowance and holiday systems
---in the name of improving the treatment of short-term employees
- Condemn the leadership's justification, 'There is a need to stably secure personnel'!
--- Win a great increase in staff numbers!
- Denounce the treachery of the union leadership who distorted the spring labour offensive!
---Don't allow the abridging of workers' rights and deterioration of working conditions!
- Don't allow the Abe government to cover up the Moritomo school scandal!
--- No to the revision of labour laws! Down with the Abe government!

Denounce the extremely low compromise figures of pay increases
in the Postal Union workers' spring labour offensive!

Rengo rallis for the 2018 spring labour offensive
Naha, Okinawa, March 20th
Workers of SME's and local industries strived to create a militant upsurge of struggles

Sapporo, March 5th
The venue was filled with the anger of workers at the labour law reform
Rally participants also expressed their anger at the deregulation of working hours under the name of a 'highly professional system'

The Trump administration has launched a trade war with China

A. Trump is bulldozing his way to push America's 'state interests'
- Xi-led China is devising countermeasures
B. Protectionist hard-line policies are causing increasingly bitter discord and contradictions

Japan's seed law was abolished
Don't allow agribusiness monopolies to hold sway over Japanese agriculture!

Denounce Abe's involvement in still another scandal - a 'supercomputer' scandal!

Abe granted huge subsidies
(10 billion yen) to a supercomputer start-up, one of Abe's 'crony' companies
Bring to light what lies at the bottom of this scandal!

Disclose the criminal method adopted by the rightist mayor of Moriguchi City!
The city's project of 'free education' is funded with workforce reduction and the wage cuts of municipal workers


No. 2512
(April 2nd 2018 Issue)

Don't allow the Abe government to scotch the Moritomo ultra-right school scandal!
Shatter any attempt to revise the Constitution!
Build up a surge of anti-Abe government struggle!

-Bring down the Abe government in its death throes with the united power of workers and students!

Fought resolutely despite a rainstorm, in front of the Diet Members' Building
'Down with the Abe government!' Protesters' voices echoed across the government district
Militant students took firm action in front of the Diet Building,
March 16th

The nub of the Moritomo school scandal
Aiming to build a model school for ultra-nationalist 'patriotic' education,
--- the Abe government sold state land at an exorbitantly cut-rate price
- Private school operator Moritomo Gakuen worships the pre-war Imperial Rescript on Education
---and supports Shinzo Abe wholeheartedly
- The Abe Cabinet, the majority of which are members of an ultra-rightist lobby group, Nippon Kaigi
[Japan Conference],
---provided Moritomo with ample facilities

The 140th Zengakuren Central Committee meeting

The Education Minister admits:
t was two ultra-right MP's, Abe's henchmen, that ordered the Ministry to inquire
---into a lecture given by Maekawa, who had 'defied' the Abe government


The 140th Zengakuren Central Committee meeting ended in success
, March 12th-13th, Tokyo
A strong bridgehead was established for advancing struggles
--- against the revision of the Constitution, against a nuclear Korean war

A crypto currency bubble: a consequence of the crazy monetary easing policy under Abenomics


'No to the restart of nuclear reactors!'

March 11th, seven years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster
Protest voices were resounded across the country




Stop the restart of the Õi No. 3 and No. 4 nuclear reactors!
Militant students, together with workers and citizens, held a demonstration to protest against Kansai Electric Power co.

Sapporo: No to the resumption of Tomari nuclear power plant operation!
Students marched under the slogan, 'Denounce the Abe government's abandonment of disaster victims!'

Kagoshima: Don't allow the resumption of Genkai No. 3 reactor operation!
Kagoshima Univ. students strived for a vigorous upsurge of the rally and demo

Worldwide competition is intensifying among auto monopolies over 'global standards' for electric vehicles


Denounce the leadership of Jichiroren
[Japan Federation of Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Unions]
unable to squarely tackle reactionary government offensives!
Let us strengthen the public sector labour movement on the basis of the buildup of trade unions!

Rengo rallis for the 2018 spring labour offensive

, March 10th
Union leaders' cry for 'productivity improvement' provoked rank-and-file members' rage

Kanazawa, March 6th
Labour aristocrats' chants of 'work-style reform' met with an angry chorus of opposition

JTUC Chairman Kozu's reactionary utterance in a press conference:
'This year's spring labour offensive is serving to boost competitiveness and productivity'


Don't allow the construction of a final high-level radioactive waste disposal site in Hokkaido!

Deception in insisting that an earthquake is predictable:

The Central Disaster Prevention Council admitted its long-standing assertion to be a pure fabrication
---designed to promote nuclear development
Decommission all the nuclear power plants in Japan, an earthquake-prone archipelago!


No. 2511
(March 26th 2018 Issue)

Zengakuren students and antiwar workers held a militant demonstration
under the banner of Overthrow the neo-fascist Abe government!
Don't allow the cover-up of Abe's imvolvement in Moritomo ultra-right school scandal!
March 11th, Tokyo

'Down with the Abe government!'
White-helmeted workers and students marched on the state government district

- Demonstrators launched angry fists in front of the Diet Building, the PM's Official Residence and the US Embassy
- Create a gigantic upsurge of struggles against the revision of the Constitution,
-------against a nuclear Korean war! Advance the anti-Abe government struggle!

Denounce the labour aristocrats for accepting the ultra-low wage hike offer!

Fight for victory in the spring labour offensive against the distortion of workers' struggle
into an
Industrial Patriotic movement promoted by the JTUC leadership!
- Monopoly capitalists were frantic to suppress basic pay rises by fudging up various allowances
- Toyota's management and labour aristocrats joined hands
--- to lead the way to consummate the 'joint consultation system for boosting competitiveness'
- Don't allow the enforcement of productivity improvement in the name of 'work-style reform'!
- Smash capitalists' suppression of wage rises! Win big, across-the-board wage increases!

Don't allow the Moritomo school scandal to be stifled!

Down with the Abe government!
- Shatter any attempt of PM Abe and Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga to get out of the fix!
- Create a gigantic surge of anti-fascist, anti-Abe government struggle!
'Don't let Abe hush up the scandal!' Students rose in protest in front of the Diet Members' Building, March 16th

The Education Ministry high-handedly ordered an inquiry to be made about a lecture at a high school
given by Maekawa, the former administrative vice-minister of Education

Maekawa had testified last year before the Diet about Abe's involvement in another sensational school scandal
- Abe's desperate attempt in the middle of the scandal
- Undisguised intimidation of the local board of education and the school authorities

An illusion of a '
worldwide economic boom'
created by a financial bubble and military demand

The utmost decay of the contemporary imperialist world economy
1. A 'worldwide drop in stock prices' started in the US
2. The so-called Goldilocks economy has reached a deadlock
- Rulers of the West and Japan are hard-pressed to 'normalize' monetary policies
3. Present-day 'worldwide prosperity' is brought about by the swollen debts of governments
4. The furore over the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution' is accelerating the decay of the contemporary imperialist economy

Condemn the labour aristocrats of the Toyota union
for pledging to capitalists to 'act in unison for boosting competitiveness'!

Strive for a militant upsurge of the 2018 spring labour offensive
of the Federation of All Toyota Workers' Unions!

Denounce the leadership for distorting struggles into a campaign for 'improving each worker's ability'!

Rengo rallis for the 2018 spring labour offensive
Osaka, March 2nd
Participants raised angry voices of denunciation against labour aristocrats' abandonment of wage struggles

Nagoya, March 4th
Workers expressed open anger at degenerate union leaders' yelling for 'productivity improvement'

The trade union membership ratio has dropped to17.1%, the lowest in history
Expose the anti-proletarian nature of all of the labour aristocrats who are lending a hand to capitalists in restructuring!

The Abe government has no monetary policy other than to continue 'monetary easing'

---- in order to conceal the bankruptcy of Abenomics

China's 13th National People's Congress:
The constitutional reform that allows Xi Jinping to perpetuate his autocratic regime was approved

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