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No. 2473
(June 19th 2017 Issue)

Stop the passage of the conspiracy bill!
Topple down the neo-fascist Abe government
with the united power of workers and people!

'Smash the conspiracy bill'
Militant students fought together with 18,000 protesters
besieging the Diet Building,
June 10th

- Smash today's version of the wartime Maintenance of the Pubic Order Act!
- Fight with all our strength to shatter Abe's plot to revise Article 9 of the Constitution!
- Stop a nuclear Korean war! Don't allow Japan's participation in the war!

A storm of protest surged up all over the country against the conspiracy bill

'Stop the passage of the bill through the Lower House!' Demonstrators' voices reverberated through the city street: May 21st
May 19th Protesters besieged
the Prefectural Government building

'No to the conspiracy bill!' Students and workers staged a spirited demonstration in the main street of Naha:
May 23rd

Aichi Univ. and Nagoya Univ. students fought resolutely in the van of angry workers and citizens under the slogan, 'Stop a nuclear Korean war!' :
May 19th

'Don't allow the railroading of the bill through the Lower House!' The JRCL made an ardent call on workers and citizens: Fukuoka May 21st (pic left)
'Down with the Abe government!' Kagoshima Univ. students strived in a people's rally:
Kagoshima, May 20 th (pic right)

Denounce the JCP bureaucrats incapable of making a counterattack
against Abe's offensive of revising Article 9 of the Constitution!
- The leadership of the JCP is reducing the struggle against constitutional revision to an election campaign
- They are yielding to the ideological offensive by Shinzo Abe who is making full use of 'a tense situation over North Korea' as a pretext
- Block the revision of the Constitution with the might and main of the Japanese working class!

Stop the legislation 'against conspiracy crimes' by the Abe government!

The Economy Ministry is loudly trumpeting the merits of
'being an independent contractor',
which is sure to plunge workers into a living hell
-- The Ministry's panel presented a report calling for 'flexible work styles'

The Abe government revealed a 'list of black companies [sweatshop-type corporations]' in name only,
deceitfully showing it as a part of measures to eliminate long work hours

Denounce the criminal words uttered by the chairman of the JEIC
[Japanese Electrical, Electronic and Information Unions]!
He is patting himself on the back for issuing a
'joint labour-management declaration for "work style" reforms'

What will be brought about by the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution'? (Part 3)
The introduction of self-checkout machines to convenience stores will surely force extremely intensified labour on workers

Denounce the unprecedented plutonium accident in JAEA
[Japan Atomic Energy Agency]!
Radioactive dust burst from plastic bags and five workers were heavily exposed to radiation

- Abe announced a new plan to revise the Constitution on the Constitution Memorial Day

- The Abe government forced the establishment of a special purpose marine transport company to requisition ships for military use

- The JCP is putting up one ex-SDF official after another as its election candidates, advertising it really intends to 'defend Japan'

- It's the same exploitation everywhere: Home delivery workers in China are also forced to work in extremely harsh working conditions


No. 2472
(June 12th 2017 Issue)

Workers and Students' United Actions on June 18th!
Block the legislation against 'conspiracy crimes'!
Down with the Abe government bent on war and constitutional revision!

Stop the passage of the today's version of
the Maintenance of the Pubic Order Act through the Upper House!

Shatter the constitutional revision!

'Block the passage of the conspiracy bill in the Upper House!
Topple down the neo-fascist Abe government!'

Militant students fervently called on rally participants, May 31st, Tokyo

- Definitely no to the revision of the 'war-renouncing' Article 9!
- Stop a nuclear Korean war! Don't allow Japan's participation in the war!
- Denounce the parliamentarianist degeneration of the JCP and create a ground swell of struggles against the revision of the Constitution!
- Topple down the neo-fascist Abe government with the united power of militant workers and students!

Outcries against the conspiracy bill resounded through the country

A 'Withdraw the conspiracy bill!' rally
, May 31st, Tokyo
4,700 angry workers, students and citizens rallied against the bill
Militant students fought in the van of the demonstration after the rally

'We condemn the steamrollering of the bill through the Lower House!'
Zengakuren Hokkaido immediately rose in protest, in front of the LDP local office building
May 23rd, Sapporo
Students then joined in a rally held by indignant workers
and citizens, denouncing the forced passage of the bill

Voices against the constitutional revision reverberated through the city street
May 21st, Kanazawa
'No to fascism!' Kanazawa Univ. students fought with workers and citizens

'Stop the embankment work at once! No to the new US base construction in Henoko!'

'Remove US bases!' 'Repeal the US-Japan security treaty!' Militant students fought in the forefront
May 27th, Okinawa

Thousands of people rallied; militant students raised placards,
'No to a nuclear Korean war!' 'Stop Japan's participation in the war!',
in front of the Camp Schwab gate
Ryukyu Univ. and Okinawa Int'l Univ. students
fought in the van
Canoe protesters closed in on the construction site at sea
Angry protesters blocked the construction gate all day

'Block the enactment of the conspiracy bill!'
Militant students and workers from all over Hokkaido staged a demonstration
May 20th, Sapporo

Demonstrators raised angry fists at the LDP local office 
 lear Korean war! Down with the Abe government!'
Workers and students marched in the heart of the city

For the Japan Postal Union convention

Reject the agenda posed by the leadership under the slogan 'Create a new movement' ,
---which commands workers to 'Work harder' and 'Raise productivity'!
Denounce the leadership's 'on-the-spot' decision to accept management's 'zero wage hike' offer!
Denounce the leaders' distortion of the spring labour offensive into a joint labour-management consultation about company management!

The Postal Workers Committee of the JRCL
- Expose the anti-working class nature of the proposal from the leadership and vote it down!
- Impeach the leadership for their full cooperation in management's restructuring and rationalization plan! Let us set up a militant course of action!
- Stop the passage of the conspiracy bill! Overthrow the Abe government bent on war and the revision of the Article 9 of the Constitution!

Denounce the labour aristocrats of Rengo for having decided on resuming 'discussions' on the Constitution for its revision!

Condemn the introduction of 'moral education' textbooks authorized by the government!

(1) Rigid 'censorship' of school textbooks: The Education Ministry coercively demanded textbook publishers to adopt the criteria of the official, nationalistic teaching guidelines
(2) Almost 'government-edited' textbooks: The authorized textbooks all turned out to be the imitations of the supplementary reader issued by the Education Ministry
(3) Thwart the strengthening of 'patriotic education' promoted by the neo-fascist Abe government!

The Imperial Rescript on Education was heavily imprinted on my father's minds ...
Don't allow the revival of prewar Japanese militarist education!

A bitter rivalry between shady politicians over the planned relocation of the municipal fish market
Tokyo Governor Koike is devising a crafty scheme, including union-bashing, in the name of a 'radical reform of the metropolis'

What will be brought about by the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution'? (Part 2)
Contests are intensifying among monopoly capitalists and governments over the international standardization of the Internet of things

'Abe-Kake Gakuen' scandal:

Bring to light the key role played by Shinzo Abe! Down with the Abe government!
Abe made full use of the 'National Strategic Special Zones' system to provide a huge advantage for the school director, his 'close friend'

- Trump's first G-7 Summit:
---Bulldozed 'America first!', booed and jeered, took off his headphones, and got frowned on by everybody except the prime minister of Japan

- The moaning of a North Korean peasant:
---'How we wish we had rice-planting machines and some fertilizers instead of nuclear missiles...'


No. 2471
(June 5th 2017 Issue)

Stop a nuclear Korean war! Down with the Abe government!
Block the legislation against 'conspiracy crimes',
today's version of the prewar Maintenance of the Pubic Order Act!
Never allow the revision of the Constitution of Japan!

- Stop the Trump-led US administration preparing an attack on North Korea!
- Denounce the missile firings by the Kim Jong-un regime!
- Topple down the Abe government that has set out a war of aggression!
- Rise up in unity, braving a storm of 'anti-North Korean' nationalism!

(pic above) 'We denounce the railroading of the conspiracy bill!'
Zengakuren protested in a rage, in front of the Diet Building, May 19th


'Block the vote on the conspiracy bill in the Lower House Committee!'

Thousands of people besieged the Diet Building, May 19th
Militant students strived arm in arm with workers
(pic above left) 'Down with the Abe government!' 'Block the vote!' Zengakuren stood at the forefront of the fight
(pic above right) Workers and people joined in the chorus of fighting students


'Stop a nuclear Korean war!' The JRCL called on the participants in Constitution Day rallies, May 3rd

Osaka 18,000 demonstrated against the revision of the Constitution
- The JRCL ardently called on demonstrators to 'Overthrow the "nuclear"warmongers!'
(pic1) 'Topple down the warmongers, Trump, Kim Jong-un and Abe!' Militant students' call evoked an enthusiastic response among workers and citizens
(pic2) The venue was filled with workers, students and citizens

Sapporo: Voices against constitutional revision and conspiracy bill rose to a roar
- '"NO!" to war!' Participants expressed their strong sympathy with the JRCL's call
- Many workers assembled regardless of trade union national centres

The 2017 spring labour offensive was distorted as a whole into 'joint labour-management consultations to increase productivity'

I. The betrayal of the labour offensive by the degenerate leadership of Rengo [Japan Trade Union Confederation] and our struggles against it
A. Revolutionary and Militant workers strived to win 'big, across-the-board wage hikes'
B. Labour aristocrats distorted the spring labour offensive into 'spring labour-management talks for productivity improvement' in the name of 'raising minimum wage levels'
II. Expose the anti-proletarian nature of the labour aristocrats' policy emphasizing a 'fair distribution of the added value created by a whole supply chain'!

What will be brought about by the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution'?
(Part 1)
The Abe government is loudly trumpeting 'Society 5.0', where the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc. play a big part

'Stop a nuclear Korean war! Overthrow the Abe government!'
The JRCL ardently called on workers to fight
Rengo Hokkaido May Day rally, May 1st, Sapporo
(pic4) The huge banner of the JRCL was fluttering in the venue crammed with thousands of trade union members

One year after the Kumamoto earthquake disaster
Don't allow the Abe government to desert disaster victims!

Yamato Transport
The management announced it will pay workers 'overtime pay in arrears', but...
In the guise of improving working conditions, it seeks to make more profit by imposing extremely intensified labour on workers

The Labour Ministry has started moving towards the introduction of a system to 'dismiss employees with monetary compensation' aimed to help capitalists sack workers freely and destroy trade unions

Solidarity messages from abroad in response to the call of the JRCL to stop a nuclear Korean war
- Vladimir Pronin, Ukraine
- The Fourth International, France

The intensifying power struggle within the US ruling class
The expose of the 'Russia-gate' scandal aimed to unseat Trump is accelerating


* Weekly Kaihoh is edited in Japanese.
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