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No. 2651
(January 18th 2021 Issue)

Create a militant upsurge of the 2021 spring labour offensive!
Overthrow the Suga government which is deserting people in need!

'Stop the construction of a new military base for the US Marine Corps!'
Henoko, Okinawa, Dec. 14th, 2020
Central Workers' Orgburo
I. The turbulence in the world and the Suga-led Japanese government's reactionary offensives
A. Drastic changes in the contemporary world
B. Reactionary offensives of the Suga-led neo-fascist government

- Neglecting countermeasures against the spread of the infection
- Leaving poverty-stricken people in the lurch
- Crying for the 'digitalization of the economy' in conformity with monopoly capitalists' demands
- Aiming for a mass surveillance system in the name of 'administrative digitalization'
II. Capitalists' offensives of dismissals and wage cuts
III. Struggles of the militant / revolutionary workers and students
---fought by overcoming the degeneration of official opposition leaders
IV. Let us build up working-class offensives in the 2021 shunto
---by overcoming the totally degenerate leadership of the JTUC [Japanese Trade Union Confederation]
---and the Zenroren [National Confederation of Trade Unions] leadership!
A. Denounce the JTUC labour aristocrats for clinging to 'tripartite consultations between the government, labour and management'!
- 'Deconstruct' the JTUC, transformed into an Industrial Patriotic Association!
B. Let us fight firmly overcoming the parliamentarianist distortion of shunto by the JCP-affected Zenroren leadership!
V. For victory in 2021 shunto! Bring down the Suga-led neo-fascist government!
- Compensate poverty-stricken workers and people for the loss of livelihood!
- Strengthen the unity of the working class across borders!

Crush the capitalists' imposition of sacrifices on workers amid the pandemic with the united power of the working class!

A speech made by a worker comrade in the JRCL public political meeting on Dec. 6th

- Smash the capitalists' dismissals and refusals in employment contract renewals!
- Let us make our struggles, built and developed from within our workplaces, stronger!
- Strengthen and expand revolutionary workers' organizations!
- Let us achieve a militant revival of the labour movement in Japan!

New Year's resolutions
(Part 2)
The Kansai Regional Committee
The Tokai Regional Committee
The Hokkaido Regional Committee
The Education Workers Committee
The Social Welfare Workers Committee
The District General Workers Committee
The Telecommunication Industrial Workers Committee
The Mass Communication Industrial Workers Committee

'Stop the construction of a new military base for the US Marine Corps!'

Demonstrations staged on land and sea against the continued reclamation of the Henoko seashore,

December 14th

Canoe fighters counterattacking another work boat deployed to speed up the reclamation work
Militant workers fighting in the van of canoe fighters

December 2nd,
in front of the Camp Schwab gate

'Remove all bases! No to Ampo!' Workers and citizens, together with students, staging a dauntless sit-in at the gate

Ryukyu Univ. and Okinawa Int'l Univ. students
closing in on construction vehicles

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