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No. 2506
(February 19th 2018 Issue)

Don't allow the US and Japanese governments
to get fully prepared to attack North Korea!
Stop a nuclear Korean War! Down with the Abe government
hell-bent on participation in the war and the revision of the Constitution!

- US and Japanese rulers are irritated at the 'reconciliatory mood between North Korea and South Korea' produced by Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in
-- Trump is being impelled to launch a pre-emptive strike against North Korea
- The Abe government is marching to Japan's entry into the war, constitutional revision, and to its build-up into a military power
-- Abe is intending to accelerate the parliamentary procedure for revising the Constitution
-- Failure in stock price boosting manipulation, along with the total bankruptcy of Abenomics, is exposed to the light of day

- Fight resolutely under the banner of 'anti-military alliance, anti-fascism'!

We denounce the Ground SDF helicopter crash on a private house in Saga! No to a nuclear Korean war!

Kagoshima University students held an emergency protest, Kagoshima Prefecture
, February 7th
Militant students resolutely stood up
to stop preparations for a Korean war

'Condemn successive occurrence of US military accidents! Stop a nuclear Korean war!'

Ryukyu Univ. and Okinawa Int'l Univ. students rose to action
, Ginowan, Okinawa, January 28th
'Stop the new US base construction in Henoko! Stop a nuclear Korean war!' 'Crush the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!'

Students started marching from the gate of US Marine Corps Air Station Futenma

Students carried out an angry denunciation,
in front of the US Consulate General

An operation dubbed 'Bloody Nose'

Down with the warmongering acts of a 'personality breakdown' president and trigger-happy generals!

Don't allow the starting up of a Japanese Marine Corps!

US Sasebo Naval Base is being reinforced as the strongpoint of the integrated US-Japan shock troops

The Japan Atomic Power Company is seeking a way to survive
by applying for the restart of the decrepit Tokai No. 2 Nuclear Power Plant

Stop the resumption of operation of all nuclear power plants!

Don't allow the labour aristocrats to distort the spring labour offensive into
'labour-management consultations designed to increase productivity'!
A critique of 'Rengo White Paper 2018'
A. The JTUC leadership is crying out for a '
tripartite spring deal between the government, labour and management' aimed for productivity improvement
B. JTUC leaders' 'demand for higher wages' is intended for the 'growth of companies and the Japanese economy'
C. Labour aristocrats are contributing to the strengthening of capitalist exploitation by preaching 'productivity improvement'
D. Let us fight for the deconstruction of the JTUC!

Small and medium enterprises: measures to improve productivity in the name of the 'work style reform'


The leadership of UA Zensen
[Japanese Federation of Textile, Chemical, Food, Commercial, Service and General Workers' Unions]:
the vanguard of Abe's plan to revise the Constitution among the labour aristocrats of the JTUC

Nissan's inspection scandal uncovered

The outcome of unbounded cost reductions by the motor company
that has been passing on all contradictions to workers

A new phase in Syria's civil war amid antagonism between the US and Russia

The Turks' cross-border attack on north-western Syria

Theresa May's visit to China: Xi Jinping is smiling to himself on troubled Brexit

The destructive power of Knyaz Vladimir,
Russia's top-of-the-line nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine, created a strong sense of crisis among US rulers
Don't allow US and Russian rulers to escalate a nuclear arms race!


No. 2505
(February 12th 2018 Issue)

Stop a pre-emptive nuclear strike against North Korea
by the Trump administration!

Trump's State of the Union Address: desperate and dangerous move of the militarist empire in death agony
- An 'ultimatum' to North Korea: give up nuclear ICBMs or face a military attack
- NPR: a declaration that he will reinforce its nuclear capabilities against China and Russia
- A desperate attempt to conceal the bankruptcy of 'America first' policies
- Preferential tax reform for the wealthy bourgeoisie; fanning of hostility towards immigrants
Workers and the toiling people of the United States! Rise to overthrow the Trump administration!

The reality of the tax cut being implemented by the Trump administration
Trump handsomely treats big business and billionaires; imposing more burdens on workers and people


- Trump's remark about America's possible return to the TPP:
intended to use Abe again to cover up his failure in trade policies

- Denounce JCP bureaucrats' slander on the Russian Revolution!

- China's 'one-child policy' was changed two years ago,
but workers can't have two in their wretched living conditions

- Surveillance cameras equipped with artificial intelligence:
Xi-led China is further stepping up its surveillance network

Stop the new US military base construction in Henoko!
No to the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance!

Denounce JCP leaders for abandoning struggles against the US-Japan security treaty!
The Okinawa Prefectural Committee
- People's anger is mounting at the repeated accidents caused by the US forces stationed in Okinawa
- The Abe government is pushing forward the reclamation and embankment work
- The US and Japanese governments are further strengthening the new US-Japan military alliance
- Fight to overcome official peace movements that have abandoned struggles against the US-Japan military treaty!
- Take a step forward with the aim of removing all the US bases! Advance towards the repeal of the US-Japan security treaty!

Shatter the Abe government's reduction in social security budgets!

Fight back against the hospital authorities' imposition of extremely long working hours on medical workers!

- Care workers are pressed to endure awfully long working hours and intensified labour
- Let us overcome the JCP-affiliated union leadership's distortion of struggles and fight to end the unduly harsh working conditions!

Postal workers' struggle in the busiest, year-end and new year period:

We denounce the extremely intensified labour
having been imposed on delivery and collection service workers!


JTUC labour aristocrats are bent on patching up their failure
in initiating the formation of an opposition party coalition in the recent national elections

Worldwide competition among auto companies is intensifying in a 'new age of electric vehicles';
subcontract companies are undergoing reorganization and 'sifting-out' processes

Don't allow subcontract company capitalists to shift their losses onto workers!


World News

Argentine workers rose in general strikes to crush the pension reform posed by the Macri government
Letters from the FLTI

Never let it fade away into oblivion! - A terrible massacre of Koreans in pre-war Japan
Hundreds of Korean construction workers were abused and slaughtered
in a construction site of a hydropower plant
(in 1922, years after the Russian Revolution)


No. 2504
(February 5th 2018 Issue)

Stop a nuclear attack on North Korea by the US in coalition with Japan!
Rise up against the nuclear arms race
between the
US-Japan-South Korea and North Korea--China-Russia!

- The danger of a nuclear war is growing on the other side of a 'reconciliatory mood' between North Korea and South Korea
- The Trump administration of the declining US is agitating for a 'strategic race / competition with China and Russia'
- Smash the revision of the Constitution and the expansion of Japan's military capacity by the Abe government!
- Denounce the leadership of the JCP for going so far as to acclaim the Self-Defense Forces as 'forces for defense only'!

Slogans of the JRCL for the 2018 spring labour offensive
 Fight for victory in the 2018 spring labour offensive!
Stop the revision of labour laws!

Fight resolutely by surmounting the distorted spring labour offensive '
for the sake of productivity improvements'!

I. Win big, across-the-board wage hikes with the united power of workers!

- Achieve drastic improvements in the wages and working conditions of small and medium enterprise workers and temp workers!
- Stop the revision of personnel and wage systems based on the 'evaluation of job performances, roles and contributions to the company'!
- No to the imposition of long working hours that drives workers into death from overwork!
- Smash dismissals and intensified labour management by means of the introduction of artificial intelligence, IoT and robots!
- Shatter massive job cuts and lowering of wages of public service workers!

Fight for the overcoming of the spring labour offensive led by the JTUC labour aristocrats
who suppress demands for higher wages on the pretext of 'correcting wage differentials'!
Don't allow the pro-JCP leadership of Zenroren [National Confederation of Trade Unions] to be immersed in election campaigns in the name of 'social wage struggles', without organizing struggles in workplaces!

II. Crush Abe's 'work style reform'!
Stop the historic revision of labour laws!

- No to the introduction of a so-called 'highly professional system' designed to abolish the eight-hour working day system!
- Definitely no to any measures for higher productivity in the name of 'equal pay for equal work' and 'correction of long working hours'!
- Shatter the liberalization of sackings! Stop the expansion of the 'contract labour system'!
- Arrest the revision of the social security system that sacrifices the weak! No to another consumption tax increase! No to the strengthening of mass expropriation!

III. Stop the revision of the Constitution!
Shatter the accelerated strengthening of the Japanese type neo-fascist ruling system!

- By all means block the introduction into Diet of the Abe-led draft bill for the revision of the Constitution, the crux of which is the revision of war-renouncing Article 9!
- No to the strengthening of the National Security Council-helmed autocratic ruling system! Scrap the Conspiracy Law and the Secrecy Law!
- Pulverize the neo-fascist reorganization of education!

V. Stave off the outbreak of a nuclear Korean war!
Stop the Abe government from participating in the war!
No to the strengthening of the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!
Block the new US base construction in Henoko!

- No to the introduction of long-range cruise missiles and the expansion of military capacity!
- Scrap the Aggressive War Law! Fight resolutely with the aim of repealing the US-Japan Security Treaty!
- No to the restart of nuclear reactors! No to arms exports!

Build a united battle front against fascism and overthrow the neo-fascist Abe government
---hell-bent on entering a war and revising the Constitution!

Let us fight in solidarity with workers of the world
---groaning under warfare, poverty and oppression!

Deconstruct the JTUC that has lapsed into an Industrial Patriotic Association
---and strengthen the labour movement!


'Shatter Abe's attempt to start a Diet procedure for constitutional revision! Stop a nuclear Korean war!'

Zengakuren held a spirited demonstration in the centre of Tokyo,
January 21st
Militant students paraded the metropolis under a huge banner,
'Stop the revision of the Constitution! Stop a nuclear Korean war!'
They marched on the Diet Building,
the PM's Official Residence, and the US Embassy


The municipal authorities of Fukuoka first conducted a 'missile-attack evacuation drill' designed to inflame 'North Korea's threat'

Don't allow preparations for war against North Korea!

The US military base in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture, is being reinforced as a forward base to attack North Korea

Abe suddenly took back his words and said he will take part in the opening ceremony of the PyeongChang Olympics

Create an upsurge in the 2018 postal workers' spring labour offensive!

No to the postal union leadership's distortion of the struggle by mobilizing workers for the 'creation of a future for the company'!

I. The union leadership is responding positively to the management bent on increasing profits
II. The leadership is distorting the struggle into a labour-management consultation designed to improve productivity for 'a source of revenue'
III. Fight militantly for big, across-the-board wage hikes!

The Federation of Economic Organizations emphasizes 'health care for workers' !?: It's solely for increases in productivity

Putin-led Russia is strengthening its offensive, taking advantage of the decline of the US

I. Putin is making the most of the forthcoming presidential election to 'restore Russia as a great power'
II. Putin's long-held dream: to 'unify the Russian world', or to restore the territory of the former Soviet Union
III. Its stratagem: to seize the initiative in 'peace moves' in the Middle East and in the Korean Peninsula
Russian workers! Solidify unity as the working class with the aim of overthrowing the Putin government!


Germany shaken by the rise of AfD, a neo-Nazi party

Trump is coercing Palestinians to accept 'Jerusalem as the capital of Israel'
by freezing payments, huge aid cuts to the UNRWA budget

The real nature of a labour aristocrat

The chairman of the Renesas Electronics Union is showing off his past support to the restructuring of the company, including the sacking of great many workers

My resolution at the JRCL political meeting on the centenary of the Russian Revolution
'A determination welled up in me to keep up the anti-Stalinist movement as long as I live'


No. 2503
(January 29th 2018 Issue)

Gather for a Workers' Solidarity Meeting, February 11th!
Create a militant upsurge in the 2018 spring labour offensive!
Fight resolutely to overcome the 'spring labour offensive for the sake of productivity improvements'!

The government, capitalists and Rengo leaders are campaigning in unison for 'productivity improvements'
- The government is promoting a historic revision of labour laws
- Monopoly capitalists are clamouring for 'higher productivity'
- Labour aristocrats of the JTUC are giving support to Abe's so-called 'work style reform'
Let us create a militant uplift in the spring labour offensive
against the degradation of the labour movement to an Industrial Patriotic movement!

- Win big, across-the-board wage increases! Stop the revision of labour laws!
- Block the revision of the Constitution! Stave off the outbreak of a nuclear Korean war!

'Stop the revision of the Constitution!' Zengakuren staged a spirited protest in front of the PM's Official Residence, January 21st


'We condemn the successive emergency landings of US military helicopters'!'

Protesters rallied to protest against the US military headquarters in Okinawa,
January 10th
'Remove all the US bases!' Raged workers and students hurled slogans in front of the gate at the US headquarters


The Abe government is bent on cutting the budget for national universities,
aiming to secure expenditures for strengthening military force and aiding monopolies

- Subsidies are allocated on a weighted basis to make universities submissive to state policy
- Abe is intending to remodel national universities for building up a 'rich country with a strong army'
- Don't allow the Abe government's budget cut for universities!

Fight for victory in the 2018 spring labour offensive!

Stop the revision of labour laws!

Crush the degenerate leadership of the labour aristocracy aimed to promote a
'labour movement for higher productivity'!

Central Workers' Orgburo (Part 2 )

III. Fight for victory in the spring labour offensive
-----by overcoming the degradation of the labour movement as an Industrial Patriotic movement!
A. Don't allow the JTUC leadership to distort the spring labour offensive into one for 'improving productivity'!
- Denounce their abandonment of wage hike demands!
- A hard blow to their anti-proletarian utterance: 'Productivity increase means development as a person'!
- Denounce their effective acceptance of the revision of labour laws!

B. Denounce the leadership of Zenroren
[National Confederation of Trade Unions] for abandoning fights for wage hikes and antiwar struggles!
- No to Zenroren leaders' neglect of struggles for higher wages!
- Don't let them distort the anti-constitutional revision struggle into a mere 'citizen-based' campaign!

IV. Mount a proletarian counterattack against the offensives of the government and the bourgeoisie!

A. Let us strive for the militant upsurge of the 2018 spring labour offensive!
- Win big, across-the-board wage hikes!
- Stop the revision of labour laws!
- Shatter the ambition of the ruling class to introduce today's version of a piece wage system!
- Don't allow the consumption tax hike! No to the cutting of social security expenses!
- Liven up the struggle against a nuclear Korean war, against constitutional revision!

B. Deconstruct the JTUC and create a militant labour movement!


Never let the Japan Teachers' Union leadership accept teachers' overtime 'exceeding 100 hours a month'!

My resolution made up at the JRCL political meeting in the centenary of the Russian Revolution
'I have made a decision to take one step forward for the second century of revolution'

The Hiroshima high court ordered the suspension of the Ikata No.3 nuclear reactor operation

The 'safety review' by the Nuclear Regulation Authority turned out to be full of faults

Accuse the Osaka municipal authorities of clamping down on the recipients of livelihood protection


- The "shit-ass" president is in a siege of anger

- Under Abenomics, Engel coefficients are skyrocketing;
toiling people are thrown more and more into abject poverty and hardships of life

- On the 19th National congress of' the Chinese Communist Party

- Chairman of the JCP Shii is frantic to evade responsibility for its election defeat
and to keep the lid on the discontent of rank-and-files


No. 2502
(January 22nd 2018 Issue)

Fight for victory in the 2018 spring labour offensive!
Stop the revision of labour laws!
Crush the degenerate leadership of the labour aristocracy
aimed to promote a '
labour movement for higher productivity'!

Central Workers' Orgburo  (Part 1)

I. The imposition of poverty and warfare on working people

A. A historic offensive by the Abe government and the monopoly bourgeoisie
 - Military expenditures increasing and mass expropriation intensifying
 - A historic revision of labour laws
 - The total bankruptcy of Abenomics
 - Suppression of wage rises and imposition of 'increases in productivity
B. The impending danger of a thermonuclear war

II. The strenuous efforts of the revolutionary and militant workers
------to break through the degeneration of the official union leaderships


Anger exploded at the falling of a window from a flying US military helicopter on an elementary school yard

'Remove all the US bases!' Thousands of workers, students and citizens rose in protest,
December 29th, Ginowan, Okinawa
Militant students fought together with workers and residents, raising the banner of 'Repeal the US-Japan Security Treaty!'

'Stop the restart of Genkai nuclear reactors No. 3 and No. 4!'

Workers and residents protested against the planned resumption of reactor operations
December 2nd, Saga Prefecture

'No to the resumption!' Workers gathered
from all over Kyushu chanted in unison

Kagoshima Univ. students strived
in the demonstration, raising the banner of
'Fight against war, against nuclear development!'


The 15th National Convention of Kikan Roren
(Japan Federation of Basic Industry Workers' Union, JBU)
Overcome the degeneration of the union movement led by the labour aristocrats of the JBU
and strive to strengthen the labour movement!

I. The union leadership is shifting management responsibilities for a rash of work-related accidents to workers, forcing intensified labour on them in the name of 'ensuring security'
II. Expose the deceitful nature of the 'strategy for resuscitating the union organization' adopted by the labour aristocrats!
III. Denounce the anti-working class nature of the action plan for the 2018 spring labour offensive, of only demanding a 'mandatory retirement system at the age of 65'!

Denounce JCP leaders seeking to get through their defeat in the recent election by leaning more and more to the right!

New Year's resolutions

The Chugoku Regional Committee
The Metal Industrial Workers Committee
The Mass Communication Industrial Workers Committee
The Small and Medium Enterprise Workers Committee

A New Year Interview with the Chairman and the Chief Secretary of Zengakuren

'We'll vigorously push forward our struggle against the constitutional revision, against a nuclear Korean war'

My resolution at the beginning of the year
I am determined to put Comrade Kuroda's 'philosophy of the topos of praxis' into practice each day

Toyota's criminal 'work style reform':

Shatter the actual expansion of the 'discretionary working-hour system'!

Fight back by overcoming labour aristocrats' full cooperation to the management!


No. 2501
(January 15th 2018 Issue)

Stop the revision of the Constitution!
Stop a nuclear Korean war!
Down with the neo-fascist Abe government
intent on participating in the war and revising the Constitution!

'We denounce the dropping of US military helicopter parts
on an elementary school ground!'

Thousands made a protest, December 29th, Okinawa
'Condemn Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital!'
Zengakuren staged an emergency protest
in front of the US Embassy,
December 30th, Tokyo

Central Students' Orgburo

I. Abe's offensive of revising the Constitution and the globally growing danger of war

A. The neo-fascist Japanese government is rushing to strengthen the US-Japan military alliance and bring Japan into a strong military power
B. The world is facing a threat of the outbreak of a thermonuclear war
C. We the revolutionary left are fighting strenuously, overcoming the degeneration of official opposition leaderships

II. Let us create a big surge in the struggle against the constitutional revision, against a nuclear Korean war!
A. Denounce the JCP leadership for adopting a position of 'defending the homeland'!
B. Shatter any attempt to revise the Constitution! Stop Japan's participation in a nuclear Korean war!
- Smash Abe's scheme to start a Diet procedure for constitutional revision!
- Stave off a nuclear Korean war! Crush the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!


Xi-led China: a bureaucratic ambition to build a 'contemporized socialist power'
-- An analysis of the 19th National Congress of the CPC

I. Beijing bureaucrats are scheming to promote China into the 'centre of the world'
- The 'one belt, one road' initiative is designed to build a China-led economic bloc
II. Xi has taken authoritarian measures to secure the Stalinist party's autocratic rule
III. A frantic dash towards a 'nation strong in manufacturing' in a new age, causing wider class divisions
- A frenzied uproar of the ICT industry, of the development of artificial intelligence
- Resentment and dissatisfaction is widespread in working people

IV. 'Xi Jinping Thought' is propagandized to tighten controls on people
- Xi emphasizes the 'guidance of the Communist Party'
- Expose the falsehood about so-called 'Marxism in 21st-century China'!


New Year's resolutions

The Hokkaido Regional Committee
The Tokai Regional Committee
The Kyushu Regional Committee
The Education Workers Committee
The Telecommunication Industrial Workers Committee
The Traffic and Transport Workers Committee
The Chemical Industrial Workers Committee
The Social Welfare Workers Committee 

'Denounce the Trump administration for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital!'

'Stop Israel's murder of Palestinian people!'
Militant students also besieged the Israeli Embassy to make a protest
Zengakuren lifted up their voice in protest at the US Embassy, December 30th, Tokyo

Militant students called on rally participants
to fight together against the US-Japan nuclear military alliance

One year after the Osprey crash near Henoko
'Remove all the US bases!'
Thousands of people renewed their anger in the rally
and protested against the recent falling of a weighty window
on an elementary school yard from a US military helicopter,

December 15th, Okinawa

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