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No to aggression in Ukraine!

Russian people, down with Putin!
Solidarity with Ukrainian people!

The JRCL statement
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No. 2724
(June 20th 2022 Issue)

An anti-war demonstration in the centre of the capital
June 19th, Tokyo

Zengakuren and Antiwar Youths rose up in a struggle to break through
the crisis of global warfare amid the clash between the US vs. China and Russia

Shatter Russia's aggression in Ukraine!
Stop the revision of the Constitution!
No to the US-Japan global alliance!

White-helmeted militants marching on the Russian and
the US Embassies, on the Diet Building and the PM's Office

- Smash 'Putin's war'!:
A solidarity rally held prior to the demonstration
- 'Now is the time to advance the struggle of anti-Stalinism!':
A solidarity speech on behalf of the JRCL
The JCP leadership's abandonment of the Ukraine antiwar struggle bitterly denounced

The ruling Liberal Democratic Party bent on a neo-fascistic offensive of reorganizing broadcasting

The latest Summit of the Americas

Latin American states refused to sign the joint statement in opposition to Biden's immigration policy

'Stop the new US military base construction!'

Thousands gathered for Okinawa People's Action at the Camp Schwab gate

June 4th, Henoko, Okinawa

Students of Ryukyu University and Okinawa Int'l University fought in the van
Workers, students and citizens fighting in front of the main gate Students chanting anti-Ampo slogans in the forefront of the rally

Condemn the JCP for voting in favour of the 'resolution of thanks to the SDF troops' in the Naha city council!
- A criminal act of treachery towards antiwar, anti-constitutional revision struggles
- The policy 'to use SDF troops to defend the nation' is now 'upgraded' to a basic policy of the party

US and Japanese rulers frantic to build an 'Asia-Pacific version of NATO'

The meaning of the US-Japan summit and the QUAD summit conference

I. 'Enhancement of the deterrence and response capabilities of the Japan-US alliance':
-- a strengthening of the offensive and defensive alliance against China declared
II. Building up a system of cooperation in 'economic security' with China excluded
III. The declining empire's survival measure based on the strategy of 'integrated deterrence'
IV. The Kishida government: started a full-scale dash to become a strong military power

Additional duties in public health centres
Without solving the staff shortage,
local governments are forcing public service workers to double as medical officers in charge of infection control measures

Fight back against the imposition of extremely intensified labour on workers!


Postal workers are striving to build up Ukraine antiwar struggles in their trade union
in opposition to their union leaders reluctant to organize struggles against Russia's aggression


an ideology that justifies Putin's ambition to restore the territory of Great Russia

Faced with Russia's aggression in Ukraine: my anger boils with rage
-- What I am thinking of every day --

Tanka Poems
-- Putin must never be forgiven


No. 2723
(June 20th 2022 Issue)

Rise in Workers and Students' United Actions on June 19th!
Advance Ukraine antiwar, anti-constitutional revision, anti-Ampo struggles!

- Putin the aggressor is pressing an all-out attack on Severodonetsk
- The danger of war mounting in East Asia:
- the Kishida government is rushing to the revision of the Constitution and the strengthening of Ampo [US-Japan military alliance]
- Smash 'Putin's war'! For an explosive upsurge in the anti-constitutional revision, anti-Ampo struggle!
-- Let us fight in solidarity with Ukrainian workers and toiling masses!
-- Prevent the revision of the Constitution of Japan at all costs! Oppose the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance!


Resistance in Kherson


Don't allow the Kishida government and Cepco
[Chugoku Electric Power Co.] to resume the operation of the Shimane nuclear power plant!
- Shimane prefectural governor gave his 'approval' to the restart of No. 2 reactor
- The government is using the 'limitations of energy supplies' and 'soaring energy prices' as pretexts for the resumption

Kashiwazaki Kariwa nuclear power station
The government and NRA
[Nuclear Regulation Authorities] are hurrying to lift a ban on reactor operation
The NRA intends to overlook the responsibility of Tepco management

'Family finances tolerate price rises'?!
BOJ governor Kuroda justifies his monetary policy of 'different dimension easing', the very cause of today's price rises


The Russian Orthodox Church, supporter of 'Putin's war
1. Sanctifying Putin's war of aggression against Ukraine
2. Chauvinistic agitation of 'anti-Western, anti-democratic' values
3. Mobilization for war from below
4. Reinforcement of Great Russian chauvinism with 'God'

Oppose the postal management's plan to implement the redundancy of 35,000 workers!

Denounce the JP Union leadership for accepting the redundancy plan on the pretext of revitalizing business activities!

The Postal Workers Committee of the JRCL
- Let us rise in Ukraine antiwar struggle!
- Reject the union leadership's agreement with the management in the 2022 spring labour offensive!
- Don't allow a massive personnel reduction based on a 'new standard for calculating the number of personnel'!
- Denounce the union leadership for advocating the 'revitalization of business activities' and the 'revitalization of trade union movement'!

The declaration of an unprecedented expansion in military expenditure
(exceeding 2 percent of GDP) and a massive reduction in social security expenses
Basic Policies for the Management of the Japanese Economy decided by the Cabinet

A rethink on the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster amid 'Putin's war'

- The death of one Stalinist who directed the handling of the accident
- Now is the time to disclose the true nature of bankrupt Stalinism


No. 2722
(June 13th 2022 Issue)

Don't allow an all-out attack on Severodonetsk by the Russian army!
Rise in Ukraine antiwar struggle!

- Putin is frantic to 'take control' of the Lugansk region
- Sanctifying the war of aggression with the halo of Stalin
- US and European state rulers acting with undisguised state egoism
- Rise in Ukraine antiwar, ant-Ampo, anti-constitutional revision struggle!

Ukrainian railway workers taking on the maintenance of the 'main arteries' of the nation

- Repair work done swiftly
- The operation commanders' room on a train keeps running all day
- Operation of trains at the risk of their lives

Putin's 'Holodomor'
Ukrainian farmers fighting at the risk of their lives


Crush the US-Japan summit meeting!

May 23rd
'Stop the new US base construction in Henoko!'
Zengakuren Okinawa fought back against the rulers' plot to make Okinawa a military fortress

At the US Consulate General in Urasoe

Hokkaido May 23rd
Angry voices echoed around the US Consulate General in Sapporo

Zengakuren Hokkaido and Antiwar Youths staged a protest action

'No to the US-Japan global alliance against China and Russia!'

Kagoshima May 19th
'Let us fight in solidarity with Ukrainian people!'
A lot of sympathy evoked by the appealing voice of Kagoshima Univ. students

Workers and citizens' rally to protest against Russia's aggression
'Oppose Russia's aggression in Ukraine!'

'War on neo-Nazis':
Putin's demagogy
A Stalin-style attack to exterminate nationalists

A. Propaganda for eliminating the Ukrainian nation
- A brutal retaliation against Mariupol
B. Hatred towards 'Banderites'
- 'Banderaism': nationalistic rebellion against the oppressive rule of Stalinism
C. Putin the successor of Stalin's policy to 'eliminate the nation'

Shifting all burdens onto workers of subcontract factories:
the criminal nature of Toyota's labour-management consultations

- Deception in so-called 'consultation for the sake of all workers'
- Advance struggles for higher wages in subcontract factories!
- Denounce the labour aristocrats of Toyota for deepening degeneration!

A frantic attempt of the Kishida government to accelerate digitalization in the field of medical and nursing care:
a report from a government panel on deregulation

Total lack of realism about the 'battlefield':

a comment by a notable scholar of Russian literature on Russia's aggression in Ukraine

Tanka poems
-- The rage against Putin's war --
(Part 2)


No. 2721
(June 6th 2022 Issue)

No to the US-Japan global alliance!
Create an enormous upsurge in Ukraine antiwar struggle and
in the struggle against the constitutional revision,
against the US-Japan military alliance!

  'Shatter the US-Japan summit! Crush the QUAD summit conference!'
Zengakuren clenched their fists in anger at the PM's Office, May 23rd
'No to the creation of the Asian version of NATO!' 'Crush the US-Japan summit!'

- Rulers' declaration to solidify the offensive and defensive alliance against China and Russia
- The strengthening of the US-Japan cooperation in 'economic security'
- QUAD: frantic attempts to involve India in setting up an anti-Chinese network
- Denounce Russia's armed aggression against Ukraine! Create an upsurge in the anti-constitutional revision, anti-Ampo struggle!
-- Smash 'Putin's War'!

Offense and defense between the US and China over South Pacific nations
US and Japanese rulers frantic to win over Palau
Attempts being made to prop up pro-Taiwan countries that are now scarce

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant
Denounce the Nuclear Regulation Authorities' decision to recognize the discharge of radioactively contaminated water into the ocean!

'Shatter the US-Japan summit! Crush the QUAD summit conference!'
Zengakuren clenched their fists in anger at the PM's Office, May 23rd
(See the pics above)

Zengakuren Kansai rose in succession
Under the banner 'Smash the global alliance between the US and Japan!', May 22nd, Osaka
Militant chants shook the LDP local office and the US Consulate General
At the US Consulate General At the local LDP office in Osaka

Militant workers and students strived in a Constitution Day rally
May 3rd, Sapporo

Let us make a protest against Russia's aggression in Ukraine!'
Hokkaido Univ. students marching together with workers and citizens

Degenerate Trotskyists and their failure to confront 'Putin's war'

- Shameful defence of Putin appearing in succession
- Voices against Putin's war starting to appear
- Failure to grapple with Stalinism

Postal workers' struggle

'You mean to make us die of overwork?'

Harsh labour imposed on delivery workers as a result of the abolition of a 'Saturday delivery service'
- With minimal assignment of personnel, workers are compelled to deliver two days' mail twice in a week

'For pre-emptive strike capabilities!' 'For the replacement of nuclear reactors with next-generation reactors!'
With the Upper House election drawing near, DPFR [Democratic Party for the People] politicians are approaching the LDP
Right-wing labour aristocrats are forcing union members to give support to DPFR

Another 'miscalculation'
The Russian invading army is in a tight corner due to a semiconductor shortage

More and more location information gleaned from mobile phones is used to strengthen mass surveillance

Tanka poems
-- A paean to the fighting spirit of Ukrainian people

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