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No. 2612
(March 30th 2020 Issue)

No to the imposition of sacrifices upon the toiling masses
amid the coronavirus spreading all over the world!

- The Abe government and the bourgeoisie are plunging workers into unemployment and poverty
- Crush the neo-fascist government's move to introduce a 'state of emergency' clause into the Constitution of Japan!
- Rulers of the US and China are each frantic to survive their own economic, political crisis
- Stop the rulers coercing workers and toiling people to make sacrifices and tightening authoritarian ruling systems!

Denounce Shinzo Abe for covering up his own involvement in the ultra-right Moritomo School scandal and the falsification of related official documents!

The government is arrogantly ignoring the accusation, in the form of a suicide note, by a finance bureau staff member involved

What lies at the bottom of the exposure of the 'casino scandal'
- Last year's arrest of an LDP Diet member delivered a shock to the Abe government
- The Trump administration is aiming for the monopolization by American gambling enterprises of Japan's newly developed 'integrated resort' business
- Chinese casino enterprises inveigled some of the ruling party members to make inroads into Japan's new 'resort business'
- Denounce the Abe government obsessed with the promotion of a gambling business!

The fight of chemical industry workers in the JEC
[Japanese Federation of Energy and Chemistry Workers' Unions]
Don't let the labour aristocracy destroy the spring labour offensive! Fight for a militant upsurge of the 2020 labour offensive!

I. By sacrificing workers, chemical monopoly capitalists are seeking to strengthen the international competitiveness of their companies
II. Let us fight for higher wages, denouncing the union leaders' abandonment of setting 'standards' for wage increase demands!

Shatter the Toyota labour aristocrats' attempts to destroy the spring labour offensive!

- Denounce the leadership's acceptance of 'zero pay increase'!
- Condemn them for converting labour-management talks into ones for the survival of the company!
- Let us fight resolutely against all their attempts to destroy the spring labour offensive!

The city authorities of Sapporo are intent on introducing ICT systems into municipal offices and childcare facilities

No to the reorganization of metropolitan hospitals into 'independent administrative corporations'!

Stop the rigorous imposition of a self-supporting accounting system!
Don't allow the metropolitan authorities to close hospitals and reduce the number of hospital beds!

Stop the enactment of the so-called 70-year-old people employment law!
The government and the bourgeoisie are urging elderly people to work 'freelance'

In the chains of Ampo (2)
60 years after the revision of the US-Japan Security Treaty [Ampo]
US and Japanese naval forces conducted their first joint minesweeping exercise in the Bay of Ise on the supposition that the Strait of Hormus is blockaded with mines laid by Iran

Xi Jinping, the principal person concerned in spreading the new-type infectious disease, is now desperately attempting to cover up his historic crime

'Judicial reform' in Poland
The Law and Justice regime is hell-bent on tightening controls on judges


No. 2611
(March 23rd 2020 Issue)

Don't allow the Abe government to plunge toiling people
into further difficulties in the middle of the pandemic!

Denounce the JTUC labour aristocrats
who are calling for workers' 'dedication'
hand in hand with the government and monopoly capitalists!

- The reactionary nature of Abe's measures against the pandemic disease
- Monopoly capitalists are imposing dismissals, wage cuts and intensified labour upon workers
- Let us fight unbendingly by denouncing the JTUC leaders' acts of destroying the spring labour offensive and giving full cooperation to the capitalists!

Recognition of the 'sovereignty' of Israel alone, rejection of a Palestinean state:
a criminal 'peace plan for the Middle East' announced by Trump

- Anger boiling up against US imperialism, against Israel
- Trump's plan concocted to obtain the votes of evangelicals
- Patronizing the annexation of Jewish settlements and the occupation of Jerusalem by the Zionist regime
- The expansion of Iranian influence in the Middle East and the countermeasures of US imperialism driven by a sense of crisis
- The bankruptcy of the rule of US imperialism over the Middle East

Let us make a militant upsurge in the 2020 spring labour offensive of Shitetsu-soren [Japan General Federation of Private Railway and Bus Workers' Unions]!
Don't allow the union leadership to distort the offensive into a campaign 'to achieve demands for better traffic policies'!

1. Traffic industry capitalists are intending to go through with wage restraints
2. The union leadership is distorting the spring labour offensive into one for the 'reconstruction of attractive industry'
3. Strive for a militant upsurge of the private railway workers' 2020 spring labour offensive!

For the uplifting of the spring labour offensive of Denki Rengo [Japanese Electrical, Electronic & Information Unions]!
Don't let the Denki labour aristocrats degrade the labour offensive into joint labour-management consultations designed to 'improve productivity'!
Denounce the acceptance of low wage hike figures by the union leaders of the leading electricity companies!

A. A tendency towards self-restraint prevails in demanding wage hikes this year
- The management is imposing wage restraints on the pretext of the spread of the infectious disease
B. Let us fight resolutely, overcoming the distortion of struggles by the labour aristocracy of Denki Rengo!

JCP leader Fuwa's anti-proletarian falsification of Das Kapital
- The JCP bureaucrats pledged to forsake 'revolution' all over again
- They are attempting to justify their own descent into revised capitalism
- A thoroughly anti-proletarian interpretation of Marx's so-called 'totally developed' worker
- Total disregard of the alienated labour of the proletarians
- Denounce the JCP bureaucrats, converted Stalinists who hinder workers from being awakened to class consciousness!


Abe's coercive measure to close schools across the country has caused the collapse of workers' daily lives
The government lays bare its haphazardness in providing subsidies that were supposed to compensate for workers' income loss

In the chains of Ampo (1)
60 years after the revision of the US-Japan Security Treaty [Ampo]
The Abe government's dispatch of Maritime SDF troops to the Middle East
Integration of the Japanese forces into the US-led forces of the 'coalition of the willing'

The 'new-type coronavirus special measures law' bulldozed
Crush Abe's intention to add an 'emergency clause' to the Constitution of Japan!

Abe is frantic to prolong his political life
The retirement of a superintendent public prosecutor, Abe's follower who has long been taking on Abe's dirty laundry, was postponed perversely, even by twisting the interpretation of the public prosecutors office law

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