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Together with Ukrainian People
Workers' Orgburo of the JRCL (RMF)
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60th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan
Working people all over the world, unite to crush Putin's war!
Break through the danger of a thermo-nuclear war
erupting amid the clash between the US and China-Russia!
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No to aggression in Ukraine
Russian people, down with Putin!
Solidarity with Ukrainian people!

The JRCL statement (Feb. 27) in English, see the full text and the leaflet
in Russian, see the full text and the leaflet

No. 2746
(November 28th 2022 Issue)

No to the massive missile attacks
mounted by Putin on the verge of ruin!
Create an explosive upsurge in the Ukraine antiwar struggle!

- The recapture of Kherson: a crushing blow to Putin's ambition for the 'revival of Novorossiya'
- Amid the deepening economic crisis, discord and divergences among NATO states are coming to the fore
- Let us fight in solidarity with the working people of Ukraine!

'Stop the US-Japan joint exercise Keen Sword 23!'

Militant students and workers staged protest actions in succession

November 8th-10th, Okinawa

November 8th, at Nakagusuku Port

'No to the joint exercise! Stop the US base construction in Henoko!'

Workers, students and residents checked the landing of SDF vehicles

November 9th, in front of the prefectural office in Naha
'Stop Keen Sword 23!'

Workers and students raised an objection to the US-Japan joint military exercise

November 10th, at an SDF post in Naha
'Crush the military alliance!'

Zengakuren Okinawa raising their fists at the US-Japan command post

Stop the constitutional revision! No to a massive military buildup!'
Militant students fought with workers and citizens
November 3rd, Kanazawa
Kanazawa Univ. students fighting in the forefront

Condemn the Russian military's destructive attacks on Ukraine's electricity facilities!

- Crush Putin's war!

'Stop the mobilization for war!'
Partisan struggles burning and spreading among ethnic minorities in Russia

An old Stalinist scholar of the JCP backs Putin the murderer
- Spreading Russian-made fakes

'Re-skilling': what does it mean for workers?

- The word excessively used today
- Diversification and technical upgrading of labour-power, or its transformation in terms of diversity and heterogeneity,
in response to digital transformation
- Selecting workers while discarding 'lower' layers
- Reveal the deception of Kishida's so-called 'structural wage raise'

The central discussion meeting of Rengo
[JTUC] for the 2023 spring offensive
President Yoshino proposed measures for 'more flexible labour turnover'

Postal workers' struggle

Denounce the union leadership for proposing a plan to squeeze out a source of revenue for raising wages by either reducing or abolishing summer and winter holiday entitlements!

Don't allow the leadership to abandon wage raise demands! Let us win a big, across-the-board wage increase!

'We cannot live with such a low rate!'
Workers raised angry voices at JTUC leaders' extremely low rate wage hike demands

A JTUC Ishikawa workers' rally for the 'autumn and year-end labour offensive' in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Pref.
November 11th

The Kishida government hell-bent on building up a state system for military research
Never allow the government to mobilize universities, research institutes and enterprises!

Successive appearances of 'left-of-centre' governments
A seismic change in Latin America
- Brazil: defeat of Bolsonaro and the revival of the Lula presidency
- Columbia: the birth of an 'anti-American' government led by Petro
- The Xi-led government of China intent on wining over Latin American states


No. 2745
(November 21st 2022 Issue)

Smash the constitutional revision and the major military build-up!
No to the formulation of the 'three security documents'!
Fight resolutely aiming to overthrow the Kishida government!

- The Kishida-led neo-fascist government is dashing headlong for the constitutional revision and an unprecedented military expansion
-- A government-led expansion of munitions production and promotion of military researches
- Liberation of Kherson: the Ukrainian Forces won together with working people
- The intensifying danger of a war breaking out in East Asia
- Let us fight under the banner 'Smash the US-Japan military alliance! Prevent Japan's leap into a military big power!'

Together with workers and citizens, Zengakuren Okinawa blocked the loading of SDF troops and vehicles for a US-Japan joint military exercise November 8th

'Stop the constitutional revision!'
Protest actions held in many places November 3rd

4200 protesters surrounded the Diet Buiding

Militant workers and students fought under the banner, 'Against the US-Japan military alliance'
- 'Overthrow the Kishida government!' The JRCL called on the participants
- Militant students fought vigorously, encouraging the protesters
- Militants strove in the van, overcoming the JCP leadership imploring the government to take 'peaceful diplomacy'

A mass rally and a demonstration:
Militant students in the forefront
Students from Kobe University and Nara Women's University addressed an antiwar, anti-military alliance appeal to the participants

A mass protest in Fukuoka

'Stop the major military build-up!' 'Crush Putin's war!' The JRCL appealed to the protesters

Shatter a ring of counter-revolutionary elements!
(Part 8)

'Change the labour movement into one suitable to a new age,'
shouting labour aristocrats in the JEIU [Japanese Electrical, Electronic and Information Unions]
Expose the anti-working class nature of its 'action plans for 2022-23'!

- The 70th national convention declared, 'Accelerate the major change in the labour movement'
- Advocating the 'development of human resources for digital transformation and green transformation'
- The union leadership has abandoned wage struggles and reduced them into 'labour-management consultations for growth'
- Let us fight for a militant re-creation of the labour movement in the electric industry!

Extremely low wage demands
The UA ZENSEN leadership decided, saying, 'A decline in domestic consumption must be avoided'
Labour aristocrats pledge a full cooperation with capitalists in 're-skilling and smooth labour turnover'

Okinawa People's Action
November 5th
'Stop the reclamation in Henoko! No to the US-Japan joint military exercise!'

Militant students fought under the slogan 'Against the US-Japan military alliance!'

A mass protest in front of the SDF Kanoya base Kyushu, October 29th
'Never allow US unmanned aerial vehicles to be deployed!'

Kagoshima University students fought together with trade union members

Garuda Shield 2022, Indonesia
Japanese airborne troops joined for the first time in the US-led multilateral exercise based on the EABO concept

No to the building up of a system for actually waging a war against China!


No. 2744
(November 14th 2022 Issue)

The JRCL public political meeting December 4th
Crush Putin’s war!
Fight all out aiming to overthrow the Kishida government!

- Struggles we have been carrying out amid Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine
- No to massacres by Putin cornered in a predicament!
- An impending crisis of war with Korea and Taiwan as a focus
- The Kishida government coercing the toiling masses into poverty
- Fight to win another leap forward in the anti-Stalinist revolutionary movement!

‘Prevent the constitutional revision!
Militant students lifting up their voices in the van of mass protesters, in front of the Diet Building
November 3rd


The government has disposed of all judicial records concerning the ‘Kobe case’ of 1997
(with a schoolboy found beheaded)
Denounce the cover-up of the state crime!
- We fought to reveal the truth and what lay at the bottom of the incident

The summit meeting between Japan and Australia
A new declaration of security cooperation signed in the middle of the period of the Chinese Communist Party Congress

Denounce the government decision to prolong the permissible period of operation of decrepit nuclear power plants!
The Nuclear Regulation Authority accepted the removal of the ‘40-year limit’
- The Kishida government is intent on reducing the NRA into its subordinate organization

The Tomari nuclear plant of Hokkaido Electric Power Co.
Prevent the resumption of operation of Reactor No. 3!


No to municipal governments’ termination of contracts with workers employed by the fiscal year!

Let us achieve their continued contracts and regular employment!

1. Wretched working conditions
2. The extremely unscrupulous nature of the fixed-term employment system of local government workers
3. The central government intends to reduce the regular personnel of municipal governments
4. Don’t allow the termination of contracts by municipal governments!

The national education research conference of Zenkyo
[All Japan Teachers and Staffs Union]
Militant workers strived in leading discussions
over ‘digital transformation in education’, over Russia’s aggression against Ukraine

- A crop of disputes arose on a remark of a presenter who recommended the effective use of ICT
- Animated discussion over Putin’s war of aggression in Ukraine
- Criticisms hurled at the union leadership and JCP-leaned intellectuals who spoke in favour of Putin

‘Dialogs between the government, labour and management’ pushed to the fore: JTUC’s Basic Plan for the 2023 spring labour offensive
The leadership commands the restraint of wage hike demands in the name of a ‘medium-term, macroscopic perspective’

A mass antiwar rally in Osaka
October 22nd
‘Crush Putin’s war!

Militant students fought in the van of 600 participants
- ‘Let us advance the Ukraine antiwar struggle!’ The call of militant students evoked warm responses
- Protesters marched, raising chants against the US-Japan military alliance

China’s massive purchase of grains
What lies at the bottom?

- ‘Food security’: a way adopted by the Beijing bureaucracy
- Small-scale farming extensively existent at home

A modified ‘trap of debts’
The Xi government of China ambitious to plunder Zambia of its resources


No. 2743
(November 7th 2022 Issue)

Fight back against the Kishida government's imposition of sacrifices
upon toiling people in the name of 'new capitalism'!
Denounce the Rengo leadership for being wrapped up
in tripartite consultations between the government, labour and management!

- The Kishida government intent on bringing Japan into a greater military power and reviving it as an economic power
-- Investment of state funds in high-tech fields; promotion of 'labour turnover' and 'reskilling'
- Denounce the Yoshino-led Rengo leadership for acting in a body with the government and monopoly capitalists!
- Create a militant upsurge in the wage struggle and the political economic struggle
--to break through the government's imposition of poverty!
-- Advance towards the overthrow of the Kishida government!


United actions of workers and students
Hokkaido October 16th
Antiwar youths and students fought hard for the Ukraine antiwar struggle

- 'Stop the constitutional revision! Crush Russia's aggression!'

A rally prior to the demonstration

Tokai October 23rd
Raising a chorus of yells at the LDP local office in Nagoya

- 'Smash Putin's war! No to the US-Japan military alliance!' Marching on the LDP local office
Resolved to stop the constitutional revision and military buildup

Kyushu October 23rd
Cries of antiwar, anti-constitutional revision struggle resounded

- 'No to Russia's aggression against Ukraine!' 'Advance in solidarity with fighting Ukrainians and Russians!'
Spirited yells going up in the solidarity rally

International Antiwar Day rallies
Okinawa October 21st
Ryukyu Univ. and Okinawa Int'l Univ. students fought in the van
'Stop the new US base construction in Henoko!'
Militant students, together with workers, raising fists
in front of the local government office

October 21st
'Smash Russia's aggression in Ukraine! Denounce Putin's missile attacks on nuclear plants!'
JRCL made a militant call on workers participating in the rally
Shatter a ring of counter-revolutionary elements!
(Part 7)


Fight militantly for the upsurge of the antiwar, anti-constitutional revision struggle and municipal workers' autumn offensive!

- Let us oppose the revision of the Constitution and a massive military buildup!
- Create a struggle against long working hours
- by overcoming the union leadership's campaign to demand a 'proper control of working hours'!

'Monetary relaxation policy does not bring down a weak yen'?!

The BOJ governor Kuroda, the one who caused the yen's decline and high commodity prices, shamelessly evades responsibility


No. 2742
(October 31st 2022 Issue)

Antiwar cries roared
Crush the aggression in Ukraine!
Prevent the constitutional revision and the major military build-up!

United actions of workers and students
October 16th

'Denounce the missile attacks on Ukraine!' Militants marching on the Russian Embassy
'No to the dispatch of a US aircraft carrier to the Japan Sea! Raising the fists of anger at the US Embassy

Denounce Putin's imposition of martial law on the 'annexed' four oblasts!
Denounce the destructive attacks on electric infrastructures!
Zengakuren and Antiwar Youths carried out a militant demonstration

- Militant workers and students marched on the Russian and the US Embassies and the Diet Building
- 'Break through the impending crisis of a thermonuclear war!' The resolve was fortified through the starting rally
- 'Carve out a century of proletarian revolution!' An encouraging speech from the JRCL
- Let us advance the fight with the aim of overthrowing the Kishida-led neo-fascist government!


Prevent the new US base construction in Henoko!

Militants marched through the main street of Naha city under the banner 'Against the US-Japan military alliance'

- 'Don't make the Southwest Islands a military fortress!' The starting rally
'Crush the aggression in Ukraine!' The banner at the front

An antiwar demonstration marched along the main avenue in Osaka

- 'No to the constitutional revision and the major military build-up!' Raising a chorus of yells
- 'Give a final blow to Putin's war!' The determination was made firm and solid through the starting rally

Zengakuren Hokkaido and Antiwar Youths rose in an antiwar action


The Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit

The Xi regime acted in rallying governments of developing countries opposing / distancing the US

- Xi flatly rejected a request for political support from Putin who is fearing the impending defeat
-- Xi declared China's guaranteeing of the territorial integrity of the Central Asian countries
- Xi is mounting a counteroffensive against the anti-Chinese encircling net in the name of the 'multipolar world order'

Putin plunders gold from Sudan
Using Wagner, a private military company

Postal workers' struggle

No to the 'rezoning of the mail collection and delivery areas' by the criteria of a 'new standard for personnel calculation'!

Fight resolutely by overcoming the union leadership that is fully cooperating with the management by offering 'the union's business vision'!

I. The management's offensive of massive personnel cuts in the mail collection and delivery sector
II. Denounce the union leadership for praising the 'new standard for personnel calculation'!
III. Shatter the dismissal of 35,000 workers!

The National Personnel Authority's 2022 recommendation

No to the new offensive of wage cuts and the revision of the wage system!

- Recommending effective wage cuts
- Oppose the revision of the personnel and wage systems designed to get through 'shortage of competent staff'!

Deception of the so-called 'measures for soaring electricity rates'
The Kishida government announced it would disburse enormous amounts of support to electric power companies in the name of 'supporting family finances'

Denounce the enforcement of the law to 'regulate the use of lands around important facilities'!

Oppose the scheme of surveillance and repression for the purpose of waging war against China!

- A repressive measure prepared for a 'Taiwan emergency'
-- The whole of Okinawa, the 'island of military bases', is to be under state surveillance
-- The coverage of the law is at the discretion of the government

- No to the strengthening of the authoritarian ruling system headed by the Prime Minister and the Cabinet Secretariat!


No. 2741
(October 24th 2022 Issue)

Denounce the missile attacks by Putin!
Fan the flames of struggles to crush the Russian invasion of Ukraine!
Break through the crisis of a thermonuclear war!

Denouncing Putin's war
Zengakuren and Antiwar Youths marched on the government district

Tokyo, October 16th
  'Condemn Putin's missile strikes!'
The start of the demonstration

at Shiba Park, Tokyo

- Denounce the massacres of Ukrainians by Putin now at death's door!
-- The Russian invading army put to rout like an avalanche
- The FSB authoritarian ruling system shaken by the impending defeat
- Putin is attempting to use Russia's energy supply as 'weapons' to split Western states
- Besiege war-crazy Putin and bring him down!

Denounce North Korea's successive launching of missiles!

Oppose the buildup of war readiness against North Korea by the US and South Korea'!

A deluge in Pakistan
State egoism of the US and China, the source of the destruction of the global environment

Lithuanian workers and toiling people are rising up
a protest at the Russian Embassy in Vilnius

Shatter a ring of counter-revolutionary elements! (Part 6)

Putin's Great Russian chauvinism
An ideology for the war of seizing territory
(Part 2)
A. Great Russian chauvinism as the ideology of aggression
B. 'Oneness of Russians and Ukrainians': a concocted myth

---------------------------------(For the above, see Kaiho No. 2740)
C. Abuses on Lenin and Bolsheviks
- The 1917 revolution and the independence of the Ukrainian nation
- The Stalin-led violent enforcement of 'Russianization'
D. Yearning for Stalin's rein of terror
- KGB-style Machiavellism brutal and atrocious

Don't allow the government to keep imposing sacrifices on medical workers with no support!

- Even a makeshift measure to encourage 'potential nurses' to come back to jobs has failed
- Cruel consequences of the Shinzo Abe-led 'reforms in the social security system'

Denounce the Japan Post management for forcing delivery workers to ride much used motorbikes regardless of the danger!
- Behind the rapid shift to electric bikes
- Sacrifices imposed on workers in the name of 'decarbonization'

'No wage hike without reskilling'

Prime Minister's general-policy speech: Kishida justified his policies to force sacrifices on the toiling masses

Intensifying competition in the development of quantum computers

- Research and development promoted by start-up enterprises
- A 'vision of quantum future society' announced by the Kishida government
- 'Domestically developed quantum technologies' emphasized for the survival of Japanese imperialism

Behind Italy's change of government
Putin's intervention to boost the far right with the aim of hindering sanctions against Russia


No to the US-Japan joint field training exercise, Resolute Dragon 2022!

Zengakuren Hokkaido and Antiwar Youths raising their fists of anger at Ospreys
October 1st, Sapporo

Hundreds of workers and citizens marching in protest September 27th, Sapporo
Zengakuren Hokkaido and Antiwar Youths holding the banner 'Stop the US-Japan joint exercise!'
- A major military manoeuvre against China and Russia, based on the concept of EABO

'Stop the revision of the Constitution! No to Japan's military expansion!'
Militant students staged a protest in front of the LDP local office

October 7th, Osaka

'Don't let Russia make a nuclear attack!'
'Topple the Kishida-led neo-fascist government!'
Students raised their voice in anger
An ardent street propaganda after
the protest, at a local railway station

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