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No. 2663
(April 12th 2021 Issue)

Ten years after the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster

Don't allow the resumption of nuclear plant operations!
Militant workers and students fought in the van
A Sayonara to Nukes rally in Tokyo
March 27th, Hibiya Park

Marching under the slogan 'Down with the Suga government!'

Students creating a militant atmosphere
- 'Scrap all nuclear power plants and nuclear fuel facilities!'
-- Anger expressed against the Suga government which is leaving disaster victims in the lurch
- Students marched in the van of the demonstration in downtown Tokyo
- Denounce the JCP leadership's treacherous behavior! Advance struggles against the nuclear development!

Militant students called on rally participants to topple the Suga government
Action against constitutional revision in Aichi
March 19th, Nagoya
Students holding up a big the banner which says
'Stop constitutional revision! Crush the US-Japan military alliance!
Down with the Suga government which is plunging people into hardships!

Demonstrating in the centre of the city


The Suga government's dash for the development of the SDF's next-generation fighter F-3 with Mitsubishi acting as a linchpin

No to the development of weapons for preemptive strikes on enemy bases!

- Development of fighters for US-Japan joint operations: to vie with Chinese and Russian forces
- Aimed to maintain Japan's technical ability to manufacture fighters
- Expansion of military production: The government is bent on helping monopolies to survive the pandemic depression

Alibaba bashing
The Xi government embarked on full control of IT business giants

Building up of a 'medical system on a war footing'

A Regional Coast Guard Administration concluded a 'partnership agreement' with a private sports college

Stop the enactment of the 'Digital Agency'-related laws!

No to the strengthening of the Japanese-type neo-fascist ruling system!

- The centralized control of personal information data by the PM-led National Security Council
- Let us fight resolutely by overcoming the established opposition movement that merely demands 'protection of personal information'!

Stop the ultra-low-altitude flight trainings of US warplanes over built-up areas of Okinawa!
Absolutely no to the strengthening of the war preparations against China!


The present-day world economy deepening its decay amid the 'pandemic depression'
(Part 2)
3. Struggles between powers in the formation of 'half-opened economic blocs',
--- centering around the clash between the US and China
- The Xi leadership countering the US-led anti-Chinese containment with its 'dual circulation' policy
- China's challenge to the US dominance in oil and supremacy in big data
- Germany and the EU committing their future to carbon-free energy and digitalization; Japan desperate to catch them up

The spring labour offensive in the JEC
[Japanese Federation of Energy and Chemistry Workers' Unions]:
Don't allow the union leadership to destroy the offensive!
Fight to the last ditch!

- Chemical industry capitalists frantic to promote 'green and digital' projects
- The JEC leadership engrossed in offering proposals concerning 'industrial policies'
- They virtually abandoned wage increase demands in the 2021 shunto action plan
- Win a big, across-the-board wage increase! Fight back against dismissals and all attacks due to business restructuring!

Dentsu, a megaagency, introduced a system of converting fulltime, middle or advanced age employees into 'sole traders'
No to another intensification of exploitation!

Fight for a militant upsurge in the electrical industrial workers' spring labour offensive!

Denounce the union leaderships of leading companies for accepting low wage hike figures!

I. Monopoly capitalists' attempt to restrain wage hikes amid the reorganization of the electrical industry
- Distortion of struggles by the labour aristocrats and the strenuous efforts of revolutionary workers
II. Don't allow the dissolution of Shunto into 'labour-management consultation designed for the sustainable growth of companies'!
III. Let us strive further for victory in the 2021 spring labour offensive!


No. 2662
(April 5th 2021 Issue)

'Stop the construction of the new US base in Henoko!'
Protesters fought back against the strengthening of the
US-Japan offensive and defensive alliance against China

March 17th, Nago, Okinawa

Militant workers strived under the banner
'No to the deployment of a Japanese Amphibious Brigade in Henoko!'

--------------------------Canoe fighters blocked the shipping of sand for land reclamation in Henoko

Ten years after the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster:
a Sayonara to Nukes rally in Tokyo March 27th, Hibiya Park
Militant students fought in the van holding up a big banner which says:
Down with the Suga government leaving disaster victims in the lurch!
--- Scrap all nuclear power plants and nuclear fuel facilities!
--- Down with the Suga-led Japanese-type neo-fascist government!

'Denounce the government's abandonment of disaster victims!
Don't allow the restart of nuclear reactors!'

JRCL militants distributed leaflets to thousands of antinuke rally participants

March 14th, Fukuoka


The extension of the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty and the intensification of nuclear capability upgrading race between the US and China-Russia

- Mutual deception between Biden and Putin
- The increasing danger of a thermonuclear war

The Air Self-Defense Force conducted a mobile exercise for missile interception capability in Aichi Pref.

JRCL made an antiwar appeal to participants in an anti-constitutional revision meeting

March 20th, Kanazawa


A clash between the US and China over supremacy in the 21st century world

I. Diplomatic talks in Anchorage: The two powers clashed head-on, each putting forward their own 'values'
II. The Biden administration is hell-bent on building an anti-Chinese network
III. Xi-led China is desperate to form an 'anti-US entente'

The present-day world economy deepening its decay amid the 'pandemic depression'
(Part 1)
1. The widening <gap between the rich and the poor>
2. The uneven deepening of the crisis of the real economy

- The Chinese economy: The Xi leadership has managed to resume its production at a tremendous sacrifice of workers and peasant workers
- The US economy: fraught with utmost decay due to the skyrocketing of stock prices and the swell of debts


Stop the Suga government's criminal reform of the health care system!
Doubling elderly people's medical expenses, reducing the number of hospital beds ...

A letter from a comrade of Revolutionary Marxists in Britain
Firing and wage cuts: capitalist attacks amid the spread of COVID-19

Workers and the toiling masses are fighting back
- Gas workers and bus drivers have been on strike
- The Tory Government is scheming to crack down on the class struggle

From a worker comrade who attended the February 14th Workers' Solidarity Meeting
Let us strengthen struggles from below with an aim of 'deconstructing' the JTUC!

The 13th convention of the Japan Post Union

Denounce the union leadership for abandoning struggles for higher wages and rushing towards a 'structural reform of business activities'!

- One criticism leveled after another at the leadership's abandonment of struggles for higher wages and acceptance of bonus cuts
- The leadership pushed its plan through for a bad reform of the existing personnel and wage system in response to the management
- The leadership's proposal of a 'structural reform of business activities': sure to plunge workers into hardships
- Questions and criticisms cropped up about agreements in labour-management negotiations
- Let us create a struggle to topple the neo-fascist Suga government from within our workplace!
- Don't allow the leadership's distortion of struggles for higher wages into labour-management consultation for 'improving business operations'!
--Let us achieve an upsurge in Shunto!


No. 2661
(March 29th 2021 Issue)

Smash the attempt to reduce the 2021 spring labour offensive
to labour-management consultation aimed to 'survive the national crisis'!
Fight back against dismissals and wage cuts!
Win a big, across-the-board wage increase!

- Denounce the union leaderships of big companies for agreeing on zero or derisory wage increases!
- Leaders of big trade unions are immersed in 'labour-management consultation for sustainable development of industries and companies'
- Labour aristocrats are collaborating with monopoly capitalists in restructuring businesses
-- in response to the Japanese government's cry for 'digital and green'
- Let us keep fighting for a militant upsurge of the 2021 spring labour offensive!

Shatter the US-Japan offensive and defensive alliance against China
declared openly in the recent Two plus Two meeting!

- A declaration to 'contain China'
- A rush to the building of a US-Japan joint pre-emptive strike system
- Desperate to prevent China from holding 'technological supremacy'
- Let us fight resolutely under the slogan 'Against the US-Japan military alliance'!

Diplomatic talks in Alaska laid bare hostility amid the US-China cold war

The Communications Ministry's collusive ties with NTT Corporation
Condemn the Suga government riddled with bribery scandals!

Ten years after the March 11th Fukushima nuclear plant disaster
Voices of anger against the Suga government resounded in many places

March 7th, Osaka

'No to the resumption of operation of decrepit nuclear reactors!'

Workers, students and citizens gathered for a 'Sayonara to Nukes' rally
'No to the restart of nuclear plants! No to nuclear development!'
Kobe Univ. and Nara Women's Univ. students fought in the van of the demonstration

March 7th, Kagoshima
'Stop the operation of the Sendai nuclear plant now!'

Kagoshima Univ. students strived, together with workers and citizens in the centre of the city

March 13th, Sapporo
'Scrap all nuclear power plants and nuclear fuel facilities!'

JRCL ardently called on workers and citizens in a 'Sayonara to Nukes' rally in Hokkaido


Takahama reactors Nos. 1 and 2, Mihama reactor No. 3: all numbering more than forty years

Stop the restart of operation of the ageing reactors of Kansai Electric Power Co.!

Ten years after the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster

Donounce the Suga government's cover-up of damages from radiation exposure!

- The central / prefectural governments are planning to call off childhood thyroid cancer screening
- Cover-ups are undertaken by the Suga government in cahoots with international organizations

Private railway workers' spring labour offensive

Let us fight for a militant upsurge of the offensive with the aim of winning a big, across-the-board wage hike!

Denounce the leadership of Shitetsu Soren
[Japan General Federation of Private Railway and Bus Workers' Unions] for abandoning wage hike demands in the name of the 'upkeep and survival of the traffic industry'!
I. Wage cuts, sackings, relocation to other posts and companies, permanent reassignment:
--Private railway workers are exposed to merciless attacks amid the pandemic
- Managers of leading private railway companies are hell-bent on the 'structural reform in the railway business'
II. The Shitetsu Soren leadership cries for a 'thoroughgoing labour-management consultation'
III. Win a big, across-the-board wage hike! Fight for the overthrow of the Suga government!

A serious road subsidence case in suburban Tokyo
Don't allow the Suga government to evade responsibility!

- Excavation for 'deep underground' development: entailing a grave danger
No to the construction of the maglev Shinkansen planned by employing the same shield method!

A far-fetched argument about Japanese workers' 'low average wages'
The Nikkei Shimbun, a mouthpiece for monopoly bourgeoisie, cries for the destruction of the 'Japanese-style practice to secure employment'

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