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No. 2601
(January 13th 2020 Issue)

Stop the US's attack on Iran!
No to the dispatch of Japanese troops to the Middle East!
No to the revision of the Constitution and the buildup of the US-Japan military alliance!

Denounce the Cabinet decision on sending troops to the Middle East!
Zengakuren students raising clenched fists at the PM's Official Residence,
December 27th
Central Students' Orgburo
I. The danger of war growing in the Middle East and Asia
@A. US imperialists killed an Iranian commander with missiles
@B. Trump refuses to lift sanctions on North Korea; Kim declares a 'prolonged war'
@C. The nuclear capability upgrading race escalating between the US and China-Russia
II. The Abe government hell-bent on the constitutional revision, the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance and the dispatch of Japanese troops to the Middle East
III. The strenuous efforts of the revolutionary left to overcome existing opposition movements in a critical situation
IV. Fight for an explosive upsurge of struggles against the constitutional revision, against war and against the US-Japan military alliance!

@A. Denounce the JCP for abandoning opposition to the US-Japan Security Treaty!
--B. Stop the US's military attack on Iran! No to the constitutional revision! No to the buildup of the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!

A revision of the JCP programme: the worship of state monopoly capitalism
1. The crucial points of the revision
(1) The previous definition of 'China as a country aiming for socialism' entirely deleted
(2) A new outlook on the 21st century world: They admire 'civil society' as a leading actor
(3) Making it a goal in itself to 'succeed to and develop the achievements of capitalism'
(4) Defiling Marx with a phony view on a future society
2. Daydreaming about an 'opposition party coalition government', which is causing the collapse of the party organization
(1) Clinging to 'the conscientious conservatives'
(2) Dissolution of the party organization accelerating
3. An anti-proletarian line of revised capitalism

New Year's resolutions
The Kansai Regional Committee
The Tokai Regional Committee
The Hokkaido Regional Committee
The Education Workers Committee
The Social Welfare Workers Committee
The Telecommunication Industrial Workers Committee
The Metal Industrial Workers Committee
The Small and Medium Enterprise Workers Committee

'Denounce the Cabinet decision on sending Japanese troops to the Middle East!'

Zengakuren raising clenched fists at the PM's Official Residence
December 27th, Tokyo
Militants chanting in front of the PM's Official Residence

Kagoshima Univ.students fought in the van

Definitely no to the US military exercise using Ospreys!
Kagoshima Univ. students fought in the van of the residents' rally against the series of US military exercises
November 30th, Kagoshima
Stop the takeoff and landing exercise using Ospreys!' Students marching with workers and citizens
(pic right)

'Stop the reclamation work for the US base construction in Henoko!'
Protesters closed in on the unloading of sand for land reclamation

December 14th, fighting on the sea, Okinawa

The canoe flotilla breaking through the Coast Guard cordon

Militant students fighting in the van

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