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No. 2701
(January 17th 2022 Issue)

Shatter the revision of the Constitution,
the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance!

Rise in a Zengakuren demonstration on Jan. 22nd!

Create an antiwar struggle to break through the crisis of war mounting amid the 'US-China cold war'!

'Fight against the Kishida government's major offensives,
the constitutional revision and a massive military buildup!'
Zengakuren fighting on November 10th, 2021,
the first day of the special session of the Diet

Central Student Orgburo

'Stop the Diet's initiation of amendments to the Constitution!'
Zengakuren rose in front of the Diet Building,
December 19th, 2021

I. The impending crisis of a hot war amid the 'new cold war' between the US and China with Russia

- The head-on clash between the US and China (and Russia) for world hegemony in the 21st century
II. The revision of the Constitution and the strengthening of the military alliance: the Kishida-led Japanese government's ultra-reactionary offensives

III. Abysmal degeneration of the existing opposition movements and revolutionary fights of Zengakuren

IV. Create an enormous upsurge in the anti-constitutional revision, antiwar / anti-Ampo, and anti-fascist struggles!

A. Denounce the central leadership of the Japanese Communist Party for abandoning opposition to Ampo
[US-Japan military alliance]!
B. Create a storm of revolutionary antiwar struggle!

Oppose the Kishida government's imposition of sacrifices on toiling people in the name of 'new capitalism'!
Denounce the destruction of the global environment by US, European and Japanese imperialism as well as Chinese neo-Stalinism!

Declining US imperialism frantic to roll back China
(Part 1)
A. The Biden administration is desperate to counter the 'tied-up challenge' of China and Russia
- A scheme to build an Asian version of NATO
B. An ostentatious ceremony desperate to make an appearance of the 'unity of democracies'
C. Enclosure of technologies for dual use (military and civilian) and acceleration of US-China decoupling

New Year's resolutions
(Part 2)
The Hokkaido Regional Committee
The Kansai Regional Committee
The Tokai Regional Committee

The District General Workers Committee
The Education Workers Committee
The Social Welfare Workers Committee
The Heavy Industrial Workers Committee
The Metal Industrial Workers Committee

'No to Yama Sakura 81, a US-Japan joint command post exercise!'

Militant students of the Kansai region strived in the van of the protest
December 11th, Itami, Hyogo Prefecture
The largest ever US-Japan joint command post exercise conducted on the supposition of a ''Taiwan emergency'

'Stop the joint command post exercise!'
Spirited students from Kobe and Nara inspiring participants in the rally
Students calling on workers and citizens to oppose Ampo,
at Itami station

'Stop "Resolute Dragon 21", a US-Japan bilateral military exercise!'

Zengakuren and antiwar youths in Hokkaido rose in protest

December 8th, in front of the SDF drill ground gate in Yausubetsu, Hokkaido

Militant workers and students expressing anger at the joint exercise
conducted by mobilizing as many as ten Ospreys

Okinawa, Yamaguchi and Hiroshima prefectures hit by mass Covid-19 infections
spread from local US military bases

- US troops entered Japan without taking Covid-19 tests on grounds of SOFA
(Status of Forces Agreement) based on Ampo (US-Japan Security Treaty)
- Don't allow the rulers of the US and Japan to make preparations for war against China!
- Let us fight firmly with the aim of removing all the US bases and repealing Ampo!

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