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No. 2465
(April 24th 2017 Issue)

Stop a nuclear Korean war!

Stop Trump-led US imperialism invading North Korea!
Stop the Abe government joining in the war!
No to the Kim regime's nuclear missile attacks!

Down with the Abe-led neofascist government!
Workers and people all over the world, rise in a fight to topple down the warmongers!

"Denounce the US dropping a MOAB on Afghanistan!"
"Stop Trump's 'pre-emptive' strike on North Korea!"
"Denounce the US attack on Syria!"
Zengakuren students protesting to the US embassy, Tokyo, April 15th

Protest voices resounded against the 'conspiracy bill'
April 6th, at Hibiya Park, Tokyo
Thousands of protesters denounced the start of the legislative process for the bill
(pic left) 'Topple the Abe government!' Militant students held placards up high
(pic right) 'Stop the enactment of the bill! No to the constitutional revision!' Students shouted spiritedly in the demonstration

An emergency action was held in Sapporo April 6th
(pic left) 'Stop the conspiracy bill!' Hokkaido Univ. students strived in the van of the demonstration
(pic right) 'No to a surveillance society!' Workers, students and citizens took to the streets after a rally

Shatter the legislation of the conspiracy bill, today's version of the wartime Act for the Maintenance of the Public Order!
This is an attempt to introduce dirty 'American methods' of police investigations legalized by the USA Patriot Act

Japan Postal Union workers' 2017 spring labour offensive:
Denounce the management for flatly turning down workers' wage hike demands!
Condemn the labour aristocrats for agreeing on the pay figures lower than last year's!

Expose the anti-working class nature of the 'union members' opinion survey' conducted by the JP Union leadership with the aim of urging workers to increase productivity!

Denounce the labour aristocrats of the electricity industry for accepting ultra-low wage hikes and vowing to strive for boosting productivity!

Bring to light all the deceptions in the 'work style reform' plan posed by the Yamato Transport management!

A horrible reality: Artificial intelligence is being introduced into labour control in the name of 'human resource technology'

China's 'new urbanization plan' forcing hardships on migrant workers and peasants
(1) Migrant workers are being driven out of their dwelling places in urban areas
(2) 'New cities' in the hinterlands, to which they are pressed to move have yet to be constructed
(3) The bureaucratic plan of 'agricultural reform' is being justified by the deceitful separation of peasants' rights 'to use' lands from those 'to manage' them

[8] Kaleidoscope
- Trump 'decapitated' Stephen Bannon on the eve of the US's missile attacks on Syria
- Trump issued a presidential order on trade with blatant state egoism
- The government's plan to decommission Fukushima nuclear reactors within the next 40 years is like building castles in the air: the on-going probe into the melted cores inside reactors is forcing exposure to a high dose of radiation on plant workers
- A fictitious monologue by the wife of the prime minister


No. 2464
(April 17th 2017 Issue)

Rise in an international antiwar struggle!

Denounce the Trump-led US imperialist government attacking Syria!
No to the massacres of Syrian people by the al-Assad regime backed by the Putin-led Russian government!

Stop the US administration preparing a war of aggression under the pretext of 'preventing North Korea's nuclear armament'! Oppose the US, Japanese and South Korean governments intensifying combat readiness!
No to the Kim regime's anti-working class nuclear testing and missile launching!
Oppose the strengthening of the globalized US-Japan alliance for aggressive war!
Down with the Abe government!
Workers and people all over the world, unite to fight against the nuclear arms race between the US and China /Russia!

Shatter the legislation of the 'conspiracy bill'!
No to the revision of the Constitution primarily targeted at the destruction of the war-renouncing Article 9!
Overthrow the neo-fascist Abe government!
Zengakuren students upheld placards, 'Down with the Abe government!'
in a rally against the 'conspiracy bill'
(April 6th, Tokyo)

- Don't allow today's version of the Maintenance of the Public Order Act!
- Smash every attempt to build Japan into a 'state capable of waging a war'!
- Absolutely 'No!' to the promotion of ultra-rightist education by using the prewar Imperial Rescript on Education!


Anger is flaring up all over Japan against the Abe government

March 18th, Osaka

'Stop the constitutional revision! Topple the Abe government!'

Kobe Univ. and Nara Women's Univ. students fought in the van of the mass demonstration

March 19th, Fukuoka
Militant workers strived for the upsurge of the rally against the constitutional revision, against the US-Japan security treaty

March 24th, Kanazawa
The JRCL called on workers and citizens to accuse Abe of covering up the Moritomo scandal

Stop the reclamation work in Henoko!

Ryukyu Univ. and Okinawa Int'l Univ. students fought strenuously under the banner, 'Against the US-Japan security treaty!'

April 1st, in front of the US Camp Schwab gate, Okinawa
Protesters held a rally
to commemorate the 1,000th day of the sit-in protest,

Protesters stopped the crane on a construction barge dropping concrete blocks into the sea, March 30th, Henoko
The canoe team rushed against the construction barge

'Halt the operation of the Sendai nuclear power plant immediately!'
A 'No more Fukushima! Stop Sendai nuclear reactors!' rally was held, March 12th, Kagoshima (pic left)
Kagoshima Univ. students strived for a militant upsurge of the demonstration
(pic right)

The first 'summit meeting' between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping


Expose the danger and reactionary nature of the 'conspiracy bill'!

Stop the enactment of today's version of the notorious Maintenance of the Public Order Act!

Denounce the labour aristocrats of
the Japan General Federation of Private Railway and Bus Workers' Unions@for agreeing on ultra-low compromise figures of pay increase!

Definitely no to the legalization of long working hours that would lead to 'death from overwork'!
Crush the government panel's 'action plan' for setting the 'upper limits' on overtime hours!

No to the outsourcing of public service work!
Don't allow the dismissal of workers due to the restructuring of local governments!

A Rengo rally for the 2017 spring labour offensive in Okinawa, March 28th
Militant workers strived to make a bridgehead for the upsurge of the spring offensive of SME and local industry workers

A Rengo rally for the 2017 spring labour offensive in Aichi, March 5th
Many workers raised angry voices against labour aristocrats restraining demands for higher wages

Class struggle in Europe is on the verge of a crisis amid the rage of ultranationalism

Bring to light Abe's commitment to the Moritomo school scandal!
(Part 5)

The ultra-nationalistic right-wing Nippon Kaigi
[Japan Conference] led Abe's stratagem to build a 'militarist elementary school'
Sixteen out of the 20 cabinet members in Abe's government belong to Nippon Kaigi, whose tenet is the 'restoration of militarist Japan'

Nationalist brainwashing education has been promoted in the Moritomo-run Tsukamoto kindergarten
Abe once praised it as a 'model' for the 'recovery of education'

The Abe government is plotting to restore a 'guideline for wartime home education' that whips up ultranationalism


No. 2463
(April 10th 2017 Issue)

Danger of war is mounting in the Korean Peninsula
Rise up in antiwar struggle!
Down with the Abe government
hell-bent on new legislation against 'conspiracy'
and the revision of the Constitution!

- The Korean peninsula is on the verge of war due to the US-ROK joint military exercises, as well as North Korea's launching of missiles
-- The Trump administration has set forth a hard-line policy against North Korea
- Under the pretext of 'North Korean threat', the Japanese government is accelerating the military buildup
- Let us advance the revolutionary antiwar struggle!

'Block the construction of a new US military base in Henoko!'

Thousands of people gathered in protest in front of the Camp Schwab gate, March 25th, Okinawa
Let us create a surge of antiwar, anti-base struggle, denouncing the JCP's abandonment of struggles against the US-Japan Security Treaty!
Protesters raised angry fists
against the reclamation work in Henoko
Stop the restart of Tomari nuclear reactor No. 3 by the government and Hokkaido Electric Power Co.!

1. Unveil the deception of 'safety measures' and an 'agreement with local residents'
2. The government is clinging to the possession of potentials for manufacturing nuclear weapons
3. Fight for the immediate stop and scrap of nuclear plants,
----overcoming the JCP-led campaign to 'request a change for the better' of energy policies!

Formidable difficulties in decommissioning Fukushima nuclear reactors
- Robots to probe the reactor got stuck in nuclear debris one after another due to high-level radioactive contamination
- Monopoly capitalists of Japan and the US see business opportunities in the state project
---and swarm around the development of new robots

The Leadership of Zenroren
[National Confederation of Trade Unions] is attempting to subordinate the spring labour offensive to the JCP-led campaign for a 'coalition between non-government parties'
A. JCP-obedient Zenroren leaders are manipulating trade unions for propagandizing policies to support the parliamentary coalition!
B. By emphasizing 'social wage struggle', they are virtually abandoning the organizing of trade union-based struggles for higher wages
C. Expose the fallacy of their argument, 'wage raise is needed to get out of the economic depression'!
D. Their counterproposals only amount to complementing Abe's 'work style reform'
E. Don't allow their parliamentarianist distortion of struggles! Let us fight out the 2017 spring labour offensive!

A late-night temporary worker died from overwork: a Panasonic factory in Fukui Prefecture

Don't allow the planned closure of a Sharp Corporation factory in Hiroshima!


A Rengo rally for the 2017 spring labour offensive in Fukuoka,
March 12th
Militant workers strived for the upsurge of the spring labour offensive

A Rengo rally for the 2017 spring labour offensive in Hokkaido, March 9th
Militant workers raised their voices against the revision of labour laws

The Education Ministry ordered serious modifications in the screening of elementary school textbooks for nationalist 'moral education'

No to the conspiracy bill! Mass protests were staged

'Build a battle front against fascism! Down with the Abe government!'
Aichi Univ. and Nagoya Univ. students demonstrated with workers and citizens, showing directions for the struggle,
March 19th, Nagoya (pic 1)

'Crush the Cabinet decision on the conspiracy bill!'
Kanazawa Univ. students spiritedly fought with other protesters,
March 19th, Kanazawa (pic 2)

From a participant in the JRCL political meeting in last December:
I'll be continuing our struggle in a spirit of 'Fight it out!'

Bring to light Abe's commitment to the Moritomo school scandal!
(Part 4)

The Abe government has just recently set a guideline for preschools:
All children over 3 years of age should be familiar with the Rising-Sun flag and the 'Reign of the Emperor" anthem

The Defense Minister Tomomi Inada also took an active role in the founding of ultra-rightist Moritomo school

A second 'Moritomo scandal',
a far more serious one machinated by Abe, is being disclosed:
Massive financial support and extraordinary benefits were given to Kake Gakuen


No. 2462
(April 3rd 2017 Issue)

Condemn Shinzo Abe for providing 'special advantage'
to an ultranationalist kindergarten director
in founding a 'model school' for 'patriotic' education!

Down with the neo-fascist Abe government!

Zengakuren rose up in protest with workers and citizens rallied in front of the Diet Building, March 23rd
- Zengakuren denounced Abe, the main culprit of the scandal, now frantic to cover it up
- The JRCL called on protesters to overthrow the Abe government
(pic above) 'Don't allow Abe to hush up the scandal!' In front of the Diet Members' Office Building

Block the reclamation work in Henoko! No to the construction of a new US military base!
Let us fight for the removal of all US bases, for the repeal of the US-Japan Security Treaty!

- Denounce the start of the reclamation work!
- Oppose the strengthening of US bases as frontline bases for attacking China!
- Create a big surge of antiwar, anti-Security Treaty struggle in opposition to the JCP's total abandonment of struggles against the Security Treaty!

(pic left) Thousands of protesters gathered against reclamation, March 25th, at the Camp Schwab gate, Okinawa (details will appear in our next issue)


The sixth anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster

Anger flamed out at the successive restarts of nuclear reactors
'Sayonara to nukes' national rally in Tokyo, March 20th
Tens of thousands of protesters staged demonstrations in the busy streets of Tokyo (pic1)

'Thwart the resumption of operation of the Tomari nuclear power plant!'
Militant students strived for the uplift of the 'Sayonara to nukes' rally in Hokkaido, March 11th (pic2)

'Crush the conspiracy bill!' Voices of protesters reverberated through city streets
, March 13th, Osaka
Militant students in the Kansai region fought spiritedly with workers and citizens (pic3)

The 139th meeting of the Zengakuren Central Committee ended in success

March 14th-15th, Tokyo
Smash the constitutional revision! Stop the new US base construction in Henoko! Foil the legislation against 'conspiracy'!

Shatter the deployment of CV22 Ospreys in Yokota for Air Force special operations!

The realities of the strengthening of the US Yokota base in Tokyo
- The Yokota base is being strengthened to facilitate special forces making sallies into enemy territory
- It is strengthened as a relay and sortie base for fighter planes in attacking China
- Its function as headquarters of the US-Japan integrated forces has been tremendously strengthened

Reports on the advance of struggles
February 12th Workers' Solidarity Meeting
I've decided to fight doggedly in opposition to the Zenroren leadership's distortion of struggles in a parliamentarianist manner!
A welfare worker

I express my determination to fight for the overthrow of the Abe government in firm solidarity with you workers striving for a militant upsurge of the spring labour offensive
A solidarity speech by the Zengakuren chairman

A Rengo rally for the 2017 spring labour offensive in Osaka
, March 3rd
Workers' angry voices were directed against the labour aristocrats who are abandoning wage struggles

A Rengo rally for the 2017 spring labour offensive in Ishikawa, March 9th
Denunciations were hurled at labour leaders' agreement with the government on long working hours

The 'urgent proposal' announced by the JCP to 'eradicate death from overwork' is against the working class interests

'The lofty ideal of a worker comrade as the subject of struggle came home to me'
From a student who participated in the JRCL political meeting for the first time in last December

Bring to light Abe's commitment to the Moritomo school scandal!
(Part 3)

Shinzo Abe and his wife's direct initiative in advantaging 'special benefits' to Moritomo Gakuen is now as clear as day
-- Moritomo head Yasunori Kagoike's sworn testimony in the Diet

The ultranationalist school scandal was reported across the world

The Moritomo-run kindergarten is instilling into the minds of its pupils hatred for Chinese and Korean people; Abe highly praised i


- Peter Navarro, Trump's economic advisor, is crying out for a hard-line policy against China
- Japan's new helicopter carrier Kaga: commissioned to invade enemy territory and conducting amphibious operations
- Japan's Coast Guard vessels are being sent to ASEAN countries: Abe the Trump-flatterer is bent on reorganizing the encircling net against China
- Kim Jong Un vs. Trump: 'nuclear provocation' vs. 'assassination operation'?


No. 2461
(March 27th 2017 Issue)

Topple down the neo-fascist Abe government
tainted with the Moritomo-Gakuen scandal!

Don't allow Abe to cover up his commitment in the cut-rate land sale
for aiding an ultranationalist kindergarten director in founding a school!

- Denounce Abe for advantaging 'special benefits' to the building of a 'model school' for promoting his 'patriotic' education!
- Stop the legislation of a 'conspiracy bill'!
---Thwart the constitutional revision!
---Overthrow the ultra-reactionary Abe government!

We denounce the extremely low wage hike agreed
between monopoly capitalists and labour aristocrats!

- The management is ruthlessly suppressing wage increase on the pretext of 'murky economic prospects'
-- The stopgap measure to get through the bankruptcy of Abenomics has turned out a complete failure
- Denounce the fake 'wage hikes' mocking workers!
-- Smash the imposition of poverty on workers!
- Oppose the intensification of labour imposed in the name of a 'work style reform'!
- Win big, across-the-board wage hikes!

 Bring to light Abe's secret commitment to the Moritomo school scandal! (Part 2)

Expose the collusive relationship of Ishin, another neo-fascist party, to the ringleader Abe over the founding of Moritomo's new school named
'Abe Shinzo Memorial Elementary School'!
Never overlook the crucial role played by Ichiro Matsui, Osaka Prefectural Governor and leader of Ishin, who backed Moritomo Gakuen in cahoots with Abe!

Moritomo Gakuen's ultranationalist education style is the very model for the Abe-promoted 'patriotic' education

Iits curriculum is aimed to instil in its pupils 'the spirit of self-sacrifice for the nation'

Don't allow the legalization of murderous '100 hours of overtime a month'!

Condemn the Rengo
[Japanese Trade Union Confederation] leadership
for endorsing the destruction of the eight-hour working day system!

Block the legislation of the 'conspiracy bill', today's version of the wartime Maintenance of the Public Order Act!

- The bill to regulate 'terrorism preparation crimes' is full of lies and deceptions!
- It is designed to grant tremendous investigative authority to the prosecution / police
- Preventive suppression is aimed to nip protest movements in the bud
- Smash the neo-fascist law!

Shatter the reactionary revision of the official guidelines for school teaching schemed by the Abe government and the Education Ministry!

No to the full-scale introduction of 'moral education' as part of the curriculum!
Oppose the promotion of a new form of meritocratic education!

Win big, across-the-board wage hikes!

-- A criticism of the JAW
[Confederation of Japan Automobile Workers' Unions]'s action plan for the 2017 spring labour offensive

Fight for the upsurge of the publishing industry workers' spring labour offensive
breaking down the low wage increase offered by the companies!


Reports on the advance of struggles
: February 12th Workers' Solidarity Meeting
I'm determined to advance our fight in opposition to the official union leadership's acceptance of long working hours:
A publishing industry worker

Complete the same amount of work with less working time'!?
Accuse the Rengo leadership of going along with capitalists who are crying for the increase in productivity!

A Labour Ministry panel made concrete proposals to introduce a 'severance pay' system
aimed to liberalize dismissals and destroy trade unions

* Weekly Kaihoh is edited only in Japanese.
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