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No. 2552
(January 21st 2019 Issue)

Rise in the Workers and Students' United Actions on January 27th!
Build up a mass movement to stop the revision of the constitution!
Overcome the JCP-led 'peace movement' that abandons opposition to the US-Japan military alliance!

Central Students' Orgburo
I. The Abe government preparing a neo-fascistic revision of the Constitution and a massive military buildup
II. Tense confrontations between the US and China/Russia and the increase in the danger of war
- The declining militarist empire's desperate struggle
- China and Russia escalating their challenges to the US

III. Degeneration of opposition movements led by the official leaderships and the fights of the revolutionary left
IV. Overcome the JCP-led opposition movement that abandons fighting against the US-Japan military alliance!
V. Fight for a militant upsurge of the anti-constitutional revision struggle, antiwar and anti-Ampo struggles!
A. Stop the revision of the Constitution prepared by the Abe government ambitious for the restoration of 'militarist Japan'!
B. Stop the new US base construction in Henoko!
C. Create a revolutionary antiwar struggle to eradicate the crisis of war caused by the confrontation between the US and China/Russia!

The 'US-China trade war'
-- A battle for 'supremacy in technology'

1. A fight for the leadership in setting up the 5G communications networks
2. A clash over China's moves for becoming a 'great manufacturing power'
- The Xi government concealing the cruel victimization of workers and toiling people under a smoke screen of 'China's miracle'

The anti-proletarian nature of Xi Jinping's 'thought on great-power diplomacy'
(Part 2)
2. Embellishment in the name of 'humankind sharing the same destiny'
B. Deceptions of 'maintaining world peace' and 'promoting joint development'
C. A bureaucratic command to build a stronger state

[6] New Year's resolutions (3)
The Chugoku Regional Committee
The Telecommunication Industrial Workers Committee
The District-based General Workers Committee
The Heavy Industrial Workers Committee

A New Year Interview with the Chairman and the Chief Secretary of Zengakuren
We're determined to organize a mass upsurge against the constitutional revision

'No to the construction of a nuclear waste disposal plant!'

Protesters raised angry fists despite a thick snow
November 23rd, Horonobe, Hokkaido
Militant students, together with workers, held a protest march


Anger exploded at the sand dumping in the sea of Henoko

Land and sea, protesters blocked the shipment of sand off to the base construction site
January 9th, at the pier in Nago, Okinawa
Full of spirit, canoe fighters tied their own bodies to the anchor chain of the sand loading ship to block it from setting sail

Canoe fighters fought braving repression by the Coast Guard

Thousands rose in People's Action in Okinawa
January 5th, in front of a US camp gate near Henoko, Okinawa
'Crush the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!'
Militant call met with an enthusiastic response from protesters

Vigorous students strived in a rally held in solidarity with the fight of Okinawa
December 13th, in front of Osaka Station
'Stop dumping sand! Down with the Abe government!' Students' call and flyers evoked sympathy


No. 2551
(January 14th 2019 Issue)

Fight for a victory in the 2019 spring labour offensive!
Stop the revision of the Constitution!
Win big, across-the-board wage hikes!
Don't allow the JTUC leadership to destroy the spring labour offensive!

Central Workers' Orgburo

I. The government and the monopoly bourgeoisie are scheming for a reactionary offensive;
the labour aristocrats are intending to destroy the spring labour offensive

A. Labour aristocrats and capitalists are beginning to destroy the spring labour offensive en bloc
- The JTUC leadership has abandoned setting up standards for demanding wage hikes
- The monopoly bourgeoisie pins its hopes of survival on the Fourth Industrial Revolution
- Monopoly capitalists' cry for a switch to 'job-based employment': they are seeking to sweep away Japanese-style employment practices
- Bankruptcy of Abenomics and the deepening poverty of workers and the toiling masses

B. The offensive of revising the Constitution: the Abe government's ambition to restore 'militarist Japan'
C. Strenuous efforts of the revolutionary and militant workers to overcome the degradation of the labour movement

II. Create a militant upsurge of the spring labour offensive!
A. Expose the criminal nature of the action plan to seek for 'wage levels that correspond to the value of work'
- Deception in 'labour-management negotiations for boosting the competitiveness of companies'
- A plot to bury the spring labour offensive as wage struggle on the pretext of the 'raise of the minimum salary level'
- The criminal fallacy of 'wages that correspond to the value of work'

B. Advance struggles for the victory of the spring labour offensive and against the revision of the Constitution!

'Block the dumping of sand in the sea of Henoko!'
Militant students fought in the van of the protest action, December 14th, Henoko, Okinawa


The anti-proletarian nature of Xi Jinping's 'thought on great-power diplomacy'
(Part 1)
1. What is the 'socialist diplomacy characteristic of China in a new age'?
A. Xi extensively advertised his own 'thought on diplomacy'
B. What is intended by the 'reform of the global governance system'?

2. Embellishment in the name of 'humankind sharing the same destiny'
A. Justification of China's diplomacy based on Chinese nationalism
(To be continued)

New Year's resolutions (2)
The Kansai Regional Committee
The Tokai Regional Committee
The Kyushu Regional Committee
The Prefectural / Municipal Workers Committee
The Social Welfare Workers Committee@
The Electric Industrial Workers Committee
The Small and Medium Enterprise Workers Committee
The Metal Industrial Workers Committee

People vented their rage against the start of dumping sand in the sea

Protesters completely blocked the construction gate
December 14th, Henoko, Okinawa
Militant students fought in the forefront of the protest action

The boat 'Poseidon', steered by militant students, advanced
with the canoe flotilla to stop sand dumping

'Denounce the sand dumping! We'll stop the new US base construction!'
A protest rally on the beach

Protest actions in front of the Defence Ministry in Tokyo
'Stop the new US base construction in Henoko!'

Zengakuren students fought decisively in two consecutive days in solidarity with the struggle in Okinawa

December 14th
December 13th
December 14th
'Stop dumping sand!' 'Crush the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!' They chanted slogans
December 13th
Militant students, together with workers and citizens, held a protest rally against the Abe government

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