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No. 2544
(November 12th 2018 Issue)

Zengakuren and Antiwar Youths
a militant demonstration, October 28th
Oppose the revision of the Constitution!
Block the submission of a draft revision to the Diet!
Stop dumping sand in the sea of Henoko!

 White-helmeted militants marching
through the centre of Tokyo
 Demonstrators raised clenched fists
at the PM's Official Residence
- Militant students and workers marched on the Diet Building, the US Embassy, and the PM's Official Residence
- Crush the Abe government's revision of the Constitution and strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance!: the solidarity rally
- Shatter the intensifying nuclear arms race between the US and China-Russia!: a JRCL delegate's solidarity appeal
- Spread the surge of struggles against the constitutional revision, against the US-Japan military alliance and against fascism!

Okinawa: Struggles against the US base construction in Henoko

Indignant workers, students and residents of Okinawa rose in protest against the resumption of the construction work, October 30th, Kadena
Anger exploded against the government's decision trampling on the dissenting voices of the people of Okinawa, at the Defence Ministry's agency in Okinawa
(pic above left)
'No base in Henoko! Stop dumping sand!' Militant students fought with workers, in an emergency rally against the restart of the base construction, October 26th, Naha
(pic above right)

Militant students in Kansai strived in the van of workers and citizens

'No to the Road to War' rally, October 20th, Osaka
Kobe Univ. and Nara Women's Univ. students fought under the slogan 'No to constitutional revision! Down with the Abe government!'

[3] Militant workers and students rose in antiwar, anti-constitutional revision action in seven cities in Japan
Workers and Students' united action in Okinawa, October 28th, Naha
Militants delivered an intense counterattack against the dumping of sand in the sea

Workers and Students' united action in Kansai, October 21st, Osaka
Demonstrators raised a chorus of angry yells at the local LDP office in Osaka

Medical workers are compelled to work under more and more harsh conditions

Denounce the resumption of the Ikata No. 3 nuclear reactor operation by Shikoku Electric Power Co.!


The 2019 spring labour offensive: Labour aristocrats of Toyota unions are scheming to scrap the struggle for higher wages

Education workers placed under the performance evaluation system are obliged to overwork severely as advisers or instructors for students' extra-curricular activities

80 percent of teachers want an 'increase in the number of teachers': the government's '2018 White Paper on Death from Overwork'
Even the official survey shows extremely harsh working conditions

What happened to a suspended nuclear plant at the time of the Hokkaido Earthquake
The region-wide blackout actually made it impossible for the Tomari plant to continue cooling spent nuclear fuel

Toyota has embarked on a joint development of the fuel cell electric vehicle with a Chinese enterprise

[8] Kaleidoscope
- South Korea's Supreme Court decision: Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp. must pay compensation to former Korean workers drafted compulsively in wartime
- Scandal-ridden Satsuki Katayama, the sole ministress in the Abe cabinet, is a dyed-in-the-wool right-wing nationalist
- Vast airspace above Tokyo and eight other prefectures is controlled by the US military stationed in Yokota
- US and Japanese rulers are scheming to involve the Australian government in their military alliance against China


No. 2543
(November 5th 2018 Issue)

Create a big surge of struggle against the constitutional revision!
Fight resolutely, overcoming the parliamentarianist distortion of struggles by the JCP!

- Thwart the Abe-led LDP's attempt to introduce an amendment bill into the Diet!
-- Don't allow the strengthening of the NSC-helmed authoritarian ruling system!
- Hair-trigger situations are occurring amid the US vs. China/Russia military confrontation
-- Trump declared withdrawal from the INF Treaty: causing a still more intensifying nuclear arms race
-- Following Trump's demands, Abe is strengthening the US-Japan nuclear military alliance

- Denounce the JCP bureaucrats for fanning the illusion of a 'trend to peace'!

'Stop the constitutional revision!' White-helmeted workers and students marched on to the Diet Building, Tokyo, October 28th

'Against the constitutional revision! Against the dumping of sand into the sea of Henoko!'
Thousands of workers and students gathered in front of the Diet Building,
October 19th, Tokyo
'Down with the Abe government!' Metropolitan area students fought together with workers

'Stop the US base construction in Henoko! Block the revision of the Constitution!'

International Antiwar Day struggle in Okinawa,
October 22nd
'No to the US-Japan military alliance!'
Ryukyu Univ. and Okinawa Int'l Univ. students' protest action

Smash the crackdown on demonstrations and rallies of anti-government movements
by the Tokyo Metropolitan authorities hand in glove with the police

The league of commercial broadcasting companies decided not to impose any restrictions
on 'money talks'-style commercials advertising constitutional revision

Stop dumping sand in the sea of Henoko!
Demolish the new US base construction!

- Riding roughshod over the dissenting voices of the people, the Abe government has resorted to strong measures to resume the construction work
- Abe is hell-bent on pushing forward the constitutional revision amid an explosive situation in the US-China confrontation
- Spread the vehement antiwar fight of Okinawa to the whole country!

Postal workers' struggle
Expose the union leadership's deception in make preparations for a compromise in the 2019 spring labour offensive!

Don't allow them to smooth the way for accepting agreements with the management on the 'work style reform'!

No to the Education Ministry's plan to introduce a 'year-based variable working hour system' into schools!

No to the long working hours of education workers!
No to the tightening of labour control!

Two city education boards in Ishikawa Prefecture decided to use the reactionary junior high school textbook in question for moral education


Don't allow the legislation of foreign workers' 'new residence status' in this Diet session!

The Xi Jinping government's haphazard measures to 'exterminate poverty'

-- The wretched realities of peasants forced to migrate from rural villages to urban districts

The widening gap between rich and poor in the 'country of market socialism'

'Sharp power':
The Trump administration is irritated at China's tactics for manipulating public opinion


- A clash of interests between the US and China is occurring also in the Arctic Ocean

- The Trump administration has embarked on the tightening of restrictions on the export of nuclear power technology against China

- The Abe government is still sticking to the totally bankrupt reprocessing plan of mixed oxide fuel


No. 2542
(October 29th 2018 Issue)

No to the US and Japanese government
stepping up combat readiness against China!

Stop dump sand into the sea of Henoko!!

- Oppose the neo-fascist revision of the Constitution! No to the building of Japan into a military power!
- Stop the new US base construction in Henoko! Don't allow the resumption of construction work!
- Strengthen the antiwar struggle to eradicate the danger of war amid confrontation between the US and China/Russia!

'Stop constitutional revision! Down with the Abe government!'
Voices of Zengakuren resounded around the Diet Building, October 19th


No to the deployment of Ospreys in the US Yokota base!

US warplanes are flying arrogantly in the skies over Japan

Putin-led Russia is attempting to make inroads into African countries
by means of resource development technology and military aid

The US-Taliban secret negotiations

There is no way for US imperialism to get out of a quagmire of the Afghan War

The Hokkaido Earthquake:
the worst ever power blackout

Due to the blackout, medical facilities in Hokkaido suffered critical situations

The rise of 'anti-refugee' ultranationalist tendencies in Germany
- The head of the intelligence agency defended a neo-Nazi assault on foreigners
- Taking advantage of the Chemnitz murder case, AfD is fanning 'anti-refugee, anti-immigrant' sentiment

German ultranationalists shout 'Heil Hitler!'


A JCP bureaucrat glorifies the 'artificial intelligence revolution' as a new stage of the ICT revolution


JTUC's 'basic plan' for the 2019 spring labour offensive

Denounce the leadership for abandoning the setting of wage increase rates!

- Labour aristocrats are intending to eradicate even the already emasculated system of the spring labour offensive
- Leaders are urging union members to improve productivity and boost competitiveness
- Denounce the labour aristocrats' treachery! Create a militant upsurge of the 2019 spring labour offensive!

Drug company trade unions withdrew en masse from UA Zensen,
one of the major affiliated union federations within the JTUC,
to establish a new one
The newly formed union aims for a
'labour movement serving to the development of the Japanese pharmaceutical industry'

A contribution from a reader of Kaihoh

Oppose slashes in social welfare spending!

Don't allow the cut-off of subsidies to 'mind' intractable disease patients'

Bring to light the degeneration of union leaders who seek for 'collaboration' with capitalists
in the name of 'surmounting the difficulties of the publishing industry'!

The 68th convention of Shuppan Roren [Japan Federation of Publishing Workers' Union]



- 'Turkey may find another ally if sanctions are continued':
Erdogan is acting in defiance of US sanctions

- GM, a standard-bearer for the American-style Fourth Industrial Revolution, is in financial difficulty

- The 'fifth generation' technological development:
Abe aims to monitor the whole nation and win through in a global competition for information technologies


No. 2541
(October 22nd 2018 Issue)

Shatter the revision of the Constitution!
No to the US and Japanese government
intensifying combat readiness against China!

Topple the Abe government with the power of workers and students!

- A tense confrontation between the US and China and constitutional revision planed by the Abe-led Japanese government
- Revolutionary workers are fighting despite official leaders' oppression and distortion of struggles against constitutional revision
- Create resolute struggles against the constitutional revision, against the Abe government across the country!
- Crash the nationalist propaganda conducted to justify war preparation against China!

The Okinawa gubernatorial election:

The anti-US base candidate won an overwhelming victory

People's anger erupted at the Abe government carrying of the new US base construction in Henoko

The Okinawa Prefectural Committee of the JRCL

Denounce Abe's agreement with Trump to start a bilateral FTA negotiation!

An anti-Chinese speech by Pence

'We will not be intimidated'

The Vice-President of the declining imperialist state aroused nationalist hatred against the 'revisionist force'

The JCP Chairman reproaches Abe for his 'fatuous smile' at Putin's proposal on territorial issues
The bureaucrat is trying to sell his party as a 'patriotic party'

No to the deployment of Aegis Ashore missile systems!

- Smash the construction of a new US-Japan joint 'missile defence system'!
- No to the build-up of the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!
- Smash the plan of the Japanese government to hold 'capabilities for attacking enemy bases'!

'Stop the deployment of the Aegis Ashore system!'

Militant students strived in a mass rally held near the planed cite in Yamaguchi

September 30th

Together with workers and farmers holding 'No!' signs,
students held a banner
'No to the US-Japan military alliance!'

Militant students fought with workers and farmers

Oppose the strengthening of the US-Japan joint operational systems!

The US-Japan joint landing exercise was conducted in civilian areas, Tanegashima Island, south of Kyushu!

A headquarters for missile defence systems is to be set up in the suburbs of Tokyo
Trump is intending to step up monitoring systems against China by linking US X-band radars

Denounce the local authorities for rejecting the recognition of a teacher's death as a 'death from overwork'!

Abe intends to revise the pension system;
'Payments to be started at the age of seventy'


From the printing labour front

Create a resolute struggle against the Abe governments' reactionary offensives!

-- The 68th convention of Zen'insoren
[General Federation of Japan Printing and Publishing Workers' Unions]



- Abe's reshuffled cabinet for constitutional revision

- Behind the Macedonian referendum:
A n antipathy between the US / EU and Russia

- Putin's mercenaries:
A Russian private military company' is engaging in secret manoeuvres in Syria, in Ukraine and ...

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