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No. 2481
August 14th 2017 Issue)

The 55th International Antiwar Assembly, August 6th
All seven venues of the assembly were filled with the fighting spirit
of participants prepared to topple the Abe government

'Stop a nuclear Korean war!' Workers and students fortified their resolve

1,200 participants chanted in unison 'Let us fight!'
(The central meeting: Asakusa, Tokyo)

- Advance the revolutionary antiwar struggle based on proletarian internationalism!: The keynote speech
- A militant worker and the chairman of Zengakuren each expressed their fervent determination to fight
- Let us crush Abe's desperate attempts to stay in power!
-- Fight resolutely by overcoming the parliamentarianist distortion of struggles by JCP leaders!

Workers, students and residents of Okinawa rose against the embankment work in Henoko
, July 25th, Okinawa
A flotilla of 80 canoes and ships took protest action out on the sea

Braving threats by US forces, canoe fighters staged a 'sit-in
demonstration at sea'
around the planned embankment area

Protesters gathered on the beach to raise their voice
against the new US base construction

'Overthrow the NSC autocracy!'
July 19th, Nagoya

'Down with the Abe government!' rally
Workers, students and citizens staged a demonstration in the centre of the city, July 19th, Nagoya
Militant students' call evoked a sympathetic response among participants of the rally

in front of Takada-no-baba, a busy railway station

Zengakuren students called on young workers and students to take part in the International Antiwar Assembly,
August 5th, in Tokyo


An emergency rally was held to force the Abe Cabinet to resign

July 24th, Kagoshima

Kagoshima Univ. students strived together with workers from all over the prefecture

'Stop the constitutional revision! Down with the Abe government!'

Kagoshima Univ. students staged a militant demonstration in the city street
(pic 3)
July 22nd, Kagoshima

The Abe government is scheming to introduce new supersonic air-to-ship missiles to destroy Chinese aircraft carriers
Today, half a year since Trump's inauguration as president, the Rust Belt is hit by a storm of dismissals

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 55th Antiwar Assembly
- Revolutionary Marxists in Britain, Britain
- Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Britain
- DIE LINKE, Germany
- SPARK (Solidarity for Peace and Reunification of Korea), South Korea

Crush the repressive 'surveillance system targeted at the whole nation'
being set up by the Abe government resting on the NSC autocracy!

Bring to light the criminal nature of the Japanese government's introduction of a US-made intelligence programme!

The government is promoting 'mixed nursing services'
(to provide for both nursing care insurance and private treatment)
to facilitate capitalists' entry into nursing care business

The government newly listed nursing care work in the Technical Internship Program for foreigners
--- to patch up acute shortages of nursing care workers
Don't allow the imposition of ultra-low wages and overworking on foreign workers!

Abe is making municipalities vie with one another in reducing nursing care benefits
-- under the new nursing care insurance system revised in the name of 'supporting self-help efforts'

The Japan Postal Union leadership proposed measures to improve productivity,
----calling them 'measures devised from the viewpoint of workers'
Say 'No!' to the leadership's full cooperation with the management in imposing extreme intensification of labour on workers!

Five fatal accidents occurred in slightly over a year at the New Nagoya-Kobe Expressway construction sites

Denounce NEXCO
[West Nippon Expressway Company] for victimizing construction workers and rushing to the opening of the new expressway!

Denounce the Nikkei Shimbun for heaping abuses on the JTUC
---that withdrew the 'tripartite agreement between the government, labour and management' for the removal of state regulations on working hours!
Don't allow the introduction of a 'zero overtime pay system'!


* Weekly Kaihoh is edited in Japanese.
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