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No. 2430
(August 8th 2016 Issue)

Crush the neo-fascist offensive with the united power of the working class!

'Block the construction of US helipads!' People rose in a fierce protest against the construction work (July 22nd, Takae, Okinawa)

- Smash the Abe government's offensive of revising the Constitution!
-- Abe is resorting to Hitler-like 'political manoeuvres'
-- The government is launching reactionary offensives to force 'war and poverty' on workers and the toiling masses
-- While lavishly supporting big business, it is victimizing the underprivileged
- The world of today is thrown into a cataclysmic upheaval
- Foil the constitutional revision! Create antiwar struggles! Smash the government's economic attacks on the toiling masses!
-- Overcome the parliamentalianist fallacy of the JCP!

Stop the construction of US Osprey helipads!

Anger burst out at the attempted resumption of construction work,
Takae, Okinawa
July 21st: People's rage resounded through the lush forest area of northern Okinawa
1,600 indignant people rallied to an emergency protest

- 'Don't let them open the gate!' Workers, students and citizens fought in unity to block the road to the construction site
(pic right)
- Militant students strived, raising the banner 'Scrap Ampo!'


July 22nd: 'Crush the repression by the state power!'
Workers, students and residents took action to block the construction work
They stayed up all night to defend a barricade using 170 autos

- Protesters sat down and occupied the road despite the violence of the riot police
- Fighters defending a barricade car against fierce repression
(pic left)
- 'Remove all the bases!' Protesters squared up to the riot police without budging an inch
(pic centre), closing in on the riot police (pic right)
- Shatter the all-out offensives for strengthening the new US-Japan military alliance!

Let us block the construction of US helipads in Takae!

Smash the resumption of the construction of ground military facilities at Henoko!
Surge up antiwar, anti-Ampo struggle!
The Okinawa Prefectural Committee of the JRCL
- The Abe-led neo-fascist government has forcibly started construction of US helipads for Ospreys
- The confrontation is intensifying between the US/Japan and China over the South and East China Seas
- Denounce the JCP leadership for disarming the opposition movement!
- Smash the buildup of the globalized US-Japan aggressive war alliance!

Denounce the JCP leadership for glorifying bourgeois atomism
1. The JCP leadership emphasizes the 'dignity of the individual', while slighting the working class struggle
2. No Marxist analysis is made of the existence of 'civil individuals' in capitalist society
3. Denounce their arbitrary, petty-bourgeois interpretation of Marx's Grundrisse!

A report from the steel industrial front:

No to the strengthening of labour management using the so-called 'Internet of Things'!

The EU and the Merkel-led German government have embarked on restrictions on the entrances of refugees

'To realize "equal pay for equal work", not in a European but a Japanese form'
(Japan Business Federation)
Expose the dirty, greedy trick of Japanese monopoly capitalists, encouraged by the Abe government!

My study note

For becoming a revolutionary communist: