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No. 2640
(October 12th 2020 Issue)

Shatter the Suga government's attempts
to strengthen the authoritarian ruling system!

- Suga has embarked on strengthening the National Security Council-helmed authoritarian system in the name of 'digital transformation in administration'
- The neo-fascist Suga government is enforcing a policy of leaving toiling people in the lurch in the name of 'self-help'
- Advance antiwar, anti-fascism struggle by overcoming the degeneration of the official opposition leaderships!

'Stop the Suga government constructing a new SDF base on Mage-jima Island!'

Workers and people held a rally in front of Kagoshima Station,
September 19th, Kagoshima, Kyushu
Kagoshima Univ. students fought
together with trade unionists and citizens

Rally in Aichi 'for the abolition of the Security Law'
September 19th, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture

JRCL called on participants to fight against the new government's ultra-reactionary offensives

Denounce the Suga government with its neo-fascist nature unleashed!

PM Suga autocratically excluded from the Science Council of Japan six scholars who opposed the War Law
Thwart the attempt to tighten the NSC-helmed autocratic ruling system!

Suga has started up a Digital Agency
No to the centralization of administrative data management!
No to the strengthening of state surveillance!

'Raise the consumption tax by more than 17 percent' (Sakurada)
The president of the Japan Association of Corporate Executives demands a big tax hike and social security benefits cut of the Suga government

The criminal nature of Tetsuzo Fuwa's theory of 'economic crisis'

The JCP chairman argues the possibility of a 'permanent development of capitalism'
- Destruction of the quintessence of Marx's Das Kapital

In the chains of Ampo (15)
60 years after the revision of the US-Japan Security Treaty [Ampo]
The US Air Force is strengthening its preparedness for an emergency by fluidly deploying strategic bomber forces
- Four B-1 and two B-2 bombers are simultaneously operated in East Asia
- Battle positions taken up against China based on the concept of 'Dynamic Force Employment'

The Czech Republic torn apart amid the US-China cold war

The meaning of the Czech Upper House Chairman's visit to Taiwan

- A rivalry developing between the US and China for the winning over of Czech rulers
- Strife in the Czech ruling class intensifying between pro-Chinese and pro-Western politicians

Merkel caught in a dilemma
'... can't just sit and watch the moves of China and Russia politically, but ...'


No. 2639
(October 5th 2020 Issue)

'Smash the Suga government's reactionary offensives!'
The revolutionary left fought at the forefront of protesters
in front of the Diet Building

September 19th, Tokyo

'Smash the Suga government's reactionary offensives!' Students of Zengakuren thrusting out their fists

- 'Advance an antiwar struggle! Fight neo-fascism!' The JRCL called on the protesters
- Prior to the rally, the spirited Zengakuren coming from across the country staged an independent action for a militant upsurge of the rally
- Militant workers and students denounced JCP leaders' abandonment of opposition to the US-Japan military alliance
- Don't allow the new government's policy of leaving toiling people in the lurch in the name of 'self-help'!

The 90th Zengakuren National Convention held successfully

September 20th-21st, Tokyo

Militant students fortified their battle formation to frustrate reactionary attempts launched by the Suga government
'Shatter the new government's offensives!' The delegates consolidated their resolve to fight, at the convention

The new US base under construction in Henoko:
The criminal nature of the Suga government's new reclamation plan based on an 'engineering change in the initial plan'

No to PM Suga's attempt to forcibly continue the reclamation work!
- The planned reclamation site: mayonnaise-like soft ground spreading under the sea
- Dumping of a colossal amount of earth will lead to the irreparable spread of sludge
- The government, with a bunch of so-called academicians, concealed and manipulated inconvenient data to forcibly continue the reclamation work


'One who dares object shall be shunted off' (Suga):
The neo-fascist PM plots to centralize all power in himself and the Cabinet Secretary

- A plan to create a special combat unit for 'electromagnetic waves warfare':
The Suga government schemes to deploy it in Okinawa to oppose China

Kyushu Electric Power Company's Sendai nuclear reactors No. 1 and No. 2:

Don't allow Kepco to push ahead with construction work required for the resumption of nuclear reactor operations!

'Livelihood protection and pension benefits should be abolished in exchange for the allowance of 70,000 yen a month'
(Heizo Takenaka)
The reactionary argument on 'basic income' brought forth by a neo-liberal adviser to Suga!

A reactionary decision handed down by Kanazawa District Court:
The city authorities' prohibition confirmed on the use of the town hall square for protest rallies
Let us fight back against the suppression of the anti-constitutional revision movement!


'Stop the construction of a new US base in Henoko by the Suga government!'
Students of Zengakuren Okinawa fought in front of the Camp Schwab gate,
September 17th
(pic left)
Protesters staging a sit-in to block vehicles from bringing in construction materials
(pic right) 'Remove all bases! Repeal Ampo!' Ryukyu Univ. and Okinawa Int'l Univ. students fighting in the van of the demonstration

'Don't allow reactionary offensives by the Suga government!'
Militant workers and students staged a protest at the local LDP office in Sapporo,
September 17th
(pic left)
Militants promptly rose on the day following PM Suga's inauguration

'Smash neo-fascism!'
JRCL's leaflets evoked positive responses among rally participants
'No to War' Rally in Sapporo, September 19th
(pic right)
Driven by a sense of crisis towards the reactionary Suga government, many workers, students and citizens gathered

'Shatter reactionary offensives by the Suga government!'

Zengakuren's protest carried out first against the new government
September 19th, in front of the PM's Office (See the last issue)

'Crush the new government's ultra-reactionary offensives!'


No. 2638
(September 28th 2020 Issue)

Crush the Suga-led neo-fascist government's ultra-reactionary offensives!

- Smash the policy of leaving toiling people in the lurch in the name of 'self-help'!
- 'Digital transformation' designed to tighten the mass surveillance system and to support monopoly capitalists!
- Stop the buildup of a US-Japan joint military system of pre-emptive attacks!
- Let us strengthen antiwar struggles! Fight against neo-fascism!

'Shatter reactionary offensives by the Suga government!'
Zengakuren from across the country carried out a protest against the new government
September 19th, Tokyo
Militant students fighting in front of the PM's Office,
under the banner 'Crush the new government's ultra-reactionary offensives!'

'Stop the new US base construction in Henoko!'

Workers and citizens held a protest rally
September 11th, Naha, Okinawa

Protesters expressing anger at the town square in Naha


Shatter reactionary offensives by the Suga government!
In the chains of Ampo (15)
60 years after the revision of the US-Japan Security Treaty [Ampo]

Stop the Suga government's construction of a pre-emptive strike system!
In its 'opinion' offered by the ruling LDP, it stresses the need for Japan's 'possession of the capability to prevent missile attacks'

The Trump administration's National Defense Space Architecture
No to Japan's participation in the US's satellite constellation system!

No to the introduction of 'telematics', another offensive against postal workers!

A major management plan to rationalize the process of collection and delivery by introducing artificial intelligence and IoT
Denounce the JP Union leadership's full cooperation with the management! Let us create struggles against rationalization from within our workplaces!

The number of interest-free and non-collateral loans, guaranteed by the government / BOJ, is increasing

The fact is that the government is aiming to select only part of small and medium enterprises and dispose of the rest

Before the 2021 spring labour offensive of the JC Metal
[Japan Council of Metalworkers' Unions]'
Labour aristocrats declared their abandonment of demanding higher wages early
Denounce their total cooperation with monopoly capitalists addressing their business crisis!


- '
The blindness of the market is conquerable' !? (Xi Jinping):
Great many Chinese companies are on the verge of bankruptcy due to the overproduction of masks

- Attacking a dead dog:
Keidanren president puts the COVID-19 crisis down to the former PM, feigning ignorance on the part of the words and deeds of himself

- A dispute over street vendors in China:
a measure for job creation or an insistence on saving the face of Beijing as a metropolis of the 'great contemporary socialist country'

- The abandonment of hibakusha:
Denounce the government for appealing from the decision of Hiroshima District Court to a higher court!


No. 2637
(September 21st 2020 Issue)

Shatter reactionary offensives by the new government headed by Yoshihide Suga!
No to the buildup of a military system of pre-emptive attacks on enemy bases!
Now is the time to strengthen antiwar struggles! Fight against neo-fascism!

Rise in a protest action in front of the Diet Building and the PM's Office!
Rally to the 90th Zengakuren National Convention!

Stop the resumption of operations of all decrepit reactors!

Militant students strived in the van of a great many protesters from across the country
September 6th, Osaka
'No to nuclear development! Crush the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!' Kobe Univ. and Nara Women's Univ. students fighting in the demo and in the rally

'The US-Japan military alliance [Ampo] that works' is the 'linchpin of Japan's diplomacy and security policies'
Deliver a powerful 'antiwar, anti-Ampo blow' to the new government!

Oppose the reactionary plan put forth by the politicians of another right-wing party Ishin to reorganize the administrative structure of the local governments of Osaka City and Osaka Prefecture!

The Kansai Regional Committee of the JRCL
- An attempt to provide economic stimulus to monopoly capitalists in the Kansai region
- Ishin: a cat's paw of the Japanese-type neo-fascist government led by the Liberal Democratic Party

In the process of a JTUC-backed merger of two opposition parties:
Right-wing labour aristocrats intended to split the JTUC by advocating the revision of the Constitution and the restart of nuclear reactors

In the chains of Ampo
60 years after the revision of the US-Japan Security Treaty
Smash the scheme to strengthen US bases in Okinawa as frontline bases against China!
- The Trump administration is planning to deploy Marine Littoral Regiments in Okinawa
- In addition to the continued construction of a new US base in Henoko, the Japanese government is planning to construct a new US naval port in Urasoe
- Let us fight with the aim of removing all the military bases and repealing the US-Japan Security Treaty!

My study note

Learning from Kuroda's investigation into Marx's 'scientifically correct method'

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 58th International Antiwar Assembly
- The Russian Party of Communists
- Revolutionary Workers Party (DIP),


No. 2636
(September 14th 2020 Issue)

No to the buildup of a military system for pre-emptive strikes against enemy bases!
No to the imposition of sacrifices on toiling people amid the pandemic depression!

Shatter reactionary attacks to be made by a new LDP government!

- A plot was hurriedly routed to set up Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga as the next PM to get over the crisis of the LDP government
- Don't allow the new cabinet to 'take over' Abe's policies of leaving people in the lurch and giving preferential treatment to big business!
- The danger of war is growing amid the 'US-China cold war'
- Let us create a struggle against the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance, against the revision of the Constitution!

Israel's cyber attacks on Iranian military nuclear installations

Netanyahu and Trump are impelled to start a war

'Postal voting will cause a disaster'?
In an attempt to remain in office, Trump is reiterating monstrous claims

The JCP Chairman caught in a dilemma

'A bourgeois opposition party leader says to me, "We'll not exclude you from the coalition if you go along with the US-Japan military alliance", but ...'

Denounce the Nuclear Regulation Authority for authorizing the 'safety measures' of the nuclear fuel reprocessing plant in Rokkasho Village!

No to nuclear development!

Stop the full-swing operation of the nuclear fuel reprocessing plant prepared by JNFL [Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited]!


The US Sasebo Naval Base authorities one-sidedly extended employees' working hours

- Japanese security guard workers are forced to work in two shifts for 12 consecutive hours
- No to the imposition on workers of sacrifices accompanying the reinforcement of US bases!

A head-on clash between the US-Japan and China over the 'dominion of the Senkaku (Diaoyu) Islands'
No to the Xi-led Chinese government's manoeuvres to possess the islands!
No to the US-Japan joint military exercises!

Shinzo Abe was driven into resignation by toiling people's anger against 'Abenomics'
Smash the imposition of poverty with the power of workers and the toiling masses!

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 58th International Antiwar Assembly (5)
- Organization of Communists Internationalists, Greece (OKDE)

- Workers Revolutionary Party (EEK),
- Left Radical Organization of Afghanistan

The Collected Works of Kan'ichi Kuroda, 40 volumes, start publication

On the publication of the Collected Works
The Publication Commission of the Collected Works of Kan'ichi Kuroda
A collection of the philosophy and thought on revolution of Kan'ichi Kuroda who dedicated his life to the liberation of the proletariat


No. 2635
(September 7th 2020 Issue)

The struggle of the Revolutionary Left defeated the Abe government!

Militant workers and students fought under the banner 'Down with the Abe government!'
Besieged with the anger of people inspired by this fight, Shinzo Abe was forced to resign.

Let us strive for the advance of the antiwar struggle!
Fight against the neo-fascist ruling system!

- We denounced the Abe government's 'anti-coronavirus measures' which left poverty-stricken people in the lurch
- We promoted the antiwar struggle, struggle against constitutional revision and against the US-Japan military alliance
- We crushed the attempts to strengthen the authoritarian ruling system under the National Security Council
- Don't allow the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance amid the US-China cold war! No to the revision of the Constitution of Japan!

Denounce the development of biological weapons behind the scenes of 'COVID-19 vaccine development'!

- The virus laboratory in Wuhan was engaged in the development of 'SARS vaccine' by using genetic manipulation
- Both Chinese and US rulers are trying desperately to hush up the view that the new coronavirus is the product of 'genetic manipulation'

Xi-led China frantic to 'territorialize' the South China Sea

A. A headlong rush towards the securing of strongpoints in the South China Sea and the 'unification of Taiwan and China proper'
B. Military intimidation of neighbouring countries and 'vaccine diplomacy'
- A plot to form a gigantic China-led economic bloc

Mitsubishi Motors plans a closure of factory manufacturing Pajero SUV

No to mass dismissals and forced transfer of workers to remote places!

Toyota Motor to establish a joint venture with five Chinese companies to develop fuel cell systems for commercial vehicles
The Xi government is aiming to bring in Japanese new manufacturing technology

A cry for 'digitalization' by taking advantage of the pandemic
Don't allow the LDP government to strengthen the state surveillance system and to impose sacrifices onto toiling people!

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 58th International Antiwar Assembly (4)
- The International Secretariat of the Fourth International
- Organizing Committee for the Reconstruction of the Fourth International (OCRFI)
- News and Letters Committees,



- The presidential election: Trump is desperately struggling to 'turn the tables'

- Most governments are turning their backs on the US's call for a 'new alliance of democracies' (Pompeo)


No. 2634
(August 31st 2020 Issue)

Topple Abe's moribund government
with the power of working people!

- The government and the monopoly capitalist class forcing people into poverty
- Amid the anger of people, the Abe government is as good as finished
- Servile to the Trump administration, Abe is in a mad rush to form an anti-Chinese military network
- No to Japan's possession of 'pre-emptive strike capability on enemy bases'! Stop the revision of the Constitution!




The 58th International Antiwar Assemblies uplifted across Japan
August 2nd

The Kansai regional meeting in Osaka
Militant workers and students fortified the battle lines to overthrow the Abe government

The Tokai regional meeting in Nagoya
A strongpoint created for the revolutionary antiwar struggle

The Kyushu regional meeting in Fukuoka
Participants resolved to fight against the build-up of military bases in Kyushu as front lines for attacking China

'Denounce the Xi-led Chinese governments' repression of Hong Kong people!'
Zengakuren Kyushu staged a protest at the Chinese Consulate General,
Fukuoka, August 1st

Fukuoka, August 1st

'No to Japan's possession of pre-emptive strike capability!' Voices echoed
A local union-based peace movement centre held a protest action in Kanazawa, August 8th
Militant students of Kanazawa University fought together, holding up the slogan above
(pic right)

Kanazawa, August 8th

The Health Ministry's 'health centre reforms': impractical plans of bureaucracy

- Only to impose severer working conditions on health centre workers
- Today's tight situation amid the pandemic is attributable to successive LDP governments' cuts in the social security service

Tensions rising in the South China Sea
US naval and air forces have got into a quasi state of war readiness against China

The harsh reality of the 'free style of working'
Uber Eats delivery workers are increasing in number amid the COVID-19 pandemic

My study note

My resolve to acquire a way of thinking befitting a revolutionary Marxist
Learning from Kan'ichi Kuroda's lecture, Introduction to Historical Materialism

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 58th International Antiwar Assembly
- Fraccion Leninista Trotskista Internacional (FLTI)
- Workers International League (WIL-Zimbabwe)
- War Resisters League,

No. 2632-33
(August 17th-24th 2020 Double Issue)

Down with Abe's moribund government!
No to Japan's possession of 'pre-emptive strike capability on enemy bases'!
Let us advance struggles by overcoming the JCP leadership's abandonment of opposition to the Security Treaty!

- Workers and students, rise up for the overthrow of the neo-fascist Abe government!
- Break through the crisis of war erupting amid the US-China cold war!
- Don't allow Japan's possession of 'capability for pre-emptive attacks on enemy bases'!
- Let us fight with the aim of repealing the US-Japan Security Treaty!




The 58th International Antiwar Assemblies uplifted across Japan
August 2nd

The Hokkaido regional meeting in Sapporo

Militant workers and students pledged to advance revolutionary antiwar struggle

Zengakuren Hokkaido made an ardent appeal in front of Sapporo station for the assembly
July 31st

The Okinawa regional meeting in Okinawa City
Participants strengthened their resolve to fight for the removal of all US bases

The Hokuriku regional meeting in Kanazawa
The battlefront fortified for the breakthrough of the war crisis

JRCL Hokuriku Regional Committee made a public appeal to oppose Japan's possession of 'pre-emptive strike capability' in a busy street of Kanazawa
July 28th


Thinking and Creation

Concerning 'objective cognition and value consciousness or value judgment'

Trump issued a decree forbidding TikTok

US-China confrontation intensifying over big data accumulation

The wicked plot of the 'Go To travel' campaign
The Abe government is offering up taxpayers' hard-earned money amounting to 1.4 trillion yen to big tourist businesses

Amid the 'pandemic depression'

Don't allow the monopoly capitalists of the chemical industry to shift the burden onto workers!


Denounce the restriction of regional minimum wage hikes to 'zero to three yen'!
Condemn the JTUC leadership for accepting these figures as the fruits of its efforts to 'correct regional disparities'!

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 58th International Antiwar Assembly
- Lotta comunista,
- Russian Communist Workers Party
- Prospettiva Marxista,


A dash for a 'great contemporary socialist country' surpassing America

What was shown in China's National People's Congress
- The Xi government hell-bent on repressing Hong Kong people to exterminate 'Independents'
- 'Magnificent results achieved in our battle to prevent the spread of infection': the bureaucracy's deception and self-justification
- Covering up its failure to 'realize a moderately prosperous society'
- Making workers and peasant workers pay the bill for the economic crisis


No. 2631
(August 10th 2020 Issue)

International Antiwar Assemblies uplifted
August 2nd, Tokyo and six other cities across Japan

Break through the crisis of war erupting amid the 'US-China cold war'!

Militant workers and students made resolutions

'Let us rise to topple the neo-fascist Abe government!' (the meeting in Tokyo)

- Create a powerful surge of the revolutionary antiwar struggle!: the keynote speech
-- Down with the worn-out Abe government with all the strength of workers and students!
- A militant worker and a Zengakuren representative expressed their ardent resolves

Kokugakuin University in Tokyo

Students pulverized the university authorities' attempt to tighten administrative control of students' autonomous activities using the spread of COVID-19 as a pretext
- A resolution adopted against new restrictions on students' autonomy
In an online general meeting organized by the students' self-governing association, July 15th
- Prior to that, a general meeting of cultural circles was held, followed by students' action against the univ. authorities to advance their claims, July 1st
- Militant students created an upsurge of students' movement by strengthening their autonomous associations as the Subject of the movement

The revised 'basic space plan'
The Abe government is bent on the US-Japan joint development of a military satellite network

Putin's enforcement of a national referendum on the constitutional revision

- A plot to extend his presidency till 2036
- A scheme to recover his authoritarian, military ruling system that is shaken
- An attempt to challenge the militarist empire of America in league with Xi-led China

A 'military clash' between China and India
Confrontation intensifying over the strengthening of the effective control of Kashmir

Postal life insurance

Don't allow the Japan Post management to seek an early reopening of the insurance business by shifting all the blames for the 'inappropriate sales' onto workers!

The government's encouragement of tourism right in the middle of the pandemic
Deliver a hard blow to the Abe government pushing through its 'Go To travel' campaign!

Factory closures, mass dismissals, cuts in price from subcontractors ... now planned and executed by auto monopolies
Absolutely 'NO!' to the imposition of exorbitant sacrifices on workers!

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 58th International Antiwar Assembly
- Revolutionary Marxists in Britain
- Tavini Huiraatira no te Ao Maohi,
Maohi-Nui (French Polynesia)
- Union Pacifiste de France


- Pompeo's speech on July 23rd: a new strategy of the declining militarist empire against China

- 'We refrain from calling for the overthrow of the government'!!: JCP bureaucrats are lending a hand to Abe's reactionary measures against the 'national crisis, or COVID-19 crisis'

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