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No. 2580
(August 5th 2019 Issue)

Rise in a struggle against the Abe government!
Stop the revision of the Constitution!
Stop the dispatch of Japanese troops to the Persian Gulf!

- The results of the House of Councillors election and their meaning
- - Many lower-echelon members revolted against the party leadership: JCP bureaucrats thinking only of protecting themselves
-- Let us fight under the banner 'No to the strengthening of the Japanese neo-fascist ruling system!'
- The danger of the outbreak of war mounting in the Persian Gulf, in the South China Sea and in the Korean Peninsula
- Push forward a fight against the constitutional revision, against the dispatch of Japanese troops to the Persian Gulf and against the Abe government!

NATO ally Turkey introduced a Russian-made air defense system

- Erdogan's 'revolt' against the Trump administration
- The Erdogan government intervening the civil war in Syria in league with Putin-led Russia
- With sanctions imposed by the US, Turkey has plunged into a deep economic crisis

Xi Jinping's round of visits to Central Asian countries:
with the aim of forming an encircling net against the US in alliance with Putin

The fallacious conception of 'peaceful security'

The criminal nature of the JCP's 'plan for peaceful cooperation in Northeast Asia'

I. The plan is premised on the acceptance of the existence of the US-Japan military alliance
II. The bourgeois idea of 'security' incorporated in the plan
III. Bring to light the JCP leadership's degeneration in policies and ideology!

China's corralling of African countries into the 'one belt, one road' initiative

- The Xi government attempting to strengthen its ties with African state rulers
- Promotion of the 'digital one belt, one road' initiative in Rwanda and elsewhere
- Quite a few African countries are deeply mired in debt to China

No to the management's large-scale dismissal and rationalization plan!

Denounce the Japan Post Union leaders for immersing themselves in 'managerial consultation' with the company's executives!
The Postal Workers Committee of the JRCL
- Shatter the plan to dismiss and compulsorily redeploy more than fifty thousand workers!
- Oppose the rationalization programme in the name of 'reviewing the collection and delivery system'!

A great many hospital doctors are forced to work in university hospitals without pay for a long time
Denounce the Abe government for cutting medical expenses

A rapid unfolding of negotiations for a peace agreement in Afghanistan

The Trump administration is in a rush to reach an 'agreement' with the Taliban for pulling out its troops

America's munitions industries are livened up under Trump's policy of expanding armaments

Don't allow the rampancy of those merchants of death!

The Defense Ministry deployed Japan's first 'regional cyber forces' in confrontation with China


No. 2579
(July 29th 2019 Issue)

Shatter the Abe government's attempt to revise the Constitution!
Stop US imperialism's military strike on Iran!
Stop Japan's dispatch of troops to the Persian Gulf!

- Rise up against the constitutional revision, against war and the US-Japan military alliance!
- The Trump administration is hell-bent on forming a 'coalition of the willing' against Iran
- The Abe government is in a headlong rush towards massive military buildup and tax increases
- Fight resolutely, overcoming JCP bureaucrats' parliamentarianist distortion of the struggle!

Denounce the effective Japanese Marine Corps' amphibious exercise at a beach resort in Nagasaki!

The Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade conducted a week-long exercise in June besides a combat training en masse with US forces

The JS Kaga will serve 'in the region and far beyond': evil intentions seen through in Trump's address delivered in front of Japanese and American troops


'No to the assault landing exercise!'

Zengakuren Hokkaido, together with workers, staged a protest at the beach of Hamataiki,
Hokkaido, July 8th
'Block the landing of the LCAC!' Protesters raising a chorus of yells at the landing craft
(pics right)

The series of joint SDF exercises, close to actual battle conditions, are all aimed at strengthening Japanese troops' capabilities for invading enemy territory


Don't allow the attempt by the labour aristocrats to ultimately destroy the spring labour offensive!

Denounce the labour aristocrats for cooperating with monopoly capitalists! Fight for the 'deconstruction' of the JTUC!
I. Reviewing the 2019 spring labour offensive and the strenuous efforts of revolutionary and militant workers
II. Overthrow the neo-fascist Abe government imposing war and poverty on workers!

A trend to introduce 'collaborator-type' robots to boost productivity
Capitalists are bent on making workers engage in dangerous work by positioning them side by side with robots, without setting up a safety barrier

Oppose the mass sackings by the Japan Display
(JDI) management!
The government-backed corporation is driven into financial difficulties, abandoning production of 'all-Japanese LCD' panels
Don't allow the Economy Ministry and the JDI management to sacrifice workers for the survival of the corporation!

A local government office worker committed suicide from the strains of overwork: Oita Prefecture
No to long working hours! No to the intensification of labour!

A JCP-kept scholar endorses 'improvement in local government business operations by the use of artificial intelligence'


The Fukushima nuclear meltdown:

Scientists' advance warning against the onrush of a massive tsunami was neglected by the government and Tepco

A seismologist recently revealed their criminal act of suppressing an admonition given by his seismological association in 2002
Don't allow the resumption of any nuclear reactor in this earthquake-prone archipelago!

No to the economic sanctions imposed on South Korea by the Abe government
in retaliation for the South Korean court judgment on Japan's wartime drafting of Korean workers!


No. 2578
(July 22nd 2019 Issue)

Rally to the International Antiwar Assembly!
August 4th
Rise in the antiwar struggle to break through the crisis of war
created by the head-on confrontation between the US and China!

Click to read the Appeal for the Assembly

- No military strike on Iran by US imperialism! Stop Japan's dispatch of its troops to the Persian Gulf!
- Oppose the nuclear arms race between the US and China-Russia!
Oppose the arms race in outer space!
- Create an explosive upsurge of struggle against the Abe government now!

Iran: raising uranium enrichment levels again
Iranian rulers are demanding from EU countries the reopening of the oil trade in compliance with the 'nuclear agreement'

America ... is the world leader in emission reductions'?! (from the final agreement of the G-20 Osaka Summit)
By submissively following 'Trump first' all through the summit meeting, Shinzo Abe again showed his true colours as head of a servile state

A pigheaded kept scholar's objection to JCP leader Fuwa's 'blasphemy' against Engels


Don't allow the Abe government's imposition of retaliatory economic sanctions on South Korea!

Don't let it justify Japanese militarism's crimes of corcibly drafting Korean workers!

The Trump administration has decided to sell arms to Taiwan
US-China confrontation is increasingly intensifying over this Taiwan issue

The Trump administration is desperate to hinder the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

Italy: a storm of campaign for the exclusion of refugees
Home Minister Salvini arrested the captain of Sea-Watch, an rescue boat

A new form of mobile service:
Toyota is pinning its hopes of survival on the development of MaaS
(Mobility as a Service)
It is lagging behind Western countries and China in technological development called CASE
(Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Services, Electric) revolution

The catchword is 'a career change, anytime'
Recommending more use of 'disposable workers' to monopoly capitalists, while preaching the need to 'voluntarily improve one's skills' to workers : a government panel report on the use of AI technology

Last month's fire in a textile factory in Fukui Prefecture

The accident that killed four workers, including a Vietnamese 'trainee', was due to the company's cost reductions and negligence of safety measures

Palestinian people in indignation
Trump finally scrapped the Israel-Palestine coexistence programs

At the end of the endless Brexit argument...
The Tories are on the brink of disintegration

My study note
How are we to go beyond the Stalinist theory of the united front?
-- Learning from Kuroda's Theory of the Vanguard Organization, 1961
-----The partial English translation of this book of Kuroda's is included in Kuroda's Thought on Revolution, 2000, Tokyo


No. 2577
(July 15th 2019 Issue)

Overthrow the Abe government with the united power of workers and students!
No to the revision of the Constitution!
No to the buildup of the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!
Stop the consumption tax increase!

- Thwart every attempt to 'build Japan into a military power that wages a war together with America'!
- Smash drastic cutbacks on pension payments and social security budgets!
- Topple the Japanese-type neo-fascist government of Abe stirring up the flames of chauvinism!

Down with the Abe government bent on the revision of the Constitution!
'A prompt revision of the Constitution' is specified in the Abe-led LDP's election pledge

An outrageous 'support plan for Palestinians'
The Tramp administration held a meeting with Arab rulers with the aim of quashing Palestinian people's liberation struggle

Competition becoming intense among big powers for landing probes on the moon

Japan's commercial whaling resumed

Blindly following Trump's example, the Abe-led Japanese government seceded from the International Whaling Commission

Casualties caused by asbestos: Don't let the government evade the responsibilities!

No to the imposition of low wages and severe working conditions
---by introducing a mandatory retirement system at the age of 65!
Stoke up the anger of the postal workers and shatter the outrageous plan!

US and Japanese rulers frantic to deploy huge quantities of F-35 jet fighters

Anger widespread at the central JTUC leadership's support for the new US base construction in Henoko

-- 2019 JTUC Peace Action in Okinawa,
June 23rd - 24th
JRCL leafleteers called on rally participants to oppose the US base construction, to stop the constitutional revision

The government's outline for promoting measures to 'prevent' senile dementia
With the aim of Draconian cuts in public nursing-care insurance benefits, it emphasizes each should depend on his/her own efforts to 'prevent the disease'

Denounce the oppression of Uygur people by Xi-led China

I. Xinjian Uygur Autonomous Region now turned into a Gulag Archipelago
II. The 'anti-terror struggle' designed to secure the 'one belt, one road' economic sphere
- The Chinese government's 'extensive development of the Western Regions' destroying the foundations of Uygur people's livelihood
- A forcible assimilation of Uygurs into the great Chinese nation'

My study note

I'll make Marx's burning passion underlying Das Kapital my own flesh and blood
Don't allow JCP leader Fuwa's anti-proletarian interpretation of Marx!


No. 2576
(July 8th 2019 Issue)

No to the G20 Summit!
Zengakuren and Antiwar Youths marched
through the Osaka city centre
, June 23rd

'Stop US imperialism's military attack on Iran!'
'No to the nuclear arms race between the US and China-Russia!'

- Militants marched on the US Consulate General despite the tight police cordon
(pic above)
- 'Let us advance revolutionary antiwar struggle based on proletarian internationalism!' Demonstrators fortified their determination prior to the action
(pic right)
- Fight resolutely under the slogan 'No to the nuclear arms race between the US and China-Russia!'!

'No to pension cuts! Down with the Abe government!'
Militant students staged a protest action together with hundreds of workers and citizens
in front of the PM's Official Residence
June 26th
'Down with the Abe government!'
Students' chants delivering a blow to Abe.
"Don't let the Abe government dodge the issue of "short of 20 million yen for living"'!
Students called on protesters to develop the anti-Abe government struggle.

Kagoshima Univ. students' speech gained favourable responses from workers and citizens

Their call for an antiwar, anti-constitutional revision struggle echoing through the area
June 21st, in front of Kagoshima Station

'Oppose the strengthening of the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!'

Hokkaido Zengakuren and Antiwar Youths held a militant demonstration

Workers and students' united action in Hokkaido,
June 16th
'Stop the constitutional revision!
Stop the buildup of the US-Japan military alliance!'
Marching on the LDP local office
Militants all set for action: solidarity rally before demonstration 
'Stop US imperialism's military attack on Iran!'
Calls against war, against constitutional revision resonated through the streets of Nagoya

Workers and students' united action in the Tokai Region,
June 16th
'Smash the US-Japan military alliance!' White-helmeted demonstrators advancing in columns
(pic right)

The US-China economic war for high-tech supremacy

- Trump temporarily suspended imposition of heavier punitive customs duties on China: trade talks resumed
- Chief issues: China's government subsidization of industries and 'intellectual property rights'
- Trump is desperate to block China's dash towards a 'top power in the high-tech industry'
- The Xi government is reorganizing China's manufacturing industry under the banner of 'supply-side structural reform'

'America must fight until it breaks up that state capitalism':
Bannon's cry closely reflects the intention of hawks within US rulers

'America must start a battle with its non-white rival':

A high-ranking black bureaucrat stirs up white supremacism in view of anti-Chinese containment

The 80th Central Committee meeting of the Japanese Trade Union Confederation
Union leaders show their positive responses to the government's policy for tax increases and cuts in social security

Denounce the leadership for proposing a 'prompt construction of the new US base in Henoko'!

'The average working hours of teachers in Japan are one and a half times as many as those of the world average'
(The latest OECD report):
The Education Ministry hurried to conceal the reality

Don't allow the resumption of the Hamaoka nuclear power plant operation!
Denounce the power company management, together with Keidanren, for rejecting the plan of embankment raising!

Decomission all nuclear reactors!

Osaka Immigration Bureau arrested a number of foreign workers by conspiring to incriminate them for 'working illegally'
Don't allow the frame-ups engineered by the Immigration Bureau and the police to tighten controls on foreign workers!

[8] Overseas Appeal for the 57th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan
Break through the crisis of war created by the US-China confrontation!
Oppose the nuclear arms race between the US and China-Russia!
Build up solidarity among workers and people of the world against war and impoverishment!
- Stop US imperialism's military attack on Iran!
- A bitter rivalry between the US and China for hegemony in the 21st-centiury world
- No to the strengthening of the US-Japan nuclear military alliance! Stop the revision of the Constitution of Japan!
- Create antiwar struggle based on proletarian internationalism!
Click to read the Appeal for the Assembly


No. 2575
(July 1st 2019 Issue)

'Stop US imperialism's military attack on Iran!
No to the strengthening of the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!'

Zengakuren and Antiwar Youths held a militant demonstration
June 16th, Tokyo


- 'Block the revision of the Constitution!' 'Smash the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!'
White-helmeted workers and students marched on the Diet Building, on the US Embassy and on the PM's Official Residence
(pics above)
- 'Eradicate the danger of war amid the head-on confrontation between the US and China!':

All the participants fortifyed their resolution in the solidarity rally prior to the demonstration
- Let us make a surging battle against the Abe government!

'Stop the dumping of sand in the Henoko seashore!'

Workers and students' united action in Okinawa,
June 16th
- The demonstration received enthusiastic responses in the busy street of Naha
(pic 1)
- Militants solidified their resolve to stop the constitutional revision, to overthrow the Abe government in the solidarity meeting
(pic 2)
'Rise in a revolutionary antiwar struggle to root out the danger of a world war!': a JRCL representative's address

'With an elderly couple's pensions alone, it will be 20 million yen short of their living expenses; each needs self-help efforts'
(a Financial Services Agency report)
Denounce the Abe government for shifting all the responsibility for submitting this shameless report onto the bureaucrats of the relevant Agency!
Down with the neo-fascist government plunging workers and toiling people into poverty!

No to the school version of the 'work-style reform'!

- Don't allow the imposition of intensified labour and long working hours on education workers!
- Abolish the special measures law that legalizes teachers' overtime without pay!
- Stop the introduction of a 'working hours system on a yearly basis'!
- Fight resolutely by criticizing the official leaderships of the teachers' unions for depending on the Education Ministry to solve the issues!

'The elderly and low-income earners, too, must be "on the supporting side" of the social security costs'
the Abe government's Economy and Fiscal Policy 2019
Don't allow the bad revision of the social security system!

The government is hell-bent on bringing into wider use of each person's 'My Number
[identification number] card'
Don't allow the intensification of state surveillance and control systems!

The Narendra Modi-led Indian government: the inflammation of Hindu supremacism


Monopoly capitalists are frantic about developing self-driving cars
Fatal accidents occurring in succession

The fall of the two major 'middle-of-the-road' parties and the rampancy of ultra-right tendencies

The meaning of the European Parliament election results
- Stephen Bannon, together with Donald Trump, bolstered the 'anti-EU forces'
- A counteroffensive launched by Merkel and opposition among European people against the Trump administration
- The EU on the edge of disintegration

The collapse of the coalition government of Austria
The confidential talk of the ultra-right Liberal Party leader with a Russian female secret agent


No. 2574
(June 24th 2019 Issue)

Denounce US imperialism's conspiracy
of attacking tankers!
Create a big surge of antiwar struggle to stop US imperialism's attack on Iran!

'Stop US imperialism's military attack on Iran! Smash the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!' 'Stop the revision of the Constitution!'
Revolutionary workers and students held a militant demonstration right in the heart of the metropolis,
June 16th, Tokyo

'Don't allow the extension of the runway! Stop the construction of a US powder magazine!

A rally against the reinforcement of the SDF air base in Tsuiki,
Fukuoka June 2nd
Militant students from Kyushu called on participants to oppose the US-Japan nuclear military alliance
Students fought in the forefront of the demonstration Fukuoka June 2nd

'Shatter the US X-band radar base!
Students chanting slogans
Kyoto, June 2nd
'Remove the US X-band radar base for the missile defense system!'
Workers, students and citizens acted out their anger in the demonstration
June 2nd, Kyotango, Kyoto
Kobe Univ. students fought in solidarity with the battles against the deployment of the Thaad system in Korea and against the US base construction in Okinawa
Rise in action against the G-20 Osaka Summit scheduled for June 23rd!

- Confrontation between the US and China-Russia over trade and Iran's nuclear issue
- Abe's 'environmental measures': simply following the policy of Trump, safeguarding the interests of monopoly capitalists
- Oppose the G-20 summit! Stop US imperialism's military attack on Iran! Rise in workers and students' united action!

'Enhancement of human resources for technical innovation'

The government's plan to drastically reorganize the general course at high school
- Monopoly capitalists hell-bent on getting hold of personnel capable of 'fully using artificial intelligence'
- Increase in education workers' long hours of overtime and the intensification of labour

A US-Japan joint development of the SDF's next-generation main fighter

- The Abe government is planning to develop a new-model fighter on the pretext of 'coping with the threats of China and Russia'
- The Trump administration is making Japan subordinate to the US;
--the Abe government and monopoly capitalists of munitions industries wish to take the initiative in the development
- Japanese munitions industry capitalists, intent on 'strengthening competitiveness', are desperate to develop high-tech weapons

The number of childhood thyroid cancer cases keeps on increasing in Fukushima

The Abe government is trying to cover up the damage caused by the exposure to radiation

Encouragement of harsh 'double jobbing'
The government's panel proposes removal of controls on side jobs and side business

As many as three times in six weeks:
Maritime SDF helicopter destroyer Izumo took part in 'joint military exercises' led by the US against China
- Japanese warships have been deployed in the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean since April
- Formation of the 'US-Japan integrated army' is progressing steadily

Kim Jong-un is pinning his faint hope on Trump's 'deal'
What with sanctions and what with drought, North Korea is in a tight box

The LDP's plan for 'free tertiary education' is an outright lie!
Abe's fraudulent policy for 'schooling assistance'

The confusion and revolts among JCP-affiliated union members of Zenroren
[National Confederation of Trade Unions]
- A miserable breakdown in the recent 'joint caUS and Japan-ledUS and Japan-ledmpaign' with other non-government parties in Osaka's gubernatorial election
- An empty emphasis on the 'uniqueness of the Japanese Communist Party'
- Not a few JCP members' sympathies are going to the militant call of the revolutionary left

Kaiho could be the 'shining hope' for distressed members of the JCP now in decline


No. 2573
(June 17th 2019 Issue)

No to the buildup of the new US-Japan military alliance!
Stop the revision of the Constitution!
Create a surge of 'anti-Abe government' struggle!

- Don't allow the US and Japanese governments to build up a system for jointly conducting a war against China!
- Advance antiwar struggle to eradicate the danger of war amid the confrontation between the US and China-Russia!

'No to the Trump-Abe meeting! Smash the nuclear military alliance!'

Militant workers, together with students from Hokkaido University, held antiwar demonstration,
May 25th, Sapporo
The big banner saying 'No to the constitutional revision! Stop the US base construction in Okinawa!'

Demonstrators marched on the LDP local office in Sapporo

'No to the new US base construction in Henoko!'
A mass action held, part of a national campaign against the base construction in Okinawa,
May 25th, Sapporo
Hokkaido Univ. students fought under the slogan 'Against the US-Japan military alliance!'

Rulers of Saudi Arabia follow the Trump administration to oppose Iran

- King Salman's plan for a unanimous decision to build up an anti-Iranian network failed in the Arab League emergency summit
- Saudi rulers are ready to participate in military actions against Iran by the US
- They take sides with Israel's Zionist rulers suppressing and massacring Muslim people

South Sudan
No to the prolongation of the period for dispatching SDF troops to the UN peacekeeping operation headquarters!

Denounce the union leaders of the leading electricity companies for accepting low wage hike figures!

Don't allow the labour aristocrats' distortion of the spring labour offensive into labour-management consultation designed for the development of the industry!

The criminal nature of the 'five emergency proposals for peace' presented by the bureaucrats of the Japanese Communist Party

Sticking to the plan for a 'joint election campaign' with other non-government parties, the JCP leadership is hell-bent on elaborating their right-leaned policies

The introduction of robots into the labour process is 'casting workers into Hell'

Contract manufacturing companies of UNIQLO in Asian countries:
Capitalists are sucking up the 'lifeblood' of workers

The Abe government is planning to link each people's health insurance card to their 'My Number
[identification number] cards'
Don't allow the strengthening of state surveillance and control systems!

The Sisi-led Egyptian government frantic to strengthen its military junta-helmed autocratic regime

- The government bulldozed the referendum for the constitutional revision through by oppressing people
-- A tremendous strengthening of the power of the president
- People's discontent and resentment mounting; gaps beginning to appear in the military rule
- The government is pressing forward with its plan to build a new capital in a desert counting on China's investment
- It is promoting a military buildup and tightening security controls
-- People of Egypt! Rise in a struggle against the oppression and imposition of poverty by the Sisi-led military government!


- A failed attempt to set up a coalition government in Israel:
Netanyahu is forced to hold a general election again in a predicament

- The Peking bureaucrats are intent on repressing Christians in China
whose number is approaching a hundred million

- The frustrated plot of a puppet of US imperialism:
Guaido failed to gain support from Venezuelan people


No. 2572
(June 10th 2019 Issue)

Workers and Students' United Actions, June 16th
No to the buildup of the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!
Stop the revision of the Constitution!

Let us fight resolutely, overcoming the JCP-led peace movement
that abandons opposition against the US-Japan military alliance!

- The Abe government is strategically subordinate more than ever to US imperialism
- A confrontation escalating between the US and China in East Asia
- - Rivalry heating up over supremacy in the field of high technology
- Let us create a huge upsurge of antiwar struggle!
-- Shatter all attempts to strengthen the new US-Japan military alliance!
-- Stop the revision of the Constitution!
-- Advance antiwar struggle to eradicate the danger of a world war amid the confrontation between the US and China-Russia!
-- Stop a US military attack on Iran!
-- Down with the neo-fascist Abe government!

'Stop a US military attack on Iran! No to the Trump-Abe meeting!' Zengakuren demonstrating in the centre of Tokyo, May 25th
Marching on the PM's Official Residence
In front of the Diet Building
At the US military headquarters in Okinawa


Voices against the Trump-Abe meeting resounded in the heart of the metropolis, May 25th
'Stop US imperialism's military attack on Iran!' Zengakuren students marched on the US Embassy, on the PM's Official Residence
Demonstrators' angry chants echoing, in front of the PM's Official Residence
(pic 1)

'Stop the new US base construction in Henoko! No to the constitutional revision!'
Thousands gathered to besiege the Diet Building,
May 25th
Militant students fought in the forefront
Students' big placards saying 'Repel the US-Japan Security Treaty!'
(pic 2)

'No to the Trump-Abe meeting! Smash the nuclear military alliance!'

Zengakuren Okinawa made a protest at the US military headquarters in Okinawa,
May 25th
Militant students' banner saying 'No to the US-Japan summit! Stop the base construction in Henoko! Shatter the nuclear Ampo!'
(pic 3)

A shameless toady to Trump:
Abe's diplomacy is a laughingstock of the world

Aggravating marine pollution with plastic waste
Expose the deceptions in Abe's countermeasures against plastic waste!

- The government announcing makeshift measures to reduce plastic waste with the G20 meeting just around the corner
- Mass production and mass disposal of petrified goods, products of 20th-century capitalism
- Monopoly capitalists excited to find another moneymaking opportunity in the antipollution measures

The government is planning to drastically reorganize the general course at high school


Immediately sacked if regarded as 'no longer needed':
A government panel made proposals to spread a new employment system

Uber drivers went on strikes around the world


Postal labour front

Denounce the union leadership's compromise on a 'mandatory retirement system at the age of 65', a criminal agreement destructive of the life of elderly workers!


The delay in the restart of nuclear reactors, stagnation in developing new power supply networks...
Monopoly capitalists express their irritation and greed in Keidanren's opinion concerning the 'power system reform'

Denounce the enforcement of the revised 'Wiretapping Law'!


No. 2571
(June 3rd 2019 Issue)

Stop a US military attack on Iran!
Denounce the JCP leadership's abandonment of struggles against Trump's warmongering!

Fight for an explosive upsurge of revolutionary antiwar struggle!

- The Trump administration is stepping up its readiness for war against Iran
- Backed by China and Russia, Iran is putting up anti-US 'resistance'
- Let us advance antiwar struggle in solidarity with the people in the Middle East standing up against US imperialism, against Zionism!

'Stop US imperialism's attack on Iran!
No to the Trump-Abe meeting in Tokyo!
Zengakuren staged a resolute demonstration,
May 25th

Nagoya, May 3rd
A Constitution Day rally in Nagoya, May 3rd
'Smash Abe's move to start parliamentary procedure for constitutional revision!'
Aichi Univ. and Nagoya Univ. students fought in the van of the mass demonstration
(pic right)

An invisible war:
The Abe government is planning to deploy top-of-the-line electromagnetic weapons in many stations of the Ground Self-Defense Force

Peace March and People's Rally in Okinawa uplifted

May 17th-19th, Okinawa

'No to the dumping of sand in the Henoko seashore!' 'No to the constitutional revision!'
Thousands of workers, students and residents rallied in protest

'Remove US bases! Fight to repeal the US-Japan Security Treaty!'
Raising big banners, militant students called on rally participants,
Ginowan Park, May 19th
- Students showing their fighting spirit at the start of the march, in front of Ginowan City Hall (pic leftt)
- Protesters' anger exploded at the continued construction of a new US base, near the US Marine Corps Air Station in Futenma
(pic right)
- Denounce the parliamentarianist distortion by the JCP! Fight against the buildup of the US-Japan nuclear military alliance! Overthrow the Abe government! Revolutionary workers and students fought for a militant uplift of the struggle

The JCP Osaka chapter shaken

The leadership's gamble for 'collaboration between opposition parties and citizens' bankrupted: Criticisms cropping up among JCP lower echelon members

Intraparty revolts spread widely:
JCP activists showing distrust and defiance to their leadership, while voicing their approval of the JRCL appeal in May Day and other rallies

The Brexit accord failed to get parliamentary approval

-- Theresa May finally announced her resignation

A. The postponement of the time limit to avoid a 'no deal Brexit'
B. Exclusionist forces encroaching on the foundations of the Tories
C. The growing wealth gap behind the globalization of the economy and preferential treatment to financial business

Sharp Corporation factories successively laid off 3,000 temporary foreign workers

Behind the management's boast of 'recovery in business performance', huge numbers of foreign workers are being exploited and sacked mercilessly

From the reemployment of retired workers to the raising of retirement ages: More and more monopoly capitalists are changing their employment systems
Don't allow them to overwork elderly workers for still lower wages!

Denounce the labour aristocrats of the Federation of Printing Information Media Workers' Unions@for agreeing on ultra-low compromise figures of pay increase!

Let us fight out the 2019 spring labour offensive on the printing / publishing labour front!

Hot competition between the US and China-Russia in the development and deployment of AI weapons
China: in hot pursuit of US imperialism by combining military and civilian sectors under the leadership of the CPC
The US: countering China with a tie-up between the military, industry and academia, plus mobilization of its allies

* Weekly Kaihoh is edited in Japanese.
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2009 No. 2051-2060 No. 2061-2070 No. 2071-2080 No. 2081-2090 No. 2091-2100