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No. 2650
(January 1st 2021 Issue)

Carve out a new age of revolution!

Put an end to the imposition of poverty amid the pandemic!
Promote antiwar, anti-fascism struggles!

'Smash the Suga-led new government's reactionary offensives!'
Zengakuren students clenching fists in front of the PM's Official Residence, Sept. 19th, 2020

I. Revolutionary significance of our struggles carried out amid the pandemic
(1) Militants fought never to allow the Abe government to leave toiling people in the lurch

- Starting from the spring of 2020: workers' and students' strenuous efforts
- The Abe government driven out by people's anger
(2) Characteristics of the new-type coronavirus pandemic and our fights
- Exposing the inhumanity of the Abe government's anti-infective measures
- Bringing to light the fallacy of the vulgar dichotomy: the virus vs. humanity
- Promptly disclosing the 'shady backgrounds' of' the novel coronavirus
- Unmasking the neo-fascist nature of the Suga-led new government of Japan
II. Cataclysmic changes in the world and the appearance of the Japanese-type neo-fascist government led by Yoshihide Suga
A. The characteristics of the world situation as it stands today

- Manifestation of 'classical splits between classes' amid the pandemic, with widened divisions among workers
- The meaning of the US presidential election
- Neo-Stalinist China today: in preparation for an impending clash with US imperialism
- A real danger of war growing amid the US-China cold war
B. The drastic strengthening of the Japanese-type neo-fascist ruling system
III. Win a great advancement in the anti-Stalinist communist movement
A. Let us advance struggles by overcoming the degeneration of official leaders of opposition movements immersed in citizen-centred, parliamentalianist campaigns

- Denounce the leadership of the Japanese Communist Party possessed by an aspiration to join a coalition government!
- Condemn the leadership of the JTUC for getting fully absorbed in an Industrial Patriotic movement
- Promote antiwar, anti-fascism struggles!
-- Fight back against the Suga government's policy of leaving poverty-stricken people in the lurch in the name of 'self-help'!
-- No to the imposition of sacrifices on workers amid the pandemic depression!
-- Break through the crisis of the outbreak of war amid the US-China cold war!
-- No to the Suga government's building of a pre-emptive strike system!
-- Oppose the strengthening of the US-Japan offensive and defensive alliance against China!
B. Win a great leap forward in the anti-Stalinist communist movement

- Let us train our way of thinking as Marxists
- Let us think deeply on the very basics of organization building

[pp. 6-7]
A New Year's cartoon

The world haunted by monsters amid the US-China cold war

[pp. 8-9]
We proclaim the final conclusion of our struggle in the third split of the JRCL
A special report to the JRCL political meeting on Dec. 6th
1. Boos and Jeers flying about in the 'political meeting' of Chukaku-ha faction,
-- exposing to the light of day its miserable end: September, 2020
- The last moment of the running dogs of the state power
2. The achievement of our struggle to break up the dropouts from the anti-Stalinist communist movement
- The shameful end of the politicians who rejected their own 'revolution' as communists
3. Comrade Yoshikawa shall live forever in our minds!

[pp. 10-11]
New Year's resolutions
(Part 1)
The Okinawa Prefectural Committee
The Kyushu Regional Committee
The Hokuriku Regional Committee

The Postal Workers Committee
The Prefectural / Municipal Workers Committee
The Traffic and Transport Workers Committee
The Chemical Industrial Workers Committee
The Electric Industrial Workers Committee

Struggles in 2020
'Antiwar, anti-fascism' prevailed in the archipelago

No to the resumption of the US base construction!

Protesters blocked vehicles from entering the construction site, at the US Camp gate,
Okinawa, June 15th [Top, right]

Stop the Maritime SDF destroyer Takanami setting sail for the Middle East!

Zengakuren fought in Yokosuka,
February 2nd [Second from top, right]

Smash the Suga government's reactionary offensives!

Workers and students' united action under autumnal leaves,
Sapporo, October 25th [Third from top, right]

No to the building of a pre-emptive attack system!

Tokai-based workers and students marching on the city centre,
Nagoya, October 25th [Second from bottom, right]

Defeat the plan to deploy still more F-35B warplanes at the US Iwakuni base!

Militant students from Kansai stood up in Iwakuni,
December 1st [Bottom, right]

Kanazawa Univ. students marching with workers under the banner
'No to Japan's possession of pre-emptive strike capability!',
Kanazawa, August 8th [Bottom, centre]

Shatter the ultra-reactionary offensives launched by the new government!

Militant workers and students marching on the Diet Building,
Tokyo, October 25th [Bottom, left]

Zengakuren and antiwar youths' demonstration against the constitutional revision and the US-Japan military alliance,
Fukuoka, October 18th [Second from bottom, left]

Denounce the Xi governments' repression of Hong Kong people!

Zengakuren held an emergency action in front of the Chinese Embassy,
Tokyo, May 28th [Second from bottom, centre]

White-helmeted Zengakuren resolutely rose
, May 8th
Down with the Abe government! Denounce it for leaving the toiling masses in the lurch!
Students closed in on the PM's Official Residence, Tokyo [Second from top, left]

The JRCL political meeting held overwhelmingly, December 6th
1,300 revolutionaries and militants fortified their resolve to make a powerful advance in the anti-Stalinist communist movement,
Tokyo [Top, left]


No. 2649
(December 14th 2020 Issue)

JRCL public political meeting, Dec. 6th
Workers and students proclaimed their resolve
to advance the anti-Stalinist communist movement

- The keynote report: Promote antiwar, anti-fascism struggles!
-- Dauntless fights the revolutionary left has carried out amid the pandemic
-- Drastic changes in the 21st-century world and the appearance of the Suga-led neo-fascist government of Japan
-- Win a great advancement in the anti-Stalinist communist movement!
The special report: We proclaim the final, great conclusion of our struggle of the third split in the JRCL
-- Comrade Yoshikawa lives forever
A bridgehead was firmly built for struggles in 2021


The campus festival in Kokugakuin University,
Nov. 1st-3rd,
Sounding an alarm to fascistic suppression of speech by the Suga government
- Protest actions forced the university authorities to give up budget cuts
- The main cultural event focused on criticism of the Prime Minister for his intervention in the Science Council of Japan

'Smash the plan to deploy more F-35B warplanes at the US Iwakuni base!'

Militant students rose in protest close to the base,
Dec. 1st
Iwakuni base being strengthened for sorties against China
Students joined in local citizens' action against the US base

In the chains of Ampo (20)
60 years after the revision of the US-Japan Security Treaty
Under the command of the US Forces, US and Japanese troops carried out in unity a drill to assault and control a remote island

The Suga government is preparing to export Japanese forces' war vessels for the first time to Indonesia


The National Personnel Authority's latest recommendation
Denounce the scheme to cut government employees' bonuses!
Overcoming union leaders' abandonment of struggles, let us fight back against the offensive!

The planned foundation of a Digital Agency
Don't allow the government to intensify mass surveillance and control!


Amid the epidemic, the Okinawa Prefectural Board of Education alone conducted a national achievement test that had nationally been cancelled

- Together with the education ministry, the Okinawa Board is pressing teachers to work hard for the 'higher academic ability' of pupils

The 'new growth strategy' announced by Keidanren
[Japan Federation of Economic Organizations]
A monopoly capitalist way to survive the crisis in the name of 'sustainable capitalism'

A list of main articles published in Kaihoh in 2020


No. 2648
(December 7th 2020 Issue)

Fight against the constitutional revision, against fascism!
Advance towards the overthrow of the neo-fascist Suga government!

- The Biden-led new US Administration and the turbulent world of today
- The Suga government of Japanese-type neo-fascism heading for a constitutional revision and the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance
- Smash the ultra-reactionary offensives launched by the Suga government!

'Remove all US bases! Scrap Ampo!'
The flotilla of canoe fighters closed in on the reclamation site,
breaking through the Coast Guard cordon
Workers and citizens carried out protest actions on the sea against the US base construction

November 21st, Henoko, Okinawa

A resolute fight back against the reclamation work forcibly continued by the Suga government

In the chains of Ampo
60 years after the revision of the US-Japan Security Treaty
US and Japanese rulers frantic to strengthen the offensive and defensive alliance against China
Keen Sword 21:
the largest ever US-Japan joint field training exercise for 'multi domain operations' conducted all over Japan in October and November

The Japanese-Australian summit talks
Suga and Morrison have embarked on the buildup of a triangular military alliance between the US, Japan and Australia

No to mass dismissals amid the pandemic depression!

A report from comrades working in small and medium-sized enterprises of the metal and machinery industry

- Dismissals, layoffs and rejections of contract renewal: all sacrifices imposed on workers, whether regular or non-regular
- Capitalists are bent on 'restructuring' their businesses
- Denounce the labour aristocrats of JAM
[Japanese Association of Metal, Machinery, and Manufacturing Workers] for reducing workers' fights back into a request to the government for extending the 'employment adjustment subsidy scheme'!

Complete rejection of a united action in the 2021 spring labour offensive
JC Metal [Japan Council of Metalworkers' Unions] aristocrats pledge their collaboration to monopoly capitalists

The leadership commands union members to 'show your best in serving local residents'

The 42nd regular convention of Jichiroren [Japan Federation of Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Unions]@@
- Denounce the leadership for reducing unions' fights into an election campaign for JCP candidates

Indignation of education workers in Hokkaido:
--- outrageously long working hours and intensified labour imposed amid the epidemic
- After the suspension of classes, the government is attaching top priority to 'improving children's academic ability'
- Different tasks in a large amount imposed on teachers
- 'Do it quick' harassments by principals are rampant in many schools:
-- for the preparation of the introduction of a deceitful 'yearly overtime calculation system'


- The situation growing tense over the Senkaku Islands:
--China is to enact a Maritime Police Law, whereas Biden has confirmed the determination to apply the US-Japan Security Treaty to the islands

- Trump's tax evasion: the billionaire president has paid almost nothing

- Keidanren president Nakanishi's 'congratulatory message' to Joe Biden:
--in expectation of America's return to the Trans-Pacific Partnership


No. 2647
(November 30th 2020 Issue)

Fight back against the Suga government
imposing sacrifices on the toiling masses!

- Monopoly capitalists are embarking on mass dismissals amid the widespread infection
- The government are bent on saving big business
- Denounce the neo-fascist government for plunging the toiling masses into hardships!

Denounce the Xi-led neo-Stalinist regime for enforcing the repression of Hong Kong people!
- The Chinese government frantic to carry out propaganda for 'patriotism'

In the chains of Ampo (18)
60 years after the revision of the US-Japan Security Treaty
SDF Naha Air Base in Okinawa:
readiness for scrambles is strengthened to check Chinese warplanes

- Japanese and Chinese forces are vying with each other for the command of the air above the Senkaku / Diaoyu Islands
- The Japanese government is bent on incorporating Japanese forces into a US-led bilateral command system for conducting joint military operations

SDF Gifu Air Base:
Don't allow the building of a key centre for developing weapons for electronic war!


The US Presidential election and its meaning

US imperialism revealing its final decline

- Trump's desperate struggles with the aim of escaping criminal prosecutions
- Class, stratum, racial and regional gaps that cannot be covered
- Joe Biden's evil and abortive scheme to save the US imperialist economy from the crisis

Dissolution of Shunto into 'tripartite consultations between the government, labour and management'

JTUC leadership's 'Basic Plan' for the 2021 spring labour offensive
- Renouncing 'demands for higher wages', without even raising an objection to wage cuts and dismissals
- A union-led campaign 'to encourage consumption': an active support for the Suga government's policy to boost the economy

The 22nd regular convention of JAM [Japanese Association of Metal, Machinery, and Manufacturing Workers]
Chairman Yasugochi presses union members to encourage the management to raise productivity by means of ICT


The 2021 spring labour offensive:

Denounce the JTUC leadership for abandoning demands for higher wages!
An impermissible deceit in proposing 'demands for around 2 percent'

[Japanese Electrical Electronic & Information Union] convention
Denounce the JEIU labour aristocrats for praising 'digital transformation'!

- An active response to the capitalist scheme to promote 'digital transformation'
- Let us create a fight back from workplaces!


- The Beijing bureaucracy hell-bent on introducing 'digital renminbi [RMB]':
---a challenge to the international US dollar system

- Yoshihide Suga using 'the right of personnel management'
---to build up an authoritarian ruling system

- The Xi-led Chinese regime forcing Chinese language on Mongolian people
---in the name of 'bilingual education'

- Denounce the Nuclear Regulation Authority's decision to recognize the 'competence' of the electric company
---to restart the operation of the Kashiwazi-Kariwa nuclear plant!


No. 2646
(November 23rd 2020 Issue)

The JRCL public political meeting on December 6th!
Break through the crisis of the outbreak of war amid the US-China cold war!
Let us fight against the stormy offensives of fascism!

- The US presidential elections have revealed the collapse of the militarist empire
- No to the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance!
- Don't allow the Suga government to leave the toiling people in the lurch!
- Let us move forward towards the overthrow of the Suga-led Japanese neo-fascist government!

Stop the continued operation of Genkai No. 3 nuclear reactor with the use of MOX
[plutonium-mixed fuel]!
Let us fight under the banner 'Oppose all the nuclear development'!

Shatter all attempts of the Suga government to accelerate nuclear development!

- Suga is bent on discharging tritium-contaminated radioactive water accumulated in the Fukushima NPS into the ocean
- Power companies are moving towards the restart of their decrepit reactors;
-- the government and the bourgeoisie are scheming to embark on a national project of newly building small module reactors
- The government has taken a step towards the building and operation of nuclear fuel cycle facilities that have long been in dispute
- Let us fight for the upsurge of struggles against nuclear development!

Postal workers' struggle in the busiest, year-end and new year period

Denounce the management for deploying no additional staff
for prearranging mail deliveries in post offices' busiest period of the year!

Don't allow the imposition of extremely intensified labour on postal workers!

1. The management is obsessive about cutting down on personnel expenses
2. They are using antivirus measures as a pretext for reducing personnel
3. Denounce the collaboration of the JP Union leadership with the management!

NTT is to make NTT COCOMO a wholly owned subsidiary

Making a dash for the development of a new model of telecommunication systems

- The incorporation is aimed to strengthen the international competitiveness of the affiliated companies as 'one NTT'
- No to the shifting of burdens caused by 'digitalization' onto workers!

To boost productivity, it's indispensable for the "tripartite forces of the government, labour and management" to work together' (JTUC Chairman Kozu)
Leaders of the JTUC made a visit to PM Suga and vowed to fully cooperate with the government

A rally held against the US-Japan joint military exercise

October 31st, in front of Kagoshima Station, Kyushu

Students of Kagoshima University fought in the van of the protesters

No to the relocation of US forces'
Field Carrier Landing Practice to Mage-jima Island!

'No to constitutional revision' rallies on November 3rd

Kanazawa Univ. students' banner inspirited the rally participants indignant
about Suga's refusal of six scholars' appointment to the Science Council

'Denounce Suga's refusal!
No to the building of a pre-emptive attack system!'

'No to Japan's building of a pre-emptive strike system!' A militant call permeated into rally participants

Participants resolved to say 'No!'
to the Suga government's reactionary offensives

JRCL's leaflets received positive responses
among workers and citizens


No. 2645
(November 16th 2020 Issue)

Smash the ultra-reactionary offensives of the neo-fascist Suga government!

- The US presidential elections reflecting the death agonies of the militarist empire
- Japan is strengthening the new US-Japan military alliance, rushing for the revision of the Constitution
- Suga attempts to transform the JSC [Japan Science Council] into a submissive supporter of the neo-fascist government, to beef up the authoritarian ehexagon pyramidf made up of politicians, capitalists, bureaucrats, labour aristocrats, as well as mass media and academics
-- A selective eweeding outf of small and medium enterprises and drastic cuts to social security
- Let us fight by overcoming the JCP leadership that abandons opposition to Ampo [US-Japan military alliance], as well as to fascism!

eNo to the revision of the Constitution! Denounce Sugafs refusal of six scholarsf appointment to the Science Council!f
Thousands of workers, students and citizens gathered round the Diet Building,
November 3rd
Metropolitan area students fighting in the van of the protest action with big placards eNo to fascism!f

- eFight fascism!f JRCL distributed handbills to the protesters
- Students fought with big placards eNo to fascism!f
- Angry voices raised at a JCP bureaucratfs speech which made no mention of opposition to Ampo

Shatter Sugafs attempt to convert the JSC into a submissive body that supports the war policy of the government!

- Suga selectively eliminated those scholars who refused to go along with national policy
- He is strengthening the Japanese-type neo-fascist system with the ehexagon pyramidf as its prop and stay

Workers and Students' United Actions uplifted across the country
October 25th
Hokkaido, Sapporo
eStop the building of a pre-emptive attack system!f Militants marched on to the local LDP office
eSmash the constitutional revision! Crush Ampo!f

Tokai, Nagoya
eShatter the Suga governmentfs reactionary offensives!
eNo to the pre-emptive strike system! Stop the constitutional revision!f

Ready for demonstration: solidarity rally


eUnemployment benefits are preferable to compensations for furloughf

An impermissible cry of a demagogue obsessed with ederegulationf

- Naohiro Yashiro, a dyed-in-the-wool neoliberal advisor to the government, applauses sackings amid the ecoronavirus depressionf

A letter from a reader
Ruthless esacking on account of the coronavirus depressionf
Anger boils up in me against Sugafs policy that leaves toiling people in the lurch

Replacement of non-regular workersf wage struggle into the provision of a safety-net by the government, labour and management
The ebasic plan for the 2021 spring labour offensivef adopted by the JTUC leadership

My study note

To make meetings of our organization the topos of self-revolutionization
Learning from Kurodafs article, gFor an Advance in the Building of the Party Leadership: On the 12th Convention of the JRCLh,
in Fifty Years of the Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction), Vol.2


- Trump withdrew the US from the Paris accord,
but serious forest fires and hurricanes c

- Behind negotiations on the extension of the new START,
another armaments race is intensifying between the US and China/Russia

- Thai people have risen up in protest under the slogan, 'reform of the monarchy'

- The development of hypersonic weapons:
No to the endless armament race between the US-Japan and China!


No. 2644
(November 9th 2020 Issue)

'No to fascism!' Zengakuren and Antiwar Youths held a spirited demonstration
in the centre of Tokyo
October 25th
Shatter the ultra-reactionary offensives of the Suga government!

Advancing towards PM's Official Residence

'No to the neo-fascist ruling system!'
Chants targeted at the Diet
- White-helmeted workers and students marched on the Diet Building, PM's Official Residence and the US Embassy
- 'Let us fight for the overthrow of the Suga government!': the solidarity rally prior to the demonstration
- Militants' action delivered a hard blow to the Suga government, breaking through the inactivity of the official opposition movements
- All workers and students! Rise up together with the anti-Stalinist revolutionary Left!

'Oppose the building of a pre-emptive attack system!'
'Denounce PM Suga's refusal to appoint six scholars as members of the Science Council!'

Kanazawa Univ. students made an appeal in the main street of the city

Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, October 24th

'Weed out small enterprises that are incapable of achieving high productivity'

David Atkinson, an adviser to PM Suga, counsels the Japanese government

He is speaking for greedy monopoly capitalists

The Suga government is shouting for a reorganization of local banks
While scheming to selectively eliminate SMEs, the government has started promoting mergers of minor regional banks


- Don't allow Suga to rush to the promotion of nuclear development
in the name of 'reducing carbon dioxide emissions to zero by 2050'

- Fukushima nuclear disaster victims,
who are supposed to relate their experiences for posterity in a newly opened museum, are barred from criticizing the government and the electric power company

- China's 'Dual Circulation Strategy'
of domestic demand and foreign trade:
Xi's new economic policy is aimed at hegemony over the world

- Kim Jong-un's 'new weapons':
huge ICBMs and 'tears' with which to obtain poverty-stricken people's loyalty

India shaken with an increasing number of COVID-19 cases

The Narendra Modi-led Indian government is imposing terrible sacrifices on people suffering dire poverty

Last-ditch negotiations for a Britain-EU free trade agreement


Monopoly capitalists pouring tremendous funds into research and development

Stop the imposition of sacrifices on workers!

- Automobile and pharmaceutical industry capitalists are squeezing out colossal amount of money to be invested in R & D
- They are sacking workers and enforcing wage cuts on them on the pretext of the 'coronavirus depression'
- The Suga government is giving preferential tax treatment to monopoly capitalists in response to their demands

The government lifted all restrictions on the entry into Japan of foreign workers amid the further spread of the coronavirus outbreak
Don't allow capitalists and employers to treat low-wage migrants as freely disposable workers!


An agreement made between UA Zensen
[Japanese Federation of Textile, Chemical, Food, Commercial, Service and General Workers' Unions] and a Keidanren-led 'sacking support agency' backed by the government: UA Zensen labour aristocrats set about supporting capitalists' mass sackings as a trade union

Workers and Students' United Actions uplifted across the country

October 25th


'Stop the continued US base construction in Henoko by the Suga government!'

Militant protesters staged a powerful demonstration in the centre of Naha

'Remove all the US bases! Crush the US-Japan Security Treaty!'

Solidifying the resolve to fight it out: the solidarity rally

'Smash the Suga government's ultra-reactionary offensives!'

Zengakuren Kansai and Antiwar Youths marched on the local LDP office and the city hall

Fighters marching through the main streets of Osaka

'Stop the constitutional revision!': the solidarity rally


No. 2643
(November 2nd 2020 Issue)

'Stop Japan's building of a military system of pre-emptive strikes!'
Militants took protest action against the Suga government's reactionary offensives
Workers and Students' United Action in Kyushu, October 18th, Fukuoka

Marching under the banner 'No to the military alliance! No to constitutional revision!'

'No to Fascism!' Protesters confirming their determination

- White-helmeted protesters marched through the heart of Fukuoka
- 'Stop the construction of a new training base on Mage-jima Island!' A student from Zengakuren Kyusu presented a key address
- 'Don't let the Suga government leave toiling people in the lurch!' A student and a worker expressed their resolve to fight

Voices of 'anti-Fascism' echoed throughout the metropolis
October 25th, Tokyo
(the initial report)

Tokyo area militant workers and students rose in protest

The nuclear fuel reprocessing plant in Rokkasho Village

Deceptions in the Nuclear Regulation Authority's decision that the safety measures 'satisfy the standard'

- The NRA utterly leaves out the high probability of bombers crashing into the plant facilities
-- amid frequent occurrence of aircraft accidents around the nearby US and SDF air bases
- The government and JNFL
[Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited] started moving towards plant operation while sweeping technical faults under the carpet
- Stop the full-scale operation of the reprocessing plant!

The criminal nature of the JCP bureaucrats possessed by the aspiration to join a coalition government

- A vow to contribute to the establishment of a bourgeois opposition party-led coalition government in the name of a 'regime change'
- Denounce the JCP leadership helmed by Fuwa and Shii, fawns on a bourgeois opposition party and turns against antiwar, anti-Security Treaty struggles!
- Expose its utmost criminality of acknowledging US-Japan joint operations based on the Security Treaty!

Definitely no to the introduction of a yearly working hours calculation system
based on the fabrication of 'less busy seasons' into schools!

Stop the enactment of ordinances in each prefecture to adopt this system!
Abolish the special measures law that legalizes teachers' overtime without pay!

- The Education Ministry is sticking to the notorious law that legalizes the imposition of as much intensified labour as possible on teachers without overtime pay
- Let us fight tenaciously by criticizing the official union leaderships for not organizing struggles against the intensification of the labour of teachers!

Denounce the three cities in Ishikawa Prefecture for adopting history and civics textbooks for junior high schools published by a rightist publisher!

No to the strengthening of 'patriotic' education promoted by the Suga government!

Neither regulations of working hours nor those of overtime go well with teleworking'?!
Monopoly capitalists are crying out for an extended coverage of a discretionary working-hour system

Anger exploded among union workers and students against Suga's refusal to appoint six scholars as members of the Science Council

An emergency rally held on October 17th,
in front of Kaogoshima Station, Kyushu
Kagoshima Univ. students striving for a militant upsurge of the rally

Workers and citizens expressing sympathy
with students calling to fight Fascism

Don't allow the construction of a final high-level nuclear disposal site!'
Hundreds of people gathered for a No Nuke rally

October 18th, Sapporo, Hokkaido

Hokkaido Univ. students fighting with workers and citizens JRCL handing out flyers to participants

Denounce the tank exercise forcibly carried out on the public road of Hokkaido!
Groud SDF army corps conducted a long-distance mobility exercise in preparation for emergencies in the East China Sea and Taiwan

Many workers and citizens rose in protest
August 31st, Kushiro, Hokkaido


No. 2642
(October 26th 2020 Issue)

Crush the Suga government's scheme to set up a Digital Agency!
Shatter the strengthening of the autocratic ruling system under the National Security Council!

- The Suga government high-handedly reorganizing administrative structures and tightening the mass surveillance network
- Promotion of 'digital transformation in industry' in compliance with the demands of monopoly capitalists

Denounce the Suga government for arrogantly justifying its refusal to appoint six scholars as new members of the Science Council of Japan!

Don't allow the construction of a high-level nuclear waste disposal site!
JRCL called on workers, students and citizens

A meeting against the invitation of a disposal site,
October 1st, Sapporo, Hokkaido

- No to the two local communities' invitation of the disposal site!
- The Economy Ministry and Nuclear Waste Management Organization brought local politicians round by dangling immense subsidies

No to the relocation of US forces' Field Carrier Landing Practice to Mage-jima Island!
Stop the construction of a new training base for the Self-Defense Forces of Japan!

In the chains of Ampo (17)
60 years after the revision of the US-Japan Security Treaty
'Defense of Japan 2020': a positive response to the US war plan against China
- The building of a military system of pre-emptive strikes on enemy bases: a historic change in Japan's military/security policy
- The Japanese government's irritation revealed towards China's all-out offensive
- Japan headed for a military power capable of waging war in cahoots with the US

Don't allow any justification for non-regular workers' low wages and wretched working conditions!

Denounce the Supreme Court's reactionary decisions!

- The court's decision says it is 'not unreasonable' for employers to pay non-regular workers no seasonal bonuses or retirement allowances
- Reactionary court decisions in compliance with the demands of the Suga government and the monopoly bourgeoisie

The Health Ministry's 'special measures for care payments'
The government imposes still more burden on the users of nursing care services

The leadership of the Japanese Trade Union Confederation entreats the Suga government
to resume 'tripartite consultations between the government, labour and management'

Smash the neo-Industrial Patriotic movement led by the JTUC leadership
which is crying for the 'survival of the Japanese economy'!


Mitsubishi Motors to make drastic cuts in winter bonuses, has started pressing 'voluntary retirement' on workers
Denounce the monopoly capitalists for imposing tremendous sacrifices on workers!


Proof of a 'military alliance':
China's missile defence system provided by Putin-led Russia

- US and Japanese forces' capability for submarine battle being strengthened jointly against China

- Former high-raking police officers continue to be given key positions by Suga:
in the autocratic system under the Cabinet Secretariat and the National Security Council

- Gorbachev, the destroyer of the USSR: 'New thinking of the 21st century' might fight off viruses!?

No. 2641
(October 19th 2020 Issue)

Rise in Workers and Students' United Actions on October 25th!
Shatter the Suga government's attempts to build a military system
of pre-emptive strikes and revise the Constitution!

Let us advance struggles by overcoming JCP leaders' abandonment
of opposition to the US-Japan military alliance and neo-fascism!

'Denounce Suga's refusal of six scholars to the Science Council!'
Militant students' voices of protest against neo-fascism echoed,
in front of the PM's Office, October 5th

Central Students' Orgburo
1. The danger of war breaking out amid the 'US-China cold war'
A. The Suga government launching ultra-reactionary offensives
B. Confrontation between the US and China over East Asia
C. The JCP-led opposition movement supporting an electoral tie-up between opposition parties and the revolutionary left fighting to overcome this distortion

2. Let us stir up a struggle to crush the Suga government's ultra-reactionary offensives!
A. Denounce the distortion of struggles by the JCP leadership that has abandoned opposition to Ampo [US-Japan military alliance]!
B. Create an explosive upsurge in the antiwar, anti-Ampo and anti-constitutional revision struggles!

- Eradicate the danger of war breaking out amid the 'US-China cold war'!
- Fight back against the imposition of sacrifices on workers and the toiling masses in the middle of the pandemic depression!
- Let us fight resolutely with the aim of overthrowing the Japanese-type neo-fascist government led by Yoshihide Suga!

Suga's refusal to appoint six scholars as new members of the Science Council of Japan!
Oppose the Suga government's fascistic suppression of free speech!

October 6th
All-Japan Federation of Students' Self-Governing Associations

PM Suga and his henchmen changed the format of a press conference:

Only public interviews by a select few reporters are granted
Don't let the Suga government tighten controls on the media!

A malicious intent behind crime investigation
The government and the police are bent on collecting DNA fingerprints from people to make a database of personal information


No to the strengthening of the screening of junior high school textbooks for history and civics !
Stop the Education Ministry from enforcing the use of virtually 'government-approved' textbooks in all schools!
- Smash the neo-fascist reorganization of education!
- Let us create fruitful discussions among education workers from within our workplaces by overcoming official union leaders' distortion and abandonment of struggles!

All Nippon Airways forcing early retirement and wage cuts upon workers
Japan Airlines coercively assigning totally different kinds of work to workers
Fight against capitalist offensives for the major restructuring of airline companies!

'No to fascism!' Making their position clear, students fought
in front of the PM's Office, October 5th

'No to Suga's rejection of six scholars as new Science Council members!'

An emergency action held in front of the PM's Office
October 6th
Militant students fought together with workers and citizens

'Stop the Suga government accelerating the reclamation work in Henoko!'
Angry workers and people of Okinawa held a rally against the continued construction of a new US base
October 3rd, Henoko, Okinawa
JRCL called on protesters to fight for the 'removal of all US bases', for the 'repeal of the US-Japan Security Treaty'

Zengakuren Okinawa fighting in the van of protesters,
at the Camp Schwab gate

Militant students went on to stage another protest action
near the construction site

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