Kan'ichi Kuroda's Books in English
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Methodology of Social Science
A Critique of Uno Kozo's Theory of Economics
2005, Kobushi Shobo, 10,000yen

Dialectics of Society

For an Inquiry into the Outlook of Society
2003, KK-shobo Publishers, 8000yen

Studies on Marxism in Postwar Japan
Main issues in Political Economy and the Materialist Outlook of History
2002, KK-shobo Publishers, 6000yen

On Organizing Praxis
The Revolutionary Marxist Movement in Postwar Japan
2001, KK-shobo Publishers, 8000yen

Dialectic of Praxis

Umemoto's Philosophy of Subjectivity and
Uno's Methodology of Social Science

2001, KK-shobo Publishers, 5000yen

Engels' Political Economy
On the Difference in Philosophy
Between Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
2000, KK-shobo Publishers, 4400yen

Kuroda's Thought on Revolution
A Consideration of Neo-Stalinism and the Vanguard Organization
2000, KK-shobo Publishers, 3600yen

Essential Terms of Revolutionary Marxism
Japanese-English bilingual edition.
Published by Society for the Study of Marx's Thought.
1998, 3,400yen

Philosophy of Inter-Human Subjectivity
1998, Kobushi Shobo, 3,600yen

Stalinist Socialism
Basic Problems of the Theory of Socialism
1996, Kobushi Shobo, 800yen

Gorbachev's Nightmare
1992, KK-shobo Publishers, 3000yen

What is Revolutionary Marxism?
On the Principle problem of Organizing Tactics
for Revolutionary Communists in Japan

1991, KK-shobo Publishers, 3000yen

Destruction of the Revolution
The Critique of Gorbachev's Ideology
1991, KK-shobo Publishers, 3000yen


The Trial of Saddam Hussein
A Platform for Exposing Imperialist Crimes
A Fictional Dramatization
From The Communist No. 210, bimonthly journal of the JRCL
2005, KK-shobo Publishers, 1000yen

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