Kan'ichi Kuroda's Books in English
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Methodology of Social Science
A Critique of Uno Kozo's Theory of Economics
2005, Kobushi Shobo, 10,000yen

Dialectics of Society

For an Inquiry into the Outlook of Society
2003, Kobushi Shobo, 8000yen

Studies on Marxism in Postwar Japan
Main issues in Political Economy and the Materialist Outlook of History
2002, Akane Books, 6000yen

On Organizing Praxis
The Revolutionary Marxist Movement in Postwar Japan
2001, Akane Books, 8000yen

Dialectic of Praxis

Umemoto's Philosophy of Subjectivity and
Uno's Methodology of Social Science

2001, Akane Books, 5000yen

Engels' Political Economy
On the Difference in Philosophy
Between Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
2000, Akane Books, 4400yen

Kuroda's Thought on Revolution
A Consideration of Neo-Stalinism and the Vanguard Organization
2000, Akane Books, 3600yen

Essential Terms of Revolutionary Marxism
Japanese-English bilingual edition.
Published by Society for the Study of Marx's Thought.
1998, 3,400yen

Philosophy of Inter-Human Subjectivity
1998, Kobushi Shobo, 3,600yen

Stalinist Socialism
Basic Problems of the Theory of Socialism
1996, Kobushi Shobo, 800yen

Gorbachev's Nightmare
1992, Akane Books, 3000yen

What is Revolutionary Marxism?
On the Principle problem of Organizing Tactics
for Revolutionary Communists in Japan

1991, Akane Books, 3000yen

Destruction of the Revolution
The Critique of Gorbachev's Ideology
1991, Akane Books 3000yen


The Trial of Saddam Hussein
A Platform for Exposing Imperialist Crimes
A Fictional Dramatization
From The Communist No. 210, bimonthly journal of the JRCL
2005, Akane Books, 1000yen

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