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The 59th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan
August 1st 2021

The Executive Committee for the 59th International Antiwar Assembly
All-Japan Federation of Students' Self-Governing Associations [Zengakuren]
Antiwar Youth Committee
Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction) [JRCL (RMF)]

Overseas Appeal for the
59th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan

Rise up in antiwar struggle to break through
the crisis of war breaking out
amid the US-China cold war!

We call on all workers, students and intellectuals who are striving across the world to oppose the war policies of governments, the tyrannies of state rulers and their imposition of poverty.

Today, a year and months after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world is in world-historic turbulence. When hit by the pandemic, state rulers and capitalists cut off the 'free movement of people, goods, money and services' and stopped production. With new virus variants, such as an Indian strain, appearing one after another, borders are continually closed while cities are locked down in many regions of the world. Capitalists have been mercilessly throwing workers onto the streets to seek their own survival. The 'pandemic depression', far more devastating than the Great Depression in 1929, laid bare a classical class division and poverty like those in the 19th century, when Karl Marx lived and fought.

This is not all. Amid the pandemic, a cataclysmic change has occurred in the structure of today's world. That is, the 'US-China cold war' has intensified at a stroke. Because of the global-scale clash between the US and China-Russia, the danger of war is impending in East Asia, the Middle East and elsewhere. Once ignited, the fire of war would be a prelude to a Third World War.

Workers and people all over the world! Now is the time to unite and create a revolutionary antiwar struggle to break through the intensifying crisis of war amid the US-China cold war. Let us rise up resolutely to defeat our governments and state rulers who are placing us under unbearable poverty and tyrannical rule!
In the middle of the historic turbulence, we are holding the 59th International Antiwar Assemblies on August 1st in Tokyo and six other cities in Japan. We call on all workers and people to create antiwar struggles internationally together with us, revolutionary Left in Japan. Let us embark on a fight to overturn this dark 21st century and carve out a brilliant proletarian century!

An intensifying clash between the US-Japan and China with focus on Taiwan

A year and four months have passed since the world was hit by the pandemic of the novel coronavirus that spread from Wuhan, China. What is uncovered by the pandemic is an all-out clash between the militarist empire of America, which has revealed its historic downfall, and neo-Stalinist China. In the face of imperialist America devastated by the world's most explosive spread of infection as well as an economic catastrophe, China has embarked on a full-scale offensive to seize 'hegemony over the world'.

Look at the G7 Summit meeting held in Cornwall, Britain (from June 11th to 13th). As head of the decrepit militarist empire, US President Joe Biden desperately tried to recover from America's ever-deepening isolation, which had been accelerated by the former Trump administration with its arrogant cry of 'America First'. He was hell-bent on involving German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron and others in the global formation of an anti-China encircling net under the slogan 'Rebuilding alliances'. That is why he was frantic to raise the worn-out, bloodstained flag of 'freedom, democracy and human rights' by his feeble hands. A 'new Atlantic Charter', which he issued together with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, was nothing but a miserable bid to implore those rulers of European states including Germany and France to remember the debt they owe to America for 'freeing' Europe from Nazi Germany, and thereby to gain cooperation from them in implementing his hard-line policies against China.

And there was no one in the G7 summit other than Yoshihide Suga, head of the Japanese neo-fascist government, who acted as a minion of Biden and moved about proposing a phrase to be inserted in the G7 statement: 'peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait'.

It's no exaggeration to say that the true 'protagonist' in the summit meeting was Xi Jinping-led China. Ridiculing the Biden-centred meeting as a 'Last Supper', Xi even said, 'A small group of countries, their united front is doomed to be destroyed'.

Xi's China is, however, visited by troubles both at home and abroad. With an increasing number of enterprises that have gone bankrupt or have accumulated enormous debts, its domestic economy is in a critical situation. Many cities have turned into ghost towns with incomplete high-rise buildings left deserted. Even the 'One Belt One Road' initiative for a China-led economic sphere, which was aimed to get through the ever deepening crisis in the domestic economy, is hitting snags because of the irritation of the rulers of advanced countries at Chinese rulers' much too blatant oppression of people at home, and also because of the bitter resentments of state rulers in Southeast Asia and Central / Eastern Europe at China's behaviour of 'trapping other countries in debt'. Amid the economic debacle, anger is boiling up among workers, particularly peasant workers, who are plunged into dire poverty due to sackings and wage cuts by enterprise managers who are Communist Party members at the same time.

That was why Xi Jinping posed himself as a second Mao Zedong at the ceremony marking the 'centenary of the Communist Party of China'. By screaming that 'without the Communist Party of China, there would be no new China and no rejuvenation of the Chinese nation', he repeatedly appealed to the people to 'thank' the CPC.

In the face of US imperialism, which is building up political, military and economic 'pressures' on China, Xi asserted that the Chinese government would carry on with the 'wolf worrier diplomacy' by saying that imperialists 'will find themselves on a collision course with the great wall of steel forged by over 1.4 billion Chinese people.' As to the Taiwan issue, which the CPC defines as a 'core interest', he declared that, in 'realizing China's complete reunification', 'we must take resolute action to utterly defeat any attempt towards "Taiwan independence"'. In this way he did not even conceal the intention of resorting to arms for annexation.
Concerning Hong Kong, Xi boasted that the government of the Beijing bureaucracy established an autocratic rule whereby to choke 'democrats' and oppress people under its direct rule in the name of 'implementing the legal systems and enforcement mechanisms ... to safeguard national security'. As to Uighur people, who once rose in an anti-government rebellion, the Beijing government has been enforcing brutal repression by throwing a million people into concentration camps. All this is a preparation for a forthcoming decisive battle with imperialist America. The Xi Jinping regime is intent on removing 'internal troubles' for that.

This government of the Beijing bureaucracy has in effect territorialized the South China Sea and now, on this basis, is intensifying its offensive in the East China Sea to seize the Senkaku (Diaoyu) Islands by defining them as part of Taiwan. Moreover, it is not only constantly deploying its naval and air forces around Taiwan but also developing them beyond the Taiwan Strait, over to the western Pacific. It has also deployed two thousand intermediate-range missiles ready to launch to prohibit US carrier strike groups from entering the Strait in the event of 'emergency in Taiwan'.

Faced with these hard-line measures taken by China, the Biden-led administration of US imperialism is now anxious and worried that 'China could invade Taiwan in next six years', thus strengthening its support to the Tsai Ing-wen government by providing it with top-of-the-line weapons and other military aids. Furthermore, it is commanding its warships to pass through the Taiwan Strait and carrying out extensive US-Japan military exercises on and around Japan's Southwest Islands according to its war plans in preparation for 'Taiwan emergency'.

Thus the Taiwan Strait, as well as the South China Sea, is in a hair-trigger situation, where US-Japanese forces and Chinese forces are both carrying out military manoeuvres against each other.

Xi-led China has set itself a 'national goal' of building a 'great contemporary socialist state' by the so-called 'second centenary' in 2049, which marks the centenary of the People's Republic, and makes it their world strategy for the Chinese state to reign the world as 'Zhonghua' (centre of the world). In order to achieve the national goal and the strategy for world domination, the neo-Stalinist state of China has started making a dash.

And now, Russia led by Vladimir Putin is strengthening its anti-US alliance with Xi-led China, thereby mounting a challenge to US imperialism. As a nuclear power that holds large quantities of nuclear weapons comparable to the US, Putin-led Russia holds the national strategy of 'reviving itself as a great power'. In order to realize it, the Russian government has embarked on a rollback in opposition to US and European imperialist states, which have expanded so-called 'democratization' not only to former East European countries but also over to former constituent republics of the USSR, including Ukraine. Against a British naval cruiser that sailed near the Crimean coast, this government conducted a threatening military action in the name of 'warning shots' by mobilizing Russian warplanes and warships. This was but the starting gun of Putin's rollback. He is tightening the FSB-based authoritarian ruling system at home, while protecting Belarus President Lukashenko, who detained a dissident journalist by means of a government-conducted hijacking.

Faced with these political and military offensives by China and Russia, the Biden administration is frantic to build up a global encircling net against China by mobilizing US-allied states under the banner of 'rebuilding alliances' to win a 'strategic competition with China which will define the 21st century'. In the name of a 'global partnership for a new era' (declared in the US-Japan summit meeting in April), this administration has determined the US-Japan military alliance as the pivot of a global alliance against China and is pushing forward its schemes to fully mobilize the political, military and economic powers of Japanese imperialism for building up a global alliance. Look! Together with US forces, Japanese forces are carrying out joint manoeuvres constantly with Australian forces in the South China and Indian Seas, and now with French forces!

Evidently, around Taiwan and in the South China Sea, an imminent crisis is growing; a fire of war may break out any moment. In preparation for a hot war arising from the US-China cold war, US and Japanese rulers, as well as Chinese and Russian rulers, are competitively building up each of their military capabilities not only in land, naval and aerial domains but also in outer and cyber spaces.
Workers and people all over the world! Now is the time to resolutely create a revolutionary antiwar struggle to break through the danger of war increasing amid the head-on clash between the US-Japan and China-Russia.

The Middle East: the danger of a military clash mounting between Israel and Iran

The Zionist regime of Israel (the former Netanyahu-led government) conducted devastating bombardments against the Gaza Strip of Palestine, known as 'an open-air prison', thereby sinking a great many people including children in seas of blood. The new government with an anti-Palestinian, anti-Iranian jingoist, Naftali Bennett, as its head also conducted aerial bombings of Gaza shortly after his inauguration. On the other hand, in the Shiite Islamic state of Iran, which confronts Israel as its archenemy in political and military terms, a new administration is also to start off with an 'anti-American, anti-Zionist' hardliner, Cleric Ebrahim Raisi, as its President.

The moment of a military clash between Israel and Iran is growing closer. Not only does US imperialism support Israel, but the Sunnite monarchies of Saudi Arabia and others, which confront Iran, are also moving to improve relations with Israel. On the other hand, China and Russia are fully backing the anti-American state of Iran in political, economic and military terms. Because of this structure newly emerging in the Middle East, a fifth Middle East War, which will be triggered by an Israeli military attack on Iran, will no doubt lead directly to a global warfare.

Since the July of 2002, when the war on Iraq by the militarist empire of America as the 'sole superpower' was impending, we have been appealing to the world: 'Muslims of all countries, organize struggles for the independence of a Palestinian state, based on Islamic inter-nationalism!' ('Antiwar Struggle in the Present Topos', included in Kan'ichi Kuroda, Marx Renaissance). Today, we issue this call again to all Muslim people, particularly to Palestinians who are shedding their blood in battles against the brutalities of the Zionist regime backed by US imperialism. Workers and people all over the world! Let us stir up flames of antiwar struggle to denounce the Israeli bombing of Gaza and to oppose its military attack on Iran!

Topple the state rulers who are imposing poverty and tyranny on us amid the pandemic!

Rulers of the US, Japan, China and Russia, who are ever more intensifying their military and political rivalries, have met with a serious predicament where the 'global economy' is torn apart with the borderless movements of 'people, goods, money and services' cut off by the pandemic. Amid this situation, they are heating up economic struggles against each other, by formulating not only strategies for 'military security' but also those for 'economic security' that are closely related to the former. These include schemes to control artificial intelligence and other digital technologies and 5G-communication and other advanced technologies, and those to secure the supply of semiconductors and scarce resources such as rare earth.

The so-called economic 'win-win' relationships under their political and military confrontations are becoming obsolete. This is another thing that is becoming an impetus to turn the US-China cold war into a hot war.

And what is occurring in the inside of each of these countries that are bitterly confronting in every respect is this: 'the rich' are accumulating more and more wealth, whereas 'the poor' are being daily driven to the verge of death by starvation. In the capitalist countries (of the US and Japan), a classical class division between the capitalist and working classes, along with a classical impoverishment, is becoming more and more intense. In the country of 'market socialism', i.e. in China, the opposition between the privileged bureaucrats who hold enormous wealth and the workers and peasants who are suffering from dire poverty is growing more bitterly than ever.

This does not apply only to the US, Japan or China. In every country in the world, the toiling masses are rising up in revolt, burning with anger against the government and rulers who are coercing them into impoverishment. It is in order to crush the revolt of the masses that rulers and each government are, on the whole, tending to make their political ruling systems more reactionary and authoritarian by taking advantage of 'countermeasures against the pandemic'.
Workers and people all over the world! Let us build up struggles to topple the rulers and governments that impose poverty and tyranny upon us!

Denounce the Japanese government for pushing forward to hold the Olympics!
Down with the Suga government rushing to revise the Constitution and strengthen the US-Japan military alliance!

The Suga-led Japanese government is clinging to the hosting of the Tokyo Olympic Games despite the fact that a fifth wave of infection is starting to spread in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Suga is sticking to it only to keep his cabinet in existence. He takes no account of the terrible suffering of the toiling masses. Nor does he care a bit about hard-pressed medical workers who have been pushed to the brink of 'healthcare collapse'. This government is intending to hold the 'festival' which will cause an explosive spread of Covid-19 not only in Japan but throughout the world. People in Japan are directing their anger to this government. We are organizing vehement protests across the country under the banner 'Denounce the Suga government for enforcing the Olympics!'

While taking massive bailout measures for monopoly capitalists, the Suga government has cut off even small amount of measures for poverty-stricken people in the name of 'self-help', thus mercilessly leaving them in the lurch. This government is strengthening its neo-fascist political ruling system by keeping the nation under surveillance and repression in the name of 'digitalization'. We, militant students of Zengakuren and workers of the Antiwar Youth Committee, are fighting across the country to topple this Japanese-type neo-fascist government.

The leadership of the Japanese Communist Party (headed by Tetsuzo Fuwa and Kazuo Shii) has totally abandoned its 'opposition' to the US-Japan military alliance; it is even making a criminal assertion repeatedly that the party positively accepts 'Japan-US joint operations' in time of 'an emergency', according to Article 5 of the US-Japan Security Treaty. We, militant workers and students, definitely denounce this outrageous crime of the Stalinist party and are building up antiwar struggles. Militant workers are creating waves of struggle against the revision of the Constitution from within the depths of the labour front, while denouncing the labour aristocrats of the Rengo [JTUC], who are unpardonably crying for 'stronger defence strength', thus even supporting the Suga government's scheme to revise Article 9 of the Constitution.

We are fighting to achieve a mass uplifting of the struggle to smash the attempt to revise the Constitution of Japan, particularly to nullify its Article 9, which stipulates the 'denial of the right of belligerency of the state' and 'non-possession of war potential'. We are also fighting to promote antiwar, anti-Ampo [US-Japan military alliance] struggles against the offensives of strengthening the US-Japan military alliance, including the new US base construction in Henoko, Okinawa. Japan is the only nuclear-bombed country; Hiroshima and Nagasaki were atom-bombed by US imperialism. Japanese workers and students will never allow the US and Japanese rulers to build up their military alliance into a nuclear military alliance. We are promoting antiwar struggles under the banner 'Smash the US-Japan nuclear security alliance!'

When the Japanese state decided on participation in the war on Iraq launched by the militarist empire of America as the 'sole superpower' by sending the Japanese military called Self-Defence Forces, Comrade Kan'ichi Kuroda got to the point: 'An independent state that forms a military alliance, Japan is bound to be at the same time a 'vassal state' of America. The Koizumi-led government's will to participate in the war bespeaks this.' (Kan'ichi Kuroda, Bush's War, p. 40). Rulers of Japan, the 'vassal state of America' that is chained to the US-Japan military alliance, have no other way to survive but to share the fate of their 'lord'. Precisely because of this, the Suga government is deepening its political and military subordination to US imperialism, which is trying, somehow, to build up a global alliance for war against China despite its decline that cannot be concealed. This, however, is the way to war and authoritarian political rule. This is why we are resolutely creating fights with the aim of 'repealing the US-Japan Security Treaty' to burst the 'chains of the security alliance'.

Three decades after the collapse of the USSR - Proletarians all over the world, rise up in fight to overturn the dark century!

As we have revealed it earlier, the present world in the 21st century is unveiling its horrific nature as a dark century amid the Covid-19 pandemic: the critical confrontation between the US and China-Russia which may spark off a hot war any moment, the drastic deepening of class divisions with momentous impoverishment in every country, the prevalence of 'present-day Hitlers' strengthening their authoritarian rule, global warming and other instances of environmental destruction progressing with terrifying speed, and so on and on.

The darkness of the present world as such is precisely the actual reality of our times, three decades after the collapse of the Stalinist USSR.

We the revolutionary Left call on the working class and people all over the world. Today's capitalism is approaching to the final end. Capitalism is writhing in death agony. Yet, while crying for 'post-corona' society, the bourgeoisie in each country are still sacking the lifeblood of workers in a bid to prolong their lives. What can give a finishing blow to these bourgeoisie is nothing but the struggle of the working class that is based on its class unity. With the power of the working class, defeat the bourgeoisie and their government! Overthrow the neo-Stalinist power of China!

The extinction of the Stalinist USSR was brought about by Mikhail Gorbachev, the anti-revolutionary scum. The revolutionary Russia was ultimately buried away. This 'reversal of the century' must be 'reversed again' with our own hands. Let us fight with all our might to change the 21st century into the 'century of proletarian revolution'! For this change, we call on workers and people all over the world to squarely confront bloodstained Stalinism here and now! Awake to its anti-Marxist nature and thereby arise in anti-Stalinist struggle!

Workers, students and people! Rise in a fight right now! The rallying cry for this fight must be 'Marx renaissance'. And the strategy for this must be 'anti-imperialism, anti-Stalinism'.

Workers and toiling masses all over the world! Stir up antiwar demonstrations so massive and powerful as to shake the earth! Deliver a crashing blow to all state rulers who impose poverty and tyranny on us! Let us rise up together to revive the proletarian class struggle worldwide, to create the unity of the working class beyond borders!

(July 5th, 2021)

Messages of solidarity from overseas

Click the name of each to see the text.

- Revolutionary Marxists in Britain

- LALIT (Mauritius)
-  The Union Pacifiste de France
- Российская партия коммунистов (Russia)
- National Alliance of People’s Movements (India)
- Tavini Huiraatira no te Ao Maohi (French Polinesia)
- Lotta comunista (Italy)
- The Secretariat of the Fourth International
- Le Comité de Liaison des Jeunes pour la Révolution (France)
- Workers Revolutionary Party (EEK) (Greece)
- Faridabad Majdoor Samachar – Kamunist Kranti (India)
- The All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions (APFUTU)
- Исайчиков Виктор Фёдорович (Russia)
- Organising Committee for the Reconstitution of the Fourth International (OCRFI)
- Fracción Leninista Trotskista Internacional
- Liga Socialista de los Trabajadores Internacionalistas de Bolivia FLTI
The Commission of Convicted Workers, Families and Friends of Las Heras/The International Network for the Freedom of Political Prisoners of the World and Justice for Our Martyrs
ΝΑΡ για την Κομμουνιστική Απελευθέρωση Οργάνωση της ΑΝΤΑΡΣΥΑ (Greece)
- News and Letters Committees (USA)
- Prospettiva Marxista (Italy)
- Organization of Communists Internationalists of Greece (OKDE)
- Михаил Борисович Конашев Ассоциация «Советский Союз» (Russia)
- Тюменский обком РКРП(б)-КПСС (Russia)

Revolutionary Marxists in Britain


We, Revolutionary Marxists in Britain, express our solidarity with the 59th International Anti-War Assembly.

While the withdrawal of US and British troops from Afghanistan represents a defeat for US and British imperialism, imperialism is creating chaos and misery throughout the world.

The floods in Europe and oppressive temperatures, leading to devastating fires, in the USA and Canada have shown that climate change produced by capitalist production affect the richest countries of the world as well as the poorest. Capitalist profit-driven production cannot address the issues of climate change.

Meanwhile, in Britain and elsewhere, governments seek to maintain the rule of capital by taking increasingly oppressive measures against the working class. The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill that the British Government is pushing through Parliament increases police powers to stop demonstrations, and to impose arbitrary restrictions such as limiting the noise level of a demonstration and to impose the start and finish time. It also allows the government to introduce new laws without going through parliament to prevent demonstrations causing “serious disruption”. The government claims the bill is mainly to curb the “disruptive” actions of environmentalist protesters such as Extinction Rebellion, who embarrass the government by drawing attention to the destruction caused by capitalist production. The Bill also gives the police powers against striking workers.

The British Government is also preparing more repressive measures against asylum seekers, including imprisonment for those who arrive in Britain “illegally” in small boats, and for those who help them. The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has said that these proposals are contrary to international law, and will “create a discriminatory two-tier system violating the 1951 Refugee Convention”. These refugees are often fleeing countries where British imperialism has contributed to the oppression and violence that has forced them to flee.

Meanwhile, Labour Party leader Keir Starmer is concentrating on plans to expel 1,000 left-wingers from the Labour Party, instead of leading opposition to the Conservative Government.

The working class need a revolutionary leadership. We fully agree with your call: “Let us rise up together to revive the proletarian class struggle worldwide, to create the unity of the working class beyond borders”. 

22 July 2021



LALIT in Mauritius sends our revolutionary greetings for the 59th Antiwar Assembly taking place on 1st August 2021.

The appeal document circulated by the executive committee for the Antiwar Assembly rightly exposes the constant tug of war between imperialist powers fighting for the self-interest of their corporations even as the Covid-19 pandemic still spreads and causes suffering all over the world.

We live in times when humanity itself is threatened by both its annihilating capacity for war and its equally annihilating capacity to ruin the planet by pollution and by encroachment on the space left for other species, which in turns increases the danger from new viruses like the present one causing the Covid-19 pandemic. Capitalism, instead of providing solutions to war and to the pillage of our natural environment, stokes them. So, we need our struggles towards the overthrow of this cruel class system.

In these times, we have, unusually, been getting almost daily news about Japan. In particular, we get news of the rising Covid infections in Tokyo as the coming Olympic Games due to be held in Japan, approach. A small Mauritian delegation will be present. There are also the ongoing Court hearings about the wreck of the Japanese ship, the Wakashio, in 2020. The plight of the ordinary sea-men on the ship, inter alia, became evident during the on-going hearings.

In Mauritius, too, though the people warded off the first wave quite well by means of an understanding of public health measures, we are now facing a second wave of Covid-19 infections before even reaching 50% of adults vaccinated, and at the same time facing a deepening of the existing, grave economic crisis. Capitalist enterprises are desperately looking for support from the Government, which is using massive public funds to bail them out. This reminds us, in stark terms, of what the State can do to get its hands on “funds”; when working people demand something, the Government says “there is no money”. However, in the end, as is inevitably the case until revolutionary mobilization, it is workers and poor people who are made to carry the burden of the crises of capitalism, including this one. Jobs lost are increasing, what with enterprises going bankrupt; the Mauritian Rupee is depreciated to favour capitalist enterprises in the exportation sector. This depreciation of the Rupee has considerably increased the price of basic commodities, which are largely imported, and make up a big proportion of the budget of workers and poor people, who are disproportionately harmed by the measure. Jobs are not being created in sectors that will ensure food sovereignty and health protection for the people; instead, the Government is recruiting massively in the repressive forces to add more policemen to prepare to impose repression during this crisis.

Land resources in Mauritius are being ruined by real estate businesses for profit, and the sea’s resources are being illegally exploited by foreign fishing vessels. For us in LALIT, resources such as the land and sea should be sustained, while being used to ensure food production in a way that respects this sustainability, thus creating both sustainable jobs, and ensuring food sovereignty, while ensuring housing for everyone in the working class.

Our struggle to close down the US military base Diego Garcia, part of the Chagos Archipelago, which is part of the Republic of Mauritius, has moved a step or two ahead this year. First in January, the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea made a binding judgment that Chagos, including Diego Garcia is indeed no longer British, therefore illegally leased by Britain to the USA for its base. Second the Mauritian government announced in its Budget that it will organise a trip to Chagos led by the Prime Minister; this was amongst demands which LALIT has campaigned on since 1998. So, with the UN General Assembly resolution condemning the UK’s illegal occupation of Chagos, this planned visit, if ever taken seriously by the Government will further add to pressure for UK to end its illegal occupation of Chagos, and for US imperialists to close down their military base there. The UK and US are also to be held responsible for cleaning up the pollution done to the ecosystem in the Chagos Archipelago’s sea and land, to make it a safe place for Chagossians and people in Mauritius to live in and visit.

Our mutual struggles against wars, against poverty and oppression, are reinforced through building international solidarity around networks of organisations working towards revolutionary changes for a more equal society.

LALIT admires your strong conviction and sends our wishes for a safe and successful 59th Antiwar Assembly, which is taking place in this difficult time of dual economic and health crises.


Long live the international workers’ struggle!
Long live the struggle for socialism!


Rada Kistnasamy


The Union Pacifiste de France

Dear Friends,

The Union Pacifiste de France wishes you fruitful antiwar assemblies.

We did protest against the French participation to the military manoeuvres with USA and Japan.

We also, as each year, did protest against NATO summit.

with all our solidarity,

Maurice Montet,

Secretary Union Pacifiste de France

Российская партия коммунистов


Исполком Российской партии коммунистов шлёт товарищеские приветствия организаторам и участникам 59-ой Международной антивоенной ассамблеи! Достойна большого уважения верность традиции, установленной Союзом революционных коммунистов Японии, организацией Дзэнгакурэн и Комитетом антивоенной молодёжи: ежегодно к дням памяти жертв трагедий Хиросимы и Нагасаки, дням величайших преступлений империализма ХХ века, созывать Ассамблею, главная цель которой состоит в концентрации внимания на борьбе против актуальных угроз миру в разных регионах планеты.

Мы внимательно изучили Обращение Исполнительного комитета. Во многом мы согласны с развёрнутым в нём анализом существующей в мире напряжённой обстановки, усугубленной ещё и невиданной, охватившей весь мир пандемией.

Мы в РПК согласны с тем, что обостряющееся противостояние США и Китая, государств, представляющих две крупнейшие экономики мира, является сегодня главной угрозой всему человечеству. Все, более или менее ответственные политические силы в мире, в первую очередь в самих этих странах, должны сделать все возможное, чтобы заставить руководство каждой из этих держав встать на путь деэскалации противоречий.

Вы справедливо обращаете внимание на постоянно тревожный регион Ближнего Востока. Он уже долго является ареной, на которой претворяется в жизнь так называемая теория управляемого хаоса, выдвинутая небезызвестным Збигневом Бжезиньским (США). Одним из последних примеров реализации этой теории были предпринятые премьером поддерживаемого США Израиля Нетаньяху акции по выселению нескольких арабских семей из восточных кварталов Иерусалима. Они вызвали оправданный взрыв возмущения арабских и не только арабских жителей Восточного Иерусалима и Палестины, а затем и обмен ракетными ударами, произведёнными по территории Израиля и полосе Газа Палестинской автономии с немалым числом жертв среди мирного населения. Справедливое наказание от народа Израиля понёс и Биньямин Нетаньяху, проиграв очередные парламентские выборы.

Мы всецело одобряем вашу принципиальную борьбу против военного союза с США.

Как и вы, товарищи, мы выражаем обеспокоенность участившимися проявлениями сталинистских настроений в некоторых левых организациях. Уже каждому коммунисту должно быть ясно, что сталинизм — это гарантия поражения в борьбе против капитализма.

С одним предложением вашего Обращения нам согласиться трудно. Зачем вы требуете отменить Олимпиаду? Она и так уже перенесена на год. Ведь спортивные соревнования такого уровня несут бодрость, пропаганду здоровья и дружбы молодёжи всей нашей планеты. Защита от пандемии, похоже, властями Японии обеспечена: спортсмены-участники либо вакцинированы, либо переболели ковидом, а болельщики будут болеть только в онлайн режиме.

Мы в России вступили в большую политическую кампанию. 19 сентября — выборы в Государственную Думу и во многие региональные парламенты. РПК вместе с другими участниками Лево-патриотического народного фронта видит главную политическую цель на этих выборах — лишение парламентского большинства у партии Единая Россия, опоры российского полупериферийного империализма.

Общая беда (и вина) коммунистического движения — его раздробленность, в каждой стране и в международном масштабе. И вы правильно констатируете: «…только объединённая борьба может принести успех».

Мы поддерживаем ваш призыв «За ренессанс марксизма Маркса!», значит марксизма развивающегося, отвечающего вызовам развивающегося социума Земли.

Желаем успеха 59-ой Международной антивоенной ассамблее!

Исполнительный комитет Российской партии коммунистов

 …июля 2021

National Alliance of People’s Movements


Dear comrades,

We thank you for reaching out to NAPM and the struggling people in India, amidst the global pandemic and the political-economic-climate crisis.

We appreciate your extensive geo-political analysis of the world situation, which is indeed deeply disturbing.

Your passionate call to the working class to challenge poverty and state tyranny, across countries and continents, in order to also prevent another military aggression and war is a concern all of us share.

We broadly concur with your diagnosis of the political context and share your deep apprehensions regarding the possibility of a Third World War, which must be prevented by all means, by peace loving and working people everywhere.

We also share your opposition to holding the Olympics in Japan, while the Corona virus is still proliferating in waves.

We support your opposition to nuclear weapons and welcome the UN decision to declare the owning of nuclear weapons as illegal, though we still have to find ways for ‘enforcement’ of such a resolution in a politically unequal world.

We have to not only oppose nuclear arms, but nuclear energy in general which is touted as a ‘clean’ source of fuel.

We appeal to you to prevent the Japanese government from releasing the Fukushima plant’s wastewater into the sea, as this will endanger many lives in your own country and elsewhere and will also ruin the fishing communities in the region.

We further appeal to you to impress upon your Government and its financial agencies to stop funding mega infrastructure projects in India that have severe and irreversible implications on our environment, livelihoods and rights of the toiling people.

As you would know the working classes, students, farmers, indigenous people and other oppressed sections in India as well have been constantly resisting the fascist regime and its support to other authoritarian and totalitarian regimes. Your solidarity to our struggles would be valuable.

We wish you every success in your endeavour to organise the working class to create a socialist and equitable society with full human rights and disarmament. No more war!

All good wishes to your 59th International Anti-War Assembly!

In struggle and solidarity,

Arundhati Dhuru, Basant Hetamsaria, Gabriele Dietrich, Krishnakant Chauhan, Meera Sanghamitra, Pradip Chhaterjee, Sandeep Pandey, Sanjay MG and Suhas Kolhekar


National Alliance of People’s Movements (India)

Tavini Huiraatira no te Ao Maohi


Dear comrades and friends, ia ora na! 親愛なる同志と友人の皆さん、ia ora na!

First of all, warmest greetings from Ma’ohi Nui to Japanese People and to our friends from Zengakuren.

This year Ma’ohi Nui has commemorated 2 major dates in our Pacific Ocean’s History.

July 2nd, marked the 55th commemoration of the first aerial nuclear bomb launched in our sky. We still remember your delegation walking with us 5 years ago and this year, as always, you walked with us in spirit.

Another demonstration took place on July 17th to mark the 47th commemoration of the aerial nuclear bomb named “Centaure” which radioactive radiations impacted Tahiti and other islands. Up to 110.000 persons were exposed to radiations even though French Army and French State maintained the fact that their “nuclear tests” were clean and harmless.

But all those cancers and diseases our people have died since the beginning of the nuclear era started in 1966 is a cruel fact our families are facing in pain and silence.

Up to 900 new cancers cases are diagnosed every year and 300 of our friends or families are coming back from France in their coffins.


Today, more than ever, it is vital for all of us to be in unity in protecting our common heritage which is the Pacific Ocean.

We reconnected with other organizations throughout our Ocean to amplify our common message and speak as a single voice to stop imperialism, capitalism and the nuclear lobby.

The collateral damages from the COVID-19 pandemic are now creating panic and artificial food shortages or unusual delays in global exchanges to maintain people’s stress but it is important to keep fighting for sovereignty in all aspects and to stop imperialism from our shores. We are on the edge of another Cold War as described in the “Overseas Appeal for the 59th International Antiwar Assembly”.

The 5 millions square kilometers of Ocean of colonized Ma’ohi Nui gives right to France to exist in the Pacific and to deploy its military power in our region in order to amplify their imperialism with the US Pacific Air Forces (Wakea operation) and with the “Indo-Pacific” strategy making all South Pacific small island states submissive.

While we are writing our letter, President Macron will visit French Occupied Polynesia from July 24th to 28th. His minister of the Overseas visited us in May and we were the theater of the French military demonstration of 4 Rafale war aircrafts. All of this happened while our sick people still have to pay for their treatments and to face the cancers in silence. French government said “there is no State Lies”. Imperialism is unfortunately playing with words and fooling us.

We, as People living in the biggest ocean of the world, named “Pacific” by the European navigators, should unify our voices and fight against imperialist and capitalist interests: fisheries, natural resources, … for them. We want to live in a weapon free and nuke free world. Non belligerent countries or peaceful people struggling for a free world could only appeal to a better solidarity to fight against war and impoverishment.

It is important to remind the world that the Pacific Ocean has been the testing area of nuclear weapon for imperialist countries. The uses of nuclear weapons to intentionally kill human being unfortunately occurred in Japan. It is sad to see that the big powers could not understand and do not care the harm they are doing on the population with such weapon. Even in areas where nuclear tests have been carried out, consequences for the people and for the testing ground are serious like the case of Ma’ohi Nui.

Ma’ohi Nui underwent 193 French nuclear tests (46 aerial and 147 underground) leaving our country with the following results:

-- · People lost their land since Moruroa and Fangataufa are owned by France and are now nuclear waste sites, result of underground tests that have fractured the islands which will eventually collapse and produce a regional tsunami.

-- · A lot of people died of cancer with more every year.

-- · Our future generation will suffer transgenerational trauma.

Because France is responsible for placing innocent lives in jeopardy, the pro-independence party Tavini Huiraatira and the society Moruroa e Tatou sued France for crime against humanity at the Human Rights Commission of the UNO and at the International Court of Justice.

In retaliation, the French justice took Mr. Oscar Temaru, president of the Tavini Huiraatira, and some members of the party to court. The objective of France is to eliminate the Tavini Huiraatira party and all its connections. Indeed, Radio Tefana, the only voice of the Maohi Nui people, has also been taken to court by the French justice. French government objectives: NO FREE TALK FOR MAOHI NUI.

The French justice already fined Mr. Oscar Temaru, Mr. Vito Maamaatuaiahutapu, Mr. Heinui Lecaill and Radio Tefana but this decision will be reconsidered by the courts of appeal next October. We hope then that you will join us in sending messages of solidarity as French State want to shut down the Voice of Freedom in our country.

We express great solidarity with the 59th International Antiwar Assemblies. Our solidarity with the Japanese people is guided by our common goal to reach a nuclear free World and to remind humanity about the devastating power of the nuclear bomb.


With Solidarity!


Guillaume Colombani, Heinui Le Caill & Keitapu Maamaatuaiahutapu

Board Members of Radio Tefana and members of the Tavini Huiraatira

Lotta comunista

July 25, 2021, Italy



We answer your call for the 59th International Anti-war Assembly in Japan with our internationalist solidarity! The world order of the bourgeoisie has entered a crisis and decades of war and revolution await the world proletariat.


The crisis of the balance between the world powers is caused by the irruption of the new Chinese imperialist power into the partition of the world market. The old powers respond with a new cycle of interventionism and state capitalism, not only in the form of massive Keynesian stimuli in response to the pandemic, but also through "green" and "digital" investments, justified by the new fashion for the climate, which serve to disguise the gigantic “industrial policies” of energy and technological restructuring. In strategic sectors such as the automobile, telecommunications and energy sectors, which make up a substantial share of the major powers’ production, this “green” interventionism is also of great military importance, with repercussions in future struggles for the acquisition of raw materials and spheres of influence in the global financial and monetary competition.

The temperature of the planet cannot change the substance of world imperialism. Only world communism will be able to restore, in the long term, an organic relationship between humanity and nature. Until then, many pages of Lenins Imperialism, which in truth has never aged, will still be very topical.

«The capitalists divide the world, not out of any particular malice, but because the degree of concentration which has been reached forces them to adopt this method in order to obtain profits. And they divide it “in proportion to capital”, “in proportion to strength”, because there cannot be any other method of division under commodity production and capitalism. But strength varies with the degree of economic and political development. In order to understand what is taking place, it is necessary to know what questions are settled by the changes in strength. The question as to whether these changes are “purely” economic or non-economic (e.g., military) is a secondary one, which cannot in the least affect fundamental views on the latest epoch of capitalism. To substitute the question of the form of the struggle and agreements (today warlike, tomorrow peaceful, the next day warlike again) for the question of the substance of the struggle and agreements between capitalist associations is to sink to the role of a sophist».


Lenin writes: «for the forms of the struggle may and do constantly change in accordance with varying, relatively specific and temporary causes, but the substance of the struggle, its class content, positively cannot change while classes exist».

War and peace will return to alternate and combine in the new world division.

A cycle of rearmament has begun, with which the major powers are responding to the shift of about a tenth of world war spending in the last twenty years in favour of Chinese imperialism, and to its military modernization program that sets the pace for the Asian (that is, the worlds) rise of tensions in the next fifteen years: the third aircraft carrier this year, the fourth in 2025 and so on, towards 2035, in a crescendo of war, naval, ballistic and nuclear devices, for all seasons of deterrence and the politics of robbery in third markets, both against and together with the old powers.

But where can the crisis of the imperialist order lead if not to the verification of the new balance of forces in a series of wars? The prospect of the next decades lies between a chain of regional wars and a general breakdown of the balance in a Third World War. In any case, the tasks of the proletariat, both for you in Asia and for us in old Europe, are enormous. This also means that your Assembly will be increasingly relevant to us with each passing year.


It is very unlikely that a regional war involving the major Asian powers could remain isolated. Only concrete analysis will be able to predict with precision what sides the American, European, Russian, Chinese or Japanese imperialists will take in these conflicts in the coming years of unprecedented imperialist tensions, whether they are triggered in the Middle East contention, in Central Asia or in the stormy Asian waters fraught with missiles. The revolutionary movement must specialize in the “mysteries of international politics”, as Marx said, as a necessity for its own revolutionary strategy, in response to the rupture of the imperialist order due to the global intertwining of its economic, political and military crises.

As revolutionaries, comrades, we know that these crises provide the revolutionary party with sufficient quantity and quality of international contradictions to operate and strengthen itself in the phase of revolutionary preparation, even in the most disadvantageous and counter-revolutionary conditions. But today the contradictions of world imperialism are reaching unprecedented levels, due to the emergence of imperialist powers of continental size and the unprecedented extension of the world proletariat and the struggle between modern classes in all countries of the world. So, we must make the most of the contradictions of the ruling classes.


The factions and groups of the bourgeoisie in all powers are divided by different interests and strategic orientations, and try to use the proletariat in their struggles. The workers' movement must be able to face all the ideologies of the ruling classes. Also Europe is reacting to the Chinese rise by accelerating its political and fiscal integration, separately from American pressure, and is cultivating its strategic autonomy through a balancing policy between the United States and China, on the one hand trying to rebalance the Euro-Atlantic relationship to its advantage and, on the other hand, holding the United States in a position of long-term ambivalence towards Beijing, simultaneously defined as a “partner”, “rival” and “competitor” by both the US and the EU.

Moreover, in the United States, although the new Chinese challenge is recognized by the bipartisan consensus, the “party of confrontation” with China still coexists with that of engagement and coexistence, even within the Biden administration itself, whose strategic line is not yet defined in its entirety.

But if these two parties coexist in the major imperialist powers, that of the clash and that of negotiation with Beijing, while discussing how to coexist with China in the interest of a new imperialist world order that crushes the world proletariat even more, they are preparing for general rearmament, and military plans are being drawn up from the South China Sea to the East, from the Persian Gulf to the Western Pacific where the US is no longer sure of its own deterrence, while the military-industrial lobbies of all the powers advance their requests for spending in a deadly cycle of false alarms and real worries. Imperialism is war.


If today the imperialists can place their missiles in every part of the globe it is also because almost a century of Stalinist, fascist and social democratic counterrevolution have prevented an internationalist consciousness in the world proletariat. Social-imperialism struggles every day so that the proletariat forgets its tasks and is lost in the “mysteries of international politics”.

The rearmament cycle that has just begun does not spare the ideological arsenals. The ideology of a democratic, social and "green"-sustainable capitalism threatened by the technological and nationalist authoritarianism of the Chinese Dragon, spreads in the old powers; while in China the proletariat is ensnared by the Chinese dream of a “moderately prosperous society” and by the redemption of Chinese power from a “century of humiliation”. Obviously, at the moment, every power presents itself as peaceful. Pacifism is also a bourgeois ideology. You comrades who fight against Japanese imperialism are well aware of this!

The workers' movement paid heavily for the destruction of the Third International by Stalinism, and unfortunately still suffers a great delay in the establishment of internationalist consciousness among the masses of the proletariat, on all continents. We see it in the Middle East, where an expanding young proletariat continues to be used as “meat for slaughter” by all the most abject currents of a corrupt to the marrow and oil-soaked bourgeoisie of every religious denomination. This is why the internationalists support the unity of the Arab proletariat and the Israeli proletariat against the Arab bourgeoisie and the Israeli bourgeoisie. This is why today we are for the unity of all proletarians against all states.

And this is why together we are building the unity of the world proletariat against all wars and against the peace of all imperialist powers!



we redouble our efforts to root internationalism among the deep strata of the proletariat and accelerate the construction of the revolutionary vanguard party because, if not in the next years or next decade, be it in the next twenty years or beyond, the question is nonetheless placed between two social classes opposed by irreconcilable interests: the 21st century must be the century of revolution!

In the 21st century we go back to Marx!


Lotta comunista

The Secretariat of the Fourth International


Dear friends,

The secretariat of the Fourth International greets the Organizing Executive Committee of the 59th International Anti-War Assembly on Sunday August 1 in Tokyo and in six other cities: Sapporo, Kanazawa, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka and Okinawa.

Since its appearance in early 2020, the Covid 19 pandemic has been shamelessly used by the capitalists and the governments at their service to amplify the attacks against the working class to make it pay for the irremediable crisis of the capitalist system, while multiplying the states emergency in order to restrict democratic freedoms in the name of health precautions, while continuing to reduce the number of hospital beds, for example, 255 million full-time jobs lost in 2020 worldwide.

On the one hand, according to a report by the International Labor Organization (ILO): “In 2020, 8.8 percent of working hours globally were lost compared to the fourth quarter of 2019, which is equivalent to 255 million full-time jobs. Losses in hours worked were particularly significant in Latin America and the Caribbean, Southern Europe and Southern Asia. The lost working hours for 2020 were about four times greater than during the global financial crisis of 2009.” (ILO Observatory:“COVID-19 and the world of work”, 25.01.2021)

And on the other side,

“According to Huruns report, coronavirus has spawned billionaires fastest in healthcare and retail…” (China.org.cn.business, 03.03.2021)

Quantitatively we can read in this article that:

“The number of billionaires worldwide has increased by 412, bringing the total to a record 3,228, according to the latest Hurun Global Rich List ranking. China registered 259 new billionaires, becoming the first country in the world to surpass 1,000 “known” billionaires in dollars, with 1,058, more than the combined total of the next three countries in the ranking of the United States, India and Germany. Despite the disruption caused by COVID-19, this year has seen the biggest increase in wealth in the past decade, ”noted Rupert Hoogewerf, president and chief researcher of the Hurun Ranking. A stock market boom and a wave of new IPOs have created eight new dollar billionaires per week over the past year. The wealth of Tesla founder Elon Musk reached $ 197 billion, making Mr. Musk the world's richest man for the first time. Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder who was the richest man last year, came in second with $ 189 billion, followed by Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH ($ 114 billion), and Bill Gates ($ 110 billion).

In the past five years, China has seen 490 new billionaires appear, compared to 160 in the United States. Zhong Shanshan, founder of 67-year-old Chinese bottled water giant Nongfu Spring, became the first Chinese to enter Hurun's top 10 with a personal fortune of $ 85 billion, ranking seventh in the world and first in China. The wealth of Tencent CEO Pony Ma Huateng increased by $ 30 billion to $ 74 billion, keeping him second in China, followed by e-commerce platform CEO Pinduoduo Huang Zheng (69 billion dollars) and Alibaba founder Jack Ma ($ 55 billion). Beijing is the billionaire capital of the world, with 145 billionaires living there. Shanghai overtook New York for second place, with 113 billionaires. Six of the top ten cities with the most billionaires are in China.

According to Hurun's report, the coronavirus has spawned billionaires the fastest in healthcare and retail, adding that electric vehicles, e-commerce, blockchain and biotechnology have become the industries to the fastest growing last year. (China.org.cn.business, 03.03.2021)

France is not to be outdone.

“109 billionaires in France in 2021. Fortunes were boosted by the rebound in financial markets and the economy was boosted by the arrival of vaccination. "Economic players who are in promising sectors, that is to say everything that is digitization of the economy, retail trade and everything that has very high added value (technology, ecological transition) benefit from this very strong recovery and therefore the actors who are in these sectors will get richer, "explains Anne-Sophie Alsif, chief economist at the Bureau of Economic Information and Preventive Services (BIPE). In 2020, France had 95 billionaires, they are 109 in 2021. … ”(France Info, 07.08.2021)

The biggest increase in the military load since the global financial and economic crisis of 2009.

Arms sales and wars continued around the world.

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI, Yearbook 2021):

“Global military spending is estimated at US $ 1981 billion in 2020. Total spending was 2.6% higher than in 2019 and 9.3% higher than in 2011. The global military burden — military spending as a percentage of global gross domestic product (GDP) — increased by 0.2 percentage point in 2020, to 2.4%. This is the largest increase in the military burden since the global financial and economic crisis of 2009. Military spending has increased in at least four of the five regions of the world: 5.1% in Africa, 4.0% in Europe, 3.9% in the Americas and 2.5% in Asia and Oceania. For the sixth year in a row, SIPRI cannot provide an estimate of total spending in the Middle East”.

And of course that means wars.

Still according to the SIPRI document already cited:

“Active armed conflicts occurred in at least 39 states in 2020 (5 more than in 2019): 2 in the Americas, 7 in Asia and Oceania, 3 in Europe, 7 in the Middle East and in South Africa. North (MENA) and 20 in the sub-region. Saharan Africa. … Only two armed conflicts took place between states: the ongoing border clashes between India and Pakistan, and the border conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan for the control of Nagorno-Karabakh, which degenerated into a conflict of high intensity…)

Regarding the Asia-Pacific region, the US / CHINA tariff war launched by the administration. Trump was translated into the so-called phase 1 trade deal signed in Washington on January 15, 2020. And the Biden administration, while denouncing it, has so far left it in place.

And if Janet Yellen, Secretary of State for the Treasury of the United States said in an interview with the New York Times (NWT, July 16): “The trade deal with China has hurt American consumers, at the same time, NWT recalled, “Despite recent animosity, the United States was able to help China join the global tax deal that Ms. Yellen helped negotiate. The Biden administration believes that China wants to be part of the multilateral system and that severing ties between the two countries completely would not be healthy for the global economy.

In reality, imperialism and all the governments at its service, but also the Chinese bureaucracy, fear above all new popular uprisings following those that have arisen since 2018-2019: Chile, Colombia, Algeria, Yellow Vests, Hong Kong, Myanmar ... .

However, the resumption of US military pressure in the South China Sea has nothing to do with humanitarian demands linked to the tragic fate of the Uyghurs and the crackdown on pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong, as the US imperialism remains, for example, Saudi Arabia's staunchest ally.


And the USA-Japan Treaty, the presence of 50,000 American soldiers on the Archipei as well as the refusal to listen to the population of Okinawa who refuses the construction of a new American military base in Okinawa constitute elements to be taken into account against any risk of war.

Receive dear comrades our best regards in the fight against war and exploitation


 The secretariat of the 4th International

 July 24, 2021

Le Comité de Liaison des Jeunes pour la Révolution



C’est avec beaucoup d’intérêt que nous avons lu l’interview du porte-parole de la Zengakuren dans le journal Informations ouvrières. Les manoeuvres conjointes de l’impérialisme français et américain au Japon montre une nouvelle fois que même à l’agonie ce système continue à porter la guerre partout où il le peut pour survivre.

L’impérialisme français est présent aussi au Sahel, notamment au Mali, où plus de 5000 soldats protègent les intérêts de la bourgeoisie française en Afrique sous couvert de lutte contre le terrorisme. Mais c’est en France où le plus de soldats français sont déployés, ils sont 10 000 dans le cadre de l’opération Sentinelle, là encore sous couvert de lutte contre le terrorisme!

En tant qu’organisation de jeunesse nous tenons à vous faire par du combat que nous menons en France contre la destruction de l’université et des diplômes en généralisant les cours en distanciel sous couvert de la lutte contre le covid. Cela aboutit à la démoralisation de milliers d’étudiants, expulsé de fait de l’université et à la précarisation grandissante de la jeunesse. Que l’on soit au Japon ou en France, nos droits d’étudiants, de lycéens, de jeunes sont constamment attaqués.

Nous sommes solidaires de votre manifestation prévu le 1er août contre les manoeuvres militaires conjointes Américano-franco-nippone. Nous vous apportons tout notre soutient! Les troupes de l’impérialisme français n’ont rien à faire au Japon, ni en Afrique!

Vive l’internationalisme ouvrier!

Maudite soit la guerre! 


Le Comité de Liaison des Jeunes pour la Révolution.

Workers Revolutionary Party (EEK)


Dear Comrades of the 59th International Anti-War Assembly

Dear Comrades of Zengakuren, of the Anti-war Youth Committee and of the Japan Revolutionary Communist League(Revolutionary Marxist Faction)


The EEK (Workers Revolutionary Party) of Greece sends you its warmest internationalist communist greetings and wishes success to your Assembly, a vital anti-war action in these crucial times when the life itself of the entire humanity is in danger by imperialism!

Such internationalist actions by revolutionaries in Japan are the best tribute to the memory of the innocent victims in Hiroshima and Nagasaki exterminated by the nuclear holocaust launched by US imperialism. At the same time, your Assembly is a call to all revolutionaries of the international working class to mobilize against imperialist barbarism to put an end to the decayed capitalist system threatening life itself on this planet to extinction.

The world is shaken by an unprecedented “perfect storm”, an insoluble global capitalist crisis, raging from 2008 escalating in 2020 by a catastrophic pandemic. Both, the global capitalist crisis and the Covid 19 pandemic have the same source: they are the result of the capitalist globalization of the last forty years leading to the global finance meltdown in 2008 and a new Great Depression while the destruction of the environment by the corporations greed for profit produced, from 1980s on-wards an “epidemic of epidemics” up to the current pandemic that already has killed millions without its end being in sight.

The systematic destruction of the public health systems by Neo-liberalism the last four decades, the role of the Big Pharma brigand during the current pandemic, the criminal management of the pandemic by all the capitalist governments, the lack of vaccination of the vast majority of the poorest, most vulnerable sections of the population, the cynical abandonment of the Global South, where two thirds of humanity lives to its fate, demonstrate that the globalized capitalist system in its historic decline is incompatible with the most direct and urgent needs of the actual life process.

We are in a great inflection point of history. Capitalism faces an impasse. In its efforts to escape, it creates more gigantic inequalities between countries and within each country. There are everywhere, in an uneven and combined development, conditions of class war and of a generalized imperialist war.

The new popular rebellions in internationally, in the US with the Black Lives Mater mobilizing 25 millions in the streets in June 2020, in Latin America and the Middle East, from Chile, Colombia or Brazil to Tunisia and Occupied Palestine mark a new mass upsurge, greater than the wave of mass struggles at the beginning of the global crisis more than a decade ago.

The same crisis pushes the ruling classes to mobilize to help them far right and fascist forces, using, chauvinism, xenophobia against the migrants and racism, to attack the struggles of workers, youth and all oppressed.

Social confrontations at home are combined with militarism, jingoism and an internationally expanding imperialist war drive, the most dangerous now being the standoff between US-NATO imperialism with China and Russia.

 Greece is not only devastated by the insoluble economic crisis and now under a very reactionary right wing government but also at the crossroads of all international contradictions and antagonisms: at the gates of the Middle East volcano, in the Balkans and the soft underbelly of Russia, in the trajectory of the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative in Europe, in the Easter Mediterranean where the ongoing-Cyprus crisis, the new discoveries of gas deposits and the competition between the Western energy giant companies drive the bourgeois regimes in Greece and Turkey into confrontation and possibly to a reactionary from both sides war.

The EEK’s battle cry is: War against the war of the imperialists and of the bosses! The main enemy is at home! Kick out NATO and all US military bases! Down with the imperialist European Union! For workers power, and a Socialist Federation of the free peoples in the Balkans, in the region, in Europe, all over the world!


We are and remain unrepentant, uncompromising fighters of proletarian internationalism. We firmly believe and on this basis we act that the only road for world peace and in defense of life is the road of the world socialist revolution and the building of a revolutionary International for its victory!


With warmest, fraternal, internationalist, revolutionary greetings


Savas Michael-Matsas, General Secretary,

 on behalf of the Central Committee of the EEK of Greece

July 25, 2021

Faridabad Majdoor Samachar — Kamunist Kranti 

Friends, in the Overseas Appeal for the 59th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan on page one are the words: ... the world is in world-historic turbulence ... state rulers ...stopped production .... We fully agree with these words.

And, given this pregnant situation for radical social transformations, protagonists of hierarchic formations throughout the world are frenziedly fanning identity politics amongst desperate strata who are face to face with social death/social murder. Something like this is being drummed: Buddhists of the world unite!; Christians of the world unite!; Hindus of the world unite!; Blacks of the world unite!; Whites of the world unite!; Women of the world unite; Asians unite!; Africans unite!; "Europeans unite!"; ... ad nauseam. 

In this scenario friends, we think that you should reconsider what you have written on page 3 of the Appeal:

Since the July of 2002, when the war on Iraq by the militarist empire of America as the ‘sole superpower’ was impending, we have been appealing to the world: ‘Muslims of all countries, organize struggles for the independence of a Palestinian state, based on Islamic inter-nationalism!’ (‘Antiwar Struggle in the Present Topos’, included in Kan’ichi Kuroda, Marx Renaissance). Today, we issue this call again to all Muslim people ...

In this context friends, we hope that you will find this reading of the present and near future of some interest:

The All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions (APFUTU)


Dear Comrade,

The All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions (APFUTU) expresses solidarity on the occasion of the International Antiwar Assemblies in Japan, and at this time of year we always remember to commemorate the 6th and 9th August 1945 bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the need for solidarity amongst workers and people against war and impoverishment — we support your Assemblies. APFUTU expresses our solidarity with your struggle in Japan against the manoeuvres of what you accurately describe as warmongering rulers represented by US imperialists and their allies to impose their rule on the world.

In Solidarity

Zia Syed

Secretary General 

Исайчиков Виктор Фёдорович

Уважаемые товарищи!

ОПД «Марксисткая платформа» и редакция журнала «Просвещение» поддерживает вашу борьбу за мир, за новый, пролетарский социализм!

Капиталистический мир сейчас находится в нестабильном положении. Анархия капиталистического общества впервые в истории развития мирового капитализма привела к несоответствию численность мирового населения и располагаемых ресурсов, и вызвала не только чрезвычайно опасное для человечества повышение температуры атмосферы и океана, но и неконтролируемые в условиях глобализации контакты человека с новыми опасными инфекциями (лихорадка Эбола, «птичий грипп» и др.). К этому процессу может относиться и поразившая весь мир инфекция коронавируса, хотя у нас нет уверенности, что этот вирус не создан и запущен империалистами для решения проблемы перенаселения по рецептам Мальтуса: войны, болезни, голод и пр.

Развитие капитализма приводит к всё большей классовой поляризации: тысячи сверхолигархов и несколько миллионов богачей — на одном конце, и миллиарды людей, преимущественно в странах капиталистической периферии — проживающих в бедности и в состоянии необеспеченного существования. Повышение температуры среды в связи с «парниковым» эффектом, а также загрязнение окружающей среды отходами промышленности и жизнедеятельности по расчётам учёных в ближайшие годы сделает непригодными для проживания значительные территории, преимущественно в тропиках и субтропиках, что вынудит миллиарды людей менять не только место проживания, но и способы существования. Но у капитала нет нужды в этих людях; роботизация и автоматизация в ближайшие годы сделает ненужными и сотни миллионов рабочих и служащих в развитых странах, где уже значительную часть рабочих мест составляют места, необходимые лишь для сокрытия безработицы и для того, чтобы иметь необходимое «пушечное мясо» для будущей войны. Целью этой войны, которую не скрывают ряд идеологов правящих классов – доведение численности населения Земли до 400-500 миллионов человек в ближайшие годы и десятилетия. Кроме «лишних» в нынешней экономической ситуации миллиардов крестьян по всему миру (в развитых странах в сельском хозяйстве занято 2-3% населения, а в целом по планете — почти 50%), сотен миллионов люмпенов, живущих подачками, к первым целям американских империалистов относятся их капиталистические конкуренты из ЕС, Японии и др. стран, которые на первом этапе войны будут использованы как подручные палача, а затем сами положат головы на плаху (чемберлены и даладье ещё не перевелись).

Но главным противником олигархов США является мелкобуржуазно-социалистический Китай, который является главным конкурентом США в промышленности и уже сейчас превосходит США в объемах реального производства. Но главное — Китай представляет иную идеологическую систему, даже в её мелкобуржуазно-бюрократическом виде противоположную капитализму. Российские власти в настоящее время — это прислужники империализма, выполняющие его специфические задачи по подготовке к новой мировой войне; разрушенная и постоянно отстающая экономика России не является конкурентной для империалистов, а в случае уничтожения 7 миллиардов человек и большая часть её сырьевых ресурсов не потребуется для оставшегося «золотого полумиллиарда».

Поскольку мировая война нового типа — на уничтожение населения - надвигается неуклонно, то главной задачей коммунистов и других гуманистов является борьба за её предотвращение и снижение численности населения наиболее гуманным способом — переходом на однодетную семью. Вот это тот новый лозунг, который коммунисты должны поместить на свое знамя в дополнение к нашему общему лозунгу Маркса-Энгельса: «Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь!».

 Исайчиков Виктор Фёдорович, сопредседатель ОПД «Марксистская платформа», главный редактор журнала «Просвещение».

Organising Committee for the Reconstitution of the Fourth International (OCRFI)


Dear comrades,

Our warmest internationalist greetings to all those who are taking part in the Anti-war Assembly.

It is a need for the international class struggle that what took place in Japan in August 1945 be remembered and that, in itself, would justify the meaning of the commemoration you are organising.

The most advanced results of science, the knowledge acquired by humankind were used to kill human beings by hundreds of thousands, in one stroke. Imperialism — and specifically at that time American imperialism — used those means to unleash unprecedented destruction not only with the aim to achieve its victory in the second world war but also to prepare further deadly blows against mankind and civilisation in the context of the preparations of a potential war against the USSR.

To that aim, thousands and thousands of lives were sacrificed, towns reduced to rubble.

The living memory of those tragic events is of course present in the current struggles of the Japanese working class and youth against the attempts to link Japan even more closely to the course followed today by American imperialism.

What is taking place now in Japan is part of international developments, of the international class struggle. The Anti-war Assembly takes place at a turning point in the development of class struggles worldwide.

The last years have been marked by tremendous movements of the working people all over the world. They are also marked by the deepening of the world crisis of the whole imperialist system, by the devastating consequences of the spreading of the pandemic because of the way it is handled by the capitalist system and its various governments. It is being used by capitalism and its governments in the onslaught it has launched everywhere against the working people of the world, against the rights of the workers, their gains, their jobs and their lives.

In that context, American imperialism, as the keystone of the capitalist system of exploitation, is ready to resort to any means in order to preserve the capitalist system, organically linked to its world domination.

What has happened through the American presidential election illustrates that fact. The new president, Joe Biden, is not only walking in the footsteps of his predecessor, Donald Trump, but he is taking further the achievement of his plans. His recent tour in Europe, the meetings of the G7, of NATO and of the European Union have been the occasion for American imperialism to reassert its leadership of all the capitalist and reactionary forces and especially of strengthening around it the coalition to weaken and isolate by all means any force which would still act independently of it. That aim is to be achieved by all possible means including war: today’s American defence budget has reached the unprecedented height of 747 billions of dollars.

Those moves which carried a threat of a world war are combined with the offensive launched by the exploiters and their governments against the working class all over the world.

But, all over the world, the exploited and oppressed are fighting back. Among the latest expressions of that struggle, one can note the huge mobilisations in Colombia, in Brazil against Bolsonaro, the struggles of the workers in Europe against the attempts to use the consequences of the pandemic to accelerate mass unemployment and the eradication of labour laws. That is also true in the case of India where, in spite of the terrible results of the spreading of the pandemic, the workers and the peasants are resisting the attempts of the Modi government to destroy all the brakes still limiting exploitation.

More than ever, the struggle of the Palestinian people, the movement which associated all the layers of the oppressed Palestinian people, within the boundaries of the Israeli state, in the West Bank territories and in Gaza, shows that imperialism, in spite of the murderous means it can use, has to face the fightback of the workers and of the people.

But that also holds true of the United States itself. One should never forget that the “Black Live Matter” movement brought out in the streets of American towns more than twenty millions of demonstrators. It was the hugest mass movement ever experienced in the United States even larger than the movement against the Viet-Nam war.

The movement of the working class in an international one. The struggle of the Chinese workers, in the whole of China as in Hong Kong, for the right to organise, for their demands, is part of that struggle.

When American imperialism, through the statements yesterday of Trump and Pompeo, today of Biden and Blinken, threatens China, it is the Chinese working class they are threatening to destroy. There can be no effective struggle against imperialism, against the threat of war without the independent organisation of the Chinese working class.

The struggle against war is linked to the struggle against capitalist exploitation.

The main obstacle faced today by the working class and the youth at a world level is the fact that within the labour movement itself, leading forces used their abilities not to unite the movement of the working class and of all the oppressed forces against its enemies, but on the contrary, aim at subordinating the movement of the working class and the oppressed to the preservation of the world capitalist order.

Today, to fight against the destructive plans of all the capitalist governments, to fight against the threat of wars, what is required is the break from all forms of subordination to the world imperialist order, the political independence of the labour movement expressed in the struggle for the proletarian revolution, the destruction of an order based on exploitation and wars.


The organising committee for the reconstitution of the Fourth International

Fracción Leninista Trotskista Internacional

July 25, 2021


We are with you on this day of internationalist combat of the revolutionary Marxists of Japan!

We are together with you fighting in the first lines of combat of the rebellious masses of Colombia and Chile. We do it in the martyred Syria and its heroic resistance. Together, we have fought for the freedom of Syrian, Palestinian, Chilean, Colombian, Bolivian, Chinese political prisoners to free these fighters of the world working class taken hostage in the dungeons of murderous states and regimes.

We stand alongside the huge general strike of millions of Iranian workers who show that only the working class will be able to liberate that nation from imperialism, seizing power and defeating the infamous counterrevolutionary regime of the Ayatollahs, as part of one and the same revolution throughout the Maghreb and the Middle East. This is the only way to defeat Zionism, which occupies the Palestinian nation, and imperialism that plunders all the wealth of that region.

We fight alongside the masses of Hong Kong and Myanmar. Together, we raise the cry of freedom and the right to self-determination of the Uyghur people in China, as part of the struggle of the proletariat of that country to end the counterrevolutionary regime of the “red businessmen” of the Communist Party.

In the victory of these revolutionary battles today there is the only possibility to stop the capitalist catastrophe, its barbarism and the imperialist wars that threaten to plunge the entire civilization.


The capitalist system has entered a cycle of acute decomposition. In 2008, just like a large Titanic, the world economy collided with the underwater rocks of a phenomenal financial crash. The capitalists had spent benefits that human labour had not yet produced, as they continue to do now.

In a spiral way, the crisis, here and there, scourges different parts of the planet, creating and recreating new bubbles, fictitious profits, parasitism, looting and wars.

In 2020 a new heart attack of capitalism has developed. It had survived distributing the "zero interest rate" loans as investment profits. With these loans, the imperialist states supported their companies. Then they did the same with the fresh funds that the imperialist states gave to finance capital to "ease the crisis of the pandemic", while leaving the working class to its "fate": unemployment, the high cost of living and death. The decline in the growth of the imperialist powers is nothing more than the theft, looting and parasitism of finance capital.

Here and there, destructive forces continue to be developed, that is, producing weapons and supplies for war. While the 1% of parasites continues to concentrate the wealth of the planet, more than 300 million migrant workers are looking for a country and a job to survive. The Covid-19 pandemic only has exacerbated this crisis and stagnation of the world economy.

The system expected a new economic revival with the decrease in the health crisis, despite the plummeting of entire branches of production such as aeronautics, tourism, etc. But the crash is so acute that the news about the spreading of the "Delta" variant of Covid-19 alone, set off a new stock market crisis.


In the central countries, the big imperialist laboratories monopolized the vaccines and left 90% of the semicolonial world devastated by the pandemic and the stagnation of its economy, without vaccines, without work and without bread for the masses. This is what we saw and still see in Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Peru in Latin America. These are the same causes for which Swaziland and South Africa are burning today. In the latter, the starving masses take the supermarkets to get food for themselves and openly confront the regime of "reconciliation" of Stalinism and the black bourgeoisie with imperialism. It is the current catastrophe that has once again set the Middle East ablaze with blows of revolution and counter-revolution.

It is these contradictions of imperialism that lead it to bite its own tail. It destroys the areas of the planet from which it obtains its superprofits with plunder and wars. This rotten capitalist system has long deserved to die.


In this way, the semi-colonial world has been populated with enormous revolts, insurrections and mass uprisings, as well as new betrayals and new counterrevolutionary blows to crush them. Regimes lose legitimacy. Imperialism and the bourgeoisie throw their entire crisis on the workers and the exploited. And in the central countries, settled in the labour aristocracies and bureaucracies and their counterrevolutionary parties, they blackmail the masses with economic crash, layoffs and chronic unemployment.

In the US, the working class had entered a phase of ascent and, fighting against murderous police, unemployment and misery wages, had forced Trump himself to hide in a bunker under the White House. But the treacherous leaderships of Stalinism and the renegades of Trotskyism led the exploited in the US to support Sanders and the so-called “democratic socialists”, who in turn tied the fate of the oppressed masses to Biden, the new butcher of Wall Street pirates.

With the perfidious policy of class collaboration with imperialism and all its regimes, Stalinism, now with the open complicity of the renegades of Trotskyism, has subjected the working class to its "democratic" or "progressive" -as they say- executioners in each revolutionary process, with the excuse of "defeating the bourgeois right-wing." Thus, with the lies of the Constituent Assemblies, electoral traps, “siren songs”, they disorganize from within and paralyse the revolutionary mass offensives, while fascism and Bonapartism crush the best of the vanguard, as it happens in the uprisings of the exploited in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. The reformist leaderships have integrated themselves into the full functioning of the bourgeois parliaments. They are far from using them as a tribune to develop the extra-parliamentary mobilization of the masses.


Imperialism and the bourgeoisie have taken care of giving Stalinism a survival after it handed over the former workers' states in 1989, so that they continue to act as true internal police in the mass organizations and the unions, as well as to be themselves those who administer the capitalist restoration, as they do in China, Vietnam and Cuba itself, becoming a new ruling class. Meanwhile, Stalinism openly handed over the former USSR to imperialism, dissolving the CP of the USSR and becoming themselves different gangs of the nascent new bourgeoisie.

This cynical policy of preserving Stalinism, the most capable counterrevolutionary agent the bourgeoisie had in the 20th century along with social democracy, has been the worst blow to the world working class for more than 30 years. This question confirms the Marxist thesis that the crisis of the world proletariat is reduced to the crisis of its leadership, which has worsened even more since the renegades of Trotskyism handed over the clean banners of the Fourth International to Stalinism to give it a leftist varnish so that it can wash its hands full of blood and betrayals in the eyes of the new generation of the world working class.

In Latin America, under the command of the Cuban Communist Party, they have consolidated this pact to cover up the capitalist restoration in Cuba from the left. The cry "socialism is no more, not even in Cuba" came from there. This is the cruellest blow to the fight for socialist revolution in the entire continent.

Thousands of workers have taken to the streets of Havana and the main cities of the island, driven by HUNGER.

The party of Castroism, which is associated with the French, Spanish and Canadian transnationals in nickel, tourism, hotels and tobacco, speaks in the name of “socialism” and “communism”. The Spanish imperialism has more than 300 companies that do fabulous business in Cuba. In addition to this, hundreds and hundreds of new capitalist companies are already proliferating throughout the island, managed by different gangs of the Cuban CP. They do all this from their luxury homes in private countries, while the Cuban people are starving. And above all, the Stalinists shout from the rooftops that they "fight against the US blockade", when they have been in charge of betraying each of the revolutionary processes in the American continent in recent decades.


How can it be possible to defeat the Gringo blockade in Cuba together with Castroism, if this party of the new "red businessmen" is in the boards of oil companies such as Total, the Meliá hotel group, the Canadian nickel transnationals, when all these are listed not only in the European stock markets, but also in New York and distribute dividends from the exploitation of the Cuban masses on Wall Street? How to combat the US blockade on Cuba by begging Biden to lift it and receiving Obama with honors before, as Castroism did? This is a lie, a thousand times a lie. The embargo on Cuba or the looting of any oppressed nation in the world cannot be defeated without defeating the native bourgeoisies that have succulent businesses as minor partners of imperialism.

The US blockade, like the embargo on Iran, can only be defeated as in Vietnam and Iraq: with the call for an ironclad alliance with the American working class that together with the heroic resistance of the exploited of those nations, forced the US imperialism to flee from those countries.

Today the Gringo blockade in Cuba would only be defeated by expropriating imperialism and its companies that plunder the wealth of that nation in association with the new businessmen of the Communist Party. The blockade would be defeated by expanding the socialist revolution in Latin America and by not supporting decadent bourgeois regimes which exploit the masses, such as those that constitute this farce of the "Bolivarian Revolution" just as decades ago it was the infamy of the "peaceful way to socialism", by which Chile and the entire continent were drown in a bloodbath in the '70s.


The treacherous leaderships are those that block the way to the arming of the proletariat in each revolutionary offensive. They are the ones who betray the General Strikes and lead the working class to a state of despair, as it happens in South Africa. The same is happening in Venezuela, where the "Bolivarian bourgeoisie" has drained hundreds of millions of dollars from that country and is keeping the workers and the poor people under conditions of extreme misery, even pushing them into mass exile.

Stalinism and the renegades of Marxism are the ones who have subjected the indomitable Greek working class to a popular front policy and class collaboration, as they did yesterday with Syriza. With Podemos and the so-called “Anticapitalists”, true loyalist forces to the Bourbon monarchy, they crushed the Catalan insurrection. They surrendered the struggle of the workers of France in defence of their conquest of the 35-hour workweek. They are the same ones who subjected the working class of Donbass in Ukraine to the butcher Putin and covered his back so that he could divide the proletariat of that country and take the Crimean Peninsula.

It has been these and dozens of others betrayals that are giving time, calm and relative stability to the governments of the imperialist powers to unload all their crisis on their own working class, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is in these conditions that, under Biden's leadership, the US "returns to the world", after the failure of Trump's "trade war".

This time with the Democratic Party, the US imperialist establishment recognizes that the US cannot keep being "first" in the world without making pacts and agreements with the rest of the imperialist powers to share the current business of the world economy.

The US cannot be "first" either if it destabilizes the institutions of domination of the planet. In its attempt to control the world, at every step US imperialism but create and recreate political crises that open gaps which the masses can break through.

The US blanket can no longer cover the entire world market, when France and Germany have conquered its "living space" throughout Europe, from Portugal to the Russian steppes.

In his first tour as US president, Biden has travelled to Europe to propose a pact to the Franco-German axis to reconstitute institutions of stable rule, on the condition that it subsidizes and guarantees the support of NATO, under the command of US imperialism. Biden has agreed to the completion of the construction of Nord Stream 2, the gas pipeline that goes directly from Russia to Germany, while guaranteeing him and his family the business of the gas that circulates through Ukraine.

Biden also met with Putin, his partner in the massacre of the Syrian masses, to whom he proposed to support the counterrevolutionary pact in Geneva. From there, Russia together with Turkey guarantee stability not only in Syria, but throughout the Maghreb and the Middle East in the face of the crisis of Zionism and the weakening of Iran. The US relies on the emergence of the "great" Turkey, a minor power that controls all the gas pipelines that run from the Caucasus and the Middle East to the Mediterranean and the world.

The US can no longer be "first" without recognizing the true balance of forces it has with the rest of the imperialist powers. And Biden went for his goal: to propose to all - Japan included - a front to strike together to subdue China and take over its domestic market of 400 million consumers and its large conglomerates of big state-owned companies.

On his trip, Biden proposed the German and French companies for them to be the ones to control the market for the production of microchips for war industry, auto industry, electronics, etc. so that the great conglomerates of China that falsify and copy the patents of the US and European imperialist powers could not.

Days ago, when it was the stock market crisis, all these companies, both state owned and private ones, were immediately withdrawn by the Chinese government from Wall Street Stock Exchange. This was because the "red entrepreneurs" in Pekin were in panic that the price of these companies could be devalued and so the US imperialist pirates would buy most of their shares at a very low price. The reason is that imperialism is not only attacking China politically, but also financially.

America first Off the shores of China, the US imperialists show their gunboats, in an aggressive and offensive policy, sustained even from its military base installed in Japan. While China develops an arsenal and a defensive military force on its borders, it is the United States that travels with its military fleets and bases throughout the Pacific.

Today, to get out of the current catastrophe, imperialism prepares new wars and economic and military blows to control China. The economic and political battle for China gets deeper under Biden's command, as guns and gunships are deployed over the Pacific.


The road to war must be stopped. The capitalist catastrophe and imperialism's parasitism, place the masses under conditions of unprecedented sufferings and the prospect of new military conflagrations.

The implementation of a revolutionary strategy for the victory of the world working class is the central task of the international Marxist movement.

The struggle to break with all kinds of class collaboration policy is a priority in the revolutionary program. The fight to defeat the imperialist domination of the colonial or semi-colonial countries will not succeed by sealing pacts with the low native bourgeoisies, as Stalinism and all the renegades of Marxism proclaim. Those bourgeoisies are minor partners of imperialism and will always be united with it to attack the masses, defending their own private property. On the contrary, it is a question of uniting the working class with the impoverished layers of the peasantry and the people to seize power and thus liberate every oppressed nation from the imperialist yoke. For the proletariat of the central countries, the "enemy is at home". Only along this path will the working class be able to conquer its international unity.

Reformism intends to fight fascism and bonapartist regimes by subjecting the proletariat to the fractions of the bourgeoisie that claim to be "democratic". This is a fallacy. The proletariat defends democratic freedoms with arms in hand and with the method of proletarian revolution.

The fight to set up bodies of armed dual power of the masses at the beginning of any pre-revolutionary or revolutionary situation is a key and decisive issue for the victory of the masses and to prevent their crushing at the hands of fascism.

The fight to conquer revolutionary leaderships in the unions, based on the most audacious workers' democracy is the way to collaborate decisively with the masses to get rid of the treacherous leaderships.

Imperialism centralizes its offensive and the treacherous leaderships. Uniting the international struggle of the proletariat is an urgent necessity.

Comrades, the iron alternative today is no other than socialism or barbarism; socialism or war.

Let us continue fighting together against imperialism, the bourgeoisie and the enemies of the world proletariat!

For the working class and the oppressed peoples of the world to live, imperialism must die!

Carlos Munzer, Abu Muad and Paula Medrano

for the Collective for the Refoundation of the Fourth International / International Leninist Trotskyist Fraction (FLTI)

Liga Socialista de los Trabajadores Internacionalistas de Bolivia — FLTI

July 27, 2021  El Alto, Bolivia,


We send a warm revolutionary and internationalist greeting to all the organizers and participants of the 59th International Anti-War Assembly in Japan.

Dear comrades, when our dead fell, gunned down in the city of El Alto (Senkata area) and many political prisoners were tortured during the counterrevolutionary fascist coup of the Santa Cruz oligarchy in November 2019 led by the Organization of American States (OAS) and the US imperialists Southern Command, the revolutionary Marxists of Japan of the JRCL-RMF, as well as the workers and their fierce youth surrounded us with solidarity and revolutionary support for the Bolivian people in our struggle and for the justice of our martyrs.

On December 12, 2019, the International Day of the Persecuted Worker, the relatives and victims of the massacre adopted that day and promoted an internationalist rally in San Francisco church in Senkata, the place that housed the murdered bodies. At that rally, the victims received messages from different organizations committed to the revolutionary cause. The message of solidarity from the JRCL-RMF was there. It was displayed on posters and then read by a mother who had her son wounded by a gunshot. That spirit of internationalist struggle marked us and is driving us to further strengthen the struggle for proletarian internationalism, which is the only way out to confront and finish defeating our class enemies. We are with you comrades from Japan! You didn't leave us fighting alone!

Today we continue to fight, because with the Bolivarian government of Arce Catacora there is no justice for those massacred by the fascists, no effective freedom for political prisoners, no bread for the workers, no land for the poor peasants. It is necessary to further strengthen the internationalist struggle against so much world oppression. This has been understood by some relatives of the Senkata massacre, factory workers and a miners nucleus from the Huanuni mining district (Oruro) who also fervently expressed their solidarity with the Colombian people uprising against their oppressors that fill their prisons with fighters and have dyed the streets with worker and peasant blood under the tutelage of the damned US imperialists' bases. The same enemy, the same fight!


Let's continue fighting over borders!

Justice to our martyrs!

Long live international proletarian solidarity!

Liga Socialista de los Trabajadores Internacionalistas de Bolivia — FLTI (Socialist League of the Internationalist Workers of Bolivia — FLTI)

The Commission of Convicted Workers, Families and Friends of Las Heras

The International Network for the Freedom of Political Prisoners of the World and Justice for Our Martyrs

July 25, 2021



Once again, this year we, the workers and exploited of the world, find ourselves facing the enormous attack of the capitalists. That is why we send you this fraternal greeting to the Anti-War Assembly, to continue fighting together across borders in defence of all the persecuted and imprisoned comrades and for justice for our martyrs.

Those at the top seek to impose the double of slavery and the deepening of the plunder of the oppressed peoples of the world.

The best fighters of the working class are real hostages in the filthy jails of the regimes and governments around the world, commanded by the imperialist monopolies. We are living it today in Colombia, in Iraq and Iran, in Lebanon, in Chile and all over the world.

The brutal genocide of our siblings in Syria cannot remain unpunished. The oppressed and young workers are still resisting in that nation drown in blood by Assad-Putin and other occupation troops under the command of the gringos. They cannot continue to fight alone!

Let us multiply the struggle all over the world over the bars of the capitalist dungeons against the attack from those from above. Together with you and hundreds of workers' organizations around the world, we have put the spotlight on the oil companies' court that condemned the Las Heras workers to life imprisonment and jail and we are still fighting for their acquittal.

Today, this fight is the same as the one to free the revolutionary workers and youth in the jails of Colombia who are facing the murderous government of Duque and the Uribeist regime commanded by the US military bases.

After the international day in solidarity with the workers and the poor people of Colombia on June 26, in which you participated, the first Bulletin has been published. It calls to organize an international Day of Rage to stop the massacre in Colombia.

The struggle to break the siege and stop the massacre of the Colombian revolution will undoubtedly be taken into the firm hands of the revolutionary workers and youth of Japan.

S.O.S. Colombia, THEY ARE KILLING US! Let us strike together for the coordination of struggle actions, for strikes, picket lines and direct actions at the embassies and consulates of Colombia for the freedom of all the political prisoners of our class, for justice for all those assassinated by the State and for the victory of the workers uprisings that are developing today.

This is the way to free the thousands of prisoners in Assad's jails. It is a single struggle to free the prisoners in Iranian jails and for the victory of the workers' and the poor peasants' uprising which confronts the regime of the Ayatollahs and thus unite the forces of the exploited of the Palestinian nation to confront the Israeli Zionist occupier.

Let us strengthen the unity to free the workers and youth who rose up in Chile against Piñera and imperialism from the clutches of the Pinochetista prisons, as part of the same fight to bring justice for our martyrs of Senkata in Bolivia, massacred by the government of the Añez and the Banzerista generals on behalf of the gringos. In Latin America and even inside the United States, the jails have been filled with prisoners of our class for having risen up for bread, for freedom and against super-exploitation, as we also see today dozens of prisoners in Cuba who rose up against the hunger imposed by the capitalist government of the Castro Communist Party. This government has learned well from the "red" mandarins of the Chinese CP who have been murdering, imprisoning and massacring the workers who fought for independent trade unions supported by the militant youth, while crushing every uprising and revolt that arises.

From Japan, in the very noses of imperialism, you have taken to the streets in favour of all the struggles of our class, together with the brave young Zengakuren students. This is the way forward that must be deepened!

Dear comrades, for years we have been striking together and we will never separate.


One single class, one single enemy, one single struggle worldwide!

The rebellion of the slaves is not a crime, IT IS JUSTICE!


Claudia Pafundi, member of the Commission of Convicted Workers, Families and Friends of Las Heras

Oman Biyik, member of the International Network for the Freedom of Political Prisoners of the World and Justice for Our Martyrs

ΝΑΡ για την Κομμουνιστική Απελευθέρωση Οργάνωση της ΑΝΤΑΡΣΥΑ

We welcome the 59th International Antiwar Assembly, which once again becomes not only a benchmark for the antiwar, antiimperialist movement and anticapitalist action in Japan, but also an event of internationalist solidarity and dialogue.
In our thoughts is the memory of the innocent victims of the atomic bomb dropped by the American imperialists on Hiroshima and Nagasaki 76 years ago, launching their campaign of terror for hegemony. The struggle for peace is still relevant today, in a world of intensifying imperialist rivalries at the planetary and regional level, an arms race at unimaginable cost to the peoples, "wars by proxy", aggression by nationalism, fascism, religious fanaticism and all reactionary thinking that calls for a civil war of the poor and the workers. This dangerous development is built on the intensification of exploitation in modern totalitarian capitalism.
The pandemic of Covid-19 came as a result of the capitalist mode of development and its crisis. The invasion into wildlife, the miserable living conditions in the megacities, the neoliberal assault on public health systems and the unbridled speculation of the drug and health multinationals have made the pandemic the setting for a colossal attack by capital on the right to health and life, but also on work, democracy and freedom.
In Greece we are living the harsh anti-people's policy of the right-wing government of K. Mitsotakis and ND (New Democracy), together with the successive measures against the rights and freedoms of the working class, the youth and the people. A policy designed within the framework of the EU's choices to face the capitalist crisis of the bourgeoisie by throwing the burden on the people, yesterday with the memoranda, today with the so-called "Next Generation EU recovery package". The fact that it has the EU's stamp on its anti-people's policy gives it the strategic consensus of the dominant political system, of SYRIZA, of KINAL, representing social democracy, but also of the nationalist right. The anti-people's policy, starting from the bourgeoisie's pursuit to radically increase its profits and raise its prestige in the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean, has led to the choice of closer links with US and EU imperialism. It believes this will strengthen its position in the unfair, peace-dangerous competition with the Turkish bourgeoisie for the EEZs in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean. In this way, the EU is in danger of being forced to fight the aggression of the Ottoman Empire in the Mediterranean and the Mediterranean. All Greek governments in recent years have sought to play the role of the "good soldier" of the US and their aggressive plans in the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, in the context of USA's imperialist competition with Russia, China and their allies. This leads them to choices that are disastrous for peace and the rights of the people, such as the continuation and expansion of US-NATO military bases and the permanent presence of large military forces, expensive armaments in competition with Turkey, the axes of war with Cyprus, Israel, Egypt, close cooperation with the reactionary regimes that support the US in the region. At the same time, the Greek government is also closely cooperating with the Turkish government in the implementation of the racist EU-Turkey refugee agreement and in the persecution of Turkish and Kurdish political refugees. In these circumstances, as a result of imperialist intervention, the antagonisms of the bourgeois classes and nationalism, there is a serious danger of the official acceptance of the division of Cyprus as sought with the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974 and the continued occupation of 40% of the Republic of Cyprus.
In the face of this unpopular policy, the labour and youth movement have fought important battles for bread, health, work, education and freedom. NAR believes that the need of our times is:
- The class reconstruction of the workers and popular movement.
- The concentration of forces in an anti-capitalist political front with a corresponding program of struggle that will contribute to and lead the necessary mass political workers' and people's movement. With the objectives of resistance, shaking and overthrowing the government of the South-West and its policies and the capitalist attack as a whole. The clash with the politics of consensus, the bourgeois alternatives of the SYRIZA-KINAL type and the rationale of national unity "to overcome the crisis". ANTARSYA (Anticapitalist Left Cooperation for the Overthrow) is a contribution to this effort.
- The coiling of the people who are inspired by the need for a modern program and party of communist liberation.
The world of capital responds to the triple economic, health and environmental crisis with reactionary choices that only aim to keep the capitalists in power and wealth, despite their rivalries with each other. Humanity's perspective is defined as never before by Rosa Luxemburg's dilemma of "socialism or barbarism".
All over the planet the struggling forces of the working class and peoples are fighting hard to defend rights and freedoms against modern parliamentary totalitarianism and tyrannical dictatorships, against war, imperialism, fascism, racism, nationalism and religious fanaticism. The Black Lives Matter movement has shaken the whole world, struggles such as in Chile, Colombia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Lebanon, social conflicts in Europe, gain solidarity, inspire hope and give valuable experiences. The ceaseless and persistent struggle of the Palestinian people against the terrorist state of Israel is at the heart of every human being who seeks a more just world.
In this harsh and volatile time, it is of great importance that the forces of anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist struggle give vision and strategy to the class struggles. The crucial insight of the Declaration of the 59th International Antiwar Assembly on the need for a Marxist renaissance is a prerequisite for communist recuperation. For the revolution, the socialist perspective and communist liberation to become once again a vision that warms the hearts of the working class and peoples, giving them strength and inspiration. A vision of communism that responds to the contemporary contradictions, exploitation and oppressions of our time, far from the defeatism and reformism of the nostalgia about 20th century state socialism and the renounce from the struggle for workers' power, in the name of either progressive management or changing the world with the domination of capital intact, without a rupture with imperialism.
With these thoughts we wish the 59th International Antiwar Assembly good luck in its work, good strength to the fighters and militants of anti-war and anti-imperialist action.
- Long live workers' internationalist solidarity.
- Bright hope in the world of capitalist barbarism is the common struggles of the working class and peoples, the struggle for peace against war, imperialism, nationalism, racism, fascism, religious fanaticism.
- Our future is not capitalism, it is revolution and communism.

ΝΑΡ για την Κομμουνιστική Απελευθέρωση

Οργάνωση της ΑΝΤΑΡΣΥΑ

News and Letters Committees


We extend our solidarity to your assembly, and your calls for proletarian internationalism and antiwar struggle based on that.

The pandemic we are still suffering is not an anomaly but an expression of the damage capitalism has brought and is still causing. As we pointed out in our Call to Convention for October this year:

Far more frequent pandemics are one expected result of the climate and ecological crisis. The world response to COVID-19 presents a grave warning about how future pandemics will be mishandled, and how the climate and ecological crisis itself will be handled, as long as the capitalist system is in the drivers seat. We will not take the space here to elaborate on the systematic lies and coverups, the false solutions that do little more than line a few pockets, the extraordinary steps taken to protect the wealthy and powerful (note shocking vaccine inequality between and within nations), the largesse showered upon capitalists and their businesses to cushion them from the economic shock while millions of workers are thrown out of work or forced to work in dangerous conditions. (Much of this was detailed a year ago in last years Draft Perspectives Thesis and other articles in News & Letters.) Let us only point out that all of these things are already happening in response to the climate crisis.”

The climate crisis is often invoked as a potential cause of war. Let us be clear: the ominous potential for war is fueled by the way capitalism is responding to the climate crisis as well as to capitalism’s stagnation. The most serious climate adaptation project underway in the U.S., for many years now, is protecting military bases from storms and sea-level rise and preparing for military intervention in climate-fueled conflicts and against climate migrants. The climate migrants are not the enemy of the working class and freedom movements. The bigger threat is from xenophobic nationalists who use climate and other migrants as scapegoats to drum up militarism, nationalism, and fascism. The biggest threat is from the world’s ruling classes, who turn to these reactionary forces because they are haunted by the revolutionary potential and stirrings of revolt at home. We must oppose these forces not only by supporting the labor and liberation movements, not only by fighting the fascists and militarists, but by fighting their poisonous ideology. The absolute opposite of that ideology is not another ideology but Reason, the fusion of philosophy of revolution with the liberatory thought emanating from the movements from practice.

Comrades, let us struggle together to establish revolutionary solidarity in both thought and activity, to oppose and prevent war, to promote proletarian internationalism, to abolish capitalism, racism, sexism, militarism, and imperialism, and to open a revolutionary path to a new, free, human society!


For freedom,

Franklin Dmitryev, National Organizer, for 

The Resident Editorial Board of News and Letters Committees, July 27, 2021

Prospettiva Marxista


Dear comrades,

A year and a half after the start of the pandemic, the condition of our class in Europe keeps getting weaker. The millions of jobs lost have been compounded by increased precarization and worsening working conditions.

The virus is not responsible for this state of affairs; in many industries Covid-19 has been nothing more than a pretext for the bourgeoisie to continue its ongoing restructuring, to launch the final attack on an already weakened class.

In this context, all the political forces active in European parliaments and governments have fully manifested their class nature, without exception.

The so-called populist movements, which for years have claimed to be the voice of “the weak” against “the strong”, have unabashedly supported every economic attack on the proletariat. The last months have demonstrated — if it were still necessary — that these political forces are only able to raise their voices against the weakest, such as the immigrant proletarians, while contritely bowing their heads before the interests of the bourgeoisie.

Nor is it possible not to see the ruthless class nature of the “traditional” parties, which for years — long before the pandemic — have been engaged in a direct attack on the European proletariat. The calmer tones, the more academic reasoning, the more respectable appearance of these hounds of the bourgeoisie have been enough for them to be considered, even in some left-wing circles, as "the lesser evil" compared to populism. As if a lesser evil, a less merciless attitude were possible in the front of the bourgeoisie; as if those calmer tones did not disguise the remorseless logic of capitalist exploitation against our class.

The tragedy of the pandemic has at least the merit of having thrown, like a storm, flashes of merciless light on the real class nature of the politics and institutions of bourgeois democracy. After the storm, bourgeois politicians may be able to better disguise their servitude to capital, even behind a mask of benevolence towards the workers. Our hope and militant commitment is that the present momentary clarity turns into a lasting awareness, on the part of the working class, of the true nature of our society and of its democratic illusions.

We wish you our internationalist communist greetings.


Prospettiva Marxista

Organization of Communists Internationalists of Greece (OKDE) 

Dear comrades,

we wish every success to the 59th Antiwar Assembly.

The working class and toiling masses all over the world are faced with a very difficult and harsh situation, which is becoming critical. The pandemic has triggered and sharpened the capitalist crisis, of which a new shock (after 2008) was already underway during 2019 and exploded in 2020. It has revealed how rotten and disastrous the capitalist system and its social and political elites has become, especially after decades of neoliberal rule.

The working class, the poor popular strata and the youth are paying a heavy toll in their social and political rights, their living conditions. The capitalists have launched a series of brutal attacks to make us pay for the crisis. They use “emergency situation”, the successive lockdowns and restrictrive measures as a mean not to defend public health, but to break the resistance of the working class, to make leaps forward to building state repression and antidemocratic regimes. And as the pandemic itself proved yet again, the capitalist crisis is rapidly culminating in an agony for the future of human mankind, with the destructions amassed by climate change and environmental crisis, all caused by the logic and system of profit.

The new Biden administration promoted phony hopes of restoring some balance in the system, both domestically in the US and internationally, after Tramp’s one revealed and accentuated the dire crisis already there at all levels. Bourgeois forces and reformists around the world hail to Biden’s plans – or try to pretend there’s in them something the masses can hope for… However, it’s becoming more and more clear that Biden has no smooth way out – and that there is no such thing anyway! The attempt of US imperialism to defend its place and role is faced with more and more obstacles, difficulties, failures. As recently shown (G7 summit etc.), US imperialism can’t afford many concessions to its allies, real or claimed ones. Biden (in some, maybe, milder terminology) is actually keeping on the central element of Tramp’s policy: US imperialism must be the main, if not the sole, beneficiary among the “willing ones” that will align in the new anti-China and anti-Russia crusade. China, on its part, is dealing with its own problems, internal and international ones. The US-China clash (in which a series of other countries and forces take positions) is the central issue shaping the world. It’s a factor worsening the crisis of imperialist leadership and hegemony – and the drive to arms race, the threat of the explosion and expansion of new wars. Only the struggle of workers’ movement, building class independence and revolutionary internationalism, can stop these destructive forces.

The resistance and struggles, social explosions and revolts around the world (US movement, L. America, Africa, Arab world etc.) show there are large forces of the oppressed to count on, a big hope for the reconstruction-recomposition of the workers’ movement, for the future. But also reveal the severe crisis of the workers’ and revolutionary movement itself, the lack of a trained vanguard, of rooted revolutionary Marxist parties, of a steady and determined leadership – especially after the collapse (and its effects) of traditional reformist currents controlling the workers’ movement (Social democracy, Stalinism), but also after the crisis of large parts of the international far and revolutionary left. Helping to fill in this gap is our main duty all around the world.

Our country, Greece, is (traditionally) chained within the block of our western allies, i.e. US imperialism. The new government of ND (Mitsotakis), in its 2 years in office, has proven itself the worst and most dangerous for the working class in almost 50 years, with its handling of both the pandemic and economic crisis and having passed a huge deal of reactionary measures. It could do so only because the previous government of SYRIZA paved the way, during its administration that helped ridicule any alternative and the search of it, creating a huge problem in the movement, in the consciousness and practices of the workers’, the poor and the youth. The Mitsotakis government flames up the antagonism with Turkish capitalism in the region of South East Mediterrenean, which has become one of the crossroads of the clashing interests of many different and strong powers (from USA to Russia, and from France and Germany to Israel, Iran, China at the backyard – and others). The Greek bourgeoise is opportunistically counting on the support of US and western imperialists and wanting to be the main “proxy” of their plans (in the Middle East and North Africa, against Russia, for energy resources etc.). Achieving this goal means crashing the workers’ movement in our country. We denounce this antagonism as reactionary from both sides, of both Greek and Turkish capitalists. We call for common action and struggles in the two countries, to develop an antiimperialist and antiwar movement, in defense of social rights and civil liberties, against nationalism and military spending. In the perspective of a revolutionary way-out and of a socialist coordination and cooperation of the people in all the area.

Comrades, our course is common. We fraternally salute your Assembly and unite our voices and forces in struggle.


In internationalist solidarity,


OKDE (Organization of Communists Internationalists, Greece)


Михаил Борисович Конашев

Ассоциация «Советский Союз»

Дорогие товарищи, участники 59-ой интернациональной антивоенной ассамблеи!
От всей души поздравляю вас с проведением ассамблеи и горячо желаю успехов в ее работе, в деле борьбы за мир во всем мире! Именно так - в деле борьбы за мир во всем мире - писали и говорили тогда, когда существовал Советский Союз, благодаря которому и международному коммунистическому движению многие войны и агрессивные вторжения удалось предотвратить, а многие справедливые национально-освободительные войны против ига капитала завершить победой народа.
Именно поэтому наша задача - укреплять и развивать международную солидарность трудящихся, добиваться единства коммунистического движения и создания единого фронта всех прогрессивных сил в борьбе за прекращение гонки все более смертоносных вооружения, ликвидации всех военных блоков и военных баз на чужой территории, за принятие и реализацию всеобъемлющей программы постепенного, шаг за шагом разоружения.
Успехов нам в этой борьбе!

Михаил Борисович Конашев
Ассоциация "Советский Союз"
30 июля 2021 г.
Санкт-Петербург (Ленинград)

Тюменский обком РКРП(б)-КПСС 

Уважаемые товарищи!

Участники 59-ой интернациональной антивоенной ассамблеи!


Тюменский обком РКРП(б)-КПСС приветствует участников 59-ой интернациональной антивоенной ассамблеи! Мы поддерживаем справедливую борьбу против нарастающей опасности новой войны! Но нужно понимать, что в сегодняшних условиях война — это не только атомные бомбы, ракеты и военная техника. События последних двух лет показали, что в нынешних условиях война ведётся совсем другими способами.

Глава Ливии Муаммар Каддафи ещё в 2009 г. выступая на 64-й Генеральной Ассамблее ООН чётко определил, как будет выглядеть новая война: "Они сами будут создавать вирусы и продавать вам противоядия. Потом будут делать вид, что им требуется время на поиск решения, тогда как оно уже будет у них". Это было его предупреждение о том, как буржуазные корпорации будут развязывать новую войну. С начала 2020 г. мы видим, как буржуазия всего мира, используя коронавирусную инфекцию, развернула настоящую войну по уничтожению населения планеты. Вначале, под предлогом якобы развернувшейся пандемии коронавирусной инфекции население большинства стран загнали в режим самоизоляции. Любое нарушение грозило неимоверными штрафами и даже тюремным заключением. Затем придумали вакцинирование, когда людям вводят непроверенные и неопробированные вакцины, не прошедшие испытания. Неизвестно какое они окажут воздействие на организм человека, но уже сейчас люди умирают после вакцинирования.

Более того, правительства многих стран в противоречие Нюрнбергскому Кодексу идут на различные ухищрения, чтобы сделать это опасное вакцинирование обязательным. Вот она, война нового типа: превращение всего мира в концлагерь, где только небольшая группа капиталистов наделила себя правом решать, кому жить, а кому нет. Именно против таких проявлений сегодня должны выступать трудящиеся всего мира, против такой войны в текущих условиях необходимо протестовать как можно активнее.

Мы солидарны с участниками 59-ой интернациональной антивоенной ассамблеи в том, что сегодня именно СЩА являются одной из главных сил в разжигании этих новых боевых действий. Именно поэтому они сегодня говорят о том, что именно американские солдаты победили фашистскую Германию и милитаристскую Японию во время Второй мировой войны. Они стремятся целиком переписать мировую историю, исключив в совершении Победы роль первого в мире государства рабочего класса — Союза Советских Социалистических Республик!

Весь мир благодарит именно СССР, что он смог перебить хребет мировому фашизму — передовому отряду капитализма. Именно советские люди самоотверженно сражались с фашистской угрозой, кровью отстаивая буквально каждую пядь советской земли. Во Второй мировой войне больше всего погибло именно советских людей, именно СССР понёс самые тяжелые потери и разрушения. Но советские люди смогли в максимально короткие сроки отстроить страну и наладить производство.

Но это было бы невозможно, если бы в СССР не было социалистического строя, а у руководства страны не стоял Иосиф Виссарионович Сталин, настоящий коммунист, большевик, истинный продолжатель дела марксизма-ленинизма. Сталин на практике воплотил идеи Владимира Ильича Ленина, которые являлись логическим продолжением идей, заложенных основоположниками марксизма Карлом Марксом и Фридрихом Энгельсом. И потому нельзя согласиться с предложениями интернациональной антивоенной ассамблеи о том, что нужно отделить И.В. Сталина от марксизма. Ошибочно заявлять о том, что он исказил принципы марксизма. Наоборот, он вывел его на принципиально иной уровень, обеспечивший на практике построение социалистического общества в СССР.

Это как раз и позволило в короткие сроки подготовить страну к Великой Отечественной войне и выиграть её. В последующие годы именно СССР был гарантом мира и стабильности. Именно чёткое понимание идей марксизма, применение их на практике и стремление построить коммунистическое общество позволяли сдерживать капиталистическую агрессию со стороны США, не давать претворить их агрессивные планы и распространить влияние США на весь мир.

Поэтому США сделали всё, чтобы уничтожить СССР. Не смогли уничтожить в открытой войне, но нашли и воспитали предателей, которые смогли сделать всё, чтобы великая держава была уничтожена. И нынешний президент РФ В.В. Путин как раз участвовал в уничтожении СССР и был посажен в кресло президента одним из таких предателей и разрушителей Б.Н. Ельциным. Потому сегодня Путин такой же ставленник крупного капитала, и он проводит политику в интересах капитала, направленную в первую очередь на борьбу с населением России. Сегодня за коммунистические идеи в России преследуют: сажают в тюрьму, дают неимоверные штрафы. В Тюмени демонстрация, посвященная 103-й годовщине Великой Октябрьской социалистической революции, была фактически разогнана полицией, его участники получили штрафы, а на меня возбудили уголовное дело и судили полгода якобы за избиение сотрудника полиции. И такое происходит по всей стране! Это политика Путина, стремящегося уничтожить коммунистические идеи.

И никогда Путин не пошёл бы на сотрудничество с Китаем, если бы там действительно был коммунистический режим, а тем более «неосталинский», как говорится в обращении участников 59-ой интернациональной антивоенной ассамблеи. Китай уже давно выстроил систему государственного капитализма, и руководящая партия только по названию является коммунистической, но в сути своей она уже давно отошла от основных принципов марксизма-ленинизма.

В связи с этим мы призываем всех участников 59-ой интернациональной антивоенной ассамблеи посмотреть на окружающий мир трезво и понять, что мировая война сегодня идёт вовсю, только против населения мира используется совсем другое оружие: искусственно созданный вирус и вакцины, направленные на уничтожение населения. И только вооружившись знаниями марксизма-ленинизма и следуя по пути. указанному товарищем И.В. Сталиным, в этой войне можно победить. Не случайно ему принадлежат пророческие слова: «Наше дело правое! Враг будет разбит! Победа будет за нами!»

Желаем участникам 59-ой интернациональной антивоенной ассамблеи достойно продолжать эту борьбу!


Первый секретарь Тюменского

Обкома РКРП(б)КПСС

А.К. Черепанов

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