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The 59th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan
August 1st 2021

The Executive Committee for the 59th International Antiwar Assembly
All-Japan Federation of Students' Self-Governing Associations [Zengakuren]
Antiwar Youth Committee
Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction) [JRCL (RMF)]

Overseas Appeal for the
59th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan

Rise up in antiwar struggle to break through
the crisis of war breaking out
amid the US-China cold war!

We call on all workers, students and intellectuals who are striving across the world to oppose the war policies of governments, the tyrannies of state rulers and their imposition of poverty.

Today, a year and months after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world is in world-historic turbulence. When hit by the pandemic, state rulers and capitalists cut off the 'free movement of people, goods, money and services' and stopped production. With new virus variants, such as an Indian strain, appearing one after another, borders are continually closed while cities are locked down in many regions of the world. Capitalists have been mercilessly throwing workers onto the streets to seek their own survival. The 'pandemic depression', far more devastating than the Great Depression in 1929, laid bare a classical class division and poverty like those in the 19th century, when Karl Marx lived and fought.

This is not all. Amid the pandemic, a cataclysmic change has occurred in the structure of today's world. That is, the 'US-China cold war' has intensified at a stroke. Because of the global-scale clash between the US and China-Russia, the danger of war is impending in East Asia, the Middle East and elsewhere. Once ignited, the fire of war would be a prelude to a Third World War.

Workers and people all over the world! Now is the time to unite and create a revolutionary antiwar struggle to break through the intensifying crisis of war amid the US-China cold war. Let us rise up resolutely to defeat our governments and state rulers who are placing us under unbearable poverty and tyrannical rule!
In the middle of the historic turbulence, we are holding the 59th International Antiwar Assemblies on August 1st in Tokyo and six other cities in Japan. We call on all workers and people to create antiwar struggles internationally together with us, revolutionary Left in Japan. Let us embark on a fight to overturn this dark 21st century and carve out a brilliant proletarian century!

An intensifying clash between the US-Japan and China with focus on Taiwan

A year and four months have passed since the world was hit by the pandemic of the novel coronavirus that spread from Wuhan, China. What is uncovered by the pandemic is an all-out clash between the militarist empire of America, which has revealed its historic downfall, and the neo-Stalinist China. In the face of imperialist America devastated by the world's most explosive spread of infection as well as an economic catastrophe, China has embarked on a full-scale offensive to seize 'hegemony over the world'.

Look at the G7 Summit meeting held in Cornwall, Britain (from June 11th to 13th). As head of the decrepit militarist empire, US President Joe Biden desperately tried to recover from America's ever-deepening isolation, which had been accelerated by the former Trump administration with its arrogant cry of 'America First'. He was hell-bent on involving German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron and others in the global formation of an anti-China encircling net under the slogan 'Rebuilding alliances'. That is why he was frantic to raise the worn-out, bloodstained flag of 'freedom, democracy and human rights' by his feeble hands. A 'new Atlantic Charter', which he issued together with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, was nothing but a miserable bid to implore those rulers of European states including Germany and France to remember the debt they owe to America for 'freeing' Europe from Nazi Germany, and thereby to gain cooperation from them in implementing his hard-line policies against China.

And there was no one in the G7 summit other than Yoshihide Suga, head of the Japanese neo-fascist government, who acted as a minion of Biden and moved about proposing a phrase to be inserted in the G7 statement: 'peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait'.

It's no exaggeration to say that the true 'protagonist' in the summit meeting was Xi Jinping-led China. Ridiculing the Biden-centred meeting as a 'Last Supper', Xi even said, 'A small group of countries, their united front is doomed to be destroyed'.

Xi's China is, however, visited by troubles both at home and abroad. With an increasing number of enterprises that have gone bankrupt or have accumulated enormous debts, its domestic economy is in a critical situation. Many cities have turned into ghost towns with incomplete high-rise buildings left deserted. Even the 'One Belt One Road' initiative for a China-led economic sphere, which was aimed to get through the ever deepening crisis in the domestic economy, is hitting snags because of the irritation of the rulers of advanced countries at Chinese rulers' much too blatant oppression of people at home, and also because of the bitter resentments of state rulers in Southeast Asia and Central / Eastern Europe at China's behaviour of 'trapping other countries in debt'. Amid the economic debacle, anger is boiling up among workers, particularly peasant workers, who are plunged into dire poverty due to sackings and wage cuts by enterprise managers who are Communist Party members at the same time.

That was why Xi Jinping posed himself as a second Mao Zedong at the ceremony marking the 'centenary of the Communist Party of China'. By screaming that 'without the Communist Party of China, there would be no new China and no rejuvenation of the Chinese nation', he repeatedly appealed to the people to 'thank' the CPC.

In the face of US imperialism, which is building up political, military and economic 'pressures' on China, Xi asserted that the Chinese government would carry on with the 'wolf worrier diplomacy' by saying that imperialists 'will find themselves on a collision course with the great wall of steel forged by over 1.4 billion Chinese people.' As to the Taiwan issue, which the CPC defines as a 'core interest', he declared that, in 'realizing China's complete reunification', 'we must take resolute action to utterly defeat any attempt towards "Taiwan independence"'. In this way he did not even conceal the intention of resorting to arms for annexation.
Concerning Hong Kong, Xi boasted that the government of the Beijing bureaucracy established an autocratic rule whereby to choke 'democrats' and oppress people under its direct rule in the name of 'implementing the legal systems and enforcement mechanisms ... to safeguard national security'. As to Uighur people, who once rose in an anti-government rebellion, the Beijing government has been enforcing brutal repression by throwing a million people into concentration camps. All this is a preparation for a forthcoming decisive battle with imperialist America. The Xi Jinping regime is intent on removing 'internal troubles' for that.

This government of the Beijing bureaucracy has in effect territorialized the South China Sea and now, on this basis, is intensifying its offensive in the East China Sea to seize the Senkaku (Diaoyu) Islands by defining them as part of Taiwan. Moreover, it is not only constantly deploying its naval and air forces around Taiwan but also developing them beyond the Taiwan Strait, over to the western Pacific. It has also deployed two thousand intermediate-range missiles ready to launch to prohibit US carrier strike groups from entering the Strait in the event of 'emergency in Taiwan'.

Faced with these hard-line measures taken by China, the Biden-led administration of US imperialism is now anxious and worried that 'China could invade Taiwan in next six years', thus strengthening its support to the Tsai Ing-wen government by providing it with top-of-the-line weapons and other military aids. Furthermore, it is commanding its warships to pass through the Taiwan Strait and carrying out extensive US-Japan military exercises on and around Japan's Southwest Islands according to its war plans in preparation of 'Taiwan emergency'.

Thus the Taiwan Strait, as well as the South China Sea, is in a hair-trigger situation, where US-Japanese forces and Chinese forces are both carrying out military manoeuvres against each other.

Xi-led China has set itself a 'national goal' of building a 'great contemporary socialist state' by the so-called 'second centenary' in 2049, which marks the centenary of the People's Republic, and makes it their world strategy for the Chinese state to reign the world as 'Zhonghua' (centre of the world). In order to achieve the national goal and the strategy for world domination, the neo-Stalinist state of China has started making a dash.

And now, Russia led by Vladimir Putin is strengthening its anti-US alliance with Xi-led China, thereby mounting a challenge to US imperialism. As a nuclear power that holds large quantities of nuclear weapons comparable to the US, Putin-led Russia holds the national strategy of 'reviving itself as a great power'. In order to realize it, the Russian government has embarked on a rollback in opposition to US and European imperialist states, which have expanded so-called 'democratization' not only to former East European countries but also over to former constituent republics of the USSR, including Ukraine. Against a British naval cruiser that sailed near the Crimean coast, this government conducted a threatening military action in the name of 'warning shots' by mobilizing Russian warplanes and warships. This was but the starting gun of Putin's rollback. He is tightening the FSB-based authoritarian ruling system at home, while protecting Belarus President Lukashenko, who detained a dissident journalist by means of a government-conducted hijacking.

Faced with these political and military offensives by China and Russia, the Biden administration is frantic to build up a global encircling net against China by mobilizing US-allied states under the banner of 'rebuilding alliances' to win a 'strategic competition with China which will define the 21st century'. In the name of a 'global partnership for a new era' (declared in the US-Japan summit meeting in April), this administration has determined the US-Japan military alliance as the pivot of a global alliance against China and is pushing forward its schemes to fully mobilize the political, military and economic powers of Japanese imperialism for building up a global alliance. Look! Together with US forces, Japanese forces are carrying out joint manoeuvres constantly with Australian forces in the South China and Indian Seas, and now with French forces!

Evidently, in or around Taiwan and the South China Sea, an imminent crisis is growing; a fire of war may break out any moment. In preparation for a hot war arising from the US-China cold war, US and Japanese rulers, as well as Chinese and Russian rulers, are competitively building up each of their military capabilities not only in land, naval and aerial domains but also in outer and cyber spaces.
Workers and people all over the world! Now is the time to resolutely create a revolutionary antiwar struggle to break through the danger of war increasing amid the head-on clash between the US-Japan and China-Russia.

The Middle East: the danger of a military clash mounting between Israel and Iran

The Zionist regime of Israel (the former Netanyahu-led government) conducted devastating bombardments against the Gaza Strip of Palestine, known as 'an open-air prison', thereby sinking a great many people including children in seas of blood. The new government with an anti-Palestinian, anti-Iranian jingoist, Naftali Bennett, as its head also conducted aerial bombings of Gaza shortly after his inauguration. On the other hand, in the Shiite Islamic state of Iran, which confronts Israel as its archenemy in political and military terms, a new administration is also to start off with an 'anti-American, anti-Zionist' hardliner, Cleric Ebrahim Raisi, as its President.

The moment of a military clash between Israel and Iran is growing closer. Not only does US imperialism support Israel, but the Sunnite monarchies of Saudi Arabia and others, which confront Iran, are also moving to improve relations with Israel. On the other hand, China and Russia are fully backing the anti-American state of Iran in political, economic and military terms. Because of this structure newly emerging in the Middle East, a fifth Middle East War, which will be triggered by an Israeli military attack on Iran, will no doubt lead directly to a global warfare.

Since the July of 2002, when the war on Iraq by the militarist empire of America as the 'sole superpower' was impending, we have been appealing to the world: 'Muslims of all countries, organize struggles for the independence of a Palestinian state, based on Islamic inter-nationalism!' ('Antiwar Struggle in the Present Topos', included in Kan'ichi Kuroda, Marx Renaissance). Today, we issue this call again to all Muslim people, particularly to Palestinians who are shedding their blood in battles against the brutalities of the Zionist regime backed by US imperialism. Workers and people all over the world! Let us stir up flames of antiwar struggle to denounce the Israeli bombing of Gaza and to oppose its military attack on Iran!

Topple the state rulers who are imposing poverty and tyranny on us amid the pandemic!

Rulers of the US, Japan, China and Russia, who are ever more intensifying their military and political rivalries, have met with a serious predicament where the 'global economy' is torn apart with the borderless movements of 'people, goods, money and services' cut off by the pandemic. Amid this situation, they are heating up economic struggles against each other, by formulating not only strategies for 'military security' but also those for 'economic security' that are closely related to the former. These include schemes to control artificial intelligence and other digital technologies and 5G-communication and other advanced technologies, and those to secure the supply of semiconductors and scarce resources such as rare earth.

The so-called economic 'win-win' relationships under their political and military confrontations are becoming obsolete. This is another thing that is becoming an impetus to turn the US-China cold war into a hot war.

And what is occurring in the inside of each of these countries that are bitterly confronting in every respect is this: 'the rich' are accumulating more and more wealth, whereas 'the poor' are being daily driven to the verge of death by starvation. In the capitalist countries (of the US and Japan), a classical class division between the capitalist and working classes, along with a classical impoverishment, is becoming more and more intense. In the country of 'market socialism', i.e. in China, the opposition between the privileged bureaucrats who hold enormous wealth and the workers and peasants who are suffering from dire poverty is growing more bitterly than ever.

This does not apply only to the US, Japan or China. In every country in the world, the toiling masses are rising up in revolt, burning with anger against the government and rulers who are coercing them into impoverishment. It is in order to crush the revolt of the masses that rulers and each government are, on the whole, tending to make their political ruling systems more reactionary and authoritarian by taking advantage of 'countermeasures against the pandemic'.
Workers and people all over the world! Let us build up struggles to topple the rulers and governments that impose poverty and tyranny upon us!

Denounce the Japanese government for pushing forward to hold the Olympics!
Down with the Suga government rushing to revise the Constitution and strengthen the US-Japan military alliance!

The Suga-led Japanese government is clinging to the hosting of the Tokyo Olympic Games despite the fact that a fifth wave of infection is starting to spread in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Suga is sticking to it only to keep his cabinet in existence. He takes no account of the terrible suffering of the toiling masses. Nor does he care a bit about hard-pressed medical workers who have been pushed to the brink of 'healthcare collapse'. This government is intending to hold the 'festival' which will cause an explosive spread of Covid-19 not only in Japan but throughout the world. People in Japan are directing their anger to this government. We are organizing vehement protests across the country under the banner 'Denounce the Suga government for enforcing the Olympics!'

While taking massive bailout measures for monopoly capitalists, the Suga government has cut off even small amount of measures for poverty-stricken people in the name of 'self-help', thus mercilessly leaving them in the lurch. This government is strengthening its neo-fascist political ruling system by keeping the nation under surveillance and repression in the name of 'degitalization'. We, militant students of Zengekuren and workers of the Antiwar Youth Committee, are fighting across the country to topple this Japanese-type neo-fascist government.

The leadership of the Japanese Communist Party (headed by Tetsuzo Fuwa and Kazuo Shii) has totally abandoned its 'opposition' to the US-Japan military alliance; it is even making a criminal assertion repeatedly that the party positively accepts 'Japan-US joint operations' in time of 'an emergency', according to Article 5 of the US-Japan Security Treaty. We, militant workers and students, definitely denounce this outrageous crime of the Stalinist party and are building up antiwar struggles. Militant workers are creating waves of struggle against the revision of the Constitution from within the depths of the labour front, while denouncing the labour aristocrats of the Rengo [JTUC], who are unpardonably crying for 'stronger defence strength', thus even supporting the Suga government's scheme to revise Article 9 of the Constitution.

We are fighting to achieve a mass uplifting of the struggle to smash the attempt to revise the Constitution of Japan, particularly to nullify its Article 9, which stipulates the 'denial of the right of belligerency of the state' and 'non-possession of war potential'. We are also fighting to promote antiwar, anti-Ampo [US-Japan military alliance] struggles against the offensives of strengthening the US-Japan military alliance, including the new US base construction in Henoko, Okinawa. Japan is the only nuclear-bombed country; Hiroshima and Nagasaki were atom-bombed by US imperialism. Japanese workers and students will never allow the US and Japanese rulers to build up their military alliance into a nuclear military alliance. We are promoting antiwar struggles under the banner 'Smash the US-Japan nuclear security alliance!'

When the Japanese state decided on participation in the war on Iraq launched by the militarist empire of America as the 'sole superpower' by sending the Japanese military called Self-Defence Forces, Comrade Kan'ichi Kuroda got to the point: 'An independent state that forms a military alliance, Japan is bound to be at the same time a 'vassal state' of America. The Koizumi-led government's will to participate in the war bespeaks this.' (Kan'ichi Kuroda, Bush's War, p. 40). Rulers of Japan, the 'vassal state of America' that is chained to the US-Japan military alliance, have no other way to survive but to share the fate of their 'lord'. Precisely because of this, the Suga government is deepening its political and military subordination to US imperialism, which is trying, somehow, to build up a global alliance for war against China despite its decline that cannot be concealed. This, however, is the way to war and authoritarian political rule. This is why we are resolutely creating fights with the aim of 'repealing the US-Japan Security Treaty' to burst the 'chains of the security alliance'.

Three decades after the collapse of the USSR - Proletarians all over the world, rise up in fight to overturn the dark century!

As we have revealed it earlier, the present world in the 21st century is unveiling its horrific nature as a dark century amid the Covid-19 pandemic: the critical confrontation between the US and China-Russia which may spark off a hot war any moment, the drastic deepening of class divisions with momentous impoverishment in every country, the prevalence of 'present-day Hitlers' strengthening their authoritarian rule, global warming and other instances of environmental destruction progressing with terrifying speed, and so on and on.

The darkness of the present world as such is precisely the actual reality of our times, three decades after the collapse of the Stalinist USSR.

We the revolutionary Left call on the working class and people all over the world. Today's capitalism is approaching to the final end. Capitalism is writhing in death agony. Yet, while crying for 'post-corona' society, the bourgeoisie in each country are still sacking the lifeblood of workers in a bid to prolong their lives. What can give a finishing blow to these bourgeoisie is nothing but the struggle of the working class that is based on its class unity. With the power of the working class, defeat the bourgeoisie and their government! Overthrow the neo-Stalinist power of China!

The extinction of the Stalinist USSR was brought about by Mikhail Gorbachev, the anti-revolutionary scum. The revolutionary Russia was ultimately buried away. This 'reversal of the century' must be 'reversed again' with our own hands. Let us fight with all our might to change the 21st century into the 'century of proletarian revolution'! For this change, we call on workers and people all over the world to squarely confront bloodstained Stalinism here and now! Awake to its anti-Marxist nature and thereby arise in anti-Stalinist struggle!

Workers, students and people! Rise in a fight right now! The rallying cry for this fight must be 'Marx renaissance'. And the strategy for this must be 'anti-imperialism, anti-Stalinism'.

Workers and toiling masses all over the world! Stir up antiwar demonstrations so massive and powerful as to shake the earth! Deliver a crashing blow to all state rulers who impose poverty and tyranny on us! Let us rise up together to revive the proletarian class struggle worldwide, to create the unity of the working class beyond borders!

(July 5th, 2021)

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