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The 50th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan
August 5th 2012
The Executive Committee for the 50th International Antiwar Assembly
composed of
All-Japan Federation of Students' Self-Governing Associations [Zengakuren]
Antiwar Youth Committee
Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction) [JRCL (RMF)]
The Central meeting in Tokyo

On August 5th, we the Executive Committee for the 50th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan held the central meeting in Tokyo and regional meetings in other cities in Japan. The Okinawa regional meeting was held on August 12th. Each meeting was attended by many workers, students and local residents, who have been fighting to promote struggles against the restart of nuclear reactors and the planned deployment of the US Force tilt-rotor aircraft, MV-22 Osprey, to Okinawa. The latest struggles they militantly fought include the gigantic 'Sayonara to Nukes' rally held in Tokyo on July 16th and the huge demonstration staged in front of the Diet Building and the Prime Minister's Official Residence on July 29th. All brimming with confidence in having created a groundswell of opposition throughout the country, they assembled in the meetings, which altogether proved a great success.

The Executive Committee received 21 messages from abroad, along with 2 speeches from a foreign individual and an international organization. The following is a brief summary of the central meeting in Tokyo.


At exactly one o'clock in the afternoon, the commencement of the meeting was announced. The first programme was a video documenting the above-mentioned big struggle of July 29th, fought against the restart of nuclear reactors. The screen was filled with the valiant figures of Zengakuren students, who were literally fighting at the forefront of tens of thousands of workers and people gathered in front of the main entrance of the Diet Building. Together with these demonstrators, they broke through the police cordon, rushed to the main gate and raised the crimson flag of 'ZENGAKUREN' to show their protest will. Right beside the flag, a dozen of students stood side by side in a row, each holding a big square board in both hands, and put them up all at once. Combined together, the boards said 'Down with the Noda government!'. There was a shout of admiration and enthusiastic applause among demonstrators, who joined the chorus chanted by Zengakuren. - Watching the video, the audience ruminated over again the great significance of this fight.

While the enthusiasm lingered on over the video, Comrade Tsuyoshi Fujikawa appeared on the platform to give the keynote address on behalf of the Executive Committee.

'Comrades!', began Fujikawa, 'At this very moment, we are carrying on this heated battle, standing at its forefront, against the Noda government which has embarked on the restart of nuclear reactors.' With all the information handling and hiding - he continued - the DPJ [Democratic Party of Japan] government has been virtually leaving nuclear disaster victims to die. Not only that, but it is sticking to its policy of nuclear power generation and nuclear development, according to the state strategy of Japanese imperialism, i.e. the securing of technological basis as a potential holder of nuclear weapons, as well as the ensuring of a stable procurement of energy. In opposition to this, 'revolutionary and militant workers have tenaciously carried out struggles within all industrial trade unions'. 'In firm solidarity with these struggles of workers, Zengakuren students have fought for a militant advancement of the protest. It is this effort of revolutionary / militant workers and students that has created today's upsurge,' he said. He thus called on everybody in the meeting, 'Full of confidence, let us propel struggles further!'

Comrade Fujikawa brought to light the bitter confrontation between US-Japanese and Chinese-Russian rulers in East Asia and the Middle East. Backed by the build-up of its own nuclear capability, the Chinese Hu Jintao government is strengthening its drive for the occupation and control of the islands in the East and South China Seas. Provoked by this challenge, the US imperialist Obama administration has embarked on the strengthening of its military network against China (and Russia). The Obama administration, together with its faithful follower Japanese Noda government, is hell-bent on the drastic strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance in the name of 'dynamic defence cooperation'.

Japanese and US rulers are frantically attempting to deploy the MV-22 Osprey to Okinawa, whereby the US forces can throw larger numbers of troops at a high speed into a battlefront and, once the tide turns against them, can let troops flee swiftly from the battleground. This is despite their ample knowledge that the Osprey has a very high risk of air accidents, and in fact, there have been many crashes happening so far. (President Obama never uses an Osprey as a means of transportation, in the first place; instead, he uses a CH-46 helicopter.)

The Noda government is desperate to increase the consumption tax. With this tax hike, the government intends to secure revenue sources for the fiscal spending, which simply keeps on increasing because of the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance.

Comrade Fujikawa called on the participants: Fight to stop the deployment of the Osprey to Okinawa! No to the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance! Fight against the competitive strengthening of nuclear capabilities by US and Chinese / Russian rulers! Fight against the reopening of nuclear plants! Fight to stop the consumption tax raise!

Denounce the massacre of Syrian masses by the Assad regime! Denounce US/European imperialists and Chinese/Russian rulers doing dirty manoeuvres behind the Syrian conflict! Smash the Israeli scheme to attack on Iranian nuclear facilities! Fighting people all over the Middle East, unite under the banner of 'anti-American imperialism, anti-Zionism'!

Comrade Fujikawa delivered a harsh criticism of the leadership of Rengo [the Japan Trade Union Confederation; JTUC]. This leadership approves of the government's promotion of nuclear development, deployment of the Osprey, consumption tax increase and everything. It is suppressing its own union members who are fighting against these offensives. He also criticized the leadership of the Japanese Communist Party, who does not express any opposition to the US-Japan military alliance in the struggle against the deployment of the Osprey. Ringing an alarm bell in this way, Comrade Fujikawa concluded his speech by powerfully appealing to the audience: 'Oppose the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance! Oppose the competitive build-up of nuclear capabilities by US and Chinese / Russian rulers!'

- The keynote speech was followed by the presentation of overseas massages.
The central meeting was attended by a member of a French leftist organization, who has exchanged opinions with us for about a year. He delivered a short speech of solidarity in the meeting.

Then appeared on the platform two comrades from the FLTI. They came all the way to Tokyo from Argentina. 'Win a victory for the world socialist revolution to permanently eradicate war, fascism and counterrevolution!', they enthusiastically appealed to the participants. They presented the Executive Committee with a banner of the 'Argentine Committee to Support the Syrian Masses', which expressed its condemnation of the massacre by the Assad regime.

Through the messages and speeches, participants in the assembly surely felt the fighting spirit of foreign comrades who have also risen to fight antiwar struggles across the world.

This was followed by the addresses of two comrades, a worker and a student, each making declaration of his/her resolve. The postal worker reported on her accumulated efforts to organize a struggle from within her trade union for a militant upsurge of the July 16th 'Sayonara to Nukes' rally by denouncing the Rengo leadership, which supported the reopening of nuclear power plants. The last person who took the platform was Chairman of Zengakuren Yuichiro Sakai. Full of vitality, he reported on militant students' latest campaign carried out in fierce summer heat. He called on everybody in the meeting: 'Let us fight with might and main to block the deployment of the MV-22 Osprey to the US Futenma base in Okinawa! Let us fight against the consumption tax increase!'

In the feverish atmosphere, everybody stood up, raised a chorus of yells and sang The International in unison, which concluded the meeting.

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 The Okinawa Assembly in Naha The  Kansai Assembly in Osaka
 The Hokuriku Assembly in Kanazawa  The Hokkaido Assembly in Sapporo
 The Tokai Assembly in Nagoya  The Kyushu Assembly in Fukuoka

Overseas Appeal for the
50th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan

Fight against the growing danger of war over the world!
Promote struggles against the competitive strengthening of nuclear capabilities
by US (plus Japanese) and Chinese / Russian rulers!
Smash offensives designed to coerce working people into poverty! taxation!
Strengthen the solidarity of workers and people fighting all over the world!

(Working people all over the world!

We appeal to you from Japan. We are resolutely promoting struggles against the reopening of nuclear plants and the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance. On August 5th, we will hold the 50th International Antiwar Assemblies in seven major cities across the country. We call on you, workers and people all over the world, to unite and promote international antiwar struggles! With the concerted efforts of workers across the world, let us smash merciless offensives designed to force the toiling masses to pay for the economic crisis!

Inexcusably, the Noda government of Japan has set out to reopen a nuclear plant (the Oi plant in Fukui Prefecture), trampling on the painful cries of victims of the Fukushima nuclear disaster and the fierce outcry of the toiling masses against the reopening.

The government's announcement that 'the Fukushima nuclear accident has been resolved' is a complete lie. Prime Minister Noda has reiterated it to justify the reopening of nuclear plants. Reactors 1, 2 and 3 at the Fukushima No.1 nuclear plant are in imminent danger of re-entering criticality, even with a massive amount of coolant water poured onto the heated nuclear fuel in the reactors. The fuel pool of Reactor 4, filled with spent fuel rods that are still generating decay heat, is now on the verge of collapse, together with the reactor building. Worse still, the government is compelling local residents, including children, to continue living in contaminated areas affected by 20 milli-sieverts of radiation per year, twenty times the dose limit for the general public. Nuclear plant workers are being forced by TEPCO management to work under massive radiation exposure, after which they will be discarded. These have all been orchestrated by the government to stage 'the end' of the accident.

Responding to demands from monopoly capitalists in full measure, Prime Minister Noda has rushed headlong towards the reopening of the Oi nuclear plant. The reopening will assist monopoly capitalists in exporting nuclear plants to Vietnam, Turkey and other countries. Moreover, the government is promoting nuclear development according to the state strategy of Japanese imperialism, i.e. 'energy security' and 'potential possession of nuclear weapons'.

The Obama US administration is pressing the Japanese government to reopen nuclear plants immediately. It sees US-Japan joint nuclear exports to emerging economies as a key measure for attracting the rulers of those countries to the US-Japan alliance. What's more, it is scheming to keep Japanese nuclear development under its own control, with the aim of using related technologies for its own interests in the name of 'joint research'. American imperialist rulers have shamelessly exploited the Fukushima nuclear disaster as a laboratory for US forces to study 'operations in a radioactive environment' (in the words of a Marine commander).

Denounce the reopening of the nuclear plant! We firmly oppose Japan's nuclear development! Fight against nuclear exports that spread nuclear disasters and radioactive catastrophes! Stir up the flames of struggle against nuclear development throughout the world!


Fighting comrades all over the world!

With ambitions of becoming a 'superpower of the 21st century', China is hell-bent on strengthening its effective control over the Paracel and Spratly islands, thereby 'territorializing' the South and East China Seas, based on a rapid strengthening of its nuclear capabilities, especially naval power; and further, it is intent on seizing command of the western Pacific Ocean. Faced with the rise of China, US imperialism is making frantic efforts to contain it.

First in Iraq, then in Afghanistan, a succession of US military occupations have failed completely. Caught up in the roaring flames of Muslim people's anger, US imperialism, having once boasted of being the 'sole superpower', is running away from Afghanistan. The Obama administration, with a huge amount of national debt on its hands, is obliged to cut its military budget by $500 billion within 10 years.

This declining imperialist state has finally abandoned its strategy of 'operations on two fronts' in the Middle East and Asia. Defining China as their main enemy, US imperialists have adopted a new defence strategy. Based on this strategy, they are intervening in the Asian Pacific region to contain China. Militarily, the Obama administration is deploying US forces concentratedly in this region with the aim of defeating enemy Chinese forces through the combined strength of its air and sea forces. This imperialist administration is also scheming to link the forces of its allies in the region, including Japan, South Korea and Australia, with its own forces.

At the US-Japan summit meeting in April, the Obama administration made the Noda government promise an unprecedented strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance in both scale and quality. The core of this strengthening is to incorporate Japanese troops under the command of US forces, effectively forming a 'united US-Japan force' with the aim of mobilizing it as a combat force for operations against China and Russia. Japan, and especially Okinawa, has been positioned as the front line of the encirclement against China. Note that Okinawa used to be exploited by US imperialism as a forward base for its 'anti-communist' nuclear military base network in the Cold War era - not only during the period of US military occupation after the Second World War but also after its reversion to Japan in 1972. This 'island of military bases' is now going to be more intensively used as an advanced base for US-Japan joint forces prepared for war against China. US imperialist rulers, fully supported by the Japanese government, is, particularly, now forcing the development of the tilt-rotor aircraft, MV-22 Osprey, in Okinawa's Futenma base, as well as its flight operations all across the country, suppressing the Japanese workers' and people's protests.

US imperialist rulers are scheming to make full use of Japanese forces as vassal state troops. This is not all. They are pressing the Japanese government to pay more for the cost of stationing US forces in Japan, and even to cover the additional costs for the Marines' transfer to Guam and those for repairing US military facilities there.

The current Noda DPJ government has accepted all of Obama's demands, in an attitude of US servility even more faithful than those of preceding LDP governments. These include Japan's participation in TPP [the Trans-Pacific Partnership] for free trade, a stratagem adopted by Obama for the purpose of establishing a US-led economic bloc in rivalry against China's attempts at a 'yuan-based economic sphere'. The Noda government has already expressed its full intention to join it, riding roughshod over the growing protests of Japanese workers and farmers.

In response to the US imperialist machination for a return to Asia, China's rulers are displaying their strengthened naval capability and solid alliance with those of Russia. Hu Jintao welcomed Putin, on the latter's visit to China after he was elected Russian President for a third time, with the highest level of reception, treating him as a most favoured guest of the nation. Once again, both rulers have loudly declared their 'cooperation in Asian-Pacific security' (June 5th).

Tension is running high in Asia: with its build-up of naval forces, China is advancing out to the oceans (partly to monopolize undersea resources in the South and East China Seas and secure sea lanes for transporting resources); declining US imperialism, on the other hand, is desperate to contain China by winning over Philippine and Vietnamese rulers, who are offended and terrified by China. Thus, confrontation between the US (allied with Japan) and China (with Russia) is intensifying more fiercely than ever, now involving ASEAN countries. US imperialism is repeatedly carrying out large-scale military exercises with Japanese and South Korean allies; on the other hand, China ostentatiously repeats and shows off its naval exercises, including joint exercises with Russia. In the South China Sea, meanwhile, Chinese and Philippine warships have been facing each other over the Scarborough Shoal (Huangyan Island) for more than two months.

We fight resolutely against the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance! Fight against the deployment of the Osprey! Oppose US Marines' continued stationing at Futenma base! We oppose military exercises carried out by US / Japanese imperialists and Chinese / Russian rulers against each other! Fight against the competitive strengthening of nuclear capabilities by US and Chinese / Russian rulers! It is nothing but a tragedy that the toiling masses of the world are engulfed and overwhelmed by the chauvinistic nationalism of state rulers. Workers and people all over the world! Unite and rise in antiwar struggles by overcoming differences between nations and countries!


The powerholders of Israel, having been driven into complete isolation in the Arab world and the Middle East, are terrified by a crisis threatening the very survival of their state. They are increasingly impelled towards a military attack on Iran, with the intention of hampering the nuclear development of this Shiite state which holds 'anti-American imperialism, anti-Zionism' as its national policy. We must certainly not allow the Israeli government to carry out bombings on Iranian nuclear facilities. The Israeli government has already launched a 'war' against Iran, without declaration, by mobilizing Mossad in cahoots with the CIA. Mossad has successively perpetrated the assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists, bombings of its missile-related facilities, and cyber-attacks on its nuclear facilities, including nuclear power stations, disregarding the danger of a reactor runaway.

The Obama administration, together with the powerholders of European states, has intensified its economic embargo against Iran. Despite the fact that the United States possesses more than ten thousand nuclear warheads and is protecting Israel which holds more than 200 nuclear weapons, the Obama administration is imposing economic sanctions on Iran for its 'nuclear development', threatening to drive this state into a complete suspension of oil exports. And on top of that, it is now engaged in military intimidation against Iran. What are such double standards, if not an exhibition of arrogant state egoism by US imperialism! Denounce the economic sanctions on Iran by imperialist state rulers!

In Palestine, Israeli rulers are still expanding Jewish settlements in the West Bank and continuing military attacks on the people of the Gaza Strip, while keeping thousands of Palestinian fighters in jail. We call on the people of Palestine, the people of the Arab world and the Middle East! Promote struggles towards the liberation of Palestine by overcoming the Abbas leadership, which has yielded to Zionists and US imperialists in exchange for a 'mini Palestinian state confined in prison'! We call on workers and toiling people all over the world to fight in support of and in solidarity with them.

In Syria, the Assad regime is continuing its terrible massacres of toiling people who rebel against the government, by fully mobilizing government forces, security forces and even rogue militias. With indignation we denounce this brutality!

Imperialist rulers of the US and EU countries are screaming out their 'criticisms' of Bashar Assad. While trying to prevent 'anti-American, anti-Israeli' Muslim organizations from taking power in Syria, they are manoeuvring behind the scenes in the hope of setting up a new government led by pro-American elements. Meanwhile, Russian President Putin is hell-bent on protecting Russia's national interests in Syria, including its naval base.

We call on you, Syrian people! Unmask Assad's hypocrisy in pretending to be 'against US imperialism and against Zionism'! Topple this bloodstained military Bonapartist regime! We call on all the workers and people in the world! Denounce the Assad regime's atrocities! Promote antiwar struggles against the schemes of imperialist states to intervene in this country!

The portrayal of people's uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and elsewhere as 'revolutions for democracy and freedom' is nothing but a superficial view contaminated by the Western media. The toiling masses of North Africa and the Middle East, many of whom are Muslims, have risen up in struggle to topple their own corrupt governments. Their rulers had advocated 'the Arab cause' and 'Arab socialism', but in reality, had never stopped yielding to Western imperialism and Zionist Israel, shamelessly abandoning their brothers and sisters in Palestine. In collusion with imperialist powers, they had continued to oppress their people while accumulating immense wealth. Working people have stood up precisely to denounce and overthrow these governments. Their fights have spread throughout the region and are still going on today.

In Egypt, where Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood won the presidential election, the Tantawi-led military council, supported by US imperialism, is desperately trying to maintain its grip on power by declaring the dissolution of the parliament and a new 'constitutional decree'. Public rage is boiling up against it. In Libya, workers and toiling people in many places are standing up against the National Transitional Council, a puppet government of Western imperialism, which has seized power in place of Gaddafi.

All toiling masses of the Middle East and North Africa! Unite under the banner of 'anti-US imperialism, anti-Zionism', going beyond religious differences and national borders, and advance towards your own self-liberation! All workers and toiling people of the world! Fight together in firm solidarity with the fighting people of the Middle East and North Africa!


Today, in every country and region of the world, the toiling masses are suffering from unemployment, poverty, low wages and the deprivation of social gains. Amid a deepening economic crisis, especially in the US, Japan and Europe, the monopoly bourgeoisie and its political committee, the government of each state, are trying to make workers and toiling people pay the whole price for the crisis. Against this, workers are rising up one after another in anger.

The Eurozone is now on the brink of disintegration. In Greece and Spain, youth unemployment rates have soared above 50%. In the latest Greek elections, the New Democracy party, a supporter of austerity policies, narrowly became the leading party and formed a new coalition government. However, the anger of the toiling masses is building up against cruel austerity measures implemented under pressure from leading imperialist powers of the European Union. EU leaders are imposing more unemployment, more wage cuts, more social welfare cuts and heavier taxation. This is tantamount to suffocating the toiling masses who have already been thrown into the depths of poverty.

Faced with growing unrest, EU leaders have started referring to the need for 'measures to stimulate economic growth in addition to austerity measures'. European imperialist powerholders and monopoly capitalists are frightened by the deepening depression, the mounting anger of workers and people, and signs of the imminent collapse of the Eurozone. Belated attempts aimed at 'economic growth', however, will do nothing to solve their problems. Even if they tried fiscal spending with the intention of stimulating economic growth, it would only aggravate each government's debt crisis, and that might well trigger a global financial crisis.

The problem is not limited to Europe alone. Even though the US government implemented a policy of quantitative monetary easing as a last resort to 'boost' the economy, this has done nothing to overcome the depression but has merely contributed to speculative financial transactions. Japan is unable to escape from the deepening depression, either. Be it in Europe, the US or Japan, fiscal and monetary policies implemented by the state of contemporary capitalism are not functioning. Having lost its vitality, contemporary capitalism is now approaching its end.

China is no exception. While raising the banner of a 'socialist state', its rulers have transformed its politico-economic structure into state capitalism. Nevertheless, this country, long known as a 'rising dragon', is also suffering from a slowdown in economic growth, caught in the backwash of the grave depression in Europe, North America and Japan. Here, too, the toiling masses are rising up in protest against low wages and forced redundancies.

It is a painful fact, however, that these struggles of the indignant masses against the monopoly bourgeoisie and its governments have yet to acquire the quality needed for the working class to achieve victory. 'The death knell of capitalism is sounding', and yet, workers are still unable to find how to overturn capitalism and what to do for their future. Humiliatingly, the imperialist demagogy that equates the self-destruction of the USSR with the 'failure of socialism' is still widespread throughout society. In this situation, the leaders of not a few parties that call themselves communist or workers' parties around the world have abandoned the idea of 'socialism', along with a disintegration of their spiritual support, because they have neglected any ideological confrontation with Stalinism. Trade union bureaucrats are increasingly revealing their true character as labour aristocrats. It is our duty today to confront the distortion of the working class struggle by such degenerate leaders and fight to overcome it.

In Japan, the situation is the same. Assuming no responsibility for its own failure, the Noda government, together with the monopoly capitalists, calls the disaster of the earthquake and nuclear accident a 'crisis for the nation'. In the name of 'overcoming the crisis', it is carrying out unprecedented offensives against the working people. These include a massive consumption tax increase, drastic wage cuts and mass dismissals. The leadership of Rengo (the Japan Trade Union Confederation, the biggest national organization of trade unions in Japan) is giving full cooperation to the monopoly capitalists and this reactionary government, now collaborating with the conservative LDP. As to the party of converted Stalinists, which calls itself the Japanese Communist Party, its central leadership is fantasizing over a 'European-type capitalism with rules' and yearning for the 'sound development of the Japanese economy'.

By criticizing and overcoming the suppression and distortion of workers' and students' struggles by these official leaderships, we are striving to promote antiwar struggles and the struggle against nuclear development, as well as politico-economic struggles against a massive consumption tax increase, sackings, wage cuts, and Japan's participation in TPP.

Workers all over the world! Let us move forward by overcoming all the oppression and distortion of struggles by labour aristocrats, social democrats, and leaders of communist parties that have fallen into revisionist capitalism!


We are fast approaching the 50th anniversary of the International Antiwar Assembly. Our Assembly started life amid the upsurge of struggles against nuclear testing by the US and USSR. The resumption of nuclear tests by the USSR actually trampled all over the urgent desire for peace among the Japanese people, who had already risen in a movement against atomic and hydrogen bombs with terrible experiences deep in their hearts: still fresh in their minds were the horrors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where US imperialists dropped atomic bombs, and the 'lethal fallout' from US-conducted hydrogen bomb tests. However, the leadership of the anti-A- and H-bomb movement, followers of the USSR leadership, tacitly condoned the USSR nuclear tests by their very silence. With Zengakuren at the forefront, we strongly criticized this leadership while carrying out a nationwide struggle against nuclear testing by the USSR as well as by US imperialism. This was not all. Three Zengakuren delegates boldly carried out a demonstration 'Against US and USSR nuclear testing!' in Moscow's Red Square (August 6th, 1962). Continuing from these struggles, the first International Antiwar Assembly was held in Hiroshima on Atomic Bomb Memorial Day.

Despite the USSR's self-eulogization as a 'stronghold of peace', the leadership of this state responded to imperialist nuclear testing with the same measure - nuclear testing, totally divorced from the proletarian class struggle. They sacrificed any attempt aimed at universally promoting the class interests of the world proletariat, preferring instead to defend the USSR as 'socialism in one country' or promote the particular, national interest of the USSR bureaucracy. It was nothing but the destruction of proletarian internationalism. The Stalinist USSR adopted a two-faced policy, i.e. the enforcement of a competitive nuclear build-up and arms reduction talks. This showed exactly that the USSR leadership was immersed in the bourgeois 'logic of real politics', disregarding the proletarian principles.

In the face of imperialist war policies, warmongering and military intimidation, we must fight back by resolutely promoting workers' struggles in imperialist countries, which will surely shake imperialists to their foundations, and worldwide antiwar struggles by workers and people in every country. Only an internationally united struggle by workers and people can truly break though imperialist war policies and military intimidation.

Comrades all over the world!

Today, in Japan, the government and its mouthpiece, the media, have been repeating phrases every day, such as 'the kizuna (bond of unity) among the Japanese', or 'unite as the Japanese people to overcome the crisis of the nation', taking advantage of the toiling masses' sympathy towards the victims of the earthquake and nuclear disaster. This is exactly the ideological offensive designed to coerce workers and people into paying for the crisis. The bourgeoisie and its government trumpet nationalistic or chauvinistic ideologies in a bid to realize their own particular interests under the guise of 'national interests' or 'the interests of the people'. For the purpose of accomplishing their own class interests, they clamour loudly to 'share the pain among the whole nation in order to overcome the crisis of the nation', by consciously encouraging people's love for their home. We are fighting to reveal the hypocrisy, as well as the class nature, of kizuna propagandized by the government and monopoly capitalists.

Workers and people all over the world! Unite not only in your country but also across borders by crushing such false ideologies disseminated by governments and the bourgeoisie! Kizuna in the proper sense of the word is this very unity of the working class, and nothing else. Today's world faces a grave crisis - warfare, poverty, radioactive contamination and environmental destruction - which is pushing humankind to the brink of ruin. Working class international solidarity is the only force that can truly break through this crisis. This universal truth is now becoming clearer than ever.

Workers and toiling masses of the world!

Rise together in antiwar struggle, with firm solidarity based on proletarian internationalism!

(July 6th, 2012) (Translation modified)

Messages of solidarity
from foreign friends

- Fraccion Leninista Trotskista Internacional (FLTI) (speech)

- Vladimir Pronin
(a member of presidium of antifascism committee in Ukraine) Ukraine
- David McReynolds
(former Chair, War Resisters International, Former co-Chair, Socialist Party USA) USA
- Larisa Trofimovna Babienko
('For USSR') Russia
- Michael Lucas (
Chairman of the International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with the Soviet People, Editor of Northstar Compass Journal) Canada
- The Democratic Socialist Alliance, Britain
- Workers Alliance Party, Pakistan
- All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions (APFUTU), Pakistan
- Revolutionary Marxists in Britain
- Russian Party of Communists, Russia
- Viktor Tyulykin
(First Secretary of CC Russian Communist Workers Party-CPSU) Russia
- A.K. Cherepanob
(First Secretary of Tyumen Ob-Com Russian Communist Workers Party -CPSU) Russia
- A World to Win, Britain
- Isaychikob Virtor Fyodorovich, Russia
- Tendance CLAIRE du NPA, France
- Tavini Huiraatira no Te Ao Maohi (Liberation Front of Polynesia)
- Nucleo Revolucionario Internacionalista, Argentina
- Communists of CPSU & sympathizers in Nizhnyaya Tura, Russia
- Communist Workers' Party for Peace and Socialism, Finland
- Committee to support the Syrian masses in Argentina
- Anti-capitalist Left Cooperation for the Overthrow (ANTARSYA), Greece

Fracción Leninista Trotskista Internacional (speech)

 Queridos camaradas:

 Venimos como delegados de la FLTI y  saludamos a esta asamblea con el puño en alto de centenares de obreros y jóvenes revolucionarios. Desde Chile, donde se han sublevado miles de obreros y estudiantes contra las transnacionales; desde la Bolivia minera y campesina; desde Venezuela donde enfrentamos a  Chávez, el gran aliado del asesino Al Assad; desde la heroica y combativa clase obrera de Argentina y Brasil; y desde el Perú obrero y campesino. Venimos a traerles la voz desde el país mas pobre del mundo, de los obreros revolucionarios de Zimbabwe

 En nombre de todos ellos, y sostenidos con el saludo que les envían a ustedes nuestros combatientes de Libia, cuyos brigadistas más jóvenes y audaces hoy combaten y resisten con las martirizadas masas de Siria. Hoy venimos a estar nuevamente presentes con ustedes porque la clase obrera necesita la coordinación y la unidad internacional para pelear, en momentos que se desarrolla y profundiza una brutal crisis del putrefacto sistema capitalista imperialista mundial.

 Camaradas, no podemos permitir que el asesino Al Assad, haciendo el β€œtrabajo sucio” a cuenta de las potencias imperialistas, del sionismo y de las burguesías esclavistas de Medio Oriente, y armado hasta los dientes por Putin y Hu Jintao termine de aplastar a las masas de Siria. Allí quieren enterrar a la heroica cadena de revoluciones que desde Túnez a Libia y desde Egipto a la Palestina sublevada, se desarrollaron durante todo el 2011.

 Camaradas, venimos a esta Asamblea con una propuesta:

 Desde América, África y Medio Oriente, con centenares de organizaciones obreras, estudiantiles, estamos poniendo de pie un Comité Internacional para romper este cerco impuesto por las direcciones traidoras a las martirizadas masas de Siria.

 Ustedes tienen en su poder la declaración del Comité Internacional por Siria. Allí esta el llamamiento que juntos le proponemos encabezar y que seguramente esta asamblea aprobará.

 La JRCL y la FLTI podemos juntos dar un gran impulso a la solidaridad activa y combatiente con  las masas de Siria. No se puede perder un día más sin poner en pie un Comité Internacional que rompa el cerco contra las masas combatientes de Medio Oriente y haga efectiva una solidaridad internacionalista, concreta y práctica con su lucha. Que llame a todos los trabajadores de los cinco continentes a no embarcar ni petróleo, ni alimentos ni armas al asesino Al Assad. Y a garantizar desde las organizaciones obreras el envío de medicamentos, hospitales de campaña, alimentos, dinero y armas para las heroicas masas sublevadas de Siria. El comité de solidaridad con Siria está abriendo una cuenta bancaria internacional y a propuesta de organizaciones obreras de Venezuela, llaman a juntar un jornal por obrero para financiar a las milicias rebeldes de Siria.

 La ACES, la aguerrida coordinadora estudiantil de Chile ha llamado a luchar en apoyo a las masas sirias. Como ayer en defensa de la educación gratuita, la juventud chilena y japonesa pueden encabezar una jornada internacional de lucha llamando a cercar todas las embajadas de Siria del mundo para expulsar de allí a todos los esbirros del asesino Al Assad.

 Queremos desde esta asamblea, acompañar a Nuestra brigada de jóvenes y obreros revolucionarios β€œLeón Sedov”, que ha marchado a combatir a Siria junto a nuestros hermanos de clase de distintos países de Medio Oriente. Ellos se han puesto su nombre en honor al hijo de Trotsky asesinado por el estalinismo en los β€˜30. En estos días ha trabado combate contra las fuerzas asesinas de Al Assad. El movimiento revolucionario ya es carne y sangre de los centenares de miles de explotados que en Siria combaten por la revolución obrera y socialista y por romper el cerco a la siria sublevada. Ellos saben muy bien que la batalla de Damasco debe terminar en Jerusalén con el aplastamiento del estado fascista sionista de Israel y para que ondee allí la bandera Palestina.

 Luchamos junto a los trabajadores y las masas explotadas de Siria, desde el mismo frente de batalla, para que éstas no reconozcan ni al CNS escondido en Qatar, ni a sus generales asesinos β€œpasados a último momento” desde el bando de Al Assad. Peleamos para que se desconozca toda negociación y gobierno surgido de la conspiración secreta del CNS, Al Assad, la ONU, Obama y la Liga Árabe.

 En cada ciudad donde combatimos y es controlada por la resistencia luchamos, para que los Comités de Coordinación Locales y los comités de soldados, expropien a la burguesía y a todos sus bienes, para alimentarse y para que estén a disposición de la guerra civil. Luchamos por expropiar también a los bancos, porque ahí está el dinero para comprar no sólo el fusil, sino los misiles para derrotar a Al Assad.

 Los trotskistas, los socialistas revolucionarios, sabemos muy bien que la guerra civil contra los explotadores se gana con el método de la revolución socialista, con la independencia total de los explotados de los explotadores y con su alianza con el proletariado mundial.

 Nuestros jóvenes y obreros revolucionarios no reconocen ni a la ONU, ni a la Liga Árabe lacayos del imperialismo.

 Nuestras fuerzas rechazan toda intervención imperialista y, compartiendo la trinchera con obreros, soldados rasos, campesinos pobres y estudiantes, todos buscamos que Al Assad termine como Khadafy, y SE IMPONGA EL PODER DE LA CLASE OBRERA, BASADO EN LOS COMITÉS LOCALES DE COORDINACIÓN Y LOS COMITÉS DE SOLDADOS RASOS. UN GOBIERNO DE LOS EXPLOTADOS SIN EL CNS Y SUS GENERALES DE AL ASSAD, SIN CAPITALISTAS ESCLAVISTAS Y SIN PIRATAS IMPERIALISTAS.


 Las masas de Siria y Libia llegaron muy lejos, y han comprendido que con las armas se conquista el pan. Esto es lo que quisieron impedir las direcciones traidoras en Grecia. Allí, los falsos socialistas como Syriza pregonaban la β€œvía pacífica al socialismo”. Sostenidos por el estalinismo y los renegados del trotskismo desorganizaron las filas de la clase obrera que ansiaba derrotar en las calles al gobierno de la Troika imperialista. Hoy el fascismo allí levanta cabeza atacando y persiguiendo a los inmigrantes. Esta es la tragedia que sufre el proletariado europeo por la traición de sus direcciones reformistas. Estas desincronizan sus luchas. En Grecia se intenta nuevamente  aplicar la miserable receta que llevó a la masacre y a la tragedia a la clase obrera Chilena.

 Pero a pesar y en contra  de las burocracias obreras que intentan desincronizar su combate, la clase obrera del Estado Español entra a la lucha con su aguerrida vanguardia, los mineros de Asturias y con el apoyo de la juventud del movimiento de Los Indignados al grito de β€œ¡Si esto no se arregla; guerra, guerra, guerra”. Los combates de Siria llegan a Europa de la mano de los aguerridos mineros de Asturias y sus mujeres que luchan junto a ellos por el futuro de sus hijos. Su grito debe ser el grito de toda la clase obrera mundial. Y esto en Europa significa: ¡Hay que pelear como en Libia y Siria desde Portugal hasta las estepas rusas! ¡Hay que marchar hacia los Estados Unidos Socialistas de Europa!

 Sobran, entonces,  fuerzas y energías en la clase obrera mundial. Esta no se ha rendido. Los que se rindieron fueron las direcciones traidoras de las masas; las que aquí y allá las sometan a la burguesía.

 La clase obrera no tiene la dirección que se merece. No se trata de llorar su β€œatraso”. Este no es más que la traición de sus direcciones actuales. Se trata de forjar al calor de los combates una dirección auténticamente socialista y revolucionaria del proletariado mundial.

 Camaradas, juntos, desde esta asamblea, debemos asumir hoy enormes responsabilidades internacionalistas.

 Veamos la lucha de nuestros hermanos de la india que claman por justicia, y ustedes y nosotros la podemos comenzar a realizar. Debemos denunciar y llamar a acciones contra las multinacionales imperialistas japonesas como la Suzuki. Obreros de la India que ganan U$S 128 al mes, sin derechos, esclavizados por la Suzuki, se sublevaron inclusive haciendo justicia con sus manos con los patrones asesinos. Le prendieron fuego a sus verdugos.

 Queremos junto a ustedes, encabezar desde Japón la solidaridad activa con los obreros de la India, y exigir la inmediata libertad de todos sus dirigentes presos. Para que ellos sepan que desde todos los continentes y de forma particular de la clase obrera japonesa, tienen todo el apoyo en su combate contra los patrones hambreadores de la Suzuki.

 Esta acción internacionalista marcaria  el camino de que la liberación de los trabajadores de la metrópolis del yugo de la explotación capitalista, está indisolublemente ligado a la suerte de sus hermanos de clase del mundo colonial y semicolonial y que SU VERDADERO ENEMIGO ESTA EN CASA.

 Camaradas, desde América estamos enfrentando el proceso ya abierto de restauración capitalista que los hermanos Castros como Hu Jintao en China están llevando adelante en Cuba. Están preparando un nuevo 89 contrarrevolucionario contra las masas revolucionarias de nuestro continente. El partido Comunista de Cuba, devenidos en nuevos ricos, ya han iniciado la restauración capitalista en la isla. Han despedido a 500.000 obreros, decretando el derecho de herencia y abriendo la economía cubana a un mercado con distintos países capitalistas de América Latina, donde un nueva protoburguesía cubana gerencia y franquicia la educación y la salud conquistada por la revolución socialista, vendiéndola como una mercancía capitalista. La absoluta mayoría de la clase obrera cubana gana 18 dólares al mes para ponerla como mano de obra barata a disposición de las transnacionales imperialistas.  Tal cual el modelo Chino que puso centenares de millones de obreros esclavos en campos de concentración como mano de obra esclava para que las transnacionales obtengan fabulosas ganancias.

 Luego de estrangular la revolución latinoamericana durante décadas, la nueva burguesía cubana dice que β€œya el socialismo no funciona ni en Cuba”. Y lo dice en momentos en que lo que se desmorona es el capital financiero mundial tirando su ruina sobre los hombros de la clase obrera. Cuando Wall Street se derrumba sobre las espaldas del proletariado la lacra estalinista afirma: β€œNo hay mas condiciones para el socialismo”.

 La clase obrera latinoamericana y mundial no puede permitir este nuevo golpe por la espalda a sus combates. Un nuevo embate revolucionario y socialista de la clase obrera de nuestro continente, tendrá que conquistar una nueva revolución socialista que restaure allí las conquistas perdidas de la revolución, y que sea esta, un punto de avanzada de la revolución socialista en EEUU

 Camaradas, en vuestra lucha en Japón sepan que cada uno de nuestros militantes pelea codo a codo junto a ustedes, junto a los valerosos obreros explotados por el toyotismo, la peor esclavitud de las corporaciones japonesas y su gobierno asesino. Gobierno asesino al que no le tiembla el pulso en mantener centrales nucleares que están devastando y asesinando lentamente y contaminando a una nueva generación de trabajadores, causando más muertes que las mismas bombas de Hiroshima y Nagasaki. Si esto hacen los carniceros imperialistas japoneses con su propio pueblo, que no serán capaces de hacer para hacerle pagar junto a EE.UU. y demás potencias imperialistas la crisis que ellos causaron en el planeta a la clase obrera mundial.

Se están realizando en estos días movilizaciones en Okinawa contra las bases yanquis instaladas en Japón que asociadas a las transnacionales de este país apuntan a disparar cuando se terminen de rebelar  la clase obrera de China y todos los pueblos oprimidos del Pacífico. Como ustedes, queremos ver a Okinawa en llamas. En la unidad de la clase obrera mundial están las condiciones para lograrlo. Su fuerza unida es superior a cualquier ejército. Llamemos a la clase obrera Norteamericana desde aquí a que se subleve contra las tropas mercenarias del pentágono, que paralicen desde sus puertos sus embarques y  sus flotas de guerra y destruyan desde adentro la maquinaria de guerra Yanqui. Proclamemos desde aquí,  que los obreros japoneses nos haremos cargo de derrotar al gobierno de Noda y el régimen infame de las corporaciones japonesas. Y todos juntos apoyemos a los levantamientos de la clase obrera China, de Siria y de Grecia y mundial. En la unidad internacional de los explotados esta la salvación de la clase obrera para que esta con el triunfo de la revolución proletaria le cierre el camino a nuevas guerras imperialistas.

Como decía el camarada León Trotsky, la civilización humana y sus fuerzas productivas ya controlan la tierra el mar y los cielos, pero en manos del podrido sistema capitalista este ha convertido al planeta en una sucia prisión

¡Para que la clase obrera de todo el mundo viva, el imperialismo debe morir!

 ¡Viva la unidad internacional revolucionaria de la clase obrera mundial!

 ¡Muera Al-Assad! ¡Que triunfe la guerra civil y la revolución socialista en Siria, en todo el Norte de África y Medio Oriente y que vuelva a flamear la bandera palestina en el Jerusalén liberado de las garras del sionismo!

 ¡Abajo Maastricht y la UE de las potencias imperialistas!

 ¡Como gritan los jóvenes que cercan Wall Street! ¡Ni Obama ni Romney, ningún pirata imperialista, expropiemos a los banqueros y sus transnacionales, por EEUU Socialistas! ¡Abajo Noda y su régimen asesino de las transnacionales! ¡Por un Japón Obrero y Socialista!

 ¡Abajo el socialismo de mercado de Hu Jintao y Putin y sus amigos Castros, Chávez y Al Assad , que no son mas que carceleros y asesinos de sus pueblos a cuenta de las transnacionales y el imperialismo

 Para terminar con las guerras, el fascismo y la contrarrevolución: ¡Debe triunfar la revolución socialista internacional!

 Comité Ejecutivo Internacional

de la Fracción Leninista Trotskista Internacional

ƒ~’ΠƒTƒ~[ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ ƒ~ŸΡ€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒX

ƒ~ƒ@ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒX ƒ~ŸΡ€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ€ƒΠƒVƒ~[ ƒ~ΠƒXƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ€„Ё[ƒ€ˆΠƒNƒ€Ρ‚сЃRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ€‚Ё[ ƒ~vƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒXƒ€‹

8 ƒ~ƒNƒ€ŽΠƒTƒ€ 2012, ƒ~šΠƒNƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒC, ƒ~vƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒXƒ~[

 ƒ~vƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒJƒ~[ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€‰ΠƒN! ƒ~ƒ‡ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒPƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€ 50-ƒ€ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€„ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€†ΠƒNƒ€ ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ€ΡŒ ƒ~ƒC ƒ€ΠƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒI, ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒGƒ~[ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒV, ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒCƒ€‹Πƒ\ƒ€ƒΡ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒCƒ€ˆΠƒNƒ€ΡŒ ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒL ƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ€‹ΠƒGƒ€ƒΡ‰ΠƒNƒ€… ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€‚ΡŽΡ€ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~Bƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~Ρ„Ρ€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~‘ΠƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~’ΠƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒI, ƒ€ΠƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ€ƒΡ ƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒP ƒ€…ΠƒNƒ€‰ΠƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€‚ΡƒΡ€ƒ~ƒI, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒJƒ~[ƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€ΡˆΠƒNƒ€€ƒ€Ρ‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€ƒ ƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ~[ƒ~ƒEƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒPƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒP, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒJƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ€Π[ƒ~ƒVƒ€‹ΠƒV ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ ƒ~ƒR ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ€‚Ё[ƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒZƒ€„ΠƒI.

ƒ~Bƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒXƒ€ƒΠƒC ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒV ƒ~œΡƒΠ[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~[ ƒ~šΠ[ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ€„ΠƒN ƒ~ƒC ƒ~›ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒAƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ€ˆΠƒNƒ€ΡŒ ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒCƒ€ˆΠƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ€ƒΡΡ‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€‚сЃRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€‚Ё[ ƒ~œΡƒΠƒAƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ~[, ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒV ƒ~Bƒ~ƒBƒ~ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ΠΠuƒ~ž ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ€Ρ‰ΠƒIƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒCƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ€ ƒ€ΠƒZƒ€Ρ€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€‡ΠƒNƒ~ƒT ƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ€ƒΡΠƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒAƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΡΡ‚ΠƒCƒ~[ ƒ€ΠƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒPƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€‚Ё[ ƒ~ΡΠ[ƒ~ƒGƒ~[. ƒ~uƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒRƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€ƒΡΡ‚ΡƒΠƒ\ƒ€‡ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒCƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒNƒ€†ΠƒNƒ€ ƒ~@ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒN ƒ~šΠƒNƒ€‚Ё[ƒ€ ƒ€ΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~[ ƒ~[ƒ~ƒEƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ€ƒΡΡ‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒVƒ~[ ƒ~ƒN, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒCƒ€ΠƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ, ƒ~Bƒ~ƒBƒ~ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ€Π[ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒC, ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ€ΠƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~[ƒ~ƒEƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒC ƒ~Bƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN. ƒ~š ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€Ž, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€‰ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΡΡ‚ΠƒCƒ€ƒΡŽΡ‚, ƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€ˆΠƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ€‹ ƒ~@ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒN ƒ~šΠƒNƒ€‚Ё[ƒ€ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€‡ΠƒNƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€ŽΡ‚ ƒ€ΠƒGƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒNƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒN ƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒR ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΡΡ‚ΠƒCƒ~[ ƒ€ΠƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒPƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~[, ƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒR ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒPƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒG. ƒ~’ΠƒZƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ, ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒN ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ€Π[ƒ~ƒVƒ€‹ΠƒV ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€ΡΡ‡ΠƒNƒ€‚Ρ‹ΠƒCƒ~[ƒ€ŽΡ‚, ƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒV ƒ~Bƒ~ƒBƒ~ ƒ€ƒΠƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ся ƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒZƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ€ƒΡΡ‚ΡƒΠƒ\ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€‡ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ€†ΠƒIƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒN ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ€ˆΡ‘ΠƒXƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΡΡ‚ΠƒC ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ€ˆΠƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ€‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~[ƒ~ƒEƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒCƒ~[ ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€ΡΡ‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ€. ƒ~uƒ€‰ΠƒIƒ€‚ΠƒXƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ€‹! ƒ~˜ΠƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ€ƒΡΡ‚ΡƒΠƒ\ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€‡ΠƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ€Πƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒR ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ€ΠƒTƒ~[ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒN ƒ~ƒN ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒRƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒIƒ€‰Ρ‘ ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒJƒ€‘Ρ‚ ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€Ρ‹Ρ‚ΠƒXƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ~[ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ€‚Ρ‹. ƒ~’сЃTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒG ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ ƒ~Bƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ€ƒΠƒIƒ€‚ ƒ~˜Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒX, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒTƒ~ƒI ƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~Bƒ~ƒBƒ~ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ€ΠƒZƒ€ŽΠƒLƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒN ƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒXƒ€ƒΡ‚ ƒ€…ΠƒZƒ~ƒLƒ€ΠƒIƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒPƒ€ˆΠƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€„тяЃXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒN ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ€Π[ƒ~ƒVƒ€‹ΠƒV ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ƒΡ‡Π[ƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒNƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒLƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ€‰ΠƒXƒ€‹ΠƒP ƒ€€ƒ€‹Ρ‡Π[ƒ~ƒE ƒ~ƒC ƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€‹ΡΡ‚ΠƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ€†ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ€Ρ…. ƒ~’ ƒ€‡Π[ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒN, ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€€ƒ€ƒΡˆΠƒNƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ€†ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€„Ρ‚ΡŒ, ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒN ƒ€ΠƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ€ƒΡ‚ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒN ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ~ƒPƒ€ΠƒRƒ€ƒΡŽ ƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ€ƒ, ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ся ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒRƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€„Ρ‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€…, ƒ~ƒN ƒ€ΠƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ€ƒΡ‚ ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒL ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ€†ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€ˆΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€‚ΡŒΡΡ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒXƒ€ƒΡ‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~[ ƒ~šΠƒNƒ€‚Ё[ƒ€. ƒ~’ ƒ~@ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ€ƒΠƒJƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ~ƒGƒ€‹ΠƒCƒ~[ƒ€ŽΡ‚ся ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒNƒ€‡ΠƒN ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP «ƒ€†ΠƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP» ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ŽΡ†ΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒG ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΠƒV ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒLƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV «ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€ŒΠƒAƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ ƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒXƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΠƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€‹» ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒGƒ€‘Ρ‚ ƒ€„ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒTƒ€ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ€€ƒ€‹ΠƒCƒ~[ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€ƒΡ‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒXƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~[, ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ€‹ΠƒP ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒCƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ€ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒT, ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒR ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒI, ƒ€ƒΡΡ‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ€Ρ‰ΠƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒEƒ~ƒN ƒ~Bƒ~ƒBƒ~ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ€ΠƒZƒ€ŽΠƒLƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC. ƒ~’сё ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒI ƒ€„Ё[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€ΠƒIƒ~ƒPƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒZ ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒZƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒVƒ€ƒ ƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒCƒ€Ρ ƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒNƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€‰ΠƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~[ ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒN ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ€ƒ ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~[ ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒPƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΠƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC, ƒ~ƒC ƒ€…ΠƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒAƒ€‹ΠƒTƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒAƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒP, ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ€ƒΡˆΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΡΡ‚ΠƒCƒ~[, ƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€‡ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ€„Ё[ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΡΠƒNƒ€„ΠƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒLƒ€ƒΠƒTƒ€ŒΡ‚Ё[ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒC. ƒ~žΠƒAƒ€‰ΠƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒZ, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒLƒ€ƒΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒI, ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV, ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒR ƒ€ƒΠƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ€‹ΠƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒIƒ€‰Ρ‘ 150 ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ~ƒG ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒRƒ€ΠƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒVƒ~[, ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒL ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒRƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€ƒΡ‚Ρ‹ΠƒI ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒGƒ€ƒΡ‚ ƒ~ƒR ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ€‹ΠƒV ƒ€ƒΡ€ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒV, ƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΡŒ, ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒL ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒCƒ€ƒΡ… ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒAƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒG ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒAƒ€ƒΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒEƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZ ƒ€ΠƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ€ƒΡŽΡ‰ΠƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΠƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC, ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZ ƒ€ƒΡ‡ΠƒNƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒGƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒEƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒN!

ƒ~•ΠƒGƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒXƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒI, ƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒIƒ€‰Ρ‘ ƒ€ΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ€ƒΡŽ ƒ~[ƒ~ƒEƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ€Ž, ƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒR ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ€‚ΠƒI ƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ƒ€‚ΠƒRƒ~ƒN ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ΠƒXƒ~ƒZ-ƒ€ΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒJƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~@ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ~ƒN, ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€ΡŒ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€ΠƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ ƒ~Bƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€‚сЃRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~Bƒ~ƒZƒ€ŽΠƒLƒ~[. ƒ~•ΡΠƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒV ƒ€ƒΠƒGƒ~[ƒ€Ρ‚ся ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒN ƒ~ƒC ƒ~@ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒR ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒN ƒ€ƒΡΡ‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€ŽΡ‰ΠƒNƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€‡ΠƒXƒ€‹ΠƒP ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒV, ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΠƒV ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€ŒΡŽΡ‚ся ƒ~ƒIƒ€‘ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒJƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒTƒ~ƒI ƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ, ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒCƒ€ΡΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€, ƒ€ΠƒZƒ€‡Ρ‚ΡƒΡ‚, ƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€ƒΡ‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒR ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ€ƒ ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ€ƒ ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒTƒ€ ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒRƒ€€ƒ€‹Ρ‚.

ƒ~ŸΠƒZƒ€ΠƒTƒ~ƒI ƒ~@ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ€ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒCƒ€ΠƒIƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒZƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΡŒΡŽ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒGƒ€‘Ρ‚ ƒ~ƒZƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ€Œ ƒ~šΠƒNƒ€‚Ё[ƒ€, ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒRƒ€ƒΠƒGƒ~[ ƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒI ƒ€ƒΠƒJƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€‡Π[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€…ΠƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€ŽΡ‰ΠƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ€.

ƒ~˜, ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€†, ƒ~ƒIƒ€ΠƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒCƒ€Ρ‘ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒPƒ~ƒGƒ€‘Ρ‚ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZ ƒ€Ρ†ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€Ž ƒ~Bƒ~ƒBƒ~, ƒ€‚ΠƒZ ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ ƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ€‘ΠƒG ƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€ˆΠƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ€ΠƒZƒ€ŽΠƒLƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC ƒ~Bƒ~ƒBƒ~ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ€ƒ ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€Ž ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ€‹ ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ€… ƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒX ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ€ˆΠƒRƒ€ƒΡ€ƒ~ƒI ƒ€ΠƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ€ƒΡ‚ ƒ~ƒNƒ€Πƒ\ƒ€‹Ρ‚Ё[ƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒCƒ€ΠƒI ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒN ƒ~ƒEƒ€ƒΠƒVƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€‚Ё[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒXƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒAƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒR ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒTƒ€ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒN!


ƒ~ŸΡ€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ€‹ΠƒGƒ€ƒΡ‰Π[ƒ€ 49-ƒ€ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€„ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€†ΠƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒAƒ€‹ΠƒTƒ~[ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€‡ΠƒNƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒCƒ€Ρ‰ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ€‚Ё[ƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒZƒ€„Ρ‹ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~Πƒ…ƒ~B «ƒ~Aƒ€ƒΠƒRƒ€ƒΡΠƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~[-1» ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€ƒΡ‚яЃV ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ€ƒΡ‰ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒAƒ€ƒΠƒGƒ€ƒΡ‰ΠƒIƒ~ƒV. ƒ~vƒ€‡Π[ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€„ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΡΠƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ€‹ΠƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ€ΠƒRƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒTƒ€ƒΠ[ƒ€‚Ё[ƒ€†ΠƒNƒ€Ž ƒ~Πƒ…ƒ~B ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒbƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN, ƒ€ƒΡ‡ΠƒNƒ€‚Ρ‹ΠƒCƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΡˆΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ€ƒΡŽ ƒ€ΠƒIƒ~ƒPƒ€ΠƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ€ƒΡŽ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ~[ƒ€ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒIƒ€‘ ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN. ƒ~š ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€Ž, ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΡŒΡΡ ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€‚Ё[ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€‚Ρ‹ ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ€ΠƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒRƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒXƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ€ƒΠƒGƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡŒ, ƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒN ƒ€ΠƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ€‚ΡŒ — ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒGƒ~[ ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒGƒ€‘Ρ‚ ƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒAƒ€‹ΠƒTƒ€Ρ…, ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ€‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒNƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒC ƒ€ƒΡΡ‚ΡƒΠƒ\ƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΡŒ, ƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒIƒ€ΠƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€‡ΡŒ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒGƒ€‘Ρ‚ ƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ~[ƒ€ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒN ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~[. ƒ~”ΡƒΠƒVƒ~[ƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ся, ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒG ƒ~ƒbƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN, ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒCƒ€ΠƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ, ƒ~ƒTƒ€ƒΡ‡ΡˆΠ[ƒ€ ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ€‡Π[ƒ€Ρ‚ΡŒ — ƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ€ƒΠƒGƒ€Ρ‰ΠƒNƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ, ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ŽΡ†ΠƒNƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ€‘ΠƒJƒ€Œ, ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΡŒΡΡ ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒTƒ€ ƒ~ƒbƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒJƒ€‘стЃRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€‰ΠƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒG ƒ€„ΡƒΠƒXƒ~ƒRƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~Πƒ…ƒ~B, ƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒIƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€‡ΠƒNƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒIƒ€ΠƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒXƒ€ƒΡŽ ƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ~[ƒ€ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΡŒ, ƒ€‚ΠƒZ ƒ€…ΠƒZƒ€‚я ƒ~ƒAƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ€ΠƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ€ƒΠƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€ŒΡˆΠƒNƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ€ƒΠƒEƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒLƒ€ƒ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒP ƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN.

ƒ~’ ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ€ˆΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ€…ΠƒZƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡŒ ƒ~ƒAƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€Œ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€Œ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΡŒ — ƒ~ƒN ƒ€‚ΠƒZ, ƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ…ΠƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€ˆΠƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ€…, ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒVƒ€ƒ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ€‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV, ƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒC ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ€ƒΡŽ ƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€…Ρƒ ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒG ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP: ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒC ƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒLƒ€ƒΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ€‡ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒN ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€‡ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ€Ρ‡Ρ‘Ρ‚ΠƒI ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ ƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒEƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€Œ ƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€, ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒAƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ€Ρ‚ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒVƒ~[. ƒ~”Ρ€ƒ€ƒΠƒEƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ!

ƒ~Ρ‹ΠƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€ˆΠƒXƒ€Ρ ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€„ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€†ΠƒNƒ€ — ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€ΡΡ‚Ё[ƒ€ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZ ƒ€Ρ‡Ρ‘Ρ‚Ρƒ. ƒ~šΠ[ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€„ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€†ΠƒNƒ€ — ƒ€ƒΠƒGƒ~[ƒ€€ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ€ƒ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒVƒ€ƒ ƒ~ƒC ƒ€†ΠƒIƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒGƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒEƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ€ƒΠƒGƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒX ƒ~ƒCƒ€ΠƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~[ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ€ƒ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ€ƒ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ€ƒ. ƒ~œΡ‹ — ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚Ρ‹ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ€Ρ, ƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ€ΠƒNƒ~ƒTƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€ŠΠƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒXƒ€‘ΠƒXƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ€ƒΡΠƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€ΠƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~[ƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€† ƒ€Π[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ€ƒ ƒ€ΡƒΡ‰ΠƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€Ž ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒVƒ~[.

David McReynolds

Former Chair, War Resisters International
Former co-Chair, Socialist Party USA

July 8th 2012, New York, USA

I'm always interested in news from Japan, a country which suffered so heavily from the forces of nature, compounded by the irresponsible actions of the government and the nuclear power industry.

 In this complex world where despite complex problems of culture and language - as well as politics, religion, and class - we divide people, we also must reach out across those barriers, seeking the brother and sister even in those we oppose, as we build a movement for a democratic and nonviolent social change.

May your conference be a success.


ƒ~›Π[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€Π[ ƒ~uƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€„ΠƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~‘Ё[ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZ

ƒ~“ΠƒTƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒP ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€€ ƒ~ƒEƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒIƒ€‚Ρ‹ «ƒ~—Ё[ ƒ~Bƒ~Bƒ~Bƒ~@»

 12 ƒ~ƒNƒ€ŽΠƒTƒ€ 2012, ƒ~œΠƒZƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒCƒ~[, ƒ~@ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ€

ƒ~vƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒJƒ~[ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€‰ΠƒN!
ƒ~ƒb ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€„ΠƒIƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~[ ƒ€ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ€ΠƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒN.
ƒ~ŸΠƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒVƒ€ƒ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ€ΡŒ ƒ€ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡŒΠƒAƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒZ ƒ€ΠƒNƒ€‚уЁ[ƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒN
ƒ€ΠƒZ ƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒXƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒP ƒ~Aƒ€ƒΠƒRƒ€ƒΡΠƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~[ ƒ~ƒR ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒ\ƒ€ƒΡ‚Ё[ƒ€‚Ρƒ ƒ~“ΠƒZƒ€ΡƒΠƒGƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~”ΡƒΠƒVƒ€‹ ƒ~˜ΠƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€ƒ ƒ~˜ΠƒEƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€‚ΡŒΠƒIƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ€‡Ρƒ ƒ~ΠƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒNƒ€‚Ρ‡ΡƒΠƒRƒ€ƒ,
ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒVƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚Ρƒ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒL ƒ€„Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~šΠŸΠ@ƒ~A, ƒ~ƒCƒ€ΠƒI ƒ~ƒCƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ€ ƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΡΡ‚ΡƒΠƒ\ƒ~[ƒ€ŽΡ‰ΠƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒZ, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZ ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€Ž ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒEƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒIƒ€‚Ё[ƒ€…
ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ~ƒV ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ€ΠƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒI.
ƒ~•ΠƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI, ƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€ˆΠƒI ƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΡΡ‚ΡƒΠƒ\ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡΡ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~Aƒ€ƒΠƒRƒ€ƒΡΠƒNƒ~ƒVƒ€‹ - ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒI.
ƒ~ƒb ƒ~ƒR ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ€ƒ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒXƒ€ΡŽΡΡŒ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΡŒΡŽ.
ƒ~ƒ@ƒ~ƒNƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒPƒ€‚ΠƒI ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI.
ƒ~’сЃIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ€…ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€ˆΠƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ


ƒ~ΡƒΠƒJƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡΡ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ~Πƒ…ƒ~B ƒ~Aƒ€ƒΠƒRƒ€ƒΡΠƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~[?

 ƒ~žΠƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€‡ΠƒXƒ~ƒZ, ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒXƒ€ƒΠƒJƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ! ƒ~’ΠƒZƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€‰ΠƒI ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒXƒ~ƒZ, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ~ƒVƒ€ƒ ƒ~ƒAƒ€‹ΠƒTƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒXƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€ˆΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒZ ƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΡΡ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒI ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒXƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒC ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒPƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI, ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒI ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒEƒ€ƒΠƒTƒ€Ρ€ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ€ΠƒTƒ€ƒΡ‡Π[ƒ€ŽΡ‚ся ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ€ΡΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€, ƒ~ƒGƒ~[ ƒ~ƒIƒ€‰ΠƒI ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒEƒ€ƒ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€, ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ~[ƒ€ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ€†ΡƒΠƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒN. ƒ~ΡƒΠƒJƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ€Πƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒNƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡƒΠƒGƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~[ ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒCƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒN, ƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒN ƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€ΡŒ, ƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ€ΠƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΡΡ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒZ? ƒ~ƒ@ƒ€‚ΠƒZ ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒAƒ€‹ΠƒTƒ~ƒZ – ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒ\ƒ€†ΠƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒV ƒ€ΠƒZ ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ ƒ~Bƒ~ƒBƒ~, ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ€Ρ‚Ρƒ ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒXƒ€ƒΡŽ ƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒXƒ€†ΠƒNƒ€Ž? ƒ~˜ΠƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒN ƒ€‚ΠƒZ, ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒGƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒEƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒI?

ƒ~Ρ‹ΠƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€ˆΠƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒI ƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒbƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒAƒ€‹ΠƒTƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒAƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ€ŠΡΠƒCƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒNƒ€ΠƒR ƒ~[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒV ƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ€‹ΠƒV ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ΠƒV ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ ƒ€ƒΠƒ\ƒ€ƒΡ‰ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒIƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ~[ƒ€ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€‚Ρ‹ ƒ~Πƒ…ƒ~B, ƒ€…ΠƒZƒ€‚я ƒ~ƒIƒ€‰ΠƒI ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒL ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒXƒ€ƒΡ‚ΡŒ, ƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ€‡Π[ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ€‹Πƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~[. ƒ~•ΡΡ‚ΡŒ, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ€ƒΠƒP, ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒXƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒP ƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒIƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ~[ƒ€ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒN ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒTƒ€ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒJƒ~[ƒ€ŽΡ‰ΠƒIƒ~ƒP ƒ€Ρ€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒC ƒ€ΠƒTƒ€ƒΡ‡Π[ƒ~ƒI ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN – ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€‰ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~[ ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒTƒ€ƒΠƒAƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒG ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒP. ƒ~ΠƒZ ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€‚ ƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒAƒ€ƒΠƒIƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ€‚.


ƒ~”ΠƒIƒ~ƒ\ƒ€ƒΡ‚Ё[ƒ€‚ ƒ~“ΠƒZƒ€ΡƒΠƒGƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~”ΡƒΠƒVƒ€‹ ƒ~@ƒ~A

Northstar Compass

July 13th 2012, Toronto, Canada

Dear friends and comrades in the struggle for Peace!

The war clouds are encirling this world of ours much faster than we are aware of!

Your Antiwar Assembly Meeting is one of the main bulwark for peace that must be supported, promoted and listened to by all of the peace loving people on this planet of ours.

Believing and struggling for peace also means struggling more and more dedicatedly against US Imperialism, which is more and more becoming expansionist and hell-bent on creating their New World Order - which eventually will become Fasscism.

UNITY in this struggle is a MUST! The peace-loving people of this world are 99%! The enemy is only 1%!

We wish you great success and complete UNITY!

Michael Lucas,
Chairman of the International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with the Soviet People,
Editor of Norhstar Compass Journal - Canada

The Democratic Socialist Alliance

July 13th 2012, London, Britain

"The Democratic Socialist Alliance from the United Kingdom sends its warm wishes and solidarity to the 50th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan.  We wish success to your mobilisation in seven major cities in Japan.  We wish to express our political agreement with you about the need for the international working class to oppose imperialism and war, through assemblies, writings, demonstrations, and other forms of organisation and expression.

The Democratic Socialist Alliance does not believe that World War, or war between major capitalist countries, is likely because we think that this is not in the interests of capitalism.  However, we recognise that the drive to imperialism and militarism is not completely under the control of the capitalists.  We have taken note of your analysis in your Overseas Appeal about the new military deployments of the United States of America.  We have also taken note of your analysis in the same document about new military developments in other countries such as Russia and China.

Here in London, near the venues of the Olympic Games, ground-to-air missiles have been deployed on top of ordinary residential accommodation lived in by ordinary people, against the wishes of these residents.

In a spirit of proletarian internationalism we wish every success to the world movement against imperialism and war!"

Workers Alliance Party

July 15th 2012, Pakistan

 Dear Comrade,

 WAP-Pakistan support your work and your efforts for peace in the Japan and around the world. WAP with you for peaceful world. We understand all situations with you face and also we face in our country Pakistan. I hope we will win our targets for peace.

 Long Live .

All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions (APFUTU)

July 17th 2012, Pakistan

Dear Comrade,

 All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions (APFUTU) support your work and your efforts for peace in the Japan and around the world. APFUTU with you for peaceful world. We understand all situations witch you and also we face in our country Pakistan. I hope we will win our targets for peace.
Long Live.

Revolutionary Marxists in

 July 22nd 2012, London, Britain

We, Revolutionary Marxists in Britain, send our warm and comradely greetings to the 50th Anti-War Assembly.

We declare our solidarity with the Japan Revolutionary Communist League in its continued struggle against the restarting of nuclear plants and against the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance.

Britain continues its military presence in Afghanistan. This continued imperialist strategy is reflected by an increased military presence at home, on the basis of providing β€œsecurity” during the Olympic Games.

The very need for a high level of β€œsecurity” reflects the hostility which Britain’s imperialist strategy has generated throughout the world. For the duration of the Games, 17,000 members of the armed forces will be deployed, as well as huge numbers of private security guards and police. The lives of working class families in East London are being put at risk by the installation of ground-to-air missiles on the roofs of apartment blocks. 

Yet even on the issue of β€œsecurity” the capitalist drive for profit conflicts with the need to ensure that the Games pass without incident. The private company G4S, given the lucrative contract to recruit security staff, failed to recruit or train sufficient numbers, meaning that the government has had to provide more soldiers and police.

G4S was the sole private company to win the security contract, despite its staff having been responsible in 2010 for the killing of Jimmy Mubenga, an asylum seeker from Angola whom they were β€œrestraining” as he was being deported to Angola. One man with a lucrative consultancy contract with G4S is John Reid – now with the title Lord Reid and a member of the House of Lords – whose last ministerial post (2006-2007) was Home Secretary, with responsibility for the police.   

Reid’s previous government post was as Defence Secretary. In January 2006 he sent 3,300 British troops to Afghanistan’s Helmand province, with the boast that they would leave β€œwithout a single shot being fired.”

The Games are dominated by eleven companies who act as corporate sponsors. The government has imposed laws, passed under the previous Labour Government, forbidding the use of the Olympic logo and phrases like β€œLondon 2012” by anyone else, to give these companies a monopoly on such matters, and thus ensure that their sponsorship is profitable. This is despite the fact that the bulk of the costs of the Games is borne by public funds.

Left-wing campaigners have highlighted the tax concessions that these companies obtain through their Games sponsorship, with the result that some have agreed not to make use of these tax opportunities.

Protesters have also pointed out that the sponsors include Adidas, notorious for running sweat-shops with low wages and sometimes child labour in poor countries, and the Dow Chemical Company.

The protests concerning Dow, including a critical motion agreed by the elected London Assembly, concern Dow’s role as the company that now owns Union Carbide, the company responsible for the gas leak in Bhopal, India, in 1984. The leak is estimated to have killed between 8,000 and 15,000 people in the first few days and to have killed in total 25,000 people and injured over half a million.  The drinking water in the area is heavily polluted to this day.  Dow has refused the demands from victims and the relatives of those who died for compensation.  

Dow Chemical Company was also one of the major suppliers of napalm and Agent Orange to the US forces in the Vietnam War.

The blatant display of corporate power at the Olympics follows the charade in June of the celebrations of Queen Elizabeth’s β€œDiamond Jubilee”, i.e. 60 years as Queen. The British government used the Jubilee to emphasise its claim that β€œwe are all in this together”.  In fact, the Jubilee revealed starkly the contrast between the wealth of the royal family and the aristocracy on the one hand and, on the other hand, the lives of ordinary people.

This contrast was emphasised when 30 unemployed people and 50 people on β€œapprentices” wages (half the normal minimum wage) were bussed into London to work as unpaid stewards and had to sleep on the concrete under London Bridge on the night before the Jubilee pageant.

The unemployed are now being forced to work unpaid for private companies or lose their benefits. This is part of the government’s cynically named β€œWork Programme”. It is a modern form of slave labour. The unemployed in Britain number three million, and the government is more and more attacking their rights, and those of the poorest people.

New laws reducing the amount of benefit that can be paid towards rent, in a situation where landlords exploit housing shortages by raising rents, mean that many without employment or who are earning a low wage cannot afford to live in traditional working class areas of London and other cities. Proposed legislation to be introduced in April 2013 will limit the total benefits a family can receive. This will seriously affect families with three or more children where there is no family member in work, or earning a wage below the average. Even today, homeless families in London are being housed in areas 100 kilometres or more from the city, with major disruption to employment prospects and children’s schooling, and spreading housing shortages to new areas.    

The experience of the working class in Britain is mirrored in other countries in Europe. The working class is fighting back. We declare our solidarity with the miners of Spain in their determined struggle against pit closures. We recognise that the 27% vote for Syriza in Greece represents a rejection by the workers of the bourgeois message that β€œthere is no alternative” to austerity.

The workers of Greece have engaged in major strikes, including twenty general strikes in the last two years. We declare our solidarity with the struggles of the Greek workers.

The so-called Court of Justice of the European Union has supported employers against workers in decisions relating to the legislation introduced by Mario Monti, now Prime Minister of Italy, when he was a European Commissioner. The Court’s decisions have allowed the tearing up of contracts and dismissal of workers by employers who seek to reduce wages by β€œposting” workers from countries where pay is lower. It is essential that we do not fight this on a nationalist basis. We must not allow workers of one nation to be divided against workers of another. 

The Labour Party leader Ed Miliband has posed as a champion of the workers by calling for more immigration controls and imposing a limit on the number of β€œforeign” workers a company can employ.  We must oppose the slogan, used by former Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown, of β€œBritish jobs for British workers.”

The present ConDem coalition is talking of special measures to prevent immigration of Greek workers to Britain, and Miliband seems likely to support this. We must oppose such measures and fight for solidarity among workers whatever their national or ethnic origin.

We thus support the Overseas Appeal for the 50th Antiwar Assembly in its call for workers to unite across borders by crushing bourgeois nationalist ideology. We agree 100% that: β€œThe working class international solidarity is the only force that can truly break through this crisis.”



 26 ƒ~ƒNƒ€ŽΠƒTƒ€ 2012, ƒ~Bƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒRƒ€‚-ƒ~ŸΠƒIƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒAƒ€ƒΡ€ƒ~ƒE, ƒ~@ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ€

 ƒ~vƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒJƒ~[ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€‰ΠƒN!

ƒ~žΡ‚ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒN ƒ~@ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ~ƒPƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒVƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€Ρ‡ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€‚стЃCƒ€ƒΠƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ€ƒΡ‡Π[ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC 50-ƒ~ƒP ƒ~œΠƒIƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ΠƒXƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ΡΡΠ[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒN!

ƒ~œΡ‹ ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€‡Π[ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒPƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΡΠƒZƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ€ƒΠƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ€ƒΠƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒPƒ€‡ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΡŒ, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒTƒ€ΠƒIƒ~ƒVƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ~Bƒ~ƒZƒ€ŽΠƒLƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ŽΡ†ΠƒNƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒVƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒC ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ€ ƒ~”ΠƒLƒ€ΠƒXƒ~ƒEƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ€ƒΡ€ƒ€ΠƒX ƒ~ƒN ƒ~šΠƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ€‘ΠƒJƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒC ƒ€ΠƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV, ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ΠƒXƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ΡΡΠ[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒP. ƒ~”Ё[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ~ΡΡΠ[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ€ – ƒ€ƒΠƒJƒ~ƒI 50-ƒ~[ƒ€, ƒ€ŽΠƒAƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒPƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€! ƒ~’Ρ‹ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒNƒ€‚ΠƒI ƒ€ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ€ŒΡ‘ΠƒLƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒP ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ~ƒG ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒJƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒC ƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ€ΠƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒN ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ€ƒΡΡ‚ΠƒNƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€‚ΡŽΡ€, ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒCƒ€ƒΡŽ ƒ~ƒZƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ€Œ, ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒPƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ-ƒ~[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΡΠƒXƒ€Π[. ƒ~’Ё[ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ, ƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ΡΡΠ[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ€Ρ‚ся ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒZƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€‰ΠƒNƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒAƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒR ƒ~Eƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒNƒ~ƒVƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~Π[ƒ~ƒEƒ~[ƒ€Π[ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒN, ƒ€ΠƒTƒ€ƒΠƒJƒ~[, ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ€Π[ƒ~ƒVƒ€‹ΠƒV, ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€ŒΡŽ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~[ƒ~ƒVƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒN ƒ€ΠƒZƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒX ƒ€‚ысяч ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ€‚ΠƒC ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ€ˆΠƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΡƒΠƒ\ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~Bƒ~ƒBƒ~ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒC ƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€‡ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒN.

ƒ~œΡ‹ ƒ~ƒCƒ€‹Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒJƒ~[ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ€ΠƒZƒ€‡ΡƒΠƒCƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ€ƒ ƒ~ƒbƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN, ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒRƒ~ƒZ ƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ€ˆΠƒIƒ~ƒVƒ€ƒ ƒ~ƒZƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒI ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ€…ΠƒNƒ~ƒPƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI – ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ€‚Ё[ƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒZƒ€„ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~šΡŽΡΡŽ. ƒ~Π[ƒ~ƒV ƒ€…ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€ˆΠƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒXƒ€‹, ƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€Œ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒN ƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒN ƒ€ƒΡ‰ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒA ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€‘ΡΡˆΠƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŽΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒP: ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒC ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒN ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒEƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€€ƒ€ƒΡˆΠƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡŒ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~šΡ€ƒ€‹ΠƒVƒ€ΠƒR, ƒ~[ ƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒI ƒ~ΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ~ƒPƒ€ΠƒR, ƒ~“ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒR ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~Bƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ~šΠ[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒI.

ƒ~•ΡΡ‚ΠƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ, ƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒEƒ€ƒΡΡ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ~ΡΡΠ[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ… ƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒIƒ€‚ΠƒI ƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒPƒ€ˆΠƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€‹Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒXƒ€ƒΡ‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€ˆΠƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ€‘Ρ‚ΠƒI ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒV ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€‚стЃCƒ€ƒΡŽΡ‰ΠƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒZƒ€†ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒN.

ƒ~Π[ƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ€‡ΡƒΠƒCƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒVƒ€ƒΡ‰ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ€ƒ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒCƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€‰ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒC ƒ€ΠƒRƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒTƒ€ƒΠ[ƒ€‚Ё[ƒ€†ΠƒNƒ€Ž ƒ~Πƒ…ƒ~B ƒ~ƒC ƒ~Aƒ€ƒΠƒRƒ€ƒΡΠƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~[. ƒ~•ΡΠƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΡŒ ƒ€…ΠƒZƒ€‚я ƒ~ƒAƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒPƒ€ˆΠƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡΡ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ€ΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒCƒ€ΠƒIƒ€… ƒ€ΠƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ€…ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€ΠƒTƒ€ƒΠƒJƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒTƒ~ƒI ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€Œ ƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ€ΡˆΡ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN, ƒ€‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒG ƒ~Πƒ…ƒ~B ƒ~ƒC ƒ€ΠƒRƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒTƒ€ƒΠ[ƒ€‚Ё[ƒ€†ΠƒNƒ€Ž ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ€ƒΡΡ‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒV. ƒ~ΠƒZ ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ€‹ΠƒP ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒL ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ ƒ€ΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ€ΠƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒN, ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒR ƒ~ƒVƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€‡Π[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€ˆΠƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒTƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN, ƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒR ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒI ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€‡ΠƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒX. ƒ~ƒ…ƒ€‚ΠƒZ ƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ€ΡƒΠƒIƒ€‚ся ƒ€ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚яЃVƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒC ƒ€ΠƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€ΡƒΡ€ƒ€Π[ƒ€…. ƒ~@ƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ€ƒΠƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ся, ƒ~ƒXƒ€ƒΠƒJƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ€…ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒNƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒLƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΡ‚ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ€‡ΠƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC ƒ€ΠƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN: ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒXƒ€†Π[, ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ~[, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC, ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~[. ƒ~ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ€‹Ρ‚ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ€‹ΠƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒIƒ€‚, ƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒLƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒRƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒR ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ€ΠƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ€ƒΡ‚ ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€ΠƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒL ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ ƒ€ΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ€ΠƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒN. ƒ~’ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€Œ ƒ€ƒΠƒCƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€‡ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€Ž ƒ€ƒΠƒEƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒCƒ€‹Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒRƒ~ƒI ƒ€ΠƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒRƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒLƒ€ ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒRƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒL-ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ ƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒN ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒRƒ€ƒΡ€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒGƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒEƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ€ΠƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒP (ƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€‚, ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI), ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒL-ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ ƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒP. ƒ~œΠƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ€ƒΡ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ€‚ΡŒ, ƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ~Πƒ…ƒ~B, ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒNƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒLƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ€…тяЃJƒ€‘ΠƒTƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ€ΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€€, ƒ€ƒΡΡ‚ΡƒΠƒ\ƒ€Ρ‚ ƒ€ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒCƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ€‘ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ€ΠƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒRƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒI ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒV ƒ€ƒΠƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒTƒ€ΠƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ€ΠƒNƒ~ƒXƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒLƒ~[ ƒ~ƒTƒ€‘ΠƒEƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ€ΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€€, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒZƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚Ρ…ΠƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC. ƒ~œΠƒIƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒP ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒRƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ€‹ΡˆΠƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~[ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒXƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ€ƒΠƒIƒ€‚ся ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZ ƒ~Aƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒN. ƒ~’ ƒ~ƒXƒ€‘ΠƒV ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€Œ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ ƒ€ƒΡ‡Ρ‘ΠƒXƒ€‹ΠƒV ƒ~@ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒbƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN.

ƒ~œΡ‹ ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ€ΠƒXƒ€‹ ƒ€ ƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV JRCL ƒ~ƒC ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒV, ƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒTƒ€‘ΠƒXƒ~ƒXƒ€ƒΡŽ ƒ€ƒΠƒEƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒLƒ€ƒ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ€ƒ ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ€‘Ρ‚ ƒ€ƒΡΠƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€ŽΡ‰ΠƒIƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ€ΠƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ€ƒ ƒ~Bƒ~ƒBƒ~ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ~ΠΠuƒ~ž, ƒ€ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€‹, ƒ~ƒN ƒ~šΠΠ@ – ƒ€ ƒ~ƒGƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒEƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP. ƒ~uƒ€€ƒ~ƒN ƒ€ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€ΡΡ‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ€‹ΠƒCƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ€‰ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒNƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒPƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ~šΠƒNƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒP  ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒCƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ€ƒΡŽ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ-ƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ€ƒΡŽ ƒ~ƒN ƒ€ΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ-ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ€ƒΡŽ ƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ€…ΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒJƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ€ƒ. ƒ~ƒ…ƒ€‚ΠƒZ – ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒLƒ€ƒΠƒTƒ€ŒΡ‚Ё[ƒ€‚ ƒ€ƒΠƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒNƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒLƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ~šΠΠ@ ƒ€€ƒ€‹ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€‡ΠƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€…Ё[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒTƒ€ ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€ˆΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ€‡ ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ€ ƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒI ƒ€†ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€. ƒ~žΠƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ’ƒ~š ƒ~šΠŸΠš ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ€ƒΡ‡ΠƒNƒ€‚Ρ‹ΠƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒV ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ€ƒΡ€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~Bƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€‚сЃRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~Bƒ~ƒZƒ€ŽΠƒLƒ~[, ƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ€‡ΠƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡŒ ƒ~ƒAƒ€ŽΡ€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~šΠŸΠBƒ~B, ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ€‹ΠƒC ƒ~ƒIƒ€‘  ƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~[ ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒPƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒIƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒPƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ€Ρ, ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€…ΠƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒN ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΠƒRƒ~ƒN ƒ€Π[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ€ƒΠƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€, ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ€ƒ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒRƒ€ƒ ƒ€ΠƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ€ƒ. ƒ~Bƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ€ ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~šΠƒNƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒI. ƒ~vƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒNƒ€Π[ ƒ~ƒZ «ƒ€ΠƒZƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒI ƒ€ ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒNƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒPƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€†ΠƒNƒ€„ΠƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP» ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ ƒ€ΠƒRƒ€€ƒ€‹Ρ‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒRƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚Ρ…ΠƒZƒ~ƒG ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒRƒ€ΠƒNƒ€Ρ‚сЃRƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒXƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC ƒ€ΠƒZƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚сутстЃCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC ƒ€ΠƒZƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒN, ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒCƒ€Ρ‘ ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒI ƒ€‡Π[ƒ€Ρ‚Ρ‹ΠƒI ƒ€ΠƒZƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€„ΠƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ€‚Ρ‹, ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡΡ‰ΠƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒRƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ€ΡΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΠƒP ƒ€…Ё[ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ€€ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒGƒ€ƒ ƒ€ƒΠƒRƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒNƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒNƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒTƒ~[ ƒ~ƒN ƒ€ƒΡΠƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~šΠΠ@ ƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€ΠƒXƒ~[ƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒP. ƒ~š ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€Ž, ƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ~šΠŸΠš ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒRƒ~[ ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ€ΠƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ€‡ΡŒ ƒ~[ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒXƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ€ƒΡ€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒL ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€‡ΠƒNƒ~ƒX ƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€…Ё[ ƒ~šΠŸΠBƒ~B ƒ~ƒN ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~[ƒ~ƒGƒ~[ ƒ~Bƒ~Bƒ~Bƒ~@.

ƒ~vƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ€ˆΠ[ƒ€ΡΡ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~@ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒTƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ŽΡ†ΠƒNƒ~ƒN 1991 ƒ~ƒE. ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ€Ρ‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒEƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ€…ΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒAƒ€ŽΡ€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒAƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~[ ƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ€ƒ ƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€‹. ƒ~’ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒI ƒ~@ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ€ – ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ~ƒGƒ€ˆΠƒNƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ€ΠƒNƒ~ƒVƒ€‹ΠƒP ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ€‚ΠƒXƒ€‘Ρ€ ƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒ\ƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ€…ΠƒNƒ€‰ΠƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€„ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒPƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ€‡Π[ƒ€Ρ‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒNƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ€€ƒ€‹ΠƒXƒ~ƒRƒ~[. ƒ~ƒ…ƒ€‚Ρƒ ƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒXƒ€ƒ ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ€ƒΡ‚ ƒ€ΠƒRƒ€€ƒ€‹Ρ‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ€‹Ρ‚ΠƒRƒ~ƒN ƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒXƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒEƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒC ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ€… ƒ~uƒ~[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ€ΠƒZƒ€ŽΠƒLƒ~[ ƒ€ ƒ€€ƒ€ΠƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡƒΠƒGƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒC, ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ€ˆΠƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ€… ƒ~Bƒ~Bƒ~Bƒ~@.

 ƒ~’ 2008 ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€‡ΠƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒNƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒVƒ~[ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ€‹ΠƒP ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒP ƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒNƒ€. ƒ~Bƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒPƒ€‡Π[ƒ€ ƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒNƒ€†ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€‚Ρ€ ƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒNƒ€Π[ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒTƒ€Ρ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒL ƒ~Bƒ~ƒBƒ~ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~•ΠƒCƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒPƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒP ƒ~Bƒ~ƒZƒ€ŽΠƒL. ƒ~’ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ€‹Ρ‚ΠƒRƒ~[ƒ€… ƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~[ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒN ƒ~•ΠB ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€ƒ ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ€€ƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒXƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€Π[ƒ€… ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒPƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒNƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒTƒ~[ ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€‰Π[ƒ€ «ƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒPƒ~ƒRƒ~[»: ƒ~œΠƒIƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒP ƒ~’Ё[ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŽΡ‚ΠƒXƒ€‹ΠƒP ƒ~Aƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒG, ƒ~•ΠƒCƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒPƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒ’ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ€‹ΠƒP ƒ~ƒAƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒR ƒ~ƒN ƒ~•ΠƒCƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒPƒ€ΠƒRƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ~šΠƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ€ – ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒV ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€‰ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ€‚, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€ΠƒNƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒGƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒEƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ€ΠƒZƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€Ρ…ΠƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ~ƒEƒ~[ƒ€ŽΡ‚ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ€ƒΠƒGƒ€Ρ‰ΠƒNƒ€…ся ƒ~ƒCƒ€ΠƒI ƒ€‚яЃEƒ~ƒZƒ€‚Ρ‹ ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ€‹Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒR. ƒ~’ ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ƒΡ‡Π[ƒ€ŽΡ‚ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ€‰ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒEƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒI ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒPƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ€‚Ё[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~[ƒ€‚Ё[. ƒ~Bƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒXƒ~ƒN ƒ€‚ысяч ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒXƒ€ΡŽΡ‚ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒNƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€„ΠƒIƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ƒ€†ΠƒNƒ€Ρ… ƒ€ƒΠƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€†Ρ‹ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ€‰Π[ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC ƒ~“Ρ€ƒ~ƒIƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒN, ƒ~˜ΡΠƒ\ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN, ƒ~ŸΠƒZƒ€€ƒ€‚ΡƒΠƒEƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN, ƒ~˜Ρ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN, ƒ~ƒGƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒEƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒX, ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚стЁ[ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~[, ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒXƒ€ƒΡ‚Ρ‹ΠƒI ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ€ƒΠƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€ŒΠƒAƒ€‹. ƒ~œΡ‹ ƒ~ƒCƒ€ΠƒIƒ€†ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒPƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ€ƒΠƒGƒ€Ρ‰ΠƒNƒ€…ся, ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ€…, ƒ~ƒRƒ€‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ€‹ΠƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ся ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ€‡ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒNƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒC. ƒ~˜ ƒ~ƒVƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒGƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒTƒ€ΠƒIƒ~ƒV 320-ƒ€‚ысячЃXƒ€‹ΠƒP ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒG ƒ~˜ΡΠƒTƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ€ˆΠƒNƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€€ ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ, ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒR ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒV ƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒZ ƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒAƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒNƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ€ƒΠƒTƒ€ŒΡ‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ€‚ΡƒΠƒV «ƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒPƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒN» ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ€‚ΡŒΡΡ ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC, ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ€‡Π[ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒXƒ€‹ΠƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒAƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒN.

ƒ~œΠ[ƒ€ΡΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΡΡ‚ΡƒΠƒ\ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~•ΠƒCƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒI, ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI Occupy Wall street! ƒ~ƒC ƒ~Bƒ~ƒBƒ~, ƒ~Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒAƒ€ΠƒRƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€ΠƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~Bƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~Ρ„Ρ€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~‘ΠƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~’ΠƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒG ƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒRƒ€ΠƒNƒ€Ρ‚сЃRƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒV ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ŽΡ†ΠƒNƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒV ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ€‹, ƒ~ƒC ƒ€‡ΠƒNƒ€ΠƒTƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~[ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒPƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒN ƒ€ΠƒZƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~˜ΠƒXƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€‚-ƒ€ΠƒIƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒN  ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ€ΡΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΡΡ‚ΡƒΠƒ\ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒP. ƒ~ƒ@ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ€ƒΠƒTƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡŒ ƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ€‚Ё[ƒ€‚ΡƒΡ€ ƒ~‘ΠƒIƒ~ƒX ƒ~ΠƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒC ƒ~uƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ΠƒI ƒ~ƒN ƒ~œΡƒΠƒAƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~•ΠƒEƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒ\ƒ€‚ΠƒI? ƒ~ŸΡ€ƒ~ƒNƒ€…ΠƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€‚Ρ‹, ƒ~[ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~•ΠƒEƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒ\ƒ€‚ΠƒI ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€‚сЃRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€ΠƒTƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒP ƒ€„ΡƒΠƒXƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚сЃRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒNƒ€ΠƒTƒ~[ƒ~ƒVƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒN. ƒ~ΠƒI ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒEƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒ\ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€‹ ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ŽΡ†ΠƒNƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ€‘ΠƒJƒ~ƒN, ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ€ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ€‰ΡŒΡŽ ƒ~˜ΠƒXƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€‚-ƒ€ΠƒIƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒEƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ€ƒ ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ€Ž ƒ~Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒAƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€ΠƒXƒ€‹. ƒ~v ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒAƒ€‹ΠƒTƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒEƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒGƒ~[, ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ€ΠƒNƒ~ƒTƒ€‹, ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒTƒ~[ ƒ~ƒAƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ€ƒΡΠƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€… ƒ~ƒN ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN. ƒ~B ƒ~ƒGƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒEƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€‹, ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€ƒΠƒEƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ~ƒAƒ€‹ΡΡ‚Ρ€ƒ€‹ΠƒV ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€Πƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ€…ΠƒNƒ~ƒPƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ€ŠΡ‘ΠƒVƒ~[ ƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ€Ρ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΡˆΠƒNƒ~ƒXƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒZ ƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒAƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒX, ƒ~Bƒ~ƒBƒ~ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒI ƒ€ ƒ~ƒGƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒEƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ€ƒΡ‰ΠƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡƒΠƒGƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ~ΠΠuƒ~ž ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒXƒ€ƒΠƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€ΡŒ ƒ€ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ€…ΠƒNƒ€ΠƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ~Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒPƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ƒΠƒZƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€ˆΠ[ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΡΡ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒPƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒN ƒ€ΠƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒPƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€‹Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒNƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒTƒ€ŽΡ‡ΠƒNƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒTƒ€ ƒ€ΠƒZƒ€…Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒNƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒC ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI. ƒ~œΡ‹ ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ€ΠƒXƒ€‹ ƒ€ ƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒC ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒV, ƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~[ƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ€ŽΡ‰Π[ƒ€ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ€ΠƒJƒ€‘ΠƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~‘ΠƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~’ΠƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒI, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒI, ƒ€‡Ρ€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€‚Ё[ ƒ€ƒΠƒEƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΡˆΠƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒPƒ~ƒXƒ€‹.

ƒ~vƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒJƒ~[ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€‰ΠƒN, ƒ€ΠƒNƒ€‚уЁ[ƒ€†ΠƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~@ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒTƒ~ƒI ƒ€€ƒ€ΠƒGƒ~[ ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~[ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ€ŽΡŽ ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ€ƒ ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ€ΡŒ. ƒ~“Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒAƒ€‹ΠƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒVƒ€ƒΡ‰ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZ-ƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΡΠƒZƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP, ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒRƒ€€ƒ€‹Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒP, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒG ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒN,  «ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP» ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€‘ΠƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΡŒΡŽ  ƒ~ŸΡƒΡ‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~œΠƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ~[ – ƒ~ƒIƒ€‰Ρ‘ ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒCƒ€ΠƒIƒ€… ƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΠƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC – ƒ~ƒZ «ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒI», ƒ~[ ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒV – ƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ€ΡΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΠƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ€„Ё[ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΡΠƒNƒ€„ΠƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ€†ΠƒNƒ€ΠƒVƒ~ƒN 4 ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒAƒ€€ƒ€ – ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ – ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΠƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€… ƒ~ƒC ƒ~”ΡƒΠƒVƒ€ƒ ƒ~ƒN 4 ƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ€‚Ё[ – ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€‚сЃRƒ~ƒNƒ€…. ƒ~’ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒEƒ~[ƒ€… ƒ€ ƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ΠƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€‹Ρ…, ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ€ƒ~ƒZƒ€‡ΠƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΠƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC ƒ~”ΡƒΠƒVƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€‚Ё[ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~œΠƒZƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ŸΠƒIƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒAƒ€ƒΡ€ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒI ƒ€ƒΡ‡Π[ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€ΡΡ‚ΠƒRƒ~ƒN ƒ€‚ысяч ƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒR, ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒGƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒEƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒ\ƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ€… – ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ€ΠƒZƒ€‚ΠƒXƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒN ƒ€‚ысячЃN ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŽΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒP. ƒ~’ ƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ€‚Ё[ƒ€… ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒAƒ€€ƒ€ŒΡΠƒRƒ~ƒZ-ƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€ŠΠƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€ΡŒ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒNƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒP, ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒAƒ€ƒΡ€ƒ~ƒJƒ€ƒΠ[ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ-ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZ ƒ€ΠƒZƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ€…. ƒ~žΠƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒEƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ€…ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒN-ƒ~ƒAƒ€ŽΡ€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ€Ρ‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€‡Π[ƒ~ƒTƒ€ƒ ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ€ΠƒTƒ~[ƒ€ΡŒ. ƒ~ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€ƒΠƒEƒ€ƒΡ€ƒ~[ƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ŸΡƒΡ‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΠƒP, ƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒP ƒ€Ρ€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒR, ƒ€ƒΡΡ‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~[ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€†ΠƒIƒ~ƒPƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ «ƒ~œΠ[ƒ€€ƒ€ˆΠ[ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC» ƒ~ƒC ƒ~œΠƒZƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒI 6 ƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ€, ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ€ƒΡ‡Π[ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€ΡΡ‚ΠƒRƒ~ƒN ƒ€‚ысяч ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŽΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒP. 14 ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒR ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€…ΠƒZƒ~ƒGƒ€Ρ‚ся ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒTƒ€ŽΡ‡ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ€ΡƒΠƒGƒ~[. ƒ~ƒ…ƒ€‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒNƒ€Πƒ\ƒ€ƒΠƒEƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΡƒΡŽΡ‰ΠƒNƒ€…. ƒ~ΠƒI ƒ~ƒNƒ€Πƒ\ƒ€ƒΠƒEƒ~[ƒ~ƒT ƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΠƒP ƒ~ƒGƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒX ƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒEƒ~[ƒ€…, ƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€ˆΠƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒXƒ€Ρ‚Ρ‹ΠƒP ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒTƒ€ƒΡˆΠƒXƒ€‹ΠƒV ƒ~ƒGƒ€ƒΠƒVƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΡˆΠƒNƒ~ƒXƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒCƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ «ƒ~œΠ[ƒ€€ƒ€ˆΠ[ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC». 12 ƒ~ƒNƒ€ŽΠƒXƒ€ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~œΠƒZƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒXƒ€‘ΠƒV ƒ€ƒΡ‡Π[ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒIƒ€‰Ρ‘ ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΡˆΠƒI ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŽΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒP, ƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ~ƒV 6 ƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ€. ƒ~˜ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ€ΠƒGƒ€ƒ ƒ€ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ€‹ΠƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒR ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒTƒ€ŽΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€Ž ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒCƒ€ƒΡ‡Π[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ€ΠƒZƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€, ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒNƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒP. ƒ~’ ƒ~ƒNƒ€ŽΠƒTƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ€Ρ‚ΡŒ ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ€ƒΠƒTƒ~[ ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€Ρ‚ΡƒΠƒ\ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ€ΠƒZƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ~ƒZ-ƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~[ ƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ€ƒΠƒGƒ€Ρ‰ΠƒNƒ€…ся: ƒ€ΡƒΡ‰ΠƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΡˆΠ[ƒ€ŽΡ‚ся ƒ€‚Ё[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€„Ρ‹ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€‰ΠƒXƒ~ƒZ-ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒVƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ€ƒΡΠƒTƒ€ƒΠƒEƒ~ƒN, ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€Ρ‚ΡƒΡ‚ ƒ€†ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€‹, ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ€‹ΠƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ€ƒΠƒJƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€ŽΡ‚ ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ€‚Ρ‹, ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€ŠΡ‘ΠƒVƒ~ƒI ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ€ƒΠƒIƒ€‚ся ƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ€ΠƒRƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€„ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒVƒ~[ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒGƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒZƒ€…Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ€ƒΡΠƒVƒ~[ƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€ŽΡ‰Π[ƒ€ ƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒPƒ€ˆΡƒΡŽ ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ€†ΠƒNƒ€Ž ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ€… ƒ€Ρ„ΠƒIƒ€€, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ…ΠƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ ƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒJƒ~[ƒ€ŽΡ‰ΠƒIƒ~ƒP ƒ€Ρ€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒXƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€Π[ƒ€… ƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒ\ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒNƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒTƒ~[. ƒ~›ΠƒIƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΠƒP ƒ€„Ρ€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€‚, ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ€‹ΠƒP ƒ~ƒCƒ€…ΠƒZƒ~ƒGƒ€Ρ‚ ƒ~@ƒ~ŸΠš ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ΡΡΠƒZƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~[ƒ€†ΠƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒRƒ€ΠƒNƒ€Ρ‚сЃRƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€ŠΠƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒP, ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒI ƒ€ ƒ~ƒGƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒEƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΠƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ€ΠƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€Ρ‚ ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€Ρ‚ΡƒΠƒ\ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ€Ρ‚Ё[. ƒ~@ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ€Ž ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ€‘Ρ‚ ƒ~ƒJƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€Œ. ƒ~’ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ€Ρ‰ΠƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€„ΠƒIƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ƒ€†ΠƒNƒ€Ρ… ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒAƒ€ƒΠƒGƒ€ƒΡ‚ ƒ€ΠƒZƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€.

ƒ~Π[ƒ€ˆ ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ€ΡΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΠƒP ƒ~ƒCƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒE ƒ€ΠƒNƒ~ƒTƒ€‘ΠƒX. ƒ~ƒ@ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ΡŒ, ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΠƒV ƒ~ƒXƒ€ƒΠƒJƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒGƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΡŒ. ƒ~ŸΡ€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒJƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚стЁ[ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ€‘ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€ƒΡ‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒP ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€‰ΠƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~[, ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€‡ΠƒXƒ€‹ΠƒV ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΠƒV ƒ€ΠƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€…ΠƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒCƒ€‹Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€‚Ё[ƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ€ƒΠƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒPƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€‰ΠƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒCƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒEƒ~[ ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒR ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV, ƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒR ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ€ƒΡ€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒXƒ€Ρ….

ƒ~–ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ€ƒΡΠƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€…Ё[ 50-ƒ~ƒP ƒ~œΠƒIƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ΠƒXƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ΡΡΠ[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒbƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN!

ƒ~”Ё[ ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒGƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ€ƒΠƒIƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ€‚Ё[ƒ€€ƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒXƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒV!


ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒVƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~[ƒ€Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€‡Π[ƒ€ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ€

27 ƒ~ƒNƒ€ŽΠƒTƒ€ 2012, ƒ~Bƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒRƒ€‚-ƒ~ŸΠƒIƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒAƒ€ƒΡ€ƒ~ƒE, ƒ~@ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ€

ƒ~vƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒJƒ~[ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€‰ΠƒN, ƒ€ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€ŒΠƒAƒ~ƒI!

ƒ~@ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ~ƒPƒ€ΠƒRƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒVƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€‡Π[ƒ€ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ€ (ƒ~@ƒ~šΠ@ƒ~Ÿ-ƒ~šΠŸΠBƒ~B) ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€Ρ‡ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€‚стЃCƒ€ƒΠƒIƒ€‚ ƒ€ƒΡ‡Π[ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC 50-ƒ~ƒP ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~[ƒ€ΡΠ[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒbƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€‚Ρ‹ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~[ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒCƒ€Ρ‘ΠƒV ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒI.

 ƒ~Bƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ€, ƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΡΡ‚ΡƒΠƒ\ƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ΠƒI, ƒ~ƒVƒ€‹ ƒ€ ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€‡ΡŒΡŽ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒCƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€Ρ‚ΡƒΠƒ\ƒ~[ƒ€ŽΡ‰ΡƒΡŽ ƒ~ƒZƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ€ƒΡŽ ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€‰ΠƒNƒ~ƒXƒ€ƒ ƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~[ — ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΡƒΠƒ\ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒAƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒN ƒ~Eƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒNƒ~ƒVƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~Π[ƒ~ƒEƒ~[ƒ€Π[ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ~Bƒ~ƒBƒ~.

ƒ~’ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€ˆΠƒN ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚Ρ‹ ƒ~Bƒ~ƒBƒ~ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ΠΠuƒ~ž ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€†ΠƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒCƒ€‹Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒJƒ~[ƒ€ŽΡ‚ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ~[ƒ€ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΡŒΡŽ ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€Πƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ€ΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒJƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~[ƒ€ŽΡ‚ ƒ~ƒR ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒRƒ€€ƒ€‹Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~[ƒ~ƒEƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒC ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒX ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒG ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒV ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ~[ƒ€ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ€ƒ ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒJƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ€ΡΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€. ƒ~ΠƒZ ƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€‚, ƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ ƒ~Bƒ~ƒBƒ~ ƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ…ΠƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ€, ƒ~[ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ~[ƒ€ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒJƒ~ƒNƒ€, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒRƒ€ƒ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ€ƒΠƒJƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒI — ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒXƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‡ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€‡ΠƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒJƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒEƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€‡Ρ‘ΠƒV ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒL ƒ~ƒCƒ€ΡΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€…ΠƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒN. ƒ~Bƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒXƒ~ƒN ƒ€‚ысяч ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ€‚ΠƒC ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒAƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒR 1945 ƒ~ƒE. ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒN ƒ~[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΡΡ‚ΠƒCƒ~[. ƒ~ƒ…ƒ€‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΡƒΠƒ\ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZ ƒ€ΠƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€€ ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ƒΡ‡ΠƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZ ƒ€Πƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ€ƒΡŽ ƒ~ƒZƒ€†ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒRƒ€ƒ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€‰ΠƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~[.

ƒ~žΠƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒN ƒ€ΠƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ€ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ~[ƒ€ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ€ƒ ƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ…ΠƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ€‚, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒCƒ€ΠƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ, ƒ€ΠƒZ ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ ƒ€ƒΠƒGƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ€ΠƒGƒ~[ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒVƒ~[ — ƒ~Bƒ~ƒBƒ~. ƒ~’ΠƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€ˆΠƒXƒ€Ρ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~[ ƒ~Bƒ~ƒBƒ~ — ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ€Π[ƒ~ƒVƒ€‹ΠƒP ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ€Ρ‰ΠƒNƒ~ƒP ƒ€„Ё[ƒ€ˆΠƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ€ΠƒRƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€‚. ƒ~žΡ‚ΠƒRƒ€€ƒ€‹Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€ΠƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ€ΠƒZ ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ ƒ~Bƒ~ƒBƒ~ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC ƒ€ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒCƒ€ΠƒIƒ€… ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~[ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒXƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€Π[ƒ€… ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒCƒ€ΠƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ€„ΠƒNƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒNƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒTƒ~[, ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒRƒ~[ ƒ~ƒCƒ€ΠƒIƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€‰ΠƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒNƒ€Π[ ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒNƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒVƒ~[ ƒ€ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ€‹Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒI ƒ€ΠƒZƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‘Ρ‚ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ€ƒ ƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP «ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€ΠƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒR», ƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ€‘ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒN. ƒ~ƒ…ƒ€‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒRƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€ΠƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ€ƒΠƒJƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡŒ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€ˆΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€Ž ƒ€€ƒ€ΠƒGƒ~[ ƒ€ΡƒΠƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒX — ƒ~˜Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒR, ƒ~ƒ‡ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒTƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ€, ƒ~›ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ€, ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒZƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒN — ƒ~Bƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€, ƒ~[ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒAƒ€‹Ρ‚ΡŒ, ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒGƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒEƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ ƒ€ «ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒTƒ€ƒΡˆΠƒXƒ€‹ΠƒVƒ~ƒN» ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€‡ΠƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΡΡ‚ΠƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒN.

ƒ~@ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ~ƒPƒ€ΠƒRƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒVƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€‡Π[ƒ€ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΡΠƒZƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZ ƒ€†ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ~ƒG, ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ€‹ΠƒP ƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€ˆΠ[ ƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒEƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ€†ΠƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒNƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZ ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€ŒΠƒAƒ€‹. ƒ~œΡ‹ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΡŒΡŽ ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ ƒ€ ƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒC ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€ŒΠƒAƒ~ƒI ƒ~’ΠƒZƒ~ƒLƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ€ŽΡ‰ΠƒNƒ~ƒPƒ€Ρ ƒ€„Ё[ƒ€ˆΠƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΡŒ!

ƒ~vƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€‹, ƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€‰ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€ˆΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ€ƒ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒAƒ€ƒΠƒGƒ€ƒΡ‚ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΡˆΠƒI ƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒXƒ€ƒΡ‚ΡŒ, ƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒVƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒPƒ€ˆΠƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒAƒ€ƒΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ€ΡΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒZƒ€Ž ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€ŒΠƒAƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€, ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ ƒ€ΠƒZƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒV, ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ€ΡΠ[, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒNƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒVƒ~[ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒVƒ~[ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ~[ƒ~ƒEƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ€ƒΡΡ‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒP.

ƒ~B ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒVƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒV,

ƒ~ŸΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΠƒP ƒ€ΠƒIƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€‚Ё[ƒ€€ƒ€Œ ƒ~ƒ’ƒ~š ƒ~@ƒ~šΠ@ƒ~Ÿ-ƒ~šΠŸΠBƒ~B

ƒ~’. ƒ~uƒ€ŽΠƒTƒ€ŒΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒX


ƒ~uƒ€ŽΠƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ€‚ ƒ~@ƒ~šΠ@ƒ~Ÿ-ƒ~šΠŸΠBƒ~B

27 ƒ~ƒNƒ€ŽΠƒTƒ€ 2012, ƒ~uƒ€ŽΠƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€Œ, ƒ~@ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ€

 ƒ~uƒ€ŽΠƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ€‚ ƒ~@ƒ~šΠ@ƒ~Ÿ-ƒ~šΠŸΠBƒ~B ƒ€ˆΠƒTƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ ƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€Ρ‡ΠƒNƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒXƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ€‹ΠƒP ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ ƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒV ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€‰Π[ƒ~ƒV, ƒ€ƒΡ‡Π[ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ€ƒΡŽΡ‰ΠƒNƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒXƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~[ƒ€ΡΠ[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒI.

ƒ~ŸΠƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒRƒ~[ ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€ŒΠƒAƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€Ρ‚ ƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV. ƒ~ƒ…ƒ€‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ€Œ ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ, ƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒI ƒ€ ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ€‹ΠƒV ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ€ΠƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€ŒΠƒAƒ~[ ƒ€ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€Ρ‚ΡƒΠƒ\ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒVƒ~[, ƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒCƒ€ΠƒIƒ€… ƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€…, ƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΡŒ ƒ€‚ΠƒI, ƒ~ƒRƒ€‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒJƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ ƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ€ΠƒNƒ~ƒT ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒN ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€ŒΠƒAƒ€‹ ƒ€ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€Ρ‚ΡƒΠƒ\ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒVƒ~[, ƒ~ƒCƒ€‹Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒJƒ~[ƒ€ŽΡ‰ΠƒIƒ~ƒPƒ€Ρ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒCƒ€ƒΡŽ ƒ~ƒZƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ€Œ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€Ρ‚ΡƒΠƒ\ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~[ƒ~ƒEƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ€ΠƒZ ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ ƒ~Bƒ~ƒBƒ~.

ƒ~œΡ‹ ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒVƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚Ρ‹ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒL ƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€‹, ƒ€ΡƒΠƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ€ˆΠƒIƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ€ΡΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€‰ΠƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒZ, ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€Ρ‡ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€‚стЃCƒ€ƒΠƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ€Ρ‚Ρƒ ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€ŒΠƒAƒ€ƒ. ƒ~ƒ…ƒ€‚Ё[ ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€ŒΠƒAƒ~[ ƒ~ƒZƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€Œ ƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒXƒ~[, ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒC ƒ€ΠƒCƒ€ΠƒLƒ~ƒN ƒ€ ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒV, ƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ~[ƒ~ƒEƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ€ ƒ~Bƒ~ƒBƒ~ ƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ся ƒ~ƒCƒ€ΠƒI ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP. ƒ~˜ ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€ŒΠƒAƒ~[ ƒ€ ƒ~[ƒ~ƒEƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒP ƒ~Bƒ~ƒBƒ~ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ΠΠuƒ~ž ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒCƒ€ΠƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΡŒΡΡ ƒ~ƒCƒ€ΠƒI ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‚Ρ‡ΠƒI ƒ~ƒN ƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒI. ƒ~ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒC ƒ€‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒCƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ€ ƒ~ƒXƒ€ƒΠƒJƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΡŒ, ƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€ŒΠƒAƒ~[ ƒ€ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€†ΠƒNƒ€ΠƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ€ΠƒZ ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ ƒ~Bƒ~ƒBƒ~ ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~[ ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€ŒΠƒAƒ€‹ ƒ€ ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒNƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒCƒ€ΠƒIƒ€… ƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€… ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~[. ƒ~’ ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€ŒΠƒAƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ ƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒAƒ€ƒΠƒGƒ€ƒΡ‰ΠƒIƒ~ƒI ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒP. ƒ~—Ё[ ƒ€ΠƒZƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΡΡˆΡƒΡŽ ƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ€Ž – ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒVƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒV.

ƒ~’ ƒ€‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒCƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ€ ƒ~ƒVƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΡΡ‚ΡƒΠƒ\ƒ~[ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€ˆΠƒNƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~[ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒR ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~Bƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€Ž. ƒ~ŸΠƒZƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒRƒ€ƒ ƒ€ΠƒIƒ~ƒPƒ€‡Π[ƒ€ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ ƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~[, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒTƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ΠΠuƒ~ž ƒ~ƒC ƒ~›ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN, ƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒTƒ~[ ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒV ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ€†ΠƒGƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€Ρ‚ΡƒΠƒ\ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒP ƒ~[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€‰ΠƒNƒ~ƒXƒ€‹. ƒ~œΡ‹ ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€Ρ†ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒGƒ€ƒΡ‰ΡƒΡŽ ƒ€ΡΠƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ€†ΠƒNƒ€Ž ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ€ΠƒJƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒN ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~‘ΠƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~’ΠƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒR ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒZƒ€„Ё[ƒ€ˆΠƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ€‹Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒP, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŽΡŽΡ‰ΠƒIƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒCƒ€ΠƒI ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒVƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~[ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€ΠƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€ˆΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒIƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒXƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒVƒ~[. ƒ~˜ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ€ΠƒNƒ€‚уЁ[ƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒPƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~‘Ё[ƒ€ˆΠ[ƒ€€ƒ~[ ƒ~ΡΠ[ƒ~ƒGƒ~[, ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€ŽΡ‰ΠƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ ƒ€ΠƒZƒ€…Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ€ΠƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒN ƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒP ƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ ƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒTƒ€ΡŽΡ‚ся ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒVƒ~ƒN. 

ƒ~’сЃIƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒGƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ€‹ΡΠƒTƒ€Ρ‰ΠƒNƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŽΠƒGƒ€ΠƒV ƒ~ƒZƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ, ƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΡΡ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒZ ƒ~Bƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€ˆΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒR ƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ€ΡΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΠƒV ƒ€ƒΠƒAƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒPƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒEƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ~ƒX ƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒP ƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€‹. ƒ~ΠƒI ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€ ƒ€ƒΠƒJƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒXƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒN ƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΡƒΠƒ\ƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒTƒ€ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒL ƒ€Π[ƒ~ƒVƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡƒΠƒGƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒC ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~[, ƒ€‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒCƒ€Ρ‚Ё[ƒ~ƒCƒ€ˆΠƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€ƒΡ‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€„ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒV, ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒTƒ€ ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ… ƒ€ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΡΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒCƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ~’ΠƒZƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒJƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~Bƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒT ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒEƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ~[ƒ€ΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒN, – ƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒI ƒ€ ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€‡ΠƒRƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒLƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ€†ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒN ƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒCƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒEƒ~[ƒ~ƒV ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€Œ ƒ€ƒΠƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒP ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒG ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒTƒ€ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~[ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒE ƒ~ƒAƒ€‹ ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒRƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ€€.

ƒ~ŸΡ€ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒCƒ€ΠƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~‘ΠƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~’ΠƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒRƒ~[ ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒTƒ€ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒN, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ ƒ~[ƒ~ƒEƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€ΡΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒCƒ€‹Ρ…ΠƒZƒ~ƒGƒ€Ρ‚ ƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒTƒ€‹. ƒ~˜ ƒ~ƒVƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ€‹ΠƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€‰ΠƒIƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ƒ~ƒAƒ€‹ΠƒCƒ~[ƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒA ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒV.

ƒ~uƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒVƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ€ΠƒNƒ€‚ΡŒΡΡ ƒ~ƒN ƒ€ ƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€ˆΠƒNƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡƒΠƒJƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ€ΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒR ƒ~ƒC ƒ~Bƒ~Bƒ~Bƒ~@. ƒ~˜ΡΡ‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒTƒ€ΠƒGƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ€‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~[, ƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZ ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒRƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ€‡ΠƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒC ƒ~Bƒ~Bƒ~Bƒ~@ ƒ€ΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒJƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ€ΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZ ƒ~Bƒ~ƒBƒ~ ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ, ƒ€‡Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€ΡŒ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ ƒ~ƒC ƒ€ΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒP ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒX.ƒ~uƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒRƒ~ƒZ ƒ€ΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒP ƒ€‰ΠƒNƒ€‚ ƒ~Bƒ~Bƒ~Bƒ~@ ƒ€ΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒT ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€ΡŒ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~[ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€ƒΡ‡ΠƒNƒ~ƒXƒ€ƒ ƒ€ΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒPƒ~ƒXƒ€‹.ƒ~˜ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒbƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒN, ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒR ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒGƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒEƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~[ƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒCƒ€ΠƒI ƒ€ƒΠƒJƒ~[ƒ€Ρ‹ ƒ~ƒN ƒ€ƒΠƒEƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒLƒ€ƒ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€‡Π[ƒ~ƒTƒ~[ ƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒPƒ~ƒXƒ€‹.ƒ~ŸΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ€ˆΠƒNƒ~ƒI ƒ€ΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒLƒ€€ƒ€‹ΠƒCƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒC ƒ~Eƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒN ƒ~Π[ƒ~ƒEƒ~[ƒ€Π[ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒCƒ€ΠƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒGƒ~[ ƒ~ƒAƒ€ƒΠƒGƒ€ƒΡ‚ ƒ~ƒNƒ€ΠƒRƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΡŒΡΡ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŽΠƒAƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~[ƒ~ƒEƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ~ƒN.ƒ~š ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒJƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€Ž, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒN ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~@ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒL ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€ ƒ€ΠƒGƒ~[ƒ€ŽΡ‚ ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒNƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒN, ƒ~ƒCƒ€ΠƒI ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΡˆΠƒI ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΡˆΠƒI ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€ΡΡŒ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒG ƒ~[ƒ~ƒEƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ ƒ~Bƒ~ƒBƒ~.ƒ~žΠƒA ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ ƒ€…ΠƒZƒ€‚я ƒ~ƒAƒ€‹ ƒ€„Ё[ƒ~ƒRƒ€‚ ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€‰ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒAƒ~[ƒ~ƒLƒ€‹ ƒ~ΠΠuƒ~ž ƒ~ƒC ƒ€Π[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒV ƒ€†ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒI ƒ~@ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒC ƒ~vƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΡΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒI. ƒ~ŸΠƒZƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒVƒ€ƒ ƒ~ƒVƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒVƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚Ρ‹ ƒ~@ƒ~šΠ@ƒ~Ÿ-ƒ~šΠŸΠBƒ~B ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒI ƒ€ ƒ~ƒGƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒEƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΠƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ€ΠƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ€Ρ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒC ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ€… ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒC ƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒP ƒ€Ρ‚Ρ€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒI.

ƒ~œΡ‹ ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€ˆΠƒNƒ~ƒV ƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒV ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€‰Π[ƒ~ƒV ƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒI ƒ~[ƒ~ƒRƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒJƒ~[ƒ€‚ΡŒ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒN ƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ€Ž ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€ŒΠƒAƒ€ƒ, ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒVƒ€‹, ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒVƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚Ρ‹ ƒ~@ƒ~šΠ@ƒ~Ÿ-ƒ~šΠŸΠBƒ~B, ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒI ƒ€ ƒ~’Ё[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€ŒΠƒAƒ€ƒ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€Ρ‚ΡƒΠƒ\ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒVƒ~[ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ€ˆΠƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒNƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒVƒ~[.

ƒ~ŸΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒCƒ€‹ΠƒP ƒ€ΠƒIƒ~ƒRƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ€‚Ё[ƒ€€ƒ€Œ ƒ~uƒ€ŽΠƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~[ ƒ~@ƒ~šΠ@ƒ~Ÿ-ƒ~šΠŸΠBƒ~B

ƒ~.ƒ~š. ƒ~ƒ@ƒ~ƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒ\ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC


A World to Win

July 27th 2012, London, Britain

Dear Friends and Comrades in Japan and around the world,
Greetings from A World to Win on the occasion of your 50th International Antiwar Assembly. The different but related crises in Japan and the UK both stem from the same source. Here in the UK we face a coalition government determined to make the ordinary people pay for the insoluble crisis of the system. Production declines as unemployment and poverty rise. The three major political parties, including the Labour Party, are united in their attempt to save capitalism. A part of their strategy is to build 5 new nuclear power stations (ignoring the lessons of Fukushima) and to replace the ageing Trident nuclear missiles for newer versions at a cost of £20bn. No credible plan for reducing greenhouse gases and reversing climate change is being pursued by government. Rather the plan is to attempt to weather the economic storm, increase the power and scope of the state and to crush protest in a hopeless quest to "return to growth".

We, in A World to Win, view the global debt crisis as terminal. It is not possible to reform capitalism in order to serve the people. Our economic analysis points to an ever-deepening economic crisis, and with it a social crisis, as the political classes attempt to impose austerity onto the people. Resistance to the plans in itself is not enough. We have to go beyond resistance, to the building of a world-wide movement to challenge capitalism with an alternative co-operative, not-for-profit method of producing the necessities of life. If it is allowed to continue, capitalism will inevitably plunge the world into war, risking the future of the planet itself.

The provocations against Iran by the Western powers and the refusal of the UK to negotiate with Argentina over the Malvinas Islands are among the many actions that prove the war-like intentions of these powers. The US government will do whatever it takes to protect Israel, which already has the bomb and which polices the Middle East with all its oil for them.

You in Japan of course do not need any warning from us about the dangers of nuclear power nor the horrors of nuclear war and we salute your long and determined campaign to never forget the war crimes inflicted on your people at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In order to establish a world where it is safe to live, where new generations can live fulfilled lives, where the future health of the planet is primary, we need to build democratic revolutionary movements prepared to take the power away from the global corporations and their governments. We remain committed to finding our way to an economic system where the people exercise the power and where true democracy can be developed.

Warm greetings

A World to Win secretariat



28 ƒ~ƒNƒ€ŽΠƒTƒ€ 2012, ƒ~œΠƒZƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒCƒ~[, ƒ~@ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ€

 ƒ~•Ρ‰ΠƒI ƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒL ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒGƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒTƒ€ΡŽ ƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒXƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€‰ΠƒIƒ~ƒP, ƒ€ƒΡ‡Π[ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒC 50-ƒ~ƒP ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~[ƒ€ΡΠ[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒN ƒ€ ƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€ΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒP - ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒIƒ€ΡΡ‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€ŒΠƒAƒ€‹!




28 juillet 2012, Paris, France

Chers, chères camarades,

Nous vous remercions de nous avoir adressé votre « Appel pour le 50e Meeting International Anti-guerre au Japon ». À travers cet appel, nous avons pu nous rendre compte à quel point la situation à Fukushima est toujours critique et dangereuse pour la population, ce que les medias japonais mais aussi français continuent à nous cacher. Nous avons également pu mieux connaître votre combat courageux et déterminé contre l'industrie nucléaire, combat que nous soutenons sans réserve.

Votre appel contient également des thèses sur les tensions inter-impérialistes, sur les luttes anti-impérialistes et les luttes de classe dans le monde et au Japon. Nous constatons un large degré d'accord avec la majeure partie de ces thèses, qui sont souvent bien plus correctes que celles de bien des organisations françaises se réclamant de l'anti-capitalisme ou même du trotskysme. Cependant, dans un souci d'avancer vers une discussion fraternelle et de fond entre organisations révolutionnaires, nous souhaitons revenir en détail sur quelques points de votre appel.


1) Sur les soulèvements populaires dans les pays arabes

Pour la Syrie, nous sommes d'accord avec votre dénonciation simultanée des régimes corrompus et autoritaires ainsi que des puissances impérialistes qui « manoeuvrent derrière la scène dans l'espoir de créer un nouveau gouvernement dirigé par des éléments pro-Américains », concrétisée dans par les slogans « Dénoncez les atrocités commises par le régime d'Assad ! Avancez les luttes anti-guerre contre les plans des États impérialistes pour intervenir [en Syrie] ! » Cette orientation est bien plus juste que celle portée par de nombreuses organisations du mouvement ouvrier en France qui apportent leur soutien à toute « l’opposition » au régime – ce qui revient implicitement à soutenir aussi le Conseil National Syrien (CNS) pro-impérialiste – et qui ne se prononcent pas contre les projets d’intervention militaire impérialiste.

Cependant, votre texte ne dénonce pas de manière explicite le CNS, qui prétend assumer la direction de la lutte contre le régime et qui est l'interlocuteur privilégié des impérialistes, mais qui est en fait un véritable chien de garde de ces derniers – et alors que vous dénoncez à juste titre le Conseil National de Transition Lybien. Le CNS demande en effet ouvertement une intervention impérialiste et affirme clairement qu’une fois au pouvoir, il mettrait fin à l’alliance militaire avec le Hamas et le Hezbollah et qu’il renforcerait la coopération avec les monarchies du Golfe et les impérialistes.

D'autre part, vous critiquez à juste titre la « vue superficielle contaminée par les media occidentaux » selon laquelle les soulèvements populaires dans les pays arabes ne seraient que des « révolutions pour la démocratie et la liberté ». En opposition avec cette analyse superficielle, vous dites que « les travailleurs se sont soulevés précisément pour dénoncer et renverser ces gouvernements [corrompus, inféodés à l'impérialisme, liés avec Israël...] ». Cela est juste mais ne prend pas en compte la dimension sociale de ces soulèvements. Comme Tendance CLAIRE du NPA, nous avons ainsi expliqué que « les exigences démocratiques des masses sont indissociables des revendications sociales qui avaient déjà provoqué une recrudescence des luttes de classe depuis quelques années dans les pays arabes et qui ont été exacerbées par les effets de la crise capitaliste : le refus de la hausse des prix, du chômage et de la misère ont été de fait les points de départ des processus révolutionnaires. Cela explique le rôle central non seulement des jeunes chômeurs, mais aussi des prolétaires qui ont un travail dans les mobilisations et dans la chute des dictateurs en Tunisie et en Égypte. » De même, en Syrie, les premières mobilisations avaient un caractère populaire et social, dans la continuité des soulèvements tunisien et égyptien, avant d’être canalisées dans la seule voie militaire par le CNS et les islamistes.

Corrélativement, votre texte n'aborde pas la stratégie à mettre en œuvre pour que ces soulèvements puissent vaincre. Or il nous semble essentiel de mettre en avant une stratégie fondée sur l'auto-organisation des masses, avec la perspective du gouvernement des travailleurs. C'est ainsi que nous avons écrit par exemple en mars 2011 : « Pour les révolutionnaires de Tunisie, la priorité immédiate est d’aider au développement de l’auto-organisation, de combattre dans l’UGTT contre la bureaucratie et pour une orientation lutte de classe, d’impulser des grèves et de faire progresser l’idée qu’il est possible et nécessaire de poursuivre la révolution jusqu’au gouvernement des prolétaires, des jeunes et des paysans. »


2) Sur la crise économique mondiale

Vous accordez à juste titre une place importante à la crise économique mondiale, qui engendre « chômage, pauvreté, baisse de salaire, attaque contres les acquis sociaux » pour les masses, à qui les gouvernements aussi bien aux États-Unis, au Japon ou en Europe « font payer tout le prix de la crise », à travers des mesures d'austérité sans précédent.

Cependant, vous n'abordez pas du tout l'origine ni les mécanismes de cette crise. Or, à notre avis, il est impératif de comprendre ces aspects pour pouvoir proposer une orientation de lutte correcte aux travailleurs. Ainsi, une bonne partie du mouvement ouvrier en France, dont les réformistes du Front de Gauche (PC et PG, qui est une rupture à gauche du PS), les directions syndicales, mais également la direction du NPA, quoique de façon plus confuse, adoptent une analyse keynésienne selon laquelle la crise est causée fondamentalement par le niveau trop faible des salaires (crise de sous-consommation). Ainsi, ils véhiculent l'idée qu'il serait possible de sortir de la crise en relevant le salaire minimum ou en menant une « bonne » politique monétaire (planche à billet) et budgétaire (augmentation des dépenses publiques, fiscalité plus redistributive) – sans rompre avec le capitalisme.

Vous expliquez très justement que, « même si [les gouvernements de l'Eurozone] essaient d'augmenter les dépenses publiques afin d'encourager la croissance économique, cela ne fera qu'aggraver la crise de la dette de chaque gouvernement, ce qui pourrait bien provoquer une crise financière globale », vous opposant ainsi aux thèses keynésiennes. Cependant, nous n'avions pas pu trouver une explication positive de la crise dans votre appel.

Pour notre part, nous analysons cette crise comme une crise de suraccumulation du capital : « trop peu de plus-value est créée par rapport à la masse de capital investi (pour acheter les moyens de production – capital constant – et pour acheter les forces de travail – capital variable). » Ainsi, le capitalisme ne peut sortir de sa crise systémique que « par une immense destruction de capital, entraînée par une guerre ou un effondrement économique (faillites en cascade). Le système n'a donc que l'austérité à perpétuité ou la barbarie à nous proposer. » De cette analyse découle une orientation résolument révolutionnaire, en opposition frontale à l'orientation des réformistes. Ainsi, nous expliquons par exemple qu'« il faut non seulement exproprier les grandes banques capitalistes pour créer un monopole du crédit, mais il faut aussi que les grands moyens de production passent sous le contrôle des travailleurs, en commençant par l’expropriation des groupes du CAC 40 et la réorganisation radicale de l’économie. [...] C'est pourquoi nous mettons en avant la nécessité d'une mobilisation de notre classe qui aille jusqu'au bout, c'est-à-dire jusqu'à la prise du pouvoir par les travailleurs. » Même si cela relève de la propagande dans la période actuelle, il nous semble indispensable pour une organisation révolutionnaire de défendre ces idées, tout en étant capable d’intervenir dans la lutte des classes immédiates, d’y avancer des mots d’ordre d’agitation et d’y prendre des initiatives.


3) Nouvelles de la lutte de classe en France

La situation de la lutte de classe en France est dominée par la préparation d’une politique d’austérité draconienne de la part du nouveau gouvernement élu en mai (gouvernement PS de François Hollande) et par une avalanche de plans de licenciements.

Les principales orientations du début du mandat de Hollande sont :

- Refus d’abroger les lois du sarkozysme alors que les gens ont voté Hollande pour rompre avec elles ;

- Ratification du Traité sur la Stabilité, la Coordination et la Gouvernance (TSCG) qui constitutionnalise l’austérité et renforce le poids des impérialismes dominants en Europe (Allemagne au premier chef, France ensuite) ;

- Refus de sortir du nucléaire et de prendre même de premières vraies mesures dans cette direction, avec la lamentable capitulation des Verts ;

- Maintien des troupes françaises coloniales en Afrique, du Liban à la Côte d’Ivoire, maintien de la France dans le commandement intégré de l’OTAN qu’avait décidé Sarkozy.

Du côté des plans de licenciements, le « plan social » en préparation à PSA est à la fois le plus emblématique et le plus explosif. Prétextant des pertes liées à baisse des ventes de voitures en Europe, les dirigeants de PSA veulent imposer un « plan social » qui consiste en la suppression de

- 3000 postes de production est la fermeture de l'usine emblématique d'Aulnay-sous-Bois (connue pour sa longue tradition de luttes) ;

- 1500 postes sur le site de Rennes-La Janais ;

- 3500 postes de personnels administratifs, techniciens, ingénieurs et cadres : toutes les usines du groupe sont touchées.

Il s'agit d'un dossier explosif, le premier test pour la présidence de Hollande. Une victoire des travailleurs pourrait constituer un tournant radical pour la lutte contre les fermetures et les licenciements, marquée depuis le début de la crise par une série de défaites (Continental, Goodyear, Molex, Philips...).

À la Tendance CLAIRE du NPA, nous avons décidé de participer activement à cette lutte en soutenant organisationnellement et financièrement les travailleurs en lutte, en popularisant leur lutte, mais aussi en leur proposant, à travers la discussion, des orientations comme

- mettre en avant les revendications immédiates : « aucun licenciement, non à la fermeture d'Aulnay » ;

- se battre pour l’expropriation sans indemnités de la famille Peugeot et des autres actionnaires, et la nationalisation de PSA sous contrôle des travailleurs eux-mêmes, seule solution pour obtenir le maintien de tous les emplois ;

- développer l'auto-organisation (réunions, assemblées générales, coordination nationale), en nous appuyant sur les premiers pas en ce sens que constitue la mise en place de « comités de lutte » dans l’usine d’Aulnay ;

- convaincre la majorité des travailleurs de la nécessité de la grève et constituer une gigantesque caisse de grève ;

- construire la convergence avec les autres secteurs frappés par les licenciements et suppressions de postes (Air France, presse, Alcatel, Fonctions publiques...).

Nous espérons que ces quelques éléments de réflexion et d'information permettront d'alimenter la discussion entre nos organisations.

Pour finir, nous souhaitons un plein succès au 50e Meeting International Anti-guerre au Japon !

À bas les guerres impérialistes ! À bas le système capitaliste, source de guerres, de destructions de l'environnement, de misère, de toutes les oppressions !

Vive la solidarité prolétarienne internationale ! Vive la révolution communiste internationale !


Huiraatira no te Ao Maohi

August 3rd 2012, Tahiti, Polynesia Te AoMaohi 

Comrades all over the world!

On behalf of the TaviniHuiraatita no teAoMaohi, I would like to extend our warmest greetings to all of the organizers, volunteers, performers and participants in the 2012, 50th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan. I would also like to extend our pledge for solidarity in pursuit of Peace and Freedom and to thank the organizers to give us this opportunity to share our thoughts with you.

The 50th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan call for promoting struggles against the restart of nuclear plants and the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance with special emphasis on the imperialist war policies. Imperialism and nuclear testing in Maohi-Nui (French Polynesia) have been and is still an issue for the TaviniHuiraatira no teAoMaohi.

Imperialism has always dominated the Pacific Ocean through colonization by the western world. Under arrangement of western world countries, Maohi-Nui (French Polynesia) has become for more than a century now, a country controlled by France, a western world imperialist country. Such control has allowed France to perform all their nuclear tests. We all know that Japan is the only country which has been intentionally bombed by the US imperialism atomic bombs. We empathise with all the stress and fears that the Japanese people had to undergo. Maohi-Nui (French Polynesia) has been the scene of the French nuclear bombing on Moruroa and Fangataufa Islands.

β€œClean nuclear bombs” exploded in Maohi-Nui as claimed by a French delegate. But, two months ago, a study reported radioactive polluted fishes found in Hao island, 500 km away from the site of explosions. Also, the risk for the atoll of Moruroa to collapse and create a tsunami wave is not negligible. Facts like these are numerous and are becoming known to the public and French delegates keep maintaining our people ignorant. Needless to mention, compensation for loss of human life and environmental damage have not been recognized by France.

Other major impacts of the nuclear testing in Maohi-Nui have been on the economical system and our culture. The economy changed so rapidly from a subsistence economy to a market economy that our people were voluntarily not prepared. More dramatic is the lost of our language, culture and history: new generations have no more references on their own land and we fear a loss of identity.

Maohi-Nui (French Polynesia) is located in the South Pacific and has the biggest Exclusive Economic Zone, about 5 000 000 square kilometres, as big as Europe. Our country is a highly coveted region in particular for its resources. Exploitable rare earths have recently been discovered in Maohi-Nui and we all know that rare earths are essential for efficient nuclear weapons. Our destiny, like yours, apparently is tied to nuclear devices or weapons.

Strongly controlled by France and foreseeing the future nuclear disaster, we understand that resumption of nuclear test or restart of nuclear plants are critical to our future as well as yours. We heard your appeal and are joining you in your struggle to shake imperialists to their foundation and to built a better future for our planet Earth.

With warmest regards,

Keitapu Maamaatuaiahutapu

Deputy General Secretary



1 de Agosto de 2012.-

 Desde el Núcleo Revolucionario Internacionalista (Argentina) hacemos llegar nuestro saludo revolucionario militante a nuestros hermanos y hermanas de clase de Japón y de toda Asia, con quienes nos sentimos ligados por el espíritu de lucha contra las burguesías imperialistas que ante la crisis estructural del sistema capitalista imperialista mundial han declarado la guerra a la clase obrera y las masas explotadas en todo el mundo. Hoy más que nunca en los últimos sesenta años se expresa en toda su magnitud que el imperialismo es reacción en toda la línea.

La respuesta de la clase obrera y las masas a esta guerra declarada por las burguesías imperialistas no se ha hecho esperar. Desde Madagascar, las colonias francesas de Martinica y Guadalupe, y Kirguistán; pasando hoy por Chile, Perú y Bolivia en América Latina, por la China y la India profundas y por las propias potencias imperialistas como EEUU y la Europa imperialista, las masas han entrado en maniobras de revolución, en lucha política de masas. Aún más, en el Norte de África y Medio Oriente, donde la clase obrera y las masas protagonizan una revolución abierta contra las burguesías nativas, socios menores y correa de trasmisión de la ofensiva de la burguesía imperialista contra las masas explotadas de sus propios países.

En Túnez, en Egipto, en Libia y hoy en Siria, el proletariado y las masas ponen todo de si para enfrentar al enemigo de clase en una guerra abierta. Allí han derrocado gobiernos, se armaron y dividieron y derrotaron ejércitos. Sin embargo, en ningún caso han logrado tomar el poder. Y esto no se debió ni a la falta de disposición a la lucha de nuestra clase ni a la fortaleza del imperialismo y la burguesía que hoy atraviesan la más profunda crisis en más de sesenta años.

El principal obstáculo que se interpone entre la clase obrera y las masas y la toma del poder es la sobreabundancia de direcciones traidoras en el seno de las organizaciones obreras. Son los stalinistas, anarquistas, populistas y renegados del trotskismo que echan tierra a los ojos de la clase obrera haciendo pasar a sus enemigos de la burguesía como aliados.

La crisis de la humanidad se reduce a la crisis de dirección revolucionaria. Es hoy más que nunca el momento en el que se ha puesto a la orden del día la necesidad de poner en pie un Estado Mayor Revolucionario para derrotar en el seno de las organizaciones obreras en lucha a las direcciones que se interponen entre nuestra clase y la toma del poder del estado.

¡Unamos nuestras fuerzas para declarar la guerra a las direcciones traidoras que desde el seno de las organizaciones obreras, dividen y aíslan a los obreros y las masas en lucha país por país!

¡Avancemos en la lucha por poner en pie un Estado Mayor Revolucionario internacional para romper el cerco impuesto por el imperialismo y las burguesías nativas, y sostenido por las direcciones traidoras; y para dotar a la clase obrera y las masas de la dirección que necesitan para triunfar!

Con fraternales saludos revolucionarios

Núcleo Revolucionario Internacionalista (Argentina)


ƒ~. ƒ~œΠƒZƒ€€ƒ~ƒEƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[

27 ƒ~ƒNƒ€ŽΠƒTƒ€ 2012, ƒ~. ƒ~uƒ€ƒΡ€ƒ€‹, ƒ~@ƒ~ƒZƒ€ΡΠƒNƒ€

ƒ~vƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒJƒ~[ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ€‹ΠƒI ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒNƒ€‰ΠƒN ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒVƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚Ρ‹ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒIƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒPƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒI – ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€†Ρ‹ ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒCƒ€ΠƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒI, ƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€†Ρ‹ ƒ~ƒLƒ~[ ƒ€ΠƒZƒ€†ΠƒNƒ~[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒV – ƒ€Π[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒEƒ€ƒΠƒVƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€‰ΠƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒI ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ΠƒI ƒ~—ΠƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒTƒ€!

ƒ~ŸΡ€ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€‚стЃCƒ€ƒΠƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~’Ё[ƒ€ˆΡƒ ƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ€ƒΡŽ ƒ~[ƒ€ΡΠ[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ€Ž ƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒCƒ€ΠƒIƒ€… ƒ€ƒΠƒEƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ€‹Ρ…, ƒ~ƒAƒ€‹ΠƒCƒ€ˆΠƒNƒ€… ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€‚сЃRƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒTƒ€ŽΠƒGƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒP, ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ€ˆΠƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ€ƒΡˆΠƒRƒ€ƒ ƒ~ƒRƒ~[ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒNƒ€‚Ё[ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒVƒ~[ ƒ€‡ΠƒIƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒL ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~[ƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΡΡ‚ΠƒCƒ~ƒZ ƒ€€ƒ€ƒΠƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒP ƒ~šΡ€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒTƒ€ ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒXƒ€‹Ρ… ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ~ƒGƒ€‹ΠƒR.

ƒ~–ΠƒIƒ~ƒTƒ~[ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~’ΠΠœ ƒ€ƒΡΠƒ\ƒ~ƒIƒ€ˆΠƒXƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒIƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒN ƒ~[ƒ€ΡΠ[ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒIƒ€Ž ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒNƒ€‚ΡŒΡΡ ƒ€ΠƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒNƒ€… ƒ€‚Ρ€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒAƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒP ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒCƒ€ΠƒIƒ~ƒV ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ-ƒ~ƒCƒ~[ƒ~ƒJƒ~ƒXƒ€‹ΠƒV ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒ\ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ€Π[ƒ~ƒV.

ƒ~Bƒ~ƒ\ƒ~[ƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒN ƒ~–Π˜Π—ΠΠƒƒ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€ˆΠƒIƒ~ƒP ƒ~ŸΠƒTƒ~[ƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒIƒ€‚ΠƒI ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€€ƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒGƒ€‹ ƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒEƒ€ƒΡ‚ ƒ€‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ŒΠƒRƒ~ƒZ ƒ€ΠƒZƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒAƒ€‰Π[, ƒ€Πƒ\ƒ~ƒTƒ~ƒZƒ€‚ΠƒNƒ~ƒCƒ€ˆΠƒNƒ€ΡŒ ƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒGƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒZ. ƒ~”Ё[ ƒ~ƒLƒ~ƒGƒ€€ƒ~[ƒ~ƒCƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ€ƒΠƒIƒ€‚ ƒ~’сЃIƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒNƒ€€ƒ~ƒXƒ~[ƒ€ ƒ€€ƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒCƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒTƒ€ŽΡ†ΠƒNƒ€!

ƒ~žΡ‚ ƒ~ƒNƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒN ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZ ƒ~ƒ\ƒ~ƒZƒ€€ƒ€ƒΡ‡ΠƒIƒ~ƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€Ž ƒ~ƒRƒ~ƒZƒ~ƒVƒ~ƒVƒ€ƒΠƒXƒ~ƒNƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒZƒ~ƒC ƒ~ƒN ƒ€ΠƒZƒ€‡ΡƒΠƒCƒ€Ρ‚ΠƒCƒ€ƒΡŽΡ‰ΠƒNƒ€… ƒ~ƒE. ƒ~. ƒ~uƒ€ƒΡ€ƒ€‹


’s communist workers’ party for peace and socialism

August 4th 2012, Finland


Dear Participants of the 50th International Antiwar Anniversary in Japan

With feeling of solidarity, we are greeting the workers, the students and all the other participants of the antiwar demonstration in Japan in 2012.

We think that to uncover the causes of the wars is one of the most important tasks of the peace movements in all countries. The causes of the wars can be found in the capitalistic world order. There lies the greatest danger of new wars in the capitalistic world order and in the same time the imperialistic politics of different countries.

The greatest threat everywhere in the globe is the participation of the USA in defending its own interests. Also in Europe the EU is growing as an imperialistic superpower. NATO is the common agent of USA and EU in the military matters. This union might be temporary and new alliances might be developing in the parts of the world. All depends of the goals of different agents of the capital, states and state alliances.

The imperialistic goals of all those alliances are conquer and govern the natural resources in order to use them in their own benefit. Following this development the crisis situations all over the world will continue rising and the danger of wars is growing.

For us defending the peace and socialism all over the world the struggle means action against the imperialistic capitalism. Without these actions the sovereign countries will be oppressed.

We have a common goal in the struggle for peace and development. We are sending for your longstanding work our best wishes.

With internationalist regards

Finland’s communist workers’ party for peace and socialism-
Central Council Chairman
Hannu Harju


Committee to Support the Syrian Masses in

July 30th, 2012

Comrades, your Assembly is being held in a context of war and massacre, where imperialism tries to throw its crisis to the workers’ shoulders. This context is shaped by confrontations at world level between exploited people and exploiters who didn’t doubt to silence workers with genocides, massacres, weapons and betrayals. We have also seen this year the biggest massacre during the last years in Syria, as well as the biggest betrayals by most of the left organizations to the fights of the world working class. With over 100 thousand Syrian martyrs they keep fighting the tyrant Al-Assad, in completely hostile conditions and they still resist with determined tenacity.

Facing these events and responding the appeal of the militias of Libya signed by the revolutionary fighters of the Libyan militias and the Committee of internationalist worker volunteers, in March we set up in Argentina a committee in support with Syrian masses despite and against all the world leaderships that turned their back to the revolutionary Syrian masses as yesterday they did against the Libyans by slandering them calling them β€œground NATO troops”. We carried out some activities such as   take placards denouncing the Al Assad’s massacre in the demonstration on March 24th , commemoration day  of the last military coup in Argentina; also in the University of Arts that belongs to the University of Buenos Aires we convened a debate where we communicated via Skype with the Tripoli dock-workers’ militias. Thanks to the huge struggle we gave in the workers’ and students’ assemblies we could conquer and had the privilege to carried out the first demonstration to the Embassy of Syria at Latin American level denouncing the murderous Al Assad. 

We consider that all these political events were the first and big steps to break the fence, which imperialism and treacherous leaderships of the world proletariat, imposed over the heroic Syrian masses. Comrades, we have to be aware that in Syria is the faith of the world proletariat, because if imperialism smashes in Syria, we will be next. The masses gave and give everything. From different parts of the world tens of militia men travel to fight. It is time that we, the revolutionary forces and those who for the victory of the Syrian revolution, let’s move to concrete steps and take words into facts. Let’s be at the same level than the Syrian, Northern Africa and Middle East masses!

That is why from the Committee we propel a call to create an International Committee in Support with the Syrian masses to help them, centralize internationally all the forces that are already fighting for this cause. This call has already been endorsed by organizations all over the world and because we know your tradition of anti-imperialist fight we call you to propel together this campaign to set up such Committee. Besides the fact that his campaign be propelled in the heart of an imperialist power will show the way forward to every exploited people from Europe, USA and the world who vibrate with the chain of revolutions in Northern Africa and Middle East. Thus, we will be conquering the conditions for the working class in the imperialist powers to set up and paralyze war machinery and docks, from the regimes that feed Al-Assad; as you did with the invasion to Afghanistan by USA and Japan preventing the departure of armed ships.

That is why, as we say in our appeal, we propose you β€œlet’s set up an International Committee of support with the Syrian masses to centralize all the necessary help, where we can collect all kind of supplies for the Syrian resistance: from medicines, food, clothe, money and volunteers to fight with them as already the Tunisian, Libyan and Palestine workers are doing from their organizations”. Having this aim and as part of this offensive, from the Committee, we are opening a bank account in order to collect funds for the resistance and launching in the worker organizations β€œa day wage per worker” with this aim, as the comrades from Venezuela are launching in the militant unions in this country. Comrades this is the motion and proposal that we are sending you to you 50th Antiwar Assembly so you take it in your hands. 

Comrades, let’s fight together!

Committee to support the Syrian masses in Argentina.

PS: we send you the flag of the Committee with we use in the demonstration towards the Syrian embassy in Argentina.  We now it will be in good hands and we hope that together we take it and make it shake



August 6th 2012, Greece

Dear comrades,  

We send you our warmest greetings to the 50th International Antiwar Assembly together with a solidarity message to the Japanese people who experienced the disaster of the atomic bomb, the cruelty of the US imperialism and the absolute catastrophe brought by the nuclear disaster while entering the Cold War period. We send this message on behalf of the Anticapitalist Left Cooperation for the Overthrow (ANTARSYA) in Greece, which follows the evolutionary path of a social war proclaimed by the government and the capital together with the EU, the ECB and the IMF during the last two.

The reduction of salaries, the unbearable burden of taxes for the poor, the destroyed Health System and the deconstructed Social Care, the privatisation of public wealth and especially the continuous attempt to save the banking system may seem to occur in order to pay up the debt and therefore guarantee Greece’s membership in the Eurozone. In fact the aim of the Memorandum singed by the Greek government and EU-ECB-IMF is to force working people to pay for the capitalist crisis. Such policies have lead to the crisis of democracy, too since people are being obliged to accept the unacceptable Memorandum. The democratic rights are being violated, demonstrations are being repressed, while fascists and neo-nazis gain ground within the sharpened social antagonism. 

What is happening is nothing more than another plan of social robbery organised by the IMF as already occurred in many other countries in the past. Today in times of capitalist crisis, the disastrous pattern of the IMF is being transferred from the EU to Europe in order to prove that the Eurozone is nothing more than a β€œclub” of the powerful and the enemies of the working class.

Within the same framework of the capital’s unhesitating plans, nuclear energy constitutes a dominant choice although putting people and nature in jeopardy. In the same time, capitalist crisis leads to the sharpening of nationalist antagonism and therefore to a certain race of war adventurism.

The emerging alliances formed with the US and China as the two central poles prove that the capitalists will not hesitate to even proclaim war in order to survive and open new ways for profit and newborn markets.

The events in North Africa and the Middle East, the Arab Spring and what followed showed once again that people and mass mobilisations are able to create historical events. Such events prove also that imperialists and the capital will not leave power easily and that they will attempt to use every political insufficiency and contradiction as well as fundamentalism, nationalism and racism in order to manipulate, divide and finally control people and stop the social dynamics emerged.    

In these tough but fruitful times we keep walking having the confidence that people will finally win with international solidarity as their powerful weapon. We hope that a new period will be born and struggling people in Japan and Greece will unite against the common enemy putting forward the international support and solidarity. We send you our warmest greetings for your assembly that constitutes a vital contribution to the antiwar struggle of people and a crucial attempt to create a world with no exploitation; the world of the socialist attempt and the communist perspective.

The 21st century will be the century of people!

Solidarity is the weapon of people, war against the war of imperialists!

Internationalism and common struggle against war, nationalism, imperialism and capitalism!


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