Denounce the US aggression against Afghanistan!

Upper: at the US Embassy Lower: at the British Embassy
Photos: students' protests on the day of the bombing started (Oct. 8th)

Stop the Warmonger's Visit to Japan!
Smash Bush-Koizumi Meeting!
Denounce US / UK Aggression against Afghanistan! Never Let Them Extend the War to Iraq! Denounce Israel's Military Attacks on Palestine! Stop Japan Joining the War! No to Emergency Legislation! No Revision of the Constitution!

[All-Japan Federation of Students' Self-Governing Associations]
JRCL-RMF [Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction)]

US President G. W. Bush and Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi Jun'ichiro are preparing to meet tomorrow for celebrating their 'victory' in the aggressive war against Afghanistan in the name of 'civilization and justice'. They also want to declare an extension of the 'war on terrorism'. We are totally determined to fight to stop the warmonger's visit to Japan and to smash the US-Japan summit talk for war cooperation.
The Bush administration has already started its military interventions in the Philippine, Somalia, Yemen, and Sudan. It is also threatening Iraq, Iran and North Korea by labelling them as 'an axis of evil', targeting, at first, Iraq of the three. Defense Secretary D. H. Rumsfeld said, 'The best, and in some cases, the only defense is a good offense'.
Now, Bush is bent on sweeping away all that he has named 'evil' just because they are defiant towards America. But think! Who is it that has been indiscriminately dropping atrocious bombs such as Daisycutters, cluster bombs, and depleted uranium shells in the name of 'eradicating terrorism'? Isn't it Bush himself who has been killing, like worms, tens of thousands of Taliban militias and other Afghan people under the pretext of 'war for civilization and justice'? These acts must be called 'barbarism in the name of civilization'!
Imagine, under those air raids, what tragedies have occurred, and are still occurring. Even reports from al-Jazeera TV (nicknamed Middle-Eastern CNN) can show just part of the realities. Look squarely at pictures of babies born with no brains!
Those depleted munitions that Bush's father used against Iraq a decade ago have caused, and is still causing, such a tragedy. But, even this is just a part of the realities, which have been rarely reported by the media that have degraded themselves to press secretaries for the Pentagon after surrendering to the intimidation, 'Watch what you say!' In fact, imperialist America is bringing similar tragedies to Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and other areas over the world.
The CIA-patronized Karzai administration is, in actuality, a 'Kabul government', which can govern only the capital. Despite of the massive propaganda about 'Afghanistan's reconstruction', the fact is the intensification of domestic territorial warfare between local warlords, who belong to different ethnicities and religious sects. The bloody strife is intensified as foreign states are interfering there from different calculations (Russia, China, Iran, India, Pakistan, and America). There are also disputes over Kashmir between Pakistan and India, opposition between Russia and the US over the latter's long-term contracts for its military presence in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, and, as well, hostilities between the US and Iraq together with Iran. Intensification of these disputes will lead Afghanistan to a more serious, more tragic situation. American imperialists praise 'the victory of Justice' and draw a roseate picture of the country's 'reconstruction', covering up the tragedy that they themselves have caused. Enough is enough!
What is called 'asymmetrical war' for 'antiterrorism' just shows that Gorge W. Bush is a true warmonger! His latest rhetoric 'an axis of evil' bluntly represents unilateralism of his administration. There were also the secession from the ABM Treaty announced for the development of the MD program and the escalation of its experiments, the cancelled ratification of the CTBT, the breakaway from the Kyoto Protocol to curb the emission of greenhouse gasses, and the boycott of the UN World Conference against Racism. (America's alternative to the Protocol, announced by Bush before his visit to Japan, is full of deceptions!)
And, a green light, or rather, an instigation, to Sharon's bloody attacks on Palestine. Adding to these, the US government announced a record increase in its military budget centring on introduction of high-tech weaponry, which is for overwhelmingly strengthening US forces with the aim to silence the other states over the world. (This is also for breaking the economic crunch by means of expansion of munitions-related production.) Exactly such an arrogance and affront of the imperialist US government constitutes the root cause for the September 11th attacks and will surely bring another terror on itself.
Bush's call for war against 'an axis of evil' has drawn fierce repulsions from Iraq, Iran and North Korea. Antipathies have been expressed, not only by these states, but also by power holders of US allies including France and Germany and by those in China and Russia; and rulers of Saudi Arabia as the leader of the Islamic countries have also expressed ill feelings against it.
In response, however, the Bush administration has again started to threaten these rulers high-handedly: 'Those countries that choose to tolerate terrorism and refuse to take action - or worse, those that continue to support it - will face consequences.' (Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz). On the other hand, Bush intends to position the US-Japan alliance in the centre of the 'international coalition against terrorism' and reinforce it to be comparable to its alliance with the UK. The reason for this intention is that Bush is irritated at discords intensified within the 'antiterrorism coalition' due to his steamrollering manner of carrying out US foreign policies.
To this request from the Yankee imperialist ruler, Koizumi is actively responding. Confirming that he realized Japan's participation in war for the first time since 1945, Koizumi is also determined to cooperate with Bush to extend the 'asymmetrical war' in the name of 'eradicating terrorism'. That is why the Koizumi government forcibly carried out the second dispatch of SDF troops (February 12-13th); it is also why the government is bent on enacting emergency legislation within the current session of the Diet in order to strengthen a national mobilization system. This means the Japanese government totally and openly removes military restrictions that have been imposed on it because most of the people have supported the 'war-renouncing' 9th article of the Constitution. Further, Koizumi is scheming for an explicit revision of Article 9. Remember that Koizumi visited Yasukuni Shrine in spite of oppositions from the Chinese and Korean governments and people. He praises the patriotic 'Kamikaze' spirit. He's really ambitious to change Japan into 'a country that can wage war'!
It must be noted that America's war of aggression against Afghanistan has highlighted a cultural meaning of the clash between the 'capitalist civilization connected with Christianity' and the 'Islamic culture (or civilization)'. This shows the nature of wars in the 21st century, the turning point of which was made by the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. Since the collapse of the USSR, American imperialism has been arrogantly carrying out its unilateralist policies, including warmongerings in disregard for the United Nations and impositions of neo-liberalist policies upon other countries. In doing so, it has put forward the universal supremacy of 'freedom and justice' and the 'American culture' connected with Christianity. This is drawing antipathy not only from Chinese and Russian rulers but also from the toiling masses all over the world. In particular, it is provoking the people in the Islamic world to revolts; thus, Islam fundamentalists or radicals are increasingly expanding their influence among the people. Therefore, unless we build struggles to stop American imperialist barbarities and to prevent our home government from assisting them, the 21st century will turn 'a century of war', in which religious / ethnic wars will intensify, connected with conflicts between the US and China-Russia to be called a 'new Cold War'. (For the significance of the September 11th event and the view of the JRCL-RMF, see "The Beginning of the End.")
Now, as continuing his war (atrocious state terrorism!), imperialist America's President G. W. Bush comes to Japan. We never allow him to sing a triumphal song together with his partner in the war, Japanese imperialist Prime Minister Koizumi. Neither do we let Koizumi propagandize the need for his 'structural reform' by making the full use of Bush's support. Koizumi's 'structural reform' is just an attempt to break through the current economic impasse by victimizing workers and people.
Notwithstanding, in relation to this Bush-Koizumi meeting, the Social Democratic Party of Japan, and the Japanese Communist Party as well, are just requesting a 'law-based response' to 'terrorism'. This is the worst distortion of antiwar, peace movement. Overcoming their degeneration, we resolutely fight to stop Bush's visit to Japan and to smash the US-Japan summit meeting. Now in South Korea, students and other people are fighting to prevent Bush from coming to their county; people are also rising in opposition to America's warmongering in Islamic and other areas over the world. In the warmest solidarity with them, we fight resolute struggles here in Japan.
Colleagues in struggles! Fight together with us!

February 17th, 2002

Denounce US Marine ground troops attacking on Kandahar!
Denounce the escalation in the murderous war against the Afghan people! Oppose the stationing of the US / UK-led multinational forces! Stop Japanese troops joining the war! Denounce the official left parties joining the chorus for 'eradicating terrorism'! Down with the Koizumi government!

Japan Revolutionary Communist League - Revolutionary Marxist Faction

Bloodthirsty American imperialism began to deploy massive Marines and other ground troops near the Taliban stronghold of Kandahar on November 25th, launching a ground battle for massacring the Taliban and the al-Qaeda
A few days ago US / UK forces 'won the fall' of the Taliban's last northern position in Kunduz through indiscriminate air raids and mass killings, putting forward the Northern Alliance troops. Now, they have started the violent attacks on Kandahar, the last stronghold of the Taliban led by Mullah Muhammad Omar, by committing US Marines notorious for atrocities in Vietnam. At last, they have launched an annihilating battle on the Taliban forces and Osama bin Laden's group.
US forces were again using fuel-air explosive bombs comparable to tactical nuclear bombs on November 21st near Kandahar, killing many fighters and people as if they were worms. American jets have been raining horrible bombs, including cluster bombs and bunker busters, on people around Kandahar.
Moreover, US forces massacred reportedly 800 Taliban fighters including Arabs at a Northern Alliance prison near Mazar-e Sharif by unleashing heavily armed AC-130 gunships and MH-60 Black Hawk helicopters under the pretext that the captives committed a 'revolt'
They say, 'Celebrate the liberation of Kabul!', 'Celebrate the return of freedom and peace to Afghanistan!' But isn't it the Anglo-American troops themselves called 'mission of freedom' that are now mad on most coward and most barbarous massacres against people in Afghanistan, just like cowboys mad on killing Indians.
Never permit their escalation in the murderous war against the Afghan people!

Smash the scheme of an 'interim administration' for imperialists

The land of the world's poorest nation is now burnt down and pious Muslims are being killed by Anglo-American imperialists and by their conspirators (Russia, states in EU, Japan and China). Those criminal rulers in the contemporary 'crusade' are also beginning dirty conflicts to take the lions' share of their preys stained with Afghans' blood. The UN-sponsored conference for 'an interim administration of Afghanistan' is, in its nature, like a bargaining between these hyenas.
Afghan delegates started to gather in Germany on November 27th for making a national administration; however, it's just a reproduction of the irreconcilable rivalries among various tribes and warlords in Afghanistan.
Hates and resentments are heating among those tribes and warlords because they were waging bloody civil wars in the past. Losing the clasp of the Taliban, the long-standing rivalries have been unleashed now. Moreover, the rivalries are aggravating because of intensifying oppositions among their backers including the US, Russia, Pakistan, India, and Iran in relation to post -Taliban visions. The intensified rivalries, particularly the Northern Alliance's 'dash', have confused the US initial plan for conquering the nation. It is for this reason that George W. Bush has made a decision to commit massive ground troops, aiming to frame a pro-US government against Russia and Iran, and, if things go well, to occupy strategic points in Afghanistan like in Saudi Arabia.

Stop another aggression against Iraq and Somalia!

George W. Bush is now desperate to capture and 'execute' Osama bin Laden, setting 25 million dollars on his head. The Anglo-American media, and the Japanese one as its follower, are now playing the role of a governmental speaker, saying 'Laden is contained', etc. They are drawing the world into a witch-hunt. While producing such a fever, warmongers are trying to hang not only bin Laden but also whomever they regard as harbouring or helping him.
They are targeting Iraq, and Somalia, condemning them as 'supporting terrorists'. They are even sending special squads to the Philippines to 'eradicate' guerrillas from Muslim radicals there, regarding them as 'having connections with the al-Qaeda'.
Comrades over the world!
George W. Bush is now building a horrible system to continuously wage the so-called 'asymmetric war', in which he aims missiles at 'terrorists' who can revolt against him and at Muslim people whom he regards as 'harbouring' them, under the banner of eradicating 'international terrorism as unseen enemies'.

Down with the Koizumi government rushing to join the war!

Workers in Japan!
The Koizumi government for Japanese imperialism willingly decided its war participation in order not to miss the opportunity of the US 'war on terrorism'. The government has positioned Japan as a member of the contemporary 'Crusade', or provokers of a global warfare, emerging as a conspirator in the massacre of the Afghan people. It must be said that Japanese imperialism has 'shown the flag' as 'an enemy to the Muslim people over the world'.
The dispatch of its SDF troops to the Indian Ocean in the name of 'rear supports to US and other forces' is for supporting the US / UK operation to 'capture Laden' and murderous air raids on people with the Taliban. The Koizumi government has now appeared as 'an enemy to the Muslim people'. Now is the time to overthrow his government with the full might of the working people in Japan!

Overcoming the degeneration of official left parties, advance revolutionary antiwar struggles!

Workers in Japan!
We should never let the bloodthirsty imperialists continue the atrocious killings!
However, the official opposition parties and leaders in trade unions, engulfed in the mass current for the 'war on terrorism', are showing their limitless degeneration. Denouncing their degeneration, fight to create revolutionary antiwar struggles under the banner, 'Stop the war of aggression against Afghanistan! Stop Japan joining the war!'
The central leadership of the Japanese Communist Party welcomes the 'UN-led scheme to build an interim administration', which was drawn by the US government for its interests. Although the fall of the Taliban administration could never have come without indiscriminate air-raid terrors by the US / UK forces, JCP leaders support the 'UN-led solution' with no reference to it. This is tantamount to giving acquittal to their massacres.
The JCP has expressed its alternatives with catch-copies, 'For terrorists, a law-based judgement led by the UN!' or 'For UN-centred steps from economic sanctions to military ones!' Now the party should ask the government to join SDF troops in the UN-based multinational forces. It would fit for the party that has lost their 'anti-American, anti-imperialist' cause and degraded itself to a social patriotic party helping the war. Denounce the Fuwa-Shii leadership of the JCP supporting the 'political talks' for a divided rule of Afghanistan between imperialist powers and Russia-China!

Workers over the world!
The root cause of the tragedy of the Afghan people lies in the fact that antiwar, peace struggles of the toiling masses has been weakened and degenerated throughout the world by labour aristocrats and Stalinist bureaucrats.
Let us build a solidarity with fighting Muslim people who are burning angers and resolute to fight back against the atrocious US / UK state terrorism! While calling on them to overcome the limitations of 'the Islamic holy war', let us advance international antiwar struggles! Fight together with the JRCL-RMF!

(November 26th)

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Stop US Aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq!
Denounce Imperialist America's Warmongering in the Name of 'Defence of Freedom and Civilization'!

A world-shaking event occurred on September 11th. Two 'hijacked' civilian airliners (Boeing 767s) en route from Boston's Logan International Airport slammed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City in succession at 8:45 and 9:03 a.m. (Eastern Time), bursting into flames together with the buildings. The two 110-story buildings collapsed around an hour later. At 9:45 a.m. another 'hijacked' passenger plane (Boeing 757) from Washington Dulles Airport hit the Pentagon building of the Department of Defense outside Washington, plunging the US Military Headquarters into flames.
This 'jihad' (holy war), probably carried out, in the direct sense, by a guerrilla group for Islamic resurrection, struck the economic and military hubs of imperialist America with perfect precision and broke down both at once: the financial / trading centre as the heart of the US-led global economy, and the pivot of its military domination over the world.
Since the collapse of the USSR, American imperialism has boasted itself to be the 'sole superpower in the world'. It has committed numerous atrocities in the name of 'justice and humanitarianism', including aggressive wars that ravaged Iraq and Yugoslavia in the flames of bombing. Recently, this 'world's biggest rogue state' again openly expressed support for the Sharon government in Israel, which is perpetrating genocidal acts to eliminate the Palestinian state; and, behind this, it had been scheming to launch more warmongering (a fifth Middle East War). Forestalling this very scheme of the USA, a group of Muslims martyred themselves for the jihad, striking imperialist America to the heart. This incident is, without doubt, an epoch-making event, which signifies a success for Islamic resurrectionism (Islam fundamentalism) in boldly challenging imperialist America's scheme for world domination.
Precisely for this reason, the Bush administration and its followers, who have been confused into panic, are yelling for a 'retaliatory war' to 'eradicate barbaric indiscriminate terrorism', or for a war of extermination that 'will make no distinction between the terrorists who committed the acts and those who harbor them'. Under the banner of 'defence of the free world and civilization', they are about to launch a military attack, a war of aggression, against Osama bin Laden's group and their host, the Taliban in Afghanistan, and besides, against Iraq led by Saddam Hussein.
But think! Who was the perpetrator of those indiscriminate bombings in Yugoslavia and Iraq? Who used depleted uranium munitions in doing so? Who is backing up the Zionist government in Israel? Who is supporting this government that has demolished even the 'self-government in jail' (establishment of a provisional Palestinian government based on the Oslo Agreement in 1993) and repeated genocidal barbarities against the Palestinian people?
They condemn the event as 'indiscriminate terrorism against the free world and civilization'. This condemnation is made, however, to entirely cover up America's own crimes of warmongering and justify its scheme of genocide against Islamic resurrectionist forces. As such, it is a naked expression of America's monstrous arrogance. It is an instance of an evildoer's audacity.
We will say it any number of times. It is imperialist America itself, headed by the warmonger George W. Bush, a steamroller of unilateralism, that has sowed the seeds of hate, resentment and all other anti-American sentiments among the people of the Islamic world in the Middle East and over the world; not vice versa.
Imperialist America has been warmongering in various regions of the world, assuming itself to be the 'international police officer'. It has been trampling down many countries of the world under its financial and economic rule by promoting American globalization. Undoubtedly, the root cause lies in these tyrannies, and nothing else.
Workers and students over the world! Comrades suffering from exploitation and expropriation by US imperialism!

We appeal to you again.

Even though the September 11th attacks were carried out by Osama bin Laden and a guerrilla group from Islamic resurrectionist forces who are supporting and leading him, and despite the fact that their method of anti-American jihad has in itself operated against the working people, this self-sacrificing act of martyrdom has delivered a hard blow to the pivot of economic and military rule by US imperialism over the world. It is precisely a 'challenge' to break down the tyranny of American imperialism in its 'sole domination' over the world. In this sense, it is an epoch-making act. As a matter of course, we negate terrorism in principle, based on the tenet of the struggle for proletarian liberation. For all that, we say so because the very source of the event lies in imperialist America's own history of aggression and barbarities, the history of aggressive wars that America has carried out with extreme arrogance in Iraq, Palestine and other Middle East areas, in Yugoslavia, and in Vietnam and Korea.
Nevertheless, official opposition leaders in Japan, and those of the Japanese Communist Party in particular, are infected with those hallelujahs, the poison of imperialist propaganda for massive military attacks against Afghanistan, and moreover, against Iraq, to be launched by US imperialism in the name of 'retaliatory war' or 'war to eradicate terrorism'.
In fact, JCP Chairman Shii Kazuo has joined the imperialist chorus by saying: 'The JCP strongly condemns the barbaric and repugnant simultaneous terror attacks' (their daily Akahata dated September 13th).
Comrades over the world!
Expose the criminality of the official leadership degraded to a mere complement to the war of aggression! Rise with us in struggles to stop imperialist America and its NATO allies from launching military attacks against Afghanistan and Iraq! Stand up in struggles to stop the war of aggression that is about to break out.
We call on the toiling masses in our country. Smash all the schemes of the Koizumi government to establish emergency legislation and revise the SDF Law enabling it to guard the US forces stationed in Japan! Never let the SDF troops join the war!
Let us fight together against the atrocities of warmongers and fascists throughout the world!

I. The Islamic Jihad that has smashed the American pivot for its 'sole domination'
II. The Bush government about to launch total aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq
III. Criminal nature of the warmongering in the name of 'war on international terrorism'
- The root cause: imperialist America's 'state terrorism'
- Naked expression of arrogant chauvinism against Islamic forces
- EU and Japan giving supreme preference to the imperialist ruling order
IV. Advance antiwar struggles against the aggressive war under the 'new cold war between East and West'!

(Only chapters' titles are cited in the following))

I. The 'Islamic Jihad' that has smashed up the pivot of America for its 'sole domination'
II. The Bush government about to launch a total aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq
III. Criminal nature of the warmongering named 'war to eliminate international terrorism'
- The root cause of the problems is imperialist America's 'state terrorism'.
- Self-revelation of arrogant chauvinism against Islamic forces
- EU and Japan giving the supreme preference to the imperialist ruling order
IV. Advance antiwar struggles against the aggressive war under the "new cold war between East and West"!

Denounce the US-UK
Starting Air-Raid Terrorism
against the Taliban!

(1) Today, at last, the Bush administration of the US and Blair's government of Britain launched air-strike terrorism against the Taliban, trampling down voices of protest of the people over the world. Bombers from the US mainland and fighter jets from aircraft carriers, together with Tomahawks from submarines etc., raided Afghanistan, plunging Kabul, Qandahar, Jalalabad, Herath and other cities into flames. Now people in Afghanistan are exposed to indiscriminate, murderous attacks.
With irrepressible anger we the JRCL - RMF protest against the most barbarous, genocidal attack that was started by Bush and other imperialist rulers. We call on the working people in the country, and over the world, to rise in resolute antiwar struggles to smash this barbarity.
Since this morning young comrades of the Zengakuren have been waging their demonstrations in waves to protest against the US Embassy in Tokyo. Now it's time for all the workers, students, intellectuals and other people to rise in the struggle!

(2) G. W. Bush tries to decorate the genocidal war against the Afghan people that he launched today by calling it 'a just fight to save the free world and civilization from barbarous terrorism'. This, however, only shows how badly they were shocked by the 'great event of the century' on September 11th.
On September 11th those 'jihad warriors' from a group for Islamic resurrection carried out a self-sacrificing attack, collapsing both the economic and military centres of imperialist America: the World Trade Center as the heart of the globalized world economy and the Pentagon as the hub of its military domination over the world. This event crumbled down the political authority of the United States as the sole 'super power' and plunged its economy into confusion. It clearly revealed that the oppressed people over the world have deepened their hatred and grudge against the United States. The 'anti-American Jihad' on September 11th as such must be seen as an epoch-making event that meant a challenge, and its success, of Islamic resurrectionism against imperialist America's scheme for world domination.
Precisely for this reason, G. W. Bush, in confusion and frenzy, has launched a genocidal war of madness against Osama bin Laden's group and Afghanistan ruled by the Taliban as their host.

(3) Bush says it's a just war. However, that's an instance of evil-doers' audacity. We must say: Who is the backer of the Zionist government in Israel? Who supports this government that has demolished even a 'self-government in jail' (establishment of a provisional Palestinian government) based on the Oslo Agreements in 1993 and repeated genocidal barbarities against the Palestinian people? Who has been eagerly watching for a chance for another warmongering (Fifth Middle East War) together with Sharon?
And who burned Yugoslavia and Iraq in flames of aggressive wars in the name of 'justice and humanitarianism', as boasting to be the 'sole super power, since the collapse of the USSR?
It's the United States of America as the world biggest 'rogue state'!
Putin's government of Russia is a conspirator in the air-strike terrorism because it pardons the 'rogue state' and joins the chorus for 'an international network to eliminate terrorism'.

(4) The Koizumi-led government of Japan is giving full supports to America's war of madness and stepping forward to join the war. Even by violating Article 9 of the Constitution of Japan, the government is now establishing the law to support the US Forces and sending SDF troops to battlefields in succession on the pretext of 'rear area supports'. Six SDF transport planes (C 130H) will reach a 'battlefield' in Pakistan tomorrow. We do never allow the neo-fascist Koizumi government to perpetrate such epochal attacks, affected with the idea that they have to 'show the (rising sun) flag'.

(5) We denounce the JCP central leadership because they are shouting, 'Impeach the barbarous terrorism! Arrest and send the criminals to the international court!' We criticize them with anger for joining the US and Japanese rulers in such a chorus today when the rulers' aggressive war of madness is thrusting down the starved Afghan people into a hell.
Expose the criminal nature of all the official leaders that have degraded themselves to 'complementary forces to the war of aggression'! It is time for those who have fought 'antiwar, peace struggles' to rise in unity!
In the US and Britain courageous people are expandedly staging antiwar their demonstrations in opposition to atrocious attacks taken by the governments of their own countries. In Islamic countries including Pakistan people are rising in a 'holly war' in succession against the 'aggressive America'.

Comrades all over the world! Fight together with us to smash the imperialist America's barbarous war of aggression against Afghanistan!

The toiling masses in Japan! Fight to shatter Koizumi's move for joining the war! Fight it out aiming to overthrow the Koizumi government!

Smash the barbarities of the world warmongers on the basis of the united power of the people over the world!
October 8th, 2001

Japan Revolutionary Communist League - Revolutionary Marxist Faction
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