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The 55th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan
August 6th 2017

The Executive Committee for the 55th International Antiwar Assembly
composed of
All-Japan Federation of Students' Self-Governing Associations [Zengakuren]
Antiwar Youth Committee
Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction) [JRCL (RMF)]

Messages of solidarity from overseas

Overseas Appeal for the
55th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan

Stop a nuclear Korean war!
Oppose US, Chinese and Russian rulers
bent on a nuclear arms race and warmongering!

 We call on people all over the world! East Asia is now on the brink of a nuclear war, a war that may plunge the whole region into an inferno that has never been experienced since the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where hundreds of thousands of people were massacred in the closing days of the Second World War. US and Japanese forces are ready for attacking the DPRK, pressing the Kim regime to give up developing nuclear missiles, while the Kim regime is repeating missile launches, reiterating that it 'will reply to the enemy's attack with nuclear weapons'.
 In Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere in the Middle East, people are being indiscriminately murdered by aerial bombings at this very moment. The rulers of the US, China and Russia are vying with each other to strengthen their nuclear capabilities.
 Comrades all over the world! Don't let those rulers go on with warmongering and a nuclear arms race! Now is the time to unite across borders and stand up and fight! On August 6th, the day of Hiroshima, we are holding the annual International Antiwar Assemblies in Tokyo and six other cities in Japan. We ardently hope that you send a message of solidarity to the assemblies.

Down with Trump and Kim laying their finger on the button to launch nuclear missiles!

 Numerous US warships, attended by Japanese war vessels, are cruising around the Korean Peninsula. Nuclear submarines, fully loaded with cruise missiles, are navigating underwater, while gigantic B-1B strategic bombers are flying around. US and South Korean special forces are prepared to carry out a 'Kim Jong Un-beheading operation'.
 The Donald Trump-led US administration is irritated at the growing possibility of the Kim regime succeeding in the development of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) tipped with nuclear warheads and capable of hitting the US mainland. Arrogantly rejecting any deal, this administration is brandishing the sword of a pre-emptive attack to press the Kim regime to give up all the projects for developing nuclear weapons and missiles.
 The Kim regime on the other side is accelerating its nuclear development all the more, driven by a fear that, without nuclear armament, his autocracy will be forced to collapse (as in the case of Saddam Hussein or Muhammad al-Gadhafi). 'Nuclear weapons are more precious than our lives,' is the phrase that it reiterates.
 Faced with the threat of a pre-emptive attack, the DPRK government is desperately shouting, '(If the enemy targets our leadership, it will see) the South reduced to ashes, the Japanese Archipelago sunk to boot, and the US mainland rained down nuclear hail.' Kim is laying his finger on the nuclear button, targeting the people in South Korea and Japan! Trump on the other hand had the nerve to say that 'there is a chance that we could end up having a major conflict with North Korea.' His words suggest that he would never let Kim possess ICBMs and that he would 'not care a damn' how many Korean and Japanese casualties occur in the war. This is the true feeling of the man who barks around 'America first'! At present, Trump is politically driven into a tight corner, as he himself has become the target of the investigation into the 'Russia-gate' scandal. In order to divert attention from the scandal, he is motivated to launch a military attack against North Korea.
 Stop the nuclear Korean war which threatens to break out! The only way to stop it is for US, Japanese, and North and South Korean people to fight in unity to topple down their rulers who are dashing towards war.
 We are determined to overthrow the Abe government of Japan which is ready to step in full participation in the war. It must be remembered that Japanese imperialism in the past placed the Korean Peninsula under its colonial rule and trampled underfoot other Asian countries. From these crimes of Japanese imperialism - as well as a political deal between US imperialism and the Stalinist USSR - arose a divided Korea. (North Korea today is the faded shadow of what used to be a Stalinist bureaucratic state.) Today, however, the Abe government is intent on burning the Korean Peninsula again in the fires of war in alliance with US imperialism, while arrogantly justifying the colonial rule and numerous crimes that Japanese imperialism perpetrated in the past. We, the Japanese working class and people, will never allow this. We call on the people of the US to also rise in a fight to topple the war-crazy Trump administration!
 We fight in solidarity with the people of South Korea who are fighting to block the deployment of the US THAAD interceptor missile system. Korean people in the North and the South! Now is the time to break the division of the nation and advance for the unification of Korea with the own hands of workers and people!

Denounce the genocidal war on Muslim people in the name of 'the war on terror'!

 Trump has started another warmongering act in the Middle East. By providing Saudi Arabia with US-made weapons in massive quantities, he has instigated this Islamic kingdom to go to war with Iran, which he sees as 'America's enemy' and a 'threat to Israel'. New Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman whom Trump supports is notorious as a war maker.
 Trump has also started a new operation, in cahoots with Zionist Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to eradicate Hamas, a Palestinian resistance organization holding the banner of anti-American imperialism / anti-Zionism. He urged Mahmoud Abbas, the treacherous President of the Palestinian National Authority, to cut food, medical and fuel supplies to the Gaza Strip, which Hamas keeps governing. This was followed by aerial bombings by Israeli troops. Trump is plunging the people of Gaza into famine, disease and the fear of air raids!
 In Iraq, US forces fiercely bombed Mosul, the last base of the Islamic State (IS), burning down the city together with its residents who had been held hostage as 'human shields'. Their aim was to achieve more in the anti-IS operation than Shiite militias mobilized from Iran to support the Iraqi army.
 In Syria, too, US forces carried out indiscriminate aerial bombings on the alleged IS Capital of Ar-Raqqah to encourage the US-backed Kurdish militias to march on the city, vying with the government forces of Bashar Assad backed by the Russian forces and Iranian Shiite militias. In anticipation of the fall of Ar-Raqqah, the Putin-led government of Russia is preparing to concentrate resources on annihilating rebel forces (including US-backed elements) with the aim of consolidating the rule by the Assad regime as its only ally in the Middle East. Irritated by this, the Trump administration dared mobilize US forces to shoot down a Syrian warplane near Ar-Raqqah. The danger is growing that US and Russian troops will clash head-on.
 In Afghanistan, this administration used the 'Mother of All Bombs', a weapon of mass destruction, to kill Islamic rebels instantaneously. It is planning to send 4000 additional soldiers.
 Comrades all over the world! Trump has launched warmongering acts to remove every element that he regards as a threat to America's interests, paying no attention to appearances. He backs Saudi Arabia just because this Sunnite monarchy is antagonistic to the Shiite republic of Iran. He backs Kurdish forces as long as he thinks he can use them as his tools for wiping out the IS. In the name of 'war on terror', he is promoting America's state egoism, an imperialist intervention. By so doing, Trump is adding fuel to the flames of antagonisms and conflicts between different religions, sects, ethnic groups and nations in the Middle East and the Islamic world. The same blame lies with Putin.
 Comrade all over the world! Oppose the genocidal war on Muslim people perpetrated by US and European governments and the Russian government! Exactly this is the root cause for huge numbers of people coming into Europe to seek refuge. And that is why part of infuriate Muslims are emerging as 'IS fighters' one after another and committing themselves to jihadist attacks (agitated by IS leaders who do not discriminate between rulers and the ruled toiling masses). Workers and people in the US and European countries! Keep this in your mind and fight in opposition to chauvinistic nationalism against Muslims and immigrants. Workers and people in the Middle East! Rise up in a fight in unity under the banner of 'anti-US imperialism / anti-Zionism' going beyond differences in religion, sect, ethnicity and nationality!

Oppose the nuclear capability race between the US and China / Russia!

 The US, Chinese and Russian rulers have intensified their rivalries especially since Trump took the reins of power under the slogan 'Make America great again.' Xi Jinping-led China is building its military bases in the South China Sea with the aim of seizing command of the western Pacific Ocean from US imperialism, while Trump-led US imperialism, in order to prevent it, is repeating provocative military actions in the name of 'Freedom of Navigation'. In Eastern Europe, the standoff between the US-led Nato forces and the Russian forces is reaching a hair-trigger situation over the issue of missile defence systems and 'Spearhead Forces' deployed by the former against the latter.
 In order to win the intensifying rivalries, US, Chinese and Russian rulers are bent on competitively strengthening their respective nuclear capabilities.
 The Trump-led US administration has identified China as 'the main enemy' and is intent on militarily overwhelming it. For that purpose, Trump has started a massive military build-up to 'reconstruct the world's strongest force' by increasing the military budget by 10% (54 billion dollars). When he yells 'America First' and that 'We are not a world policeman', this means that he will abandon rhetorical covers such as 'the champion of freedom and democracy' that his predecessors used, and will unreservedly push America's own interests to the utmost, and that, for that purpose, he will arm America with 'the world's strongest' nuclear armaments and brandish them to threaten the rest of the world.
 In the face of this move, the Xi Jinping government of China is also accelerating its military build-up. According to the state strategy of becoming 'a superpower in the 21st century' for the 'great revival of the Chinese nation', this government is frantic to catch up with the overwhelming military capability of US imperialism. In particular, it is reinforcing its naval forces (e.g. by building a domestic aircraft carrier) with the aim of seizing command of the western Pacific from the US. It is at the same time repressing by force rebellions of workers and peasants suffering hardships of life.
 The Putin-led Russian government is also building up nuclear capabilities out of its ambition 'to revive Russia as a great power', while strengthening its ties with China.
 All the power holders of the US, China and Russia are struggling against each other, each unreservedly showing its state egoism under nationalistic slogans, such as 'Make America great again', 'For a great revival of the Chinese nation' and 'For reviving Russia as a great power'. Comrades all over the world, be aware of an impending crisis! The nuclear capability race intensifying between the US and China / Russia may cause a Third World War and a nuclear annihilation of humanity, unless we stop it.

Let us promote antiwar struggles and fight to overthrow the governments engaging in wars!
Overcome the 'defence of the homeland' tendency!

 Against Trump's chauvinist agitation targeting immigrants and Muslims, workers and people in the United States and Europe are rising up in protest actions. Governments of European countries are also distancing themselves from Trump, expressing their open disgust with him. Among all these, only the Shinzo Abe-led Japanese government is servile to the Trump administration based on the US-Japan new military alliance, with an ambition to build Japan into a military power capable of waging a war together with US imperialism.
 This government is not only preparing to join the US in a war on North Korea but also sharpening its fangs to exterminate people's antiwar struggles by fully using the repressive 'conspiracy law' which it rammed through the Diet. Furthermore, Abe has recently placed the revision of the Constitution of Japan on the agenda with the aim of consolidating the constitutional status of the Self-Defence Forces (SDF) as Japan's armed forces that in reality wage a war of aggression. The core of the plan he announced lies in the effective nullification of Article 9, which stipulates that Japan forever renounces war and will never maintain any war potential. A grandson of a Second World War criminal, Shinzo Abe, who calls himself a 'right-wing militarist', has shown his true colours as a neo-fascist.
 We are fighting with all our strength to overthrow this government led by Abe. However, not a single voice of protest against war is raised by the leadership of the Japanese Trade Union Confederation (JTUC), the biggest national centre of trade unions in Japan. Those leaders have gone so far as to demand that the government 'should take a resolute attitude towards North Korea'. The JTUC leadership is not an exception. The central leadership of the Japanese Communist Party is reiterating, 'In the event that Japan's sovereignty is violated, using the SDF and the US-Japan Security Treaty is natural.' Obviously this self-styled communist party has adopted a position of approving a war on North Korea in the name of 'defending sovereignty'!
 We have been striving resolutely to overcome the degenerate leaderships of the peace movement and the labour movement in Japan that have fallen into a nationalist tendency to emphasize the 'defence of the homeland'. Based on proletarian internationalism, which has long been trashed by the JCP, we have been calling on Japanese workers and toiling people to 'stop a nuclear Korean war' and 'topple the Abe government bent on war'. By so doing, we have been leading the struggle against the conspiracy bill in the van of workers and people who besieged the Diet Building to block its passage, as well as the struggle against the construction of a new US base in Okinawa.
 Comrades all over the world! Today, the world is in danger of a Third World War due to the warmongering and the nuclear arms race of those rulers in the West and the East. Now is the time for the toiling people all over the world to unite and fight. Let us stop a nuclear Korean war! Let us oppose the nuclear armament race between the US and China / Russia!
 Comrades all over the world! The true power that can eradicate the imminent danger of war does not lie in the 'diplomatic efforts' of state power holders, which are no more than a 'deal' for pursuing the interests of their own states. No illusion must be cherished about the 'reason' of the war-addict Trump and other rulers. The only power to root out the crisis of war lies in the unity of the working classes and other toiling masses across national borders, the unity of those who are exploited, ruled, mobilized to war and victimized.
 Notwithstanding this, the very leaderships of labour movements, as well as most of the self-styled left themselves, have fallen into nationalism. Almost all the 'communist' parties in the world, including the self-described Japanese Communist Party, have fallen into a position of 'defending the homeland'. Because of their degeneration, part of the working class are even being misled by chauvinistic anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant propaganda pumped out by the ruling class. This is truly a critical state of affairs!
 The historical origin of this humiliating situation lies precisely in that the Mikhail Gorbachev leadership of the former Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) threw away all the thoughts of Marx and Lenin in the name of 'de-ideologization', regarding them as relics of a bygone century, thus dismantling the Soviet Union with their own hands.
 But today, when the storm of nationalism is raging, the significance of Marx's thought - as we see in 'The working people have no country' and 'Workers of all countries, unite!' - is increasing more than ever before.
 This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution. Amid the First World War, Lenin condemned the leaders of the Second International for falling into the position of 'defence of the fatherland', and called on the people of all countries: 'Reject the massacre of your brothers and sisters in other countries "for defence of the fatherland"!' 'Overthrow your government at home that has brought on the war!' This proletarian internationalism of Lenin based on Marx's thought became a leading idea of the Russian Revolution. It was however trampled down after Lenin's death by the successive leaders of the CPSU starting from Stalin, who subordinated working people's struggles of the world to the defence of the Soviet Union based on his doctrine of 'socialism in one country', and was finally buried by the Gorbachev leadership. Now is the time to revive this spirit of proletarian internationalism!
 Comrades all over the world! Let us overcome the degeneration of the official labour and peace movement leaderships yielding to a storm of nationalism! Let us rise up together across national borders and fight to stop the wars and overthrow the rulers hell-bent on warmongering and a nuclear arms race!

(June 30th, 2017)

Messages of solidarity from overseas

- Russian Communist Workers Party

- Workers Revolutionary Party (EEK) (Greece)

- Union Pacifiste de France

- The International Workers Committee Against War and Exploitation (IWC)

- The Organizing Committee for the Reconstruction of the Fourth International (OCRFI)

- The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)

- The International Secretariat of the Fourth International

- Revolutionary Marxists in

- FraccieEn Leninista Trotskista Internacional – Colectivo por la IV Internacional


- Radio Te Reo o Tefana (Maohi-Nui, French Polynesia)

- Larisa Babienko (Russia)

- Faridabad Workers Newspaper (India)

- ANTARSYA (Greece)

- Vladimir Pronin (Ukraine)

- Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)

- 평화와톃I읃V을여는사람들 (Spark)

- David McReynolds (USA)

- The Russian Party of Communists

- Russian Communist Workers Party –Tyumen State Committee

- Leon Sedov Brigade (Syria)

- Lewisham People Before Profit (Britain)

~@~Ё@~ - ~ПЁB~B

9 ~NЃT 2017, ~B~[~X~R-~ЃIЃI~Aр~E, ~@~ZсЃN

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~@~ZсЃN~PЃR~[ ~R~Z~V~VЃX~NтЃNЃIЃR~[ ~[~A~ZЁ[ ~\~[ЃN ~Cр~[~J~[~I ЃZ~C~[~NЃIЃRю ЃZ~T~N~G~[~X~Zть ~N ~\~N~C~IстЃCЃI чЁ[тЃX~N~R~Z~C 55-~P ~ЃI~J~GЃX~[~Z~G~X~Z~P ~[~XЃN~C~Z~I~X~X~Z~P ~[сЁ[~V~A~T~I~N.

~ы ~J~I~T~[~I~V ~ссЁ[~V~A~T~I~I сЃ\~IЃX~Z~P ~\~T~Z~G~ZЃC~Z~X~Z~P ~[~A~Zы ~N ~Cр~[~J~[~I~V ~X~[~G~I~J~G ~X~[ ЃZ, тЃZ ЃZ~C~[~NЃN уЃV~Iт ~[~L~Z~A~[ься ~C ЃT~Z~J~X~Z~P ~G~N~[~T~I~RЃN~R~I ЃT~Z~J~N~CЃI~Pя ~C ~V~N~I ЃNуЁ[ЃN~N ~N ~\~Z~GЃZ~G~Nь ~R ~C~Z~\~ZЁ[~V ~C~Z~P~X ~N ~V~N~[ ЃZЃR~N ~L~I~X~N ~X~[ЃR~N ~V~[~RЃN~L~V~[-~T~I~X~N~X~N~L~V~[.


~B~I~R~IЁ[ ~~ ~@~Ё@~

~ЃTя ~A~I~A~I~Z~C

EEK (Workers Revolutionary Party)
July 21st 2017, Athens, Greece

The EEK and all revolutionary working class forces in Greece, we salute the International Anti-War Assembly held on August 6, 2017 in Hiroshima, Japan.
As all the exploited and oppressed of the world pay tribute again to the martyrs of the Hiroshima Holocaust, it is more clear than ever that the horror was not ended with this unprecedented crime against humanity. Hiroshima was just the beginning of the horror threatening with extinction every living being on the planet. The monstrous womb generating the horror is still here: decayed world capitalism. The unresolved ten year-long so far global crisis of this social system proves its irreversible historic decline and death agony.
Millions of people all over the world are plunged in the nightmare of endless mass unemployment and famine. Entire populations face conditions of social catastrophe not only in the so-called "Third World" but also in the advanced capitalist "North", including Europe itself, where the tragedy of Greece was just the prelude.
Generated by this insoluble historic structural crisis, the drive to imperialist war intensifies and expands from North Korea and the South China Sea to Central Asia, the Middle East in chaos, the Aegean and the Mediterranean, the Balkans, in the Eastern borderlands of Europe, as in Ukraine.
This urgent situation needs an urgent answer from the international working class. For this reason in the Emergency 4th Euro-Mediterranean Conference, hosted by the EEK in Athens, Greece, on May 26-28, 2017, revolutionary delegates from 17 countries and from all the Continents put at the centre of their deliberations and decisions, the creation of a common international front of revolutionary struggle against imperialism, its destructive wars, including the threat of a Third nuclear World War. This struggle to be really victorious has to mobilize forces all over the world in a relentless war against war, first of all and foremost to defeat and overthrow world capitalism and all local bourgeois regimes, to establish the only stable basis for peace among peoples: world Socialism.
This Centenary Year of the Great October 1917 Socialist Revolution, let us honour our martyrs by fighting together for the expansion and victory of the world socialist revolution!
With our warmest internationalist greetings

on behalf of the Central Committee of the EEK
Savas Michael-Matsas, General Secretary

Union Pacifiste de France
July 21st 2017, Paris, France

Dear Friends,
The Union Pacifiste de France sends you its best message for your very useful Antiwar Assembly.
We wish you a successful meeting.
At that time, many people are working for war. We must show that other people are working for peace. Peace is, with social justice, the most important work we have to do.
With our solidarity,
Friendly yours,

Maurice Montet,
Union Pacifiste de France

The International Workers Committee Against War and Exploitation (IWC)
July 27th 2017, Mumbai, India

In the name of the International Workers Committee Against War and Exploitation, we address our proletarian and internationalist greetings to the 55th International Anti-War Assembly taking place in Japan on August 6th, 2017.
The International Workers Committee was set up as a conclusion of the World Open Conference Against War, Exploitation and Precarious Labour held in Mumbai (India) on November 17th, 18th, 19th, 2016 with the participation of 350 working class activists from various organisations and tendencies coming from 28 countries. The World Conference also received messages of support from many countries, including Japan. Since that event, the Manifesto of the Mumbai Conference has been endorsed by working class organisations or activists in 51 countries.
The very origin of the IWC explains that we share with you the conviction that "the only power to root out the crisis of war lies in the unity of the working classes and other toiling masses across national borders, the unity of those who are exploited, ruled, mobilised to war and victimised" as stated in your appeal.
It is in that spirit that we salute your assembly, its organisers, and all those who take part.
It is of course highly significant that the tradition of the Anti-War Assemblies took place in Japan and that those assemblies coincide with the commemoration of the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
The murderous destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was not only one of the worst mass murder committed by one of the contending imperialist powers in the course of the Second World War; it also meant that to survive, the world capitalist system of exploitation was ready to use against human kind the most destructive means available.
It clearly spelled the fact that the perpetuation of the capitalist system means barbarism.
Your 55th Anti-War Assembly takes place in a critical situation.
Imperialism - which today, as a world system of exploitation and plunder - led by American imperialism is multiplying wars everywhere, military interventions, aggressions against the people and their rights, to preserve its bloody domination. At the same time, it organises a general onslaught against the past gains of the working class on all the continents, aimed at destroying the rights and the organisations of the working class.
This increase in armed conflicts opens the way to the generalisation of war.
The aggressive stance of US imperialism, stressing its will to subordinate the whole of Asia to its needs, is indeed - as you underline in your appeal - threatening the whole of Asia with war. Imperialism attempts to oppose people to people, to use religions and language as a pretext for division. In the Mumbai Conference, delegations from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan could not attend - or suffered from police harassment -, because of the tension, manipulated by imperialism, between the governments.
In the last week, there have been joint exercises between the navies of India, Japan and the United States as a provocation against China.
It is not only in Asia, but also in the whole world, that the threat of war is looming.
In the Middle East, the pretext of "war against terrorism" is used for an actual war against all the people of the area. The most elementary rights are denied to the Palestinian people. Iraq, Syria, and other countries are systematically destroyed, and Iran is under threat.
In Africa, wars are under way, provoked by the world imperialist powers to strengthen their control on strategic areas to continue plundering the resources of its countries.
In Latin America, American imperialism is permanently intervening to destabilise the governments it does not regard as "friendly".
In Europe, NATO troops are now present in most East European countries and ready to intervene.
Yes indeed, it is up to the working class all over the world, to the toiling masses to unite, beyond the borders of nations, against imperialist warmongers.
What unites the world working class is the fact that to survive, it has to struggle against exploitation. War and exploitation are combined. The struggle against war requires the political independence of the working class and its organisations from all the forces linked one way or another to the doomed system of capitalist exploitation.
We wish a full success to your meeting.

On behalf of the IWC

Organising Committee for the Reconstitution of the Fourth International (OCRFI)
July 28th 2017, Paris, France

We address the revolutionary greetings of the OCRFI.
Our message is a message of solidarity but it is also a call for united action against war and imperialism. We are convinced that in Japan, your assemblies in six of the most important towns in the country will represent a strong leaning point for all those who effectively intend to oppose the aggressive alliance between US imperialism and the Japanese government which intends to totally do away with article 9 of the Constitution.
In all the countries of which the governments are part of the general imperialist plans, under the guidance of American imperialism, all the forces which will to struggle for the interests of the working class must oppose the war plans by fighting against the war budget of these governments, and by calling for the withdrawal of their troops engaged in military operations under the banner of NATO and the UN; and by opposing any cooperation with the aggressive operations decided by US imperialism.
The aim of the OCRFI is to regroup all the forces that intend to fight on the basis of the Programme of the Fourth International. It is precisely that programme that dictates to us as a necessity to develop common actions against war and imperialism, uniting - whatever be the political differences on other points - the organisations that stand on the basis of proletarian internationalism and full political independence of the working class from capitalism and all its institutions.
We are proud to act in continuity with the action of the Fourth International, which, at the time of the barbarous nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and then Nagasaki, was the only political force organised internationally to condemn that act as an expression of the totally reactionary character of all imperialist forces. James P. Cannon, who was a founding member of the Communist Party in the United States of America, and then a leader of the Fourth International, stated, in New York in a public meeting, immediately after the nuclear bombing that what had taken place was a major crime of imperialism and should be condemned by all those who claimed to speak in the name of the interests of the working class.
We share what you write in your appeal to the Anti-War Assembly: "The only power to root out the crisis of war lies in the unity of the working classes and other toiling masses across national borders, the unity of those who are exploited, ruled, mobilised to war, and victimised."
At the eve of the Second World War, in its foundation programme, the Fourth International stated: "imperialist war is the continuation and sharpening of the predatory politics of the bourgeoisie. The struggle of the proletariat against war is the continuation and sharpening of its class struggle. The beginning of war alters the situation and partially, the means of struggle between the class, but not the aims and basic causes. The imperialist bourgeoisie dominates the world. Its basic character in approaching war will therefore be an imperialist war. The fundamental content of the politics of the international proletariat will consequently be a struggle against imperialism and its war. In this struggle, the basic principle is: "the chief enemy is in our own country". Or: "the defeat of your own imperialist government is the lesser evil." But not all the countries of the world are imperialist countries. On the contrary, the majority are victims of imperialism."
Those sentences are strikingly relevant today. Today, American imperialism is the main force preserving the world domination of imperialism. Whatever the contradictions, all the other imperialisms have to follow the lead given by American imperialism, by the Trump administration.
Military expenditures in the world have now reached the highest point in the last ten years. At the time of the Obama administration, a programme to improve the nuclear striking force of the USA was adopted, representing an expenditure of a thousand billions of dollars. Once Trump elected, he announced that he would organise a broad reconstruction of the armed forces of the United States.
If imperialism is moving towards war at a world level, through multiplying imperialist aggressions and conflicts, it is first and foremost because war constitutes the only way to preserve the world system of capitalist exploitation based on the private ownership of the means of production, a system which is unable to overcome the consequences of the crisis that erupted in 2007-2008, a system which is at a dead end.
The tragic situation in which are placed today the people of the Middle East, after the destruction of Iraq and of Syria, characterizes the consequences for mankind of the survival of the capitalist system of exploitation as a whole.
They show what would be the fate of the people in all the countries of the world if imperialism achieves its plans.
Today, the threat of war is acute on the whole Asian continent. By all means, imperialism intends to safeguard its domination and the degree reached by the crisis forces American imperialism to confront regimes and governments with which it has closely cooperated before. On all continents, Africa, Latin America, Europe, new aggressions, new conflicts are on the order of the day.
What is happening vindicates once again what was at the basis of our programme: "Imperialist war is the continuation and sharpening of the predatory politics of the bourgeoisie." That is the reason why the preparation of war on the part of world imperialism goes along with a general onslaught against the rights of the working class, against its living standards, against all its gains and conquests.
The effective struggle against war is based on the continuation and deepening of the class struggle. It cannot be separated from the fight to defend each and every gain, position and right of the working class.
More than ever, to wage that struggle requires the full political independence of the working class. Its struggle cannot be bound to the diplomatic combinations of one government or another, it cannot be limited by the needs of any other source than its own struggle for emancipation. To fight against the threat of war and universal barbarism, the working class requires the independence of its own organisations, the right to struggle everywhere for its rights. Indeed, it is the unity of the working classes for their class interest against imperialism and against all forces subordinated or linked to imperialism that can victoriously oppose war.
All these questions will be part of the discussion of the next international conference of the OCRFI (Paris, November 1-2-3, 2017).
Dear comrades, receive our comradely greetings and wish of success for the 55th Anti-War Assembly
Long live international workers solidarity!

The OCRFI Secretariat

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
July 29th 2017, Afghanistan

Dear comrades,
Yet another year has passed since the US and its allies invaded Afghanistan in 2001. The occupation of Afghanistan was done under the pretext of "war on terror" and defeating the Taliban, but today terrorism and Taliban are stronger than ever. Insecurity all over Afghanistan has made the life of people miserable. This only goes to show that the "war on terror" is a lie told to the world to justify the US's imperialist conquest in Afghanistan in its bid for the ultimate control of the world.
Afghanistan's situation has changed in a few ways from last year. The brutal ISIS, these creations of the US, have spread to Afghanistan where they are setting up their oppressive, fundamentalist system, recruiting youth, and waging a war that has displaced many families. The relatively peaceful north of Afghanistan has become the hotbed of the war, insecurity, mafia, and corruption that has ravaged the rest of the country for the past 16 years. This is part of the US's efforts to import fundamentalist terrorism to Russia, after the defeat it suffered in Syria. Also, since Russia started intervening actively in north Afghanistan through its Taliban proxies, the US had to take action. This has only resulted in more bloodshed, displacement, and suffering for our people.
The US is continuing its crimes in Afghanistan. Its airstrikes, drone strikes, night raids, have only increased, targeting innocent people, and its detentions and torture has continued in its black sites. The US continues to support Islamic fundamentalism. Today the puppet Afghan government, the Taliban, and ISIS are fed through the same hand to play the power game of the US in the region. All three are criminal fundamentalist entities that thrive on the US's funding and arms. Do not be deceived by the clean appearances of high-ranking Afghan officials, most are fundamentalist criminals no different from the Taliban in mentality.
In this devious game, it is the Afghan people whose lives are made hell. Today Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries of the world, the most corrupt, and the highest producer and consumer of drugs in the world. The economy is essentially mafia-controlled, not one basic infrastructure has been built in the past decade, and the gold rush of Western funds only lines the pockets of mafia and state criminals and fuels corruption.
The situation of women is catastrophic with violence, murder, immolation, rape, abduction, honor-killing, underage marriage, and other tradition anti-women practices being on the rise, instead of dropping. When the entire country is in the hands of Islamic hardliners, naturally misogynistic practices and policies will be dominant and our hapless women will continue to be their victims.
The only solution to this horrible situation is to drive away the US occupiers and disarm their lackeys in the government and otherwise. This is only possible through an organized, united struggle of our people. In this difficult struggle, the international solidarity of anti-war bodies and figures, such as the Anti-war Assembly, is vital for us. At this time, it is a necessity of join hands against the US and its allies' reckless wars across the world, and end the global threat of imperialism and terrorism which is consuming innocent people around the world. These gatherings serve this purpose and further strengthen our bond and alliance against war. We send our warmest salutations to our friends in Japan who stand by us in our anti-occupation struggle and are proud to be together in this struggle. The people of Japan have a long history of standing against war. The countless mass protests against the Okinawa base, and resisting laws that would allow Japan to engage directly in conflicts are a few examples of such battles. The peace-loving people of Japan and Afghanistan stand together in this arduous struggle to defeat the imperialist nations' bloody wars.

In solidarity,

The International Secretariat of the Fourth International
July 29th 2017, Paris, France

Dear comrades,
We received your appeal to the 55th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan. The fight against the war has always been a major concern for the Fourth International, and we are glad to send you all our support. This fight is more important than ever, at this time when Middle East undergoes a generalized war and war threats multiply all over the world. We strongly share the references you make to the revolutionary defeatism of Liebknecht and Lenin, on the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution that put in place the first worker state in the world.
As you may know, the sections of the IVth International, together with other currents of the labour movement, are fully committed to the preparation of an Open World Conferences, in December in Algiers, against the war and the exploitation. We hope we may see you there. We hope we can engage together on common objectives.

The International Secretariat of the Fourth International

Revolutionary Marxists in Britain
July 30th 2017, London, Britain

We, Revolutionary Marxists in Britain, send this message of solidarity to the 55th International Anti-War Assembly.
We fully support your call for proletarian internationalism in opposition to the growing nationalist tendencies that have tarnished labour movements in many countries.
In Britain, many working-class people, students and young people have rejected the oppressive "austerity" measures that the Conservative government has sought to impose to maintain capitalist profits. A major aspect of this resistance has been the support for Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Party leader. Corbyn's leadership has brought about mass recruitment to the Labour Party, which with a membership of over 550,000 is now the largest political party in Europe.
In the General election of 8 June, Labour's vote increased from 9.3 million in 2015 to 12.9 million. Labour's share of the vote increased from 30.4 per cent to 40.0 per cent, the biggest increase in Labour's vote since 1945. It is clear that if the majority of Labour Members of Parliament had not conspired against Corbyn and tried to remove him as leader through their "vote of no confidence", Labour would have won the general election. Instead, Theresa May's right-wing Conservative Government holds its majority in Parliament through an agreement with the extremely reactionary Democratic Unionist Party, the right-wing sectarian Protestant party founded by the notorious hate-mongering anti-Catholic bigot, the late Ian Paisley.
Corbyn has however now made compromises with Labour's right wing. The Labour Party Conference voted to renew the Trident nuclear missile system, which is supported by some union leaders and Labour MPs on the basis that scrapping Trident would lose jobs, so Labour's manifesto is committed to renewing Trident. Labour's programme includes reforms and proposals to redistribute wealth through higher taxes on the rich, but it does not attack the basis of capitalist exploitation.
The fire at the housing block Grenfell Tower that killed at least 80 people showed the stark nature of social division in Britain. Grenfell Tower and other buildings in its neighbourhood housed working-class families, many of them immigrants. The fire was caused by low-quality cladding that did not meet safety standards. The Conservative-dominated council of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea decided to save money on cheaper cladding, which was itself installed to prettify the skyline to attract wealthy property speculators. The council decided that attracting property speculators to their hugely wealthy borough was more important than the original purpose of installing cladding, which is to keep buildings warm in winter. The council ignored the objections of the residents of Grenfell Tower, even threatening them with legal action.
Nearly 2,000 homes in Kensington & Chelsea are empty, yet only 10 of 158 families evacuated from Grenfell Tower have been permanently rehoused. Most of the empty homes are owned by property speculators, who intend to sell the properties to millionaires in this very expensive London borough. Families who become homeless in Kensington & Chelsea have often been sent to towns that are long distances from London as the council refuses to provide homes locally for working class people. The Conservative Government's policies promote market-driven gentrification across London and other major cities, so that rents and property prices rise to a level that working-class and even professional people cannot afford.
Thus Kensington & Chelsea represents an image of the whole of British society. The answer can only lie in independent working class struggle and organisation.
The tenants of Grenfell Tower had complained before the fire of the lack of fire safety, including the lack of an emergency fire exit door and the fact that emergency lighting was not working and gas pipes were dangerously exposed, as well as requesting fire-dousing water sprinklers. The council and its managing agent did nothing. Had these faults been rectified, fewer people would have died. Under pressure from the "Grenfell Action Group", which comprises people made homeless by the fire, their relatives and people from the same working class neighbourhood, the government has been forced to carry out tests on the cladding system used. Much evidence has been kept secret, both today and over past years, but it is now clear that tests show the cladding did not meet legal standards and the government has been forced to acknowledge that criminal prosecutions may take place. Evidence shows that 82 other tower blocks have the same cladding and insulation as Grenfell Tower. Of these 82, 47 are owned by local councils or government-funded housing associations, and 35 by private owners.
Grenfell Tower was not the first fatal fire in a block owned by a local authority and housing working class people. In 2009, nine people died at Lakanal House, in Southwark in South London. An inquiry recommended that fire-dousing water sprinklers be installed in all high-rise blocks, but the government did not enact any legislation to this effect, and in most areas no sprinklers were installed. Following Grenfell Tower, some local authorities have commenced the installation of sprinklers, but there is no funding for this from central government. The Conservative Government does not consider working class lives to be important.
Britain's Prime Minister, Theresa May, was the first world leader to visit newly-elected President Donald Trump in Washington, DC, in January 2017. In implementing "Brexit" (leaving the European Union) the May administration strives to move closer to the US and be a junior partner in the US imperialist strategy. The government of Saudi Arabia uses British arms to suppress the people of Yemen and to advance the most reactionary forces in the Middle East. British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has now announced that Britain will send "two vast new aircraft carriers" to the South China Sea, to maintain "international order", by which he means to confront China and ensure Britain's imperialist interests, thus increasing the likelihood of war.
We give our support to the 55th International Anti-War Assembly and its call to "rise up together across national borders" and to revive the spirit of proletarian internationalism.

Fraccion Leninista Trotskista Internacional
July 30th 2017, Buenos Aires, Argentina

We salute the 55th Anti-War Assembly, which takes place at a crucial moment for the world working class.
Reformism, Stalinism and renegades of Marxism wanted to make the workers believe that capitalism would emerge from the global crack of 2008 without attacking all the gains of the working class decisively, without counterrevolutionary coups and without wars. They announced -as did social-imperialist currents such as the French NPA, the Argentine PTS, the English SWP and other renegades of Marxism, along with Stalinism- that imperialism dominated the planet by expanding democracy. Reformism wants to sell a venomous delusion to the workers, i.e., that there is a youthful and flourishing capitalist system, while in fact it is already decrepit and in a state of putrefaction; and in a moment it expands not democracy but fascism and war.
Here and there, reformism tied the hands of the working class so that it could not respond to the fierce war that the imperialist world capitalist system has been launching against the international working class since 2008.
From the FLTI / Collective for the re-Foundation of the Fourth International, comrades, we then greet your Anti-War Assembly. You are leading the battles of the Japanese workers against the anti-worker government of Abe, a partner of the US imperialism. You call for defeating the imperialist war machine. You have stated that your enemy is at home, while the workers and oppressed peoples of the world and the Pacific in particular are your allies; the Japanese working class will find in them the decisive force, on condition of being able to unite their claims and combats against the imperialism, with the Chinese, Korean, Filipino, etc., workers.
We salute the struggle both of us waged together, on the same barricade of the exploited in the fights of the Maghreb and Middle East and Syria in particular, where we faced genocidal Bashar al-Assad, the massacres of assassin Putin and imperialism.
Together, we fought the labour aristocracies and bureaucracies of the trade unions and Stalinism, which in 2017, when the 100th anniversary of the victory of the October Revolution is to be celebrated, is still alive and still betraying and bringing cruel defeats to the world working class.
After 1989 and the final handout of the USSR to imperialism, the bourgeoisie protected Stalinist parties from all over the world so that, from the unions and the mass struggle organizations, they continue to fulfil their perfidious counterrevolutionary role of class collaboration. They held Stalinism as a counterrevolutionary force of capitalist restoration, as in Cuba, China, Vietnam, etc. For this, they counted with the help of the liquidators of the Fourth International, the renegades of Trotskyism. They, surrendering the program of revolutionary socialism, went openly into the field of Stalinism, renouncing the struggle for socialist revolution. So they became neo-Stalinists.
We participate in this Anti-War Assembly on the centenary of the heroic revolution of October, which demonstrated that the world proletariat could seize power and that its victory was only possible with the triumph of the world socialist revolution, or else any conquest would be lost.
That was what the internationalists of Kienthal and Zimmerwald, the revolutionary Marxists of the 20th century, claimed. We pay homage to those who 100 years ago pushed the proletariat to storm the heavens.
We denounce the traitors, the Stalinist scourge who sold out that huge conquest that the USSR meant. More than ever, we keep saying that the only immediate solution to the bankruptcy of the capitalist system, the unprecedented suffering of the exploited masses of the world, and the wars and genocides - which go on worsening in the twenty-first century - is the victory of the socialist revolution. Today, as in the past, in order to achieve this, we must help the international proletariat to get rid of Stalinism, the renegades of Marxism and all the workers' bureaucracies bought by the world capitalist system that, at every step, betray the workers and exploited masses' struggles and surrender all their achievements.
Let's fight together to recover the lost conquests. Our struggle will not cease until the socialist revolution triumphs internationally. This is our best tribute to the October Revolution and to the current struggles of the martyred world working class.
The Bolsheviks, taking power together with the internationalists of Europe, demonstrated how to defeat the imperialist wars and their own imperialist gangs and their counterrevolutionary offensives in the world. The war cry was "the enemy is at home" and they called on the working class to turn the rifle against its own executioners and to the victory of the socialist revolution. There is no other way out of the quagmire of crisis, barbarism, fascism and war to which this bankrupt system leads. The alternative today more than ever remains: socialism or barbarism.
That's why we shout together: Long live the October Revolution! Open the road to militant internationalism!
Today we see a new wave of 2008 global crack. Today a crack new tornado hits the BRICS, opening crisis, recession and stagnation that threaten to ruin Brazil, India, South Africa; and a crisis is already hitting Russia and China's doors.
The capitalist world market has narrowed. The capitalization of companies in the main stock exchanges in the world was reduced by 50%. International trade stagnated. International financial transactions contracted by 33%. The price of raw materials fell dramatically. As an example, the price of oil fell from 140 dollars a barrel in 2011 to 50 dollars at present. Imperialist banks are still accumulating junk bonds.
8 years after the Great Recession, let's see how this system could keep sustained. It has been thanks to the agents of Big Capital, who in the labour movement have dedicated themselves to undo every attempt of revolutionary mass offensive that since 2008 has hit the planet. Union bureaucracies and the social-imperialist parties have disorganized the offensive of the European working class, stabbing its vanguard in the back, as to the revolutions in Greece, Ukraine and the combats of the French working class. They subjected the working class of the old continent to imperialist Maastricht.
They supported the assassin Putin, who acts as a true gendarme on account of world capitalism throughout the Eurasian area.
In Latin America, the World Social Forum and Stalinism delivered Cuba to imperialism, surrendered the Colombian resistance and, with the farce of the "Bolivarian revolution", betrayed the revolutionary rise of the masses of that sub-continent.
Meanwhile, they had a pact with the butcher Obama, that blackened Bush who was the great organizer behind scenes of the massacre of the masses in the Middle East and who led one of the biggest attacks on the American working class by taking away all their achievements. They supported the "leftist" Sanders, who deceived the American workers with his "socialist" verbiage and then he brought them to the feet of Clinton.
The greatest tragedy occurred when imperialism concentrated all its forces to stop this revolutionary offensive of the masses. This happened in Ukraine and Syria, where the revolutionary wave that started in 2011 in Tunisia was restrained and also the European upsurge that with the revolutionary events of Greece had threatened to expand to East Europe.
Today, the result of this policy is concentrated in martyred Syria and on the masses of the Middle East, as in Yemen, Morocco, Bahrain, Egypt and the same Palestinian masses massacred at close range.
In Syria 600,000 exploited were killed in a cruel counterrevolutionary war. This is equivalent to two and a half times the destruction caused by the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Japan) together at the end of the Second World War. Napalm and white phosphorus became daily visitors to crush a heroic mass revolution and to chastise all oppressed workers and peoples of the world there.
Syria was invaded and divided. Its revolution was bloodied, besieged and sold out from within by the cynical Sunni bourgeoisie at the Astana conference, which guarantees the survival of the genocidal regime of al-Assad.
This counterrevolutionary offensive was concealed on all five continents through the so-called "war on Islamic terrorism": a sinister policy of the treacherous leaderships and Stalinism in particular, which depicted the fascist al-Assad, the counterrevolutionary hitman Putin and the slave-owning mandarins of China as the greatest allies of the world exploited. All of them colluded in developing an Islamophobia that was the base of support that imperialism had for consummating its massacre all over the Middle East and continuing to steal the oil and the riches of that entire region.
The different imperialist powers have managed to stop a revolutionary offensive and throw their crisis to the masses. Now an open dispute between them has started around the world market, which has gone down terribly. Capitalism goes on in a crisis. A brutal trade war has begun.
Imperialist Germany allied with no less imperialist France has climbed the Maastricht EU ship of and begun to openly dispute US over spheres of influence.
Imperialist Japan has been linked by thousands of ties to the USA pirates, together with whom it intends to completely dominate and control the Pacific area.
The Trump government has broken the pacts, such as the Atlantic and Pacific ones, with which Obama's US had tried to maintain its supremacy in world politics and economy. US pirates voted "US first" and broke trade agreements with Germany and Maastricht EU. They announced they will lead a commission of parliament to sanction all companies that trade with the US doing dumping. They closed the borders with Mexico from where Germany with its 2000 companies floods the US market. They deepened the embargo on the accounts of the Great Russian aristocracy and new oligarchy. This indicates that they are going to dispute Putin's agreement with Merkel that allows Germany to receive cheap gas directly from Russia without going through US-controlled Ukraine. The last US sanctions against Russia are about that, to prevent the completion of this NordStream 2 pipeline.
The crisis, the crack and the shrinking of the world market have already led to an open trade war that raises the following question: if the US is doing well, the imperialist Europe of Maastricht will do badly, and vice versa.
The "US First" policy also means that, in order to maintain its supremacy, the USA must lock in and kick the customs barriers all over the world and including its competitors'.
"US first" means that the US doubles its military budget and multiplies by thousands the production of destructive forces.
Trump has already projected an investment of $ 700 billion for military spending, which is equivalent to two thirds of the total military budget of the 28 NATO countries together. And the US imperialists have already begun to spend in advance. This investment in the military industrial apparatus - which adds up to the 280,000 million dollars for high-tech companies in ballistic research - explains the growth of 1.6% of the US economy in the last 3 years: That means war... the development of an economy for destruction.
The military and counterrevolutionary offensive of imperialism has already begun.
The battles that are being prepared for the control of the Pacific are not the first ones. We must speak clearly.
US bombings in 2017 in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, have increased by 50%, compared to previous years. The US dropped 15,000 high-destructive bombs on the planet in the first four months of this year. It has left nations massacred; not only Syria, but also Yemen...
The Hiroshima-Nagasaki catastrophe is here, with conventional weapons of even more destructive power than the nuclear bombs that were dropped at the end of the Second War in Japan.
And this is only a preview of what imperialism has prepared to get out of its crisis, if the world working class does not stop it.
Trump said that "there is no dominant power that does not win a war"... and it's been long years since the US imperialists cannot win one clean-cut because the workers of their country do not allow it, as they did not allow it in Vietnam in 1960s or Iraq in 2008. And yet, with the support of the treacherous leaders, creating a sinister Islamophobia campaign, they have began to lay the groundwork for the US return with its gunboats firing openly in the Middle East, as we see now in Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor in Syria and Mosul in Iraq, with the excuse of the "fight on terror".
This huge imperialist victory is what today allows it to go to higher offensives in the Pacific and threatens to attack North Korea militarily. It has found a new "axis of evil": Kim Jong-un's counterrevolutionary gang. These would be the "new nuclear terrorists" ... the perfect excuse to prepare a large-scale military attack.
The military threat against North Korea is also part of a strategic offensive by the US and Japan to semi-colonize China. This time, imperialism's plan in China is not only to break the latter's customs barriers limiting US trade, but also its goal is to snatch all the state-owned companies that are profitable and supply the imperialist transnationals in that country. This is the imperialist plan that explains the enormous tension in the South China Sea.
If the US imperialists want to completely dominate the Pacific, they must reverse the defeat they suffered by the hands of the Korean masses in 1952. They must recover the land from the 38th parallel to China's border and transform that peninsula into a large colony that could allow it to completely semi-colonizing or even dividing China.
At this point, this means that the US and Japan must compel China to force its ally Kim Jong-un to disarm and surrender. They must send men to its border with Korea. Trump has already made the Chinese mandarins responsible for any military action by Kim.
To this end, the United States -while placing its entire war arsenal in military operations on the Pacific- is negotiating harsh trade sanctions against North Korea, so to encircling it, and -by confiscating the north of the Peninsula- multiply the unseen sufferings of the North Korean people, subdued to a chronic famine in its interior.
In North Korea, a blockade of this type at this precise time IS A BEAT OF THE SAME OR EVEN GREATER EXTENT THAN A NUCLEAR BOMB, because this sanction and economic embargo comes at a time when in North Korea one of the worst droughts in its history is beginning to develop, perhaps one higher than which occurred at the end of the 1990s that cost 2 million dead.
What are they all afraid of? An outbreak of the hungry, the slaves of North Korea, who could defeat the Kims, take their armaments, unite with the workers of South Korea and reopen the road of the Korean revolution that hits hard to the Chinese borders and arouses the Chinese working class.
The murderous autocracy of the Kims want to sustain themselves militarily by controlling the masses and administering their business of smuggling arms and charging a commission for the slave labour in the prison-factories that this bourgeoisie has in the Kim FEZ on the border with South Korea and which produce for the transnationals. With their military threats and showing a minimum atomic and missile arsenal, they want to blackmail imperialism so it acknowledges their regime as gendarme of Korea. The Kims, belatedly, want that US acknowledge them as the counterrevolutionary guarantor of the stability in the region and being the ones who attack and discipline their working class (one of the most slashed and overexploited of the world). The Kims have been playing this role very well since Second World War.
But the counterrevolutionary offensive of Yankee imperialism gives no respite. Its strategists know perfectly well what is at stake in the region. They want to force Kim Jong-un to surrender, just as the Stalinist bureaucracy of the USSR surrendered, which had an arsenal of 6,000 nuclear warheads, and ended up as managers of the City Bank and smaller partners of Merkel/Basf/E.oN in the looting of Russia by Germany. They want Kim's surrender, as happened with Chavezismo in Venezuela, with Lula and the PT in Brazil, or with the Iranian Ayatollahs, who acted as Gurkha-like troops of US imperialism against the Syrian revolution.
In order to increase its counterrevolutionary offensive on China and the definitive control of the Pacific Rim -an area concentrating 40% of world trade, mostly in the hands of the MNCs- the imperialist policy is to create direct agents of imperialism in Korea and throughout the region. This includes kicking the Kims' gang, whether with invasion, sieges and blockades, or recreating a pro-Japanese fraction inside the North Korean army. All that has a single aim: imposing a favourable relationship of forces and proving that USA is THE power in the Pacific.
Though, imperialism does not have a free hand within the USA and Japan, since it has not yet conquered a mass support for large-scale counterrevolutionary actions. Neither a nuclear attack of the imperialist power would get support internationally.
But this does not mean -and we cannot rule out- imperialism seeking, through its economic, political and military offensive against North Korea, a change in the relationship of forces at international level.
For that reason, a leap in military, even nuclear, conflagrations in that region begins to be placed on the agenda in the new historical period of imperialist counter-offensive that is opening up.
Trump's government has made responsible -and has threatened- not only China, but also Russia for what the Kims' regime do. US imperialism's strategic offensive has that goal, which means disputing the Chinese and Russian markets to Germany and Maastrich Europe. Germany disputes those markets only commercially per now, and USA also militarily.
The world proletariat must pay great attention to the events and wars that are emerging in the Pacific. Perhaps the life of the present and the next generations of the proletariat depend on it.
No doubt the commercial war between the imperialist blocs that are forming, fighting for the world market, will end tomorrow like the vultures, pecking at the prey, that is, opening the way to the Third World War, which, if the proletariat does not prevent it, will begin as the second ended: with nuclear bombs.
This imperialist system must die! Before us it only deploys famine, fascism and wars.
Meanwhile, this New Left of Syriza, Podemos, Stalinists and renegades of Trotskyism, has declared that their struggle is "to expand democracy". They are the heirs of counterrevolutionary politics centralized from Moscow in the last century; of the WSF that comes from burying the revolutionary processes of the last decades. They are the New Left that has formed a movement called "real democracy." There vocal "anti-capitalist" -and in fact renegades of the struggle for socialism- have also been organized. These people have long since broken with the struggle for socialist revolution... but of new it has even given up talking about it. They hide in the bourgeois democracy that comes out of the same sewer as fascism and war: the world capitalist system.
The crushing of the Syrian revolution was what opened the possibility of a military attack concentrated in North Korea. It emboldened imperialism with its destructive power. It allowed it to gain confidence and launch a large-scale attack on the conquests of the world working class.
The defeats of the Middle East, the surrender of Cuba to imperialism, the European working class sold out struggles are what ultimately created the conditions for imperialism to fill the Pacific with blood.
Throughout this region the first task of the working class is to fight for the expulsion, dissolution and dismantling of all Japanese and US imperialist military bases in that region... from Japan to South Korea, from Chile to the Philippines, and expropriating and seizing all the assets of imperialism, its transnationals and its banks that sack the 15 countries of the Pacific Rim (China included).
The obligations of the Japanese workers, as you, brave revolutionary communists of Japan pose, is to disarm Japanese imperialism and expel US bases in that country; forge a strong unity with the American workers, who have in their hands the power to paralyze the largest counterrevolutionary war machine on the planet. That is the way to unify with the Chinese and Korean workers to destroy and demolish that infamous pact of the USA and Japan that enslaves the Pacific and the whole world.
The wars that are under way will only be stopped by the working class, if it is able to distinguish that behind the counterrevolutionary Fascist Kim government there is a working class, working as a slave in sweat-shops and rice fields, who desperately fight for surviving in the midst of a widespread famine that has begun.
Only the South Korean working class fighting against Moon Jae In's government, a lackey of imperialism in South Korea, united with their siblings in the North, will be able to defeat the gang of counterrevolutionary murderers of the Kim dynasty and conquer a unified, socialist and independent Korea.
If North Korea is defeated by imperialism the workers of the Pacific and the world must know, they and the whole Peninsula will be subdued to sufferings and slavery a million times harder than those imposed by the Kims. An imperialist military and nuclear arsenal will be imposed there, a million times more destructive. In order to perceive the degree of barbarism and national backwardness that imperialism as a victorious force over the peoples it oppresses, we have to look at the oppressed nations invaded and smashed by the forces of counterrevolution and imperialism in the Middle East.
Only the working class of the Korean Peninsula and from all the countries in the Pacific, moving towards socialist revolution, can stop the wars that are on the works.
The war cry of workers in South and North Korea cannot be other than: "one nation, one socialist Korea without transnationals, without the Kims, without foreign military bases, to guarantee bread and decent work for all and national independence". The Korean revolution will complete the task that Stalinism aborted in 1952; i.e. expelling US imperialism and its agents from the Korean Peninsula... throwing them out from the 38th parallel up to the sea. That is the only way to end all destructive adventure of the Pacific jackals.
The task of the moment is to regroup the ranks of the world proletariat to stop this counterrevolutionary offensive of imperialism.
The masses haven't given up. Neither the Syrian resistance nor the Palestinian masses let alone the US working class were removed from the scene.
In Latin America, the Bolivarian bourgeoisies fall apart on their knees, while selling out the nations of that sub continent to imperialism. This is made by Maduro in Venezuela, Castro selling out Cuba, Morales in Bolivia or Kirchner in Argentina. Now, imperialism comes to take it all and the working class fights, with heroic strikes as that of the miners and the teachers in Peru and Colombia, or the struggles of the workers in Argentina and the powerful Brazilian working class.
In the Black Africa, the workers movement once again rises claiming for justice for the mineworkers that worked in Anglo American mines that were murdered on August 16th, 2012, in Marikana (South Africa).
Those shameless of the imperialist gangs and their henchmen of G20 gathered together in Hamburg have realized that they are very far away from settling their current partial victories. In there, the rebellious youth and the advanced workers of Europe reminded them -with the hell unleashed in Hamburg's streets- that the working class still stands and hasn't given up. Those who have given up were the treacherous leaderships. That fire of Hamburg's hell needs to be taken to every exploiter in the planet. In that fire, also the leaderships that betray the world working class must burn.
We must stop the massacres and genocides and the counterrevolutionary wars that are under way against the exploited of the whole world!
We must completely defeat Stalinism and its henchmen, the renegades of Marxism, who have saved the capitalist world system for now.
A conference and an international fighting front must be set up to break the siege and stop the massacre of the Syrian masses of Yemen, Egypt and the entire Middle East. An international conference and fighting front to unite and centralize the struggle of the world working class to stop all military aggression of imperialism and the counterrevolutionary forces against the working class of the Pacific.
The time has come for the unity of the internationalists to centralize their combat throughout the world. The time has come to disperse the forces of reformism, the traitors to the proletarian revolution. We cannot waste any more time.
Let us regroup the forces of international revolutionary Marxism! Let us defeat the stumbling blocks of Stalinism and the renegades of Marxism that prevent the victory of the working class and its fighting!
Fighting for the socialist revolution, let us defeat the bourgeois regime, imperialism and its wars!
For the working class to live, imperialism must die.

Collective for the Re-foundation of the IV International / FLTI

July 31 2017, Berlin, Germany

Dear comrades,
Some weeks ago 122 states signed the UN-treaty to ban nuclear weapons. Considering the decades of debate and discussion, that treaty is a historical moment and a very important step towards a world without nuclear weapons, a milestone in the history of peace movement. On the other hand, none of the nuclear powers took part in the ceremony as well as most of the NATO-states. Among the boycotters were also Germany and Japan.
Germany, who should know better with its own history of wars and the experience of partition and cold war confrontation, did not sign the treaty on spurious reasons, claiming that a ban-treaty without the nuclear powers would be useless. With the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan became the first and till now only victim of nuclear bombs. Despite the direct experiences, the painful history and knowledge about the long-lasting and deadly consequences of atomic bombs, Japan did not take the chance to sign the treaty.
At the same, North Korea is threatening the US with a nuclear war, and vice versa the Trump-government further escalates this conflict. It's a source of anxiety that the Trump administration with their dangerous, impulse-driven policy has access to nuclear weapons. So despite the treaty the danger of an atomic war is not banned.
Nevertheless the treaty is an international document and will provide a basis for further struggles. This will be a big task for us to push the pressure on our governments. A nuclear-free future has no alternative.
We share your concern about the increase of armament. Weapon exports went down in Germany last year, but the number is still high. The German government announced to be willing to keep up with the NATO aim to invest 2 percent of their GDP in military. As the party DIE LINKE we strongly condemn the armament and weapon exports of our country and made banning arms exports one of our major statements in our election campaign.
DIE LINKE demands:
--- to pull all German soldiers back from abroad.
--- fewer arms, rather than more. We want to spend the money saved in this way on the refurbishment of schools and more child day-care facilities, and more fully subsidised places at these facilities.
--- to make arms exports illegal.
--- an end to drone wars.
--- that all nuclear weapons stationed in Germany will be subtracted immediately.
We support your struggle and wish you a successful assembly!
In solidarity

Andreas Gunther
DIE LINKE Party Central Office


~ЃT~[~C~XЃP ~I~G~[~RЃZ ~E~[~L~Iы cH~Ё[ ~B~B~B~@cT

31 ~NЃT 2017, ~ЃZЃR~C~[, ~@~ZсЃN


~А ~Ёv~@~ОМ ~ЕЁ@~КЁ@~ЁB~u~Е ~B~Ѓ~АЛЃ~ОЙ ~НЖЕНЕЁ@~И

~ЃCЃZ ~E~[~L~Iы cH~Ё[ ~B~B~B~@cT ~ЃT~I~RЁ[~X~G ~ЃZ~V~V~[~N, ~\~NЃT~[~T ~X~[~V ~X~I~A~Z~Tшую ~L~[~V~IЃR: cH~ЃZ~E~G~[ ~C ~ЃNЃI~I ~[~L~E~Z~C~[~N~C~[ ~TЃGЃV~N, ~R~ZЃZЃI ~C 7 тр~[ хЃZ~Gт ~X~[ ~[~A~Zу, тЃZ~A ~C~I~Xться ~C 22, ~R~ZЃZЃI ~[~A~ZЁ[т ~\~Z 6 ~G~X~I~P ~C ~X~I~G~I~T ~N ~A~I~L ~CяЃR~N рЃG~Z~Cх ~R~X~N~J~I~R, ~R~ZЃZЃI ~Cт ~J~N~T, тЃZ~A ~G~[ь ~G~IяЃV ~Z~A~[~L~Z~C~[~X~N~I ~N~T~N, тЃZ ~IЃI тр~[ЃX~I~I, ~CЃT~IЃNь ЃC~Z~N ~A~T~N~L~R~N...cT

~ ~IЃI ~X~[, ЃZ~C~IсЃR~N ~TЃG~I~P, тЃN ~T~N~A~I~[~TЃXЃI ~X~I~E~Z~GЃN ~X~[~LЃC~[т ~[~A~[~V~N.

~@~[~AтЃC~Z — ~Z~X~Z тЃZ ЃI~PЁ[.

~v ~X~[ ~AЃT~[, ~G~[, ~X~I ЃN~TЃX~Z ~A~Z~E~[Ё[ тр~[~X~[, ~R~ZЃZ~Z~P ~\~NЃT~Zь р~[ЃNь ~V~X~Z~E~Z ЃN~T, тЃZ~A ~X~N~R~Z~E~G~[ ~X~I ~\~Z~CЃZ~N~T~Zь 22 ~NЃX 1941~E~Z~G~[. ~ЃZ~E~G~[ ~X~[ ~\~NЃT~N ЃA~N~C~[ь ~N ~V~X~Z~E~N ЃA~N~T~N.

~Ё[ЃN ~C~Z~J~G~N ~AЃT~N ~ZЃXЃG ~X~I ~E~I~X~NЃV~N, ~C ущЃX~ZтЃN Ё[~R~N~V~N ~J~I ~\~ZтыЃV~N ~TЃGЃV~N, ~R~[~R ~N ~V.

~b ~C~Z~Z~AЃI ЃZ~C~IсЃR~N~P ЃZЃN~[~T~N~L~V ~X~[~LЃC~[ ЃZЃN~[~T~N~L~V~Z~V ~\~Zтых ~TЃG~I~P. ~ тЃZ~V ~G~[~J~I ~N ЃT~[~A~Zть ~I~E~Z ~AЃT~[, ~Aть ~V~Z~J~I, ~\~ZЃZ~V тЃZ ~\~ZтыЃI ~TЃG~N ~\~ZтЃZ ~[~A~ZЁ[т, ~\~ZтЃZ ~[тят ~G~IЃI~P, ~N чЁ[тьЃI ~N ЃZ~J~I ~\~ZтЃZ~I.

~ЃZ ~\~ZЃI~V-ЃZ ~Z~X~Z, тЃZ ~\~ZтЃZ~I чЁ[тьЃI, ~AЃT~Z. ~@~I~V ~G~[~TшЃI, ЃI~V ~A~Z~TшЃI ~TЃA~T ~B~B~B~@cT.

~ЃZ тЁ[ЃNтЃN~R~I ЃZтЃZЃX~N~I ~ZсЃN~PЃR~N ~Z~T~N~E~[ЃZ~C ~C ~G~C~[ ~T~NЃX~N~V ~[~L~[ ~A~Z~TшЃI

~E~ZуЃG~[тЃC~I~X~Xх ~[хЃZ~G~Z~C ~X~[ ЃZЃN~[~TЃXю фЃI, ~[ тЃZ ~\~I~XЃN~N, ~[хЃZ~G ~X~[ ~V~I~G~NЃN~X, ~RЃTтур ~N ~Z~A~[~L~Z~C~[~X~N~I. ~Ё[ ~\~ZЃT~I~G~X~N~I 15 ~T~I ~C ~@~ZсЃN~N ~L~[~Rты 15 ысяч ЃR~Z~T, ~C ~R~ZЃZх чЃN~T~Nь ~G~I~I~C~I~XЃR~N~I ~G~IЃN. ~ЃZ ~Z~L~X~[Ё[~I ~A~I~LсхЃZ~G~X~Zть ~G~T ЃI~TсЃR~N ~G~IЃI~P, ~R~ZЃZЃV ~Z ~Z~J~G~I~X~N ~C ~Aр~JЁ[~L~X~Z~P ~@~ZсЃN~N ~CЃ\~[~G~[~I ~X~I ЃZ~TЃR~Z ~X~I~[~C~I~XтЃC~Z ~\~Z~NхЃZ~J~G~I~X~N, ~X~Z ~N ~X~I~G~ZтуЃ\~X~Zть ~Z~A~[~L~Z~C~[~X~N. ~ЃT ~V~X~Z~E~N ~E~Z~Z~GЃR~N ~G~IЃI~P ~CЃ\~[~G~[~I Ё[~R~[ ~J~I уЃGЃA~[. ~Ё[~J~I ~IЃT~N ~Z~G~NЃI~T~N ~[~A~ZЁ[т, ЃI~V ~X~I ~V~I~X~I~I, ~L~[~\~T~[ы ~N Ё[~R ~V~[~T, тЃZ ЃI~VЃN ~X~I ~V~Z~Eт ~CЃPЃN ~N~L ЃZтЃZЃX~N рЃG~Z~C~Z~P ~A~I~G~X~ZтЃN.

~ятЃX~[~GЁ[ь ~ZсЃN~PЃR~N ~E~[~J~G~[~X ~C~ZЃT~N ~C Ѓ\~NЃZ~R ~G~CхсЃZ ~A~Z~E~[ЃI~PЃN ~TЃG~I~P ~V~N~[.

~B~ZтЃZЃX~N~I ~C~T~[~G~I~TцЁ[ ЃZ~T~G~N~X~E~[ cH~ЃXЃI~ZƒT, ~E~I~X~G~N~I~RЃZ~[ cH~ЃZ~N~TсЃR~Z~E~Z ~X~N~R~I~TƒT ~ЃT~[~G~N~V~N~[ ~ЃZЁ[~X~N~X~[ ~ZЃI~X~N~C~[~Iся ~C 14,7 ~V~T~G. ~G~Z~T~T~[~Z~C. ~v ЃZ~C~T~[~G~I~TцЁ[ ~R~Z~V~\~[~X~N~N ~ОВАЁu~~ ~ЃI~X~X~[~G~N ~u~N~VЃI~X~R~Z ЃI~E~Z~G~X ~Z~R~Z~T~Z 8,6 ~V~T~G.

~сЃI~E~Z, ~\~Z ~G~[~X~XЃV ~[~E~I~XстЃC~[ cH~ЃTЃV~A~I~EcT, 15 ~ZсЃN~PЃR~N ~V~N~T~T~N~[~G~I~Z~C ~C~T~[~G~Iт уЃV~V~[~X~Z ЃZ~AтЃC~I~X~X~Zтью тЃZ~N~V~Zтью 156,6 ~V~T~G. ~G~Z~T~T~[~Z~C. ~Ё[ ~Cю ЃZЃN~[~TЃXю фЃI ~C ~\~ZЃT~Z~V ~E~Z~G ~C ~E~ZуЃG~[тЃC~I~X~XЃP ~AЃG~J~I ~AЃT~Z ~L~[~T~Z~J~I~X~Z ~Z~R~Z~T~Z 65 ~V~T~G. ~G~Z~T~T~[~Z~C.

~ЃI~[~C~I~XтЃC~Z ~C ~@~ZсЃN~N ~G~ZтЃN~E~T~Z ~X~I~C~Z~Z~A~[~L~N~Vх ~V~[штЁ[~A~Z~C.

~ЃZ~T~I~P ~X~I~C~Z~T~I~P ~CЃ\~Z~V~N~X~[тся ЃZ~AтЃN 1917 ~E~Z~G~[, ~R~Z~E~G~[ ЃZ~AтЃC~I~X~X~Zть ~Aр~JЁ[~L~N~N ~ZЃXЃT~N, ~X~Z ~I, тЃZ~P ЃZ~AтЃC~I~X~X~Zтью, ~\~Z~G~I~T~N~T~Nь ЃZ ~CЃI~V ~X~[~Z~G~Z~V, ~\~ZтЃZЃX~X~Z ~\~ZЃZ~V ЃTчшЁ[ ~J~N~L~X ЃI~V, тЃZ ~C ЃT~I~GющЃI~V ~\~Z~R~Z~T~I~X~N~N ЃJ~I ~\~ZтЃN ~CЃI ~\~Z~TчЃN~T~N ~R~C~[ЃN, ~[ ~V~X~Z~E~N~I ~\~Z ~J~I~T~[~X~N ~N ~CсшЃI~I ~Z~A~[~L~Z~C~[~X~N~I. 

~ыЃXЃI ЃZ~AтЃC~I~X~X~Zть ~ZЃXЃT~N ЃJ~I ~CЃI~P тр~[~X, ~X~Z тЃN~V ~X~[~Z~G~XЃV ~G~ZтЃZЃX~N~I~V ~[~AЃZ~TтЃX~Z ~X~N ~R~I~V ~X~I ~\~Z~G~I~T~N~T~Nь.

~u~I~V ~X~I ~V~I~X~I~I, ~C ~Z~AЃIтЃC~I ~X~N~R~[~R~N ~C~Z~T~X~I~X~N~P ~X~I ~\~Z~NхЃZ~G~N, ~TЃG~N ~CЃI ЃI~\т, ЃZя ~IЃI ~\~ZтЃN ~C~I~R ~X~[~L~[~G ~ЃT~[~G~N~V~N ~ЃTЃN ~ЃI~X~N~X ЃR~[~L~[~T, тЃZ cH~[~C~I~XтЃC~Z ытЃZ~E~Z ~N ~E~Z~T~Z~G~X~Z~E~Z – ~Iть ~\~IтуЃ\~T~I~X~N~I ~\~ZЃN~C рЃGщЃNсяƒT. ~ЃZ ~TЃG~N тЃZ ~C~Z~\~NщЃI~I ~X~I~[~C~I~XтЃC~Z ~X~I ~ZущЁ[т ЃI~E~Z~G~X ~R~[~R ~R~Z~X~R~IЃX~Z~I ~\~IтуЃ\~T~I~X~N~I ~\~ZЃN~C ~X~N.

~ыЃT~Z, ~G~[~J~I ~N ~\~Z~GЃV~[~T~[, тЃZ ~R~Z~T ~TЃG~N ~X~I ~C~ZстЁ[т ~N ~X~I ~A~Zтся ~L~[ ~AЃGщЃI~I ЃC~Z~N ~G~IЃI~P, ~L~X~[ЃN, ЃR~Z~I~I ~CЃI~E~Z, тЃZ ~IтЃIтЃC~I~X~XЃP ЃZ~G ~J~N~L~X~N, ~R~Z~E~G~[ ~Iть ~N ~A~I~G~XЃI ~N ~A~Z~E~[ыЃI, ~N Ё[~R~Z~P ~[ЃR~T~[~G ~C~Z~RЃE ~ZчЃI~E~Z-ЃZ ~C~ZЃ\~N~X~N~V~[~Iся ~R~[~R ~X~Z~V~[.

~ЃZ ~C~Z ~\~Z~\~[~T ~V~X~I ~C ЃR~N ~Jр~X~[~T cH~B~C~I. ~р~N~Z~G~[ ~N ЃI~T~Z~C~I~RcT (№1-1995 ~E), ~X~[ тр~[~X~NЁ[ ~R~ZЃZ~Z~E~Z ~ZсЃN~PЃR~N~P чЃI~XЃP ~u. ~. ~ЃP~L~[уЃT~N~X ~\~NЃI: cH~@~IЃI~X~N ~R~Z~XЃI~I~XЃN~N ~ОН ~C ~@~N~Z-~G~I-~Ё[~X~I~P~Z, 1992, ~ZЃI~T~Z~Vт ~R~[~J~G~Z~E~Z ~A~IЃ\~[ЃN~P~X~Z~E~Z, ЃZ ЃIь ~\~Z~T~NЃNЃIЃR~N ~A~IЃ\~Nтр~[тЃX~Z~E~Z ЃI~T~Z~C~I~R~[ ~C ~X~[ЃI~P тр~[~X~I, ~CЃNЁ[~CЃI~E~Zя ~C тЃN ~IЃI~X~N. ~шЃI~T~Z~V~TЃI Ё[~R~[ ~C~Z~L~X~N~R~[щЁ[ ~\~N ~\~I~C~Z~V ~J~I ~\~ZтЃI~X~N~N ~VсЃT: cH~ЃIЃJ~I~T~N ~R~Z~V~VЃX~Nты ~AЃT~N ~\~[~C? ~ЃX~N ~AЃT~N ~\~[~C ~A~Z~TшЃI, ЃI~V Ё[~V~N ~Z~A тЃZ~V ~\~Z~G~Z~L~I~C~[~T~N?cT.

~ЃI~T~Z ~X~I ЃZ~TЃR~Z ~C ЃZ~V, тЃZ ~IЃI~X~NЃV~N ~R~Z~XЃI~I~XЃN~N ~ОН (~[ ~\~Z ~\~I~GтЁ[~C~NЃI~TЃX~ZтЃN тЃZ ~CЃI ~V~N~Z~C~Z~I ЃZ~Z~AЃIтЃC~Z) ~Zр~NЁ[тся ~C~Z~L~V~Z~J~X~ZтЃN ~G~T ЃZ~C~I~V~I~X~X~Z~P ЃN~C~N~T~N~L~[ЃN~N ~C ЃI~T~Z~V ~N~GЃN cH~R~[~\~NЁ[~T~NтЃNЃIЃR~N~V ~\тЃI~VcT ~\~I~C~Z~E~Z ~V~N~[ (~[ ~N~V~I~X~X~Z ~C тЃZ~V ЃZтЃZ~N ~ZЃNЃN~[~TЃXЃP ~Rр ~X~Z~Cх ~X~[ЃN ~N~G~I~Z~T~Z~E~Z~C, ЃR~Z~A ~[~G~N ~R~ZЃZ~Z~E~Z ЃX~NтЃZ~J~[~Iся ЃR~Z~A ~X~[Ё[ cH~X~I~\~[~C~N~TЃX~[ тр~[~X~[cT, ~I~I ~\~Z~VшЃT~I~X~XЃP, ~Z~A~Z~Z~X~XЃP, ~X~[чЃX~Z-ЃIЃX~NЃIЃR~N~P, ~N~XЃI~T~T~I~RуЁ[~TЃXЃP, ~RЃTтур~XЃP, ~Z~A~[~L~Z~C~[ЃI~TЃXЃP, ~[~E~[~XЃP, ~V~I~G~NЃN~XЃR~N~P ~\~ZЃI~XЃN~[~T 

~ЃI~T~Z, ~C~Z-~\~I~Cх, ~C Ё[~RЃNЃIЃR~Z~V ~X~[~T~Z~J~I~X~N~N ~L~[~\~IЁ[ ~X~[ ~T~Z~LЃX~E cH~ЃA~Z~E~[Ё[~PЃIь!cT. ~ЃZ~T~I~I ЃZ~E~Z, ~X~[~T~NЃZ ~Zр~NЁ[~X~N~I ~Z~AЃIтЃC~[ ~\~Zр~I~A~T~I~X~N ~N р~I~L~V~I~X~Z~E~Z ~[сЃT~Z~I~X~N ~\~Z р~Z~C~X ~\~Zр~I~A~T~I~X~N ~R~[~R ~V~I~J~G тр~[~X~[~V~N, Ё[~R ~N ~C тр~[~X~[. ~ЃZ стЁ[~X~Z~C~R~[ ~\~I~C~Z~V ~V~N: cH~ЃA~I~G~XЃPЃIь! ~сЃR~IЃN~L~NЃPЃIь!cT.

  ~ЃZ ~E~T~[~C~X~Z~I  ~G~I~T~Z ~C ~\~N~L~X~[~X~N~N ~V~N~Z~CЃV ЃZ~Z~AЃIтЃC~Z~V ~CЃI~ZЃC~[ЃX~ZтЃN ~N ЃNтЃI~V~X~ZтЃN ~R~N~L~NЁ[ ~N~X~Gстр~N~[~T~N~L~V~[ ~R~[~R ~\~[~RЃN~R~N, ~R~[~R ~R~Z~XЃI~\ЃN~N, ~R~[~R ~V~N~Z~C~Z~L~L~I~X~N ~N ~G~[~J~I ~R~[~R тЃI~I~ZЃN~\~[ ~VшЃT~I~X~N ~N ЃR~T~[~G~[ ~GшЃNcT.

~u~[~R тЃZ ~C~[~V~N, Ѓ\~Z~XЃR~N~I ~I~C~Z~TцЃN~Z~X~XЃI ~V~[~RЃNты, ~\~ZтЃZ ~C~ZхЃNЁ[сь, ~C~N~G, ~R~[~R ~C ~X~N~R~Z~E~G~[, ~X~N ~X~[ ~Z~G~X ~V~N~Xту ~X~I ~\~I~R~[Ё[~IЃI ~A~ZЃA ~X~[~E~T~Zтью ~N ~\~Z~G~T~Zтью ~R~[~\~NЁ[~T~[, ~R~ZЃZЃP ~\~TЃI ~X~[ ЃZ, тЃZ ЃJ~I ~N ЃR~Z~T~Z~E~N ~CЃI~E~Z ~V~N~[ тр~[~G~[~I ~Z ~E~T~Z~A~[~TЃX~Z~P ЃRЃ\~TЁ[Ё[ЃN~N, ~N ~X~[ ЃZ, тЃZ ~A~Z~T~I~I ~G~Cх р~IЃI~P ЃI~T~Z~C~IЃIтЃC~[ ~J~N~C~I ~C ~\~Z~T~X~Z~P ~X~NЃIЃI ~N~T~N ~C ЃNуЁ[ЃN~N ~Z~E~Z~V~Xх ~X~IЃC~[ЃZ~R.

~u~[~R тЃZ Ѓ\стя ~C~I~R ~G~[~J~I тр~[ЃZфЃI~[ ~сЃI~T~I~X~X~Z~P ~G~Z~R~[~L~[~T~[ ~\~[~C~Zу ~ЃI~T~N~R~Z~P ~ЃRяЃAсЃR~Z~P ~I~C~Z~TцЃN~N, ЃTчЃN~CЃI~Pя ~C ~@~ZсЃN~N ~C 1917 ~E~Z~G, ~R~Z~E~G~[ ~\~[~C~NЃI~TстЃC~Z ~A~Z~TшЃI~C~N~R~Z~C ~X~[ЃN~Z~X~[~T~N~L~N~Z~C~[~T~Z ~CЃI, тЃZ ~X~[~[~A~ZЁ[~T~[ ~L~[ ысячЃI~T~IЃN~I ~Z~E~Z~V~X~[ тр~[~X~[ ~N ~ZЃG~[~T~[ ~R~[~J~G~Z~V ~E~[~J~G~[~X~N~X ~Z~AЃIтЃC~[, ~\~Z~E~[ЃN~C ЃI~V Ё[~VЃV ~C ЃI~T~Z~C~I~R~I тр~I~V~T~I~X~N~I ~R ~[~TЃX~ZтЃN ~N ~X~I~Z~AЃL~G~[~X~X~Z~P ~J~[~G~X~ZтЃN.

~ЃZ~Z~E~N~I ЃZ~C~[~NЃN! ~ЃZ~Z~E~N~I ~X~[ЃN ~R~Z~T~T~I~E~N! ~ЃZЃR~Z~TЃR ~A~T~[~E~ZЃZтЃZЃX~N~I ~Z~G~X~Z~E~Z ~\~ZЃI~XЁ[ ~Aр~JЃI~C ~X~[ ~ЃI~V~T~I р~[~C~XЃT~Zь ~A~T~[~E~ZЃZтЃZЃX~N~I~V ~ZтЁ[~TЃX~Z~E~Z ЃI~T~Z~C~IЃIтЃC~[, ~[ ~\~[~C~ZЃZ~P тЃZ~E~Z ~\~Z~T~Z~J~I~X~N ~X~I ЃZ~E~T~[ЃX~[ ЃI~\~I ~G~[~J~I ~\~T~[~X~IЁ[, ЃZ ~C — ~X~[ ~\~[~C~N~TЃX~Z~V ~\тЃN, ~N ~CЃI~P ЃC~Z~I~P ~[~RЃN~C~X~Zтью ЃC~TЃIЃI ~\~N~V~I ~\~Z~T~NЃNЃIЃR~Z~P ЃIтЃX~ZтЃN ~CЃI~V ~T~I~C~Z~V ~G~C~N~J~I~X~N ~\~T~[~X~Iы.

~v~G~[ЃN ~C~[~V ~X~[ ~\~Z~\~NЃI ~Z~AЃIтЃC~I~X~X~Z~P ~J~N~L~X~N! ~юЃA~C~N ~N ~\~Z~X~N~V~[~X~N ~Z ~A~T~N~L~R~N ~C~[~V ~TЃG~I~P!

Radio Te Reo o Tefana

1 aoeTt 2017, Faa’a, Maohi-Nui (PolyneDsie frane@aise)


Chers camarades et amis, Ia orana (bonjour)!

Plus de 70 ans apreBs que le monde est eDteD teDmoin du pouvoir deDvastateur des armes nucleDaires, un traiteD mondial a eDteD approuveD e@ l’ONU ce 7 juillet 2017 pour interdire les bombes atomiques.

Les puissances nucleDaires, leurs allieDs et les pays soumis n’y ont pas participeD. Seuls 122 pays l’ont voteD mais c’est une victoire. C’est une victoire pour nous, victimes du geDnocide nucleDaire et peuples pour la Paix. Les geDneDrations futures ont une nouvelle voix e@ prendre.

La puissance nucleDaire est encore et toujours une arme politique et eDconomique e@ l’ÃDchelle mondiale. L’appel de ce 55e congreDs international Antiwar nous rappel parfaitement cette reDaliteD. Les Maohi vivent aussi cette reDaliteD au quotidien en tant que colonie frane@aise du Pacifique utiliseDe pour les bombes atomiques frane@aises.

Dans notre deDmarche e@ l’ONU pour notre droit e@ l’autodeDtermination, la question de la reconnaissance et de la reDparation des conseDquences des essais nucleDaires frane@ais sur l’environnement, la santeD, la culture, l’identiteD des Maohi effraie la France. Discuter de ce sujet et neDgocier entre colonisateur et coloniseDs est simple mais le faire devant les Nations unies est inadmissible. Cela deDvoilerait la vraie image de la colonisation frane@aise et remettrait en cause le bien-fondeD de la politique de maintien de la puissance nucleDaire de la France aussi bien militaire que civil.

Lors de la commeDmoration de l’abolition de l’esclavage en mai 2017, l’ancien preDsident frane@ais Frane@ois Hollande disait cH On n’efface pas le passeD, on le deDpasse. Il faut alors poser des actes cT. Il a raison. Si en 2016, Frane@ois hollande eDtait venu en PolyneDsie faire de belles deDclarations au sujet des conseDquences d’essais nucleDaires effectueDs e@ Moruroa et Fangataufa aucune prise de responsabiliteD ferme de la part de la France n’a eDteD prise.

La loi Morin, loi pour l’indemnisation des victimes des essais nucleDaires frane@ais, a eDteD dernieBrement modifieDe mais la reconnaissance des victimes et leur indemnisation sont encore retardeDes. La majoriteD des membres du CIVEN ont deDmissionneD dernieBrement et c’ÃDtait preDvisible.

Les souverainistes, les associations de deDfense des victimes des essais nucleDaires et l’ÃDglise protestante de Maohi Nui prennent leur responsabiliteD. Une plainte pour crime contre l’humaniteD sera deDposeDe devant la cour peDnale internationale par l’ÃDglise protestante et la commission des droits de l’homme de l’ONU sera saisie par le Tavini Huiraatira. Nous vous invitions e@ nous soutenir en signant notre peDtition en ligne:


La conscience collective Maohi se reDveille et le combat continue. Nous nous joignons e@ votre appel pour la paix des peuples. Faaitoito.


Mr Heinui Le Caill

President of the Board Radio Te Reo o Tefana

Faridabad Majdoor Samachar (Faridabad Workers Newspaper)
August 1st 2017, Faridabad, India

Warm greetings to the participants of the 55th International Antiwar Assemblies in Tokyo, Sapporo, Kanazawa, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka and Okinawa from Kamunist Kranti/Faridabad Majdoor Samachar.
We are in the era of global wage-workers and the increasing dysfunctionality of wage-labour based commodity production.
* In its embryonic form, wage labour based commodity production was understood as the last stage of hierarchic social formations. Wage-workers as the radical social subject. And, the world as the arena.
* Private property (individual ownership) was seen as the essence of capital/wage-labour based commodity production. The emergence of joint-stock companies in Western Europe in the 1860s was taken as the negative negation of capital (and cooperative factories as the positive negation).
* By 1880s, joint stock companies/share based companies became the dominant form of wage-labour based commodity production in Western Europe.
* A social strata called "intellectuals" increased in numbers and social significance. A part of this strata filled management positions in expanding companies and state bureaucracies. Another part of this strata, the radicals/revolutionaries looked at wage-workers as the levers for the fulfilment of their aspirations which in essence were statisation (nationalisation) of everything. Karl Kautsky theorised the social significance of this section : (1) Communist consciousness comes from the study of philosophy, history, economics, culture. (2) Wage-workers on their own cannot acquire communist consciousness. (3) Communist consciousness has to be injected into wage-workers from outside.
Lenin popularised Kautsky's theorisation in Czarist Russia and after 1917 it acquired worldwide importance.
* Radical/revolutionary intellectuals had national/state boundaries as their arena although the word, 'international' was in circulation. In 1914, by and large they supported the war waged by "their" countries. The denunciation of Kautsky as renegade is fine but the social basis and the premises of the Third International were fundamentally the same as those of the Second International.
* Fixation on private property suited the statists even though private property in the means of production was becoming increasingly insignificant in Europe and then the USA. The corollaries of this were:
(a) Around 1900, capitalism had become moribund, decadent, imperialism.
(b) Production relations had become fetters on the productive forces (ッTッTッT)
* Accumulation of capital is also the process through which capital moulds the world in its image. Wage-labour based commodity production spread throughout the globe. But even then, as late as the 1970s in Africa, South America, Asia (with Japan as an exception) wage-labour based commodity production areas were islands in the oceans of simple commodity production (peasants and artisans). And, peasants and artisans provided fertile breeding ground for statist tendencies. Also, when the dysfunctionality of wage-labour based commodity production had reached such levels in Europe, the USA, Japan that it lead to the massacres of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945, the vast population of peasants and artisans in Asia-Africa-South America provided cushions to capital.
* The worldwide social upheavals during 1965-1970 increased exponentially the security needs for the maintenance of the money-market relations. Electronics entered the production and circulation spheres of commodity production. This was an incomparable leap in the productive forces. Just compare this with steam-coal, internal combustion engine, electricity, type-writer. In value terms, surplus value increased massively.
* This incomparable leap in the productive forces has in these forty years so intertwined material and non-material production and circulation in the world that we are today in the era of global wage-workers and increasing dysfunctionality of wage-labour based commodity production on global scale.
To contribute to radical ruptures it is indispensable to frame social dynamics in terms of social relations. Other framings provide space to identity politics which are rampant.
* Colonisation from 1500 to 1800 is fundamentally for the expansion of money-market relations. The efforts of trading companies were to transform goods into commodities. And, the anti-colonial struggles of this period were essentially struggles of varying natural economies to maintain themselves. The incentives to long distance trade were the margins due to historical and geographical reasons that provided significant profits in Europe even after covering the costs of long distance trade. This expansion of money-market relations was premised on simple commodity production.
* Colonisation from 1800 onwards was premised on wage-labour based commodity production. The process of accumulation of capital engendered this colonisation wherein capital moulding the world in its image greatly expanded simple commodity production in colonies and at the same time gave rise to wage-labour based commodity production in the colonies.
* The anti-colonial/national liberation struggles of the twentieth century were essentially the struggles between factions of wage-labour based commodity production. The anti-colonial/national liberation struggles were between factions of capital based in the home country and in the colony.
* More than a hundred years ago it was said: "When German industry trades with German peasants, it is external trade. When German industry trades with British industry, it is internal trade."
* Capital is a social relation. Capital does not have a nationality. National capital and foreign capital are terms that are very loaded. A lot of baggage needs to be discarded to come to: "Capital in India", "Capital in Japan".
* That wage workers do not have a country has been in currency for more than one hundred and fifty years. Then how is it that the term foreign workers is often used? A lot of baggage needs to be discarded to come to: Wage-workers in India (some of them being legal/illegal immigrants from Nepal/Bangladesh), Wage-workers in Japan ...
Friends, the incomparable leap in the productive forces has engendered a huge superfluous population in the world. The social death/social murder of peasants, artisans, shopkeepers is at a very rapid pace. Artificial intelligence et al are leading to lesser and lesser number of wage-workers producing huge amounts of material and non-material goods. Abolition of wage-work, abolition of work is on the social agenda.
With love.

Sher Singh

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)
August 2nd 2017, London, Britain

Dear Friends and Comrades
CND UK joins with your call on people of the world to unite in a global protest against the threat of war and nuclear annihilation. It is astonishing that world leaders should have once more brought the human race to the edge of extinction 72 years after the lessons of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We send a message of solidarity and support to the people of East Asia where international tensions are rising to crisis point and governments are driving deep divisions between people and nations at a time when the world desperately needs international cooperation to tackle the threats to our existence presented by nuclear weapons, resource shortages and climate change.
We recognise and acknowledge the vital role that the Japanese people have played in bringing about the UN Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons and in opposing the US military bases and installations in your country and your region. The continued passionate demonstrations against militarism and war has been an inspiration. The powerful statements and pleas for disarmament by the hibakusha have also been vital in highlighting the horrific capabilities of nuclear weapons, building and strengthening the international campaign and eventually bringing about the treaty to abolish them which was endorsed by 122 countries just a few weeks ago.
We must join together to change government priorities and build our societies on the basis of human welfare and security rather than state survival at all costs. There is no future in holding the world to ransom and continuing to believe that peace and security can only be obtained by threatening the destruction of the planet. People around the UK will soon be meeting in their communities to remember the atomic bombings of Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the hundreds of thousands of lives lost and ruined there and since. Like you, we will be once more committing to work together to ensure that every last nuclear weapon is safely deactivated and removed from the Earth and that war ceases to be an option for settling international disputes.
With support and best wishes

Dave Webb
Chair, CND


August 2nd 2017, Athens, Greece


ANTARSYA (Anticapitalist Left Cooperation for the Overthrow) addresses warm greetings to the 55th International Antiwar Assembly and sends a warm message of internationalist solidarity to the people of Japan and the antiwar movement against the reactionary politics of Abbe government, against nationalism and militarism

We undoubtedly live at a crucial turning point of the global capitalist crisis. The world of the capital tries to overcome the crisis by loading the cost to the global working class and the people, causing greater exploitation, unemployment, extreme poverty, striking democratic freedoms and destroying the environment.

The plans of the imperialists USA-EU-NATO and their competitions with Russia and China are the basic causes of the war collisions in the 21st century.

The election of Donald Trump as the president of the USA, as a result of the prolonged capitalist crisis, is a sign of a new intension of the competitions and renegotiation of the terms of the so-called imperialist globalization. The bourgeois political leaders whether they speak to the name of "globalization" and the open markets, whether they speak to the name of nationalism and the protection of the economies, they adopt the same strategy against the working class and the peoples. Greater exploitation, less freedom. Nationalist, fascist, neo-Nazi, racist ideologies and the doctrines of the religious sectarianism are being developed in this framework, as in the case of the reactionary “Islamic State”, which divide the people and subjugate them to the destructive plans of the capitalists.

This is the case in the dangerous competitions in the Far East, which is pointed out by the appeal of the 55th International Antiwar Assembly. This is the case in the Middle East and the East Mediterranean, in the war of Syria. In the Apartheid of the state-terrorist of Israel and in the heroic struggle of the people of Palestine. In the opposition to the authoritarianism of Erdogan in Turkey, in the struggle of the Kurdish people. In Latin America and in the action of the reactionary right opposition in Venezuela.

In the recent summit of G20 in Hamburg we saw these tendencies to be confirmed, but we also witnessed a fighting mobilization of the peoples against the world of exploitation, which brought an optimism and frightened the world of the capital.

The social struggles in our era defend the rights and freedoms in difficult circumstances. Unbeatable as it may seem, the world of the capital fronts important resistance and the struggles of the working class. The unity and the subversive strategy, the class independence and the stable front against the capital, the imperialism and the war, the solidarity and internationalism with the zI}΃EzA}΃PzRz zGzLzVz\zR}΃A}΃bzA are the elements which can contribute to the counterattack for the resistance to the capitalist barbarity for the social resolution.

In Greece, the government of SYRIZA-ANEL continues the policy against people by the memorandums, in other words the policy of the reactionary measures which are imposed by the governments in accordance with the instructions of the EU and the IMF in the name of the Debt. In the summer of 2015 the SYRIZA-ANEL government signed the 3rd memorandum, provocatively ignoring the NO to the memorandum which was voted in the referendum by the 62% of the Greek people. This policy is supported by the EU-friendly opposition and the pro-state and pro-capitalists bureaucrats which controls the General Confederation of Greek Workers. The trial for the criminal activity of the neo-Nazi party “Golden Dawn” under the pressure, among others, of the antifascist movement, reveals how it is being utilized by the capital as a power of racist hatred, anticommunism and against the labour movement and the people.

The government of SYRIZA-ANEL is totally aligned with the dangerous policy of the USA and NATO. In this framework it promotes the zAzX}΃PzG}΃A}τ΃PzR} zzZz\zXzA of Greece-Cyprus-Israel-Egypt.

ANTARSYA fights for a struggling front of }΃zZzL zRzAzP zAzXzA}ρ΃\}z and a class reborn labor movement which will give perspective to the social struggles. In this direction it proposes an anticapitalistic transitional programme that mainly demands:

overthrow of the memorandums and the policy of the government of SYRIZA-ANEL,

unilateral cessation of payments and the deletion of the debt,

the nationalization of the banks and the zVzIzEzzTzI} zI}zP}΃IzP}΃}΃IzP} under labour and social control,

decisive defence and enlargement of the democratic freedoms and rights,

exit of the Eurobond and the EU. Exit of the NATO.

The overall interests of the peoples of the region have nothing to do with the imperialist interventions and the competitions of the capitalists, with the nationalism and revivalism promoted by the capitalists. This competition is reactionary from all perspectives.

We welcome the struggles against the capitalist barbarity, the imperialism and the war. With the weapon of internationalism and the solidarity of the people we shall fight against nationalism, fascism, racism and religious sectarianism, tribalism, against every reactionary ideology which divides the peoples and the workers, which supports the deadly machine of war. The struggles for the end of the policies of the capital against the people, the defence of civil rights and freedom, and the struggle for a world with no exploitation can lead to the anticapitalistic overthrow. So that the workers take the wealth they produce and the power in their hands, for a new era towards socialism, for the social emancipation and the liberating perspective of communism.

We wish good luck to the 55th International Antiwar Assembly and we believe it will be a decisive contribution to a struggling and victorious antiwar movement.

~ЃT~[~G~N~V~N ~р~Z~X~N~X

~@~T~I~X ~\~I~L~N~G~NЃV~[ ~ЃXЃNЁ[ЃNтсЃR~Z~E~Z ~R~Z~V~NЃIЁ[ ~v~R~[~N~X

2 ~[~C~EстЁ[ 2017, ~ЃN~I~C, ~v~R~[~N~X~[


~Ё[ ~E~Z~G, ~\~ZЃI~GЃN~P ~\~ZЃT~I ~\~I~GЃGщЃI~P ~R~Z~XЃI~I~XЃN~N, ~L~[~V~IЃX~Z сЃN~T~N~T~Nь ~\~ZЃN~C~Z~IЃN ~R~[~R ~V~I~J~G ~E~T~[~C~XЃV~N ~N~V~\~I~N~[~T~NтЃN- ЃIЃR~N~V~N ~E~ZуЃG~[тЃC~[~V~N, ~\~I~J~G~I ~CЃI~E~Z, ~V~I~J~G ~B~B~ ~N ~N ~L~[~\~[~G~X~Z~I~C~Z~\~I~PЃR~N~V~N ~\~[ЃXр~[~V~N ~\~Z ~АЁu~, Ё[~R ~N ~C~Xтр~N тЃN ~E~ZуЃG~[тЃC. ~B~\~IЃNЃN~R~Z~P тЃZ~E~Z ~E~Z~G~[ ~C ~I~C~Z~\~I~PЃR~N тр~[~X~[ тЁ[~T~Z ~\~Z~G~Z~T~J~I~X~N~I, ~[ ~V~IтЁ[~V~N ~Z~A~Zтр~I~X~N~I ЃIёЃL~X~Z~E~Z ~R~N~L~NЁ[, ~CЃL~C~[~X~X~Z~E~Z ~X~I~R~Z~Xр~Z~T~NЃI~VЃV ~X~[~\~TЃC~Z~V ~A~I~J~I~XЃI~C ~N~L тр~[~X ~ЃT~N~J~X~I~E~Z ~ЃZтЃZ~R~[ ~N ~B~I~C~I~X~Z~P ~фр~N~R~N, ~\тЁ[~CЃNся ЃPЃN ~Z ЃJ~[ЃZ~C ~E~[~J~G~[~XЃR~N ~C~Z~P~X ~N ~R~Z~C~[~Cх ~E~ZуЃG~[тЃC~I~X~Xх ~\~I~I~C~Z~ZЃZ~C, ~C ~L~X~[ЃNЃI~TЃX~Z~P тЃI~\~I~X~N Ѓ\~Z~C~ZЃN~Z~C~[~X~Xх ~[~E~IсЃN~C~XЃV ~C~V~IЁ[ЃI~TстЃC~Z~V ~N~V~\~I~N~[~T~NтЃNЃIЃR~N ~E~ZуЃG~[тЃC ~C~Z ~C~Xтр~I~X~X~N~I ~G~I~T~[ тЃN тр~[~X.

~ ЃI~Xр~I ~C~X~N~V~[~X~N ~V~N~Z~C~Z~P ~Z~AЃIтЃC~I~X~X~ZтЃN ~AЃT~N Ё[~R~J~I ~G~[~V~[ЃNЃIЃR~N~I ЃZ~AтЃN ~C ~B~N~N~N, ~E~G~I ~X~I~Z~J~N~G~[~X~X~Z ~IЃNЃI~TЃX~Z~I ~C~V~IЁ[ЃI~TстЃC~Z ~@~ZсЃN~N ~AЃR~C~[~TЃX~Z ~C ~\~ZЃT~I~G~X~N~P ~V~Z~V~I~X Ѓ\~[ЃT~Z тЃZ ~X~I~A~Z~TшЃZ~I, ~X~Z ~\~Z~L~C~Z~TющЃI~I ЃI~A~I ~\~Z~C~Z~G~Nь ~X~I~L~[~C~NЃN~Vю ~N ~X~IЃE~Z~G~Xю ~N~V~\~I~N~[~T~NтЃNЃIЃR~Z~V ~V~Z~Xтр ~C~X~IЃXю ~\~Z~T~NЃN~R. ~u~I~V Ё[~VЃV ЃG~[~T~Zь ЃZ~C~[ь ~\~T~[~X ~[~V~I~N~R~[~XЃR~N тр~[ЃI~E~Z~C ~L~[ЃC~[ЃNь ~R~Z~Xр~Z~T ~X~[~G ~A~T~N~J~X~I~C~ZтЃZЃXЃV ~I~E~N~Z~X~Z~V ~C ЃC~Z~N ЃR~N.

~ЃZ ~E~Z~V~R~Z~I ~\~Z~[~J~I~X~N~I ~X~I ~V~Z~E~T~Z ~X~I ~Zр~[~L~Nься ~X~[ ~CЃI~P ~\~Z~T~NЃNЃIЃR~Z~P ЃNтЃI~V~I ~[~V~I~N~R~[~XЃR~Z~E~Z ~E~ZуЃG~[тЃC~[, ~C ~R~ZЃZ~Z~P ~N ~A~I~L ЃZ~E~Z ~X~[~R~Z~\~N~T~Zь ~G~ZтЁ[ЃZЃX~Z~I ~R~Z~T~NЃIтЃC~Z ~C~LЃCЁ[ЃZ~E~Z ~V~[ЃI~N~[~T~[, р~R~N~V ЃC~N~G~IЃI~TстЃC~Z~V ЃI~E~Z тЁ[~T~N ~Aр~XЃI ЃZ~AтЃN ~C ~B~B~ ~C ЃZ~G~I ~\~I~L~N~G~I~XсЃR~Z~P ~N~L~A~N~[ЃI~TЃX~Z~P ~R~[~V~\~[~X~N~N ~N ~C ~ZЃZ~A~I~X~X~ZтЃN ~\~ZЃT~I ~\~Z~A~I~G ~X~[ тЃN ~CЃA~Z~[ ~ЃZ~X~[~TЃG~[ ~u~[~V~\~[.

~ ~\~I~Cю ~ZЃI~I~G ~X~I~J~I~T~[~X~X~[ ~G~T ~C~IушЃR~N ~\~[~CщЃI~E~Z ~R~T~[сЁ[ ~\~Z~A~I~G~[ ~u~[~V~\~[ ~Zр~[~L~N~T~[ ~X~[~L~I~CЃN~I ~ZтрЃI ~\~ZЃN~C~Z~IЃN ~C Ё[~V~Z~V ~\~[~CщЃI~V ~R~T~[сЃI. ~u~I, ~RЃZ ~X~I ЃZЃI~T ~N ~Z~\~[Ё[~Tя тЃZ~P ~\~Z~A~I~G, ~\~I~GтЁ[~C~Tют ~N~XЃI~Iы ЃZ~P Ё[тЃN ~[~V~I~N~R~[~XЃR~Z~P ~N~V~\~I~N~[~T~NтЃNЃIЃR~Z~P ~Aр~JЁ[~L~N~N, ~R~ZЃZЃI ~G~I~T~[~T~N тЁ[~C~R ~X~[ ~\~Z~G~Z~T~J~I~X~N~I ~N сЃN~T~I~X~N~I ~\~Z~T~NЃN~R~N ~E~T~Z~A~[~T~N~L~[ЃN~N ~\~Z~G ~[~V~I~N~R~[~XЃR~N~V ~C~IЃZ~C~I~XтЃC~Z~V, тЃZ ЃI~V Ё[~VЃV ~Z~A~IЃ\~IЃN~C~[~T~Z ~\~Z~TчЃI~X~N~I ~V~[~RЃN~V~[~TЃXх ~\~N~AЃT~I~P ~C ЃZ~G~I тЃZ~E~Z ~\~ZЃIсЁ[. ~B ~GЃE~Z~P тЃZ~Z~X, ~C~Z~RЃE ~u~[~V~\~[ ~Z~AЃI~G~N~X~N~T~[ь Ё[ Ё[ть ~X~[ЃN~Z~X~[~TЃX~Z~P ~Aр~JЁ[~L~N~N, ~R~ZЃZ~[ уЃCтЃC~Z~C~[~T~[ ЃI~A ~\~Z~N~E~[~CЃI~P ~C ЃZ~G~I ~R~Z~X~Rр~I~XЃX~Z~P ~A~ZЃA, ~C ~I~LЃTтЁ[ЃI ЃI~E~Z ~X~I~R~ZЃZЃI ~Zр~[ЃT~N ~[~V~I~N~R~[~XЃR~Z~P ЃR~Z~X~Z~V~N~R~N ~\~NЃT~N ~C Ѓ\~[~G~Z~R, ~[ тЃZ ЃI~V ~A~Z~T~I~I ~A~Z~T~I~L~X~I~X~X~Z ~Zр~[~L~N~T~Zь ~X~[ ~A~I~GтЃC~I~X~X~Z~V ~\~Z~T~Z~J~I~X~N~N ~L~X~[ЃNЃI~TЃX~Z~P Ё[тЃN ~[~V~I~N~R~[~XЃR~N ~[~A~ZЃN ~N ЃI~V~IтЃC~[, ~\~ZЃIЃCЃN ~C~Z~L~V~Z~J~X~Zть ~L~[~[~A~[ыЃC~[ь ~X~[ ~J~N~L~X ~G~T ЃI~A ~N ЃC~Z~N ЃI~V~I~P.

~uЃG~X~Z ~\~I~GЃR~[~L~[ь, ЃI~V ~L~[~R~Z~XЃNся ~CясЃX~I~X~N~I ~ZЃX~ZЃI~X~N~P ~V~I~J~G ~G~CЃV р~[~RЃNЃV~N ~\~[~CщЃI~E~Z ~R~T~[сЁ[ ~B~B~, ~X~Z ~\~Z~R~[~V~Iт ~Cё ~N~Gт ~R ЃZ~V, тЃZ ~CхЃZ~G ~N~L ~R~NЃNЃIЃR~Z~E~Z ~\~Z~T~Z~J~I~X~N ~Z~A~I ~Z~X~N ~AЃG~I ~NЃR~[ь ~X~[ ~\тЃN ~Z~A~Zтр~I~X~N ~V~I~J~GЃX~[~Z~G~X~Z~P ~Z~AтЁ[~X~Z~C~R~N.

~ ЃCЃL~N тЃN~V ~X~I ~V~Z~J~I ~X~I ~CЃLЃC~[ь ~Z~A~IЃ\~Z~R~Z~I~X~X~ZтЃN ~X~[~\ЃJЃX~X~[ ЃNуЁ[ЃN, ЃT~Z~J~N~CЁ[ся ~C~Z~RЃE ~NЃ\тЁ[~X~N~P ~[~R~IЃX~Z~P ЃIЃX~N~R~N ~НДЁ@. ~рЃG ~T~N ~C ЃCЃL~N тЃN~V ущЃIтЃCЃI ~I~[~TЃX~[ ЃE~Z~L~[ ~C~Z~L~X~N~R~X~Z~C~I~X~N ЃG~I~X~Z~P ~C~Z~P~X, ~X~Z ~A~I~L~ZЃC~IстЃC~I~X~X~[ ~\~Z~T~NЃN~R~[ ЃR~Z~C~Z~GтЃC~[ ~НДЁ@, ~\~ZЃN~C ~R~ZЃZ~Z~P ~V~X~Z~E~N~I ~R~Z~V~VЃX~Nты, ЃZя ~N ~X~I ~Z~G~Z~Aют ~I, ~X~I ~CстуЃ\~[т ~ZЃRтЃZ ~N~L уЃCтЃC~[ ~T~Z~J~X~Z ~\~Z~XтЃZ~P ЃZ~T~N~G~[~X~ZтЃN, ~V~Z~J~I ~Aть ~NЃ\~Z~TЃL~Z~C~[~X~[ ~R~[~R ~\~Z~GЃZ~GщЃN~P ~\~Z~C~Z~G ~G~T ~Z~A~Zтр~I~X~N ~Z~AтЁ[~X~Z~C~R~N ~C ~G~[~X~X~Z~V ~I~E~N~Z~X~I ~L~I~V~X~Z~E~Z Ё[~[.

~ЃZ~R~[ ~J~I ~[~V~I~N~R~[~XЃR~[ ~C~Z~I~XЃN~X~[ ~C~ZЃ\~Z~TЃL~Z~C~[~T~[ь ЃG~[ЃX~Z ЃT~Z~J~N~CЃI~Pя ~Z~AтЁ[~X~Z~C~R~Z~P ~N ~X~[Ё[~T~[ ~C ~~J~X~Z~P ~ЃZ~I~I стЁ[~X~Z~C~R ЃNтЃI~V ~Ё@~ ЃR~Z~A ~G~T ~\~ZЃN~C~ZтЃZЃX~N ЃI~C~I~Z~R~Z~I~PЃR~Z~P ~[~R~IЃX~Z~P ЃE~Z~L~I, ~[ ~X~[ Ё[~V~Z~V ~G~I~T~I ~V~ZЃX~[ ~[~G~N~Z~T~Z~R~[ЃN~Z~X~X~[ ЃNтЃI~V~[ ~AЃG~I ~ZЃXЃX~I ~ZЃC~[ыЃC~[ь ~\~ZтЃN ~Cю ЃI~NЃZ~N ~ЃNЁ[ ~N ~\~Z~T~Z~C~N~X ЃI~NЃZ~N~N ~@~ZсЃN~N.

~Ё[ ~v~R~[~N~X~I ЃZр~[~XЃIся ~\~Z~T~NЃNЃIЃR~[ тЁ[~E~X~[ЃN. ~ЃZ~T- Ё[ЃNтсЃR~N~P ~I~J~N~V ~ЃZ~ZЃI~X~R~Z ~Z~R~Z~XЁ[ЃI~TЃX~Z ~L~[ёЃT ~C уЃ\~N~R ~N ~X~[ЃZ~G~Nся ~X~[ ~E~[~X~N ~R~[Ё[, ~X~Z ~C ~\~Z~\тЃR~I ~\~Z~G~T~Nь ЃC~Z ущЃIтЃC~Z~C~[~X~N~I ~\~[~CщЃN~I ~RЃE~N ~N~X~NЃN~Nют ~[Ѓ\~Z~G~[~J ~CЃI~P ~Iё ~ZтЁ[щЃI~Pя ~E~ZуЃG~[тЃC~I~X~X~Z~P ЃZ~AтЃC~I~X~X~ZтЃN ~N, ~C Ё[тЃX~ZтЃN, ~ZЃX~Z~C~X~Z~E~Z ~A~Z~E~[стЃC~[ ~v~R~[~N~X – ~I ~A~IцЃI~X~Xх ЃI~X~Z~LЃV~Z~C, ~R~ZЃZЃI ~G~Z~T~J~X ~\~I~I~PЃN ~C ЃR~N, ~C ~ZЃX~Z~C~X~Z~V, ~N~X~Zтр~[~X~Xх ~E~[~J~G~[~X ЃI ~N~V~\~I~N~[~T~NтЃNЃIЃR~N ~E~ZуЃG~[тЃC, ~R~ZЃZЃI ~\~N~C~I~T~N ~XЃX~IЃXю уЃXу ~R ~C~T~[тЃN. ~р~N тЃZ~V ~Cё ~Iё ЃZр~[~XЃIся ЃE~Z~L~[ ~X~[ЃN~TстЃC~I~X~X~Z~E~Z ЃV~IЃI~X~N ~I~J~N~V~[ ~ЃZ~ZЃI~X~R~Z ~Iё ~A~Z~T~I~I ~I~[~RЃN~Z~X~XЃV, ~ZЃR~Z~C~I~X~X~Z Ё[ЃNтсЃR~N~V ~I~J~N~V~Z~V. ~ЃZ~NЃR ~\~Z~GЃZ~GщЃI~P ~R~[~X~G~N~G~[ур ~X~[ ~Z~T ~C~Z~L~V~Z~J~X~Z~E~Z ~G~N~RЁ[ЃZ~[ ~C~I~Gтся ~\~ZтЃN ~X~I~\~N~RтЃZ.

~@~IЃNЃI~TЃX~[ ~A~ZЃA~[ Ѓ\~Z~XЃR~N ЃZ~C~[~NЃI~P ~I~C~[~XЃNтсЃR~Z~P ~\~Z~T~NЃN~R~Z~P ~\~[~C~NЃI~TстЃC~[ ~ЃA, ~[~A~Z~T~I~\~X~Z ЃT~I~GющЃI~E~Z ~C Ё[~C~[ЃI~I ~C~X~IЃX~I~P ~\~Z~T~NЃN~R~N ~B~B~, ~\~ZЃN~C тр~Z~NЃI~TстЃC~[ ~X~Z~Cх ~[~V~I~N~R~[~XЃR~N ~A~[~L ~X~[ ~ЃR~N~X~[~C~I, ~\~ZЃN~C ~E~Z~X~R~N ЃG~I~Xх ~C~Z~ZЃJ~I~X~N~P, ЃE~Z~J~[щЃI~P Ё[~V~Z~V ущЃIтЃC~Z~C~[~X~N ЃI~T~Z~C~IЃIтЃC~[, ~X~I ~V~Z~J~I ~X~I ~CЃLЃC~[ь ЃN~V~\~[ЃN~N ~N ~\~Z~G~G~I~J~R~N ЃZ тЃZ~Z~X ~CЃI ~\~Z~E~IсЃN~C~Xх ЃN~T ЃZ~C~I~V~I~X~X~ZтЃN.

~ ЃI~RщЃI~V ~E~Z~G, ~R~Z~E~G~[ рЃGщЃN~Iя ~CЃI~E~Z ~V~N~[ ~ZЃV~IЁ[т 100- ~E~Z~G~Z~CЃN~X ~ЃI~T~N~R~Z~P ~ЃRяЃAсЃR~Z~P ~B~ZЃN~[~T~NтЃNЃIЃR~Z~P ~I~C~Z~TцЃN~N, ~\~N~LЃC ~Z~E~R~Z~V~NЃIЁ[ ~R~Z~XЃI~I~XЃN~N ~C~ZЃR~IЃNь ~Gх ~\~Z~T~IЁ[ЃR~Z~E~Z ~N~XЃI~X~[ЃN~Z~X~[~T~N~L~V~[ ~C ~A~ZЃA~I ~N~V~\~I~N~[~T~NтЃNЃIЃR~N~V~N ~\~Z~G~J~N~E~[- ЃI~TЃV~N ~C~Z~P~X ~X~[ЃZ~G~N ~ZЃR~T~N~R ~C ЃV~[ ~CЃI, ~R~Z~V ~G~Z~Z~E~N ~N~G~I~[~T ЃZЃN~[~T~N~L~V~[ ~N ~\~Z~G~T~N~X~X~Z~E~Z ~X~[~Z~G~Z~C~T~[тЃN.

평화와 톃I읃V을 엃는 삃람들 

(SPARK – Solidarity for Peace and Reunification of Korea)


2017 8 3읃V 한I 서울


삃드 한I밁[치 저지! 한bN읃V 삃V각#!A 한bN읃V 삃V각 동@P 굃축 저지하자!
한[도의 비핵화와 평화협@ 첃G겁[을 톃I핃G 동아시아의 핃I굁[비CX쟁을 멈JC 하자!

믃N굃 튃N럃V프 정J은 영A바@ 정J에 읃G얃G, 북한 핃I묃N제EV 빌bN 삃V아 한I에 삃드 밁[치EV 강행하E@ 있습니다. 한I 시bV듁A의 촛JbV죃V죃V의 혁F을 톃I핃G 탄생한 묃N잃읃N 정J는 대화B 북핵 묃N제EV 핃G겁[하C@닁A곁@ 하DG서도 믃N굃의 삃드 한I밁[치에 제동을 걃N곁@ 있@ 않습니다.

삃드[ 한I에 밁[치되멃G, 작년 박LV혜-아C@ 정J이 첃G겁[한 한일굁[삃 정EG볃G혃N협@EV 더J어 한bN읃V 삃V각 #!A가 굃축되곁@, 읃G는 한bN읃V 삃V각 동@P을 굃축하는 링A개E@릃가 됁@ 것입니다. 때냃N에 삃드 한I밁[치 반대 욃G동은 한bN읃V 삃V각 #!A와 한bN읃V 삃V각동맃P을 반대하는 욃G동입니다.

 믃N굃읃G 핃I곃I것D을 폃핃B한 대북@대정A을 폐N[하는 것EV 동시에 북한도 핃I을 폐N[핃G앃V 핃D니다. 읃G럁[ 낃G욃D을 닃G은 한[도 평화협@을 첃G겁[하는 것이 한[도에 드냒워@ 핃I전쟁의 위N[륃V 귃P볃I하는 핃G겁[책입니다. 읃G륃V 위해 닃P잁E은 한bN굁[삃엁[슃I을 축소 또는 중단하E@ 북한도 핃I믃N삃읃V 싁A험을 중단핃G앃V 핃D니다. 8월 하순에 엃G릃는 섃N계 최대의 굁[삃엁[슃I읃N 한bN엁[핃D 을@프냒덁A가디언(UFG) 엁[슃I을 대폃 축소 또는 중단핃G앃V 핃D니다.

귃N래서 한[도 비핵화와 한[도 평화협@ 첃G겁[을 위한 협상을 바B 시작핃G앃V 핃D니다.

 동아시아의 묃G한I[비CX쟁EV 핃I대겁[을 막을 수 있도록 한I곃V 읃V볃N의 평화욃G동이 활성화될 수 있N[륃V 바랍니다.
평화륃V 위한 동@듁A의 활동에 엁[대의 읃N삃륃V 볃G냅니닁A.

David McReynolds
August 3rd 2017, New York, USA

Greetings to friends and comrades as you meet. The need for popular opposition to US actions is urgent.
It is my feeling that Trump, for all his noise, does not make real policy. I even doubt if the military would let him send off a nuclear attack - he is, in my view, clearly out of touch with reality.
However I am stunned by the ease with which Senator Lindsey can talk about destroying North Korea - a monumental war crime, greater than the Holocaust of Hitler. Urgent we all work to rally the international community for diplomacy and dialogue with North Korea.

David McReynolds

~@~ZсЃN~PЃR~[ ~\~[ЃN ~R~Z~V~VЃX~NтЃZ~C

4 ~[~C~EстЁ[ 2017, ~ЃI~X~N~X~E~[~G, ~@~ZсЃN

~v~C~[~J~[~I~VЃI ЃZ~C~[~NЃN, чЁ[тЃX~N~R~N 55-~Z~P ~ЃI~J~GЃX~[~Z~G~X~Z~P ~ЃXЃN~C~Z~I~X~X~Z~P ~ссЁ[~V~A~T~I~N!

~т ~N~V~I~X~N ~@~ZсЃN~PЃR~Z~P ~\~[ЃN~N ~R~Z~V~VЃX~NтЃZ~C ~сЃ\~Z~T~R~Z~V ~@~К ~C ~ZЃI~I~G~X~Z~P ~[~L ~\~Z~GЃC~I~J~G~[~I ~X~[у ~CсЃZ~Rю ~ZЃI~X~R ~C~I~X~ZтЃN ~B~ZЃL~[ Ѓ\~Z~XЃR~N ~I~C~Z~TцЃN~Z~X~Xх ~R~Z~V~VЃX~NтЃZ~C ~Rру ~\~ZЃT~I~G~Z~C~[ЃI~TЃX~Z~P ~A~ZЃA ~\~ZЃN~C ~C~Z~I~X~X~Z~P ЃE~Z~L. ~ р~I~L~CчЁ[~P~X~Z ~C~[~J~X~Z, тЃZ ~B~b~@~, ~ЃL~I~X~E~[~RрЃX ~N ~ЃZ~V~NЃI ~[~XЃN~C~Z~I~X~X~Z~P ~V~Z~T~Z~GЃJ~N р~[~G~NЃN~Z~X~X~Z ~\~Z~C~Z~Gт ~ЃI~J~GЃX~[~Z~G~XЃI ~[~XЃN~C~Z~I~X~XЃI ~[сЁ[~V~A~T~I~N ~C ~ЃX~N ~\~[~VтЃN ~J~IЃC ~C~[~C~[ЃR~N ~[ЃZ~V~Xх ~A~Z~V~A~[~G~N~Z~C~Z~R ~E~N~ZЃN~V ~N ~Ё[~E~[Ё[~R~N, ЃZ~C~IёЃX~Xх ~N~V~\~I~N~[~T~NтЁ[~V~N ~B~B~. ~ 2017 ~V ~ZЃV~IЁ[~I~V ЃJ~I 72-ю ~E~Z~G~Z~CЃN~X тЃN ~L~T~Z~G~IЃX~N~P. ~Ё[~J~X~Z ~N ЃZ, тЃZ ~N~V~I~X~X~Z ~V~[~RЃNты ~R~[~R ~\~ZЃT~I~G~Z~C~[ЃI~TЃXЃI ~L~[ЃNЃX~N~R~N ~R~T~[сЃZ~Cх ~N~XЃI~IЃZ~C ~\~Z~T~IЁ[~N~[Ё[ ~N, ЃZ~ZЃC~IстЃC~I~X~X~Z, ~R~[~R ~\~ZЃT~I~G~Z~C~[ЃI~TЃXЃI ~[~XЃN~V~N~T~NЁ[~Nты ~X~I ~G~[т ~L~[~Aть рЃGщЃN~Vя ~\~T~[~X~Iы, тЃZ ЃZ~C~I~V~I~X~XЃP ~E~T~Z~A~[~TЃXЃP ~R~[~\~NЁ[~T~N~L~V – тЃZ ~\~ZтЃZЃX~XЃP ~NтЃZЃX~N~R ~C~Z~I~X~X~Z~P ЃE~Z~L.

~ы ЃZ~E~T~[ЃX ЃI~V, тЃZ ~ЃA~[ЃI~X~N~I ~р~E~R~Z~V~NЃIЁ[ ~L~[~ZтрЃI ~C~X~N~V~[~X~N~I чЁ[тЃX~N~R~Z~C ~ссЁ[~V~A~T~I~N ~X~[ ~C~LЃC~Z~Z~\~[ЃX~Z~P ~Z~AтЁ[~X~Z~C~R~I ~C ~I~E~N~Z~X~I ~ЃZ~I~PЃR~Z~E~Z ~\~Z~TЃZтр~Z~C~[. ~ы ЃJ~I ~N~V~I~T~N ~C~Z~L~V~Z~J~X~Zть ~L~[ЃN~RЃN~Z~C~[ь ~L~X~[ЃNЃI~TЃX~Z~I ЃZ~C~\~[~G~I~X~N~I ~\~Z~L~NЃN~P ~@~К ~N ~B~b~@~ ~\~Z тЃZ~P ~\~Z~A~T~I~V~I (ЃV.. ~X~[~\~N~V~I, ~ЃZ~V~VЃX~Nт ~ЃI~X~N~X~E~[~G~[ №3/17 (116), . 22).

~@ЃZ~A ~Cр~C~[ься ~N~L ~Z~AтЁ[~X~Z~C~R~N ~R~N~L~NЁ[ ~N~T~N ~\~ZтЃZЃX~X~Z ~X~[~C~NЁ[щЃI~P ЃE~Z~L ~V~N~Z~C~Z~E~Z ЃR~Z~X~Z~V~NЃIЃR~Z~E~Z ~R~N~L~NЁ[, ~\~I~N~Z~G ~C~Z~T~X ~R~ZЃZ~Z~E~Z, ~X~[ЃN~X~[ 1973 ~\~ZтЃZЃX~X~Z ЃZ~R~[Ё[тся (1973-1998-2008-2014 ), ~N~V~\~I~N~[~T~NтЃNЃIЃR~N~I тр~[ЃI~E~N ~Nут ~ZЃX~Z~C~[~X~N ~G~T ~C~T~N~C~[~X~N р~I~GтЃC ~C ~C~Z~I~X~X~Z-~\~Z~VшЃT~I~X~XЃP ~R~Z~V~\~T~I~R ~N ЃN~T~Z~CЃI трЃRур ~R~[~R, ЃZя ~N ~X~I ~IтЃIтЃC~I~X~XЃP, ~X~[~Z~A~Z~Z, р~Z~G~T~N~CЃP, ~X~Z ~G~C~N~E~[ЃI~T ЃR~Z~X~Z~V~N~R~N. ~ЃZ~L~X~N~R~[~I Ё[~R ~X~[~LЃC~[~I~V~[ cHЃI~Z~N Ѓ\~[~C~TЃI~V~Z~E~Z Ё[~ZЁ[cT, ~Z~\~Z~A~Z~C~[~X~X~[ ~\~Z~\тЃR~[~V~N ЃRЃ\~ZЁ[ ~G~I~V~Z~R~[ЃN~N Ё[~X~R~[~V~N ~N ~A~Z~V~A~[~V~N ~B~B~ ~N ~E~ZуЃG~[тЃC ~АЁu~ ~C ~р~[~R, ~фЃE~[~X~NтЁ[~X, ~ЃN~C~N, ~B~N~N. ~сё тЃZ ~Z~A~Z~[ЃN~C~[~Iся ЃZЃXЃV~N ысяч ~J~IЃC ~N ~[~LшЃI~X~N~P ~C тЃN тр~[~X~[, ЃZ~L~G~[~X~N~I~V ~G~I~PтЃC~NЃI~TЃX~Z~E~Z, ~ZЃXЃG ~X~I Ѓ\~[~C~TЃI~V~Z~E~Z Ё[~ZЁ[ ~N ~C~Z~L~X~N~R~X~Z~C~I~X~N~I~V ~X~Z~Cх ~V~ZЃXх ЃI~Z~NтЃNЃIЃR~N ~Z~E~[~X~N~L~[ЃN~P, ~A~Z~T~I~I ~L~C~IЃR~N, ~X~I~J~I~T~N ~G~[~J~I ~u~[~T~N~A~[~X ~N~T~N ~[~T-~Ё[~N~G~[. ~Ё[~V ~\~I~GтЁ[~C~TЃIся, тЃZ ~C ~ЃA~[ЃI~X~N~N ~р~E~R~Z~V~NЃIЁ[ ~X~IЃR~Z~TЃR~Z ~X~I~G~Z~ZЃI~X~N~C~[~Iся ЃE~Z~L~[, ~NхЃZ~GщЁ[ ~Z уЃX~G~[~V~I~XЁ[~T~NтсЃR~Z~E~Z ЃI~RЁ[~XсЃR~Z~E~Z ~NЃT~[~VЃR~Z~E~Z ~V~Z~Xтр~[ ~ГИЛ/~Ё[~N. ~ЃZ – ~Z~J~GЃX~X~[ ~\~Z утЃN ~N~V~\~I~N~[~T~N~L~V~Z~V ЃE~Z~L~[ ~CЃI~V ~V~N, ~X~Z ~C ~\~I~Cю ~ZЃI~I~G ~X~[~Z~G~[~V ~VсуЃTЃV~[~XЃR~N тр~[~X.

~ЃA~[ЃI~X~N~I ~р~E~R~Z~V~NЃIЁ[ ~R 55-~Z~P ~ссЁ[~V~A~T~I~I ~L~[~C~IЁ[~Iся ~[~A~L~[ЃI~V, ~C ~R~ZЃZ~Z~V ~X~[~\~Z~V~N~X~[~Iся, тЃZ тЁ[ ~ссЁ[~V~A~T~I ~\~ZЃZ~G~N ~C ~E~Z~G тЃZ~T~IЃN ~ЃI~T~N~R~Z~P ~ЃRяЃAсЃR~Z~P ~I~C~Z~TцЃN~N. ~ЃI~CЃI ~G~I~R~Iы ~B~Z~C~IсЃR~Z~P ~C~T~[тЃN ~L~[~R~I~\~N~T~N 4 ~E~T~[~C~XЃI ~T~Z~LЃX~E~[, ~R~ZЃZЃI ~\~N~C~I~T~N ~R ~\~Z~A~I~G~I ~@~[~A~ZЃI-~R~IтьяЃXЃRю ~I~C~Z~TцЃN 25 ~Z~RяЃA (7 ~X~ZЃA) 1917 ~E~Z~G~[ ~C ~@~ZсЃN~N: cH~ЃN ~X~[~Z~G~[~V! ~A~[~A~N~R~N ~[~A~ZЃN~V! ~ЃI~V~T ~R~IтьяЃX~[~V! ~ЃT~[ть ~B~Z~C~IЁ[~V!cT ~Ё[~\~Z~V~N~X~[~X~N~I ~Z~A тЃN ~\~Z~A~I~G~N~CЃN ~C 1917 ~E~Z~G ~T~Z~LЃX~E~[ ~AЃT~Z ~A ЃV~IтЃXЃV, ~X~Z ~I~E~Z ~C ~ЃA~[ЃI~X~N~N ~X~I. ~ЃV~IтЃZ тЃZ~E~Z ~[~CЃZ ~G~Z~RЃV~I~XЁ[ ~\~I~I~X~Zят ~X~[ ~C~Z ~C~I~V~I~X~[ ~[~L~E~[~[ ~ЃI~C~Z~P ~V~N~Z~C~Z~P ~C~Z~P~X, ~R~Z~E~G~[ cH~ЃI~X~N~X ~N ~A~Z~TшЃI~C~N~R~N, ~ZуЃJ~G~[ ЃR~Z~C~Z~GтЃC~Z ~тЃZ~Z~E~Z ~ЃXЃI~X~[ЃN~Z~X~[~T~[, ЃR~[ЃN~CЃI~Iя ~R ~\~Z~L~NЃNЃV ~L~[ЃNы ~ZЃIЃIтЃC~[, ~Z~A~[ЃN~T~Nь ~\~N~LЃC~Z~V ~R рЃGщЃN~Vя ~C~ZющЃN ~N~V~\~I~N~[~T~NтЃNЃIЃR~N ~E~ZуЃG~[тЃC ~X~[~\~[~C~Nь ~ZЃJ~N~I ~X~I ~\~ZЃN~C ЃC~Z~N ~A~[ьЃI~C, ~[ ~\~ZЃN~C ~I~[~RЃN~Z~X~Xх ~N ~Aр~JЁ[~L~Xх ~\~[~C~NЃI~TстЃC ЃC~Z~N тр~[~XcT. ~ ~G~[~T~I~I – р~[~L, ~A~I~L ~\~I~IЃZ~G~[: cH~Ё[ ~N~G~I ~N~XЃI~X~[ЃN~Z~X~[~T~N~L~V~[ ~AЃT~[ ~CхЃZ~T~ZЃI~X~[ ~\~ZЃT~I ЃV~IЃN ~ЃI~X~N~X~[ ЃR~Z~C~Z~G~NЃI~TЃV~N ~ПЁB~B, ~R~ZЃZЃI ~ZЃG~[~C~[~T~N ~\~I~N~VщЃIтЃC~Z ~L~[ЃNЃI ~B~B~B~@cT. ~ы ~X~I ~\~Z~C~I~N~T~N ЃC~Z~N~V ~E~T~[~L~[~V. ~ЃI~G ту р~[~L ~V~Z~J~X~Z ~\~Z~Xть ~R~[~R ~Z~A~ZЃX~Z~C~[~X~N~I ~\~N~LЃC~[ ~R ~\~Z~[~J~I~X~N ~B~B~B~@! 

~@~[~L~C~I ~V~Z~J~X~Z ~\~I~I~X~ZЃNь ~C~L~E~TЃG ~N ~\~Z~L~NЃN~N ~ЃI~X~N~X~[, ~@~Z~L ~юЃRЃI~V~Aр~E ~N ~GЃE~N ~V~[~RЃNтЃZ~C, ~C~I~XЃI ~\~N~V~I~X~NЃI~TЃX~Z ~R ЃNуЁ[ЃN~N ~ЃI~C~Z~P ~V~N~Z~C~Z~P ~C~Z~P~X, ~X~[ ЃZ~C~IЃI~X~X~Z ~X~Z~Cю ~[стЁ[~X~Z~C~R ~R~T~[сЃZ~Cх ЃN~T, ЃT~Z~J~N~Cуюся ~\~ZЃT~I ~ЃRяЃAсЃR~Z~P ~I~C~Z~TцЃN~N. ~ ~A~Z~P~X~I ~ЃI~C~Z~P ~V~N~Z~C~Z~P ~C~Z~P~X ~Z~G~N~X~[~R~Z~C~Z ~C~N~X~Z~C~X ~\~I~I~G ~C~Z~C~T~IёЃX~XЃV~N ~C ~X~I ~X~[~Z~G~[~V~N ~R~[~R ~N~V~\~I~N~[~T~NтЃNЃIЃR~N~I ~E~ZуЃG~[тЃC~[ ~ЃXЁ[~Xы, ~C~R~TчЁ[ Ё[ЃRю ~@~ZсЃN, Ё[~R ~N Ё[~R~N~I ~J~I ~N~V~\~I~N~[~T~Nты ~u~Z~PтЃC~I~X~X~Z~E~Z ЃZЃL~[. ~u~Z~E~G~[


~ЃI~X~N~X ~N ~GЃE~N~I ~I~C~Z~\~I~PЃR~N~I ~V~[~RЃNты, ~G~C~[~J~G ЃZ~A~N~[~CЃN~Iя ~X~[ ~R~Z~XЃI~I~XЃN~N ~C ~B~C~I~PЁ[~N~N, ~C ~~N~V~V~I~C~[~TЃG~I ~N ~ЃN~XЁ[~T~I, ~C~LЃT~N ~Rр ~X~[ ~IЃNЃI~TЃXю ~\~Z~\~[~E~[~X~G ~\~Z~[~J~I~X~N ЃC~Z~N ~\~[~C~NЃI~TстЃC, ~\~I~C~[ЃI~X~N ~N~V~\~I~N~[~T~NтЃNЃIЃR~Z~P ~C~Z~P~X ~C ~C~Z~P~X ~E~[~J~G~[~XЃR~N~I. ~ЃZ ~\~ZЃT~I ~\~Z~A~I~G~X~Z~E~Z ~ЃRяЃA ~ЃI~X~N~X ЃR~[~L~[~T, тЃZ ~IЃT~N ~G~Z ~I~C~Z~TцЃN~N ~A~Z~TшЃI~C~N~R~N ~AЃT~N ~\~Z~[~J~I~XЁ[~V~N, ЃZ ЃI~\~I ~Z~X~N – ~Z~A~Z~Z~Xы, ~L~[ЃNЁ[ ~B~Z~C~IсЃRю тр~[~X ~R~[~R ~A~[~L ~V~N~Z~C~Z~P ~I~C~Z~TцЃN~N ~Z ~TЃAх ~[~E~IсЃN~C~Xх ~\~Z~\~Z~T~L~X~Z~C~I~X~N~P.

~ЃN~Z~C~[ ~I~C~Z~TцЃN ~L~[~G~I~J~[~T~[ь, ~Aр~JЁ[~L~X~[ ~I~[~RЃN ЃV~Z~E~T~[ ~C ~\~ZЃZ~R~[ ~R~Z~C~N ~\~Z~G~[~C~Nь ~I~C~Z~TцЃN~Z~X~XЃI ~\~Z~GёЃV ~C ~ЃI~V~[~X~N~N, ~ЃI~X~E~N~N, ~A~N~X~TЃX~G~N~N, ~ЃZ~T~E~[~N~N. ~ тЃN сЃT~Z~C~Nх ~L~[ЃNЁ[ ~B~B~B~@ ~AЃT~[ ~Z~AЃL~[ЃI~TЃXЃV ~G~Z~T~E~Z~V ЃZ~C~IсЃR~N ~R~Z~V~VЃX~NтЃZ~C ~X~I ЃZ~TЃR~Z ~\~I~I~G ЃZ~C~IсЃR~N~V ~[~A~ZЃN~V ~R~T~[сЃZ~V, ~X~Z ~N ~\~I~I~G ~CЃI~V ~V~N~Z~CЃV ~\~Z~T~IЁ[~N~[ЃZ~V – ~R~[~R ЃR~I~\~Tющую ЃC~Z ~CЃIтЃZ~Z~X~Xю ~V~Zь ~Z~\~Z ~V~N~Z~C~Z~E~Z ~I~C~Z~TцЃN~Z~X~X~Z~E~Z ~[~A~ZЃI~E~Z ~G~C~N~J~I~X~N, ~R~[~R ЃI~Xр ~ЃZ~V~N~XЃI~X~[. ~B~Z~C~IсЃR~N~P ~B~ZЃL ~Z~R~[~LЃC~[~T ~\~Z~V~Zь ~IЃ\ЃA~T~N~R~[~XЃR~Z~P ~сЃ\~[~X~N~N ~C ~A~ZЃA~I ~\~ZЃN~C ~\~Z~G~G~I~J~[~X~X~Z~E~Z ~X~[ЃNтсЃR~Z~P ~ЃI~V~[~X~N~I~P ~N Ё[ЃNтсЃR~Z~P ~тЁ[~T~N~I~P ~VтЃI~J~[ ~E~I~X~I~[~T~[ ~A~[~X~R~Z, ущЃIтЃC~I~X~X~Z~P ~AЃT~[ ~\~Z~V~Zь ЃZ~C~IсЃR~N ~C~Z~I~X~Xх Ѓ\~IЃN~[~T~NтЃZ~C ~ЃZ~V~VЃX~NтЃNЃIЃR~Z~P ~\~[ЃN~N ~N ~Ё[~Z~G~X~Z-~ZЃC~Z~A~Z~G~NЃI~TЃX~Z~P ~[~V~N~N ~ЃNЁ[ ~C ~A~ZЃA~I ~\~ZЃN~C ~E~Z~V~N~XЃG~[~X~Z~CЃR~Z~E~Z ~I~J~N~V~[ ~@~[~X ~Ё[~PЃN. ~ЃZ~J~X~Z ~X~[~L~C~[ь ~N ~GЃE~N~I ~\~N~V~I. ~Ё[ ~N Ё[~V~Z ущЃIтЃC~Z~C~[~X~N~I ~B~Z~C~IсЃR~Z~E~Z ~B~ZЃL~[ ~\~Z~V~Z~E~[~T~Z ~[~A~ZЃI~V ~G~C~N~J~I~X~N ~R~[~\~NЁ[~T~NтЃNЃIЃR~N тр~[~X ~G~Z~A~N~C~[ься ЃIёЃL~Xх стуЃ\~Z~R ~Z ~Aр~JЁ[~L~X~Z~P ~C~T~[тЃN ~C ~A~ZЃA~I ~L~[ ~\~Z~CшЃI~X~N~I ~L~[~\~T~[ы ~N ЃTчшЃI~X~N~I сЃT~Z~C~N~P рЃG~[.

~ ЃI~I~G~N~X~I 1930-х ~E~Z~G~Z~C ~X~[~G ~V~N~Z~V ~X~[~C~NЃT~[ ЃE~Z~L~[ ЃZ тЃZ~Z~X ~\~Z~A~I~G~N~CЃI~E~Z ~C ~ЃI~V~[~X~N~N ~X~[ЃN~L~V~[, ~E~NЃT~I~Z~CЃR~Z~P, ~X~[~N~A~Z~T~I~I ЃI~T~Z~C~I~R~Z~X~I~X~[~C~NтЃX~NЃIЃR~Z~P ЃZ~V Ё[ЃN~L~V~[. ~р~NЃZ~G~Nся ~X~[~\~Z~V~X~Nь ~Z~\~I~G~I~T~I~X~N~I Ё[ЃN~L~V~[, ~G~[~X~X~Z~I ~\~Z ~\~I~G~T~Z~J~I~X~N ~ЃI~Z~E~N ~ЃN~V~Nр~Z~C~[ VII ~ЃZ~X~E~IсЃZ~V ~ЃZ~V~N~XЃI~X~[: cH~A~[ЃN~L~V — тЃZ ~ZЃRтЁ[ ЃI~Z~NтЃNЃIЃR~[ ~G~N~RЁ[ур~[ ~X~[~N~A~Z~T~I~I ~I~[~RЃN~Z~X~Xх, ~X~[~N~A~Z~T~I~I ЃZ~C~N~X~NтЃNЃIЃR~N, ~X~[~N~A~Z~T~I~I ~N~V~\~I~N~[~T~NтЃNЃIЃR~N ЃT~I~V~I~XЃZ~C ЃN~X~[~XЃZ~C~Z~E~Z ~R~[~\~NЁ[~T~[  ~A~[ЃN~L~V — тЃZ ~X~I ~X~[~G~R~T~[сЃZ~C~[ ~C~T~[ть ~N ~X~I ~C~T~[ть ~V~I~T~R~Z~P ~Aр~JЁ[~L~N~N ~N~T~N ~TЃV~\~I~X-~\~Z~T~IЁ[~N~[Ё[ ~X~[~G ЃN~X~[~XЃZ~CЃV ~R~[~\~NЁ[~T~Z~V. ~A~[ЃN~L~V — тЃZ ~C~T~[ть Ё[~V~Z~E~Z ЃN~X~[~XЃZ~C~Z~E~Z ~R~[~\~NЁ[~T~[. ~ЃZ ~Z~E~[~X~N~L~[ЃN ЃI~Z~NтЃNЃIЃR~Z~P ~[Ѓ\~[~C ~[~A~ZЃN~V ~R~T~[сЃZ~V ~N ~I~C~Z~TцЃN~Z~X~X~Z~P Ё[тью ~R~IтьяЃXтЃC~[ ~N ~N~XЃI~T~T~N~E~I~XЃN~N. ~A~[ЃN~L~V ~C~Z ~C~X~IЃX~I~P ~\~Z~T~NЃN~R~I — тЃZ ЃZ~C~N~X~N~L~V ~C Ё[~V~Z~P ~EЃA~I~PЃI~P ЃZ~V~I, ~RЃTтЃN~C~NющЃN~P ~L~Z~Z~T~Z~E~NЃIЃRю ~X~I~X~[~C~Nть ~R ~GЃE~N~V ~X~[~Z~G~[~VcT. ~ ~R~Zтр ~N~L ~R~X~N~E ~C ~\~I~Cю ~ZЃI~I~G ~\~Z~T~IЃI~T~N ~V~[~RЃNтсЃR~N~I ~\~Z~N~L~C~I~G~I~X~N. ~ЃZ~I~X~XЃP ЃZЃL ~V~I~J~G ~X~[ЃNтсЃR~Z~P ~ЃI~V~[~X~N~I~P, Ё[ЃNтсЃR~Z~P ~тЁ[~T~N~I~P ~N ~V~N~T~NЁ[~NтсЃR~Z~P ~b~\~Z~X~N~I~P ~AЃT ~X~[~L~C~[~X ~N~V~N ~ЃXЃN~R~Z~V~N~XЃI~X~Z~CЃR~N~V ~\~[~RЃZ~V.

~ ~\~ZЃT~I ЃZ~E~Z, ~R~[~R ~C ЃI~XяЃA~I 1939 ~ЃI~V~[~X~N ~тЁ[~T~N~I~P ~N ~b~\~Z~X~N~I~P ~[~L~CЃL~[~T~N ~тЃZю ~V~N~Z~Cю ~C~Z~P~X, ~[ ~ZЃZ~A~I~X~X~Z – ~\~ZЃT~I ~X~[~\~[~G~I~X~N 22 ~NЃX 1941 ~ЃI~V~[~X~N~N ~X~[ ~B~B~B~@, ~тЃZ~[ ~V~N~Z~C~[ ~C~Z~P~X~[ ~\~N~Z~A~I~T~[ Ё[~[~RЃI, ~C ~R~Z~X~I ~ZЃT~NЁ[щЃN~P ~I ~Z ~ЃI~C~Z~P. cH~uсячЃI~T~IЃX~N~P ~I~PƒT ЃE~Z~J~[~T ~\~ZЃZ~Z~X~Nь ~Cю ЃI~T~Z~C~IЃIЃRю ЃN~C~N~T~N~L~[ЃN. ~ЃZ ~\~Z~XЃT~N ~T~N~G~I ~C~I~GщЃN ~R~[~\~NЁ[~T~NтЃNЃIЃR~N ~G~I~J~[~C, ~CтуЃ\~N~C ~C ~[~XЃN~E~NЃT~I~Z~CЃRю ~R~Z~[~T~NЃN ~B~Z~C~IсЃR~N~V ~B~ZЃL~Z~V. ~u~Z ~AЃT ~Z~G~N~X ~N~L ЃI ~I~G~R~N ~V~Z~V~I~XЃZ~C ~NтЃZ~N~N, ~R~Z~E~G~[, ~R~[~R ~L~[~V~IЁ[~T ~Ё[~R, ~Z~AЃIЃI~T~Z~C~IЃIЃR~N~I ~L~[~G~[ЃN тЁ[~X~Z~Cтся ~C~[~J~X~I~I ~L~[~G~[ ~R~T~[сЃZ~C~Z~P ~A~ZЃA ~\~Z~T~IЁ[~N~[Ё[. ~ЃZ ~N~V~I~X~X~Z ~C~Z~ZЃJЃX~XЃP ~R~T~[сЃZ~CЃV ЃZ~L~X~[~X~N~I~V ~\~Z~T~IЁ[~N~[ ~C~Z ~E~T~[~C~I ЃZ ЃC~Z~N~V ~\~Z~T~NЃNЃIЃR~N~V ~[~C~[~X~E~[~G~Z~V ффЃI~RЃN~C~X~I~I ~GЃE~N ЃZЃN~[~TЃXх ЃN~T Ѓ\~ZЃZ~A~I~X ~IЁ[ь ~C~Z~L~X~N~R~[щЃN~I ~Z~AЃIЃI~T~Z~C~IЃIЃR~N~I ~L~[~G~[ЃN. ~Ѓ\~I~G~I~TющЃN~P ~C~R~T~[~G ЃZ~C~IсЃR~Z~E~Z ~V~X~Z~E~Z~X~[ЃN~Z~X~[~TЃX~Z~E~Z ~X~[~Z~G~[ ~C ~\~Z~A~I~G ~X~[~G ~E~NЃT~I~Z~CЃR~Z~P ~ЃI~V~[~X~N~I~P ~N ~I ЃZЃL~X~N~R~[~V~N – тЃZ ~\~Z~A~I~G~[ ЃZЃN~[~T~NтЃNЃIЃR~N ~N~G~I~[~T~Z~C, ~R~ZЃZЃI ~E~TЃA~Z~R~Z ~\~Z~X~N~R~T~N ~C ЃZ~L~X~[~X~N~I ЃZ~C~IсЃR~N ~TЃG~I~P, ~X~IЃV~Zр ~X~[ ~CЃI ~NЃR~[~J~I~X~N ЃZЃN~[~T~NтЃNЃIЃR~Z~E~Z ~[~L~C~NЃN, ~G~Z~\щЃI~X~XЃI тЁ[~T~N~X~N~L~V~Z~V.


~ы ~X~[~G~I~I~Vя, тЃZ тЁ[ ЃZЃR~[ ~L~I~X~N ~@~К ~AЃG~I ~G~Z~C~I~G~I~X~[ ~G~Z ЃC~I~G~I~X~N чЁ[тЃX~N~R~Z~C ~ссЁ[~V~A~T~I~N.

~ы ~J~I~T~[~I~V сЃ\~IЁ[ 55-~Z~P ~ЃI~J~GЃX~[~Z~G~X~Z~P ~ЃXЃN~C~Z~I~X~X~Z~P ~ссЁ[~V~A~T~I~I!

~ЃZ~T~Z~P ~N~V~\~I~N~[~T~N~L~V ~N ~I~E~Z ~\~Z~Z~J~G~I~X~N~I – Ё[~X~[ЃNЃXЃP ЃI~RЁ[~XсЃR~N~P ЃI~Z~N~L~V!

~р~Z~T~IЁ[~N~N ~CЃI тр~[~X, ЃZ~I~G~N~XЃPЃIь!

~сЃ\~Z~T~R~Z~V ~@~К

~uЃV~I~XЃR~N~P ~Z~A~T~[тЃX~Z~P ~R~Z~V~NЃI ~@~Ё@~-~ПЁB~B

~N ~Z~A~R~Z~V ~@~Ёu ~A~@~НЁu

4 ~[~C~EстЁ[ 2017, ~uЃV~I~X, ~@~ZсЃN

~v~C~[~J~[~I~VЃI ЃZ~C~[~NЃN!

~ы ~\~N~C~IстЃCЃI~V ~CЃI чЁ[тЃX~N~R~Z~C ~N ~E~ZтЃI~P ЃA~N~T~I~P~X~Z~P 55-~Z~P ~N~XЃI~X~[ЃN~Z~X~[~TЃX~Z~P ~[~XЃN~C~Z~I~X~X~Z~P ~[сЁ[~V~A~T~I~N, ~\~ZЃZ~GщЃI~P ~C ~E~Z~G 100-~T~IЃN ~ЃI~T~N~R~Z~P ~ЃRяЃAсЃR~Z~P ЃZЃN~[~T~NтЃNЃIЃR~Z~P ~I~C~Z~TцЃN~N – ~A~IЃ\~IЃI~G~I~XЃX~Z~E~Z ЃZ~AтЃN ~C ~V~N~Z~C~Z~P ~NтЃZ~N~N, ~X~[~CЃI~E~G~[ ~N~L~V~I~X~N~CЃI~E~Z ~V~N.

~ЃI~T~N~R~[ ~ЃRяЃAсЃR~[ ЃZЃN~[~T~NтЃNЃIЃR~[ ~I~C~Z~TцЃN – тЃZ ~\~I~C~Z~I ~C ~V~N~I сЃ\~IЃX~Z ~ZущЃIтЃC~T~I~X~X~Z~I стЁ[~X~Z~C~T~I~X~N~I ~G~N~RЁ[ур ~\~Z~T~IЁ[~N~[Ё[. ~ЃI~C~Z~I ~C ~V~N~I ~E~ZуЃG~[тЃC~Z ~[~A~ZЃI~E~Z ~R~T~[сЁ[, ~R~ZЃZ~Z~I ~X~[ ЃZ~X~I ~CЃI ~N~L~C~IтЃXх ~\~N~V~I~Z~C ~\~[~RЃN~R~N ущЃIтЃC~Z~C~[~X~N ЃZЃN~[~T~NтЃNЃIЃR~N тр~[~X ~X~[ ЃI~E~Z~G~XшЃX~N~P ~G~I~X ~\~Z~R~[~L~[~T~Z ~X~[~N~A~Z~Tшую стЃZ~PЃN~C~Zть. ~ЃV~I~X~X~Z ущЃIтЃC~Z~C~[~X~N~I ~B~Z~C~IсЃR~Z~E~Z ~B~ZЃL~[ ~X~[ ~\~ZяЃJ~I~X~N~N 70-~T~I ЃC~TЃT~Zь ~L~[~T~Z~E~Z~V ЃZ~E~Z, тЃZ ~X~[ ~\~T~[~X~IЃI ~ЃI~V~T ущЃIтЃC~Z~C~[~T ~V~N. ~ЃZЃT~I ~Z~E~TшЃNЃI~TЃX~Z~P ~ЃZ~A~I~G ~B~B~B~@ ~C ~ЃI~T~N~R~Z~P ~тЃIЃIтЃC~I~X~X~Z~P ~C~Z~P~X~I ~V~N~Z~C~[ ~Aр~JЁ[~L~N ~AЃT~[ ~CЃXЃJ~G~I~X~[ чЃNЁ[ься ЃN~T~Z~P ~N ~V~Zью ~B~Z~C~IсЃR~Z~E~Z ~B~ZЃL~[, ~N~V~I~X~X~Z ~\~ZтЃZ~V ~X~I ~[~L~CЃLЃC~[~T~[ ~E~T~Z~A~[~TЃXЃI ~C~Z~P~X. ~ЃN~Z~C~Z~P ~R~[~\~NЁ[~T ~\~I~R~[ЃX~Z ~\~Z~X~N~V~[~T, тЃZ ~C ЃTчЁ[~I Ё[~R~Z~P ~C~Z~P~X ~I~V ~\~N~G~Iся тЃZ~T~R~Xться ~\~ZЃN~C~X~N~R~Z~V, ~\~Z~A~I~G~Nь ~R~ZЃZ~Z~E~Z ~AЃG~I ~X~I~C~Z~L~V~Z~J~X~Z. ~ ~N~V~I~X~X~Z тЃZ ~AЃT~Z ~L~[~T~Z~E~Z~V ~V~N~[ ~X~[ ~\~T~[~X~IЃI ~ЃI~V~T.

~ЃZ, ~R ЃZ~J~[~T~I~X~N, ЃT~Z~J~N~CЃI~Vся ~V~N~Z~\~ZЃG~R ~\~NЃI~T ~R~Z~X~I. ~vЁ[тЃX~N~R~N 55-~Z~P ~N~XЃI~X~[ЃN~Z~X~[~TЃX~Z~P ~[~XЃN~C~Z~I~X~X~Z~P ~[сЁ[~V~A~T~I~N ЃZ~C~IЃI~X~X~Z Ѓ\~[~C~I~G~T~N~C~Z ~ZЃV~IЁ[т, тЃZ ~B~B~B~@ ~AЃT ~[~LшЃI~X ~\~N ~X~I~\~Zр~I~GтЃC~I~X~X~Z~V чЁ[тЃN~N ~ЃI~X~I~[~TЃX~Z~E~Z ЃI~R~IЁ[ ~ПЁB~B ~ЃZ~A~[ЃI~C~[ ~N ~GЃE~N ~\~[ЃA~N~T~IчЃN~R~Z~C, ~\~I~G~[~CЃN ~\~[ЃN ~N тр~[~X. ~Ё[ тЃZ ~AЃT~Z ~\~I~G~[ЃI~TстЃC~Z ~C~IушЃR~N ~R~[~R ~\~[ЃN~P~X~Z~P ~X~Z~V~I~X~R~T~[ур, Ё[~R ~N ЃR~Z~C~Z~GтЃC~[ ~E~ZуЃG~[тЃC~[. ~ЃZ Ё[~R~J~I ~ZЃI~C~N~G~X~Z, тЃZ Ё[~R~Z~I тЁ[~T~Z ~C~Z~L~V~Z~J~X~Z ~C ЃT~I~GтЃC~N~I ЃZ~P ЃRтЃZ~P ~N ~X~I~Z~AяЃC~T~I~X~X~Z~P ~C~Z~P~X, ~R~ZЃZю ~\~[~C~NЃI~TстЃC~Z ~B~B~ ~N ~GЃE~N ~R~[~\~NЁ[~T~NтЃNЃIЃR~N тр~[~X ~C~I~T~Z ~\~ZЃN~C ~B~Z~C~IсЃR~Z~E~Z ~B~ZЃL~[ р~[~L ~\~ZЃT~I ~Z~R~Z~XЁ[~X~N II ~ЃN~Z~C~Z~P ~C~Z~P~X. ~ЃZ~XЃC, тЃZ ~Z~G~Z~T~Iь ~B~B~B~@ ~\~N ~\~Z~V~ZЃN ~EЃA~Z~P ~C~Z~I~X~X~Z~P ЃN~T ~X~I~C~Z~L~V~Z~J~X~Z, ~AЃT~N ~\~I~G~\~N~Xты ~CЃI ~V~I, тЃZ~A ~[~L~C~[~T~Nь тр~[~X ~N~L~Xтр~N, Ё[~RЃNЃIЃR~N ~Cр~[тЃN~C ~C ~X~I~P ~\~Z~R~Z~T~I~X~N~I ~\~I~G~[ЃI~T~I~P, ~R~ZЃZЃI ~A~I~L ~L~[~L~I~X~N ЃZ~C~IтЃN ЃX~NтЃZ~J~N~T~N ~CЃI, тЃZ ~E~I~Z~NЃIЃR~N~V рЃG~Z~V ~L~[~C~Z~I~C~[~T~N, ЃZ~L~G~[~T~N ~N ~L~[ЃNЃN~T~N ~N ~Zцы ~N ~G~I~G. ~ЃV~I~X~X~Z ЃX~NтЃZ~J~I~X~N~I ЃZЃN~[~T~N~L~V~[ ~C ~B~B~B~@, ~ZЃT~[~A~T~I~X~N~I ~A~Z~I~Cх ~\~Z~L~NЃN~P ~\~Z~T~IЁ[~N~[Ё[ ~\~Z ~CЃI~V ~V~N, ~[Ѓ\~Zтр~[~X~I~X~N~I ~Z~\~\~ZуЃX~N~L~V~[ ~N ~I~C~N~L~N~Z~X~N~L~V~[ ~C ~R~Z~V~VЃX~NтЃNЃIЃR~Z~V ~N ~[~A~ZЃI~V ~G~C~N~J~I~X~N~N ~L~X~[ЃNЃI~TЃX~Z ~ZЃT~[~A~N~T~N Ё[~RЃZ ~V~N~Z~C~Z~E~Z ~[~L~C~NЃN, ЃG~I~J~N~C~[щЃN~I ~[~E~IсЃN~C~X~Zть ~N ~[~L~CЃLЃC~[~X~N~I ~N~V~\~I~N~[~T~NтЁ[~V~N ~X~Z~Cх ~C~Z~P~X.

~ЃV~I~X~X~Z ЃX~NтЃZ~J~I~X~N~I ~B~B~B~@ ~C 1991 ~E~Z~G ~[~L~CЃL~[~T~Z ~B~B~ ~N ~GЃE~N~V ~R~[~\~NЁ[~T~NтЃNЃIЃR~N~V ~E~ZуЃG~[тЃC~[~V ЃR~N ~G~T ЃZ~E~Z, тЃZ~A ~C~X~Z~C ~\~Z~EЃL~Nь ~\~T~[~X~Iу ~C ~\чЃN~X ~T~Z~R~[~TЃXх ~C~Z~P~X, ~X~[~\~[~C~T~I~X~Xх ~X~[ ~L~[ЃC~[ ЃI~NЃZ~N~P, ~\~Z~[~A~ZЃI~X~N~I ~X~[ЃI~T~I~X~N ~N ~Z~C~T~[~G~I~C~[~X~N~I ~\~N~Z~G~XЃV~N ~IурЁ[~V~N.

~ ~X~[ ЃI ЃI~NЃZ~Nх, ~E~G~I ~[~V~I~N~R~[~XЃR~N~I ~N~V~\~I~N~[~T~Nты ~X~I ~V~Z~Eт ~G~I~PтЃC~Z~C~[ь ~C ~ZЃRтую ~X~[ЃN~X~[~Iся Ё[~R ~X~[~LЃC~[~I~V~[ ~C~Z~P~X~[ ЃI~Z~N~L~V~Z~V. ~р~[~C~NЃI~TстЃC~Z ~B~B~ ~N ~ЃI~T~N~R~Z~A~NЁ[~X~N~N ~\тЃI~V Ѓ\~Z~XЃZЃR~Z~P ~\~Z~V~ZЃN ~NЃRсстЃC~I~X~XЃV ~Z~A~[~L~Z~V ЃZ~L~G~[т ЃI~Z~NтЃNЃIЃR~N~I ~Z~E~[~X~N~L~[ЃN~N, ~R~ZЃZЃI ЃT~N~C~[тся ~C ЃI~Z~NтЃNЃIЃR~N~I ЃIЃN. ~Ё[ЃI~V ~Z~X~N ~\~Z~\~Zту ~V~[сЃZ~C~Z ЃX~NтЃZ~J~[т ~V~N~X~Z~I ~X~[ЃI~T~I~X~N~I ~X~[ ЃC~Z~I~P ЃI~NЃZ~N~N. ~ ЃR~Z~A ~G~T ~A~ZЃA ЃI~Z~NтЃNЃIЃR~Z~P ЃE~Z~L~Z~P ~[~V~I~N~R~[~XЃR~N~I ~N~XЃI~C~I~Xы ~C~C~Z~Gт ЃC~Z~N ~C~Z~PЃR~[.

~уЃJ~X~Z ~\~Z~X~N~V~[ь, тЃZ ~L~[~\ЃE~N~C~[~X~N~I ~X~[ЃI~T~I~X~N ~CЃI~P ~L~I~V~T~N ЃE~Z~L~Z~P ~NЃT~[~VЃR~Z~E~Z ЃI~Z~N~L~V~[ – тЃZ ЃZтЁ[~C~X~[ Ё[ть ~N~V~\~I~N~[~T~NтЃNЃIЃR~N ~\~T~[~X~Z~C ~B~B~ ~\~Z ~A~ZЃA~I ~L~[ ~V~N~Z~CЃI ~Iуры. ~ЃV ~CЃE~Z~G~X~Z ЃIть ~\~[~X~N~R ~\~ZтЃZЃX~XЃV~N ЃE~Z~L~[~V~N ЃI~Z~NтЃNЃIЃR~N ~[Ё[~R, ~[~L~C~N~C~[ь ~NтЃI~N ~N ~X~[ тЃZ~V ЃZ~X~I ~\~Z~C~Z~G~Nь ЃC~Z ~\~Z~T~NЃN~R ~\~Z ~X~[~[ЃN~C~[~X~N ~C~Z~ZЃJ~I~X~N~P ~N сЃN~T~I~X~N ~C~Z~I~X~X~Z~E~Z ~C~V~IЁ[ЃI~TстЃC~[ ~C ~G~I~T~[ ~GЃE~N ~E~ZуЃG~[тЃC. ~ ~C Ё[~R~N сЃT~Z~C~Nх ~C~Z~I~X~X~[ ~V~Zь ~B~B~ ЃZ~TЃR~Z ~X~[~[тЁ[~I. ~ЃZ ЃZ~C~IЃI~X~X~Z Ѓ\~[~C~I~G~T~N~C~Z ~ZЃV~IЁ[т чЁ[тЃX~N~R~N 55-~Z~P ~N~XЃI~X~[ЃN~Z~X~[~TЃX~Z~P ~[~XЃN~C~Z~I~X~X~Z~P ~[сЁ[~V~A~T~I~N, ~R~Z~E~G~[ ~E~Z~C~Zт ~Z ЃZ~V, тЃZ ~\~ZЃT~I ~N~X~[ЃEр~[ЃN~N ~ЃZ~X~[~TЃG~[ ~u~[~V~\~[ ~\~I~L~N~G~I~XЃZ~V ~B~B~ ~C~Z~I~X~XЃI ~R~Z~XЃT~N~Rы ~C~Z ~CЃI~V ~V~N~I ~CшЃT~N ~X~[ ~X~Z~CЃP р~Z~C~I~X.

~стЃIтЃC~I~X~X~Z, тЃZ ~C ЃT~Z~J~N~CЃNся сЃT~Z~C~Nх ЃI ~E~ZуЃG~[тЃC~[, ~R~ZЃZЃI ЃI~Xт ЃC~Z ЃC~Z~A~Z~G ~N ~E~ZЃZ~C ~ZстЁ[~N~C~[ь ~I~I ~G~Z ~R~Z~XЁ[ ~G~Z~T~J~X ~V~[~RЃN~V~[~TЃX~Z ~X~[~[ЃN~C~[ь ЃC~Z ~A~Z~I~Cю ~V~Zь, тЃZ~A ~Z~R~[~L~[ься ~[~C~XЃV~N ~C ЃC~Z~N ЃN~T~[ ~\~I~I~G тЃZ~T ~E~Z~L~XЃV ~\~ZЃN~C~X~N~R~Z~V, ~R~[~R~Z~CЃV ЃI~E~Z~G~X ЃC~TЃIся ~V~N~Z~C~Z~P ~E~I~E~I~V~Z~X ~C ~T~NЃI ~B~B~.

~ЃZтЃZ~V ЃI~Tю ~\~[~NЃIЁ[ ~@~ZсЃN ~N ~ЃNЁ[~P ~\~ZтЃZ ~Z~AЃL~[~X ~N~V~Iь ~C ЃC~Z~N ~[ЃI~X~[~T~[ ЃG~I~X~Z~I ~ZЃJ~N~I, тЃZ~A ~Z~A~I~L~Z~\~[ЃNь ~V~N ~Z ЃE~Z~L ЃG~I~X~Z~P ~C~Z~P~X. ~ЃV~I~X~X~Z тЃZ ЃC~TЃIся ~L~[~T~Z~E~Z~V тЁ[~A~N~TЃX~ZтЃN ~N ~A~[~T~[~XЁ[ ~C ~V~N~I, ~R~[~R тЃZ ~AЃT~Z ~C~Z ~C~I~V~I~X~[ ~B~B~B~@.

~Ё[ Ё[~R~N ~J~I ~\~Z~L~NЃNх тЃZ~N ~N ~р~I~GЃI~G~[ЃI~T ~ЃZуЃG~[тЃC~I~X~X~Z~E~Z ~B~Z~C~IЁ[ ~НДЁ@ ЃZ~C~[~N ~ЃN~V ~@~I~X ~H~X, ~R~ZЃZЃP ЃG~I~T~[~T ~CЃI ~C~Z~L~V~Z~J~X~Z~I ~G~T ЃZ~E~Z, тЃZ~A ~I~E~Z тр~[~X~[ ~AЃT~[ ~E~ZЃZ~C~[ ~Zр~[~L~Nь ~C~Z~I~X~Xю ~[~E~IсЃN ЃZ тЃZ~Z~X ~B~B~. ~ЃV~I~X~X~Z сЃ\~IЃXЃI ЃG~I~XЃI ~NЃ\тЁ[~X~N ~N ~L~[~\сЃR~N ~R~ZЃV~NЃIЃR~N Ѓ\тЃX~N~R~Z~C ЃZ~C~[~NЁ[~V~N ~N~L ~B~I~C~I~X~Z~P ~ЃZ~I~N тЁ[~T~N ~E~[~[~XЃN~I~P ЃZ~E~Z, тЃZ ~\~I~I~G ~B~B~ ~CтЁ[~T ~X~Z~CЃP ~V~ZЃXЃP ~\~ZЃN~C~X~N~R, Ѓ\~ZЃZ~A~XЃP ЃG~I~J~[ь ~N ~Z ~NЃ\~Z~TЃL~Z~C~[~X~N ЃG~I~X~Z~E~Z ~ZЃJ~N ~\~ZЃN~C ~V~N~Xх ~J~NЃI~T~I~P ~\~T~[~X~Iы ~ЃI~V~T.

~B~Z ~CЃI~P ~ZЃI~C~N~G~X~Zтью ~V~Z~J~X~Z ~E~Z~C~Z~Nь ~Z ЃZ~V, тЃZ ЃE~Z~L~[ ~V~N~Z~C~Z~P ~C~Z~P~X р~I~L~CчЁ[~P~X~Z яЃJ~I~TЃV~N ~N ~X~I~\~I~GЃR~[~LЃI~VЃV~N ~\~ZЃT~I~GтЃC~NЃV~N ~G~T ~CЃI~E~Z ~X~[ЃI~T~I~X~N ~\~T~[~X~Iы ~C~Z~L~ZЃT~[ ~V~X~Z~E~Z~R~[ЃX~Z. ~ тЃN сЃT~Z~C~Nх ~XЃJ~X~Z ~R~[~R ~V~Z~J~X~Z ~[~RЃN~C~X~I~I ~I~G~N~XЃV р~Z~XЃZ~V ~CстуЃ\~[ь ~\~ZЃN~C ~N~V~\~I~N~[~T~NтЃNЃIЃR~N ~[~V~A~NЃN~P ~B~B~. ~ ЃZ~C~I~V~I~X~Xх ~E~I~Z~\~Z~T~NЃNЃIЃR~N сЃT~Z~C~Nх тЃZ Ё[~RЃNЃIЃR~N ~AЃG~I ~Z~L~X~[Ё[ь ~C~[~J~X~Z~I ~L~X~[ЃI~X~N~I ~C ~A~ZЃA~I ~\~ZЃN~C ~V~N~Z~C~Z~E~Z ~R~[~\~NЁ[~T~[. ~ ~C тЃZ~P ~A~ZЃA~I ~X~I ~XЃJ~X~Z ~E~XшЁ[ься ~X~N~R~[~R~N~V~N р~I~GтЃC~[~V~N.

~ ~[~A~ZЃI cH~стЃZ~N ~КП(~A). ~р~[ЃR~N~P ~RрƒT ~ЃZЃN ~ЃNсЁ[~N~Z~X~Z~C~N ~BЁ[~T~N~X~[ ~G~[~I ~NчЃI~\ЃC~[щЃI~I ~Z~\~I~G~I~T~I~X~N~I ~C~Z~P~X: cH~C~Z~P~X~[ ~AЃC~[~I ~G~Cх ~Z~G~Z~C:

~[) ~C~Z~P~X~[ Ѓ\~[~C~I~G~T~N~C~[, ~X~I~L~[ЃC~[ЃX~NЃIЃR~[, ~ZЃC~Z~A~Z~G~NЃI~TЃX~[, ~N~V~IщЁ[ ЃI~Tю ~T~N~A~Z ~L~[ЃNу ~X~[~Z~G~[ ~Z ~C~X~IЃX~I~E~Z ~X~[~\~[~G~I~X~N ~N ~\~Z~\тЃZ~R ~I~E~Z ~\~Z~[~A~ZЃI~X~N, ~T~N~A~Z ~ZЃC~Z~A~Z~J~G~I~X~N~I ~X~[~Z~G~[ ~Z ~[~AтЃC~[ ~R~[~\~NЁ[~T~N~L~V~[, ~T~N~A~Z, ~X~[~R~Z~X~I, ~ZЃC~Z~A~Z~J~G~I~X~N~I ~R~Z~T~Z~X~N~P ~N ~L~[~C~NЃN~Vх тр~[~X ~Z ~E~X~IЁ[ ~N~V~\~I~N~[~T~NтЃZ~C, ~N

~A) ~C~Z~P~X~[ ~X~IЃ\~[~C~I~G~T~N~C~[, ~L~[ЃC~[ЃX~NЃIЃR~[, ~N~V~IщЁ[ ЃI~Tю ~L~[ЃC~[ ~N ~\~Z~[~A~ZЃI~X~N~I уЃJ~N тр~[~X, уЃJ~N ~X~[~Z~G~Z~CcT.

~ЃZЃA~[ ~\~ZЃN~C ~[~V~I~N~R~[~XЃR~Z~E~Z ~N~V~\~I~N~[~T~N~L~V~[, ~\тЁ[щЃI~E~Zя ~L~[ЃC~[ЃNь ~Cю ~\~T~[~X~Iу – тЃZ ~N ~Iть Ё[~V~[ Ѓ\~[~C~I~G~T~N~C~[ ~N ~ZЃC~Z~A~Z~G~NЃI~TЃX~[ ~V~NсЃN. ~ ~I~I ~ZЃX~Z~C~I ~T~I~J~N ~X~I ~ZЃC~Z~A~Z~J~G~I~X~N~I ~R~Z~X~R~IЃX~Z~E~Z ~X~[~Z~G~[, ~[ ~X~[ЃI~T~I~X~N ~CЃI~P ~\~T~[~X~Iы. ~ЃZ тЁ[~X~I ~ZЃX~Z~C~Z~P ~ZЃC~Z~A~Z~J~G~I~X~N ~Z ~N~E~[ ~R~[~\~NЁ[~T~N~L~V~[. ~u~[~R~[ ~A~ZЃA~[ ~C ~XЃX~IЃX~N сЃT~Z~C~Nх ЃC~TЃIся ~ZЃX~Z~C~Z~P ~G~[~TЃX~I~PЃI~E~Z ~[~L~C~NЃN ~Z~AЃIтЃC~[ ~N ЃV~Z~J~I ~X~[~\~[~C~Nь ~I~E~Z ~X~[ ~\ть ~[~L~C~NЃN ~N ЃR~I~\~T~I~X~N ~V~N~[, ~R ЃI~V ~N ~\~N~LЃC~[т ~X~[ чЁ[тЃX~N~R~N 55-~Z~P ~N~XЃI~X~[ЃN~Z~X~[~TЃX~Z~P ~[~XЃN~C~Z~I~X~X~Z~P ~[сЁ[~V~A~T~I~N.

~ЃZтЃZ~V ~V ~\~N~LЃC~[~I~V чЁ[тЃX~N~R~Z~C ~N ~E~ZтЃI~P 55-~Z~P ~N~XЃI~X~[ЃN~Z~X~[~TЃX~Z~P ~[~XЃN~C~Z~I~X~X~Z~P ~[сЁ[~V~A~T~I~N, ~IЃNЃI~TЃX~Z ~ZЃA~ZЃN~C ~C~X~I~GЃI~VЃI ~Aр~JЁ[~L~X~Z~P ~\~Z~\~[~E~[~X~G~Z~P ~N~G~I~N ~\~[ЃNЃN~L~V~[ ~N ~V~I~J~GЃX~[~Z~G~X~Z~P ЃZ~T~I~[~XЃX~ZтЃN, ~ZЃC~Z~A~Z~G~Nься ~Z тЃI~I~ZЃN~\~Z~C ~C ~ZЃX~ZЃI~X~N~N cH~NЃT~[~VЃR~Z~E~ZcT ЃI~Z~N~L~V~[, ЃT~I~G~Z~C~[ь ~X~[~\~[~C~TющЃN~V ЃR~[~L~[~X~NЃV ЃZ~C. ~.~. ~ЃI~X~N~X~[ ~N ~.~. ~BЁ[~T~N~X~[. ~ЃZ ~\~Z~L~C~Z~T~N ~X~I ~X~[ ЃT~Z~C~[, ~[ ~X~[ ~G~I~T~I ~\~I~I~PЃN ~C ~T~[~E~I ~A~ZЃZ~C ~\~ZЃN~C ~V~N~Z~C~Z~E~Z ~N~V~\~I~N~[~T~N~L~V~[, тЃZ тЁ[~X~I ~ZЃX~Z~C~Z~P ~AЃGщЃI~E~Z ~V~N~[ ~A~I~L ~C~Z~P~X, ЃZЃN~[~TЃX~Z~E~Z ~X~I~[~C~I~XтЃC~[, ~I~T~N~E~N~Z~L~X~Z~E~Z ЃRтр~I~V~N~L~V~[ ~N ~\~ZЃN cH~\~I~T~IтЃI~PcT ~R~[~\~NЁ[~T~N~L~V~[. ~u~Z~TЃR~Z ~C тЃZ~V ЃTчЁ[~I ~V~N ~AЃG~I Ѓ\~[ЃI~X ~Z ЃE~Z~L ~[~L~C~IыЃC~[~X~N ЃG~I~X~Z~P ~C~Z~P~X.


~B~I~R~IЁ[ ~uЃV~I~XЃR~Z~E~Z ~Z~A~R~Z~V~[ ~@~Ё@~-~ПЁB~B ~N ~Z~A~R~Z~V~[ ~@~Ёu ~A~@~НЁu~[

~.~. ~@~I~I~\~[~X~Z~C

Leon Sedov Brigade

August 4th 2017, Syria

Dear comrades gathered together in the 55th Antiwar Assembly

We send you our warmest revolutionary greetings from the bloodied Syria. We salute you, revolutionary workers and youth of the Pacific that took to the streets to stop the massacre on our revolution and you are always willing to stop every imperialist war and aggression!

We are writing from the last trenches of the Syrian resistance. From here, we have released the third issue of our newspaper, The Truth of the Oppressed, the spokesperson of the Syrian revolutionaries that keep on fighting for the victory of the revolution and the fall of Al Assad, of those that are in the tents in the borders and in the few areas still remaining without Bashar's presence such as Idlib, of the refugees in concentration camps in Greece or in Madrid that want to show the truth about Syria.

In our paper we humbly want for all the voices that effectively support the Syrian revolution, all those who truly fight for the downfall of the regime and the victory in Damascus against Bashar, Putin and imperialism to be expressed. We also reflect the struggle of all the comrades that in different parts of the world stand in solidarity with our revolution.

Comrades, as you know our revolution was slaughtered, partitioned and bloodied by the genocidal regime of Bashar and his allies Putin, Nasrallah and Khamenei... all of them on account of Obama yesterday and today Trump, the bosses of the counterrevolution. Our revolution was bloodied from inside by the generals of the Sunnite bourgeoisie that allowed the fall of Alepo, which had become the capital of the resistance. All of them are gathered together in Astana conference, from where they want to impose "the peace of the cemeteries" in Syria.

We have more than 600,000 killed, destroyed cities, millions displaced, refugees, people living in tents in the middle of nowhere, without any kind of shelter against climate  not to stand the unbearable heat of the summer or the hard and snowy winter that always takes the life of Syrian exploited. Misery is unstandable  starvation, lack of food, appearance of diseases are part of ordinary life.

We, revolutionary socialists of Syria, also left our martyrs behind. Our leaders fell in the most advanced of the battlefield. Mustafa Abu Jumaa is known as the first martyr of the battle to break the siege to Alepo. Abu al Baraa, who fell almost a year ago in the battlefield against Bashar, gave his life under the banners of revolutionary socialism, fighting for its program in order to achieve victory. Leon Sedov Brigade has tens of martyrs, of revolutionary workers and youth that fell fighting for the victory of the socialist revolution.

But nobody gave up! The Syrian socialists keep on fighting to regroup the resistance. We fight against the Astana conference and its "safe zone" plans that want to secure our rendition and partition of Syria. We keep on fighting for the downfall of the regime and to reach Damascus and defeat Bashar and the genocidal forces. We fight to expel all the invader troops.

For this, to win the war, we know we have to expropriate the entire bourgeoisie, their assets, factories and banks to have funds to be able to eat. Thus we can count with all the available resources to win the war. We can call all the refugees and internal displaced to fight together to recover our houses over the basis of defeating Bashar.

Only by surpassing the businessmen of the Sunnite bourgeoisie we can succeed in our revolution. It is precisely because the Syrian revolution was manipulated by the bourgeoisie, it was sold out and Bashar al Assad remains in Damascus. Syria shows that without breaking with the bourgeoisie, victory cannot be achieved. We have to recover the weapons for the exploited and to set up again the coordination committees to work with direct democracy.

But comrades, we need to break the siege and isolation upon us. Stalinists, the renegades of Trotskyism, leftist parties, trade union bureaucracies... Most of them supported Assad; those who didn't, supported the FSA... both ends of the same rope of Astana Conference that strangles our revolution. All of them claimed that the worst evil was ISIS and they hid the genocide... they are all responsible to the isolation of our revolution. Thanks to them, Syria was bloodied as well as our region and it was a chastise on the whole world working class.

Today we see that imperialism wants to generalize its victory in Syria to the whole working class in the Pacific and the world.

Revolutionary comrades of Japan! Bravely, you fight to expel and dismantle the imperialist military bases of Japan and USA in the Pacific. You take to the streets paralyzing the imperialist war machine. You are the advanced of our struggle, since you hit directly the imperialist beasts such as Japan and USA that command the genocide in Syria. We are part of a single fight across the oceans and borders!

Let's break the sieges that isolate the revolutionaries country by country! Let's confront these butchers together! The blood of our martyrs will be avenged! We will win in Syria and in the struggle of the world working class!

Lewisham People Before Profit
August 6th 2017, London, Britain

Lewisham People Before Profit stand with you as brothers and sisters in your opposition to the warmongers in the Japanese government and elsewhere, and wish we could be with you at this time. We were at a vigil yesterday which is held every year on the first weekend of August in rememberance of August 1945, and there is to be a similar one in Greenwich on Thursday, 9th August, and we can assure you that there are many in this country who do not forget. As ever, this bond between us is unbreakable and will survive despite the problems of language and distance.

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