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43rd International Antiwar Assembly in Japan

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Central Meeting in Tokyo

Reporting the Assembly

The regional meeting in Okinawa
Build a stronger battlefront capable of blocking the reactionary trend towards revision of the war-renouncing Constitution of Japan! Fight against the Iraq war! -- In response to these calls, the 43rd International Antiwar Assembly was held. 1200 workers, students and citizens attended the central meeting in Tokyo and hundreds of people participated in each of the meetings in six regions on the same day, August 7th. They are now resolved in unity to develop antiwar struggles internationally.

The following sentences report on the central meeting.

On behalf of the Executive Committee, Mr. Ryuta Takigawa presented the keynote speech. He sounded the special alert, at the beginning, against the possible emergence of a neo-fascistic government for the Constitutional revision through the general elections.

In the speech, he made it clear that the world dominance of US imperialism was now on the precipice due to its failure in the occupation of Iraq. He also revealed that the recent London bombings was machinated by the Bush administration to save its justification for the 'war on terrorism'.

After exposing the fact that China's and Russia's responses have aggravated the crisis of a Third World War, he clearly presented revolutionary tactics for strengthening international antiwar struggles. He also stressed the need to overcome the JCP-led movement for 'protecting the Constitution', which does not amount to such in reality.

The second speaker, Mr. Goro Fukudome, presented a special report, calling on fighters on the labour front to stop the trend of the Japanese labour movement towards supportive positions for the Constitutional revision. Alerting that the Rengo leadership has decided the agenda for the revision, he called on the participants to fight to prevent the coming JCTU convention from adopting this revisionist agenda.

Before and after a break, the messages of solidarity from foreign friends were read in Japanese. The executive committee for the Assembly received 12 greetings across the world. As greatly encouraged by them, participants strengthened their resolve to develop international solidarity against the Iraq war.

Amid a greatly rising mood of the participants, a education worker from the JTU took the platform. He reported his comrades had struggled to urge the conventions of their prefectural teachers' unions to adopt motions against the leadership and succeeded.

Zengakuren Chairman Okuno Shigeyoshi referred to their aggressive discussions with JCP activists over the party's notorious policy for 'co-existence of the Constitution with Japanese SDF troops'. Stressing the need to overcome the official movement 'in protection of the Constitution', he called on the participants to strengthen mass struggles against the Constitutional revision and the Iraq war.

On the basis of the participation in the meeting and the mutual discussions over the speeches and messages, participants are strengthening their resolve for international antiwar struggle more than ever.

Overseas Appeal for the Assembly

Rise in a revolutionary antiwar struggle
to break through the darkness
hanging over the 21st century world!

The Executive Committee for the 43nd International Antiwar Assembly
Zengakuren [All-Japan Federation of Students' Self-Governing Associations]
Antiwar Youth Committee
Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction) [JRCL-RMF]

Let us fight
for a worldwide struggle against the Iraq war!

Today, more than two years after US imperialists started the war of aggression against Iraq, their military occupation of this country has gone into total bankruptcy.

Following the January 30th parliamentary elections for the National Assembly, a Shiite-led transitional government was formed in Iraq with Ibrahim al-Jaafari as Prime Minister. This administration excluded from cabinet posts all members of the Iraqi List, led by Iyad Allawi, the former US puppet interim Prime Minister, who suffered a crushing defeat in the elections. By involving Sunnites as well as pro-American Kurdish parties, it has taken a step forward, in appearance, towards establishing a 'government of truly reconciled nations' as a permanent government.

In spite of these measures being taken, guerrilla attacks by armed Sunnites have escalated against occupation forces led by Anglo-American imperialists, and against Iraqi National Guards and police; they are being mounted over 50 times a day throughout the country. Even in the capital city of Baghdad, insurgents are carrying out daring suicide bomb attacks and car bomb or trench mortar attacks every day, slipping through cordons laid by the US forces and Iraqi National Guards.

The militarist empire of America, the 'world's sole superpower', is now on the edge of a precipice in Iraq, politically as well as militarily.

Despite the fact that they have completely lost any justification for their occupation, US forces are still inflicting brutalities on the Iraqi people. American imperialist rulers are scheming to continue their military presence under the pretext that security has deteriorated. In fact, on June 24th, when meeting al-Jaafari at the White House, George W. Bush baldly said, 'There's not going to be any timetable (for the withdrawal of US forces)'.

On the towns in al-Anbar province bordered by Syria (al-Qaim, Obaidi, Karabila, and Ramadi), US forces launched a new series of assaults, calling it 'Operation Matador' or 'Operation Spear'. These liberated zones for Muslims (through which Russian-made weapons are routed to insurgents) were besieged by the occupiers, who committed genocidal murders as brutal as those perpetrated in Fallujah.

This is not all. With the aim of provoking religious conflict between Shiites and Sunnites as well as ethnic / tribal strife between Iraqis and Kurds, US occupying forces and the CIA are carrying out, together with private military companies, machinated acts of terrorism under the false name of 'al-Zarqawi as a leading commander of al-Qaeda', and have perpetrated a series of assassinations of Shiite and Sunnite clerics.

We must never allow them commit such outrageous acts with which they desperately hope to wriggle out of the quagmire of the occupation.

The imperialist aggression against Iraq in the form of an asymmetrical war by the militarist empire of America - which has significance as the conquest of the Islamic world by a present-day Crusade - is being shattered in actuality by Muslim people's indomitable fightback, supported by seething Arab nationalism against American imperialism. This fight is also inspiring Muslim people all over the world, raising a storm of protests against American imperialism.

Bush's crafty scheme to set up a pro-American regime in Lebanon by instigating its people in the name of a 'Cedar Revolution' were blown up before the great advance of Hezbollah. Palestinian people are also fighting uplifting struggles against imperialist America and Zionist Israel - with Hamas taking the lead in the campaign - driven by the anger burning towards the traitor Mahmoud Abbas, who has surrendered to Bush and Sharon. The Bush Empire's bankruptcy in its strategy for 'democratization of the Middle East' is now crystal clear to any eye.

But remember, comrades!

Those countless bodies of Muslims resting in Arab deserts, who fell victim to US imperialists' MOABs, daisy cutter bombs and depleted uranium munitions, resulted from the failure and disappearance of antiwar struggles in advanced countries. We should engrave it deeply in our minds that the end of atrocities by the Bush Empire must be realized by means of our internationally united antiwar struggles.

We call on the working classes all over the world! Now is the time to rise up against the Iraq War, based on proletarian internationalism, aiming to break through the darkness that covers the 21st century world.

Oppose the continued military occupation of Iraq by US imperialism!

Pull Japanese troops, and all multinational forces, out of the Iraqi battlefield!

We call on Muslim people all over the world! Advance struggles based on Islamic inter-nationalism!

Let us stir up the flames of antiwar struggles worldwide, in solidarity with the Muslim people who are putting up resistance against the occupation, against US imperialism!

Break through the emerging crisis of
a Third World War

intensified by the confrontation
between the US and China!

In an attempt to gloss over the bankruptcy of its military occupation of Iraq and the failure of its strategy to 'democratize the Middle East', and to make its 'Forward Strategy of Freedom' appear as if it is being realized, US imperialism led by the Bush Dynasty has started another plot: a hard-line policy to contain China, a 'gigantic Asian dragon', together with an offensive of 'exporting democratization' to Russia's neighbouring countries in the CIS. Promoted by this stratagem of the Bush Empire, the clash between the US and China has started to take on a new aspect. In East Asia a critical situation is being created - in which the world stands on the brink of war.

The APEC summit in the autumn of 2004 was a turning point for Hu Jintao's China: it abandoned the 'stay-at-home' policy it had adopted up to then, and launched active diplomacy with a view to laying worldwide siege to the US. Based on its strategy of 'besieging the sole superpower with the power of many, the Chinese government has embarked on forming links with developing countries around the core of BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China), while at the same time, extending its influence to Latin American countries, the backyard of the US.

Driven by a strong sense of crisis towards this strategic change in Hu's China, the American Empire has once again made it one of its central issues in its strategy for world domination to prevent China from being its rival. Based on this strategy, the Bush administration pressed the Koizumi government in Japan to put forward the following points as 'strategic objectives' common to both the US and Japan: to sweep aside anti-American regimes, to halt North Korea's nuclear development, and to prevent China from using military force against Taiwan. In this way, US and Japanese rulers have started - with the intention of applying military pressure on China so as to contain this 'rival-to-be in the 21st century' - an attempt to change the US-Japan security alliance into an offensive and defensive alliance against China, with which to build a military / political encircling net against today's China.

In opposition to this attempt by US and Japanese imperialist powers, Hu's China persistently bases its policies on its state strategy of becoming 'a superpower in the 21st century', and is thus scheming to drastically strengthen its political / military counterweight by bringing Roh Moo-Hyun's South Korea and Kim Jong-Il's North Korea over to its side.

Roh's South Korea, which is intent on achieving the nation's long-cherished wish - the 'unification of two Koreas' - is now resolved to break away from the 'southern triangular alliance (between the US, Japan and South Korea)' dating back to the days of the Cold War. Drawing lessons from the unification of Germany, which turned out to impose a heavy burden on West Germany, the Roh government seeks to adopt a federal system for the present - under which it will prod North Korea to introduce a capitalist system by means of direct investments from South Korea and China - and, on this basis, gradually achieve the unification of the two Koreas (or rather, absorption of the northern part into South Korea). It is quite possible that, in response to this plan of South Korea, Kim Jong-Il has already made a decision to accept this procedure for unification, on condition that the security of his family and followers is guaranteed.

China, thus steadily bringing South and North Korea over to its side, has assigned itself the strategic task of liberating Taiwan and unifying the country by the year 2011, the centenary year of the Wuchang Revolution. Its ambition is clearly shown in the fact that, towards Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bien (who aspires for Taiwan's independence), the Beijing government took an intimidating attitude by enacting the Anti-Secession Law in March, which prescribes the possible use of military force, while on the other hand, giving Taiwan's opposition Nationalist Party Chairman Lien Chan (who advocates 'one China') a warm reception in Beijing in April.

Before China can achieve this unification, the hard-line policies of the US and Japan towards this country present the greatest obstacles. The Beijing government, therefore, intends to thwart these imperialist policies, and is now trying to drive a wedge between the US and Japan. This is why Hu's China has set up 'little Japan' (a 'dependency' of the Bush Empire) as its prime target for now, and is bombarding the Koizumi government with massive anti-Japanese protests, denouncing Koizumi's repeated visits to the blood-stained Yasukuni Shrine and the approval by the Education Ministry of history textbooks that glorify Japan's past aggression in the Greater East Asia War.

The contemporary world is witnessing a bitter clash between the US-Japan alliance and the triangular linkage of China with South and North Korea. Entangled with this confrontation, another clash is intensifying between the US and Russia (belonging to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, or SCO).

The Bush Empire is presently bent on undermining the solidarity of the CIS. In 2003-04, it choreographed, in succession, the Rose Revolution in Georgia and the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. It is now plotting to stage a White Revolution in Belarus, branding this state an 'outpost of tyranny'. These coups d'etat in the name of 'democratization' have been instigated by the hoodlums of the PNAC (Project for the New American Century) in middle Europe, based on their efforts to nurture pro-western opposition groups in the CIS region. Through these 'revolutions', the Bush Empire - whose ambition for 'democratizing the Middle East' has been smashed by Muslim people's resistance and guerrilla attacks, and whose aggression against Iraq has become bogged down, as in the Vietnam War - is now desperately seeking to set up pro-American regimes in this region.

The Bush Empire is intensifying its offensive to 'export democratization' to the CIS countries because it is determined to shatter schemes plotted by Russian President Vladimir Putin. That is to say, Putin - who is imposing authoritarian military rule upon his people in a bid to reconstruct his ruinous country by manipulating the FSB (Federal Security Bureau) - has dismantled Yukos, the major oil company, to drive out US oil majors, while externally attempting to rebuild Russia's sphere of influence by going hand in hand with China. This is why Bush has set his heart on delivering a hard blow to the Tsar Putin. Moreover, the Bush Empire is heading for victory in its competition with Russia for Caspian oil.

In the Kyrgyz Republic, President Askar Akayev was expelled from the country by mass demonstrations condemning him for rigging parliamentary elections. It was, again, the imperialists of the Bush administration that touched off this overthrow. Based on this success, it is stepping up its efforts to make inroads into the neighbouring country, Kazakhstan, while watching vigilantly for an opportunity to plunder the abundant oil resources of this country.

Despite this overwhelming offensive by the Bush Empire, Putin, the President of ruinous Russia, has failed to take any appropriate measures: he has merely revealed his thorough incompetence. Though Russia may incline somewhat towards the trends of the EU due to its geographical position, it will have no choice but to depend on the SCO and BRICs.

The 21st century world - divided into four blocks that converge on their respective poles, namely (1) the so-called Hakenkreuz Alliance (the US, UK and Japan), (2) the Franco-German axis ('opponents' of the Iraq War), (3) China and a group of developing countries (with BRICs making up the core), and (4) ruinous Russia (which straddles both China and the EU) - this world, which takes the shape of a deformed trapezium, is now experiencing severe turbulence. The epicentre is the defeat of imperialist America in the Iraq War. And here arises another crisis in East Asia. The threat of war is growing dramatically, provoked by the newly created clash between the 'world's sole superpower', enveloped in the flames of Iraqi Muslims' anger that has erupted in their anti-American struggles, and present-day China, which is making remarkable progress with its ambition of becoming a 'superpower in the 21st century'.

Workers and toiling masses all over the world!

Amid this worldwide turbulence, power holders in every country are making a frantic dash towards a massive build-up of military strength by inciting their nationalism. We, the working class, must shatter such nationalism spread by the ruling class - in each place and in each country - and unite beyond our national boundaries. Now is the time to go on the counterattack.

Workers in the United States!

Wipe out US nationalism, decorated with the Stars and Stripes! Liberate yourselves from the yoke of the AFL-CIO leadership, the tools of finance and industrial monopolies!

Fight for the overthrow of the militarist empire of America, which has started producing small nuclear bombs for use in actual fighting!

Toiling people in China!

Crush Sinocentrist nationalism incited by the Beijing government of the Stalinist bureaucracy! Oppose their expansion of nuclear armaments promoted against US imperialism!

Oppressed people in Russia!

Smash Russian / Slav nationalism infused by the Tsur Putin, a descendant of Stalin! Advance with the aim of overthrowing his FSB-based authoritarian military ruling system!

Comrades! Stir up the flames of revolutionary antiwar struggles all over the world!

Oppose the revision of the Constitution!
Smash the new move to strengthen the US-Japan military alliance
based on 'common strategic objectives'!
Let our fighting erupt against the Iraq war,
against the US-Japan military alliance!

''Iraq has weapons of mass destruction; we know where they are concealed.' - By making this downright lie his justification for starting a war of aggression against Iraq, George W. Bush, the consummate criminal of the century, has been putting countless bodies of Muslim people under seas of blood. For all these criminal acts, this warmonger, a Hitler of the 21st century, declares with arrogant indifference that 'ending tyranny is a divine calling given to America'. And here is the only government in the world that impassionedly supports this bloodstained Empire of Bush - the Japanese government headed by Jun'ichiro Koizumi, a poodle of this haughty President, with the chain of the US-Japan security alliance around its neck.

The Koizumi government has promised the Bush administration that it will strengthen the US-Japan security alliance by transforming it into an offensive and defensive alliance against China to mop up anti-American regimes in the name of the 'war on terrorism', while at the same time containing Hu's China.

For the very purpose of becoming a Great Empire of Japan, capable of waging wars of aggression in alliance with the American Empire, the Koizumi government has taken the plunge and set about a negative revision of the Constitution of Japan - the kernel of which is the revision of war-renouncing Article 9 - in response to strong pressure from US imperialists (Richard Armitage and others) who brand this article an 'obstacle'. The neo-fascist Koizumi government has inaugurated this reactionary move towards the amendment by making full use of the dispatch of Japanese troops to Iraq (which is in itself a violation of the Constitution) as a stepping-stone, with the ambition of being the 'leader of Asia' in rivalry with China.

Against this series of unprecedented offensives by the ultra-reactionary Japanese government, we are fighting, here in Japan, with all our strength.

Faced with this growing trend towards constitutional amendment, which has long been expected by the US government, the labour aristocracy of the Japan Trade Union Confederation (Rengo), the largest national centre of trade unions in Japan, is crying openly for a revision to make the Japanese military (currently called 'Self-Defence Forces') constitutional. They are pressing trade unions under the umbrella of Rengo to give support to the revision of the Constitution. Thus, a tidal swell of approval for constitutional reform has been produced in Japan.

Amid this critical situation for the opposition movement, the Japanese Communist Party is playing a criminal role. It has feebly been bleating that we should 'protect Article 9', but its leadership has now gone so far as to declare that it endorses the 'co-existence of the Constitution with the Self-Defence Forces'. They have unashamedly put forward a criminal alternative, the 'overseas use of SDF troops in a peaceful manner'.

What is worse, dazzled by China's 'capitalistic development', today's Stalinist party of Japan is lavishly praising China (as well as the Venezuelan government led by Hugo Chavez) as a successful example of 'socialism through market economy'. By taking it on themselves to act as a spokesman for the Beijing bureaucracy, those converted Stalinists (who even advocate modified capitalism) are extolling the Chinese government's foreign policies as 'peaceful diplomacy'. While currying favour with Japanese monopoly capitalists who are seeking to make inroads into the Chinese market, they are making a plea to the Koizumi government to 'reconsider its foreign policy of being abnormally subordinate to the US' and 'adopt independent, peaceful diplomacy giving priority to Asia'.

Against this reactionary trend towards the revision of the Constitution, and by overcoming the so-called 'movement for the defence of the Constitution' led by the JCP - which does not amount to such in reality - we are striving to organize a mass movement, both in the labour front and in campus activities, to firmly oppose the revision of the Constitution. We are making efforts to combine this movement with struggles against the Iraq War and against the US-Japan military alliance, thus advancing them in integrated fashion.

We are determined to vigorously advance this revolutionary struggle against the Iraq War and the US-Japan military alliance, turned into an offensive and defensive alliance, in solidarity with workers and toiling people all over the world.

Stop every move towards the revision of the Constitution!

Oppose a drastic strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance based on 'common strategic objectives'! Stop another scheme for new 'Defense Cooperation Guidelines', a US-Japan joint plan for a war of aggression! Oppose the relocation of the US Army's First Corps headquarters to Camp Zama! Stop the development and deployment of missile defences!

Denounce the Koizumi government for inciting chauvinistic nationalism against China, against South Korea, in its bid to revise the Constitution and strengthen the US-Japan military alliance! Stop Koizumi visiting Yasukuni Shrine! Denounce the adoption by local governments and junior high schools of history textbooks extolling Japan's past aggression against Asia as a 'holy war for Greater East Asia'!

Oppose the Chinese Hu government and its build-up of nuclear military power! Denounce the Chinese government of the Stalinist bureaucracy for stirring up anti-Japanese chauvinism to shift the blame for domestic contradictions!

Advance mass struggles in solidarity with the toiling people in China and South Korea to oppose constitutional amendment, the Iraq War and the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance!

Fight for the overthrow of the Koizumi government, Bush's poodle kept on the chain of the US-Japan military alliance!

Comrades all over the world!

Be aware that the mired situation in the Iraq War is the beginning of the annihilation of humankind caused by the unrestricted development and use of nuclear weapons!

Workers all over the world, unite and rise in antiwar struggles aiming to break through the darkness that hangs over the 21st century world!

Let us fight it out together!

(June 25th, 2005)(Translation modified)

Messages from Foreign Friends

- Revolutionary Marxists in Britain
- Union Pacifiste
- David McReynolds (former Chair, War Resisters International; member, Socialist Party National Committee)
- Workers Revolutionary Party of Greece(EEK)
- B|pty}y P~y~(ututpu| Rrup Kyur{z sp~yxpyy "P}uuz")
- Qusy~p|~p py {}}~yr
- Bux~p {}}~yyu{p py (q|ury{r)
- News And Letters
- Northstar Compass
- New Communist Party of Britain

Revolutionary Marxists in Britain

July 21st 2005, London, Britain

Revolutionary Marxists in Britain send warmest fraternal greetings to the 43rd International Anti-War Assembly. The British working class faces many attacks. Redundancies are widespread, many privatizations are being carried out, leading to severe attacks on the living conditions of the working class.

The Blair government is still following its policy of sending troops to suppress the Iraqi working people.

There is much opposition in Britain to the war in Iraq. In 2003 more than one million people marched through London to protest against British involvement. Yet the social democratic leadership of the trade unions has totally failed to mobilize trade unionists against the war.

As the Overseas Appeal points out, Anglo-American imperialism has been totally unable to defeat the working people of Iraq. Their failure is reflected in reports in the British press that the Blair government is considering the withdrawal of at least some of its troops in Iraq. It seems possible that Blair will seek to distance himself from Bush and attempt to gain influence in Europe at the expense of France and Germany. But this will not stop him from making attacks on the British working class. For us, the task remains of building a revolutionary vanguard that can overthrow the Blair government and the capitalist system that it represents.

To us, the Overseas Appeal represents a very clear and correct analysis of the world situation and of the tasks facing all communists.

Despite their inability to crush the Iraqi working people, the imperialists continue to commit large scale atrocities in Iraq. To our shame, they are only able to do this because of the absence of strong and effective anti-war movements in the economically advanced countries.

The Appeal correctly points out the danger of a conflict in East Asia. The Bush regime is thoroughly alarmed by the rise of China as a developing new superpower. It will seek to use its alliance with the Koizumi government in Japan to prevent the unification of Korea and the return of Taiwan to China.

There is also the danger of a conflict between U.S. imperialism and Russia with the C.I.A. seeking to subvert for its own purposes C.I.S. states such as Georgia and Kyrgyzstan.

The Appeal shows correct and timely leadership to militant workers and others in calling upon American workers to fight against the AFL/CIO leadership, in calling Chinese workers to fight against the nationalist strivings of the Hu government and in calling on Russian workers to overthrow Putin.

We are greatly encouraged by what you have built in Japan. We are especially inspired by the courageous fight of the teachers against being compelled to show respect for the national flag and anthem.

We here in Britain have the responsibility to build a movement similar to that which you have built in Japan. We have to break the hold of the social democratic trade union bureaucracies that hold back the struggles of the working class. This will not be an easy task. But we can succeed if we learn the lessons of what you have built and if we study the writings of Comrade Kuroda.

Your fight is our fight.
Long live proletarian internationalism.

PS: Bombings occurred in London on 7th July resulting in many casualties. Although carried out by British Moslems, we have reason to believe that the bombing was masterminded, however indirectly, by the CIA. This has been argued strongly by Kaihoh, the paper of the JRCL.
G. W. Bush and the empire he represents is facing a crisis, rapidly losing the support of the governments of other nations. We suspect that the CIA involvement aims to put pressure on the Blair government in Britain to maintain its association with Bush and his so-called 'anti-terrorist' strategy
The governments of Britain and Japan will use the bombings as a pretext to intensify their oppression of the working class. We need to fight back and to redouble our support to all those Moslems who are fighting imperialism.


5 aout 2005, Papeete, Polynesie Francaise (Te Ao Maohi)

Au nom du Tavini Huiraatira no te ao maohi et a l'occasion du 43 eme congres anti war, je vous adresse mes salutations de militant contre toutes les guerres, contre toutes les formes d'occupation, et de destructions terroristes auxquels nous assistons aujourd'hui a travers le monde.

Salutations fraternelles a tous les congressistes, a tous ceux et celles qui participent au congres en ce jour, Dimanche 7 Aout 2005; Semaine qui commemore le bombardement de Hiroshima et Nagasaki; Cet acte destructeur, terroriste et affreux qui restera a jamais dans nos memoires.

Salutations a tous mes amis qui nous ont soutenu et qui nous soutiennent encore dans notre combat pour l'eradication du colonialisme en Polynesie Francaise (Te Ao Maohi).

Notre combat doit continuer et il doit se faire ensemble car notre union fera une force de paix pour demain.

Condamnons ensemble toutes les formes de guerres a travers la planete et faisons le savoir haut et fort et avec conviction a tous les responsables de cette terreur

Soutenons ensemble toutes les resolutions qui seront prises a l'occasion de ce 43 eme congres et transmettons nos messages de paix au monde entier.

Iaorana et Maururu


July 20th 2005, Paris, France

Dear Friends,

As we were in South Korea for the War Resister's International Council meeting at the beginning of July, the delegation of UNION PACIFISTE DE FRANCE, was very happy to discover the huge antimilitaristic culture you have in Japan and Korea.

The struggle to expulse the US base is in a good way, we give the experience of the Larzac in France, where resister's succeed in stopping the extension of an enormous military camp ("sheep non canons" was the slogan of the peasants invading the Eiffel tower in Paris, and after ten years the pacifist victory take place in 1982!).

The action against nuclear (civil or military is strictly the same) have to be developed in concert with yours countries.

Abolition of armies remains an indispensable priority in these times of war against terrorism: isn't terrorism an other word for militarism?

Those who want peace have to repeat all the time that they will never bear any arm, and be conscientious objectors all their life.

The world-known philosopher Albert CAMUS does not say another thing supporting total resister!

UPF, French section of WRI, wish you a fruitful congress, and in that period where the planet is a village, with Internet, it will be great to keep in touch in all our common campaigns.

David McReynolds
(former Chair, War Resisters International; member, Socialist Party National Committee)

July 26th 2005, New York, USA

Thanks for the photo of last years' assembly. I'm impressed that you will be holding meetings in so many locations - including Okinawa, from which the United States must withdraw its military bases.

While I am a member of the Socialist Party's National Committee, these greetings are personal and I do not speak for the Socialist Party. It is crucial that all of us, across the world, remain committed in opposition to militarism, and in seeking the peaceful resolution of conflict.

It is important that your movement is able to take a strong stand against the Japanese government, which seeks to weaken the Japanese Constitution with its renunciation of war. And important also that I know you oppose the deployment of Japanese "self defense forces" in Iraq.

Those of us in the peace and social justice movements in the United States feel deep regret that we have not been able to reverse US policy.

It is a grave crime against humanity, a violation of international law and the UN Charter, that George Bush has been able to launch the war against Iraq.

This was a war launched to secure further control of energy resources. We are horrified at the violence unleashed within Iraq by the US invasion, and the subsequent bloodshed which claims so many civilian lives. The United States must withdraw from Iraq without conditions.

One of the things which we need to do, no matter where we live, is engage in the search for renewable energy. Oil supplies are limited, while the energy needs of the US, Western Europe, China, Japan, etc., continue to increase.

I apologize for this statement being too long - let me wish you success in your assemblies, and hope that if your members come through New York City I will be able to meet them.


The Workers Revolutionary Party (EEK)

July 20th 2005, Athens, Greece

Dear comrades,
The Workers Revolutionary Party (EEK) of Greece salutes the 43rd International Antiwar Assembly in Japan and expresses its full solidarity in our common international struggle against the war that terrorist imperialism and its "Coalition of the willing" war criminals have unleashed against Iraq, Afghanistan and all humanity.

The Japanese people that first had the tragic experience of the nuclear barbarism of U.S. imperialism take its rightful place in the forefront of the world struggle to defeat imperialism and its war plans.

The Bush Administration with its murderous accomplices in Britain, Europe and Japan have destroyed and continue to destroy thousands innocent lives of the people in Occupied Iraq, in the entire Middle East-first of all in Palestine-in Afghanistan; they did not stop to threaten to expand this war madness in Syria, Iran, North Korea and dozens other countries of the so-called 'Axis Of Evil' extending from Belarus to Venezuela, literally on a world scale. Bush, Blair and Company are responsible not only for the tragedy of the Iraqi, Afghan or Palestinian peoples but as well for the extension of the war inside their own countries: the imperialists who launched the terrorist war against the oppressed peoples abroad are guilty for the innocent victims in the bombings in London and Madrid. They spread disasters everywhere and they collect disasters back at home. At the same time they savagely attack all the civil liberties and the social rights of the workers and other popular strata in the metropolitan countries, establishing a permanent "State of Emergency", a Police State in the name of the "war on terror". As a matter of fact their concern is not safety but surveillance of the citizens, of the "internal enemy"- namely the working class who suffers all the pains and burdens of the capitalist crisis, mass unemployment, mass impoverishment, and State repression and who fights back resolutely.

But despite the disasters and the sufferings they impose to the peoples of the world, their plans are doomed to fail, thanks both to the revolutionary struggles and resistances of the oppressed masses as well because of the insolubility of the systemic crisis of capitalism. All over the world, from the heroic Iraqi resistance to Occupation and the Palestinian struggle against the Bush-Sharon plans to defeat the national struggle and perpetuate Zionist rule on an usurped land, to Latin America, the backyard of US imperialism, which has been transformed into a revolutionary volcano from Venezuela and Bolivia to Argentina, the tendency towards social and anti-imperialist rebellions is both arising from and deepening the capitalist crisis. In Europe itself, the powerful blow given to the European imperialist project by the 'No' to the Draft EU Constitution in the referendums in France and Holland is a manifestation of the social resistance of the workers, unemployed, immigrants and youth against the misery spread by the anti-working class anti-popular measures of the capitalist governments in the European Union. As a part of this resistance in Greece we had already four General Strikes so far in 2005 in defense of social rights against anti-labor laws.

The combination of the impasse of U.S. imperialism in Iraq, of the sharpening of the structural crisis in the European Union, and of the exacerbation of the contradictions in Russia and in the former Soviet space, produce now, again, a new dangerous crisis in the Balkans. Nobody should forget that the infernal chain of wars, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, has started from the Balkans and the imperialist interventions that have destroyed Yugoslavia before moving to Afghanistan and Iraq. Our Party together with other revolutionary forces in the region had the initiative to establish in 2000, in the aftermath of the NATO war against Yugoslavia, the Balkan Socialist Center "Christian Rakovsky" to fight against imperialism and the local chauvinist cliques and ruling classes, for the socialist unification of the Balkans into a Balkan Socialist Federation. Next September our Center holds its 4th Conference against imperialist war, State repression and mass impoverishment in our region.

We are convinced that our revolutionary struggle against imperialism and its war will be victorious. Peace can and should be established by transforming the imperialist permanent war into a permanent revolution to overthrow the capitalist governments responsible for the crimes of war and occupation. To achieve this goal we need now more than ever before a revolutionary International of the working class. Our Party dedicates all its forces to this historical goal.

Long live proletarian internationalism! Down with imperialism!

Imperialist troops out from Iraq now! Dismantle all U.S./NATO military bases in the world.

In Europe, America and Japan, transform the imperialist war into a class war to overthrow the governments of the war criminals and the system that generates wars!

Forward to the International! Forward to the world socialist revolution!

B|pty}y P~y~
ututpu| Rrup Kyur{z sp~yxpyy "P}uuz"

2 prsp 2005, Kyur, T{py~p

Kyur{p sp~yxpy Oqurp qq xp p~u~yu y tuzryu pxryy tr~z {| T{py~ ptp rx}w~y r~r y~ xp~u pyu r uut~z 43-z }uwt~pt~z p~yru~~z pp}q|uu. A|pst~u u|y s }uwt~pt~s }p |~ rur ~py} quwtu~y}. M pt yrurrp ~py rpyuz r}u~z qqu y}uyp|yyu{z psuyuz r Ip{u y r ru} }yu y, uwtu rus, sp~yxpr 43-z pp}q|uy: sp~yxpy Dx~sp{~, K}yu p~yru~~z }|tuwy y Rx `~{y Qur|y~~ K}}~yr (Up{y ur|y~~ }p{yr).

Kp{ y st ~pxpt, } r|u} rytuu|}y s, p}uy{p~-qyp~{yz y}uyp|yx} rx r @sp~yp~u y, r qu~~y, r Ip{u. Cuyu{p y p}ruwu~~p qqp yp{{y pyr, ~y ~p ty~ tu~ ~u u{ppy qq y~uru~p}y, ~u{|{ ty| xprp~yu{yu u}|u~y psur. B r{} |pu, syqu| wu q|uu u} tr |{ p}uy{p~{y y~uru~r, p{yu{u {yu rs ~p qq y|p}{y qury{r r p}z Bu|y{qyp~yy y t tsy }u| y tux{y xppry|y xpt}p ~u t~s yx u p}uy{p~ur y p~s|yp~, { uwtu quxt}~ ttuwyrp| psuyr~u tuzry ry pryu|r ~p A|yw~u} B{u.

I~uru~y ruu~~ uryt~ xp|p r y{ y , wu, ~u{|{ uxry| y}uyp|yr RY@ y Bu|y{qyp~yy y ~y r~wtu~ q|y ~u{|{ ~yxy ~p{p| psp~ty{y pp{ y y~y~ sx ptu p~, { ~y { ~pxrp|y r {puru |uty {p~tytp ~p | wur psuyy: Ip~p, Ryyy, Kq, KNDQ y ~u{ tsy p~, ~uxpryy}p |yy{p { ~u pyrpu p}uy{p~{y y}uyp|yr, rx}~yry uq xurp}y t~|~s }yp y p}~ptu~~ rxs|pyry uq s|pr~}y ~pt}y{p}y xp tu}{pyuz r ru} }yu.
Su} ~u }u~uu, psuy RY@ y y x~y{r ~p A|yw~u} B{u t|wpu, ~p tur~uz xu}|u Ip{p ru p{wu |u {r y }wu |wy rup|u~yu, p~yru~~u trywu~yu ~u tqy| ry u|uz, ~u }ur ~u |{ utrpy, ~ y tqy u{pu~y psuyy yr Ip{p. ^ tp|u{ ~u p{. Nu ~y{p{s }~u~y, u|y q ~u pu~yu ~r }pr r|u~yz s~urp ty y rutu~y ~r }~s~ p{yz ru} }y, tp|~uzus y|u~y p~yp}uy{p~{y ~pu~yz, }s| q r {~u~} ysu utpry sx p}} urrp~y {pyp|yx}p ~p Hu}|u, psu |y q ~p uu q|yu xrurp ~u~y { ~ptp} Ip{p y r @sp~yp~p. Np qu~ y}uyp|yx}, ~pt x~p ~p y}uu Bu~p}p, {z t y uu ~u }wu yxqpry |utryz t~y |{ y}yu{y pp{ ~p us xu}|. @ rut | wu q|uu 20 |u |u x~s xpruu~y p}uy{p~{z psuyy r z p~u!
B wu ru}, ~p} ru} ~u|x uq {pyrp u}, p}uy{p~{yu y}uyp|y ~u zt ~p ~r psuy yr {p{z-|yq tsz p~ r |q} usy~u xu}~s pp, {p ~u rp yx Ip{p - } ~u t|w~ xpqrp psyu{} t| rus u|ruurp u ~pp|~s uytp rz }yrz rz~, 65-|uyu qut~~s xpruu~y {z u|ruur }upu r } st. Sstp Cy|u, qutyry r ~urx}w~y t| us ru~~z }py~ ~ywy {r xp Lp Mp~u} @~s|y, u| ~p ~r prp~ y qy| ~p Rru{yz Rx, ~ppr u} p}} p}qyzru~~ t| Cu}p~yy rz~ ~p t| ~p. K~u~, py{p Cu}p~y q|p r {~u~} uu pxs}|u~p Kp~z @}yuz y p}y}y uu x~y{r, ~ {p{y s}~ wur y| u|ruur!

P} ~pt rus }yp ~u t|w~ {pyrp, {p psu ~u u {~pu|~u y x~u pwu~yu r Ip{u y r tsy p~p, truspy {p{ {z y}uyp|yyu{z psuyy. Styu `~yy y T{py~, {p{ y tsy p~, pryu|rp {, |p{uzr uut pry}y {sp}y RY@, |p|y ry |tp t| x~s py r psuyy yr yp{{s ~ptp, t|w~ {}u s tu|p ru, ~y xpryy, q ru~ ry~{yu {~y~su~ ry p~ ~p ty~. Kpy, ~rz uxytu~ T{py~ By{ _u~{, }u~yryz r ux|pu "p~wurs" p, y~yyrp~~s y |pu~~s p}uy{p~{y} y}uyp|yx}}, rus ~uxptp|yrs uturu~~y{p K}, ~p t~ { xpry|, ~u }wu q y uy t~} rrtu {py~{s ry~{s {~y~su~p yx Ip{p. @ rut ~ {|| y qwy|, p}} ur} p{}, {z ~ tyu, pr uxytu~}, qtu {px rrtu {py~{y ru~~|wpy A|yx{s B{p.

Nu yty }~urp, {py~{yu {}}~y, x~pu|~u tyu ~puz p~ ~u tpt y qt t|wp qq xp rxrpu~yu ~puz }|tuwy ~p ty~ t u , {p |ut~yz {py~{yz |tp ~u {y~u yp{{ xu}|.

I}uyp|yx}, {~u~ wu, yyu{y quu~ ~p syqu|, ~ |{ p}y ~ptr xpryy, {stp yxztu. P{p wu y}uyp|yx} uru, rustp qtu p~ sxp p}} urrp~y u|ruurp. M ~u t|w~ s ty!


30 y| 2005, M{rp, Qy

Oquru~~-|yyu{u trywu~yu "Mp{y{p |p}p", utp{yy w~p|p "Pruu~yu" y spxu "M}u~ yy~" y "Mp{y{yz |y{" ttuwyrp qpu~yu { 43 }uwt~pt~z p~yru~~z pp}q|uu.

M ypu} r ~puu ru} qq xp }y s|pr~z p tu}{pyu{z qq pqus {|pp y ru ty xp yp|yx}; y| ru} r z qqu quty~y ru p~yru~~u y|, ~urxyp ~p y |yyu{yu xyyy.

M yxrpu} p~y{r pp}q|uy quty~y ry y|y ru}y ~~y{p}y }yp {p{ uq r p~u, p{ y r ru} }yu, yq p~ ~rz }yrz rz~ y ~p|u~y }yrz up{yy p }~syu |yyu{yu y|. R~~y{r }yp - q|y~r, ~ q|y~r ~u sp~yxrp~ y pxtu|u~ }uwtqyp}y. B qqu xp }y } ~u t|w~ tu|y ~p p|y~yr, {yr, p~pyr, |yqup|r y|y yp|yr. B ru} wpp ~u t rxpy}~ qyt; r ru} wpp r|{ y |u~ pp r}uu. @ rx}w~z wp Suuz }yrz rz~ }wu {pxp sqyu|~} t| rus u|ruurp. Bp}, qpry} ~p xu}|u `~yy r stry~ x|tuz{s u|u~y p}uy{p~{y y}uyp|yr - p}~ q}qptyr{ Vyy} y Npspp{y, ~u ~pt q~ ru wp y}u~u~y wy }prs pwu~y.

K}u s, ~~y{y }yp q~ p{yr~ rp |u ~pp|p ru~~ tuzryz, {p{ q| r |pu psuyy yr Ip{p, p ~u stp, {stp psuy |utu utrpy.

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Nu rryr y|~yu|uz y sp~yxpr uyyu{y p{r, twyspu|y rz~ uty uqr RY@, p~ N@SO y y yu~y{r yxr|~ ~p}uy|y t p~, pry uut~z }yu~ t| q}qptyr{. P |w~} qry~u~y} r tsr{u yxrtrp wy }prs pwu~y y ttuw{u "}uwt~pt~s uyx}p" wurz y}uyp|yyu{z psuyy p| Ip{ - wurz ~ p~, wu q|uu p |u ~u |{ p}y pxpqprpry wyu }prs pwu~y, ~ y ~ut~{p~ y}u~ry us r rz~p y tyruy VV ru{p - I Myrz rz~ (y}yu{u wyu), Vyy} y Npspp{y (p}~u wyu), t Bu~p}p y Kq (y}yu{u y qy|syu{u wyu).

Py } RMI "xpqrp", s|pr~} r{p} y stpru~~} uy} ~p wu~yy |s ru{p rp| p}uy{p~{yz y}uyp|yx}.

Rp}z ~uy}z y}u - sp~yxrp~~p p}uy{p~{z ru~y~z r{py r S~{y~{} xp|yru, {p yru|p { pyu~y sx~z Bu~p}{z rz~, ~vuz }y||y~ wyx~uz y t y ~p tu{y wyx~uz }y~ spwtp~, ptpry y}u~u~y y}yu{s wy.

Rp}z p~z y}u stpru~~s uyx}p - p}~p q}qptyr{p Vyy} y Npspp{y, r {z syq|y ~y }y~ wyu|uz, y u| {z q| ~u |{ pu~yu qux~ptvw~z ~{z ru~~z }py~, {|{ pu~yu rus }yp. @ u|y ruy q~rp~~} ruwtu~y} ~u{ yy{r, y {ppp r Pv|-Vpqu q|p q ~u}|y}p qux tuzry ry p}uy{p~{y r|puz, {} q| ~wu~ ru{yz ps}u~ t| r|u~y r tsr|u~~ y}y rz~. .......

K q ~y q| yy~~} uy}, ~ uryt~, y uyyu{yu p{ r N-J{u y Bpy~s~u y}uyp|y y|xrp|y t| y|syu{z tsr{u { rz~u. P{p q|p |{p|~p rz~p, ~ ~u y{|u~, ~rp }yrp rz~p ~p~u y|y qtu ur| {p{ u{p |{p|~ rz~.

Py } p~ry rv q|uu utu|u~~}, t~y}y yx uut~ wur y}uyp|yyu{z psuyy p~ qryu uq|y{y RRRQ, r ur uut, Qy. Oq p~} r|u , p}uy{p~{yu pryu|rp y p~, r{|p pryu|r Py~p, sr utpu|r y~uur qru~~ ~ptr. @}uy{p~{yu }py~u{y, ~p |rp rp {yy{z |yy{y ~u{ y}uyp|yyu{y tuwpr, ~p tu|u ru}u~ |pq| q~q~ qru~~ p~ t| s, q quuy y}uyp|yp} ruu~~ r |us{z qutu y r qux~p{pxp~~} ~ywu~yy "yx|y~y" yxrtyu|~ y| ry {~{u~r.

B y |ry }, ~~y{y yp|yx}p, t|w~ tu|p ru rx}w~u, q yrtuzrrp y}uyp|yyu{z psuyy, yq u~yp|~}y wurp}y z psuyy }s p |qu p~ y ~pt, r } y|u y p~, yu yp|yx}. ...B }yu y{y }p ~u u~y yq|ywpuz p~y., ~u u~y, }y y py. I ~pu s|pr~u tu| uzp - t~ p{z ~pqp }yp, q } ~u q| ~~s xr~p wurp} rz~.

Bz~u - rz~p!

Qusy~p|~z pyy {}}~yr

25 y| 2005 s., Rp~{-Puuqs, Qy

Dsyu rpyy!

O y}u~y Qusy~p|~z pyy {}}~yr s yruru} p~y{r uut~z, 43-z @~yru~~z pp}q|uy!

H|, {u ~uv u|ruur {pyp|yx}, {~u~yu r |yy{u p}uy{p~{s y}uyp|yx}p, ~ptus t us {~|u} N@SO, p p{wu p~vr RY@ G8, r{|p `~y y Qy. Osp~yxp @p}q|uy 2005 s. pry|~ y|y, ryr uv, r ur uut, |ytp~y }~sptp|~} ~pt} Ip{p. Rust~ ~ uwut~ur~ ~uv s}~u wur quxwp|~z {{pyy p~ rz{p}y RY@ y y x~y{r, ~prxrpy u} ry t{y y }py~u~ r|pyu|uz.

Aqp yr s|pr~s rpsp u|ruurp - {pyp|yx}p ~p us s|qp|y{z y}uyp|yyu{z ptyy |w~y|p 11 u~q 2001 s. T y}uyp|yx}p RY@, N@SO, pryu|r G8 ry| wtv~~z y yyu{y u~}y tu~y}y qu{yr~ ~rz x~y{ - sp~yxrp~~p u uyyu{y syr{, tuzry t |ps} ~tp}u~p|y{s y|p}p. Pppxyy ~p ptp~y ~ptr {pyp|yyu{z uyuyy, yrpy trz~z s~v: {p{ ~ p~~py~p|~ {}p~yz y r|~y y r| y}uyp|yyu{y pryu|r, p{ y ~ {}pt{s {pyp|p y {}yrp~~ }u~ r|puz, y sp~yxpyy r~p pry} |t}, y rps - ~u {pyp|yx}, s~upyz ru }y, r } y|u y ty RY@, Er, `~yy, Qyy, p rqu ~pt y p~. Ot}p~yrp |tuz, urpp y r p{ ~pxrpu} pytr, ~y qyrp y y, y y }y~ |tuz, r{|p u~ tuuz, r N-J{u y M{ru, L~t~u y Apstptu, Mptytu y Au|p~u, Iup|y}u y Yp} p-Yuzu c I }sp y}uyp|yp} prtrp r s|pxp quru~~y stpru~~z u Ap y K.

43- @~yru~~p pp}q|u ruy |yyu{y rpw~z ps, u|y uyu|~ ty uyyu{ p{y{ p|-Kpyt y tq~ uz sp~yxpyz. ^p p{y{p ~uyu}|u}p ruz quu|ru~. O~p u~p. Su p~y{y p~yy}uyp|yyu{s yr|u~y, { ~u wtpu p{y{, ty{utyyu yr|u~yu. Suyyu{p p{y{p ~u |{ ~u ~p~y uqp y}uyp|yx}, ~, ~pq, qu{yr~ y|yrpu us, quuyrp u} utu|v~~ }p|~ ttuw{.

Ot~ru}u~~ } t|w~ ~~ px~ |t}: uyx} {u}yr y|p}p u wtu~yu stpru~~s {pyp|yyu{s up. Xq {~pu|~ p~y uyx}, ~w~ p~y {pyp|yx}.

Aty r ~r~} s|p~ p~p|yx} }yrz ypyy, tp~~} r Oqpu~yy I|~yu|~s {}yup, y xprupy}y us yxrp}y, } r~wtu~ xp}uy, r u{ Oqpu~y r{p| y |yyu{y yq~z yxr { }|}p~{y} ~ptp} "~ppyrp qq, ~rp~~ ~p y|p}y{} y~u~py~p|yx}u". Mp{y, {p{ y ru |ty |ur |yyu{y rxs|tr, {pusyu{y rusp |ytp~ u|ysyx~} y~y, qt y|p}, yyp~r y|y {p{p-|yq y~p u|ysy. Lqp u|ysy yry ryp~y ty {|prs x~p~y, }up, p ~u }sp p~y{pyp|yyu{z, p~yy}uyp|yyu{z qqu. B "|u}" |pu ~p r~pu }yu~yu, {|prz }y, r tu}, pty{p|~} |pu wtpu ty ts tsp, ~ppr|yrpu ts ~p tsp, pxtu| u|ysyx~} y~y. P} - ~u }|}p~{p |ytp~, ~u yyp~{p |ytp~, ~u }|}p~{yz y|y yyp~{yz y~u~py~p|yx}, p

- tp xtprru |up{p |ytp~,
- tp xtprru |up{yz y~u~py~p|yx}!

Bux~p {}}~yyu{p py (q|ury{r)

M{rp, Qy

Dsyu rpyy!

O y}u~y {}}~yr-q|ury{r Qyy, y ~p xyy ur|y~~s u~y B.I. Lu~y~p, yruru} Bp } y wu|pu} ~r ur r qqu yr y}uyp|yx}p y up{yy!

B ru}u~~ |ry, {stp y}uyp|yx}, ~u p~pr|yrp ~y uut {p{y}y u|u~y}y yr u|ruurp, tq~ rpyu|~} xu{} qwur, utypu} urpp r x| |{ {r ry wur, { qr|u }, XXI ru{ qtu ru{} ty{p wur "x|s u|p" ~pt u|ruur}, Bpy tuzry r| rpw~} ps} r qqu xp }y, su y yp|yx}!

K}}~y-q|ury{y Qyy, pqpyu r wu|uzy |ry ru~~-pryp~s uwy}p r s|pru y}uy} ~p uq p{yu tuwt uxytu~} Py~}, rpwp qp{ ur|y~~ |ytp~ Bp}y y ~ptu ~p ~pu tp|~uzuu t~yur r ~puz quz qqu!

B ux|pu rty}z uwy}} Py~p p~y~pt~z |yy{y, yz{yz ~pt rrus~ r ~puu ru} r y~ qutryz, ~yu y qupry. Dpwu yyp|~} tp~~}, 93 % ~pu|u~y Qyy wyr ~ywu u qut~y, 46 % ~yu{y ~ututpu. Ewust~ y|u~~ ~pu|u~y Qyy {ppu ~p 1,5 }y||y~p u|ru{ r st. Prut~ur~}y r|u~y}y p|y y|p quxsp}~ (pq|~ ~u }uy ~y yp ~y yp) tuuz, y{u pp~u~yu ~p{}p~yy y u~y uty }|tvwy, p{yu ut~uru{ru q|ux~y {p{ }p, |up y .t. P|p~yu}u pry} uwy}} wy|y~-{}}~p|~u u} y u} qpxrp~y, xtprp~u~y pr q|y~r ~pu|u~y ~puz p~ qux {y ~pt s|rz, qux |u}u~p~z }utyy~{z }y, p tppuu {|u~yu - qux |u}u~p~s qpxrp~y. Rruu~~ uryt~, ~~u~yz pryz uwy} Py~p ~u y}uu ~yus qus y~uup}y {s ~ptp y tsy ~ptr Qyy y r|u, p{y} qpx}, p~y~pt~}, p~y{y}.
K}}~y-q|ury{y Qyy r| p}}y |utrpu|~}y qp}y yr p~y~pt~s uwy}p y us |yy{y. K}}~y-q|ury{y Qyy r| p}}y |utrpu|~}y qp}y xp y~uu trs ~ptp Qyy, xp rxwtu~yu ~puz Qty~, {u }wu q tys~ |{ {p{ rxwtu~yu Qyy Rru{z yp|yyu{z t Kp~} H~p}u~u} u} y }|}!

Py}yu, tsyu rpyy, ~p ur|y~~z yru, ~py|yu wu|p~y! Tur Bp} y ru} x~y{p} y rpyp} r r}u~z qqu yr y}uyp|yx}p xp }y yp|~z su y {}}~yyu{u qtyu u|ruurp!

News and Letters

3 August 2005 Chicago USA

Dear Friends:

Revolutionary greetings from Marxist-Humanists in the U.S.!

Please know that we stand in solidarity with you in the commemoration of the infamous decision by the U.S. to annihilate innocent people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki six decades ago. An international movement against nuclear weapons and war arose in the ashes of those horrific bombings. It continues against war and terrorism today.

As the 21st century unfolds, the rule of capital has globalized unlike any period before now. Yet the mainspring of capitalism remains as Karl Marx described it, a system of production of values and surplus value, based on countless unpaid hours of labor. New forces and new passions continually arise against the many alienations engendered by capitalism nevertheless. It's time for a philosophically grounded alternative to capitalism to meet human aspirations for liberation.

Contending with the vision of a new, human society today are retrogressive forces--the imperialist ambitions of the U.S. and religious fundamentalism globally. In Iraq, these forces obscure the real aspirations of women, workers and youth organizing for freedom.

We will also convene soon. The focus for our deliberations is our "Draft Perspectives for Marxist-Humanism, 2005-2006." The outline and some aspects are here, as part of our contribution to your antiwar assembly. The whole document can be found on our web site and in our newspaper.

Northstar Compass

July 14th 2005, Toronto, Canada

To all delegates at this historic 43rd International Antiwar Assembly:
Dear friends in struggle:

Sometimes it seems that antiwar assemblies are not noticed or do not have any effect on the peoples of the world! But let us assure you that in far away Canada, your Assembly and your message is spread far and wide and many of us get inspiration from your work, thus making us more than ever dedicated to follow in your footsteps.

Imperialism is more and more enmeshed with the ideology of fascism, thus making it difficult to distinguish these two reactionary ideologies apart - their aim was and is to dominate the world. Not ony militarily, but dominate the mass media to stupify the people to believe that these Quasi-Fascists are bringing "democracy" to the people of the world.

We wish you dear friends success and courage to carry ever forward the banner of peace and brotherhood of men.

At this time we would ask that the Executive Committee elect a delegation that would be our honoured guests and to come and present your message to the delegates from 37 countries that will gather in Toronto, Canada from September 23-24-25, 2005 at the Second World Congress for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People - to help the Soviet people regain their country and build socialism, and thus stand up against this NATO New World Order - sowing seeds of fascism all over the world.

Glory to the 43rd International Antiwar Assembly in Japan!

New Communist Party of Britain

July 27th 2005, London, Britain

Dear Comrades,

The New Communist Party of Britain and its weekly, the New Worker, once again joins in spirit with the peace-loving people of Japan gathering for the 43rd International Anti-war Assembly in August. We pause to recall the tremendous sacrifice of those who have gone before us in defeating the Axis alliance in the Second World War while remembering the tragic and needless atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the United States when Japanese imperialism was on its knees and already begging for an armistice.

The fight for peace is inexorably linked to the struggle for justice. The campaign for peace must inevitably challenge world imperialism which is the greatest threat to peace. The challenge to imperialism must present an alternative to the capitalist system of oppression and exploitation that is the root cause of all conflicts in the world today.
Millions of people in Britain have taken to the streets in protests against the Blair government's complicity in the invasion and occupation of Iraq. More recently hundreds of thousands rallied against the G8 summit in Scotland under the slogan of "Making Poverty History". But social justice, the end of poverty and the end of all wars can ultimately only be achieved through socialism.

Today the peoples of the world face new dangers and new horrors. The primary contradiction in the world today is between US imperialism and the peoples of the world.

All over the world people are struggling for independence and the right to live their lives without imperialism interference. The heroic people of Iraq have fought the US-led invaders to a standstill. The Venezuelan people have closed ranks around the Chavez leadership to defend their democratic revolution. The government and the working people of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea remain steadfast in the face of US imperialist threats and other socialist countries like People's China, Vietnam, Laos and Cuba are continuing on their own paths of peaceful development and socialist construction.

Today we see the beginnings of a global campaign against imperialism that is uniting all those striving for peace with the solidarity movements that stand by the people of Iraq, Palestine, Venezuela and Colombia and all the other peoples fighting for freedom throughout the world. Let us all work for a global anti-imperialist peace movement to shake the whole rotten edifice of imperialism to the ground.

With best wishes,

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