üčStop the Fascistic NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia

üčOverseas Appeal for the 37th International Anti-War Assembly in Japan

Stop the Fascistic NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia!

Never Allow Clinton and His Social-Democratic Followers in Europe to Kill People in Yugoslavia!

Denounce Milosevic's 'Ethnic Cleansing' Policy!

Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist faction)
10 April, 1999

29 April in Tokyo
Workers of the world!

Once again war fire has flared up in the 'powder magazine of the world', the Balkan Peninsula. NATO's bombing is now expanding indiscriminately over the whole territory of the Yugoslavian Federation, and that by using depleted uranium bullets.

Because workers in the US and Europe have not risen in massive protests, the war is going to touch off a Third World War. Now workers of the entire world must stand up resolutely for anti-war struggle.

The very beginning of the affairs was, needless to say, the repression upon Kosovar residents by the Milosevic regime based on his 'ethnic cleansing' policy. Against this Nazi-like atrocity, the United Nations has applied tough sanctions. On 24 March, NATO launched its air raids, which changed the situation completely.

Anglo-American imperialist state powers, the axis of NATO, are escalating the war by involving Euro-socialist states; carpet raids are now being carried out onto Kosovo, onto Serbia, and to Montenegro alike.

European and American imperialist states labelled the Milosevic regime as 'Nazis of today'. The Yugoslavian government, on the other hand, condemned the barbaric bombardments carried out by European and American imperialist state powers without resolutions of the United Nations justifiably as 'NAZI = NATO'.

If Milosevic's 'ethnic cleansing' policy can be defined as the today's version of Hitler's ultra-nationalism, the perpetrators of air raids, NATO states, must be denounced as being indulged in imperialist state-nationalism, which justifies a military invasion in an outer NATO area in the name of a 'menace to the European Union'.

The Yugoslavian affairs of today that has emerged in the fin de siecle is a necessary result of political / economic collisions among imperialist state-nationalisms, and an exposure of the ambition of Anglo-American imperialists for their world domination.

Moreover, the cruel bombing of Yugoslavia will cause a bipolar division of NATO, and lead to a bipolar split of the EU or a collapse of the euro.

The year of 1999 that marked the fiftieth anniversary of NATO will surely be inscribed in the world history as a historic turning point.

If the bloody NATO bombing will be continued with undisguised imperialist state-egoism, the Yugoslavian affairs will assume an aspect to be called a second Vietnam War without fail.
Young workers marching to the Diet bldg.

Lessons of the Partisan War led by Stalinist Tito that beat back Hitler's aggression into Balkans are still fresh in Yugoslavian people's minds. With Serbian Orthodoxy as spiritual backbones, people in Yugoslavia are now intensifying their antagonisms against green-and-pink-coloured Euro-socialism and solidifying their national unity.

Moreover, combined with the ethnic grudge dating back from the Ottoman Emperor's conquest, they are resolved to fight back the imperialist aggression.

Milosevic, a nationalist-turned Stalinist, has decided to join the state union with Russia and Belarus and appealed to the Slav nations for support. Ruinous Russia, however, has not been able to apply any effective countermeasures against the imperialist barbarity because of its economic and social bankruptcy and military decline. Thus the Boris Yeltsin regime has totally lost its political authority also.

The atrocious NATO bombing of Yugoslavia is a vivid representation of the tragedy after the collapse of Stalinist systems of the USSR.

The Balkan affairs have heralded the beginning of a new form of existence of war in our days, which is entangled with tripartite religious antagonisms among Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Islam, as well as ethnic or national oppositions between Slavs and Western nations.

Anglo-American imperialist state powers involved Euro-socialist governments in the bloody bombings, and thus succeeded in the actual and ideological destruction of Green and Pink parties and their state powers as well. This is a historic event following the collapse of Stalinism that occurred in 1989-91.

In 1992, in 1997, and once again in 1998, hedge funds raged around the world and caused global financial crises; none other than this is the background that gave an ostentatious prosperity to US imperialism. Workers of the world must not overlook this reality.

Workers of the world!

At this very moment, the US and European social-democratic governments are murdering people in Yugoslavia. Workers in every country must organize a struggle to overthrow the state power of their homeland that does not give up bombing Yugoslavia! We in Japan staged urgent protests within the day of the first air strikes.

We have been struggling also against the Japan's Maritime Self-Defence Force firing at 'suspicious boats' on Japan Sea, which occurred on the same day of the bombing of Yugoslavia. We have been fighting to oppose the attempt to build a combat-ready order based on the new US-Japan Defence Co-operation Guidelines and to smash this 'war manual' for emergent 'situations in areas surrounding Japan'.

Students' protests against the bombing
in front of the US Embasy in Tokyo.
Workers of the World!

Create now anti-war struggles worldwide on the basis of proletarian internationalism!

Let us expose the monster of Anglo-American imperialist state-nationalism and Milosevic's ultra-nationalism!

Rise up aiming at "Overthrow the imperialist state powers and Euro-socialists' governments!"

Let us fight together!

Fukuoka Nagoya Osaka


Overseas Appeal for the 37th International Anti-War Assembly in Japan

Oppose NATO States' Military Occupation of Kosovo!
Oppose Imperialist Powers' Military Domination of the World!
Advance International Anti-War Struggles!

Executive Committee for the 37th International Anti-War Assembly in Japan
(Zengakuren [Japan National Federation of Students' Self-Governing Associations] / The Anti-War Youth Committee / The Japan Revolutionary Communist League - Revolutionary Marxist faction)

We appeal to all the friends of the world that have opposed NATO states' military aggression against Yugoslavia!

We hold the 37th International Anti-War Assembly in Japan on August 1st. Local meetings will be held in main cities in Japan and the central meeting in Tokyo all on the same day. We have been struggling against imperialist powers carrying on the military aggression in the name of 'humanitarian intervention'. On the basis of this experience, we call on every one of you to struggle together against NATO forces' occupation and domination of Kosovo. And we fight in opposition to Milosevic's 'ethnic cleansing' policy in solidarity with people in Yugoslavia who suffer great devastation caused by the bombardments.

The beginning of another tragedy in Yugoslavia

Workers and people around the world!

A meeting against US military bases in Okinawa (May 17th, 1998)
Bloodthirsty rulers of the NATO states carried on the indiscriminate bombardments for seventy-eight days; they burnt the whole Yugoslavia to the ground and killed thousands of people.

NATO stopped bombing on June 10th. This, however, does never mean the end of tragedy but the beginning of another. For NATO states' military occupation of Kosovo leads Yugoslavia to partition and adds fuel to the religious / ethnic antagonism.

In the face of military occupation of the 'Serbian cradle' by NATO troops from heretic Catholic nations that bombed Yugoslavia, the Milosevic regime and Serbian people feel growing hostility towards the aggression. Driven by the fear of reprisals from the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army), Serbian residents are leaving Kosovo.

On the other hand, Albanians, who lost family members in the storms of the 'ethnic cleansing' policy and had to endure refugee lives, are filled with hatred against Milosevic and aim for 'Independence'. On top of these, NATO states claim the need to overthrow the Milosevic regime and are trying to preserve KLA (which CIA has supported) as a new police force, betraying their own words concerning its disarmament.

In this way, there is another tragedy on the horizon, entangled with tripartite religious antagonisms among Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox Christianity and Islam, as well as ethnic / national oppositions between Serbs and Western nations.

Dark clouds of warfare hang over the twenty-first century

American and European imperialist state powers branded the Milosevic regime as 'today's Nazis' for its 'ethnic cleansing' policy. However, US imperialism and Euro-socialist governments dared to attack the Yugoslavian Federation over the limits of the NATO area under the pretext to break the 'threat to the European Union' and in the name of 'humanitarian intervention'. This barbarity, which disregards the UN Charter or the international laws, deserves to be called an imperialist war of aggression comparable to the crime of the Nazis.

Clinton engineered a plot to clear out the current stock of missiles for avoiding troubles that might be induced by the millennium bug latent in their implanted microchips. And the US imperialist bombing of Yugoslavia bears the meaning of stimulation to military monopolies for the purpose of prolonging the eight-year-old prosperity in its economy.

With the impetus of the 'triumph for the time being', and regardless of the United Nations where China and Russia hold the veto rights, US imperialism is intensifying its military interference with 'anti-American' states (including Iraq and North Korea) supported by the two states. On the basis of the world economic trend to be borderless, the US imperialist state is imposing 'democracy and market economy', which are western / capitalist values and systems, upon other nations.

German and French imperialist states, however, are now increasingly wary of being mobilized by American imperialism that harbours an aim to break the euro. It is for this reason that EU has started to build its own military organization. And Japan, with an ambition to promote itself as a military big power, is now building real combat-ready systems in cooperation with the US under the pretext to make provisions against emergent 'situations surrounding Japan'.

On the other hand, economically ruinous Russia could return no blow to the imperialist barbarity of NATO. In this country, however, there is widening repulsion against the US for its aggression against the fellow Slav nation. In China also, anti-American, Zhonghua [China-centred] nationalism is surging up in response to the premeditated 'targeting error' for bombing the Embassy in Belgrade. These two states, which have religious / ethnic conflicts inside, are strengthening their military powers for fear of US imperialist interference by force.

In this way, motivated by Clinton's steamrollering for the state-nationalism of US imperialism, collisions are intensifying among different nationalisms entangled with religious antagonism. While cracks are expanding among the western allies with the bombing of Yugoslavia as momentum, at the bottom of the ongoing global turbulence has started a confrontation to be called a new West-East Cold War.

The year of 1999 will never fail to be inscribed in the world history as the epochal turning point after the collapse of the USSR. The Gulf War in 1991 was a cyber-technical war that was waged under the 'UN flag' with the help of Gorbachev's worn-out regime. Today's NATO bombing of Yugoslavia was a one-sided military offensive that was carried on regardless of the UN.
If workers and people of the world do not fight, the twenty-first century will turn an 'age of warfare'.

Euro-socialism is dead

Humiliatingly workers and people of the world could not build a powerful struggle to block the NATO bombing. The reason is that most of those pacifists and left-wingers that fought in the past against the American imperialist war of aggression in Vietnam kept silence or rather assisted the war.
In fact, how did pacifist or left-wing groups in the US and European countries protest against the bombing of Yugoslavia that was carried out by their home governments? Those who had advocated 'transnational socialism' waved the demagogic banner of 'humanitarian intervention' this time as power holders of the states and launched the military offensive over the national borders. Most of the other pacifists and left-wingers did not fight against this aggression on the basis of Lenin's principle, 'revolutionary defeatism', but praised the war or immersed themselves in aid campaigns for refugees. This shows the miserable deaths of Euro-socialism and of all its variants (including ecologist trends).

Likewise in Japan the Social Democratic Party of Japan kept silence. The Japanese Communist Party expressed their position against the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. They, however, only expected and relied upon China's or Russia's initiative for an 'immediate cease-fire' and a 'diplomatic solution'.
The 36th International Anti-War Assembly,Tokyo
Japan August 2, 1998
Because of this miserable situation in the Left front, most of workers and people, from their sympathy with the tragic Albanian refugees, let the bombing bring disasters to people in Yugoslavia. It must be also pointed out that air strikes with hi-tech weapons and informative control through the mass media have deprived soldiers and people of the reality of manslaughter and morals. Without a penetrating ability to see through the illusive 'freedom in information-affluent society', they could be deceived quite easily by the state informative controls that are sometimes reinforced with bloody conspiracies.

Let us advance international anti-war struggles!

Workers and people around the world!

Let us protest against the bombing of Yugoslavia by the NATO allied states! Oppose their military occupation of Kosovo! Stop the imperialist war of interference in the name of 'humanitarian intervention'! Expose all the crimes of Euro-socialist governments, accomplices of US imperialism!
Let us protest against Milosevic's 'ethnic cleansing' policy!

Oppose military build-ups escalated between the US, Europe and Japan vs. China and Russia!

We in Japan have been developing mass movements against the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in our workplaces, schools, and districts. Also are we fighting against the building of US-Japan bilateral war-operating systems based on the new Guidelines for US-Japan Defence Cooperation with the aim of discarding the US-Japan Security Treaty itself.

Now is the time when workers and people of the world launch anti-war struggles worldwide on the basis of proletarian internationalism! Let us create an Anti-War International!

Let us fight together!


Thousands of workers, students and other people who are engaged in anti-war movements in Japan will attend the meetings. Please send a message of solidarity to the following address before the day of the meetings, August 1st (a fax or an email will also be welcomed). The Executive Committee can receive inquiries about the Assembly or any other contacts in the same way.

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