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The 57th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan
August 4th 2019

The Executive Committee for the 57th International Antiwar Assembly
composed of
All-Japan Federation of Students' Self-Governing Associations [Zengakuren]
Antiwar Youth Committee
Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction) [JRCL (RMF)]

Messages of solidarity from overseas

Overseas Appeal for the
57th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan

Break through the crisis of war created by the
US-China confrontation!
Oppose the nuclear arms race between the
US and China-Russia!
Build up solidarity among workers and people of the world
against war and impoverishment!
The Executive Committee for the 57th International Antiwar Assembly
- Zengakuren [All-Japan Federation of Students' Self-Governing Associations]
- Antiwar Youth Committee
- Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction

Comrades all over the world!

We are holding the 57th International Antiwar Assemblies in Tokyo and six other cities in Japan on August 4th, with renewed resolve never to allow the same atrocities to be committed as in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where hundreds of thousands of people were burnt in the nuclear blazes 74 years ago, for the first time in human history.
 The world is in a critical, volatile situation. Imperialist America is ready for attacking Iran, while in East Asia, US-Japanese forces and Chinese (and Russian) forces are directing threats and intimidations against each other in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait by mobilizing their respective warships and warplanes in the forms of exercises and other operations. What's worse, US, Chinese and Russian rulers, who have already armed their states with tremendous nuclear weapons, have started a new race for further strengthening their nuclear capabilities, an arms race in outer space and cyberspace. US and Chinese rulers are clashing against each other over hegemony in the 21st century, so that the present situation is fraught with danger that could plunge the world into nuclear infernos. People all over the world! Let us rise in antiwar struggle now!
 Here in Japan, with the G20 Summit in Osaka approaching, Zengakuren and the Antiwar Youth Committee staged resolute demonstrations under the banner, 'Stop US imperialism's military attack on Iran! Denounce the nuclear arms race between the US and China-Russia!' (on June 16th and 23rd). Militant workers and students levelled bitter denunciations against Trump, Xi, Putin and other criminal rulers as well as Abe of Japan, all of whom were to meet in Osaka. Comrades of the world! We call on you to fight together with us.

Stop US imperialism's military attack on Iran!

 The Trump administration is watching for a chance to attack the Shiite Islamic Republic of Iran hostile to the US, having deployed an aircraft carrier strike group with B-52 strategic bombers in the Persian Gulf. We must not allow US imperialism to attack Iran.
 US forces nearly carried out bombing on June 20th, right after Trump gave them an order to destroy Iran's radar facilities under the pretext of 'retaliation' for Iran's shoot-down of a spy drone that US forces intentionally flew into Iran's airspace. A week before this provocative action, at the time when Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was to meet Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran, a Japanese tanker was attacked along with another one near the Strait of Hormuz. The Trump administration claims that Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is responsible for the attack, but obviously this is a conspiracy engineered by US imperialist rulers themselves. Since Khamenei has been reiterating that Iran is not looking forward to war with America, it is impossible that the Revolutionary Guards under his control should attack a Japanese tanker in the middle of the Khamenei-Abe meeting.
 We should keep in mind that conspiracies are familiar means that have been used by US imperialism to fabricate pretexts for launching wars on other countries. If America launches an attack on Iran, Israel and Saudi Arabia will join; the fires of war will spread all over the Middle East.
 By saying it was a Japanese tanker that was targeted, the Trump administration will no doubt press Japan to send its troops to the Persian Gulf. Unless Japanese workers and people fight against the dispatch, the Abe-led Japanese government, which is chained to the new US-Japan military alliance, will accept it by exploiting the notorious war law dubbed 'legislation for peace and security'. It is just a month ago that Trump visited the military port of Yokosuka during his stay in Japan and reviewed hundreds of US and Japanese troops on the Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Force ship Kaga, which was due to be upgraded to an aircraft carrier. With Abe standing beside him, Trump addressed, 'The JS Kaga will help our nations defend ... in the region and far beyond', and '[Improving Japan's defence capabilities] also advances the security of the United States of America'. That was nothing other than a ceremony held before sending the US navy and Japanese troops under US command to the Persian Gulf.
 Since its one-sided secession from the international nuclear deal with Iran, the Trump administration has imposed cruel economic sanctions, which have brought hardships to Iranian people, and is now preparing to launch a military attack.
 Imperialist America is desperate to hit Iran, because Iran is rising in rivalry with pro-American countries, such as Israel and Saudi Arabia, by forming the so-called Shiite crescent together with Syria and Iraq. This drastic shift in the political dynamics in the region is a result brought about by the miserable defeat in Bush's war on Iraq, Obama's failed intervention by means of the so-called Arab Spring and the subsequent chaos, as represented by the rise of the self-styled Islamic State.
 This is not all. Behind Iran and Syria stand Russia and China, which are in a bitter confrontation with the US. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani joined, as an observer, in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit, where he asked Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin for support. Because of this confrontation with China and Russia, Trump as the US imperialist ruler is hell-bent on suppressing the anti-American country of Iran.
 The Trump administration openly supports Israel's occupation of Palestine and cruel bombardments on Gaza; it has even recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital though it is a sacred place for Muslims. This outrageous attitude widely aroused indignation among Muslim people in the region. While pressuring Iran with armed force to give up its nuclear development, this administration tolerates Israel's nuclear armament. It has also sold a huge amount of US-made weapons to the monarchist regime of Saudi Arabia with the aim of bringing it over to an anti-Iranian network.

A bitter rivalry between the US and China for hegemony in the 21st-centiury world

 The world in which we live has now entered a new phase. The militarist empire of America, irritated at the fact that it has fallen from the status of 'the sole superpower', is bent on making other countries servile to itself. On the other hand, China, the 'country of market socialism', which is ambitious to be a new hegemon in the world, is displaying 'Sino-centric' behaviour more than ever. The confrontation between the two over hegemony in the 21st-century world is heating up with an unprecedented intensity.
 Aiming to seize command of the western Pacific Ocean from the US, Xi Jinping-led China has built up its naval power and is now expanding its range of military operations into the western Pacific, and further into the Indian Ocean, by using those artificial islands constructed in the South China Sea as its military bases. A Chinese aircraft carrier frequently sails between Japan's Okinawan islands and enters the Pacific Ocean. Even a near-collision occurred recently, after a bilateral Sino-Russian military exercise was conducted, in the Philippine Sea between a US warship and a Russian ship. Against these moves, imperialist America is bent on building up a military containment against China by mobilizing its allies, including Japan and Australia. Attended by Japanese forces, US forces are carrying out threatening actions in succession in the South China Sea, straight before Chinese forces, and even successively staging military demonstrations with US warships sailing through the Taiwan Strait.
 This is not all. China has developed space weapons that can destroy US military satellites, indispensable to the reconnaissance, communication and commanding network without which the US troops cannot move. China, as well as Russia, has also developed and deployed ultra-supersonic missiles, which can break through the US forces' missile defence systems. Faced with China's catch-up that could undermine the US's overwhelming supremacy in nuclear military power, the Trump administration is now taking steps to roll back, shouting that America will 'reconstruct the world's strongest forces'. This administration has launched a comprehensive military build-up, whose domains include not only land, sea and air but also outer space, cyberspace and electromagnetics. The nuclear arms race is thus being escalated with unprecedented cruelty. Small-scale nuclear bombs called 'usable nukes' have already been developed; also being developed are weapons of the type that automatically 'recognize' enemies and 'decide' whether to attack them or not depending on artificial intelligence installed in them.
 The military confrontation between the US and China is directly connected with their struggle for supremacy in advanced technologies. The Xi regime is bent on developing high-tech industries under the special patronage of the state. In opposition to it, the Trump administration demanded that the Chinese government should abolish its subsidies to state-owned high-tech companies. The Xi government totally rejects this demand, considering that such a 'structural' demand is intended to undermine the very basis of 'the country of market socialism'.
 As President of the declining militarist empire of America, Donald Trump, under the doctrines of 'America First' and 'Keep America Great' (which are no doctrines at all), is pressing other countries to be servile to 'the will of the state' of the US, regardless of the differences in the nature of the state or in the ruling form - whether they are self-styled 'People's Republics' (such as China and North Korea) or the 'Islamic Republic' (Iran), or even whether they are America's allied countries or not. By regarding anyone who would undermine America's status or act against it as being 'evil', Trump imposes military threats and economic sanctions on it. In this sense, the Trump administration - even though it does not adopt, in terms of military strategy and economic strategy, the strategy of preemptive attack or that of plundering natural resources, as adopted by the Bush presidency - holds that arrogant way of thinking replete with unreserved state egoism, as seen in the imposition of America's state will on other countries by exercising influence resting on the military supremacy and financial sway, which are still held by US imperialism despite its apparent decline.
 Xi-led China, on the other hand, is ambitious to be 'the hegemon in the 21st-century world' in place of imperialist America under the banner 'great revival of the Chinese nation'. This 'country of market socialism' guided by the Communist Party of China, a neo-Stalinist party of the Chinese type, is hell-bent to safeguard its so-called 'core interests', which include the annexation of Taiwan and the possession of the Spratly (Nansha) Islands and the Paracel (Xisha) Islands. It is intent on building up a China-centred extensive economic sphere dubbed 'One Belt One Road' while domestically it is oppressing the toiling masses under the coercive ruling system. Ethnic minorities are suffering from cruel repressions. And maintaining close ties to China is Russia led by Putin, who wants the revival of his country as 'a great power'.
 Because of this head-on confrontation between the US and China, plus Russia, a military attack on Iran by US imperialism, as well as an armed clash between US-Japanese forces and Chinese-Russian forces in the South China Sea or in the Taiwan Strait, is pregnant with the real possibility of becoming the opening of a Third World War.

No to the strengthening of the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!
Stop the revision of the Constitution of Japan!

 On JS Kaga in May, Imperialist Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pledged allegiance to Trump: 'Japan will firmly fulfil its role with a view to further strengthening the Japan-US alliance'. That ceremony, which was held against the backdrop of a gigantic Stars and Stripes and a Rising Sun, was almost one for sending a combined US-Japanese force abroad, to war.
 Trump is pressing one demand after another on Japan by saying, 'Offer more troops and more money to America' and 'Buy US-made weapons more'. Abe is obediently accepting them, thus revealing that the Japanese state is in servitude to America under the yoke of the new US-Japan military alliance. His government has decided to buy a tremendous amount of weapons from the US, including 147 F-35 fighter planes (at a unit price of a hundred million dollar). It is forcibly constructing a new US base in Henoko, Okinawa, by violently trampling down the unbending anti-base struggle of the Okinawan people by mobilizing police and coast guard units.
 Right now, this government is building up the Japanese military called Self-Defence Forces so that the forces can fully carry out bilateral military actions under the command of US forces. This is the reason why Abe is scheming to scrap Article 9 of the current Constitution of Japan, which stipulates the renunciation of 'the right of belligerency of the state' and 'the possession of war potentials', as well as to add a provision for vesting the Prime Minister with emergency powers. Moreover, as a self-proclaimed 'right-wing militarist', Abe justifies the war crimes committed by Japanese militarism in the past, despite successive accusations from Korean people, including former drafted workers and 'sex slaves' for Japanese soldiers.

Create antiwar struggle based on proletarian internationalism!

 In Japan, we are fighting to smash the reactionary offensives that the Abe government has launched, including constitutional revision, the drastic strengthening of the US-Japan nuclear alliance, and the further tightening of the neo-fascist ruling system.
 Comrades all over the world! Let us fight hand in hand beyond borders.
 Under the revolutionary slogan 'Oppose the nuclear arms race between the US and China-Russia', let us fight to break through the crisis of war created by the US-China clash, with an internationally united power of the toiling masses!
 Let us oppose US, Chinese and Russian rulers bent on a space arms race and developments of AI weapons.
 Denounce the Zionist Israeli regime for massacring Palestinian people!
 Denounce the Assad regime for indiscriminately bombing Idlib!
 Despite all this critical situation, no protest action is organized by the existing leaderships of opposition movements in Japan. The leadership of the Rengo [Japanese Confederation of Trade Unions] is even pressing workers not to join in antiwar actions, because it is controlled by labour aristocrats supportive of the government policies to build up 'defence capacity'. The Japanese Communist Party's central leadership is doing no work for antiwar struggle. It is immersed in vote-collecting for the coming national elections. Worse yet, having abandoned its opposition to the US-Japan Security Treaty, it has openly declared that a JCP-joined coalition government 'will take a joint Japanese-US action in a national emergency according to the Security Treaty'. JCP leaders have totally yielded to nationalism propagated by the government in the name of 'national defence'. Against this inexcusable degeneration of the existing leaderships of opposition movements, we are fighting to prevent a US attack on Iran and leading the struggle of Japanese workers and people against the constitutional revision.
 Comrades all over the world!
 In various countries, we are witnessing 'mini Trumps' hanging about and shouting 'Our Country First'. While toiling masses are coerced into poverty amid multilayered contradictions arising from 'the globalization of the capitalist economy' and the EU market consolidation, those nationalists are attempting to divert people's anger from the ruling class to immigrant and refugee workers. They are playing the role of dividing the working class. Let us smash exclusionist instigation with the united struggle of the working class.
 We call on the workers and people all over the world.
 Be aware of the imminence of a Third World War amid the present clash between the US and China! Fight to create an antiwar struggle! Smash the rulers' propaganda for nationalism! It is only the united struggle of the working class across borders that can eradicate the crisis of war. Let all the warmongering rulers tremble before the internationally united fight of the toiling, ruled masses suffering hardships. Stir up the flame of antiwar struggle based on proletarian internationalism! (June 30th, 2019)

Messages of solidarity from overseas

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Владимир Пронин (Украина)

Union Pacifiste de France

Исайчиков Виктор Фёдорович (Россия)

Российская партия коммунистов (Россия)

Михаил Борисович Конашев (Россия)

LALIT (Mauritius)

Faridabad Majdoor Samachar / Kamunist Kranti (India)

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) (Britain)

Tavini Huiraatira no te Ao Maohi (Maohi-Nui (French Polynesia))

Lotta comunista (Italy)

OKDE (Organization of Communists Internationalists of Greece)

Revolutionary Marxists in Britain

Prospettiva Marxista (Italy)

News and Letters Committees (USA)

Fracción Leninista Trotskista Internacional

The Commission of Convicterd Workers,Families and Friends of Las Heras / Workers Advance – “Black List” / the Youth of “The Fourth” / Workers Democracy (LOI-CI) (Argentina)

WIL (Workers International League) (Zimbabwe)

EEK (Workers Revolutionary Party) (Greece)

Тюменский областной комитет РКРП-КПСС и обком РОТ ФРОНТ (Россия)

Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA) (Afghanistan)

Владимир Пронин

  Уважаемые товарищи участники 57-й международной антивоенной конференции!

   За год, прошедший со времени предыдущей конференции, взаимоотношения между ведущими империалистическими государствами носят всё более неустойчивый характер, прежде всего потому, что лидерство Соединённых Штатов в капиталистическом мире всё более подвергается сомнению со стороны их ближайших союзников. И этому есть очевидное объяснение. После завершения Второй мировой войны между США и их союзниками установилось своеобразное разделение труда. США брали на себя большую долю военных расходов и служили тем самым в условиях противостояния двух систем своего рода зонтиком безопасности для других империалистических государств, за что получали определённые преференции в экономике и, прежде всего, при  проведении агрессивной внешней политики.

  Страны же союзники в значительной степени освобождались от груза бессмысленных затрат на военные нужды, направляя сэкономленные таким образом финансы на восстановление и развитие своих экономик, взамен послушно следуя в кильватере американской внешней политики, что наблюдалось все послевоенные годы.

. В конечном итоге, это не могло не отразиться на своекорыстных интересах империалистических держав, каждой по-своему.  Крах государственно-бюрократического социализма в СССР и в странах Центральной и Восточной Европы позволил мировой буржуазии избавиться от животного страха за своё существование, заставлявшего их объединяться протии общего врага. Уже это в какой-то степени ослабило стремление европейских союзников США поступаться своими интересами в угоду американскому монстру. Победа Трампа, заявившего о себе как о защитнике интересов национальной буржуазии США, ещё подлила масла в огонь.

        Не отказываясь сохранять устраивавшее США превосходство в военной мощи, Трамп потребовал, чтобы союзники более активно включились в гонку вооружений, взяли на себя большую чем до теперешнего времени бремя военных расходов. Естественно, что это вкупе с разного рода экономическими санкциями против своих же партнёров по империалистическому лагерю, но конкурентов в экономике, вызывает недовольство других империалистических государств и также в какой-то мере подрывает их единый фронт

  Ответной реакцией европейских союзников США стал постепенный, но усиливающийся отход от послушного следования в кильватере американской внешней политики. Следует отметить, что Соединённые Штаты в ответ в последнее время несколько снизили прежнюю настырность по отношению к своим европейским союзникам. Совсем другая ситуация складывается в отношениях США с Японией, в которых не произошло никаких положительных изменений с точки зрения учёта самых важных интересов Японии.

      Раболепие, как мы и предупреждали на предыдущих конференциях, не помогло японскому правительству, а совсем наоборот – это стало очевидным, когда наметились хоть какие-то шансы на возврат нескольких Курильских островов и Россия высказывала обоснованные опасения из-за возможного усиления угрозы её восточным регионам в случае размещения там американских военных баз. Американцы открытым текстом заявили, что они таких гарантий не дадут. В итоге про решение проблемы Курил, по крайней мере, на ближайшие годы придётся забыть. В то же время население Окинавы по всем опросам категорически  выступают против создания ещё одной сверхмощной базы США, на что американцы не обращают никакого внимания. Правящие круги Японии надеются как-то умилостивить Трампа. Это тщетные надежды, так как опыт говорит, что уступки неприкрытому давлению только разжигают ненасытные аппетиты империалистического монстра.

       За прошедший год значительно возросло противостояние США с Китаем. Китай с конца 70-х годов прошлого века успешно разыгрывал антисоветскую карту и тем самым добился того, что США смотрели сквозь пальцы на врастание китайской промышленности и торговли а американскую экономику. Это дало мощный импульс для расцвета китайской экономики и продвижения китайских товаров на американские рынки и способствовало превращению Китая в мировую сверхдержаву и основного конкурента США в мировой торговле. Трамп и здесь начал контрнаступление на китайские интересы, что не могло не вызвать ответных мер со стороны Китая.

    Особую роль сыграло в коренных изменениях в международных отношениях внезапное пробуждение России от летаргического сна послеперестроечных лет, когда был разрушен СССР - одна из двух наряду с Соединёнными Штатами сверхдержава, которая единственная могла сдерживать агрессивные устремления США на международной арене - вспомнить хотя бы защиту социалистической Кубы от посягательств на её свободу и независимость. Россию было перестали воспринимать в качестве серьёзного оппонента на международной арене, но после чрезвычайно удачного военного вмешательства в сирийскую войну, продемонстрировавшего военную мощь Россию, сразу стало ясно, что на международной арене появилась новая военная сверхдержава. Разгром армии мусульманских радикалов российскими ВВС показало вопиющее отставание США и тем более её союзников в военной технике и вооружении, заставило американцев поджать хвост и искать другие цели для своей агрессии.

  В последнее время такой целью была избрана Венесуэла, где нынешний президент Мадуро, продолжая курс своего предшественника Чавеса, пытается построить социализм без экспроприации своей буржуазии. Венесуэла устояла против выступления проамериканской марионетки Гуайдо, бесцеремонно назначенного на пост президента Венесуэлы Вашингтоном и американцы, учитывая позицию России и примкнувшего к ней Китая, отступили – насколько надолго, думается, и сам Трамп не знает. Это несомненно положительный результат, пока Трамп занят внутренними проблемами, но массированные атаки на него со стороны американских глобалистов, выражающих интересы транснациональных корпораций, вполне могут на волне разнузданной кампании оголтелого шовинизма привести к власти какого-нибудь ястреба и ещё неизвестно, к чему это может привести дело мира во всём мире.

       Японский народ лучше чем какой либо другой народ, представляет себе, что это такое, так как именно японский народ был и остаётся единственным, который перенёс ядерную бомбардировку.

    Вынужденные, по крайней мере временно, оставить в покое Венесуэлу, американцы перенацелились на Иран – их давнюю цель на Ближнем Востоке, от которой они временно отказались после неудачи их сирийской авантюры.

    Украина пережила в последние месяцы крах полуфашистского режима Порошенко, захватившего власть в результате кровавого государственного переворота. Сменивший его на президентском посту Владимир Зеленский некоторое время был связан по рукам и ногам националистическим парламентом, в котором ведущую роль играли националистические силы во главе с председателем Верховного Совета откровенным фашистом Парубиём. Однако, состоявшиеся 21 июля внеочередные парламентские выборы завершились позорным провалом компрадорского режима Порошенко-Парубия. Теперь вся Украина ждёт, как будет использован полученный ресурс беспрецедентного доверия новой властью. Во всяком случае хуже уже не будет, а, следовательно, Украина получила шанс избавиться от унизительного статуса фактической колонии США и НАТО. А это в свою очередь в какой-то степени ослабит империалистический лагерь.

    К сожалению, левые силы и прежде всего, коммунисты сейчас фактически вычеркнуты из политической жизни Украины, что является расплатой за увлечение парламентской деятельностью в ущерб главной для коммунистов задачи - работы среди трудовых масс и, прежде всего, в рабочем классе. Ведь очевидно, что «положительная» работа коммунистов в буржуазном парламенте объективно служит интересам правящего класса, сдерживая его безудержное стремление ради наживы игнорировать самые насущные интересы трудящихся и тем самым не позволяя доводить дело до социального взрыва с непредсказуемыми последствиями. Этот тяжёлый урок должен быть коммунистами усвоен и из него должны быть сделаны соответствующие выводы на будущее, иначе их ждут ещё худшие времена – наглядным примером им должна послужить судьба когда-то очень влиятельной Социалистической партии Украины, первой попытавшейся оказать сопротивление реставрации капитализма на Украине, но которая из-за увлечения парламентской борьбой фактически прекратила своё существование.

     В этих постоянно меняющихся обстоятельствах, когда в мире снова и снова возникают новые  опасные очаги международной напряженности из-за агрессивных устремлений США и его союзников, каждый из которых может превратиться в реальную угрозу с самыми печальными последствиями для всего человечества. Противостояние империалистической агрессивности остаётся одной их самых главных задач антивоенного движения. Эта угроза, приходится это повторять вновь и вновь, уйдёт в прошлое только после ликвидации империализма. Иначе угроза самому существованию человечества будет возникать вновь и вновь.

Владимир Пронин


Union Pacifiste de France

Dear Friends,

The Union Pacifiste de France, French section of War Resisters International,
we wish you a wonderful antiwar Assembly.
Climate and Pace are the most important problems to day.
Have a fructuous work and a good friendship.


Maurice Montet,

Union Pacifiste de France


Исайчиков Виктор Фёдорович

Борьба за мир — борьба за жизнь: нашу и наших детей и внуков!

Мировой, в первую очередь американский, олигархический империализм в порядке подготовки к новой мировой войне и установлению «нового мирового порядка» начал очередной этап обострения международной обстановки. Хищническая, нерациональная капиталистическая система уже второй век вторгается в хрупкий механизм природно-климатических явлений, провоцируя перегрев атмосферы и подводя мир к глобальной катастрофе; он не может привести в соответствие ограниченные природные ресурсы планеты и стихийно возрастающую численность населения. Ничтожная кучка миллиардеров, управляющая через наёмные правительства практически всем миром, в очередной мировой войне хочет не только переделить мировые природные ресурсы и рынки сбыта, не только с целью преодоления надвигающегося экономического кризиса уничтожить «излишние» для олигархов производительные силы конкурентов, но, главное, хочет уничтожить миллиарды «лишних» людей по старым рецептам епископа Мальтуса: войны, голод, эпидемии.

Многочисленные локальные конфликты сопровождаются варварским уничтожением гражданского населения, в том числе бомбардировками беспилотных самолётов. Не без подрывной деятельности империалистической агентуры разжигается национальная и религиозная вражда и террористическая деятельность, в первую очередь, на территориях, где голод и безработица подготовила подходящий «запальный» материал. Растрачивая миллиарды и триллионы долларов на гонку вооружения и бессмысленно-вредоносное перепотребление в «богатых» странах, империалисты не только «добились» максимального распространения недоедания в мире, но и не сделали практически ничего для предотвращения многих эпидемий, в том числе СПИДа, от которого в некоторых африканских странах страдает уже почти треть населения.

Вместо создания в мире эффективной системы социального обеспечения, которая должна ликвидировать неразумную, но вынужденную высокую рождаемость в странах, где она отсутствует, империализм начал беспрецедентную кампанию за «права сексуальных меньшинств», превращая случайные генетические отклонения в норму поведения, и зачисляя всех несогласных во врагов «демократии».

Основной линией американских империалистов будет оставаться политика стравливания стан и народов; американский империализм в Европе пытается стравить русский и украинский народы в Украине, Россию и Украину, европейские станы НАТО и Россию, а в Азии пытается стравить Китай и Японию, Китай и Вьетнам, превратить в страны-изгои Иран, КНДР и другие страны, не поддающиеся империалистическому диктату.

Американский империализм беспрецедентно долгое время оккупирует Германию и Японию, стремится привлечь их вооружённые силы для решения своих задач во всём мире — чтобы впоследствии уничтожить и их.

В условиях надвигающейся мировой катастрофы рабочему классу необходимо не только усилить борьбу за собственное единство, но и привлечь на свою сторону те силы, те классы, которых мировое олигархическое «урегулирование» может коснуться в ещё большей степени, чем рабочий класс: классы мелких производителей-единоличников города и деревни («мелкой буржуазии»); мелких, средних и часть крупных капиталистов; многочисленные слои деклассированных элементов; большую часть класса слуг правящих классов.

Только соединёнными усилиями всех миролюбивых, антиолигархических сил можно предотвратить мировую военную катастрофу! Миру — мир!

Сопредседатель ОПД «Марксистская платформа»

главный редактор газеты «Момент Истины» и журнала «Просвещение»

Исайчиков Виктор Фёдорович


Российская партия коммунистов

Приветственное послание исполкома РПК 57-ой Международной Антивоенной Ассамблее

Уважаемые участники Международной Антивоенной Ассамблеи!

Исполком Российской партии коммунистов горячо приветствует вас и желает плодотворной работы! 

Уже в 57-ой раз Союз японских революционных коммунистов, движение Дзэнгакурэн и Комитет антивоенной молодёжи достойно чтят память жертв бесчеловечных акций американского империализма, совершённых 6 и 9 августа 1945 года. Мы не перестаём восхищаться неуклонной приверженностью японских товарищей столь важной традиции, хорошо понимая, каких усилий это требует.

РПК, в основном, согласна с анализом международной ситуации, данном в Обращении Исполкома, организатора Ассамблеи.

Угроза новой страшной мировой войны потому велика, что капитализм, вошедший в глобальную империалистическую стадию, пронизан внутренними противоречиями, которые в рамках последней классовой формации неразрешимы. Мы являемся свидетелями свершившегося прогноза Маркса: наука стала непосредственной производительной силой. С нарастающим ускорением, особенно — с начала нулевых годов нынешнего века, вторгаются в технологии достижения естественных наук, в первую очередь — в области теории информации. Буквально «с колёс» результаты научных разработок становятся технологическими решениями, и масса наёмных работников высвобождаются из производства. Их заменяют роботы и автоматизируемые системы новых и новейших поколений. Вещи становятся всё труднее продаваемыми. К тому же их производство с каждым годом требует все меньшего числа людей. И все более трудно решаемой становится для капиталистов проблема извлечения прибыли.

Взоры вождей финансового капитала обращаются в сторону военно-промышленного комплекса и создания рынков сбыта вооружений. В США возникает «теория управляемого хаоса», внедряемая американским империализмом в практику на Ближнем и Среднем Востоке, в Северной Африке. Афганистан, Ирак, Ливия, Сирия — ужасы, обрушившиеся на народы этих стран в результате управляемого империализмом хаоса, оборачиваются миллионами беженцев, хлынувших в страны Европейского Союза. И это ослабило позиции ЕС как конкурента США в мировой экономике и усилило, как показали недавние выборы, позиции крайне правых националистических сил в парламентах некоторых европейских стран и в парламенте ЕС.

В современной России, ставшей с 1991 года государством периферийного империализма, царит экономическая стагнация, усиливается социальное неравенство, продолжают открыто нарушаться трудовые, социальные и политические права граждан, коррупционные скандалы следуют один за другим. Государственные расходы растут на вооружение и военно-промышленный комплекс, но не на науку и образование. Поэтому технологическое отставание России от развитых капиталистических государств не сокращается.

Под давлением участившихся акций протеста в разных регионах России властная вертикаль, построенная путинским бонапартистским режимом, опирающимся на симбиоз олигархии долларовых миллиардеров, руководства силовых структур и кремлёвской номенклатуры, начала давать сбои. Большое значение для дальнейшей мобилизации трудовых масс имел успешно прошедший 18-19 мая 2019 в Петербурге Третий Российский социальный форум. Он был созван левыми политическими партиями, независимыми профсоюзами, различными движениями социального протеста, защитниками природной среды, союзами научной общественности и работников культуры. Представители РПК входили в Оргкомитет и активно участвовали в работе РСФ. Подробности того. как проходил форум, и его заключительная Декларация, опубликованы в последнем номере Коммуниста Ленинграда, 3/19 (129).

На одном из семинаров Третьего РСФ было внесено предложение о возрождении всемирного  Движения борьбы за мир. Вспомним: это движение, охватившее большинство стран, противостояло холодной войне, омрачавшей нашу планету вплоть до распада СССР. Движение за мир, оказывая существенное давление на США, помогло народу Вьетнама вслед за французским империализмом одолеть империализм американский. Международная антивоенная ассамблея в Японии, как нам представляется, могла бы в своих решениях поставить на практические рельсы прозвучавшую в Ленинграде 19 мая идею возрождения движения борьбы за мир.

За солидарность народов мира в борьбе против мирового империализма!

Исполнительный комитет Российской партии коммунистов

17 июля 2019


Михаил Борисович Конашев

В ответ на Вашу просьбу прислать обращение к 57-й интернациональной военной ассамблеи посылаю краткий текст, являющийся выражением моей точки зрения на проблему фактического противостояния военных блоков и стран, гонки вооружений и борьбы за мир.

Повторяю принципиально важные и актуальные положения моего обращения к 56-й интернациональной военной ассамблеи, немного их изменив:

1. Борьба коммунистических и других левых партий, общественных объединений, простых граждан за мир может быть поддержана и должна быть поддержана всеми, кому дорог мир на этой планете.

2. Главным источником угрозы миру являются многочисленные противоречия между странами и их альянсами, а также противоречия в самих этих странах, порожденные господством так называемого глобального капитализма.

3. Угрозу войн можно устранить только ликвидировав глобальный капитализм, преобразовав его посредством революции в коммунизм.

4. В силу неравномерности развития капитализма в разных странах, особенно между их экономическими и военными блоками, главная ответственность за возрастание угрозы войны и гонку вооружений лежит на тех странах и альянсах стран, которые пытаются установить свое экономическое, политическое и военное господство в мире. К таким странам относятся США и их союзники и вассалы, прежде всего страны НАТО. Как известно, военный бюджет США больше военных бюджетов всех других стран вместе взятых и постоянно растет. США настойчиво требуют от своих союзников увеличения военных бюджетов. По этой и другим причинам ответственность России, Китая, или КНДР не равна ответственности даже несопоставима с ответственностью США и их союзников и вассалов.

5  По этой же причине коммунистические и другие левые партии, общественные объединения простых граждан должны бороться в первую очередь против тех социальных и политических сил в мире, а также тех факторов, которые представляют собой главную угрозу миру.

6. Что они могут реально и должны сделать?

Во-первых, постоянно говорить об этой ответственности, особенно в каждом случае, когда эти силы предпринимают новые шаги, увеличивающие опасность войны.

Во-вторых, предлагать и создавать свои меры и факторы, которые могли бы даже в существующих условиях ослабить имеющиеся военные угрозы и дать действенный рецепт антивоенных действий. В частности, региональные конгрессы этих партий и движений, а также мировой конгресс могли бы направить правительствам всех стран и их международным организациям, включая ООН, свои антивоенные требования:

1. Наложения всеми странами моратория на дальнейшее увеличение военных расходов.

2. Подписание региональных и иных договоров о ненападении, исключении военной силы при разрешении конфликтов, а также договоров о коллективной безопасности, и создания систем коллективной безопасности.

3. Поэтапной ликвидации всех военных блоков, в первую очередь блока НАТО, в строго определенные сроки.

4. Поэтапной ликвидации всех военных баз на всех чужих территориях в строго определенные сроки.

5. Безусловного осуждения и запрета всех видов оружия массового уничтожения, в том числе ядерного.

6. Безусловного запрета разработок любых новых вооружений и подписания соответствующего договора всеми странами.

7. Принятие программы поэтапного разоружения всех стран в строго определенные сроки.

В-третьих, добиваться всеми доступными способами выполнения этих требований, начиная с международного сбора подписей под соответствующими обращениями и кончая митингами, демонстрациями и маршами мира. Для этого создавать региональные антивоенные союзы трудящихся и их партий и общественных движений, создать новый Интернационал XXI века.

С уважением и товарищеским приветом

Михаил Борисович Конашев

Ассоциация «Советский Союз»,

Ассоциация марксистского обществоведения (the Association of Marxist Social Scientists)



Dear Comrades,

Our political party LALIT in Mauritius expresses solidarity on the occasion of the 57th International Antiwar Assemblies in Japan, and at this time of year we always remember to commemorate the 6th and 9th August 1945 bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. As you outline the three slogans you have chosen – the need to avoid the dynamics of the US-China trade war leading to war, especially under the Trump regime, opposition to the new arms US v/s China and Russia arms race, and the need for solidarity amongst workers and people against war and impoverishment – we support your Assemblies. We are pleased to have had one of our leading members participate in and even speak in anti-base rallies, in both Tokyo and Okinawa.

Meanwhile, in Mauritius, the long battle against the military base on Diego Garcia and its role in imperialist war, has this year been marked by massive victories that change the balance of forces against the UK-USA military base on Mauritian land. First the UN’s International Court of Justice (ICJ) at the Hague in February, held by a 13-1 decision of the judges that the UK illegally occupies the Chagos, including Diego Garcia, that it must hand over to Mauritius swiftly, and that other States have a duty to help get Britain to leave.

We note that the Japanese State voted against the initial UN General Assembly Resolution to go to the ICJ on 22 June 2018, but after the ICJ judgement, the Japanese State has “improved” its position by abstaining in the UNGA Resolution on the 22 May, noting the judgment and calling on the British State to withdraw from Chagos including Diego Garcia within SIX MONTHS, i.e. by 22 November 2019. The resolution was passed by 116-6, with Japan being amongst abstentions. This means the UK-USA illegality of the occupation of Chagos Archipelagos has been established. The UK acted illegally in dismembering Mauritius during the decolonization process. It acted illegally in forcibly removing all the inhabitants of Chagos. And it must now withdraw. This means that it is now clear to everyone in the world that Diego Garcia is illegally occupied. The huge US military base there has, as you know, been used to launch B52 bombers, attacking civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as for secretly detaining and torturing prisoners arbitrarily arrested all over the world, as part of “rendering”.

The UN resolution on Chagos Archipelagos represent a severe blow to the notorious UK-US imperialism that uses arms build ups, military bases and military force threat of military force, as well as outright war, as it’s modus operandi. This is a permanent threat to peace in the World.

So, the year 2019 has been a year with two big victories on the Diego Garcia issue, in times when victories are rare, and when we have seen the coming to power of far-right politicians like Modi, Trump, Duterte, Bolsanaro, Orban and Salvini. History is, as always, thus moving in different directions at the same time. And in victories, there are germs of defeat: LALIT has thus another battle on our hands: the Mauritian state, that we finally forced to go to the UN and its ICJ, has been swift to seek “rent money” from the USA for the base, instead of calling for a date for base closure!

Unfortunately, as often is the case, the UK and USA arrogantly disregard the voices of majority States in the world following the UN resolution of 22 May, and continue to occupy illegally the Chagos Archipelagos. However, the UK’s leader of the Opposition has, importantly, informed the UN that, if elected, his Government will respect the judgment.

All this to say that the struggle is international. The people of the UK and USA are now, through what we forced our Government to do at the UN system, better informed and thus better able to reign their Government’s in.

This means that we have to intensify our struggle as ever, in building support around 3 intertwined demands: (a) Decolonization of the Chagos Islands, illegally dismembered from Mauritius; (b) Closure of the US military base of Diego Garcia and (c) the right of return of the Chagossians and Mauritians on the land illegally occupied by the UK-USA. And this work, is seen by us, as part of the overall struggle against militarism, which is the final power on which capitalism rests.

LALIT expresses our solidarity with your struggle in Japan against the manoeuvres of what you accurately describe as warmongering rulers represented by US imperialists and their allies to impose their rule on the world.

International solidarity of the working class and their organisations is the way forward to consolidate antiwar struggle.

Let’s link-up our common struggles against military bases and imperialist war.

Let’s link-up our struggles for a socialist world.



Rada Kistnasamy




Faridabad Majdoor Samachar (Faridabad Workers Newspaper)

Dear participants in the 57th International Antiwar Assemblies,

Warm greetings from Faridabad Majdoor Samachar / Kamunist Kranti. Friends, issues being global, they need to be addressed globally and your efforts over the years in this direction are heart warming. Friends, we look forward to your further advance on the global path and closer interactions with you. 

Our social basis over the years have been factory workers. Reflections have been a part of our very being. We hope that our recent reflections will be of interest to you.

With love

Sher Singh


Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)

Dear friends in the 57th International Antiwar Assembly, Japan,

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) in the UK sends this message of solidarity and support to all attending the annual International Antiwar Assembly in Tokyo and the six other Japanese cities on August 4th. We strongly support, and join with, your call to peoples of the world to oppose the crisis of confrontation between the US and China, stop the nuclear arms race and build solidarity among workers and people of the world against war, poverty and injustice.

It is crucially important that the world does not forget the effects of nuclear weapons. The atrocities of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are a hugely important lesson for us all. Those who were killed instantly were lucky when compared with those who suffered the agony of terrible injuries, the pain of the loss of family and friends and the long-term trauma of the after-effects on health and psychological well-being.

Currently, international tensions are high and growing. The U.S. is threatening war on Iran and North Korea and pulling out of international treaties and agreements. Every nuclear weapons state is spending huge sums of money on updating and upgrading their nuclear arsenals. The collapse of the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty is bringing Europe closer to another dangerous nuclear confrontation with Russia. The establishment of U.S. military bases in Japan and South Korea is raising distrust and suspicion and the mobilising of warships in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait is increasing tensions and leading to possible nuclear confrontation with China. More and more states are also increasing their activities in cyber space and outer space, increasing the possibility of a direct confrontation either on purpose or by accident.

The world is indeed in a critical and volatile situation and the arguments for a global ban on nuclear weapons have become of primary importance. The UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) is slowly gaining support and is also encouraging an environment for the development of urgently needed common campaigns. Currently, the Treaty has 70 signatories and 23 ratifications. On achieving 50 ratifications the Treaty will enter into force and nuclear weapon states will have to come to terms with the wish of the vast majority who want to see a world free from nuclear weapons.

The Treaty was brought about through the concern and hard work of citizens and activists around the world, coordinated through the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. We are indebted to them and especially to the work of Japanese peace activists and the hibakusha, for their critically important contribution with first hand reports and memories of the horrific outcomes of the use of nuclear weapons.

Now is the time for all the people of the world who want to live in peace, without the threat of war and nuclear annihilation, to come together and finally rid the world of the scourge of war! We are standing with you in support and solidarity, as ever!

With best wishes for every success in you work.

Dave Webb

Chair, CND


Tavini Huiraatira no te Ao Maohi


Dear comrades and friends, ia ora na!

First of all, warmest greetings from Maohi Nui to Japanese People and to our friends from Zengakuren.

As mentioned in your letter of appeal for the 57th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan, the world is in a critical, volatile situation. For sake of power and dominance of the world, the big countries, as always, impose their political viewpoints and management rules on all countries that are not compliant. Resistant countries are then threatened with economic blockade, annexation or war as we witness more and more today. From the political rule which is diplomacy, the new rule of our planet tends to be a military rule. What is left to non belligerent countries or peaceful people in this new world? Since the United Nation Organization does not fully play its role, only one solution remains: it is our solidarity against war and impoverishment.

Imperialist countries like the US and countries from Europe have for a long time exploited to their will, countries from the southern hemisphere by taken away their resources or use them as guinea pig. Small islands of the South Pacific have been guinea pig for their nuclear bombs.

Maohi Nui underwent the French nuclear tests leaving our country with the following results:

·                    people lost their land since two islands, Moruroa and Fangataufa, was annexed by France

·                    lot of our people have cancer due to atmospheric tests

·                    the two low islands used for underground tests are near collapsing with a great chance to produce a regional tsunami.

Several actions have been undertaken by two societies (Moruroa e Tatou and 193) and the Tavini Huiraatira. Very small progress is made since our actual government is playing against these actions.

·                     A march that gathered 1000 people, has been organized on the 2nd of July, commemoration day of the first explosion of the first French nuclear bomb because France which only recognizes some of the cancers due to radiation make the compensation impossible because they keep changing the rules.

·                    For all the people who died of cancer and the future generation of cancer patients, Tavini Huiraatira and Moruroa e Tatou sued France for crime against humanity at the Human Rights Commission of the UNO and at the International Court of Justice. This last action has not been without consequences for the Tavini Huiraatira since our leader, Mr Oscar Temaru, lost its seats in our assembly, and for Radio Tefana (where our friends from Zengakuren went) which was sued by the French justice. Of course these are all machinations of France.

Seeking and telling the truth peacefully has become a crime in France. Imperialist countries do not like to be reminded about their past and History has to be conformed to their view. They have to dominate the world and with the arrival of China in the game, a new cold war has started at the expense of peaceful people and countries.

We express great solidarity with the 57th International Antiwar Assemblies. Our solidarity with the Japanese people is guided by our common goal to reach a nuclear free World and to remind humanity about the devastating power of the nuclear bomb.

With Solidarity!

Keitapu Maamaatuaiahutapu

Heinui Lecaill

Guillaume Colombani

Member of the Tavini Huiraatira

Member of Radio Tefana


Lotta comunista

July 24th, 2019, Italy


Our internationalist greetings to the 57th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan! This year the memory of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear fire assumes a particular importance in relation to the escalation of the world dispute between the great powers.
That vile episode of the Second World War, 74 years ago, showed what level of bestial barbarism imperialism was then able to reach. But this leaves only foretell the immense destructive potential accumulated in these decades by the world imperialist development that today enters a period of unprecedented and colossal tensions.

During the Second World War the proletariat was massacred by all the warring parties. There was no revolutionary strategy capable of assaulting the imperialist order by replicating the international attempt of the October Revolution. The revolutionary vanguards had been eliminated, even physically, by the agents of stalinism, fascism and social democracy. Imperialism emerged victorious from the war and started a new and powerful cycle of investments across the globe on its ruins, extending its exploitation base even more.
The capitalist mode of production advanced throughout the world, uprooting millions of peasants from the countryside and concentrating hundreds of millions of them in industrial cities as new proletarians. Capital burst into the largest rural areas of the world, the Asian ones, generating an even larger proletarian army. The European and world proletariat could count on new Asian comrades, whose numbers are growing "not by day, but by the hour" as Lenin had foreseen. New gigantic tasks are imposed on the international revolutionary strategy today as the proletariat exceeds two billion workers and the post-war order of the great powers falters.

The imperialist world order established by the victorious powers after the Second World War was able, in the following decades, to co-opt the recovery of the defeated powers in the division of the growing world market. The resumption of German imperialism in Europe and of Japanese imperialism in Asia did not generate a new world war but took place in the concert, albeit transformed, of the old order centered on American imperialism. A change in the balance of power that nevertheless generated the drive for European unification, the collapse of the USSR imperialism and a series of wars from Asia to the Middle East, while from that same development emerged young capitalisms and new powers, which today are pressing on the old order making it waver.

The irruption of Chinese power disrupts the old balance. The spaces for the settlement of international crises become narrower. China ascends to the imperialist power with its large economic and financial groups that now participate in the exploitation of the world proletariat, exporting capital to its new spheres of influence, breaking the monopoly of the old powers in many sectors and infiltrating international finance. It will not be long before Chinese imperialism claims its place at the table of the world bandits who carve the world up. Already today the Dragon declares that it wishes to ascend to the rank of first world power and announces a colossal rearmament plan in the conventional, strategic and technological field. The new aircraft carriers and the Chinese debate on the need for military bases abroad are the best examples of it.

All the major powers are reacting at the new level of multipolar competition by strengthening their arsenals, be they economic, political or military. The old powers come to terms with their relative decline. American imperialism restructures its powerful military apparatus, invests in the naval response to the challenges of Asia and modernizes the nuclear deterrent with new weapons and doctrines, including the use of tactical nuclear weapons. The US weighs its strengths in the difficult attempt to manage a decline that has lasted for many years but at the same time shows the resilience of the first world power, clinging to the world dollar system, the military power and the network of its alliances, albeit in the process of redefinition.
European imperialism reacts to the new contention between the powers of continental size by hastening its process of unification. This has overcome seminal stages such as the formation of a huge single market, the euro monetary weapon and the increasingly complete definition of federal and confederal political powers that break the sovereignty of the old nation states into a plurality of superstructures. But it remains behind in the field of foreign and defense policy, although new efforts are being made from the old imperialists to tackle global challenges and a rearmament is underway on European scale. "The Main Enemy is at Home!", Karl Liebknecht said in the fire of the first world carnage. The "main enemy at our home" is getting stronger and this commits our internationalist battle against European imperialism, in the unprecedented attempt to root a European party on the Bolshevik model at the heart of the old metropolises.

Turbulent times await us. As affirmed in your international appeal, all the powers are rearming and there are numerous signs of it every day, from the helicopter carriers of Japanese imperialism, to the Indian missile systems, to Russian nuclear rearmament, and we could go on to quote many other countries and a constellation of unresolved conflicts ranging from the Middle East to Africa to Asia. Here is how the question of war returns in its irrepressible topicality. Capitalism continually generates war. Imperialism is unable to preserve the world order.
We do not know yet when or with what international alignments these States will throw themselves over each other to decide on a new division of the world on the lives of millions of proletarians: only a concrete analysis of the concrete international situation can tell us. Are the next global financial crisis, a regional war or a series of diplomatic maneuvers that will shake unitary imperialism in their unpredictable chain? Will the great powers be still temporarily allied with each other to perpetuate their domination of the world market in a sharing agreement designed to burst under the increasingly powerful blows of uneven development? The coming years can generate a world war of unprecedented proportions or a series of partial wars with incalculable consequences given the size of the contenders in the game. Asia will be the epicenter of tensions. The powers will be allied and will clash to divide up the world, whether this division takes place by economic means or whether it takes place by military means. The division is based on strength, but since this strength changes, lasting alliances are impossible and world peace is impossible. This is the teaching of Lenin that our time of war and peace has not only confirmed, but made even more fecund in its revolutionary strategic relevance.

Comrades, new deadly ideologies recycle the old political materials of nationalism, democracy, pacifism and religion to deceive the proletarians and prepare them to support new alliances and new wars between the imperialist brigands. Over a hundred years ago the proletariat has demonstrated that all this can be ended by transforming the imperialist war into a proletarian revolution. The Bolsheviks were the only ones in history to stop the war. This indisputable fact would remain an immortal direction for future generations, despite all attempts to erase and mystify it. Today we must start again from the international meaning of the October Revolution. That glorious attempt addressed a much narrower world than ours, in which the proletariat had only about 150 million workers, yet it already marked the way for the future.
Each of us fighting “our own” imperialism, if we can unite in a revolutionary international strategy, today we have the unprecedented strength of two billion workers to bring down this infamous system, which in Hiroshima and Nagasaki showed its true face and seven decades later prepares many other barbaric tragedies.
For the first time a gigantic modern proletariat, concentrated by the great industry in huge metropolises, in numbers that Lenin could only hope for, raises its head all over the world. It will play the last hand of the great game begun in the Europe of the industrial revolution. The workers of Paris and then of Petrograd, of Berlin, of Canton and of many other cities began to give their assault to the sky. We must go further and learn from their mistakes. The work to give the proletariat a strategy, political autonomy and disciplined organization, to fight the nefarious influence of the bourgeoisie and its social-imperialist lackeys, is very great, very difficult, very hard. But the road is marked, the ice is broken. In the end those who have more passion, more militancy, more clarity will win. In this spirit we wish all the success to your Assembly in the name of proletarian internationalism and the common struggle against the dominant Leviathan. Proletarians of all countries unite!
Against the war, revolution!

Long live the fight for communism, which is the cause of all mankind.

Lotta comunista



OKDE (Organization of Communists Internationalists of Greece)

The Organization of Communists Internationalists of Greece greets the 57th Antiwar Assembly in Japan. In the present situation of deep and global capitalist crisis, as the capitalist system becomes more and more decadent and as the rivalries between the old imperialist powers and the emergent capitalistic economies become more and more furious, the danger of an expanded or even generalized imperialist war and even of a nuclear war approaches.

The USA, which declines economically and technologically without stop in comparison with the emergent economies, whose the great protagonist is China, is trying and will try everything to halt this decline and to regain its dominant position as the world leading capitalist economy. In this last year, the economic and taxing measures taken by the US administration against its opponents have taken the form of a nearly worldwide, open and full-scale economic war. The downfall of the economic power of the USA causes a great political crisis, both inside the USA and in the world bourgeois and imperialist leadership. Inside the USA, it has already caused the absurd and ridicule phenomenon of the Donald Trump administration and in the same time the advent of the working class, anti-racist and feminist movements. Yet, the militarist politics of the USA government are not specific and exclusive to this administration. It’s the essence of the big capitalist monopolies of the USA and of its imperialist state apparatus. At the same time, the whole “order” of the post-war and post-1989 world, based on the economic, political and military supremacy of the USA (unchallenged some decades ago, which is not the case now) and it’s co-existence with the European and Japanese imperialists (in big crisis themselves, as well), is falling apart. The industrial infrastructure (including robots and other automation of production), the capitals, the reserves of gold, the currency reserves, even the consumer’s power is being amassed in China, letting the former dominant capitalistic economies with nothing but deficits, debts, de-industrialization, unemployment and the parasitic vultures of the stock exchange system.

The world is being threatened by a generalization of war, a new world war, between alliances, whose the central axes will be the USA on one side and on the other China, along with, as it seems, Russia. The war in Middle East, the tragedy of the people of Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Palestine, Libya etc. show what may follow for the whole world. And yet, the leaderships of USA and of Russia, by far the biggest nuclear powers, are threatening each other with a nuclear apocalypse, with the most aggressive initiative and approach taken by US imperialism. All the treaties to control nuclear arm expansion have been abandoned by both these 2 main nuclear powers (USA and Russia). The workers, the peasants, the humanity is in a great danger.

The escalation of tension at many key points for imperialist domination and expansion is happening daily. From Crimea and the East Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of China and the North Pole passages, warships and nuclear submarines, are “acting” more aggressively. At the Persian Golf and its important passages, USA and its regional allies (mainly Israel and Saudi Arabia) are opening a new chapter on the aggression against Iran, that they pursue to climax to an open conflict.

Of course, there is no doubt that the American imperialism is still the most armed, war-monger and –in this sense– the most dangerous for world proletariat and humanity. The coups, military or “colored” interventions, wars etc. (the Guaido US-led attempted coup in Venezuela etc.) that has unleashed in the past years (either openly itself or with the use of proxy forces) are a testimony to this, as well as it’s tremendous military spending. The blood bath and chaos in Middle East is first and foremost due to this USA agenda.

This point is critical for countries and regions dominated by the imperialists of the “West”, in order to avoid the disorientation and paralysis of the antiwar struggle under the pressure of “anti-Putin” etc. bourgeois and mass media propagandistic hysteria. This does not mean, of course, that the workers’ and youth movement, the revolutionary forces, should rally with this or that “good imperialist”. The way to build a really massive and effective antiwar movement is based on class independence and proletarian internationalism.

In our country, Greece, which is a member of NATO (with one of the biggest percentage of military spending globally with regards to the GDP!), the Greek capitalist class has formed an alliance in the East Mediterranean Sea with the reactionary states and governments of Israel and of Egypt, and participates actively in the spreading of nationalism and war, for the shake of profits of the big imperialist monopolies and some of their greek capitalist collaborators. With the new aggressively right government of ND (New Democracy) elected last month, we can only expect even more steps in the pro-imperialist policies of the previous government (of SYRIZA), in full coordination and “strategic dialogue” –as they name it- with the aims of the US, NATO and European Union imperialist policy in the area.

 The people of the whole region of the Balkans and the South East Mediterranean Sea are severely threatened by the growing capitalist/imperialist competition over the newly located energy resources. Both Greek and Turkish elites are acting more aggressive to expand claims on natural resources based on the force of arms power and their international alliances.

It’s the same in the Balkans, which the USA is trying to convert to a huge military base and buffer against Russia. We are trying to develop an antiwar movement, which will withdraw Greece from NATO and the warmongering European Union, which will call back all the Greek soldiers from mission abroad, which will reduce the spending for war armaments – and of course that will shut down the many and dangerous military bases. Finally, we are trying to develop the consciousness that these wars to come are not our wars, they are not working class wars, that the “defense of the homeland” is a bourgeois trap – and to develop concrete links and actions of workers’ and people’s internationalism, antiwar and antiiimperialist struggle in our region.

For us, the way out of the horror of war stands in the international cooperation of the working class movements, the development of common international struggles, in the development of an anti-war and anti-imperialist movement and finally in the socialist revolution.

We hope for every success of the 57th Antiwar Assembly
With antiwar, revolutionary greetings!

Organization of Communists Internationalists of Greece

 Athens, 26/7/2019

Mail: ergatikipali@okde.gr  Website: www.okde.gr


Revolutionary Marxista in Britain

We, Revolutionary Marxists in Britain, send our comradely greetings to the 57th International Antiwar Assembly. We fully support your call for solidarity among workers and people of the world against war and impoverishment.

In Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, both the US and Britain have “leaders” who embrace right-wing nationalist politics and racism. The prospect of a close alliance between Johnson and Trump increases threat of imperialist war against Iran or other nations.

Johnson intends to lead a Britain that will no longer be part of the European Union but that will instead enter trade agreements with the US on terms that will be detrimental to the interests of workers and the environment. Whether he will succeed or not remains to be seen. At present, a majority of Members of Parliament would vote against his plans, as many Conservatives oppose leaving the EU without an agreement. The chaos over “Brexit” represents a political crisis in Britain, and is a symptom of the general crisis of capital worldwide.

Many Labour MPs are more interested in undermining Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader than in defeating Johnson’s Conservatives. The slanderous charge of “anti-Semitism” (anti-Jewish racism) that has been made against Corbyn and his supporters by both right-wing Labour and Conservative critics shows the extent of slander that the bourgeoisie will use to maintain its power. The allegations are a gross insult to the memory of the millions of Jews who were murdered by the Nazis, a cynical use of the memories of the horror of the Holocaust to attack even reformist threats to unfettered capitalist rule. It is significant that Donald Trump, having made the clearly racist declaration that a group of left-wing Democratic Congresswomen of colour should “go back” to “the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came”, went on to accuse these women of being “anti-Semitic” on the grounds that they had criticised the government of Israel.

As the Appeal states, there are “mini Trumps” in a number of countries, and some have become heads of government. Many of these right-wing leaders and the movements that support them appeared and in some cases obtained power before Trump became US President. The most recent to achieve power is Boris Johnson. The appearance of such leaders, promoting imperialist war and racism, is a symptom of the inability of capitalism to solve its fundamental crisis without dividing the working class in order to attack the living standards of workers and other oppressed people. These leaders embrace “neoliberal” economic solutions that will cause environmental destruction that threatens the future of humanity as well “austerity” measures against the working class and the poor, and the victimisation of refugees, migrants and indigenous minority peoples. 

We agree with your call for the working class to smash this pro-imperialist nationalism and its attempts to divide the working class, on the basis of proletarian internationalism.

 July 29th 2019


Prospettiva Marxista

Dear comrades,
this is our message for International Antiwar Assembly:

the hypocritical bourgeois fable of a capitalist society free from war is continuously disproved by reality. Wherever competing imperialistic interests collide, we either see the flames of war or hear its thunders in the distance: from
Syria to Yemen, from Ukraine to the Persian Gulf, from Libya to the South China Sea, capitalism reveals its true nature.

Capitalism cannot but produce war, and its peace cannot but be temporary. In peacetime, when capitalism could give the illusion to have solved its contradictions, these are actually accumulating underneath the surface, to explode eventually in new and harsher wars. 

The current global dynamics of imperialism are already preparing ruinous conflicts. In many parts of the world, workers are approaching this terrible date divided, deceived by nationalist and racist ideologies created by bourgeois disguised as anti-establishment leaders, or captured in bourgeois quarrels between liberals and populists, free-marketers and protectionists. 

Today more than ever, we need a strong internationalist movement, which bases its opposition to imperialist wars not on humanitarian values, but rather on the theoretical awareness of the class nature of these conflicts, and which is able to rescue our class from every bourgeois front.

The Italian comrades of Prospettiva Marxista


News and Letters Committees

To the 57th International Antiwar Assembly:

We extend our solidarity to your assembly, and your calls for proletarian internationalism and antiwar struggle based on it.

We agree with you that the continuing clash between the U.S. and China for capitalist-imperialist hegemony over the world is dangerous, as are the moves by U.S. imperialism to kindle a war with Iran. We agree with your opposition to the U.S.-Japan military alliance and their collusion to revise Japan’s Constitution.

The full development of proletarian internationalism depends on understanding that imperialism, militarism, and war moves are inherent features of capitalism, and that they are especially dangerous at this stage of world capitalism’s disintegration. Its crisis and disintegration are bringing forth new far-right, even fascist elements that now dominate national governments in a number of countries, from the U.S. to Brazil, from Hungary to the Philippines.

The full development of proletarian internationalism also depends on understanding how the failures of the Left have eased the advance of the far Right.

After the fall of “Communism” in Europe, instead of the advent of a new revolutionary socialist period, global politics of the rulers made a palpable turn toward nationalism and ethnocentrism. This turn of global politics was facilitated by the failure of the world Left to make a category of the opposite tendency coming from the masses in Bosnia and Herzegovina who were defending a multicultural existence. The same failure was repeated in the lack of solidarity with the revolution from below in Syria in the last eight years.

Unfortunately, much of the Left refuses to recognize their own share of responsibility for the counter-revolutionary descent since the Bosnian genocide. Establishing proletarian internationalism is blocked by the failure to establish a clear dividing line within the Left, to oppose that part of what claims to be Left but that has effectively allied itself with reactionary rulers like Syria’s Bashar al-Assad. News and Letters Committees devoted a section of our Perspectives for this year to analyzing this problem (“World Crises in Economy, Politics, Ideology—and the Missing Link of Philosophy,” https://newsandletters.org/iii-world-crises-economy-politics-ideology-missing-link-philosophy/). We conclude that the full development of proletarian internationalism requires the projection of a philosophy of revolution as an element of the struggle:

“The present split within the Left calls for realizing philosophy as a polarizing force that gives action its direction. That direction would begin, but not end, with fighting for solidarity with real revolution and breaking with those who support counter-revolution. That is only the first step toward second negation and a direction driven by the concept of revolution in permanence….

“The point is to make a new philosophical beginning to set the ground for a new beginning in reality, in revolution, in the achievement of a new human society. The absence of that kind of ground sapped the Left’s power to project a pole of attraction for the discontent that is so widespread, and therefore its power to resist the rise of the Right. As we have seen, much of the Left’s thinking got warped by the ideological pollution from the Right.”

Comrades, let us struggle together to establish revolutionary solidarity in both thought and activity, to oppose and prevent war, to promote proletarian internationalism, to abolish capitalism, militarism, and imperialism, and to open a revolutionary path to a new, free, human society!

For freedom,

Franklin Dmitryev, National Organizer, forThe Resident Editorial Board of News and Letters Committees, July 29, 2019

Fracción Leninista Trotskista Internacional

July 26t2019

To the 57th Annual Anti-War Assembly
To the Zengakuren [Japanese Federation of Self-Organized Student Associations]
To the Anti War Youth Committee
To the Revolutionary Communist League of Japan - Revolutionary Marxist Fraction (JRCL-RMF)


We send a warm revolutionary greeting to the 57th Anti-War Assembly that is taking place in Japan, as a contribution to the struggle for the workers and socialist revolution against imperialism and its brutal offensive against the working and exploited masses of the world.

We are writing to you at a time when, due to the betrayal of their leaderships, which prevented them from bringing their fighting to victory, the masses are paying with suffering, hunger, misery and massacres for the cost of the capitalist world economy crash; and while the American, German, Japanese, French, etc., imperialist gangs, dispute the world's markets in a fierce trade war to make “Great China” kneel  and submit it to them through treaties of semi colonization. US imperialism are going all the way for China’s market, banks and profitable state enterprises.
For the crash of the world economy there are too many imperialist powers and there is no place for all to survive or for any new one to emerge, without clashes and military wars.

Today, the United States with Trump at its head, is overwhelmingly running over the planet, like the lava of an erupting volcano, seeking to impose its conditions in order to regain full control of the world market. That is why it tries to create custom barriers that hinder the exports of imperialist Europe of Maastricht and China, in particular. Also for these higher adventures, the US imperialists are stomping again on and go all the way for their Latin American “backyard”.

Those at the top, that 1% of parasites that manage the world at will, are fighting over business and super profits, while those below are forced to survive in the hell of a planet that has become a dirty prison for 99% of its inhabitants, that is, for the vast majority of the working class and popular masses.
Because the true WAR is that of the dominant powers, their banks, their transnationals, their governments and regimes against the proletariat and the exploited, to which they are imposing tremendous slavery and labor flexibility and the looting and robbing of their colonial and semicolonial nations; with carnages as in Syria, Yemen and Ukraine, with the direct collaboration of the reformist leaderships, supporters of rotten capitalism, without which all this would not have been possible.

In the aftermath of 1989, world imperialism sheltered Stalinism that recycled as a new bourgeoisie after handing over the former workers states to the former, which shaped the Stalinist national parties as counterrevolutionary shock forces around the world at the head of the trade union centers, this time under their direct control. This was made possible by the coverage and the support on the left that the so-called “anti-capitalist” currents, former Trotskyists gave them, having long since renounced to the struggle for the socialist revolution.

As we have just said, in Latin America the situation is getting ever worse for the masses as a result of the US imperialist offensive. With a wall on the Rio Grande that divides the border between Mexico and the United States, the US troops on one side and thousands of members of the Mexican "National Guard" on the other are unleashing a bloody repression and persecution, intended to "immobilize" millions of hungry people that are fleeing from the worst miseries and social catastrophes in Central America by marching towards the USA. The ultimate expression of this is what is happening in Haiti, the poorest country in the world that is militarily occupied. This is just an example of everyday life that hundreds of millions of Latin American outcasts are enduring.
As part of this barbarism, US imperialism has confined thousands of Hispanic refugees in army barracks at its borders and in real prisons and concentration camps, separating parents from their children.
When these hardships occur in Central America, the Caribbean and all of Latin America, the traitors of the workers 'and peasants' revolution, such as the Castro brothers and the Cuban CP, have raised their counterrevolutionary cry of "Socialism is no more possible even in Cuba." Stalinism is the greatest holder of imperialism and US imperialists in particular. It is which has created the best conditions for the US for its current counteroffensive in its "backyard."
FLTI militants internationally and their Latin American revolutionary groups from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, affirm that this martyrdom in the Americas exists thanks to the action of Stalinism that sustained the cowardly bourgeoisie of the continent. They surrendered the anti-imperialist and revolutionary struggle of the masses. They led the exploited to trust in the cowardly native bourgeoisies. It was they who defended the “Bolivarian Revolution” scam and held the Obama / Castro Pact with which they have sold out both the Colombian workers and peasant resistance (also disarming it) before the murderous regime of the 9 US military bases installed in that country, and Cuba to the capitalist restoration.

Now they lie before the eyes of the workers of the world, passing the Maduros, Moraleses, Lulas, Kirchners, etc. as supposed "anti-imperialists," although they are the representatives of the native bourgeoisie who have long since surrendered and knelt before the US imperialist master. They are minor partners in the slavery of our peoples and the theft of the wealth and natural resources of our nations.
The Bolivarian bourgeoisie withdraw now, ever surrendering to imperialism, after being used by it as "squeezed lemons" to complete their selling out of the wealth of the Latin American peoples and starving and shooting workers. This is what Maduro and the cowardly Venezuelan bourgeoisie do, who repay the fraudulent debt to the IMF, to the last penny, even though US imperialism has established a blockage on Venezuela. Meanwhile, Evo Morales of Bolivia is one of the exemplary governments that Wall Street directly manages, and he guarantees the theft of the hydrocarbon and mining wealth of that nation to imperialist bankers and transnationals.

Today all the exploited of the world are suffering the offensive of the capitalists. US imperialism and other imperialist pirates have a free rein to deepen their fierce attack because in recent years they were able to concentrate their forces and crush the two most advanced foci of the world revolution in Syria and Ukraine. This was thanks to the betrayal of Stalinism and other treacherous leaderships, supported by labor bureaucracies and aristocracies, which allowed the counterrevolution to advance against the masses that rebelled for bread and freedom.

In Ukraine, with the Minsk counterrevolutionary pact, imperialism, along with its lackey Putin, has split that nation and strangled the revolution that began in 2014. Putin "annexed" the Crimean peninsula and imperialism imposed a fascist regime in Kiev, thanks to the Stalinism that divided the Ukrainian working class. The pro-Russian oligarchy of the Donbass, supported by the Stalinist fifth-column and the bombs from Kiev, subdued the uprising miners of the Ukrainian East, recreating the false illusion of a “Novo Russya”, which was surrounded by NATO troops, the Russian base of Crimea and fascist troops of Kiev.

Comrades, we call you to fight together to defeat the Minsk pact, to recover the Crimean peninsula for the Ukranian nation that was robbed by the Moscow oligarchy and, uniting the fierce Ukrainian working class, to crush fascism and conquer a Soviet Ukraine, united, worker and socialist, free and independent, that would be a bastion of the revolution in Eastern and Western Europe.

On the other hand, in Syria, Stalinism along with all the social-imperialist parties and the renegades of Trotskyism mounted a siege against the Syrian revolution so that imperialism by the hand of Assad, Putin, Iranian Ayatollahs and Hezbollah as its mercenary troops can deepen the genocide against the heroic Syrian people, while Turkey and FSA generals sold out each of the rebel cities from within. This is the result of the Geneva-Astana counterrevolutionary pacts of the United States, al-Assad, Russia and Turkey, under the UN umbrella.
But despite the hundreds of thousands of massacres, the millions of IDP gone towards the borders and the hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing to Europe, the Syrian people continue to resist in the last trench of the revolution in Idlib.

Comrades: we call upon you to direct a call to the workers' organizations around the world from your Assembly to join forces to stop the genocide in Syria and carry out an international struggle, winning the streets, in support of the Syrian masses, to defeat al-Assad and expel all invading troops.

Today the scourges of the Syrian exploited are deepened day by day and with them, those of the martyred Palestinian masses. There is Hezbollah, the party of the Shiite billionaire bourgeoisie, which has not fired a single shot against the state of Israel but has dedicated itself to crushing the Syrian masses alongside al-Assad and Putin and now from the Lebanese government pursues Palestinian workers and Syrian refugees, taking away their labor rights, giving them to the subhuman life of chronic unemployment. This is how these lackeys of imperialism act that take care of the borders of the Zionism, occupier and executioner of the Palestinian nation!

In Iran, once it used the "Revolutionary Guard" of the Ayatollahs to slaughter the Syrian revolution, US imperialism also wants to grab and keep for itself all the oil of that nation. This time it aims to control it directly, without the intermediaries of that Islamic bourgeoisie that takes much of that national oil income.
The US pirates are contesting the "black gold" business of Germany, France and Japan (which feeds much of its transnationals' production with Iranian oil). The European imperialisms and Japan have a political and economic pact with the Iranian millionaire theocracy: they refine their oil, resell their derivatives and they have the largest investments in the productive apparatus of Iran.
The US imperialist offensive is also directed against them. The US needs to end the theocracy and get its imperialist competitors out of Iran. The US goes all the way there, even for the last square meter of the Middle East. This is why they invaded Iraq, they maintain more than 150,000 Marines in Afghanistan and planned and organized directly, from the back rooms, all the counterrevolutionary actions that crushed the enormous chain of revolutions that opened in 2011-2012 in the Maghreb and the Middle East, to blood and fire. The US preserved Zionism from that great revolutionary tide, while maintaining  installed one of the largest US fleets in the region in the Mediterranean Sea.

"The clergymen live as kings and the people as beggars!" It is the cry of the workers and exploited of Iran against the counterrevolutionary and murderous regime of the Iranian theocracy, which is dedicated to persecuting, imprisoning and torturing the workers who fight for their rights, as happened with the steel workers of Ahwaz and the sugar workers of Haft Tappeh.
The more the Iranian ayatollahs control and strangle the revolutionary rise of workers and peasants in that oppressed nation, the more imperialism is strengthened that prepares the conditions for a direct attack against Iran. The US pirates know that, as happened with Kim Jong-un of North Korea yesterday, today the Iranian ayatollahs are able to surrender and get to their knees for a Tweet issued by Trump, the wild genocidal of the White House.

This infamous regime of the Iranian theocracy, servant of Frankfurt and Paris, does not even grant water and electricity to the areas of southern Iraq that it controls as is the case of Basra, where the masses suffer more than 50 degrees Celsius of heat. The Stalinism that makes these enemies of the working class pass as their allies, trying to show them as "anti-imperialists," should go to live there to know what it is to be under the control of that blood theocracy.

The great task to end the US imperialist blockade and expel German and Japanese imperialisms from Iran, is to return to the workers and socialist revolution as in the 1980s, with the workers and exploited setting up the shora, the workers and peasants councils to expropriate the millionaire clerics and the imperialist transnationals, and to chastise the exploiters in Iran and the whole Middle East again, this time decisively.

There are more examples that the working class of Japan, the Pacific and the world must know about how treacherous directions act. There is Stalinism with the CP of Sudan holding the scam of a "civic-military" transitional government alongside the murderous generals and the "democratic" bourgeoisie, to get the revolutionary masses out of the streets. In the same way acts Stalinism as part of the ANC governing South Africa with the black bourgeoisie at the service of AngloAmerican. It is Stalinism that from the French CGT has been preventing the fall of the Macron government, which the masses have been confronting with the barricade fighting whose revolutionary vanguard is the Yellow Vests.
More than 90 Communist Parties from all over the planet have held a conference to "refound the (counterrevolutionary) Third International" of Stalin, centralizing its forces to continue selling out the fighting of the exploited. Meanwhile, there are currents that claimed to speak from Trotskyism, which have been completely subordinated to Stalinism. They have made common parties with it (as in South Africa with the emergence of the SRWP). They have held congresses or common conferences such as those held by the CRCI (Coordinator for the Refoundation of the Fourth International) of the Workers Party of Argentina and the EKK of Greece together with Darya Mitina of the Unified Communist Party / OKP of Russia, a friend of al-Assad and Putin. They even held a “Seminar on Leon Trotsky” in Havana, organized by the new rich of the Cuban CP government.
Let us denounce and fight together against Stalinism and other treacherous leaderships that prostrate the struggles of the working class and subject it to different bourgeois variants to prevent the masses from advancing along the path of the workers and socialist revolution!

But despite so many betrayals and backstabbing, the working class does not give up and continues to engage in battles.
Just as the exploited in Nicaragua, Haiti and Puerto Rico revolt, the general strike in Honduras is fought and the resistance of Idlib does not surrender in bloody Syria, in Sudan and Algeria there are huge revolutionary uprisings of the masses for bread and for the fall of dictatorships and oppressive regimes.
In France, the “Black Vests”, which today stand in the heart of the imperialist Europe of Maastricht, emerge in the heat of the struggle of immigrant workers. Meanwhile, in Zimbabwe and throughout South Africa, new and huge combats of black workers are being prepared.

We call you to make your own and to promote a common struggle in support of immigrant workers who are persecuted and massacred around the world in which this system has divided a planet subjected by the capitalists to hunger, slavery and war. .
WE ARE ALL IMMIGRANT WORKERS IN THIS PUTREFACT CAPITALIST SYSTEM that must be swept away by the triumph of the Workers' and Socialist Revolution.

As we see, the Chinese working class, one of the most exploited on the planet, is far from giving up.
Today the masses rise again in Hong Kong, which are brutally repressed by the government of the new rich of the Chinese CP. They act the same way they do throughout China with the mobilizations of workers and peasants. The government of the Chinese mandarins persecutes with jail, torture and all forms of repression the workers who seek to stand up independent trade unions that defend them from the exploitation of the “red businessmen” and the imperialist transnationals. The workers of Jasic Technology of the city of Shenzen and the students who came in their support are detained and/ missing today. They are witness to de counterrevolutionary semi-fascist response the Chinese bourgeoisie gives the workers in revolt.
The Chinese workers are the best allies of the Japanese workers fighting against the Abe government! That is why we, comrades, call upon you to come out of your assembly in support of the workers and students of China and to organize actions in the streets to fight for the freedom of political prisoners and the appearance alive of the missing fighters.
The unity of the workers of Japan, China, the entire peninsula of Korea, Vietnam and throughout the Pacific must be set up to fight to recover the workers' and socialist revolution!
In this task have all our strength and our support. To a large extent, the fate of the world's workers is played today in the fighting that the Pacific working class is fighting or will wage.

Today, the workers and oppressed peoples of the world have in the US American working class a bulwark of our struggle. US workers imposed the withdrawal of Yankee troops from Iraq, planted the shout in the streets of "Black lives matter" and marked the way for workers in the world, saying that 1% of Wall Street parasites must be expropriated that have stolen all the wealth produced by human labor.
The combativeness that the American working class has demonstrated and goes on demonstrating is what has prevented Trump and the US imperialist pirates from imposing direct military invasions and not advancing, for now, on higher counter-revolutionary adventures that are what they need to regain control of the whole planet. The workers of the United States are the best allies of the world working class!

The struggle against imperialism, labor flexibility, slavery, looting, must find the working class united and coordinated internationally. That is the responsibility of all of us who claim to be revolutionary Marxists.
A single class, the same struggle! For the workers and poor people of the world to live: IMPERIALISM MUST DIE! STAND FOR THE INTERNATIONAL WORKER AND SOCIALIST REVOLUTION!

Let's fight together over borders to stop the war that imperialist vultures, native bourgeoisies and traitors bureaucracies of all coats have declared to the workers and exploited!
The workers of Japan, the United States and all imperialist metropolises are the true allies of the exploited of the oppressed countries! Today, the cry of the Communist Manifesto of "Proletarians of the World, Unite!" has more validity and force than ever!

Let's keep fighting together over borders!

Revolutionary greetings,

Julián Juárez, Milenka Lopez, Carlos Munzer, David Soria, Lourdes Fernández and Tito Benavídez
for the International Coordination Secretariat of the International Leninist Trotskyist Fraction

Abu Muad,
for the paper “The Truth of the Oppressed” of the revolutionary socialists of Syria and the entire Middle East

Jussa K. and Paula M.
for the Workers International League (WIL) of Zimbabwe and Southern Africa

Benito T. and Paula M.
for Workers Democracy of the Spanish State

Internationalist Workers League – Fourth International (LOI-CI) / Workers Democracy of Argentina
Internationalist Workers Socialist League (LSTI) of Bolivia
Internationalist Workers Party – Fourth International (POI-CI) of Chile
Revolutionary Workers and Youth Committee for the Self-Organization (CROJA) of Brazil
Internationalist Workers Socialist League (LSTI) of Peru
Internationalist Revolutionary Nucleus of Colombia
Adherents of the Collective for the Refoundation of the Fourth International (FLTI)



The Commission of Convicted workers, Families and Friends of Las Heras

Workers Advance – “Black List”

the Youth of “The Fourth”

Workers Democracy (LOI-CI)

July 29, 2019

Special motion to the 57th International Anti-War Assembly of Japan

Let us deepen the international struggle for the freedom of all political prisoners in the world and for justice for the martyrs of the working class!

For years we have been fighting together against the governments and regimes of the powerful who are dedicated to imprison and persecute the workers and oppressed who "dare" to face their anti-worker plans, as we do every December 12, on the International Day of the Persecuted Worker, when one more anniversary of the sentence for life imprisonment and jail to the oil workers of Las Heras (Argentina) is observed.
Today, when imperialism needs working class hostages to deepen its plans against the exploited, it is more necessary than ever that we redouble this fight.

There are the 7,000 Palestinian prisoners in the dungeons of the Zionist occupier, the 40,000 ones in Al Sisi prisons in Egypt and the hundreds of thousands who are tortured in Al Assad prisons in Syria. In Iran, hundreds of fighters populate the prisons of the murderous theocracy regime while thousands of anti-imperialist fighters remain in Guantanamo and the CIA secret prisons. In France, Georges Abdallah, a fighter of the Palestinian cause, remains imprisoned just like Mumia Abu Jamal in the US.
In China, the government of the Communist Party “mandarins” persecutes brutally the workers and students that fight for their demands, as Jasic workers that were fighting for independent unions and were terribly repressed and incarcerated, just as the students that stood in solidarity with their struggle.

The Basque prisoners are hostages in the jails of the Fifth French Republic and also in the Bourbon prisons in the Spanish State, the same ones that keep comrade Alfon imprisoned for participating in 2011 March general strike.
Also, dozens of Mapuche ethnic origin prisoners, such as Facundo Jones Huala, are imprisoned in the dungeons of the Pinochet regime in Chile.

The young anarchists are still imprisoned in Greece, but with the struggle we achieved the freedom of Nikos Romanos, while Giannis Michailidis has conquered his own freedom by escaping from the dungeons of Syriza and Troika.

In Argentina, comrade Daniel Ruiz, a former oil workers’ delegate, continues in prison for being part of the revolutionary fight of December 18, 2017, against the theft of the retirement funds. Together with him, 4 former drivers of the East bus line of the city of La Plata (in Buenos Aires province), Emanuel Lazzaro, Sebastian Mac Dougall, Luciano Fiochi and Pablo Varriano are under house arrest for fighting. They were just demanding a snack and a toilet in their 12 hours shift. Also the workers of Las Heras are still condemned by the courts servile to the imperialist oil companies.
In addition, there are already more than 7,500 workers and popular fighters prosecuted, as is the case of Alejandro Villarruel and other persecuted workers of the Río Santiago State Shipyard.
And while the employers' justice persecutes the fighters, it guarantees the absolute impunity of the murderers of the martyrs of the working class such as Rafael Nahuel, and Santiago Maldonado, for whom the next August 1st will be two years after his disappearance and murder at the hands of the gendarmerie and the government of Macri.

Given this, comrades, the task of the moment is to promote an international campaign for the freedom of all political prisoners in the world and for justice for the martyrs of the working class. We have to deepen the solidarity and international struggle over borders! This is the way for all the workers' organizations of the world to take this fight into their hands because we cannot fight with hostages in the jails of our executioners.

Freedom to all the political prisoners in the world!
Judgment and punishment of all repressors and murderers of the working class martyrs!
Slave rebellion is not a crime. It is justice!


Claudia Pafundi, member of the Commission of Convicted Workers, Families and Friends of Las Heras

Alejandro Villarruel, for Workers Advance – “Black List” – Rio Santiago Shipyard (Argentina)

Sasha, for the Youth of “The Fourth”

Workers Democracy (LOI-CI) from Argentina

WIL (Workers International League)

To the 57th Annual Antiwar Assembly


From Southern Africa, we are sending to all the attendance of the 57th Antiwar Assembly our revolutionary greetings.

We wanted you to have the press release of the immigrant workers in France, known as Black Vests, which have risen occupying the Pantheon in Paris.
The Black Vests, as the Yellow Vests did, come out to fight against imperialism and the oppressors. They are the most over-exploited sectors of the working class, which today are a huge example of struggle for all the workers of the world.

For that reason, we have been promoting this call of the Black Vests in the south of the African continent and internationally. Several organizations in Zimbabwe, South Africa and in other countries in Southern Africa have already adopted and endorsed that press release. Please find attached all the endorsements.

Comrades, we call your Assembly to adopt and endorse this press release of the black immigrant workers, so that we could reinforce their struggle, as we are all immigrant workers in this world, which has been turned into a filthy prison by the capitalists.
It would be important, comrades, if you could promote this call and send it to all the organizations that sent their solidarity messages to your Assembly, so they can endorse it as well.

We are one single class, one single struggle!

Revolutionary greetings

James S. and Jussa K.
For the Workers International League (WIL) – Zimbabwe


EEK (Workers Revolutionary Party)

Dear Comrades,

We pay tribute to the martyrs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the martyrs of humanity and victims of the most inhuman social system in history, world capitalism.

It is not just a moral obligation but our international revolutionary duty, particularly today, when the crisis ridden global imperialist capitalism in irreversible historical decline threatens again humanity and all living beings on Earth with annihilation.

In our region , in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Balkans, and the Middle East/North Africa imperialism and the conflicting global and local capitalist interests are spreading mass hunger, social devastation , and reactionary wars from Yemen to Iran and even to the shores of Cyprus and the Aegean Sea.
The task to fight back imperialism's war drive, expanding again internationally, is an urgent task for the international working class, first of al, and of its revolutionary communist internationalist vanguard.

A new workers’ revolutionary International is needed now more than ever to organize and lead our common struggles on the scale of the planet against globalized capitalist barbarism Because the dramatic dilemma posed again is nothing less than EitherWorld Socialism or Barbarism and nuclear catastrophe!

 with fraternal internationalist greetings

Savas Michael-Matsas, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the EEK (Workers Revolutionary Party) of Greece

 Athens August 1st, 2019


Тюменский областной комитет РКРП-КПСС и обком РОТ ФРОНТ

Уважаемые товарищи!

Мы приветствуем всех участников и гостей 57-й Интернациональной антивоенной ассамблеи, проходящей в условиях сложной международной обстановки, когда мир стоит на грани новой мировой войны.

Поддерживаем вашу борьбу против империализма и за мир во всем мире. Но вместе с этим отмечаем, что антивоенная борьба должна вестись не с абстрактно пацифистских позиций. Сложное положение в мировой политике показывает, что в этой борьбе нужно исходить из классовых позиций и учитывать причинно-следственные связи.

Капитализм всегда беременен войнами. Не Советский Союз начал Вторую мировую войну, а участники Антикоминтерновского пакта Германия, Италия и Япония. В ходе этой войны человечество понесло огромные потери. Именно США сбросили атомные бомбы на японские города Хиросима и Нагасаки. А в ходе ночного налёта на Токио 10 марта 1945 года 334 американских бомбардировщика сбросили на город почти полмиллиона зажигательных бомб. В результате сгорело и было разрушено более 330 тысяч домов, погибли по разным оценкам от 80 до 100 тысяч человек. По количеству жертв эта бомбардировка почти сравнялась с атомными бомбардировками Хиросимы и Нагасаки. И это лишь малое количество жертв войн, развязанных в угоду мировому капиталу.

Правящие круги США, окрыленные разрушительными возможностями ядерного оружия, немедленно начали готовить войну против СССР. Уже 15 сентября 1945 — спустя менее чем две недели после сдачи Японии и конца Второй мировой войны, а также немногим более месяца после бомбёжек Хиросимы и Нагасаки — появилась карта целей для американских ядерных бомбардировок на территории СССР (также рассматривалась возможность бомбардировок китайской Маньчжурии, занятой тогда советскими войсками). Против своего союзника по борьбе с Гитлером американцы хотели использовать «как минимум» 123 бомбы, а «оптимально» 466. Очевидно, что в этом случае количество жертв было бы намного больше, и война стала бы действительно планетарной. В этой связи моральным долгом СССР было не допустить такой войны, но в случае ее начала быть готовым к ней должным образом.

То, что СССР в те годы не представлял собой прямой угрозы для США в военном плане, однако, не мешало американцам готовить планы ядерной бомбардировки советских городов. В такой обстановке СССР под руководством И.В. Сталина был вынужден напрячь все силы, отвлечь ресурсы от восстановления страны после страшной войны и в кратчайшие сроки разработать собственное ядерное оружие. Это была необходимость, продиктованная временем и расстановкой геополитических сил. Отказаться от разработки своего оружия означало бы заведомый проигрыш в войне. 

Только достижение СССР паритета в стратегических ядерных силах, а также развитие систем ПВО, которые гарантированно могли нанести США неприемлемый для них ущерб, сохраняло мир на планете до уничтожения СССР предательской кликой Горбачева-Ельцина. Россия приняла от СССР в наследство стратегические ядерные силы и ПВО и благодаря этому продолжает сдерживать желание правящих кругов США погрузить мир в пучину очередной войны.

После 1945 г. США постоянно развязывают войны, устраняют законную государственную власть в других странах, которая мешает их агрессивным планам по сохранению их господства в мире. И сегодня опасность ядерной войны исходит из США, а не из Китая и России. Они вынуждены вооружаться, чтобы иметь паритет с США, с целью сохранения мира на Земле. Только страх неминуемого возмездия отрезвляет американских «ястребов» и не дает им развязать новую войну мирового масштаба. Поэтому мы вынуждены организаторам 57-й Интернациональной антивоенной ассамблеи напомнить, что вся угроза новой ядерной войны происходит не из-за соревнования США, Китая и России в гонке ядерных вооружений, не из-за соперничества США и Китая за гегемонию в мире, а из-за агрессивной политики США и НАТО.

Ситуация в Сирии как раз наглядно показывает всю суть захватнической политики США. Напоминаем, что война в Сирии началась в 2011 году после очередной «цветной» революции — попытки США и её союзников по НАТО, а также Саудовской Аравии, спонсора международного терроризма, свергнуть законную власть, как они уже до этого поступили в Египте, Ливии. Власть Асада в Сирии с помощью России прекратила войну, организованную США при помощи «Исламского государства». Трудящиеся Сирии поддержали Асада и продолжают поддерживать, поскольку обозначенный им политический курс гарантирует независимость и самостоятельное существование страны. Потому сегодняшней задачей является не критика государств, стремящихся не допустить на свою территорию силы НАТО, а всестороння поддержка их справедливой борьбы с «мировым жандармом». 

В 2011 году Россия и Китай допустили большую ошибку: не наложили вето в Совете безопасности ООН и не воспрепятствовали тем самым вмешательству США и НАТО во внутренние дела суверенного государства Ливийская Джамахирия. Тем самым допустили бомбардировки независимого государства, а затем вторжение войск НАТО в регион. В результате бомбардировок авиации НАТО разрушена страна, законный руководитель страны Муаммар Каддафи подвергнут издевательствам и жестоко убит, началась и продолжается до сих пор гражданская война, народ с достаточно высокого уровня жизни ввергнут в пучину нищеты, безысходности и теперь вынужден существовать под диктовку посаженного американцами правительства, которое проводит внутреннюю политику в угоду мировому диктатору. А огромная масса беженцев из Ливии продолжает наводнять Европу. Страны Европы спасены от агрессии террористов Исламского государства и не были заполнены мигрантами только потому, что в Сирии Асад, в том числе с помощью России, сумел дать отпор исламистам, вскормленным и поддерживаемым США, Турцией и Саудовской Аравией. Но США не отказываются от своих завоевательных планов и потому сегодня задача всего мирового сообщества оказывать содействие этой борьбе. Ведь именно в ней основа борьбы за мир, к которой призывает 57-я Интернациональная антивоенная ассамблея.

Страны НАТО постоянно поддерживают различные правые режимы, являющиеся форпостами интересов капитала, угнетающие народы и подавляющие рабочее движение. Они организуют в этих странах «цветные» революции, спонсируют террористические и антиправительственные группы, постоянно обучают агентов влияния. Не остаётся в стороне и Япония, которая постоянно поддерживает политику США и является одним из его главных союзников вне стран НАТО. В этих условиях проведение 57-й Интернациональной антивоенной ассамблеи — это очень важный шаг, который должен воздействовать на агрессивную политику США, НАТО и Японии, только так можно удержать мир от скатывания в пучину новой войны. Потому перед участниками ассамблеи стоит важная задача по наполнению этой борьбы классово верным содержанием и соответствием реалиям сегодняшней геополитической ситуации.  

Секретарь Тюменского
обкома РКРП-КПСС
и обкома РОТ ФРОНТа

А.К. Черепанов


Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)


To Anti War Assembly-Japan

Dear comrades, Workers and youth

Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA) strongly supports your bravely struggles against imperialism and war and thus express its fraternally solidarity with you.
Today, imperialist countries and the savage capitalist system to ensure their dirty interests and sustain their parasitic lives, wage war around the world and shed and suck the blood of millions of innocent people and civilians. They have been exploiting workers and youth in their homes and plunder the natural resources of poor countries around the world through direct military invasion and intervention. War, terrorism, economic and social crisis are the inseparable features of imperialism and capitalism. Until there is the domination of imperialism, and the workers and youth under the leadership of progressive parties do not organize mass movements and resistance worldwide against them, there will be no end to the sufferings and miseries of workers and youth.

The US imperialism together with NATO member countries including Japan, occupied Afghanistan in late 2001 and during nearly 19 years wild war, have killed hundreds of thousand people in Afghanistan and destroyed infrastructures and properties, promoted the country to the world number one producer of opium as well as imposed a corrupt administration under Karzai and Ghani governments and caused the high rate of unemployment and poverty in Afghanistan.
The people of Afghanistan demand immediate withdrawal of occupation forces and hands off their intervention to determining a dark future for Afghanistan and the region.
The people of Afghanistan in solidarity with the peace loving people of Japan and around the world, will keep continue their anti war and occupation resistance for a peaceful and just world for the workers and youth of Afghanistan and across the world.

In Solidarity

Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)
Afghanistan- August 03, 2019

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