JRCL Statements on the Iraqi war

Denounce the US-UK conquest of Iraq! (April 12th)
Denounce US / UK Imperialism Starting a War of Genocide on Iraqi People! (March 20th)

Denounce the US-UK conquest of Iraq!
Arouse a storm of international antiwar struggles
in solidarity with Iraqi people waging indomitable fights!

Don't Attack Iraq & Stop the Emergency Laws Rally
Called by the transport-related 20 trade unions (Tokyo, 21 March)
The aggressive forces of Anglo-American imperialism have brutally occupied the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. The blood-stained rogues are now swaggering about the country. At this very moment, they are committing murderous assaults on the Iraqi people as deceptively shouting, 'Sweep the terrorist remnants!'

We do not overlook these slaughterers enforcing their military occupation under the flag of 'a democratic Iraq' after massacring tens of thousands of Iraqi people. By no means! Even a bit of justice is not in their military attack on Iraq. Although US-UK warmongers were blaming Iraq for 'holding weapons of mass destruction', no pieces of such weapons were used in the war! It's not Iraq but Bush and Blair themselves who armed their troops with formidable weapons of mass destruction and actually used them against the people!

Iraqi people! We express our solidarity with you. In the face of this genocidal attack, you are fighting with indomitable spirit. Kick the invaders out through your burning fights based on anti-American Arab nationalism! Go forward over the corpse of the Saddam Hussein regime!

Sharing the deep anger with you, we are resolute to advance the struggle against imperialist America's military occupation of your land.

We appeal to peoples all over the world, particularly to people in the US and the UK! This criminal 'unjust war' must be answered with angry fists of the world working people indignant at the warmongers! Down with the warmongers' governments!


The statue of Saddam chained and pulled down by US soldiers together with a 'Iraqi crowd' cheerfully kicking the statue \ this is the reported image of 'Iraqi liberation'. It's, however, just a Hollywood movie of C class!

This spectacular scene is staged according to a Pentagon-made scenario from the beginning to the end. Most of the 'crowd' around the statue, less than 150, were press crews from the West, and the rest, 'dancing with joy', were fifty some 'extras' mobilized for food and dollars. Even part of the media has revealed the backstage.

For staging this cheap drama titled 'Iraqi liberation' without 'noise', the Yankee government consciously targeted media offices in Baghdad (including Al-Jazeera, Reuters, etc. who had been reporting numerous barbarities by American troops). Bombardments from US tanks killed and injured reporters. It's an outright attempt for blackout!


Bush and Blair shouted, 'It's a historic moment! After the dictator, freedom, peace and democracy have come!' Arrogant aggressors! You will surely be taught a lesson by raging anger of people in Iraq and around the whole Middle East!

We remember Iraqi eyes full of resentment. They were sitting beside the corpses of their kids with the skulls blown off by high-tech weapons. They are sunk in grief and burning with vengeful minds. We remember the eyes of captured Iraqi fighters. Their hands were bound behind them with wires, their heads pressed on the ground by US troops. Burning with hatred for the aggressors, they are resolved to fight back.

Egyptian President Mubarak said: This war will produce a hundred Osama bin Ladens.

Exactly! In the face of US barbarities upon their brothers and sisters in Iraq, Arab / Muslim volunteers have risen in succession from irrepressible indignation. Encouraged by Palestinian Muslim militants fighting boldly against butcher Sharon, Iraqi youths, and even a pregnant woman, are devoting their lives to martyrdom operations for jihad one after another. The arrogant aggressors must meet with courageous fight-backs against the military occupation.


'The US or the UK will not govern Iraq. The Iraqi people will.' It's only ridiculous! Even an attempt to form a post-Hussein government, called an interim authority, makes no progress. If the Bush administration will install Ahmed Chalabi, chairman of the Iraqi National Congress, for its head, this scandal-ridden exile known as America's puppet will surely be expelled by the Iraqi people. Another pro-West candidate, Shiite cleric Abdul Majid al-Khoei, has been executed by Shiite residents burning with anti-American indignation. However craftily the US government tries to establish its military control under the cover of an 'interim authority', it is fated to come aground

Hence, Gen. Tommy Franks as commander in chief of the invading forces and retired Lt. Gen. Jay Garner having dark connections with Zionist leaders in Israel. Charging this couple of gangsters with a leading role, the US government is carrying out an outright military control over the Iraqi people. 'By the Yankeedom, for the Yankeedom, of the Yankeedom' \ precisely this is the occupation of Iraq being attempted now.


We also sound the alarm. The 'successful result' in toppling the Hussein Regime has given a triumphant taste to the neo-conservative clan including Rumsfeld, Cheney and Wolfowitz. The Bush administration they lead is now starting to take Syria for next target, watching for an opportunity to attack it. The US government fears the rapid upsurge of anti-American struggles by Arab / Muslim people; for this very reason, the government is scheming for a military attack on Syria, alleging the country to 'have connections with terrorists'. Smash this arrogance! Don't let the Yankee Emperor continue to occupy Iraq! Stop another invasion or warmongering against the Arab / Muslim world!


We call on people all over the world! Don't stand by and just watch Iraqi people while they are bravely fighting against murderous attacks from imperialist America's occupation army! Bear in mind! The warmongers are still going on with murderous attacks on Iraqi people, trampling underfoot the antiwar calls from workers, students and people all over the world. Now is the time to rise in a resolute fight back against Bush, 'the worst criminal of the century'!

We must also note the following. German and French governments, who were raising strong objections to the 'use of force' before, have started to make shameless remarks ('we are pleased at the collapse of the dictatorial regime,' etc.) since the tide of the war turned favourable to the US-UK alliance though Iraq's 'weapons of mass destruction' they stressed the need to inspect have not been found. Now they are raising the banner of 'UN's initiative for reconstructing Iraq' to claim their shares in the war trophy (oil interests). Also are the Russian rulers.

Denounce these German, French and Russian rulers struggling for shares like hyenas on dead flesh!

We call on British and US people! Right after the beginning of the war, the Sweeny leadership of the AFL-CIO discarded its opposition to the 'use of force against Iraq', pressing the members to 'support the troops'. Denounce this leadership and rise in a resolute struggle under the banner, 'Smash the military occupation of Iraq! Fight to overthrow the Bush administration!' In Britain, The TUC General Council expressed its support for the war of aggression, following the leadership of the Labour Party. Denounce the TUC leadership! Fight to overthrow the Blair government!


We appeals to Japanese workers, students and people!

The neo-fascist Koizumi government has repeated its 'support for the war' like Bush's poodle no less faithful than Blair. In reward for their cooperation in the war, the Japanese rulers want to be allowed to participate in the US-led 'Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance'. They are planning to dispatch their Self-Defence Force troops. What is now also schemed amid the tensions of the Iraqi war is enactment of the Emergency Laws within the current Diet session. For this purpose the government is shouting, louder than ever, about the 'threat from North Korea'.

Let us strengthen the antiwar struggle! The central leadership of the Japanese Communist Party has joined in the chorus for 'UN-led reconstruction of Iraq' stressed by rulers in Germany, France and Russia. Revealing the criminal nature of JCP leaders' policy, let us advance the struggle under the banner: Denounce the US-UK military occupation of Iraq! Stop the enactment of the Emergency Laws!

Let us fight in solidarity with Iraqi people indomitably waging their anti-American struggles! Advance in solidarity with Arab / Muslim people bravely fighting on the basis of Islamic inter-nationalism!

Build up international antiwar struggles more strongly than ever! Smash the brutalities of aggressive warmongers!

April 12th 2003



At last, the blood-thirsty Bush administration started a military attack on Iraq at dawn on 20 March (after 11:00 a.m. JST). Roaring cruise missiles from American war vessels and jets are assaulting innocent people in Iraq, killing thousands of toiling masses in flames of explosion.

Why 'Operation Iraqi Freedom'! This is exactly a war of massacre against Iraqi soldiers and people, nothing else! This is the most horrible genocide in the world history.

We the JRCL-RMF denounce this war of genocide with burning indignation against Anglo-American imperialism. We also denounce the Koizumi government having expressed its 'support for the use of force' right after the war started. We strongly call on the workers and people in Japan to overthrow this government.


No 'cause' does this war have at all. The Bush administration was trying to justify its 'pre-emptive attack' plan at first by taking Iraq's 'development of weapons of mass destruction'. But, after UN inspectors reported no 'evidence for the weapons of mass destruction', Bush announced one-sidedly that the UN did not play its part. Then this arrogant government began shouting that the use of force was needed for 'freeing Iraqi people from their oppressor, the Saddam Hussein regime'.

What an arbitrary and selfish justification! Say who holds the largest quantity of nuclear weapons of the world! Who has developed the most dangerous bio-chemical weapons? Who has produced that horrible 'MOAB', dubbed the Mother of All Bombs, and is now joyfully using it in practice? It is the United States that must be branded as the worst 'Rogue Empire' of the world. Is this rogue going 'to free the Iraqi people'? Nonsense! Sinking Iraqi people in a sea of blood, exposing children to radioactivity from depleted uranium munitions, and destroying the life lines for the people, still Bush calls it 'freedom'!

Here is the culminant inhumanity of the Yankee rulers, who unquestioningly believe it a 'divine calling' and 'enduring justice' to impose their faith in 'freedom, democracy and market' upon the rest of the world.

For such an imprudent justification for warmongering, George W. Bush must be called a neo-Hitler. Stop this atrocious war by the neo-Hitler in the 21st century!


Against the US-led assault on Iraq based on Bush's 'strategy for pre-emptive attack' angers are boiling and spreading all over the world. Pressed by the historic upsurge of peoples' struggle against the war, power holders in France and Germany have raised an objection to the 'use of force against Iraq' - from their pride in being the 'old Europe', who are still haunted by the nightmare of the Second World War and shoulder the negative history of the Nazi-led holocaust. In the face of the French and German opposition, joined by Russia and China, the US and UK failed to win a UN mandate for the 'use of force'. Here the so-called 'coalition against terrorism' among members of the UN Security Council and the NATO, formed in the wake of the September 11 attacks, has completely collapsed. This event has an epoch-making significance in that the US 'empire' has lost its overwhelming influence for the world domination based on its unilateralism - which has lasted since the end of the Cold War, particularly reaching its peak with the 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia \ in the arena of international politics.

The on-going outrage by Bush and Blair is just a desperate attempt by the warmongers, who have been driven into an impasse by the tidal waves of 'antiwar' struggles all over the world. Now is the time to put the warmongers into a dead end!


We call on workers and people all over the world!

Do everything in your power to stop the genocide on Iraqi people! Break the war of aggression started by the militarist empire! Break the war that the sole superpower has begun for plunging Iraq, and the entire Middle East, into another colony of America in the name of 'liberation of the Iraqi people' and 'democratization of the Middle East'! Stop declining imperialist America rushing to a military neo-colonialism! Smash the wild run of the neo-Nazism based on the Echelon system! Besiege and beat Bush, together with his poodle, with thunderous antiwar struggles by the working people! Overthrow your home government that supports Bush's atrocities! In response to European workers calling for a united antiwar strike and protest, rise in a resolute struggle here and now!

We appeal to workers, students and citizens in Japan!

In the Presidential announcement, Bush shamelessly boasted, 'More than 35 countries are giving support' to the military attack. In the forefront of the only '35 counties' stands the Japanese government headed by Koizumi. After he quibbled a week ago that 'following the public opinion makes a mistake', Koizumi has now finally expressed, 'I support President Bush's policy, the use of force'. He has issued a war readiness order to an Aegis war vessel, which he sent to the Arabian Sea for the day X. It's an unbearable shame for the Japanese working people to see him giving such an obvious support for the war.

Workers, students and citizens! Rise in a struggle to stop the war of aggression on Iraq immediately! Block Japan's participation in the war!

Overthrow the Koizumi government fawning upon warmonger Bush like a faithful dog doing on its master!


At this critical moment, we strongly call on all the workers, students and citizens in Japan to fight together for a radical overcoming of the present weakness in the Japanese antiwar peace movement.

The Democratic Party of Japan and the leadership of Rengo [JTUC] are expressing their 'objection' only to the 'military attack without a UN resolution (or without support from the so-called international community)'. Their 'opposition' does not mean that they stand with Iraqi people, who are now targeted by US missiles. They 'oppose' just from their concerns about Japan's 'international relations' and 'national interests'. They are exactly the same clan that unanimously supported the aggressive war in Afghanistan and the bloody bombing of Yugoslavia, which were supported by what they called the 'international community'.

The most criminal role is being played by the leadership of the Japanese Communist Party. JCP leaders have proposed 'a better alternative' to Bush and Koizumi, saying 'For continuation of the UN inspection' to 'disarm Iraq'. Instead of exposing that Bush's blame on Iraq for 'developing weapons of mass destruction' is a deception by the most dangerous holder of 'weapons of mass destruction', this party's leadership has followed and repeated Bush's phrase, saying 'Iraq must stop its development of weapons of mass destruction and disarm'. It's a crime, an irrevocable crime.

Squarely confront with this degeneration of peace movement led by the self-styled 'progressive' parties or the official leadership of labour movement! Overcoming their degeneration, let us advance antiwar struggles resolutely!


All the workers and people!

Now is the time to rise in a united struggle consistently based on proletarian internationalism under the banner: Stop the war of aggression against Iraq! Let us fight together in solidarity with Muslim people rising in a bold 'anti-American, anti-Zionist' struggle based on Islamic inter-nationalism!
Burn antiwar struggles world wide! Kick out warmonger Bush and Blair into hell!

Don't stand by while Iraqi people are being killed!

(20 March, 2003)