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The 58th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan
August 2nd 2020

The Executive Committee for the 58th International Antiwar Assembly
All-Japan Federation of Students' Self-Governing Associations [Zengakuren]
Antiwar Youth Committee
Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction) [JRCL (RMF)]

Overseas Appeal for the
58th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan

Create an antiwar struggle to
break through the crisis of war
erupting amid the US-China cold war!

We call on all comrades, as well as all workers, students and intellectuals who are striving across the world to oppose wars, tyrannies and poverty.

Today, we are placed in the middle of a world-historical upheaval where one era ends and another begins.

After its first outbreak in Wuhan, China, the new coronavirus swept across the world in no time, riding on the free movement of 'people, goods and money' across borders, on a tide of the so-called global economy. Those who were frightened at this pandemic were state rulers and capitalists, who had been intoxicated with a global expansion of the capitalist economy. In a flurry, rulers closed borders and locked down cities, while capitalists stopped production. Then, with inexcusable cruelty, they sacked and abandoned workers to save their profits.

The world economy has frozen up instantly. What has become tangible amid this 'pandemic depression' is a cruel class division in a classic, 19th century form, together with impoverishment. This means that a death convulsion of late capitalism has started. In the words of Karl Marx, late capitalism is producing its gravediggers every day.

This is not all. Amid the ongoing pandemic, today's world has turned all at once to the 'US-China cold war', which may cause a fire of war at any moment. Its active element is China, the neo-Stalinist state that shamelessly displays the anti-Marxist flag of 'market socialism'. 'The COVID-19 pandemic has brought an end to the American century' is an undisguised expression that appeared in a Chinese official newspaper. The Xi Jinping government of China, witnessing American imperialism writhing in agonies from the rampant coronavirus infection, started to accelerate its political and military offensives, as much as to say 'The time has come', towards the achievement of 'China's dream' to become the ruler of the world in place of US imperialism by the middle of the century. 'The 21st century's Tiananmen repression' against the Hong Kong people, or the strangling of 'one country, two systems', is the signal gunfire that shows this ambition of the Chinese bureaucracy. With this as an impetus, the real possibility of the outbreak of a Third World War is increasing.

We call on workers and people all over the world. War begets poverty, and poverty begets war. Now is the time for the world working class to unite and develop an antiwar struggle to break through the danger of the outbreak of war created amid the US-China cold war, simultaneously with a politico-economic struggle to beat up the government and the ruling class who are dumping all their troubles on the working class amid the pandemic depression.

We are holding the 58th International Antiwar Assemblies on August 2nd in Tokyo and six other cities in Japan. We call on people across the world who are suffering from wars and poverty. With one heart and mind, let us launch a struggle aimed to change the 'dark 21st century' into a brilliant proletarian century!

A bitter clash between the US and China with its focus on Hong Kong and Taiwan!

With extreme arrogance, the Chinese government of Xi Jinping enforced the 'Hong Kong National Security Law' on July 1st. The police arrested protesting people one after another, branding them 'tools of foreign forces'. The Xi leadership launched the brutality of arresting anyone who would fight for Hong Kong's 'independence', controlling the Hong Kong people directly under the Chinese government and military, and finally demolishing 'one country, two systems'. This truly reveals the blood-smeared nature of Stalinist rulers that they have kept concealed behind the signboard of 'socialist market economy', which dazzles greedy capitalists.

This outrageous act by the Beijing bureaucracy is naturally provoking the Taiwanese government of Tsai Ing-wen to incline towards 'independence'. However, the Xi government defines it as a 'core interest' for China to unify Taiwan in the course of time. This government consciously left out the word 'peaceful' from the previous expression 'peaceful unification of Taiwan' in its report submitted to the annual National People's Congress. What's more, based on the de facto territorialization of the South China Sea, this government is now intensifying its moves to seize the Senkaku (Diaoyu) Islands in the East China Sea, and expansively deploying its naval and air forces to the Taiwan Strait and further to the Western Pacific.

In opposition to these acts of the Xi Jinping government to unyieldingly realize its 'Chino-centric nationalism' outwards, the Trump-led US administration applied ineffective 'sanctions' against the destruction of Hong Kong's 'one country, two systems', and is now repeatedly carrying out military demonstrations in the Taiwan Strait to support the Tsai Ing-wen government.

The Taiwan Strait is thus in a highly volatile situation, where US and Chinese forces are carrying out military actions against each other.

The Xi Jinping government holds up the national objective of building a 'great contemporarized socialist country' by 2049, the centenary of its national foundation, and has the world strategy designed for the Chinese state to rule the world as 'the centre of the world'. Towards this national objective, neo-Stalinist China has now started an all-out dash under the leadership of Xi Jinping.

In collaboration with the Xi government, Putin-led Russia has launched a challenge to US imperialism. Russia is still a great nuclear power next to the US. With the aim of achieving its national strategy to 'restore Russia as a great power', it forms an effective military alliance with China. Under the pretext that he would achieve this 'restoration', Putin, posing as today's Ivan the Terrible, forcibly revised the Constitution in order to make it possible for him to remain in power until 2036, thus strengthening the authoritarian and military ruling system.

Amid this cold war between the US and China (with Russia), the Trump administration is bent on containing China, which is ambitious to be the 'world ruler', while holding the banner 'Keep America Great' with unreserved state egoism (and with the aim of recovering from an adverse situation in the Presidential elections just four months away). This is accompanied by a shrill cry to prevent 'Chinese Communist Party's dictatorship' or its 'authoritarian model' from 'expanding around the world' (the recent report to the Congress). The key to this policy is to form a military network to contain China by mobilizing its allies, US-servile Japan and Australia.

Amid the pandemic, the neo-Stalinist state of China, which has started operations to seize the 'hegemony' of the 21st century world from America, and the declining imperialist state of America, which is frantic to prevent it, are clashing head-on in every respect. Under this US-China cold war, the danger of war is mounting with unprecedented intensity.

The nuclear capability build-up race intensifying between the US and China-Russia

In order to consolidate the South China Sea literally as its 'territories', the Xi government has established new 'administrative districts' on the Xisha (Paracel) and Nansha (Spratly) Islands, and is preparing to set up an air defence identification zone over the South China Sea. Further, this government has deployed two thousand intermediate-range missiles on the Chinese mainland like a line of spears, which target US aircraft carriers and the US base on Guam, which is the US military's key fortress in East Asia, as well as those bases in Japan.

In response to this rapid build-up of the Chinese army, navy and air forces, the Trump administration is mobilizing its fleets into the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait to make military threats within a stone's throw from Chinese forces. On July 4th, when Chinese forces were conducting exercises in the South China Sea, the US administration dared to send its two nuclear-powered aircraft carriers to the same area and conducted military exercises in opposition to China. It's really a hair-trigger situation.

In this connection, the Japanese government led by Shinzo Abe suddenly withdrew its plan to deploy US-made 'Aegis Ashore' land-based missile defence systems, which the government had promoted since it had obediently accepted Trump's demand. However, this government is willing to accept another demand of the US administration that the Japanese army possess a capability to pre-emptively attack military bases of North Korea and China.

Centring on the competitive deployment of inter-mediate range ballistic missiles in East Asia, the imperialist US and China are bent on strengthening their nuclear capabilities against each other.

The Trump administration one-sidedly withdrew the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Force Treaty with Russia, regarding it as a hindrance to its nuclear build-up. It is now rejecting the extension of the New START arms control treaty, saying that an arms reduction talk without China is of no use. In response, Chinese and Russian governments are developing and deploying new types of missiles that can break through the US missile defence systems.

Thus, it must be said that the nuclear capability build-up race between the US and China-Russia is intensifying on a new level. What's worse, US, Chinese and Russian rulers are bent on developing biological and chemical weapons. The origin of the new coronavirus is a virus laboratory in Wuhan, where researches on viruses have been conducted under the supervision of the Chinese military; now that US, Chinese and Russian rulers have witnessed the pandemic, they will no doubt accelerate their developments of BC weapons.

Bring down the state rulers who are imposing war and poverty on toiling people amid the pandemic depression!

Workers and toiling people in the world!

In the Middle East, the Trump administration is escalating economic sanctions and military pressure on the anti-American, Shiite state of Iran, which is rising with the support of Russia and China. The danger of war is growing in the Persian Gulf and throughout the Middle East. Under the aegis of Donald Trump, the Netanyahu-led Israeli government is stepping up its drive to annex Jewish settlements in the Palestine territories in the West Bank to Israel. Denounce Israel the occupier of Palestine! In Syria, the Bashar al-Assad government, which is under the patronage of Russia, is continuing to drop bombs to massacre people in Idlib, the last stronghold of antigovernment forces. Condemn this barbarity!

Workers and toiling people in the world!

Monopoly capitalists of all countries are making merciless attacks on workers with mass dismissals and wage cuts. Poor, non-regular workers, coloured and migrant in particular, who are forced to work in wretched working conditions for low wages and sacked in the end, are now driven to starvation and deaths from infection. Owing to governments' artificial boosting of stock prices, capitalists and financiers who are busy playing 'money games' have amassed immense wealth for the last few months. While rulers of all countries are pouring huge quantities of government money into saving monopoly capitalists, they are leaving poverty-stricken people in the lurch. Mass protests against 'racial discrimination' and against 'widening disparities' - now spreading from the US to Britain and other European countries, and to all over the world, regardless of race or colour - are precisely rebellions of impoverished workers against this reality.

The 'disparity' between rich and poor that is widening amid the pandemic is nothing but the opposition between the exploiters and the exploited. Amid the pandemic depression, the class division between capitalists and workers has manifested itself in a tangible form. The same can be said of China. In this country, which calls itself the 'country of market socialism', two hundred million peasant workers have been sacked and thrown on the streets. This is not all. Rulers of capitalist states are hell-bent on strengthening their coercive ruling systems by even throwing away the guise of bourgeois democracy. We call on people fighting across the world. Unite as a working class and launch a fight back against these capitalists and state rulers, who are imposing sacrifices onto workers.

By saying 'We are at war', French ruler Emmanuel Macron has been suppressing strikes, demonstrations and protest rallies of trade unions fighting against the government plan of revising the pension system. The Pinera-led Chilean government mobilized military troops to suppress the antigovernment struggle that had spread like wildfire throughout the country. The situations are the same in Argentina and in Greece. By exploiting 'measures against infection' to their own advantages, state rulers are strengthening their coercive ruling systems. We must not allow this. Let us fight back!

It is only the internationally united struggle of the working class now exploited and ruled that is capable of overturning the dark 21st century world covered by the crisis of war and poverty. Workers and toiling people in the world! Awake to the root cause and necessity of the collapse of the Stalinist USSR (in 1991), pseudo-socialism, which styled itself as 'a great socialist state' and swayed and confused the 20th century world. Now is the time to take a new step forward towards the building of genuine socialism and communism, by abolishing the state and all classes! We, the revolutionary left in Japan, who have been striving to create the organizational struggle of the working class that fights against imperialism and Stalinism, will stand in the forefront of this struggle.

Workers and toiling people in the world!

Let us create an antiwar struggle to break through the crisis of war erupting amid the US-China cold war! Let us oppose the nuclear capability race between the US and China-Russia!

Encircled by the mass protests of Japanese people, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is showing signs of a downfall and yet clinging to power to look for a chance to make a neo-fascistic revision of the Constitution of Japan. Nevertheless, the leadership of the Japanese Trade Union Confederation, the biggest trade union national centre in Japan, is deeply immersed in tripartite government-labour-management talks, while suppressing workers' struggles to oppose the Abe government. Worse still is the Japanese Communist Party; the central leadership of this party is avowing that it refrains from calling for the overthrow of the Abe government, as 'this is a national emergency'. By denouncing and overcoming these degenerate attitudes of the established opposition leaderships, we have been organizing counterattacks against the Abe government in workplaces and campuses.

On May 8th, in the middle of the state of emergency declared by PM Abe, militant students of Zengakuren staged an emergency protest in front of the PM's Office in Tokyo. Braving the police repression, they fought resolutely under the banner, 'Bring down the Abe government which is leaving the masses in the lurch!' On June 14th, Zengakuren and Antiwar Youths carried out a militant demonstration in Tokyo, marching on the PM's Office and the US Embassy. Their voices calling for a revolutionary antiwar struggle to break through the crisis of war created by the US-China cold war went up in the heart of the metropolis.

Workers and toiling people in the world!

Let us join together and create a grand swell of the antiwar struggle! The anger of toiling people in the world who are made to pay for the pandemic depression is building up more than ever. Raise this anger to working-class awareness and fight to revive the proletarian class struggle worldwide. Now is the time to create the unity of the working class across borders! (July 4th, 2020)

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