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The 58th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan
August 2nd 2020

The Executive Committee for the 58th International Antiwar Assembly
All-Japan Federation of Students' Self-Governing Associations [Zengakuren]
Antiwar Youth Committee
Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction) [JRCL (RMF)]

The central meeting in Tokyo

Messages of solidarity from overseas

Overseas Appeal for the
58th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan

Create an antiwar struggle to
break through the crisis of war
erupting amid the US-China cold war!

We call on all comrades, as well as all workers, students and intellectuals who are striving across the world to oppose wars, tyrannies and poverty.

Today, we are placed in the middle of a world-historical upheaval where one era ends and another begins.

After its first outbreak in Wuhan, China, the new coronavirus swept across the world in no time, riding on the free movement of 'people, goods and money' across borders, on a tide of the so-called global economy. Those who were frightened at this pandemic were state rulers and capitalists, who had been intoxicated with a global expansion of the capitalist economy. In a flurry, rulers closed borders and locked down cities, while capitalists stopped production. Then, with inexcusable cruelty, they sacked and abandoned workers to save their profits.

The world economy has frozen up instantly. What has become tangible amid this 'pandemic depression' is a cruel class division in a classic, 19th century form, together with impoverishment. This means that a death convulsion of late capitalism has started. In the words of Karl Marx, late capitalism is producing its gravediggers every day.

This is not all. Amid the ongoing pandemic, today's world has turned all at once to the 'US-China cold war', which may cause a fire of war at any moment. Its active element is China, the neo-Stalinist state that shamelessly displays the anti-Marxist flag of 'market socialism'. 'The COVID-19 pandemic has brought an end to the American century' is an undisguised expression that appeared in a Chinese official newspaper. The Xi Jinping government of China, witnessing American imperialism writhing in agonies from the rampant coronavirus infection, started to accelerate its political and military offensives, as much as to say 'The time has come', towards the achievement of 'China's dream' to become the ruler of the world in place of US imperialism by the middle of the century. 'The 21st century's Tiananmen repression' against the Hong Kong people, or the strangling of 'one country, two systems', is the signal gunfire that shows this ambition of the Chinese bureaucracy. With this as an impetus, the real possibility of the outbreak of a Third World War is increasing.

We call on workers and people all over the world. War begets poverty, and poverty begets war. Now is the time for the world working class to unite and develop an antiwar struggle to break through the danger of the outbreak of war created amid the US-China cold war, simultaneously with a politico-economic struggle to beat up the government and the ruling class who are dumping all their troubles on the working class amid the pandemic depression.

We are holding the 58th International Antiwar Assemblies on August 2nd in Tokyo and six other cities in Japan. We call on people across the world who are suffering from wars and poverty. With one heart and mind, let us launch a struggle aimed to change the 'dark 21st century' into a brilliant proletarian century!

A bitter clash between the US and China with its focus on Hong Kong and Taiwan!

With extreme arrogance, the Chinese government of Xi Jinping enforced the 'Hong Kong National Security Law' on July 1st. The police arrested protesting people one after another, branding them 'tools of foreign forces'. The Xi leadership launched the brutality of arresting anyone who would fight for Hong Kong's 'independence', controlling the Hong Kong people directly under the Chinese government and military, and finally demolishing 'one country, two systems'. This truly reveals the blood-smeared nature of Stalinist rulers that they have kept concealed behind the signboard of 'socialist market economy', which dazzles greedy capitalists.

This outrageous act by the Beijing bureaucracy is naturally provoking the Taiwanese government of Tsai Ing-wen to incline towards 'independence'. However, the Xi government defines it as a 'core interest' for China to unify Taiwan in the course of time. This government consciously left out the word 'peaceful' from the previous expression 'peaceful unification of Taiwan' in its report submitted to the annual National People's Congress. What's more, based on the de facto territorialization of the South China Sea, this government is now intensifying its moves to seize the Senkaku (Diaoyu) Islands in the East China Sea, and expansively deploying its naval and air forces to the Taiwan Strait and further to the Western Pacific.

In opposition to these acts of the Xi Jinping government to unyieldingly realize its 'Chino-centric nationalism' outwards, the Trump-led US administration applied ineffective 'sanctions' against the destruction of Hong Kong's 'one country, two systems', and is now repeatedly carrying out military demonstrations in the Taiwan Strait to support the Tsai Ing-wen government.

The Taiwan Strait is thus in a highly volatile situation, where US and Chinese forces are carrying out military actions against each other.

The Xi Jinping government holds up the national objective of building a 'great contemporarized socialist country' by 2049, the centenary of its national foundation, and has the world strategy designed for the Chinese state to rule the world as 'the centre of the world'. Towards this national objective, neo-Stalinist China has now started an all-out dash under the leadership of Xi Jinping.

In collaboration with the Xi government, Putin-led Russia has launched a challenge to US imperialism. Russia is still a great nuclear power next to the US. With the aim of achieving its national strategy to 'restore Russia as a great power', it forms an effective military alliance with China. Under the pretext that he would achieve this 'restoration', Putin, posing as today's Ivan the Terrible, forcibly revised the Constitution in order to make it possible for him to remain in power until 2036, thus strengthening the authoritarian and military ruling system.

Amid this cold war between the US and China (with Russia), the Trump administration is bent on containing China, which is ambitious to be the 'world ruler', while holding the banner 'Keep America Great' with unreserved state egoism (and with the aim of recovering from an adverse situation in the Presidential elections just four months away). This is accompanied by a shrill cry to prevent 'Chinese Communist Party's dictatorship' or its 'authoritarian model' from 'expanding around the world' (the recent report to the Congress). The key to this policy is to form a military network to contain China by mobilizing its allies, US-servile Japan and Australia.

Amid the pandemic, the neo-Stalinist state of China, which has started operations to seize the 'hegemony' of the 21st century world from America, and the declining imperialist state of America, which is frantic to prevent it, are clashing head-on in every respect. Under this US-China cold war, the danger of war is mounting with unprecedented intensity.

The nuclear capability build-up race intensifying between the US and China-Russia

In order to consolidate the South China Sea literally as its 'territories', the Xi government has established new 'administrative districts' on the Xisha (Paracel) and Nansha (Spratly) Islands, and is preparing to set up an air defence identification zone over the South China Sea. Further, this government has deployed two thousand intermediate-range missiles on the Chinese mainland like a line of spears, which target US aircraft carriers and the US base on Guam, which is the US military's key fortress in East Asia, as well as those bases in Japan.

In response to this rapid build-up of the Chinese army, navy and air forces, the Trump administration is mobilizing its fleets into the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait to make military threats within a stone's throw from Chinese forces. On July 4th, when Chinese forces were conducting exercises in the South China Sea, the US administration dared to send its two nuclear-powered aircraft carriers to the same area and conducted military exercises in opposition to China. It's really a hair-trigger situation.

In this connection, the Japanese government led by Shinzo Abe suddenly withdrew its plan to deploy US-made 'Aegis Ashore' land-based missile defence systems, which the government had promoted since it had obediently accepted Trump's demand. However, this government is willing to accept another demand of the US administration that the Japanese army possess a capability to pre-emptively attack military bases of North Korea and China.

Centring on the competitive deployment of inter-mediate range ballistic missiles in East Asia, the imperialist US and China are bent on strengthening their nuclear capabilities against each other.

The Trump administration one-sidedly withdrew the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Force Treaty with Russia, regarding it as a hindrance to its nuclear build-up. It is now rejecting the extension of the New START arms control treaty, saying that an arms reduction talk without China is of no use. In response, Chinese and Russian governments are developing and deploying new types of missiles that can break through the US missile defence systems.

Thus, it must be said that the nuclear capability build-up race between the US and China-Russia is intensifying on a new level. What's worse, US, Chinese and Russian rulers are bent on developing biological and chemical weapons. The origin of the new coronavirus is a virus laboratory in Wuhan, where researches on viruses have been conducted under the supervision of the Chinese military; now that US, Chinese and Russian rulers have witnessed the pandemic, they will no doubt accelerate their developments of BC weapons.

Bring down the state rulers who are imposing war and poverty on toiling people amid the pandemic depression!

Workers and toiling people in the world!

In the Middle East, the Trump administration is escalating economic sanctions and military pressure on the anti-American, Shiite state of Iran, which is rising with the support of Russia and China. The danger of war is growing in the Persian Gulf and throughout the Middle East. Under the aegis of Donald Trump, the Netanyahu-led Israeli government is stepping up its drive to annex Jewish settlements in the Palestine territories in the West Bank to Israel. Denounce Israel the occupier of Palestine! In Syria, the Bashar al-Assad government, which is under the patronage of Russia, is continuing to drop bombs to massacre people in Idlib, the last stronghold of antigovernment forces. Condemn this barbarity!

Workers and toiling people in the world!

Monopoly capitalists of all countries are making merciless attacks on workers with mass dismissals and wage cuts. Poor, non-regular workers, coloured and migrant in particular, who are forced to work in wretched working conditions for low wages and sacked in the end, are now driven to starvation and deaths from infection. Owing to governments' artificial boosting of stock prices, capitalists and financiers who are busy playing 'money games' have amassed immense wealth for the last few months. While rulers of all countries are pouring huge quantities of government money into saving monopoly capitalists, they are leaving poverty-stricken people in the lurch. Mass protests against 'racial discrimination' and against 'widening disparities' - now spreading from the US to Britain and other European countries, and to all over the world, regardless of race or colour - are precisely rebellions of impoverished workers against this reality.

The 'disparity' between rich and poor that is widening amid the pandemic is nothing but the opposition between the exploiters and the exploited. Amid the pandemic depression, the class division between capitalists and workers has manifested itself in a tangible form. The same can be said of China. In this country, which calls itself the 'country of market socialism', two hundred million peasant workers have been sacked and thrown on the streets. This is not all. Rulers of capitalist states are hell-bent on strengthening their coercive ruling systems by even throwing away the guise of bourgeois democracy. We call on people fighting across the world. Unite as a working class and launch a fight back against these capitalists and state rulers, who are imposing sacrifices onto workers.

By saying 'We are at war', French ruler Emmanuel Macron has been suppressing strikes, demonstrations and protest rallies of trade unions fighting against the government plan of revising the pension system. The Pinera-led Chilean government mobilized military troops to suppress the antigovernment struggle that had spread like wildfire throughout the country. The situations are the same in Argentina and in Greece. By exploiting 'measures against infection' to their own advantages, state rulers are strengthening their coercive ruling systems. We must not allow this. Let us fight back!

It is only the internationally united struggle of the working class now exploited and ruled that is capable of overturning the dark 21st century world covered by the crisis of war and poverty. Workers and toiling people in the world! Awake to the root cause and necessity of the collapse of the Stalinist USSR (in 1991), pseudo-socialism, which styled itself as 'a great socialist state' and swayed and confused the 20th century world. Now is the time to take a new step forward towards the building of genuine socialism and communism, by abolishing the state and all classes! We, the revolutionary left in Japan, who have been striving to create the organizational struggle of the working class that fights against imperialism and Stalinism, will stand in the forefront of this struggle.

Workers and toiling people in the world!

Let us create an antiwar struggle to break through the crisis of war erupting amid the US-China cold war! Let us oppose the nuclear capability race between the US and China-Russia!

Encircled by the mass protests of Japanese people, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is showing signs of a downfall and yet clinging to power to look for a chance to make a neo-fascistic revision of the Constitution of Japan. Nevertheless, the leadership of the Japanese Trade Union Confederation, the biggest trade union national centre in Japan, is deeply immersed in tripartite government-labour-management talks, while suppressing workers' struggles to oppose the Abe government. Worse still is the Japanese Communist Party; the central leadership of this party is avowing that it refrains from calling for the overthrow of the Abe government, as 'this is a national emergency'. By denouncing and overcoming these degenerate attitudes of the established opposition leaderships, we have been organizing counterattacks against the Abe government in workplaces and campuses.

On May 8th, in the middle of the state of emergency declared by PM Abe, militant students of Zengakuren staged an emergency protest in front of the PM's Office in Tokyo. Braving the police repression, they fought resolutely under the banner, 'Bring down the Abe government which is leaving the masses in the lurch!' On June 14th, Zengakuren and Antiwar Youths carried out a militant demonstration in Tokyo, marching on the PM's Office and the US Embassy. Their voices calling for a revolutionary antiwar struggle to break through the crisis of war created by the US-China cold war went up in the heart of the metropolis.

Workers and toiling people in the world!

Let us join together and create a grand swell of the antiwar struggle! The anger of toiling people in the world who are made to pay for the pandemic depression is building up more than ever. Raise this anger to working-class awareness and fight to revive the proletarian class struggle worldwide. Now is the time to create the unity of the working class across borders! (July 4th, 2020)

The 58th International Antiwar Assemblies

August 2nd, 2020, Japan

  The 58th International Antiwar Assemblies were held on August 2nd in Tokyo and six other cities in Japan: Sapporo (in Hokkaido), Kanazawa (in the Hokuriku Region), Nagoya (in the Tokai Region), Osaka (in the Kansai Region), Fukuoka (in Kyushu) and Okinawa City (in Okinawa Prefecture).

On the pretext of ‘taking anti-virus measures’, many state rulers of the world are intent on repressing mass movements while strengthening their coercive, authoritarian ruling systems. In Japan, the ultra-reactionary government led by Shinzo Abe took this opportunity to strangle workers’ and students’ movements against the government. Despite the difficult situation, we resolutely realized the historic revolutionary event by surmounting every obstacle.

The venue of each assembly was filled with militant workers and students, who had been promoting struggles in their workplaces and campuses under difficult conditions and came together with unwavering confidence.


Following is a brief report of the central meeting held in Tokyo. (See the picture above.)

‘The world today, amid the ongoing pandemic, has turned all at once to the US-China cold war, which may cause a real fire of war at any moment. We shall never allow a warmongering act by American and Chinese rulers who are struggling for world hegemony.’ With this strong statement from the comrade who chaired the session, the Assembly started.

In an enthusiastic atmosphere, the keynote reporter started his report: ‘US imperialism, suffering agonies from the rampant coronavirus infection, and the neo-Stalinist state of China, using this opportunity to become the ruler of the world, are clashing head-on, with a focus on Hong Kong and Taiwan.’ ‘Chinese rulers have launched an all-out offensive to achieve the state objective of becoming the “great contemporarized socialist country”, which will surpass the US. Faced with this offensive, US imperialists are frantic to crush it by stressing the need to build “an alliance of democracies” against “the Chinese Communist Party’s ambition” to dominate the world, as US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on July 23rd.’ The keynote reporter sounded an alarm, saying ‘US and Chinese rulers are conducting military exercises against each other in the South China Sea by mobilizing naval and air forces, thus intensifying the danger of war.’ He called on participants and working people all over the world:










‘Let us break through the crisis of war erupting amid the US-China cold war! Let us fight for a revolutionary change of this world!’ The participants shared the spirit of his appeal, renewing their determination to promote a revolutionary antiwar struggle internationally.

The keynote reporter also stressed: ‘Greedy monopoly capitalists are imposing dismissals, wage cuts and other cruel burdens on working people, for their own survival of the pandemic depression. We must promote fightbacks against these offensives in solidarity with the toiling masses all over the world, and fight to overthrow the government that is bent on saving monopoly capitalists.’ The participants expressed their agreements with enthusiastic applause.


After an intermission, messages of solidarity from foreign comrades were read one after another. The Assembly was greeted by eighteen organizations from twenty countries (two of which we received after the Assemblies). See the names below.

Participants listened to every massage with great internationalist interests and enthusiasm. From the messages, they learned how the respective organizations were fighting amid the pandemic and how they were viewing the current international situation. Receiving these messages of solidarity from comrades fighting in other countries, Japanese workers and students strengthened their resolve to build international solidarity.


In the next session, an education worker spoke for militant workers fighting on the labour front. He expressed his resolve to promote an antiwar struggle. He also reported the present fights of education workers. The education ministry is not only ordering teachers ‘to make up losses from suspension of classes’ but also imposing on them all varieties of anti-virus work without increasing personnel. ‘Amid such a situation’, he said, ‘we are promoting fightbacks against intensified labour and strengthening our trade union organizations by organizing discussions among trade union members in opposition to degenerate leaders who would not listen to the voices of lank-and-file members.’

Finally, the Vice-Chairman of Zengakuren took the platform. ‘On May 8th, Zengakuren fighters appeared in front of the Prime Minister’s Office despite the strict police alert amid the state of emergency. Wearing white Zengakuren helmets, they carried out a protest action under the banner: Down with the Abe government.’ After this encouraging report, he referred to activities in campuses. ‘Taking advantage of anti-coronavirus measures, university authorities launched offensives to destroy student associations. But Zengakuren smashed them.’ Participants responded to his triumphant report with great applause.

Throughout the sessions of the Assembly, the way forward was shown for the revolutionary overturn of the 21st century world now covered with the crisis of war, poverty and oppression. All participants renewed their resolve to fight on with burning passion.


The Shinzo Abe-led government, although showing signs of its fall, is bent on Japan’s possession of ‘capability for pre-emptive strike on enemy bases’, i.e. on China and North Korea. By accepting the military demand from the Trump administration, the government is promoting the Japanese state into a military power. We, militant Japanese workers and students, are fighting all out to topple this reactionary government. We are also developing politico-economic struggles against the government and the capitalists who are imposing all sacrifices on the toiling masses.


Comrades all over the world!

The only power that can overturn the 21st century world of darkness and open a brilliant future lies in an internationally united struggle of the working class. Let us fight together!



Messages of solidarity from overseas

Click the name of each to see the text.

- Revolutionary Marxists in Britain

- LALIT (Mauritius)

- Российская Коммунистическая Рабочая Партия (Russia)

- Lotta comunista (Italy)

- News and Letters Committees (USA)

- The International Secretariat of the Fourth International

-  Tavini Huiraatira no te Ao Maohi (Maohi-Nui (French Polynesia)

- Workers International League (WIL) (Zimbabwe)

- Organization of Communists Internationalists of Greece (OKDE)

- Fracción Leninista Trotskista Internacional

- Prospettiva Marxista (Italy)

- Organising Committee for the Reconstitution of the Fourth International (OCRFI)

- The Union Pacifiste de France

- War Resisters League (USA)

- Left Radical of Afghanistan (Afganistan)

- DIP (Revolutionary Workers Party) (Turkey)

- Российская партия коммунистов (Russia)

- Workers Revolutionary Party (EEK) (Greece)

Revolutionary Marxists in Britain


We, Revolutionary Marxists in Britain, express our solidarity with the 58th Antiwar Assembly.

In Britain the policies pursued by successive governments of selling parts of the publicly-owned National Health Service (NHS) to private capitalist companies, and reducing the capacity of hospitals, have resulted in over 60,000 deaths from COVID-19. Yet the government of Boris Johnson is using the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to increase the role of private capital in health care. Testing and tracing carried out by private companies for profit has led to chaos, delays, test results being lost and other problems.

The Labour Party is now controlled by right-wingers led by Sir Keir Starmer. Supporters of Jeremy Corbyn have been removed from all influential positions and in many cases expelled from the Labour Party. Starmer is totally ineffectual against the Johnson government’s reactionary measures.

The government is pushing on with Brexit (leaving the EU) and is seeking a trade agreement with the USA, which is likely to include measures to allow US companies to take over parts of the NHS. The Johnson government is closely allied to Donald Trump, and acting in alliance with him against China, as for example in banning 5G telecoms equipment supplied by the Chinese company Huawei.

The British government is now ending financial support for workers who stayed away from work because of the virus, and is insisting that workers must return to their workplaces. This presents particular problems for workers with school age children, as school holidays have started and there are few childcare facilities, as over the last five years thousands of childcare providers have closed because of cuts in funding. 

Under pressure, the government has granted a small pay increase to a number of health care workers, and to teachers. The fact that the police and armed forces have also received a pay rise suggests that the government expects to use repressive measures against working class resistance to the mass unemployment that the COVID-19 crisis will bring about. 

Meanwhile workers throughout the world have taken inspiration from the Black Lives Matter movement that has developed in the USA. This movement represents the most oppressed section of the American working class and its fight against racist police attacks. The mass “Strike for Black Lives” that took place in the USA on 20 July shows how workers understand racist oppression to be a class issue.

Your “Overseas Appeal” rightly draws attention to the move by capitalist governments in many parts of the world to crush working class resistance to cuts in pay and pensions, and to growing unemployment. We fully agree with you that: “It is only the internationally united struggle of the working class now exploited and ruled that is capable of overturning the dark 21st century world covered by the crisis of war and poverty.” We do indeed need “the unity of the working class across borders”.

22 July 2020





Dear Comrades,

LALIT in Mauritius expresses solidarity on the occasion of the 58th International Antiwar Assemblies to be held in Japan on 2nd August 2020.

This year, the Antiwar assemblies are being held in the exceptional circumtances of a pandemic of Covid-19 affecting the lives of workers and poor people across the world in a disproportionately hard way.

This major health crisis has been, and still is, followed everywhere by the long-term, existing capitalist crisis now diving into more severe depths with the halt of many parts of the economy world-wide. The consequences of the combined health-and-economic crises on working class lives are drastic: there are jobs lost, wages cut, and a marked deterrioration of work conditions, including having to work from home, besides having to pay for rises in the prices of basic needs.

In Mauritius, the Government brought major changes in legislation, with more repression on working people including even new work sectors where strikes are now completely illegal, not just during the lockdown period but without any end-date. There are harsher labour laws. The working class and poor people are being made to carry the burden of the economic crisis, while government is heavily subsidizing the bosses to saveguard their profits.

At the international level, imperialist states are not spared the virus and its effects either. Many, like the USA, have a galloping epidemic inside their territory, and also at the level of their military bases, even those abroad, where the virus has flared up, as well as on war-ships, which become like prisons, while the virus rages. For instance, we learnt that some of the US military bases on Okinawa are now under lockdown following cases of Covid-19, while in Okinawa, we understand, local new cases were down to zero. Military bases, thus represent threats not only against peace in the world, but also of spreading the deadly virus. It shows how “bases” are bits of the imperialist country, in this case, the USA, that are outside their borders, in this case part of Japan. Warships are, similarly, bits of imperialist countries that roam the seas. 

Our struggle for closing down of the US military base in the Indian Ocean has moved a step forward last year, with the U.N. Resolution compelling UK to end its illegal occupation of the Chagos Islands, stolen from Mauritius in 1960’s and then one of the Chagos Islands was leased by the UK to the US imperialists to set-up the Diego Garcia Military base. This UN Resolution followed the judgment of the International Court of Justice against Britain the previous year.

The Diego Garcia military base, over which we need to gain proper democratic control, was used as a trampoline for the USA to wage wars against Iraq and Afganisthan. The military base was where B-52 bombers took off from, while nuclear submarines are repaired there. It was also used by CIA agents for interrogations and illegal torturing of international prisoners, what was known as “rendering”.

In Mauritius, LALIT together with workers’ organisations and women’s associations, is involved in an ongoing campaign to build international support for the dismantling of the military base on Diego Garcia, for the rights of return for the Chagossians, those Mauritians who were forcibly removed from Chagos Islands, and for the complete decolonisation of the African continent. We have noted with great excitement how the struggle in the USA and elsewhere against violence of police towards working people, has moved a step forward to denounce colonialism and all its left-overs.

Our struggle cannot be separated from other international struggles to close military bases in the world, to end wars and to send the troops back home.

LALIT supports the International Antiwar Assemblies intitiative in Japan. We admire your persistence in the fight against imperialist wars and against capitalist exploitation of the working class.

At the time when a world-wide wave of an epidemic, provoking a world-wide wave of new capitalist crises, causes so much suffering, it is also a time when we must challenge the “old order” that existed before the pandemic. The old normal, we find, was just not good enough.

Long live workers’ international solidarity! Towards a revolutionary change!

Long Live the struggle for socialism!


Rada Kistnasamy



19 July 2020



   Российская Коммунистическая Рабочая Партия


Уважаемые товарищи!

Центральный комитет Российской коммунистической рабочей партии (РКРП) горячо приветствует участников 58-й международной антивоенной ассамблеи и желает всем успешной работы!

В этом году российские коммунисты, рабочий класс России, как и все советские люди, с особой ясностью осознают возрастающую опасность нового наступления фашизма и его неизбежного следствия – разрушительных войн. Ведь в этом году мы отметили 75-летнюю годовщину великой победы Советского народа над гитлеровским фашизмом и его союзниками по антикоминтерновскому пакту. Это была классовая война – война между капитализмом в его наиболее отвратительной форме фашизма, несущим народам нищету и смерть, и строящимся коммунизмом, несущим трудящимся освобождение от эксплуатации, всестороннее развитие и мирную счастливую жизнь. Никакие ошибки, допущенные в строительстве социализма в СССР в сталинский период и после него, не могут зачеркнуть достижений реального социализма и поставить под сомнение правильность самого социалистического пути. Ошибки борьбы не являются предательством или изменой. Именно Советский Союз внес решающий вклад в Победу над фашизмом в 1945 г., прорвал цепь капитализма и вывел социализм на международный уровень, создав лагерь социализма. Мы жили в условиях социализма и можем судить о том, что было лучше тогда. Лучше были отношения между людьми! Они были более честными, более справедливыми, более человечными. За это стоит бороться!

Мы отметили юбилей Победы в условиях временного поражения социализма на нашей земле, в условиях всё более наглого наступления капиталистической диктатуры и нарастающей фашизации правящего режима в России. Мы с болью воспринимаем возрождение фашизма на Украине и оказываем помощь борьбе народа Донбасса. В этих условиях ещё больше возрастает значение международной солидарности рабочих, коммунистов всех стран, антивоенных сил всего мира. Мы внимательно следим за обостряющейся ситуацией в мире, нам близки переживания и борьба японских революционных коммунистов, хотя мы не разделяем некоторые ваши оценки истории и сегодняшней ситуации в мире. Считаем, что в условиях империализма чрезвычайно важно уметь использовать трещины и противоречия в лагере империализма для развития борьбы пролетариата и прогрессивных сил.

Мы считаем весьма полезным установившиеся товарищеские отношения между нашими партиями и движениями и выражаем надежду на дальнейшее укрепление этих отношений, в т.ч. на развитие плодотворных теоретических дискуссий. Мы хотели бы, чтобы эти отношения перешли на новый уровень сотрудничества и установления постоянных рабочих связей. Надеемся, что этому даст новый импульс юбилей вождя мирового пролетариата – 150 лет со дня рождения В.И. Ленина, который мы намерены широко отметить проведением ряда мероприятий, в том числе, и в международном коммунистическом движении.

Ещё раз выражаем пожелание успеха в работе вашей ассамблеи.

Фашизм не пройдёт!

Пролетарии всех стран – соединяйтесь!


От Центрального комитета РКРП:

Первый секретарь ЦК                       С. Маленцов.

Секретари ЦК                      В. Тюлькин, И. Ферберов.




Lotta comunista


July 25th 2020, Italy




our internationalist solidarity to the 58th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan! This year a combination of health, economic and social crises, as well as crises in power relations, have massively affected the world proletariat.


If the development of productive forces has given humanity the tools to intervene in the outcome of catastrophic events, to prevent or mitigate their consequences, the contradiction between capitalist relations of production prevents this from happening in the potential of truly human development. The bourgeoisie developed science, but it found its contradiction in the blind forces of capital. Industry has revolutionized the world but has also dragged it into anarchy; science has been caught in the chaos of capitalist competition and even been prostituted to the atrocities of genocide and atomic extermination.

According to a recent ILO report 1.6 billion workers worldwide operating in the “informal economy" have been severely affected by the confinement measures adopted to contain the spread of the epidemic. These workers, mostly women, have no possibility of working remotely, nor do they have social protection, and have limited access to health services. The ILO assesses a 60% loss of income for these sectors of the proletariat on a global scale, a figure which could rise in those continents where the “informal economy” weighs more heavily, Africa and Latin America.

Historically, as is well documented not only by Marxist analysis but also by bourgeois reformist analysis, the effects of epidemics differ according to class conditions. The pandemic has clearly confirmed this is the case not only for developing countries but also for the imperialist metropolises, where the proletariat has been deployed on the frontlines to guarantee the operation of "essential services", both sanitary and productive. It is evident in the United States where racial protests are a reflection of the class conditions not only of the African-American proletariat but also of the Latin and Caucasian proletariat, with almost 50 million US workers without sufficient health and welfare coverage, such as sick leave.

We knew very well that Engels' masterful pages on the condition of the working class in England were not outdated, but the pandemic has shown its current relevance on a global scale. This has occurred on a large scale in India, where the quarantine measures adopted by the national-conservative government of Narendra Modi led to an exodus of biblical dimensions of migrant workers from urban areas back to their rural areas of origin; the greatest internal migration since the "partition" between India and Pakistan in 1947. According to various Indian estimates, it might have affected approximately 50 million people, equal to 35% of Indian migrant workers. Furthermore, the approximately 400 million Indian "informal workers" are said to be at risk of absolute and very serious poverty, despite the support measures provided by the New Delhi government, considered by many to be insufficient.

It is evident in Brazil, in second place in the world for deaths after the USA, with about 40 million informal workers, with images of mass graves hurriedly dug in São Paulo, the country's economic and financial capital. It is evident among the immigrant workforce in the Persian Gulf countries, largely from the Indian subcontinent and Asia, with mass expulsions and the creation of quarantine ghettos in Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, whose economic existence is based on an overwhelming majority of immigrant workers.


But it is also evident in wealthy Europe, in the orange groves of southern Italy and in the French vineyards, or in horticulture and in the elderly care sector in Germany. In Italy, our organisation denounced the rhetoric of the "union sacrée", in which social distancing measures, in the name of the general interest, still left large sectors of the proletariat exposed to the risk of the epidemic, and we supported strikes in factories for both health and income security, and mobilized voluntary networks to provide assistance in workers' quarters, based on a deep-rooted tradition that has its origins in the development of the workers' movement itself.


The pandemic comes at a time of, and in many ways acts as an accelerator to, a renewed cycle of world tensions. In the context of the imperialist confrontation, there is an increase in tensions between powers with an increase in military expenditure, both conventional and nuclear. In October 2019, Chinese imperialism exhibited the fruits of its growing military modernization, deploying a panoply of new missile carriers on parade, which show the greater weight of China’s own nuclear deterrent.

Today there is the explicit possibility of an accelerated rearmament cycle, and not only among the major nuclear powers, with China endowed with the capacity to rise to the third protagonist after the USA and Russia. The regional powers, from Japan to Australia, also debate their positions of "autonomous deterrence" with respect to both the nuclear and conventional American umbrella. In updating its "Defense White Paper", the Canberra government has indicated its intention to increase its military budget by 40% in 10 years; an expense of about 180 billion dollars, which involves the acquisition of "long-range missiles".

Japanese imperialism, since 2017, has begun to acquire cruise missiles and is now debating the possibility of acquiring hypersonic weapons and intermediate range missiles, while cancelling the anti-missile defence system "Aegis Ashore", also moving in the direction of greater strategic autonomy towards the American ally. Military tensions occurred on the Sino-Indian border this spring. New Delhi has replied seeking the support of other maritime powers, participating in naval manoeuvres conducted by the USA with three air and naval groups in the South China Sea and around the Strait of Malacca. Chinese imperialism, in turn, replied with its own military manoeuvres and evoked economic agreements, with a possible military dimension, with Iran, in a Persian Gulf marked by growing military confrontation.

In the Mediterranean, in addition to the continuation of the Syrian conflict, the growing interventionism of both Turkey and the old Russian imperialism is making itself felt around Libya and the natural gas fields of the eastern Mediterranean. This is a game played with European imperialism, both on energy flows and on migratory flows, where our migrant brothers are used as exchange pawns.


The enormous economic stimulus measures adopted by all powers, colossal in size, on average around 10% of GDP, and the massive return of the state's role in the economy, on the one hand has calmed mass unemployment, especially in advanced countries; but on the other, as the historical experience of the Keynesian measures of the "New Deal" of the 1930s demonstrates, they will be crucial for the massive rearmament cycle, both in the centralization of executive powers and in industrial production capacity for war purposes. The various imperialist and regional powers are moving towards facing this new strategic phase defined by the rise of China and the relative concomitant decline of the western and Russian metropolises.

The Covid pandemic, in its crude reality, shows the indispensable need for a truly unified humanity in a classless society. It is in the spirit of the world revolution and communism that we send you our internationalist wishes for your Assembly!


Lotta Comunista.




News and Letters Committees


To the 58th International Antiwar Assembly:


We extend our solidarity to your assembly, and your calls for proletarian internationalism and antiwar struggle based on that.

Despite Donald Trump’s worshipful words toward his fellow capitalist authoritarian Xi Jinping, the rising tensions between the U.S. and China are due as much to one country as the other, as both manifest the disintegrating tendencies of global capitalism in deep crisis, which includes rising nationalism and fascism in many countries.

Most importantly, the ruling classes of both countries, like others across the world, are haunted by the revolutionary potential and stirrings of revolt at home. Working classes in both countries are resisting the capitalists’ determination to keep exploiting them and to force workers to risk their lives and the lives and health of their families by toiling in dangerous conditions during the pandemic. National minorities are especially oppressed and superexploited, forging Subjects of revolution that are not reducible to the working class, along with other Subjects that include women and youth.

While for now China has the Uyghurs under such draconian repression that many of them are forced into slave labor, the Black-led multiracial revolt in the U.S. reveals the revolutionary potential that has always been at the heart of U.S. history. This revolt is not only aimed at specific incidents of police brutality and racism, nor only at police brutality and racism in general, but has aired demands to abolish the police, abolish prisons, even to abolish capitalism. That is one way this revolt shows that the thought of the Subjects of revolt is as crucial as any other activities, and needs to be met by the movement from theory rooted in the thought of the movement from practice.

As we put it in “Shattered by pandemic, world needs new beginnings in revolutionary activity and thought,” our Draft Perspectives Thesis for 2020-2021:

“Trumpism [is] the expression of the system’s senescence that could actually lead to the destruction of civilization. The absolute opposite to this is not just socialism as a generality. The questions of what kind of socialism and what kind of revolution are needed reveal the crying need for a philosophy of liberation. What can make a difference after the revolution between allowing a return to the old, dying system, or making revolution in permanence real? What should be clear, but is too often evaded in the fight to oppose the powers that be, is that to avoid the failure of revolution and thereby the success of the counter-revolution that drives us onward to barbarism and climate chaos, what is needed above all is the unity of philosophy with revolution….

“In the future, we will be living on a planet damaged by capitalism, but the possible kinds of life we can have are poles apart, depending on whether we succeed in fundamentally transforming society. In the absolute opposite of today’s society, one based on freely associated labor instead of slavery to capital’s production for production’s sake, we can leave behind pervasive misery, precarity and antagonism, and self-development and cooperation can flourish, as can a rational relationship to nature.”

Comrades, let us struggle together to establish revolutionary solidarity in both thought and activity, to oppose and prevent war, to promote proletarian internationalism, to abolish capitalism, racism, sexism, militarism, and imperialism, and to open a revolutionary path to a new, free, human society!

For freedom,

Franklin Dmitryev, National Organizer, for 

The Resident Editorial Board of News and Letters Committees, July 26, 2020



The International Secretariat of the Fourth International

We have received the Antiwar’s Call for the 58th Assembly Against War, on August 2nd in Tokyo and six other cities in Japan

Yes, the coronavirus pandemic has taken on unprecedented proportions

But the crisis of the world economy was already present before the public health and research systems, considerably weakened by years of capitalist counter-reforms, were confronted with Covid 19 in 2020, and before the policies of blind confinement (in France, for example) or laissez-faire (as in the United States) led to the partial or total unemployment of millions of workers.

Two years ago, in July 2018, the American Trump administration, in the name of “America First”, launched the trade war with Beijing in order to eliminate the trade deficit with China and to impose the free penetration of American capital and merchandise.

For the Chinese bureaucracy, it is a question of preserving its privileges of the monopoly of the management of the current state capitalism in China, a product of capital coming from multinationals, notably American, Japanese and European, which have come in search of cheap labor.

At the same time, the Trump administration intended to impose its trade conditions on the European Union, Germany, Japan, South Korea... thus provoking a slowdown of the world economy.

And all the governments sought to pass the consequences on to the workers, the youth and the populations in general, i.e. the aggregation of measures of privatization of public services, dismantling of hospitals and reduction of health care rights, the calling into question of the workers’ collective guaranties and the multiplication of precarious jobs, the submission of research and universities to private interests, the continuation of deinstitutionalization and delocalization to countries with low labor costs....

In this situation, wars and threats of war are everywhere. In Africa, the French army needs to withdraw from the regions (Sahel) it occupies under the pretext of maintaining order.

The American navy present in the South China Sea, in reality to support the trade war against Beijing, has no business there because these are simply not American territorial waters.

And it is clear that Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution, which prohibits Japan from waging war, should not be changed, because it is a valuable point of support for fighting against war in that part of the world.

And it is right to oppose the construction of a new U.S. Navy base in Okinawa.

But against imperialism's measures, at the same time, in 2019, at the center of the world situation there arose the revolutionary developments in Algeria, the uprising in Chile, in Lebanon, in Iraq.

In Hong Kong, millions demonstrated in 2019 and 2020 against police violence and for the election of the city's leaders by full universal suffrage, initially forcing Beijing to withdraw the extradition law. But, terrified that Chinese workers and youth will not take up the same demands as the people of Hong Kong, the Chinese bureaucracy, with the national security law, is seeking to stifle Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement.

In 2020, there are strikes and demonstrations in France for the withdrawal of the retirement reform, but, above all, provoked by the murder of George Floyd by a policeman, the anger in the United States has triggered demonstrations throughout the country against racial violence and state repression.

And these demonstrations have had an international echo.

This is the movement by which the peoples, workers and youth intend to resist the decomposition of the capitalist system “carrying war as the cloud carries the storm” (Jean Jaures).

Have a good anti-war assembly

June 27, 2020

The IS of the Fourth International



Tavini Huiraatira no te Ao Maohi

Dear comrades and friends, ia ora na !

First of all, warmest greetings from Maohi Nui to Japanese People and to our friends from Zengakuren.


As years go by, the situation of the world is becoming more and more critical and volatile as appropriately described in the Overseas Appeal for the 58th International Antiwar Assembly. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the eternal greed of imperialist countries for power and dominance by imposing their political viewpoints and management rules on countries which want a free world. Today, opponents to imperialism undergo serious threats leading to economic blockade, annexation or war. A weapon free and nuke free world will never come into sight since the big powers, for so called “security’s sake”, will never come to an agreement for a weapon free world. Non belligerent countries or peaceful people struggling for a free world could only appeal to a better solidarity to fight against war and impoverishment.

It is important to remind the world that the Pacific Ocean has been the testing area of nuclear weapon for imperialist countries. The uses of nuclear weapons to intentionally kill human being unfortunately occurred in Japan. It is sad to see that the big powers could not understand (or are they simply indifferent?) the harm of such weapon on the population. Even in areas where nuclear tests have been carried out, consequences for the people and for the testing ground are serious like the case of Maohi Nui.


Maohi Nui underwent 193 french nuclear tests (atmospheric and underground) leaving our country with the following results:

·         people lost their land since two islands, Moruroa and Fangataufa, was annexed by France

·         lot of our people have cancer due to atmospheric tests

·         the two low islands used for underground tests are near collapsing with a great chance to produce a regional tsunami.

For all the people who died of cancer and the future generation of cancer patients, the pro-independence party Tavini Huiraatira and the society Moruroa e Tatou sued France for crime against humanity at the Human Rights Commission of the UNO and at the International Court of Justice. This last action has not been without consequences for Mr Oscar Temaru, president of the Tavini Huiraatira has been sued by the french government as well as Radio Tefana, the only voice of the Maohi Nui people. The objective of France is to eliminate the Tavini Huiraatira independent party.


Countries (including countries to be decolonized as listed by the United Nation) under the control of imperialist countries are in even worse conditions because their rules are subject to perpetual changes to comfort imperialism. Hong Kong and Taiwan are here to remain us what is happening on a bigger scale. In small island countries seeking for self governance, action by imperialist countries are insidious in order to dominate the vast Pacific Ocean. Changes of rules and gerrymandering are common practices of the french government in Maohi Nui. Seeking and telling the truth peacefully is a crime in France. Imperialist countries do not like to be reminded about their past because History has to be conformed to their view. Reminding everyone about the past and History is fundamental for the future generation like you are doing every year for the Hiroshima and Nagasaki events.


We express great solidarity with the 58th International Antiwar Assemblies. Our solidarity with the Japanese people is guided by our common goal to reach a nuclear free World and to remind humanity about the devastating power of the nuclear bomb.



With Solidarity !


Keitapu Maamaatuaiahutapu, Heinui Lecaill & Guillaume Colombani

Board Menbers of Radio Tefana and members of the Tavini Huiraatira




Workers International League (WIL)


Solidarity to the 58th International Antiwar Assemblies

From Southern Africa, we are sending to all you asking for partnership (collaborations) with you and Workers International League of Zimbabwe.

We have the same enemy in every corner of the world. Capitalism and state attacks to our lives everyday, stealing everything from us. They steal our freedom and our creativity, by obligating us to be the gears in its murderous social machine. They destroy our planet and all creatures living on it.

Workers International League fraction of the FLTI internationalist socialists are part of the fight of the Marikana workers and their widows and their demand for justice. We intervene in this call because from black Africa, from Zimbabwe, we fight alongside the teachers, the railroads, the health workers, Hwange miners, Vendors, calling for the Marikana program of R12,500 and the fight against the union bureaucracies to be a combat of the entire working class of the region, who are punished, suffering and a thousand times enslaved by the white imperialist masters. We fight internationally in Argentina, Palestine, Syria, Brazil, Tunisia, Egypt to mention few.

The Government of Zimbabwe declared a 21-day nationwide lockdown starting on 30 March 2020 ensuring the continuity of essential services. Following an initial extension of two weeks until 3 May, the Government announced the easing of lockdown regulations on 1 May allowing formal industry and commerce to resume operations, with specified measures in effect until 17 May, including mandatory testing and screening of employees whose companies were re-opening or those employees returning back to work for the first time since the initial lockdown. The informal sector as well as other sectors, including education, however remained closed. The lockdown was now been extended indefinitely with a review every two weeks.

Health workers have downed tools on several occasions in the past few months calling for authorities to meet their demands. The strikes are exposing already vulnerable citizens who are struggling under the indefinite lockdown intended to contain the spread of Covid-19. Zimbabwe has 2,512 confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) cases and 34 deaths as of Tuesday the 28th 2020.

In Zimbabwe today there is no more immediate task than to finish organizing a real revolutionary offensive, this time expelling and expropriating not only imperialism but also the black bourgeoisie, which for decades fought the anti-colonialist struggle of the masses of Africa and Zimbabwe. Workers in Zimbabwe are fighting sector by sector without uniting and have a big fight against the black bosses. Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union and all unions can and should call a Congress of workers and poor peasants without delay, calling for committees of the unemployed, consumers, street vendors and students to conquer workers' and peasants' alliance and impose a general strike to expel imperialism and the IMF out of Zimbabwe.

The liberation of the workers will be the task of workers themselves! Zimbabwe will be socialist or will be a Wall Street colony.

Preparing, organizing and advancing towards the socialist revolution, together with the working class of all Africa and international is the task of the moment. There is no other way out. Otherwise, the exit will be given by imperialism with a double looting of Zimbabwe in all the nations of Southern Africa.

This is our strength, unity and international struggle! We do not forget; we do not forgive!

We wish you a revolutionary solidarity in your 58th International Antiwar Assembly.

Jussa K and James S 

For the Workers International League (WIL - Zimbabwe ) member of the FLTI




Organization of Communists Internationalists of Greece (OKDE)



OKDE (Organization of Communists Internationalists, Greece) greets the 58th Antiwar Assembly in Japan.

The present situation of deep capitalist crisis, has made steps forward to a scale of global depression unprecedented in the history of capitalism. There were signs and results for a next episode of depression since late 2018, but as all capitalist economic tools ware failing to prevent a new eruption of the crisis at the beginning of 2020, the coronavirus pandemic exploded all the contradiction of the imperialist / capitalist system. There is not even a single economy that is not affected and nearly all of the imperialist and capitalist elites respond similarity, both in panic but also stepping up repression against the masses and building up the authoritative, emergency state. Side by side with a huge amount of “money drooping” capital, aimed to prevent the collapse of the production, there is an escalation of state repression, limitation of democratic rights, nationalism and militarism. The health crisis is magnifying also the crisis of the political system and the ruling elites, their inability to show up us protecting the society. The rivalries between the old imperialist powers and the emergent capitalistic economies become more and more furious. In many open conflicts, regional powers intervene not only for their regional interest, but also as “representatives” of one or another global imperialist power. The danger of an expanded or even generalized imperialist war, even of nuclear wars, approaches.

The USA, which declines economically and technologically without stop in comparison with the emerging economies (of whom the great protagonist is China), is trying and will try everything to halt this decline and to regain its dominant position as the world leading capitalist economy. The pandemic is used just as another opportunity for the Trump administration, to extend its aggressive offensive against China. Despite the US military supremacy (challenged regionally in many cases in the last decade, but still undoubtedly existing globally), the political leadership of the imperialist system and the dominance of the US Dollar on the global economy, are not any more a de facto situation that nobody expects to change. Already, the US economy has lost its leadership in technological advancements and is falling behind in new technologies’ introduction (including robots and other automation). USA has openly declared an imperialist war against its competitors (both their old western allies, EU, UK, Japan and the emerging new imperialist powers like China, Russia or the regional ‘big players’ or even sub-imperialist powers like Turkey or Iran). It’s still an economic and technology war (including also the r&d, patents and the production of vaccines or treatments for the coronavirus). But as reserves of gold, currency reserves, even the purschaing power is being amassed in China, the former dominant capitalistic economies are left with nothing but deficits, debts, de-industrialization, unemployment and the parasitic vultures of the stock exchange system.

 The world is being threatened by a generalization of this war, a new world war, between alliances, whose the central axes will be the USA on one side and on the other China, along with (as it seems) Russia. The war in Middle East, the tragedy of the people of Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Palestine, Libya etc. show what may follow for the whole world. Despite the health crisis and the pandemic, imperialist intervention is not reducing pace, on the contrary, it’s accelerating, with troops, ships, planes and ‘specialists’ openly acting in many theaters of war. Alongside, all regional powers of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East are not just choosing sides. Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Iran are actively competing or allying, threatening or supporting each other, not only on existing conflicts but also on many fields including the control off the sea, sea borders, gas reserves etc. Despite the economic depression and the bankruptcy of their economies, the regional elites are investing on nationalism and state oppression against their internal enemy (the working class), militarism and new weapon orders for their troops, racism and religious fundamentalism.

The escalation of tension at many other key points for imperialist domination and expansion is happening daily. From Crimea to the Sea of China and the North Pole passages, warships and nuclear submarines are ‘acting’ more aggressively. At the Persian Gulf and its important passages (Hormuz etc.), USA and its regional allies (mainly Israel and Saudi Arabia) are opening a new chapter on the aggression against Iran, that they pursue to climax to an open conflict.

USA and Russia, by far the biggest nuclear powers, are threatening each other with a nuclear apocalypse, on the shoulders of the global population, the planet, the human civilization. All the treaties to control nuclear arm expansion have been abandoned by both these 2 main nuclear powers (USA and Russia), on top of the renewed global arms race (in which the US spends by far the most huge amounts and remains the no 1 lethal imperialist power). The workers, the young and the old, the oppressed, the humanity is in a great danger.

In our country, Greece, which is a member of NATO (with one of the biggest percentage of military spending globally with regards to the GDP, despite the chronic economic crisis and ‘internal devaluation’ against the workers and the poor!), the Greek capitalist class has formed a reactionary alliance in the East Mediterranean Sea, with the reactionary, bloody–shed states and governments of Israel and Egypt. It participates actively in the spreading of nationalism and war, for the shake of profits of the big imperialist monopolies and some of their Greek capitalist collaborators. With the new aggressively right government of ND (New Democracy) elected last year, we have even more steps in the pro-imperialist policies of the previous government (of SYRIZA), in full coordination and ‘strategic dialogue’ –as they name it– with the aims of the US, NATO and European Union imperialist policy in the area.

The people of the whole region of the Balkans and the South East Mediterranean Sea are severely threatened by the growing capitalist/imperialist competition over the newly located energy resources. Both Greek and Turkish elites are acting more aggressive to expand claims on natural resources based on the force of arms power and their international alliances. It’s the same in the Balkans, which the USA is trying to convert to a huge military base and buffer against Russia.

We are trying to develop an antiwar movement, which will withdraw Greece from NATO and the warmongering European Union, which will call back all the Greek soldiers from mission abroad, which will reduce the spending for war armaments – and of course that will shut down the many and dangerous military bases. Finally, we are trying to develop the consciousness that these wars to come are not our wars, they are not working class wars, that the ‘defense of the homeland’ is a bourgeois trap – and to develop concrete links and actions of workers’ and people’s internationalism, antiwar and anti–imperialist struggle in our region.

The global rise of mobilizations against state oppression, racism and police brutality, the international solidarity and coordination of the global social movements gives us hope that the working clash can not be ‘broken down’ as easily as the global capitalist and imperialist elites hope. We will wage this fight with full consciousness of the difficulties ahead, of the need for a broad and deep reconstruction–recomposition of the workers’ movement, of the building up of rooted, effective new revolutionary leadeships, that will help surpass the dead–end of amassed wrong and opportunist choices internationally, that have led to a certain crisis in the ranks of the workers’ movement and the revolutionary left themselves. We will not be once again meat for the cannons of the capitalists and imperialists. The way to build a really massive and effective antiwar movement is based on class independence and proletarian internationalism. For Greek revolutionary marxists, our ‘closest’ enemy is our local bourgeoisie elite and their imperialist allies (that is, the western old imperialist powers, who, as they decline, become more and more aggressive and opportunistic, irrational and catastrophically dangerous). We are not choosing sides on the imperialist competition, there is no progressive, or ‘good’ imperialism or emerging power.

For us, the way out of the horror of war stands in the international cooperation of the working class movements, the development of common international struggles, in the development of an anti–war and anti-imperialist movement and finally in the socialist revolution.


We hope for every success of the 58th Antiwar Assembly!


With antiwar and antiimperialist, internationalist and revolutionary greetings!


OKDE, 28.7.2020



Fracción Leninista Trotskista Internacional


Comrades, Months ago, towards the end of 2019, a new crash and breakdown of the rotting world capitalist system began. The same thing had happened in 2008. The financial oligarchy and the big capitalists seize parasitically on benefits that human labor has not yet produced. Capital goes out of production and goes to speculation and the withdrawal of fictitious profits without backing in goods. Thus they had fled the bursting of the housing bubbles of 2008 and the widespread bankruptcy of the banks. They threw, as they are trying to do now, their entire crisis at the oppressed peoples and workers of the world.

The bourgeoisie came out of the crash of 2008 making new bubbles such as “zero rate” loans, with which profits and super-profits were distributed and fictitiously raised the values of the shares. Meanwhile, they deepened the massive indebtedness of companies and states. In this new round of the crash, the debts of states and companies already amount to 230% of world GDP.

The US, the epicenter of the crash, has been throwing its entire crisis on the world. Its deficit is already $ 18 trillion. US imperialism captures the reserves of most of the countries that go to buy its bonds, while with the monetary emission of the Federal Reserve of already several trillion dollars it saves its financial oligarchy that is permanently on the brink of precipice and finances its military machine on the planet.

It is clear that if capitalism survives in such a marasmus and world crisis, it is because of the treacherous leaderships, the union bureaucracies, the Stalinists and the renegades of Marxism, who support it. There has been no country or continent in which the working class did not present a battle in recent years in the face of the attack and the crisis that this putrefying system threw at them. It was these leaderships that played their full role in betraying the mass uprisings, while with counter-revolutionary pacts the revolutionary processes of Syria and Ukraine were closed in and crushed and Cuba was handed over to imperialism.

Thus, the capitalist system was able to crawl out of the 2008 crisis, to find its way back to this new blow of the crash, but not before that 1% of imperialist parasites monopolized 50% of the planet's wealth.

The global division of labor has been broken. The world market is only shrinking. The United States, with Trump in its lead, in a fierce competition with imperialist Europe, had come out to defend its control of the world market with a tough trade war. With an aggressive policy, it advanced on China and the European Union itself, at the same time disciplining the Moscow oligarchy, seizing all its assets and accounts abroad. This shows that no dominant imperialism withdraws nor will it withdraw peacefully from the control of the world economy. And this is the case of the United States, as if it does not want to begin an open process of decline, it must advance its strategy of colonizing or semi-colonizing China and Russia to keep their very profitable markets. This has to be done against the stiff competition already imposed by the Franco-German axis, which, at the head of Maastricht, is advancing steadfastly, contesting the various high-tech industries in the world economy.

Despite this, production in Europe and in Germany in particular, fell by 6.8%, while China remained stagnant with a growth rate of 2%. This has opened a phase of depression of the world capitalist economy, capital devaluation and a huge crisis of overproduction. The collapse at USD 20 of the price of a barrel of oil was only the thermometer of this new capitalist catastrophe... Millions of workers lost their jobs. The most valuable commodity, the labor force, was wasted by millions in the world economy. Proof of this is that 200 million inhabitants of the planet were already migrating in the 5 continents looking for a place to live and eat. Today we see how 55 million jobs have been lost in the United States alone, exacerbated by the crisis of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Comrades: Covid-19 and the spread of the pandemic acted on an already sick and bankrupt capitalist system. This caused the suffering of the masses to worsen to extreme degrees.

Coronavirus came to deepen this crisis and this breakdown of the world economy. It sharpened the effects of the trade war between the imperialist powers to extreme degrees, as it imposed even more restrictions on world trade and produced a new leap in the closing of customs barriers.

World-economy is semi-paralyzed. Companies' inventories are saturated. The paradox of this bankrupt system is summarized in that in this crisis there are plenty of minerals, oil, food, factories, etc., while millions and millions of hungry and unemployed people do not find a place to live in this dirty prison in which this perfidious way of production has transformed the planet.

As you correctly put in your appeal, "the world economy has instantly frozen over." We have entered a phase of depression and general impoverishment. Again the catastrophe is already here.

Comrades: The year 2019 ended and as more and more the capitalist economy collapsed, new detachments of the world working class entered the battle in Hong Kong, Chile, Ecuador, or in Bolivia, where they faced a bloody military coup. Indomitable French working class endlessly resisted the onslaught of the capitalists, and the masses of the Middle East returned to the fight, as huge revolutionary processes began again, such as in Lebanon, Iraq, Sudan and Algeria.

The start of the Coronavirus pandemic undoubtedly served the bourgeoisie to stop the masses' offensive, to throw their crisis at them and to throw the worst of the hardships on their shoulders. Millions of workers were sent into the production process for the capitalists to keep their profits, bringing hundreds of thousands to die. In New York, thousands of black and Latino workers were buried in mass graves. In Italy and in the Spanish State, workers went on strike, as in automobile and steel mills, to prevent death caused by the pandemic. In China, the lives of thousands and thousands of workers were lost, which has been hidden by the sinister and semi-fascist government of the Communist Party. In Latin America, where the pandemic is hitting hard today, the exploited masses are left with the alternative of dying when producing in the factories or starving to death at home, and they again begin to take to the streets.

Imperialism announces that a post-pandemic "new normal" is coming. But the recipe they are preparing is not a new one. Absolutely not! Ahead is simply the worst attack on the exploited, the looting of oppressed peoples and the fierce scramble for markets in the world economy to a greater degree than that we have seen so far.

The Franco-German axis has decided to maintain its living space in Europe by giving "aid" and loans to the states that will seek to pay them back with their workers' blood, sweat and tears, as happened yesterday in Greece, Portugal, Spain, etc., and also in France and Germany itself.

In the United States, the Trump government orders workers to produce in factories under deadly conditions, while threatening the world with its gunboats if other imperialist powers or strong national bourgeoisies threaten its markets. The embargo on Iran and the dispatch of its fleet to the China Sea are an example of the latter.

For its part, China once again offers its internal market to transnational corporations, eager for business, in order to try to revive their economy.

Meanwhile, entire regions of the planet are sinking into a well that appears to be bottomless. Oil-producing countries are bankrupt, including Russia, which has already seen its gas and oil exports drop by 50%. This has further accelerated the armoring of the fully Bonapartist regime in Putin's Russia.

Then, the "new normal" will be marked by the gross agonizing crisis of the world capitalist system and the deepening of the character of this time of crisis, wars and revolutions.

With hindsight from today's crisis, it is clear that in 1989 it were the traitors of the Stalinist bureaucracy who, handing over the conquests of former workers' states such as the USSR, China, etc. to the capitalist system, they gave it an abject survival in the last decades. The fresh blood injected into the sclerotic veins of capitalism is no longer enough for the body to live. Now they are going all the way.

"Greater China" and "Greater Russia" no longer have a place in the world market as they are today. The city of London, Frankfurt and Wall Street are fighting each other for taking them and they will be disputed nails and teeth. Moreover, the USA would not be able to continue maintaining its hegemony in the world market  and risks entering into an open decline, unless it does conquer China and Russia, breaks them economically and financially or puts them under its military boot. This is the "new normal" that the imperialist pirates are preparing to be able to emerge from the catastrophe and crash. Here and there governments and regimes are armoring and Bonapartizing themselves.

But in order for imperialism to advance to new superior offensives, it must defeat its own working class, something it is far from having achieved.

And the working class wages battle

Comrades: In this dark world, as you say, imperialism does not have an open road for its counterrevolutionary deeds and offensives. The workers and exploited still keep their huge energies, despite cruel and heavy defeats as in Syria, Ukraine, the final sell-out of Cuba to the US by Castroism or in Bolivia, where a semi-fascist coup d’état was imposed with iron and blood, which massacred the exploited in Senkata. The world working class is far from giving up.

As the 8 minutes 46 seconds that took the executioner’s knee to choke George Floyd passed, the black people, the workers, millions of unemployed and rebel youth in the US broke out in huge struggles and independent mass political actions. These actions were a left blow on the infamous regime and the trap it had set on the exploited with Sanders, backed by the entire American left, who returned to the Democratic Party to support Biden. This happened just in moments when the masses were turning left and, pushed by huge sufferings, they rose against the US regime, Trump’s government and his repressive forces.

The old and weakened AFL-CIO bureaucracy couldn’t do anything to prevent a volcano eruption of the anger of millions of exploited. In more than 50 cities, centuries of hatred for the slavery of the black people burst out. Also, for the desperate situation, without a way out, of the more than 55 million unemployed, of the homeless and for the miserable wages that doesn’t even reach 6 dollars an hour of millions of exploited treated in America as the US bourgeoisie treats the workers and subjugated people of the colonies and semi-colonies that plunders.

“Dissolve the police!” is the cry and the struggle of the masses. This is a direct clash to the heart of the bourgeois state, with its armed men gang. Police stations were raided. Some of them were burnt. A huge mass independent action has struck the ruling imperialist power inside of it.

In their struggle against Trump’s government and the police, the exploited concentrate all their demands. The masses are convinced that they have to deal a heavy blow and defeat the government on the streets to advance in recovering their gains and put an end to their unbearable living standards. The oppressed don’t enter the revolutionary processes with a book under their arms. The unprecedented sufferings push them to the revolutionary struggle.

In the spontaneous mass actions there’s the embryo of consciousness, as Lenin said. The exploited distinguish their enemy. It’s been more than 60 days of struggle and the reformist left cannot subject the working class to the Democratic Party again, the same party that has attacked all the workers’ gains with 24 governors today as yesterday with Obama. The masses don’t let the reformist left subject the working class to the Democrats. “Dissolve the police!” They insist. Besides the uprisings in the cities, the 29 ports in the US west coast were paralyzed. As black lives matter and the lives of the entire working class deserve to be lived, the exploited took over the central police station in Seattle. In Detroit, tens of thousands of workers refuse to enter to produce in the factories as they don’t want to die of Coronavirus. More than 50 cities in USA are today revolted. With the cry “our streets”, they kicked out the white supremacists and defend the streets from the repressive forces with barricade fighting.

A gathering of old union leaders and Stalinism tried to place itself once again in this mass uprising to control it again. This is what the symbolic July 20th day of action they called was about. The union bureaucracies weakened their own call as they reduced those actions to symbolic demonstrations and tried to add bourgeois, representatives and senators of the Democratic Party to convince the workers movement that their way out was to trust again in the Parliament and in the imperialist democracy of Wall Street pirates.

The response of the revolted masses did not take long. In Portland, where Trump sent the Federal Forces, the clashes have not stopped. The wall of mothers, then wall of fathers and now wall of war veterans are clashing every day with Trump’s forces. As we are writing this message to your Assembly, in 45 cities there were actions taking place at the war cry “We are all Portland!” “Out with Trump!” “Feds Out!” and “Dissolve the police!”

Comrades: From the Collective for the Re-foundation of the Fourth International / FLTI, we take as our own what your appeal says: It is time for a mass counter-attack. Indeed, it is time to prepare a strategic offensive for the fight of the international proletariat. But for this to happen, it is not enough with the spontaneity and heroism of the exploited. This is an indispensable condition for victory. But without a revolutionary leadership, these attempts will be sought to be taken to new traps, diversions and class collaboration policies, promoted by all kinds of trade union bureaucrats and by Stalinism that put down the mass struggle and prepare hard blows of fascism.

There is no time to waste. In Middle East, France, USA, the South Cone of Latin America, the world working class stands strong. There are conditions to prepare a strategic offensive.

The US working class is the iron fist of the workers of the world. In its offensive, it is in condition of stopping the imperialist war machine, as yesterday in Vietnam and later Iraq.

The black workers of Africa are taken as slaves to the imperialist Europe with shackles (as they were taken to the plantations of the white in southern USA centuries ago), see that this struggle of the black people inside the imperialist beast is their own struggle. The immigrant and undocumented workers, the Black Vests of Paris, rose to the cry “Fear has changed sides!”

The bourgeoisie sent its agents to the workers movement in USA, as we saw on July 20 and in every decisive struggle of the working class. They go to prevent the masses from setting up self-determination direct democracy armed organizations in their struggle, that is to say, their own power. Against them, the revolutionaries must fight in the heart of the masses to set up a supporting point for them to break and overcome the leaderships that at each step seek to disorganize their struggles and revolutionary assaults, dissolve their dual power organs and prevent the exploited from arming themselves.

It is indispensable to provide the working class and the rising oppressed the leadership they deserve to win.

So in USA the main task is no other than fighting to coordinate, expand, generalize, arm and centralize at national level all the self-determination organs that the exploited set up in their struggle in each city and state.

The disarming of the police puts the mass arming at the order of the day. The ones on the top don’t represent us. The fighting in the streets is not to be delegated. Trump out! Out with the bourgeoisie and its parties from the workers organizations! The decisive strength of the American workers will come from their support to the struggle of the workers and subjugated people of the world.

To stop the offensive of the capitalists, to recover the houses, to get bread, free health and education, work and a decent life, the socialist revolution must win in USA. Fighting for the Socialist United States of North, Central and South America is a task of the entire world working class.

The working class must “go back to normal”, recovering militant internationalism

Comrades: The Black Vests in France claimed “Fear has changed sides!” in moments when the workers in England knocked down the statues of the enslavers in Bristol. The world working class is already fighting with their class brothers and sisters in the streets of New York, Detroit, Portland and Washington, where the shameless Trump had to hide in a bunker under the White House facing the rising of the black people and the workers. Meanwhile the masses wage huge revolutionary processes in Iraq, Lebanon and tough struggles against the Iranian theocracy, while the heroic resistance in Syria and Palestine is alive. In Chile, the exploited seek to enter once again to the first line of the fight of the workers of the world. It is time to coordinate the struggles of the international working class to strike as a single fist to the imperialist parasites.

Our fight for the re-foundation of the Fourth International is inseparable of our fight to rebuild the militant internationalism in the world workers movement, fighting to defeat the treacherous leaderships, agents of capital.

The workers must return to their “historic normal”, re-taking the militant internationalism that the traitors of Stalinism, Social-democracy and the renegades of Trotskyism destroyed, subordinating the working class to its executioners.

The “new normal” should be the masses re-taking the path to the international socialist revolution. This is what preparing a strategic offensive of the working class is about. The objective prerequisites for the proletarian revolution are not only “ripe”, but started to rot at extreme degree. There is no time to waste. It is needed to coordinate the struggles against dismissals and labour flexibility of the workers of Detroit with the workers of the Mexican maquilas. We have to unite the workers of Renault in Brazil with their siblings the dismissed workers in Nissan, Barcelona and Renault in France into a single fight against the transnational companies. Also, the unified struggle to get free health, defend the pensions and get decent work for all is a struggle of life or death for the world working class.

A new internationalist regrouping of the revolutionary Marxism is an imperious need to help the masses overcome the limits imposed by the treacherous leaderships to conquer the road to victory. This is the immediate task and the obligation of all the currents that claim to be of revolutionary Marxism.

Comrades: The best fighters of the working class are in the jails of the exploitation regimes. In Greece, the rebel youth has been in jail for many years. The prisons of Zionism and those of the fascist Al Assad are full with heroic revolutionaries. Thousands of them were brutally murdered. The Iranian clerics attacked the fighters of the working class, youth and working women, putting thousands of them in jail. The Chilean masses seek to release the best fighters of their first line from jail. In Bolivia, the relatives of the exploited massacred in Senkata demand justice and the release of the political prisoners. In Argentina, the former leader of GM workers, Sebastian Romero, is in prison, while the “Damocles Sword” still hangs over the workers of Las Heras and thousands of imprisoned. In Colombia or in the tormented China, thousands of workers and youth get kidnapped. The fight for the freedom of all the political prisoners of the world is a task and obligation that we raise together in a single cry against the exploiters and the repressors around the world.

This “dark century” of the rotten capitalist system must end! Imperialism must die!

Let’s not allow that the historical alternative be war and barbarism but the victory of the international socialist revolution!

We salute your 58th Antiwar Assembly


Paula Medrano, Carlos Munzer, Villacorta, Jussa K., James S. and Lourdes Fernández

For the International Coordination Secretariat of the Collective for the Refoundation of the Fourth International / International Leninist Trotskyist Fraction (FLTI)


Integrated by: Internationalist Workers Party – Fourth International (POI-CI), Chile / Workers International League (WIL), Zimbabwe / Paper “The Truth of the Oppressed”, voice of the socialists of Syria and Middle East / Workers Democracy, Spanish State / Socialist League of the Internationalist Workers (LSTI), Bolivia / Internationalist Workers Nucleus (NOI), Colombia / Communards Group, Colombia / Internationalist Workers League – Fourth International (LOI-CI) - Workers Democracy, Argentina / Workers’ Advance “Black List” of Rio Santiago Shipyard, Argentina / Workers And Youth Revolutionary Committee for Self-Organization (CROJA), Brazil / Socialist League of the Internationalist Workers (LSTI), Peru

Prospettiva Marxista

Dear comrades,

The world pandemic, which this new decade has opened with, is yet another revealing mirror of the contradictions and class nature of our society. In defiance of the bourgeois fable of a united humanity fighting against a common enemy, the virus, the harsh capitalist reality emerges. Within States, a rational management of the emergency remains a mirage, destined to succumb to the dictates of profit; beyond national borders, imperialist wars and conflicts continue to rage.


Although the comparison between war crises and health emergencies – widespread in the recent bourgeois press and functional to ideological misreadings – is largely inaccurate, there are still some similarities in the political and ideological responses that these two otherwise different events have triggered.

On the one hand, the pandemic has brought the role of the State fully back into the spotlight. At the height of the emergency, national States have proved to be still effective and crucial instruments for the defence of bourgeois interests. But just as the State clearly revealed its class nature – as it happens during wars – ideologies of national unity, of sacred union against the “common enemy”, spread. Just as the State subordinated every public measure to the need to preserve profits, it was celebrated as the defender of the whole community, of common interests.

In spite of any claim of union against the virus, the weight and risks of the pandemic were loaded on the shoulders of one class only. Sent to the production “front” during the lockdown, the proletariat is now economically assaulted, and summoned to pay for the lost profits of the bourgeoisie. As always during crises and wars, our class is bound to pay the highest price.


In capitalist societies, there is no impartial State, no common interest or common enemy. The present pandemic, along with all the current crises and wars, clearly demonstrates this, showing us once again that the only possible struggle is the revolutionary one. 





Organising Committee for the Reconstitution of the Fourth International (OCRFI)


July 29, 2020


To all those taking part in the 58th International anti-war assembly, we send our internationalist and revolutionary greetings in the name of the OCRFI.


For the 58th year, you are holding in Japan the International Anti War Assembly in commemoration of the dreadful tragedy which reduced to ashes the Japanese town of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on the 6 and 9 of August 1945, killing people by hundreds of thousands, and leaving behind it a long chain of other victims.

You are right no one should forget what happened in August 1945. That month, American imperialism showed its true face, the face of war and barbarism, the face of imperialist exploitation.


What happened then has to be remembered because it is a warning that the capitalist system, imperialism, is ready to commit any dreadful act which it feels necessary to defend and extend its rule.


This year 2020, your anti-war assembly takes time at a moment when the world imperialist system —and the most powerful imperialist State — is engulfed in a critical crisis. The pandemics, COVID 19, are mot the cause of that crisis. It is spreading the world over as it only accelerated and exposed the fact that the capitalist exploitative system based on the private property of the means of production was unable to overcome the consequences of the 2008 crisis and was heading towards a new disaster.


The last months have exposed the murderous character of the capitalist system. By hundreds of thousands, people have died mostly because of the lack of adequate health protection. Because the whole sanitary system worldwide was dominated by the need of profits. The pandemic is now used to justify the biggest wave ever of lay offs, adding new millions of unemployed to the existing mass of workers already deprived of labour. In that context, everywhere, governments take measures to destroy all the benefits the working class worldwide had gained by their past struggles.


Everywhere also, the working class and the people which were already engaged in tremendous struggles to defend their rights and their standards of living, are fighting back.


In such a situation, imperialism is ready to take any move that can defend its system, including preparations and acts that could lead to new major conflicts. American imperialism, which, because of its power, occupies a leading position in the imperialist system, has the means to do so. Its military budget in 2020 goes beyond 750 billions of dollars, as much as the cumulated budgets of the 16 most important countries in the world. Once again, American imperialism is reaching a point where it may choose a war as an answer. Your assembly is taking place at a time when the most dangerous threats are present in the international situation.


The present crisis is destroying the basis on which rested the previous international relations and the accommodation between American imperialism and the ruling bureaucracy in China, which provided low cost labour to the imperialist world system.


Imperialism is more and more engaged in an attempt to ensure its total and direct domination over Asia as over the whole world. That is what is at the root of the increasing military, diplomatic and commercial pressures on China.


The Chinese leading bureaucracy, which, in Stalinist manner, opposes any open expression of the Chinese working class, has been linked to imperialism for years and wishes today a new “peaceful coexistence” on the basis of the oppression of the Chinese working class. The struggle against the threat of war can only be waged in relation with the struggle against the imperialist system itself, against its States and against its allies.


In that sense, the huge struggle which is today increasing all over the United States against institutional racism, in defence of the oppressed Black population, is a struggle in defence of all workers rights and a blow directed against the warmonger which seats in Washington.

The struggle of the Chinese workers for their right to organise, for their democratic control of the means of production, is also part of that same struggle which is the struggle of the workers of the world on each and every continent. 


Let’s regroup our forces to move forward in the building of an International Organisation that will unify those struggles.


The International shall be the Human Race.


The Organising Committee for the Reconstitution of the Fourth International (OCRFI)





The Union Pacifiste de France


Dear Friends,

The Union Pacifiste de France wish you a successful international antiwar assemblies.

After the world crisis, we can work for a better world, without capitalism and war.


Maurice Montet



War Resisters League


Dear friends,

Please accept our warm greetings and our wish for a successful International Antiwar Assembly.

From here in the U.S., the War Resisters League - in the face of the pandemic - continues our work for a more just and peaceful world. We promote and take nonviolent action to end war and remove the causes of war.

Globally, we call for the removal of all foreign military bases including  from Okinawa and in Japan. We are working to end U.S. weapons sales and for the elimination of repressive policing at home and abroad.

In solidarity.


John M. Miller

member, International Task Force, War Resisters League.




Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)

To International Anti War Assembly- Japan

Dear comrades,

We are honored to extend our revolutionary salute to all of you for your brave struggle against imperialism and its war monger policies and destructive practices. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you in the battle for building a world based on peace, justice and humanity.

Today, more than anytime the imperialist countries endanger the whole planet with devastation through wild war, mass destruction weapons, nuclear weapon production competition, environment and eco system degradation.

It is the one percent capitalists that determine the fate of 99 percent of the entire world population. A small parasitic minority in order to meet its dirty benefits and accumulate the capital, keep continuing a brutal exploitation, violence and war, rasim and other kind of discrimination and oppression.

So, it is a priority and urgent task of all workers, youth and peace loving people around the world to moblize their forces and resist togather against inhuman capitlalist system, privatization, exploitation, war and eviroment degradation.

The workers of the world deserve to live in peace and enjoy a prosperous life. The only alternative which guarantees digntiy, freedom, justice and development for 99% deprived people, is socialism and demolation of the private onwership of the means of productions.


In solidarity

Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)


DIP (Revolutionary Workers Party)

i come and stand at every door

but no one hears my silent tread

i knock and yet remain unseen

for i am dead, for i am dead.


i'm only seven although i died

in hiroshima long ago

i'm seven now as i was then

when children die they do not grow.


I’m knocking on your door...

Aunt, uncle, give a signature...

Children shalln’t get killed

So that they may live and grow and laugh and play.


Nazım Hikmet

Dear Comrades,

Three quarters of a century after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the world faces the possibility of a new world war. The most central issue of this war is the encirclement, isolation, and containment of China and Russia. These two countries have become powerful states thanks to the socialist revolutions and construction processes they experienced in the 20th century. The main aim of imperialist forces of USA, EU, Japan and their allies is to bring down these two countries to their knees, in order to keep them away from posing any danger.

From the tug-of-war over the South China Sea and the delicate balancing act regarding North Korea, the discordances expanded to a spectrum of areas that include the trade war between the US and China and the subsequent move of the Taiwanese bourgeoisie towards a national particularism. The US launched sanctions on the pretext of Chinese policies in Hong Kong and Xinjiang. Hong Kong is, first and foremost, a colonial question. The sovereignty of China over Hong Kong cannot be questioned on the basis of the political regime of this island that rightfully belongs to China. Furthermore, US imperialism took new measures to cut Chinese technology companies off from American engineering skills. The crusade against the 5G development of Huawei is unprecedented in the annals of technology. India’s Modi, who brought down his mask to reveal his Hindutva fascism increases aggression on the border with China due to the encouraging of imperialism. Within this context, the coronavirus pandemic that broke out in Wuhan is used by another affiliate of fascism, Trump, to slander China.

A renewed bout of tension with Russia is also not to be excluded. Despite the ambiguities of Trump’s policy regarding Russia, it should not be ignored that NATO is still a war machine that targets first and foremost this country of great military capability, in particular in the field of nuclear power.

However, the dynamics of this war are not limited to the areas of conflicts with Russia or China. The imperialist and Zionist ambitions and sectarian wars in the Middle East, as well as contradictions and conflicts in Africa, can trigger the outbreak or spread of a world war. In the Middle East, the impasse created in Idlib puts Turkey, a member of NATO, and Russia on opposite trenches. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and other reactionary Sunni Islamic states are brought together in an alliance that includes Israel against Shia Iran and its allies in the region. The objective of the imperialist camp is to put an end to the threat that Iran poses

for Israel and to bring down the foremost ally of Russia and China in the Middle East.

In the Eastern Mediterranean, the alliance between Israel, Egypt, Greece, the Republic of Cyprus, and others based on newly discovered sources of natural gas, has fallen out with Turkey, which claims that it should have a say over these resources because of its own rights and those of North Cyprus. Behind General Haftar of Libya, is a large counter-revolutionary imperialist-Zionist array of forces including France, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Sarraj’s GNA and supporters as Turkey and Qatar, too, is not meant to defeat imperialism but to seize Libyan oil. The United States takes one or the other side depending on the concrete situation, with Britain standing silently behind Turkey. Here again Turkey and Russia are at odds.

The Zionists having been emboldened by Trump’s “deal of the century” and the US provocation concerning the status of Al Quds/Jerusalem, now prepare to announce annexing some parts of the Jordan River Valley and of the West Bank that they had failed to usurp in 1948 and 1967.

Behind these escalations lies the capitalist world economy prone to deepening contradictions under the influence of the Third Great Depression since the great financial collapse in 2008. The Coronavirus pandemic has, moreover, ignited the explosion of all the unresolved contradictions of the global capitalist crisis. In its essence, the pandemic has shown that capitalism has now proved to be incompatible with the most urgent needs of the life process, a historical obstacle that only the world socialist revolution can and should overcome.

As should be expected, this capitalist crisis also gave rise not only to a possibility of a new world war and fascism that can bring about greater disasters than the past, but to what we call the third wave of world revolution. This was started with the Arab Revolution in 2010-11. And today, it can be traced from the numerous mass movements emerged all over the world in the form of rebellions and revolutions in the last two years. Those include but are not limited to Sudan, Algeria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Chile, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Catalonia, France and lately USA.

Struggling in a country surrounded by wars and revolutions, under the squeezing grasps of despotism and imperialism, Revolutionary Workers Party, the DIP, expresses its solidarity with the organizers and attendees of the 58th International Antiwar Assemblies in Japan.

Our fight is to bring down the despotic regime in Turkey, the enemy of the workers and the oppressed, by uniting the struggle for bread and freedom. Our fight is to pull Turkey out of NATO, close all imperialist bases in the country, to cut all economic, military, diplomatic, cultural and academic ties with Zionist Israel and to kick imperialism out of the Middle East, for a Socialist Federation of the Middle East and North Africa!

We have to act together for the sake of the world revolution by organizing the working class in the revolutionary parties at the national level and at the international scale in a revolutionary international, both to resolve the global economic crisis in favor of workers, toiling masses, the poor and the oppressed, and to protect humanity against the danger of destruction by fascism and in a new world war.

Internationalist communist greetings.


DIP (Revolutionary Workers Party)





Российская партия коммунистов

Уважаемые товарищи, руководители JRCL-Японского союза революционных коммунистов, Дзэнгакурэн и Комитета антивоенной молодёжи!

Восхищаясь вашей верностью традиции ежегодно, в первое воскресенье августа, в очередную годовщину варварской американской атомной бомбардировки Хиросимы (а через 3 дня – Нагасаки), проводить международные антивоенные ассамблеи, мы особенно поражены созыву такой ассамблеи даже в столь трудных условиях пандемии COVID-19. Мы также огорчены, что пандемия помешала нам вовремя получить сообщение о 58 Ассамблее и ваше Обращение к её участникам. Так что с приветствием исполкома РПК участники Ассамблеи смогут ознакомиться только после её завершения.

Исполком РПК, в основном, согласен с классовым подходом JRCL в анализе новых угроз миру. Холодная война между США и Китаем и военно-морские манёвры двух ядерных держав у берегов Тайваня и в Южно-Китайском море, действительно усиливают общую напряжённость в мире, и бдительность терять нельзя. Однако при этом мы полагаем, что холодная война между США и Китаем вряд ли перерастёт в войну горячую. Во-первых, важный сдерживающий фактор – ядерный паритет. Во-вторых, политическая неопределённость в США, связанная с ноябрьскими президентскими выборами и массовыми непрекращающимися акциями против расовой и любой другой дискриминации. То и другое не способствует подготовке к столь крупной военной авантюре.

В Обращении организаторы Ассамблеи высказывают серьёзную озабоченность ситуацией в КНР. Противоречивый курс китайского руководства вызывает тревогу у марксистов во всём мире. С одной стороны, Китай демонстрирует огромные успехи в науке, технологических инновациях, образовании, космических исследованиях, примером чего служит первая станция-лаборатория на обратной стороне Луны. С другой стороны, провозглашённый курс «социализм с китайской спецификой» на практике, особенно в последнее время, оборачивается тем, что «специфика» дискредитирует социализм.  Крупный капитал всё более «врастает» в плановую индикативную экономику,  жёстко эксплуатируя при этом высококвалифицированный пролетариат. Последний порой отвечает забастовочной борьбой, получая поддержку от выпускников пекинских вузов, получивших в них хорошую марксистскую подготовку. Их по требованию хозяев арестовывают. Наше издание Коммунист Ленинграда, выписываемое JRCL, систематически освещает эти тревожные тенденции в политике нынешнего руководства КПК.

Исполком РПК благодарен Оргкомитету 58-ой Международной антивоенной ассамблеи за внимание, уделённое в Обращении к ситуации в России, где левые силы, включая РПК, ведут тяжёлую политическую борьбу против правящего режима  государства полупериферийного капитализма. РПК призывала голосовать против путинских поправок в Конституцию. Раскол оппозиции на сторонников «против» и бойкота голосования помог режиму «продавить» поправки, которые отбрасывают Россию ещё дальше, в сторону монархического прошлого.

Империализм, или государственно-монополистический капитализм, – главная угроза народам мира. В его природе заложены мировые экономические кризисы. Но если до последней четверти ХХ века они отличались известной периодичностью, то начиная с 1970-х годов, межкризисные периоды непрерывно сокращаются:  1973 - 1997-8 – 2008 – 2014-5 – 2020… Последний мировой кризис, спровоцированный холодной войной и торгово-экономичесикм соперничеством США и Китая, дополнительно усилен пандемией.  Глобальный империализм не в состоянии справиться с раздирающими его противоречиями. Ступенька между наивысшей стадией капитализма и переходной фазой коммунизма, социализмом, о которой писал Ленин в сентябре 1917, становится всё более и более узкой. Но сам по себе империализм эволюционно эту ступеньку не перейдёт. Только мировая революция как последовательность социалистических региональных революций может решить эту эпохальную задачу.

После реставрации капитализма на территории СССР и поражений социалистических проектов в странах СЭВ социалистический строй сохраняется и укрепляется на Кубе и во Вьетнаме. Острое классовое противостояние, в основном, в форме экономической борьбы наблюдается во многих странах Латинской Америки. Но настоящей революционной ситуации нет нигде. Одна из главных причин – кризис политического авангарда современного пролетариата, призванного вносить классовое сознание в ряды наёмных работников умственного и физического труда. Не преодолён на национальном и международном уровнях разброд среди коммунистических партий. Вы правильно пишете: «Повысить гнев трудящихся до уровня классового сознания, возродить пролетарскую классовую борьбу во всём мире!», «Крепить международное единство рабочего класса!» Но мы считаем, что нельзя ограничиваться призывами, нужно эту работу вести практически и систематически. Представители нескольких общественно-политических движений России левой ориентации обратились к ряду политических партий, приверженных учению Маркса и Ленина, организовать координационный центр для выработки и проведения единой тактики в политической борьбе. РПК вместе с рядом других партий поддерживает эту инициативу.

Желаем нашим японским товарищам из JRCL и всем участвовавшим в 58-й Международной антивоенной ассамблее успехов!

Да здравствует единство борцов за коммунизм!


Исполнительный комитет Российской партии коммунистов






Workers Revolutionary Party (EEK)

Dear Comrades

The Workers Revolutionary Party-EEK of Greece salutes the 58th International Anti-War Assembly and joins our voice, our thought and our forces to your consistent struggle for an international mobilization against imperialist war, tyranny and mass poverty!

Particularly now, the “perfect storm” of an insoluble global capitalist depression and the coronavirus pandemic makes it more urgent than ever before to fight back and defeat the global capitalist system , which in its decay threatens now humanity and the natural environment with destruction of all life on the planet.

The terrible nuclear holocaust of Hiroshima and Nagashaki is a warning for all the oppressed and exploited peoples in the world. The US-China conflict as well as the imperialist war drive in the Middle East, in Eastern Mediterranean, in Africa and Latin America brings the Armageddon closer. But, from the other side, the mass popular rebellions in all Continents, from Lebanon to France and Chile, and especially , the rebellion in the center of global capitalism, the United States , shows that the international working class and the oppressed masses can defeat our common class enemy by revolutionary means.

Forward to an international anti-war class front against the warmongers of imperialism and against all the ruling classes!

For peace, bread and freedom- forward to the world socialist revolution!


on behalf of the Central Committee of the EEK

Savas Michael-Matsas-General Secretary

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