The 40th International Antiwar Assembly
August 4th, 2002,
The Central Meeting was held in Tokyo,
regional meetings in Sapporo, Kanazawa, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Okinawa,
filled with burning spirits of revolutionary antiwar struggle.

(The central meeting in Tokyo, 4 Aug.)

Overseas appeal for the Assembly from the Executive Committee

Messages of solidarity from abroad
Comite Organizador del Trotskismo Principista
Revolutionary Marxists in Britain
The Liberation Front of Polynesia (F.L.P) - TAVINI HUIRAATIRA NO TE AO MAOHI
Former Chair of War Resisters International David McReynolds
Union Pacifiste de France
Marxist Platform in Russia
Russian Communist Workers Party - Tyumen Regional Committee
Anti-imperialist Camp
Revolutionary workers' party of Sri Lanka
New Communist Party of Britain

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Overseas Appeal for
the 40th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan

Executive Committee for the 40th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan
- Zengakuren [All-Japan Federation of Students' Self-Governing Associations]
- Anti-War Youth Committee
- Japan Revolutionary Communist League - Revolutionary Marxist Faction

June 25th, 2002

Fighting Comrades All over the World,
Oppose the US Strengthening of Nuclear Armament!
Oppose Limited Wars on Terrorism!
Advance Revolutionary Antiwar Struggles
Based on the International Solidarity of the Working People!

1. Denounce bloody military aggression against Palestine by the Sharon government in the name of the 'eradication of terrorism'!
@Muslims of all countries, organize struggles for the independence of a Palestinian state, based on Islamic inter-nationalism!
@People of the Arab countries, support the Palestinians under the banner of anti-American imperialism / anti-Zionism!
2. Oppose the US strengthening of nuclear armament and building of a missile defence system!
@Oppose imperialist America's continuation of the aggressive war in Afghanistan!
@Stop America bombing Iraq!
@Oppose the Kashmir War between India and Pakistan!
@Denounce imperialist America's double-standard policies towards Arab countries!
3. Stop the Koizumi government enacting laws for aggressive wars!
@No to the Personal Information 'Non-Protection' Bill for restricting media activities!
@No revision of the Constitution of Japan!

@The September 11th attacks by the Muslim militants for their jihad have destroyed the prestige of the imperialist state of America that had boasted itself the 'sole superpower in the world'. In an attempt to regain its prestige, the American imperialist George W. Bush is now escalating asymmetrical wars in the name of the 'eradication of terrorism' in the whole areas of the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America.
@The idea that determines the barbaric acts of this state power is unilateralism, whereby it seeks exclusively for its own national interests. Its double-standard policies are manifestations of this arrogant principle in the Middle East. Precisely because of this, resentment and anger are boiling up in people all over the world. In the Arab world, anti-American / anti-Zionist nationalism is surging like roaring waves.
@We, the Executive Committee for the 40th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan, appeal to our comrades fighting all over the world: now is the time to resolutely advance revolutionary international antiwar struggles for a radical breakthrough of the crisis of today's world covered with war clouds!

A. Armed clashes in Palestine

@Once again, serious armed clashes have broken out in Palestine, clashes that may lead to a Fifth Middle-East War. While the fires of war are still smoldering in Afghanistan, the Israeli Sharon government has started its assaults on Palestine, backed by American imperialism, which carried out, together with Anglo-imperialism, merciless, barbaric air raids on Afghanistan in the name of 'retaliation' for the September 11th attacks.
@Since September, 2000, militant Muslims who have an ardent wish for the independence of Palestine have shifted their tactics and laid more emphasis on self-martyrdom attacks than on Intifada [stone-throwing struggles]. They have thus been fighting against the tyrannical rule over their land by the Sharon government.
@This right-wing Likud government has definitely been encouraged by Bush's policy of asymmetrical war, a 'new form of war' in the name of the 'eradication of terrorism'. Against this Zionist government (which has desperately been expanding Jewish settlements with a view to wiping out Yasser Arafat's self-rule government), Palestinian radicals, including Hamas, Hezbollah, and Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, have been carrying out attacks of self-martyrdom for nearly two years. This misery of Palestinians is the very symbol of the insolence and tyranny of the United States as the 'sole superpower in the world'.
@In the midst of this situation, Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz set out a claim for the withdrawal of Israeli troops from the occupied areas in Palestine and raised an objection to the possible military attack on Iraq by the United States ? against the background of people's indignation at America's double-standard policies and the growing current of anti-Zionism. His proposal was adopted by the Arab League summit (March 27th-28th) as the 'Beirut Declaration'.
@In a frenzy of rage at this declaration, and with the Bush administration's tacit permission and support, the Sharon government forced its armed invasion into the West Bank. It brought Jenin, Bethlehem, Nablus, Ramallah and other districts under military control (from March 29th to April 10th, May 25th to 26th, and June 6th to 12th). Particularly in the Jenin refugee camp, a dreadful massacre of Palestinian people was perpetrated. (The United Nations' fact-finding mission which was supposed to probe this assault at the site gave up its mission in exchange for Israel's decision to release Arafat from confinement.)
@On the first day of the genocide, an 18-year-old Palestinian student named Ayat Akhras carried out her self-sacrificing attack in protest, leaving a massage, 'I am going to fight instead of the sleeping Arab fighters.'
@Bush encouraged murderer Ariel Sharon by stating that Arafat was a supporter of terrorism and that he was hostile (April 2nd). At the same time, he took deceptive measures and sent Secretary of the State Colin Powell to Arab countries as a feigned mediator.
@Based on the Israel Army's military aggression, Bush and Sharon pressured Arafat to 'prevent terrorism', and he yielded. Denouncing the betrayal by the Arafat leadership, Hamas, Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade and other radical groups have risen in desperate jihad attacks, together with many Palestinian people.
@Inspired by this struggle of Palestinians, people in other Arab countries have also risen in anti-American, anti-Zionist fights one after another.
@Even power-holders in Arab states have started to raise their banner of anti-American, anti-Zionist Arab nationalism, in response to the resistance of Islamic fighters and the Palestinian youths seeking independence. For instance, rulers of Saudi Arabia refused to let US troops use their military bases for the bombing of Afghanistan, though they had been providing their bases for the troops of this imperialist state ever since the Persian Gulf War in 1991.
@In spite of the fact that many Islamic countries in the Middle East had long taken the so-called pro-American stance, and despite the fact that, at the time of America's military aggression against Afghanistan, they yielded to this imperialist state in the sole point of 'anti-terrorism' and took a cooperative attitude, today, rulers of these countries are assuming an opposing posture towards America's possible military attack on Iraq.
@This is not all. When Bush visited Berlin in May intending to obtain Germany's consent to America's planned attack on Iraq, he met with 100,000 protesters demonstrating against his unilateralist policies throughout his stay. In fact, German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and other rulers in Continental EU countries are levelling one intense criticism after another at Bush's unilateralism and double-standard policies. Hence even the Blair government of imperialist Britain had to withdraw its support to America's planned attack on Iraq.

B. Protracted internal wars in Afghanistan

@Because of the ruthless aerial bombings and ground battles by the allied Anglo-American forces, the Taliban government collapsed, drastically. Nevertheless, bloody strife is still going on among the four major ethnic groups making up Afghanistan, as well as among local warlords. Particularly, bitter strife is repeated between Uzbeks, led by General Abdul Rashid Dostum, and Tajiks, influenced by Burhanuddin Rabani and led by Commander Muhammad et. al. (January 20th to 21st, February 2nd, 28th, and April 30th). In addition to these, special squads of US forces, allegedly intending to mop up Taliban hold-outs, are continuing their battles, together with Afghan troops, in the mountainous border area with Pakistan.
@During the 'Operation Anaconda' in Shah-i-Kot Valley (March 2nd to 18th), US troops fell under siege of guerrillas and barely escaped with their lives. Remnants of al-Qaeda and the Taliban militia are still actively carrying on their battles, with fighting mujahedin spirit, across the borders between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
@Irritated by these developments, US troops have started to invade even the Pashtun tribal area in Pakistan, successively raiding civilian houses and Islamic seminaries that they suspect as shelters for terrorists. This outrageous behaviour is adding fuel to the flames of anger of Afghan and Pakistani people against US forces. Afghanistan is now turning into a 'second Vietnam' for American imperialism.
@No matter how showily Hamid Karzai, a puppet of the invader America, presented himself in an ethnic costume as Head of Afghanistan in the Emergency Loya Jirga, internal warfare in Afghanistan is irrefutably being intensified because of tenacious rivalries among ethnic groups and warlords. Ismail Khan and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar have openly voiced their will to overthrow Karzai. (The latter met with a missile attack by the CIA on May 9th but escaped death.) As is clearly shown in these facts, Karzai is 'governing' only Kabul and its environs, under the protection of the International Security Assistance Forces.
@Joint operations of the US-UK forces to mop up the remaining al-Qaeda and Taliban commandoes have totally got bogged down in a quagmire.

C. Armed clashes over Kashmir

@In spite of the fact that the Islamic state of Pakistan had been supporting the Taliban government by sending Taliban troops since 1994, the present Musharaff government not only provided US forces with bases for air raids on Afghanistan, but also gave permission for US military presence in this country even after the Taliban regime collapsed due to US forces' aerial bombings and ground battles. Over this political manoeuvrist behaviour of Musharaff the military dictator, Muslims' indignation has been growing. By way of evading this indignation in a chauvinistic manner, the Musharaff government has started to utilize the long-standing conflict between India and Pakistan over the question of the title of Kashmir. In order to cover up its inferiority to India in conventional force of arms, this government test-fired nuclear-capable ballistic missiles three times and showed off its military power.
@India and Pakistan stand face to face across the Line of Control in Kashimir, deploying one million troops in total, and are now unfolding a fierce exchange of fire day after day. Because both are armed with nuclear weapons, military clashes between the two nuclear foes may possibly develop into a nuclear war.
@The Islamic state of Pakistan (now supporting Pashtun groups in Afghanistan in compliance with imperialist America's intention) receives political, military and economic support from China, while India (embracing a large Muslim population in the country but many believe in Hindu) is backed by Vladimir Putin's Russia. In this context, the tense military crisis in Kashmir contains in itself very complex and serious aspects.

D. The United States bent on building a missile defence system

@In this situation, the cooperative relationship named 'world-wide coalition against terrorism' has started to show signs of split, although the Bush administration worked hard to build it in the wake of the September 11th event, by involving rulers of European countries, Russia and China, along with those of Arab countries.
@The US government inevitably had to seek for a cooperative response from Putin's Russia. This attempt was connected with its scheme to drive a wedge into the relationship between Russia and China, which is regarded by the US as a 'strongest future rival'. In the Russo-American talk held in Moscow in May, Putin yielded completely to Bush's demand for reducing nuclear warheads in exchange for greenbacks, i.e. for economic aids offered by Bush as carrots. On top of that, he accepted America's use of military bases in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyz, etc. (which is vital for the US to enforce air strikes against Afghanistan and Iraq), though he did not give his consent to America's possible attack on Iraq.
@At home, the Bush administration is being shaken to its foundations. With the midterm election just around the corner, the Democrats have not only started to seek for further interrogation about the Enron scandal and other corporate frauds, but also demanded to know whether the White House had enough advance information to head off the September 11th attacks.
@With a growing irritation at this state of affairs inside and outside, the Bush government has again laid bare its arrogance as the 'sole superpower'. Based on the 'Nuclear Posture Review Report' (released on January 9th), this government has actually started on the development and production of small-sized nuclear bombs, thus accelerating its building of a missile defence system since June 13th when the ABM Treaty lost its effect.
@This imperialist government is perpetrating conspiratorial indirect aggressions in many regions of the world, including the Philippines, Venezuela, Columbia, and Georgia under the pretext of 'a terrorist hunt'. It is getting more impatient than ever for an attack on Iraq and other military provocation. It went so far as to announce a plan to restate a 'first strike' option in its nuclear military strategy, intimidating power holders all over the world.
@Thus, confronting all this arrogant attitude of the United States, rulers of China and Russia will intensify their rivalry and conflict with this imperialism, and the states of the European Union will develop their tendency towards disagreements and split among themselves. In fact, 'Euro-socialism', which used to be eulogized in around 1997, has inevitably declined today. Under Chirac's presidency, France has departed from 'co-habitation' and is now tending towards a resurgence of Gaullism. Neo-fascist tendencies, including Jean-Marie Le Pen's National Front in France, are being revitalized in Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark and other countries in Europe.
@Clearly, the dawn of the 21st-century world is covered with war clouds and deep darkness.

E. Stop the Japanese imperialist Koizumi government enacting the laws for wars of aggression! No revision of the Constitution of Japan!

@At the US-Japanese summit meeting held in Tokyo this February, Prime Minister Koizumi Jun'ichiro expressed his agreement to America's planned attack on Iraq by parroting Bush's words, 'It'd be swift'. Today, when the US government is escalating its 'war on terrorism', the Japanese imperialist Koizumi government is taking a very positive posture towards it, scheming to reorganize and strengthen the US-Japan military alliance afresh, and disregarding negative responses of rulers in the European Union.
@This government is now rushing towards the legislation of the Emergency Laws, whereby it is running its course towards a further strengthening of the US-Japan joint preparedness for war.
@The core of these Emergency Laws is the Armed-Attack Situation Law, which is inseparably connected with the previously enacted Law of Emergency Situations in Areas Surrounding Japan, and yet is more dangerous and unconstitutional.
@The new concept 'an armed-attack situation' (which is distinguished from 'an armed attack') has been fabricated by the Japanese government. This concept has been invented to legislate the following will of the Japanese state ? under the pressure of the will of the American state on the basis of the US-Japan military alliance: if only a 'situation' arises that 'it is feared' or 'it has come to be anticipated' that a definite state (or forces, which imply domestic radicals against the state power) may deliver an armed attack on Japan, the Japanese government is able to make a pre-emptive use of forces.
@In fact, the Armed-Attack Situation Law clearly states that the Prime Minister is to seize the supreme power in case of emergency, and that, in order for the Prime Minister to conduct war under his unified control, obligatory cooperation for war is imposed, not only upon state apparatuses, but also upon the local authorities and public organs for traffic, transport, communication, etc. It further prescribes that every one of the Japanese people is obliged to cooperate in war, enduring 'restrictions on civil liberty and human rights'.
@This law, as such, is a basic law of war which enables the state of Japan to carry out aggression against other countries on the absolute foundation of the system of the US-Japan military alliance. This is precisely an 'armed-attack law'. The Japanese government is scheming to enact this law by unifying it with the Law of Emergency Situations in Areas Surrounding Japan, which was already enacted. What is worse, this emergency legislation means, in effect, to revise the Constitution of Japan, which states the renunciation of war and the relinquishment of the right to collective defence.
@This is not all. On May 13th, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Abe Shinzo haughtily said, 'Use of tactical nuclear weapons is constitutional,' and 'Even a pre-emptive strike must not be negated' (in a lecture given at Waseda University). Then, on May 31st, at a press conference, Chief Cabinet Secretary Fukuda Yasuo commented that it is possible for the Japanese government to possess nuclear weapons.
@These remarks are de facto negation of Article 9 of the Constitution of Japan, which lays down the renunciation of the right of belligerency of the state. The remarks also mean the annulment of the 'three non-nuclear principles' that have been put forward thus far as a basic national policy. Their utterances have uncovered the vicious ambition of the rulers to promote Japan to a country that can openly conduct war, or to a first-class imperialist state suitable for a military ally of American imperialism.
@At present, the Koizumi government is faced with a pincer attack: on the one hand, with condemnation surging in and outside the country against the above-mentioned government officials' remarks on nukes, and, on the other, with intensified intra-party strife within the Liberal Democratic Party. The government has fallen into a 'Dutch roll'. For all that, Prime Minister Koizumi is persistently seeking to enact the Emergency Laws by extending the current Diet session.
@In opposition to these Emergency Laws, joint actions are now being organized in Japan. Transport-related trade unions are playing a central role in organizing this movement. It is being advanced by various trade unions, together with students' self-governing associations and citizen's groups, by overcoming the current framework of national trade union centres (such as Rengo, or the Japan Trade Union Confederation). Tens of thousands of people gathered in a central rally and demonstration held in Tokyo on June 16th.
@In spite of this upsurge of militant workers' protests, the central leadership of Rengo is shamelessly taking an anti-working class attitude, saying that the Emergency Laws are basically needed to protect the lives and properties of the nation. The leadership of the Japanese Communist Party is also expressing a very infamous view that the party opposes the Emergency Laws 'because these laws mobilize the Japanese people to America's war'. Clearly, this view is based on their affirmative attitude towards 'a war for self-defence'. That is, the leaders of the JCP are merely grumbling about the legislation of these laws, saying that it is 'not effective in the national defence of Japan'. This is a miserable exposure of their basic line, according to which they have been justifying reforms within the framework of capitalism in the name of Realpolitik. This is also a necessary consequence of the abandonment of their anti-American national democratic line for Japanese revolution.
@Militant workers and students are fighting to overcome the oppression and distortion of the opposition movement by this official leadership, and strengthen the ranks of workers and students who have started to organize mass struggles by going beyond the current framework of the official national centres of trade unions.

F. Stand up for revolutionary international antiwar struggles!

Faced with the militant Muslims' September 11th attacks for their jihad last year, we declared as follows, in opposition to the deceptive propaganda of the 'eradication of terrorism', spread by the American government:
This is an undeniable fact that occurred in actuality on September 11th, 2001. It must be seen as an epoch-making event, brought about by the self-martyrdom of those Muslims for their jihad. ... We must see that this unexpected event has significance as an explosion of the long-standing resentment of Islamic people in the Arab world against American imperialism. ("The Beginning of the End", November 11th, 2001)
@We pointed out the event as the 'beginning of the end of Yankeedom'. The revolutionary significance of our view is now clear to any eye with the living reality of the world.
@Some of the Trotskyists in Western and South American countries joined in the imperialist chorus of 'Defend the civilized society from the barbarism of terrorism!'. They are so miserable that they can merely recollect Trotsky's schema 'Socialism or Barbarism', and go so far as to use it to justify anti-terrorist policies of imperialists.
@But we must say again:
... denunciation of this incident as mere terrorism shows a lack of awareness that these attacks against US imperialism can be seen as an abortive flower that has grown as a result of the abandonment of workers' class struggles in advanced countries. (ibid.)
@Remember that we already made the following declaration when NATO allies started merciless bombings of Yugoslavia in 1999:
@This miserable actuality shows a new form of conflict between 'East and West' caused by the collapse of the USSR.
@The next century will be an age of warfare among nation-states and ethnic groups, connected with religious antagonisms between Catholicism, the Eastern Orthodoxy, and Islam. (Kuroda's Thought on Revolution, 2000, Part II, Preface to the English Edition, p. 163)
@If we define the state of affairs in Yugoslavia as the essential conversion of the contemporary world history, the event on September 11th, 2001 constitutes its actual conversion, which has the former conversion as the nodal point.
@So-called war on terrorism started by the Bush government is by no means a war between civilization and barbarism. From the viewpoint of ideology, it has significance as an attack made by Christian imperialism against the Islamic world.
@Comrades! Now is the time to fight resolutely to crush the arrogance and barbarity of American imperialist rulers posing as representatives of 'civilization', to smash CIA-led conspiratorial wars of aggression (low intensity warfare)!
@Today the working class in advanced countries are submissive to their respective bourgeois governments and the capitalist class. They have abandoned both class struggle and antiwar struggle. This is because their leadership has fallen into the line of joint consultation between the employee, the employer and the government. Not only have workers in each country surrendered on the whole to their government, but they have also been swallowed up by the waves of various kinds of nationalism disseminated by their rulers. This humiliating situation must be broken through with the mighty blow of fighting workers and people.
@We must expose and put an end to all the criminal acts against the working class by the imperialist warmonger state of America and other states flattering to the former. We must do so by organizing struggles against war based on the international solidarity of the working people and by advancing political as well as economic struggles on this basis.
@Never let US imperialism make any political / military interference in the Arab world! Oppose the continuation of the Afghan War! Stop US aggression against Iraq!
@Oppose the US producing small-sized nuclear bombs and building an MD system! Stir up the flames of antiwar struggles based on proletarian internationalism, in opposition to Sharon's bloody military aggression against Palestine in the name of the 'eradication of terrorism', in opposition to imperialist America's warmongering all over the world!


Greetings from Abroad to the 40th International Antiwar Assembly

Comite Organizador del Trotskismo Principista

1 de Agosto de 2002.-

Camaradas del Comite Ejecutivo para la 40va Asamblea Antibelica Internacional en Japon:

Desde la Liga Obrera Internacionalista - Democracia Obrera, de Argentina, y desde el Grupo Obrero Internacionalista de Chile, queremos hacer llegar un caluroso saludo revolucionario a la Asamblea que ustedes estan realizando, basada en la solidaridad internacional de los pueblos trabajadores.

Nuestros grupos integrantes del Comite Organizador del Trotskismo Principista, Cuarta Internacional), queremos decirles y gritar junto a ustedes que estamos en la misma barricada del combate contra el imperialismo, y sus socios, los explotadores nacionales en el mundo semicolonial.

Estamos en la misma barricada contra el ataque genocida a la nacion afgana.

Estamos en la misma barricada combatiendo al ejercito asesino de Sharon y del lado de los trabajadores, campesinos y el heroico pueblo revolucionario palestino, que lucha a brazo partido por la destruccion del estado sionista de Israel.

Estamos en la misma barricada, enfrentando a las direcciones traidoras, al stalinismo, a la socialdemocracia, y a los renegados del trotskismo, que ponen todas sus fuerzas en sostener la ciudadela del poder de los explotadores, mientras esta es hoy asaltada en Argentina y en Palestina, por masas insurrectas.

Nos dirigimos a ustedes desde paises semicoloniales expoliados hasta la ultima gota de sangre de sus obreros y campesinos por parte de las potencias imperialistas yanquis, europeas y japonesas, y su rapaz capital financiero. No podemos menos que levantarnos y estar junto a ustedes, obreros revolucionarios internacionalistas que estan en la primera linea de fuego en el combate en un pais imperialista, como es Japon, del lado de vuestros hermanos explotados del mundo colonial y semicolonial.

Hoy, cuando en nombre del marxismo y del socialismo revolucionario, en los paises imperialistas, se intenta poner a la clase obrera de esos paises a los pies de sus gobiernos carniceros imperialistas. Cuando en nombre del trotskismo, los revisionistas y liquidacionistas de la IV Internacional intentan subordinar esa clase obrera a la aristocracia y a la burocracia obreras que viven de las migajas de la expoliacion del mundo semicolonial, no podemos menos que estar con ustedes, que estan en primera fila, enfrentando en el corazon mismo de una potencia imperialista, al stalinismo y a la socialdemocracia, y reagrupando vuestras fuerzas para venir en socorro y en ayuda de la clase obrera y los pueblos semicoloniales.

Les escribimos desde la Argentina, donde el proletariado y los explotados por liberarse del yugo de la explotacion imperialista y la peor de las catastrofes que impone este sistema capitalista decadente ya han dado mas de 40 martires. Sabemos que ellos, como los piqueteros Anibal Veron, Teresa Rodriguez, Dario Santillan y Maximiliano Costeki, estaran presentes y seran banderas de lucha de vuestra 40va Asamblea Internacional Antibelica en Japon.

Les escribimos en momentos en que nuestra corriente esta dando un feroz combate politico en el seno de la clase obrera y las masas, por impedir que las direcciones traidoras, el stalinismo, las direcciones sindicales, hoy sostenidas por los renegados del trotskismo, terminen de liquidar los intentos que una y mil veces pusieron las masas revolucionarias en el combate, para poner en pie organismos de democracia revolucionaria y doble poder. Les escribimos cuando inclusive estamos siendo brutalmente atacados, tan solo por llamar a impulsar comites de autodefensa de las masas en lucha, contra las bandas armadas del gran capital, que tantas vidas han costado entre los trabajadores y el pueblo que desde el 19 y 20 de diciembre han irrumpido haciendo estallar el volcan de la revolucion. La revolucion argentina se encuentra hoy en una verdadera encrucijada. La crisis de direccion revolucionaria se ha puesto al rojo vivo.

La lucha por poner en pie un partido revolucionario a partir de la propia experiencia de las masas y del combate por reagrupar las filas del trotskismo internacionalista a nivel mundial, luchando contra las direcciones traidoras, es la necesidad mas imperiosa del momento. De su desenlace, dependera el futuro de los combates de Argentina. La irrupcion de los trabajadores en otros paises de nuestro continente, como en Venezuela, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia, etc., le dan tiempo a esta revolucion "medio ciega, medio sorda y medio muda" que ha empezado. La irrupcion en huelgas generales de la clase obrera europea en distintos paises, colabora a atarles las manos a los carniceros imperialistas en la ofensiva que han largado contra nuestros paises. Del combate que den los proletariados, especialmente el europeo, el japones y el norteamericano, dependera en ultima instancia, el futuro de la revolucion argentina, de Palestina, de Afganistan y demas pueblos oprimidos.

Pero la tarea de poner en pie partidos revolucionarios en nuestros paises jamas sera una tarea nacional. Ello sera obra de un reagrupamiento -como ayer en Kienthal y Zimmerwald, en la III Internacional y luego la IV Internacional-, del movimiento internacional consciente del proletariado internacional. Por eso saludamos vuestra 40va Asamblea Internacional Antibelica. Porque la discusion, el intercambio de correspondencia, que hemos iniciado con ustedes han sido de un valor enorme para nosotros, como sin ninguna duda tambien lo son las diferencias que hemos constatado que tenemos, que sin ninguna duda, seguiremos debatiendo de forma honesta y leal, como tienen que hacer los revolucionarios. Sepan camaradas, que la vanguardia revolucionaria en la Argentina ya conoce la solidaridad y la lucha de los revolucionarios japoneses.

De nuestra parte, queremos afirmar, que en el combate del mundo semicolonial, de los paises expoliados de Africa, Asia, Medio Oriente, y America Latina, hace ya rato ha emergido con absoluta claridad en esta epoca de crisis, guerras y revoluciones, que la unica clase que podra liberarlos, es la clase obrera, como caudillo de los sectores populares y de toda la nacion oprimida.

Las burguesias nacionales de los paises coloniales y semicoloniales, que aqui y alla intentan utilizar las fuerzas revolucionarias de los trabajadores y los pueblos oprimidos, asi como tambien las brechas interimperialistas, para negociar con el imperialismo, como socia menor, la plusvalia que juntos le arrancan a los obreros de los paises semicoloniales, se ha demostrado que son incapaces de llevar toda lucha antiimperialista, decisiva, de forma consecuente y mucho menos hasta el final. Hoy tiene mas vigor que nunca que solo la alianza obrera dirigiendo a los campesinos pobres y a las clases medias arruinadas, bajo direccion revolucionaria puede llevar a feliz termino las luchas por la liberacion nacional, y contra toda opresion y explotacion.

La liberacion de los trabajadores sera obra de los trabajadores mismos. Esta liberacion vendra de la unidad internacional de los explotados de los paises semicoloniales con sus hermanos los obreros de los paises imperialistas de EE.UU., Europa y Japon. Esa es la unidad que las direcciones contrarrevolucionarias, como el Foro Social Mundial, los "globalifobicos" y ahora tambien acompanados por los liquidadores del trotskismo, se empenan en destruir a cada paso. Alli donde la revolucion se encuentra avanzada o ha estallado intentan subordinar al proletariado a sus explotadores nativos. La vieja politica contrarrevolucionaria de los frentes populares esta a la orden del dia para que estos actuen como quintacolumna al interior de las masas revolucionarias, como sucede con Arafat y el stalinismo en la revolucion palestina, y como sucede con la burocracia sindical, el stalinismo, con el apoyo de los renegados del trotskismo, en la revolucion argentina. Y asi mientras la burguesia con una mano organiza la quintacolumna para tirar agua al fuego de la revolucion, con la otra prepara, con las castas de oficiales y sus fuerzas represivas, nuevos y superiores golpes contrarrevolucionarios.

Por eso, para nosotros, esa unidad sera inalcanzable si no reagrupamos las fuerzas sanas del movimiento revolucionario internacional para volver a poner en pie el partido mundial de la revolucion social que no puede ser otra que la IV Internacional regenerada y refundada, expurgada de revisionistas y liquidadores. Debemos ser merecedores de poder llevar sobre nuestros hombros las banderas de los fundadores de la IV Internacional que decian: "... ya desde ahora es odiada merecidamente (la IV Internacional) por los stalinistas, los socialdemocratas, los liberales burgueses y los fascistas. No hay ni puede haber lugar para ella en ninguno de los frentes populares. Combate irreductiblemente a todos los agrupamientos politicos cogidos a la falda de la burguesia. Su tarea: la abolicion del dominio capitalista. Su metodo: la revolucion proletaria".

La revolucion y la contrarrevolucion ya "se han visto la cara" en las calles de la Argentina, y en los campamentos palestinos. La crisis del sistema imperialista mundial y su agonia es tirada sobre los hombros de la clase obrera y los explotados del mundo.

La monumental estafa en los balances de las empresas norteamericanas que han hecho esfumar casi 8 billones de dolares de la bolsa de Wall Street, el vuelco de mas de 500.000 millones de dolares para la inversion en armas por parte del imperialismo yanqui creando y desarrollando fuerzas destructivas como unica posibilidad de lograr ciclos cortos de crecimiento o intentos de salir de las profundas catastrofes de un sistema putrefacto, hacen mas vigente que nunca la consigna de la III Internacional de Lenin y Trotsky que decia que para que la clase obrera y los pueblos explotados del mundo vivan, el imperialismo debe morir.

Como ustedes correctamente denuncian, el imperialismo japones se apresta a hacer ajustes constitucionales a fin de preparar y legitimar un salto en su armamento y sus intervenciones directas. Las potencias imperialistas europeas han iniciado un monumental ataque a sus propios proletariados para impedir que la crisis yanqui golpee a su interior. El fantasma de la crisis de los '30 ya esta aqui. Para ello los carniceros imperialistas europeos se aprestan a darle a sus monopolios un plan de privatizaciones de las empresas publicas para paliar la caida de la tasa de ganancia que esta atras de las sucesivas rondas de la crisis mundial. En Francia, en Alemania, en Espana, en Italia, se empiezan a atacar aqui y alla las viejas conquistas del proletariado europeo.

Estos grandes acontecimientos y convulsiones del sistema agonico capitalista mundial, preanuncian nuevas conflagraciones y ataques contrarrevolucionarios. Se preparan -como ayer organizaron golpes contrarrevolucionarios en Venezuela y un fenomenal golpe economico en Argentina para escarmentar a la revolucion que aqui ha empezado y para que nunca a una nacion se le ocurra tomar la resolucion soberana de romper con esa cueva de bandidos que es el FMI- para intentar darles nuevos escarmientos a los pueblos oprimidos del mundo y disciplinar a su propio proletariado. La bestia imperialista, para sobrevivir necesita sangre, y ya prepara un nuevo ataque genocida contra Irak, como hicieran ayer en Afganistan, y como preparan una guerra fratricida entre la India y Pakistan. El avance contrarrevolucionario de Sharon no es mas que la avanzada de las nuevas conflagraciones contrarrevolucionarias que preparan las distintas potencias imperialistas, que de triunfar, luego golpearan inevitablemente a la propia clase obrera de los paises imperialistas.

En Argentina y en Palestina se concentra toda la polarizacion hoy y los choques violentos que se avecinan a nivel mundial entre revolucion y contrarrevolucion. !Viva la revolucion argentina! !Viva la revolucion palestina! El proletariado europeo ha iniciado luchas y huelgas con las que amenaza ponerse de pie: !viva el levantamiento y las huelgas generales de los trabajadores de Espana, de Italia y de Grecia! En Chechenia, sigue la resistencia al ejercito blanco contrarrevolucionario de Putin, mientras en China se han iniciado levantamientos obreros y campesinos contra el hambre y la desocupacion. !Hermanos revolucionarios de Japon! En vuestras manos y en las del proletariado japones estan las fuerzas decisivas para contribuir a que el proletariado chino se levante contra la catastrofe que le depara la restauracion capitalista en ese pais a manos de los nuevos mandarines asesinos de obreros y campesinos. !Viva la unidad del proletariado japones con sus hermanos de clase asiaticos, con los obreros chinos, coreanos, tailandeses, indonesios, vietnamitas!

La perdida de los ex -estados obreros en manos del capitalismo mundial, ha significado golpes enormes para la clase obrera mundial. Como no podia ser de otra manera, tal cual pronosticaba nuestra IV Internacional, o triunfaba la revolucion politica, o la burocracia stalinista, como agente del imperialismo, se pasaba con armas y bagajes a la restauracion capitalista, entregando esas grandes conquistas del proletariado mundial. La lucha por esos nuevos mercados y para hacerle pagar la crisis a sus propios proletariados y al mundo semicolonial, ha mandado ya, y lo hara de forma superlativa aun mas, a acciones guerreristas a las distintas potencias imperialistas. Las tropelias yanquis en Afganistan, las guerras de agresion como en los Balcanes, han puesto como alternativa historica presente la disyuntiva de hierro de comunismo o barbarie fascista.

Cuando hoy vemos las enormes energias puestas en la arena de la lucha de clases mundial por los combates del proletariado, nada puede hacernos pensar que las fuerzas del proletariado mundial han sido derrotadas estrategicamente. Nada mas lejos de ello. Sin ninguna duda, los golpes de la revolucion mundial, sobre todo en algun pais imperialista de occidente, volveran a poner al orden del dia la tarea de recuperar los ex estados obreros con direcciones revolucionarias, como eslabones de la revolucion mundial para oponerle a la restauracion capitalista de hoy, la restauracion revolucionaria de la dictadura del proletariado.

El siglo XXI que comienza vuelve a poner, como el anterior, en el centro de la escena lo que el proletariado mundial ya pago con sangre en el siglo XX: el unico camino para impedir nuevas conflagraciones mundiales que viven en las terribles contradicciones del imperialismo como fase agonica del capitalismo, es el triunfo de la revolucion proletaria. Para ello necesitamos volver a poner en pie el partido de la revolucion socialista mundial.

Como nunca la premisa fundacional de la IV Internacional mantiene su vigencia: "Los requisitos previos objetivos para la revolucion proletaria no solo han 'madurado'; empiezan a pudrirse un poco. Sin una revolucion socialista, y ademas en el periodo historico inmediato, toda la civilizacion humana esta amenazada por una catastrofe. Todo depende ahora del proletariado, es decir, principalmente de su vanguardia revolucionaria. La crisis historica de la humanidad se reduce a la crisis de la direccion revolucionaria".

Los internacionalistas nos reconocemos en el combate, por ello saludamos esta Asamblea, y en ella, a los heroicos combatientes Zengakuren, al Comite Juvenil Antiguerra y a la Liga Comunista Revolucionaria del Japon - Fraccion Marxista Revolucionaria.

Junto con nuestro saludo, queremos hacerles llegar tambien una propuesta para que sea considerada, junto al resto de las resoluciones que ansiosamente esperamos recibir de vuestra Asamblea:

Los invitamos a que, juntos, iniciemos de inmediato -como parte de vuestro combate antibelico en los paises imperialistas, y contra los gobiernos imperialistas- una campana internacional en todos los continentes, por la inmediata e incondicional liberacion de los luchadores antiimperialistas sobrevivientes de la masacre de Mazar-i-Sharif en Afganistan, hoy presos en Guantanamo, en las garras del carnicero Bush y de los carceleros Fidel Castro y la burocracia restauracionista cubana. !Esta lucha no puede esperar un solo dia mas! Es que la lucha por la liberacion de los combatientes antiimperialistas de Mazar i Sharif presos en Guantanamo, es parte de la lucha por exigir la libertad de los mas de 2000 presos politicos arabes y musulmanes que estan presos en las garras de Bush en las carceles de los Estados Unidos.

Saludos revolucionarios

Carlos Munzer y Eva Guerrero
Por el Comite Organizador del Trotskismo Principista (Cuarta Internacional)

Revolutionary Marxists in Britain

Message to 40th international anti-war assembly

We, Revolutionary Marxists in Britain, send our warmest greetings and wishes for success to the 40th International Anti-War Assembly.

In Britain, the 'Labour' Government of Blair has become a close ally of Bush and US Imperialism, with British troops carrying out imperialist war in Afghanistan. There have been significant demonstrations against the war in Britain, although there is no leadership to turn the anti-war sentiment in a revolutionary direction.

The Blair government is permitting the British armaments capitalists to sell their products to reactionary governments throughout the world. This same government continues to attack the living standards of the working class through privatisation of state services and industries. In Britain the growth in influence of the fascist British National Party, while not on the scale of Le Pen's National Front in France, shows the consequences of a lack of working class leadership.

We are following your movement carefully and we are very much encouraged by your successes. We in Britain are determined to learn from you and to build a similar movement here. Your fight is our fight.

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Revolutionary Marxists in Britain

The Liberation Front of Polynesia (F.L.P)

To the eve of the holding of the 40th international antiwar assembly, and in the name of the F.L.P, I wish to address my sincere and respectful greetings to all organizations present to this assembly.

I would also wish to bring you my total and unconditional support to struggles that you lead against the different shapes of war to which us attend through the world and that has been described very exactly in the call that has been launched on occasion of this 40th assembly.

I also inform you that our fight for the independence of our country continues. After 160 years of French colonialism, we are confronted today to the multi colonialism European because of the integration of France within the union European. Crimes committed by French state against our people as well as the nuclear tests perpetrated on our soil are acts of terrorism that have not been judged and will not been judged until our country get independence.

The gathering of all our strengths requires to be accentuated in order to fight whole so that the peace can finally reign on our different peoples.

Once again, I encourage you in the pursuit of fights that we will have to lead together and I wish that good discussions institute themselves in the setting of this 40th assembly.

I renew you, this year again, the solidarity of the F.L.P towards all those that invest themselves and fight for the eradication of terrorism through the world.

I wish that important resolutions are taken to the exit of this 40th assembly.


Former Chair of War Resisters International David McReynolds

To those attending the 40th International Antiwar Assemblies in Tokyo, Osaka, Okinawa, etc. I want to say it is important for us to struggle against the forces of war, in the United States, in Japan, in Europe, or wherever one finds the military pushing peoples toward war. At this time there is a danger of nuclear war between India and Pakistan, which would be a great and profound tragedy for both nations.

And there is a growing danger of war against Iraq, led by the United States. While there are many aspects of the Iraqi government which democratic forces cannot support, it is even more urgent that we recognize that each country can only change from within, not by "imperialist armies bringing liberation". In the case of Iraq, the motive of the US is clear - it is oil, not democracy.

I was honored to hear from you. As one who has been to Japan many times, and who has learned some of my nonviolence from Buddhist teachers in your country, let me say, in the words of my own mentor, A. J. Muste, "There is no way to peace - peace is the way". Let us struggle against the forces of US imperialism with the methods of Gandhi.

Peace and struggle,

David McReynolds
former Chair of War Resisters International
Socialist Party candidate for President in the US, 1980 and 2000

Union Pacifiste de France

Dear Friends,

All the members of our executive wish you a fructuous 40th general meeting in Tokyo.
The abolition of armies, the suppression of all armament production and arms trade is for us the only realistic solution to give a chance of survival for human people.

In the name of all members of Union pacifist, the French section of war resister's international, we send to all of you our solidarity with all your antiwar actions.

Maurice MONTET,
Secretary of UPF

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My - }y!

"Mp{y{p |p}p"
B. U. Ipzy{r

Anti-imperialist Camp

Dear comrades,

Let us convey our anti-imperialist greeting to your annual anti war assembly.

We support your efforts to fight against the pre-emptive permanent war proclaimed by the US and its allies against any potential threat to their imperialist world order might it be from states, popular movements or vanguard organisations. Its first victim was the Afghan people, its next victim might be the Iraqi people already terrorised by the ongoing embargo of genocide. However, the so-called war on terror is a proof of the fact that the contradictions of the US-led world order continue growing and its explosion can only be postponed by military power and state terror.

We also join you in your attempts to support the popular masses of the billions of wretched in their struggle against the US and their imperialist allies, regardless of the form the struggle assumes. The Palestinian Intifada against the Zionist occupation and continuous massacre is only the most outstanding example of this world wide struggle.

It is of vital importance for the anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist and revolutionary forces in the imperialist countries to fight the aggressive war drive of the ruling oligarchies and their attempt to suppress the most elementary democratic right gained by centuries of popular struggle. We have to denounce the detention of Muslim, Arabs and political militants in the US under the pretext of being "enemy combatants" while denying not only their basic right to a regular trial but also the status of prisoner of war. We demand the immediate withdrawal of the so-called list of terrorist organisation issued by the European Union in the aftermath of September 11 banning all the major liberation organisations throughout the world and especially in Palestine.

We call upon the Japanese anti war assembly to join hand with the anti-imperialist camp which rallies about hundred anti-imperialist organisation from all continents. We invite you to join the international protest action against the American terror war schedule for September 28 on the occasion of the anniversary of the Palestinian Intifada.

Stop the terror war of the US!
Defend the endangered elementary democratic rights!
For the right to resistance of the oppressed people!

Anti-imperialist Camp

Revolutionary workers' party of Sri Lanka

Dear Comrades,
We express to you our grateful thanks for calling Revolutionary Workers Party of Sri Lanka for a message of solidarity to the 40th International Anti-war Assembly.
We or the RWP has always been in the forefront against the war policies of the United States of America.
From the condemnation of bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to the Vietnam War and attacks on drug and Palestinian, the intermeddling in the internal affairs of Eastern Europe, India and Pakistan, culminating in the interference of the ethnic conditions in Sri Lanka.
We have always expressed our unstilted support for the International Antiwar forces.
We express our whole hearted support to the laudable objective of your Assembly and wish it very success.
Your fraternally,

D. C. Jayawardhana
Revolutionary Workers' Party

New Communist Party of Britain

Dear Friends,
The New Communist Party and its weekly journal, the New Worker, sends its warmest greetings to the 40th International Anti-war Assembly in Japan.

We remember the tragedy of the atomic attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

We join with you in opposing the imperialist nuclear build-up and the US-led policy of threats of war and actual war under the pretext of "combating terrorism".

British and United States imperialism pose the greatest threat to world peace. The proposed National Missile Defence (NMD) system would trigger off another global arms race. The tearing up of the ABM treaty undermines every other international agreement on nuclear weapons.

The Big Five permanent members of the UN Security Council all possess nuclear weapons along with India and Pakistan. India's deplorable decision to resume testing in 1998 - taken by its reactionary BJP government - provoked Pakistan into speedily developing and testing its own atomic bombs. Though neither country has attempted to deploy atomic weapons their development raises fears that the continuing conflict between the two over Kashmir could go nuclear in the future.

But the major threat to peace comes from the imperialists. The United States has an immense arsenal and so does Britain. France also possesses substantial nuclear weapons and so does Russia, which inherited the systems of the former Soviet Union.

Britain is a major arms supplier and its troops are deployed in a growing number of war zones and areas made unstable as a result of imperialist intervention and aggression.

The fifth permanent member of the Security Council, and the only socialist state with nuclear weapons, People's China, is the only one actively supporting proposals for multilateral nuclear disarmament. China is the only nuclear power to uphold the demand for universal nuclear disarmament. China stands for the complete prohibition and total destruction of all nuclear weapons. China, backed by many other countries, has challenged the West to implement the entire Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which was signed in 1968 to halt nuclear proliferation but also committed the signatories to work towards universal nuclear disarmament.

In the meantime People's China calls on all the major nuclear-weapon states to abandon their policy of nuclear deterrence. States with huge nuclear arsenals should continue to reduce their nuclear stockpiles.

China calls on all nuclear powers to pledge not to be the first to use nuclear weapons at any time or under any circumstance, commit themselves unconditionally not to use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear weapons states or nuclear-weapons free zones, and conclude at an early date, international legal agreements to such effect.

China calls on all states with nuclear weapons deployed outside their frontiers to withdraw these weapons home. All nuclear powers should pledge their support to the establishment of nuclear-weapon-free zones, respect their status as such and undertake corresponding obligations.

China calls for the banning of the development and deployment of space weapons systems or missile defence systems and calls for an international convention on the complete prohibition and thorough destruction of nuclear weapons concluded through negotiations with the participation of all countries.

These long-standing demands must be projected throughout the peace movement in Britain and throughout the world.

In Britain the NCP supports the efforts of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and other peace movements for unilateral British nuclear disarmament. The NCP calls for the abolition of all biological, chemical and radioactive (such as depleted uranium) weapons.We campaign against any British participation in NMD and for Britain's continued adherence to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

Our immediate focus is the demand to scrap the British Trident missile system. The billions spent on Trident are a national disgrace. Money that could be used to refund the National Health Service and other state welfare projects is being squandered every year on Trident - a system developed to "deter" the Soviet Union, which now no longer exists.

We are confident that the efforts of the peace-loving people of Japan, the only people to have suffered atomic attack, will help to stop the imperialist drive to war which threatens the entire world.

Andy BrooksGeneral Secretary
New Communist Party of Britain