The Executive Committee for the 46th International Antiwar Assembly

The 46th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan

Meetings of the 46th International Antiwar Assembly were held on August 3rd in 7 cities in Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa. Attended by many workers, students and citizens, every meeting was very active. They strengthened their determination to advance antiwar struggles internationally in opposition to the growing crisis of 'war, impoverishment / starvation, and environmental destruction'. (The picture above: the central meeting in Tokyo, with 1200 workers, students and citizens.)

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The Okinawa regional meeting The Hokkaido regional meeting

Overseas Appeal for the 46th International Antiwar Assembly

Let us create an international antiwar struggle!
Fight together against war, against forced poverty,
against the destruction of the global environment
exacerbated by the 'new confrontation
between the US and China-Russia'!

Executive Committee for the 46th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan
- Zengakuren [All-Japan Federation of Students' Self-Governing Associations]
- Anti-War Youth Committee
- Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction)

(A) Oppose the worldwide deployment of US missile defences! Oppose the newly started competitive build-up of nuclear military power between the US and China-Russia!

The American imperialist administration of President George W. Bush is bogged down with successive defeats in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, despite its reinforcements drafted on the pretext of a 'war on terror'. It is now plunged into complete isolation from the rest of the world. At home it is faced with a serious depression, or rather, is on the verge of a dramatic collapse of its economic foundation, caused by skyrocketing international oil prices, one of the results of the forcible invasion of Iraq and its defeat, and by the breakdown of its financial system, and further a sharp decline in the dollar, triggered by soaring subprime loan defaults. All this has led to the collapse of its imperialist domination over the world as the 'sole superpower'. In a desperate bid to gloss over and circumnavigate this impasse, the Bush administration is hell-bent on deploying missile defences in Poland and the Czech Republic, as well as in Japan, with the aim of maintaining its overwhelming ascendancy in nuclear military power at any cost.

The American power holders, who consider China and Russia to be their main enemies that threaten their dominance over the world, are determined to build up worldwide missile defence (MD) systems in a bid to overwhelm these two states militarily. They have launched this scheme to 'disable' Chinese and Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). They are forcing their allies in Europe and Asia to participate in, cooperate with and conform to their plan.

The power holders of EU countries, however, have indirectly put a brake on the US-led move towards the deployment of missile defences in Central Europe by defining it as an integral part, not of the US-made scheme but of a 'future NATO-wide missile defence architecture'. European rulers have taken heed of Putin's Russia, which is offering strenuous resistance to the US plan and is even adopting a 'brinkmanship policy' to foil it. Likewise, newly inaugurated South Korean president Lee Myung Bak, who on the surface stressed the need 'to redefine the US-ROK alliance', has also rejected deployment in his country.

While the Bush Empire has got itself into an impasse, the Fukuda government in Japan alone is giving full support to the US plan for MD systems, as it is tightly chained up with the US-Japan security alliance. Hand in hand with the Bush administration, this LDP (Liberal Democratic Party) government is implementing a succession of reactionary schemes, including the establishment of US Force headquarters to command a nuclear war in the eastern hemisphere in the form of the Bilateral Joint Operations Coordination Centre (BJOCC) in Yokota on the outskirts of Tokyo, the provision of the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS George Washington in Yokosuka to make it serve as a floating command base on the sea, and the deployment of missile defence armaments such as SAMs (ship-to-air missiles) and PAC-3s (Patriot Advanced Capability 3s) along with a full range of equipment for a global intelligence and communications network. Throughout the country, combined and integrated US-Japanese forces are continually engaged in joint military exercises with the aim of technologically improving the missile shield. Japan is now placed on a quasi-war footing against China and Russia.

In competition with American imperialists who are bent on building up their worldwide MD systems, Chinese and Russian rulers are also reinforcing their nuclear military capabilities. By trampling down the protests of workers and toiling people all over the world against the military build-up, they have embarked on an arms race in outer space. Thus our world in the 21st century faces an impending crisis - the threat of a third World War - exacerbated by an intensifying scramble for natural resources and food between the imperialist powers of the US-Japan-Europe and China-Russia.

Why is this state of affairs permitted? Because both the antiwar/peace movement and the labour movement in Japan are still under the control of labour aristocrats, who are at the helm of trade unions affiliated to the Japan Trade Union Confederation (Rengo), and that of the Japanese Communist Party, a party of converted Stalinists, and so are grossly distorted into something that gives priority to 'national defence'.

We, revolutionary Japanese workers and students, call on our comrades all over the world!

Rise now to create an international antiwar struggle in all countries against the US imperialists' worldwide deployment of missile defences, and against the build-up of nuclear military strength by the rulers of China and Russia in competition with the US. Here in Japan, we have been advancing our struggle against war and the US-Japan military alliance assiduously by overcoming the degeneration of the official leadership of opposition movements. We are resolved to stand in the forefront of this international struggle.

(B) Strike a final blow at the Bush Empire!

The Bush-led militarist empire of America is now suffering from the total collapse of its unipolar domination of the world, having brought wars of aggression and poverty upon toiling masses all over the world. This empire, however, is now trying frantically to wriggle out of the morass it has created.

In Iraq, their decisive operation, carried out forcibly by the occupying forces - with the Iraqi army of the Maliki government deployed in the forefront - to wipe out the Mahdi Army, an anti-American Shiite militia led by cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, has ended in complete failure. Or rather, it has resulted in the consolidation of the Iranian government's political influence on the Iraqi government as well as Shiite and Sunnite forces, since Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's offer to act as mediator between the Maliki government and the Sadr group turned out to be successful. This should be the worst result for the Bush administration, which is even contriving to topple the present Iranian government under the pretext of 'preventing its nuclear development'.

Nations described by Bush as US allies in the 'Coalition of the Willing' have made a rush to withdraw their troops from the field of battle. The Empire has become stuck in a bottomless quagmire of civil war between Shiite and Sunnite forces, which the US itself instigated. Even while issuing its death cry, it is still continuing with its occupation and the brutal killing of Iraqi people.

In Afghanistan, too, the defeat of the US occupying forces is obvious. President Karzai, a puppet of US imperialists, has been forced into a tight corner by the Taliban, who have regained their strength. He narrowly escaped an assassination attempt by the Taliban using secret agents they have established within the government. The US-led International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF), the 'heretical' allied forces that have been trampling down this country, the poorest of all Islamic countries, are now kept on the defensive by fierce guerrilla attacks from Taliban and al-Qaeda forces. The puppet Karzai government, a 'local government' which merely confines itself to the capital Kabul, is on the verge of collapse. Frenzied US forces have gone so far as to launch air raids by crossing national borders, on tribal areas in Pakistan, which they regard as 'safe heavens for the Taliban', and perpetrate indiscriminate murders of Afghan and Pakistani people. This brutal act has even led to an armed conflict with the newly inaugurated Pakistani government, which has antipathy towards the US government.

In Palestine as well as in Lebanon, bloodthirsty assaults on Muslim people, atrocious offensives that the Bush Empire has launched by instigating the Zionist state of Israel, have totally failed. Bush's round visit to Middle Eastern countries intended to stage 'peace in the Middle East' - a plot to mark the last days of his presidency - ended in fiasco due to his own stupidity. He hailed Israel as a 'promised land for God's chosen people' and provoked an angry response from all the rulers of Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia.

In opposition to these shabby, last-ditch attempts by the idiot Bush, a region-wide encircling net against imperialist America and Zionist Israel is now steadily being formed, on the initiative of the Iranian Ahmadinejad government, and in the strengthened bond between Hamas in Palestine, Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Syrian government and the Shiite-led Iraqi government. Chinese and Russian rulers, who intend to break the domination of American imperialism over the Middle East and take its oil-related interests away, are propping up and giving various support to the 'anti-American' governments of Iran and Syria, as well as to those of Saudi Arabia and other oil-producing countries that intend to distance themselves from the US and its dollar.

Thus, the evil stratagem of the Bush Empire to dominate the Middle East, according to which it has attempted to plunder oil resources and has continued to murder Muslim people at will in the name of a 'war on terror' since the start of its invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 followed by that of Iraq in 2003, has gone totally bankrupt. This is precisely what Bush, the mad cowboy president who has inflicted a succession of wars of aggression according to the 'strategy of pre-emptive strike' under the pretext of a 'war on terror' by basing himself on the neo-conservative idea of unilateralism, has brought upon himself.

This is not all. Hit by a grave economic crisis, this 'world's sole military superpower' now finds itself shaken to its foundations, as it is faced with a serious breakdown of its economic base, the very basis for its economic and financial dominance over the world. A chain reaction triggered by the subprime loan debacle - the uncontrollable turmoil in the international financial system, the declining dollar and soaring oil prices - has precipitated the US economy into recession. Because of the spiralling progression of all of these, the dollar system in itself, the economic base for US domination over the world as the 'sole superpower', is now on the verge of its final collapse.

Business practices akin to fraud - subprime home loans, to which many poor people have fallen victim, and the securitization of these risky mortgages to sell in the form of RMBSs (residential mortgage-backed securities) or CDOs (collateralized debt obligations) - have naturally gone bankrupt. This major bankruptcy has set off another steep decline: financial derivative products as a whole, including LBOs (leveraged buyouts) and CDSs (credit default swaps), have gone into free fall. This has brought about a total loss of international confidence in US financial institutions, which could even spark international financial panic at any moment.

This is a truly welcome development, in the sense that it has brought to light the total bankruptcy of financial alchemy, which American imperialists invented under the cover of 'financial engineering'. Today' s American state monopoly capitalism in the form of casino capitalism, which has survived so far by resorting solely to this financial alchemy in patching up the hollowing out of its manufacturing sectors and huge current account deficits, has been pronounced to be at its historical end. This tolls the death knell for the hegemony of imperialist USA, which has forced neo-liberalist reforms and political as well as military subordination on every other country with the aim of winning the whole world for its market.

The Bush administration's scheme to deploy missile defences worldwide is the last-ditch attempt of this 'world's sole militarist superpower' to tide over its mortal crisis. So is its neo-colonialist economic invasion of developing countries in a new form on the pretext of protecting the global environment and by means of 'CO2 emissions trading'.

(C) Oppose the imperialist powers of the US, Japan and Europe forcing poverty and environmental destruction on developing countries!

The combination of imperialist America's bankruptcy in its financial system, the steep decline in the dollar, skyrocketing international oil prices and economic recession is now developing into a 'simultaneous worldwide depression spreading outwards from the USA'.

Since the governments of developed capitalist countries have remodelled their politico-economic structures into those of casino capitalism in the name of globalization based on the Yankee imperialist ideology of neo-liberalism, they are now suffering on the whole from economic difficulties due to a domino-effect financial crisis and price hikes (or inflation).

Under the slogans of 'deregulation' and 'privatization' of public sectors, the monopoly bourgeoisie and their governments in developed countries have mounted reactionary offensives against workers and toiling people: mass layoffs, the extensive introduction of temporary employment, deprivation of labour rights, deterioration of working conditions, and wage cuts. These governments tout the principle of a 'small government and a strong state', while making it a major premise to secure a tremendous amount of military expenditure. On the one hand, they have adopted policies of reducing corporation taxes and promoting the restructuring of corporate organizations for the purpose of supporting monopoly capitalists in large-scale enterprises. On the other hand, they have been bent on relaxing labour standards and reducing public social security services.

Now that the world is sinking into a slump, capitalists in each country are sacking their employees on a mass scale. Supported by their governments' strengthening of the above-mentioned reactionary measures, they are throwing workers out into the street in succession, while drastically raising the prices of food and other daily necessaries. Thus, in developed countries, the number of temporary workers (called the 'working poor') is increasing dramatically. These workers are exposed to hopeless impoverishment. So are socially vulnerable people such as the jobless, aged and disabled. All this is also a result of labour aristocrats permitting these reactionary offensives. In Japan, the Fukuda government has forcibly introduced a merciless medical insurance system (dubbed the policy of 'deserting the elderly'), which imposes a heavier burden on elderly people by not only deducting higher premiums from their pension benefits but also increasing their contributions for treatment, disregarding the fact that they are making ends meet on their small pensions alone.

In developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, which are now incorporated into the US-led 'global market', multinational monopoly capitalist corporations from the US, Japan and Europe are pressing governments in each county to accept poor standards of labour conditions and bad environmental standards, which could hardly be permitted even in their home countries. They are thus forcing local toiling people to endure harsh exploitation, ruthless expropriation, health damage and environmental destruction.

Global warming, an outcome of industrialization in the 20th century, is now melting the Arctic ice cap and causing profound changes in the earth's climate, such as simultaneous occurrences of droughts and major typhoons, cyclones or hurricanes. Because of a steep rise in grain and other food prices - which has been brought about by a general slump in agricultural production due to these climate changes, as well as soaring oil prices, and has also been promoted by speculative dealings by financial gamblers (including US and European hedge funds) - a great number of people are threatened with starvation, unable to buy food. This is also because American imperialism has been forcing other countries' governments to 'liberalize' imports of agricultural products. To make matters worse, under the protection of the Bush administration and its policy of converting automobile fuel to bio-ethanol, US monopolies of agribusiness are rushing to step up the production of maize for bio-ethanol, with a resultant cut in the production of wheat and soybeans. This has brought about a rapid rise in international grain prices and has brought starvation to many people in developing countries that depend on grain imports from the US, especially those in the so-called poorest countries.

Political horse-trading among imperialist rulers in the world over reductions in carbon dioxide in the name of 'measures to cope with global warming' has in itself been accelerating the increase in the number of starving people and the progression of environmental destruction. Imperialists of the US, Japan, and EU countries are pressing rulers of BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China) to reduce CO2 emissions, while they themselves are overtly or covertly permitting their own manufacturing monopolies to continue enormous emissions of CO2. Worse still, these monopolies have embarked upon a new moneymaking venture, namely the development of 'eco-friendly technologies' (e.g. energy-saving technologies and those of alternative energies in place of oil). They are engaging in fierce competition with each other to export these technologies in the name of 'emissions trading'. In fact, they are absorbed in 'planting' these technologies, which could reap them huge profits, in developing countries, calling this procedure a 'clean development mechanism (CDM)'. On top of that, international hedge funds are rushing to securitize 'emissions quotas' and their trade in the form of derivatives in pursuit of opportunities to make more money through speculation.

Furthermore, our government in Japan, as well as those of the US and France, have again started to encourage dangerous nuclear power generation by falsely calling it 'an eco-friendly, clean energy'. Under the wing of their governments, nuclear industry monopolies in these countries are so eager to sell their nuclear plants in China, India, Brazil and oil-rich Arab countries.

Without a doubt, the Group of Eight summit, or the so-called 'environment summit', to be held in Japan from July 7th to 9th, will be an arena for both the imperialist power holders of the US, Japan and the EU, and the rulers of China, Russia and the group of emerging economies and developing countries led by China and Russia, to press 'measures to reduce CO2 emissions' upon each other and thus accelerate environmental destruction under the slogan of 'protecting the global environment'. The coming summit meeting, to be held beside Lake Toya in Hokkaido, a site of entrancing scenic beauty, will surely turn out to be a place for ugly bargaining over 'emissions trading', sales war for new eco-businesses, and a scramble for grains and mineral resources, between the three blocks of (1) the US and Japan, (2) EU countries (led by France, Germany and Britain), and (3) economically rising countries. It will merely serve as a springboard for promoting the destruction of the global environment.

With the Olympic games in Beijing near at hand, Hu Jintao's China was recently hit by the Great Sichuan earthquake. The disaster occurred during a revolt by the Tibetan people. This calamity, which claimed more than 80,000 lives and instantly transformed this region into a hell on earth, laid bare the dark side of China, a 'capitalist state' that still harbours the pretence of socialism.

Buildings of shoddy construction with no reinforcement, deficient supplies of water, electricity and gas, and poor disaster relief operations - all of these revealed that the remarkable growth of the Chinese economy (symbolized by the booming cities of Shanghai and Beijing) rests on the abandonment, or victimization of poor toiling people in rural and remote regions. This bespeaks the anti-proletarian nature of the state capitalism that the Chinese government has created, by means of its policy for 'transformation to capitalism from above'. The earthquake has exposed to the light of day that the implementation of this policy by the government of the converted Stalinist bureaucracy has brought forth a tremendous gap between the rich (a handful of capitalists and bureaucrats) and the poor (workers and toiling people), a widening economic gap between urban and rural areas, and awful destruction of the environment. It is just like Hurricane Katrina that hit the southern part of the US three years ago, thus unsparingly revealing the dark side of America's 'prosperity'.

As for Russia, Putin, who was able to fulfil his ambition to reinstate Russia as 'a world power' thanks to a steep rise in international oil prices, has further consolidated his system of autocratic rule by placing Dmitry Medvedev in the post of President. The Russian government is vying with the US, Canada and Norway over the reserves of petroleum and natural gas on the seabed of the Arctic Ocean, gloating at the melting of its ice due to the global warming.

The world is now witnessing the start of an environmental = economic war, i.e. economic war connected with conflicts over environmental issues, between the three poles: (1) the US and Japan, (2) the EU, and (3) China and Russia. These imperialist states and the BRIC nations are struggling with each other for economic dominance over developing countries and for the lion's share of natural resources under the cover of 'protecting the environment'.

We call on working people all over the world.

Let us oppose the new form of neocolonialist invasion of developing countries by the US, European and Japanese imperialist powers on the pretext of 'protecting the global environment'. Never let them force starvation and environmental destruction on these countries. Oppose the Chinese and Russian governments' acts of plundering natural resources and promoting environmental destruction in competition with imperialist states.

(D) Fight now for a surge of international antiwar struggle!

Comrades all over the world!

In this 21st century, we are confronted with the seeds of another world war. US imperialism is deploying missile defences worldwide, while China and Russia are steadily strengthening their nuclear military capabilities, including an arms race in outer space, in rivalry with the US. Imperialist powers of the US, Japan and Europe are making economic inroads into developing countries through eco-business struggles and bitter competition over speculation under the cover of 'protecting the global environment', while the 'allied' emerging economies led by China and Russia are competing with the former. World powers are intensifying a mad scramble for food and resources, while starvation and poverty are spreading on an unprecedented scale. The seeds of war present in the contemporary world are growing and spreading day by day.

This crisis on a global scale is intensifying as we speak, with its epicentre in the conflict between three blocks: (1) the declining empire of America and its poodle, Japan, (2) the countries of the continental EU led by the Franco-German axis, and (3) the group of emerging economies with China and Russia at their head.

War, poverty and environmental destruction are inseparably combined with each other in every sense. Worldwide poverty and environmental destruction forced by imperialism have aroused angry revolts by workers and toiling people, while imperialist armies are perpetrating massacres and state-machinated acts of terror to suppress and upset these revolts. Workers and other people in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the rest of the world, as well as Muslim people in the Middle East, are waging indomitable struggles. Yet, in almost all developed capitalist countries, degenerate leaders of the labour movement (who have undergone 'establishmentarianization') are oppressing these struggles and supporting the brutalities of imperialism. This is precisely the tragedy of the 21st century, brought about by the prolongation, albeit deformed, of the life of contemporary imperialism, having been freed from its yoke with the collapse of Stalinism and supplemented by converted Stalinism.

We must stop this tragedy and break through the crisis of warfare caused by the newly started competition for nuclear military build-up between the US and China-Russia. In order to create genuine working class-based power to realize this, the Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction) is fighting resolutely in Japan by bringing to light the criminal nature of converted Stalinists, inheritors of the 'negative legacy' of Stalinism. We shall never permit the bureaucracy of China, who still hold up 'socialism' but are in fact accelerating the transformation of its politico-economic structure to 'state capitalism'. Neither shall we let the Japanese Communist Party praise and follow them.

Japan is the only country in world history that has ever suffered the horrors of atomic bombs, dropped on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by American imperialism in the closing stages of the Second World War. From this country, we call on our comrades all over the world.

We call on our comrades all over the world.

Let us join forces and create an international antiwar struggle to break through the emerging crisis of warfare. Fight in solidarity against the stormy offensives of neo-liberal reaction, against the coercion of poverty, and against the extreme destruction of the global environment caused by imperialist powers, as well as China, Russia and other states under the rule of converted Stalinists!

The revolutionary left, workers, people all over the world!

Stand up to break through the dire crisis of warfare, absolute pauperization and the destruction of the global environment in the 21st century!

(July 1st, 2008)


Messages of solidarity from foreign friends

The Assembly received 17 messages from 10 foreign countries. The Executive Committee thanks the following organizations / individuals for their letters encouraging international solidarity.

- Revolutionary Marxists in Britain
- Tavini Huiraatira No Te Ao Maohi - Front de Libération de la Polynésie
- The Humanist Party, the Czech Republic
- Vladimir Pronin, Ukrainian Intellectuals for Socialism
- David McReynolds, former Chair of the War Resisters International, the USA
- News and Letters Committees, the USA
- The Workers Revolutionary Party (EEK), Greece
- A World To Win, Britain
- Northstar Compass, Canada
- The International Coordination of Leninist Trotskyist Fraction (FLT)
- The Permanent Revolution Collective
- The Russian Workers' Communist Party-Russian Party of Communists (RWCP-RPC)
- RWCP-RPC Tumen Regional Committee
- RWCP-RPC Sverdlovsk Regional Committee
- N. Morgnova, Tula, Russia
- The Communist Party of the Soviet Union
- The Regional Party of Communists (Leningrad)