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No. 294

May 2018 Issue
(Printed in March 2018)

Now is the time to bring down the Abe government!

Don't allow the cover-up of the Moritomo school scandal by the Abe government!

Confrontation and manoeuvring between the US, North Korea and South Korea over the 'denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula'

Down with the neo-fascist Abe government intent on participating in the war and revising the Constitution!

Central Students' Orgburo

Denounce the repeated accidents caused by US forces! Stop the new US base construction in Henoko!
The Okinawa Prefectural Committee

For the victory in the spring labour offensive!
Against the revision of labour laws!

Crush the distortion of struggles into a 'labour movement for higher productivity'!

Central Workers' Orgburo

Smash Abe's 'work-style reform' bill!

Labour aristocrats acting in concert with the government and monopoly capitalists for the 'work-style reform'
A critique of the 'Japanese Trade Union Confederation White Paper 2018'

Don't allow the pro-JCP leadership of Zenroren to abandon fighting for higher wages!

A desperate and dangerous move of the Trump administration in death agony

Xi Jinping's ambition to build a 'contemporized socialist power'
An analysis of the 19th National Congress of the CPC

Lenin and Trotsky right after the 1905 revolution
(Part 2)
Kan'ichi Kuroda

No. 293

March 2018 Issue
(Printed in January 2018)

Fight for a big advance in the Anti-Stalinist communist movement!

A century after the Russian Revolution
Take a huge step forward for the advance of the anti-Stalinist movement!
Create a titanic struggle to eradicate the danger of a nuclear war and the imposition of poverty on workers and people!

Trump-led American imperialism in historic decline

Colour Photogravure
Make 2018 a year of a great leap forward in the anti-Stalinist movement!


The centenary of the Russian Revolution

Lenin and Trotsky right after the 1905 revolution
(Part 1)
Kan'ichi Kuroda

Lenin's strategic change in the April of 1917: What made the October Revolution possible

JCP bureaucrats' blasphemies against the Russian Revolution

A JRCL overseas appeal

On the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution
 JRCL appeals to the working people all over the world

Carve out a 'second century of proletarian revolution'!


The planned revision of labour laws and the so-called work style reform

The Japan Post management imposes intensified labour on workers and tightens labour management by using disciplinary 'meetings for the case studies of job accidents'

No. 292

January 2018 Issue
(Printed in November 2017)

Create a big surge of struggle to stop Japan's participation in the Korean war and the revision of the Constitution!

Shatter the all-out offensive by the neo-fascist government aimed to revise the Constitution!

Down with the Abe government resting on the NSC autocracy! Stop a nuclear Korean war! Block the constitutional revision!
Central Students' Orgburo

Denounce the Japanese Communist Party's plunge into a position of 'defending the homeland'! Advance the anti-Abe government struggle!

Abe is high-handedly tightening controls on media

The reorganization of administrative structures

The drastic revision of the Guidelines for School Teaching by the Education Ministry
Don't allow the tightening of state control over school curriculums!

The total bankruptcy of Abenomics: The economic crisis is deepening in Japan

What lies beneath the meltdown of Toshiba Corporation
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' huge investment in a French nuclear power industry

An appalling degeneration of Chukaku-ha remnants, tools of state power


For truly making Marxism indigenous to Japan
-- Learning from Kan'ichi Kuroda's inquiry

The history of the revolutionary antiwar struggle of the JRCL (Part 3)

The struggle against the Japan-ROK Talks and the conclusion of the Japan-ROK Treaty, 1963-65

Creation of struggles against the Vietnam War, 1965

Efforts to recast the Antiwar Youth Committee


Messages from Foreign Friends to the 55th International Antiwar Assembly (Part 2)

No. 291
November 2017 Issue
(Printed in September 2017)

For the uplifting of the struggle against a Korean nuclear war, against the constitutional revision!

Denounce the Kim Jong Un regime for testing a hydrogen bomb!
Stop the Trump administration's nuclear attack on North Korea!

Stop a nuclear Korean war with the united power of the people of Japan, the US and North and South Korea!

The keynote speech delivered in the central meeting of the 55th International Antiwar Assembly
Rise in the anti-Abe government struggle! Advance the revolutionary antiwar struggle based on proletarian internationalism!

Let us stop the reclamation work in the US base construction in Henoko with the full power of workers and people!
The Okinawa Prefectural Committee of the JRCL

For the uplifting of the struggle against a Korean nuclear war, against the constitutional revision

The Japan Marxist StudentLeague (Revolutionary Marxist Faction)

The leadership of the Japan Postal Union spurs workers to 'raise productivity' for the 'development of the company'

Don't allow the Abe government to revise the public nursing care insurance system!

For a critical analysis of the BOJ's monetary policy dubbed 'different dimension easing'
-- In answering 'some questions' posed by a reader


The history of the revolutionary antiwar struggle of the JRCL (Part 2)

The struggle against US and USSR nuclear testing:

Part 4
Ideological struggles for the overcoming of two deviations, leftist and rightist, 1962

Serious ideological opposition within our organization over the 'Cuban Crisis
, 1962

Overseas Appeal for the 55th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan (English translation)

Messages from Foreign Friends to the 55th International Antiwar Assembly (Part 1)

No. 290
September 2017 Issue
(Printed in July 2017)

Down with the NSC autocracy headed by Abe!

Create a big surge of antiwar, anti-constitutional revision, anti-Abe government struggle!

Repeal the conspiracy law! Down with the Abe government!

The Kake Gakuen scandal created by a Cabinet Secretariat initiative

Block the legislation against 'conspiracy crimes'! Stop participation in the war and constitutional revision!

Don't allow the enactment of today's version of the prewar Maintenance of the Pubic Order Act!

'Stop the passage of the conspiracy bill!' Anger besieged the Diet Building day after day

JCP bureaucrats incapable of making a counterattack against Abe's offensive of revising Article 9 of the Constitution!

The fall of the JCP leadership into a position of 'defending the homeland'
The criminal nature of its policy line adopted in the 27th Party Congress

We denounce the firing of an intercontinental ballistic missile by North Korea!
Thwart a military attack on North Korea by the US, South Korea and Japan!

Stop a nuclear Korean war!

Oppose US, Chinese and Russian rulers bent on a nuclear arms race and warmongering!

-- Overseas Appeal for the 55th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan
The executive Committee for the 55th International Antiwar Assembly

Solidarity messages from abroad to the call of the JRCL to 'Stop a nuclear Korean war!' (Part 2)
- Vladimir Pronin, Ukraine
- The International Secretariat of the Fourth International

The 2017 spring labour offensive distorted as a whole into 'joint labour-management consultations for the increase of productivity'

Create workers' offensive for higher wages in workplaces of small and medium enterprises!

Steel industry capitalists rushing to introduce 'high information technology' at the cost of workers


The history of the revolutionary antiwar struggle of the JRCL (Part 1)
-- Reprinted from Kaihoh Nos. 1557-1637
The struggle against the US-Japan Security Treaty fought in1960

The struggle against US and USSR nuclear testing:
Part 1--Zengakuren fighters' demonstration in Red Square in Moscow, August 6th, 1962 
Part 2
--Zengakuren's flaming controversy with Chinese and Soviet student bureaucrats in the International Union of Students in Leningrad, 1962
Part 3-
-Declaring bankruptcy of the movement against A- and H-bombs, 1962-63

No. 289
July 2017 Issue
(Printed in May 2017)

Stop a nuclear Korean war!

Stop the war with the united power of the people of the USA, Japan, and North and South Koreas!

Overthrow the Abe government hell-bent on war and the revision of the Constitution!

Denounce the Trump-led US imperialist government attacking Syria! No to the massacres of Syrian people by the al-Assad regime!

Crush the forcible start of the reclamation work for the construction of a new US base in Henoko!
The Okinawa Prefectural Committee of the JRCL

The danger and reactionary nature of the conspiracy bill

The Abe government's ultra-reactionary designs underlying the conspiracy bill

An attempt to introduce dirty American methods of police investigation

Abe's commitment to the scandal-ridden Moritomo school management
Topple down the neo-fascist Abe government tainted with the Moritomo Gakuen scandal!
Abe played a leading role in giving preferential treatment to the school
Moritomo head Kagoike's sworn testimony in the Diet
It's Ishin, another neo-fascist party, that gave permission to the foundation of this school
The scandal of the 'far-right school' was reported across the world
Moritomo's ultranationalist education style: a model for 'patriotic' education promoted by the Abe government
Abe's Cabinet decided that it's justifiable to use the ultra-reactionary, prewar Imperial Rescript of Education for teaching in schools
Brainwashing in the Moritomo-run kindergarten: hatred for Chinese and Korean people is instilled into the minds of pupils
The government is plotting to restore a 'guideline for wartime home education' designed to whip up nationalism
The ultra-nationalist Nippon Kaigi
[Japan Conference] was exposed as one pulling the wires behind the scenes
The active role taken by the Defense Minister Inada in founding the ultra-nationalist school
Another Moritomo scandal: Abe's involvement in providing a huge special advantage to Kake Gakuen was revealed

Denounce the distortion of the spring labour offensive into one aimed to 'increase added value and productivity'!
Toyota: The ultra-low compromise figure for wage increase was covered up by the management's superficial trickery about nursing allowance
Electricity industry: Denounce the joint labour-management consultation for the deceitful 'work style reform'!
Japan Post: Condemn the labour aristocrats' unprecedented, on-the-spot decision to accept management's 'zero wage hike' offer!
NTT: Expose the labour aristocrats' falsehood, 'the average wage increase of 1,400 yen per person'!
Private Railways: The leadership's distortion of struggles into a campaign to demand better traffic policies from the government

The realities of the monopoly capitalist form of 'work style reform'
Legalization of murderous '100 hours of overtime a month'
The cruel trick of 'curtailing hours of overtime'
Artificial Intelligence introduced in labour control in the name of 'human resource technology'
Intensification of labour imposed on workers in the transport business
Monopoly capitalists' true intention in the 'work style reform': presenting an increasingly unscrupulous way of exploitation in the name of 'workers' self-reliance'

The continued operation of decrepit, dangerous nuclear reactors

Formidable difficulties in decommissioning Fukushima nuclear reactors

The inhumane nature of China's 'new urbanization plan'

Solidarity messages from abroad to the call of the JRCL to 'Stop a nuclear Korean war!'
- Fraccion Leninista Trotskista Internacional - Colectivo por la IV Internacional (FLTI), Argentina
- The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA), Afghanistan
- The Russian Party of Communists, Russia
- The Organising Committee for the Reconstitution of the Fourth International (OCRFI), France
- Workers Revolutionary Party (EEK), Greece

No. 288
May 2017 Issue
(Printed in March 2017)

Fight for a militant upsurge of the spring labour offensive against the all-out reactionary offensive!

Crush the imposition of 'war and poverty' on workers!
Win a huge upsurge of the 2017 spring labour offensive!

The keynote speech delivered at the February 12th Workers' Solidarity Meeting

Solidify the unity of the world working class to eradicate war, poverty and oppression!
The speech given by a representative of the JRCL at the Workers' Solidarity Meeting

Monopoly capitalists cry out for 'labour-management negotiations for the sake of increasing productivity'
Criticism of Keidanren's 2017 labour management report

The Rengo leadership is intent on 'riding out the national crisis in cooperation with the government and monopoly capitalists'

The JC Metal labour aristocrats advocate workers' contribution to the 'creation of a strong Japanese economy'

Advance antiwar struggle amid the cataclysmic upheaval in the world today!

Stop the revision of the Constitution of Japan!
Create an explosive upsurge of the anti-war, anti-Security Treaty struggle!
Central Students' Orgburo

Student loans plunge students into a living hell of heavy debts

Foil the new US base construction in Henoko! Fight for the removal of all US bases!
The Okinawa Prefectural Committee of the JRCL


Block the reclamation work in Henoko!: Protesters rose on land and sea

Six years after the Fukushima disaster:
Stop and scrap all nuclear power plants and fuel facilities!

The advent of Trump: War clouds are hanging over the world
The Trump administration shaken by the 'Putin-gate' scandal

The European Union in danger of being torn apart by Trump and Putin

Europe: The rampancy of 'mini Trumps'

Civil war in Syria: Ever more serious due to the tie-up between Russia and Turkey

Trump enforces construction of two pipelines in disregard of environmental destruction
'Immigration from Mexico has produced higher unemployment' is a downright lie!
A shady relationship between Putin and Trump
Present-day Goebbels appointed by present-day Hitler: Stephen Bannon, Trump's chief strategist

Some reflections on my own labour in terms of the theory of technology

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