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No. 307
July 2020 Issue
(Printed in May 2020)

Special feature articles
Amid the coronavirus pandemic:
Stir the flames of anti-Abe government!
Bring down the Abe government leaving the masses in the lurch!

Virus research in China: incorporated in a national strategy

Don't let the rulers sacrifice the toiling masses amid the 'pandemic depression'!

No to the authoritarian declaration of a 'state of emergency' without livelihood compensation! 

Compensate all households for income losses, directly and unconditionally!
Supply funds and necessary equipments to medical facilities immediately!

Denounce the Abe government for abandoning students in financial difficulties!
Free tuition for university students! Give livelihood supports to all students immediately!
The Japan Marxist Student League
(Revolutionary Marxist Faction)

Abandonment of people suffering in the middle of the spread of COVID-19

Tanka Poems
How I abhor capital that takes advantage of the pandemic!

A report from medical workers in Tokyo

Struggling on the brink of a collapse in the health care system

Stop the reorganization of metropolitan hospitals into 'independent administrative corporations'!

The bitter struggle of workers in eldercare facilities

Education workers struggling amid the emergency school closure

Trump, the one responsible for inviting the explosive spread of the epidemic

* * *

Denounce the leaders of the private railway and bus workers' union for agreeing on ultra-low figures of wage increase!

Bus drivers, exposed to the danger of infection, are faced with the attacks of wage cuts and layoffs

Let us, private railway and bus workers, fight the 2020 spring labour offensive! Overcome the union leadership's distorted campaign to 'achieve demands for better traffic policies'!

Fight out the labour offensive in opposition to the destructive attempts of the leadership of the JAW [Confederation of Japan Automobile Workers' Unions]!

Don't let the labour aristocracy destroy the spring labour offensive of the JEC [Japanese Federation of Energy and Chemistry Workers' Unions]!

Denounce the NTT union leadership for agreeing on absurdly low figures of pay hikes and a still wider gap between employees!

No to the planned closedown of Nippon Steel Corporation's ironworks in Kure!

Denounce the Japan Post Union leaders' acceptance of 'zero pay increase' for five consecutive years!


The history of the revolutionary antiwar struggle (Part 14)
The struggle against the making of Yokosuka the home port of the aircraft carrier USS Midway, from September to November, 1973

No. 306
May 2020 Issue
(Printed in March 2019)

Bring down the Abe-led do-nothing government incapable of addressing the epidemic!

Now is the time to step up the anti-Abe Government struggle!    
Create a torrent of protest movement against the revision of the Constitution, against war, against the military alliance!

Medical workers obliged to fight tough struggles due to Abe's incompetence

Coronavirus outbreak

The Xi Jinping government frantic to control information and conceal facts

China's manipulation of information using the Director-General of the WHO as a tool

The 'breakdown' in COP 25 negotiations

World rulers' interests clashing head-on amid worsening global warming

A revision of the JCP programme: the worship of state monopoly capitalism

Organizational, ideological collapse exposed: the 28th Congress of the JCP

Fight for victory in the 2020 spring labour offensive!

Win big, across-the-board wage hikes!
 Create a gigantic surge of struggles against the constitutional revision!

Central Workers' Orgburo

The February 9th Workers' Solidarity Meeting
Let us fight for big, across-the-board wage hikes! Don't allow the JTUC leadership to destroy the spring labour offensive! -The first keynote speech

No to the dispatch of Japanese troops to the Middle East! Oppose the buildup of the nuclear military alliance! Absolutely 'NO!' to the revision of the Constitution!
The second keynote speech

Create a militant upsurge of postal workers' spring labour offensive!

Don't allow the Japan Post Union leadership to distort shunto into a campaign for breaking out of the 'crisis in business'!

Toyota labour aristocrats devoted to the survival of the company


The history of the revolutionary antiwar struggle (Part 13)
- The valiant struggle against US Army Sagami General Depot, from August to November, 1972
 Militant workers and students fought against the carrying of tanks and military vehicles to Vietnam
- A landmark struggle in Kita-Kumamoto on October 28th, 1972, against the deployment of SDF troops to Okinawa

No. 305
March 2020 Issue
(Printed in January 2020)

For a leap forward in the anti-Stalinist communist movement!
Stop the revision of the Constitution! Break through the crisis of war created by the US-China confrontation!

Stop US's attack on Iran! No to the dispatch of Japanese troops to the Middle East!
Smash the constitutional revision and buildup of the US-Japan military alliance! -
Central Students' Orgburo

A last-ditch attempt of the militarist empire tumbling from the status as the 'sole superpower'

Denounce the Xi government's armed repression of Hong Kong people! 

Intention declared to seize 'world hegemony:
China's 70th anniversary of the foundation

Denounce the passage of the bill to revise the special measures law concerning education workers' working conditions!

Block the introduction of a yearly overtime calculation system based on the fabrication of 'less busy seasons'! Abolish the special measures law!

'Education reform' for a Japanese version of 'AI strategy'

The US-Japan trade agreement: Abe accepted whole Trump's demand to lower tariffs on American farm products

The US-Japan trade agreement ruins Japanese farmers and workers

- Trump forces Japan to buy surplus corn, a result of his own policy of reducing ethanol productiont

Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant
The criminal nature of the government plan to take the nuclear fuel debris out of No. 2 reactor

Don't allow the restart of the Onagawa No. 2 nuclear reactor!

The government, together with electric power monopolies, embarked on a 'joint enterprise' of nuclear power generation in an attempt to break the present deadlock


The history of the revolutionary antiwar struggle (Part 12)
[Nihon National Railway Motive Power Union]'s antiwar struggle resorting to work-to-rule tactics: from April to June, 1972

No. 304
January 2020 Issue
(Printed in November 2019)

The meaning of the Sept. 14 attack on Saudi oil facilities

For an enormous upsurge of anti-constitutional revision, antiwar, anti-Ampo struggles!
Central Students' Orgburo

Condemn the shooting of demonstrators by the Hong Kong police!
No to the invocation of the Emergency Regulations Ordinance, an actual martial law!

Denounce the enforcement of a consumption tax hike!

The Abe government's cutting of social security budgets

Denounce the Abe government for having made no relief efforts for the Typhoon No. 19 disaster!

The Abe government has abandoned Typhoon No. 15 victims

The 7th JCP Central Committee Plenum: Bureaucrats wallow in a delusion of an 'opposition party coalition government'

Part II of a fictitious trialogue: JCP bureaucrats' never-ending dream of an 'opposition party coalition government'

Three major conspiracies in postwar Japan and historic crimes of the JCP
Column 1: The crux of the Mitaka Railway Incident, a GHQ-SCAP plot
Column 2: The present JCP leadership justifies its erstwhile definition of the occupation army as a 'liberation army'

Don't allow the introduction of personnel evaluation into the 'work style reform in school'!

A local accident compensation fund rejects the admission of a teacher's death from overwork

No to the introduction of an 'integrated work support system' into schools!

MMT: the illusion of overcoming 'poverty and disparity' with the additional issues of currency

The development of genome editing technology causing further environmental and human destruction

I've decided to make Kuroda's thought my own though at a snail's pace


The history of the revolutionary antiwar struggle (Part 11)
- A no-time-limit strike by the all-Okinawa union of military base workers: from March to April, 1972


Messages from Foreign Friends to the 57th International Antiwar Assembly (Part 2)

No. 303

November 2019 Issue
(Printed in September 2019)

Don't allow the neo-Stalinist Xi government's military repression against Hong Kong people!

No to US imperialism's attack on Iran! Stop the revision of the Constitution!
Rise up in an antiwar struggle to break through the danger of a world war!
The keynote address to the central meeting of the 57th International Antiwar Assembly

Stop the constitutional revision! Stop Japan's troop dispatch to the Persian Gulf!

South Korea annulled Japan-ROK GSOMIA; a cataclysm caused in East Asia

No to the Abe government's retaliatory economic sanctions on South Korea!

Ultra-right ideologues crying out for a 'hundred-fold retaliation' against the South Korean court judgment on Japan's wartime forcible mobilization of Korean workers

Forced conscription of Korean workers for back-breaking labour during WWII
Crimes committed by the Tennoist state power and monopoly capitalists

'Inappropriate sales' of post office life insurance
Japan Post management shifting the blame onto postal workers

Introduction of a mandatory retirement system at the age of 65 into the post office
Management imposing low wages and severe working conditions

The Health Ministry yelling for 'productivity increases in nursing care'
-- The Abe government scheming to sacrifice social security

A decision to make Marx's burning passion underlying Das Kapital my own flesh and blood


The history of the revolutionary antiwar struggle
- The struggle against the Okinawa Reversion Agreement,
1. May 19th general strike that shook the whole island of Okinawa
2. The struggle against the signing and ratification of the Agreement that uplifted in Tokyo


Overseas Appeal for the 57th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan (English translation)

Messages from Foreign Friends to the 57th International Antiwar Assembly
(Part 1)

No. 302
September 2019 Issue
(Printed in July 2019)

Denounce US imperialism's conspiracy of attacking tankers!
Stop US imperialism's military attack on Iran!

No to the buildup of the US-Japan nuclear military alliance! Stop the revision of the Constitution!

Rise in action against the G-20 Osaka Summit!

Overseas Appeal for the 57th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan
Break through the crisis of war created by the US-China confrontation!
The Executive Committee for the 57th International Antiwar Assembly

Don't allow the Abe government to cover up the issue of "short of 20 million yen for pensioners' livelihood"!

Hot competition between the US and China-Russia in the development and deployment of AI weapons

A plan to deploy top-of-the-line electromagnetic weapons in Ground SDF stations
 Hayabusa 2: a plot for military expansion in space, under the cover of 'science'

Denounce the enforcement of the revised 'Wiretapping Law'!

The Abe government hell-bent on bringing into wider use of each person's 'My Number card'

Revolts within the Japanese Communist Party:
spreading with a crushing defeat in a by-election and nationwide local elections as a turning point
- The confusion and revolts among union members of JCP-affiliated Zenroren
- JCP activists' defiance to their leaders immersed in a 'non-government party coalition'
- JCP Osaka chapter shaken: criticisms cropping up from lower echelon members
- The only 'shining hope' for distressed members of the JCP now in decline might be Kaihoh

No to the school version of the 'work-style reform'!

Fight resolutely by criticizing the official teachers' union leaderships for depending on the Education Ministry to solve the issues!

The government's plan to reorganize the general course at high school, designed to develop 'human resources for technical innovation'

State control of universities has been tightened by the Abe government

More and more foreign workers used as disposable labour-power in the agriculture sector


The history of the revolutionary antiwar struggle
(Part 9)
- The JRCL created a gigantic upsurge in the 1970 Ampo

No. 301

July 2019 Issue
(Printed in May 2019)

Fight against the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance!
Central Students' Orgburo

The US-Japan '2 + 2' agreement on a new war plan: cooperation for 'cross-domain operations'

The new National Defense Program Outline subordinate to US military strategy

The relocation of US forces' Field Carrier Landing Practice to and the construction of a new SDF base in Mage-jima, an uninhabited island in southern Kyushu

Denounce the dumping of sand in the new area of the Henoko seashore!

March 25th

Don't allow the JTUC leadership to destroy the spring labour offensive!

Postal workers' spring labour offensive
Denounce the union leaders' acceptance of 'no pay increase for four consecutive years'!

The Abe government's defiant attitude towards the issues of Korean sex slaves and workers drafted by Japanese companies during WWII!

Don't allow the restart of the decrepit Tokai No. 2 Nuclear Plant reactor, the one hit by the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake / tsunami!

The reactionary nature of Keidanren capitalists' plan for the 'power system reform'

The arrest and ouster of Carlos Ghosn
The intensifying confrontation between France and Japan over Nissan's EV technology

My determination to absorb Comrade Kuroda's spirit of 'break and leap' in 1956'

What does it mean to 'objectivize the Subject'?: Learning from Kuroda's praxiology


The history of the revolutionary antiwar struggle
(Part 8)
- The JRCL led the Ampo
[US-Japan Security Treaty] / Okinawa struggle, against the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance through the 'return of Okinawa to Japan with US nuclear bases', 1969

No. 300

May 2019 Issue
(Printed in March 2019)

The breakdown of the US-DPRK summit talks - Intensifying confrontation between the US and China

US-DPRK summit talks in Hanoi broken down

No to the reclamation work! Stop the construction of a new US base in Henoko!
Column: The seabed of landfill-planed site in Henoko is found very soft like mayonnaise

Denounce the Abe government's falsification of research data on workers' incomes!

Build up a mass movement against the revision of the Constitution!
Overcome the JCP' -led 'peace movement' that abandons opposition to the US-Japan military alliance!
Central Students' Orgburo

The all-out offensive of the declining imperialist state of America against China

A 'safety valve' for the neo-Fascist ruling system
A rightward window-dressing of the JCP line for a 'democratic reform of capitalist Japan'

The February 17th Workers' Solidarity Meeting
Let us fight for a militant 2019 spring labour offensive!: the first keynote report
Stop the revision of the Constitution!: the second keynote report

Toyota labour aristocrats endeavouring to 'boost the competitiveness of the company'!

I am learning from Kuroda's 'dialectic of Subject and Object'
Grappling with Kuroda's Introduction to Historical Materialism

The tasks I assign to myself with renewed determination to build our organization

On reading Kuroda's writing on the vanguard organization


The history of the revolutionary antiwar struggle
(Part 7)
- 'Remove all US B-52 Bombers!' A bitter struggle to organize the February 4th general strike throughout Okinawa,
- The solidarity battle to lift the restriction on travel both in the Japanese mainland and in Okinawa,
August 1969

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