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The 53rd International Antiwar Assembly in Japan
August 2nd 2015

The Executive Committee for the 53rd International Antiwar Assembly

composed of
All-Japan Federation of Students' Self-Governing Associations [Zengakuren]
Antiwar Youth Committee
Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction) [JRCL (RMF)]

The 53rd International Antiwar Assemblies were held on August 2nd in Tokyo and six other cities in Japan. Every Assembly was attended by many workers, students and citizens who were leading the mass protests against the enactment of the War Bill for aggression by the Shinzo Abe-led Japanese government. They were also carrying out fights to stop the new US Marine base construction in Okinawa. Filled with their fighting spirits, every assembly was a great success. (The central assembly in Tokyo seen in the picture above.)

The assemblies received warm messages of solidarity from all over the world. The central assembly in Tokyo was attended by the delegates of Tavini Huiraatira no Te Ao Maohi - Front de Liberation de Polynesie. The delegates strongly denounced the colonial rule by French imperialism and expressed their warmest solidarity with Zengakuren students and militant workers in the struggle against the worldwide nuclear armament race.

In solidarity with all the comrades who greeted the assemblies beyond borders, all the participants have renewed their determination to promote an international antiwar struggle and to fight for a radical breakthrough of the war crisis impending amid the confrontation between the US / Japanese imperialists and Chinese / Russian rulers.

Comrades over the world! Let us fight together against our rulers imposing "war and poverty"! We wish the International Antiwar Assembly to be an opportunity to strengthen our ties for this fight.

Overseas Appeal

Speeches from the Maohi delegates

Organizations and individuals who greeted the Assembly

Hokkaido Assembly (Sapporo)  

Kyushu Assembly (Fukuoka)
Kansai Assembly (Osaka)
Tokai Assembly (Nagoya)

Hokuriku Assembly (Kanazawa)

Okinawa Assembly (Naha)

Overseas Appeal for the
53rd International Antiwar Assembly in Japan

Oppose the nuclear armament race between the US and China / Russia!
Working people all over the world,
rise in an international antiwar struggle!

Comrades all over the world! On August 2nd, we are holding the 53rd International Antiwar Assemblies in Tokyo and six other cities in Japan.

Today, seventy years after the end of World War II, we must engrave in our mind anew the bloody past crimes of militarist Japan and the atomic bomb ravages in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This is all the more needed because war fires are flaring up in various places, which could lead to worldwide warfare, and also because, especially in Japan, the sound of jackboots is approaching.

Now here in Japan, a mass demonstration of workers and people is packing the environs of the Diet Building almost every day. Against the bill for aggressive war that would enable the Japanese military to use force jointly with US forces anywhere in the world, voices of opposition are rising and spreading throughout the country. Simultaneously with this, Okinawa, a southernmost island where 74% of US bases in Japan are located, is seething with anger against the Japanese and US governments, which are intent on constructing a gigantic new Marine base by filling in coral reefs. Fully resolved to block the construction, workers, students and local residents are fighting every day, not only by breaking into the reclamation site in canoes on the sea but also by sitting down at gates of the nearest US base.

We are fighting in the forefront of these struggles and organizing a struggle against the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance. We call on you, workers and people all over the world! Rise up together. Let us flare up the flame of antiwar struggle for a radical breakthrough of the present crisis of the world now hung with powder smoke.

Oppose the build-up of the globalized US-Japan alliance for aggressive war! Oppose China's counter military build-up!
Oppose US imperialism deploying Missile Defence systems throughout Europe and reinforcing the NATO forces! Denounce Russia's nuclear intimidation!
Condemn the US-led allied forces bombing in Iraq and Syria!
Stop the Abe government enacting the law enabling aggressive war!

(1) Hit the source of the war crisis, the intensifying rivalry between the US and China / Russia
Over the South China Sea in East Asia, the US government of Barack Obama and the Chinese government of Xi Jinping are struggling against each other, nearly clashing head-on directly. China is constructing runways, radars and port equipment by filling reefs of the Spratly Islands (Nansha qundao), which it claims to be its possession. With a view to facilitating its strategic nuclear submarines (capable of shooting missiles directly at the US mainland) to cruise secretly in this area, the Chinese government is bent on constructing a marine base to use it as an unsinkable aircraft carrier, so to speak. The United States, with a growing sense of crisis in regard to this, has demanded 'an immediate and permanent halt of the construction'. It is intimidating China by dispatching reconnaissance planes and warships successively and, further, by conducting military exercises in this area jointly with Japan, the Philippines and Australia. This is not all. At the request of the Obama administration, the Japanese government of Shinzo Abe is scheming to mobilize the Self-Defence Forces (Japanese military) and to order them to engage in 'warning and surveying operations' aimed at checking China's move.

Both the US and China reiterate the need to build a so-called 'new model of relationship between great powers'. However, a hair-trigger situation presently going on in the South China Sea is revealing the hard fact that the irreconcilable rivalry between the imperialist state of America, which is suffering from a decline and yet intent on acting as the 'leader of the world', and neo-Stalinist China, ambitious to be a 'superpower in the 21st century', is the source of the war crisis of today.

When we turn our eyes to Europe, the US and Russia are at loggerheads with each other over Ukraine.

The Russian government of Vladimir Putin has consolidated the armed annexation of Crimea as a fait accompli under the banner 'Unification of the Russian world', and is increasing aid to the pro-Russian armed forces battling for the independence of the eastern part of Ukraine (in the form of dispatching Russian military officials under the guise of 'volunteers'). Against this, the Obama administration has reiterated its condemnations by saying that that is 'aggression' and a 'challenge to the international order'. The US government is now hell-bent on rebuilding NATO as a military alliance whose main enemy is identified as Russia, while curbing the vacillation of the German and French rulers who would prefer to avoid an all-out collision with Russia. Measures taken for this purpose include to deploy MD (missile defence) systems throughout Europe for incapacitating Russian nuclear missiles, to treble the NATO Response Force and organize a anti-Russian 'spearhead force' including US troops, and to deploy 250 tanks and other heavy firearms in advance in seven countries (three Baltic countries, three East European countries and Germany).

Against such hostile measures from Obama, Putin declared, with his rivalry bared, that Russia would additionally deploy more than forty intercontinental ballistic missiles of a new type before the end of the year and said, 'These missiles are capable of breaking through missile defence systems.'
The on-going clash between the Obama administration, bent on strengthening NATO forces and building up MD systems, and the Putin government, brandishing the bare sword of 'nuclear intimidation', is fermenting even the nightmarish possibility that the conflict over Ukraine could develop into nuclear warfare.
In the Middle East, US imperialism, in fear of the Sunnite Islamic fundamentalist organization of the IS (Islamic State), is raining bombs on IS-controlled areas, leading the 'coalition of the willing' composed of Britain, France and other allies and Gulf states. Also in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and in Yemen and Libya, the imperialist state of America is bombing mountain villages that it regards as 'haunts of terrorists', using drones. This is exactly terrorism, an arrogant state terrorism! The Obama administration is pushing US force-trained soldiers of the Iraqi government to the front of battles, while the US force is raining bombs from skies using unmanned bombers. The Obama administration is doing this in the name of 'a smart way of fighting terrorism'. Never allow it!
Of course, it is essential to condemn the IS leadership, in the name of the working people, for oppressing and killing those who are against them indiscriminately as 'infidels' without making any distinction between the ruling and the ruled classes. However, it must not be forgotten in the first place that the IS is 'a rough child' begotten of the resentment and grievances of Muslim people towards Bush's unjust war in Iraq, which was only justified with frame-ups and lies.
Hence our twenty-first century world is overhung with the dark clouds of cruel warfare.
US imperialism, which became the 'sole superpower' thanks to the collapse of the USSR, has gone into bankruptcy, wrapped in the flames of anti-American battles of Muslim masses in Afghanistan and Iraq, which it invaded arrogantly using its overwhelmingly strong high-tech armaments. It has now lost prestige in international politics and also revealed a decline in economic strength. The Obama administration is therefore desperate to mobilize its allies and 'partners' in the formation of military encirclements against China and Russia and in the 'war on terror'.
The key of the Obama administration's strategy for world domination is to contain China, now that the Xi Jinping government has disclosed its ambition to win command of the South and East China Seas, and further of the West Pacific, from the US. Under the banner 'Rebalance to the Asia-Pacific Region', this administration is bent on strengthening its nuclear military capabilities against China. For this purpose, it is deploying top-of-the-line high-tech weapons intensively in Japan (such as MD systems, nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, aegis cruisers with the most advanced interception system 'NIFC-CA', and F35 fighter planes), while constructing a new Marine base in Henoko, Okinawa, and strengthening US Force bases throughout Japan. And it is particularly desperate to build up a multilateral military alliance against China, which is to be called an Asia-Pacific version of NATO, by leading its allies such as Japan, Australia, South Korea and the Philippines.
The Xi Jinping government, on the other hand, is intensifying its challenge to US imperialism, while enhancing Sinocentric nationalism under the banner 'For realizing China's dream, a great revival of the Chinese nation'. In apparent disregard of the Obama administration's warning that 'Changing the status quo by force should not be allowed,' the Xi Jinping government boastfully declared 'The spatial-temporal area of China's security extends over a greater range than at any time in the country's history.' Full of the ambition to expand its influence, it is bent on 'construction of a strong military' (which means an unprecedented military build-up, including the organization of aircraft carrier-centred task forces) under the banner 'Build up a strong maritime power!'
Xi Jingping's China, ambitious to be a 'superpower of the 21st century', is rising in competition with US imperialism by strengthening its ties with Russia, which Putin boastfully calls a nuclear power. For containing this challenge of China, Obama's America is desperate to reorganize and strengthen military alliances in both East and West. This confrontation between the US and China / Russia, each strengthening nuclear military capabilities against the other, is exactly the source of the present crisis that could lead to worldwide warfare.

(2) Stop the build-up of a US-Japanese bilateral system for jointly waging wars of aggression!

For an Asia-Pacific version of NATO that US imperialism is constructing now, the key is nothing else but the realigned US-Japan military alliance. The Abe government of Japan is accommodating the request from the Obama administration most faithfully in the world, like a 'servile state' chained to the US-Japan Security Treaty.

In this April, the two governments agreed to the new 'Guidelines for US-Japan Defence Cooperation', in which it is stipulated that the Japanese Self-Defence Forces 'use force' jointly with US Forces anywhere in 'the Asia-Pacific region and beyond', anytime and seamlessly. This is a guideline for 'exercising the right to collective self-defence', that is, a US-Japan shared war manual. As such this means the declaration that the two states build up the new military alliance, or a globalized alliance for aggressive war.
The Abe government is now intent on adjusting domestic laws for the 'Self-Defence Forces transformed into US Forces', so to speak, stipulated in the new 'Guidelines'. The bill deceitfully titled 'Peace Security Legislation' is therefore designed to authorize the Japanese military to use force jointly with US Forces anywhere in the world so long as the government judges a situation as one that threatens the 'existence of Japan' , even if the country is not given any armed attack. Enacting this bill for aggressive war means the effective destruction of Article 9 of the Constitution of Japan, which states 'renunciation of war'. Clearly Abe's slogan 'proactive contribution to peace' means that the Japanese state will serve as America's mercenary and send its troops to any place in the world. In response to Obama's request in the summit talk in April, Abe pledged that the Japanese state would respond to China's or Russia's challenge, as well as the rise of Muslim radicals, jointly with the US, seeing them as common 'threats' to the two states. As the start, the Abe government is scheming to dispatch Japanese troops to the South China Sea for 'warning and surveying' and to reach full combat readiness, together with US forces, against China. That is why this government is now frantic to enact the law for aggressive war as early as possible.
In opposition to the enactment of the law for aggressive war and the new US base construction in Henoko, struggles of Japanese workers and students are growing stronger day by day. Jittering at this situation, the Abe government is now frantic to suppress their fights and to intensify the repression of trade unions and students' self-governing associations. It is also bent on controlling mass media. In this way, this government is strengthening the authoritative, military ruling system, i.e. Japanese neo-fascist ruling system, for building Japan into a 'state capable of waging wars together with the US'.
By means of a 'Prime Minister's remark' to be issued soon for the seventieth anniversary of the end of World War II, Abe is going to nullify the 'apology' for Japan's past 'aggression and colonial rule' that his predecessors expressed before, being like a self-proclaimed 'right-wing militarist'. Denounce the Abe government for attempting to justify militarist Japan's past war of aggression by raising the banner of 'proactive contribution to peace'!
This government is carrying out economic policies dubbed 'Abenomics', with the catch phrase 'To reform Japan into the world's most preferable country for business activities'. Its real contents are thoroughly preferential to monopoly capitalists. On the other hand, they are designed to victimize the working class, as seen in the abolition of the eight-hour working day system, relaxation of the laws governing dismissals and expanded legalization of non-regular forms of employment, to name but a few.
This is not all. This government is now intent on restarting the operation of currently suspended nuclear plants though it is letting nuclear substances leak into the ocean and the air from the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Plant, which is yet to be recovered from the meltdown and explosion.
We are now struggling to rally forces in order to topple down the Abe government imposing 'war and poverty' on workers and people.
(3) Break through the poverty and oppression imposed on working people in the middle of the economic crisis
Not limited to Japan, in other imperialist states and developing countries, too, the ruling classes and the governments are intensifying attacks on the toiling masses to deprive them of social rights. Under the slogan of 'structural reform', liberalization of the regulations on dismissals is being promoted in Japan and every European country. Even a harsh form of employment called 'zero-hour contract' is prevalent in Britain. Under the orders from Troika (EC, ECB and IMF) for austerity, every government of the EU member states is imposing mass dismissals, lower wages and pension cuts upon public workers on the pretext of the need for 'balanced finances', while carrying out drastic reductions in public services such as medical care, welfare and education. 'Do you want to be Greeks?' is their word of today for intimidating the toiling masses. They are also whipping up chauvinistic nationalism that insults immigrant workers and neighbouring peoples. That is an attempt to divert the working-class anger against the ever-increasing poverty and economic disparities, and thus to confuse and divide their struggles.
Amid the crisis of the capitalist economy, governments of the imperialist states are desperate to relieve monopoly capitalists and to help them win global competitions. In order to do so, the governments are encouraging munitions production and arms exports; and further they are attempting to incorporate developing countries into their respective 'economic partnerships', such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, for promoting greedy neocolonialist invasion of these countries.
China is no exception. The neo-Stalinist party-state bureaucrats who rule over the toiling people have transformed the economic foundation into a capitalist one in the name of the 'socialist market economy', so that those who must be called 'bureaucrat capitalists' are intensively exploiting and expropriating workers and peasants. The bureaucrats are bent on building up nuclear capabilities and loudly advocating China's leap into a superpower; however, accumulated social and economic problems at home are becoming increasingly intense. Amid abject misery, toiling masses are rising in strikes and demonstrations, even accompanied by mass riots. Taking this as the greatest danger to the ruling system, the Xi Jinping government is enhancing Sinocentric nationalism to cover up the problems and at the same time is repressing people's protests by force in the name of the 'rule of law in socialism'.
Workers and the toiling people all over the world! Rise up now and fight against the coercion of poverty and oppression by your rulers!

(4) Flare up the flame of antiwar struggle based on working class internationalism!
Comrades of the world! Let us unite to eradicate the miseries prevailing over the world of today! Imperialist rulers of the US, Japan and others, and the Chinese and Russian rulers as well, are circulating various kinds of nationalism, including ones preaching 'protection of national interests' and inciting hatred against foreigners. All are for justifying their war policies! Reveal their falsehood and let us fight to eradicate war and poverty, and oppression and slavery, from the earth!
Rise up against the nuclear armament race of the US and China / Russia! Fight against the US and Japanese imperialist states building up their global alliance for aggressive war! No to the strengthening of NATO and the deployments of MD systems! Oppose China's and Russia's policies of counter-buildups of nuclear capabilities! Denounce the US-allied forces bombing Muslim masses in Iraq and Syria! We stop the Abe government from dispatching Japanese troops abroad to participate in the 'war on terror'! We decisively block the enactment of the law enabling aggressive war!
With burning indignation against the Abe government attempting to railroad the 'war bill' through the Diet, Japanese workers and people are rising in a struggle throughout the country. But the leadership of a party calling themselves 'Japanese Communist Party' is busy reducing the struggle to a mere tool for encouraging a parliamentary 'coalition of opposition parties'. For the purpose of joining hands with conservative politicians, they have shelved the crucial issue, i.e. opposition to the US-Japan military alliance. This is a grave betrayal. Further, they have started to request Japanese and other governments to take a diplomatic policy for a 'peaceful solution of conflicts', which they say can be adopted 'under the circumstances where military alliances still exist'. Such an 'alternative' by this party of social-democratically converted Stalinists, is dependent on 'reason' of the rulers and is thus sheer fantasy.
Look at the latest consequences of the NPT Review Conference for so-called 'nuclear non-proliferation'! Who killed the adoption of even an emasculated, feeble 'final document'? It's the US government of Barack Obama, who was once given a Nobel Peace Prize for advocating a 'nuclear free world'. It's also the UK as its ally. The other nuclear holding states such as France, Russia and China did the same. The government of Japan, the only country that experienced an atomic air raid, helped them by shamelessly defending America's nuclear armament!
The JCP leadership, who was supporting this NPT Review Conference, is now insisting on its 'progress' by saying, 'Many countries [i.e. governments] were referring to the need of talks for a Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty.' This is an argument like putting the cart before the horse. The power that can break the vicious circle of the nuclear armament race is by no means on the part of rulers. The power that can eradicate the present crisis of war lies only in a struggle of the workers and people who are exploited, ruled and to be mobilized in war by their states, a struggle that they create by awakening themselves and uniting internationally.
The leadership of Japan's largest trade union centre, Rengo [Japanese Trade Union Confederation], has however totally abandoned antiwar struggles and is rather supportive of the US-Japan Security Alliance. This is because this leadership has adopted a line dependent on a so-called tripartite consultation between the government, labour and management. Some of labour aristocrats in the munitions industry are even willingly waving a flag for strengthening armaments and encouraging arms export.
Comrades all over the world! Now is the time to break the oppressions by degenerate leaders of the labour movements caught in nationalism for 'national interests' and to promote antiwar struggle internationally!
Recollect the words of Lenin in the middle of World War I! He denounced the then existing leaderships of labour movements for having supported the war in the name of 'defence of the homeland' and called on the workers and people over the world to overthrow the government at home continuing the bloody war.
We call on you, comrades of the world. 'The peace movement of today is no practical unless it is united with the working class struggle for their self-liberation. ... It is realistic only as realization of proletarian humanism aiming for the liberation of the workers from the human alienation in which they are thingivated as labour-power commodity' (Kan'ichi Kuroda). Only the internationally united fight of the working class, overcoming the degenerate leaderships of labour movements, can eradicate the vicious cycle of the nuclear armament race between the US and China / Russia.
Comrades all over the world! Let us rise in an international antiwar struggle together!

(July 1st, 2015)


Speeches from the Maohi Delegates

Heinui Le Caill

preDsident de radio TE REO O TEFANA 


Chers camarades et amis, Ia orana (bonjour)!

Mon camarade et moi-meFme sommes treBs honoreDs de participer au 53e congreBs international pour la paix. Nous vous remercions pour votre invitation et votre accueil chaleureux.

Nous venons de Tahiti et c’est en tant que Ma’ohi que nous nous exprimons aujourd’hui. Mao’hi Nui est le vrai nom de notre Pays et Tahiti est son ele capitale. En mai 2013, notre Pays a eDteD reDinscrit sur la liste des territoires non-autonomes de l’ONU sous le nom de Ma’ohi Nui.

Ce combat pour la reDinscription de notre pays sur la liste onusienne a eDteD meneD depuis plus de trente ans par un travail acharneD, par la recherche continue du soutien d’ONG comme la veGtre, de celui de divers pays et de notre population. Cela a pu aboutir greuce e@ la volonteD politique forte de monsieur Oscar Manutahi Temaru (le preDsident du TAVINI HUIRAATIRA parti indeDpendantiste et anti-nucleDaire), de nos eDlus et greuce au soutien international dont le veGtre. NeDanmoins, nous ne sommes qu’au deDbut du chemin vers la souveraineteD pour eFtre UN PEUPLE et UNE NATION. Comme le dit un proverbe japonais: cHAucune route n’est longue e@ ceGteD d’un amicT. Merci.

Nous, la nouvelle geDneDration, qui avions grandi durant les essais nucleDaires frane@ais effectueDs en PolyneDsie frane@aise, nous sommes aussi victimes. Sans jamais l’avoir demandeD, nous sommes les heDritiers de ses conseDquences neDfastes. C’est donc en tant qu’enfants de la bombe atomiquefrane@aise (193 bombes atomiques en tout) que nous commeDmorerons avec le peuple japonais le 70e anniversaire des bombardements ameDricains de Hiroshima et Nagasaki les 6 et 9 aoeTt prochains.

C’est aussi en tant que repreDsentants de la radio souverainiste et anti-nucleDaire TE REO O TEFANA et en tant que membres du TAVINI HUIRAATIRA que nous nous joignons e@ vous aujourd’hui.
Je suis le preDsident du conseil d’administration de la radio Je m’appelle Heinui Le Caill  et mon colleBgue, Guillaume Colombani, en est le treDsorier.


En 1995, l’Etat frane@ais deDcidait de reprendre ses essais nucleDaires e@ Moruroa et Fangataufa. La communauteD internationale deDsapprouvait cette deDcision et le peuple ma’ohi n’avait pas droit e@ la parole car cHla PolyneDsie, c’est la FrancecT. Cette deDcision unilateDrale, ce crime contre l’humaniteD fait e@ notre peuple depuis le 2 juillet 1966, date du premier essai atomique frane@ais en PolyneDsie, vous a choqueD et nous a meurtri.

Vous eDtiez nombreux e@ vous eFtre deDplaceDs e@ Tahiti arborant des casques blanc et rouge.

Vous eDtiez nombreux e@ marcher aux ceGteDs de nos familles et aux ceGteDs de nos organisations pour dire STOP AUX ESSAIS et OUI pour le respect de notre peuple en tant que PEUPLE e@ part entieBre.

A cette eDpoque, nous eDtions plus jeunes mais nous y avons aussi participeD pour affirmer notre droit de choisir notre preDsent et notre devenir. Je me souviens des couvre feux qui ont suivi les jours d’ÃDmeutes et je me souviens des militaires et CRS frane@ais arpentant nos rues pour nous maintenir au calme. J’avais compris que mon pays ne m’appartenait pas mais qu’il appartenait e@ la France: cHla PolyneDsie, c’ÃDtait la FrancecT.

Une grande partie de notre population n’a pas beDneDficieD du grand deDveloppement eDconomique. Le GeDneDral De Gaulle a vendu e@ notre population ce grand deDveloppement eDconomique pour implanter le Centre d’ExpeDrimentation du Pacifique (CEP) en PolyneDsie. L’ÃDlite politique locale pro-Frane@aise a loueD ses bienfaits durant les essais mais le reDsultat a eDteD diffeDrent. ea a eDteD le deDbut du reBgne du poison. Nos esprits ont eDteD corrompus par l’argent qui tombait e@ flot. Les gens ont quitteD leurs terres pour construire les sites d’expeDrimentation. La censure a eDteD appliqueDe aux meDdias et aussi e@ la population. Les bases de notre socieDteD, deDje@ malmeneDes par la colonisation, ont subi un grave deDseDquilibre irreDversible.

En 1995, lors de la reprise des essais nucleDaires en 1995, la population rejeteDe du systeBme s’est souleveDe et des eDmeutes ont eu lieu. Le gouvernement frane@ais a reDpondu par la force et e@ coup de l’lacrymogeBne. Des gens sont alleDs en prison. Les gens avaient compris que les essais nucleDaires eDtaient dangereux. Certains travailleurs des sites d’expeDrimentation ont vu leurs colleBgues mourir suite e@ l’irradiation.

Aujourd’hui, l’environnement, la socieDteD, l’ÃDconomie, la santeD et la cutlure ont eDteD deDstabiliseDs par trente ans d’essais nucleDaires. Nous sommes plus que deDpend de la France : 80 % de notre alimentation provient de l’ÃDtranger, le taux de cheGmage est treBs eDleveD, 60% de la populatio a moins de 20ans. La France ne reconnaet pas les dommages faits e@ notre socieDteD et encore moins le fait de nous deDdommager. Le systeBme n’a toujours pas changeD.


Votre histoire, votre soutien durable et votre lutte pour la paix, l’ÃDgaliteD des travailleurs et la fraterniteD e@ travers le Monde ont permis notre prise de conscience.

Pendant trente ans, le TAVINI HUIRAATIRA a meneD des actions pacifiques pour reDveiller les consciences et pour informer la population que le gouvernement frane@ais s’est permis de reDliser ses essais chez nous car nous sommes une colonie frane@aise . Ces actions ont eDteD deDcrieDes par l’Etat frane@ais et les forces politiques locales pro-Etat mais malgreD tout ces nombreuses actions ont marqueD les esprits. Pour donner la parole e@ un peuple condamneD au silence et e@ l’ignorance durant l’ÃBre du CEP, Radio TE REO O TEFANA a vu le jour. C’ÃDtait le seul meDdia e@ nous informer sur la question du nucleDaire et sur notre droit d’ÃFtre UN PEUPLE. C’ÃDtait la seule radio e@ porter la parole d’un peuple soumis au silence.

Ce silence proteDgeait la grandeur de l’Etat. OUI LES ESSAIS NUCLEAIRES FRANeAIS SONT PROPRES. Cette propagande d’Etat colonialiste est toujours d’actualiteD. Les repreDsentants de l’Etat frane@ais le reDpeBtent encore et encore sans releuche.

Pourquoi nous maintenir encore dans l’ignorance 20 ans apreBs le dernier essai atomique? Pourquoi les conseDquences de ces essais sont encore sous estimeDes?

MalgreD cela, nous prenons reDellement conscience des risques que l’on encourt face au nucleDaire. En 2004, Oscar Manutahi Temaru devint PreDsident du Pays. En 2005, une commission fut creDeDe par l’AssembleDe pour enqueFter sur les conseDquences des essais nucleDaires dans notre pays. Son rapport fut approuveD par la majoriteD des eDlus de l’AssembleDe du pays. La France ne pouvait plus maintenir le meFme discours et la meFme attitude. Cette commission a reDpondu e@ nos questions. Elle nous a fourni des informations sur l’impact reDel des essais atomiques atmospheDriques sur nos diffeDrentes eles. S’en est suivi, le vote d’une loi en France (la loi Maurin) pour deDdommager les travailleurs qui ont eDteD contamineDs. Seuls 13 personnes ont eDteD reconnus victimes des essais nucleDaires frane@ais en 2014. En 2007, la DSCEN, un service du pays, fut creDeDe pour poursuivre les recherches, pour rassembler les teDmoignages des victimes et pour publier au grand public ses travaux concernant les essais.

Greuce aux travaux de la DSCEN, aujourd’hui nous savons que l’atoll de Moruroa risque de s’effondrer. Cela nous mettra directement en danger ainsi que toute la reDgion. Les bombardements de Hiroshima et Nagasaki, la catastrophe de Fukushima et nos eDchanges nous aussi aideDs e@ comprendre les risques.

Notre demande pour un eDtat des lieux reDel sur notre Pays se poursuit aujourd’hui e@ l’ONU. Le TAVINI HUIRAATIRA y travaille sans releuche.

Aujourd’hui, nous prenons davantage conscience de notre reGle e@ jouer en tant que citoyen pour reDclamer justice et veDriteD. L’ONG Moruroa e tatou meBne ce combat depuis 2001 pour deDfendre les anciens travailleurs de Moruroa et Fangataufa et les victimes des essais nucleDaires frane@ais. Lorsqu’en 2013, l’ancien preDsident du gouvernement Gaston Flosse deDcida de raser le meDmorial des essais nucleDaires e@ Papeete, la nouvelle geDneDration s’est mobiliseDe sur les reDseaux sociaux puis sur le site meFme pour proteDger cette meDmoire et pour notre digniteD. Elle a reDussi. Le collectif citoyen PUHIHAU, l’association catholique 193 (en reDfeDrence aux 193 essais atomiques) et la section ma’ohi de la ligue internationale des femmes pour la paix et la liberteD - Women international league for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)) se sont unis cette anneDe e@ Moruroa e tatou pour deDfendre notre droit e@ connaetre notre histoire nucleDaire et notre droit e@ la veDriteD et e@ la justice. A l’action politique suit l’acte citoyen.

Connaetre notre histoire est une neDcessiteD pour les geDneDrations d’aujourd’hui et de demain. Cette histoire n’est pas raconteDe comme il se doit dans nos livres scolaires. Pourquoi? Parce que cela ne sera pas appreDcieD par l’Etat frane@ais. Raconter et enseigner la veDriteD fait peur. Pourtant, c’est en faisant cela que nos enfants pourront assumer leurs responsabiliteDs futures en tant que peuple du Pacifique.

Nous prenons eDgalement conscience de notre richesse et de notre place dans notre reDgion Pacifique. Nous sommes au milieu de l’oceDan Pacifique. Notre pays est de 5 millions de km2 d’oceDan. Nous sommes un pays oceDan aussi grand que l’Europe. Nos sous-sols sous-marins regorgent de minerais rares neDcessaires pour la fabrication des objets de consommation de masse de notre temps (TV, phone, LED ). Notre Pays est riche en biodiversiteD capable de nourrir un continent voir la planeBte et aux possibiliteDs d’exploitation en eDnergies renouvelables incommensurables 

Nous sommes conscients que l’ÃDconomie de demain se trouve sous les oceDans avec ces mines sous-marines et la France veut sa part du geuteau. ApreBs nous avoir empoisonneD par ses essais atomiques, elle utilisera tous les moyens en sa possession pour nous empeFcher d’ÃFtre un pays souverain.


Greuce e@ nous, elle est la seconde puissance maritime au monde et elle sieBge en tant que Nation ayant la force de frappe de dissuasion nucleDaire au sein du comiteD de seDcuriteD de l’ONU.

Nous avons conscients des enjeux geDopolitiques qui se jouent mais nous sommes un peuple courageux qui luttera pacifiquement pour ses droits.

Mais que faisons-nous aujourd’hui? Nous tendons la main e@ l’Etat frane@ais comme au temps du nucleDaire et nous attendons les investisseurs eDtrangers.

Le TAVINI HUIRAATIRA a conscience de ces richesses et ne laissera pas le peuple Maohi se faire deDpouiller par l’impeDrialisme sous couvert de raison d’Etat ou par faciliteD. Mais on ne peut deDfendre eDquitablement nos droits sans eFtre au meFme rang que celui-ci, sans eFtre reconnu comme une Nation. Notre reDinscription sur la liste des pays non autonomes va dans ce sens.

L’expansion impeDrialiste dans la reDgion Pacifique n’est pas que frane@aise comme le souligne votre appel e@ participer e@ ce 53e congreBs international. Nous le savons. La tension entre ces nations est risqueDe pour le maintien de la Paix. Nous prenons donc conscience que l’enjeu est bel et bien la deDnucleDarisation globale.

A notre niveau, le meDcanisme est avant tout psychologique et politique. Psychologique car l’Etat frane@ais nous a imposeD le silence et le dogme des essais propres pendant plus de 30 ans. En 2010, la loi Morin a eDteD promulgueDe pour indemniser les victimes civiles et militaires de ses essais nucleDaires neDanmoins mais l’Etat reste juge et parti dans l’histoire. C’est l’Etat frane@ais qui deDsigne les membres de la commission d’indemnisation et les deDcisions de cette commission ne sont pas totalement neutres et impartiales puisque seuls 10% des dossiers soumis ont eDteD indemniseDs. Cette loi comme la mise en place dernieBrement d’un comiteD de suivi de Moruroa et l’envoi de deux biologistes sur Fangataufa permettent ainsi e@ l’Etat de geDrer e@a seul, sans le regard des autres nations et sans l’avis de nos eDlus et de notre peuple. C’est une reDsolution franco-frane@aise des conseDquences de ses essais nucleDaires. Sa propagande locale des essais propres peut ainsi se poursuivre sans aucun probleBme.

Le meDcanisme doit eFtre eDgalement politique. Comme le preDcisait notre repreDsentant et eDlu Richard Tuheiava face au comiteD de suivi speDcial de la deDcolonisation de l'ONU en juin dernier : il est neDcessaire d’eDvaluer les dommages deDvastateurs causeDs par 30 ans d’essais nucleDaires sur nos populations et les geDneDrations e@ venir (soit 800 fois la bombe d’Hiroshima). Un vrai comiteD d’experts internationaux doit eFtre envoyeD sur les atolls de Moruroa et Fangataufa. Il a d’ailleurs deDclareD que cHles droits du peuple polyneDsien ne seront pas bafoueDs par la volonteD de la Puissance occupante d’enrayer le processuscT de deDcolonisation. C’est e@ l’ONU que le TAVINI HUIRAATIRA poursuit aussi la lutte. Le constat est que la France n’a toujours pas reconnue officiellement le fait nucleDaire et colonial dans notre Pays.

Au final, la France ne chercherait-elle pas e@ gagner du temps face e@ ses vraies responsabiliteDs vis-e@-vis des Ma’ohi et vis-e@-vis de la communauteD internationale? C’est la dernieBre Nation du comiteD de seDcuriteD de l’ONU e@ avoir signeD le TraiteD d’interdiction des essais atomiques. La logique voudrait que la deDnucleDarisation suive mais rien n’avance.

Ce combat est donc le neGtre. L’ÃBre nucleDaire a fait trop de mal et a fait son temps.  

Chers camarades!

Votre combat est aussi le neGtre. La mobilisation des peuples vaincra contre l’exploitation des masses populaires, le colonialisme et l’impeDrialisme! 

Merci pour votre attention

Guillaume Columbani
Treasurer of TE REO O TEFANA
 Comrades! Ia ora na!
 My French name is Guillaume. My Tahitian name is Tematangi. I am very honored to be with you today and I want to thank you for the invitation.
 I come from Tahiti. I hope everyone here knows where is Tahiti. We are part of French Polynesia and we even have a commercial brand for tourism purposes: The Islands of Tahiti.
 But we prefer to say "Ma'ohi Nui"!
 My island is very far from here, and from every big nations in the world. But did you know we share something with you? We have something in common. A treasure. It is so big, we could fit all continents inside. It is a treasure. It feeds us, links us with our cousins from the other islands and soon it will be the source of our development.
 Yes, my friends. I'm talking about the Pacific Ocean.
 Unfortunately, some people from abroad, decided that the biggest part of our Earth where nothing but a disposal. Nothing but a "hole in a donut". They considered it as unsignificant. They decided to conduct nuclear or missiles tests, using our islands as bases. Destroying lives and altering our DNA, our future. They used it as a toxic and nuclear waste disposal.
 But the mighty Pacific Ocean deserves so much more than what he received. Indeed, he feeds millions of humans.
 Would you accept eating something dirty? Would you let your children eat something dirty? No, I don't think so. Then, how and why, do we accept or let the military industrial complex destroy our pantry, the world's pantry???
 We have something else in common. We are the victims of the nuclear lobby.
 In our islands, Moruroa e tatou built a memorial for the victims of the French nuclear era. But there were a tentative of removing it but we fought against it and we won. This is still the fight between the Good and the Evil.
 Today, more than ever, we must unite and fight for the denuclearization of the planet. We are in the center of what will be called the "Economy of the Future".
 We must fight so that Humanity can continue living on our planet. As Ban Ki Moon said, "there is no planet B".
 Thank you, mauruuru, for your attention.

Organizations and indivisuals who greeted the Assembly

- David McReynolds
Union Pacifiste de France
- ~@~ZсЃN~PЃR~[ ~ЃZ~V~VЃX~NтЃNЃIЃR~[ ~@~[~A~ZЁ[ ~Ё[ЃN
- Faridabad Majdoor Samachar
- A World to Win
- 평화와톃I읃V을여는사람들 (Spark)
- Revolutionary Marxists in Britain
- ~ЃT~[~G~N~V~N ~р~Z~X~N~X
- News and Letters Committees
- FraccieEn Leninista Trotskista Internacional – Colectivo por la IV Internacional
- National Alliance of People’s Movements
- ~uЃV~I~XЃR~N~P ~Z~A~T~[тЃX~Z~P ~R~Z~V~NЃI ~@~Ё@~-~ПЁB~B
- Socialist Alliance
- Left Radical of Afghanistan
- ~@~ZсЃN~PЃR~[ ~\~[ЃN ~R~Z~V~VЃX~NтЃZ~C

- Lewisham People Before Profit
- EEK (Workers Revolutionary Party)


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