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JRCL Appeal

Denounce Israel's savage aggression against Gaza!
Condemn its state terrorism!
Fight in solidarity with the dauntless Palestinian people
to break down the brutality of the Zionist state power!

At this very moment, a bloody massacre of Palestinian people is being carried out in the Gaza Strip by the Zionist regime of Israel, led by Prime Minister Olmert and Foreign Minister Livni. It is being perpetrated in complete contempt of the United Nations' call for a ceasefire and in utter disregard for the condemnation by toiling masses all over the world. The bloodthirsty Zionist rulers are committing these brutalities with the intention of wiping out Hamas, which is fighting for the liberation of Palestine. This is the epitome of state terrorism committed against the Palestinian people.

In the face of these criminal acts of the century by the state of Israel, we, the Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction), call on you, Palestinian people, Muslim people in the Middle East, the working class and toiling masses across the world, with utmost sincerity. Never forgive the frenzied Zionist regime for perpetrating this holocaust against the Palestinian people. Stand up in solidarity with the Gaza Palestinians, who are risking their lives to fight off the homicidal squads unleashed upon them by the Zionist power. Rise in a resolute struggle to stop this genocide by the state of Israel. Now is the time, workers and people all over the world, to ignite a flame of international antiwar struggle.

In Japan, we, the JRCL, are determined to advance our struggle in solidarity with you, Muslim people, now fighting dauntlessly in Palestine and the Middle East, to denounce this massacre of Palestinians by the Zionist state power.


Despite announcing a halt to its offensive against Gaza on January 18th, the Zionist Olmert-Livni government is still pushing on with its holocaust against the residents of the Gaza Strip, with sporadic air strikes on the area. With unparalleled savagery, this government is intent on occupying this strip of land, calling it 'the third phase of the operation'. It is intending to run the whole gamut of cruelties, including the random killing of Palestinians, until it annihilates Hamas. Its announcement of a 'ceasefire' is nothing but a dirty trick whereby to turn the whole of Gaza into another Auschwitz.

Homicidal Israeli forces still impose their blockade on Gaza; residents' supply routes, a vital lifeline for Gazans, are still cut off. While keeping foreign journalists away from Gaza, Israeli troops are continuing their indiscriminate killing of Palestinians - not only of Hamas militants but also of many civilians, including small children.

From the very start of the invasion, the Olmert-Livni regime has been yelling frantically for the 'eradication of Hamas'. It is pressing forward with its all-out offensive against the Gaza Strip, even in complete disregard for a UN resolution that calls for 'an immediate ceasefire' (approved on January 8th by a 14-0 vote, with the United States abstaining). More than 1,300 Palestinians have been slaughtered by Israeli troops - mad dogs unleashed by this Zionist state power - since the start of the aggression on December 27th. Israeli warplanes have kept up a relentless bombardment night and day. Not only have they dropped bombs and missiles on Hamas-related installations, including government office buildings, security installations and houses of Hamas leaders; they have also bombed mosques, schools, refugee camps, electric power plants, tunnels for transporting goods and everything else. On top of that, the Zionists have set about another evil deed; they have started firing white phosphorous shells into refugee camps and densely populated areas, even on women and children. White phosphorous, which burns human skin upon contact, right through to the bone, is nothing less than a weapon of the Devil. The land of Gaza is stained with the blood of countless Muslims - blood that has been shed in untold cruelties committed by the Zionists to snuff out the flames of struggle for the liberation of Palestine.

These brutalities of the century perpetrated by the Olmert-Livni government are nothing but desperate acts of appalling atrocity to break through the impasse of the Israeli state, which is now on the brink of a precipice.

The new American imperialist Obama administration, which took office on January 20th, has defended the Israeli government, the perpetrator of state terror in the form of the invasion of Gaza, by saying that this is the legitimate exercise of its right to self-defence. At the same time, it does not hesitate to publicly denounce Hamas members, who are enthusiastically supported by the Palestinian people, as 'terrorists'. This administration has thus made it clear that it is going to continue the double-standard policy of its predecessor. Obama has also declared that his government will pull out of Iraq 'within 16 months' and send more troops to Afghanistan as the main arena of 'the war on terror'. Without a doubt, this new government is merely another that is bent on slaughter. It will do nothing but provoke anger and hatred among Palestinians, among Muslim people all over the world.

The Obama administration, however, is assuming a somewhat different posture from its predecessor, which continued to patronize the state power of Israel, a partner in the 'war on terror', and supported its machinations to eradicate Hamas. In an attempt to halt a growing trend among Arab rulers to distance themselves from the US, a trend that the Bush administration brought on itself (as seen in the move by the Saudi Arabian government to restore diplomatic relations with Iran), Obama has proffered the possibility of holding 'talks' with Iran, a consistent supporter of Hamas.

The Iranian Ahmadinejad government is forming a front against imperialist America and Zionist Israel by rallying together the Syrian al-Assad government, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Palestine. Iran is thus emerging as a mortal enemy of Israel.

Driven by a growing sense of crisis towards this trend demonstrated by Iran, Benjamin Netanyahu's right-wing Likud party, hard-liners even among the Zionists, is insisting on an 'air strike' against Iran's nuclear facilities. This jingoist party even looks set to come to power by defeating the ruling Kadima party led by Olmert and Livni in the coming general elections in February.

The Olmert-Livni government feared that it was a time of national crisis for the state of Israel and that, for this reason, the Kadima might fall from power. Forced into a tight corner, it launched its frantic military offensive against Hamas-ruled Gaza to destroy this Muslim organization before the presidency of Bush, its most reliable patron, came to an end. However, this frenzied state that has perpetrated such acts of brutality is now besieged with anti-US imperialist, anti-Zionist struggles by Muslim people throughout the Middle East, in a blaze of anger towards the holocaust against Palestinians. It is now driven into complete isolation. It has dug its own grave.


We appeal to you, our friends all over the world.

We appeal to you, Palestinian people, who are dauntlessly fighting to beat off Israel's atrocious incursion into Gaza. At this very moment, the detestable Zionist power is killing people like worthless vermin. It is doing so to wipe out any conceivable struggle for Palestinian liberation. Fight resolutely to smash these brutalities by homicidal Israeli squads! Never let them occupy Gaza again!

We call on you, Palestinians in the West Bank. In order to crush Israel's genocidal offensive against your brothers and sisters in Gaza, fight now to create an upsurge of struggles under the banner of 'anti-American imperialism, anti-Zionism'. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and his fellow Fatah leaders must never be forgiven. Based on a clandestine deal with the US imperialist ruler (the former president Bush), they shamelessly blamed Hamas for triggering Israel's raids. In January 2006, Abbas' Fatah lost the election for the Palestinian Legislative Council to Hamas. In June 2007, its members were expelled from the Gaza Strip by Hamas. For the sole purpose of crushing his 'sworn rival' Hamas, Abbas sought the patronage of American imperialists and has even given a nod of approval to the bloodthirsty aggression by the Olmert government against Gaza.

We call on you, Palestinians fighting under the Fatah leadership. Never forgive Abbas, the worst traitor in the history of the Palestinian liberation movement! Bring about firm unity with your brothers and sisters led by Hamas! Stand up to smash the Zionist invasion of Gaza!

In defence of Palestinians fighting in the face of death in Gaza, the Ahmadinejad government of Iran, the Shiite-led Islamic state, is giving its full support to them. Ayatollah Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iranian Shiites, has also called on Muslims all over the world to rise in unity in a struggle against Zionism by overcoming the sectarian divide between Shiites and Sunnites. Fervent calls have also been issued by the Syrian al-Assad government, which is providing support to Hamas alongside Iran, and by Hezbollah in Lebanon, both appealing to Muslim people worldwide to stand together against Israel's invasion of Gaza. In response to these calls, mass demonstrations by Muslims are raging in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Indonesia and other parts of the world.

Regardless of this, Egyptian President Mubarak, Saudi King Abdullah and other rulers of Arab countries have been taking a weak-kneed attitude all this while, without even urging Israel to halt its air raids. On the contrary, they are adopting a criminal stance by leaving Hamas and Gaza Palestinians to their fate, as they are frightened by the rise of Islamist radicals at home who are sympathetic to Hamas.

We appeal to you, Muslim people in the Middle East, Muslim people all over the world. Never let Israel's occupation of the Gaza Strip and its holocaust against Gazans happen again. Never let Zionists exterminate Palestinians fighting indomitably for the independence of a Palestinian state! Organize resolute struggles based on Islamic inter-nationalism!

We call on people in all Arab countries. Denounce the weak-kneed, degenerate leaders in your countries! Wave the banner of 'anti-US imperialism, anti-Zionism' and give full support to the fighting Palestinians!


The courageous struggle put up by the Hamas-led Palestinian people for their liberation is tied firmly to the Iraqi people's persistent resistance against US imperialism, against occupation. Anti-American, anti-Zionist struggles, fought by Iraqi and other Muslim people in the Middle East, have broken the brutality of American imperialism, which arrogantly enjoyed dominance over the world as 'the sole superpower' by taking advantage of the self-destruction of the Stalinist USSR. Indeed, Muslim people's struggles as such have a brilliant, world-historical significance. The American imperialist Bush administration launched its aggressive war against Iraq as part of its scheme to monopolize oil resources in the Middle East. It harboured a burning ambition to dominate this region under the pretext of 'democratizing the Middle East', by setting up a puppet government in occupied Iraq and using, as its tools, the 're-born Iraq' that was to be newly built and the Zionist state of Israel. This evil scheme of the Bush Empire has been smashed to pieces by the anti-American, anti-Zionist resistance of Muslim people in Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon.

Muslim people's struggles, as such, terrified the Olmert government. Now that the end of Bush's presidency was drawing near and President-elect Barack Obama announced a deadline for US withdrawal from Iraq, the frenzied Olmert government launched a desperate genocidal offensive against Palestinian people in a bid to break through the worst crisis it has faced since the foundation of the state.

This is not all. Israel's aggression against the Gaza Strip has ushered in the beginning of a new global turbulence, with its flashpoint in the Middle East, after the collapse of US imperialism's dominance over the world as 'the sole superpower'.

The Putin-Medvedev government of Russia is further strengthening its political, military and economic ties with the Iranian government, which is reinforcing its military support for Hamas. Russia, whose aim is to expand and reinforce the Chinese- and Russian-led worldwide encircling net against American imperialism in the Middle East, is presenting itself as a mediator in the Middle East 'peace process' by linking this with its plot to reorganize OPEC and form a natural gas version of OPEC. It is doing this with the driving ambition to recover its sphere of influence, while it ventured to invade Georgia and thus is even resorting to military provocation in the style of 'martial brinkmanship' tactics against US imperialism.

The Hu Jintao government of China made no response to the Israeli aggression, except for a single comment issued by the Foreign Ministry, which called for 'effective implementation by all parties concerned' and 'an immediate ceasefire in Gaza'. On the other hand, however, the Chinese government is bent on its own criminal activity; it is steadily building up its nuclear capability in alliance with Russia.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is putting himself forward as a mediator between Israel and Palestine. This, however, is only a political manoeuvre designed to attract sympathy from rulers and people in Arabian and Middle Eastern countries, with the political intention of bringing these nations over to the sphere of the European Union in the form of a 'Mediterranean Union', and with the economic motive of expanding the Euro sphere.

All this dramatically highlights the political, military and economic conflicts now being intensified in the Middle Eastern Islamic world between the three 'poles' of the US-Japan alliance, developing countries led by China and Russia, and the EU as led by France and Germany.


We call on workers and toiling masses all over the world.

Let us rise and fight in solidarity with the Palestinian people, who are mounting dauntless resistance. Let us create a gigantic tide of struggles in all countries against Zionist Israel's military aggression and holocaust in the Gaza Strip.

We, the JRCL (RMF), are determined to advance our struggle - in solidarity with Muslim people rising under the banner of 'anti-American imperialism, anti-Zionism' - to denounce Israel's military aggression against Gaza Palestinians, which is nothing but state terrorism, and to spread this struggle worldwide. We fight by defeating the rotten remnants of the official peace movement in Japan led by converted Stalinists, who call their party the Japanese Communist Party. We fight by overcoming the formidable degeneration of this party, which is turning a blind eye to Israel's brutal state terrorism against the Palestinian people because, deep down, they think of Hamas militants as 'terrorists'.

While we condemn Israel's invasion of Gaza, we firmly oppose the continued presence of US forces in Iraq and the aggressive war in Afghanistan. We also fight to advance our antiwar, anti-Security Treaty struggle by opposing US and Japanese imperialists' move to strengthen in actuality their new military alliance as an offensive and defensive alliance against China and Russia, and especially the imperialists' deployment of missile defences. Further, we cannot disregard Russia's military aggression against Georgia with the aim of foiling the US' planned eastward expansion of NATO and its deployment of missile defences in Middle European countries. We resolutely oppose Russia and China's criminal reinforcement of their nuclear capabilities, now promoted on the basis of strengthening their ties as a virtual alliance. Let us create a struggle to oppose the escalating nuclear armament race between the US and China-Russia! This is the only way to break through the growing threat of global warfare and dark rule caused by the 'new confrontation between the US and China-Russia' against the background of the collapse of US imperialism's unipolar dominance over the world.

We once again call on you, people in Palestine and the Middle East, workers and people all over the world. Strengthen our struggles to shatter the holocaust against Palestinian people by the Zionist power of Israel! We fight resolutely with you all.

(January 20th, 2009) (A modified version of translation)